One hundred and twenty calypsoes to remember


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One hundred and twenty calypsoes to remember
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92 p. : illus. ; 26 cm.
Caribbean Printers
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Popular music -- Trinidad and Tobago   ( lcsh )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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Trinidad and Tobago


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by the Mighty Sparrow.
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Includes music.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 21928067
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Francisco, on July 9, 1935, revolutionised calypso
singing in 1956 and since then he has been occupying
the throne, or wearing the crown, as ruler of a
'Kingdom' that reflects the traditional musical
forms of Trinidad and the West Indies.
Always on the hunt for new fields to conquer, this
restless Twentieth Century genius who creates
masterpieces with astounding regularity, now enters
an interesting stage of his fantastic career: he appears
in the role of Editor-Publisher of a Magazine into
whose pages are written, for posterity, his most
memorable works.
Produced by the National Recording Company,
of which Sparrow is Chief Executive, this illustrated
journal displays, not only the, lyrics composed
by 'Mister Calypso', but musical scores too! Thus,
it will find its way into the archives of Trinidad and
West Indies culture.... and i4, the libraries of the
thousands of lovers of calypso `music.
Like so many of Sparrow's well-known works,
this book tops all efforts by those who set out to
'make a cast dollar'; the opportunists who string
tunes together, print them in hurriedly-prepared
booklets and peddle them about the place. Not so
with Sparrow. He has produced a book which
carries a message to his ever-growing community
of fans and admirers.... a message which will
bring the reader closer to this great chronicler of our
A stickler for orderliness.... a young man who
would have nothing to do with anything short of
'perfection', Sparrow has not made one false step
in the layout of this magazine, the publication of
which, appropriately, coincides with the launching
of National Recording Company and the Sparrow
Fan Club.
Few men have accepted such a challenge; of those
who have accepted, few have succeeded. Sparrow's
fantastic facility to succeed and his spirit-of-youth
drive and determination are the main planks on
which this magazine.... the National Recording
Company and the Sparrow Fan Club are built.
Three memorable works by a Twentieth Century
Brunell Jones


Well, the girls in town feeling bad
No more Yankees in Trinidad
They going to close down the base for good
Them girls have to make out how they could
Is now they park up in town
In for a penny, in for a pound
Yes is Competition for so
Trouble in town when the price drop low.
So when you bounce up Jean and Dinah
Rosita and Clementina, round the corner posing
Bet your life is something they selling
And if you catch them broken
You can get it all for nothing
Don't make no row, Yankees gone, Sparrow take over now.
Things bad is to hear them cry
Not a sailor in town, the night clubs dry
Only West Indians like me or you
Going to get a drink or two
Since we have things back in control
Ah seeking revenge with me heart and soul
And as we spread the news around
Is to see how them cave men floating in town.
When the Yankees was in full swing
Just imagine how I was suffering
Mavis told me straight to me face
How she find I too fast and out of place
No, no, no, they would start to fret
Money or not poor Sparrow can't get
Because with the Yankees they have it cool
Calypsonians too had to fool.
It's the glamour boys again
We are going to rule Port of Spain
No more Yankees to spoil the fete
Dorothy have to take what she get
All of them who used to make style
Taking their two shilling with a smile
No more Hotel and Simmonds bed
By the sweat of thy brow thou shall eat bread.

Barbajans, Barbajans too bad
Making trouble in Trinidad (repeat)
Some of them come here since they small
They ain't decide to go back at all.
Instead of going back to their native country
They tellin' you how they born in Laventille.

Why them Bajans stick up in this land?
I am begging the Immigration
To do the best they can.

Believe me, I am feeling sad
Ahli never know them Bajans so bad
They fighting policeman in this place
I think their behaviour is a disgrace
And back to Barbados they wouldn't go
What they do over day, Sparrow don't know
But if a Bajan hungry to dead
Still he wouldn't eat a piece of Barbados bread.

And they looking quiet as a lamb
As if they cannot do you any harm
But they tricky, tricky and smart
And the women could break anybody heart,.
And the way they pack up in the Savannah
Is just like sardine in a pan
If you living in Laventille with them, heaven knows
You actually living in Barbados.

They lazy, so to speak;
They don't intend to work more than one week
Immigration always on the double
Those Bajans giving too much trouble
They come down selling coals and bonito
Coconut, lime and green mango.
And believe me, when they finish sell
They hiding in the bush by Hilton Hotel.


a a : VI



lf-' i J '|I I I i iF I

Ca 2C
-p" .." 1- '-
I~~~~~~i I IFIi I I I m" .

l r I ___.. .v y ?
.. k.
& I
| t .. I 1 -- Ir
| r f i i i i I ii 2 1 i y i f ( IF

IlJI I I e 1 3 1 1 a F V ~ IP

%.- I V





Thirteen year old Mabel
She looking for trouble (repeat)
Everynight she going out for walk
And she poor grandmother home can't talk
And if you tell she no she start to frown
Ready to cuss upsided down.
Don't worry your head over me
Study for yourself not for me
Because ah young and ah strong
I ain't afraidd a man in town
Don't worry your head over me.
Many times ah listening
Everything they saying
Granny tell granddaughter
Girl, you must have behaviour
Walking 'bout at night ain't good at all
Thirteen years of age, girl you too small
Granny you too dam miserable
Ah looking small but ah big and ah able.
Granny was furious
But Sparrow was curious
While grandmother talking
This time Sparrow attacking
At length and at last ah bust the tape
Good Lord she could not escape
Shortly after she got a sign
She say the child is mine.
Don't worry your head over me
Study for yourself not for me
Because we both had we fun
When we finish we both jump up and run
So don't worry your head over me.


Darling you don't know they lying on me
Darling can't you see (repeat)
Ah want you alone
Girl ah want you for my own
Don't let anybody try
To break up our friendship with lie.
Darling you don't know I love you
Darling you don't know I care
Don't mind people say ah have plenty women
You are the only one, I love my dear.
Dem people too fast
Stepping out dey class
Gossiping meh name
Dey ought to be shame
I am no blasted saga boy
Don't mind ah does spread meh joy
Ah lead a very very decent life
Ah would never cheat on meh wife.
Dem neighbours of mine
Treating me unkind
Carry so much news
I me self confuse
Always peeping through some hole
Before something happen it is told
They worst than Radio Trinidad
Man dem blasted people too bad.
Well they setting strife
Wid me and me wife
They confusing she
Wid nancy story
When we go to sleep at night
We always end up in a fight
But if this ting continue so
Ah go lick dem neighbours next door.



- a ,l

A ta As ie I I F.. dw im is me a.r~

\ l 1f rrf1 ifk f T iTr
I I-V 30 I n| I 0 k I I IId

I o Iff f ig i cII I I I I I II -v

I i" I OF 1 It

1 39 a K A I I ,I I I I I ME I I 1 I I I I I
Cc f I Ile I' I



Calypso! Folklor

St eelband!









You broken before you start
They say a fool and his money compel to part (repeat)
Squandering money feteing, living nice
In fool's paradise
When you money done all company gone

So be wise live nice .. let thrift be your guide
Yes be wise think twice put something aside
Never mind the things they will say 'bout you
Just do the things that is best to do
Have a lot of fun but remember what Sparrow say
Keep some for the rainy day.
If you're rich they'll bow at your feet
You'll never know it's deceit
And they'll never do anything wrong
But they pretending all along
Well people like me ain't stand a chance
But they'll give you tolerance
You never detect till you're in trouble up to you neck.
In order for you to learn
You can take advice or go and get burn
Spend like a sailor and entertain
Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane
Whisky by the grap for them to drink
And any time you think
All 'o all you is one
Just wait till you money done.
If you buy people company
Buy it with old talk not with money
For when you broke they will pass you straight
They always hurry they always late
They can't enjoy life at your expense
So no more tolerance
That's the truth my friends
That's the way a fool and his money ends.


Well a man come back home from meeting
Catch he wife with a next man cheating (repeat)
He was so mad pick up she clothes throw it in the yard
He beat the man on the bed
Turn round to he wife and said.
Take you bundle and go don't stay here no more
You mind must be tell you I'm a real KOO-noo-moo-noo
Ah go prove to you that en true
But he stand up behind she bend down she head
To pick up something below the bed
Scramble on to Betty Lou saying doo-doo
Is joke ah make with you.
Well the way he scramble on to she
Wey he wanted a blind person could see
Brother all the vexation finish
And now he behaving licorish
He started to kiss from she neck to she back right down to she lips,
She say boy like you insane
He push she off and start up again.
Well just imagine the position
With the wife the husband and sweetman
If I did tell him about she
I am sure the dog would ah doubt me
But as he walk in he saw exactly what was happening
Only the wedding ring on to boot
So the husband bounce up the naked truth.
Well the husband is not who I -m blaming
If was me I might of done the same thing
If a woman should bend down in front me
0 Lord I in jail already
Ah say mey heart does beat, I does feel sweet
And when ah scramble
The only thing to move me is a constable.


A ai Y0

.~- I -

".i r iij f"nrf i. i ni r ;i J ii

IAI a 1 r r 1 M I 1 1 1 0 d
*I i

I Ir U



A fat yankee sailor just get off a boat
Walk in a night club expose a few dollar notes
Angelina pick him up carry him by she
The next thing I see she making baby.
But the Yankee gone
He leave Port of Spain
She waiting in vain
I'm sorry for she
And she big belly
He ain't coming back again.

When she tell the Sailor what happen to she
All he said was honey we'll join in matrimony
Oh Lord Angie was happy she jumping with joy
Making preparation for a baby boy.

Wedding preparation people she invite .
For the celebration but the sailor ain't even write
But still she getting ready the priest done get pay
The house put away for the wedding day.

She can't find the Sailor she try all kind of Obeah
She had a red candle paint up with mustard
In every cross road in Trinidad
When that wouldn't work at all
She say Peter got to pay for Paul
She pick up a Grenadian
And married the day as planned.

Though the Yankee gone
He leave Port of Spain
She ain't waiting in vain
You see she set a trap
And when it snapped
A Grenadian take the rap.

A Yankee man and a woman was in confusion (repeat)
The woman give him something to eat
With stringy, stringy hair but it tasting sweet
He say ah rather do without
It go stick up in me teeth, ah done wash me mouth.
She said if you eat it right the hair won't stick in you teeth
And you bound to say how it tasting sweet, sweet, sweet
But if you eat it wrong don't walk in the street
Everybody go know when they see the hair in your teeth.
The Yankee man ask her honey
Tell me why you forcing me
As a rule when ah done brush me teeth
I ain't want nothing more to eat
She said take it easy Joe
It seem to me as if you don't know
But this thing is tasting so nice
If you eat it once you must eat it twice.
This time I living next door
What they talking 'bout I ain't know
But the conversation interest me
So ah listening attentively
She try to rub the- thing in he mouth
He started running and jumping about
She said you think a making sport
Keep running ah go push it straight down your throat.
Believe I wanted to know
I ain't care if they call me macaw
After listening attentively
Ah knock on the door very boldly
When ah burst the door and ah enter
Ah see them standing up in the centre
The stupid Yankee catching cold feet
Is a mango vert the man afraidd to eat.


-I t 1 | I r'*t I
... .. .. ..... I ,*A ^L*n n M i 11
l k. :k CAWo le is 4= 0 I 0 |

An^ ai z" 0^ 0 r 0 ^ M= 1 t T'

rtQ~nr^i~rrliT'J1 r.9


Monica Dou Dou
No woman in this world sweeter than you (repeat)
You sweeter than Madeline
You are sweeter than Gwendoline
You sweet like a honey comb
I don't see why your husband doesn't stay home.
Me ain't know me dear like the man ain't care
The mister does leave me here alone
For weeks he don't come home
I have to 'depend on me seaman friend
And if me seaman friend bring a friend
Is only then I get cash to spend.
Darling that's a shame
Your husband is the only one to blame
He shouldn't get on so
A woman like you he shouldn't let go
You mightn't have quality but you have personality
Your husband stupid like hell
If was me I ain't letting a next man smell.
Then she said to me
Sparrow I think I making a baby
But I don't know who
Is the father or who to give it to
She want me to help she out
But I planning to back out
So I turn round and ask she flat
What she think she husband go say 'bout that.
One day she come down by me
Quite way I living down Petit Valley
So we drink and thing
Then all of a sudden she start questioning
How many children you have, how much women you have
Ah say no children but 1 expecting one
She jump and ask me way the mother gone
Me ain't know me dear like the girl ain't care ..
This woman does leave me here alone
For days she don't come home
I have to depend on me next girl friend
When me girl friend work on she boy friend
Is then I get cash to spend.


Ah have a nice Senorita
Last night I took her to theatre (repeat)
Then ah told her how ah love her
How ah want her forever
She say, 'Sparrow, me no Compran!'
Talk in Spanish for me to understand

Dame' Dame' La Ma La Cosa
This time we up in balcony
Ah trying every trick on she
Ah buy up one set chocolate, chewing gum.
Ah say, 'honey, don't you think it funny,
But if you say you love me
Ah go get you money
She say, 'no kara'; no Sparrow',
Pulling and tugging like she want to go.
Ah say Lord, look meh trouble
She look as if she real disagreeble.
This time is only two a' we
Dat come to see the show in balcony.
Ah feeling so good. Because if ah get through
Now ah go try to prove meh manhood.
Ah have no time to look on the screen,
Is to see me contacking this Spanish Queen.

The ticket collector in Balcony
Sitting on a chair playing sleepy,
But I meself weh so tricky
Better than he could catch me.
He play he sleeping
But ah know he peeping
And ah gone back to the Spanish
Ah ent know the picture finish.


V .$-

1 r i

-" ib 4 .. Oi 3 I..

INW a 1 I 4 1 ......34 1 t, 1 --/ 1 r ... .. .
IE I i
I Z 11

.> ii -f j ~~ ffiiiHOvfiiL4S iI

N *r ^^-j i i'rf~ff
I J1 1 a II t '1Il I -a t I
f ow d v I I l I 101 II II "III II
.a I t '. t L,
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l I".r iI I Iv 1i iI i



Home Office Building

We specialise in all forms of
Life Insurance, including
Group coverage and
Savings Plans. Colonial Ltd.,
Get Coverage Now with Colonial Life Insurance Co., Ltd.,


29 St. Vincent Street
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.


1'e cord Skop

48 Park Street Phone 7013


Open from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

yout get the wJdest talge
,f ruih/Usteted .... ...
J/,,. /. so****
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without "Super capacity Choice from our con-
oven Accommodates temporary Patterns
Meals for up to 30 people
COR. St. Vincent and Duke Streets Port of Spain
10 Coffee Street San Fernando.


Sparrow selling guns nowadays, that's what really pays (repeat)
Nearly every young man is a gun slinger
With his razor and his steel knuckle on his finger
Don't mind they dress in suit and bow tie
All of them looking for guns to buy.
We young and strong, we ain't 'fraid a soul in town..
Who think they bad, to meet them we more than glad
We got we gun and we ain't making fun
So if you smart clear the way
Or if you think you bad make you play.
If you don't believe me, wait and you will see
They coming down by the crates from quite in the States
Ah have me contacts way they come from
Ah have me contacts in the Custom
Ah have more contacts than I can tell
Now I want to contact a place to sell.
When you catch gun fever, you two hand does start to shiver
This time you ready to attack like Audie Murphy in "to Hell
and Back"
If you see a man ain't afraidd to get kill
Is to give him a one way ticket to boot hill
Just get a couple of your friends
Swear him 'way you did it in self defence.
Save your cash, save your cash, ah selling razor ah selling cutlash
Sledge hammer, hatchet, even saw
Any kind of weapon that good for war
Ah done get me licence ever since, now ah only waiting for violence
Come and buy from me don't be afraid
Ah selling from Cannon to razor blades.


I am sure you've heard the story
About Big Brain and Big Belly (repeat)
Well, Sparrow ain't fraid to talk
Who don't like it can take a walk
Fight finish, no bruise, no cuts
But a man fall down on he guts.
Praise little Eric, rejoice and be glad
We have a better future here in Trinidad
PNM, it ain't got nobody like them
For they have a champion leader,
William, the Conqueror.
I am no Politician but I could understand
If it wasn't for Brother Willie
And his ability
Trinidad wouldn't go, neither come
We used to vote for food and rum
But nowadays, we eating all the feeders and them
And in the ending, we voting for PNM.
Many lives were in danger;
They murdered a stranger
Then they went and threaten the Doctor
Concerning his daughter
It's there I prove he was the man for us;
Because he didn't make any fuss
He addressed the crowd with a smile
And when he finished, Big Belly was with child!



I '. j J rIIi lI r f f f Jl

i~i~r~nrn 1 F=4 J7-\nf

E A1 I 1 K lt1s

or U I
i-y ^ I i jw rt I --T Ii -- l j J ^ ij[" fif 1
V-01l 01

: : U ; U U -

ri *1 i 1 J
if I A" I a" A "If I a

.f I

"' -- "-. I U N "


Darling you are the one I love
You are my turtle dove (repeat)
Let me hold you tight, tight, tight and with all my might
You shouldn't stay away from me, Oh, no Dorothy.
Come a little closer, you are so divine
Hug and kiss me darling and tell me you are mine.
Darling I have no appetite,
I can't even sleep at night
Would you please tell me what to do
I only think of you
Darling would you marry me, I am in misery
We'll have a happy family, Oh yes Dorothy.
Rest your head on my shoulder dear
And whisper in my ear
Kiss me sweet sweetie don't let me go
Oh I love you so
Tell me I am your only man, let me hold your hand
From now until eternity, Oh please Dorothy.
If I live as long as Methusila
I'll always remember
That you are my one and only girl,
I love you heart and soul
No one else can take your place, darling in my embrace
No other one but you for me cross my heart Dorothy.

They want a new King they would do any thing (repeat)
Well they don't like mey way how ah sticking out for money
If ah don't get pay I ain't singing for nobody
They decide to clip mey wings and put ah obstacle dey as King

A man with no originality no stage personality
They trying to make me look small all he have is a deep croon
But he wont change the tune at all this song that song same
melody no variety
If you don't believe me you could ask anybody if it ain't robbery
with V.

Hiding the judges name ah fus they feeling shame
They feel they spiting me but they too blind to see
I am the only man does fight for Calypsonians
Right here in the island getting no appreciation
Instead of helping me up they fighting for progress to stop.
Now try and remember, I have nothing against Dougla
We all went up to sing and all ah wee hope was to win
It is the committee that making it they duty
Forgetting ability extending sympathy, but is the one thing they learn
They give him the crown, but I got the throne.

They say I'm not a sport, call me names of every sort
But I want them to know, my whole life is calypso
1 take it seriously, I ain't care who say ah silly
Its a job to me, no one should disagree
All I'm begging them to do, is to give credit where credit is due


Iis I r I I
|M OEv OEII | I J I r I I w f I / I I f I I I III I JI l

I .. .. l l l C dt .- t ,
I 1 .P I I. I .I I I .J .iv I II dF F -- II. I= I i. I=


w ~



F ;r \ r f, % t .. i :1 J T2. 1> 1. J t F



Melody too smart and conniving
You must never, never believe him (repeat)
Look, he borrow some money from me
To send for he girl in B.G.
She buy clothes to full a basket
Now to pay me back he say they pick he pocket, but he lie.

Ah want mey money by tomorrow
Don't think you have more brain than Sparrow, Melo
No pick-pocket will ever try to pick a next pick-pocket pocket
you mustn't lie
No pick-pocket will ever try to pick a next pick-pocket pocket.

Walk about the city and find out
Melo name in people mouth
Borrow money from everybody
And that is including me
To pay back, Melo wouldn't pay
Find him home, he never dey
Meet him someway down the street
Is to hear how he broke so long he ain't eat.

When we came back here from Curacao
Ah say pay me, pay me Melo
Ah don't like to let people owe me
He say ah have cash ah say well show me
He pull out one big fat wallet
Ah never see money so yet
So much hundred dollar bill
No wonder why the man in Curacao get kill.

Seven hundred bucks he say he lose
I was so confuse
Melody ain't make so much a dough
In Aruba and Curacao
And although it is my belief
Ah can't call the fellow a thief
So the Sargeant just pull in he staff
And say thief from thief make God laugh.

Everyday I read the Guardian
Is plenty, plenty criticism (repeat)
Wey a do for them I don't know
Why they love me so
They think they hurting me, but they stupidee
The more they talk is better for me.

It goes to show that they think of me more and more
Ah getting more publicity than I could ever pay for
So when they call me ill names and they criticise
And then full the paper with plenty lies
Brother I have no objection
I know to myself that I am the greatest Calypsonian
Ever born, crown or no crown.

They have a big stupid Editor
Only printing special letter
Plenty people write in favour of me
The criminal ignore them completely
Now and then he'll pass a good one
That sneaky son of a gun
But good or bad without any doubt
It good for me, is Sparrow they talking 'bout.

Scavenging reporters now on the beat
Only picking up man in the street
Ah don't know if they think they job so porog
Because I know man in the street is dog.
So they write in and talk me bad
And try hard to make me feel sad
But is my name they broadcasting
They talking more 'bout me, than the present King.

I want to show them now how grateful I am
Thanks to the people, thanks to the, Guardian
I know they try they utmost to be nasty
And at the same time it was still publicity
Since they bad talk Rose and Royal Jail
Ah get fifty per cent more record sale
So when they feel they doing me wrong
They only making me checking account more strong.


VERSE ., .

71 h A If F F ~ I I 1 !, 0 1 I I 1 1 11! 1 e W~ f 1 lJ

I K i I I I I I f II IitI IIa I I II

I I If r il I II rc I r1 -
F I 1 I W
I "1 -' ""lt f~
I~~~ I" Id Awl # 1II I4/ / .II I 1 I I

11 11 11 1 1 1 I 1 i/ l .J 1 1 -Pm
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O II ,.



