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Michael Basham

Cynthia Case

Richard Cressy

Bonnie Crowell

ie Zonian staff presents

n .

Barbara Denny

SMarcia Dubbs

9 -.


Joan Dunn

Linda Fawcett

S Patricia Grow


Mary Ellen Hanley

Lerlene Hayden

Lorraine Leen

Gail Mabry

Tita Milas

Marsha Prevost

Kay Ralston

Renee Sargent



Table of Contents

"Looking Backwards to Now"













The fact that his career started in Balboa High is only one
reason for the yearbook staff to take great pleasure in dedicat-
ing the 1964 ZONIAN to Mr. Sigurd E. Esser. He has served
the Canal Zone students loyally,both at Cristobal High and here
at Balboa. This dedication is not to take the place of our per-
petual gratitude, but rather to salute a man for a job well done.


Since Vasco Nunez de Balboa's discovery of the Pacific Ocean,
during the 16th century, man has dreamed of constructing a canal
connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

In 1879, the French became the first to try to build a canal through
Panama. However, they were unsuccessful because working as indi-
vidual companies, without the backing of any government, they soon
ran out of money and land their stockholders ran out of patience.

In the meantime, the United States became interested in the canal
project. On November 18, 1903, the United States signed a treaty with
the Republic of Panama leasing the Property known as the Canal Zone.

The construction was not easy, for they were faced with many
difficulties which had to be overcome. Tons of mechanical equipment,
as well as the effort of over one and a half million men were needed to
complete the task of building the canal. In addition to this, the canal
had to built through rugged terrain, jungles, and swampland. The
tropical sun and deadly diseases of Panama were detremental to progress.

Nature presented other delays to work on the canal. Sanitation
and land slides were the two major problems. There was brush to be
cleared, swamps to be drained, and grass to be cut. Many buildings
and areas had to be fumigated and solutions had to be found for what
became an immense refuse disposal problem.

Eventually all these problems were solved b ythe development of
new and better machinery and the advancement in the control of tropical
diseases and associated difficulties.

Finally, in 1914, the main construction of the Panama Canal was
completed and the first commercial ship, the U.S.S. Ancon, was allowed
to transit. This event was the climax of eleven years of hard work
and struggle.

In fifty years of operation, the Panama Canal has served the United
States, as well as the world, in commerce and defense.

In recognizing the 50th anniversary of the canal, we must also
remember that Balboa High is celebrating its 50th commencement.
During the past fifty years the classes of Balboa High have watched it
develop and grow. Fifty years ago the spot where BHS now stands was
nothing more than swampland. The first Balboa High School was a
two-story wooden frame building, which later was replaced by the
present day Balboa Elementary School. This white concrete building
bore the name of Balboa High School for approximately 18 years, until
1942, when our high school was finally constructed.

Balboa High School has benefited it's students, as the Canal has
benefited the world. So, on this Golden Anniversary, the 1964
ZONIAN attempts to commemorate these fifty years in this issue.




Culebra Cut; November 24, 1914.




Thacher Ferry Bridge, 1964


Ihl U

Goethals Memorial; erected in memory of General
George Goethals who was the engineer in charge of
constructing the canal.


* -n
-, S


-~*i -Y# &~~

r -/VLh



Balboa, 1916

. AJ"



.- .-- -

.-, .

Balboa and Balboa Heights area 1964.

(Note the changes).

-r W



C" .i.-. .t--.

i ba -


(i.;.'...../ Cut-Culebra. Looking south from west
bank. Channel completely blocked by slides., from
East and West Banks. Dredges excavating slide ma-
terial. Nov. 18, 1915.

aL ---. ;61


*-- r--I

C,~"L"L"-- -.

* C--.--- --


-C --
- Ut,- -l

"P. G. Thulin" passing Contractor's Hill, assisted by

tug Arraijan. October 5, 1960.

1. .


Madden Dam. February 27, 1929.

-.t..^ &':EI. NM I

i t.

~fi "'



F ?! t

l;''t:~ c LI -
if- 'eM .

lp q~t

Madden Dam. February, 1963.


~-~L~L" '



9~ ,gLa..

Pedro Miguel Locks and surroundings. Looking south
from Paraiso. October 20, 1914.

b \.


Pedro Miguel Locks. 1963.

-- *~~~a~ ?v.g.
I- ~


,- ...i.I.-.' "" "*m. n iunm '

Pedro Miguel Locks in operation. 1963.


L i-








Mr. Wolf

Mr. Pettingill Mr. Byrd

Mr. Esser
Mr. Hotz Mr. Castles



Kmn flU

Mr. Anderson Mr. Branstetter

rs. Sampsell

Dr. Lake

Superintendent of Schools
Asst. Superintendent, U.S. Schools
Asst. to Superintendent
Administrative and Budget Officer
Coordinator of Curriculum
Supervisor of Instruction, U.S. Secondary Schools
Supervisor of Instruction, U.S. Secondary Schools
Coordinator, Special Education
Supervisor of Spanish
Superv., P. E. and Athletics, U. S. Schools
Supervisor of Music

Mr. De Armas

David A. Speir, Jr.

Balboa High School

Mr. Speir was born in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He graduated from Robert E. Lee
High School in 1941 and entered Georgia Military College, from which he graduated
in 1942. During W.W. I, he served with the 13th Air Force in the South Pacific. He
was discharged on December 23, 1945, and on December 31st, he married his high school
sweetheart. In 1946, Mr. Speir entered William and Mary at Williamsburg, Virginia.
There the Speir's son, David, was born. Mr. Speir graduated in 1947, with an A.B. in
History. He taught at Fletcher High School in Jacksonville for 3 years, meanwhile
working for his Master's degree at the University of Florida, which he obtained in 1949.
Mr. Speir came to the Canal Zone in 1951. He has been at B.H.S. for 13 years; 8 as
a classroom teacher of U.S. History and American Institutions, 2 as assistant principal,
and this is his third year as principal.
and this is his third year as principal.

Miss Dorothy Folse

Mrs. Sue Hawk

Sugar-a great source of energy!

Mrs. Eva Herrera

Mrs. Priscilla Lane

i -- MOM

L- ~C

Assistant Principal
Clifton Forge, Virginia
University of Virginia
B.A., M.Ed.

Do you think Mr. Knick would like the new ele-
phant joke?

Mrs. Dora Higgins

if T]>

Miss Donna Stuebe

Miss Marie Weir

Girls' Counselors

Boys' Counselors

Mr. George Walters

Olt dO

Mr. David Baglien


Doctor Pritham

Nurse Skeie and patient


Miss Grace Rider


* iiii

Mrs. Chollar



In order to succeed in this ever-changing world, the ability to express oneself clearly
and intelligently is a must. Our English teachers have made the learning of this both
possible and enjoyable. We also grew to appreciate and know literature from all over
the world.

Hold on, Mr. Greene, the day is almost over!

Battle Creek, Michigan
English 10, English 11-A
Battle Creek College, B.A.
Columbia University, M.A.

Canutillo, Texas
English, Journalism
University of Washington, B.A.
University of New Mexico

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania

Tampa, Florida
English 12C&G
Florida State University
B.A., M.A.

Bay City, Michigan
English, Speech-Drama
Arizona State University
B.A., M.A.

L... sj

r a

Dallas, Texas
Mary Hardin, Baylor University


*' M "

Mavisdale, Virginia
English II
Redford College, B.S.
University of Florida

Kansas City, Missouri
University of Missouri
B.S., M.A.

Scottsboro, Alabama
English 10
George Peabody College for
Teachers, M.A.
Alabama College, A.B.

-- -Z

San Jose, California
San Jose State College
B.A., M.A.

Normal, Illinois
English 12C
University of Illinois
B.A., M.A.

Milltown, New Jersey
Temple University, B.A.
Rutgers University, M.S.

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Waynesburg College, B.A.
University of Arkansas, M.A.

Sidney, Nebraska
English 12C
University of Connecticut
A.B., M.A.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida
University of Florida
B.A., M.A.


Lewisburg, West Virginia
West Virginia University, B.A.
University of Minnesota, M.A.

Dallas, Texas
University of Oklahoma
B.A., M.Ed.


The history of nations is one of the most interesting and rewarding subject courses a
student can take. Balboa High School offers many such courses. In this modern world,
a knowledge of your own nation, as well as foreign nations is rewarding and just plain
good sense.

This "Ignorance is Bliss" maxim can be car-
rI tied too far!

'~* V *

Adrian, Michigan
U.S. History
Adrian College, B.A.
Eastern Michigan University

Dodgeville, Wisconsin
U.S. History, World Geography
Wisconsin State College, B.S.
Colorado State College, M.A.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
World History
University of Michigan, M.A.



Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado State, B.A.
University of Texas, M.A.

Boston, Massachusetts
American Institutions
Boston State College. B.S.
Boston University, M.A.

Balboa, Canal Zone
American Institutions
University of New Mexico,
Arizona State University, M.A.

Bessemer, Michigan
U.S. History
Moorhead State College, B.E.
State University of Iowa, M.A.

Evergreen, Colorado
World History, World
Ohio Wesleyan University
Columbia University, M.A.

Eureka, North Carolina
World Geography
University of North Carolina

~- V

Conway, Arkansas
Social Studies
University of Arkansas, M.A.

Boulder, Colorado
U. S. History
Hamline University, B.A.
University of Minnesota, M.A.

Santa Rosa, California
World Geography
Chico State College
B.A., M.A.




1 ivm

expects me to dissect THAT? Pensive Mr. Seaqu

One of America's most significant advances is in the scientific fields. Our science classes
discover new things and rediscover old with great senses of accomplishment and en-
joyment. Aided by our microscopes, bunsen burners, and slide rules, science students
learn about the things that make our world run.

Scottdale, Pennsylvania
General Science
West Virginia University
B.S., M.A.

Billings, Montana
General Science
Eastern Montana College, B.S.
Colorado State College, M.A.

Baileysville, West Virginia
Marshall University, A.B., M.A.

And he


Milwaukee, Wisconsin
University of Chicago, B.S.
Columbia University, M.A.

Boulder, Colorado
University of Colorado
B.A., M.B.S.

St. Johns, Arizona
Nebraska State Teachers
College, B.S.
University of South Dakota
University of Arizona, M.S.T.



j1y "s

Lexington, Kentucky
University of Kentucky
B.S., M.A.

Carbon Hill, Alabama
General Science
University of Alabama
B.S., M.A.

Portland State College, B.S.
Oregon State University, M.S.

Sister Bay, Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin, Ph.B.
New York University, M.A.

Jasper, Alabama
Auburn University
B.S., M.S.

Lakeland, Florida
Alabama Poly. Insts.
B.S., M.S.



A sound knowledge of the basic principles of Mathematics is one thing that no one
should be without. Balboa High School offers excellent courses in Geometry, Algebra,
Trigonometry, and advanced and general Mathematics. The Science of Numbers offers
many challenges and rewarding experiences to the conscientious student.

"Mathematics make men subtile"



Eekton, Kentucky
Austin Peay State College, B.S.

Reidsville, North Carolina
Algebra 1
Duke University A.B., M.Ed.

Oak Harbor, Washington
Algebra 1
Northern Idaho College of Edu-
cation, B.A.
University of Oregon, M.Ed.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Duquesne University
B.A., M.A.


., -t


Bemidji, Minnesota
General Math, Algebra I
Bemidji State, B.A.
University of North Dakota

Sacramento, California
Geometry, Algebra
University of Idaho, B.S.
Arizona State University

Hereford, Texas
Algebra II, Solid Geometry
Texas Christian University
West Texas State, M.Ed.

Rye, New York
Trigonometry, Algebra I and II
Bowdoin College, A.B.
Brown University, M.A.

Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Northeastern Oklahoma State
College, B.A.
University of Arkansas, M.S.
University of Houston, D.Ed.




Perry, Florida
University of Florida
B.S., B.A., M.Ed.


Fort Payne, Alabama
Auburn University, B.S.

Minot, North Dakota
Algebra I and II
Minot State College, B.S.

Colorado State College, M.A.


SDonde estd la sal6n de belleza?

With modern-day communications, it is indeed, a "small world." Knowledge of foreign
languages is not only an enjoyable ability, but it is fast becoming almost indispensable
for foreign travel. Besides learning the language grammatically, the pupils are ac-
quainted with the countries of these languages, both historically and culturally. Literary
classics of the countries are also studied.


Las Vegas, New Mexico
University of New Mexico
University of Wisconsin, M.A.
New Mexico Highlands
University, M.A.

. ---- 7

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
University of North Carolina
Columbia University, M.A.

Birmingham, Alabama
Howard College, A.B.
Womans Missionary Union
Training School, M.R.E.


La Jolla, California
University of Southern
California, A.B., M.A.


Colon, Rep. of Panama
Michigan State University
B.A., M.A.

Orlando, Florida
Wesleyan College, A.B.
University of Florida, M.A.



Los Angeles, California
University of Southern
California, B.A., M.A.

Panama, Rep. of Panama
Marycrest College, B.A.
State University of Iowa, M.A.

Evansville, Indiana
Evansville College, B.A.
Indiana University, M.S.




Dumas, Texas
Southern Methodist University
University of Michigan

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Augustana College, A.B.
University of South Dakota

Sr .




Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Health, Physical Education
University of Pittsburgh
B.S., M.Ed.

The recent nation-wide Physical Fitness program has drawn attention to the physical
well-being of the American youth. Balboa High School provides four years of excellent,
compulsory physical education to all students. This program is a healthy, enjoyable
outlet for excess energy and it is invaluable in its benefits toward our physical and
mental well-being.

4-. -.-

Pasco, Washington
Health, Physical Education
Washington State University
B.S., M.S.

Panama, Rep. of Panama
Physical Education
Bradley University B.S.
East Texas State University

Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Health, Physical Education
University of Minnesota
B.S., M.Ed.

St. Joseph, Missouri
Physical Education
Northwest Missouri State
College, B.S., M.S.

St. Petersburg, Florida
Health, Physical Education
University of Florida, B.S.

Juliette, Georgia
Physical Education
G.W.C., B.S.
Florido State University, M.S.


Needville, Texas
Physical Education
Sam Houston State College
University of Tennessee, M.S.

Cheyenne, Wyoming
Physical Education, Health
Saint Catherine College, B.S.
Columbia University, M.A.

lls~ ~~
-;ur*nq *j~



Business Education provides much needed training for young men and women in the
fields of typing, shorthand, accounting, and other fundamentals necessary to the person
interested in entering a business of any kind. It will enable them to find a place in
the business world.

Myers, Montana
Montana State University, B.S.
University of Oregon, M.S.

~ YlIt,


Austin, Texas
Southwestern University, B.B.A.
University of Texas, M.Ed.



El Paso, Texas
Advanced Typing & General
University of New Mexico, B.S.
New Mexico State University

I ,



Future homemaker?

Home Economics teaches young women the fundamentals of household management,
menu planning, nutrition, and basic sewing guides. During the year the students par-
ticipate in style shows and make and serve menus to their classmates.

Montclair, New Jersey
Home Economics
Simmons College, B.S.
Columbia University, M.A.

Phoenix, Arizona
Home Economics
Arizona State University
B.A., M.A.


In the Art and Music courses of Balboa High School, the pupils learn the basics of
orchestration, band and the fundamentals of drawing. The Art classes put up colorful
and educational billboard displays and the Orchestra and Band practice for musical
presentation throughout the year. The Choral groups present different recitals during
the year, also.



Everett, Washington
Band and Orchestra
Columbia University, M.A.



Lomberton, Minnesota
Mechanical Drawing
Bradley University, B.S.
Pennsylvania State University

The health, welfare, comfort, and productivity of nations are interwoven with new
developments in industrial arts. At Balboa High School, under the leadership of the
shop teachers, students are learning the theories, applications, and noteworthy advances
in this field through bookwork and actual experience. The course provides knowledge
of the principles of wood and metal work which must be known by those wishing to
center this field of vocation.





The Reserve Officers' Training Corps trains
it's cadets in basic military procedures and
tactics. The Annual Field Night and six
weeks Reviews have become popular insti-
tutions at Balboa High School.

Louisville, Kentucky


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Minneapolis, Minnesota

\ L

Chicago, Illinois

Well Hamlet was supposed to die in the
last act, wasn't he?


Wait a minute I want a few
copies of this picture!

No questions? Of course!

307 same place; same grouch .



As with most things there must be a beginning. In creating a coat-
of-arms, or an individual for that matter, there must be a blank on which
to work. With the coat-of-arms it is the escutcheon; with the individual
it is the person at each point of beginning in his life. The escutcheon is
the clean surface, shaped in the form of a shield and made of a hard and
durable material. The escutcheon has many forms, each representing, a
certain lineage or ideal. But whatever its form, the surface enclosed by
its wrought outline is clean, free of blemish, a tabia rasa awaiting the
first touch of the engraver's tool.

And so is it true of the individual, who comes in many shapes and
sizes-each representing a race, a color, a creed.




Mr. George Case

IWI m~I f!TT
,IrIII y P' .*^ **

Mr. G. V. Wilde

lMN M!t!

Roy Wilson, President


Jane Wilson, Vice-President

Sandra South





One Way?

As our

Vivian Abbot, Charles Adams,
Donald Adams, Harry Albaugh,
Camilo Alfaro, Carlos Alfaro, Jef-
frey Allen, Matthew Allen, Rich-
ard Allen.

year started,

and confusion


Elba Almodovar, John Andrews,
Mary Andrews, Ricky Appin, Mary
Arenz, Lenore Armijo, Anne Ar-
ras, Wayne Arruda, Douglas Art-

Fred Atkinson, Leo Austin, Elba
Ayala, Wayne Azrak, Alice Bag-
gott, Stephen Bailey, Wanda Baker.
Charles Balch, Bill Baldwin.

Merri Bandy, Emily Banks, William
Banks, Clara Bartechi, John Bates,
Alice Bauer, David Bell, Don Ben-
ham, Linda Bell.

Clair Berlin, Bettie Bernard, Charles
Bertolette, Louis Bertoli, Raymond
Bierbaum, Vickie Bitterman, Re-
becca Blackmon, Thomas Boriotti,
Deanna Boswell.



~~4* -.l



I,. .
R^ uk .'vr

a f~ f^I
'- 4n M|

*^ J"


"%: ~+



And the same to you!

Class of '67

Sharon Botzenmayer, James Bowen,
Diane Boyd, Robert Boyer, Kathy
Brady, Randy Brazile, Mike Brels-
ford, Maria Elena Bremer, Gerald

Richard Bright, Clark Bristol, Gil-
bert Brook, Lindsay Brooks, Rich-
ard Brooks, Shermane Brooks,
Brenda Brown, Martha Brown,
Robert Brown.

Donald Browne, Richard Brzezin-
ski, Anthony Burich, John Bush,
Michael Byrne, Frank Cain, David
Camby, Edwin Campany, Mabel

Marie Carney, Jon Carlson, Wil-
liam Carpenter, James Carter,
Gregory Cascante, Mary Case, Lin-
da Cassady, Ana Castillo, Jeannette

William Cawl, Robert Chalmers,
James Chancey, Gerald Chandon-
net, John Charbonneau, Constant
Chase, Elena Chodakowski, Alfaro
Clark, Nancy Clarke.



changed to joy, the

19 2a &

Is I~s,-1
Ln f 1: II d rb L

\ .1

I r



r" ^a

(Cj r


~4 C~L~~


Bob Cleghorn
Robert Cleveland
Elizabeth Clouse

Carl Cobb
Elbon Cobb
Mark Cobb

Susan Coffey
John Cole
Christina Collins

James Cook
Rocky Cookes
Rory Comerio

Blue Monday.

took its first step in a rewarding

John Conoan, Carl Cornn, Michael
Corrigan, Michael Corwin, Robert
Couch, Shirley Couch, Jean
Cowles, James Crane.

Gladys Craf, Peggy Culet, James
Cressy, Karen Davis, Lawerence
Davis, Nancy David, John Dees,
Peter Dehlinger.

Liliana De La Guardia, William
Deming, David Denny, Lois Den-
ton, Robert Derrick, Frank De-
veau, Willie Dew, Yadira Diaz.

Jim Dilfer, Roger Di Rosa, Carolyn
Dixon, Linda Dixon, James Dolan,
Neil Doherty. Robert Donley, John

^ t I

I 'r

II~ ~1



1 61


A _

Patrick Donnelly
Maxene Dudgeon
Janice Dudley

Inez Duffus
Jose Gabriel Duque
William Ebperson

fl p U!

Margaret Edberg
William Eddelman
Candace Elder

Gregory Elefterin
Denise Elia
Michael Elisberg

It's fuzzy!

Educational experience at B.H.S.


,A k,



A. f.

Susan Engelke, Charles Ernst, Ri-
cardo Etchegaray, Linda Eversole,
Joseph Eytalis, James Fehrenbach,
Valerie Fernandez, Juan Ferrufino.

Norma Figueroa, David Finn, Gary
Folger, Karen Forehand, William
Foster, Fred Foxx, Catherine Frau-
enheim, Carrie Frensley.

Katrina Fritts, Ralph Furlong, Re-
becca Galdeno, Bertha Galla, An-
drea Garavanta, Glenda Garner,
Robert Garzo. Roberta Garza.

Regina Gasperi, Fred Gemmell, Paul
Gilman, Lauren Glass, Louis Glot-
zer, Bill Gough, James Goulding,
Eddie Gomez.




Future Scientists?

fi LL .'!P-

We participated in

Alfredo Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez,
Myrna Gonzalez, Charles Greham,
Arthur Green, Suzanne Green,
Gwen Gregg, Ivonne Hall.


Susan Hall, William Hall, Mary
Hager, Susan Halley, Robyn Ham-
metter, Mary Hanks, John Hanley,
Patricia Hannigan.

Warren Hansen, Michael Harold,
Gail Harrison, Rita Hassler, Mar-
cella Hawk, Patricia Hayes, James
Head, Linda Helm.

Beatriz Herrera, Russell Herring-
ton, Ines Hertz, Joanne Hey, Geoff
Hibner, Elsa Hickey, Pamela Hig-
gins, Sidney Hilliard.

Priscilla Hobday, Davelle Hoff,
Gene Holcomb, Jane Holcroft,
Bruce Homa, Celes Homan, Sharon
Howard, Charles Howe.









i f~ib


"S~d d~i

Our group used brand X for six weeks. .
c s te 'Vsh

Such as the Freshman Dance.




Angela Huff, Sylvia Hulme, Scott
Humphrey, Michele Humma, Louis
Husted, Nidia Husted, Stephen
Hyre, James Jackson, Mary Jackson.

Dennis January, Bob Jeffrey, James
Jenner, Margarita Jilli, Lesbia John-
son, Sherry Johnson, Frankie Jones,
James Jones, Katherine Jones.

Patricia Jones, Robert Jordan,
S !_ Frank Joyner, Chris Jurgens, Bern-
hard Keefe, James Keesling, Gregory
Keggins, Robert Kelley, Richard
I ht


L os I

Robert Kerr, Karen Keys, Donald
Kimbrel, William Kimbrough,
Kathleen Kimsey, Kevin Kingsbury,
Anita Kinner, Brian Kirkman,
Charlie Klette.

Phillip Kloshe, George Kooken,
John Kotalik, Vivian Kosan, John
Koslowski, Joseph Kralich, Arthur
Krapfl, Patricia Krise, Rhonda







r bl
d ~
~i~3e~ i-\:*

Walter Lair
Kyrt Lane
James Lansberry
Ivonne Lavendar

fr -----


1 (ih

Susan Lavallee
Dennis Learned
Clif Le Blanc
Vielka Lee

Michael Leighton
Lorin Lessiak
Jean Lindh
Richard Lindo

Gregory Llana
Stephen Liana
James Lopez
Manuel Lopez




Studying hard?

As Freshmen we began to work harder,

Gail Lomas, Naomi Lorain, Michael
Lovelace, Lewis Lovelady, Kathy
Lucas, Wilfredo Lugo, Brenda Luke,
Diana Ma, Patrick Macdonell.

Marlene Major, Robert Mallahan,
Richard Mallahan, John Malene,
Ernest Malone, Michael Malone,
Sharon Mann, Delories Manning.

Sybil Markun, Bonnie Marlow,
David Marshall Linda Marshall,
Michele Martin, Pedro Martinez,
Vernon May, Michael McCauley,
Thomas McCarragher.

Kathy McClure, David McCon-
aughey, Roberta McCoy, Mike Mc-
Dermott, Donald McEniry, James
McFadden, Barbara McGarth, David
McGarth, James McGarth.


C ,qxF

~ ~:"
.. i.
C4 ~


-7-_- 'om un-S

~pl, e4,


" ~L



h % ("$




Li~~ ''1Pi)c

Y' ~ I9'
I ( \



I~~f 1

Mickey McGroaty
Valerie McIntire
Kevin McKenna
Paul McKenna

William McLeod
Robert McQueary
Michael Melant
Maria Mengel

Anne Metivier
Lois Meyer
Zachary Michaelis
Juanita Milas

Lourdes Millor
Donna Mills
Phillip Mock
Fernando Monterroso

25c for a shine?

But still had time for fun.


i i

ADM vw&(3

Clara Moore, Henry Morfi, Maria
Morfi, Rosaurita Mourino, Edna
Murdock, Richard Murdock, Joseph
Murphy, Robert Murphy, George

Ellen Naylor, Michael Nehring,
Daniel Nelson, Ramon Nieoes,
Susan Nusbaum, Patricia O'Brien,
John O'Connor, Margie Ollar,
Carrie Orr.

Richard Osborn, Fernando Ostrea,
Laura Pajak, Sandra Palenchar,
Elsa Pardo, Linda Park, Stephen
Parker, Linda Perry, Janet Perry.

Joel Perantie, Ann Pescod, Lynn
Peterson, Gale Phillips, Frances
Piaia, Ellen Plata, Richard Plucker,
Charles Pollock, Luc Prefontaine.







Z~ -A J"On Balbod'

' :.:. ... ..
.... ...... ... 1
: "' .. ., 'i '" "

We worked for school spirit,

Lawrence Price, Charles Pritham,
Arnes' Proback, Tommy Pustis,
Pruscille Pryer, Silvia Quijano,
Larry Quinn, Billy Quiros, Jayne

Jo Ann Rateau, Linda Razo, Mary
Reilly, Ronald Renner, Tommy
Reyes, Brenda Rhea, Craig Rhodes,
Georgia Rios, Jaime Rios.

Kathleen Robbins, Golda Robertson,
Jeanne Robertson, Steven Rocker,
Vesta Rodgers, Elida Rodriguez,
Victoria Rodriguez, Leslie Roe, Bob

Larry Rodgers, Philip Rogers, Eliza-
beth Rose, Mary Rose, David Rowe,
Dixie Rowe, Pamela Rowe, James
Saarinen, Nikki Sabo.

I I,



flEI, PI 3E


! j

i ua

James Schafer, Tanya Schoch, Al-
bert Schonert, Margaret Scofield,
Vicki Schoch, Kenneth Scott,
Walter Scott.

Sam Scribner, Crystal Scully, Orval
Searcy, Gerry Seldon, Allen Sellers,
Beverly Sener, Mary Sharp.

Charles Shields, Charles Shirer,
Milton Short, Roy Shuey, Tony
Silva, Catherine Slager, Margaret

7 4`


But still spent time in study;


I6 "j



ki ^ 4 i

Catherine Smith, Connie Smith,
Patricia Smith, Patrick Smith,
Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Rus-
sell Smith, Wesley Smith. William

Earl Sollami, Richard Sollami, Jane
Sooy, Bill Sooy, Miguel Sotomayor,
Sandra South, Robert Speaks, Philip
Spencer, John Spinelli.

Martha Spinney, Robert Stanley,
Philip Steers, John Steiner, James
Stephan, Larry Stephens, Kay
Stephenson, Elizabeth Stetler, Paul

Violita Steeler, James Stevenson,
Noralyn Stewart, Susan Stewart,
Kerry Stratford, Charles St. John,
Lothar Stover, Kirkman Stringfel-
low, Janet Stuart.

Duncan Summerford, Bernice Swaf-
ford, Judith Swiney, Marcia Tab-
bert, Arnold Talbott, Edgar Talley,
Harold Taylor, Collen Teets, Billy


A f
4 a




i aa~

C~i~ ~

r n




and now we

Jerry Whitaker, Douglas Whitley,
Harry Whitney, Robert Wilcox,
Bill Williams, O'lynn Williams,
Jeanette Will, Sandra Wills, Harold

look to the future.

Rebecca Winborn, Mary Ann Win-
klosky, Henry Winter, Judith Wit-
kin, Nellie Wood, Sandra Wood,
Cathy Wright, Stanley Wright,
Stephanie Wynshaw.

Richard Yost, Maria Cartagenia,
Ada Cartagenia, Pat McDonald,
William Hughes, Lonnie Miller,
Ralph Stinson, David Trahan.


Jane Wilson
Roy Wilson
Michael Andrews




~ cr


P.-1n fl

Carl Thompson, Sheila Thompson,
James Thompson, John Thompson,
Dale Thornburg, Emily Tinker,
Gwendolyn Todd. Timothy Toland.
Maritra Toledo.

Richard Tranum, Preston Trim,
Ben Trotter, Bill Trotter, Barbara
Valentine, Sandra Valentini, James
Van Loon, Sharon Van Winkle,
Natividad Vecchione.

