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, i.w "-S^ ."f7 Page ThrE

; ~- i X.^: .y Virt.ute Duce Conite Fortmui

Vol. I No. 1 July 31st, 1965 Five Cents

THE O T E A N D T;:HE .BEAM-' 'i
` .. A... ...

(The Editorial puoblied beneath was originally written fo
Dominica fti.ral.d It w;-; removed from the iprintery on June .
and its publication wa; prevented. We now place it befor.ut.
readers. )

Editors, columnists and critics are inclined to be censorious of.' '
the behaviour of other people --- whether it be the mass behaviour of..
a nation, a political party, or'a section of the home;, ,;
this seems to be regarded as their role. We have to sympathize wi
certain correspondents who have uttered mild complaints to. this -ef
"why not pull out the beam in your own eyes before you try to remdo
r ~ the. motes in. your neighbeurs' eyes?" *--- ,

Disraeli once wrote: "You know who .the critics are?--- The mer
have failed in litera-;LCe and art," Dizzy may well have been right
is virtually impo sible to finish an excellent work of art if one i
engaged in pulling; p....ece's contributions into shape... or pd
their performances aart. ,

C/n the subject o" motes and beams --- and we hope the new
Testa;er t -;i;1 use Ln ;:i:c understandable words than the King Jameo *--
for tho.s occul-r obrtscles --- (since as children we often won red 1
eye coul. be .J-';o e.:.,;1.1 t. admit any beam save a beam of light), lei
pose a qc-',sti.:. c'.: .:-.'el's :^s well as ourselves which may enable I
faimil.i..e, o .-.;' '- :l.-r.~-" week-end in mo-.ral argument: what do
consider a motz, or i:'?.l failing, and what do you consider a beam,
a grons sin of hu'i.n.i. d?

We caui.ot answer the question for you, since the matter of perso
guilt or defection, aside from biblical, judicial and oracular ruling
a matter for personal determination. We can only draw our cardinal
examples from the '7.ic-le and -hakespeare.

Both o-f -h.?c ei;ri-'n.L sources (and we hope we may be forgiven f.
brec.:.'ciJ th'lJ:i) havi :i. :1icated that the basest crime of a wrongdoer i
i:. achery or porfl--., Judas kissed Jesus before he betrayed him; Loi
S --ispe tcok IIo',::'.)' :'s r.e-dship and bounty, then turned traitor. Ou
vi.e,..s are the sa.i:e; '1.4 :L' would be most interesting to overhear var
readers' discussions on this question of the mote and the beam.

In August and Septel'mber enumeration and listing of voters' name,
will tale place in DcjO:inic.. We have been asked to encourage the pu
to co-operace with those who go around "taking names", and are very
to do so. Even those who say "I don't care who wins what" may have(
shock of disappointment on polling day when they have to stand still
let other people choose their rulers for them. We hope nobody wi3,
that the patient officials who go about taking down names are doing s
for any other purpose than to compile democratic voters' lists. HELT

THE STAR Saturday, July 31, 1965

TEWS Dental Clinics

Headmaster appointed to new
Goodwill School is Schools
Inspector Mr. Belgrave Robinson
with Mrs. Joffre Robinson as
distant Returned to Dominica
i ss Olive Brand (from London
.ty) Sister Regina (Benjamin)
t to sick father, Archdeacon
ane rom Caribbean Mental Health
)Wference in Martinique), and six
teachers from courses at Golden
rove Training College, Trinidad.

.-Commissioner Rita Bascomb

Among West Indian Guide guests
garden party given by HM.
nueen at Buckingham Palace last
Swap Dominica's Rita Bascomb.

Home from Confirmation

His-Lordship Bishop Boghaert
d last week from a month-
)nfirmation tour of Leeward Is.

ath of Mrs. Berlyn
We regret to announce the
,ath of Mrs. Nydie Berlyn, wife of
ie late Mr. Justice Bernard Berlyn
an English nursing home this month.
i will be long remembered as a
acious and gentle lady.

Delices Man Drowned

Mr. Dee Dee James of Delices,
Ted 78, was crossing River Blanc
in his way from Pte. Mulatre on
monday July 28, when floods
arrived him away. The body was
found on July 27, and Dr. Wisse
carried out a post mortem at
slices, which was followed by an
.est. Verdict: death by droningg.


/ Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Vanderpool
e now hosts to four visiting
latives from the United States:
2ir sons John R. and Arnold, Mrs.
o.'anderpool (John's wife),and and
ss.s Anne Hurtault (sister of
rs. Vanderpool Sr.) all arrived
n Dominica together this week.
to young'couple and Arnold will
turn to the U.S.A. in three weeks

The School dental clinic now
operates from the Roseau Health
Centre, and the adult dental clinic
operates from Princess Margaret
Hospital. Tickets for extractions
at the latter must be obtained from
the Steward's office, P.M.H.

Show Your Price List'

Government has warned that all
grocers must display a retail price
list of groceries for sale, and
that the price of rice is 17 cents
and not 18 cents,

Martini uq Students Happy

The group of 21 teachers and
students who visited this island
for 14th July as guests of the
Cdrcle Francais have written warm
letters of thanks to friends and
sponsors here.

W.H.S. Speech Day and Goodb;y

Wesley High School and its co-
educational junior school held the
annual speech day, plus farewell
to Miss Mary Beswick B.A. onetime
Principal of South Hackney Secondary
School, who has retired after three
years as Headmistress here, sailing
for Britain in the Q. Mary after an
air-trip to the U.S.A.
Wesley's considerableprogross
and success in last year's G.C.E,
was noted by Hon. W.S. Stevens,
Social Services Minister, and other
speakers including Education Officer
O.A. Walker. Distinguished guests
on the stage included H.H. the Admin-
istrator and Mrs. Guy, Chief Minister
E.O. LeBlanc, Mayor Stafford S.
Lestrade, Methodist and Anglican
clergy and members of the Board of
Guests saw part of SNOW WHITE
beautifully produced and costumed
by teacher Mrs. Sissie Caudeiron.
Next day the School presented Miss
Beswick with a full Dominican
costume, and on Thursday 29th Rev.
and Mrs. F.A. Roberts (who are also,
it is deeply regretted, leaving soon,
gave a farewell party at the Manse.

Saturday, July 31, 1965 THE STAR


St. Kitts
... ... Grandson of the late
C.E.A. Rawle by his first wife,
Christopher Vanier (who won the
Abraham Lincoln Essay prize 1959
as a schoolboy) received his B.A.
(Hins) degree from Cambridge Univ.
and is going on to U.S. to further
his studies. His brother Peter,;
Also at Cambridge, is studying
chemical engineering *"** On July
10 Magistrate Mrs. Mona Rigsby James
saved a St. Lucian from being
deported as a prohibited immigrant.
The Court found that the man was a
British subject, had resided in
St. Kitts for three years; that
the first permit issued to him
(1962) was not in accordance with
the Immigration & Passport Act,
and the second permit (1965) was
meant for a prohibited immigrant,
which he was not. Pointing out
irregularities in the procedure
for the man s arrest, Mrs. Rigsby
James dismissed the Crown's case
with the words: "The Court has no
alternative but to refuse to enter-
tain this application for a removal

Ani-- A two-week course in trade
unionism sponsored by the Carib-
bean Congress of Labour opens in
Antigua next Wednesday.

GRENADA's .Willie Redhead put on
a successful play at the Common-
wealth Institute in London, July.
The seene is a Grenadian fisher-
man's cottage, and Horace James
(Trinidad comedian) stars in the
leading male role. The leading
33dy is a Jamican, LTonie Forbee.

U.W.I. is to provide a B.Sc.
general hons, degree in Geography.
Geography will also be a special
subject in B.Sc. economics.

-B ad"-- Speaking at the opening
of the Regional shipping Council,
of which he was chairman, Premier
Errol Barrow said that the Canadian
gift ships had performed a useful
service to all the Territories,
making a link between the islands.

Page Thre

Second conference was
meeting of W.I. Currency Board to
discuss new notes for area circular
**** On Aug. 1 (tomorrow) RADIO
BARBADOS wave length will bel /
not 795. It is hoped that BON.
interference will be bypassed.