As at 25th, October 1962, after only nineteen months in TRINIDAD there are
1,561 Policies in force for a total sum assured of CAN $11,569,291.
We welcome these hundreds of Policyholders to The Maritime Life Family in
TRINIDAD and TOBAGO, and are pleased to have been able to render them
valuable service.

TELEPHONE: 34250; 34206; 34207

TELEPHONE: 3451 Ext. 25


don'tt abil

to 6ee

"The Bespoke Tailor"


New Branch: Main St.
Scarborough. Tobago



33 Abercromby St., P.O.S. Phone 34724
New branch at Hilton Hotel.




It's a disgrace and a burning shame
But I don't know who to blame (repeat)
These amount of old woman in night club
Hustling for a bob.
Standing in the way of a younger girl,
But it's time they retire, they too old.
Caroline and Josephine, making more than fifty
And I'm sure without any doubt, they could be my Granny
Still they walking 'bout at night
With they face like Jack Palance;
Go to France! move!
Step aside and give the Sparrow a chance
I'm looking for youth, not experience.
I can remember last year Carnival
In front the Cathedral
Tantie Mildred stand up, cool as ever;
I thought she was a beggar
So I give a quarter to Mildred
Saying Mama, buy some bread.
She turn around and put she han' on she waist
And cuss me upsided down in the place.
Drinking in the night club with me bosom friend
Who come down to spend the weekend
When I look back, who you think I see?
Man, it was one of my family.
'Good Heavens' I shout Mama Jacob,
What the France you doing in the night club?
Same time the Rock an' Roll start to play
She hold on to a Sailor and break away.
This is what I notice the other day
It's a very funny thing to say,
The Government really should pass a law
Against women fifty and more.
Brother, you ought to take this from me
If they do that, the night clubs would be empty
So, leave them alone and don't get in a rage
When a sailor drunk, he don't study age. ..

Down Venezuela,
Ah met with Raphaela (repeat)
Ah try ah old trick on she
But she was too smart for me
When ah finish ah didn't want to pay
But she scramble at me before ah get away, bawling.
No, no, no, Amigo usted tengo much cabace
Dame dinero ahora yo no abla Englase
Mama mia tengo revolver papa mia mad
Dame dinero Sparrow
Or you don't go back to Trinidad.
Well I start to tremble
When the crowd start to assemble
So then ah jump thru' the window
Is there ah bounce up with Pedro
Ka pasa Senor, weh you jump
Thru' the window for
Pull out a razor so ah run back inside again
The sister start up the same refrain.
You can imagine
Me belly boiling like a engine
But when ah watch at the crowd so
Ah say to me self no more Sparrow
But then ah shouldn't comment
I was being treated like a President
They surround me with pliers, hammer and shears
Is just so they treat President Perez.
No licks ain't pass yet
But ah swimming in' cold sweat
Ah ain't know what to study
Ah say ah done dead already
At a certain time concentration stop
Ah think ah start to throw up
When ah wake up from the Hospital it was no trick
Is a pelau my girl cook that had me sick.


0 1

V EnS9

& .

A k i A-- I. 1" i i3 ii -IIi ,,

i V I"il 1 P-1 I I l :0 JP;- I f i 1 k Il dP/lf
a I I r- I I I 0 O "r B .r

C) t J "r I '-. "I Iv f- vl r I

I r3 eB,- el Is"I-.J

P I t I I I IItI-I

+d' + g Oltu$
Ir yI i 1 I 1 O l 1 M

w F a' z I e'~ if'r i 5= -1 6
I a i i Ar a M I lei-
I Z alj I I I I" I Slw I I | 1 Il I pl I I w I
I i i .I 4 WI+ "II l pl 11 1 I I I L;;4 I II F



SI Ia 2F'iri i Ir -2 .I"iFH'1lnff
+ -II IIM I r A iv 9Z y I II ,l I + ++ I I
II~~~ 11 VII [II # P I r I go+ cc I I 1 I1 &f r. V I II

t 0



I called up a Taxi
When I land in New York City
The only address I knew
Was my friend's on Fifth Avenue
When the driver heard me talk
He knew I was a stranger to New York
Turn around to me and smile
Don't you worry ah go take you there in a while.
But he took me 'round and round and round
East, West and all over the Town
But when I did find out next day
Where I wanted to go was only two blocks away.
I told the driver please
I just come from the West Indies
Take me to this address
Ah feeling tired ah want to rest
He watch me and said oh yeah
Well how long have you been here
Satisfied at last
Then the man step down on the gas.
Now every taxi up there
Have a meter to show you what is the fare
Before you enter in the car
Twenty-five cents done register
Now, where do you want to go
Don't ask the driver he'll never know
But if you give two bucks to the chap
He'd find your address just like that.
It didn't take me long to learn
I saw it was a money making concern
I decide never me again
I going to take the underground train
You should see me early next day
But unfortunately ah took the wrong sub-way
So I lost me way on the train
Now ah gone back taking taxi again.


Well a man can't walk in town
With these criminals going 'round (repeat)
Yes they pick you pocket they stab you in the back
If you try to make noise the whole gang attack
They beat you soft and bosie you with cough
Then the magistrate let them off.
I ain't meddle with nobody
Nobody shouldn't trouble me
I ain't making joke with nobody
They ain't bound to make joke with me
I ain't arguing with you I ain't quarrelling with you
I can't fight on the whole
But if you lash me may the Lord have mercy on your soul.
I does afraidd to walk the street
I don't know which gang I go meet
They have no understanding
It's money or your life they demanding
So you give them your money you ain't playing tough
They still burst your face because the money never enoughh
Don't mind what people say it's happening everyday
You better start seeing things my way.
If you think I'm telling a lie, put on a Jacket and a tie
Hold you brief case in you hand
Make people think you is a big business man
Man they lock you neck you can't make a note
And if you sneeze they cut you throat
And if while they beating you you drop one cold
It's you the Police want to hold.
You could talk all what you want
Talk don't get me ignorant
You could tell me ah ugly
You could even say I resemble Melody
It's a gross insult but I won't get mad
Although I know you really hit me hard
The only thing to make me bring out me Cannon
Is when you raise you hand.


# VEsE

i &

p" -% 1 i i u i ;-i. '
:k fl- F- ...W NF t ,a" f '^' a f

I I I *
g r 300 &.. I A Iw OE" 0 _0 re ju A r

SI a ff. II I U_ rUi I Ir a I O f U F

1i yff v-xf l, -- -

i r r -, o, : ,


Something on you mind I want to know
Sparrow why you behaving so (repeat)
You getting restless, and you sleepless
Tossing and turning in the bed
Like if you going out you head

Darling ah can't remain, in New York again
Ah got to go back for J'Ouvert darling
Pick me up on Ash Wednesday morning
Charlotte Street where the boys does meet
Wahbeen and grog and pan beating fine
All that wey on mey mind
You living on Park Avenue
Ah giving every thing to you
Money and clothes and everything
You should be happy like a king
Now you is a big shot, ain't nothing you ain't got
Now kiss me darling hold me hand
Your wish is my command.

Carnival near I want to go back
But I have too many contract
Thousand of people in Carnegie
Right now waiting on me
Ah got to be there, why in France I am here
I should be drinking with Lance and Leon
And Joe Bell in Janet gang.
From Arima, Sangre Grande, Mayaro, Talparo,
Diego Martin to Los Iros
Tunapuna straight to Carenage
Brother so much wahbeen at large
Ah got to get them
The only cure for Carnival fever
Is to leave America.

Maude you mad
How you could throw this thing in me yard (repeat)
You couldn't be right in your head
Because you went under you bed
Then you come out with you poe
And throw it in front me door
Come and clean it come and clean it Maude
You too blasted nasty man oh Lord
I ain't know what you eat
But I know it ain't smelling sweet
Me food won't digest
So come and clean you mess.
Ay ay ay
I think is me fate you want to try
I never see
Anybody who is more nasty
Just how you look like a hog
You have a mind like a dog
Maude if I was a Police
I'd make you sit down and eat every piece.
This is Hell
What kind of work is this I can't tell
Like they send you for me
I can't take this torment and misery
If you know what's good for you
Do what I tell you to do
Get a broom and some disinfect
Wash it down don't leave a speck quick man.
Leave me place
You ain't nothing but a damn disgrace
Keep the rent
Just leave and go I don't want a cent
Don't ever come back in front me door
Man I crown you with your own poe.




&. a I

if ;z :2 :3 3P )P 1 -'=4

iP s itmrrk Pat s !I
| I II l e' |1 -S / e t + ,* | 1 I "7'V

I --'*~ '- I

...m% ie ,


Sd 1 OE r- II i I I h A : I

I I "I 0"

M~ ~ ~ mo I1 rI+d M l I 1 11
',i i \^ i rd" F

l f j ) pi fl f.' I T f \ |y i' fl I I I I l I l1
I ? f f' I i I lot
-% >r A- I 7' "'

-- I


I r



Pereira & Co. Lid.


Every night is the same old thing
Ah vex till ah going mad
I ain't vex because of what's happening
But I find they talking too hard
Twelve o'clock in the night
Like if they doing this thing for spite
Ah can't see what's happening at all
But every night this woman does bawl.

Oh oh Gosh Mr. Herbert, take it light Mr. Herbert
Not so hard Mr. Herbert, oh Gosh it nice Mr. Herbert.
Take for instance, well last week Saturday night
Ah come from a dance
Me and mey girl friend pass through the back way
Easily we gone to romance
Well between three and half-past four
Everybody sleeping I was sure
Well that night I get so upset
The woman next door ain't stop bawling yet
Five o'clock when the cock start to crow
Is time to get up for work
Believe me pardner ah sleepy for so
And ah really tired no joke
But ah jump right out of a doze
And ah start to put on mey clothes
But before ah walk out the place
The woman slap up Herbert in he face.
She say don't do that Mr. Herbert
Shame on you Mr. Herbert
Please raise up your head Mr. Herbert
You want to kill me Mr. Herbert.
It happen so Herbert had to move
From the place his time was up
So no more trouble at all in the place
And all the bacchanal stop
Then suddenly something happen
Ah find myself with mey eye open
Well is now ah feeling bad
How you don't know is a nightmare the Sparrow had.

Long long ago we didn't even know well
Not even a tip
Nobody said Chagaramus was exchanged
For a few old battle ships
So when we ask the Yankee to move
Nobody really cares
They refuse to go they say the base is theirs
Until 99 years

So we ask the Chief Minister he say no
It isn't even register, it's not sealed nor stamp
Somebody is a big big scamp
If they go remain let them take the Caroni swamp

Great Britain, the Mother Country
That's the one to blame
It seems to me no matter what we do
They ent feeling shame
They took the ships away from they arms
And promised them this place
But neglected to see the papers was signed
For the Chagaramus Base.

During the war the enemy attacked
And Britain was afraid
To keep all these Islands under control
She couldn't make the grade
Is then she took the ships from the people
To defend she self
After the war she was so happy
She forget to sign the papers on the shelf
I don't know why but the Yankees come down
In a Aircraft Carrier
So much 'Planes, and guns, and ammunition
They must be come to inquire
If you see the ship so big and long
They call it the Ranger
When It land in the place ah say somebody dead
Or the Doctor in danger.



fi y in is s Fit i tfit.isiFj3P fi

r1- p is i

1 "J '' I [ DII
1 96
i I r l r r r ia r" -i
I I I -403111h I V I I I I I. I i s If KI P CO,;

! a If If 1 I -- 5 I I a i I I I I | II m .


d a


I would like to know, why they blaming the doctor so
Tell me I would like to know, why they blaming the Doctor so
One class of people, while the other class cussing
Running they mouth like they take brooklax
Only blaming the Doc for they Income Tax
But I want them all to know, can't get away from the tax
Even if you leave and you go, can't get away from the tax
To New York or Tokyo, You can't get away from the tax
You could jump high or low, you can't get away from the tax
Even quite in Africa, you can't get away from the tax
So you see Doctor or no Doctor, you can't get away from the tax
In the Virgin Isles, you got to pay taxes with a smile
In Puerto Rico, if you don't pay, straight to jail you go
Well in Cuba and Haiti, Taxes higher than salary
Don't talk about New York and Caracas
You have to thief sometimes to pay tax.
Even if your grand-mother die, you can't get away from the tax
Ah, ha don't care how you try and you try you can't get away
from the tax
Believe me, even if you kneel down and cry you can't get away
from the tax
Sparrow wouldn't tell you a lie you can't get away from the tax
Scavenger or Inspector you can't get away from the tax
So you see Doctor or no Doctor you can't get away from the tax
Here in Trinidad some people may think Dr. Williams mad
If you jump and ask what's the reason, they would say tax
They want to work and keep every cent
Making noise with the Government luckily for me I went out and see
That don't happen in no other country
As long as you have a job you can't get away from the tax
Even if its two or three bobs you can't get away from the tax
Stop thinking of running away you can't get away from the tax
Now make up your mind to pay you can't get away from the tax
Even as a Tax Collector you can't get away from the tax
Now you see Doctor or no Doctor you can't get away from the tax.


Christmas Bells are ringing
Everybody singing
Children are dancing
Young lovers Romancing
My love from Trinidad
Sent me a little Post Card
I opened and read
And this is what the little Post Card said.
Have a Merry Christmas my dear
Have a Happy New Year
Prosperous in everything you do
Happy Holiday to you.
She say how she -miss me
And longing to kiss me
She is very lonely
And she loves me only
I stood almost hypnotised
With tears running from my eyes.
But still I could see
The Seasons Greeting she sent to me.
My poor heart was aching
And me hand was shaking
So I kept on trying
To keep me from crying
I tried everything I could
But my heart isn't made of wood
With Card in me hand
I cried more than Alice in Wonderland.

When Dottie was leaving
I knew I was grieving
But I tried my utmost
To be as strong as a lamp post
But life is a crazy thing
It is no use pretending
I love her so bad
Tomorrow I'm going back to Trinidad.


0 yW5E.

&. I

cJ I I 1 I 1 .

j, r..., rl -. 1,, '~ 1. .
I1I 1 K I A I I ....l .f I

I 1 I 1 1

i^ -i' 'f ~nij ^Jffff

t k.


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I say Calypso sweeping the place (repeat)
Like she come out a space
I can remember rock and roll
Had the whole place under control
Since Calypso leave Trinidad ......
Rock and Roll suffering bad.

No more rocking no more rolling, no more jumping up like a fool
Whether you crazy or you lazy, you just got to take it cool
This is calypso and everyone know, its strictly rhythm and rhyme
Whether young or old jump in the line and shake your body in time.
Plenty people trying their best
But they making a mess
Just for the money they put on a show
And tell you it's calypso
But you should come in Trinidad
See how people jumping mad
For as soon as we hear the true melody
The jumping spirit comes naturally.
Some Trinidadians, big and small
Don't like calypso at all
And some again love it more than daily bread
But can't sing if you kill them dead
Don't care how good the musician may be
The ryhthm just comes naturally
If it's for you it's yours my friend
This is gifted to certain men and women.
We have musicians who bad like yaws
Men like Cyril Diaz
Ordinarily he is just like the rest,
Doing his very best
But when it comes to Calypso
He is the boss as we all know
Whether he is hungry or sad
And you say Calypso Cyril Diaz gone mad.


Anywhere you go is the same talk
From the West Indies up to New York (repeat)
Sparrow do this and Sparrow do that
Sparrow never hit they dog or they cat
Still for all they would not give me a chance
They interfering in my private romance

Everybody washing they mouth on me
I eh do them nothing but they giving they tongue liberty
They find that ah stupid because ah went and married
To Emily but ah love me wife
And to hell with everybody.
Even some ah dem calypsonian
They must know I'm me own man
They got to stop this stupidness
What I do is me own business
From corner to corner post to post
They only walking 'bout and boast
Instead of improving they calypso
They wasting dey time bad talking Sparrow.
I think it is so ridiculous
Wey dey making so much a big fuss
Some of my friends and family
They seem to be annoyed with me
But ah don't care what they say
Ah go do my business my way
I eh see why they getting so mad
I eh take way day woman from Trinidad.
They have me in a big big confusion
They treating me worse than a Russian
What have I done to these people
They have me so miserable
My poor wife never trouble them
They hate me more than the PNM
Right now ah forming a plan
Ah changing me name to Dr. William.

, ve ....

V V -- 1

iJIL F11 isrc If-1 -f' IV i 2r-1 r~
IF: f- =I I 1 A a a a 1 1, 1 1 IEI IIf A U rI C: I I II ,'r- E 1

I~ t0 I l upI Ili ..& V IIl "I

-0- i 1. 1 I I I I




It ain't to say ah ain't got a sense of humour (repeat)
But I don't like the latest rumour
People all about
Have it to say how Sparrow kick out
He was in some kind of collision
Poor soul he dead, dead and gone.
Well every half hour somebody ringing up
Until they get the news they don't intend to stop
Guess who? Yes I know Sparrow a very nice fellow
Whenever we met he always said hello, guess who?
It was Simpson the funeral agency man
With the coffin in he hand
Simpson the funeral agency man
He working in the junction.

Is now to hear how much money ah owing
So much false receipt they showing
People start to say how they sorry
Ah dead and gone they ain't get chance to sue me
This time my family
Clean out a spot in the cemetery
They ain't worried because they hear Sparrow get kill
They want to know which one of them ah left in the will
Somebody ring the newspaper, they ring the radio
They just got to find out if its really so, Gess who ?
Yes I love his records, and I got everyone
And now ah feel so sorry to know that he is gone guess who ?
You mean to say you don't know Simpson the funeral agency man
With the coffin in he hand
Simpson the funeral agency man
You know he working in the junction.


A Barbadian Engineer by the name of Cephas
Got to know that Trinidadians were superstitious
This Bajan smartman by the name of Cephas
Got to know that Trinidadians were superstitious
So he buy a piece a land up Hololo Mountain
Put concrete 'round a spring and open a fountain
In less than no time, if you hear the shout
Stupid people coming from all about


Throwing coins in the fountain
Each one seeking happiness
Thrown by hopeful lovers, which one will the fountain bless
And from the time they pull out, the Bajan dive in
Taking all the money from the fountain
And hear him singing, "All is mine, all is mine, all is mine".

I am sure that you would be surprised to know
How much big shots does go to Mount Hololo
All kind of people believe in this thing
If you see how many old maids in search of a ring
Throwin' coins in the fountain like if they feeding fish
Kneeling down on their knees making a wish
Thousands of people going up there daily
Trinidad was coming like Italy.

So many coins in the fountain
Each one longing for a home
There they lie in the fountain, just like in the heart of Rome

Ah fella tell me something he may be lying
But he say plenty women was crying
Women wey never talk to me yet
But they crying all dey dress wet
Boo-boo Boo-hoo
Sparrow dead now wey we go do
Give me the dagger from off the shelf
I might as well kill myself.
Yes, they say they see a man by Piccadilly Street
With a candle in he hand and two slippers on his feet Guess who?
Yes, they say they thought the man was really out his head
He say he waiting for me although he hear ah dead guess who?
Everybody know Simpson the funeral agency man
With the coffin in he hand
Simpson the funeral agency man
Lord he working in the junction.

Ah hear dey done make big preparation
To head my funeral with All Stars Steelband
Yes siree, decision was real quick
They ask the Steelbandmen to play Sputnik
For the funeral they hire All Stars
But for the wake was that scamp Cyril Diaz
Biscuit and coffee done set, they ready to fete
The only disappointment is I ain't dead yet.
I know they really thought the news was on the level
The man who start this rumour is as wicked as the devil
Gess who? Yes is all a joke to him he laughing he ain't care
With he nose like a funnel and he mouth touching he ears Guess who ?
It was Melody the ugliest Calypsonian
With he face like a saucepan
Melody, the ugliest Calypsonian
So ugly and mauve-langue.

And is to see the Barbadian with he swimming trunk on
Waiting patiently till all the fools gone, to sing (All is mine....)

Four o'clock one morning me girl-friend waking me
Telling me come go to the fountain with she
Ah say I ent walking twelve miles up no mountain
She say if is twelve hundred you still going
Darlin' she say, we living too long in sin
We have a right to go and fix it by de fountain
Ah had some money in the house to pay me rent
In the fountain the girl throw every cent

And hear she singing, which one will the fountain bless
Which one will the fountain bless
But all the time the stupid woman making she wish
Is the smart Barbadian that is getting rich
The vagabond singing All is mine.............

Ah don't know how the news reach the F. B. I.
But the police decide to arrest the guy
An inspector by the name of Duntin
Disguise himself, so he went by the fountain
Take out three gold coins and throw it inside
Preten' he making wish but he went and hide.
When the Bajan see the gold
Like if he went crazy
So in the fountain he jumped immediately
And hear him singing
Three coins in the fountain, thru' the ripple how they shine
All is mine........
But as the vagabond come out from the fountain
The Inspector arrest him and start to sing
Not this time, not this time, not this time.

*S Y
-'*~9 'C^.I
1k .ft I


r i*''.'

;preadjoy with






You might have heard of the tragedy
That took place in New York City (repeat)
Everybody was in a fright,
They couldn't rest in peace whether day or night
Time bombs were set from place to place,
You should be there to see cold sweat in people face.
Look here, look there look everywhere
Buy the papers and get the talk
This crazy mad man really ain't care
Putting bombs all over New York
So the FBI try every trick in the book
Walking with machine gun
When they hold the guy
And they thought was a crook
Was a madman having some fun.
I can remember how me neighbour Jack,
Took in with a heart attack
He walk into a Telephone booth
A time bomb under his foot
He ran home to tell his wife Inez,
But he find his wife was in tears
When she explain to him he near drop dead,
She just find a time bomb below the bed.
From zone to zone, Mama, street to street
People afraid to go home and sleep
Thinking before they could get up and go to work
The town may go up in smoke
Even in the Central Railway Station
People going to an excursion
Had to leave the train and run for the Street
They get away by the skin of they teeth.

