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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
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R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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oclc - 32441147
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ESIA IO Of PrL .U~pA esiMBe ,Qh nt$ Rl.
T he Ja Anhwql: Competition,:.,1~ o~~
P1t-si ed follower of ~ ~ o~ ~iia
". ~ r ~a~e -er .16Vdge -in~ye Port-aurgr~
Natona Plnttiary ~ ~ n~ fyiu~
are -ee to~miit a
at,, o o htes ur h oue in te~ prtt lite hilt rived on th scn at bou 12h
der-kegs~is a~' diem ton town of Jacs Th o-SveSuhr Tw 6P'M. nditwsno ni
am te aitian mcrei sectio n u the tow als eal nStraMrig
thnfls f RAr ,
ce ufeedhail.Moto tethyrpotd Fr Pt ot,
not x~u been di- Tden one whfse peiod Mar- was nl meaiicen work~ E byh i e
jaPicengtliepi- ,tctx a coiutedr m s o f the e-fihter an Mainb locrai- t-- cb th
e4Gemice. They are reporh-re.
fa1I~~~~~~~~~~~~neo -n Lb fe fRsbr~ ~~n egatRij h ii
_prmine gnan.ao~i Byin. -then Jacinchim Segan is J$k
_d~~t d o ur to Sumne f i ~ X Pot-u Prlmnryinv tgto g
jo~~~~~ort-~u Lfa iJPETD FBEN"II2V
illc-1df Si~ha Ron Chap Dstic. ujO
4r~~on e- ierra Maedre brgd reason don quic, aotfo
nd I.. '. f.vsr s ei an L a
A at a- ., I :-",
fibf-tr beingflod to the spea rpadl.-I cntr 'i
s ot el-pn Prompt a te weresod ic narwhchrn
V~~~~o Cz ea m ass in street~o an imedssv byehtssuah&o.~
n o to er heir e fanned bu y awi fe _'std Axd ,. ,') -
orn the-ne Plaekr6e deshrn r~ond 1()~ ahet new fromi bash mtw
thesee men Theb~ -es~ resdeier, isv~c at conia .
to: th6e C~a auhoit e s petiiof huent~y ever --year dunirdongg
e-adn dow thi th ot f ig

PAGEE'2 'ffs"l" cHAITS S17:UB -iiiA
FASHION Office~s' Caribean Travel Tops All R
GetPesios ora-r flvo, te rie dpopla du t a
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forpar o th bom n BythePa
counts an-Gri
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rd b -intwo pre o-o d a
-0 i ere rave to ie Cribban, ccor- bechesand he ex fl
I 'omiantcolour nein el- whch illbe~eenin how atArned orcs o Ha in toLeeKarick Excutve eekof ir rane "ro"
nd, whte on i ig! jorhotlsand potoraiie v--, thirpenios tiswee b
bei iretorCarbbea To rist As- to ico
'Crl adoe~nbueado lctonb heGoe n rsietalDcee mn
soitin Frth hidcos- h ,. S o
ieii~i were Colonel Germain ,i~
hit an& ~ch is ulily co Mai~for fashionand travl 11 to
"yv utve yea the e magi islan s bet een St Tho
maed: rm ea. oto. eaue.Duhen, apaisChno M-c asg
Wih:th ar raeler. sp- al i wolje, be, PrceOlvirMa Cr- ad outreshae~hako, p ol';fae s 4 ppo
/ Thelhats
thna 57o nces in lwerdek. anypl
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wadrbea amot ninte cuhalereeribeshpal rbbanst nwhih ndU wth ce fr ri-to8LJ
inat~fisfor ny ad ulra viiton spat~a hoppng 5.5 St. roix theBrii if
variety _f cob -sart.Dr. bnerLauglin f Nl
vacaionoccaionwitoiA dd illon dllas. Toseseeing slads nd te Ge d
no CM Yak Unversty, Nutitio
in veigt Aotil ftvellrs or he htelshow, t rom t. inc
10 variet-of ecretioi ofere nt hec~
menttorwil be sed Intead exprtWho adean xtenivein he Crib outumbred Madi: a>, a moor oat
reseach onmalnuritio in
ngenios prorammedesig
From bech ear o eenig, a i plesuretraeles toEurpe y Moday ona. fivehou
Haii ndwa rcenlyinesei
gov~& tje.entre clletio i edby Ms Mlle wil gye vr 8%Pan ncrese f 3% trouh th GrnadnesY'
Travellifig' with the'war
sopou -ths yart seret ratr nlu i xpcedfa oo fr20 dc ps
-t robes re.-Oliv Dickaso, Glo- t eng
d wools, because of their., be a

ov, Eli- 16th.;,1958 e
Mission, 1813rd. Anniversary Of Marine Corps
S 01 xpand
Observed -Here
ith Haiti- The. 183,d. Anniversary of f Ros U1711
0 'Co 'Ore-on, which is
the United, States Marine Cor s. the fashi d then to,-the,
,"two-mam-Commemal NTL- p ow an
as celebrated here this year oldest,,: th'n slice
'HongKong called w as pre-
this vvee.".,as. Part of a tour with more than tb6 -traditional sented to M. a d a ine Manrice,
6tra erica and neigh- excliange--pf loasts. It was f or- Flainbert.:
mal and fun.
tries, in an effort
de between the 'Tile U. S. Marine Corps Guard The LT. S. (har-6. d'Affaires,
Petail assigned to the Embassy in h, otated that
a brief -Speec
n comprised Mr dressed-out in blues, were ho4ts in the new tradition the Marine
i6ir sky-line, residence in Giiard Detail 'Were nowAmbas-
Chan, merchant at -tl
and Mr- T. D. Sorby, Desoprez, along with brother Ma- sadorF, of Goodwill., He oke
rines of the tempbrary' training ofthe high est6eni in wbicb.*tbe
a t director in c arge of RVICE
De elopment. in the nus8ion. Guests inclucled the Marine Corps is held by Presi- -FIRSS CIASS PASSE N G E.R.
ridusirk. De- Chief of Ha.iti's Arme& Forces dent Fraileloig. Davalier and Ma- il" CE
e Hong Kong and .Mrs. Maurice Flaifibert, jor-General Flambert declaring O R MA V
Brigrddicr-Qeneral and Mr s. that fitting testimony of this r 0
e enT
uki' esteem was manifested, by the
miw*on had talks with, Louis Roumain, hig-li-ra, ng
overnment officials Incuibers of, the Armed Forces, 'Inviting of the Marines to come
N, YORK'.,
-'-As. businestnen' who the U. S. Charge d'Affaires and to Haiti to assistin, the tramig 2 A t h S f P- ELIT
W k5,T,
t; 4 me, -interesting facts Mrs. Williams',,and meniberis of of Haitian Ai jy,, Days direct tO PS
Only an Fiog,. Cruise,,
- fhat important British the Embassywith other United City m,68,rn Americ
A succulent buffet and well- z CR115105 -A L
agen _s, and numerous A T4 C 01 N
7 o f f the-. coast of China. States Cie
66d Fridays,
gKoqg's trade with-Ce Haitian personalities.. stocked bar made the 183rd.' sc,1
anniversary, a miles WATF
To the tune of the Marine tone, anid, I)F WITH
erican and, Caribbean EVERY CABIN OVTS1 -, -SALON
tein,- a Haitian func-' Aiit CON
tries runs to approrimately Corps hyi n, played by the-able Doctor S SWIT"M'NG POOL
.1 1 Of this total Haiti meringue band, the Marines, in tionary of the U.' S. Emba 250 IBs-'BxGGAGF
'about $210,000 a year. bhi6 stood-to attention behind who has attended eve-ry, anmim
Ii Ong imports $ 80G, an enormous yell6w-icing cake- versary since 1916, commented p ea-air tic
9 -tri
Ask bo round
i g th-6 Hall of Mon favorably on the' success Of this
resemb] n nte- ete, i7ecurate 111foitiwiOr'' only''
of U. -S.. good col"p,
Ports $500,000 z-uma-.,= with the flags 'of the year'S celebration. _N
s have a trade Corps and of the U.-'S. A. Be., PANAMA
Telep 9b ne,
r R Aj6Rba
t:: e different The other hosts, membes of
cdi _bu ce i! niedaled veteran Technical'Ser-
an ma e'up by invisible ,geant Lester -J. Skates, J r., of the Marine GuaM of the A-me!
Colombus, 0bio, in a. loud end rican Embassy, were Sergeafit
such',as banldngf ship-
rance,'_ t6urism; etc. precise voice,'told of how a Ma. Roger A. Hillard of Minnea.
e__ pr aclqcally no Public rine observes his traditional: POlis, Sexgeant Jesse F. F owe Insurance Ard- and.' wri en- ,,_voldrn
of Pensacola Florida anA- Ser- -p a ed-1
onal:-debtand the only birthda G 1 C
eorge' G. etjens,: _was_
weaiit HowAli& I., Vander' Ge'c- -fourth i I n numbers-,6 ', a,- lica
.-duties' 'are ontobaccq. Major James T. Breckenridge 9 (continued1rompag 1) PP
Temporary Marine Mis- ten of Gree n Bay, Wisconsin. se yerith, tt
. patent --medicines and, of tbc tions %-and. in_ ,wn
sion as the highest rajakino,.Ma- hi Ar
preparation. The annua curnstances the, Haiti BiAnch V,,,61ume W 'ie -thdf,
Mr. Max Chauvet, Director.
nt, spoke with a ood L 1 in
'6i"6fthe -Government is rine Prese toucl; turned in a g repGr al wds tenth num
of -L Xou el-
d $".10O.-Million dollam a of the bard and--enlarged on / Adminisitr t or e e agents. doing, w0l. The five -catioiris- aind.ele th da
Cffid--ther6 i s a budget. sur the tradition of the Corps. With list left by air for Miami en- top leaders-:of the Haiti Branch volume.
his s rd, he sliced the first ro ute, t New York. He was ac- ere Marc Lbbon,,George Gaet two 6f ai-9
piece of cake which was ban- cO iens,-Arthur Peters, H. Moise,- Branch: *on honors d g th -_:
n businessmen, de is- travelling for r e a s O'n s of
d to the youngest Marine pre- and P. Lebhm- President's Month. Mr- b6n.
ob- health.
sympathetic, were Buell, t1iiee ty Hoinorq
senit, Sergeant Edwin L. Referring to Mr Lebon's perjw6n.,
_ Y 00: P
Vt preoccupied with formAnc e-the company-s Read, andMr Gaet.j I ns o ne Ordm'
g6ten6d 'credit situation
000 OBITUARY,- Office and: -Marc Tebon. of Honor.,
06 country's struggle to Haiti, whose cahieven______
Seven agentis among thre6
finacial feet to I -reached-o d, 4
Roberts Gets The 6ad newe of the death of no less remarkable for despite Districts r 4p cee. e
unfavorable conditions he won; their quota Mr Loebonbeing irk
Year For Rumor Mr. Maurice Brun, veteran jouT
nalis was announceid, th" week. Honors in all three categorieg; third place with 11401o, and M
District in all three: 'Gaet' sixth
1 br Rent.,--- Gabriel Roberts was santeric Funeral services were held on and led the Jens in plw* Witli
'y ay to one year in uesday afternoon, at the Sa- of them., AJ ne a6iwement 129% Mr s; got a: specla
lete-l- furnished house ed mond
1 Canape Vert Road, priso'n by a Military Commi-- cred Heait Church of Turgea for whirh we are all happy to mention obtaini g 80%
livi i dining- sion upon conviction of. midzt a I ge gathering of:jda- extend to him -hearty congratum quota. Congratulating I& Le
oom spare roorki, charge under r1cent decree foi tives ai d friends. Aa6onsz. bon, Head'Office., in the reppff
T e third prize winner:.
-jPant1t,: -small verandah spreading malicious r u m 0 rs Achiali ,. among the IE Oetvb said: h
the also' desp bs special praise.be-:.
I at rear 2 136r- against the Chief of State. The deceased is 'survived,, by top leaders, of thiee. bran
9_hia ches: Puerto Rica, D a- D. cause. -he .-*a, --worklng- imder
-famii inel dii, ommic'
7with toilet and According to the prosecution a large y
Oi ,_' hkrcoal._kitehen etc. Robert told many persons Pre. neices and nephesq:Mr. and Tdrs, Repub-lic and Haitiz three',o co itiQns;,,and',Marc
Sun 1;ife AWnts. di& Lebon s splen d: App 4_10f.
bysident Duval Haiti's di. lied
4103Lse protected ier had sought and Daniel B ruii Mr. and Mrs. Phi ota- -174 7 a
-iron installaiion. Rent had been refused an advance lipe Brun, Mr. and Mrs. Rene good work. Marc teb6n, was- t giv ng: him qvw
konat quota
in number of apm -i s6mething f6
th.- :Apply pr& of two years salary from-the Lafontant. Mr. and Mrs. Leon placed third -per,
aiti. beJean. uni -be prou 0
National Ba
()nly one' member of the family pay full fare.. All other's can saVe $200;(dollars)
each on a round trip tourist fare or $300-(dollars)'each ifthey fly First -,Class.
On a round trip to Rome, for example, a &mily of five can save a8-much as'
$1,200 (dollars)! For reserve -your Travel Agent or Pan Am.
I ow I WL, 2W. gv"049, A