Dominica again Date of 'L is'
wide Agricultural and Industria
Exhibition, for which district t
committees has been altered to
October 9-11, The Exhibition wi
include entertainment as wel'
opportunity to see fine local
on display. Site: the Bota.

Traffic Mishay
Crash near Police HQ

At 6 p.m. on July 29, car-No.
driven by Mr. Carlton Philip
Jeep 1854 driven by Donald F
collided in front of the Pc
Station in King Georg 'V S. -
Philip's car was badly damaged:
was injured.
That Canefield Road!

At 8 a.m. on July 30, Truck 19C
driven by Lambert Riley of Mab
ran off the Canefield Road. w
persons were taken to hospital.
Police are investigating.

TRINIDADIAN dies in Dominica

PEW.D, Survey employee Ifir
of Trinidad, aged 57, die4 on
Thursday morning, suddenly, an
funeral service was oonducter
Deacon Pdnd at St. George's .

MARTINIQUE : Schoelcher Forgot

Only 100 people aut of Mar
300,000 population (125,000 in 3
de France) attended' anniversary
honoring Schoelcher, great libea
of slaves, on July 21.

.ge Four THE STAR Saturday, July 31, 1965


By 'Anna Burnette

was- walking .along Old Street one Saturday, when I heard a young
say to.her friend, ;Hello pal, what's happening non?"

'"- I just watching you. I see you getting so"fat dese days." -

"Ah, dat's not true. S. what you.doing tonight?" -

"Me, girl, I hear Zorro outside, I "do' want to stay o60t'late. 3Befor.e
six o'clock, we inside already."

"')at:is stupidness man, what Zorro you talking about? I heardat '
"but I not worrying."

But is true; one of dose nights, I hear dey raid de Dominica.
'aft and take all Mr. Barnet money. I even hear dey'putt'ing grease
r skin for people not to hol' dem. Dey say it might be -gw6ou boug
.ise." ''

'So is dat'den? Perhaps is as I was in .de country las' .1eek. I-
'a all dat! Well I going home papa; I better do lilke you;'"'

K,. we go catch." So,-.they parted.

That very night, I was disturbed from my sleep by a terrible shouting
Queen Mary Street. I rose, put on my bedroom slippers, and looked out.
'e was a large crowd of people, some of whom were only half-dressed,
Ing towards the Police Fort.. Before I could make any enquiry, a young
,aid: -

"Dose rogues! Dey catch on DeDe brute get so much blows, he cannot
En bawl. De Police have him in de van."

An old woman who appeared worn out by drink shouted, "Bravo!., Yow
,iebai un Zorro. Mwei content garcon!" Then came a band of juvenile
linquents singing "Zorro, Zorro, dey hol' a Zorro tonight."

The question as-to who those Zorros were still remained an unsolved
-stery. People of Roseau were afraid to leave their homes, at night; some
had formerly slept alone, now too eagerly sought companions; naughty
-en were threatened with delivery t- the Zorros. .Whoever they were.,
.ad a technique which only they understood. Unfortunately for them
night, the band had been robbed of one agent.

Such was the trend of my thoughts, when I was distracted by an elerly
itleman's voice: "I never thought this job was done by such young
oloits." An un-addressed scavenger interrupted, "Who you tink does do it
not dem at all. Do best ting for him to do, is to call de oders names,"
eryone's wish had been expressed by this street-cleaner. Would that
jrro expose 'his colleagues? Surprisingly, he didn't.

One week later, I heard talk of a woman from a nearby village, who
as criminally attacked by a member of this malicious gang. A little boy
as telling his mother what he had heard.

Saturday, July 31, 1965 THE STAR Page Five
- -- -"--.--- -

WHO ARE THE ZORROS? (continued)

"Mama, I hear de lady was-going to Church about five in de morning,
She didn' Zorro but she only feel pmebody hol' her and start to
wrastle wid her. She use her umbrella and/strong enough to get away;
but her white dress turn grey, because de man had vaseline all on him.,'

His mother, 4wh had waited half an hour for her son's return, excl
"Yes! dis is.what/was listening to why you couldn't bring de sugar to
make tea for dose children. I send you to do dat for me, you have tc
stay hearing all nonsenseabout Zorros, and de children hungry; 'bu at
bedtime you can't say.your prayers."

"Mama is as I was passing..."

