The Grenada newsletter.

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The Grenada newsletter.
Alister Hughes
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A. & C. Hughes
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Alister Hughes
Grenada Newsletter week ending 5.10.74

shoet 3

fc-m these Bodies, together with representativesfr-m the Student
Body, was appointed t- interview he Governing Body rg GB38.

SGirl Students .
One of the-chief-cnmplaints is that, for a sch^-l ofsome 600 students
there are only f-ur lavatories. And, these lavatories serve, not
only the-students Fnd staff, but a group of girl students who attend
the eeh-^l f-r special sixth f-rm tuition.

The situation is made wrase by the fact that the school is not

properly served with water. Sources close to the school say

there are several water tanks in the school compound which are full

of water. The outlets from these tanks, however, are not
connected to tte school's water system and, it is felt that, if
these connections were made, the supply would be improved greatly,
and provision could then be made for drinking water facilities which
are not non-existant.

There are c-mplaints too, relative to the inadequate supply
extinguishers and to safety psecautions-in the science laboratory.
But, these are-rela ively unimprotant compared with dissatisfaction
over shortage of teaching staff.

Parents complain that there is no games master although, this term,
increased games fees have been charged. Nor is there.a music
teacher. In addition, because of staff shortage, history,
mathematics, english.and geography are not properly covered
through-ut all the forms.

The combined delegation was scheduled to meet the Governing Body
on Thursday (3rd) to discuss the blazer affair and these oompliants,
but the meeting did not ta e place. The reason for this could not
be ascertained, but it is believed that, now that Prime Minister

SAliter Hughes
Grenada Newsletter week ending 5t 1.

Sheet 4

Gairy has
returned from the United nations, Government will issue a
statement on the mLtter.

(685 words)


The Grenada Seamen & Waterfront Workers Union has protested to the
Cnmmissinner of Police over the alleged beating of Ted Haszard, one of
its members, by the Pnllce.

In a letter t^ the Commissitner dated.S~rbeabrr 24th, the Union alleged
that Hazzard was arrested and taken to the St. Paula Police Station
where he was beaten with-a "bull pisele" by the Inspector in charge.

(63 Wrda)

The Grenada Ceoporative Nutmeg Assaciation has been successful in a suit
br.ufht against the Government -f Grenada-relative to a parcel of land
acquired by Gprvernment frmm the assaoiatinn six years age.

This land, slightly less than half an acre, is situated on the Garenage
waterfront and was purchased by the asasciatisb for the purpose of
erecting its office and warehouses.

Government acquired the land in 1968, but made no payment tn the
ass-ciatinn, tnr was aDy use-cade of the land until recently when it
became a parking Int f^r sch^ol buses.

An aases ment-C-.nnttee under the chairmanship nf 'r Justice Bishop
valued the property at EC07.25 per square feet, and ina judgement
handed d'vn this week, the C-urt -rdered Goyernment tn make settlement
at thrsrate and the pay interest to-the asseciatinn-at 5% per annum from
vcteber 10th 1970. The C-urt alsn ordered that Government should pay

Alister ilughes
. Grenada Newsletter week endi.r 5.10o.7

hoeet 5
the ass^ciat -n's c^st in bringing the silt.

It is estimated that, to date; the land Will osat Govebaent over
rC$ 160,000,00, plus the c^st ^f

(176 Wnrds)

Allster Hu.l-es
4th lotaber 1974

L ^.-------------^_-------------------------
Alister Hughes
P.O.BeX 65
St. OGerge's


T4rere is still no solution to the-"blazer problem" at the State-
,wned Grenada Bays' Secondary Schoml (GBSS., but the situation
has become clearer.

Sources cllse to the parent Teacher Association (PTA) disclosed this
week.that discussion ever the blazer as a coNpulsary item ^f the-
sch-l unif-rm began early in 1971. At that time, concerned over
what he.called "gr-wing restleassneas"amnng students, the Headmaster,
Mr Dillln Baptiste, sent a circular to parents. Thanugh-ut the
Westindies, there has been a movement to adnpt modes of dress more
suitable to the climate, and, in his circular, Mr Baptiste suggested
that, in keeping with this, a change in the school uniform might be

F^ll^wing this, the PTA set up a research committee on the matter.
The views nf parents, teachers and.students were sought and, after
disousston, recommendations were forwarded to the Headmaster. These
recommendations were, essentially, that the uniform should remain
unchanged. That is, students ahnuld wear-blaok shoes, grey pants
and a white shirt. It was reonmmended, however, that the blazer
(which.was then required for ceremonial (ceasinns) should be dropped
as a c-mpulsary item of the uniform.

Aiester iiugnes
Grenada Newsletter week ending 5.10.74
Sheet 2

These recommendations were accepted and ehmmencing with the
Michaelmas Term (September) 1972, the blazer disappeared.


In August 1974, however, an announcement nn Radio Grenada stated
that the blazer was to be reintroduced when GBS8 reopened on
September 16th, end, since then, there has been growing friction
between the Authorities on one side, and students and parents on the
other, Both the.P T A and Itudent$.Body have made open protest,
and only a handful of the 600 Student Body has complied with the
blazer requirement.

During the first two weeks -f term, the Acting Haedmaster, Mr Val
Prancis,-made efforts t- get the blazerless boys t- leave the
school compound, but his requests were ignored. This week,
following a further directive from-Mr John Morris, Minister of
Education, it was announced that no student wou ld receive tuition
unless he came o0 schoolin a blazer. This directive, has been
thwarted by the staff who held a meeting this week and decided to
continue to teahh all students with or without XM blazers.

While, up to now, the focus has been on 'he blazer issue,this-is a
relatively minor matter in the stack of complaints relative to
GBSS. This week, the PTA and the-Old Boys Association held
separate meetings to discuss these complaints and a delegation

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