Carmen Vieto, Ceferino Villamil,
James Violette, Jamie Vogel, Cheryl
Waide, Gerald Waguespack, Marcell
Walker, James Wall, Albert Wal-

Judy Walton, Debbie Ward, Mary
Wargacki, Victoria Wargacki, Kath-
ryn Warren, Steve Washburn, Con-
nie Weaver, Fredrick Webster,
Edwin Weeks.

"* 'ik








Enclosed by the outline of the escutcheon, the first sketches are laid
on the surface of the field. The design is incomplete; it blurs many
times as it changes and evolves. When the artist's primary design is
established, he sets to work indicating it in the initial lines. He sketches
with a light pen the basic outline of his idea. Then he applies for the
first time his sharp-edged blade to the surface. He does not carve
deeply, as he is yet undecided upon his final pattern. In the same
fashion, so does the sharp-edged blade of experience cut away the less
durable material which conceals the individual's personality. The work
seems too slowly accomplished and a sense of incompleteness often tends
to hide the process. But the first engravings shape themselves into an
evolving design as both the field and the individual stand forth against
their backgrounds.



Mr. Cook

mmP HI
mmW r
E3..71E EINU
7312 -wose

Mr. Wall




Duke Wilson

Miguel Osborne
Vice President

Sarah Runnestrand

Why do elephants climb trees?

We, the class of '66,

Helen Aanstoos
David Albanese
Eduardo Alfaro
Maritza Aizpurua
Irene Alexander
Eric Allemano
Ralph Allemano
Leonard Allen
Norman Allen
Ralph Allyn
Mary Almquist
Cheryl Alpert
Adriana Alvarado
Susan Alves
Betty Anderson
Candace Anderson
Miriam Anderson
Eric Andrews
Robert Arbough
Courtlyn Armstrong
Diane Arnold
Robert Askew
Alcinda Atkins
Leisa Atkins
Christine Atwell
Adela Bacot
Arthur Baggott
Lynn Baglien
Michael Bailey
Rubye Baker
Barry Balch
Susan Barb
John Barb
Jenny Barkema
Nancy Basham
Teresa Bay


#-!, Oqn4
IrL , ~i

H.' .

S I b'


n ^1

Charles Beardall
Eda Beechner
Florinda Beechner
Michael Bell
Susan Bell
Diana Bembenek
Eridia Benitez
Morgan Benson
Roberta Berger
Cheryl Berryhill
David Bilbrey
Pattie Bittel
Barrett Blackard
Gerald Blake
Alan Blumberg
Sandra Blumberg
Elaine Boehning
Catherine Boggs
Bill Boiler
Regina Booker
Patricia Booth
Andres Borrero
Nelson Borrero
Robert Boukalis
Sandra Bowen
James Brady
Margaret Branstetter
Wayne Brassey
Balfoure Brenes
Margaret Brook
Anderson Brown
Beverly Brown
Kelvin Brown
Carol Browne
Robert Bruce
Marie Bruland

a~~ -a n


( .

can really show our thunder;


5 .9 -

~~- S

Marion Bundy
Margaret Bunnell
Katherine Burton
Austin Byrd
John Cain

Marta Calleja
Jerry Campion
Cynthia Carey
James Carney
Thomas Carpenter

Linda Cassibry
Joseph Castro
Patricia Chandler
Richard Chaney
Louis Churchville

Betty Clark
Joanne Clarizio
Stephen Claybourne
Cathy Clinton
Marjorie Cohen

I should study harder!!



h (7(


rc~ n



-; h
1 r
r; "'


~4 v


Well, I declare!!!

David Dempsey
Roger Denny
Gail Derrer
Barbara Detamore
Lucia Di Blasi
Franklin Dishong
George Dolan
Mary Donaldson
Patrick Donaldson
Michael Doran
Kristie Downing
Christopher Dillon
Michael Dubroff
Elizabeth Dudley
Gloria Duke
Barbara DuVall
Vicki Dykstra
Patricia Farl
Judy Emerson
Kathleen Engdlke
Rene Estripeaut
Tracy Ferrel
Marina Figueroa
Robert Fildes
Lois Finlason
Fran Fitzwilliam
Julia Fitzwilliam
Linda Fletcher
John Foster
Charles Fontaine
Patricia Frazer
Susan Fuller
Norris Fussell
Barbara Fuqua
Olga Galego
Freddieann Gallardo

Not quite upperclassmen

-^1 -.

.^n~ '^^



v .
-J f "
-.M *


Lorene Collister
Diane Comerio
Carole Conn
James Conyne
Susan Cook

Lois Corben
Miguel Corco
Sidney Craig
Mary Crego

Anita Creque
Ruth Crouch
Roscoe Crump
Rosemary Crush
Victoria Davis

Frances Dean
Barbara De Camp
James De La Pena
Liliane De Mena
David Defries

James Gangle
William Garber
Fredrick Garcia
Herbert Gardner
Joseph Garriga
Itzel Gaudiano
Catherine Giardina
Patrick Gipson
Albert Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez
Richard Gonzalez
Terry Graham
Doris Green
Holly Green
Jack Grill
Linda Groves
Elizabeth Guibert
Eduardo Guillen
Clyde Guinn
Larry Haff
Phyllis Hager
Larry Hager
Craig Halliday
Roger Hamilton
Vera Hanchin
John Hanna
Mary Harold
Ronnie Harned
Michael Harper
Monte Harper
Richard Harrington
Charles Harrison
Vickv Harvey
Steve Hatch
John Hendricks
Gabriel Hernandez




l ,





/ ,. L

" .

Susan Hibbert
Cassandra Hibner
Pamela Hicks
Kristina Higgins
Linda Hilliard
Alexander Hinek
Douglas Hinek
Norma Herrera
Jane Hesters

but uppers of the under!

Oh. my goodness! Look at me!!!!


) *1




No longer with Freshman attraction,

Ann Jackson
Leslie Jackson
James Jackson
Renee Jankus
Diana Jarvis
Theodore Jemmott

Bentley Jenkins
Christie Jenner
Jan Jensen
Judy Jernigan
Edmond Jilli
Everett Justice

Suzanne Kaelin
Kenneth Kaisch
Katherine Kamish
Nancy Kascher
Donald Kat
Beverls Keene



. -. f
e I



nfl rrvC i


V -

fl1 r

Linda Hettenbach
James Hobbs
Carol Holden
Thomas Holmberg
Barbara Hopkins
Edward House
Alice Howard
Nuel Howard
Richard Hoyle
Blanca Huertas
James Hudgins
Linda Huff
Thomas Hughes
Michael Hummel
David Hunsucker
Jerrilyn Hunt
William Hunter
Linda Illueca


Gad, what a load!

Ronald Ken-
Kenneth Kl ii
Ruth Kells
Richard Keim
Molly Kenni gtu
Michael Kerin
Bonnie Kerr
Karen Kerr
Robert Kimsev
Gary King
Kris Kingsburv
Martha Kite
Karen Klages
Nora Knight
Margaret Knox
Serge Kohan
George Kosak
Kim Kristoff


".. r

Olga Lagassie
Mary Lair
Laura Laird
Tracy Lansberry
April Leaver
Kathleen Le Brun
Penny Lee
Walter Lenneville
Carol Lewis
Elizabeth Lindo
Michael Littig
Kathleen Litton
Stephen Logneaux
Ruth Loran
Dillon Lynch
Margaret Macdonell
Frank Major
Antoinette Malene

not yet with

senior limelight,

Robert Malmstrom
Margie Malone
Timothy Malone
Gerald Maloney
Albert Manning
Mathew Manning

Gloria Manno
Wanda Marks
Jo Marti
Doris Martin
Emilio Martinez
Nancy Mason

Debbie McGee
Karen McGee
Peter McGrath
Thomas McGraw
Karen McLane
Judy McLean

One. two. three, look at me.

Marvin McMillon
Bernadette McNamee
Vernon McNamee
David McNaught
Edna McNeese
Lenora Medcalf
Ernestina Medin.i
Timothy Meehan
Albert Meggerx
Michael Meli
Charles Met7
Bob Meyer
Monica Mever
Michele Meyer,
Pamela Michel
George Mekosi
IJmes Miles
Hilda Miller

A4 .


> *


A i% n

*0 1


1 f r C
L CT *



*F. I



a classmate of ours, Sadie Hawkins,

Look ma, no teeth.

Lana Nadeau
Kenneth Nelson
Vilma Newell
Linda Newman
James Nichols
John Nita
Frances O'Brien
Kevin O'Connell
Karlene Oeding
Victor Oliver
James Osborn
Miguel Osborne
Margaret Ott
Lawrence Oxx
Andrew Page
Janice Parker


,f U



Patricia Miller
Merrilyn Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
Haim Mizrachi
Carol Mobley
Zeevy Mogilevsky
Rosacinda Montemayor
Yolanda Mora
Charles Moras
Helen Morris
Darryl Morse
Douglas Morse
Gary Moyer
Robert Mulholland
Joan Muller
Wallace Murdock
John Myers
Brenda Myrick

l et


Ih A

?F~1I c ~r~


a a ~, ~h


still managed to steal the show.

Having a good time, girls?

Martha Rodriguez
Steven Roth
Paul Rowe
Cynthia Rudesheim

Sarah Runnestrand
George Ruppert
Priscilla Russell
Robert Russell

Elizabeth Salonick
Sharon Samson
Wynne Samuelson
Alfredo Sanchez

Joan Sartain
Phyllis Sasnett
Neil Satterwhite
Mark Saunders




Tom Parker
Judy Patient
Richard Patton
Dorothy Pescod
George Pescod
Thomas Pescod
Joe Piascik
Susan Poerner
Anne Pohl
Fred Ponce
Patricia Pratchett
Travis Price
Alan Proctor
Mary Proudfoot
John Rathgeber
Larry Ray
Ruth Raymond
Mary Redding
Michael Reinhardt
William Renner
Sheldon Reyher
John Reynolds
Thomas Rice
Randall Rich
Gwyneth Richard
Charles Richards
Paul Richards
Jeanette Richardson
Henry Richter
David Ricker
Jennie Riesch
Ethelyn Riley
Jeff Riley
Ramona Rios
Charlotte Rhodes
Louis Rodriguez

i:; 4

C~i; -=i ~i




Kathryn Scanlon
Anthony Schmid
Dolores Schmidt
Douglas Schnepel
Kathy Schroeder
Martha Searcy

Donna Searle
Marjorie Sener
Michael Sharp
Sandra Shirley
Gary Showalter
William Silen

Sam Sillick
Charles Simmons
Lamar Sizemore
Lowell Slagle
Emmanuel Sledge
Paula Sledge

Detention hall for midgets?

A it `



Finally we were full fledged members

Robert Smail
Carol Smith
David Smith
Sally Smith
Stephen Smith
Russell Smith
Fred Smzymanski
George Snowden
Georgette Sosa

Carol Sparks
Janice Speaks
David Speir
Mary Spinelli
Sandra Spinney
Terry Sprague
Rosary Stacy
Margarita Stallworth
Stephen Stangl
Charlotte Stanley
George Stanley
Sara Stanphill
Gerald Starr
Susan Stetler
Janet Steward
Thomas Stoakley
Olga Stone
Theodore Supple
Jane Taht
Melanie Tarflinger
Robb Taylor
Frank Tester
Michael Thompson
Nancy Tinkler
Bettina Torres
David Trahan
Judith Trainor
Sandra Tucker
Linda Turbyfill
Rupert Turner
Linda Turpin
Kim Upton
Thomas Uribe
Patricia Vanderburg
Lill Van Eps
Elena Varela




n" I

. I "


'4. x

r. ,

1 .3 V~ ~538r ~~3r ~~ : ~3


r~ ~ C9 ~


Gary Vaucher
Robert Van Winkle
Justo Velez
Suzanne Vignes
Mitzi Vogel
Helen Waldron
Judy Wall
Carole Walker
James Walker
Susan Wallace
Phyllis Warner
Dennis Watkins
Marion Watson
Michael Weade
Linda Weeks
Vicky Weeks
William Welch
Steven Wellman

* LI

of the B.H.S. Mass.

10 ... 9 ...

Ir I
4._ I -


Alan Wells
Betty White
Everett White
Judy White
Mary White
Weldon White
Fred Whitney
Grace Whitney
Lyle Wickman
Eddie Wiese
Deborah Wilder
Helena Williams
Scott Williams
Sheryl Williams
Marian Willis
Roy Wilmoth
Duke Wilson
Sandra Wilson

n p^ "*

4 1

^f ifi^ ^

1 ^ A

-- .- . H



r. d


Mildred Winberg
Kathryn Winn
Paula Wirtz
Wilda Wong
Bobbie Woods
Pamela Woods
Lorain Worsham
David Wright
Edmund Wright
Oscar Wright
Thomas Wyatt
Nancy York
Elinor Young
Gary Zambito
Paul Zeinick
Connie Zemer
Richard Zornes
Susan Ball
John Barb
Patricia Bartlett
Linda Fortune
Emilio Velez
Joe Piascid



And nobody can

say we

didn't do our bit.

You don't say!



111111111111111111111111 lllllm1111111111111lrmllll[llmnl


As the engraver's work draws to a close, so too does that
of the individual. The former has deepened and widened the
lines on the field, and with these stronger marks has created
the charge. The individual has developed his convictions and
determined his standpoints. Both processes, artistic and de-
velopment, are completed. Permanent grooves are colored and
polished. Standards of integrity molded into a firm character.
How long the design lasts depends upon the sincerity with
which it was attempted.

7 77 4 4? 1s(|

Mrs. Willingham


Mr. Willingham

IC192rI CT r i C Si ?3
9441 ... .1

4 i" ,

... ::****
.I. H ill

I li::::
i2 r

George Linfors






Stu Brown
Vice President


Vicki McCoy

What? A blue and gold class

Frank Baldwin
Richard Baltozer
John Barber

Nancy Barcelo
Dolores Barnes
Patricia Basham

Miriam Bateman
Virginia Beaty
Luz Neida Benitiz



Doreen Adams
Michael Albert
Raymond Albertson
Patsy Albritton
Sara Alejandro
Daniel Aleman
Eloy Alfaro
Leida Almodovar
Earl Anderson
Eric Anderson
Jose Anguizola
Linda Askew
Linda Auble
Aracelis Aviles
Paulina Aviles
Merian Brittain
Robert Baggott
Patricia Bain



Why do elephants jump out of trees?

Janice Berg
Lucille Bertolette
Jose Bibbo
Steve Bissell
George Black
Eugene Blumberg
Charles Blystone
Gail Bohannon
Nancy Bongiorni
Patricia Boriotti
Howard Boswell
Jean Bouche
William Boughner
Patricia Bowling
Sharon Bowman
Sharyon Boyd
Kevin Bradley
Mary Jean Brady

t^r '.

90 fa



ij *

a~ I n.~

Dora Brandenburg
Elizabeth Brannan
Mark Breslin
Roy Bridges
Barbara Brown
Ralph Brown
Stewart Brown
Suzanna Brown
Carol Bryson
Dennis Bryson
Beverly Buehler
Ernest Buenafe
Manuel Buenafe
Nancy Bunnell
Ralph Burda
Frederick Burton
Andrea Byrd
Mario Calleja

But of


Just goes

to show,

|, ,


a .. v


Linda Campbell
Michele Canavagio
Alice Cann

Johanna Carlson
Cynthia Carlton
Ronnie Carroll

George Case
Mary Cashman
Ricardo Cazorla

Linda Cecil
Nancy Chadwick
Ruth Chance
Rebecca Chancy
Virginia Chaney
Kathleen Chandler
Susan Charbonneau
Phillis Chase
Donna Cheaney
Don Chesson
Paul Chisolm
Paula Chodakowski
Aleika Clare
Steve Clarke
Jack Clinton
Diana Cobb
John Colacicco
Charles Colburn



p9 N

A- -j

9I _
f -* '?
t= i

Lr' r

h n


" AO*r


h ~CII

William Compton
John Cooper
Mary Cooper



Stephen Cunningham
Gordon Dale
Robert Daniel

William Daubin
Luther Davis
Margarita Davis

Jerry Denton
Robert Dessert
Suzanne Dessert
Edward Deveau
Stephen Dickey

Mary Dignam
Catherine Dimmick
Frank Disharoon
Katherine Dolan
Linda Dominguez

Patricia Doran
Bruce Douglas
Larry Douglas
Robert Dryia
Joan Dunn

Robert Dunn
Dennis Dykstra
Donald Emerson
Robert Engelke
William Egolf

A C.



'i S~

right from the start,

T~~ "

nL e? n ^

s j

Paul Elia
Jacob Esterline
Peter Etchemendy
Evan Evans

Randall Everson
Susan Falardeau
William Fall
Paula Faulkner

Ina Fisher
John Fitzgerald
Mary Fitzwilliam
Mary Flinchbaugh

Virginia Flumach
Lewis Fontaine
George Fox
Patricia Fritts

OK, who's next?

Elizabeth Critch
James Culet
Linda Culhane



f -%


Sandra Genther
Janis George

Leslie Fulcher
Nancy Fuller
Steve Fulton
Lillian Furlong
Thomas Galya

Angela Ganser
Jack Garavanta
Della Garcia
Mary Garcia
Linda Garcia

Terence Gleason
Juan Gonzalez

Sarah Gonzalez
Zaida Gonzalez

we Juniors were

Marlene Gordon
Robin Gordon

Frances Goulding
Larry Gramilich
Susan Greene

Why does he insist on,
dog stories?

Michael Gurney
Pablo Gutierrez
Diana Haky
William Hale
Robert Hall
Phoebe Hamill

Kermit Griffin
Larry Grill
Walter Grow
Esther Gunderson




*9 .*


IP r

David Glass
Sylvia Glass

r^ ^^n

Henry Garner

Harry Garza

^3 ; 1
r^n 1 91,


ccfl C3


^ r

John Hanchin
.let& Sandra Hanley
SJames Hanson
Ronald Hanuschak
Sj Pamela Harrington
Barbara Harris
Lillian Harrison
Robert Harrison
James Hearn
Shirley Hedden
Susan Heimer
Daniel Hele
Cora Henderson
Ronald Henderson
Ronald Henderson
Elizabeth Hendricks
Cora Herrea
S Alfred Hibbert
Diana Hindman
Jeffrey Hirschl
ilk Roger Hoenke
Sheila Holcroft
John Hollen
Russell Hoogland
Judith House
Esther Hovan
SVicki Hutchinson

L". Dianna Hyre
Andrew Jacobson
Melodie James
Michael January
James Jenkins
Brenda Johnson
Idette Johson
Isis Johnson
Linda Jones

Everyone had a "Ball"

Charles Joyner
Delfina Justiniano
Brian Keggins

Brian Keeney
Emory Kessling
Gregory Kennington

Jorge Kiamco
Robert Kilpatric
Linda King

Kathryn Kingsbury
Velma Kirkland
Connie Kirkman




Radio T.N.T., Kaboom!

'* ~ "iV"


Nelly Kirmer
Judy Klages
Robert Klipper
Margaret Knapp
Dorothy Knox
William Krapfl
Russell La Fuente
Calvin Landrum
Christopher Lane
Elizabeth Lane
Jack Lunsford
Donna Larson
James Lastinger
Robert Lavallee
Eva Lawrence
Robert Lawyer
Ricardo Lay
Wayne Leake
Daniel Learned
Gerald Lee
Pam Lesser
Marilyn Lemaster
Susan Lessiak
Thomas Lewis
Barbara Lewter
George Linfors
Harold Little
Terri Lockhart
Carole Lopez
Jacquelyn Lovelady
Lionel Lovell
Lynda Lueckeman
Aymee Lugo
Lynda Luke
Gail Lynch
Carl Mable
Shirley MacDonald
Wesley Major
Helen Manning

J *

f^ fp
M^ ^'^i

4I )

Lowell Marcus
Harold Marks
Rita Martens
Adrienne McAndrews
Patrick McCarragher
Charles McConney
Vicki McCoy
Carol McCue
Edward McEniry
Eddie McFadden


at our Christmas Formal.

Mary McFadden
Teresa McGann
John McGrath

Gerald McNabb
Robert Merrill
Cecilia Merriwether


Heather Metheny
Gordon Meuse
Paul Meyer









Li L~L T6:



c: db ^4

Donna Michael
Margarita Milas
Elizabeth Miller
Mary Miller

I _


SZ 1


Michael Miller
Raymond Miller
Shirley Miller
Stanley Mock

Joy Moore
Irene Mora
Lesile Mora
Michael Morrow

Robert Morse
Daniel Mullins
Cinders Murdock
Carol Muse

Linda Naar
Kathryn Nehering
Richard Nolan
Robert Nolan

1 :L,

And now as the gates open and
the water rushes in .

We supplied the better half

Robert Norton
Jerry Nunley
Gary Nurenberg
Jacqueline O'Berst
Robert O'Connor
Sandra Oczkowcz
Dennis O'Donnell
Marcelina Olayvar
Jessica Ories
Emelyna Ortega
Bruce Parker
Arthur Payne
Carole Pearson
Ron Pederson
Pennie Pelkey
Sylvia Perra
Susan Petersen
Cheryl Peterson
James Peterson
Jane Peterson
George Phillips
James Plata
Michael Plucker
Emiliano Ponce
James Preacher
Monique Prefontaine
Karl Prescott
Herbert Prescott
Richard Prevost
Carolyn Price





f~ (2,


I: ah

a, ~ 43 C9
i ~I:hr

A r~

Catherine Price
Robert Prince
Luther Quinn
Carole Quintal
Christina Quiros
Mary Rateau
Jack Ray
Edward Renner
James Rhodes
Val Jon Rich
Georgia Richarde
Bruce Richards
James Richardson
Alida Rivera
Walker Rivera
John Rizzo
Elizabeth Robertson
Larry Robertson
Kimbal Robbins
Howard Rogers


of the Junior-Senior Prom,

Ruben Roderigiez
Kenneth Roth
Ada Ruiz
Robert Rupp

Carol Saarinen
Robert Samuelson
Mary Sanchez
Dorothy Sanders

Doing the Bulldog bounce.

Maria Sague
Kristine Sanford
Alfred Sardinas
John Sargent
Lancey Saunders
James Savidge
Carol Schafer
Suzanne Schmidt
Dale Searle

Jeffrey Sears
Randall Seemann
! Lyndall Sellens
, ^ Wilford Shaffer
Kathleen Sheridan
S Candance Shirley
Shirley Sillick
I Joan Silva
James Slover







~PP cn


f~c~ r~

\ I-

1 "M

Ci 1

L ^
*Ii ;

- .

~i n

1 Liad
C~lr. h

T r

Margo Smith
Theresa Smith
William Smith
Eddie Smithwick
Eugina Soberanis

Argelis Sotomayor
Frank South
Donna Southwell
Lettie Sparling
Lewis Stabler

Bernard Starkenberg
Robert Starr
Helen Stewart
Philip Stewart
Ann Stitch

Lydia Saurez
Frank Suarez
Roark Summerford
Novella Sumner
Patric Swanstrom

the Junior-Senior Banquet,

William Tilley
William Tillman
Faith Tisdale

Angel Toledo
James Tomanilli
Barbara Toothman

John Trainor
Ronald Tremblay
Linda Trevino

"Really think we can steal it?"

Patricia Trim
Marilyn Truitt
George Turner


William Swanstrom
John Swiney

Robert Tarr
Vaughan Taylor

Sharon Ten Broeck
Gloria Tester

Dan Thomas
Danny Thornberg

n.. ^

:^ i

,^i ar


L^ i

f- -1 #-a

11 i *B

rp ^


"Throw him to the lions" ."Boy, I love
these Roman festivals."

Terry Turner
Paula Tysinger
Patricia Unverferth
Phillip Uribe
Richard Valenzuela

Dirk Van Loon
Greg Van Tassell
Cynthia Van Voorhis
Daisy Vargas
Gricelda Vasnick

Doris Vasquez
Miguel Vecchione
Elaine Vestal
Dianne Vick
Candance Wagner

David Warren
Lynn Watkins
Mary Lou Watkins
Leroy Watson
Russell Watson



. -kh I rl

and the Junior-Senior Frolic!!

Douglas Weeks
Carol Weinstock
Elizabeth Wellington

Randall Werntz
Brenda Westfall
Sharon Wheeler
Anthony White

James White
Patrick White
Joan Widdecke
Mary Wiese
William Wiktor

Frank Wilder
Dora Will
Susan Willenbrock
Maryann Williams
Richard Williams
Janet Williar


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0 41

James Willingham
Gloria Wilson
Heidi Wilson
Jane Wilson
Janice Wilson

Ann Winquist
Gloria Wirth
Carla Wisham
Betty Womble
Kathryn Wood

Janet Wright
Diane Zerr

Patricia Fuqua
Priscilla Hernandez

Vivian Butler
Mary Ellen Hibbert

Mike McClure
Penny Riley

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Frank Ansel
Robert Compton

And just

wait 'til Next


Darwin must have been wrong!!!

Tom Zarnes

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.,-- k

Sue Himer
George Wodrozka

Dorothy Prescott
Jeannette Foster

Connie Balmar
Louie Zarrilli
Jerry Worsham


Alete Pinella
Rita Hedman



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II i


^~~~~ "* **



Just as the scroll relates the motto, the next stage of the
individual uncovers a code, an ethic by which to live. The
scroll itself is adorned with the phrase associated with the owner
of the coat-of-arms. It states the owner's guiding moral
throughout life.
This last stage in the tedious route toward the develop-
ment of character is vitally important. The individual has
compiled his new-found ideals and standards and has created
a maxim with which to guide himself through any situation
testing his integrity.




., -- ~
.iin iAWU


0 R B
li P=i ,..

Mr. Hummel

. ....-


The senior class could never have
been as successful as it was with-
out the help and guidance of its
sponsors. We owe Mr. Hummel
and Mr. Fralcv debt of gratitude
which we cann, p-ssibly repay.

Mr. Fraley


r?: ~J






"* i.' V*** ". I
a ,f. . a I a** ; ,
,,,t, ,,,, ,,,.,., ,

*- -
.r ~ P a :: -: ... -.:

Louise Bailey .. ........
a 1- .5 ma'E.- "-.:.:E.
i '- W


,- sns

Chuck Moses

N *"



Joe Bremer

Our year was spent

Vincente Ernesto Abea
Louis Roque Adams aa .
William Edward Adams

VINCENTE ERNESTO ABEA. Feb. 11, 1947. Panama, R. de P. Mu Alpha Theta 4; N.H.S. 3,4;
Science Club 3,4; Slide Rule Club 2; Physics Assistant 4; Chemistry Assistant 3; R.O.T.C. Drill
Team 3; Honor Guard 2,3,4; 2nd Lieutenant 4; Football (Intramurals) 1; Basketball (Intramurals)
1; Bowling (Intramurals) 1; Volley Ball (Intramurals) 1,2,3; Soccer (Intramurals) 1,3; Chorus 1;
Glee Club 1,2,3.
LOUIS ROQUE ADAMS. May 25, 1946. Panama, R. de P. Camera Club 1,2; Chess Club 1,2,3;
Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club President 3; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Natl. Thespians 3,4; Science Club
1,2,3,4; Physics Assistant 4; R.O.T.C. Awards Ball 2,3; Color Guard 3; Drill Team 2; Firing Squad
2; Honor Guard 3,4; 1st Lieutenant 4; Usher Guard 3; Christmas Formal Committee 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom.---
Comm. 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Showcase 3; Football (Intra.) 2, 3; Soccer (Intra.) 2;
"Death Takes a Holiday" 3; "If Girls Ask Boys for Dates" 3; "The Lottery" 3; "Death of the Hired
Man" 3; "Our Town" 3; "Joan of Lorraine" 4; "The Grass Harp" 2; Assembly Committee, Chairman
4; Co-ordinating Committee 4; Welfare Comm. 4; Talent Show 3.
WILLIAM EDWARD ADAMS. November 8, 1945. Margarita, Canal Zone. Drill Team 2,3,4; Firing
Squad 2,3; Commander 4; E-6; Usher Guard 2.
GEORGIANNE ALBAUGH. May 20, 1946. Virginia. Drama Club 4; Future Teachers of America Georgianne Albaugh
4; Pep Club 4; Bridge Club 4; Drill Team 4; Office Assistant 4; Christmas Formal Comm. 3; Jr.-
Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Chorus 2,3; Usher Awards Day Assembly 3.
GAIL ESTHER ALBRITTON. July 27, 1946. Ancon, Canal Zone. G.A.A. 1,2, Coordinator of
Officials 3; President 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; N.H.S. 3,4; Girls State 3; Biology Lab Assistant 2; Senior
Gift Comm. 4; Basketball (Intra.) 1,2,3,4; Bowling (Intra.) 2,3; Softball 2,3; Tennis (Varsity) 1,2,3;
Ping Pong 2,3; Volley Ball (Varsity) 1,2,3,4; Badminton 2,3; Basketball All Stars 1; Volley Ball All
Stars 1,2,3; S.A. Alternate 3; Inaugural Ball Chairman 4; S.A. Rep. 4; Usher N.H.S. 2,3.
VICTOR MANUEL ALERS. September 2, 1945. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Letterman's Club 3,4;
Boys State 3; Cap and Gown Committee 4; Football (Intra.) 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Basketball (Intra.)
3,4; Track 3,4; Track All-Stars 3; Track (Intra.) 3,4; Civic Council Election 4.
JOLLEEN ADELE ALLEN. September 4, 1945. Panama, R. de P. Office Assistant 2,3,4; Volley
Ball (All Stars) 2; Softball All Stars 2.
MICHAEL WILLIAM ALEXANDER. November 13, 1946. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Drama Club
Vice-President 4; Football (Intra.) 4; Basketball Intramurals 4; "Joan of Lorraine" 4; S.A. Alternate

Gail Esther Albritton

Victor Manuel Alers W" 3 .
Jolleen Adele Allen *
Michael William Alexander

in glory and preparation.