Chubby girl you like too much money
You driving me crazy (repeat)
You always want a shoes, you always want a dress
You always want some brassiere to hold up your chest
As far as I see you was naked before you came to me

You never satisfied with what you get
You always got your eye on my wallet,
And yet like you don't want to sweat
Tu quiere comida siempre, tu quiere dinero siempre
Usted floha para trabaja, via arrobar caramba.
From the time I came to Panama, I took you to dinner
I was really being generous, but you eat so gluttonous
Two chickens and a steak with a pork chop in the plate
And you order half dozen hamburgers to take
As far as I see you were hungry to death before you came to me.
From the very moment that we met look you making me regret
We went out to have some drinks and thing but you have no discipline
Yes you drink up all the gin you drink up the whisky
Drink and throw-up in the place and cuss everybody
I am sorry but you could never go out again with me.
After all of this embarrassment I am still in punishment
Look how long I begging you Chubby and still you won't agree
But you only playing tough you only full of bluff
If I start to treat you rough I know I bound to get the stuff
You cannot escape if you don't give me willingly I go take.


L h. ,
i a '1 ~ | r J
I a ll I a I I I I
orl J I IF I, ager al

i _i- r I i 1 e i
r I I %

a iI I f****r" i

I-- A I I I I-



You worse than a dog Theresa, girl you break my heart
This morning you take me dollar, now you playing smart
This morning you come and we talk we business quick and soft
Everytime I come you making excuses and trying to put it off.
Sparrow leh me go boy don't hold me so
Mey Mama go know, Sparrow darling wait till tomorrow
Theresa I love you, and I always thinking of you
Yo tu quiero much, I really can't wait till tomorrow.
Never me again Theresa, to give you a cent
I rather to give a beggar upon the pavement
I try all my best with you, but girl I know and I see
You will never, never, love anybody, all you want is dey currency.
Now make up your mind Theresa, I ain't making joke
I don't want to use my razor, but this thing won't work
Give me back me dollar or else settle up socially
You could never, never take mey money and then
making old style on me.
Don't make so much noise Theresa, darling have a care
There is nothing irregular going on in here
This morning you take mey dollar to buy tickets for the show
Now ah come to take you out to the Theatre, you bluntly refuse to go.

Well the biggest bacchanal, is Trinidad Carnival (repeat)
All you got to do when the music play
Take you man and break away
Regardless of colour, creed or race
Jump up and shake you waist.
Because that's the spirit of Carnival
It's a creole bacchanal
So jump as you mad this is Trinidad
We don't care who say we mad.
Get out your motor-car and join one another
Ah say to drink if you drinking, brother or dance if you dancing
Don't be afraid to hug up the craft
Hold she tight she bound to laugh
If she bust your face with she alpagat
You look for that.
No colour question, worst again we got Federation
So jump and be merry, well don't care how you ugly
You could jump with black
You could jump with white
Jump until its twelve tonight
Tuesday night when the trumpet blast
Rock and roll and play mas'.


rI 0r

fffffl-rjj- rf--^frt^^

af f dol O l i l Pv I W g 5
V | i- \ i

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PRICE: $295
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It's a shame, it's a shame,
But we have we self to blame (repeat)
Because we ask for new Government
Now they taking every cent
Cost of living is the same
So it's really a burning shame.

The Doctor say to pay as you earn
But Sparrow say you paying to learn
And me father say he sharpening the axe
For when the collector come to pay off the income tax.
Plenty people want to cry
They miss the water the well run dry
But they can't do a thing about it
The money ain't going in the Doctor pocket
First of all we want better schools
So your children won't grow up as fools
Then work for you and me
That is what plenty ah them can't see.
Everybody is in misery
But this tax ain't bothering me
For I am not working anywhere
And I have no income to share
But Mr. this and Mr. that
Who accustom with they pay roll fat
Is to see them shedding tears
Men like De Freitas and Fernandez.
When the Doctor went up to England
They bluntly refuse to support his plan
So there is nothing more he could do
Than to get it from me and you
That's the law now in Trinidad
If you don't like it that's too bad
Take your things and clear out today
For all who working must pay.


Since in the days of Adam,
Eve was making confusion (repeat)
We' have a next Eve in St. Thomas
She is a trouble maker of class
Fifty years old and this old brute
Still want to share the forbidden fruit

She so old and frustrated, always intoxicated
Always sueing somebody, or somebody sueing she
She so damn miserable and disagreeable
This old witch so bad ah had to run back to Trinidad.
Night after night she worry
If a next girl just talk to me
What is the reason I don't know
Why she getting on so
Sometime she face bright like a moon
Sometime it wrinkle up like a prune
With all of that she fussing from day to day
Eve with she face like Dorian Grey

I come to one conclusion
Her big problem is a husband
Fifty years old and she ain't settle
Now is the time she fall in stinging nettle
So there is nothing more she can do
Than to make trouble for me and you
Poor soul accept my sympathy
May she find a man to make she happy.
She walks about the City
Owing almost everybody
And she wouldn't pay one penny
Unless is through lawyers, judge or jury
This confusing Jezebel
Will confuse the devil in hell
That is a bastard of class
And if I had a dog I won't call it Eve.


- r 3" I i' "F-
LM bA| d I I I I d M I I I I A I e I

:HOflt Al
I" I- p II L

"J P

V"| | I -rr I II 1 J I I I ii 'I I

I r1... I r I ry I -
t--* OFi IfffEcIr-^


Them policeman mad, mad, mad.
Ah say they wild here in Trinidad (repeat)
The Government raise on they salary
Still they unhappy
With this raise people know they get
They don't want to pay they debts.

They use to get a shilling here collect a shilling there
But all of that stop
If they only say they broke, people say they making joke
They pay gone up
I hear the whole force in misery
No more loans and credit you see
I hear they planning to lock up Lee for raising they salary
Anytime you see they lock up Lee is for raising they salary.
In the police canteen
They use to walk in
Just full up they bosom
With all kinds of foodstuff all kind of rum
Since this raise on salary gone around
The Canteen close down
So when you check it together and you weigh the score
Well they suffering worse than before.
They use to live cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap
Life was so sweet
Riding people Taxi free
Or just walk in on the Movie
You give a dance or a Christening
Policemen walk in is whisky he drinking
And know when he' leaving the Christening as man
You got to put something in he hand.
What getting them blue, blue, blue, blue.
The couple dollars they get so few
It can't even buy bread
And everybody out for they head
Mr. Lee Oh! Oh! Mr. Lee
You better drive carefully
Every traffic policeman got you on he mind
And ah hear Johnson raise the fine.


You think you smarter than me
Well alright girl we go see
You think you have plenty brain
You could never outsmart me again
From ever since the night
You give me so much snatch and bite
Ah looking for someone new
Girl ah done wid you.
For everytime ah come to take you out you making excuse
Every Saturday you want a dress and a new pair of shoes
You must be think ah dotish, not another cent, you wouldn't get
Until you hand up, I'm a big big man, and dis thing must stop
So make up your mind.
You always want a hairdo
And I'm always giving it to you
You always want taxi fare
Twenty-five cents I'm no millionaire
And when you get the dough
Yes always in a big hurry to go
But you come back Saturday
When ah get pay.
You take me for a mook man
But darling try and understand
You could only stick me one time
That the first time, not a second time
You really had me. fool
You make me feel ah waste me time in school
But is something you ain't learn yet
That is, give to get.
The longest rope has an end
The straightest road must have a bend
Ah say ah bound to catch up with you
If is the last thing that ah do
After you eat me out
You even make me pay to fix your mouth
Frying me in me own fat
But, you go pay for dat.


un, VEVSE um

(^ 4. I | Jf111 r- rif E I 1 .0 r_ .1f" 0 o r o

h0I ot I

"i,,,.I f.. Ti.. I f lf "I I
3kI I I IL I 1 1 1 1 I 1 %0; I ~l~ I I 1

r I I y .,. I I.- 1 --


Trinidad coming like New York soon
They building buildings to touch the moon (repeat)
First of all is Salvatori take up all the space in the city;
Now all the buildings around
Look just like old shacks in Shanty Town.
If you see this big macco building
Ah Lord; it higher than a mountain
It so big and tall
It make Johnson and them look like nutten nutten at all, at all
All dem owners of stores in town had a meeting Sunday gone;
They say they know the small ones would be pushed around
So they go sell and join to make one
But valuator Mr. Morton
Say Bhadoorsingh and Woolworth ain't worth nutten
If they sell out and have cash in hand
It eh enough to pay for Salvatori foundation.
Well any time ah have to shop
I now know just where to go
Not me in dem stupid little store, ah wouldn't stop,
Ah ain't care what they have to show.
If Stephen selling khaki; and the same khaki selling at Salvatori
Ah passing Stephen straight, and friend, believe me
And pay two shillings more at Salvatori
Well, ah take the elevator, from the ground to the top
And put on me spying glass
Just looking around, but ah had to duck for the moon to pass.
Ah try to look down, but ah check back;
From up dey people looking like bachack;
Motor and truck looking like toy,
Cipriani self looking like a little boy

Well a country girl came to town. Looking young and strong
And all the boys in the area had their eyes on her
Taxi Drivers especially they won't leave the young lady
Dick Tom and Harry and his brother everybody
Want to drive she in they Taxi.
She say me Mama tell me don't drive with strangers in their motor
And although you looking like a decent stranger you might go too
Well when I get the news I went mad
Ah say well this girl can't be so hard
After all I am the King Sparrow and ain't no puppet show
So I started trying me luck to see if this wouldn't work
All ah try ah cannot get a lead
The girl is as hard as a gru gru seed.
Well ah vex now till ah blue
Ah studying all kind of thing to do. I've got to succeed some how
Before people say Sparrow ain't in bou-dow.
See me now on me knees, begging her darling please
Ah never see that since ah born
She watch me in me face and start to yawn.
There and then ah felt like a fool
Because the girl playing me so cool
I decide to try a trick, last one in the book, otherwise ah stick
So ah pass round with me guitar sing two Calypso for she mother
And then I ask the mother for she. If you see how she swell up she
face at me.



1 r'~ viJiyrl V i^
A A. I r.

AP ff nip ff I )v 1030 i
oe I a I I I II II'


I 2 V '"I "- 'rrr f j, l yr w

I1 III I -- I *I II
II~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ 0 3' = 7 tl. I Iq. I II I..IJ l l l IF II II IIII I
I II II Il JI I Jd I -.J~l .Jr-w I JOE II I




Darling what's the matter
Look you better have some behaviour
Why you picking me for a row
Remember you husband coming half past eight
And it's eight o'clock now.
So let me go let me go
Supposing your husband come my dear
Let me go let me go
What I go say I was doing here
Let me go let me go
Please Vero don't try to take all now honey
Leave some for tomorrow.

You too damn stubborn
I can't understand
You come on come on
Let go let go me hand
You must be crazy or your must be crack
It's either you gone loco or you is a maniac.
It is quarter past eight
Look I can't wait
Oh Lord it's too late
Ah go shut the gate
I know you want more
And I want more too
But we only have fifteen minutes
How much can we do.

Who care 'bout Christmas, who care 'bout Easter..
Who care 'bout Carnival, as long as ah have meh liquor
Drinking whole day, drinking whole night
And if you try to stop me
Man you getting good fight.
Pull your chair and come leh we drink we balisier
Let we spread some joy
And when we drink we balisier
We out to destroy.
Is to lash anything that pass across
Ah make up meh mind,
Ah ain't sparing, ah only lashing blind
From nine to ninety-nine
Come and get it
You won't regret it anytime.
Last year discovery, ah wake up early and then ah went up by meh
For some .
He didn't have rum, all the whisky done
Ah say man anyway we is
You know it must come.
Follow the leader; pick up a Guitar
And leh we make a rounds in Town, by one another
Ah drinking straight Vat
Ah drinking Black Cat
And when the drink finish
Ah really say ah drink dat.


0 ~, e t mA .1 V ______

SI i^r ir fr r i
h. .. f f r ifLffr
I r I O I

I ___ .^ 1 1 1 1 1 I______ 1 a 1 t _/ f -I I

1 y ": r 1


r "" I [r 6.

.. _f .. e

1~ I nn fintfm rcfr-


It's a



Men who like to look their
best always buy the best
at J. T. Johnson's. From the
knitting mills and factories
of England and America
come the world's choicest
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and everything else
that the well-dressed man
J. T. Johnson's is truly
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of Whimple Devon


All the family can
drink pears
in sweet,





Sqme men does say they like this one but they don't like that one
They in love today with the thin one but they don't like the fat one
But not me no Siree I cannot agree
A woman is a woman for me
I don't care how she ugly and obzocky.
I am a busy man with no time to loose
I do not pass my hand I do not pick and choose
So any kind of woman, one foot or one hand
Would not escape from me Mr. Rake and Scrape.
I don't know what this woman got and the other one ain't got too
I don't know what this woman could do and the other can't do too,
Study them check them for a whole month it's the same problem
As you know every human is made of mud
And everyone of them have the same flesh and blood.

When a woman young every man in town does flock around she
When she making child they run off wild they won't stop around she
They start to moan they start to groan
They fraid people say the child is their own
But if she pass round by me and call
Big belly or no big belly she ain't have no problem at all.
If a patient leaving the hospital and she have no family
All she have to do is send somebody to come and call me
I'm accepting anything
As long as you blood warm it means you living
1 have contact in the poor house too
I have to pass down tomorrow to get a few.


Big news from a scientist, it ain't no lie
Everybody in the world will have a next eye (repeat)
I am sure plenty people will be mislead
By putting it in the back of their head.
If ah tell you what me mother and me father did
They put they own on the centre of their forehead.
Put mine on me middle finger
And ah will be happy as ever
Because ah know me hand fast
And ah want to see where me finger does pass.
A certain footballer as we all know
Say he want to put he own on he toe;
He wouldn't mind what people will say at all,
He only want to see how to kick the ball,
Ah think it's a very funny thing to do
Because it will get squeeze up in he shoe
Further more ah think it's thoroughly wrong
It bound to smell stink in he watchekong.
Sometimes you might be killing a duck
In a hurry before the owner come from work,
This time is to see how you doing it quick,
No time to see if the duckling sick
You cut 'way the throat, you pull out the feather
When you finish, you then throw hot water
Put the meat to you mouth, then you start to bawl
The duck sick, so you end up in Hospital.



Al ib tI J I f I 0, l ri : % f i I Il
I rf- I ,.v .. I I A I C I a

;0 a 1 1 Ir lr
1 1 II 1P f il FiL a S I m 0 M 1 20 I 0 1 -led I I [11 i I


X 01EAUr- 11VcHObAJus

. I

I r I I 1
1*- -' U< F7^I

Ifr I r I yI II I r'

;_-- O- X 0.-. _. .




' Y

Extra good
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He ain't wucking no way; he ain't getting no pay.
He never have money, and he always hungry;
The woman make up she mind,
She ain't want no man make she see hard time.
So, as he went up to Barbados
She marry to Roy and throw out he clothes.
She write and tell he
Darling, this is goodbye
Darling don't worry to cry, cry, cry
Honey, I know how you feel, and your love is real
I can't help it do-do
Roy Sweeter than you!
Nap, ah know you believe it too; Marjorie, you
inside the callaloo
You eat all the callaloo!

Yes, the woman was candid
The saga man take too much for granted
And he always aweaty, smelling like a fish vender on the jetty.
Then the woman bounce wid Roy, who is a much more
Refine and decent boy
She leggo Sagaman so cool
'Go in de ring and take cuff, you big belly fool!'
Then they had an ole talk
Sagaman say he want to go to New York
He can't get a Visa
The Police record too bad; he can't go away.
All ah that have him really mad;
Life was getting really hard
So now he out to destroy;
Walking with a big dagger to kill Roy.


They telling me that I must take a wife
But ah don't want to change me life
Since ah born a living a bachelor
Ah have me rooms and me motor car
Is to see me in the evening cruising around
Ah have about twenty girls in town
No woman can't trap me
Unless she have a lot a lot of money.

Ah had a little girl name Stephanie
Who used to work for good money
Unfortunately she loose the job so suddenly
As you know I eh working no way
Ah have to eat and drink three times a day
So ah pick up with Joyce from the night club
Until Stephanie find she self a job.

Anyone with common sense could see
I have the greatest policy
It's a waste of time and energy
If you should say you disagree
If she have no case or property
Tell she Sparrow say keep away from me
Love I know nothing about
Is a long time since me love teeth drop out.

Once upon a time I was a fool
Because ah used to be too cool
Ah pick up wid a little girl name Lucy
She father had a big big grocery
I remember well saying honey
I in love with you not you money
So carry you father money back
Now ah feel I could kick myself for that.


9 II. Vl m* s Ie I I I -I o I. -

y ~ fff ify~ i f Fg: F 021A Ri~f AS
h 1 iIII as 4_I:9 I tI I I I I I 'I

as M I A I I or: I FE C: I 0 I I
d .0 1 lII
ll l l I ] I -- -4m -; 1 1 I %_ a IIwa 1 7 1 _0e

~' -



,. ,I,,I, .. ,. I p
I a 77.-

r a s- r I l
II I ] I I ] I fI I A g: I I 1 10 & I ffI IM 7i goI/ 1* 1 ~l
"*is I I ..' I o" r M


Syria House

Remember ..........
Joseph Sabga, supplied materials for the
bands that won "Band of the Year"
for the last five years.
18 Henry St., P.O.S. Phone 35746

go90 Queen Street P.O.S.
Telephone 7510





Well, they playing bad; they have me feeling sad
Well, they playing beast; why they run for Police,
Ten criminals attack me outside ah Miramar. Ten to one is murder!
About ten in the night on the fifth of October, (REFRAIN)
Way down Henry Street, up by HGM Walker, (REFRAIN)
Well, the leader of the gang was hot like a peper, (REFRAIN)
And every man in the gang had a white-handle razor, (REFRAIN)
They say ah push they gal from Grenada, (REFRAIN)
Well, ah back back until ah nearly fall in the gutter, (REFRAIN)
You could imagine my position, not a police in the area! (REFRAIN)
Well, ah start to sweat, Man, ah soaking wet.
Mama, so much threat, that's a night ah can't forget
Ten ah them against me, and fifty spectator, (REFRAIN)
And the way dey coming up like dey want to devour. (REFRAIN)
But in the heat of the excitement, is den ah remember.(REFRAIN)
In me next pants pocket, ah forget me wedger. (REFRAIN)
Ah don't know what to do, but ah can't surrender. (REFRAIN)
They say they go cut me down as small as Pretender. (REFRAIN)
But as the crowd start to gather, ah started to shiver! (REFRAIN)
In the still of the night, ah was really in a fright.
Me alone against ten; ten vicious men.
Ah remember ah had a chicken at Miramar, (REFRAIN)
Well, ah said to meself, 'that's me last supper', (REFRAIN)
But ah get away; and ah run, till ah reach Johnson corner,
They take off in me skin with big stick an' boulder. (REFRAIN)
The fella in front was a very good pelter.
Ah hear 'potow pow', and the crowd start to scatter! (REFRAIN)


Have you seen Lord Melody
The police are making enquires
Please if you see the Boo Boo man
Get in touch with the nearest police station
I hear he have a big maintenance case
Causing a sensation in the place
A Cow in the country make a baby just like Melody

I didn't believe so I start to laugh
Ah say you lie Mr De Windt
But I couldn't deny when I see the Calf
It was Melo in print
Now it was a hell of a question
Nobody don't know what was his intention
We don't know if he intend to marry
Settle down and raise a family
So then the Superintendant said
We go put a big reward on he head
Reward was a thousand five
They say we want this Cowboy alive

The police and them don't know
Boo Boo Mel slipperier than an
They only wasting their time
They could never never catch him
They should inform the radio
Put a notice in the papers also
Then sit back and take it cool
To catch this ferocious bull


for the crime

It is real discouraging
Nowadays with the things that's happening
Although I'm not to blame
He is my friend and Lord ah feeling shame
The police done question me
Ah tell them me ain't know and me ain't see
But watching the Baby alone
You must know is Melo own.


i '. VE,,- I ... ... -- __ ._ .. .. a'_ ...

0 ,6ll j jlE Sl j f I

A I A I I 1 A I '
I I I 1 11 1 11 1 0h J a 'aI I V I I I I e 1

1y^rr Jl^!l~~**l^ y 1z Af F:
1' r r I- f F, I I

I. I 1 a I I I

I I 1; _- IF e ,, ,i__ ,__, IF r- ,1 1U 1 VF -W; 1 e.;, rI i IF I I 7 IF I I r- I "I IiJe r l vI J" I I I ir ly I l f# I P

I r f

I I I w I b

OI a I s O 1 1 I .

V F 7 V w

WO $-So W W_



She came to my place
And we start to embrace
But then straight to my face, she start to bawl
With all how ah squeeze, ah even went down on my knees
Begging please, darling please, she say not at all.
Behave yourself Sparrow, boy it getting late
Behave yourself Sparrow, well alright wait
Turn out the light, darling, it shinning too bright
O.K. doo-doo, I go gie you, all right don't fight.

Oh well ah hold on so tight
Like if ah really want to fight
So in the still of the night, she start to cry
But nobody to call, and I ain't letting go at all
So she start to bawl ay.. ay.. ay..
This time she neck in clinch
Tighter than a big monkey wrinch
So she start to pinch mey in mey belly
Then she say well darling, ah don't know what's happening
But ah feel something like a pin, choosing mey.
So then we sit down on the bed
Ah notice she eye getting red
So she turn round and said
Why you staying so long
Ah say well honey, just now you say you had something to gie me
Before ah finish talking to she the bed break down.


Jean Marabunta, nobody want her (repeat)
So she ugly so she stupid, so she stupid so she naked
So she naked so she picky head
I don't know why the dog ain't dead.
She only picking pocket to mind sweet man
That's her occupation
When she can't get money to thief
You know she making short time for so
"Ah lie" if Sparrow say so is so, ah want every one to know
If Sparrow say so is so, short time in prison for so.