aitill 'Iristitute Pw:h.,inFr6, 61 as rs as by, students A vety
t 't H d aiAdin s&riiester or its
it. o:- iiiericain opplie lar' feature is the large
.,aca mic yparas usual, eatl Oct'b This intercul ri6'h Uni er'siiy C tal6,'.-
y ini o. el a, :v
iloll Osthbll., merican university- syst'e'rnbf th'e'iwo- lect;
'on. it offers r yl '.
-year, u 5_ "US thbeen, e nstitute s cus om chures and abdui 6 er'
''for-ta puni r:n, years,'p'a.%t to'b t thesaie tim' e in three
A s y. ar. a languages. e_ '
t' public ria,,is are. rs C4Tis .tianp'
via in.- the morning, ai ,
O t uh ti ..... C 0 ,U .
int rg 'receive soin suppri. e
ne. of,'- he, main' fi,'c4pp, 6 Ma ie Di -Lorenzo, in the
Ins, t'ut,6 'is., --teachin fl ( M, oca goveinuie J i; e I
nts and The L ,rary isr o-
es., ar dips
.1b Hai-jnica t- M9,44ays through Friday
il li the., Unit6d.States In o iiiat.ion,
er. non-E Sh T 9. ays, rpm 9 iM
Ow is Od oth -, :!,
:,_speakbrs In' r6cent yezL de- Agen, it rtant, ho(we- n 4 u: i I7
rnbrtd for Eng sh..Acf WSNE t phasiz.6 that the Bi- A
,89, ver,, o em The smaller Institu I e b
4 ar, J40T, a' in at the
stealilf.-, increased welvaiati6n, af- &ntps entranc6- is
a .-thip, atin' Aiiierica. par .6f e diploii atic appOa- the Didoth&que.,, is'
Oil tliia, b 4- b I the
tvs Of t e United States
the larg'p- collection 6 eks,
Alp: tft. "r ute 6 eer t 'a, d ') e ic, n. > and Opular IN!,cords" and,"
225 sdfs of first-year, t6ftboo ecl r
ks 'to thesiEi, centers e., plie spaqe fp brie class, ",
'L.Uing, the their, salarieq,-fiom the
4' 6 the ce fro t og 'e on the left is
_ '': 1, .1 r',CharUs SC Johii
3 ln fftute Director
, y, as tonLshnient of S.. li forrnation. ge nc but RndSecretary receptiorii t:Mrs. Deli ,Mnol.
y ofthe'.S.ecreta y, and: R6de
'diploniatic status.
ho oi 'kls..;were j equir the" h en
y ave nc in' addition to about 560 about, $1500'.09.. a rhonth into, his.ty- Mrs Deliii K'
lt 7-,alone! e: ik,6Ad 'Aotal. of these
r -year en, wi e ci is -.,th e office' of th6 dif
adult Haitians nowst, yipg Port au Piffide commercial
th t 'larger., 0'
is aut4inn'. "is' io ne harn! izeabi e si:nn f t
Y: ga ap. pes>> is; r Engfkh, people of- the-follow c els,.,,7- a, s, Mr G 1A a r 1 e'is S t. 16hii,. *here-1
jhb i ghe 64flisto-ry", d to the Haitianm- r ati6h o hase'-?,
isassigne, ., ;,. form _11Y
ing. na.xqn, the ei4 of
t' alities a e nowen ;he' year. The, I ai 4 'a
f th itute O ej, 600Ameriewi. In titute. acting as ij
oll dA E li h co chers 4:Enklish on the i the United Si in- Ti urses: C6- -tial0e:: n W
dmini or. g..
'h 'Al foil e.. direct
t ave sig la. *stratiV
ench, Swiss and staff at present ate ai: chLerfull supj5 '&d. Her4.,
ldri.ibians; Fr' nong fhe
ses and ab ,6uf ,910
4. the Dutch West vpry best. available- ee E h
f the. in e coun glish 6i amifi
-seven 4 ou pen are er ese,,icimunis semeo is
Indices. try. -,Ali are- mature 6 16
e ., In sp! J, atu -_',ay, M'C Wof thbi"Bidti6fial. Centers
It ii-possib e for a person of ang e,*N ce .0-
i6n d. all -of tfiem
I-sh 6 61 d,'them ves in d -tion
gj posi a -Engi-- OTi any el n
'_4ftoVg, jo urpose t6-'stu'dy re 0 fh&
st qiiit&- 'at h me in is ;
en ey mu xaise, a, con-
the; Inst a-1 sf& Mf bt" johii giv s
it' te for, five, of'. t h e m.
have a S
an sid
ra proportion of tl eii wfth -:Id' I "k "
had i0v Ai ffi
of "abo s ive 4cidoi ic y6ai s 'pedial trqjn g ua exa
-7 -11Tlhe- Ui C in 1' l
- Aufia is one running,,
-g a 6ursie. The, ed St r, Qreet Britaii 46h 1
43inai;16- f '1 1. _, 'i I .. .1
7V, -4so qrpp.psrs Ffi
ch wi'th -I.n ILN is f olit Y* -evenings ''=A
e9l ers .,. ps, an -some es
sk O th:rbughl' Eng E itian fe cher of Fr h:who cesy0h, y, at ot erjim6,_
1 pamip f be, i6iind 6 er Iffiep '. '114 IT. W -, I I %, enq-. :. 1, -
-an adva In Li 0 ers,
-Af. T6 mi-6v- inid th i ii hqlc q Tiged d greqlr tur,
q:,. !an. ppnQr e c
fee ourseint
R, for. tin ax ft m ist graifi. it vvhic gip
-POW4" AdAe n MP* YO -"h ih-
qf niversity. Fo 9,w
t, _,C-er Sir,. P.,
PriPl pu C is
...... the oral exam-hiation at -nd ftik s the Jist of locally -b
44 t
ache ; I 'Fxaii B hl
e_,,e n. semesthi, pa t, e -
sevell the -k w s'iudenf s: Aai iiit,6& Tiss.. M O TM, 7
t Z Ith "I, I .' 1.
--,.-,o __c. 11,
ther's-in the Near Eat ar eHe m6htar
( AaVjj 4ciecl 14* Cos
..... n_ ing Dr Auss
_Tn per, -P I
1P"71 -g "Ie li 41
es,,. 6' Pe Yo-pg,, ce an om.
"'44 A4 Mrs: 1 dith Du
P- free Pa y P
4-.'46 DirIdEtbr., At the F6te' 'de" rosp4u, Mr., Donald ime I'
au RiCO hy pro-r 4ift p IS e J Fa tH
appel: jjogqrt Ws ej-' prks, y en ai ns,
belieVod't4 ri C une. we 'b
Oe- W -it wto. it all,
fwelv-e., hdAwnfv tudgpA6ne erin:6 Lej e0off,,Mfs Joyce reign
e 4 ,4grepr. ',Aiilgi tli t,: to.
eivb t e Fourth-Year., Certi- McCalla, Mr Fritz 'Rdein Mr
i,', Jiients be, natibns V
Jean -Sorel, 19 tii s h 6'
icat'e,-a d-W W. en, aS ses ,
rs Charles St.'
ey in oma means Ai
as ....,ndt b6co
M ii, may
Ai( Vspeak John, and Mr Emile Z6phj ieiiil' cult I
1 with ease. r Ir ura
A t] k.
40- 'Addibnt inbei,1 6i fivp
i"k ___ I '' .." -, if these gra-
1 a. r some, M ssI4 Gdlla and Mrs St4ohn n6t i6 '0- ih ro
44d gi ,4af A*6d, 014 F_ the
r f
rs rorn are exe ccuplea -with Aiiditoriumis',av'
e Z'. d-iiiif6s,, Nb': .4 f6w. oth lusive y 0. ailffbk for
aw t '6,6'e 4', the---na
wL-" 6) p-rbme- ti4y c6n, the childr 's courses y em! assies, e ga t io' n-s"
coun 44d 'C- 6W( erih g the, e
_0010m.ic, sit hir!teac'hes in- b' .al
n- --lled in ia cul I
th6 citlib d thb -Un ZC-d" -V _V; : Ave enrol P oth the chfl non-Ptofit
it, St ialiqw, ,Aftd 'the factth 80
0 & b6tirs,6:: 6ft a fifth-vear dr&ns and adults' tio
tE 4M, a ptograrris.,: ns..
-'dbts,; I nts atten S
eT, Vc1i
e- A ,Axfle'rlran 'An htiportant f6ature For,,sixteen dt s the
ffiffi-4he- Lite of Ins: y'. ar.
j s re-
fil 8d'Eh li h Pi6- ittftL- lifts i :the which iij h as Deeii a,,. riioaest,, -
t ffid Lad b N a, Wo- h p', 6 f H 0 ra of oye
ts Afflvificbd Bu_-_ is the only lending: :h w 9 Of the,' life of -P
P: orn in grg in Part
chp P
I ;h -gen I & I r
.. iness ir i s Riti Ople4"to- the' a ;inc : It js pp -o
,I 949i Ani' I lall pU
it, Z ,:ev
!0,. grgat'' pred
tAlIsIgh ', 9ean t th a, as: offers
ckq ik6- bfthe "to; ffti U]6 4y ,Wpd ere,, r. pebble b ic -'Tt''li ,a i, 3400 boloks, ola#y, ,and-, if, some
I n ih
of, raeric JC E 'di d, 41hY 8.ubl varl ty 6i la& 4s
a a lan. an. in 'Engiwi fot, q at,
h-061"OA&Am., ft. gr-R,
sdA s-, an g,
lit' k' atiKh'dli h -t -afi -,ab6ii ?evhap,9 -the Institut
Viiive 3'1 fff6i
b11- erildion. ours- e -d 6010,,:I:i T]
4 ,H'Z,'4ti; I' I~ __. \: -_ ;: I "
U..a presen ,,Do cv
b'O'lloctfoh 'tUo- :,hard-to-get
J'e"'an 1r11tZV(, a s ace is
'Tf- ''. ': ;0..13 e i ., li- f
.1 n en eiffiNV c s:' H9iff a. s hco a hoaf.,-e usive., 4 ;q
adc --to. "tf 'A
:tNih ti6 i "n t,, m,
ce as ossi 6-1 :, 9 mcep bi% vvl
irn -.',thr6i -
11bo earis'-that the Ifi Mu.1t4d 4ery
e and ii bongfi -dAy Tri any' case, dont hesita
ons. Iii 41 e ac. ef'. hd f
mbst, f- ", r'! ihe genera, ic we 91
Urg .no t Dour direetty-intp a
-1 'Y ed t, at itiany'gaitit h
ceiitei Aii!46 F.W]. r e
-pp a "a I 1V
dMot'A Ait an d heii
they, grew,'
parn 4pAen
as, de'in r., dWe sli rapi. V evera.
_,inqedsiad they' caught- leadihg.-Elaiti ii any of
66'att6tl' t 4..:gi*e tg -v& haV6 li id all
Or -pal, .,Or,,,
-various em in- nl th e
ATIe%, _aPA, ;4 entiad: age riow- quite fluent
as i gton,,, En jisfi
( 4Ae4,eljol
#the) edft4ieg- F d nd ear French
T t. an sec(