Thomas E. Alves
Patrick Michael Arnold
Harry Alden Ashby

Mario Ayala
Mario Ayala

Louise Ann Bailey

THOMAS E. ALVES. June 24, 1946. Ancon, Canal Zone. Football (Intramurals) 3.
PATRICK MICHAEL ARNOLD. July 1, 1944. Ancon, Canal Zone. Awards Ball 2; Drill Team 2;
Firing Squad 2; PFC; Football 1; Football (Intra.) 1; Baseball 4; Basketball (Intra. )4; Swimming 1;
Track 1.
HARRY ALDEN ASHBY. August 10, 1945. Panama, R. de P. C.C.C. 3; Swimming 3,4; Swim-
ming (Intramurals) 3,4; Parakeet 1; Chorus 4; Carnival Dance 3,4; School T.V. Program 1.
MARIO AYALA. September 15, 1946. La Chorrera, Panama. Chess Club 3; Latin Club 3,4; Mu
Alpha Theta 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Chemistry Assistant 3; R.O.T.C. 2,3,4; 1st Lt.; Football (Intra.) 1,2,3;
Basketball (Intra.) 1,2; Bowling (Intra.) 1; Ping Pong 1; Volleyball (Intra.) 1,2; Water Polo 1;
Soccer 2,3.
LOUISE ANN BAILEY. April 29, 1946. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Drama Club 3; F.T.A. 3;
Literary Club 3,4; Mythology Club 1; N.H.S. 4; Pep Club 1; United Nations Club 4; Bridge Club
4; Awards Ball 4; R.O.T.C. Sponsor 4; Class Secretary 4; Cards and Announcements 4; Senior Co-
ordinating Comm. 4; Freshman Dance 1; Sophomore Showcase 2; Senior Showcase 4; Senior Ring 4;
Basketball (Intra.) 2; Volleyball 1; Accordion Band 1,2; Awards Day 3,4; S.A. Representative 1,3;
Baccalaureate Marshal 3; Graduation Marshal 3; N.H.S. Usher 1; Girls State 3; Girls Nation 3.
GLORIA JEAN BALLENGER. January 5, 1943. Panama, R. de P. Basketball 1,2,3,4.
MARIE LYNN BAQUIE. October 16, 1946. New York City, N. Y. Chess Club 2; Drama Club
3,4; French Club 3,4; Folk Singers Club 4; Latin Club 2,3; Literary Club 4; Natl. Thespians 4;
C.C.C. 2,3; Chemistry Assistant 4; "Death Takes a Holiday" 3; "Our Town" 3; "Joan of Lorraine"
4; Chorus 2; "Death of the Hired Man" 3.
JOHN RAYMOND BARRETT. March 22, 1946. Ancon, Canal Zone. Letterman's Club 3,4; Slide
Rule Club 2; Awards Ball 2; R.O.T.C. 2; P.F.C.; Football 3,4; Football (Intra.) 1; Canal Zone All
Stars 3; Bowling (Intra.) 1; Track (Intra.) 1; S.A. Alternate 1,3.

Gloria Jean Ballenger
Mari6 Lynn Baqui6
John Raymond Barrett

" ~la~a-


In Preparation for our graduation,

Mary Kathryn Bartlett
Michael William Basham
Sandra Bauchman


Robert Eugene Bauman

M? C


MARY KATHRYN BARTLETT. September 8, 1946. Ancon, Canal Zone. Drama Club 2,3; Fu-
ture Teachers of America 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 3,4; Girls State 3; Counselor's Assistant 2; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3;
Cap and Gown 4; Valentine Showcase 3; Volleyball (Intra.) 2,3.
MICHAEL WILLIAM BASHAM. December 8, 1945. Columbus, Ohio. Senior Activity 4; Zonian
Staff 4; Zonian Ad Seller 4; S.A. Representative 3,4.
SANDRA BAUCHMAN. November 15, 1945. Panama, R. de P. Drama Club 1,4; French Club
1,2,4; Future Teachers of America 1,4; Pep Club I; Valentine Formal Committee 4; Volleyball (In-
tramurals) 3; "Joan of Lorraine" 4; Track Queen 4.
ROBERT EUGENE BAUMAN. February 20, 1946. Ancon, Canal Zone. Biology Assistant 2;
R.O.T.C. Staff Sgt.; Bowling (Intramurals) I; Golf (Intramurals) 1,2,3; Ping Pong 1.

JAMES WILLIAM BAY. August 27, 1946. Boise, Idaho. Drama Club 3,4; National Thespions
4; R.O.T.C.; Usher Guard 2; "Arms and the Man" 2; "Death Takes a Holiday" 3; "The Lottery" 3;
"Our Town" 3; "Joan of Lorraine" 4; Glee Club 2,3; Fashion Show M.C. 3.

MARY JEAN BEEBY. August 26, 1946. San Antonio, Texas. G.A.A. 2; Basketball (Intramurals)
2; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Organ Guild 4.
VICTOR BEHAR. October 10, 1944. Panama R. de P. Math Club 1; Pan American 1,2,3; Spanish
Club 1,2; United Nations Club 1; C.C.C. 1,2,3; Wood Shop Assistant 2; Football 1,2; Football (Intra-
murals) 1; Basketball 1; Swimming 1,2; Swimming (Intramurals) 1; Track 1; Ping Pong 1,2; Water
Polo 1,2,3; Baseball 1.
CHARLES F. BELDEN. May 16, 1946. Ancon, Canal Zone. Camera Club 1,2; R.O.T.C. 1st Sar-
geant; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Jr.-Ring Comm. 3; Cards and Announcements Committee Chairman
4; Parakeet 4; Zonian 3; S.A. Ticket Designer 4; S.A. Alternate 2,3; Get-Acquainted Dance 4; Boys
State 3.

James William Bay

Mary Jean Beeby
Victor Behar
Charles F. Belden


1 II


we ordered cards and announcements.

Frances Elizabeth Bell
Patricia Ann Best
Daniel Marston Blackmon

FRANCES ELIZABETH BELL. August 22, 1946. Athens, Georgia. Future Nurses of America 4;
G.A.A. 3,4; Clinic Assistant 4; Volleyball (Intra.) 2,3,4.
PATRICIA ANN BEST. November 20, 1946. Ancon, Canal Zone. Chess Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2;
Science Club 2; Tomorrow's Secretaries Club 4; United Nations Club 2; Biology Assistant 4; Senior
Showcase 4; S.A. Alternate 1; Ticket Sales Committee 4; Awards Day Usher 2.
DANIEL MARSTON BLACKMON. January 12, 1947. Northampton, Massachusetts. Latin Club 4;
Literary Club 4; N.H.S. 4; United Nations Club 4; Football 3; Football (Intramurals) 3; S.A. Presi-
dent 4; Baccalaureate Marshal 3; Graduation Marshal 3; Boys State 3; Boys Nation 3; Band 3.
DAVID MICHAEL BLAKE. November 7, 1946. Woodlawn, Tennessee. Track 3; Track (Intra-
murals) 1; Glee Club 1.
GENE LOUIS BLUMBERG. May 30, 1945. Canal Zone. Football 4; Football (Intramurals) 1,2,3,4;
Basketball (Intra.) 1,2; Bowling (Intramurals) 1,2; Golf (Intra.) 1; Softball 1,2; Track (Intra.) 1.
SHIRLEY CLAIRE BLUMBERG. May 3, 1946. Panama R. de Panama. Drama Club 1; Library
Club 1; Pan American Club 1; Pep Club 1; Bridge Club 4; C.C.C. 1,2; Counselor's Assistant 2;
R.O.T.C. Assistant 4; Carnival Dance 1.
GRETCHEN VINA BOEHNING. July 22, 1946. Panama, R. de P. G.A.A. 3,4; Library Club
3,4; President 4; Library Assistant 3,4; Basketball (Intra.) 3; Volleyball (Intra.) 3,4.
GEORGE JAMES BOOTH. January 10, 1946. Panama. R. de P. R.O.T.C. Private First Class;
S.A. Alternate 4.


David Michael Blake

Gene Louis Blumberg

Shirley Claire Blumberg
Gretchen Vifia Boehning
George James Booth

A 4




- i

Full Text


-;0::"' ',I to;. --


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive.org/details/zonian 1964balb


,-t -" Mi c h a el Bash am the Zonian staff presents Cynr hi a Case Richard Cressy B onni e Crowell B ar b ara D enny -, M a r cia D ubbs J oa n D u nn linda F awcett P atri c i a Gro w -Mary Ellen H anle,. L erle n e H ayde n L orraine L ee n Gail M a br y Tira Mi las M a r sh a Pre v ost ....... < K a y R a l s t o n R e nee Sargent THE 1964 IONIAN


Table of Contents "Looki ng Backwards to Now" Administration Faculty Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Sports Activ ities Ad verti sing


DEDICATION The fact that his caree r started ill Balboa High is oll l y Ol1e reason f o r the yearbook staff to take g r e at pleaS'llre ill d e dicat in g the 1 964 ZON1AN t o Mr. Si g 1lrd E. Esser. H e ha s serve d the Callal ZOlle stude llt s lo ya lly,both at Cris tobal High alld her e at Balboa. This d e di c atioll i s IIOt t o take the pla ce of Our per p e tual gratitude but ratb e r to s alut e a 1I/.al1 for a job w e ll doue


FOREWORD Since Va sco Nunez de Balboa' s di s covery of the Pacific Ocean, during the 16th century, man ha s dreamed of constructing a cana l connecting the Atlantic a nd Pacific Oceans. In 1879 the French became the fir s t to try to build a canal through Panama. However, they were unsuccessful because working as indi v idual companies, without the backing of any government, they soon ran out of money and l and their s tockholder s ran out of patience. In the meantime, the United State s b e came intere s t ed in the canal project. On November 1 8 1 903, the United States s igned a treaty with the Republic of Panama leas ing the Property known a s the Canal Zone. The construction wa s not easy, for they were faced with many difficulties which had to be ove r c o me. Tons of mechanical equipment, as well as the effort of over one a nd a half million men were needed to complete the task of building the canal. In addition to this the canal had to built through rugged terrain, jungles, and swampland. The tropical sun and deadly di seas e s of Panama were detremental to progress. Nature pres ented other delay s to work on the canal. Sanitatio n an d land s lid e s were the two major problem s There wa s brush to be clea r e d, swamps to be drained, and g rass to be cut. Many buildings and a r eas had to be fumigated a nd solutions had to be found for what b ecam e a n immen s e refuse di s po s a l problem.


Ev e ntuall y all these proble m s wer e solved b ythe de velopment o f new and bette r m a chin e r y and the a dvan ce m ent in th e c o ntrol o f tro pic a l dis e ases a nd associa t e d difficulti e s Fin ally, in 1 9 14 the main co n s t ructio n of th e Pan a m a Ca n a l was comple t e d a nd the fir s t c omme r c i a l s hip th e U.S.S AIICOII, was allo w e d to trans it. This event w a s the climax o f e l eve n year s o f hard work and strugg l e In fifty yea r s o f o p e r a ti o n th e P a n a m a Cana l h a s s e r ved t h e Unite d States, as w ell as the w o rld in comme rc e a n d defense. In reco g ni z ing the 50th anni v ersar y o f the ca nal, w e mus t also remember that B a lboa Hig h i s celebr a t i n g it s 50th c omme ncement During the past fifty year s th e classe s o f B a lboa Hig h h ave wlt c h e d it develope a nd g row Fifty yea r s ago the s pot w h e r e BHS n o w s t a nd s was nothin g m o re than s wampl a nd The fir s t B a lboa Hig h Sch oo l was a two s t o r y w oo d e n frame buildin g w hich l a t e r was r eplace d b y t h e pre sent day B a lboa El e m entary Sch ool. Thi s white c o n c r e te buildin g bore the n a m e o f Balboa High S ch oo l f o r approx im a tel y 1 8 years, until 1 942, whe n our hig h s ch oo l was finall y c o n struc t e d B a lboa Hig h S c h oo l has b e n e fit e d it's s tud ents, as the C anal ha s benefit e d th e w o rld So, o n thi s G olde n Anniver sary the 1964 ZONIAN attempts to c omme m o r a t e these fifty yea r s in thi s issue.


Looking Clll e bra (1(/; N ovember 24, 19/4. Backward To Now T ba cb"" F erry B ridge 1964


Goethals M emoria/.; erec t ed in memory o f Gel1eral George G oethals t ubo was the engineer il1 charge o f comtfttc tillg th e cpnal.


B alboa, 1916


B alboa tl}u/ B a/boa H e ight J drea J 964. (Note the cboJ1geJ).


Gailiard CII1-Clllebra. L ook illg JOllt" from welt ballk Cbmmel completel) blocked by llideI. from E alt and IIV eit Bal1kI. D redgel excavtlt i ng Ilide mater ial. Nov. 18, 1915.


- ----" P G. T imlin paJJil1g C 01Jlrac l Or's H ill, (lu is/ed b'j' lug Arr a ijan O c t ober 5. 1 960 ------


Maddell Dam. F e bfllary 27, 1929


-J Pedr o Miguel L ocks and surrolllldings. Looking sOlltb from P araiIo. O c t ober 20, 19/4.


Pedro Migliel Lock" 1963,


, ; r 1_ ... ,-1. -... -"" ; - '.I:" 'm i .... "" ," \ -- Pedro I H iglle/ LockJ 11/ ope-ration. 1 963.






SUPERINTENDENT AND STAFF \ M r P elli ngiJl Mr B y r d \ !r Anderso n Mr. Bra n ste n e r D e Armas M r \'(lo ll Mr. HOIz Mr. C .stles Mr. Esser rs. SlmpseJl Dr Lake MR. S E ES ER Sup e rint e n de nt of Schools MR. F A CASTLES Asst. Superint e n dent, U S School s MR. J S PETTINGIU, Assr. to Superinte ndent MR A H BYRD Administrative and Budget Officer DR. K E LAKE CoordinatOr o f Curri culum MR. T. F HOTZ S u p ervisor o f Instruc tion U S Secondary Schools MRS F. F SAMPSELL Supervisor of Instru ctio n U S Secondary S c hool s MR. J M \'(IOLF, Coordinacor, Spec ial Educatio n MR. L. H DE ARMAS Superviso r of Spanis h MR. R E ANDERSON Superv., P E and Athletics, U S School s MR. N V BRANS TETIER Supervisor o f Musi c


J n Davi d A. Speir, Jr. Princip a l Balboa High Schoo l Mr. Spe ir was born in Ja c k so nvill e Beach, Flo rida. H e g r adua t ed f ro m R obert E. Lee High School in 1 94 1 a nd e nter ed G eo rgi a Milit ary C olle g e, from whi c h h e graduated in 1942. During \V/. W I h e se rv e d w i th rhe 1 3 t h Air F o r ce in rhe So uth P aci fic. H e wUdi scharged o n D ece mber 2 3 1 9 45 and o n D e cem b e r 3 1 st h e marri ed hi s h i g h sch oo l swecrhean. I n 1 946, Mr Sp e ir e mered Willia m a nd M ary at \ ,(/illiam s bur g Vir g ini a. The r e the Spei r 's so n David wa s born Mr Spei r gradu a t ed in 194 7. w i th a n A.B. in His t ory. He taug ht a t Fletcher Hi gh Scho o l in J acksonville f o r 3 years, meanwhil e work ing for hi s Maste r' s d egre e at rhe Un i ve r s i ty of Flo ri da whic h he o btained in 1 949. Mr. S pei r came co r he Can a l Zone in 1 951. H e h as been a l B.H S fo r 1 3 year s ; 8 as a class r oo m teac h e r o f U.S. History a n d American i nsli tu l i o ns 2 as ass i s ram prin c ipal, a nd thi s i s his th ird year as prin c ip al. .-.-.-.-._, .. -. -


( M iss D o roth y F o lse Secreta r y Mrs. Eva H e rr e r a Sec r e t ary S ligar-a grea t jOllrce 0 / e n ergy.' Mrs. Sue Hawk Secr e tary Mrs. Priscilln Lane Secretary ---


JOHN C KNICK Assistant Prin c i pa l Clifron F o rge Vir g ini a Univ e r siry of Virginia B.A., M .Ed. D o Y0ft think Mr Kni c k UJould like the new elepha1lt joke? Mrs. Do r a Hi ggins ., .... I ..... ..


1 J --/ -_./ _.Jf ___ \ I; --.. Miss Donna Stuebe Miss M a ri e \X/eir Girls' Counselors Boys' Counselors -Mr. David B ag l ien Mr. G e orge Walters


Clinic D onor Pri ( h3111 NlIrse Sk e i e dud palie11l Library Miss Grace Rid e r Mr s Chollar




ENGLISH In orde r to succeed in {his ever-c hanging w orld, [he a bi l ity ro e xp r ess o n ese lf cle arly and inr elligendy i s a must Our Englis h (ea c h e r s have made rhe learn i n g o f th i s both possi bl e a nd en joyable. W e a l so g r ew to apprec i a l c d n d kn o w lirerarur e from all ov er the world. -j .... IAR Y S BRIG HA M Ihnlc C r ee k Mi c h iga n Engl i s h 10, Englis h t I A Ihul e Crk College. B A Columbia Universi t y, M A H o ld on, M 'r. Green e the day IS alm o st over.' FREDERI C K S. BROWN Clnuullo T <''' 3 5 En g l i s h J ournalis m Unive r s it y of Washi n g t o n. B A University o f New M ex ico M A D OROTHY DARC Y Phibdelphia. P e nn s ylvanil English University o f Pcnnsy lv;r.ni a n s


JOHN R DEKLE Tampa, Florida English 1 2C&.G F loridl Slat e Univenity B A., M A \ MAUDENE K E E N Mavi s dale, Vir g inia Englis h II R edfo r d Colle g e B.S. Uni v ersit y o f Flo r i d a M Ed JOE A NORTON San jose D lif o rnia E n glish S an jose Sute Colle g e B A M A RA YMOND B G R E ENE Bay City, Michig an Engl i s h Speech-D rama Arizon a St n e U n ivC'rsil Y B A M A \ \ HERBERT WIL SON KNAPP Kan sas City, Missouri En g l ish University o f Missouri B .S., M A NANCY S COTT N o rmal Illi nois En glis h 12C Uni v er s it y of Illin ois B A ., M A JANE GRUVER Dllln. T e n s En g l i s h Mar y Hard i n Bayl o r U n i v e rsity B A -... >!';,. HAZEL P MATTHEWS Scot tsbo ro, Alab a m a Eng lish 1 0 Geo rge Pubody College for Teach e rs M A A lab ama College, A B 1 C HARLES M TATMAN Millto wn, N e w j e rsey Eng l i s h Temple Uni versity B A Ru tgers UllIvcrsilY. M S


C H ARLES H WALL Uni o ntown Penns y l ... E n glish W;ayne sburg College, B A University o f Arbnns M A H E LEN S W ITKI N L ewi sburg, WI'S[ Virgini3 Engl i s h Wen Vir ginia Univt' rsit)'. B A University o f Minnesou, M A 1-1. LORING WHITE S idn ey. English 12C University of Connec ti cut A B h 'I.A ERNEST 8 WR I G H T TCXlS English University of Oklahoma B A .. M Ed C. M DUKE W l LSON j;lckson\' i l lc Beach. Flo r id:. Englisll University of Flo rid;! B A lo.I.A. Altcrn:ue: MRS. PREVOST


fn 1 i -=== RONALD CAPrON Ad r u.n. MIchigan U.S. Hist o r y SOCIAL STUDIES The hi srory of nati o n s I S o ne o f [ he most int e r es ring a n d r e wardin g subject co urses a student ca n mke High S choo l offers many slic h courses. In rhis mod ern w o rld a k n owledge o f you r own nari on. a s w ell as fo r e i g n n ations i s r e wardin g a n d jusr plain good sense. T his I g n ort mc e 11 8 lisl' 1IlaXf,m can be eMried too far.' .. .. ... - # I -. . . / . . ... . HAROLD L CHAPPELL Dodgc\ ill{", Wisc o n sIn Y l. CONDON Grlnd RapIds, M ICIHg.m World Hislo r y Adr ian College. n.A. Eastern ;"hchigJn UIl ... c r s H )' U.S. H,slOr y, ' o rld Geognphy Wiscons in SlUt' College, B .S. Co l o rado SUIt' Collq;c. M A UniversIty of M A


FRANK J. O EGEE R Co l o rad o Spr i ngs, Col ondo H isto r y Col orado Stlte, B .A. U nivers ity of T e x :JS, f ROY E. KNOOP Eve r green, Colorado W o r ld Hi5lor)" World Geog raphy Ohio W esleyan Univer sity B A Col umbi a Unive r sity, M A RU S K I N TEETER Conway Arkanus Social Studies \ Unive rsity o f Arkansas. M A F RA N K GA T ELY B oston, MUS3chu s e t u A m e r i c an I n s t ituti ons B o s t o n Sute College. B .S. BOHOn Universi t y M A WA LTER M. M I K ULI C H Bessemer, Mic h igan U.S H isto r y Moorh ead S t ate College, 8.E. Sta t e U ni versity o f I owa, M.A. P ATRIC I A F VAN EVE R A B oulder, Co l ora d o U. S. H isto r y H am l ine U n ive r sity, B .A. Unive r sity of Min nC"Sota, M A EDWARD W HATC H ETT, JR. Bal boa, Cami Zon e A m e r ica n In stitu tions Un i ver s ity of New Mexic o, B 8 .A. Arizona Sute U n iversi ty, M .A. MA Y M E JONES P REVOST Eu r eb, North Caro l ina World Geog raph y U nive rsity of N o rt h Carolina 8 .S.S.A. G. V. W I LDE Santa Rosa, Ca l ifornia World Geography Chico Sta t e College B A ., M A.


NATURAL SCIENCE And h e exp e clI m e t o diJJec / THAT? P ensive Mr. Seaqui s t One o f A m e r i ca's most s i g n ificant a dv a n ces is in rhe scientif i c fields. Our sCi e n c e cla s se s di sco v e r n e w thin gs a n d r edi sco v e r o l d with g reat se nses o f acco mpli s h me nr a nd c n joy m enr. Ai ded b y o ur m i cr osco pe s, bunsen burne r s, a n d s l ide rules, sci ence s rud ents l e a rn about the t hin g s [hat m a ke our w orld run J O H N A BANA S I C K Scot t da le, Penn sy lvan i a Genenl Sci e n ce Wes t V i r gi n i a U niv er s ity B .S., M A D I C K W COLLVER B illings. MontJlll Gen e r a l Science Eas t ern M ont:!.na Collcgl.'. B.S. Co l o r ad o S tHe Co ll ege. M A JAMES N. COOK B aileys",iI]e. Wcst Virgini:a 8 io logy Mlrshlll University, A B ., M A


WAL T ER M O. F I SC HER M ilw3ukee, Wi sco nsin ChemiSt r y Univc r s i t y of Chicago, B.S. Col u mbi ... U ni v ersity, M .A. FRANK Y H U K I LL L exing t on, K e n t u c k y Biol ogy University of Kent u c k y B.S., M.A. REX ROBINSON urbon H ill, Abbam3 Gene r Jl Science U n ive rsity of Alabama 8.5 .. M A. L A WRENCE E F R A LEY B o u lder, Col o rad o P hysi cs Uni v e r s it y o f Co l o r ado B A ., M B .S. LYLE V. JENK I NS Orego n Biol ogy Po rtland StJ t e Co ll ege, B.S. O r ego n St3te University, r-,1.5. J WESTON SEAQU I S T S ister B ay. Wi sco n sin Biol ogy Uni versi t y of Wiscons i n. P h B N ew Yor k U n i versity, M .A. HANS H A W 5t. j o h ns, Arizona Chemi stry Nebrask:.!. Sute T eache r s College, B.S. U niversity o f South D ak ota r-, I E d. Unive r s it y o f A r izona, M.S.T E LTON H O T WELL j 3sper, AbbJma P hysics Aub u rn Uni v ers i ty B .S., M .S. --G E O R G E M W I LLINGHAM Lakdan d F l orida Chem istry Abbam3 Po ly. InSls. B.S., M.S.


MATHEMATICS A sound kn ow l edge o f the basi c princip les of M a th e matic s i s o n e thing that no one should be with out. B a l boa Hi gh Schoo l offe r s excelle m cou rses in Geomer r y Alge bra Trigo n o m e try a nd advanced a nd general M arhe m arics. The Sci e n ce o f Numbers offe r s many chalJenges a nd rewarding expe ri e n ces to the co n scie nti ous student. -W EUGENE BONDURANT Rei d s ville. Nonh Clfolin;J. A l gebra I Duk e Universit y A B .. tI.I.E d Math ematics mak e men mbtile" GEORGE W CASE Oak HHbor Washington Algebra I N orthe rn I daho College of Educ;ni o n B A University o f O r egon. M .Ed. ORMA BARKMAN K entucky M;uhcmatics Aus t in PelY SUte' College. B S LESTER O HUMMEL Pitl$burgh. Pcnnsy h 'ania M;J.themni cs Duq u esne Universit y B A M A


J HUNT Bemidji. M inne s otl Generl l Malh, Algebrl Bemidji Sute. B A Uni,' er s ity of N onh O"k o tJ M A KARL W S HI R LEY H ereford. Texu Algebn II, Solid Geometr) Teus Ch ristiln Uni\' e rsity M A \X/ est Trxu State, M .Ed. HENR Y J. W I LLIAMS JR P erry Flo ridl 1I.hthemn ics Umverslty o f Flo rid" B S . B A 1I.1.Ed LESTER HUTC HI NSON Sl cr;lmen(O, C3lif o rnil Ge o m elrr, Algebrl Univ e rsity of Id;lho, B S Ari7.on 3 Stlle Uni"er s it) M A GORDON 8 SMALL. JR. Rye, New Y or k Trigo n ometry Algebu I .. nd II B o wdoin College, A .B. Bro wn Uni"enity, M A DORIS H W ILLI NG HAM F o n Pa) ne. Ahb"ma 1I.htllematics Auburn U nive rsity. B S GLENDON KRIESE 1I.l inot. North D;lkou Algebr;l I lnd II Minot Stne College, 8.5 Co lorldo SLue College, M .A. BILLY L. TURNEY Tlhlequah Okhhoml i\hthematics N onhns tern Oktolhoml State College, B.A. Uni" ers it ) of Arklnus, M.S. Un i"enity of H ouSton, O.Ed. Alt e rnates: A I R OTWELL M R ll ATALDEN


FOREIGN LANGUAGES D O llde elta In JatOl1 d e b e lle z a ? With modern.day c o mmun l caIl o ns, IC i s inde e d a "small w orld : K n o w l e dge o f foreign l a n guag e s i s nOt o nl y an e n joy a bl e ability, but i t I S faSt b eco min g almost in d i s pensa bl e f o r f o r e ign travel. Besi d es l earning th e lan g uag e g rammatically, th e pupils are acquainre d with the countri es of the s e l an g uage s berh hi s tori c ally a nd c u l turally Literary cla s s ics o f the c o untries a r e a lso s tudi e d GERTRUD E ARMIJO Lu Veg a s Ne w MexICO S pani s h University of N e w M exic o B A Univer s i t y o f Wisco n sin. M A N e w I ex i co U n ivcrsil)' f.' I.A I \ ) / CLAUDE I. A Y C O C K Rock y M ount, N orth CJru [ inl Splnis h Uni .. rsity o f N orth CHo lon:J A .B. C o lu m b i J Unive r s ity M A \ RUBY M BISSETT B irmingllJlTl, Abbaml Splnis h H o w ar d College A B Womans M issi onJr)' Uni o n Tr.l in i ng S c h oo l,


CLINTON C. C ARNEY, JR. La Jolla. Calif o rnia Spani s h Universit) of Southe r n C a l ifornia A B., M.A ... -. STEPHEN R PECK Los Angeles, California Spani s h Un i ver sity of Southe rn Cal ifornia, B A ., M A MICHAEL POOL Dumas. T e:u s Spani s h I Sou t h e rn M e thodist Un ive rs it y B A U n i v ersit y o f Michig an Ll GIA DE ARlo.lAS Co lon, Rep of Mic higan Sute Univer s ity B A M.A BEATR I Z F PEREZ Panama Rep. of Panama Spanish Mary c rtst College. B.A. Sute Unive rs ity of I owa, M.A DONALD R. W I LCOX Sio ux F alls. South D:lk ota Spanish Au g u sun:l College. A B Un i v e rsit y of South Dakota M A S HIR.LEY R. HASELDEN O rbndo Fl o rid a French Wes leya n Co l l ege, A B Uni \ e rsity of Florida, M A VERA M PERRY Evansville, Indi ana Latin Evan s ville Co lle ge. B .A. I ndiana Unive rsity, M S Altunate: DR. KENNEDY


PHYSICAL EDUCATION STEWART J BROWN Pittsburgh, P cn n sy lvilnia H Cllt h Ph) s i clIl Educ;u ion Unive rsity of Pimburgh B.5., I\LEd The r ecent n ation-w ide P hysical Fitness p r ogram ha s drawn attemion [Q rhe physica l w ell-b eing o f the Am e ri can youth B a lbo a High Sch oo l provides f ou r years o f excellent, compulsory phys ical edu cat i o n CO all srud e nrs Thi s progr am i s a hea lr hy. e n joyable o utl e t f o r excess ener gy an d i t i s in va l uable in it s be nefir s [Qward our phy s ical and menta l w ell-bei n g. DONALD 1-CONNOR Puco, W:l5hington CEC i l H ERBERT RAYBOURN MIC H AEL E. SMITH Ed c n Pr;ai n c. Minnesota Huhh. Physinl Educ .ltion Univtrsity of MLnntsOtl H ealth, P hys i ca l Ed u ca t ion W:uhinglOn Slue Universi t y U.S. M .S. Panlml. Rep. o f Pilnama Phvs i c al Educatio n 8ndley Unil'crs it y B S E :lISt Trxu S l ale' UniversLty M S B.5. M .Ed.