In the days of round the Savannah
She will say yes for a banana
She was really suffering badly
Anything you have she'll accept it gladly
She must be think that I ain't know she
But I have pictures I could show she
How she lay down in the Savannah grass
Hiding till police pass

This disgraceful female
Smells like saltfish tail
The food on she teeth like mortar
She won't bathe she afraidd water
Everynight she begging for rum
From club to club like a real bum
When she finish drinking all about
She doing anything with she mouth.



I &.. I

t a II 1 : I i r r F 7 i 0 1 t \ 1 1 r l I I 7 o r I l I I r F

- I I I

- I

II I I "l III'I I .I I I I I 1 I I I
T cfI jr Z; rjI f rII tI
11 Is I v o v v-

^5 ., crioltlu ..,

I I .' V M I r
,2 I I I i I A I s Ii l i I 1 1 g i

! f'rl"i I I li -- -- I J i r' I r i i iT f I -
r .... I I AVt.

II r I I "

,-"% i


Oh they see me with me woman walking the street
They watching me and grinding their teeth
They don't know why I love her so
Oh no I know they don't know
They find that the woman too damn ugly
And they feel to theirselves I mamaguying she
They don't know why I love her so
Oh no I know they don't know.
The taste of the pudding is in the eating
The taste of the pudding is in the eating
Don't mind she look like a smoke herring
She really got the pudding
I send she way to Caracas
Because I catch she with a man in Maracas
The don't know why I love her so
Oh no I know they don't know
Sometimes we fete in Los Iros
Sometimes we fete in San Fernando
They don't know why I love her so
Oh no I know they don't know.
Anytime you see me whether day or night
She always with me she never out of sight
They don't know why I like it so
Oh no I know they don't know
People say she have me stupid
She is taking man on me head and I can't see
They don't know why I love her so
Oh no I know they don't know.
If she dress in blue I dress in blue
If she dress in black I don black right through
They don't know why I love her so
Oh no I know they don't know
If she put on clothes, I put on clothes too
If she take off I take off too
They don't know why I love her so
Oh no I know they don't know.

I am going to play me mask as usual
Because I love Carnival (repeat)
But no Competition for me,
In San Fernando or the City.
They could preach Peter or Paul
I won't even go Savannah to see football.
I intend to keep all my costume on the shelf
Let them keep the prizes in the Savannah for they own self
Let the Queen run the show
Without steelband and Calypso
Who want to go could go up dey
But me ain't going no way.
What really cause the upset
Is the motorcar the Queen does get
She does nothing for Carnival
She only pretty and that is all!
But men like me and you
Saving money to play history and Ju Ju
All we getting is two case of beer
And talk up as Band of the Year.
The Calypsonians with the talent
Hardly getting a cent
I think it's overbearing
So now give me a hearing;
Calypso is the root of Carnival
Steelband is the foot of Carnival
Without Calypso, no road march could beat,
Without Steelband, I'll bet you don't move your feet.
They started talking nonsense
About some kind of violence
But they should publish and apology
Because they lying on we.
We looking for better condition
They making false allegation
But say what you want, do what you like
Sparrow is one Calypsonian strike.


A Ii Ia r --l 0 0 IFi

S-'c L6- 1 r" ... I ....... .


llrcr3 rAP tulf~. fc-ifr
0 I| I 1 1 .r Je Id
L A3_, I ,

.. I ,.,. I t I ,. ^ I I
l i j M | ^ | Z I- 1 a 1. I 11 I m ira 1 1 I I l 1 I

"I ee ( Ste f f ,p f
IK r




Free Coca-Cola sharing round the Savannah (repeat)
If you pass 'round late with your mopsy
Sorry for you and she
Because if they like the looks of she face
You the husband and all have to get a taste.
They holding the man and they holding the woman too
Then they giving the man and they offering the lady too
But naturally he fighting up more than she
But with the stars in the skies and tears in your eyes
Take the family size.
Quite in Mucurapo or anywhere you go
Inside your motor car they breaking and enter
Ah hear they hold a brown skin Inspector
With somebody daughter
Call him out the car he making racket
They push five coca-cola in he back pocket
If you see the Coca-Cola you afraidd to measure
And men want to use it you can't refuse it
All you have to do is to get accustom
Prepare from top to bottom
And if you think it isn't so
Ask the bicycle-man he know.

The whole population of our little Nation
Is not a lot
But oh what a mixture of Races and culture
That's what we've got
Still no major indifference
Of Race colour religion or finance
It's amazing to I'm sure
That we didn't get Independence before.
Trinidad and Tobago will always live on
Colonialism gone Our Nation is bom
We go follow our leaders they always do their best
We want to Achieve so we're going to Aspire
And we bound to be a success.
It is a miracle all these different people
Can dwell so well
You see we are educated to love and forget hatred
You'Tis so
You people who are foreign
I've got a message to give you when you're going
Spread the word anywhere you pass
Tell the world there's a model Nation at last
The revenue we make from oil and the pitch lake
Is great but wait
We got cocoa and copra banana and sugar
Coconuts Citrus
We may be small but we wealthy
Pound for pound we'll beat New York City
We got beaches and hotel built by Hilton
Our Nation ain't second to anyone
You may not believe this but we didn't achieve this
With floods of blood
It is leaders like Butler Cipriani and the doctor
They fight for what is right
So now I'm congratulating
All our leaders from the present back to the beginning
They have fought now the battle is won
Thanks for a good job well done.


yfU se.

6 a

fa% tt : \\ :2 t t t t\ T ~\ "\}\ 1 \\ I\-\1 i ZfTtt f
W II ; -5 11 1 v I I .I i rI FI r

I | W r r F diA I_ a II

It it 0 &.

; Il II k III' -l. Ill /-" -'I IU I ; II" '
i~ ~ F fw Pjc Fi 3 u0j~ij(iff~ i'

l i if 1 V U.- .0fi- U. I I -,i f I

I | 4 I 7"I | f1 I 7 I TII

; ;: 0; OE miff a ON a C I, .. ..= ,
V a 2 a ar rni- iif


Listen listen carefully
I am a man does never be sorry (repeat)
But I went and vote for some council men
They have me now in a pen
After promising to give so much tender care
They forget me as they walk out of Woodford Square.
They raise up on the taxi fare, No doctor No
And the blasted milk gone up so dear, No doctor No
But you must remember we support you in September
You better come good
Because I have a big piece of mango wood.
People plenty people sorry
Sorry they throw down big belly
But not me I sticking me pressure
When I can't buy milk I use sugar and water
Support local industry they done declare
They mean Vat 19 and Carib Beer
The way how they forcing we to drink Vat
Like they want to kill we in smart.
Ah waiting for the other move
Is something I want to prove
My friends I would like to know
If the council business born to be so
When a fellow is high and honourable
That is the time to study your own people
And regardless of what you ought to see
That I get a raise on my salary.

I only hope they understand
I am only a calypsonian
What I say maybe very small
But I know poor people ain't please at all
We are looking for betterment
That is why we choose a new Government
But they raise on the food before we could talk
And they raise fare so we bound to walk.



Well, the day of slavery back again
Ah hope it ain't reach in Port of Spain
Since the Yankees come back over here
They buy out the whole of Pointe-a-Pierre.
Money start to pass, people start to bawl
Pointe-a-Pierre sell the workmen and all.
Fifty cents a head for Grenadians,
A dollar a head for Trinidadians;
Tobaganians free, whether big or small;
But they say, they ain't want Barbadians at all.
Well, it look as if they going mad
To sell the Refinery in Trinidad
Ah hear they tackling the Pitch Lake
But ah keeping cool for Heaven's sake
Next time they will buy Ste. Madeleine Cane
Then it's easy to capture Port of Spain
But when they buy Trinidad and you think they stop
They taking Tobago for lagniappe.

Ah watching me girl friend Lillian;
They have a funny intention
Bunching with Olga and Doris
Who intend to start their foolishness
But if they think the Yankees making joke
This time, ain't no fun; it's strictly work!
Not because they come back in barrage
Remember the Sparrow still in charge.

Whenever this place have Yankees
Women does make we suffer like peas
But now, it's entirely different,
The Yankees don't want entertainment.
The way they pack up in Point-a-Pierre
They entertaining one another down there
To any woman who want Yankee money
Turn Grenadian and work like a donkey.


i3 I

I. I s.I i r I II l I -l f I I a l S I II -- I I JF
4, '!" I -I -- 1 lI-.I II II VI I

I I o 0 I i i II

I v -- V|t4 1 I- I' SI uS" I "

E I4 I -- r, r1 u- i t I i-
\ Llot Ii 31 \
as ME de E a r- 1 .z 30 1 :X

2F 20 ee me -or I 30 20 I "Il I

K~~fq-^ ^ P-l ("y f lf Ufff


Don't leave me an go
Darling no (repeat)
My love for you is honest and true
I know, I know you wouldn't believe me
But I love you.

I don't want to miss
All the sweetness in your kiss
When you hold me tight
Ah feel ah could scratch you
And start to bite
So please stay with me
And don't leave me in misery
My love is yours, Forever Gloria.

I have never met,
The girl as yet,
That I can't forget.
But lately I find,
All the time you're on my mind.
Oh what can it be
I'm in love can't you see?
So stay, and don't give me tabanca,
Oh Gloria.

Tell your family,
How I love you, and you love me
Tell them everything
Show them the engagement ring
Oh we'll get along,
Darling my love is strong.
And so now, now and forever.
Is Sparrow and Gloria.

An English man was teaching me
How to live socially (repeat)
He said there is nothing like petty jealousy
When you've taken your position in our Society
If your wife love a man or a man love your wife
That's nothing in Social life.
1 said I agree but this time if you see
How he madam watching at me
My wife is a blithe and he wife look all right
So I want to join Society to-night.

So I made my debut in social life
They send the Mayor to escort my wife
Ordinarily it would have been a shock to me
But who vex lose in society
They introduce me to an old feller name Tate
He wife ain't worth a cent but he daughter looking great
Ah make an attack the Limey pull me back
He say wait we got better than that.
He say the best friend you should keep
Is a man with whom your wife like to sleep
If she home with a feller romancing
Keep a lot of noise let them know you're coming
That is to give them time to put themselves right
Prevent embarrassment with no unusual sight
But if it happen so you catch them in the act
Say excuse me and turn your back.
He took my wife and went with she
In a corner quietly
I took his wife and went with she
In an old shack up Laventille
Early in the morning quarter after three
The Englishman came complaining to me
He say my wife refuse to co-operate with he
I must resign from society.

I said agree but as you can see
I'm very busy
Turn your head if you don't mind
Everything will work out fine
When I'm finished I will resign.


. X ii a1 I -.--I

II I g 3 5 F

r'I i | i fl i mm I -
u- X u-

5 5 I 40-



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Since ah married Dorothy
She got meh going crazy (repeat)
Well is butt like fire
Ah can't take it no longer
Well ah can't stand the pressure
Like she want meh to commit murder.

She have a sailor man
She have a Chinee man
Leg go the Chminee man
And pick up with a policeman.
Everyday is a complaint
She want to burn down Port of Spain
And if ah raise mey hand at all
You surprise to hear how she will bawl
Is the same behaviour
Mama oh is butt like fire
Ah can't take it no longer
You know ah nearly dead with tabanca

She had a sailor man
And a policeman
She let go the sailorman
Pick up with a steelband man.
After working very hard
Coming home to rest ah feeling bad
But when ah look on my window
Ah see a sailor cap and merino
So then ah ask Dorothy
Darling you joining the navy
Big fight we end up in the station
In front of the hog-face policeman.

She had a policeman
And she had a sailor man
She leg go the steelband man
And come running to this Calypsoman.


You broke my heart darling when you went away
But I knew that you would come back some day (repeat)
I always warned you when you were untrue
I told you some day you'll want me to want you
So now you have your heart aches
Yvonne you paying for your mistakes.
Go back to those who shared your caress
Who laugh last going to laugh the best.
Your charms have faded and your beauty is gone
Here you stand before me sick and forlorn
The men you leave me for forsake you and gone
So now you come back for me shoulder to cry on
In days gone by you were my very life
You thought that you were too good to be my wife
Girl there's no sense in shedding tears
Where were you when I was crying all those years
You're sad and blue you're crying too
Just like I cried over You
You thought the world was running away
You never thought you'd be needing my help today.
Every night you used to date a different boy
Going here and going there spreading joy
They used to watch at me and laugh and make fun
Eh? what happen to you and them now Yvonne
Brook Benton say it's just a matter of time
Old people say time longer than twine
If wasn't Bobby Darin song you did hear
When they leave you you wouldn't ta know I'll be there.
Just like a friend etc.
You always had bad intention
You forget there's a thing called retribution.
You had so many men what did you gain
Nothing but a lot of sorrow and pain
We'll make mistakes that someday we regret
So I'll forgive you now and try to forget
You gave me tears for my souvenir
You left my heart in bitter misery
But there is nothing I can do
But say I'm sorry I'm glad that you're sorry too.

But you had your way
Now you must pay, etc.


d r y- I rI 1 1I Ig OF *1 f ml Y |o- d I r- a | 1 1 J. q xf I

im I 1 g ot A m r-r-. f of If r I a I g 1 .1 M I of I


1 r 11 "I

I .. .. k iI I I Jt I

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Where did Explorer go
Nobody know (repeat)
Is it still in space
They can't find a trace
Because when they let it go
They forgot to switch on the radio
Now they think it fell in the ocean
They think it fell in the sea
Well I don't care where it fall
As long as it don't fall on me
Explorer, Explorer
Somebody make a mistake with the control
And send it out of this world.
Flying through the Stars, very close to Mars
The Explorer went just the way it was sent
But they really thought as usual, they would get a report
Now they fingers cross, nobody know if it safe or lost.
I was so confuse with the daily news
When I heard them say 0 Lord, Explorer got away
People start to bawl murder, where the heck it fall
Ah say well ah dead and is to see how the Sparrow holding he head.

Murder, murder, help save me this girl start to cry
A man in the key hole peeping look ah see he eye
Well I ain't staying here no longer, I am going away
I got no privacy in here, aye aye Carlton move from dey
Carlton is a peeping tom. Carlton peeping at me
Way he get this habit from. Carlton peeping at me
I come inside to rest, ah take off me shoes and me dress
But when ah peep through the jalousie who ah see Carlton peeping
at me
Then she start to bawl out neighbour this thing can't be true
I am feeling so embarrassed I don't know what to do
I regret the day I come to live on Laventille Hill
All the time she quarrelling Carlton peeping still.
This time if you see how she running all over the room
Wrapped up in blanket but she thin like a broom
And she brassiere got two holes in front like if cockroach bite out a
She feel so shame that Carlton see now she turning beast.
I didn't know that this woman had two bad john son
Always beating people with iron and walking with gun
When they come they got the news
They didn't care whether true or lie
Soap water with salt and pepper and they throw it in Carlton eye.


o vese. ^ I \______


1F iIt I II I ll 1F

I fI" I f r

II I I I isI I a L l I

3- 02
i v ff f (" ) r- 1: a a f Ir a r

V4 -T jT1 11fr a, 'J I I : r f


The Governor crazy
Ah hear he change the law for a lady (repeat)
A policeman had she under arrest
Claiming she wasn't properly dressed
But when the news reach around that was big uproar
The Governor get mad and change the law.

Leave her alone, do you understand
Hands off don't touch that's my command
He said I love to see them in the Bermuda Shorts
Yes I love to see them in the short little shorts
Oh, oh, my dear.
This time if you see she
With the shorts roll up, up above the knee
That's what she was wearing
You could imagine how the Governor staring
He watch till he mouth start to dribble
Then he scratch he head and he fix he spectacle
Looking as pale as if he go dead
With he two big eyes popping out his head.
You talking 'bout figure
She had a shape like a real Coca-Cola
So when she said goodbye
The Governor had water in his eyes
It looked as if he was trying to attack
So the Secretary and them had to hold him back
Because the way he watch she
If they didn't hold him back he would have bite up the lady
Taxi drivers hold up
Just to see how the shorts was fold up
She think it was so cute
In my opinion it was more like a bathing suit
But Cyclists bouncing into cars
Scientist men peeping out of Mars
The Stevedores quit working on the Wharf
But still the Governor don't want her to take it off.


These horses always on the track
Every night they have the savannah pack (repeat)
Horses from all through the West Indies
Indian, thoroughbred and even Chinese
Does form a line in the Savannah everynight
Waiting for jockeys to ride until morning light.
Race gone Rosy in fron leading
Jean on the outside Joan on the railing
Ah hold the rein and try to check back
But there was too much o speed on that slippery track.
One Sunday night about nine o'clock
A young filly jump out the paddock
With the jockey behind they start to run
The man bawling how the horse now throw him down
A Commando who was driving his squad car
Jump out investigating the matter
Everybody start to laugh when the jockey bawl
He was now coming to the winning pole when he fall.
Once I was in a confusion
With a lilly white horse name Mary Ann
The trouble began one Friday night
After Charles and Marciano fight
Going to sleep up Chancellor
Ah make up a short cut through the Savannah
Is there ah bounce up that English thoroughbred.
She run five rounds and still going full speed ahead.
About two months ago I rode a race
With an old time race horse from Lodge Place
The Sparrow was uncomfortable
All how ah try I was really unable.
This time ah wet like if ah bathe
Catching me hell to make the grade
The more the horse start to bite is more I hold
So we came. in together in the winning pole.




A h*~ F 1 p* 30 10 F 10 AV r sr u

I U i I I I. 0I z

I r 5 I1 f FI C I E
IJ II ~~ P LZ.Mi L .L l0 l L'P "1P -i A J'

,-" .' i I ,

* 1" I l '* I I* d I
I 1 1 I 1I P #


Murder, murder, every-where
1 think these people should have a care (repeat)
This time its really out of place
Over a thousand miles in space
They poison the food for the puppy
Oh Lord it's more than cruelty.
Although they trying their best they making a mess
With the Russian Satellite
They should be all sent to prison for the dog they poison
In the Russian Satellite
Two sputniks in the skies had everybody hypnotize
Now I am very sorry for the poor little puppy
In the Russian Satellite.
1 agree they have speed and power
Eighteen thousand miles an hour
The invention is out of this world
The Russian have the secret under control
But they should have some sympathy
Is better they did come and ask for me
If a sparrow is too small they shouldn't talk
Take a chicken hawk.
I am ready since this afternoon
I want to go with them to the moon
One reservation is bound to be mine
And I intend to stay in line
Thousands of people booked to go
They can't edge out the Sparrow
Put me inside of the engine
Throw out the dead dog and let me in.
So help me friends I don't know why
But everybody want to go to the sky
Columbus discovery came through
So they want to discover something too
Columbus was a man hard and grim
He never sent a dog to look out for him
So if they really want to discover
Look for they self but don't send Rover.

t/Ca e"


They pass out the law to the people
Keep the town as clean as a whistle (repeat)
No messing about the place, keep your yard as clean as your face
Everyone knows the penalty
Untidiness is six months in custody
Up came Mr. Moses, in his belly was a bunch of roses
So he went and stoop down right on the highway
And relieve himself of the bouquet.
But at the same time a police was passing
He didn't see what Moses was doing
But kept walking up slowly seeing if the place was tidy
This time Moses start to tremble
As soon as he saw the Constable
Before the policeman knew what was wrong
Moses take off he hat and cover it down
Up came the Officer and ask him what is the matter
He say the Queen's Canary got away
But ah got it cover down dey.
The policeman fly in a rage
And ask him why don't you get a cage
He said I couldn't leave the birdie so, I am afraid it would fly and go
If you could keep it cover for me
I would get a cage and come back in a hurry
The stupid policeman accepted that
Stoop down in the road holding the hat
Up came the Inspector, and ask him what is the matter
He says the Queen's Canary fly away
But ah have it cover down day.
The Inspector was very, very greedy
So he jump out he car in a hurry
Because if a man catch the Queen's Canary, his reward is suppose to
be heavy
Well without any delay
Send the policeman two blocks away
Of all the dirty tricks upon the shelf
He wanted the reward money for himself
So he raise the hat very slowly, feeling for the Queen's Canary
But when he snatch, he hold something soft instead
He said I broke every bone in its body
Which means the nasty Canary dead.


A F1 Fnifioe' A7rref~fncmn

LM It i i W 71Ji~ i~~icfffy~

iHoHUS __. if
i i i n r f i (j i ry Jj^.ii |II I .- IIII rI I i

- 1 r i r 1 I r I r

.... E .. 1 40 15 e K 11 1 1. 11
I r I I I I I do I I I I I I 111 0 01 Of I

I I I I l JlI I I I t I II | I I
1.i.' F f I,,I l..
I-, ,.- I X /
6" '. -.. ', '. -. .

v /7ie ;: S- cces o1 me past
mid le an 4 cafton at t.Ile L dtaute.
7)/Me nmmediate 6idutte to dlay 14 at. .




She must be insane
Florence buy a chemise again (repeat)
Well this one make it twenty-two
Ah don't know what she mean to do
But ah sure if she buy one more
Ah go take them and wipe the floor.


Ah never see that in the West Indies
(Refrain) "No Florence take off the chemise"
You must be think Sparrow have money like peas
From behind well you look like a chinese
With a lotta belly, no waist no sleeves.

Just because its the style
She spending me money wild
Morning noon and night
We arguing like we want to fight
She buy every sack they make
She look just like ah ape
But the part resting on my mind
Is the big, big bow tie behind.

All over the town
You will see them sack dress around
Women big and small
They ain't picking and choosing at all
Me neighbour Madam
Look just like an elephant
And since she wearing sack dress too
She looks like a kangaroo.

Women are like this
They believe in stupidness
When a new style come
They seem to get deaf and dumb
And I am sure they know very well
Some ah dem look bad like hell
But they still want to wear this sack
Like they pregnant behind they back.

Ah buy a horse and the horse ain't run
So I went back for my refund
They scratch the horse at the last minute
An say the horse fall down sick
But the ignorant Secretary feel he more ignorant than everybody
Ah walk in the office demanding cash
Straight so he push me and pelt a lash.

