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St. Croix
Geologic Map of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Charte over oen Danske St. Croix
Plan of the Island of St. Croix
Eyland St Christofal Geleegen Inde Westindies
Government of the Virgin Islands U.S.A Public Works Dept St. Croix Plan of Town Properties Frederiksted St, Croix, V.I. Scale 1=1000
Bluebeard's Castle from the Government House
Boys of the Henry Holmes [naval vessel]
Cane gatherers
Wharf, Christiansted, St. Croix
Signal station, St. Thomas
Ram's Head, south coast, St. John
Hamburg-American Line office building
Water gut, Christiansted, St. Croix
Herald printing office, Christiansted
La Grange sugar factory, St. Croix
Brass band, Christiansted, St. Croix
Government House, Christiansted
Rooms to rent
East End Settlement, St. John
Emmaus, Moravian Mission, St. John
Moravian settlement of Emmaus, St. John, destroyed by hurrican of October 9-10, 1916
Market place, St. Thomas
Family (2 women and child), St. Croix
Ploughing in St. Croix
Mountain path leading to Ma Folie, St. Thomas
Whipping cotton at Prosperity Factory, St. Croix
Public hospital, Frederiksted
In the crop season
Inside the Fort, St. Thomas
Country school-house, St. Thomas
Ballroom, Governor's residence, Charlotte Amalia
Jumbled mass of ruins following hurricane of 1916
National Bank of the Danish West Indies
View over La Valee, St. Croix
American Consulate, St. Thomas
St. Thomas harbor as seen from Orkanshullet Island
View over the open near Slob Estate, St. Croix
Old Colonial Bank, St. Thomas
Mule: the most popular beast of burden in St. Thomas
Residence of Governor and administration building, Charlotte Amalia
Bay-oil still, St. John
Bethlehem, sugar factory, St. Croix
Lagoons, St. Thomas
View down the Main Street, St. Thomas
Cruz Bay, St. John, with Judge's house in the foreground
Roman Catholic church, Christiansted
Buck Island lighthouse
Danish Lutheran church, Christiansted
View over Bethlehem New Works, St. Croix
Charlotte Amalia and Orkanshullet Island as viewed from Nisky
Old residence and gateway, Charlotte Amalia
Cruz Bay settlement and government station, St. John
Moravian church in Charlotte Amalie
Entrance to St. Thomas harbor
Coal women in St. Thomas
King's Street, Frederiksted, St. Croix
Moravian parsonage, St. Thomas, after the hurricane
Workers on the Bay Tree Estates, St. John
Mt. Eagle, as seen from Cane Bay Estate
Shepherd and his sheep
Entrance to St. Thomas Harbor, with powder magazine and Cowell's Battery on Hassel Island and quarantine station on Muhlenfel's point
Communal school building, St. Thomas
Street scene in Frederiksted, St. Croix
101 steps leading to Blackbeard's Castle
Bays on north coast of St. John, with Thatch Cay and Jost Van Dyke (V.I.) in the distance
Coral Bay, from Bourdeaux Mountain, with Moravian settlement of Emmaus and, in the distance Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Dock for the landing of inter-island sloops, Charlotte Amalia
Richmond high school
Landing place at Frederiksted, St. Croix
Hut in St. John
Anholt [vessel] high and dry
Huge coal crane laid low by the hurricane of 1916
Dock and wharves of the West Indian Company
Chapel in St. John
Barracks, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Fort Christian, St. Thomas
Street in Frederiksted, St. Croix
Panoramic view of St. Thomas Harbor, showing Charlotte Amalia and three of its four upon which the town is built
Tortola (British Virgin Islands) as seen from St. John
Wharf with cargo from calling steamer, Frederiksted, St. Croix
Panoramic view from St. John of Jost Van Dyke and Tortola Islands in the British Virgin Islands
Consul George Levi celebrating the Peruvian national holiday with his colleague
Town and harbor of St. Thomas
C. H. Payne, American Consul at St. Thomas for fourteen years
Agricultural experiment station
Public school building, Christiansted
View of St. Thomas Harbor and Charlotte Amalia from Havensicht Hill (i.e., Havensight Hill)
Governor L. C. Helweg-Larsen, K. D.