PATR I C I A A LEHMAN St j o s e ph Missouri Phys ical Educuion No n hw (s t Missouri Sute College, B .S., M .S. I I LEONA J. KN I G H T Needville, T exas Phys i cal Edu c at ion Sam H ouSto n Stue Co llege B.S. U niversity o f T e nnessee, M S J U LIA M HARDIN j u liette Georgi a Physi c a l E du c ation G.W.c., B.S. F l orido Sute U n i versi t y, M.S. C E C ELIA M DAWSON 51. Pet e r sburg, Fl o rida Health Physi cal Edu ca ti o n Univ ers ity o f F l orida, B S C LEMENT INE E YOU NG C heyenne. Wy o min g Physiul Edu cat i on, H Clith Saint Ca th er ine College, B S Co l umbia Univ e rsity, M A


BUSINESS EDUCATION B usin ess Edu cat i o n provid es mu c h n ee ded [ rall l in g f o r yo un g men a nd w o m e n In the fie lds o f typing, sho rrhand, accounting. and othe r f unda ment a l s neceSs.1ry (Q t h e p e rson i nt e r este d i n entenng a b usiness o f any kind Ir will e n a ble rhem to find a pla ce i n r he bu s iness world GEORG E J BFTTI F h l yt'r5, "'"nUna Typi ng Monuna 511(, Univ e r sity. B S Universiu), of Orcgon. M .S. V I V IAN S. DE LA .\ IATFR Austin, TCltlS h IRS. MURPPHY T yping NARC I SA ZARATF EI P aso. TcXJ.s Sh orthand Southwestern University, R B A Uni vrrs it y o f Tu;as h I.Ed Advanced T y pin g & Genl.'fll Business Univr r sity of New Muico, B.S. Nt'w SUIt' Univcniq' M A


HOME ECONOMICS P u tt/, r e h01nemaker ? H o m e E co nomics r eac hes y oung w o m e n th e f und a m e nt a l s o f ho use h old m an ag e ment, m e nu plannin g, nutri t i o n and basi c sewi n g g uides. D u rin g {he year t h e s t ude m s partic ip at e in s tyl e s h o w s a n d ma ke an d serve m e nus ro th e ir classmates. ALI C E W HITTAKE R LATIMER M o nt cl:.i r N e w J ersey H o m e Econ omics Simm ons Co l lege B.s. Colu m b i a University M .A. I V IRGI N I A L. NORTON Ph oenix, Ari zon a H ome E co n o mics Arizo n J State Unive r s ity B A M A


FINE ARTS I n t h e Ar t a nd M usic c ourses o f B a l b o a H i g h Sch oo l rhe pupils l earn th e ba s i cs of o r c h est r at i o n b a n d a n d th e fundam e ntal s o f draw i n g. T he Art clas ses pur lip co l o rf u l a n d ed u c a ti o n a l b illboard d i s plays and t h e O r c h es t r a a nd Band p r a([ i ce f o r mu s i c a l p re s enta ti o n (h r o u g h a m t h e y e ar. The C h o r a l g roup s p r esent diffe r e nt reci tal s du r i n g th e y ea r a lso. V ICTOR A H ER R DR. KENNFDY Ev e r eH, W : l$hin g t o n Ban d :and O r c h estra Columbi a Univers ity, M A r..IRS JOHNSON


INDUSTRIAL ARTS -,.,.. --A IlATALDFN L omberton. MlIlneSOU 1\I .... clllnic. ll nndlcy Univ.: r SIl)', 1>",nnSY[V;Hlil 5tHc The health welfare, comfo rt, and productivity o f n atio n s are Interwov e n with new d e v e l opmenrs in industrial a rts At B alboa High SchooL under rhe l eadership of the shop reachers, swdenrs are l earning rhe th e ories. applications. and n ore wonhy ad vances I n (hi s field through bookwork and experience. The cou r s e provides kn o wledg e of th e principles o f wood and m e ra l work whi c h must be known by rhose wi s hing to enter (hi s field of vo cati o n i\1 R ANDERSON BFRG


ROTC The Reserv e Offi ce r s Trainin g Co rp s rraln s i t 's cad e r s i n b a s i c military p rocedu re s a n d tacrlCs. The Annu a l Field N i ghc and S IX w e e k s Revie w s h a v e b ec o m e po p u l a r inst i t uti o n s at B a l boa Hig h S c h oo !' Sf SGT. M ILTON L. BRIDGES T uscaloosa, A l a b ama S /SGT. D A N I E L J LEH A N Minncapo l is. Minn eso ta MAJ O R EDWARD M Q U I G LE Y J R L o u isville. K entuc k r S / SGT. ANTHONY IFONARDI C h icago. I lli n ois


307 .. lame place; lame g r ollc h ... W e ll H amlet 11HJ./ luppoJed to d i e in the laJt act wam' he? llV ait a minute I want" few copieJ of thiJ p i c ture.' No qlleJti01u ? Of COlirJe.'




FRESHMEN As with most things there must be a beginning. In creating a coatof-arms, or an individual for that matter, there must be a blank on which to work. With the coat-of-arms it is the escutcheon; with the individual it is the person at each point of beginning in his life. The escutcheon is the clean surface, shaped in the form of a shield and made of a hard and durable material. The escutcheon has many forms, each representing, a certain lineage or ideal. But whatever its form, the surface enclosed by its wrought outline is clean, free of blemish, a tabla rasa awaiting the first touch of the engraver's cool. And so is it true of the individual, who comes in many shapes and sizes-each representing a race, a color, a creed.


Freshman Class Sponsors rnn'n' no In' ..... d I .... ""11' II ........ II = .. ---.. --_ .. Me. Geor ge C1Se Mr. G. V Wild e ...... ::.1' ..... .. - .... ,. ,. -


'T B DC Roy Wil so n Pre sident Sandra Sourh Freshman Class Officers .. DO J ane Wilson Vice-Pr esident Sec r eta r y


01le Way? As our year started, and confusion Vivi m Abbot, C harle s Adams Donald Adams, HUf), Albaugh, Canlilo Alhro. urlos AlfAro. J ef. frey Allen, MJouh e w Allen, Rich;ard Allen. Elb;,. Almodovar, John Andre w s. I\lary Andrews. Ri c k y Appi n l>.hry Arenz, L e n o r e Armijo, Anne Ar ra s Wayne Arruda. D o ugl:i s ArIle y. Fred Atkinso n L eo Austin. Elba Ayab, Wayne A1.rak. Ali c e ibg gott, Slephen 8:.1ile)' Wanda B ake r C harles Balch, Bill B a ldwin. Merfi Bandy, Emil y Bank s. William Bank s, Clar:.!. Sarttehi, J ohn BH es, Alice Bau e r. David Bell. D o n Ben h a m, Linda Bell. Chir Berlin. Beni e Bernard, Chules B erto lette. l ouis Beno li, Raymond Bierbaum. Vickie-Bitte rmlln, RI.'beet"" Blackm o n Thomas Bori oni, Deanna B os well. 1 ) , ...... \ \ - I


I 1 \ i I Ami the I ame t o y o u changed to ioy, the Class of '67 \ \ 1 I I \ / I. I Sharo n Botzenmaycr J a mes B o wen Di;J.nc Boyd R oben B oyer, K al h y Brady R:l.ndy Brazile, Mike Brelsf ord, M a r i a E l e n a Sre m!."r, Gerald Brcnna m. Richlfd B r i g h t. Clar k Bri sto l Gilb ert Br oo k L i nd say B roo ks. Ri c h Hd Br oo k s, S h e r m a nI.' Brooks, Brenda Brown M artha B r o wn R o b ert Brown D on ald Brow ne, Ri c h;ud B rzc7 ins ki, A n t ho n y Bur i c h J ohn. Bus h j\' icIJa cl B y rni.', Frank Ca in David Camby, Edwi n Campany, Mabel C anham M a ric Carney J o n Carlson, Wil l iam Carpenter. James Ca n e r. Gregor y Cl.$c a n te, hilT)' Case, L i n d:.! C assad y, Ana C l sti llo. Jeannette C a s no. W illiam Ca wl R o b e rt C h a l mers, J ames C h a n cey, G e ral d C h .lIldonnet, John Charbo n neau. Constant C ha se, Ele na C h od akows ki, A l faro C lark N an cy C l a rke


" ," . .. , -Bill e M o nday. took its first step J o hn Co n om, C arl Co rnn Mich",eI Co rri g m M ic h .I.C.'\ Cor9.' i n R obert Co u c h 5 h i r ley Co u c h Jean Cowll's. James Gbdys Cuf. Peggy Culel, J a mes C r essy Karen Dav i s. Law e r c n c e Davi s Nlncy Da v id, John Del' s P ete r Dehling e r Lililn:ro D e La Guardi3 William D e min g, Dav i d Denn y, L o i s D e n t o n R o bert Derri c k Funk IX veau. Willi e D ew, Y"d i n Din. Jim O ilfe r R oge r O J R o n C n o l y Di x o n L i nda D ixo n JJ.mes D obn, N('iI D o h erty, R obe n D o nl ey, J o hn D o novan \ I In a B o b C l e gh o rn R o bert C l e v ehnd E linbeth Clouse earl Cobb E l bon Cobb Mark Cobb Suun Coffey J o hn Co l e Chr i stina Collin s James Cook Rock y Cooke s R o ry Com e rio C') r ---rewarding \ J i 1 .J' i --\ I


( ." \ P:nric k D onnrlly M"xl.'nt Dudgton J anice' Dudley J nel. Duffus Jose Glbritl Duque 'IX'iJlilm M a r gHet Wi l li"m Eddtlmln Canda ce Elder Grc-gory E ldtrtin D enise Elia Mic h;aeJ E l isberg 1 t's fuzzy! Educational experience at B.H.S. 1 i 1 I 1 Sus;.&n Engelke. Charles Ernst. R i nrdo EtchegH;ay, L ind;a Evers o l e, J oseph [yui is. JOImes Fehrenbach. V:lIl t rie Fernandez, JUln Ferrufino. Norma F i g u e r oa. David Finn, Guy F o lger. Kare n Foreh:l.n d Willi;J.n1 Foster, Fred Fo,.x, uther ine Frauenhcim. CHrie Fre n s ley. Katrln;a Fritts. Rllph Furlong, Re Glldeno. Bertha Gllh. An dr(;l GlnVantl. G lendl Garner Robert G H7.0, R obe r ta G"tZ1 Regin:.!. Cuper;. Frl.'d Gemmell. FlUI Gi lm : lIl u'ur e n Chss, L o uis G l o t zer, Dill Gough, Jamts Eddie Gomt7


F ull(re Scientists ? . . -... FHfJ !fIr We participated activities In Alfre d o Gonulez. JUJn Gonuln. Myrna Gonulez, G rtham, Arthur G r een, Suzanne Green, Gwen Gregg, Ivonne Hall. S u.un Hlll, W illiam H.l.II. Muy H ager. Suun H alley, R o b y n H 1mmetter Mny Hanlo. John Hanley, P anicia H :mnig:an. Warr en H ansen, Mi c hlcl HOlfo ld G a i l Hurison, R ill Huster cella H a wk. P;ttrici a H ayes. J;ames Head Lin d l H e lm B C'2triz H erren, Russell H erringtOn, Inn Hertz, Joanne H ey, Geoff Hibne r E l u H i ck ey, Pamel a Hi g gins, Sidney H i lliud. Pri scilh Hobday, D.ave-lle Hoff. Gene H olcomb. ):10(' H olcr o ft, Bruce H oma, ede-s Homan, 51uron H oward, Chulrs Howe .; .' I -. \ 1


, Our gro up used brand X fOT Jix w eekI ... Such as the Freshman Dance .J .... ...,.. \ t -, I I -r:, f:" --I .1, r \ \ '\,,!II Angel:.!. Huff. Sylvia Hulme. Scott Humphr ey. Humma. L o ui s H u ste d Nidia Hus ted. Ste phen H y re. j ame s j.olckson. MlrY j ack s on. Denni s j anulrY, B o b jeffr ey, j enner, Margarita j i ll i, L esbia j oh n son, Sherr), j o h n son Frankie jon". James j ones. K a therin e j ones Patricia j ones Robert j o r dan Frank j oy"",r, Chris jurgens. Bern h a rd Keefe j ames Keesl ing Grego r y Keggi n s R o bert Kelley. R i chlrd Kelly Robert K e r r. Klren K e ) 's, D ona ld Kimbrel William K imbro u gh. Kat h l een Kim s ey, K evi n K ing sbury. Anita Kinner, Brian K ir kman. C b a rli r Kiene. P hilli p Kloshe. George K oo k e n john K o talik. V ivian Konn. j ohn Kosl o w s k i. joseph Kr a li c h Anhur Krapf! P at r i ci a Kr i se. Rho nda Kristoff.


As Freshmen we began to work harder L o mu, N;J.omi l O flin. M ichle l Lov ebce, Lewi s L ovebdy K :nhy Luc

, -"' I l --..... -j I I ) \ S \ r \ Mickey McGro:at y Vale ri!: Mcinti r e Kevin Paul M c K enna Will iml M c leod R obert McQu eary Mi c hael M ehnt MHia M engel Anne L o i s Meyer Zachar y Mi c h aeli s Juaniu Mihs lourdes Millor D on n a Mi lls Phillip M oc k Fernando M onterlOSO But still had time for fun -. J 25c lor a shine ? Cla n Moo r e. Henry M o cfi. Maria M o rfi, R05J.utiu M a urin o, Edna Murdock, Ri c hard Murdoc k Joseph Murphy, R oben Murphy Grotgc Myer s. Ellen Naylor, Mic hael Daniel Nelson Rlmon S u san Nusbaum, P :l.(r icia John O'Conno r Marg i e Curie O r r Nehring, N i eoes, O'Brien, Ollar. Rich ard Osborn, F e rnand o Ost rCl, L a ura Pajak, S;!.ndn Pl1ench;u, Elsa Pard o Linda Puk, Stephen Parker, Linda Perry, Jam! P e r r y Jod Perantie. Ann P csco d L y nn Peterson, Ga l e Funccs Piaia E lltn P l ata, Richard Plu cke r. C harles P o llock, luc P refonuine.


"0" Balboa" We worked for school spirit, Llwrence Pri ce, ChHles Pritham, A roes Proba c k Tommy Pu n is. Pruscill e Pryer 5il"il Q u ijano. Larry Qui n n, Bill y Quiros. ) 3ynl.' Ralst o n J o Ann R : ncau Lindl Rno, Mar y Reilly, Ronald R enner, Tommy R eyes Br e nd a Rhea. Rhodes. Geo r gia Ri os. Jlime Ri os. K : athlttn Robbins, Go l da R ober tson. J unoI.' Robertson Steve n Rocker. Vcsu. R odgers, Elid a R odriguez. Victoria R odriguez Leslie R ot B o b Roclse. btty R odge rs, Philip Roge rs. E l iza beth Rose, Mary Rose, David R owe, Dixie Rowe, Parn ell R ow e J a mes Sa:.nincn, N ikki 51.00. f \ I '. -I


j :lmes Schafe r Tanya Schoch, Al bert Schonert, Margare t Scofiel d, Vicki Schoch Kennet h SCOIt, W :dte r Scott. Sam Scribner C r ysta l Scull y O rval Searcy, Ge rr y Seldon. A ll e n Sell ers. Beverly Sen er, Mar y S h:lr p C harles S hidds, C harles Shirtr Milt o n S h ort, R oy Shuey, Tony Silv:J, Cathe r ine Slage r Mar gare t Slover 7 ( .. I But still spent time l f \ CJ 1 .'\.-,. f \ r "V'( I 'f __ \ I = In study; Cath e rin e Smith, Connie Smith, P :nricia Smith. P :ltrick Smith, Ri chHd Smith, R obert Sm ith Rus s ell Smith, Wesl ey Smith, WilJi :lm Smith. Earl Sollami Ri c hard Soll:.ami, jane Soay, Bill Sooy. Mig uel Sot omayor. Sandra South. R obert Spea k s. P i l i lip Spencer, j o hn Spine lli Martha S pinn ey, R obert Snntey, Ph i l i p Steen. j ohn Steiner, j ames Stephan. larry S t e phen s Kay Stephenson, E l iz:.abeth Steti t r P :1U1 Stetle r V i olin Steele r j3mes Stevenson. N oral yn Stew:.art, S usan Ste wart Kerry Stf3tford, Charles St. j ohn, lothu Stove r Kirkman Stringfel l ow, jane t StUlrt. Duncan Summerford. Bernice Swafford, judith Swiney, t\.hr ci:.a Tlb bert A r nold Talbott. Ed gar T a ll ey, Haro l d Tay l o r Coilen T eets. Bill y Thompson


, I 'r I \ n r, -\ \ .-and now we look to the future J erry Whiukcr, D o uglas Whitley, HUff Whitney, Robert Wilc o x, 8 i ll Willilms, O'lyon Willi :uns JC:lncne Will, Sandn Wills Harold Wilson. Rebe cca Winbo rn Mary Ann Winklosk y, Hen r y Wimer, Judith Witkin, Nellie Wood Sandra W oo d Guhy Wright, Sunley Wright. S t ep ha nie Wynshaw. Ri ch:ard YOst, l\h. ri:l D n agcnia Ad:a uft:lgen i a, P:.u M c D on.1ld, W ill iam Hughes Lonnie Mill e r. Ra l ph Stinson, David Trllhln. Ja ne Wilson R oy WilSOn Mi ch",eI Andr e w s f-) ) I I' / I Carl Thom p son. Sh eib. Tho mps o n James T h o mpson, J ohn Tho mps on, Dale Tho rnbu rg, Emilr T inker. Gwendo l yn T o dd Timothy T o l m d i\hrit71 T o l e d o Richard Tranum, P reSton Trull, Hen Trotter, Bill Trotter. Ibrblra Valcllullc. Sandn VllcntlOl. James Vln L oo n, Sh;,J.ron V;,an '' 1I1kle, N :uividad Vecchione. Carmen V iew, Ccfeflno Vilianlil, J ames Vio lettc, j;l mie Vogel, Cheryl W :udc Ge rald W3guupac k, Wal ker, J ame s Wall, Alben Wal lace. Judy "":llton, Debbie Ward, M ar y Wargaclci, Viclo rl a Wlfgackl, K:lth r)'n W,Irrcn SIC\,( ""ashburn, ConOle We3ver, Fredri c k Webste r Edwin W(d.s.




SOPHOMORES Enclo sed by the o utlin e o f the escutcheon, the first ske tche s are laid on the surface of the field. The de s i g n i s inc o mplete; it blurs many time s as it changes and evo lves. When the artist's primary de s ign is established, he sets to work indicatin g it in the initial line s H e s ketche s with a light pen the ba s ic outline of his idea. Then he applies for the first time his sharp-edged blad e to the s urface He doe s n o t carve deeply, as h e is yet undecided upon his final pattern. In the same fa s hion so does the s harp-ed ged bla d e of e x perience cut away the less durable material which conceals the indi v idual's personality. The w o rk seems too s l owly accomplished and a sense of incompleteness often t e nd s to hide the process. But the firs t engraving s s hape the mselve s into an evo l ving de s ign a s both the field and the individual s tand f orth against their background s


Sophomore Sponsors Mr. Cook --Me. Wall


F T M igueJ Osborne Vi ce Pres i dent D u k e Wilson President Class Officers Sarah Runnesrran d S e c retary


Wby do elephants climb t ,ees? We, the class of '66, Hel e n AanSlOOS D;avi d A lbanl.'Se Eduardo Alhro Muitz a A i z pu ru a Ire n e Alc n nde r E n e A l lemano Rllph Allemano Leonud Aile n Norman All e n ;.. ,I Ra lp h Allyn !) Mary AlmquiSt C heryl Alpert r 'a j Adrilna Alvarado 1 Susan Alves Betty Ande rson Candace Ande r son MiriJm Anderso n Eri c Andrew s Robert A r bou g h Courtl y n Armst rong Dian e Arnold Robert A s k e w Alcindl Atkin s L r isa Atkins Chrinin c Atwell Ad ela B aco t -Arthur B:aggott L y nn B:aglitn Michael Bai ley Rubye Bak e r Uarry Balch S u nil I h r b J o hn Barb / J e nn y B:lfk e m a NanC) B u ham J 1 I T e rna 8a)'


--Chules Be:lrdall E d Beecho" r 0, F l oriod:l Beechne r l'ilichael Bell Suno B"II -. Diana Bembenek / 1 j Eridia Benitc:t I M o rgan Benson Robert:!. Berge r Cher)' 1 Bef r) hill (f1 Dn'id Bilb r ey : Pauie Biuel Burett 81l cbrd < -Genld 8hke Abn Blumberg f Sandt;!. B lumberg E l aine Boehning Catherine Bogs s Bill Boiler Regina Boo k e r PJtr icia Booth And res B o rr ero Nelson 8 orrero Robert B o ukalis f1 fj S:!.ndr J B owe n JJmes Brad)' Branstcttu 'X' l ),ne Ihus e)' r 1 1 '. Balf oure Brenes M a rglTet Brook Anderson Brow n Bevul)' Brown K e lvin Br o wn CHol Bro",' ne Robert Bruce Bruland can really show our thunder; r-, .".. \ ,-. -. . \ 1 Muio n Bundy M a r gaTet Bu nne ll Klthe rin e Burt o n Austin By r d l o hn Cain MJft.l Clileja J e r r y Clmpion Cynthia Care\' J ames Carney Tll om3 CHpentet Linda CJsslb r y Joseph Castro PJtr lcia Ch3.ndlc r Ri chnd Chaney l OUIS Churchville Beny Chrk J Olnne ChrlzJO Stephen C b y bourne Clthy Clinton Marj o rie Cohen n I I sh o uld s tll dy harder.'.'


I David Demps t'y Roger Denny Gai l O crrer BJrhar:a D"tamort' L u ci a Oi Bbsi Franklin D ishong George Dohn D Olll l d so n Pnric k D ona l dson Micha d D oran K ri sti.. Downing Christoph e r Dillon "Ii eha .. l Dubroff Eli7abeth Dudky Gloria Duke Barbau DuVall Vic k i D y kstra PJtricia Judy Emerson Kathleen Engelke R ene Enr ip eaut Tr;r.cy Ferrel l\htina Figu('roa R obert Fil de s L o i s Finbson Fran Fit:rw illiam J ulia Fin;william Linda F letch e r J ohn Foster C ha rles Fon13in ... Patr icia Frl1Cr Susan Fuller Norri s Fussell BarbJ.rl FuquJ Olga Freddieann Gallardo -\ .. II ,;;. r Lorenc Collistl.'r D i ane Co m e r i o C ar o l e Con n James Conyne S usan Coo k Lois Corbe n Mi g uel Co r co Sidney C r a i g Mary C r ego Ani n C r e q ue Ruth Crou c h RoscQC Crump R osem ar y C ru s h Victori a Davis FrJnce s Dca n Barha u D c Camp JJ.nl<.'s D e La P en a Lil ian<.' D e M enJ. D 3 \ id D e f r ies -. , ". i. J U V ell J decla r e/ // Not quite upperclassmen yet, -='1 -. I J


Gangle Wi l li:.m Guber Fredri c k Guci:. Herbert Gardner J osep h Garriga h 7 e l Gau di a n o Cath e r ine Giardina Puric k Gipson A l bert GonZllcz J o rge GonZltcz R ichard Gon7.al1.'7 Il.'r ry GTlh am D oris Grcen H o ll y Grl.'tn J ac k G rill Linda Groves Elizabtth Guibtrt Eduardo Guill en Clyde Guinn Larry Half Phy llis H:. ger Larr y I -Ioigl.'r Craig H a lliday R oger !-hmilto n Vera Hanchin J o h n Hlnna Mar)' Haro l d R o nnie H arne d Mich:oel j\' f ontt H a rper Ri chud Hlfrington C harles !-Larison Vickv H : If\' e)' Steve Hatch John H endric k s Gabrie l H ctnande7 Sunn H iblxort Cassandra H ibne r P amela Hic k s Kri s tina Li nda H illi ar d Alexand e r H inek H inck Norm' Herrefl Jane HcstC'r( -l -, 1 \ \ 1 but uppers of the under! ) ( / '\;' 1 "f I -, Oh. my gondl1eJJ/ Look ttl me.'.'.'.'


I n -, Gad what a l oad! Ronald I\eenn h ClIneth Kdln Ruth Kell} Richard Kem p '\ l olI} K. 'nnin).:lnn '\lich acl K e r in n o n n il.' K("rr K arcn Kerr Robert K imscI Gar y KlIlg Kingsbu n \hrdu K,t e Kar en Klage\ Nor.l Kniglu '\h r),:a r e I K no Serge K o han Georgl' K o sak Kim K r iSlof{ Linda Hettenbac h ... f:'j James H obbs Carol Holden r? Thomll s H olmberg --f-' Barbara Hopkins Edward H o use A l ice H oward 1 Nuel H oward Richard H oyl ... <--..". ..t Blan ca Huertas J ames Hudg in s LindJ Huff I Thomas Hug h es I '\'1ichael Hummel Dal' id Hunsuc k e r J c rril y n Hunt William Hunter Linda lIlu ec l No longer with Freshman attraction , Ann Ja ckson Les li e J a c k son James Jlck son R enee Jankus D ian a Jarvi s Theodo r e JemmOtt B entley J en k ins Christie J enne r Jan J e nsen Jernigan Edmond J illi Everett JUSli ce SU73nne Kaelin Kenneth KJisch Katht'rin e Kami,h Nanc)' Kaschn Donald Klt B e\'e d)' Keene } , I J .. -' 1 I


O l ga LaS ,lSsir Muy L "i r L "urol L "i rd TrJC)' LJ.nsberr) April Ul\'er K"thln LC' BTun PC'nn}' L W"her L tnnnillc.' urol Lc.'wis EllZlb e!h Lmdo Michlel LittiS Kl!hlr<:n Litton S!ephen L og neaull Ruth Lor.ln Ddlon Lr"c h j\\Jrg"rct ""\ l c donrll Frolnk flIa}or Antoincttc j\hl cn" not yet with t senior n -, 1 ) , limelight Robert Mllmstrom I\Lngie M:llone T.moth) flhlont Gculd MJ.l oney Albert Mlnning MJ!hr w I\hnning GlonJ M a n no \'<' 3nda .\hrks J o D oris flioinin E m .l.o MJ.ftinC7 Nlnc), Muon Dtbbir MeGtt Kar t n MeGrr Pl'trr "lcGrnl. Thom:llS McGrJw KHrn MeL:lIIlc I ud)' M cLun 1 One. lu'O, three. look at me ,\!Jf\ill M c:\I .1lon Vrrnon :\l cNJrnrr D J.vid FdnJ I rnOT.l 1\1"dC JIf rrnrHinl Timothr \I lll" Alber! \liclllci \Iel. Chnlcs M

I La na Nldnu Kennelh Nelso n VJ!m;J. New ell Lmd;!. Newln:l n Junes Nich ol s J o hn Nita Frances O 'Bnen K ev in O'Connell Karlene Oeding V i ctO r Oliver Ja mes O sbo r n Migud Osbo rne Marguet O n Lawr ence Ox,; Andrew PlgC Jamce Puker 1 Patricia Miller Merril y n Mitchell Thom:u Mit c h ell Ha im Mizrachi uro l M obley Zeev)' M ogilcvs ky Ro s acinda Y ol:and;l M or.l Charles :-''1oras Hel e n M orri s DHryl Mors e Douglu Motse Gary M oy e r R obe rt lo.'1ul hollllnd J oan Muller Walbcc Murdoc k J ohn l-ol ycr s Brenda M yric k a classmate of ours, Sadie Hawkins, Look. ma, 110 l ee /b I I -(\ -, I


f:? --, n ; -", I ( still managed to steal the show H a l lil1g a good time. girl1? Martha R od riguez Steven Roth Plui R owe CymhiJ Rudesheim Sar.th Runnest rand George Ruppert Pr iscilb Russell R o bert R u$sell EliZlbeth Sllonick Shuon Samson Wynne Slmuels o n Alfredo J OJn Sartain Ph yllis Slsnelt N eil S,me f whi[(' Mark Slunders -I \ i 1 T om P J.rke r Judy Patient RichlT d Patto n D o rothy P escod Geor ge P eseo d Tho m ; n reseod Joe Pi:a$cik SUSln P oer n c r Annt' Poill Fred Po n c e Panicia Pratchett Travis Price Abn Pr oclO r 1\lary Proudfoo t J ohn Rathgeber Lury Ra ) Ruth RJ)'mond MJ.ry Redding Mi c hael R einhlrdt William R enner Sheld o n R t yher John Re y nold s Thol]"1JS Rice Randall Rich G\\' ) neth Rich:ad ChJrles Richards P1ul R ich ard s j Clncuc Ri chudson Hent)' Ri chter David R ic k e r J ennie Ethelyn R iler Jeff Ril ey Rlmon.l Rios Chlrlotte Rhode s L o ui s R o d r iguez -


, D e tention h ail f o r midgeu ? I I Kathry n Sca n l o n A n thon y S chmid D o l o res Schmidt D o u g h s Schnepel K al h y Schroede r Ma n ha SU!c}, D o nn a S c arle l\hr;oric Sene r Mic hael Sharp S J ndrJ. Sh i rl ey Gary Sh owalt er Willi a m Silen Sam Silli ck C harles Simmon s Lama r S i z em o re l o well S l a g l e Emmanuel S ledSI' P au b S l ed ge t=:..:-I ._ J ,. ( Finally we were full fledged members 1 1-':: 1 R obert Smail G t o l Smit h David Smit h Slilr Smith S t ephe n Sm ith Rus se ll Smith Fred Smzy m anski George Snowden Geo r gette Sou Caro l Sp arks Janice' Speaks David Spei r Mary Spinell i Sand r a Spinney T erry Sprague R osary Stacy Margarita Sta llw orth S t e phen Stangl C h a rlotte Sunley Geo r ge Stan ley Sara Sunphill Gera ld Start S U Sln Stetler J anet Steward Tho mas Sto:l.kley O lga StOOl' Theodor e S uppl e J ane Taht Melanie Tarflinge r R obb Tay lor Frank T este r M ic hael Thompso n Nancy Tinkle r Bettina Torres David Tnhan Judith Trainor Sandn Tuc k e r L i nd a Turb y fi ll Rupert Turner Linda Turpin Kim Upto n Tho ma s Uribe Patric i a V an d erburg Lill Van Eps E l e n a Vare la


GlfY Robert Van Wmkle Jus t o V ... I ... 7 SU7;lnn e Vig .us Mitzi Vogel H elen Waldro n J udy Wll! CHolI.' Wllkl.'r jlmcs WJlkcr S u s :!n \'( /alllec Ph yllis \'(' arner Dennis W'ltkins l\llrio n \'(/ ;115011 Michle! l i nda \V k 5 Vi c k y W ce k s \'( jllilm \X/del! S t even \'(' clln13n of the B.H.S. Mass I I 11 I 10 '. 9 1 A l an Wells Bett y White Evcrt'tt White' Judy White Muy White We l don White Fred Whitne y Guee Whitney Lyle Wickmln Eddie Wiese D ebonh Wilder Hdenl William s ScOtt Willilms Sheryl \'( ill;;lm5 l\hri:.ln ,'ilUs Roy Wilmoth Duke Wilson Sandra W ilson - 1


Winber g Kathr yn W i nn P3ub Winz \\;' i l da Wong B o bbie Wood s P3m e b Wood s l o r ain Worsham O :l\' i d Wri ght Edmu nd Wright Osear Wright Tllom!ls \'{'yatt Nanc y York Elinor Young Gary Zambito Pau l Zelnick Connie Zemcr RichJfd Zornes Susan Ball John Barb P ;lIricia BHdett l ind3 Fortune Emilio Velez Joe P iaseid o 1 \ T \ /. i And nobody can say we didn't do our bit. Y o u d o n't say.'