11 j;
EMBER 401_15 9 IVAAM V,
fT One two-bedroom house at
ENGLISH LANGUAGE EWSPAPER Bois Palates,- rent 70.00; obe-
IRAI'M _,pll lit' 11
llljlif jlveeldy' Published $"day Mqr a bedroom, house, at N orne Her'
-pti4LISHER BERNARD I)IEDER161r cule (Petion-VAle) --$36; one
rZ EsPONW LE, PAU _T.'NJAJAC 3-bedroom house at'Morne er-
cul $60, rent. Apply at Librai..
9ures On:Haifians
ric La Caravelle, Pb;one 3495.
ARMY DAY Sttidying'ln, The U S
his year will be celebrated on.Nov6i-nber 18, the., I STITUT,
Day t Mr.-and, Mrs. Frank Claude,
f'the decisive Battle of V xtierlps in Haiti'
an educated -and well-mannered
dipondence.'Treviously'thle 6bservan e' to ok place -on.'Aug. Pdrt-au-Prince, Haiti "ll q rec foreign
Dear Bernard:
and, Haitian stpden! or bache.
tile first occasi
SO on on which the newly' combined 17haye just received [lie An. lo'
0 11 I .. 1 rs.. in their Bo ding. House
r 'f the'Ji-
ces 0 44 't' Force,
o- ai i will m ,trk' aj a i a onibln6d._- nUal Rlport 1;01* 108., f t1i,
_ I I I .1 I I Q:Les Bq issonnets,,', s1tuated a t
LUS, _E Ato
A ffie f 14 nation 't" Bf B tLE W
Army o aiti.
Petion-yille, Sul y ierre, HAITIEN14
44a, at no time in the history of the Nation since Ver- cati6n- of' Ne, or
i y CitY. I Numb6r,30.- oderale-P
me es of Haiti fac6d A greater psycho- n t fe, dj I
i ,ould pi 3s 6 1 Fricil y aqnpsp qre, courte-
tes fn ey- have be O f 1 0
the, p as"t two yeaxs ', hen t.h'' en L a,'Ii" eh ice'iuqiu','
'je)l yoU, inodern house
fooi -in'the 'siiuggle for"politico power. Aind'it mj'& 't liketo use in'your news.
- -- V '... ._ --; .1 .. I I I I i' t
,. fiot ofily psSichological for iiiey sd tf"e- e'd'Ah e h-eayiest ca-
'4 'i' I I paper.
y, grRpp, when tbe' cias 'qs came. A cqr6 diedl there were '53
j 14.* 751, '.7 ,-. !" I _. yea!. g )
in a- -w I .,.
actua flg'ht' s bij July' 29; some ere'm ir Fred ,an 1), iy ng
66"at their post and others died as Pe
elr"b aCeMa ers C _rper;ence in S
nite, tates.
al chishes.' Of th' w il nt
el 22 ere erns, and
ro _i6',deieiid6r against agg -essi6n from.without is were' president.
ay cj th I I t orcement c here -were o 123 Haitian
i in g cry, )f law and
hat of the efif
aus c aiia
,f t f internecine'strife Is of suider, under#adii1a6
er 1 1 t hn- -ten c e for 'ontumely. s
ele's"s, the part it ayed it w s always a en at
N6 Univer ity
an universi t"es. 1
tj s
su j ects -in 0' I'ar with'
j4yiiig tribute, therefore, to the Heroes of Vertieres it is s f- pi3pu
hRed that Haltlanis'will reali'86 that it is'not.e'nough to Haitians are bihine4 admini -
remembe *in to de- iration r
ir memories green, bu various types 0 C FA Et '13
q)qd tc prove that those whom 4e call fa anguage and litera-
e in. ture, and liberal, arts. Six (6)
VNCWHAZED Haitian stuidents were majorina1:7
qpewith any -pretensions to being civilized but ill view in theology.
-tacti s bein 0 f tin 'visiting
ence,:the used y FidelP4 tro in risk-
innocent tr- ellers on aircraft to Cuba means sor is t46achin- i n tiie, United
Vj of,
-is no e slt an p acy. Statq.
One American viaiting prq-
e, es, man when he. is- own but CastrQ can 44
f sor is teachT lil 4e
tc 7i lie
p fit. by th r es a po#i:n 4 he 'Ar ,6.ho r e la, ahd'
v y of Haiti.
a o ds-lwred campaign. In fact,. far frq;n con- rihe twe
One American student 'is ell-
tLich he and his plarty 7'.
-a Government in w 60 N _
rolled in the Uni ,,ergity-of Halt*
would be a goodthing for the Cuban people''he
ipat s 'e "i d'lfFiS--
and one meln. st udeni a saenr-e r
-, vetything t prove otherwise-
0 4,pe,
nrolled in t4 d"
e coueg Sai
onder -daily haw a big Cub
,a si e g t, Haitians w ana Air- Pierre. i,
I d rp
-a sfru 4ien el
ard m- anag'ed to -mushroom oil the landsca 5__
e V91 _.pe near le
S uceT ly yows, &,arts 04.,vrO 16
6hQq W ,hlen such signs are" prohibited. Mr.'Castro is- wel- r
-Cl a'xlles; N'. "St. ohn
t6 t ._8 S _iit.44
Jr. Ies cahefs dq to
'hi ign'jf he wishes to'take it as part of li scampaign dV6jtj4er
Dir r
'fair travel to Cuba., s aurez Mj6ns, de pneus A
LATIN WELCOME. FOR ROCKFULLER F-00"Refi .*j ynoins, le
'it lik the resi of tatin-America is looking with interest, Beautifully furnish 'd house' aA
-Rockfeller's liti s. The pp*Q(j tqn P7
6 461dfiig of Nelson career in po c tjq q jnent
rent, dt awing-room dinin L
enezuela where h 'has 1.0o _0
'welcome given him in V e -tro b' fle
7 cc oins" dt4, hot
ani d water, Ajueriq u
L afhiliar'fi ure for year is indicative of th c
e great ex-
tion his first big political success arouses. His statement kitchen, 1'-'
arge veklahld4h our-
ess in Caracasan AL
en.t; his views -on dictatorsh*'s as i-oundeldby iron an a3id. ven..
mted, with democracies'is-significant. tian Viinds,
garage,. anis'
tiOn q i iar ers -A
qu etd as saying-that he favored <4a strong evolu t with
pp Y.
4ocial and economic fields*, and that he, had premises o.- 48, Canap Vert
IaV6red for es that had created clemo racies and whose
6al was < m-1critic 'of
the Republicans who foresees a Democratic
de in t e 1960'preslaen t-lal" election, opines'that
oughi-to cross the floor: since he h le so
as coT
I es are s6
ing a Deinoprat already Actu4r party, in
---Ahe,:United'States at ]p, ,at it would not b sur-
there were a considem le ):Kchange of person el in
:-,if not in fact' Rke 196q, 3 LPPE R CONVAIRSTO
01 E':L SP' IN.A
d EW
6r. American Tq !j gement AVOIDS,
-an-Prince _NS
mute to"' N L A
PqWr tqwp Port.
EXT111. y
01- I I 11 i U
A(l) V' c UR STAY
'V 3 313
AT rhOnt-
6*0 -V

N z~r1t
--------------- --- ------- 7t ---~ 7
17 EMIPHE E D FEN E :RIN S, aveits omets o lghtn Brrig uforsee hodus y~eurne i 6
tb C b w o 1w
e c o~~ 4 t a~~ a N~cg .o d T~~
dut suha a reen pra Udb un 91 r r~iigh e
Pot-u-rnc -ne.wa i ro, av o ee evsig or f ecywhn hy riife C~itphr olmuswa owhae, st Q_
zl_~ ~ ~ fro a oeyhl-o ntetefrtrcoddmpe treya
whic- -nite Sttes emi~jmaE ll~te tme*.s i
4 hened oideenabe eatb te~o~nry aCahoicHati H ws olowd-y h
phe6 efnseplnsar help F~ank Cavepr6
a J~ia
ss& hr' n ta he er pedrt d A ercn'avetrrst mpHat utlthprsntAesed0fed i -V
,V1.~~~~~i f 0wih ws salse
Th ma 00ce an. rnoNw p
of weveiyerg' wrk-inI-aifi rtof hefianc. oasal ara nd heocupatsMea'sRnnh n anssthecoteran f
byJ Gtpato wihhg -Tdyth apngo at Let halsT Co n ai egapia ene fte0nt ane .- tfn
'in~~~~~ tae.'treo~i
Th a,.ihohesnw th nte tte ry n, 'o meo h naigte onrhwte afce rmPnm n i
.dang rgms Pvae in-
mahns0 tc ial kow as re hy wne o aed h d iitaie ofc
vestors,_~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tow o fa a'atg-hsd o e l T eam o e mrcn,,ufcen ar ftandpth
ap, ar u a dle su plie. H i
difficulty ar;fe at r
ggatin anulti th eaton an 8 aian wor qitly sn ht w ud Al ocr Alna eri.
obtinig, to ogrpii~a .A. of -turs:on eral ho~ e rem rke taf rg an~ ane0
gra an0 fiinl ne igr y o n .
f~ ikl.. pp~ets1'%6 M r aobJSaerps it etue o ,.a s oin ita prsnel hd en eicpe
it mch esie to et he -~et
an t e. oreato o o~ he U.S A my En i ees ey es o~i e' n uik t D dg it a ga.4M
-raq red daa an alegd s,'":d 'iften
physical~ 8t.A ntv fC iaoad vt-lan H ii\s w oSren ihr 'li
vera suh cancer hve.take Th 1ner7A erian eod
ranof:Word ar 1, ajr hd ben en~tocarog acchre f-
a vatag' o he IACS suply is
service~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ti SuXrvekYES is ietyudrteSaews ih teKra chosa h AS edux fte aan DahM
Thi mapig 'erici wicbUntedState' Amyfores fro 147 terst in'thReNT Paam the years G i n fi:
Ser ccuptionnal onTTe, an Rd
gan n .94- isexpctedtQ ice of th Cors. f Eginers to 948 He -tunedto ta hd i doe w

;0 1
AV~e I U4PI;Fiser',, he mercans fv,1te hop. wer
il p r c s a e c e r y m r e n e e y i e .
1-il r a w el -t ai ef a nd ed urt it~ i t
s~ f:wk
e p y~ u o ov orsopn rbes
1V4e ek n oeg akoe'r, ~e
14 IT LA GS FREPR 9Pady -you freif ito 'n t ..C so i .
gukS an sh pp n cosis-
N~hchhasth bst mprtsfrm~ll heconer o th %ord..oucan9W u to 6 T
f~~~ ~ ~ ~ o, ..-rcswt ordt re loac f 20 vr4 or n,50oe
it?. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A days4Q oi tste ...Fse' il earasoprspiaie.N tol repr pie
6ut~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~> moetmr-p eas vr~igicnetate hoeag ufn Aeyu
I gi at Yisher's
-)ot nyd, Viennae SweaersfLubi
-p~eo GodetP Louis, De.Saagna Cona
hnueu rs' -Ae o Aquavit ansb Pue
lan an Sivr -Sadigo nln

which had prccedkA him in of- said, but with the return of or-
TD)-I OUNDER. Tourism Is Haiti No.
1 GoalJolicoeur, fice. der and kWfulness, Ilaiti could
DEGOLAA Tells Miami P f look forward to 'a period of im.
Pit re4s
A prograin for attracting o proveniont in which Tourism
Tourism is now Hqiti s NO. I
rQigq investin 'ut by tax couecs. would play an oustandin ", role.,
fits past t i Pre 'id' t M alier-s messa- g6al- according -to itiR interview
en, .. v. sions and 1"al garantees was Haiti invited her friends abroad,
U 4 .'.rx-ei d','q.'-decoratiou Re sai&that.Ahe decoration. was- the Miami Hera 11 t also ip the ix akin-- The Prersi- and specially the people of the
166m Lady ven ((on': behalf of, the Go--- Aubehu Jolicoeur newly ap-
e'. American nitc1a States, her closest and
den had iiidicated that the
an e pointed Diiector of the Go.vern-
Harnittor.), vernrhent d people, df th Jr *ad would be most valued neighbours, to join
it of. HEtiti, in r -,m nt's Foreign Press Bureau
er-Qtthe-Friehd4 of Haiti., Reipubl, PPC09111 e -gle, Mr. Jolicoeur iii s1l'aring that future.
qE ,fen ,ppy.-qt the 1-faitiati- of Your. leddekship in'foun.d set up un&er,.tbe Ministry-of
citation ing tht Txies# of 'Haiti and Information and Coordination.
i, President i ndid efforts16 help
,me,- awar( your..; p-
9 andud of, our Ar.
ar at dt was Mise- thiihying t liQoqlir iq n; dip week
o., 4adk'o y" 'and -, strengthen our nd in ?4j4f 'i Jur 1 js w, y .6ack
-ouglasrHamilr country -e
an to. all thb 'health- and, -medical servicesoa ---to Port-awli-]Mace f ir the
Ame "an' Society o f Travel
c 16 6, syrn 61ize
an P-eqp t -b I I :-,
e ,t4bidinu,,Ifiendsfiip between, AM d "'f Haiti, Inc. is en- A,,ent's world co4ypaxtign 1'14
ga in a paign to rebuild New York City.
er 9 co, nd6r. of ihe.' -MedicAl School, the Gene H ointed out that an all
ince, 1q.4'
lk -of ,q.
Merit, w,,a tt g ma0e since
1nd, th Ttivj Haiti io'-
ra' Hos
-,:6-ldye --D6uglas-H6mi1t6Tr 4.4d q I t4e facilities, in.
k-on th6 obtain n'6w invest, ment, 'Aimu- J d f( artmoap ere*,
0i, wo-r, i)!phalf of 4
'Iebf 'con&rred -late 'tourism o. Haiti- afid -re- to attract a'n increasing umber
er,-, y the Haitian Ambas- lieve. the s.erious dietary defio- of travellers from the Uni- .
Elm M nh6 and of the na tive populati ed S tates. an
-st 0 mme iency cn d other countries.
tfist&r' of -Health Dr. Au- -,of :four million. It'Was-the ind,-qstly which could
be most q'uicklv expanded. in
order to eiid the- country's de. I Je"az %T E L
enden'ce on coffee, --all the
1 jj$ yzi a ies of that market.
Normtd life in' -Haiti,'Mr.- Jo-
A. licoeur-told the .-Herald-, had PETION-VILLE
been'resumed- with night-time
entcrtiiinmentg "in full swing
Rcf rring to -President Duva-
lier7s 4 effort, ateconomk-:reha- rr, a-ed1141 el
b*li d-his Auste;itypro..
j. t4 ion an
.604S" e "
i % t6
am, W. Jolic6eur said this
was' n if h -Presi-
a!8 t
dent kaA -announced,-the inten.'
tiph o&- doing; Haiti Wag 1+
-to'-free hexself of, the te-rri le
'd-I., !:---- -1 I I Iii 1 6W-67 LO-5 tMV,
fii..*kial which .. had
U bten r a from s'ix years
-erVisit to, 48 3P 4 ral p
of scan*da'lous administration
:h HAITIN 1.
ie. albkst PANTAL Bldg
ps tr famow for t q surge -in; pc; ulariiy
_S Opr ld pprt sh g. His adverti-,
in. e is frea OPM11
e-- sing su
ppqr -:o luave h,
s op.
"heart, of. R jrtrau- nce, Haiti. -ping, hasappeared, in most lead
can, fii a Verita,-, J g U. S. publications. and he J
wonderlwid- ',full": of' th-6 continues to pursue a, policy of h
desired,-merchav-. coop ating Vith travol agents SUPER9 ANDFAMOUS
il- 11 -,
atc s cashrne e,,, in t][Ir-eir various ornotions to, &NAe-
pi made bags, gior ,7 ystal,,, increase, toufisnL ND RUE.
-'jFr Prftim,
Cliinjl., silve Among'th nio t popular in
_4 r incii -s
,&dmeras' li, eurS and s, novati6t create is the
qu ns hb- has'c
-o native ac ce sendina a bottle of NEW STUDERAKE
w.) 4 agpe to any visi or
ti Lrnhke -, re c
-Dr, ti
.4'e-, more .0 i o tappens to be ce-
119tenter: than' a h'
an oFdiqa!T sr P. l6b ji w ddiPgr anniversa
'Y or- P P, qn -R oneyMoon.
b 'his 'La
olat 9ner t4q, N Belle Cr6ole i
RV A yp ar
4h& mq&Ja US ce e rating a 10th Amni
lili versary,, and Eli 1.9oustas has-
dQub,10d -hi
04 Tisi6t, -iake the
- s efforts to
0 ; L;lqu of the advan-
,, tqg, p 't
&emsr' r, qs op. The
af(Ji""ts,.of 5 a 14'8- tW
0 per Itore -Yd j., ,p:month
S 'a Vr
he'; U. C1 sad 6 .1k yen greater
it is no:woncter CUqC r The new. STUDEBAKER
rand me 1958 model, combines the tenue of--
Th C,171;
-Ct60Je S. eo a the road of the sPorts model'' top class style and the adeqV4te,
faLIM OU- I 9 ,r '
lies in ch crystat V exclusive., ite '.9 power r your needs -at moderate price, and At great
ery fine bran s6le.4eo to 86 ': So fd t o savin s. in., &asoline consum' tion.
-rest---ev that: Will
Bel .re buying. x!lsi. qj: q p ces DISTRIBUTOR FOR HAIT Ir
We it n*0 No doubt tlious- A-G ENC 11ES PLACE GEFFRARD