Ah lift him up high, high, high
If you see how he scrambling for the sky
Before ah could of slam the man on the ground
Oh Lord twenty police around

Them grooms and jockeys watching they boss
In the air kicking like a horse
Oh well he scrambling and he kicking but he can't make a note
Because I have mey hand in he throat
Now tell me what you push me for
Knox you think you is the law
The police say give him a chance
But I say not today let the horse thief dance.

Another one of them Turf Club boss
Ask me how much money ah lost
Three fellas take out a pile of Twenty-Dollar note
Bawling please leggo Knoxy throat
But all them grooms and them jockey say
He does treat we bad Sparrow keep him dey
Slam he head on the wall
Don't spare the horse thief at all.

That happen in December
And the Christmas meeting over
Big race in July again big fete
So ah gone back up dey to bet
But a stupid monkey man by the gate
Take me ticket and tell me wait
I jump the rail he run for Norris
They put me out with two hundred police.


p vunse; 'I

IAw Y I Y w v Jl
A A-- x 3 II 1 1 i I1

Il' | @ .- | *o | I I blt | 4r P |

-, y' Q
I e I l w I r t .lI I I I Dl I I lh4 O=: o S
I J l I I mI| I I -i I / I I. ~ ~ ll --IIIII -

"i 1 '9 1 5 1 1'r if a Ai IP '
7 f I I I A I I I I I l H

f F f.. u- I a =J- "==d I -at ,
r. Ari 1 I I 'oil a
I 1% di r- r- I I" a ilgn a i | 1 1

f 14 I A ~'- imm A
l~~~ aI a dlaI/ I j I II I ,T I I I g: I



Making love one day
With a girl they calling May May (repeat)
I pick up May May by the Railway
And we take a Taxi straight to Claxton Bay
Before we lie down on the carpet
She start catching fits.


Darling don't bite me, don't do that honey
I never had a man to ever do that to me
Ay ay ay ay ay dou dou darling
Look me pores raise up
You making me, weak, weak, weak, stop Sparrow stop.

This time if you see
How she hook me and I hook she
Like two snakes roll up
She so deceitful she bawling stop
But she like it I know that
From the way she start to scratch me like a cat
Let me go let me go LET ME GO
Oh gosh Sparrow no no no.
When we start to roll
I get sand all in me nose hole
Sand all in me eyes
And ah getting bite with sand flies.
Ah start scratching and brushing
All this time well I ain't know people watching
Wait ah bawling wait May May
Ah sand fly bite me down day.

Trouble now with May May
Like she want to stay the whole day
When ah man finish
It is foolish to play lickerish
Ah try to get up and tell she
May May darling the Taxi waiting on we
Come go come keep the rum
When you reach home give you man some.

Big ad in the paper, Lucy wanted a gardener (repeat)
So I made my application
If you see the lovely woman
And she wasn't making joke
As 1 enter the yard she put me to work.


She tell me to water the garden
Sparrow water the garden
You should ah see how ah pose
When ah reel out the hose
To water the garden.

Quite in Jamaica
Sparrow gone as a gardener
Oh Lord, ah working hard
Ah want to come back to Trinidad
Then Miss Lucy turn and tell me
She like to see the garden well watery
Ah wet it good, and how you don't know
In a couple months she plants start to grow.

Look at big confusion
Lucy grab the hose in she hand
Let it go ah said
She said not if ah kill she dead
Darling have some sympathy
I don't like people take advantage on me
She say Sparrow I know you finish work
But leave the hose in the garden dey let it soak.

I decide to go
Lucy hold me and tell me no
I decide to stop
When ah see she husband was coming up
Then she turn round and tell me flat ..
She say that she husband ent go vex for that
It look as if what she say was true
The husband want meh water he garden too.


P ,

V gS

ci -. I JIJ y ''f1 I *'~f rI iIrj
dA ..~
I I / I I | Iw I HI Il I Iw F ub I z 1 I I F

I 1 I I I I if I '" I f. .11 -y opIle 1 1 I I v l I i
I Ile I ""

I P i" i 1 rr q X "F

I r I '%W I* I

I *

i>1 Tiriic-^ffn f\ F r 11
I i 0 1| 1 | |V I Y~ JId F oVi" | I i FV 1
iI do r- 9 | I

v I I


No Don't call me name at all.
No! Ah don't care how you bawl (repeat)
Stick yer grind like a thoroughbred
You ain't the first; you ain't go dead
Plenty girl does have baby
And still home at dey family.

You used to make plenty style on me
Now yer want me to marry
You used to make plenty style on me
Take yer time; what's yer hurry;
Girl, I ain't know yer crazy.

No, don't make me laugh at you
You making joke, that ain't true
Me, ah too smart for that
To beside, gey meh meh coat and meh hat
Let me clear out from yer place
Ah don't want to buss yer face
Yer believe in running wild
So let yer step-father mind yer child.
I remember begging hard
You used to treat me so bad
No! dat's what you used to say,
May be another day
Once, only once, ah think you ease me up
When you start to drink
So don't try dat on me
Once can't make a baby.

v~ itsE


Lord Melody the biggest fowl thief in this country
What is wrong with the Boo Boo man
He can't control he mouth and he hand
Every day he eating chicken
And everybody chicken missing
Cookey oh coa Cookey oh ko
Lord Melody a chicken go crow down in you belly
From Gasparee
San Fernando to Siparee
Could tell you bout Lord Melody
When it come to Turkey and Duck
Ordinary fowl or Game cock
I don't think Melo have he match
He does theif them before they hatch
The poultry farm
Set up two extra burglar alarm
Watchman on guard
The place was as silent as a grave yard
But the watch man fall asleep about dawn
When he wake up two thousand chicken gone
Two days after that hear the big alarm
Melo buy a brand New Station Wagon
Me neighbour Lyn
Had to move from Diego Martin
Melo move down
She and she family move to town
She went to see Inspector Burroughs
Make he send a detective to watch Melo
Because he always hanging round she fowl roost
Man he like more chicken than a mongoose.


ni'r rp 1 *'f^ Mnff

I-0 F2 # 11 Yp 1"
I "'IV I y. I '.VrI l -. '"

I k.
it si A NR W 1 p r I II] 1 I I I al C d ip 0 1 I III

i~~~ -~f : rj d If I I M~ ~f^ j^

l r l II II -I I, II11
I 1E I I N11 1
I EnI I I I II I a fi I I I./ f a I I a 19 -- "m I 11
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ f all|I #FI"I /I #II IiI II

v7iltk de C 1;I bweabd

U. D. C.


CO R PO RATIO N (East Caribbean)



.There is no need to go
from Company to Company
to get your Insurance
Winsure offers complete
Insurance Service.


Head Office 15 Park St., P.O.S. Phone 34684
Branch Office 3 Penitence St., San Fernando
Main Road, Point Fortin.

0. .. and so

Costs No More Than Ordinary Batteries
Motor Specialists Ltd.
PHONE 23019


17 Frederick St, Port-of-Spain
Telephone 32692
FOR > 6



You went to St. Thomas, yer pick up yer bride
Yer went in the chapel, she was by yer side
After you done marry, yer feeling OK
Tell yer wife to listen, carefully to what people say.

When you see he madam walking down the street
People does stand up and watch dong at she crooked feet
I would say she husband so spectacular
And everybody does call she Madame Dracula.

Yer went to St. Thomas, yer carry Christo
Christo say yer wedding was a pappyshow
With so much ole nigger and so much of bum
All yer had to eat was roti, and all yer had to drink was rum
Then you bring the Yankee woman back to Trinidad
But none er yer friends don't like she
She too ole and hard
People say she husband nose perpendicular
So everybody does call she Madame Dracula.

Yer went to St. Thomas, yer playing a Lord
And yer spend more money than you could afford
You leave the impression that you had some cash
Only fooling people, Boo Boo Man, you want a lash.
Whenever he madame talking, she mouth like a swamp
Frank Sinatra sing about she, say de lady is a tramp
And she husband nose perpendicular
So everybody does call she Madame Dracula.
The day yer married to this ole maid
Well even the preacher and all was afraid
Yer shirt out yer trousers, yer jacket so short
Like when yer appearing for thiefing fowl, in the Police Court
That is why the people, 'ent have no respect for yer wife
And ah think if she ain't leave yer; she wasting she life,
I would say she husband nose perpendicular.
So everybody does call she Madame Dracula.


Ah getting fed-up, so fed-up, this thing got to stop
Why they molesting me
Ah don't interfere with anybody
They jealousy wouldn't cease
But at least, 1 could live in peace.

Ah know they does be grinding
When ah passing in me big time limousine
All polish and shining
And ah hugging up a beautiful wahbeen
They jealous and they envy, and they promise to commit a felony
Tell them don't tackle me before ah end up in the hangman cemetery.

Sometime they see me in company, they insulting me free
They have no season, no reason
They ain't fraid the prison
Through and through the City them hooligans molesting me
Is me fans does tell me behave
Otherwise ah done send a few to dey grave.

Well they too stupid ah don't like them
They so hungry, some of them sickly
They ain't take good care of dey body I have me appetite
Six times in the day four times in the night
Ah live clean, ah strong, ah eh afraidd
Some of them can even say when last they bathe.

Some of them holding a good job
But hanging 'round night club
And drinking liquor like water
Oh yes, they mind in the gutter
If I talk to a girl, they'll make people think she is
Ah can't take this thing anymore
Anytime they touch me is open war.

the worst in the


If S .' 1 r

t I I %I I ,, I I ii iv i I.
3 is, -it Ir W I at-

t k I
f f*I I I I I A a a I I I I I I

lyf I III f f fIIf I I frifI


Rose, girl ah want you bad
Girl, ah want yer bad!
I'm going staring mad, oh Lawd, oh Lawd, oh Lawd.
Rose, darling can't you see
Darling can't you see
You mean so much to me oh Lawd.
Why should you leave me.
Why should you deceive me
Girl, yer looking for blows
Oh Rose, tell me why you leave me
Heaven knows, all ah want is Rose.

Rose, tell me what to do,
Tell me what to do
I'm so in love with you
Rose, you're my everything,
You're my everything,
I'm happy as a king

Rose, you're the only girl,
You're the only girl
I want in this world oh Lawd.

My love for you alone
Love for you alone
Please tell me you're my own oh lawd
Rose, darling, come back home
Darling, come back home.
Please don't leave me alone, oh Lawd.
I give my word to you
I'll never be untrue, oh Lawd.


Well, it have a fellow named Norman
He will not behave like a human
He said he find he's unlucky
With women, especially,
So this is he occupation
So, friends, don't blame your little children
If you have a goat and the belly get fat,
Is Norman do that.
The other day me Auntie Agatha
Get a big donkey from Jamaica
So she tied it out in the pasture
Just to graze for about half an hour
And, although me Auntie was looking
She say that she catch old Norman approaching
And from now on she say if she donkey get fat
Is Norman do that.
I am sure you must be know Norman
He does always bad talk all women
He said he find they're too funny
That's because they wouldn't meddle with he
So, before he give them his money
He rather to cut some grass for a donkey
So if you find your stable come pack up with grass
Norman pass
I don't know what to say with Norman
What is his intention
You know the man wouldn't speak to Shirley
Angelina or Emily
But if you have a donkey in your stable
Bet your life well tonight is trouble
So from now on you know when your donkey get fat
Is Norman do that
But if at all you find that Norman get fat
Good livin' do that.


/- .

iA, -- i il i ... -r i- \ \i -- i -

-, i i i, i
PIP V, jr'
I I | I II I I |I j 31I

ilI *~o V I I i V I ', rI I I *plib.I
: l I. It"I r
C if0 FU5

1- 0- II ,E I a 1'f 4
i I I I I I ~l I i i i i I V
l ~ ~ A t t .15 l I l I ll l ,PIr ,T II,. .

I~~~~~~~~~~~~ l 16 a Z-"d I -



by 0. Baptiste.

Our twentieth century society has tossed fantasy out on its ears. We
find ourselves tracking down every little fact with the enthusiasm of a
short-sighted detective. The weirdness of a story, the feeling of fear it
creates no longer appeal to our imagination. We are only interested to
know whether it's true or false. That's what sophistication has done
for us.
But it was a long way from this for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
Slavery and ignorance had created for them an eerie background of
stories that filled their lives with loneliness and terror. And from
generation to generation these superstitions and beliefs passed.
Even today there still remains strands of the past that jet travel, the
intercontinental missile and television have failed to sever. In Santa
Cruz, in Maracas, in the Caura Valley, in Tamana there are still "real-
life" stories of soucouyants, douennes and Papa Bois.
How did it all start ? Deprived of education and shut out from every-
thing but the planting of the sugar cane, the slaves gathered at night
around large wood-fires to tell stories related them by their fathers.
The stories were not wholly invented by them; most of it had indeed
come from Africa, but some had been inherited as well from the
Spanish, French and English.
Because of the fear they instilled, the stories were not always told for
entertainment. Many of them were intended to be a code of ethics,
accepted behaviour patterns, and were based on central characters, or
stock figures, and followed more or less the same style.
For many, the stories were first-hand experiences but some of them
were handed down from someone known to the small bands of
listeners an uncle, grandfather, or close friend. These characters
became the foundation upon which most folk stories were built, and
unrealistic as they may appear in these modem times, the colourful
characters of our folklore had a real meaning and provide in some
instances a far greater link with our past than at first seems possible.
However much time has pushed back these figures in the land of make
believe; they still make up an interesting and fascinating part of our
history. Alfred Codallo, one of the leading authorities on Trinidad
folklore, writes of these characters:
La Diablesse, Her name means she-devil. But while she is feared by
men, she is the favourite of wives and mothers.
She is an ugly witch who has one human foot while the other is cloven
like a cow's hoofs. The alert man of the world can know a La Dia-
blesse by listening carefully to the sound of her footsteps. But the
well-to-do husband intent on a little fun away from home, or the lady-
killing young beau is usually too intent on succeeding to pay heed to
such danger signals.
She usually waits for her victims near cemeteries and cross-roads, and
few men can resist making acquaintence of a smart, exquisitely-dress-
ed belle who is apparently stranded at night.
Sometimes, however, she goes to a Bele dance where she has a better
chance of selecting an eager young Romeo. Sharply at midnight she
leaves the dance with her eager admirers in tow. She casts her spell
and becomes to him the most exciting young beauty he has ever seen.
He "makes his play" and she encourages him along.
He walks and walks and whenever he asks how much further, she
points to a little light in the distance that never grows nearer, till at
last, footsore and weary he takes a good look under her wide-brimmed
hat, and realises that she is a 24-carat, cloven-hoofed hog.
She runs off in fright with a loud, mocking laugh to speed him on
home to an anxious wife or mother.
Sometimes, too, she takes her victims home, starts to undress, then
vanishes with the rustling of her starched petticoats, leaving the young
Romeo to wander about hopelessly lost, till daylight comes to his
rescue, bringing searchers who revive him from his state of shock

with bush medicine and Spanish prayers.
But the La Diablesse is afraid of a cross. Many a lucky man was
saved by holding his walking stick across his shoulders to form a cross
with his body, only to see his beautiful companion vanish into the
darkness with her shill laugh and mocking taunt crashing the stillness
of the night "Ha.... ha... .ha you lucky!"
Douennes are the spirits of children who died before they were bap-
tised. These elfin-like creatures live in the forests. They have no facial
features, generally no sex distinctions and their feet are turned back-
They wear no clothes, except for broad straw hats to hide the fact that
they have no faces, and have long thick, unkempt "dada" hair. They
live on soft fruits such as young corn, and pomerac, and are said to
have "special liking for the soft insides of the backs of resh water or
manicou crabs."
Because they are the spirits of children who died before receiving the
blessing of Christian baptism, douennes are very wicked.
They are particularly unkind to children. On moonlight nights they
stay around the villages at the edge of the forest. These are the nights
when children are allowed outside to play games like "hoop," or hide-
and-seek. The douennes wait for a game to start then they shout
"hoop, hoop" and lure the unsuspecting children into the deep dark
forest where they fall off a precipice or die from exposure.
Myths, legends, folklore, superstition, are all attempts to explain the
various factors about the unknown. As man's frontier of knowledge
expands these myths, legends, folktales and superstitions lose their
credibility and are replaced by science or reason.
One such superstition that has been to a large extent discredited in
Trinidad is the SOUCOUYANT.
There was a time when every Trinidad village had at least one known
soucouyant, she was usually some disliked old woman who lived alone
without relatives and friends. She was probably already old when the
present aged folks were children and her very existence could not be
She it was who at night shed her skin, hid it under a mortar and flew
off as a ball or light or fire to enter the houses in the village and suck
the blood of her helpless victims who then gradually sickened and
There are many ways to catch a soucouyant. One is to steal into her
place while she is out flying, find her skin under the mortar and sprin-
kle it with salt and pepper, so that she cannot put it on again.
Another is to scatter rice or gee-gee-ree (a tiny seed) around her house
while she is out. Then she cannot re-enter until she has counted every
grain of rice or gee-gee-ree seed.
Daylight usually catches her at this task and she is discovered by the
villagers. She is then placed into a barrel of tar with long nails ham-
mered all around, and rolled down a hill into the sea.
Today we know that "a soucouyant bite" is really the bite of the
"Desmondus Rufus" or vampire bat. But it was more fun to go after a
soucouyant than it is to go after a Desmondus Rufus. Wasn't it?
The Lagahoo is a jumbie whose sole purpose is frighten late nighters
out of the roads. The lagahoo is an animal, very often a wild pig, that
can change its size from only a few inches to several feet high as it pur-
sues its victims.
Villagers believe that the Lagahoo is really the obeah man or smart-
man who changes himself into animals in order to extend his influence
over them, and it is known that if you are lucky enough to hit a laga-
hoo, the next morning the obeahman is said to be seen limping
about on the very foot on which he was struck in the night in his
spirit form.


Since Harry come from New York,
They say he like plenty pork (repeat)
At night when you sleeping
Harry gone out creeping
Forsaking his wife and children
And he sleeping in the pig pen.

Neighbour! Neighbour! come! come and see
Harry in the piggery
Oh, oh, oh, you really surprise me
Harry in the piggery
Call he wife call he wife
Ah longing to show she
Mm, Mm, Mm, you really surprise me
Harry in the piggery
When Harry wife got the news I know she was so confused
What she go do, we ketch him already
But she had to keep steady
He was inside stranded
We ketch him red handed
The ungrateful dog forsake his wife
And gone to sleep by a hog.
So they send for the police
To see what happen to the beast
The police bring a doctor
Doctor say the pig was in order
Then you should hear Harry
This is a free country
Tell prosecutor Mike
Ah man have a right to sleep where he like.

Monday morning ah hurry
Down in the court to hear about Harry
This time if you see the feller
Three times uglier than Dracula
Without any question
The prosecutor mention
Throw him in the brig
A monkey have no right to sleep by a pig.

S viEssE

1 fell in love in January got married in February (repeat)
From the middle of March up to May
I left my wife and went away
Coming back home to spend mey honeymoon
I recieved a letter in June
It was dear Sparrow, darling I hate to write
Oh, oh my dear I must let you know tonight
The baby born and darling you ought to know
I am so happy the child resemble your uncle Joe.

I got the letter early one evening, soon as I finish working
The postman came I was so happy
Because 1 wanted to hear from she
But when I thought was a different Sparrow
Ah only know this woman a few months ago
Say what you like she running wild
Nobody yet ever make a three months child
(But it's) Dear Sparrow, darling I hate to write
Oh my dear I must let you know tonight
The baby born and since it start to grow
I am so happy to say its the image of Uncle Joe.
Now I want you to pay attention
And tell me if I took the right action
Took up my pencil and piece of paper
I decided to write a letter
Something wrong on one can't deny it
My wife is involved in some kind of racket
Before ah finish write and move from the table
The postman came back this time with a cable
Saying my dear Sparrow etc. etc.
Night and day I began to worry
Ah now realise I married too early
But the way how she walk and how she so pretty
Love at first sight is what really trap me
But when your hands is in the lion mouth
Some how or the other you must take it out
So right there folks ah know ah had to act
And in she own coins ab pay she' back
With Dear Elaine, sweetheart I love to write
Oh, oh, my dear, I must let you know tonight
It's obvious that if the baby resemble Joe give it to him
The result of a Sparrow is a bird not Joe.