Cable office, St. Thomas
Danish marines from the Valkyrien [Danish naval vessel] marching through Frederiksted, St. Croix
Market place, Frederiksted, St. Croix
Women washing clothes, St. Croix
Hilly street, Charlotte Amalia
View of Coral Bay, St. John, from Bordeaux Mountain
View over West Indian Company's plant after the hurricane of 1916
United States sailors landing at Charlotte Amalia: Fort Christian in the background
Administration building, St. Thomas
View over Bethlehem, St. Croix
Pasture land in St. Thomas
Labourers' homes at Mt. Pleasant, St. Croix
Front view of Grand Hotel and the 1829 building
View of Charlotte Armalia from Luchetti's Hill, St. Thomas
Wharves of the Hamburg-American Line, St. Thomas
Mr. D. Hamilton Jackson
Floating dock, St. Thomas
Panoramic view of Magen's Bay, north coast of St. Thomas, showing Picara Point on the right and Outer Brass Cay in the mouth of the Bay.
View of Magen's Bay from the west
Aboriginal pottery vessel as found in the earth, Salt River, St. Croix
Water gut and street made like a stairway, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Water-front entrance to Fort Christian and balcony of residence in the fort, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Privateer Bay, St. John
Grave ornamented with conch shells, St. Thomas
Laborers excavating pre-historic deposits, Magen's Bay, St. Thomas
Ruins of old Moravian Mission Station, New Hernhut, St. Thomas
Ruins of Mandal Estate, St. Thomas
Figure heads of old sailing vessels in Krum Bay shipyard, St. Thomas
Battlements of Fort Christian and Blackbeard's Castle on top of Government Hill, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Schooner Vigilant [vessel] at wharf, Christiansted, St. Croix
Luthern church, Charlotte Amalia
Landing in row-boat on Congo Cay
Krum Bay with shipyard and coconut trees destroyed by the huricanne of 1916, St. Thomas
Christiansted, St. Croix
Bluebeard's Castle at the top of Luchetti's Hill, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Minister Brun's receipt for $25,000,000 paid through the Secretary of State to the Danish Government
Colonial council delegates from St. Thomas
Congo Cay, near St. John
Fort Christian from the harbor, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
King's Road, near Magen's Bay, St. Thomas
School in St. Croix
First view or Old Glory [U.S.A. flag], from the Fort
Petroglyphs on Congo Cay
St. Thomians assembled to witness transfer teremonies
Commercial street, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Canaan Estate house, after hurricane of 1916
Water Bay and person bringing in fodder from Thatch Cay, St. Thomas
North coast of St. Thomas, with Thatch Cay and Tobago (British Virgin Islands) and Little Tobago (British Virgin Islands) in the distance
East End, St. John
Hamburg-American Line offices and drege St. Hilda driven ashore by hurrican of 1916
Petroglyphs at Riff Bay, St. John
Road in front of Fort Christian and horse-drawn car, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
One of Uncle Sam's fighting dogs [U.S.A. Army soldier]
Danish cruiser Valkyrien [Danish naval vessel] in St. Thomas Harbor
Twenty-five-million-dollar payment for the purchase of the Virgin Islands from Denmark
Commander Pollock reading President Wilson's first proclamation
Roots of mangrove trees, with oysters, Salt River, St. Croix
Ascent of Old Glory [U.S.A. flag]
Danish sugar mill, St. Croix
Fort, Frederiksted, St. Croix
Market place, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
All Saints' Anglican church, Charlotte Amalia
Grand Hotel, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Wharf and old fort, Coral Bay, St. John