: "Just shut up before I cut-your tail."

Now this unmarried mother was one of the principal gossipers- in
Suih propaganda was sure to excite her, though she pretended not' to b
impressed. In less than no time, she had put her four children to b(
(despite the fear of Zorro intrusion) was off to her neighbour's to c
the business. Arriving there, she called, "Ma Joe. Bon Sweh, sa ks
fate? Ou tan sa yow dit conte ces Zorros-la, non?" ...They went on


Meanwhile, her overgrown son, whose love of mischief was not--
excelled, was trying to put on a Zorro performance. He dressed b"-
in old man's clothes, clapped on an old Carnival mask, and sat J
corner near the doorway. Soon he was fast asleep in this sedentary I

His mother, returning home in a good mood, reached for the blind,
opened it, and stepped in. As she turned to close the door, behold s.
saw a crouching figure in the corner! Without hesitation,.she dashed
outside, shouting: "Oui Bon Dieu! Soucours; Zorro, Zorro inside-i'
house, help: help!"

Soon a crowd had gathered. The lanky boy was still asleep. Some
one rang the Police. Minutes later, the van appeared, bearing four c'
They decided that two should guard the windows, while two went in to
challenge the intruder. By now the eleven-year-old, the
noise of the crowd, was about to emerge. No sooner had he risen, thay
he was grasped by firm hands, while a spectator dealt him a terrible'
on the head. The boy was frightened; he screamed "Mamal Mama!"-'

It was then that his mother recognized the voice and realized whc
the Zorro was. All eyes turned anxiously towards her, as she rushed
rescue her burglar-son.' What 'a joke it was! How the people laughed.
Little boys went skipping about, shouting, "Dey hol'- a Zorro;- we war
,to see him."

The Police, who enjoyed the farce as well, took the boy and dr
to the hospital. This was a profound experience for our hero,-who
never to attempt such a trick again. As for his mother, she became
target for teasing youngsters, while the Police are still on the lool
for those ruthless Zorros. Who are they?

After Jan 1, 1966, all U.S.A. cigarette packets will bear the
warning words: "Smokin' may be a hazard to health".

Page Six THE STAR Saturday, July 31, 1965


H.H. the Administrator revealed
in a radio broadcast this week
that Her Majesty Queen ElizabethII
aad Prince Philip, Duke of Edin-
',irgh- will visit Dominica on Feb.
1i for one day. Her Majesty
'1 travel northwards from
..ritish Guiana, and will call
at Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent,
Barbados and St. Lucia. From
Dominica the Royal Couple will
travel to Montserrat on Feb. 19,
then visit Antigua, the Bahamas
and Jamaica, ending her tour
the British Caribbean on
3h 5th.
The Administrator expressed
Tidence that Dominicans would
a the Queen a grand welcome.


t Britain
Wilson Attacked
Twice in one week the Britishh
Lbour Government defeated .a
ensuree motion in the House of
ramons --- the second time by
E'votes; and on Monday Aug. 2
Wilson faces yet another
sure motion and a direct person--
attack from the new leader of
itain's Conservative Party, Mr.
ward Heath. For this reason
Wilson gave up attending the
rrent Socialist International
'ting in Sweden.
Mr. Wilson said on televis-
,n last Thursday night that he
auld not call an early general
-ection but would go ahead and
nipleote Labour's programme. His
itics 'ave been pounding the
vernment for not keeping their
"tion promises and for Britains
omic condition.
A statement on Commonwealth
,gration will be made very soon
a White Paper issued, said
Wilson recently.

,nMOkEALTII Economic Council will
ct in Kingston, Jamaica towards
te end of September at minister-
pmce Ministers level.

Commonwealth M.P.s Visit

Forty members of the United King-
dom Branch of the Commonwealth Parlia-
mentary Association went on delegations
to 17 Commonwealth countries and
dependent territories during 1964
in the West Indies, says BIS. They
visited the Bahamas, Bermuda, the
Cayman Islands, Dominica, Jamaica
and St. Vincent. The value of these
personal contacts was stressed. In
six years (1959-1965), 143 members
of the branch (of which Harold Wilson
is chairman) have formed delegations
to different parts of the Commonwealth.
During the latter half.of November
C.P.A. M.P.s will visit Dominica uddr
the auspices of the C.P.A.