t, pe # 4r -------
g4 v'a4o m .t
to,-F.,a g lf' lung ik
ni n
0 Jut re x A
n 500 on>
- il t d-
J in ey,4~1' can,4NK~.
S, Ivselds t
e .itsi n~fre-por
A Aty n 4pt 6%o
)rts o, for $20
loaed in ote N
re ns oe'an '
a ertabe w ith rlan
C,*lnirs Hanmade.
h-~ ~ I f~fms a-
4d ~ ~ ~ ~ Hv lie :sensadayo ntv
witore a~etn DA B
nayshp Con-7
one ~ ~ ~ ca buy th RYA JAEERLECOiE, HE P

calne T groups to supervise au nd lA et in S
At-ay thvep oubea f World his present a4,grim
,appl!,6d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A for jtbeetby eaudaece snec hewx.Hr
-War II~ hie tokA change of the Mri Durmn illr~
eA: bu h6 ha taen, Comissone Chrle, Dr-Salvato Army Services for ~a Special Grand R
piesa eanaate- ous De- aa 0181
man,- Inernaia Secretary British troops in 1 uope and teh'da h oa r
iug o -oerthow t ii wl -a s .s 'chforthe Salvation Army, in th~e East. He won the distinction Salvation, Armyr
.1 ~~~~Unite States is expected here, 'of Meniber of the' Order of Matno Wednede
Tesday. lie wvill b'accoipa-~ the British Empire '(M. B),. November 19tht7:9'
ne bly~ Colonel J~. S-Stannad, He worked on the 'strenous assisted by Col
M.B. ET ritoial Comm~an- task of rehabilitating d re Brig. Fr~azer.
w I I I deriorCetal Amierica and buildings thee Army, in Holliand He will continhi
e Wst ndisand Brgdier during the post-war period, and Kingston on oeb
,de th ~ecaraio ofastae: ar l 'ufne t fomaltis Jme Frzer, of the~ Iterna7 Queen Wilhelminao recognized Pior to is arrivalii
~e~y~&n on s~vc bA~~9n hi~m qpPrin~ce heha
clknes agst~ stt6. wh~h Maor anil Bauvir heannounc een of te ar ffice of the' aOrder of Oraje- 'Curcao, Trind S i I
PenatYupn cnvitini c 'ief f .Pt-onilePl'e ivl fth, alatonAmy f Nssu is uinaan Brbd
Meak ccd!eas.e ySenior Cap
deh iAd the n$-icswsmd
_4~~~e Brts omnosad Sout
_.Ac~cuationhingm.,on- e merica
it ,~ EoB:p
wa ra' w6i-ii tis he Cmmisioner bcam
cipial 6 t Apd an c.an oficr oftheSalvtio Ar
atA~e8cret 7
th,6 ; ;1 my in 910,lat r, srvig wth A -, otel Spl ndi
b Gb' f ctry tI ahoie~esAleFrcs n te irs Wrl
'.,,fou maies-froi.'Prt-a~rioe 7 Wa. H sered n vaiou ad
runsrtv-ot jseMnsFo 0 To 8:0P .
A~~~I ii thiat
j to Ilec s h
-N-~~~~~~ afei hetemnaio f T27
eaP C4~J?/ /4
tria _;o e~covkt!menh hotilii9s
>jj I

oV9MBER 16th. 1958,1:
Mme. Stankovich
Reard In Recital At
French Institute
Music lovers formed a large,
and appreciative public, FriAa
evening aft the Frrnch Institute A rm a nd e
-to bear the brilliant Yu
OVERLOOKS POPULAR BEACHES vian pianist, Nadia Stankowich
11aitihas a brand new and s arkling <> uniquely h i program of the great mas.
ida, Au
,"(fiffei nt from F or stralla and New Jersey's'in that it Mrs..Stankowich, was presexi.
has <> in its sands. Talk with the fishermen and.
v, the yC)ung couple who have planted a tourist beach resort right ted under the ',sponsorship of
the aSoci&6 des Amis Ae la Mu.
P;1 the'middle of the -Gold Coast and thgy'll hana ycyu
sique,, of which Mrs. Lina Ma.
t do vnsome finely e nbroidered legends, tales and < f *'ate treasure uncovered clunng this decade, J thou Blanchet and Mr.'Raoul
'Pir 1: es (/.p &M.Q Q U--
Denis are, the founders.
the band of white 'sand that rims along the -'Northern
The proiram included works N44 dl#,S CIRSOV,703%,
coast of the Bay of Gonave from the village of iLully to
of composers Scliubert, Scb'
twenty-fiv cu PHO E.388,8
trDuis>> covers some e rvied land miles, every
h e MUA Chopin 'and' Debugs
ijch of -whit has bee-A snapped, up over the 1 ast:two, y ars b)y y
The artist wag gii''eet-of.Nonor
,,' P*t;..au-princiens with a yen for the sea.
of Mr. and Mrs. Jules Blanchet,
devoted chabitants>> of the -new <> Pierre
6)a-Thiu-sday, vening at a're-
Future. D'Adesky started their tourist beach in January
I ceptign at the Blanchet -villa in
j5 an, are now adding tourist accamodations. They feature
1. .., I t ad the
I .. I I IPetion-Vile where she
', i4iing trips o t e Island of La Gona-je; water and Bar spoKts.
111 1 o enjoy i s eac ey ing many U. O.W
s o ris tell you were the oppomtunity -of meet" To In
interesting personalities,, a n d
didi who came down fhom. a hard week in the hills I,. I
ineinbersof the Prcim.,
nleft their arrow-heads behind on the beach after a
of carousing, Visitors can still find. them (The arrow- 11 2
Pierre Liautaud To
Thevc=e the <>boys who disco- ered the safe Receive Distinction'
-and ideal beaches for careening their' ships. The From S-Parxish.
,,bu neers rom the beach or perched on the Matheux moun- Government
t-allis- behind survey the oceaii for as far as their spy- Attorney )?icrre Liautaud,
"glags would permii them. former Haitian Ambassador to
-Madrid, will'be presented with
k- ,ona -was. a favorite- careening spot and the brotherhood. wwA L R-
(pirates Incor ) built two small forts -on' a small knoll over- the insgniia and diplonia of the
P q
_lAing -the half-moon bay. They would place their cannon in GraiM Cros of Civil Aferit'-of
-ffie fort along with the booty while the C ew- scrubbed off the t* Government I of Spaim
The,. pfesentatioii will. be
,bamacleq-,and re-corked the bottom of their shipg.
hacking clown a tree'close. made tomorrow evening during
0 ten y ars ago two'fisherme
a receptio i given
-of these forts came -across two -ziars>> containing by the Spa
nd ii gold c ins. Evidently the rain, washing the top ni6h Ambassador, Mr. G. Spot-
torn o, at the Embassy
s4bad reveal61 the topsof the, jars and it neededonly-ma here.
chetes to;,unea'rth them. The fishermen reportedly sold some V,
p:oin and reburied the rest for a r in
ai 'day. Tw-oU. S. Naval'.
1h6st attractive pledged today suxTourids the wellknown N.,
Units Here
conversation).: cave < -litain of th' Mat an-ge the cave is visible from the
j ghwaythat skirts the < t nd
cipa trea, a, from below. Na::.MSeap1,a Te r,. under
sure is guano. Imposale, to appro, ch ne
ilbne 'as;to decenc rians f eel h d of I Cla
If to -the entrance -by. rope. Local histo ptain T. F.
, here is another entrance which has probably beencovered up ICaldwel left ye:steTdav, after
ml -or :spendint5 tw D days here.
Ay'a natu man-made rockfall
't ieAmerican Curtis, a Voodoologist of note, during his ten Another U. S: nav'al unit, the
-U. S. S. Great Siffin ,wbaich This is -The Finest and Fastest Servic
,,years ere.. studying wildlife, including insects and snakes vi-i
r. 't4 x: .
the cave with a guide but told friends little of what he arivod Friday lifted anchor yes- IN'THECAR11BBEAN,
terday. Captain W. F. Schlech
'fobild there, It was once inhabited he was certain but what
V commanded the vessel) Witt
Ev% left of their presence was knee deep m guano. Curtis was LOOKFOR THE WHITE CROSS
Captain T F. Caldi ell, Senior'
,-*r tivp about -his work -and so his visit to the cave'did not
Officer Present Afloat. Y1OUR G ARANTEE OF INTE.GRITY
-o ie ublic. He soon after left for Afr! -a where he is today U
The two ships were ma
completing his e>densive worl--s on Voodoo.
Itl g general cone I eded that thi s cave has a.special p I lace,, by 27 officers and 388 enlisted, At P&ion-ville::, Mrs. Paul
, ,ih7voodoo. When city d ellers'niention the cave it is usually men. _.Corvington_
-14 connection with special voodoo rites which they say are
At Port-au-Prince: loe'6aetiens.' Rue Pav6e
-leldl-1here on certain days of the year. The Home
.-Albert Reiher Bois Vern j
-Some report seeing thousands of little lights, like so many Of French Cooking Excelsior Sacr&Cceuf i
ndl s.around the distance entrance 1 .1 .%,,
of the, cave One local > Peoi3er
.__m Louis Garoute Ave. Chri e.
iu&'rity -'accounts for this. by a theory that the.'s'ilex rock St
eak, Onion Soup
' dunc ng the leave's entrance is set alight by the Sun's rays
So, ecialities At St.-Marc: Ave. Mag. Aaib.
_.Xettoy4g64t see
le fires are the ones Seen at night.
e zSum> is sponsoring an expedition to the cave this week
te r disprove local, superstition and pick up any un-
bunt eca e that might be lying around. Look for an, infor-
Lii4tive'artficle and' picture inournex't edition that is tunless
-enough treasure and don't get lost in the guano.
Th"'rill'swL. T4-rt D,-kr4."crn Q+,aminQ a, _CR PE