I -

-A 1

hk fi F 1F : 13- :2 Ut Ir t t F. t :

I 1 1&0 1 I 1 1 1 11
I A I I 1 | 1 l I I o
.;A 1 1 I *

I U F~e i i I I I Irii i '1 1 ii
-I 1 4
I OE 1k 3169 1 lot
| -- I I it I d v I A -# I o j di

V "g OE OE f: r I -
l ,lI7K..l.ff i) -.. r f-i inII

of AT me, K
oe I f f r f 'c- f I .^ "ffn
icr~~~iyff~~fi~~F^ f fiflffirri



J. Brathwaite.

The first record of a steel container being used as a musical instrument
in Trinidad is to be had from the memories of the men who were in
"The Lime Grove" in Gonzales, one of the suburbs of Port-of-Spain.
Some time in early '45, 'the boys' were beating a little 'bamboo'. One
of the bass-bamboos burst, and a resulting gap in the rhythm was filled
by the accidental striking of the gas tank of an old chassis in the yard.
The person who by this accident started a chain of events that has far-
reaching consequences is still known by the humourously quaint
sobriquet "Mussel-Rat". He was a bass-bamboo man of no mean
proportions, and on realising that the note of the empty gas-tank filled
the breach left by the bursting of the bamboo, he kept on stroking the
May 6, 1945 the night of Victory in Europe adds another chapter
to the story. The sirens were blowing, the populace had been promised
a 'jump-up' to celebrate Victory and the end of hostilities in Europe.
After five years and eight months, once more the call to Carnival was
heard. But the forces of Hilter's Germany were surrendering too fast
for the celebrants to gather all their gear for the fete. Thus they were
caught unprepared bamboos not all cut, far less cured, for the
road march. But Trinidadian celebrants will not be daunted. Official
celebrations ought to have started at seven o'clock on the morning of
the eight, after the appropriate 'Thanksgiving Service'. But no sooner
had the sirens hooted the joyful news than a huge crowd gathered as if
by magic around the portals of 'Hell-Yard', traditional headquarters
of the Tamboobambooists of down-town Port of Spain. To the strains
of "Five years and eight months we ent play no mas' the boys took
off on 'a rounds' of the city. Old bamboos from former occasions were
hauled from under the houses. But, their usefulness long since ex-
hausted, they soon began to burst. As each was discarded, the jubilant
revellers took up whatever came to hand, preferably something
metallic for the tones and vibrations necessary to keep the original
rhythm and tempo of the bamboo. Squads of police, called out to put
an end to the noisy contravention of defence regulations, soon appear-
ed on the scene. But it seemed that they too were intoxicated by the
sense of relief from the pressures of war. They took a lenient though
firm view, and instructed the revellers to parade 'Behind the Bridge'.
Thus it was that from the rhythmic beat of old pots, pans, garbage
cans, bamboos and the chanting of the famous Victory Road March
the first ever Steelband was born.
By the end of the week, 'Fish-Eye' of the famous 'Hell Yard' had dis-
covered that by bending a piece of reinforcement steel in a certain way
and suspending it triangle-wise from his thumb, he could produce the
tune of the first line of "Mary had a little lamb." By further experi-
menting, other tunes could soon be beaten out on this piece of steel.
The first tune 'pan' to be used by bandsmen was the empty biscuit con-
tainer. This was hung around the neck, open end away from the beat-
ing hand. The other, or sealed end, was struck rhythmically with the
edge of the open palm or the closed fist. Thus the "whoomp -
whoomp! whoomp, whoomp, whoomp!" was the main feature in a
band that soon began to beat garbage-can covers, aluminium milk
pails and highly tempered bits of steel in a strange cacophony of sound
that was new, contagious and indeed Trinidad searching, albeit
unconsciously, for a music of its own.
The next development in this intensely exciting period was the dis-
covery that when one hammers a paint pan from the inside outwards,
leaving the bumps and hollows of the hammer, different sounds could
be obtained. It was not long afterwards that the length of bent steel
(by now called the Ping-Pong) gave way to the pan that could produce
simple melodies.
By the end of 1945, different bands had developed different 'beats'.
The initiated could, by the rhythm and 'Ping-Pong', distinguish what
band 'was beating pan' whether 'Hell Yard', 'John-John', 'Des-
peradoes' or 'Bar-20'.
Pans by this time had really developed into instruments. In the rhythm
section there was first of all the bass or tuned-boom. This consisted
of three or four (today there are as many as six) full-sized forty-four

gallon oil drums. These are cut off at the bottom or bung end and the
top stretched by beating into a convex shape. The 'notes' are then
marked and 'seamed' with a hammer and cold chisel. The pan is then
burned and when considered to be just right by the tuner, oil is thrown
upon it. This tempers the steel and the pan is now ready to be tuned. It
is really and education in itself to have the privilege of seeing a master
tuner at work. The concentration, the rapt devotion, the final ecstasy
as the last touch is given and the pan pronounced perfect this taken
with the controlled use of the tuning instruments (a small tinker's
hammer and a two pound sledge) become a marvel of poetry in
Next in tone range is the cello-pan. This is somewhat like the boom,
but rather shorter, and whereas the booms have three or four notes
each, this has five or six. Generally cello-pans are played hooked in
pairs to give the player more scope for chording. There are also guitar-
pans that have fourteen notes each. Sometimes these are also played in
pairs. Then there is the queen of them all the sweet Ping-Pong. This
is a steel-drum cut to about six or seven inches off the top. After these
are stretched, and tempered, between twenty-six and thirty-two notes
are marked and tuned. A steelband is made up of any of the com-
binations of these pans. The variety of combinations are, of course,
almost infinite, and so consequently are the arrangements of any tune.
Soon, leading Trinidadians became aware that something was taking
place which no amount of snears, ridicule or infamous labelling could
stop. It was decided that the efforts of the individuals should be so
co-ordinated into what was the forerunner of the present Steelband
Association. To this end a committee was set up to organize the first
island-wide steelband competition. This was in 1950.
Came the night of the performance. The Grandstand of the Trinidad
Turf Club at the Grand Savannah was packed to capacity. Some came
to wonder, some to jeer, some because there was nothing else to do,
and some to listen.
Bands played what everybody expected calypsoes, road-marches,
even a few sentimental ballads. The final item on the programme was
Casablanca Steel Orchestra. They were a long time in setting up their
pans. Rafael 'Boy Blue' Samuel, of East Indian parentage with what
was probably the first tuned bass-pan; Baron Arrieta, Venezuelan by
birth; Fitzroy 'Gaga' James, biggest man on the 'side'; Roland
'Pepi le Moko' Paul, the dandy dresser; Philmore 'Boots' Davison of
the size 111/2 shoes, all on the second or counter-melody pans; Fred
'Lill Bit' Hackshaw, midget in size, giant in ability; Orman 'Patsy'
Haines, soloist and specialist in first-pan technique, these on first pans,
and finally Arthur de Coteau, with a piece of a motorcar hub.
The first piece was "The Bells of St. Mary's". The hubcap, chiming so
softly that no one was really aware of just when it actually started,
swelled in volume until the whole Grandstand was full of it; the bass
pans getting into the chimes and giving them the peculiar Steelband
rhythm; the first pans taking the melody from there; the second pans
with a counter-melody of their own, being appreciated, being warmly
recognizable, but above all highlighting and complementing the
melody of the first pans. At the end there was a long sigh as though the
collective breath of the audience was released, then silence. Someone
started to clap soon the whole audience broke into wild cheers. The
sedate, the patronizing, the doubtful were convinced. All were shout-
ing for More! More!! More!!! Revelling in the glory of the minute,
Russell Manning, the bandleader, lifted his arms. The crowd grew
still. A slight movement of the fingers the response of the band -
and jaws fell open in amazement. People looked at one another in
wonderment. For here in Trinidad, by musicians who knew not a
single note of written music, was a most professional arrangement of
Chopin's Nocturne in E Flat. The audience followed the nimble-
fingered boys in rapt silence and attention. The Steelbandsman was
accepted as a musician.
Some of the outstanding and popular bands of today: All Stars, North
Stars, Silver Stars, Invaders, Satisfiers, Desperadoes, Southern All
Stars, Merry Makers, Tripoli, Sputniks etc.
The 1962 music festival was won by the "North Stars" Steel orchestra.



"The Mecca
Lovely in





of Night Entertainment"
its Tropical Settings










People want to know why Jamaica run
Away from the Federation (repeat)
Jamaica have a right to speak she mind
That is my opinion
And if you believe in Democracy
You'll agree with me.

But if they know they didn't want Federation
And if they know they didn't want to unite as one
Independence was at their door, why didn't they speak before
This is no time to say you ain't Federating no more.
When they didn't get the Capital site
That nearly cause big fight
When Sir Grantley Adams took up his post
That even make things worse
"We don't want no Bajan Premier
Trinidad can't be capital for here"
So the grumbling went on and on
To a big Referendum.
Sorry, but no Federation again
I think it's a big shame
After so much effort and energy
Put by everybody
Right now it's only a memory
We fail miserably
Some may say we shouldn't help part it
But is Jamaica who start it.

Federation boil down to simply this
Is dog eat dog and survival of the fittest
Everybody fighting for Independence, singularly;
Trinidad for instance
But we go get it too don't bother
But ah find we should all be together
Not separated as we are
Because of Jamaica.


t, A "7 j .J t -" OF V j j' T 0 J | t I i t

heN 0won-In i
d ... I ,1 a I I -W I I

1 1, 1 l 1 1 11 F A1 I' I I I 3K s I I a -t Il
.1 A~w ..t r I I I/ d J I II# I- l

I I I I 1 II J I iL14

190 -- 40 T F'
-P 4wIo I. I I I % .. I I l
I | I ,

No, no, no, no, no, no, no Stella
Darling have some behaviour (repeat)
You had to much in the Christening
Now you don't know what you doing
Get out my place I will tell you flat
Is advantage for me to do a thing like that.
Go ahead and take your advantage
Go ahead I give you privilege
I could take care of myself
Sparrow darling bring the whisky from the shelf
Only give me one or two and we go see who
Taking advantage on who.

Girl it's getting late I want to go
Move let me shut me window
Remember I know your family
And we are all very friendly
It won't be nice when they get to hear
I took advantage of you my dear
So for heaven sake get out go for a walk
When you sober up tomorrow Stella we go talk.
Sparrow boy I am over twenty-two
Nobody tell me what to do
But Stella you had too much to drink..
She laugh and she say that's what you think.
Suddenly the 'phone start ringing
So 1 pick up and start answering
Stella tug the receiver out meh hand
Jumping and shouting like a mad woman.

Well I could not raind ihis thing no more
I decided to throw she out the door
She came to my bar drunk already
It's advantage to sell her more whisky
Her family and I are very good
And we live in the same neighbourhood
Don't mind she give all privilege to me
I will never take advantage on a young lady.




Since ah know mey self with women
I've had quite a few
But darling believe me
Ah never had one like you
You have something extra special
And you know how to work it so
So if you want to horn me, horn me
But don't leave and go.

If ah got to swim the ocean, ah got to have you
And if I have to climb every mountain, ah got to have you
Don't care what they say doo-doo darling
Don't care what they do
Nobody can't change me mind
Ah got to have you
I done know that I ain't able
With you every night
I ain't got the vigour and the strength to fight
Have yourself some fun doo-doo
Darling sailors in the club
Have all the vacation you want
But don't leave this job.
I don't intend to stop
You going out at night
You are not an infant
You should know wrong from right
But I insist that you don't go Reno or Miramar
Keep things just as they are
Don't stretch it too far.


Criminals beware
All you got to hear (repeat)
This amount of licking down
All overtown
Sharing licks from street to street
But they know who to beat
I done tell me friends and me family
Not to worry
Anyone of them interfere with me
Take it easy
Don't worry to beg the jury
Save the Lawyer fee
And if you have any mail
Send it to me at the Royal Jail
All around them club
They begging for bob
When you pass by strand
They stretching they hand
A pardner give me something dey
You ain't have so you walk away
Next morning you wake up in a ravine
You head burst you pocket clean
Well it have one they call Jack Slade
Man he blacker than the Ace of Spade
If you see this long streak of misery
Always molesting everybody
Brother you can't pass through St. James
Unless they cuss you and call you filthy names
But I contact the Police already
Now ah waiting like a Mapippi

Dr. Solomon
He and all was attacked by another gang
Just imagine the minister of home affairs
He and all have to walk with care
But I laugh when he give them the score
He say before they take him he taking four
But if they tackle me my friend
They have to multiply four by ten and that is forty.



r I!

' I **t..r


II I i w Ir|I thI 11 r iI i Oi

ir' '" I'I V .r1
i 1 jj i J i j^ fi' f f pfi D1 -1rt @ -1 1

lm crirf I ^ ^ -ITcIin1yff nfI" rig
to1 I a a .4 J lP "I IIl tII 4l / /--l
III I I # 1 r I I I 1 1 1 m il& I -I IIIr !

I I '


Cynthia the musician, take me mouth organ
Boy oh boy she could blow, well ah didn't know
She could blow so sweet, is the best thing ah ever meet
Because when she blowing to me, suddenly she gone down in harmony
Hello down there, Cynthia you tickling me
Hello down there, this music is teasing me
Aye, Aye, Aye teacher Cynthia I feeling grand
Go ahead and blow the organ like popeye the sailor man.
If you don't believe what I say
Ask Conrad Moshay
He living in Port of Spain and the man involved name is Bain
Well I have to confess, Bain say Cynthia beat all the rest
After she blow the tune, board baby does jump up and croon.
If you see this teacher, well she looks like a preacher
Oh what'a lovely smile and I hear she is versatile
With she guitar and piano
She's is really a boss when she start to blow
She is really a good musician I'll take she any day in me band.
Well she look just like twenty-two, fooling me and you
She is over thirty, just now you will see
Suddenly one day, this female Dorian Gray
But ah hear the older they get, is the sweeter dey does blow the


Child father well they mamaguy mey
Child father well ah go half kill somebody
Them wahbeen women in true they making me hop
But unless you lick them down this nonsense won't stop.


They does run about with Tom, Dick and Harry
And when they dead out, Lord they looking for me,
Hear them telling Bim and Barn how Sparrow is dey man
Couple days dey telling me they making a baby.

Look your daddy, girl don't point at me
Call your daddy child and tell him you hungry
So much ready made children a getting ah so afraid
A don't know who is mey friends or mey enemy.

One Sunday I had a Christening party
Rum and whisky and I invite everybody
The godfather of the child turn and said to me
Whenever the baby smile it resemble he.

Some people does glad to have children
Plenty trouble they does go through to get them
But if you come down by me children in a rage
They so damn ugly ah go open ah Orphanage.


P IIam I- i |. 'i i t II B e F .

Am: I I I

I 0 ..

.. ..l ., .......0... 1 a I....,

7-IrJi i

ljJW f^11Jf,1f1.^^ f 1i
1 1 IF "

By Jack D. Brathwaite

In recent times, two phrases have become standard
usage when the subject of Trinidad's Carnival is being
discussed: "It gets bigger and brighter every year"
and "It is the world's greatest human spectacle".
To the unitiated, the two descriptions might appear
somewhat contradictory, if at all believable. The
solution to this, however, is quite simple. Carnival in
Trinidad defies description even in facile, sweeping
statements. It has to be seen to be believed.
It would be an interesting exercise, nevertheless, to
observe the reactions of men like Shakespeare, Freud,
Aristotle, Lautrec, and, of course, Columbus who,
having discovered the island for the most Catholic
Crown of Spain, seems most responsible for the entire
Carnival as all good revellers should know, has it
origins in the liturgy of the Roman Church, coming
from the Latin "Carmen valere" and the Spanish
"came vale" and meaning, in literal translation, a
farewell to the flesh and, in the Trinidad context, the
last fling before Lent's 40-day austerity.
As famous Jamaican novelist and journalist John
Hearne said when he saw it for the first time last year:
"Carnival is the preposterous, gay and magnificent
banquet of the senses which the citizens of Trinidad
give to each other before the farewell to the flesh.
"In no other city, I think, does the ordinary man
forget the drab discretion of everyday life so completely
and entertain his neighbour with such prodigal and
superb generosity".
But after their "experiments" in singing "Caiso",
and playing the steelband, Jamaicans are now thinking
- so we understand and we wish them all the best -

about, starting an "annual festival" after the fashion
of Trinidad's Carnival.
Trinidad's Calypso, its steelband and its Carnival,
products of a long and complex cultural evolution, are
not to be initiated, however. It is the peculiar expression
of a people whose spontaneous gaiety and infinite
capacity for enjoyment are national idiossyncrasies.
To the thousands of foreigners who fill every hotel
and boarding house in and around Port of Spain at
Carnival time, the festival provides memories for a
lifetime. To the Thousands of Trinidadians who see it
and participate in it every year, Carnival can never
lose its fascination. It is part of their very existence.
Yet none can really imagine or tell what the next
spectacle will be like until it hits the road in all its
gaudy colour, movement, and drama.
The form and composition of Carnival has been
changing so continuously through the years, particular-
ly since the last World War, that the question is now
being asked: "whither goest ?" features of "Ole Time
Carnival" as the Cannes Brulees and Perriot Grenades
are well nigh extinct while there has been a frantic
search for authenticity and originality in large-scale
historical presentations.
The forces controlling the intrinsic mutations of
Carnival are completely beyond control. However, the
problem is not control but rather providing a bigger
and more practical stage for the festival to present
itself, and incentives for its further development.
Indeed Carnival for the Trinidadian is almost the
emotional antithesis of control, an abandonment to
the elements of music and colour which, to return to
the beginning, "is the world's greatest human






Aye little boy let me tell you this
Don't be afraid I'm not the police
You wouldn't know me but I want you to show me
A girl round here they call Mildred
When I tell the mister Mildred is me sister
He jump up and then he said.
Tell you sister to come down quick I have something here for she
Tell she it's Mr. Benwood Dick the man from Sangre Grande
She know me well ah give she already
She must remember me
Go on go on just tell she Mr. Benwood come.
Sorry old man that won't do for me
I don't carry message for anybody
If you want to see she don't worry to send me
Climb up the step you won't fall
It have a bell on the gate
Ring it and wait
She must come after your call.
If you see the man you might dead with fright
Especially if it's in the night
Wearing a big old straw hat
A dirty dirty alpagat
All he shirt black and greasy
I don't see what kind of business a man like this
Could have with my sister Milly.
Curiousity had me head confused
Ah wonder what Mildred doing with a man who can't even buy shoes
They start to talk and talk
They even went for a walk if you see them hand in hand
When he gone I went and ask she who is he
She turn and tell me is she Compeh but was she man.


Come on what is wrong with this Island
Poor Dr. William (repeat)
Everybody doing what they like
Striking when they want to strike
It appears that nobody cares
About the Island economy.
No gas today, no phone tomorrow
What next I don't know
No drain digging, no rubbish cleaning
Only corbeaux working
The Island as you see suffering politically
Because the present Government have some stupid opponent
Oh Lord man they ignorant
Because the present Government have some stupid opponent
Not one is intelligent.

Some of them opposing bandit
So much crime they commit
Some again have no education
Is them does make the confusion
Anything at all the Premier say
They always standing in the way
And like they suffering from a mental shock
Talking one set of sewerage talk.

Sometimes you hear over the radio
Big trouble in the Leg. Co.
The Premier cannot make a suggestion
Without a big objection
And some of them way want to object
Really should have a rope 'round they neck
That is why the Venezuelan
Nearly kill one with a right hand.


^\^^\ Inla~ c JI,.. .

A Li A. i f F i I A I I I

1- 1 1 1 1 l 11, 0

IId ME g J f If -- 1 1 a is 0! I

J -- q I" I v | Iff M A I f 01 O | i l I I
FI 14 Ig~ 1C: a I I I L a is r_-.
Itilt tfllr ^ r I t tl t "I i f' II fI

if~r~rlrK~crf iiri Hlfrirlt


In Trinidad you go hear the talk
Sparrow gone up to New York (repeat)
They seem to think ah feeling glad
But I wish I was back in Trinidad
The temperature up here is so cold
To keep warm I had to dance the rock'n roll.

Ah catching cold sweat
Ah freezing to death
This is not for me
I'm in misery
So before any confusion
Ah making reservation
Now ah waiting for the aeroplane
To take me to Port of Spain.
I left my friends and my family
And come up straight to New York City
I had one intention in mind
Some Yankee dollars I want to find
But in my search to get this dough
The temperature drop below zero
Snow start to fall down in mey yard
Now a want to go back to Trinidad.

I was standing by a bus stop
Freezing and sneezing ah nearly drop
With nearly twenty inches of snow
Ah can't get a bus they running too slow
In all my misery and grief
I started to tremble like a leaf
Man when the bus did come up to me
I was as stiff as the Statue of Liberty.


The Yankees came and went
And broke the heart of my kid sister Millicent (rep)
I paid no heed to what she spoke of
Not knowing she was so much in love
But when the mister tell she good bye
She kneel and start to cry.
Dont go Joe Dont Go etc.,

He look like a decent guy
Milly doo doo darling don't cry
Wiping her tears away
Milly baby listen what I have to say
You know we had to part some day
Because I got my wife in the U.S.A.
But all he talk was in vain
The stupid girl start crying again.
You know yankee like their sport
And every soldier have a girlfriend in every port
You could imagine how I surprise
To see tears in the soldiers eyes
Soldiers and sailors don't cry
So I know this one is mamaguy
Instead of looking for cash
Millicent telling the yankee HUSH.
The girl have nothing to eat
She belly big I does shame for she in the street
Like love talk is all she know
She ain't talk neither he ain't talk about dough
When he gone is then Milly show me
A big fat wallet with plenty money
So he brain ain't bigger than mine
I was crying but I pick his pocket same time.


- --'i 1 V~ I

R ,'i J i M I,1 0.' t ,

f Ous
C HO0(e5


ii jijj^" \ i ,ju c

j o I I I 0..-
1 1 5 I l ,'' li I -1 -- 1 1 11
-~~ ~~~~ V 6 4 I Y "" 4 L.-4 I 'I

/I < JJI Il r ~Ir#i -t4-t V liid'll

...- LY II

; u '




This morning about half past four
They had a big confusion next door (repeat)
The woman said openly
Charlie you're avoiding me
You're getting me head confused
With all your blasted lying excuse.


Man you're always sleepy
And you're always tired
When you ain't hungry
Is when you feeling bad
In the night I can't touch you
You does vex when I watch you
Tell me between food and sleep and
Which more important.

the thing I want

They argue till break of day
I couldn't hear what the fella say
But the woman was getting on
You could see she wasn't making fun
Like she ain't getting satisfaction
With this sleepy head old man
So the morning she ran amock
Bawling Charlie come and do you work. .
Imagaine me ah just come
From the club ah loaded with rum
Ah can't even stand up straight
So ah lean me head on me gate
Is then I hear the shu-shu
Charlie I got feelings too
When I hear how Charlie back-back
Ah sober up and push me ears in the crack.
Before I know what they talking 'bout
Clicks the lights went out
Ah hear the bedroom door shut bram
So I decide well it's time to scram
But ah drunk and ah staggering
Wayla wayla ah start singing
Ah fall straight in a rubbish pan
But ah singing the chorus like the woman.

Well is big Federation for a new little nation
On this occasion we should have a big celebration
So Tom, Dick and Harry, let us drink and be merry
Don't wait for tomorrow, everybody sing now with Sparrow.

Whether you're a damn Trinidadian, we all is one
If they say you're a smart Barbadian, we all is one
Get away from me you greedy Grenadian, we all is one
I don't care if you're a bad Jamaican, we all is one
If you born in New York and you parents West Indian
we all is one
Let us join together and love one another, we all is one.