111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111I11 THE CHARGE


JUN IORS A s the e n g r aver's w ork draws to a cl o s e, so too does that of the indi vid u al. The f ormer ha s de e pened and widened the line s on the field and with thes e stronger marks ha s created the charge. The indi v idual ha s d eve l o ped his convictions and determined hi s standpoints Both proce sses, artistic and d e velopment, are compl e ted. Permanent grooves are colored and p olis h ed. Standards of integrity m olded into a firm character. How long the de s i g n last s depends upo n the sincerity with which it was attempted.


Mr. \Xli lli nghum Mrs. W illing l 1.11ll Junio r Class Sponsors


... ..... '.... ... I ---!.!,;,:.;;-.. r. I. II :: ... I'" ". H .. :-Ii -:. .... v : I J George L inf o r s Presid e nt Vi cki M cCo y Secr e r ary Junior Class Officers Sru Brown Vice P resi d e nt EO o


Doreen Adlms Michlel Alb er! Rlymond Albcnson PlUY Albritton Sara Ale;lndr o DmicJ Alemln Eloy Aifuo leidl Alm odo\ H E3rt And e r son Eric Ander son J ose Angu i70ll linda Askew linda Aubl e Aflcelis A viles P;lulinl Aviles Britt:!.in R obert BlggOtt Pltrici;l Blin What? A blue and go Id class ring?? Frlnk B lld'll.'in R ichlr d B alto7e r f ohn B a rber Nancy BHCelO Dolores Bunes P luicia Basham Miriam Batemln Vir gin i a But), l u z Neida Benitiz jlnice B erg lucille Benol e[[e jose Bibbo SteV\! Bissell Geo rg\! Black Eugene Blumber s Chules Blynone Gai l Bohannon Nancy B o ngio r ni n . . I Pltriei:!. So r iot(t H oward Boswell jeln Bouche William Boughner Patrieil So,"ing Sharon Shlryon Boyd Kevin Brad ley J ean Brldy Wby do e/ep/;tllllJ jump oUl o f t rees ? { fl t


Dora Brmdcnburs Fll/Jbcth lhannan "Ilrk Ilres lin R o) IlridSt.'s BarbarJ Brown Ralph Urown Stcw;ut Brown SU7annJ Br o wn Carol Br yson Denni s Bryron Beverly Budll n E rnes t BucnJfe "Ilnud Buenafc Naner Bunnc ll Ralph Burda Fr e d eric k Burton Andre J Ilyrd r..b.rio Catlc;3 I I .,. - 1'\ ., J But of course! Just goes to show ) / .t) -, \ Linda CJmpbell Mic h ele C a na \ 'agio At ic(' CJ nn J olunna G rlson Cynthia Carhon R o nnie Carroll Geo rge Case "Ilr y Cas hman Ricard o Cazorb Lind3 Ceci l N3n cy C hadwit.'k R utll Chmce R ebecca ChJncy Virgi nia Chaney K athleen Ch3ndler S usan Ch3rbonnea u Phillis Ch15(, D onna C h nnl.') D on Chcsron Pau l Chi solm Paub C h o d a k o w skL Alcika C lJre Ste\ e C lark e Ja c k Clinton Dilna Cobb J oh n Co b c i cco Charles Co lburn


Willi a m ComptOn jerry Denton Cd j o h n Cool''' R obert De ssert MlrY Coo"" SU7.lnne D essert Ed",ud Devuu Stephen Di c k e)' I f) Eliubeth Critch Mar)' D igna m "'., james eul er Cather ine D immick linda Frlnk Di s ha r oo n Kath er i ne Dohn --L ind a D omingue z -') Stephen Cunningham p J tricia D oran r. G o rd o n Dlle Bruce D o u glas R o bert Dani e l Larr)' D o u glJs Rob ert Drrja ( 1 J o an Dunn 1 1 I William Daubin R obert Dunn Luthe r D avis Denni s D r k s fra ;:--:;. MargHitl Davi s D onlld Emenon r: R obert Engelke i William Egolf 1 I right from the start,


1 1 H en r y G arn e r Harry Garza --Why does he inJift on t. /ling fhaggy dog stories? Leslie Fulch e r Nancy Fuller Steve Fulto n Lilli :&n Furlong Thomas Galya Angela Gan s er J ack Ganvanta D e lla Garcia Mary Garc i a Linda Gucia Sandra Gent her Ja n i s Geo r ge David G lass Syl via Glass Teren co! G leason Juan Go n za l ez Sara h Gonza l ez Zai da Gonza l ez I J we Juniors were unique!! / Michae l Gurney P abl o Guti e rre z Diana Hak y William Hal e R o bert H all Phoebe Marl ene Gordon Robin Go rd o n F r ances Gould ing Lar r y Gramili c h S u n n G reen e Kermit Griffi n Larry G rill Walte r Grow EHher Gunderson ( ",.., I f -----:: \ J


--, A 0 e Cj L. Everyone had a "Ball" Radi o T.N. T. Kabooml ; I --,) Chules J oyne r D dfin;J. JU$[inilnO Brian K egg io s Bri:an Keeney Em o r y Kessl in g Gregory K ennington J o rge K iamco Robert Kilpnric L i nd a Kin g Kathryn Kingsbury Velma Kirkland Connie Kirkm;1n J o hn !-bn t hin Sand r ... Hlnley J:romt"S H anson Ron;ald H:anusch:ak Parn eLl H;arrington Buban H u rls L illian H ;l.rrison Robtrt Harrison James H Clfn Shirley H e dd en Vivian H e drn;!." S u u n H eime r O;1nid Heir Con H e nd erson R on;ald Henderson R ona ld Hend erson Eliz;1beth H e ndri c k s Cor l H erru Alfr e d H i bbert Diana H indmln J eHrey H i r sc h i R oger H ()('nkc Sheill H o lcroft J ohn H o Urn Russell Hoogl:and Judith H o u s e ESther Hov;an Vicki Hutchinson Dilnnl H y re Andrew joacobson M e l odic J a mts Mi c h;1d J anu;1 r y J:lmn J enkins Brendl J o h nson I dette J o hson Isis Johnson Lindl J o n ts I


Ntlly Kirmcr Judy Khgts R o b trt Klippt r MlT glTtt Krupp D o r othy Kno x Knpfl Ruudl Fuentt Calvin bndrum Christophtr bnt E l i71bt'fh lanC' j a c k Lun sford Donn;! j ame s Las tin gtr R oben Lavallee En Lawrtnce Robert RicHdo L.y Waynt L ta k e DJnie! Ltuned Genld Lte P am Lesser Marilyn L emaste r S u san Ltssiak ThomH L ewis L t wt e r Gt'Orge L iniors Haro ld Liult T erri LockhlTt C a r ole L opu jacqudyn Lo\'ehd), Lio nel Lo"C'lI Lueckemln Aymet Lug o Lynda Luk e Gai l L )'nc h C arl Shirley Wesley Major H elen Mann i ng Lowell Mar c u s Haro ld i\larks Rita Marl ens Adriennt M c And r ew s Charles M cCo nney Vicki M cCoy Cuol McCut McEniry EddiC' M c F Jdden n 1 ) /-",--" '.' ,. (;) rJ "ir' 1 t .1 I -r ", I -" I at our Christmas Formal. Mar y M cFad d e n Teresa McGann J o h n M cG r at h Genld Robert M er r ill Ceci lia MC'tr iwethet HC'HhC'r M e then) G o rdon M e u s e Plu l Me),er NearJig h l ed .'.' (', )


r R obe rt N o rt on J erry Nunley --G .JrY Nurenberg Ja cq u e l ine Q'BuSt R oben O'Connor 5ln dca O cz k o w cz Denni s O'Do nnell Muceiin a Ol l yvar J cuic a Dries Emclyn:.l Orteg l Bru ce PHke r Arthur Pa yne C H o i c P earson R o n P ennie P el k ey P eru Suun P ete rsen C h e r y l P eterson James PeunOn J J n c P eterson GroT gc P hi llip s James Pi :Ul Mich.1c1 P lucker Emili ano Ponce J ame s PrelChe r Moniqu e PrefontJi n c Kul Pr.-sco n I krbcrt Presco t! Ri c h a rd urol}'n Pri c e I 1 I Donna M ichae l MargHiu Milu Fii71belh Mille r M3n' M ille r Michael i\'blle r Raymond Milkr Shi rl ey Mill e r Sun l ey lo.' l oc k Joy Moor e Ir ene 1o.' l oTOIo Lesile M Orl )\' I ichacl M orro R obert J\' l o rse Dan i e l h l ullins Cinder s Murdock C;J.c o i Muse lin da Nut Knhryn Nehering Ric-hud N obn R o hert No lln ...... -,. - And 1JOlU aJ the gatel open and the wate., r1lJhei i11 ... We supplied the better half } 1 I n I. I


C2lhtrin c Price R oben Prince Lutha Quinn Droll' Quinnl Chrin inJ Quiros ro.hry R :UC'lU Jac k R1Y Edw:rrd Renner lame s R hodes Val J o n R i c h Georgia Richardt Bruc e Richuds Riciurdson Alida RiveCl Walku Riven J o hn Rizzo Elizabeth Ro bertson Larry R o b ertson Kimbll R o bbin s Howlrd Rogers I V t fj -< -,.... "" -'" 1 n l (':: I Ruben Roderigin Kl,'nncth Roth Ad, Rui z R oben Rupp Cuol Sur i ntn R obe n S:.lImueison Mary 51nchn D o r othy S

0 Ma r go Smith T h e resa Smith William S mith l Ed die S m ithwic k i E ugin a "'" A r ge lis SolOm Phili p Ste W art I 1 A n n Stitch n L ydia Sll,ltCZ ." "" --, F ra nk Suarez R oark Summerfo rd Nov e ll a Sumne r Patrie Swa n strO m the Junior-Senior Banquet "ReaJly ,hi1}1? w e can steal it?" Wil liam SW

_ J<' ItTbro1l./ him t o the liol1.r' .. 801' ] love these R o man /estivalJ." Ter r y Turner rOlub Tysing e r P,Uri c ia Uo" crferth Phillip Uribe R ichard Valenzuc b D i r k Van L o o n Greg Van T a ssell Cynthia Van Voo r hi s Va r gas G r i c elda Vasni c k D o r i s V ,uq uez M i g uel V ecchi one Ebine Vesta l Di a nne Vic k Candance Wagner David Wueen Lynn \\7 3t k in s L o u Watk in s ler oy W3tS o n R ussell Watson "Ii I A --. -1 and the Junior-Senior Frolic!! 1 J We e k s u r o l W einHoc k E liubech Wellin gton Randa ll Werntz Westfa ll Shuo n W h eele r Anthony White J ame s W hi te P : u r ic k White Jom Widdecke MOir y Wie s e William Wikto r Funk Wilde r Don W ill Su n n W illenbr oc k M:Hpnn WilIi:ams R ichard Wil li ... rns J an e t williH


i t ) r.: J1net Wright Dilnc Zer! Funk Anst'l R obt'rt Compton James Gloria Wilson Heidi ' ilson Jane Wilson j:lmice Wil son Ann ''inquiH Gloria Wirth Cula \'(/ish;Hll Bet I)' Womble Knhryn Wood And iust wait 'til Next Year!! Darwiu mml btl1' e b e en w r o ng.'.'.' ,. i I -, Pa tricia Fuqua Prise.11l Hrrn;lnd ez Vivian Butler Mlf)' Ellen Hi bbert M i k e McCl ure P".nn) Riler Pme!!;!. Rit;t Htdnun Sue H ime r George Wodr07k.l D o r o dl} Prescott F05lcr Connie BJlmlr Louie Zlrrilli Jerry \'('or sll;1m I -, T o m I


111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111I1I THE SCROLL


SENIORS Just as the scroll relates the motto, the next stage of the individual uncovers a code, an ethic by w hich to live. The scroll itself is adorned with the phras e assoc iat ed with the ow n er of the coat-of-arms It states the owner's gu idin g moral throughout Lfe. This last stage In the tediou s route toward the development of character is v it ally important. The individual has compiled his new-found idea l s and standards a nd has created a maxim with which to guide him self through any s ituation te sting his integrity.


" ... .... .::: I:. :: n;; rii--R :a-Ii U :::: I: :: !ij U L ; !!Irlllllji'i Mr. Hummel The senio r cbss cou l d neve r h ave b ee n as successful as it was with our th e htl p a nd gui dan ce o f it s sponsors \'X'c: Owe Mr. H ummel a nd Mr. Fr aley a debt o f g r a rirud e which w e ca nn m poss ibly r e pay Senior Class Sponsors M r F r:Jl e y


Senior Class Officers Secretary 'H'r,.';" r, H 'f" H:' C .. H I 0:. II .................. ..... -. - " -..... o ., o o 0 .. tOO ... ...... ... ... .... ..... .. ..... ......... ......... :: .. :: ........ . ..... .-1 -...... .. ... -.. -.. .. Loui s e Bailey .... ... .. . ... ... .. .... eo w : .... .. "'. -.. : : ... : .. ... .... .. .. ...... : : V President ... -II II J oe Bre mer Vice-President F 1-Chuck Mos(:s


Our year was spent V i n c e nt e E rn esto Abea L o ui s R oque Ad ams W illi am Edw ard A dams V I N C EN T E E R NESTO ABEA. F e b II 1 9 47 P3nlml, R d e P j\lu Alp h a The n 4 ; N H S 3 4 ; Scienc e Club 3 ,""i S li de Rule d u h 2 ; Physics Ass i stant 4 : C h e m i stry A s s i stant 3; R.O. T .e. Dri ll Tum }; H o n o r G uard l,lt ; 2nd Lieu tenant 4 ; Footb a ll ( Intnmura l s ) 1 ; B u k e t b lll (Inturnuuls) I ; B o wling (lntnmura l s ) I i V o ll ey Ball ( I n tnmUf;l.h) 1 ,2,3; Soccer ( Inturnuul s ) 1.3; Chor u s I ; Glee C l u b I,l, } LOUI S ROQUE A DAMS. M a y 21, 1 9 4 6 P;J.naml, R de P umcn C l ub 1 ,2; Chess Club 1,2,3; D ram a C l u b I Z ,}, 4 Lat in Cl u b Presid ent }i M u Alpha The n 4 ; N a tl. Thes p i an s }, 4 ; Scie n c e C lub 1.2, 3, 4 ; Phys ics Assi sunt 4 ; R O T .e. AW:lrd s B all 2.3; Co lor Guard}; D r ill Tum 2:: Firi n g Squad 2; H o n o r Guard 3, 4 ; 1 s t Lieute na n t 4 ; U s he r Guard 3 ; Christ mas Forma l CommiHU' 1: J r S r P r o m Co mm J ; Sad i e Hawkins Da n ce 2; S h o wcue 3; FO Q[ball ( I n tra.) 2, 3 : Socccr ( Intfl.) 2; D eath Takes a H o l i da y J; "If G i rl s A s k B oy s f o r O : lIes" 3; "The Lottery" 3; D e at h o f the H i r e d M a n 3 ; "Our T ow n 1 ; J o a n of Lorni n e 4 ; "The G r n s Harp 2; A s s e mbl y Co m m itte e Chlirmm <4; Co-o r d in ati n g Co m m itte e 4 ; Welfa r e Co mm 4 ; Tal ent S how}. W IL LIA M EDWAR D ADAMS. N ove m be r 8 1 9 45. l\hrgari u C a nal Zon e D r i ll T u m 2 J 4 ; Fir i n g Squad 2, } ; Co m m a nd e r <4; E6 ; U s ht'r G u a r d 2 G E O R G IANNE ALB AUG H May 20, 1 9 4 6 V i r gi ni a Dra m a Club 4 ; Future Tuch ers o f Am e r ica <4; P e p C lub 4; Brid g e d u b <4; Drill Team 4 ; Office A s s i s ta n t 4 ; C h r i stmas F o rmal Comm }; J r

glory and I I Mario Aya l a L ouis e Ann Bailey preparation. ( Thomas E Alves Patr ick Michael Arn old Harry Alden Ashb y THOMAS E ALVES. June 24 1 9 46 An co n Canll Zone. Football ( I ntramurals ) } PATRIC K MICHAEL ARNOL D. J uly I 1944. Anton, Cana l Zone. Awards B all 2; Drill T e am 2 ; Firi n g Squa d 2; PFCj F oo t ba ll Ii Football ( Intra.) I; B ase b all 4 ; B nkt"t b a ll (Intra. )4; Swimming I; Trac k I. HARRY ALDEN A SHBY. Au g u s t 10, 1 9 45. Panama, R d e P. c.c.c. 3; Swimmi n g 1 4 ; S wim ming ( Intramunls) 3, 4 ; Pankecl I ; C h orus 4 ; Carnival Dlnc e 3, 4 ; School T.V. P r og r l m I. MARIO AYALA. Sept em ber I J 1 9 4 6. La C h orre ra Pa nama. C h m C l u b 3 i Luin Club 3, 4 ; Mu Alpha T heta 3, 4 ; N.H S 3 4 ; Chemistry Assistant 3; R .O.T.e. 2,3,4 ; 1st Lt.; Football (Inua.) 1,2,3; Basketball (Intra. ) 1 ,2; Bowlin g (Intra.) I ; Ping P o n g 1; V o ll ey ball ( Intra.) 1 2 ; Wne r P o l o I ; Socce r 2 ,3. LOUISE A N N BAlLEY. April 29, 1 9 46 Phil adelph i a, P ennsy lv.1.nia Drama C lu b 3; F T A 3; L iterary Club 3 4 ; Myth o l ogy Club I ; N.H .S. 4 ; P e p C lub I ; United Nat io n s C l u b 4 ; Bri d ge Club 4 ; Awards B a ll 4 ; R O T .C. Spo n so r 4 ; C lass Secretary 4 ; Car d s ;and Announcemen ts 4 ; Senio r Coordinating Comm. 4 ; Freshman D an ce I ; Sop homore Showcase 2: Senio r Showc;a s e 4: R i n g 4 ; B as k e tball (Intra.) 2 ; V olleyball I ; Accordion B and 1.2; Award s D ay 3, 4 ; S.A. 1,3; Bacca laureate M a r sh;al 3 ; Gradua t ion M;ar s h al 3; N.H .5. Ushrr 1 ; G i rls State 3: G i rls Natio n 3 GLORIA J E A N BALLE NGER. January S, 1 9 4 3. P ana ma. R de P Bask etball 1 2 J 4 MARI E LYNN BAQUIE. Oct o b e r 16, 1 9 4 6 N ew York City, N. Y Chess C lu b 2; D ra m a Club 3, 4 ; Fre n c h Club 3, 4 ; F o l k Sin ge r s C lu b 4 : latin Club 2,3; Literary Club 4 ; N.1.tl. T hes p ian s 4 ; C.C.C. 2,3; Chem istry A ssistant 4 ; De : u h Takes a H o liday" 1; "Ou r T o wn" 3; J oa n of L orra ine" 4 ; C h orus 2 ; D eath of the Hired Ma n 3 JOHN RAYMOND BARRETT. Marc h 22. 1 946. Ancon, Canal Zo ne. Rul e Club 2 ; Awards Ball 2 ; R.O.T.C. 2: P F.C.; F oo tball 3,4: F oo t b a l l S t ars 3 ; B owling (Intra.) I ; Trac k ( Intra .) I : S.A Ahernate 1,3. Lett erma n 's Club 3,4; S l i d e (Intra.) I ; C.1.n.1.1 Zone All Gl o r i a J ean Ballenger M ari e Lynn Baquie J o hn R a ymond Bar r ett

PAGE 100

I R oben Euge n e Baum a n J a mes W illiam ti:1y In Preparation for our graduation, / M a r y K a [hr y n B a r de n Mic h ael W i ll i a m Bash am Sandra B a u c h ma n MARY KATH R Y N BARTL ET T. Septemb e r 8, 1 946. A neon, Z o ne. Dnm:a C l u b 2.3; Futur e T e a c h e r s o f Ame r iCJ 1.2,3,4 ; G A A 1.4; Girls State 1; Counselor's AssiH :UH 2 ; J r.-Sr. Pro m 1; Cap and Gown 4 ; Val enti n e Show c asc}; V ollerb all ( I n tfl.) 2 l M I CHAEL W I L Ll A ;\1 BA5HAr .. 1. D ecembe r 8 1 9 4 L O h io. Senio r A c t ivi t y 4 ; Z on;a n 5tlff 4; Zoniln Ad S ell e r 4 ; S.A Representative }, 4 SANDRA BAU C Hl\' IAN. NOIIl.'mbc r 15, 1 9 45. P:ana nll, R de P Drama C lub 1 4 ; Fre n c h C l ub 1 ,2, 4 ; Futur e Teac h e r s o f Ame r ic l 1 4 ; Pep C lub I ; V:alt'n ti n e Formal Commi lll"e 4 ; V olle)' b all (In t ramurals) 3; J o a n of L o r r aine 4 ; Tuc k QUl'e n 4 ROBE R T E U G ENE R O T.e. Staff Sgt BA UMAN. F ebruHY 20. 1 9 4 6. A ncoll, Call3l Zo n e. Bio logy Assi stant 2 ; Bowl in g ( I n cra m u n ls) l Golf (lncramurals) 1 2 3 ; P ing P o n g 1. JAMES W ILLIAM BAY. A u g u H 27, 1 9 46 B o i se. Id a h o. D r am a C lub 3, 4 ; Natio n al T hespia n s 4 ; R.O.T.e.; U s h e r G u a r d 2 ; an d the I.hn" 2 ; D eath a H o l id:ty" 1; T h e Lotter y 3; O u r T own" J; j oa n of L orr3ine" 4 ; G l e e Club 2,3; F as h io n S how M.e. } MARY JEAN BEE BY Aug ust 2 6 19 4 6. S an Antonio. T e xa s. G A A. 2 ; B3s k etball ( InttJ!llur als) 2; O r c heStra 1 2,3.4; Organ G uild 4 V I C TOR BE HAR. O c t obe r 10, 1 9 H P a na m a R de P. r-.'ht h C lub I ; P an Amer i c an 1,2,J; S pani s h Club 1.2; U ni t c d N a tions C l u b I j c.c.c. 1,2,}j W oo d Sho p Assistant 2; F ootbal l 1 2 ; F ootball ( In((amurals) I; Bas k etball ] ; ],2; S w imming ( Intr a nl U r 3 Is) 1 ; Trac k ] ; P i o g P o n g 1 2 ; Wne r P o l o I ,2,}; B a s eball I CHARLES F BELDEN M ay 1 6, 19 4 6. Ancon. C a nal Zone. Ca m e ra Club 1,2; R.O.T.C. 1 s t S H .l:cant; Sadie HawkIns Dance 2; j r .R ing Comrn. 3; CHds and A n n o u nce m e n ts Com mittee C h J irma n 4; P ankeet 4 ; Zoni a n 3; S. A T ickl.'t Oe si,l:ner 4 : S A A lt e rnate 2,Jj Get-A cq uainted Dance 4 ; Bors SUtt" J. M a ry Jean B ee by V icror Be h ar C h arles F B elde n

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we ordered cards and announcements. Fran ces Eliz a beth Bell Patr i c i a Ann Best Daniel Mar s ton Blackmon / FRANCES E LI Z ABETH BELL. Augu st 22, 1 9046. Athe n s. Goorgi a F UlUr c Nurses of Am e riCl 4 ; G A A } 4 j C li n i c Assi sllnt 4 ; V olle yball ( Intra ) 2,}, 4 PATRIC I A ANN BES T Novem ber 20, 1 9 4 6. An eo n C:ln a l Zone. C h m C lu b 1.2; P e p Club 1,2: Sc itncr Club 2; T o m o r r ow's 5ecfturi e s Club 4 ; Un i tC'd N:u io ns C lub 2 ; Bio logy A ssistant 4 ; Seniu r S h o w ca s e 4 ; S. A Alte rnate I : Tic k.:t S a les CommiuC'1.' 4 ; Awards Day U sher 2. DANI E L MAR S TON BLACKMON. January 12, 1 9 47. N orthlmpton, M a ssachusetts. utin Club 4 ; Literu), Club 4 ; N H .S. 4 ; Unite d N :;uion s Clu b 4 ; F oo tball 3; F oo tball ( Intflffiuflh ) 3; S A dent 4 ; BlIccah.ure :lte M a r s h a l 3 ; Graduation M arsha l 3: Rors Sut e }j B o y s N : u i o n 3; Ban d }. D A V I D M I CHAEL B L A K E Nov(' mbe r 7 1 9 4 6 Tennessee. 3: Tuck ( I ntrlmunls) I: Gltt Club I GENE L OUlS BLUMBER G ;\h y 30. 1 9 4 L C:.lInli Z o ne Footb:.llil 4 : ( I ntrlmuuls) 1.2.J.4 ; B u k etblll ( I n u:I. ) 1 .2 ; B o wlin g ( I ntr:.llmurlls) 1 2 : Golf ( I ntn.) I ; Softblll 1.2 : T r,l c k I. SHIRLE Y C LA IRE B LUMBERG. M ay 3 1 946. r l n mll R de' rln:.llm:.ll. Dr,l n n C lub 1 : l. ibrH) Club I ; rln A m e r i Cl n C lub 1 : Pep Club 1 : Br i d ge C lu b 4 ; e.e.e. 1 2 ; Counselo r 's A ssis unt :!: R O T .e. Assist ant 1 : C:.lIrnival Dlnce' J. G R E T C H E N V INA BOEHNIN G. jul y 22. 1 9 4 6 Pln:lma, R de P G A A 3. 4 ; L i b r H v C lub 3 .1: Pre s i d ent 4 ; Library Assi sunt 3,4 ; Buketblll (Intrl ) 3; Voll ey ball ( Intra. ) 3 4 G E O RGE JAMES BOOTH. j anuHr 1 0 19 4 6 Pln a m:.ll. R de P R O T.e. Pri\'lte Fir st C lm; S A A htrn l t e 4 Shirley Claire B l umbe r g Grerchen Viii.a Boe h ni n g Geo rg e J ame s Boom J / Davi d Mi chael Bla k e Gen e Loui s Blum b e r g

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I / Betsy Norman B row n D i a n e Rurh Bro wn Polishing our class pins Jean D aryl B oswell Eve li a B r adley Colin Re eves Bra ds h aw Dia nna R ebecca Braml err B arba r a D ee Brazil e Edelmira Hel e n Bri g hr lEAN DARYL BOSWE L L Novembe r 4, 1946 t.h.rglrit;a, Canal Zone. F B.LA. 4 ; F .T.A. 4 ; rcp Club 2: Bridge Club 4; C c.c. C lub 4 ; Civil: C o unci l E l e clio n s 4 ; Office A ssisllnl 2; R .O.T,e. A ssistant 4: Cap and Gown Comm 4 ; S.A Rep. 4. EVELIA BRADLEY. OCt ober 2f, 1 941. P anam a Cit)', P :.I.I13ma. Chorus}. COLIN REEVES BRADSHAW. November 25, 194.1. ball ( I ntrJ. ) 2,3,4 ; Bucball 3,4 ; B a s ketball (Intra. ) 2; 3,4; P i n g Pong 1.2,3; Volleyball (Inul.) 2. Norfo lk, Virgini:a. G olf ( I ntr:a.) 1,2,3; Lenerm:an's Club 4 ; F oo t Trac k 2, },4 : Track ( Inlr:a.) DIANNA REBECCA BRM.' I L ETT. N o vember 9, 1946 C lifton Forge Vir gini;l, F o lk Singers Club 4; F H A 4 ; F .N.A. 4 : G.A. A 2 ,3,4; Cap and Gown Comm. 4 ; ( Intra.) 2; C horus 1.2; F a s hi o n Show 1 ,2. BA RBARA DEE BRAZIL. September 2 9 1946 Sac rJ rne n to, Ca l iforni;1. F H A. I; P ep C lub I ; Counselor's Assi s t 2 ; Christma s F o r mal Comm. }: Sadie Hawkins Dance 2: Valentine Formal Comm. 4 B :uketbal1 (Intra.) 4 ; V o lleyball ( Intra. ) 4; Gl' t -Acqu:ain tl.'d Dance Comm. 2. EDELMIRA HELEN BRI GHT. F eb ru:ary Il, 194s' P:armm City P an:ama P:an Aml.'ri c 3n Club ],4; T o m orrow's S ecretaries C lub 4; c.c.c. Club 2.}, 4 ; C ouns el o r s Assi s t. 4 ; V olleyball ( 1I1tr;1.) }. BETSY BROWN. AUSUH 26, 1946 Murfreesbo r o, Tennessee r.T.A. 4; Sec reuries C lu b 4; Parakeet Staff 4 : C h o ru s 4; Glee C lub 4 DIANE RUTH BROWN. $cp t em b e r 25, 1 9 4 6. Alexa ndri a, Virginia. Ches s C l ub Sec. 1,2. P res. }: Latlll C l u b TrelS. }: r-,' l u Alpha T h e ta Viel.'-P re s 4 ; N.H.S. }, Sec 'I: Pan American Club Sec J ; P cp C lub I ; Sci e nce C lub I. R ec S ec. 2, Prl.'s }, Treas. 4 ; U ni t ed Nations Club 2, Vic eP rcs. } ; Chemistry Assist. }; Awards Ball Ch. 4; Battal i o n Spon sor; H on o rary ht LL Sop ho m o r e Showcase Comm. 2 ; Vak'nti n e Sh owC"ls e Comm. }; Junior R ing C omm. }; Orche s tr:! 1.2,},4 ; S.A. Ahernlte 4: Orien tation D ay 4; I h cClhurcat e Mars h : d }; GraduJ.tion U s he r }: Assl 'mbl y Comm. 4: Seni o r Activities Comm. 4 ; L ibra r y Club 2,3; r..'iath Club I; Cluh .I.