A prize of 100 (W.I '480) will
be awarded for the best essay on
the theme "How .can the interests of
the Commonwealth and. the. Common
Market be reconciled?".The competition
is open to people in the Caribbean.
Essays should be. typed, should be
about 6,000 -words long, and should be
sent to the British Commonwealth Union,
14 Duke Street, St. James, London S.W.I.

Any Dominican who can sculpture
well enough to submit an exhibit
for the Sir Otto Beit Medal ,should
obtain further particulars from.
Dominica's Education Officer, Roseau.
Closing date for sending in details
of the work is October 25.

U.S.A. Looks at Mars

United States scientists declared
themselves as "startled beyond belief"
by the latest space pictures of Mars,
which appears more like the moon than
the earth, being full of craters.

Bird Flies Londonwards
Chief Minister Vere Bird of
Antigua is flying to London for
official talks on full internal self-
government and aid to that island's
sugar industry.

Saturday, July 31, 1965


1965 has been proclaimed as a year during which lists of electors
shall be compiled in all electoral districts of the Colony of Domi4ica.
On Tuesday, 17th August 1965, all over the island enumerators
be starting a house-to-house enquiry and will make a list of all pe
who arc'qualified to vote: In order to qualify as a voter a person:'

1. Must be a British subject of the age of 21 years or over.
2 Must have resided in the Colony for at least 12 months immediately
'the date of enumeration.

3. Must have resided in the Electoral District in which he claims to b
to be registered for at least 6 months before the date of enumeralic

No person shall be entitled to be registered as an elector in
electoral district who:-

1. has been sentenced by a Court in any of Her Majesty's Dominions to
or to imprisonment (by whatever name called) for a term exceeding tw
months and has not either suffered the punishment to,which he was sen
or such other punishment as may by competent authority have been sub-
stituted therefore o receivedd a free pardon; or

2. is: a person adjudged to be of unsound mind or detained as a r
lunatic under any law in force in the Colony; or

is disqualified for registration as an elector by any law in force
in the Colony relating to offences connected with elections.

Enumeration will last till 27th August 1965. All qualified voters
are urged to help make the registration period a success by giving ,
fullest co-operation to the enumerators. Please pass on the word t
illiterate persons.

During the last general election there were many instances of
persons wanting to vote on Polling Day but who were disappointed
because they were not registered. If, however, you miss the enumer.
period there is still time to put in a claim. In my next bulletin 1
shall deal with this part of the regi.str-,tirn period.

E N U M E R A T E .
HCiu mi. <->-Tr-,. f-Fxf7.c In +*-3.1 ort&1 i] cCt-4ons 1L961.

Total number of electors.......................... 22,838
Total number of ballots cast....... ......,...... 17,571
Total number of accepted ballots...................16,515
Total number of rejected ballots ................. 1,056
Puroontage of lnootorate voted .................... 76.9

V.I. Winston,
Supervisor of Elections.


Page Seven

Page Eight THE STAR Saturday, July 31, 1965

N 0 T I C E
i. Electoral Office,
c/o Department of Labour,
29th July 1965

.e Public is hereby notified that the following .sons have been
.-,ed Registration Officers and Assistant Registration Officers for
'undcrmentioned Electoral Districts for the registration of Electors
:he forthcoming election of members to serve on the Legislative Council.
Electoral District Registration Officer Address
Roseau-Northern Arlington J. Riviere Goodwill
Roseau-Southern U. Vinci Bruney Roseau
VWestern B. Jno Rose Mahaut
North-Western R. J. Sebastion Coulibistrie
,Sou-th-Western C.H.E. Guiste Soufriere
Eastern Johnson Thomas Castle Bruce
North-Eastern E.A. Benjamin Marigot
South-Eastern Kinnard Leatham Morne Jaune
Arthern Maurice Joseph Vieille Case
'mouth Peter J. Israel Portsmouth
Southern C.S. Gregoire Grandbay

