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Title: Hotness! Newsletter
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HOTMESS! is news for tiie Jamaican
Lesbian, All-Sexual and Gay Oommunity
News for the Jamaican Lesbian, All-Sexual and Gay Community
Brian Wlliamson: Tie Spirit of Cpposition
P.D. 1875, KingstDH 8, Jamaica
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For years now, Brian vyiliamson
has been a household personal-
ity within the homo/bisexual conv
nxjnity in Jamaica He v\as very
instrumental in the conceptuali-
sation of the Jamaica Forum for
Lesbian, Al-Sexuals and Gays
(J-FLAG) as well as the Jamaica
AIDS SLqxrt (JAS). He has dso
been very resourceful in many
radio and television programs
that explore gay and lesbian is-
sues and has participated in
many wortehops sponsored by
J-FLAG But the red history be-
hind this Jamaican icon is nxch
vtue conpelling than meets the
Brian is the first to proudly de-
clare his authentic Jamaican
roots to quell his light complexion
and wavy hair. His water once
told him he v\as the "spirit of op-
position" and fate would have
him beconB one of the leading
voices to oppose the many injus-
tices faced by the honnsexual
conmunity in Jamaica today
Needless to say he's made sev-
eral landmark strides for the
conmunity; opening the first gay
dib in New Kingston and being
one of the first Jamaican to
openly say he is a honnsexual in
ptblic media without fear or
frown. In his eyes, the gay and
lesbian conmunity in Jamaica is
becoming more accepted as
large numbers of heterosexual
citizens are becoming more toler-
ant of homosexuality. In addi-
tion, the visibility of the interna-
tional homosexijal conmunity is
working in favour of our own so-
cial acceptance. This, according
to Brian, is making us, as gay
Jamaicans, less ashamed and
afraid of our own homosexual
M is not dandy, though. Brian
points out a major problem cur-
rently working against the gay
and lesbian conmunity in Ja-
maica the lack of unity and co-
operative efforts Many of the
harsh realities, which the homo-
sexual conmunity endures, re-
sult from this lack of unity within
the conmunity itself. Social
stratification continues to take a

toll on the conmunity and pre-
vents socially healthy interaction
between people of different so-
cial groips. The iptown versus
the downtown nnntality among
honnsexual Jamaicans has ae-
ated a vicious cyde of destruc-
tion that is affecting the advance
of the overall conmunity.
Nevertheless, Brian hopes for a
better Jamaica where gay and
lesbian people will not be seen
as "an abomination". He hopes
that Jamaica will become a to-
tally educated sodety with peo-
ple wfx) understand and are tol-
erant of difference. He is also in
favour of an apology from the
churches of Jamaica for the vio-
lence and hatred they have
caused honnsexuals to endure
in Jamaica Wth all the contribu-
tions Brian has made to our conv
nxjnity, these hopes may one
day become a reality, espedally
if more 'family should catch the
spirit of opposition

A recent survey conducted
among gay V\fest Indian men,
induding Jamaicans has re-
vealed sonn startling results Of
the total number of guys who
partidpated, 64% said they al-
v\ays use condoms during anal
intercourse, of which 4% also
use condoms during oral inter-
course. The remaining 36% said
that at one point or another they
do not use condoms either during
anal or oral intercourse. Of the
total number of guys, 8% do not
use condoms during intercourse.
Despite current programs to edu-
cate people about sexually trans-
mitted infections (STl), these
results indicate that there are
guys wfx) are either slipping
through the aacks or ignoring
the facts. According to a source
wfx) does voluntary work at an
HIV/AIDS organisation, there are
guys who practise unprotected
intercourse even though they are
aware of the risks involved. "It is
not a question of knowing or not
knowing," said our source, "guys
are ignoring the facts thinking
that the risks will go av\ay sonn-
how". The recommendation
made by our source is for guys to
always practise safer sex, no
matter with wfnm they have in-
tercourse. Knowing your current
health state is alv\ays very inpor-
tant, not just as far as HIV/AIDS
is concerned but other STl's as
v\ell. Condoms are available free
of cost at any of the Jamaica
AIDS Siqoort offices in Kingston,
Montego Bay and Qto Rios.