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helped to while away the time Nancy Ann Brown P am e l a Susan B r o wn Prisilla K enya B row n Mi c h ael Edwa r d Bruce Eul a R osa Bry a n E liza b eth Ann Bryant / J NANC Y ANN BROWN. February 22, ]94 6 F o rt S,II, Okbhoml. D r:unl Club 4 : F o l k Singer s C l ub 4 : Basketball 4 : 815k clhall (IIHrl.) 4 P A ME L A S U S A N BROWN. December 14, 1 9 46 B u tler, Pcnnsrtv;1nia F T A 3: M ) t h o i o'!;r C l ub 3; T o m o r r ow's S ecrc l u i c s Club 4 T r c;H.; Co u nse lor's Assi s t. 4 : Sen i o r ShO W C 1 S t Comm. 4 ; G lee Club 4 P R 1 S IlLA K E NYA BRO\X' N. Sep te mber 6, ,\hrgJriu, e m:!.1 Zont', F B L A 4 : Pan A me r ica n C lub I: P e p Club I : Sci e nce C lub 2 ; ec.e. 1,2, 3 Tn.'u. 4 : Novemh" f l t d ShO\\CHC' 3 .4 ; O ffice A ssis t 4 ; B H k etbll 1 ( h Url. ) 4 : V o ll c rb11l ( Iotfl. ) I,Z,},4 ; Cho r u s 1; 5 A \ it e r n ltC I ; Co-ordinlti'lg Comm. 3; Dri " Comm. 3; CJ.r niv:r1 Danc e Comm 1 ,2 3 4 ; Fa s hi o n Sho w I ; Indepen d e n ce D;J,)' P r ogram 3,4; Comm. 4 ; T icket Sales 4 MI CHAEL EDWARD BRUC E NO\ embe r 9, 1 9 4 6 Spo k ane, N H S } P m 4 ; R O T .e. Rank Capuin ( B attalio n Comman d e r); Award s 8311 },4; C u lur Guard 3 ; O r i cntltio n DJY 4 ; Tennis } 4 ; Orc he stra 3 ; S A Rep 4 ; B o y s SUt ... L I. Gov. I EUL A ROS A BRYAN i\hr c h 30. 1 9 4 6 PJ.na m a C i t)', Plnam3 P an Am e ric:!.n C lub 1 .2; P c p C lub I ; C .c.c. Club 1 2 ; Cou nsel o r s Assi st. 3; Offi c e Assi s !. 4 ; F ro shSo p h. Frolic 2; B H k etbll1 1.2,3.4 ; Bask etball ( IntrJ.. ) 1,2,}, 4 ; V o ll e y b:lll ( I nlrJ.. ) 1,2,} ; S A Altermt c 2 J ; D r i\ 'es Comm 2, } ; Visit ors }; Drni\' J I DJ.n c e Comm. 2; G. A A L 4 E LIZABET H ANN BR Y A N T Feb ruar), 22 1 9 46. San B e rn:rrdino D l ifo r n il. Gi rls Sute J; Clm erJ. C lub 2, } ; Dranll Club 1 ,2,;; F B .L.A 4 ; F N A 1 ,2; F T A. 1,2,). c.Trns 4 ; L,bfJ.r y Club 1,2; P;&n C lub I,l,}; P e p C l u b I ; S c i e n ce Cl u b I ; R O T.e. Assist. 4 ; Office Assist. 2.}; Christm3S F orm3 1 Comm ;; C uds and An n ounc ... m e n t s Comm. 4 ; Christo13s Sh o wcase Comm. } ; E;lSI e r S h o w cas e Comm }; Bls k etb311 ( Intrl ) 1,2: B o w l in g ( Intrl.) I: V olie) bJIl ( I ntrJ. ) I ,Z ,}; Ball e t 3 : Dea t h Take s l H o l iday" 2; "Sk i n of Our Teeth" I; "Gr Jss I h r p 2; Androdes til ... Lio n I ; A cco rdill1 B a nd 1 2 ; S A Alternate 1 4 : Co-ord inalin.': C o m m 3: T i c k e t Sales 1 .2; Tnln Comm. 1.2; Dra m at i cs U s h(' r 1 .2. EVANG ELIN E BUENAFF MJ Y H 1 9 4 6 P hillippines. Tomor r ow's Scc n :nrit'S C lu b 4 ; C horu s I. JOSEPH H U G HES BYRNE. D ecemb ... r 2 1 1945 N .. ... Telln ... sse .... Dram3 Club 3; F o l k S in g e r s Club 4 ; Lettermen's C lub 4 : C h r i stmas F o rmJ.I Co mlll J; F r osh -Soph. F r olic 2: HJwkins D m c e Comm, 2 ; F oo tb311 ( Inlrl ) 2,}; S w imnllng ( I ntrJ. ) 3; T r J c k 2,} .4 ; Trlc k 2.}. 4 ; Pon>: 1 ,4; 'X'lte r P o l o 3, 4 ; "Our T uwn" ; "n"Hh T.ll....-s a \; ':;.A Dnvr:s \,4 ; GetA cqu:llll l e d Comm. 3 4 ; TJ1 ... n l IjI H'" 2 I Evan g eline B ue n a f e J ose ph H u g hes B y rn e -

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Between the Junior-Senior Prom L iurma J o sefin a Cab allero AI J ohn Ca l dw ell Chri stian Peter Carlson George Car l Carne y Cymhi a H i ldr eth Case Ri cha rd A Casey - f -/ L1URMA JOSEFINA CABALLERO. Fcbnllry 17. 1947 Arcci bo, Puerto Rico. F N A 3, 4 ; Spani s h Club 2; Cou ns el or's Assi st. 4; B iul o gy 2 3 AL J OHN CALDWELL. June S, 1 9 46 An co n C:l.nal Zone Boy s Stolle 3; F.B.L.A. 4: Libruy C lub 1 .3: Muh C l u b 1 ,2; P an Amer; Cln C lub I; Libnry Assist. 1 ,3; R O .T.C. Rank Lt. Awards B all 2: Ori ll Team 2 ; Seni o r Ring Comm. 4; S e niur A ctivities Comm. 4; Football I: Foo tball ( Intra. ) 2,3; Capt:l.i n A ll Stars 2; Bas k etball ( I ntT3 ) [,2 : P o n g 1 ,2,3; "Skin o f Our Teeth" I; "Death l H o liday" J; 5 A R e p 3,4 ; U s her GUlrd 2,3,4; 5. A Ahe r n .He I; 5. A Co-ordinHing Comm. \ CHRI STIAN P ETER CARLSON. F ehruJ.rY 2 1 9 44 Slide Rule Club 4. GEORG E CARL CARNEY, De cember I, Lu CYNTH I A HILDETH CASE OCt ober I, 1 9 4 6 Boston. F rench C lub 3,4; F.T.A. 3,4; M ytho l og y C lub 4 ; G i rls 3 ; Senior Rin g Com m 4 ; Bas ketblll ( Iotr ;!.) 4 S wimming 3, 4 ; Pin/;: Pong 4; V olle y bOill ( I nlrOl. ) 4 ; Zonia n Mana g e r 4 ; Zonian Ad Sell e r 4 ; G. A A 4 R I CHARD A. C A S EY. O Ctober 12, B ermuda B.W .1. Dnma Club 4 ; F o lk S in gers C lub 4; Literary C lu b 3 4 ; M ath C l u b 4 ; SCIl'ncl' C lub 4; Aud io Vis ual 4 ; Seni o r Rinb Comm. 4: W r estling 4 PEGGY JOYCE CASS I BRY Scptlmber S, 1946 Cris t o bal C an a l Z one. Dr31l11 Club \; F.N. A 3 ; N.H S 4 ; P ep Club I ; Bndge Club 4 : Girls StHe 3: Offic e Assi s t. 4; G rd s and Anno un cements Comm. 4; Individual Picture s Comm. eh. 4 ; I h s kt't ball ( Intr l .) I ; V o lley hall ( Intra.) 2,3 ; 11iure atC' U s her 3; GraduHion U s her 3. W ILFRED CASTRO. N o v e mber 2S, 1941. Puerto R i co P eggy J oyce C1SSibry \"XIilfred Cas tr o

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and the Junior-Senior Banquet. < ; T erry All e n C onley Fran c e s Ire n e Co nn I WIL LIAM LEONARO CATRON. A u gust 14, 1 9 4 6 Club 1 ; Sc i e n ce Club I ; S h o p Assi s t. 2,3, 4 ; R O T .e. kethall ( Intra ) 2,3; B o wl i n g ( I nlr" ) 2; Golf ( Inln.) P o l o 1 2 ; S A R e p J. \'(!illi a m l eo n a r d C aero n C h eryl Ann C h ea n e y F e rn a ndo Ern esro Chia r i Mi c h ael Fr a n c i s Colac i cco J ea nni e V iCto ri a Col b urn David M alco lm Colclasur e Anco n, una l Z o n e Chess C l u b 1; L ihrH Y Cpl.: F oot ba!l 4 ; Foot b a l l ( Intra.) t,Z,} ; I h s-2,J; P i ng P o n g I ; V o lley ball ( I nlr"'.) 2: Wat e r C HERYL ANN CHEANEY J a n 20, 1 9 46 Jennings Loui si;!.n;!;, Chess C lu b 4 ; F H A 'I : N H.S. 4 ; C h orus 3,4 ; G l e e C l ub J,4 FERNANDO ERNESTO CHIARI. J u l y 9, 1 9 4 7. P;!.n3m:l., Republi c o f !' a n 1 ma Bio l o g y A ssist. }, 4 ; j.V. Bas k e tball } ; B H k et b :dl ( I nln.) 3, 4 MI C HAEL FRANC I S C O L A C ICCO. M ,Ir c h 25, 1 9 46 Wash,ngto n D .e. Latin Club 2,3: Lcue r men's Club 3, 4 ; N H .S. J, T H U 4 ; Au dio-V i s u l l 2,}; Stlt c J; A udltor T reJS. R O T.e.. 1 s t Lt.; U s he r G UHd 4 ; Commande r ; S enio r Activi t y Comm. 4 : }, 4 : B Hebll 1 } A ; S .... } a ge r ; F ootball (Intra. ) } JEANNI E V I CTORI A COLB U R N AuguSt 14, 1 9 45. Panlma, R d e P C h ess Club } ; M u h Club 4 ; N H .S. 3, 4 : Pa n Americ an Club 1. 2, 3, 4 3. 4 ; S c i e nce C lub 1,2; SpJnish Club 1 ,2:.3, 4, Trcas. I, SeC. 2 Vice P re s. 3 ; Co u nselor's Assi st. I : J r.Sr Banquet 3 ; Jun io r Ri ng Comm 3; T h l nks Showcas e 2; Christmas Sho w case 3 ; P an A m e r iCJn S ho w ca s e 1. 2 ,3, 4 : e.e.e. ShowClse 1 ,2,3,: Bas k etba ll ( Intra ) 1,2; V olleyball ( InlrJ.) 1.2; S A Alternat.: I; U s h e r J; Carnival Cou rt 2,}; G radul : i o n U s her 3 ; P e p Club 1. DAVID MALCOL M C O L C L A S U RE. JlllUlty 9, 1 9 4 6 R.O.T.C. 2,3 ; P V t R O .T.C. Bmd 2,3; F o o t ball ( Intra ) ':::I u b 3, 4 ; T alen t Sh o 2 A n dHko Okhho ma F ol k Singers Club 4; 2; F oo t b all 4 ; Band 1 .2,3.4; Choru, 4 ; GIl:'(' T E RR.Y ALLEN CONL E Y July 1. 1'4 6 Margltiu. unal Zone. Chess C lub 1,2.4; latin Club I; S l ide Rule C l u b 4 : R O .T.C. 2,3; Awards B llI 2; Drill T e a m 2,J: F i r i ng S q uad J; Footblll (lntrJ.) 1 ,2; F oo t b :dl 4 ; B a s ketball ( Intra.) 1,2 ; G olf 1,2: P ing Pong 1.4 ; Basebal l ( Intrl) 4 : S.A R e p 1. FRANCES I RENE CONN. D e cembe r 2 2, 19 45. Ancnn, C l nal Zont. F .T.A. 4, American Club I ; Offi c e A s s i s t. 3; Choru s 4

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All light-hea rt edness? Tirnorhy James Corrigan Nancy G. CorroD Sue Edith Corton TIMOTHY J AMES CORRIGAN. Feh ru:l.r y 3, 1945-"-hrgJriu, COI.o,,1 Zone. F B L.A 4: Letttrman's Club 1,},4; S l ide Rule C lub 4 ; Chnstmas Form;!] Comm. 3; Freshmln P icnic Comm. I; Frosh Soph F rohc 1; Jr . S r Prom Comm. 3; J r.-Sr. Blnque t 3; S.Jdi .. Hlwkins Olnce 3; Cap lnd Gown Comm. 4 ; Footblll 1 ,3, 4 : All St H S 3, 4 ; Ihsebal l }, 4 ; SWlmmlnJ,: 4 ; Football Dance 1,3; TflCk ( I nln. ) 1 .3; Powde r Puff Cheeduder 4 NANCY G. COTrON. N ovembe r 16, ]9 4 6. Marg:mu, CJn;!1 Zont. Folk Singers Club 4 ; F H A 4; F.N.A 4 ; P an A me rie;!.n Club I : A(cord illl fhnd 1,2,}; Organ Guild 2,3. Sec. 4 ; lJowling ( I m ra) 3; [ h ,nd 4 ; U she r 4 SUE EDITH COTTON. FebruHY 1 0, 1946. MJrglTltl, CJ.nll Zone. G A.A 2,3,4: BioioSY Assist. 4; C bss Sec. ]; Fros h-Soph Comm. ] ; J r.-Sr. P rom Comm. 3; Sadie Hawkins Dan ce 2; Junio r Ring ('..amm. 3; Senior Activiq' Comm. 4 ; Senior Gift Comm. 4; Freshmm Da nce Camm. I; Sho wcue Comm. I ; Basketba ll ( Intrl.) 1,2,} ,4; S.A. Football Dan ce 2,},4; U s her I; S.A R ep. 1 ,}, 4 ; Cheerlude r 2.3; Capuln 4 ; c.c.e. ); Footblll Courl 4 ; Tra'ck Court 4 ALEXANDER COY June ] 8. ]946. MargHIIl. Canal Zone. P an Am e r ican Club 1.2; Drill TClm 2; R .O.T.C. R ank 2nd Lt.; Cbss Vic e Pres. ] ; Freshman Picnic Comm ]; Fr osh-Soph Frol i c ].2; Sadie "bwkins Dan ce 2; Senior Activitie\ 4 ; SophJr. Frohc 2,3; Foolball 1 4 ; Football tJmu.) 1 .2.3 ; Baseball 2; J .V. Buketball 1.2; Basketball ( Intn.); Golf ( Inln.) 1.2; S"imming ( Intn.) }; Softball 1.2.3; T rJck 2.3; Pin g Pong ].2; V o lle yball ( Intrl.) 2.1; A ndrocles Jnd t he L ion" ]; Plrakeet A d Sell e r 1.2; A5sembly Comm. 2 ; Gel_Acquainted Da nce Comm. 2; S.A R e p 1.2.; Visit ors Day I. M I C HAEL DAVID COZENS. Februu)' 2. ]946. WHhington. D e. MICHAL PAULA CRAIG. 28. ]946. Ancon Gnal Zone. P e p C lub I; Spanish C l ub]; Lab A ssist. 4 ; Audio Visua l 2.3. 4 ; Chri st mas Fo rmal Queen 3; Sadie Hawk ins Court 2; Valent ine F o r mal Court I; Bas ketball ( Inua.) 2,1 4 : V olley b all (lnlrl. ) 2 4 ; C horu s I. RICHARD L CRESSY. September 2]. 1 9 46 Kalamaz oo, Camen C lub }; Dr:ama Club 2,3.4 ; Nat!. Thespilos 3.4; Audio Vis u'l l 2.3. 4 ; Awnds BllI }; Col o r GUHd 3; R.O.T.e. Rank S.F.C.; Usher Gund 2.3; Individual PiCtures Comm. 4 ; "Delth Takes l H olidlY" 3; "Our T own" 3; "Andro cles and the Lion" ]; "Joan of Lornine" 4 ; I f Gi rl s A s k e d Boys f o r Dlles" 3; "Death of the H ired 3; "Sleep of Prisontrs" 4; Z oni an },4 ; Zonilll Ad S e ll e r 4 ''ALTER ERNEST CROUC H MHch 3, 1 9 46 Ancon, Canal Z one. Trac k 3; Tnc k ( Inttl. ) 3; Glee C lub 2,}. Micha l P a ula C r a i g Ric h a r d L. Cressy Walter Ern es ( Crouc h -' .. _r / William Alex a nd e r COY \ \ Mi c h a el D avid Co zens

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, - --D o n a l d Edw ard D a r de n K ennerh Fra n k lin D arli ngron J Not THIS year! --B o nnie L ee Crowell Ch a rl e s Esch m a n Cu rr a n H e l e n Fr an ces D anie l 80NNI E LEE O c t o ber 1 9, 1 9 46 Neptune, N e w J ersey. P l n Amerle')n Club 1,2; P e p C lub 2 ; Office Assi s t. 4 ; u p ,!OJ Gown Comm 4: Vo ll eyblll ( Inul.) 2; "Arms ;and the 2; Z o n;.)o A d Selle r "'; S A R ep I ; 5 A T i ckl.'t $",[es Comm 4 ; S Wimm i n g ] ,2; Zoni"n 4 C H A RLES ESC HMAN C U R R A N O c t o h e r 1 6. 1 946. C m o. Ilh nols. N. H S 4 : SCI (,'nce Clu b 2 ; Phy s ics Comm. C h 2 ; U N Club 4. V i ceP r es. 4 ; B oys Sute Gov. 3; B oys NAti o n 5e n : u o r 3 ; D c h J t c T e a m 3,4 ; R O T.e. Rlnk 1 s t Lt. AWH d s 8311 3 ; Co l o r Guard 3; U she r Guud 2.3: Jr.-S r P r o m Co mm }: Senior Gift Co!llm. -I: V iSIto r s Da y Ch. 4 ; S.A 4; G raduHio n }: BlCC1-laur ; u c M 3r s hat J. H E L E N FRANCES DA N I EL. S e p t e mbe r f, 1 9 4 5. A n co n Cm.!. 1 Z one. Dram.!. C l u b 3; Fr e n c h Club 4 ; G A A 2.1.4 ; P ep Club I; Bndg e Club 4 ; J r .-S r P r o m Comm. 3; Ha wk i n s Com m 2; S a di e H a w k in s Cou r t 2; IndiVIdual S(.'ni o r Picturcs Com m 4; B l s kct b all ( I ntrJ .) 2.4 : V o llq'bJIl ( Inn ) 2,1,4 ; A nd r o cil'S and the Lion" I : A cco rdion B and 1,2 D O N ALD EDWARD D ARDEN. Au g uSt 7, 1 9 4 6 A n co n, Cln a l Z o ne. C hess C l ub I ; F o l k Sing(.'fS Cl u b 4 ; Alp h a Thela 4 ; R.O.T.e. R ank P f c. C h r i Hma s Formal Co mm 3 ; Footba l l ( I nt r a ) 2 ,4; BlSebaJJ 1.2 ,3.4 ; (ln trl. ) 3 4 ; B o,dm g ( I ntrJ. ) 2; Golf (Intra.) 2; S w i mm i n g 2,3: T rack 4 : V o l l ey ball (Intrl. ) 2: G(.'tA c qu.l.int e d C o mm. 3; fhJ1 Co mm 2; Vis it o r s D l Y 4 ; StUdtnt H andboo k Com m 4 KENNETH F RANKLIN DARLIN GTON. l\lly 14, 1 946. c.e.c. Pr es. 4 ; R O. T.e. R an k l S I L t. Soph Cllss V ice P res. Comm. 3 ; J r .Sr. P rom Cnmm. 3 ; Sad". H awkins CoUrt 2; S A A!t e rn :llle 2; B O)'$ StHe 3 Canal Zo ne. F.JU A 4 ; 2; Jr. Cllss Pres. 3; C hri s tnla s F o r mal Ponl:; 2,3: P arakeet Ad Selle r 2; J OS E RAMON DA V I L A j:.anuar), 8, 1947. 2 ; c.c.e. Club 2; Ca p :.an d G o wn Comm. 4 ; Plrake e t A d S ell e r 2.3. Puerto R ico. Letterm en's Cl ub 4 ; P ;1Il A m cClc an Club Football ( I nlr.l..) 2,3: B aseball 4 ; Trac k ( I nt n ) 4 ; DENNI S C HARLES DH-IING. Au g u s t 29, 1 9 46. Br oken B o w Neb r a s ka R O T .e. R l nk 2nd It.; S ad i e H a wk i n s Comm. 2; M .C.; CJrd s an d An no u ncementS Co mm 4 ; S enio r A C t ivi t)' Co m m 4 : Bal e ball 1 ; S.A A h e rnlt\' 2: S A R e p 4 ; Bo}"s StllC J; Sc.:r e tJfY of Sta l e BARB A R A LOUI S E DENNY Nove m ber 30, 1 9 4 6. L o s An g e lcs, Cali f orni l Zoni a n 4 ; Z onia n A < l Sell e r 4 J ose R am o n Davila D enni s C h arles Deming B a rb a ra L ouise Denny

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A l exis R Di a z I Susan Lesl i e Di e rcks W e worked toward our final grade Ger er P e r e r DePipe r P a rrici a Ann Decr e r D o n a l d M ark D es serr GER E T P E TER D E P I P E R July 16 Br ooklyn, New Y ork. L e n er m en's Club R O T.e. R:l.nk Sgt. ; Us h e r Guard 2; F oo t b a ll ( I ntra. ) 3, 4 ; ).V Bask et b:l.lI 3; Swimming ( I ntfJ. ) 2,3: Tra c k 3.4; W r estli n g ( I ntra ) 2.3; Tuc k (lntrl. ) 4 ; V olle yblll ( In t r:l..) 3 PATRI C IA ANN D ERRER l\-lar c h 1 9 19 4 6. J ac kson H e ights, N e w York F .'-'A 2; P e p Club 1 2; B:tske tball ( Intra ) 1 ,2. D ONALD l\IA RK D ESSERT J une 24, R ank P\'L; S wimming 4 ; S wimming ( Imra. ) O rl a n d o 4 F l o r i da S l ide R u l e C lub PH S 4 ; R O T .e. A L EXIS R D IAZ. J une 14, 19 4 6 P:l.nama C i t y, P:l.na m a Office Assist. 4 ; J r -S r .B a nq u e t C o m m 3; I ndi v i dUll Senio r 2 3, 4 Pan Ame ri c an C l u b I ; P e p Club I : PiClUrt's Comm. 4 ; V o ll ey b all ( Introl. ) SUS A N LESLIE DI E R C K S August 7 1 9 4 6 Scit'llc e Club 2; C horus O r c hest r a Bethe s d a 1>.hq !an d F B L.A 4 M y t ho logy C l u b 2; V i s ilOrs D ay U sher 4 MICHAE L S TANL EY DONALDSON. N ovember 28, 1944. C lub 4 : R O.'-'e. R a nk S taff Sgt.; U s h e r GUHd 2,}; F oo t b all I I o c k ey ( Intra. ) 4 ; Tra c k ( I nlra ) Margari ta, C a na l Zont'. F o lk Sin g e r s ( I ntra. ) B a s ketball ( I n tra.) F i e ld N A N C Y LEE DONALDS O N Ap ri l 22. 1 9 46. K a nsas City. M i ssouri. D r a m a Club 4 ; O r c h e stra 2. L Y N D A A N N D ONLEY. M a y 12, 1 9 4 6 H amil lOn, B e r m u d a C hess C lub 2 : Drama Club 4; G. A A 2,3; L i b r a r y Club 2,3, 4 V i ce Pres. }: Lit erary Club 2; P ep C l u b I ; Scie n c e C lub 2; U N Club 2 ,3; Sen i o r DebJte T eam 4 ; L ib r a r y Assi s t 4 : Senio r Gift Comm J r .-S r B:l.n q u e t Comm. 3 ; J r S h o w clSe Comm. } ; B lSke tbal l ( I n tra.) 2; V olley b all ( I!ltD.) 2 ; J o an o f L o r rain e 4; S taff 4 ; Ad Sell e r 4 ; S.A R ep 3; S.A H an d boo k Co m m 4 ; C h S A Aiternlte C h T i c k et Sales Comm. 4 ; Orientation DJY Comm. 4 ; U sher I. Mi c hael Stanley D o n alds o n N a ncy L ee D o n aldso n Lynda Ann D onley