Lovely Princess Margaret
Flew away on a carpet
Saying goodbye to the Queen
She is going to the Caribbean
She want to sign up the paper
Please don't leave it for later
So brother strike up the Steelband
And sing God save the Queen of England.

So they form a committee
With some fools from the city
To give a big, big reception
It was a proper jam session
When they call for Calypso
Someone say "bring the Sparrow"
But they had to change the talk
Sparrow was quite up in New York

Well the Princess had to go
She caught the 'Plane at Piarco'
She turned around I wondered why
She had teardrops in she eye
She fell in love with Trinidad
And that is why she was so sad
Before she board the "aeroplane
Them West Indians start with this.


II II -l! I I J. A I I I Ii '-- II I I .I F d I k.. IF

% i I I go fit
1 es.__1 I 1 _, ts11 p y


F F r r.

I ~ ~ ~ ~ 3 1 P PE 0 1 4 $ I II Ii 1# OE I!1 I IlE
\ 4" I i n J / Jll, I I r l --J -- J l 3\ 11 Illr r?, f^ Cti IIl ll II

I 7 %


-- -~ .zej.i

i i u -lO t i i i iI r I i i -1

,F %W



I met a lovely lady, one night in a dance
She wanted to entertain me, so I took the chance..
Ah give she twenty dollars entertainment fee
When ah tell she go ahead, hear what the girl said to me.

The customers are always right and to please you is my delight
I am here to entertain, I ain't want your money in vain
But if you really want good performance
I ain't believe in one-sided romance
You got to make up your mind my number is sixty-nine.

She had a lovely figure and pretty for so
Boy she had mey gazing at her from she head to toe
Although ah never reach that number ah willing to try
But I ain't know how to answer ah bashful and shy.

Ah change the conversation ah say well she mad
Let we talk about something else gal you could play card
Come let me show you black jack she say Sparrow take you time
Black jack too hard, I ain't like it talk about sixty nine.
Well I was so embarrassed later when ah find
I was judging this woman by my dirty mind
I was so wrong about her and I'm so sorry
I was thinking she was thinking I had habits like Melody.


I have a lazy pardner name Ned
I don't know why the scamp wouldn't dead (repeat)
Like if he tie he two hands on top a shelf
He wouldn't make an effort to help himself
If you would listen attentively
You go hear what the Criminal did to me

Sparrow Sparrow he start shouting
Come quick ah say well something happening
You know the criminal stay in he W.C.
And bawling bring a piece of Gazette paper for me

Well it have some others in Port of Spain
They intend to live only by their brain
These kind of people don't work no where (wey)
And you could catch them in the court house every day
This is the case of a feller they calling King
He made an attempt to steal a diamond ring
They charge him fifty dollars telling him he slack
Because the attempt is just as good as the act
So he made an attempt to pay the clerk
And then pull back his hand in a jerk
If the attempt is as good as the act he say
All you could keep the attempt I go keep the pay

Now an old shop keeper name mister Farrell
Had some salt fish inside a barrel
He say when it soak with a lot of water
For two weeks it bound to weigh heavier
But to take it out Farrell clean forgotten
So the salt fish stay there and start to rotten
The man watch the saltfish and start to cry
And decide he going to put the salt fish to dry
Now an old blind man came up crawling
And standup right where the Saltfish was drying
When he smell the Saltfish he start to sneeze
Saying good evening ladies


a0 1 1 .


i 16 0 I OO r I1 1 0 I fl 1

rI I '" 0 I II- ~l ilI

The Great Calypsonians

by Ray Lucas

Any attempt to put down, in order of merit, the names of the great
calypsonians, will at once be foolhardy. Of course, it is easy to name a
few, but no writer I know has had the experience of the calypso, from
the turn of the century to the present time, to be able to give a com-
prehensive appraisal of the champions of the world of calypso in this

At best, what we can do is to discuss, at no great detail since this is
impossible without extensive research and interviews, the men whose
names at once make news to the vast number of calypso fans, young
and old.

My experience of the calypso goes back to somewhere around 1927,
but vivid memories start only in the early 1930s, when 44 Nelson
Street was the hub of the calypso, and where the late Atilla, Douglas
and later, Lion all appeared.

Nelson Street, in fact, has played a noble part in the calypso, for
upper Nelson Street also was the venue of a yearly tent before World
War II.

The centre of Carnival and, of course, Calypso, was at that time,
Henry to Duncan Streets, and Duke Street and Marine Square, with
Frederick Street the borderline, so to speak.

And since calypso tents were put up in backyards, under roofs of
bamboo and coconut branches, one can see at once why this up-town
area was the centre of activity.

There were innumerable backyards and barrack houses and
when we think of the calypso we must, of course, think of its begin-
Calypsonians today enjoy a prestige and a respect, to a point, that was
foreign to them before World War II. The reason: they were supposed
to be outcasts of society, and so was anyone who dared to sing the
calypso in public.

But let us consider the calypsonians themselves. Executer was great.
He was a scholar and a gentleman. I well remember him walking
along Nelson Street where I lived, head down, deep in thought and
mumbling to himself. Executer did all his composing "in his head"
and many of the young chaps often thought he was "off', since that
was the way they interpreted his "talking to himself".
As a grown man, it has pained me to think how hard a life this great
calypsonian endured.

He was said to be a walking kitchen, eating biscuits and salted fish,
lodged in the pockets of his frayed coat.

This is mentioned in no way as a laughing matter, but just to show the
hard road calypsonians had to walk in the early days, when one
shilling was the top price for entry into the tents.

Executer, Atilla, also a scholar and legislator, and Douglas stick in my
early memories of the calypso. Of course, there were others following
closely Lion, Growler and Radio, to name three.

Lion, who tried valiantly to break new ground in the calypso, did not
succeed as well as he might. For one thing, he took to the "impres-
sario wear" walking stick, waist coat and bowler, etc which
drew laughter from the very people whom Lion, in his own way, tried
to lift from the floor.

Lion, too, adopted the long chorus line, which at that time was not
only strange, but rough. He lacked the polish of a Sparrow, for
instance, in his interpretations of the ribald, and as an artist he viewed
I think, the audience too much as an enemy, who must be kept at
length, rather than people who must be won over on the stage as well
as in everyday life.

Lord Kitchener, who has returned from England for a holiday after a
long spell, has had a long reign in the new form of calypso, following
the late Killer as a crowd pleaser of note.

Invader had his good moments as was, in fact, the first calypsonian to
really cash in on the art of calypso making. His Rum and Coca Cola
reached the courts, but he won his rights and come into a sum of
large proportions, winning fame and respect for the calypsonian in
the process.

So much could be written about the various calypsonians and,
perhaps at a later stage, when time permits, I will discuss them, and
some of their compositions. But one cannot in this article leave out
Lord Melody.

Here is the happy wanderer, the balladier with appeal, whatever his
subject. Melody has a stock of compositions that will long be remem-

"Jonah and the Bake" must go down as one of his best works. I
chronicled for all time the sort of situation which those of us, whose
lives have not been all milk and honey, will appreciate.

Spoiler we cannot forget. His choice of composition was unique and
difficult. His "Rum Bacchanal" is an all time great, but few of his
ditties were below top class witty and well knitted.

Pretender, Tiger, both of the old school and both able to win a place
among the best, have served long and well.

The fact that Sparrow now rules the roost is not without good reason.
A voice that would have given him a living in any sphere; a disposition
and an approach to the calypso which imparts some of the techniques
used by people like Lion and Killer and Kitchener, an amazing ability
to put down in words and tempo, the exploits of the society and, to
crown it all, a showmanship and appeal which only Spoiler and
Melody could lay claim to make Sparrow the calypsonain he is.

He has what it takes to not only lead the calypso to great heights, but
also to organise, for the nation and for posterity, the whole history of
the calypso; what it is and what it stands for.






~Oii Lft








7~Y ~rPROR

W \0^ ANG

, 0G^



Maria darling I must go, but remember I love you so Be careful how you voting
Well unfortunately we must part Is your own self you hurting (repeat)
Girl you don't know how it breaks my heart. Well brethren we want a Government
Like the one we have
CHORUS Don't change the Government
Otherwise you starve.
Oh oh oh oh Maria
Oh oh oh oh Maria CHORUS

Oh darling if I had my way Take out you Identification Card
For ever with you I would stay And when you voting
'cause it ain't have another girl Vote for a prosperous Trinidad
That I love so much in this world. Let me tell you I know you have good intention
Don't forget Sparrow did mention
Yes the Priest willing to marry us Wear you balisier on Election Day
He says we must get engaged first The Doctor break away
When I gave you this ring of mine Wear your balisier on Election Day
Well after that it's children time. Don't mind what Lionel say
Wear your balisier on Election Day
I like the way you walk Marie Lio go lie till judgement day.
And I like the way you talk Marie
I like the way you smile Marie Registration, then election
And you have me going wild Marie. So use your discretion
Don't worry to say you're sorry
It's very plain to see Marie Just vote correctly
How much you mean to me Marie It's the best ever government
I don't care if I starve Marie If I lie I die
You'll get all the money I have Marie. Don't make no mistake
You sure to miss the water, if the well run dry.
I went home to Marie last night
But somebody nearly out me light Well the People's National Movement
I don't know what was his reason We'll continue showing improvement
But the police have him in prison. Because the Doctor is a born leader
And to us he is like a father
I don't know if what he said was true Look we send him quite to Calcutta
But he says he love Maria too Live at Nehru the Indian Messiah
So now I can't see what to do So you see he ain't prejudice
Because he have me eyes well black and blue. Don't mind Lionel and he stupidness.


Ii & % i I I I 1 1

a I I a 1 1 Y 1 A- IAit

1 go II I

A V[' IOE i -I


Some of them en loose they mama features yet
But they playing bad John looking for death (repeat)
Sleep all day roam at night
Miserable always picking fight
They parents try but they fail
I know every one of them dogs in jail.

So ah band meh jaw and make up mey mind for them
They ask for war so to solve it ain't no problem
Their crude behaviour I don't approve
They slipping out of the groove
Renegades Sparrow coming so move (repeat)

What it is at all they have meh basodee
I never see so much delinquency
Every day they going theatre twelve thirty
And believe me they going in free
One will call the gateman here
Talk in he ears ten gone through there
The gate man rush to put a stop
They push he down and the whole theatre full up

They don't give a dam and they so far underage
They band like a blasted orphanage
The police should really interfere
They too young for this criminal career
Wash they clothes give them food
And teach them not to be rude
Don't let me catch them after six
Because anytime ah see them is licks.

They ain't do me nothing gut they too advantageous
And they think they so robust
They weak and small they could only pull out knife
And interfere with people wife
They ain't bad only wild
I could beat every one like a child
Me alone could wreck the band
Except for the captain, that's the man.


Ah wonder what is wrong with you
Why do you do the things you do (repeat)
If you should love another man
Darling, I could understand
I wouldn't say or do a thing
But please gimme back me diamond ring


Now if you love me tell me so
And if you don't tell me no
If you fooling me and taking me money
Now ah want to know.

I bought this diamond ring for you
Because you promise to be true
Now you behaving very strange
Somehow I find that you have changed
The way you treat me every day
You want me to drop dead or go away
Well if I must do such a thing
First give me back me diamond ring.

You made me think I was the one
All the time you making fun
Why didn't you tell me from the start
You really thought that you was smart
I would of find someone new
Instead of wasting time on you
This whole affair if disgusting
So please gimme back me engagement ring.

Now darling what have you to say
Tell me before I go away
Have you decided to love me
Or give me back this jewellery
This diamond is over ten carat
Don't be a fool and give up that
Finally she decide to keep the ring
Now Sparrow planning the wedding.


1-n I( Up

l "I I I I I I I I I III -- hi i II .- "

11 # I I- A j f 1 #rU 1 1_ 11 I-IL '
F1 r

0 I I i sI

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I I -I I A I I I :I 1 I -- U I LA
II ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r V I II IIII IIII I I 1 14 II

I I I II I I I I P1 IE I i I I I I 1 0 P 1I


Elaine glad ship in Port
She does rob them Norwegian sailors for sport
When the police hold she look at misery
She tell the sergeant in the station
Sparrow is she man.
But look at mey crosses
Nap ah feeling, shame, shame, shame.
Corbeau, why she walking 'bout
And calling me name
Telling people she love mey
But Elaine, Elaine
I ain't working rubbish again.
Yesterday ah went South
Because I had a little business to see 'bout
Quite in San Fernando people say they know
Say they know Elaine minding me
With plenty Yankee money.
Anywhere Elaine go
She does' always have something to say 'bout Sparrow
Well if she ain't crazy something wrong with she
For anytime she drink a few straight Vat
Is now love talk start.
Elaine went Tobago
And she thief a bag of yam and some potato
So the Corporal take she down to C.I.D.
And when he hear she in love with Sparrow
Sargeant let she go.

There is no gladness only sadness
Whenever I remeniss (repeat)
My childhood days were unhappy
I was an orphan from Infancy
My mother died giving birth to me
And the grief killed my poor Daddy
Unhappy me trouble is all I see
Yes misery trouble is all I see
But I'll keep on trying .
I'll never give in .
Behind every cloud is a Silver lining.
Is there no ending to this suffering
I keep wondering
I never feel glad I'm always so sad
Sometime like ah going mad
Day in day out I'm so gloomy
Looking for someone to care for me
It looks as though I'll have to end
Up in the street of forgotten men
I got no family and I envy seeing people happy
Nobody to care I think it's unfair
Life is too hard to bear
I catch myself time after time
Thinking to commit some kind of crime
But I know to meself crime does not pay
And ah know things will change some day
Really I don't know if I must stay so
I just cannot come or go
Although ah have faith man ah tired wait
But they say it's never too late
A fair break is all I'm thinking of
That's why I pray to the Lord above
For courage and to be of good cheer
You never get more than you could bear.


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a > a\\, ,.,-,, 1 1 Wf 1 r i-.

t I I 1 I 1 le 1 1
I I v ",1I...'I


I3h1 1 II KI I e PY I I 9 b o ke
I 3 .l I I 1 if if 1 A A 1r 9, &1i 1- 4E g | t I
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. 1



Well they drop a hydrogen bomb in B.G.
Lord have mercy (repeat)
Riot in town mama
Ah hear the whole place on fire
From Kitty to the waterfront all of that
Bum down flat flat flat.

I don't care if the whole of B.G. burn down
I don't care if all of Bookers burn down
But they will be putting me out of mey way
If they tackle Tiger bay
And burn down the Hotel
Wey all mey wahbeens does stay.

They lock up over a thousand people
Well that was trouble
They send for policemen in the country
To bring unity
But police and all afraid
Stand up and they watching stores get raid
Walk in the store take everything
And when you done set fire to the building

A woman walk in a store on main street
Slippers on she feet
Dirty petticoat long time straw hat
And she smelling worst than that
But she walk out like a lady
High heel, glasses jewellery
The straw hat she had on wearing before
She take matches and bum it inside the store

T$ey send for Soldiers quite up in England
With big confusion
They bring down war ship with cannon like peas
To shoot Guianese
But Burnham said all right now
I am only man to stop the row
He give we the signal and that's the case
Now we have peace quite in the place.

Coming from the market
She had a big basket (repeat)
Four people inside the bus
The conductor, de driver and two of us
As ah make me move
Ah know to meself, she didn't approve


Darling, move you hand
Sparrow move you hand
De conductor know me name
Ah feeling shame.

She started to drive me
Saying ah surprise she;
She say she embarrass
And I shouldn't do she this
All this time, meh hand in place,
She watching me fix in me face;
All the bawl she bawl,
She wouldn't push me hand at all

Then she started pinching me
I thought I was pinching she;
So ah turn and say 'sorry'
For pinching yer darling, please forgive me.
She call me a damn disgrace
Dis is not the time an' place.
Ah get so angry, because ah was sure
People couldn't see.

Believe me, ah didn't know
Why she behaving so.
'Tell me' what you searching for,
You wouldn't find it there, I'm sure'
All, this time ah digging deep
She and all trying to take a peep
Ah nearly catch a fit,
The girl peep down in she own basket!


I a t II I li l | l I I I I aF I I
-i I l Iof I 0 d I
ve-- _
j^JlfC/ (r~f-if}~l=1f



- i ^ i iCHOWU8

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mlI- ,to ig 0 A* ff
f 10 05 -Y I- isI otI.- I I .I II I I .,/ l / I IJl
I's &15- %1 %A1

HciM^ij^ ^nf 4Iii yII



Cony Island in Arima
Who tell me take Jemma Rep.
I was having so much fun up there
Until she went in the Ferres wheel chair
The Ferres wheel go up so
And Jemma wet down every body below.

So never me again Jemma to take you any place
Your behaviour in Arima was a shocking disgrace
You spoil the people fete
Rain ain't falling everybody soaking wet
You know how shame I feel
You could do that before you come on the Ferres Wheel

Every body was bawling
What kinda strange rain is that falling
Stars come out and the moon is high
Shining bright not a cloud in the sky
A fella say one time he get wet so
Foreday morning under Boobooloops window
An old woman start to complain
Is the first time she ever see yellow rain

People scrambling for shelter
Some with rain cloak some with umbrella
Those who far from the wheel chair laughing
Because they know no dam rain ain't falling
The rain fall on a Bajan lady dress
From she chest and had the whole dress in a mess
Wah kuinda thing is dis she start to complain
I never no rain water could stain.

They had to stop the merry go round
Rain stop Jemma come down
She get white white like a piece of chalk
She so frighten that she can't talk
People surrond to hear she explain
What the whole gang of we was taking for rain
I nearly faint when I hear she say
Is a tin of Orange juice she had that thrown 'way.


Come let we go Lu Lu
Is a long time ah watching you (repeat)
You're the only woman in Trinidad
Ah want you bad ah going staring mad
Have no fear the batchie is there no one can't interfere

Ah fraid you make a Calypso on me
Ah don't want you to make no Calypso on me
Ah know no body go see and is only the two of we
But ah fraid you go make a Calypso on me.

You making skylard Lu Lu
I am surprised at you
I give you my word of honour
And I want you to remember
I'm a serious man I ain't making fun
What we do we do and what is done is done
All the try ah tried was in vain
Lu Lu started bawling again.

I took out me wallet
When I see she was so hard to get
I say buy a shoe or a nice hat
We could always fix up that
But I only giving she the money till she reach the shack
When ah finish with she ah go take it back
But she smart like if she smell the rat
She pull 'way and then she start

Well then surprisingly
She turn and she said to me
Boy you sure you could keep a secret
Al said yes she say I don't believe it
But I'll go with you if you'll promise please
Same time a woman pass and say aye Louise
That was it she duck and she crawl
And louder she start to bawl.


V -- ki I i r Ir i l A


i i MM, \ \ ,

( 1

r I

Welcome to the Fabulous Playboy Supper Club of Trinidad


Dine and Dance with our Voluptuous Bunnie Playmates
See the Colossal Show Filmed by C B S for T V

In Tropical and Calypso Atmosphere
Usiual Floor Show

Music by



C. C. MEL!



9 3
008 4

57 DUKE ST. P.O.S. PHONE 32718


keer you ;a ta"I,


You pick up a Jagabat running wild
You feel like a champ all you face in smiles (repeat)
You tell she this kind of life got to stop
You put she in a house and you furnish up
Your friends and family don't agree
But is married you going to married she
And when you married you playing boss
You get so jealous you get so cross
But when you plant Banana you can't get fig
A hog in a palace is still a pig
Dotish married man run and put ring on she hand
He know is horn he go get but when he get it
He want to cut out she neck.
They sick in they head they ain't got reason
And they think that marriage is a medicine
Buying trouble and making strife
Marry a Devil but want an Angel for a wife
I mean every single thing she accustom to
Must stop from the moment she say I do
Don't go here don't go there shut you trap
And have she belly always big no girl ain't like that.
Some of them will have a girl friend for donkey years
And will abide with her numerous love affairs
She could have man from John John to Tableland
He will cry to she but want to kill them man
But when he married it's a different score
Licks like fire if she talk to the neighbour next door
Always pulling and tugging she
Like if he get she in a sale at Kirpalani.
Take my advise and I'm sure you'll agree
It's you who breaking up your marriage with jealousy
If you see you girl friend in my Kapitan
It's a drop I'm giving she so don't break she hand
You know it's a wahbean you married to
So you have to live like a Cascadoo
Stay in you shell with no fault to find
Because you and she is two of a kind.


Vincentian Doreen
When she say no is yes she mean (repeat)
No No No she say when I beg she
Still she spend the night in me batchie
Come back to me the evening
Tears in she eyes and she complaining.
Come go talk to Mama
Come go talk to Papa
I wake up with one bad feeling
All day long I vomiting
Come go talk to Mama.
I started studying
What kind of confusion ah in
She give everybody
Who ain't get is who ain't ask she
She must be find ah living too easy
That's why she trying to trap me
So she ugly is so she repulsive
Telling me to find place for she to live
You loosing you damn mind
Ah stupid but I sure ain't blind
Every man around here
Know you have a blasted thoroughfare
You can't fool me I know you pretending
How is now you getting a bad feeling
An old mule like you Doreen
If you feeling bad you stomach ain't clean

What is the matter
Why must I go to your father
I ain't want married
Don't ever think ah so stupid
Everybody here know how you fraid water
But if you bathe you bound to smell better
You breath so high you mouth full of Coo Coo
It's you own saliva upsetting you.


ilT, --I

l r" I I "u- fr .' rr l

III I n i i i 1 0

lI i V
\^ <\','.,\ < \\OR

ft I

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84 Queen Street, Port of Spain
Cross Crossing San Fernando

I_ ^" r~ s^ ^^^

Just a flick of a switch
Brings you gay, lively
Music that keeps you
company and make the
miles fly like minutes.






Scotch Whisky
Ask For it by name




Elaine and Harry always in misery
She say that Harry eating too much from she
So she gone to she mother explaining how Harry's a pest
Ah getting thin mammy day and night I can't get a rest.