projects which involve risks training and civii t 'e'
W1 H, ment to military engin
beyond these which a traditi r."
........ ........ ion w ould ior the c 11 _.u
rial banking institute onstructio of.
MARTIN normally undertake, or:'f or public projects.
t in addition to < Flducati6n.n- The.,w 6 r k of 'Phepf, tliese is,,the'ninhinery ment of crops from f arri-is to which the rate of repaymen
ve, pro ject. This.has mar e s and thus create new required byconve tional ba ded
]i4er 1J Elt&n4tibiial Co6perat I o i con su tati n nk- ance& exten bv the
for;-, of wealth in a country. ing terms would present diffi- national Cooperation A
operai some sources
A'aininistrat i on s red&- been -in
f'th pilot project along, this- line culties to some countries. tration u n d e r circumst-
cps ,.in --ti ',edubation-1-years.6 It takes care 6 e ins-
a ha of excess was, reqently inau gurated in Maturities will run ashigh desc ibed abov it also gi
has almost as I ong history as. pecti r e
ne- ma6hinpi I y -fo r 6'rnonst ng Koi d.uras acontingency
-that ik4agricaflture. It -too, fu d iki It is believed that as 40 years, and interest rates aid from, a
set up to meet such s
ti I thr h vicib., an tra 9, purp9se& other Latin American coun- as low as, 3, 1/2 per cent per
-watching annum. occurrence as
tries are inteizested in he hurrican6'
form;.axi integral part of ed by Haiti
7 -the !Wnisterie' of education in Then theri : is the Technical this project in order to see ently sufk r
t,."-the variorw; Latin Amerijc t bemOnstr ti Project,, This whether the results can be Among the numerous bene- Thus, even though the-re
a on
'''basis adapted, to the solution of some W11i can 'lar pro gra Intern
operate s" '6operativq, fits ch this institution ins of the a 0
es on a c
In rica, one of nal Coop ration Administratio
vlth the Caribbean, dominis- of-. their, owli econo ic pro- bring to Latin Ame
ce nst on, and mpqr I a-at is t st every fa
t areas of -siohm- .,demo rati' train blems the most, i he fact touch up6 nalmo
aiid t -Ing'projec s -:ben4t of that it ivi ssist in the esta- of human activity,, ev n
11MVerS1. y j ,, t for, the
7.. 7. 51
truction, normi'll." ols ai-kd46- par4lci)?afits from- 6 ribbLian'. A relatively new function,.blishment and expansi9p of na- things. which cannot be'..,
:--pular ducatioA per- se d6.-,1:k6t toi.in'tries in which -the Inter- which has orne iander the. wing tiomI'dev6lopfrient bank ac- mally, anticipated are t
e 9 ecent announce- care of as they arise.
i7iia&t- of ii&ial Cooperat on Admihis- of.. th -Inter-6atioaal Coopera- cokdm to r'
'A i wp TWO001, tion Adinim'stiatilon has been ment. (To b( co ntinued, with%
at of extending 1credit in cer-
economic coqperation, ,Wp th sixth'andlast,'article of a
etags the Internatioinal Coope"
akij ta Ircumstandes.
ot g 14-4 6- a' '4 g In cases where the -Interna-
other spQqj 4'
a- ion A mi
oW,. e pro' inter-Amb of OnAl 't6op er tionaf6oo p'eration Adm pistra- d nistiation).'
The DeVelopmentLoan Fund tion is unable to i
P OVA 6 4elp,
-, 'T-rican ed at Ion ;copp'ewaidoi -tion' A s6 tion. is th' Re-
't. to qgrap y th ugh the Devel ent -.ban
I'le, ions, ep. a sources and 02 art h :"Pro-" which op6rates as a part of the
r Cc Motorcyck-Cov, 4' .:
under Interna 'or ihro ug reg
t6 national operad& Ject. This I'S a rLiiisterA tional toopeiation Ad- Fund h 'its ular
t r
11du d"When-Tku
dnistra ion_-is vitally- con4 6iitr _t' with -the ministration was established t
2an Ameri- echnical assistance pi ograins,
ac Strikes'Vehicle'
bf -oca t6 of, < tional' can- Ge6graphyand by the Congress of the U 'tea -dial essistancei is, ex ended
'-pern m the fieW v e tth
4- an- s tates.in 1957 t6 help fac
.11.c. a'.t ion-- d hL -s' petialized' e ut of
,as igine storyj a agency o it
IV 41 .". 11 0 funds set aside f r .1
--. '' e. 4- __ 'A tr' Ve Seno
I- I tr t, cop recei,
with' Pue -Ri eri- -this function. 'it is' a new Cie- purpose.
-bun ac rtd-_ co odth-e."Org-aniatiop, -of-A-m I -_ .; othe,
lheai d foui
siie th'6, way, the Unite
ecoun. n t films Parture in
etreo 'y fri a d
s. t prepar 5ons Te less seriously 1
pes-m e Ca.ib areq m use in training-La *nAme S 4tes exten IOPTPI as- Fordristarice, -situations arise ay, fo I --i !
ans in. In. erpre- sis e. The J el s chas disasters. an other'
f !V, Elssistz ice in. preparmg ri,6 phot jraphi6 't 6 taric
u pick-up collided: with t C'Mo
on-,o na u-, ernerpncies
of the'ir. du ties t;ifiJ6n: and evaluate t L6a4 I nds money for which cannot tore, cle, of the po,116euian th"
as. p. q p ... ... o.un reasi _xpe t d o per- _mele
di esd:hrc6s_-1n'their 6uritiiL onomically s d Dfiably he e c e rai nto 'several
of Mqnt t h4
-Administiati6n.- The and technically feasible priol- it y de he corner Of- RR
erna donal tb .e recen y. ear se- )ects, b # is free from the re- invo ve e ac ievbment o du-Ceiitre nil_
1- '-7 a
tration proviae's a IQGnsiil l V kal L. tin' Ame- rk"d n' countries: c m.lremeot tq Objigate its fun& so'm e humanitarian objective
rvieL _i if d6_ ire' to fix ri ds. Th-
Ti se aSSJ ave- in ica e __s m
Lst. cf. 11 ;Ny thin 4 Pe 9, Per- such as relief or. r -sett 6 en
- I T" Joseph of the 4th. Co
erican 'cdL nt in their centrate' on pro-
train and equ p, part of their mits- it- to- con- f th Ar orces.-,b
_66al work.' Iuzstaniaing armies Ao' rinect Jm- ects co ed ith long-terixi Th Congress of the United, 'e Josre,
Haiti riding d6wh u
a *bl -41ii 6- 6canomii -growth. It 4pera es States -established thi's pe
a-King V c64 ions eir af k
sp. Ci._ N", PO,.-,. 7 '!
wivier was knoc, ed -
t. 4 ry a g e y I I ?r 'to
t on na ion econoixile alls ifi fun in
igconnecri" as a, revolv g d, so't] at re- catego I der motdreycle when e I r u,6,
e for ffiiining,, tec: cians... an., payments'of lo ns'axid interest ineet such' unforesee'
n or con-
wopo 1960 hni 'bini B
tri arianne oyf, ,
,4. 'l".w;' dphops eqWp 1q, larea or,, is tingency si a ions, in _w c 'Cc
leas o Wc pent t -ass. t 'will become ayailWe. 'tu tJ "a h6n
''L 1 -1 payments Auxi Sylvia;-
7ar6 als b i'k pl in Aniericah -Arm En i for xi W ,
ed oi Lat' nsion bf P-91- rthe.,e e A
In ew cre:- q ,ic action is obviously r lotte 'P*' atter nioun
4-e'ts-a nd le other" r16 0 S, h decbho-: dits. ired. _h w6i
a th th,
projects in connection-wi
an me- ods, used-, in -ni
h!" t, .- ". 1, "I I I -;-, i -, _, the, si ow we-re.,
.." -,1 4 t__ pe on
1 1-1 0. I grou
C 'whic services f such -.The DoN a One of th b s for
nsz h ille
C_ i o, 7elopment Lo ri Fund e purpos
ak 1, 1 j, -'. _. i 11 .", x also :injirr
e Se pro- 6-r _ed, ,J lein nt wbich' funds, trb thi-s
eous. vi ps -is hey ep are is suppps n In res rve
hA ful erlovfii
er C rp -Tie case of the soddi
th. on A' 'ate- in vestrri
;_: ponsbredby eInferna- ihe bi t 4cd an maii e it- tmm 6t6r.sojirces are expected to'be --used is to IS r.9 4ed t6 be critl'
'd' J 0 n- assist in the, worldwide cam
roa n air
o( miiii nanop- -.o a
not t 6d re 6iy6d,
,d6"not-rea nst malaria.
x6as6nable r es is p gai-
y- fall w fi er vern. pr. v a t,6-, enterprise nanci g 4 wound on the craVI
erL__Jan3, ovel. 1 oe, er s a program for"
4, s no provide -th. ans. aVail4ble elsewhe e,'It steps in An en he'' hits the --ro and'
afio Ar6*6rthy-,-4 T ese- -the move' -are b sicallv sourid ati e,
nLs men#pm Th rQ44s fiicilitatei when there a jy,' to provide is Teemvin careat t )r
Prtiaent Jeudy driver of tbe ,'
11 hiw p14'tes N i;,
e-, P1 -u p wi
Agar f 11179; who lost control of
A4,R T
Willis g ilic mot
'k n 0' cu' S t 0 d" _Y the 'Po-
, J_
ffk Y- R, A E
d 00
!F ,'T
T* -8 Mi

A, T I S U Nii.
01 lPfL6.MA:T VU bicin AiilbaSSadb t Id""
OLD' the' S th Of
unv 4 t the
crumen' was,
Meets Again, Haitian, Athlete Ite dmire&
qp. embassies all"'aroun-dj6."
bi, A. COSPER I of Creole as written language.
(continued fro world in -order' to es li
rn page jab sh 4h
A' Professor at D11 g his,,stay in Haiti Dr. r h. h
'nicrican rin -littions so, t at
_,ifiio P omatic, 'i I
Superieure Cosper-will present front time pressed with his splendid per-
artment of Foreigit Affai ou 0
-1titssell, A., Cospe k, PTO- to tinle, public, lectures n Ian- for"matice and I was one of those and, maker' of',J)'ohe", c 'get to OW oibjei.
0 ,y 'W
dEnglish at Purdiie Uni, gu g6 giidy in the U'ni d Stit-' wNo personally congratulated Fourteen months ago be was e
ana 1168 take ,.more fiont'lack-of kn W
Y,: eot Lafayette I di tes, a d lie wiH disc the dje- him. Since then, I have always appointed Ministe'r to Venezite.
'rj ved in P(Yrt-au-prmce VC 10 led its amm:'
ho it I.Puient of the English lan- wouderedwhether I wouldthave 'an-d lake;r g'rv e'n' f 01 Am' b Ass- aidbir ge about. a. p ch
s6p tember,. hasbegun his guage in the United 8tates. tliq opportunity of.meeting him 'i rapter an
s atm. its pro an
oflj s,3&_in English language at Dr. Cosper received a B.- A. again and now here I am iii "' UAder' Iii s ter'n't6ky I c4i
ii fiv'e' e,
&vie Normale Sup6rieure. from Wesitern Michigan Col- his, own homeJandp.
colufitril* among iheijd 'Haiti,
-Co per, who is sponsored by lege. He wa s awarded his M. A., _'Ta'h n C, arim. rst Turkish ok like a' ln
Fi C161 or,
0;mb *, Eefiad. -the omi.
f d es Overnment, and Ph. D from the University -Diplontal to be aPeredil
Tnite Stat G i -, Ii el ., -,,. -M but, after. 14- 1.01iths, Mr., C
I)e resident at the Ecole of ow us
Micl4gan in English Ian Haiti, -is a suave Turk, an eco- I hereofiThursday 0' 111 -just.,
guage and linguist Tu ent
hrnide; duIr" the -1058-1959 He nomist and specialist- 6n World; s his Iett&s of er6aj*;e t6.
died in Paris at the. Sorb s as Preside
F many year arim. ,sal
year. onne Affairs. Fo he w ant Duv ilier To-morrm: 1 bassador C e
W I 1 .11 w L .-
upon"his many y -ars energetic Ki Ith id-, V.. &T4. for
and -speaks Frencli; fluently; a disciple of'AUaturk and w as Am ias great re _H;t
anw eep
eiieewitb development a bassador to Venczwl
Mr. Cosper accompanied her Eoq d:of the International De- undeigja!6din of orld
an laboratory wOr in Nu8band to Haiti. Dr. Cosper's
g 'r D(irsinvill he colim,
P, Nlglish language,'Dr. Cosper son Ronald attend' the Unive'r- e. siAers it statesman
ope i4velo, greater e Am
stu- _si( of Haiti, taking : courses a' liassador said if"
en't-interest in fiAds such as h' own untry,_
the Ecole-Norinal Supericur ,l *ere possible is- co,
istor sh lan- tlie;,EcoI,6 Polytechnijque,'-and I Would, be very
. '' .'Ili; -V
g a n-d phonetics. He is very the Faculty d Medecine.- Ano- Haitian 006a todil
e in observing the in-- ther so David- attends the Col- is 4 cafie o p c "ge
The Honorable E% A ls a
10&Jof English teaching in lege St. Pierre A da ghter Syl- C now, T--i
u il'U'll and tii y_ N&I
haiiman of thle' Jamaica ou- !77 hec4i wr_ but. a, sipg,,e
Haitiint school system, Lind th,
via attefids the Union School. i _qu.p. p
Ast Board as approached, -v o, vears
th, posi iliti s e f6i':t
igati g The Cospers aTe staying in: (I Iiuae
e, w
among other -leaders of the iiiw-
t am
Despricz. Tof *'a"ep y..pFqpFr
dustry based on their- particu- -it '
ats gets w Pt
To Get Jar e4eiiencej and 'ga'V6 the In
9 h,, ii14inational
following litfi i' th"
Fan o'us Chef ers as,: o e -T
ki' i wh sibli,. 6*
-Jeisekite Enjoy -ou;;
2.1 6 rdinal Oiificapleis for' the' T maldn W
_pes.ass-ales who'gain- jist Ti a de -
Visit Commends
fi and world re. exthaur:;Jkle
A h i? mahitcnq ace of a.
- "' th
:. as e 6f of the cele4 WaOly T.
able form of Government.11.M'
ia jbu e and Duchess, of-
'ridsor tnemb vel Ne -Jerseyi e, Yolano i4 c4 and the conspq!xpt Mk Ism
ers.of the Int6i Lo
aj ce to thie viwitor at I
hatton l set, and workqd-.with se Miner, a ena 6 nd,
_pent two weeks at ih'at thi i i land f Y. caX1.
times is is ,o peace, an aw W
il leading, Hotels hi ihe t h- Riviier a Hotel. hive. She i,3
, I I I .''. 10 -* d- S '
be eiijpyed Ivithput feyr,, o(f di L
nited- fttem ith the Granston Print Works abiban"e:e", iftie- ta &h QUIA, __
unrest ifid fisiaMlit"
Pa les wh 'New York Textile% firm Yo- ian R"' -*0
ss a q is g
2. The dev614 fii6fif of an iiiiin 6 @hei
lamiJkach vOll i6io1w JiAdit de;Aared-' Haiti the land
t.. V
-if4litk w will iiii e e Visitor ee at. e is tot
_'Haiti from T-h& R6ny-Plaiti, of eudlesafaic'xnatidii iind-said 4o@p f I fb ri um&-
"f -a welco e, in 6i& mi e iist:
st r-a n: g e r, vht i ,' w re, a
onize the El, Rancho kikhen that Canape Vert's Wally was gu6st -he' h" t 'A.
an attit'lld of coiod1i it'
fam'' ous chef will s -Ti e the 6othest p1iot a: visitor Y" Of malplig the visitor feel at o-m' e tio;n in th,,eii iffla m paie _
pecia sm
3. There must be-
renc 11afl, could w.,oh v' I pi oper provision o acc6iii)&
Greek, -(cre-, f6ron a perfect, a.
and; am Jiities, 9 ca ( r to all;th6 46ds bf tlk& vigif6r., Ait6 6ii: hbnOr Was new
aft eve t their guest.0
P-hineso, food. cation. Z ters. LA= I a rtL-'
c. pw a prqgramme, o activati
must b f es 'and, eiiterLainment, appointed Inis
t, to
so 't a. t e vi8i ox a ways as, something in eresting,
It' h mid niere _06fioiat 46ck
find' something t k him entertaine, used and e-n- Beli7aixe, w iom
For'all kinds of French perfumes:"'. to .-eir I gues r
g his holiday.," t as. itut ij6ntic
Visit Haiti's Smartest Indian tore 3 oym g
s 4. We mulst give value. It is not so much a question of: wl representatives, ti, C.
7 C.70ung
i's charged, but of wl;at is given for what is-charged. If a. coul neration.
Select pa $50 1 eIr
your favourite perfume i day they will be satisfiedif they get value foi th,
Ys This, re"ption wag attend
from our large- colketion money. On .,the other hafid, a couple, paying $10 a day will be'
by Piesident.1ranois Duvalierli
dissatisfied if th6y feel they aTe- not getting tb 6itrxuoneylg worth. 19LI"', ig1 :iaJi1dng,
c et i1i6inb6is, ii
I.,Wp must. give Rervice for ils own. sake ahd not Primarily
JEAN PATOU office 4:_,the Armi'auil out-.
ward. -Nothing 1 more calculat'd to: displ ease the. visitor- st of th
-than tlj,6 o uLfst-rete'64, \palL We must -give. service, A at is not
capital's,: b*jness and :s
only effici6nt but pjqeA 4itt, iei dbjr d e6rfufly, udi '-with a
We offer you the world's famous circles..
smile; tather than its a mere exchangee for remuneration' 6r'
brands at free port itfu][ i,
reward. The w-Blies for, a frul un-,
nisterial 1A t1it twi 61-
fjE, GALION '6 The visitor mustbe ade t feel that wehaye sq1nething 11 gloq.,
ure, i od and id of. honor was toastlea In'
ou ow n o offer by way, 4. C it entertainment,
Q f 1 .11 1 1 1 1 11 1?1.1" .. 1 .1 L I
CIN 17, VIV h6 like. There must a Jamaican flavour to the W4 1a rylw4oil cpampagne an. a response
i filg 6r whicb
-will give it a national,6aT acter intrigue the vis6r liiaike after i
LANVIN NINA RICC11 _gn s U,14 t
e.,gue6t bnjqye a succ
ith tl ai 46i i 6 Which has: such an appeal for' d
Wer sle, pin.; owe -9
ai, considered%%iVe mq ving spirit behind To- r
im, Hotels in Jamaica. s '1 6 _es.
M'k'e Bank and' utego I in rep, y ,W'
IANEL Oct6lyer., i9 8.,
'i'p s dii -the West inubli: hei' hdian Review o 46'an ouf ',,
der aThe Industry Speaksi. L't' d* -4il
0140T s an iog or
00pri, Season':of W Wis with HaitiaA Arti sts at!-
West C;6&st U'A.
Le Palladiu 'NightClub
11r1i Her
11((Cecilo)) will perform in several of her sensational numbers Viiited A'Olines was.: well re