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point averages. Elle n Ca m ille D o u g las M a r c i a J a n e Dub b s R o ber to F ran c i sc o Dur a n ,. ELLEN C AMILL E DOUGLAS. O ctobe r 27, 1 9 4 6. G u ntern'LJlt, Abb Jllu. Chess C lub 3: D ram:!. Club 4 ; Lllio Club 3, 4 ; ;""u A lpJIJ. T he t a 4 : N H S 4 Science Club }, 4 : Gi rls SUtt }: Jr.-S r BJnQ u et 3; Vllen tinc F o rml! Camm. 4 ; S h o w case Comm. 2; Bl ) k ct haJl ( IntrJ. ) I ; BJ n d 1 : S.A. I; G r a dultio n U s h e r }. i\'1ARC I A JANE DUBB S A u guSt IJ, 1 9 46. W;abl sh, I n d i an:. Drlma Club 2 ,}, 4 ; F T A 1,},4 ; G. A A 2 ,J,4 ; N H.S. 4 ; Pep C lub 1 ; G i r l s SUIt' 3 ; Individual Seil l o r P i ctures Con li n 4 ; B as k cth:ll 1 ( I ntra ) 3; V o l l cy b l l l ( Intra. ) 2,} ,4 ; Z o nia" 3,4 ; S A Altern. H e 3,4 ; D rJmltics I ; N H .S. U s h e r } ; Zoni an A d S ell e r 4 R.OB E RTO FRANCISCO DURAN. F e bruary 1 S, 1 9 4 6. P Jllama C ity, P lIlJn13 Can1c ra C lu b I ; Soanis h C l u b 1.2,3 4 : B owling ( Intra ) TC3n1 C apt ain I ; Gu lf ( I nt ra.) 1.2,L4 : B L c a guc C h : u npions: S A lt e rna t e I ; S.A R e p 3 ; Carninl D ena 3 4 VIC K I L O U DUNNING. Marc h 4 19 4 6 Anco n Ca n a l Z om. Office Assi st 3; F r e s hmln P i cnic I ; B u k clbll l ( IntrJ..) 4 ; U nw lm,l: Dra mJ. C lu b I ; L i b r H Y Club I I : PinJ! Pon/.: ( 111(1'3.) I V o lleyball ( Inln) I ; V i s ilOrs Da y I. JONNI E S U E DY E R O c t o ber 9. 1 9-16. ( Intra. ) 3; S A Alt ernatc 2 : Girls S tat e l A MES LEE EBDON. A p ril 14, 1 946. F oo t b:.ll l 2 ; D a [tOn Gt'o rgia 3 : Fash ion S h o w G. A A 3.4 ; L ab Assi s t 4 ; Vollc)'b alJ 1 2 CJ.na[ Zonc. Col o r Guud 2; R .O.T.C. 1.2,3; ( IntrJ.. ) 4 ; Socce r I ; UJ.nd 1,2. R I C H ARD C RA I G EBDON. O c t o be r 22, 1 946. l\hrlpma. C m l [ Zo ne. I.cll c r me n 's C l ub 3 .. 4 ; N H S 4 ; R O T .e. 2: PVI. Chri stmas F o rma ] Comm. 3 ; jr..Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Senio r Activity Comm. 4 ; F ootball ( Intn ) 1 ,2 3 4 ; Basebal l 3.4; Bas k et ba ll (Intra.) 1,2,3; T rlC k ( Intr a ) 4 ; Track 4; Vis ito r s DlY 4 J OS EPHINE V I RG I N I A E B E RENZ. Apri l 2 5 1 9-16. An co n Cdna l ZOIlC. P ep C l ub 1,2 .4 ; Spcc,:h an d D rJn1a Assi s t. 3; I h s ketba ll ( Intr l ) I; "Our T o wn 3. J a me, L ee Ebdo n Ri c h a r d C r a i g Ebd o n J ose p hi n e Vir g ini a Ebe r e n z / I Vicki L o u D un ning ) J o nnie S u e Dy er J

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lOllis E Eng elk e B o nit3 Lama Ensey Kne e -deep In ) college catalogues, A n n Ch r ist i ne H elmi Edbe r g Roch elle Egud i n Evely n Ann E l d r edge Barba r a Clara Ellis D o nna M ary Eme r son ANNCHRI ST INE H E L h 'll EDBERG. fo.hrc h 2 1 194L Stock h o l m, S weet e n French C l ub }.4: On:all Guild 4; Counse l o r' s Assist. 4 ROCHELLE EGUDIN. Sep t embe r 19, 1946. Ancon, Callal Z o ne. P ep Club 1: Awuds B all 4; Drill Team Spo nsor 4 ; Formal Court 3; Trac k Cou rt 3: Pin,!; P ong I; Vol l eyball ( Intra. ) 1.2,3; FOOtball Court 4 EVELYN ANN ELDREDGE. D ecembe r 16, 1946. A ncon. Canal Zone. Camel"l C lub 3; Drama Club 2,3,4: Fu tu r e Nurses o f Am eric a I ; r.ln American C lub 2,3,4; Science Club 1,2: U N. Club 3; c:.e.e. C l ub 2,3; "Our Town" 3; J o an of Lorraine" 4 ; S.A. Drive s Comm }. BARBA RA C LAR A ELUS. 26, 1946. F o n North Cuolina Bridge Club 4: Clinic 4. DONNA MARY EMERSON. O c tober 4 1946. Po ntia c, Michigall. F .T.A. 4 ; B asketball ( Intr.i ) 4; Swi mming 4. LOUIS E ENGELKE. J u l y 27, 1 9 46 P anama C it y, Panam3 Chess Club }, 4 ; Lltter men's Club }.4; R.O.T.e. 2; Cpl. Boys Sute 3: Football ( Intra.) }.4; BJscbali 2,},4 : 4; lV. Bl s kctb a ll }; ( I ntrl.) 2; G olf ( Intra.) 2; Swim m ing 3,4; Swimming (101r:1.) }.4. BONITA LAURA ENSE Y Augu s t 30, 1946. Denver, Co l ora do. Drama Club I; Latin Club I; C ho ru I; G lee Club 4

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we searched for TH E college J uanim Lorraine Ensey M a ril yn J eanne E rrni sh R obe rra L o uise Evans R o n ald G. Evers Fred Larry Eversole K athry n M ary F a llon -/ JUANITA LORRAINE ENSEY. August lO. 1946. Denver. Co l o rJdo Sp;anish Club 1,2; Swimming I ,Z,}; Water Ball et I : "Skin of Our Teeth" I; C h o ru s 1 4 ; Glcl' C l ub 4 : Schoo l T.V. P rogram .. : T Jlent Show 1 O r :I.ln;J, C lu b I; G .A.A. 2,3: I : "Androcltoo 2nd the Linn" J\' !ARILYN JEANNE ERro.H S H Au g u st 4 1 9 46 Ncw York. N e w Y o rk Chemistry Assi5L 4 ROBERTA LOUI S E EVANS. September 8, 1 9 45. New York C i ty, New York. DrJml Club 4 -Fre nCh Club ,); Pep C l ub I: Office A ssist. 4: "JOl" of Lorulnl.''' 4 RONALD G. EVERS Septembe r 1 1, 1 9 46. An co n Can;!.1 Zone. Footblll (IntrJ.) 1,2. FRED LARRY EVER SO LE hhrch 22, 1 9 46 Norfolk, Vi r ginia. R.O.T.C. Rank 1St Lt. ; Color G ultd 3. KATHRYN MARY FA LLON. October 2 1 1946. Aneo n, C1Illi Zone. F.T.A. 3; G.A.A. 2,3.4; I it e ruy C lub 3,4; :-"Iu Alpha Theu 3, 4 ; ;"' I Y l hol08) Club 2; N.H .S. 4 ; Science Club 3; United Natiolls Club 4 ; Chemistry Assi st. 3; Cap and Gown Comm. 4 ; Bas ketball ( I nfrol .) 1,2,}; Volle)'ball ( I nlra. ) 1,2,}; G irls Sute 3. r:AROL JANI C E FARBMAN. O C l obe r 12, 1 9 4 6. P.lnallla City, Panama. C lub 1.2,}; Fr=nch Club 3,4; F o lk S in gers C lub 4 ; F.T.A. I; Literary Club 3,4, P res 4; ;"l y t h o l08Y Club I ; N H .S. 4 ; P e p Club I ; Brid ge C lu b 4; Audio V,sual 2; Counselor') ASSI st. 2: Jr.-Sr. Pro m Comm. 3; S-Idi e Hawkms '..amm. 2; Jr. Ring Comm 3; Senio r Activities Comm. 4 ; J : re shman Danet" Comm I; Bas ketblll (Into. ) 2.3; ( Jntn. ) 2,3; S.A. Alternate 2; Co-ordinlung Comm. 3,4: S.A. Publicity Ch. 4 ; Bacclilunte U s he r 3; GradultiOIl Usher }; N.H.S. U sher 2; Orienlltion O a)' Usher 4 JAMES NOEL FARNSWORTH. july 8, 1946. Austm, :-'lmnesou. Lettt"rmcn 's Club 3. 4 ; Chern. ASSISt. 3; R.O.T.C. 2, Pfe.: jr.-Sr. P rom Comm. 3; j r. -S r Blnqucl Conun. 3; Senior Ring Comm. 4; FOOlball 3; F ootblll ( Intra. ) I; B aseball 3, 4 ; R o wlin x ( InIfJ. ) I; 3: Da y U she r 4. ....... ".. .. C H O J J anice F a rbm a n / J ames N oe l F a rn s w o rth

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Lind a K aye Fawcen D o u g l as F Feen e y Edwin George F e hranbac h III Pau l D :mieJ Fi czeri J a net E li ese F i e l ds J ohn R oben Fi sh e r Then, early -- December, / I.INDA KAYE FAWCETT. D e cember IS, 1 9 4 L SJn AntOnio, Tex: ,u F T A l.4: G.A.A. 1,2,3; Rec o r d e r 4; Vice-Pre s 4 ; LilcrJ.f)' C lub 3, 4 ; Mytholo g y C lub 2; U N Club 4 ; Corresponding Scc. Bridg e Club 4 : Scc.-TrclS. Gi rl s SUI\! }; Cli m e Assist. 4 ; Counselo r 's A ssiSl 2; Sadie Hawkins Comm. 2: Va lentine Fo r mal CoI11111. ell. 4 ; Baskctblll(lnlrl. ) I.Z,},4; Bowling (Intrl.) 2,3,4 : Tennis }, 4 ; Pm" P o n g 1.2.3,4; Volleyball ( Intra ) 1.2,1; VHsity C:l.ptlin 4; Zoniln 4 ; S A Alternate 4 : Tic ket Sales 4: Vi sitors Day 4 ; Usher 4 DOU GLAS F FEENEY June 28, 1 946. B uffa l o N e w Y o rk 1,2; S\\lmming (IntrJ. ) I; T ra c k 4 : Trlc k ( Inn. l ) I : Ihnd German B:and 4; S A Alternate I. R.O.T.e. Rank Sgt : Football ( Intn) 2,}.4: I: Dixiehnd Ihnd 4 : EDWI N G EORGE FEHRANBA CII Il l. September 2, i94 L Ancon, Can a l Zone. Swimming 4 PAUL DANIEL F I C Z E RI. F ebruar y 16, 1946. C levelJnd, Ohio. C lub 4: R O .T.e. Ra n k Capt.: R.O.T.C. Bmd 2,>, 4 : Gnlf ( Intra. ) 5.A. Coordinating Com m 4 C lub } 4 : Folk Singe r s 4 : lland 2,3, 4 : Glee Club 2,3.4 : IANET ELIESE. FIEL DS. F e bruHY 9, [ 946. Ancon, CJrul Z o ne Drama Club I,Z,},4: F .N.A. 1,2,;: Nat!. Thespi;m s 2,3; V;,e ; I}ep Club I : C .c.e. 1,2 ,>,4 ; Frosh.Soph Frohc I : Cud s and An e Comm. 4 : Football (lntrJ. ) I : 1 3 0"J,ng (lnlr,1.) G olf (Intra. ) I; "The S k in of Our T eet h I : and the Lion" I ; :and Ihe r..!.l,," 2: "The GrlH II-up" 2: Denh T:akes l Holi day" J; "Our T ow,," J: "Is Gi rl s Ask f o r Dates" 3, Vi"t o n DJY U shl' r 4; S A Rl.'p I ; G am e U slle r 2: B uys Sute .}; Civic CounCIl Ele c tion s 4 'tARRY DE'WITT FOSTFR. Septembe r 2 4 1 9 4 6. Rep de PanlmJ. Drlma Club ;; L i h u r y Club 1 .2 ,J; Audi o VisuJI 2 3 : R .O.T e Ibnl. . Dwna Club 3: Office > ; Jr.-
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dug into the College Board Exams- Di a n e Este r Gilman Edna R Glass ) '. Ri c hard Ernest Frank Linda Elizabeth Fussell Thomas A l b ert Ga n g l e D avid L. Gaul Ca r o l Ann Getman Ann e Elizabeth Gilley R.ICHARD ERNEST FRANK. April 18, 1946 P ,ln:U1U City. Plnlnll. Fr enc h C l ub I ; Science Cl ub I ; $Plnish Club 3 : R O T ,e. 2, Rlnk P fe.; F ormll Cornm. J; Jr.-Sr. Pro m Comm. J; V : d .. ntine F orn131 Comm. 4; Football ( IntrJ.) 4; B:as k etblll (Intra.) 3; Trnnis 1.2,3; Clptlin 3; Tnc k (lntn.) 2,3; Ping Pong 1,2; S.A. Allt'Tnne 2; S A Rep. 3; Audio Visua l 2.3. LINDA ELIZAB ET H F USSELL September 21, 1946 City, Plnlml. Drlma Club 4 ; F T A 2.3.4 ; r an A ml'ric ; ;m Club 2,3.4; Pep Club 1,2; Sl.'nio r ShOWCdSC Comm 4 ; Buketbalt ( Inul.) 1.2; Volleybltl ( Imrl. ) 1,2; Chor u s 1,2.3.4; Gl e e C lub 2,},4; School T V Progrlm 4 : Folk Singers C lu b 4 THOMAS ALBERT GANGLE 12, 1946. An co n. C Jnll Z o ne. L etlermen's Club 2,3,4: Audio Assisl. 2; ChriStmlS Comm. 3: jr.-Sr Pr om Comm. 3; Valenline F ormll Comm. 4 ; P ootball 4 : F ootbal l ( Inln) I ; 3: Golf ( 1IlIn.) 3: liwimmin,l;: 1,2.3,4 ; S\\imminK ( Inln. ) .4; S.A. AlternHe 2,}. DAVE L. GAUL Novembe r 19, 1 9 46. A ltoona, r.AROL ANN G ETMA N Au g uSt 30. 1946. jlcksonvi lle, F l orida. Frencll C l ub 4 ; Fo lk Singers Cl u b 4; L ibr:ary C lub 4 : P an Ameri can Club 4 : c.c.c. 4: C h o ru s 4 ANNE ELlZA!3FT H G ILLEY. Novemb e r 2}, 1946. MlrgJT iu, Clnal Z one. F.N. A 2 .3,4 : G.A.A. 2.1.4; P e p Club 2: Science Club 2.3: U.N. Club 3: C linic Assi s t. 4: Senior Activity Comm. 4; I h s k('lball (Jntn.) 1,2,},4: Softball 1.2,3.4: Vollev ball (Inna.) 1,2,}.4: Ticket Comm. 4: G.A A 3: Girl s Slale 3. DIANE ESTHER GILMAN. july 12, 1946. Miami. F l orida. F olk Singers Club 4 ; F n L A 4; (:; N.A. 4 ; L atin C lub 4; Girb Sclte }. EDNA R GLASS. D ecembe r 12, 194L JOWl Cit), IOWl. r N A 4 ; P e p C l ub 1,2,}; C l inic A ssisl. 4 ; ( Intfl.) 1 2

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For better or for worse!! Joseph Lee Goff \Xlillia m H enry Go lzal e z 11 H a r o l d P aul Green J OSEPH LEE GOFF. F c b r u:HY 2 L 1 9 46. IlllJ 2; BasketbJIl 1,2,3; j.V B aske t ba l l I ; Covington, ViT o;nia. P ing Pong 2,3, 4 ; 5. A H.. D T.e. 2; R ank C p l. ; Awud s U s h e r 2; Glme U s h e r 2. W ILLIAM HENRY GONZ A L E Z II. J\ll}' 2L 1946. P J na nll Cit )'. Pan a ma. c.c.e. Club 1 : Audin Vis u a l 2,3, 4 ; R O .T.C. R an k Sg t .; V,her Guard 2.3 .4 ; Soccer ( I ntrl.) 2. HAROLD PAUL G REEN. Novemb<.'f 30, 1 946 POrt Hur o n, Fre nch Club 4 ; S l i d ... R u l e Club 4 ANN ELIZ A BET H G R IFFIN. December 15, 19H. Banb ur y En g land C I ,ess Club 4 ; F .H.A. 4 ; F.N A .4. PATRl e ] ; \ K U I PO G ROW. )\\:Jy 21, 1946. H ono l u l u. "b ..... aii. G irls State 3; Chess Club 2; Dr:l.ml C lub 3, 4 ; F.T.A 2; M a t h Cl u b 4 ; Office Ass; ([. 3 ; I n d ivi d u al .xn ior Pictures Comm. 4 ; T hanksgiving Showcase 3; Zon i l n L 4 ; Z oni an Ad Seller 4 : C h o ru s 4 ; jr.-S r F r o l ic 3. N ANCY j O GRUBE August S, 1 9 4 6. Pontiac [Ilino is. S w i m mi n g 1 4 ; Vo ll ey b all ( I t n r l .) 2; Visitors Day Us h e r 4 l AMES ANTH ONY GUIBERT. j u l y 22. 1 9 4 6. A ncon. C a nal Z o ne. C hess C l u b 3: eee. Club 2,3; Drill Team 2,3; R O T.e. Rank 2nd LI.: U s her Gund 2,3: F oo t b all 4 ; Football ( Intn.) 2; Voll ey ball ( tntu.) 3; G lee Club 3 : OrcheSt r a 1 ,2 : B oys S t ate }. MARY ELIZABETH H A C K june 12, 1 9 4 6. Ancon Canal Zone. D ra m a Club 3; F B .LA. 4; F .T.A }; G.A.A. 3,4; Pep C l u b J; j r Oq.all Guild 3, 4 : C a p a'o d Gown Comm. 4 : B asket b a l l (Intra.) \: Volleyball ( Intra.) 1.2.3,4 : A rdlCry ( Intra.) 3: Death Tlkes a H o liday" 3: Fas h ion Sho w 1: "Our Town" J; Band 1.2.3: S.A. Drives Comm. 3; Dr;1m :llics U s her 3; Girl s State 3. Nan c y J o G r u b e J a m es Antho ny Guibcrt M a r y Elizab eth H a c k -.. -.... r -'" Ann Eliz a b e th G riffin P a t r i c i a Kuipo Grow

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We were the leaders for \ Lind a K at h erine H art \ ( J ess i e M ari a H ass l e r Michae l P a tri c k Halley M a r y Elle n H a n l e y M a r ga ret Ann H a rr ell r-.H C H AE L PATRI C K HALLEY. Jul y 8 1 9 46. Ch i c ago, I l linois. Dnll 2.},4 : R O .T.C. I b llk ClOt 3 i n MARY ELLEN HANL EY MHCh 27, 1946. New Y o r k Club 4 ; Brid ge Club 4 ; B ls k ('[blll ( I nlrol.) 3; V o llerbll l "': Gi rl S Stlte .); Zonian A d S{'lie r 4 Cit)'. N('w York Drama Club 3.4; (lnlT.l.) 1,3; P lnkect 3; Zoni:!.n 4 : I\' !ARGARE T ANN HARRE I. L S<'p tember 16, 1 9 4 6. I\l:\ri. 1 0n:l., F l orid:!.. F renc h C h orus I.lNDA K ATHER INE HART. ptem bcr I, 1 9 4 6 T o pek;!., Kln$ls. Ilc p C lub I ; Sec-r c u rics 4 ; Cuds lnd Anno uncement s Comm 4 ; C hcerlu d cr 4 JESS I E MARI A f ASSl ER J uly 2L [ 9 41. PlnJmJ City, PJna m l F rench C lu b 2.L4 ; P an Am eriC l n Club 4 ; T o m o r r o w s 5ecrctlrles L c.e.c. C lub 2 4 LERLENE BEATRI C E HAYDEN. Deermlx-r 3 0, J 9 H Coral G.lbles, Fl o rid a. D r ama C l ub 4: F N A 1 Pr('s. 3, 4 ; G A A 1,2,}; rln Ailltrican C lub 2: PhOlOgflph)' C lub 2, } ; BioloS)" A ssis l. 2; 5 c ill Educ at io n Assist 1 2 ; Jr.Sr B .lnqu(, 1 Comm. 3 ; Senio r Gift Comm. 4 ; 5 h o w c as(' Comlll. }, 4 ; B a s ketball ( Intfl. ) 2 3 ; V o l l e) ball (In t fJ.) 2 ,3: J o a n of Lorr,lIne" 4 ; Zoni an 4 ; Zo ni a n Ad Srllcrs 4 : 5 .A Tic ket S;'des 4 ; Gi rl s SUII' }: DramatiCs U shc r 2; Senior Drbatc T c am 4 ; U N Club 3. JANE w H EARNE. D e c ember 6 1 9 4'. Aneon, Zone. F .T.A. 4 ; G A A 2,},4: P e p C lub I ; R O T.e. Assi si. 4 ; Office Anisl. \; Selll o r Comln. 4; T('n m s 4 ; Vo ll ey ball 1,2,},4 ; Water B alle l 2 ; Br idge C l u b I. GENE THO MA S H ERMANNY N o \ 'e mber 27, 19 4 6. A n co n C a nal Z o ne. S l id e R u l e C lu b 4 ; C lub 4 ; Bio l o S Y Assi s t 2: Baseb all 3. l erlene Bearrice Hayde n J a n e \VI. Hearne G ene Thomas H er m a nn y

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\ I Charl e n e M arie He), J ames H : u r y H i c k s This year at school was OURS. M arisela H e rmid a Anay a n s i H H e rr era M o mi e T. S Hess MARIS E L A HERMIDA. April! 5, 1 9 44 Plnlml. Rrp. d e P an l ma Pa n A me rican C l ub 4 ; c.c.c. Club 2, 4. ANAYANSI H H ERRERA hhrc h 1 5 1 9 46 Plnanll City Pananll. Chen Club 1,2; F ren c h C l ub 2.3; L:nin Club 1 ,2; Mu Alpin TheIl 4 ; N H S 3 ,4: Pan Ame ri c an C lu b 1.4: Scien c e Club [,2: S p ani s h Club 1,2 ,3,4; c.c.c. Club 2,;; Cou nse l or's Assi s t. 2: J r Ring Comm. 3: Choru s 2, 4; O r .:hest ra I; Baccabur eatl' U s h e r 3; S.A. R e p 2 ; S.A. Altern:nc 3; Vi s itOr s D J Y i; Carni va l Olnce 1,2; G rldua tion U s her 3; S chool T.V Prog rln1 2; Ta l e nt Sho w 1.2.3. MONTIE T. S HESS. 17, 1946. H on olulu, Hawaii. Che s s Club 4; Library Club 4 ; Awards B all 3; Colo r Guu d 3 : Drill Tl.'am 2, 1 ; H o n o r GU3rd 3; ICO. T .e. R ank S / Sg(.; Ushe r G uard 2,}, C HARLENE l\IARI E H E Y 27, 1 94L Sel fb r idg e A .F .B., Michig an Office A ssis t. 4 ; Senior R i n g Comm. 4 ; P owd e r Puff Fontball 4: Football QUl.'l.'n 4 l AMES HARRY HIC KS. Novemb e r 19, 1946. An c on, Canal Z onl.'. Color Guard 4; U s he r Guard 2,3.4; Foo tbal l 4; F oo thall ( Intra. ) 1,2; R.O. T .e. R ank Sgt. Major ; Soccer ( I nt(3 .) I. KAREN MARGAR E T H I CKS Octob e r 31. 1947. Offic e A ssis t. 4 Seni o r Gift C o mm. 4 ; Altcrn:l.Ie I. Muni c h (Intra. ) Ge r many. F T A 4 : G.A.A. 1 4 ; [.4; Volleyball ( Intra.) 1 ,4: S.A. KATHI T ERESA HIRT. J une 1 5 1 9 46. An c on C anal Z o ne G A A 2.3,4; Pan Aml.'ri can C lub 1,2,3; P e p Club I; Spani s h Club I ; Audio Vis ua l 2,3; Offic e Assi s!. 4: Frosh + Soph Fro li c I; I n d ividua l Seni o r P i ctures C o mm. 4; B a s k etb: dl ( IOlT3. ) 1,2.3,4; B ow l in): I nt r a.) 1,2; Softball 1.2; V o llcyblll nntra.) 1,2.3; "Thl.' Grass H a rp" 2 : C heerl e ader 4 ; P n wd e r Puff F ootball 4. r., fARGARET ANNE HOFMANN. Septem h e r 2 1943. P anama. Rrp. or P anama F r e nc h C l ub 4 : Spani s h Club 4 : Cho rus 1,2.' I K a r e n M a r ga r et H i c k s K a r hi T e resa Hirt M a rg a r e t Ann e H ofmann

PAGE 117

AT LAST! A chance to prove ourselve s J a n e E. H o l gerso n J e nnifer H orne r J ames R obe rt H ovan JANE E HOLGERSON. N ovem b e r 6, 1946. M:.trglriu. Clnll Zone. G.A.A. 2; Pep C lub I ; T omorrow's Secreuries 4; Individual St'nior Pictures Comm. 4 ; B as k etblll (Intra.) 2,}, 4 ; Volleyb :11I ( Intt20. ) I,Z,}," ; Chor u s 1,I,},4: G l ee Club 4 ; Fuhion Show I. JENNI FER HORNER. P ow d e r P uff Foot b all 4 ; October 1 0, 1 9 4 6 King )ville. T exas. Draml C lub 4 ; F.T. A 4; G.A A 4 B a sketb:.&ll (Inu.l.) 4; Voll eyball ( Intrl.) 4 ; S:lfety a nd Wtlfare Com m. 4 JAMES ROBERT HOVAN. O c tobe r 7, I94L An con, Z one. ROBE R T W ILLIAM HOWARD. )1.11)' 30. 194 6. O:.&kllnd. California Lml.'rmen's Club I,}; Co lor G uard J,4; R O .T.e. Rank P(c.; Swimming },4 ; Swimming ( Intra. ) J; Track I; VlrJilY Wrestling \ ,2. MARY KAYE HO\'(/ E D ecember 9, 1 946. Ancon, CUlll Zone. French C lu b 2, ViceP res. 3: Lib rary Club Pres 2: Mu A l pha Thetl 1. Pres. 4 : N H .S. 3, Vice-Pres. 4 : Scien ce Club 1, Trus. 3; Chr istmas Formal Comm. 1; J r.-Sr Pro m Comm. 1; Jr. Ring Comm. 1: S h owClse Comm. 2,}; B.arl_ minton ( I nwlI.) 2; Band 2,1,4 ; Orchestr.a 1,2,3,'4; S.A Alternau' 1,2; S.A. Sec reury 4; T r.ain Comm. \: Guduation Ushe r 3; U N Club 2; Brid ge C lub 1 LYNN MARIE HOWEI.I.. O Ctobe r \0, 194 6. Mar ybnd. BHketball ( l ntrl. ) 4 : Sw im -min.!: ... LINDA LEE HUGHES. J une 29, 1 946. An co n, 20n(,'. Libnr y Club 2.3,4 : L i br,lr y A s-s in. 2 ,l," TER ESA A. H UM BARD. August 29, 1 9 41. Col o n Rep. de Buk(,'(ball (Intn. ) 4 : Vol lev ball ( I n((.1.) .. Lynn M arie H o w e ll Lin da Lee Hug hes T e resa A. H um bar d \ / R ober r William H o w ard ,. Man Kaye H owe