The mother say well well well I never hear more
Girl what you running from is what I'm dying for
Look me food does be wasting night after night
And your sleepy head father wouldn't get up and take a
Sometimes at night believe me I'm in a doze
This man does only be pulling at me clothes
Get up get up and the son of a gun is so crude
In the middle of the night he want me to give him food.

The mother say well well well girl I envy you
I wish that your daddy would do what Harry does do
I'd be happy to feed him whether he beg me or not
And if I'm sleeping he could help himself from the pot.
If your father was a little bit like Harry
No woman in the world could be happier than your Mammy
I don't know what to do I'm suffering both day and night
I does have to collar your father to wake up he appetite.
The mother say well well well that's how men should be
I will make sure that he remains in the family
He could board by your tanty or your sister Gertrude
Otherwise I me-self would be glad to cook Harry food.

This man is a beast he would eat 'bout six times a night
And he still want more the mother say that's all right
And if me stove out of order this criminal man is so hard
He'll be happy to light a wood fire in me back yard.
The mother say no no no darling not that one
Now I agree that you and that dirtyness got to done
If that's the behaviour of that stinken man
Let he look for Hinds or Deserie, or take himself in hand.


Uncle tell me what is wrong
Who keeping Grenada down (repeat)
Trinidadians begging Grenada
To unite and to join up together
Everything to gain nothing to lose
Don't let politics get you confused.

Free education as soon as you join up the nation
Freedom of movement and a proper Government
It is only fair you embrace the chances
To work in office not to cut down branches
The Doctor open the door tell me what you

Nobody shouldn't interfere
With politics here or there
But if you got ambition
You must put a helping hand
The world isn't what it used to be
With masters and slaves and Royalty
Everything is changed entirely
So take advantage of true Democracy.
You got to get up and get
To succeed well you got to sweat
Don't depend on some one else
The Lord help them that help themselves
Everybody cannot think alike
Some of you could be wrong some could be right
So is to put it to a vote this very month
It's the opinion of the majority that count.

Grenada has to improve
This ain't no political move
I done tell you what to do
I'm a Grenadian just like you
Make up your mind before it get late
Trinidad want a Unitary state
Come on let me hear you now all together
Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada


V Ye, |

.6 M !E A !I I I I f .* i3 1 1 I V" 1 :

V' 1 -.I I a a 1r1 .

n r'

^~~~~4, ui Ai 1 p .-W^i

U. ^i^< ^ l T^ \ .* i ^.*l\*^^ *\t*g

a \ a 4 E *! I
--now ^ ^^
















They use to heckle me heckle me very very bad
Here in Trinidad
Till a catch a plane to the U.S.A.
Just to clear out the way
Every day the mailman ringing
Hundreds of letters he bringing
Before he walk out me hall
Ah sure to get ah oversea call.
Sparrow come back home refrain
If you hear them groan
Don't leave us alone
Laddie tell mey what's the cry
You never miss the water till the well run dry.
Ah know ah have my fans to please
Here in the West Indies
They buy my records like they mad
Ah can't treat these people bad
But in New York people spending money
To promote me at Carnegie,
Contract and thing done sign up too
Ah don't know what the heck to do
I know no other bacchanal
Could be as sweet as Carnival
But mey contract was to work away
And don't come back until Ash Wednesday
But every day the mail box pack up
When this thing go stop
When ah read they ain't have no road march yet
Ah catch the P.N.M. jet.
Well every day is the same complain
The postman come back again
Ah make up mey mind to catch the aeroplane
Back to Port of Spain
But from Piarco to the City
They start back heckling me
Ah woman say 'look the hog
You did bound to come back you dog!'

/ vERS


What is wrong with Lord Melody and his reply to me (repeat)
It's just a reply he jump and he make
I think this fella testing me fate
Because I sang about dear Sparrow and the baby
He singing about dear Lord Melody.

Anything I do you following me
Behave your ugly self Melody
Do what you like but don't get me sore
Provocation is against the law
Ah married you went and you married too
But your wife ain't have eyes of blue
We have a little child, you have one too
Anything I do this monkey does do.
You are a very good calypso singer
That we all know and will remember
But your face like a crocodile
And you looking so fierce and wild
I know you well and it ain't no lie
Your mouth always wide open catching fly
Try some deodorant it wouldn't hurt
Melody you smelling like a ramgoat.
You should really be in the circus
You ugly hippopotamus
Never yet in life have I seen
Such a hideous looking human being
Sometime your face like a gorilla
Sometime again it just like an alligator
If I should open a human Zoo
The first man ah coming to hold is you.
Another thing I notice 'bout you
You never never will wear socks with your shoe
In fact you don't wear no under clothes
You afraidd that like poison everyone knows
You wouldn't try some tooth paste once in a while
To whiten your teeth and brighten your smile
So when you say you have nice girl that ain't true
Is only gateway Elaine and them for you.


I II/ I II I II I r F a :; t- I I I I
C "' ., i r

S I I I ,._I I I 1 I I I I I II
0 '1 "

I l I- A.l a a W ,I lw I I I A I. I I d qV I
-- '| \\ v \. .


iIs ^ i a i 11 \\ i \ t Wft(tf
! !- 0 / i i ./0 i A r iI i S- w i' i! t "r # !- .


LA n\ 1\- ,-

F -


!advy A>ther
Prompt Deliveries made
And all musical instruments

Like new-real beauties $750.
Second hand pianos
good condition $495.
100 DUKE STREET P.O.S. TEL. 32753



Chubby Checker felt so glad
When the Twist sent New York mad
But at last the Twist reach to Trinidad
Trinidad as you know
Is the Land of Calypso
But listen to this
I think we got the Calypso Twist
When the music start to play
Is to see them break away
Woman and man
Twisting up their foot and their hand
And when they drink and feeling sweet
Is fete from the dance hall till in the street
That's why I in-sist
That we have the Calypso Twist.
Keep a big Twist competition
In every section of this Island
Look bacchanal
When you reach up to Maraval
I think they have the belt up to now
For pelting bottle and making row
If you see them Twist
Knocking their heel and trembling like this
Dances come dances go
I never see a dance that catch people so
Chubby Checker that's a man we must remember
He really made this dance popular
But I was sorry for him in Astor Theatre
A girl from Boissierre
Make Chubby look like a square.

Big joke one day it had rain
With some Corbeau and a Pan American Plane (repeat)
Corbeau is a bird don't like to get wet
Rain catch them in the air imagine fete
Pan American bound for Port of Spain
Corbeau fly inside to shelter the rain
Well Mama that was really cute
Passengers bail out in parachute
The Aviator making speed for so
But he land Piarco with a ram cram plane of corbeau.
That's right I meself was there
The Plane was making somersault in the Air
Lord have mercy what an awful thing
All you hearing is Corbeau flapping they wing
Cabin overcrowded and very soon
They find themselves inside of the Pilot room
Excitement was too much and the pilot old
A corbeau fly on he shoulder he lost control
Well this one I've got to relate
How Pan American Pilot and them real great
Nose down lightning start to flash
I ain't driving but ah looking for brakes to mash
This pilot my friend was really under strain
But he finally settled the Pan Am Plane
The reason why he fight so hard to escape
He said he had too many Corbeau lives at stake.
People came in spite of the rain
To meet friends and relatives by that plane
If I ain't mistaken on that very day
Some big wig was coming from the U.K.
Police by the group up at Piarco
Music playing brother when they see them Corbeau
A bajan feller say this is absurd
I thought this was the Land of the Humming Bird.



V. s

F > I R'

l I L-- I I I. .

1 1 i .! 1 i i l i i' .i 1 i
^1^' rL- ^r -^iLTu'r AII ''

it^ ^r'y^?fif,,lii 0,



According to the education you get when you small
You'll grow up with true ambition and respect from one and all
But in my days in school they teach me like a fool
The things they teach me I should be a block headed mule.

Pussy has finished his work long ago
And now he resting and thing
Solomon Agundy was born on a Monday
The Ass in the Lion skin
Winkin blinkin and nod
Sail off in a wooden shoe
How the Agouti loose he tail and Alligator trying to get
monkey liver soup.

The poems and the lessons they write and send from England
Impress me they were trying to cultivate comedians
Comic books made more sense
You know it was fictitious without pretence
But like Cutteridge wanted to keep us in ignorance.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty didn't fall
Goosey Goosey Gander
Where shall I wander
Ding dong dell Pussy in the well
Rikki Tikki Tavi


Big Bacchanal in a well know family
They discussing popularity (repeat)
Three people involve as the topic go
Lord Hailes, Dr. Williams and Sparrow
It start up like sport I don't know why they fought,
But they end up in the blackguard court.


The father said he want Dr. Williams
The big son say no
Lord Hailes is the only man for he
And all other men could go
Trouble now start up in the place
The father get ignorant
The niece and the aunt the mother and the daughter
Sparrow is the Man they Want.

Being a big supporter of PNM
The father try to convince them
Say what you want he was solid as a rock

Well Cutteridge he was plenty times more advanced than
them scientists
I ain't believe that no one man could write so much foolishness
Aeroplane and rockets didn't come too soon
Scientist used to make the grade in balloon
This time cutteridge done make a cow jump over the moon

Tom Tom the piper son
Stole the pig and away he ran
Once there was a woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children that she didn't know what to do
Dickery Dickery Dock
The mouse run up the Clock
The lion and the mouse
A woman pushing a cow up a ladder to eat grass on top a house

How I happen to get some education my friends I don't know
All they teach me is about Brer Rabbit and Rumpelstilskin .0
They wanted to keep me down indeed
They tried their best but didn't succeed
You see I was dunce and up to now I can't read.

Peter Peter was a pumpkin eater
And the Lilliput people tie gulliver
When I was sick and lay abed
I see the Goose that lay the golden egg
The Spider and the fly
Morocoy with wings flying in the sky
They beat me like a dog to learn that in school
If me head was bright I would be a damn fool.

Pointing out the greatness of the Doc.
He talk and talk but all the while
The madam watching me picture with a big broad smile
Even the old grandmother none of them ain't care about he
They only singing robbery with V.

Sparrow is the most popular man on the scene
We does even see him on the screen
The husband get vex and the big son start to shout
All you don't know what all you talking bout
Furthermore if all you continue saying so
Let Sparrow get some place for you to go
The husband beat up the wife all she skin in wales
And make she say she rather Lord Hailes

The husband take off like a jet plane through the door
To meet the doctor at Piarco
In no time at all he was out of Port of Spain
He reach the Airport in the rain
Passing through the crowd he get a shock
People clapping and I was singing for the Doc
He say who is that boy making himself a pappyshow
A fellow say I ain't know but he talking to Sparrow.


I'm a slave from a land so far
I was caught and was brought here from Africa (repeat)
Well it was licks like fire from the white slavemaster every
day ah down on me knees
And it took weeks and weeks before we cross the seas
To reach the West Indies.


And then you work and work and you get no pay
Toil and toil so hard each day
I'm dying I'm crying .
Oh Lord oh .
Oh Lord I want to be free.
Manytimes I wanted to run
But the English Slave Master standing there with his gun
Oh I know he would shoot to kill
So I stayed and I prayed but ah planning still
I studied night and day how to get away
Ah got to make a brilliant escape
But everytime I think bout the whip them dogs
Me body does start to shake.

In my heart there was much to say
And I hope that the boss would listen to me someday
Though he knew my request was small
'Twas a stinging whip that will answer me when I call
We had to chant and sing to express our feeling
To that wicked and cruel man
That was the only medicine to get them to listen
And it's so Calypso began.

Times had changed irr so many ways
Till one day someone said free the bloody slaves
I was then put out in the street
Got no food got no clothes got no place to sleep
I had no education no particular ambition
This I cannot conceal
Forgot my native culture I live like a vulture
From the white boss I had to steal.
Part One (1)



I was on a sailing boat one evening
Suddenly the boat start drifting
It went away to an Island
Which was only packed with women
Imagine how Sparrow feeling
You know how me blood near me skin
Two thousand and twenty-four women
Sparrow alone is the man.
Last night I had Mary Jane
Kicking hell like in Port-of-Spain
Dorothy making noise I said don't fret
Every-body go get.
So much women on that Island
Imagine the situation
Ah bawling for help ah weary
Then ah have a weakness in me knee
One morning ah wake ah feeling cramp
Too much of bacchanal in camp
Every night downstairs in a mess
After all the Sparrow want a rest.
So they had a competition
To select the Queen of the Island
They ask me to do the judging
Well as man I was quite willing
So I gave the prize to Ruby
Because she was fat and juicy
When she win the prize she raise her hand
Saying the Queen is entitled to the man.
Sparrow was in so much trouble
Something held me in me navel
Ah praying to see somebody
So they could come and help me
Then somebody touch me shoulder
It was me wife Emelda
Wake up saga boy stop dreaming
It is ten o'clock in the morning.

I never had Mary Jane
Every thing seems to go in vain
But me wife in the house start to fret
Sparrow get up and get.

L i > h .

^ I I- i | k | | | ., a I | v iin

. ... .. 'i- w
bo 0

Ii I I. II II I I I li I

I I U I 1 I I ^ I I
f^^\l .'^^ ';'!'^UJ^ 1 0 I

it n r "T "Tr f Uor
00 1, .. 1,\

Our policy is your

Protection! ...
Established 1844

CONSULT: Jamaica Mutual
4yg ne hlp Agency Manager

Small wonder .
In such changing time that Volkswagen
remains unchanged outwardly that is,
inwardly, nearly every part has been
progressively improved. Indeed, who'd
want to change Volkswagen's classic
design or unequalled performances?
Over five million Volkswagen owners
decidedly would not. Small wonder!

(Motor Division)


I have confidence in Kennedy
Kruschev ain't mean nothing to me
But I will bet he will regret
Kennedy is a genius
Bald head Kruschev was too contentious
Always talking tough
Finally Kennedy called his blkff.
But they turn their ships in another direction
Is a lucky thing Russia use she discretion
Search them or sink them in the bottom of the Ocean
So let me hear all you voice if all you second the motion.
World wide communism they want to spread
Me mother said she rather dead
Than live in a world of communism
She say emn emn she'll drink poison
But poison ain't necessary
Not as long as we have Kennedy
Together with Canada, England, and France
Nikita Kruschev ain't stand a chance.
We ain't want no war not again
But it is plain we ain't go remain
And let communism just step in
And ain't do nutten that never happen
We got brains we got weapons
To stifle Russian aggression
Move you missiles from Cuba Kennedy say
They had no choice they had to obey
Castro try and remember
It's America and not Batista
So don't be too quick to fight
Try and see the light you taking too much of a big bite
Kruschev is a mad man
But still he wouldn't die for no Cuban
He'll give you weapons and that is all
And when you die he'll come to your funeral.
You ain't see how he back away .


People are always gossiping
About Calypso singing (repeat)
Up to yesterday I overheard
A big conversation down the road
Well ah laugh till ah nearly dead
When some Calypso fans jump up and said.
Lord Melody is only full of mouth, looking like a Boo Boo
But we like to hear him shout, Lord Christo is very cool in life
But when Sparrow singing, hold on to you wife.
It is so near Carnival
And they want to put me in bacchanal
These people only setting strife
By telling you how to hold you wife
Singing Calypso is my work
With everybody I make a joke
With married women I don't mingle
But you in trouble if you young, you free and single.
Christo have them people fool
By pretending to be cool
When he is on the pavement
Ordinarily he look so innocent
But if you want to know the score
Ask Marjorie and Lenore
I am sorry for poor Crissy
I don't know how he going to pay the maintenance fee.
Melody is the Boo Boo man
The only one in the Island
His calypsoes are very bright
But then he could kill you dead with fright
Ma Ma look ah Boo Boo dey
If you see him you sure to faint away
But still for all we like to hear him croon
The creature from Black Lagoon. ......


V s ,-i IT ~ ( "
yawm r. ; -

11 P -1 It
I ri n N, W ll go FI- w P V A
FO . a Il It ]

1i ^ | ll ^> \ I ^, <''^ i" di I Vt V I I n l~l i',
It q 0 go o WS lo p v I 1 n | 1 l
II I l f t a I I I I !r 00 X :| | 0;-00

.. .. .. t-


Our lovely Princess said it was foolishness (repeat)
Tired being single, she decide to try a next angle
So she prayed to the Lord above,
And the Lord send she a man to love.

If I wasn't there in England and see with mey eyes
And one of meh friends did tell me, ah would ah say they lie
Although I was there and see, I still feel she fooling me
Ah can't understand how a Princess could love a cameraman


Some people real lucky take for instance, Anthony
The man used to take out photo Lord, any way he go;
Nowadays he throw way the camera, Tony gone for higher.
Luckiest man I have ever seen little bit again, he gone with the Queen.


Long ago in England yer couldn't touch the Princess hand
Unless you real able, like the Knights of the Round Table.
If yer want she real bad yer have to beat Ivanhoe or Sir Galahad,
Mount yer horse with yer spear in hand, who remain alive, that's
the Princess man.
Nowadays could be any fella you don't have to be muscular,
If the Princess like you, boy, you ent have a thing to do,
Just take out you camera, take a picture of her,
Tell she say cheese, an' if she smile, hold she by she hand and take
she down the aisle.
Note: Change last line in chorus to "Yer know this cameraman
could get a good wock in Trinidad Guardian.


I'm proud Princess Margaret came to Trinidad
Boys imagine how I'm feeling glad (repeat)
To show my appreciation
I'll wish that she would enjoy her vacation
Enjoy the tropical breeze
And remember the queen of the West Indies.
Princess we are happy you came our way
But unfortunately you could not stay
This is a welcome that has no end
Please pay us a visit now and then

From the-time we all heard that you were coming down
That was bacchanal in town
Preparation we all made without no delay
Everybody was bright and gay
And from the smaller islands
Visitors came with no hesitation
We wish you health and prosperity
Princess from here to eternity.

I am sure that you heard a lot about Trinidad
The land where people is never sad
For in sorrow we smile and take things easily
That's the way we live happily
You were just in time for Carnival
The best of all West Indian festival
It's a pity you could not remain
To hear our sweet melodious refrain.
I am hoping that some day you'll come again
Here in the City of Port of Spain
Bring your friends and family to have a stay
You are welcome any day
Because on your departure
People shed tears ever after
So please come back to La Trinity
The land of love and sincerity.


a, L I I I .. ;" I tI U

II V ff r I I 5'fI

i. ., ,.- Ii C-,- F O fiA
I f1 1
g, g a 1 1 1r

I I I b I I J I I I I II r I I OF 4 At I a~ r- 1 01I
IF I W I I UatI I P so- V Of r I I I I

.. 5 -I .=- '

,* I.. ., .. .... .
f- 41 1 1 is sa I is .1 la IN fro Ai "E 1: =d"' -


It have an ugly woman name Suzie Jumbie
Selling roast corn in Sangre Grande
She win a sweepstake there recently
And stop selling roast corn immediately
No man never look at she twice
But now they saying how she nice
She would listen to them attentively
And than tell all of them candidly.


When I had no money nobody didn't want me
Now I have me money all you buying me company
I ain't want nobody and I ain't care if all you want me
You see any man that want to want me
Must have more money than me.

If you see all them big time Doctors
Magistrates and big lawyers
Most of them done married already
And still they promising matrimony
Saying how she so lovely and exquisite
And is the image of Princess Margaret
All this mamaguism and flattery
Had no effect on Suzie.


Well an old man a little boy and a Donkey
Was in some difficulty
Going to Tunapuna from Port of Spain
Where they just complete a bargain
Old and feeble he decide to ride
And have the little boy walking by his side
But as they reach to Success Village
A crowd of people start shouting for advantage

Old man aye old criminal
Old man you ain't have no conscience at all
Get off the jackass you too damn advantageous
You on top the ass like a King
And the poor little boy walking

Well the old man ready to please everybody
Right away jump off the Donkey
And he start walking the journey
It made him feel good although they criticize
He gave up his ride and left them satisfied
But when he reach to Morvant junction
They start calling him the stupid old man.

Old man aye you dotish old fool
Where's you sense like you never went to school
The little boy young he should be on the ground
But he on top the Ass like a King
And ah old man like you walking

I see a saga boy shedding tears
Saying he love Suzie for donkey years
And he can't take it no longer again
His love for her driving him insane
No sleep no food morning noon and night
Her lovely face always in a sight
He have to turn he face he can't watch at she
To talk about matrimony.

One day an ugly no teeth fellow name Laddy
Went up to Sangre Grande
He bounce up Suzie one Saturday night
He fell madly in love at first sight
As an old Taxi-driver from Port of Spain
You know the criminal got brain
He milk she dry and he pull out and gone
So she start back selling roast corn.

When she had she money she always had company
She play safe for everybody
And get trap with no teeth laddie
Moco Jumbie Suzie she really looking sad
Every penny she make now-a-days
She buying sweepstake like if she mad.

Now the old man decide to please everybody
None of them must ride this Donkey
So the next thing he do is to make the boy come down
And both of them walking in the sun
Man they soaking with beads of perspiration
And all they ambition is to please everyone
But when they reach the Quayzay again
The whole of San Juan start to complain.

Old man why you don't ease the load off you feet
Old man you have a Jackass to ride and beat
Don't hold the tail and let it lead you you should be in jail
You behind the Ass suffering
And a bare back jackass walking

They made a last try to please everybody
Two of them climb on the Donkey
In Champfleur they met some people up there,
Who found them very unfair
Ring the police now somebody say
Or the S.P.C.A. don't let them get away
The band of mercy make bacchanal
Charge the old man with cruelty to dumb animal

Well the moral of this story is plain to see
Please yourself because you can't please everybody
Don't be ashamed when them news mungers call you name
Stay on top the ass like a King
They go talk but you still riding.

Date Due

Due Returned Due Returned
MiPia.I. 1. 4, -



Sc- eJVua ),. It oe;t 1U '),




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Ifl 1 tJJ if .1 11

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