.Electoral District Assistant Electoral Officer Address

Ro seau-Northern Bernard J. Eugene Goodwill
Roseau-Southern F.V.M. James Roseau
WJestern A.I. Thomas St. Joseph
North Western Herminie Gabriel Colihaut
South-Western Peter Bellevue Pointe Michel
Eastern Weefers Jules San Sauveur
SNorth-Eastern Sylvester Joseph Calibishie
South-Eastern Adrien Eustache Bootica
-.Northern B.A. Carbon Bense
Portsmouth T.G. Irish Portsmouth
Southern Peter Henry Petite Savanne

V.I. Winston,
Supervisor of Elections

Provisional plans for Mental Health Week (Oct. 16-23) place emphasis
i Youth and the Family. The week's theme will be "Mental Health is
dmily's Health". Hoped for events --- Open House at the new Youth Centre
-A an Exhibition of Boxing and Weight-lifting; free film shows (two in
he country), a radio talk each night and winding-up with a Grand Ball.
)tails will be finalised at a meeting on August 4th, at which voluntary
)ychiatric Social Worker Mrs. Leona Thompson will give M.H.A. members her
rprossions of the state of mental health in this island.

Saturday, July 31, 1965


At the United Nations next eighteen-power Disarmament Conference,
Britain will lay her draft Treaty to prevent the dissemination of
nuclear weapons at an early stage of the proceedings. America and
Russia are co-chairmen of the conference.

*f *

U.S.A. President Johnson indicated in a speech this week that ii
would be a long, hard struggle in Viet Nam: "war to the death".

INDIA and Jugoslavia: Prime Minister Shastri, meeting President`"
in Jugoslavia this week, expressed alarm at the international si
and both men declared that it was time for those countries which
in peaceful co-existence to reassert themselves.

BRITAIN: Prime Minister Harold Wilson said last week that he hop
to address the United Nations General Assembly "when the present
difficulties affecting the Assembly's sittings have been overcor

Lines to Remember

From Hymn 460 of the Methodist School Hymn Book:

Too long the pagan rule of force
Has held the world in thrall,
Too long the clash of arms has drowned
The higher human call.
0 comrades, seek a nobler quest!
0 keep a worthier tryst!
The laws of hate have had their day;
Proclaim the laws of Christ!
Ernest Dod'shun b_ 18_

Two women who have been unable to have children (or
Sweden and one in New Zealand), after being treated wit-
new 'fertility drug', produced quintuplets and twins./


Page Nins

-- \

:e Ten THE STAR .curday, July 31, 1965


S It is part of the STAR'S usefulness to help find jobs for those
tho are see':.Lg work, :r.. be discover efficient employees for firms
private employer-, V-.ain other sources of aid fail. Accordingly,
below some appeals from youthful job-seekers.

;TWO INTELLIGENT HIG, SCHOOL-LEAVERS, good English and Spelling,
decent employment at a fair wage.

-TYPIST, 18, HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION, seeks employment.

OUNG MAN, good references and some experience in Government
ment, is lookrin; for change of occupation.

CARPENTER desires part-time jobs. Will try anything.

SSensible man with training as caretaker and watchman in another
rritory, is looking for a position in homeland Dominic

RD AND LODGING DESIRED. Gentleman requires good home for a few
ths in quiet well-kept house near South Roseau. Will pay 140.00 a week.

at the


inted and Published by Robert E. Allfrey of St. Aroment, Dominica,
-oprietor, at 26, Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, B. W. I.

e Ten THE STAR .urday, July 31, 1965


It is p.rt of the STAR'S usefulness to help find jobs for those
rho are se.l 'ing work, -:.r tc discover efficient employees for firms
private employer. 'r.:-;a other sources of aid fail. Accordingly,
l some appeals from youthful job-seekers.

decent employment at a fair wage.

*TYPIST, 18, HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION, seeks employment.

OUNG MAN, good references and some experience in Government
ment, is looking' for change of occupation.


QARPENTER desires part-time jobs. Will try anything.

Sensible man with training as caretaker and watchman in another
rritory, is looking for a position in homeland Dominic

RD AND LODGING DESIRED. Gentleman requires good home for a few
ths in quiet well-kept house near South Roseau. Will pay $40.00 a week.

at the


inted and Published by Robert E. Allfrey of St. Aroment, Dominica,
-oprietor, at 26, Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, B. W. I.