Cactus St. Thomas
Danish cruiser Valkyrien [Danish naval vessel]
Signal station, top of Cowell's Battery
Typical old watch house on sugar estate, St. Croix
Ruins of stairway, New Hernhut Moravian Mission Station, St. Thomas
Commander Konow and officers of H.M.S. Valkyrien [Danish naval vessel]
Typical coal carriers, Charlotte Amalia
Christ Church, Wesleyan, Charlotte Amalia
Barracks, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Bay-oil still, St. John
Front entrance of Fort Christian from courtyard inside
Reef at mouth of Salt River, St. Croix
North coast of St. Thomas, Outer Brass and Inner Brass Islands
Mosquito Bay, St. Thomas: Saba (V.I.) Island and Dove Cay in distance
In the market place, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Hermitage Estate, St. John
Water aqueducts for irrigation, St. Croix
Fort Christian and the harbor from Government Hill, Charlotte Amalia
Cross that is not a cross, Reef Bay, St. John
Interior of small communal school, St. Croix
Coaling wharf of the West India Company, Ltd., Charlotte Amalia, destroyed by hurricane October 9, 1916
Pottery drying in the sun
Cross-section of aboriginal mount, Magen's Bay, St. Thomas
Fruit and bread sellers
Custom House and post office, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Colonial Bank and Main Street, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Moravian Mission at Nisky, St. Thomas
Guardian of the peace from H. M. S. Valkyrien [Danish naval vessel]
Buildings and bay-oil still on Caroline Estate, St. John
Memorial Church, Moravian, Charlotte Amalia
Governor's residence on Government Hill, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
Horse-drawn carriage
Main Street, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas
U.S.S. Itasca [naval vessel] in the floating dock, St. Thomas
Man fishing with casting net, St.Thomas
President Roosevelt at Liberty HaIl, the home of Robert L. Merwin
Clearing land by fire, Magen's Bay, St. Thomas
Descent of Old Dannebrog [Danish flag]
Caroline Estate house and pasture, St. John
Reformed Dutch church, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas, organized 1688
Street in front of Government House, Charlotte Amalia, St. Thomas, looking east from Government Hill towards Luchetti's Hill
Governor James H. Oliver
Last view of Old Dannebrog [Danish flag], from the Fort
Ruins of K. C. Bay Sugar Estate, St. John
Luthern church and adjoining houses, Christiansted, St. Croix
Firing time-gun battery on waterfront, Charlotte Amalia
Petroglyphs, Reef Bay, St. John
Cowell's Battery and entrance of St. Thomas Harbor
Sion Farm 1905
Sale of Telephone Company (1966)
Inter-Island Traders (1920s)
Old District Court (1945)
Blackbeard Castle (1940s)
Bluebeard Tower (1940s)
Town's Waterway (1960s)
Long Steps (1930s)
Scandinavian Styled Roof Garden (1933)
Lincoln School (1933)
Charlotte Amalie Harbor (1935-1936)
Frenchtown (1935)
Bluebeard Hill (1941)
Area before Walter Aspinall Bay (1960)
Coaling a ship (1930s)
Coki Bay Milkman (1930s)
French Farmer (1930s)
Guton 7th Day Street (1940s)
Sibilly, Church Lands Donor (1976)
Hospital Grounds Field (1927)
St. Thomas School Board Meeting (1941)
Old Waterfront View (1920's)
Yacht Haven (St. Thomas, VI) (1918)
Paul M Pearson Public Housing (1930s)
Governor Walter Gordon (1957)
Waterfront Construction (1954)
Government House built 1865-1867 (1920s)
First Long Distance Call from VI (1954)
Presentation to Danish Ambassador (1960s)
Unveiling Danish King Frederick's Portrait (1933)
Virgin Islands Working Organic Act (1936)
Maypole Dancing (1934)
4th July Parade (1934)
MokoJumbie Masquerader (1953)