V3lume1, Issue 1
Can t he Fbl i ce real I y arrest me f or j ust bei ng a honDsexual ?
There seems to be widespread
misunderstanding about the legal-
ity of homosexuality. Much of the
confusion can be blamed on the
arriaguity of the term homosexual-
ity, since it can refer to a sexual
orientation (same-gender attrac-
tion) or a behaviour (same-gender
intimacy). A homosexual orienta-
tion does not necessarily lead to
homosexual behaviour (one may
choose celibacy or engage only in
sex with an opposite-gender part-
ner), and homosexual behaviour
does not necessarily mean one
has a homosexual orientation (one
might be bisexual or engage in
same-gender intimacy for reasons
other than attraction such as finan-
cial gain). Same-gender attraction
has never been illegal in Jamaica
so you cannot be arrested simply
for having an attraction to some-
one of the same gender. However,
same-gender intimacy can be ille-
gal, depending on wtra is being
intimate. V\fomen can legally en-
gage in any sexual behaviour they
choose, even with another vroman,
as long as it is consensual and not
for pay. Therefore, women cannot
be arrested for homosexual orien-
tation or behaviour. For men, how-
ever, things are very different. The
HEalth 8 WeIIdess
V\fe all know about the negative
effects of homophobia when ex-
pressed by heterosexuals dis-
crimination, verbal and physical
abuse, and sodal exdusion. But
did you know that we can be ho-
mophobic ourselves, and that this
internalised homophobia can
have profound effects on our
health? Homophoba is the irra-
tional fear or hatred of those wtn
engage in same-sex intimacy.
Let's face it, we all have been
raised to view homosexuality in a
highly negative vray. Axrdingto
researcher Katherine OHanlan,
MD., the "conditioning of gays
and lesbans against themselves
is a legitimate health hazard and
should be recognized." This inter-
nalised homophoba leads us to
experience greater instances of
guilt, shame, poor self-esteem,
loneliness, distrust, sodal separa-
tion and difficulty maintaining inti-
mate relationships. These condi-
tions lead to greater levels of de-
pression, sLbstance abuse, siid-
dal tendendes, and risl^ sexual
IntErnatiDnal News
On IVby 17, history was made
wfien for the first tinn, gay mar-
riage becann legal in the U.S
state of IVbssachusetts (IW\).
More than one thousand mar-
riage licences v\ere issued to gay
and lesbian coiples wfn queued
overnight at dty halls all over the
state on the first day alone. De-
spite protest over the acceptabil-
ity of sann-sex marriage by
many anti-gay organisations and
individuals, there v\as no stop-
ping the many same-sex coiples
who dedded to exchange vows.
Earlier in the year, the dty of San
Frandsco and a small town in the
New York state had a string of
gay marriages but the lav\s of
both NY and CA did not sanction
these marriages. On the other
hand, the marriages being con-
ducted in MA have been. This
makes MA the first state to ever
do so. Additionally, there are le-
gal battles in the states of New
reason lies within the Offences
Against the Person Act, a set of
laws mandated by Queen Victoria
for the British Bnpire in the 180O's.
Wthin the Act, the laws that aeate
today's double standard deal vyth
the issues of "Unnatural Crime"
and "Outrages on Decency. The
Unnatural Crime refers to buggery
(anal intercourse). The act of bug-
gery, whether the "recipient" is
man, vroman or animal, is punish-
able by up to ten years imprison-
ment with hard labour. Even the
attempt to commit buggery or "any
indecent assault upon any male
person" is punishable by up to

behaviour. M of these can mani-
fest in a wide range of physical
symptoms. To make matters
worse, internalised homophoba
can lead us to misrepresent the
facts of our symptoms when seek-
ing medical attention, thus hinder-
ing the best diagnosis and treat-
ment. So how do we begn to
address this problem? Research
indicates that internalised homo-
phoba decreases when we adopt
a proactive coping style. This
means taking positive steps to
understand and accept our sexual
orientation and to create sodal
support networks in order to ulti-
mately love ourselves for wtn we
are. These include acknowledgng
our same-sex attraction, first to

Jersey and California to make
gay marriages legal. Interestingly
enough, IVby 17 also marks the
5(P anniversary of the landmark
Brown vs. the Board of Education
case in the U.S to end radal
segregation in educational insti-
tutes. IVbyor Jason Paltz also
went on trial for performing
same-sex marriages earlier in the
year in his town against the New
York state laws.
seven years imprisonment with
hard labour. Outrages on De-
cency, commonly known as "Gross
Indecency, refers to any act or
attempted act of physical intimacy
(such as fondling or kissing) be-
tv\een men in public or private.
This is punishable by up to 2 years
of imprisonment with or vythout
hard labour. So regardless of sex-
ual orientation, a man can only be
arrested if he is caught violating
either of these laws, whether in
public or in private. The bottom
line, ho\/\ever, is that you cannot
be arrested for just being homo-
sexual according to the laws of
[Email your question to]

ourselves, then to other like-ninded
individuals and then to trusted
friends and family. Wiile this is not
without risk, the act of coning out
has been shown to reduce anxiety
and depression while promoting a
higher self-concept. In the end,
everyone benefits from such steps -
ourselves, other LGBT individuals
wtn begn to see positive rde mod-
els and opportunities for happiness,
and even heterosexuals wtn are
released from fear and hatred as
they come to know us as we really
are and not as cultural myths and
stereotypes portray us. Wth cour-
age and caution, each of us can do
our part to reduce homophobia in
ourselves and our sodety, for a
healthier, happier Jamaica.
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