_ 1, 1, 11 %- :, ': :, -_ :: : : :, 4;, '. ,
- _- I'll 1 ; .'- ._ '.:, I : '' 1. I .1 I 11 ,
" -,; -,' 4 I 11 11 :: : I : _,: : ".. '.
, .1 I 1, ,
"I ,, ,. ..-:. ,
!! ,, ,, T,%t," I ",, -, _' .
-,- -, -- _- I" 1. 1. '
, 11*1! -',,' ,, ,: ,- : I I ., I : 1 : 1.
I !%_ 1, '' _. ': j" ,.,z I., .. I I I ,
117 11 ,t ,- ., ',-,- I ,, I I 1. .._ .. I... I '_;
, .I ,, %. : z : ;,! : I 1. q ..
, ,,, .. : .% I I I I I I
. ,
IF FT. 4' -_ -, ...: ."' ,: ',_.,., "" ":''_ r- '' '_ : -,,-, ;.- 1_' I i "
,,ic iq -"tir: ,WfA,:, ,, ,- ,, 71-1,'- ,__ ,'7
'_ :" -:: ,. *1RATT7, I I ..
1, ': ,, : ., 7, 1. SUN
, i -,,- ., -7_- 7 1 1 I I ,, ,: _:..' ";, _,. .! : ,,4w. .11 I ... I I I I I % I" I
:% ...
7 .11
Y_ Irl, ". .. I .-
11 -, ". 1 ,: :_ 1: ,. I ,.,.
I : ,,, ." ; ', .;.,
-_ ". ", I ." '' .__...'' '._. :_J_ "', I ''
.:.- ,, I 'll:
t ., ... : ,_, ,:. ..,., -: l:, ,,,.% ,.,. "' .- I n b e c h -
" I I .1 .... .. -, .. I., I ,_ .1 -. sional, and ca
- .. 1 ., ,-;rj .. 7 ,, .
,; -
I 1- I.. ,.:.-"
, -", ", 11, i- I.." 1. .., & ,._ ,.'_-_. ,, .__ ., LECTURES ON -AM ERIC- N LAW 11,
I I ; ,
-.111, ._? :_ I a later date. ,
,__ "._ 0 ,.
, .1 I I -z
- "', .- ,_ ,, I .. -I : -
. ,
1. I 1 : _. I ,:
, _i'_ *10 I I ,
, ;. I 11 '': __ -AU-PRINCE The lecture-courses":
? I I i
; I_ I'll. I 11
_ .1 1 I .. ...- I I 1 1 I ', 11 1 1 .,. :,
I I I -, I .
-, :?.:,--,.,.. _;- IN ".,:..
". '' 11 pre.5ented two per we&
,- .;.- '. ". I 0% I I I liam J. B rockelbank I 11_ 4
,.-1_-.__ ___ ,,, I -- I~. 1, I I ,. -,
, j",.., :, j .. 1 _. 1. I .: I I I I I -
._ ;_ I ,.: : -:7, 7 ,: I ; I I I I I Faculty ,of Law on _:
-1 I : I I 1 1 I ,,
- .
- I I I I
- -- .. I ...
";F- I I .1 ,
i _- ,- I I I I :- I I ,In accord with .a .proposal 8. Contracts. I days to be indicate s
if ,, 11 I I d' '
1 I
f-'n-: I I .. 1. I%",-
1. I I made by the American Em- 9., Torts (d6lits). Dr Clovis Ke '
, I I
, I Dean of the F
,, ,' I ,,__.;, I -t- -Conflict of Laws. I
,',- '_-_ ,,.-,,_ ::. ". .bassy in Pol au-Prince and ac- 10. 1. C
j :.. 11 _: -1 1 : "I '. I I 1
11 -.,, :,..,,, 11 11 : ,.- I : I : __ : I -
,_k I .. cepted -by the, Rectorate of the The list of lectures is Law
r_ ,..,. ", 1 -. _..__ 7,1. .. .... .. _.:1_ I provi 1. 'I,'
,_ .
- __ __ I- I -
I-,--,, -I ;', ,, .-_ ,, : .... I .1 I I I _,..
1 ", .. 1' '.,-, 1 1 1, -, .o I .. ,
- -, ', *, -, _. ". I 11', ., ., University with the approval I I I I "
, qtal..,Si day and flew to e N I I I I I I _1,a 2- j
, M ''-;, M- ho-zi- left- S 61"witzek H6 i I., .1 1: I iN .
e,, ,- ,_ Ts. "
- .. I --___- ,-, I I .: of the -Secretary, of State for .. 11 ._71
'-,Y k i busizie_ ;_, Jiedag4' ,,,Piarai '18' up from ,Caracas or a National Educatfoix, the Dean I ,., .: -
, :, '! I ... 1: I I 1 I 11 .", ; '.
* ,, .1 .. I I I ...
., I .1 1. I I :-
K;* k 'h 'h Id' fixed bv LaBelle Creole's I -_-
, .,, veq tq.-, ave, er,_ ixty yeaTq advises. :J.,.
. w*k. I of'the Faculty of Law.
a ,' _L.-' 111. I .1 -111- 11- 1 .. 11 I .1 I I I I ..
_ 1. t Jew "'Da- d;"., d 1 w -%York S1111- '' I '.
,*-',. .. peclaa"t;,.....,Se,?ia oir.j I vl _,", i --- to I ..students of law and, in general 1.
_ 1,
__- _- I -'- I .
_- -T ___ I I BACOULOU _..
,q' ,-4ay_'. -Nck 'Abbotts 7!qf:T,,, A, A returned ome:,thia. week I ""!-
zm l L, ', ., .- 11 I., I _.
, Lfi ,,,, ,.ifi I I "
- .- I- all those who wish to increase -1 I I !
-V .. _
Z i, i e ,&i q,_. _4', :. .
.; -, oM ann e,,, ,,qgW A ands... that 1grgeo'us, blUC17 I I ,. ,
_, w "". ",:_* ,_ c I _. I I I : -
, ",4 _., z,_7., ,__. I I their speiialized knowledge of
, L n -, I I I I I I 1.
, eyes on ,te in., qrt: i I 11
bl &_ sii a st a I Kathleen'O'D i ,
k-' ,., pa,., ,- I I -rican Law, that Dr. W il- I I -11
, 4 ,' '. ;1.-__-,_ ".'' .- .1 l, I Am L ,- -.
I* ,
7" ,r 4 f 614 PP." Pupitd, _;R ., Ho "' or :lo;cal, ,xbriseurs,) can, rel .,-:- .: ...
4-- ,- -; ,, ." 11 I 1 liam J. Brockelbarik, Professor ;. ....
, -
-d' : ._ I : W EDNESDAY N..
., ; -*she'g,-onl thi aJk4w ,e 91d and the granddaughter of 1. -
.- I _y,_ ean y 1. I .... ..
111 _, 'C ... -- 1. ofLaw at the, University of Ida- I _.. ,;..
_, 4, j U61 I I '_ _1 1 '.
" t -, 10, .- 'th P I- 1, Q ick-of' 9:- andm aj ine. Elay Pierre-
r 'tl PPIA' -. A;mrs, ,:) .... I -
L--. I _. :, ,;,' I 1. I m,,
. ., -, A- ho (USA), willpresent a series _.
- I I -
"4 L __', _'_ e T '. '. -, I -- I 1. p blic I I 11 ,
_::5 __- -- _--.-- : of. lecture's in French on
11 I I
Fl -,--L oub _th attra'ctiV,6-,-.yoyAg-,.gra ugl?0 of.. M adriTs- top, Bea uty I .1 I I I I ': 'Y"
,7ewtnre. sat is 'I h de,,Beaute* at ,&r'parents I I I I I -
-, "" ".. 'ol ope ,- .. I~ Ae! and private _knlerica law .
" I I I
,,- dief Pl, _ffie e _!_.. 0 11 th i past P i
- I
lhiamp, &"Mars is week...-. Pierre I I I A T 83 0
'' ;E!Za: 9 q. .. jC- .1 .1 "..
I'll I, I ,.- .,-- ,,, -- ,.-., ., ". 1, I !_ '. I beginning the 23rd. of Novem- I .. .. .
. ___ .
11, loilosictl j oiiie is-'a.;.4KTeClam f --the local, art 'with-46r forge.,, I I I I I I I ". ,' ,"
_4 ,, ".-.,-.- 1, 1 1-1- ., or, ,-, .11 I I ber and,' ontinuin 'through to ,.' 6.,
... 1 ', 1;1 9 --
L, I" I ,(:) .. I I I I I 4,
ric ut t and: tm etiVe way -., The old I ,
1 "' f" ilized'in fiin i :..
. .." -.1, :.
_: J-' ", ", ,", .,"',411, .. 1. I 1. I I January.
-1 i. ; :' .the 23rd. of I I I
- 6a" 1 ,nqM ,,A-u Linc'o- )k On'. Venue ohn Brown _- IL I 1. I I L I .
.-T ,'o en._-a r, .pppo6it,6, In I A J' I -
L, I ; ,, I- I : : I ___ L L I I _. L I 11 L L !
L L I I."
__ tb, _-,'''i aj'LL L fo L, I *- -- '' 11 LGREAT COJLORFUL .'
1 L St L-
" at-lj .
,y years L as
'L Cole 'Robini:', for L thepa rt I I I L L L I L "
-_ L ei ,
_. ,_ L _j.. : ." L I L., L -
, L L -. -E .':
__+1 4, ;, 1 -- L', L. ,_,e L L __ LL '. L f I L ..
' -__ 'ab. L '- I I ] 'L. L. It i hoped that this series o I I "I
I 4' '. I I L L 11 LL -
_' -" 4 eMo e_ -thii L ror ing ue ir : fai.r, sty 408 are, L it.
1. ,- paf t'i I -- L I 11 I -
Z- "' ;, jb.,,,, fh--: LL -1 L L leftures Will be a LL I L I ;.%.
, t, -.. ,LML _L I.; c LL C1 I ,
Ing wa ]! fich le _P" card an flessi .: Ewald-rival I L .step towards I I L L .. .1
, .." .: ... C -1
- 6 1 :''L L I I _
, ,6 ", -
,4Li ,',-- -, L ,;..-.,. _, L I L h I I _. ,LL : 'the Universit a'n ge of L I I I L L --_-"j'1,
- _. 6 _is- Name I e x -c h I L 1. I.. I
"_,L __ -G ge Ke] A oi& IV. L I L L .-
,_,Jo aby'LBW : eor, exp I I ..
' L, I -.1 .na 6et6d, I
_ .-, L ,,:,,- I 1 ', ,., .- L I L" .,
. _.. I L I 7"
, _
, ,f, ,_ ,h "' i, _L C I "
, -4 L _' L L -,L '' aj j -_ 'N y L ri an Profes- L 1. 1
ffi e_' L I Haitian and Ame I : :SHOW I L I
' ":W a4id L Mi. L L I I -- L'
--L- rorn- 6atlng -.. '_tqnri t ", Lin. L 9 N Tnes, L I I L .11
k"A j_ --.,.-L_ L'.', P, _: I ,! L L L S ois '__- I I I I I 11
, I.., .NIL". -J AL"L_ L _, -1 *_ h--'-_-;; )'_' ", .; L .L I L L I L, i-I
,_ L 'IM art: 18" I e _i PP13 It. I 6fL L I L -, L L L LL I j, I L L I I L I I L ,,, 'I
-"" d ay, -. ew 't L e po traj ork Atudeifi AT-
1 ,"_ L I __-Id ''" ... L-7. jjeffi ai_ _L L L -, L L, I I L I 1. :
I a,'Thebaud. L I .. T th L' L 11 I.L IL I L I I I I %",
4$;' _' 0, Ie:' 10 ti a e I I .
- h t- ,i6 i __ f,, r L Pi-caid was ir I L 17, L I I _1
_ L '. Era. ,.
- ,'- -_ I -- :" ,._ %,'- L _', L% .' i L I
.. ''S" L 1b L '. I ..
I~ ;I L -- -H ,-,.. L' I I .1 I I L L ., 1 ,
.th Mr.. Brockelbank'is ajurist
altj las tl'niont by the. iAGS L -' I I L L I L L "I
-, ift6j 'fi6i*-'a hill -fo. P In. _' P 1',-'-- .' L L L I- I I I L ,:L::
" L I L
,,-:,, 2 I m L 7 ', d--L "L' ( -. Ltook his L I I 11
" -h4 .L L fil L i d I I L I
--- j* .-, ." id L "' _L" '-' tLo 4 .r o e s I --,: ,"
. f th fir t ran. He
- y -str en L Lervi eL. : S.. I ..
X,_, c icopter A en he' w aiS '811 _A'_ : I I L I I L ,. I L L h I I ,
, '_ 4 L '_ ;- I 'c
_j _j ',b_.';. L ,; '. L .1 rd Uni : A
-. __ ,. ith _tfi "" f LaW studies L at Harva L I- I I 'L I I "I I I L' 11 -
'- -T-eturmng-,rom m wsit.:Wl e .1n,:,T
,-., 'M ajoiz .'LSub let is exas ''I I 1. I I L L :, Zll '
- L L I 1,
' _: L "; -1 I ", -- ', L ', ; : -, ,,_ ''': 7, ,., LL L I L ,, I I L 1 ,_ ,
' '. _- & J I
: ,_ 'jjff ,_]jjje LL 1'5-t]L- The ] t M pr '. u4n or. Wffl fb e h h he 'recei ed a I I I L L I L .- 1. L -'s
'__J ,_ L. ', I L L L L I IL I 11 11 I 1 L I I I I I .
_,_,_ 4 jr IbL '! .. I '. ,7:,- P' L ,ul j :' .L L'-, Lrr'.L' _.'IL 113,4chelor L Of Laws- .. -de L I L I L I L L .. I
, L I rave I L I L L 11 -' gred in 11 I I L L-,
, 1. I 6' -.L einL (L' : L I ,
- '_ achcb)rho4 .'i':_ _-F d _" in_ 4f; a Ebi L, .1
__ L -_ ., ;_, ': l ,L" _:-_ L L I L' L [ 'L L L -- .1
-',_-" L' ', j ': ;' ;,L L ".'_LL L _j L I _, L I I I I L I
'' LL Z ', ," 'ffi ig W
- Scr ; 'L ,*,, L I ee L L LL -1
, getting ,. I I ,. _
- at 1923 and was .accepted. as J3ajr-
,a Chica ,& "]En q" ". '- L "LL I 11a -1
_ M CO LL T ,, 1.182 L PeNo L. L I I .- :
,",. ._ ":, .LL I L J,,,]tj, LM ;. 7 L, L 'L _' ,. L 11 Cl ,, L L I ID
, tlj. _kl L Hotols rister at x, w Eng an in I _Q L I L 'LL : I
, (1 .' '' L' iroqitdd,',, thq .
.i cqu t I : r. CIU La in:
_, p L %- I L ., L I I -
. ain ; L L ,.V* _, I I L ; 'i
' L ," ,' ",
4 ,' jj __- e ,.., L, J" 4 7 L 'a 11 .1 -
-,, ., t L ,_ qwm -.cf ai s L ihe., : 1928. He. r6c6iVedbis Doctorate .-- L I I L I ,
, ; -, ,* u r:.: M a r& I -, I OP.O L;
- _' _' L 11 L I : I- 11,
-', L_ L I L L L I I I.. L I
, 'L L L I I ,
- L [ L a I I L .L. -
(;eo ge L L ,7 ay iff i dinn6r in -Law in-,F ance in 1934.. _L : I- I L I I I I __ ,
zv _, 11 ,- L 8 W%" C's d I W "af L, ;, ._
4 K era" at. ano .. 0 !cj L 14
- I 'L L .1,
Z -, ,, ]" 11 L I-L I I L:
__ L_ h L" I L L I ,
r 1- .; L: / -;- ,L. ) j .' Lj 'L I I I L '. ...
-, ,-, _, ote 9, ere are L I L 'L : I I L
- W, "., L L '_ orge,. enn ...
, I th -hjilw ,76 'k L .' L -- I I I I _
i t, c,4.jita L I I I I I I L I I I 1 1 ,_, ,
",! _T 'q. '', z. L" ,. : 11
._ ,,hi_ I -1 l 4 I I-
: :, L n st imtry. _L I I I I ,-
__ r- -jr -- '. Dr Brockelbank's. I L L L I ,_,"
_ Jj, Oping S L ove m' b e- -, --'C i ii t6 ., L.
, Lw L- af'Veeo? ( L'L L- L L L I I thesis o n I L L I I L L L
.1 I I L :' ')t! _, L L .1 L'. I L I LL I I IL L" L L % L. ; ,_ L",-,
11 -_,,,,Ij L :L I' L L -
L I I L L L I I -
L 11 Mft6---Ao6iie flew-t6 N w the 'deyelopment 6f the egal I L
!- '' -_A _C6nd'_ -iof -Aux ye&I" -:
, I puty-, 'le r -1 L L I .1 '. -",I
- ,,, I L,_ L .- I L L" 11 7 L I I L I L I L I -1 L L I I ,,,
, L I- I t j L 1 ,
eo'neep 'o L; M aT I 1. L'I -
, ai-ri2;a --M glit.- -. New"York b 'L last i iage in Ameri- -, L L "' _L :--
L,'V-67rk,, V uet da L jjy 'tg -'L ,"'' -L L : L L L L, L I _L 1.
_ r ound LL _, I I I I I I L ",
, j "' ljjja; '.;Ld; :.B_ gnsth, can Law which W r. I L L. I I, I I I L I., _. ."
a', d L I "" 'Ie 'Horelle An a present- L -1
, 1, 3M, ,ay.,,,wQre Gexar& Sa ') L L I I I : 'L i 11 L I L -,. L
- ,_, .. L L- .. L:" L _L __ I L L ', 0 1 L ,,, ; ___' L 11 _, .T;,,- e L 1-
'4 -_D bj LL % "' _' 6,1L, .L I I
jj V Gera 'L L. 'L' '
'a, L L AL L F-.'- 'IS
we I ) ej ,- ', --"'e 'a # ', Q A C_ ed Lin, Franc '- wa's -a*arded
__ L "". ,;_ L:- L ; L. ,7 1 1 1 .sa g n I 1. I I I I : L -
b ... L k I L !, L L' 1.
, L L L I L,:" -
L ,7, eni ,; L' n a j'_L 6 n "Epvcellenf' _Ij 11 _.L- L L -
,11 Cast L I I K Ily. SPCA ,'the pr#e, for the- LThesis of the :1 .. .1 L I ,
- .1 YPT L 'L .IL __ 'L' .' ,' .. -L -1 I I L 1 1
1 1 ,,, _' -,L,, ; & .. .;, I L -11.11 1L. I 11 I "I ,. 1, I
,_ ,att'- r L L- '-' L -L' 'h -iii ei ar and :1 I I I _,
I ers dnA lank Y ri i L .
,_ i ,p- qU 017, p0i's _W o' og n :W Political b the P D kin'
"-, ", _44 "', -j, 'L IX L upin ) ne. I .1 ...
, L L '- __
, L : .:. : ',' ,: ,.: "., 1, ; L L ; 4
'L I ,,j, L 'L LL LL:j 'L' :. ., : L .'L .,. .,' ," 'L : _;'L Co lla b L, on;6, ;, -
,, I I L: L L ,-; 11_ Ifi I IiU 9;,' in I orafi L Wiffi L ., L' .L, L L L' _7 IL I L % : "
,_ W ... -'. -_ L '', L -, L L, L_ L -_:,'; L L, _- :L I % I.,
, : L .1. ,L: ,, : 'L L I 1, 1. I L I I '. .
- 1, I _: I I.:: : ::: : I L ,
_ L L ';'- L I L L I .: LL _L L I r Perr L I L I I -
I I I I ._ __ I L L "'.
11' I 1- I ,_ '-_ LL _L. _L_ __, ,"_ I L .-. I I I 11 I .",
- "L -_. 1 I L Lj L ; -L .1% _-" LL, I L I I;~ .- e W igny, Dr Brockel'7L
_L Lr "'; -,- 'L _. L L _t '- I L- '' 'L -L I .\ ,7L: 3 L ; L L.- L ,\ 'L, I -1
""4 L _' -- L I- _. I 11 L ,_ ,b an published a translatio of,. I 11 I- I L _- L _1 .. ., ,L-.-,. : I -k n I I -
'itt 1, -, gtk Le -. '' L .1 I I L I L I I '.
-;Afib _fioiL 70. &A-..-":., -, i6t L of I L I -1
I L -C L t'L
- .,,;,, ,C beah".V oth ii < ,,, _,_'...L, _-'-L-,_'- ,_-,:, ,_ ___, .,'_ ,, '..-,. ..'. ,' "-L'- L'.,_L '_ _, __ -- 11 L- I L I tha sw hy e L
I L" -, I I L. L:, :L L "' L L I I L .1 I L v e r y -- X ..''. I i: I I L
,, 4 1 "': L -;' L :- I L 'Z,; L I L I i _.
] ; -_ L _. 1, : L_ d I L ,. L..: _-17 "' ,. _L,,:_,. L ". ., L L I da s, -(,L'expos6 du Droit I 11 11 1 I I I I L : :
'L ;, -j 'L I "_ 1 .. '. '. .,.' ,_ __., ._ "';L L .. I i ji- I.. L I I
_ 1._ L ,'L" L L _. .L: : 1. I 1. I % I 11
-, 'Ll ,,, 1,- '_ I L,
1 _L ,L_ L : _;,: L -L % .,_ _, '."_ L L' I I I --
- L, j '_ -_,, _-, I-
Lj -':' '. L, i 'L 'L :' __ terilatiorial L ric I 11 0 1 .1
" L priv &L Am6 gin)
11- 1-- ,"'.". .,: ]q_ L :L .. b c v -:."M t I R O L L ELI s h t I
, I
a r L. I
- -%-, U t er _.. -. :_ 'L
,i- -5 ? I'l C- ty : L' I [Fo r this- n'slatio, n Fr .1 .. I L L I L .1 L I L 'L, I I i
1 _L. -.. _.
, L ;
, ,_ L.' : ; % L tra. L I
-'- L._ 'L L I I I L 1. 1i
__i4, ,, ,7, ,, L ance L 1i
- ':.,. )% '-:: I '. I I 'L 0 ,. __ 4,7- ._L"" L L .
" L h s
,- L ". I L I I It th e- m ay
_,: '_ '_--- .... .. L L,__:,- L L k _
, L L L L
'L ;: 11 L L :L- 11 ',-,,
-, __ : .j L L L L; L .1 Brockelbank L the L I I .
y _., : ;L "' __ ; L '_ L L d d' Dr
L' !L ": _, L -, I I aw ar I L I I .
1 ,,, L., ., L- L ILL L I L I I 'L I I I L- L .1 .1
" _,. L; "' L I L I L I I I I L I
-_-, ,, -,' L ,.,M _
I : .-
-, -- -, ,, ", 'ez -& 'T -E L I 'A L atadem ic pa nis L I I I
" m anager-_* I .1 ,', :, -iii ,!H 'L R L I LL
- _?, G- I IG 'D L": I _L -
- I L, 7 L L.".,,, L., L L .. -,
- I L ; : L' L. _), "' : -,..- .' F '' L I L 1
- L, I -,-L L ""L ,L 1 I I I L a-. 'Z 'e I L L .1-
-_ _, ; L, L n -1,
- : -
eL : '- '4 '. L. -SL- 1, 'L.' I L L I I :. L I r I
. _. 'L-T, '_:: "-' '- __ & 0 .r
-'-- L ;':7 1' ;._L.:,._, ''I ,: L "L L '' L L 1, .L I -, L I -: I I L, L L I .
' 7L'. L L L I L ,
- ., ._ ., "'j, I
, :L-Y_ ; _.__ ......... L ': L -L "L ___ L'P I ..- ," _:' __ L f- 'L L IS I I I I I %_0 I &PIS -L. I
' L _;
;; jo .. L L L ':
.' : : L I I ;: L I I L L I L L I I
,-, v I.-- j ,'- ubjects.Ao. he dis6ussed bv L I 11 L I -L
_ : L L 11 L .- I ___,
I L I I L L L" L I I I L I I L I L -
'._ ___.P h 6t _,_ IL ::,S : 14. L I
k; I L

ER Ath. 1958 TAGE: W.
President -of t h e Nationall'. A lovely baby, girl p ana 'in
ut in an on the P' ma L e paquel:bat .
Council of Tom-ism, and: Mrs. apple 1- on. Tuesday,
arance at the Raymond' S. S. -Cristoba
Rindall Assad returned Satur- R oy househld on Friday, No',morning ar! the' following:
iday afternoon from.New York vember 14th,, at the matinal Mr and, Mrs Forst E. Ab.,,.
wh re they attended, the Asta hour of 4: O A. M. I ittle aGe- buhl, and their 3 childrien.
congress 'nevie e), weighed in at 7-V4' Mrs Fel
and met with the tra- v eci.enne Beauvam
v'C1 world. pounds at Hopital Canape Vert, Mrs 064e Dorvilier.
000 She was immediately claimed Miss. Nellyjean.
Dewitt Peters director of the, by her godparents, Miss Janine Mrs!,Lian J)ean,. and son.
Centre d'Art returned from Bourjolly and Pierre Roy, her Mr Albert Labriere.
Now Yark 'Saturday afternoon. uncle and aunt. Geneveive and Miss Elizabeth Lautute.
Mr. Peters recently 'organized her urnamann, the former Gi- Mr 'Edner -Joseph Porndu,
---art nette Bourjolly are in excellent four.
a showing of Haitian in
form. She is IN-- new grand'-_MrsGoldsby W. Swam
LucienlieL stiu 6, widow 000 Manhattan.
Mrs Vve Henri Descbamp 0 daughter of Senato President Mr and"M-rs.Lawrer ce Sym-
f the late: former Pr6sildent of
-,6tulned last week from f lew to Detricrt this past Week Gladys Bogat Monier is back Hugues-Bo'uriolly. mes,
000 Mrs Claire Vilain,
in town after a Isejourn in
ral -:Mon'ths 80J'urn in- Eu- with her son Robert. ew
Mr. Clifford A, Jones, Neva. 0
will return home as York and Mi:
Robert ami.
00Q, soon as family business. is taken ____o_ da State leader of the- Demo. Ambassador Pierre Rigaud,
-ty, assa(for to Brazil, Libe-
,yjVjj-.Coroncos-, son of Mr. care of in the U..,S. The Robert Martine Rigaud obser ed cratic par accom Paniod, by ex
(Hasco) Coro- Deschamps are expecting a new her first. birthday Thursday. MT. Thomas Duffy, Industrialist ria and Cuba,. has been- mad6
Byron I I
oning here /With,. add tion to the family for Christ --a- a n d Maritime Union leader, head of T aiti's Diploma tlc Mis
the first time'i -sday from the Sion is Panama City
r -a- Pauline S Trinnan of Dallgs arrived on Tbnu
y ars. The y6una tenor is 'Mary-so Questel and daughter- Texas and Llewellyn Wpm U. S. Mr Rigaud replaces Ambas ;
Lugin Milan, Italy. Marie flow to the United States 'meck of Arkansas are bathing MT. Jones i s ex-Lieutenant sador Pierre'Hudicourt.
000 last weekend; beauties at El Raenho thiii, Governor'of the State of Neva- 010 0:
p6brge Dreyfuss left by week. orm -Justi
da, and a f er Chief ice
patiamaLinc, Yesterday for Athetan Lee" tbQ go qd-humor 1 0 of the Supreme Court, of. -Ne- Mr., Marcel Desr'b'ches 446,
ewY'ork.wheTe she Will spen7d man from Kento ia is back from Ricot Chauvet returned to vada. spent eight moaths in washm-go,,..
vith herdaughter a brief btisiness t to New New York Wednesday after ot Oiguij hed visitors are ton- D. C., on a, SCHAEA 4ch,: %:
j"Ade Auguste anA family. York city. N. Y. has nothing on brief business-tr4p to Port houseguests of Herbert J. (ti- larship,, returned last Sunday, .
jje--, up steR are expecting Kenscoff Democrat Lee reports- -a- barb) .. Marrisson, Director of Mr. Desroches, -fun6tiq'nary.'of
ition xbiew6t-. -exco't Nelson Rockfeller whorn Jacques Honorat returned to Public' Relations for the Haitian the UNESCO offices, in P0rta'u,-:__. -
- 00 lw _uwid to work fair him. his Flaiti Consul General post Government. Prince', during his so
tile in Nassau Friday. Morrisson, said an his the U. S.-
Ti-! avi pkor' 6 feet 4" 000 Mr. visited sever l:sc
__:Z -or
obi I er -B and Rooter on 0. J. Brandt flew home Sa- 0 ary ;.
recent tri. e States he in-
Bill Tucker a General Mo- vi land d'-New Je' n'e I y Iq
6 t ligie' Dam-'revisited, Haiti jurday iuorning on'the San Juan ted Mr. Janes and Mr. Duffy, an e:att46n
with his wi tgTs Corp. Exc is in town vi sit- to Haiti to look into vari -ded the 'InternAtional Chill.,..'..
N :.p"t week fe clipper fram a two weeK siving oil&
inq S
old son. The Da d Claude denfil. Study Oigani at N
hasa an business projects in Haiti.
Awo year around the States and Canada z -ion in ewj pt ;..
Mr Tucker leaves town Mon- 11 I I I I- I -.
who are with Brown on husincs6. 000 sey, and took part- in_ the prew
ad Root in Ponce, Puerto Rica d ati of the Scholars o W
006 Miss P aul a Antoine and' P ans;
V 6re' ; a, 32 million ebiem'ical 0 sed for. ts,:
Prominent television script Claude Mevis are to be married nual, n young tu&M
i F3 keepm-g them 'Kocca- writer John Nolan J. revisitin on December 6tb. The nuptial. Iiithe Uniie'd S tate S.
9 Mr. Jean 'Afallebranche, Secre-
aT 0, YeTehousegL16st-S Of tl]Lc, Haiti after a'd' at After leaviiigjhc ,States' Mr
ecade. Air. Nolan in bcne&ction- will take place
tary at the Haitian EmbasSV
n' Sacred Repaxt Ch urch, in, Des oches ''Spent two inofiths in
Kneers is here, to'rest, relax a.nd rink London, arrived -in the Capital the
00110- Rico to become
rum. on Wednesday. TuTgeau.The bride-elect is the Puerto
W ',U.'- S. Consul and Mrs.
000 0 daughter Mr Andthe late Paul with -the new educational sys.-
Davis spent several da V, the groom, s of Mr.: tem med in San Juan.- R also.
Y5 Victor and Jacqueline Bou oloy, on
aini .this pastweek and Enjoying a post-election va- card returned from thle U. S. and Mrs. Ifz6' i Mevs.nX in Social Admils-
pyed"k n interest in the cation in Haiti as house guest by air Friday. 000 tratiom: Hi 'met with the mem-
ffiaterin-t -wea r a uid children f Marie josie
y J,; Fa- Among the passengers sche ., bers of the.'Puerto'l Rican Tea7,
an who worked on the election arrive fromNew York chers Association
9 of Nelson Rackfeller for Go-
ernor of New York. Ashton Recemp. V.;.S;f-
tjln 7Sj 'rek,, General
c_ ain 'rom ('-_, andson And
girl f.i New York is
Le -Matin reported d this past
' iidiftg-t-, 61ve days at the Ri-
week that tb Dailiel Figuale PaLughter-In-Law
ftn; S he 5'aid .ihat she found.
- 4 family in New York had been
aiti th6-niost'interesting and ed by orie .reccntly. The On Tbu.rsdav, November 13tli WELCOMES ITS MEMBERS TO, HAITI
G'arlb isles. June took e, addition is said to ber a girl via ''Pan Amprican, Airways,
'Jha b 6a uty a. -S
and. bathing Uan- and ,Leedee- 'Ashton, AND UGGF4STS
and brings the total of children
itti6s of. Xyona Beach last daugMer-in4aiv and first --ran-d
up ei(rh
pilot d.by 000 son of Mr and MrAL Horace
k4ly team"of-Canape Vert. A41ton were welcomed at Bo-
won, Field'. A( PORT-AU-PRINCE.
Vips travelling back to New 'of LIMOUSINE SERVICEand..
ter. Tan is'tbe 'Witt- ohn. B.
lang. ari...younger af I York fiom the Isthmus aboard AndPETIONVULILE-
r aux Tours
,,,, bioffth iri:''Paris! and New As hton, their eldest Son, wh HOTELS: Beau Rivage, Cas- SIGHTSEEING: He
the Panama liner this weekend 0 _. -1 1-
telhaiti, International Country andMagic Island.Tours..
is Ind about town and resiqes in,. Indianapolis.
were: Honorable and Mrs. Em Club, Siins.Souci Hotel,,Riv;ie-' Auto-Rentals U-wl)rive: Hertz,
lk 13
._pn Aboudi who 119 met F. Byrne daugbter'Molly clutchch*. the Ashton's yaung
k, iih:. his' suite at E is presently in India r;a Hotel .Simbe .'Hotel, Hotel Syst m..-
I Rancho. or San na-
and Miss Patricia Vyrne, ffono- T,011 -SPIendid.
f P1 a, Hotelr
rable and Mrs. McivinR. Laird ,,atteiidi r g his last year a az HOTELS:' Hotel Chouc
kut Weesner bf Hotel RW High School and working' in, RES oune
_"ore 1K. Sullivan an e y H6tej'Dambala,.Hotel 11[16&wL 610
erkI'Who. is' n6w., President of his spare time. He sent news saques.,Nobb.e & Bonde.1, Savo
Honorable ;nd Mrs. William K.
-Me company in taurant. Hotel Montana Hotel NJ
New that he was looking forward to Res
i Van Pelt. I Cr6ole, Hotel M jestic. Le.
k4pen't', four days- here on: his return to' Haiti next sum- GIFTS SHOPS: La Belle 'Cre a.
past week. Musinue (all.Hai- choit : Le Picardie,
mer when he hopes to g ,t'back ale, Boite
Bob and Evelynar engaged.
law records),
into his water skiing Tontine ti Canap,6, Vert,
to Haiti after
119- wbich hc so regretfully left off Fisher, Fritz Mews, Haitian
Michele and Billy are fiance. ostell6rie du u
absence is Samueli ri
000 in September. Craft. (Airoort), Maison 0 'en- _'HOTELS-
ChristOp li
who has been onqn ex- I he and Mont, o
The Ashtons and thei.r young- tale, Marie Jeanne,
06d",busines 9 trip in Moroa The Hotel Oloffcon is starring (elubroideri' Shop, -tel U-DrivelHertz:,SystellL
sters have been a Darn of the es) Raniire7

Olffon~ Show~ 'Tob Bes
Yl.~ce A Smait s-wii~
tExpe ted Opig enbu
g. ginerbrea curt in at Hotel
....... Olofsn, leksth news tha
Wc shw (nerth) eerie to beC~ 9i
poded~ in ait ois nowuner ~~B 3 y u s e o ~aret~hpig(er
q~~w teDioieTh R
th i t r, en kptl, busy- I~~
.6 0-4b 0,~m~bk tMsit .teNrD
r~kn'a deali o n co tmestiue
tal'dsu a 'thie Conseryte xe isr>ia
-Di;i~r CI~r6 n "W~ i-o byanin thaiiao).in a
16n~~~~~s,~~ Pr:6 "s wa u alwthnte.04
Pt fI t j-rdo e mththe city of n
41-~ *i"dik d heognaaonhs-n o
tiond a awitn posil i1* Be) ShoppigCne
.0of iidio- hisoly buetnc isi oneyi~ ofloea
of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~soe -h'ki en1Lct Magooite the? -?elter~ ~ 6~ Ro
--cs ig-64 totient. 6;Word onmeria sttins'ar' C~j te fr Gi
Ro -r er
V~~~~JO 9VR SevQ,-ofCM al :

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