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B ut we paused a n d s aw ourselves \ Judith D eile J eilurn j P earl in e A lici a Jemmott J J OSE P H MIC H AEL HUNT Novembe r S, 1946. ball 2,3,4 ; Foot b all (inna.) J; Ihsebltl 3.4; Track J ose ph Mich ael H um D an ica I a n oal e D i a na Enid I a noaJ e S i g m a K a y l a J a m eso n B arb a r a J anowit z P a rri c i a Mari e J a nssen Ancon, Canal Zon ... Lellcrmen's Club 4; Foot(Intra. ) J; S.A. Alternate 1,3; S.A. Rep. 2. DAN ITA IANDALE. June I I, 1945 P hiladelphia, PC'nnsyh 'mia. F.B.L.A. 4 ; F.N.A. I; Libruy Clu b 2.3 ; Pan American Club 2; Pep Club J; c.c.c. Club 3,4; Librar y A ssist. 2,3 ;Basket b a I l ( Intra.) 3; Volleyba l l ( Intra.) 2,3,4; Fuhion Show 2 ,3. D IANA ENID iANDALE. NovembCL{ 1 7. 1946 Aneon, Ca nal Zone. Drama Club 3; Folk Singers Club 4 ; F .N.A. I; G.A.A. 3,4; Library Club Sec. 2; N. H .5. 4; P cp C l ub 2; Tomorr o w' s Secrrtaries C lub 4; Pres.; Bridgr C lub 4; Library Assist 2; Senior R ing Comm. 4; B askelball ( Intra.) 2,3: V o l le"balt (Intra.) 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3; S.A. Ahr r n3tc 2: S.A Rep. 3; Girls SUle 3; Visito r s Da y Ushe r 4 ; Carnival Dance 3; Cheer leader 4 S IGMA K A Y LA JAMESON. J une 10, 1 946. Ancon, Canal Zone Pan Ame r ican Club 2; c.c.c. Club 2, 4 ; Chorus 2,3,4. BARBA RA JANOWI T Z. July 8, 1 9 46. Panama, R e p d e P.lnama. French Club 3; M3th C lub J, Sec. 4; N.H .S 3, 4 ; Science C l ub 2,3,4; U N C lub 3; Chess Club 2; Chemistry b b J; J r .S r Prom Comm. J; Jr. Rin g Comm. 3; SllO"case Comm Ch. 2,1,4; Girl." Club 4; A ssem b l y Comm. 4 ; Ticket Sales Com m. 4; Awards Day Assembl y Comm. C i l. 4 ; Baccalaureatr Ush e r 3; Graduation U s h er 3: Girls Sene }. PATRI C IA MARI E JANSSEN. March 17, 1946 Mare Isbnd, California. Chess Club 3; Drama Club 1,2,3; N H.S. 4 ; P e p C lub 1,2: U.N. C l ub 3; Chr iStmas F o rmal Comlll. 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom C O mm. }; Jr.-S r Banquet Comm. 3; Cards and Announce men ts Comm. 4; Seni o r Anivit), Comm. 4; Baskctb.lll (lntr .... ) 1,3; Volleyball ( Intra.) 2,3; The LOll e r y 3; P a rakeet 3.4 Editor 4 ; Cheerleadrr 4; ChriStmas Showcase }; Easter S h o wcase 2:. JUDITH DELLE Aug USt 9, 1946 G r
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not as V.I.P.'s but J ames Hugh J e nkin s H arvey Tyl e r J oh n sto n Helen R ees J o nes Caro l K a pino s Bill Edw a rd K ee n e Jea n C. Kent J AMES H UG H JENKI NS Octoher I, 1 9 46 New London. Connecti c u t. P hotogra.ph y C lub 1,2,3, 4 ; Ches s dub I, J ; Library Club 1 ,2; Science Club 3; Bridge Club 3; L ibnry A ssist. 2; R O T.e. R ank Football ( Intra.) I; P:Hlkeet Ad Seller 2,3, H ARVEY TYLER J O H NSTON Septembe r 21, 194 6 Charl o tte. North Caro l ina. R O T.e R l nk 1st It. Awuds Ball 3,4; Colo r Guard }; 5lfny :and WelfH C Comm. Senio r Activities Comm. 4 ; Stnior Gift Comm. 4 H ELEN REES J ONES September 9, 1 946. R ochtste r New Y o rk Boys Sute j: -4; F ootball }; CAROL KAPINOS. February 2S, 1 9 4 6 Aneo n Can;!.1 Zone. Duma Club I ; F o lk Singers C l ub 4 ; T omorro w 's Sec r ctuies C lub 4 ; Sec. Brid ge C lu b 4 ; Christmls F o rmal Comm. 3; Sen ior Gift Com:n. 4 ; V o lteyb.dl ( Intra.) 2 ,3, 4 ; Wate r Ballet 3; S.A Aht'Tnat e 4 ; Girls Statt 3. B I LL EDWARD K.EENE J ul y 30, 1 9 46 Balt imore, MH)'lan d. F ootblll 4 JEAN C. KENT. Septembe r 30. 1 9 46 A ncon. Cmal ZOn'. Chess C l ub 1.2: G. A .A. 2; Pep Club 1,2; Scien ce C lub 2. T r eas. 2 ; Tomorr ow's St'c renries C lub 4 ; U N. Club 2; jr. -S r B anque t Comm. 3: Sen io r Gift Comm. 4 ; Vlll.'ntinC' ShowCOise Comm 3; Elstu Showc:uC' Comm. 3; Bls k et ball ( I ntra) 2; Chorus 4; S.A Rep. 1,2.3; BlcCOilaureue Ushe r 3; N H .S. Usher I; Aw ards D.lY U sher 2. KATHLEEN DALE KERVIN. J une N 1947. Miami. Florid.l. Dnma C l ub 4 ; Frl.'nch Club 1, 4 ; Folk S i ngers Club 4 ; j o an o f L orraine 4; I n.lugu ral Blll 4 ; Drlmnics U sher 4 ; Chorus 4 CHARLIE E KEYS. N ovem b e r 23, 1 9 46. L ouisville. Kentucky. P hotognph)' C lu b 4 ; R.O.T.C. R ank S / SI!t. Drill Tum 1 4 ; F i rin g Squ l d 3,4. K ath l een D a l e K e rvin Cha rli e E. Keys

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Davi d Ernes( Kimberling Vina Lee Kimbrough Nanc y Lee King P atric i a G Kinme r Kazel Faye Kirk L effe l Earl Kirkm a n ) I DAVID ERNEST K IMBERLING. F ebruuy ], ] 946. Van co uver Washington Mu Alpha Theta <4; N H S 4 ; Phys ics A u i st. 4 ; A WHd s Ball Comm 2; Drill T e,lm 2,1; F i r ing Squad 2 ,1; R O T .e. Sgt. Senio r Gift Comm. 4; Foo tb.lll 4 ; Basketball 4 ; S A Rep l. V INA LEE KIMBROUG H. Dece mb e r 29, 19-46. W est Pal m Buch, Florid;a. Office Ass.; st. 1, 4 : CHds :.Illd AnnounCl'menh Comm. 4 ; A cco rd ian B and } NANC Y LEE K I N G. J anUH)' 10, 1 9 4 6 Auburn, New Y o rk Fr t n c h d ub 4 F H A 4 ; Latin C lub 1.2 i S pa nish C l ub 1 ; Vl;,tor O,ly 4 ; Girh State } PAT R I CIA G KINTNER. lS, 1 9 4 6 E a ston, P ennsylvln i a F N A 1 ; lati n C lub 2; P e p C lub 1,2,}; T o m orro w s Sec,...uru C lu b 4 ; Libra r y A s s ist 2 HAZEL FAYE KIRK J uly 19, 1'146. R de P c.e.c. 1 2,}; Offi ce A ssist. 4 ; Sadie Hlwkin s Dan c e Com m 2 L EFFF L E ARL K IRKf..IAN July I, 1946 IndianJpo l is, I nd i ana B oys S tat e 1; Award s Ball Comm 2 1,4i Col o r GUHd }; H on o r Guard }; R.O. T.e. Rank ]st Lt. U s h e r G u ard 1; S A Alternate }; Game Ushtr } ELIZABETH ANN KITTERMEN Jul y 6 1 9-46. B ouman. MOlltln;a Office A nis l. 1; C h orus 2 as big fish Elizaherh Ann Kirrermen J o n P:trr y Klages

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little pond. Ina D iane Jane Lew i s I NOrrlun L c wrer ( ...i;; ,.. -,., Margar i ta Ange l c LaGravc H o lmes L a n e Sheila Mari e L a P o He K a(h l ee n M i c h e l e LaVallee L o rr a i n e H e l e n L een Paula L ee L eftr idge MARGARITA ANGELE l"GRAVE. 19, 1 9 46 M o b i lt', Alabama F o l k Club 4 ; F.N.A. 4 ; F .T.A. 4; LHin Club 4 : C horus 4 MARGAR E T HOL,\IES LANE. J uly 27. 1946 Birm mglilm. AlJbaml. Drlnll Club 2,}, 4 ; G A A 2.'},4 P<"P Club 2; Scien ce Club 2; Audio -Vis llll 4 ; Office As sis t. 4 : S adie Hlwkins Dance Comm 2: Val eminc F o r mal Comm. 4; Jr. Rmg Comm 3: Senio r A cti\'iIY Comm. 4 ; Senio r Gift COffim 4 ; Gel Acquainted DaneI.' Comm. },4; Basketball ( lOIn) 2,J.4 ; Softball J,4 ; T<.'nnis 2, 4 : P ing Pong 4 : V o ll .. y bali (lOI n ) 2,},4 ; P o w d e r Puff FoothJII 4 ; Grass Harp 2: Arms an d Man 1: Delth Take'S l H o l ida.y 3: A sse mbl), Comm. 2. SHEI LA LAPORTA. J u l)' 23. 1 9 4 6 Canal Z On\'. Drama Club 3: F B L.A 4 : Mu Alph a The ta 4 ; P e p Club I. KATHLEEN MI C HELE L A VA LL EE O ctober I. 1 9 4 6 W o r c h e st(.'f. Carner;) Club I ; Club 1 : F o lk Singe r s Club 4 : F B L.A. 4 ; G.A. A 1.1.3; Mytho l ogy Club Sho wClSC I ; LibrJrY C lu b 1,1,3. 4 : Office Assi s t. 3: P o wd e r Puff F ootball 4 ; BaskctblJl (Imra) 1.1.3,4; Bowling I : Field H oc ke y ( Intr a ) 4; Softball 1.1,3,4; Ttnni s 1,1,3, 4 ; Pi ng Pong 1.2,},4 ; V o l le) ball (Intra) 1.2,J,4 ; Has ke-tball (Intra) !.1,},4: Bas kl'tball All S tlTS 1; Chorus 2; G lte Club 2, 3. LORRAINE H E LE N LEEN. Jun.:-1 9. 1 9 46 H o lli s L on g I shnd. Ntw Y ork. DrJrna Club P m 4 French Club 3.4; Natl. Th.:-spi an s 4 ; Our T o wn 3; J OJn o f L orrJi nt" 4; ZoniJn 4; Z on iJn Ad Seller .. Publicity Comm. 4 PAULA LEE LEFTRIDGE. JanuJrY 1 9. 1 9 4 6. BelA i r. MHybnd. r .T.A. 2,4; G.A. A 1.2 3 Sec. 4: Coo rdinator of o f Offic iJ l s 4 ; Spanish Club Public R(.'ht ions Officer 4 ; D (.'buc Club 4 ; G i rls Stat ... I: Biology A s s i st. 4 ; Sadie Hawkins Dance Comm. 2: Cap and G own Comm. 4 ; S(.'nio r Gift Comm. 4: Co-Ordinati n,!;: Cornm 4 : BlSk e tbJIJ ( Intr a) 1.2,}: Ca pI in 4 ; BHkclb"ll All Slars 1.2: C"pllin; B o ..... l in g ( I nl ra ) 1; SoftbAll 2; Ttnni s ( IntrA) 1.1,3. 4 ; P in g Pong 1.2; V ollcy b all ( Inln) Capllu, 1.1,3,4 ; Arel,ery 1,2; Badminto n I ; V o ll ey ball All Sur s Capui n 1 ,2,} 4 : Parakret 4; SportS Editor 4 ; Parakeet Ad S ell e r 4 ; S.A Altcrnltc 2; Co-Ordinaling Comrn. 4 ; In a u gural B;1l1 Comm. 4; V1silors Usher 4 ; G A.A. Danc e 1,1,3, 4 DIANE JANE LEWIS. O c t o be r JO, 1946 Cincinnali, Ohio. M u Alphl The!a 3,4; N H.S. 4; Bridge Club 3 ; R.O.T.C. Sponso r 4; C h r iSlmlS Fo r mal Cornm 3; Jr.-S r Banquet Comm. }; Sldie HJ\,kms DJ.nc(.' Comm. 1; Valentine Fo rm;11 Comlll 4; Sen i o r Giftj Comm. 4 ; Slide R ul e duo 3; Baccaburcatt: U sher 3; GrJ.dUlI; o n Usher }. NORMAN I.EWTER. F ebruary 7, 1946 Pln;1ma R de P F ootball ( Intn) I, Golf (Intrl) t .2, 3

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J oh n R Lincoln Ruth G. Lirv in Mi chael Au[hor Livingsm n -. -/ It began / JOHN R LINCOLN. July ZJ, 1946 lon<:-, W:ashington. DUm'" C lub 2; F olk S in gers Club 4; Nlll. Thes pi ans 2,3,4; Senior R ing Comm 4 ; F ootball 1 ; S w imming 1.2,4 ; "Anns ;and the 1\1:10" 2; "Gr:lSs Harp" 2; D eH h Takt'S 1 H o l iday" 3; Visitors Da y Comm. 4; Civic Council El ec t io n s 4 RUTH G. L1TVlN.J\hy 14, 1 9 46 A ncon. un:.!. 1 Zone Duma Cl ub -4; French C lub 1,4; Fo lk Club 4 ; F .T.A. 3 ; Pan Arne-r ican Club of; GI't-c Club ] ,Z, } ; Senior Ring Comm ; Chorus l,Z,},. ; Lit era r y C lub J; S c hool T.V. Progum ... MI CHAE L AUTHOR LIVINGS TON. MOlY Il, 1 941. Col o n. R de P Football 4 ; Swimming 2,3; Water Po l o 2; "Our T own" 3; R O T .C. Rmk Pvt. GEO RGE DOUGLAS LORD. Dc-lOber 29, 1946 Plnlma, R d e P R O T ,C. Rank 2nd Lt. Awards B111 Z,J, 4 ; R ifle-Tum 2,l,4 MARTHA JANE LUCAS. N o ve-mber 21, 1946. M c KC't'spon Pe-nnsy lvania. Fre n c h Club i,2,l; G A A 2,l: Math Club 1 ; Baskttball ( Intra) Z: Softball I,Z,J; Pin g P o ng Z,l; Volle y ball ( Intra) 1 ,3. ABIGA I L E MABRY. Februuy Z, 1946. S umt' e r South C H o l ina. Girls Sute J; Jr.-St. Prom Comm. J; Ir.-Sr. Banquet Comm. J; Senio r A ctiviq' Comm. 4; Z o nian 4 ; Get Acquainte d Dance Comm. 4; Tic k e t Sales 4 ; Publicity Comm. 4; Awuds Day Assembly U s h e r }; Volleyball (Intn) 4; Zonian Ad Stlle r 4 BEVERLY ANN MAHONE. Septembe r 10, 1 946. Ancon. unal Zont. Drama Oub J; F B L.A 4 : Libr;J.r y J; P;J.n Americ an Club 4; U N Club J; Brid ge C lu b J; P e p Club 1; 4 ; It.-Sf. Pro m Comm 3; Bas ketball (intra) 2,3; V olleybal l ( Intra) 1,2; Carnival Dance Comm. 2,"" LINDA L. MAPES. D ecembe r S, 1 946. Walker Minne so ta D r a ma Club l,4; P e p Club I; QHice Assist. 4 ; C ard s an d Announctmenu Comm. 4 ; V o lle y ball (Intra) J,4; GIC't' C lub i; Visitors Day I ; F uhion Show 1 Abigai l E Mab r y Bev e rl y Ann Mah o n e Lind a L Mapes September George Douglas L o rd M anha Jane Lucas

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and now it was June. --1 Charles All e n M c Cl elland -I \ VALERI E JOLENE l\.IAR CY. OCl obe r 14, 194 6. Pordand, O r egon. Val e ri e J o l e n e Marcy Alben L Manin M a rilyn Marrin ALBER T L. MARTIN. FebruJ.ry 6, 1 946. DUTlnt Oklahoma. Chtss C l u b 4: Vice Pres.; Br i d ge Club 4 ; R.O. T.e. R ank 2nd L t. Ball Comm. 2.3; Color Gua r d 3; Drill Tum 2; Usher Guard l.l,4; S.A Ahcrn;H(' 2,4 MARI LY MARTIN. August 27, 1946. Richmond. Vir gi nia Chess Club 4; Duma Club 3; Folk Singers Club 4 ; F T A. 2,3,4; G A A. 3, 4 ; Liu'r HY Club }, 4 ; l\' lythol ogy Club 3; Pln Amerin." Club 4; P cp C l ub 2; U N. Club Pres. 4; Bridge C lub 3,4; Senior Deb:l.tc Tum 4 ; Girls SnU' 3; Woods hop A ssist. 4; Christmas F o r mal Comm. 3: Jr.Sr P rom Comm. 3; Jr.-S r B :mquct Comm. }; Senior Ring Comm. 4; ch; 83Skt'lbJ.t l ( Inln) ;'4; V olleyball ( Intn) 2,3.4 ; Ad Selle r }; Zonim Ad Seller 3; Chor us 4; Ticket Comm. 4; S A Rep. 4 Co-ordinating Comm. 3; Safety and Wtlf:.He Comm. 4 ; Day Comm. 4 ; S.A. Publicity Comm. 4; Fashion Show 2. C HARLES ALLEN McCLELLAND. February 1 9, 1 9 46 New Y ork, New York. Folk Singers Club 4 ; N.H.S. 3,4; P an Am erica n Club 3, T nas 3; U N Club 4 ; U sher GUHd 2.3; Chemistry Assist. 3; It.O.T.e. Rank 1st L t. Christmas F o r mal Comm. 3; Senio r ACtiVit y Comm 4; Senior Gift Comm. 4; F ootbal l ( Intra) 3; B asketball ( Intra ) 2: T ennis 2; S.A. Co-ord i nating Comm. Ch. 4 CARRI E ALICE McDANI EL. hbrch 2. 1 9 41. C r istobll, CanOlI Zone. KERSTEN ANN M c KAY Dectmber 21, 194J. Ancon, Can;!;1 Zone Duma Club I : G.A.A. 3, 4 : Audio Visua l 2,3; Pep C lub I; AWHd s Ball Comm. 4 ; R O T.e. Sponsor 4 : Chr iSlmls Formll Comm. 3: J r Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Cap lnd G o wn Comm. 4; ( Intfa) 1,2,},4; Volleyblll ( Intn ) 1,2 ,3,4: and the Lion" I ; S A Rep 3; Co-ordinating Comm. 4; Slfety lnd Welf:1fe Comm. 1,2,}: Girl s State 3. l AMES OWEN M cKENNA. J anu:l q 20, 1946 Omaha, Nebrasb. Chess Club 4 ; C h emistry Assi st. 4 ; Wres tl ing (lntn) 4 } Ca rri e Ali ce McDaniel Ker seen Ann McKay J ames Owen McKe nna

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, / fJ/ Alic i:t Priscilla M c Murra y Mary (bire' M cNaught -We said good-by Richard I. M cL ean K eit h M adde n M c L e od Stephe n J a mes M cLlvain R I C HARD I. M cLEAN. Jun(' 1 2, 1946. Clevellnd, Ohio. KEITH MADDEN M c LEOD. NOVc01brr 4 1946. An co n CJllll ZOlle. SCiClICl' C l ub I : A"JrJs Ihl] 2; R O T .e. Rank Cpt.; Frosh -Soph Fr o lic 1; F ootball ( Intr;l) J,2; Ihs k ctbal l ( Intra) I ; "i,,immin,.: (lntrl) I; Trlc k J; Z on,an Ad Sdkr J; CaTllIvJ I l):J.na 2 .3. STEPHEN JAMES M c LLVA I N Octobcr 24, 1 9 46. F lint, Michigan Bridge C lub 4 ALIC I A PRISCILLA M c MURRAY April S r an American Club" ; Pcp Club I ; C lini c A s,ist. (Intra) J,';; Chorus 1,2,3,4. 1 9 4 }. P3nalTIJ, R ep. do.: PJnJnn. 4; (Intra) 1; Pon).: 4 ; F N A 4 ; Vulleyb lll MAR Y CLAIRE J I ,NAUGHT. Au g u s t 9, POJll
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to friends, and to four good years. R o n a l d George M eyer G r egory Sreehen M ichaelis Tira Mila s 1 R.ON ALD GEOR G E MEY E R Novembe r 2J. 1946 ""hitt l )l.iins, New Yor k Awuds Slit 2,J; R.O. T.e. R :mk C pl.: Frosh -Soph Fr olic 2; F oo tb;lll (!rHn. ) 2,3; BHkrtb.dl ( Intrl.) },4; Swimmil'g ( I otn.) 1,4 ; Trlc k ( Int(.I.) 2,3; Zonian Ad Selle r 2; CHnivll Dlnce 2, } G REGORY STEPHEN M I CHAELIS April S, 1 9 46. LibufY Club 1 .2; L ibnry Anise I; R O T.e. R a nk ( Intra.) 2; B owling ( Intfl. ) I : Plnkect 4 An co n Zone Folk Singer s C l ub 4 ; Sgt.; ( Intra.) 3.4; Bask e tball T1TA MILAS. OCtobe r 20. J9 4S, Cit), P an ama. F ren c h Club 1, 4 : Librny Club 1,2, Liufary C lub 4 ; Pan Amer;Clll Club 4 ; U N Club 4 ; c.c.c. Club }, 4 ; L i brary A ssistant 1,2 : Nov. 3 rd S hOWClSt' 3 ; P an Ame ri c JII Showc;m,' 3; Bas k etba ll ( IOlf J.) I ; Z o ni Jll 4 ; Zon;;an Ad Seller 4 ; S.A Altc r nl[{' I ; Vi sitors Da y U sll(,' r 4 ; Co mm J OHN ARTHUR MILLAR S e pt e mbe r 3, 1 946. B ow l ing ( Intra. ) I ; (Intra. ) 3; T ennis Rl p d c P all;J.nl;l. 2; 2,3. C;J.merJ C l u b 1.2; ROB ERT C. MOHL. Sep u."'mber I 1946. An co n Z une. Gnlf (Irnn.) 2; Tnc k I. WALTER LYLE MONROE. J u l y II, 1 9 4J. Niungua. L el!ermen's C lu b 3.4 ; Pan Am erican Club 1,2; Drill Te.1rm 2; R .O. T.e. Rank Pfe; C;J.rd s ;J.nd Announce m ents Comm. 4; F ootba ll 1.2.3; Footb;J.1! (lntn.) 1 ,2; 8 uKetb;J.!I ( Inu;J..) 1.l; Swim mrn g I; Swimming (IntrJ. ) 4 ; TrJ c k 1,2,3,4; Tuc k (Intn. ) 2,3; Po l o 2,3; W n'.tlinx l,}; lnd IllI;' I.ron" I ; S.A. Alternate 1,2; I n augural BllI I IRENE MARY MONZON. January I L 1 9 4 6. P an;J.ml Ci t y. Pan;J.ma. Drama C lub 2; F H A 4 ; F.N. A I ; G.A. A 2,3,4; N H.S. 3 .4 ; PJ n Am eric.1rn C lub 4 ; P ep Club I ; Girls Slale 3; Ca rds and Annou n c emenlS Com m 4 ; Bas ketbJl1 ( I nl r;l.) 1 .2, 3.4 ; PIn X Pon,..: 3; Vol lc)ball ( I nlr.I.) 1.2,3.4; }, Badminto n ( Intra ) 3; S.A. Aiternltc 4 ; Tick e t 4 ; Train Comm 4 ; C:h{'('r il"acil'r ,4; Carnival DanCe" Co mm 4 GERALO WAI.TON MOORE. 2 6 I Y46. Ci l ) R .O.T.e. RJrlk p",1. \ValleT Lyle M onroe I re n e M ary M onzo n Gera l d Walton M oore / / J o hn Arrhur M illa r ) R o b err C. M oh l

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Jud it h C1fOi Nuchol s Ri cha r d C. Orvi s r I Summ oning our independence, -, ) J ohn Edw ard M orron C h arles W Mo ses Caro lyn Ann M o unt s Jud ith Ann M e y e r s Earl Full e r Nels on W illi am J ose ph Nor dstrom fOHN EDWARD i\ 10RTON. September 24, 1946. Fort L:1ll(lerd;ale, Fl o r id;a. termen's Club 3,4; Scil'nce C l ub 1,2,3; Ph y s ics Assist. 4; C hem i stry A ssist. 3; ((ntr:a.) 2. C hess Club 2; Let Trac k 2.3.4; C HARL ES W MOSES. November 21, 1945. L o s Anget..s, C;al i(orni;a Lettcrman's Club 2.3.4; Chss I ; Class Vi ce P r es. 3,4; Christm;as Formll Comm. 3; Frc s hme n P icnic 1; F r os h -Soph Frolic 2; Ir. S r Prom Comm. 3; J r.-Sr, B a nquet Comm }; Sadi e Hlwkins Dlnce Comm. 2; jr. Ring Comm. 3; Cap lnd Gown Comm. 4; Sl'nior Gift Comm. 4 ; F o o t b al l 2,3.; F ootball ( Intra. ) I ; Canll Zone A.II StltS 2; Baseb;!.11 2,},4; j.V B a sketb311 1,2; h s ketball ( Intra.) 1 ; Bowl i n g (Intrl. ) 1; Swimming ( Intra, ) 2; Softb;all I; T r ac k 2,3: Tr:lck ( Intra. ) 1,2; Vo][<'y b .l1[ ( Inlf:\.) I,); S .A. Alternltc '; F ootbal l D:ance 3; Get Acqu3inted Dance Comm. 1 ; T r3in Comm. 1. CAROLYN ANN MOUNTA. Feb ruary 24, 1 946. Ancon, C3n: d Zone .Df3ma C lub }A; F o lk S in ge r s r.tub 4; G.A.A. 3; P e p Club 1 ; Brid,.:e Club 3,4; OffiCl' Ass ist. 4; Speec h Sec. 4 ; Christnus F orm31 Comm. 3; J r .S r P rom Comm, Ch. 3; jr.-Sr, Banquet Comm. 3; V3lentinl' F o rmll Comm. 4; Visitor s Day 4 ; P owder Puff Footb311 4 ; Bowling ( Intfl. ) 1; T l'nn i ( I ; Pin g Pong 1; Water Ballet I; Chorus 1,2,4; S.A. Alternlte 4; F as hion S h o w I. JUDln-l ANN MY E RS. M ay 22. 1946. Tuc son, Ari7.0nJ Drama Club 3; G A A 2,},4; L H in Club I; P c p Club 1,2; Tomorrows Secretaries 4 ; Bri d ge Club 4; R O T.c' A ssi st. 3.4; Audio Visual As)t. 4; V a l entine Form a l COIllIll 4 ; ( 1 IlIr;'l.) 3,.01; V
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we look ahead to the beginning Sheila Am eila O s borne D avid Gilbert P a rk er R obe rt a Lynn P ara r so n R o b ert Paul Ped e r so n Elva P e r ez Fred Euge n e Perra \ H EILA AMELIA OSBORNE. Ahy 10, 1 9 4 6 P :mmu Cit)', P.ln.lml. C he ss C lu b J; I :. N A 2 .J; Treas. -4: F.T. A J; Mu Alph:ll T heta J,4: Mytho logy C lub J: N I I. S J.4; Amerinn Club I,Z,}.4 ; Science C lu b His torian. Rec o rding Sec. J: Sh owClse Comm. J; U N Club 4: Brid g e C lub }, 4 ; c. c. c. Club I,Z }. 4 ; Girls Stlte J; Jr.-Sr. B lOqucr Comm. 3: IndividUll Senior Pictures Comm. 4: V31entine Sho ..... Cl s e Comm. J; T h :wksgiv in g Showcase Comm. 2; Arc he r y 2; ChoruJi 2.4: AW:;Irds DlY Comm. 4 : Cunivll Danc e Comm. J,4; Aw:ard s D1Y U sher J, DAVID GILBERT PARKER. 19, 1 9 4 6 i\li d.lleton, Cunnc.::ti c ut C hess C lub 4 ; B ridg e C l u b 4 : 3. ROBERTA LYNN PATE RSON. 14, 1946. Anc o n, Canal Ulnl.' F B L.A. 4; F B A 4; F.N. A 2 ; F T A }j P ep Club I; P o int o f Vi e w C lub 3; Audio Vis ua l Sec. 2; GYIll Offic e Assi st. 4; S e ni o r Sh owcase Colllm 4 ; (Intra.) 1 .2; B o w l in g (Ilnra. ) I; Softball 2 ; P i n g P o ng I; V olle y b lll (Intra. ) 1 ,2; G irls j; Pashion Silow I ; Inaugural 13111 Comm. 4 J Emili e Ann Petros k y ROBERT PAUL PEDER S E N. April j, 1915. An co n Canal Z on.... \: ELVA PEREZ. Aug u s t 3, 1 9 46 Sal' Antonio, T ... xa s. D r ama C lub I ; F .T.A. 2 ,4; Libraq' C lub 4; L ite rary C lu b 4 ; Pep Club I; Basketblll ( Intn) I; Chorus 1.2. } 4 ; Orc heSlr.1 I ; F as hi o n Show I. FRED EUGENE PERRA. Au g u s t 23, 194L Ancon, CJnal Zone. Dr.:am.:a Club 3; Card s .:and Announcements Comm. 4 ; ( Intrl. ) j; Bowling (!tlln.) I ; Tnc k ( Intr.:a ) j ; Pi n g Pong j; "D ... Hh :;a H o l i day" j. EMILIE ANN PETROSKY, Augus t 7, 1946 New Lond o n Conntcti cut. P e p C lub 1,2; c.c.c. Club 1,2; Office Assi sl. 4 ; Ticket Slles 4 ; Bas ketb:;all (Intra. ) 1 2 4 ; Sch oo l T .V. Program 2 BERNARD ENGENE PlAIA. March 1 6, 1 9 45, Ancon, Zone. F ootb.:all 4; 4. B ernar d Eugen e Piai a

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/ K,uh e rin t Lee R a l sro n Thomas n Rai n e y / ) ALETE E. PINILLA. Dl'ct.'mbcr }l, 1941. H O U Slon, Texas. Of our lives. Alere E. PiniIIa Guillermina T. Pino M ars h a Lynn Pr evost Ant o ni a Price Con sta n ce L ouise Pustis Paul ine Ann Pyer GUIL LERM INA T PINO. August 29, 1 941. P anama Cit)'. Panama. French Cl ub },4: N H.S. Tomorr ows Secrl'uric$ C lub 4 ; V .c<.'Pr<'s. c.c.e. Club !.3.4 ; French AWHd 3; urniYal Dance 2 4 MARSHA LYNN PRrVOS T May}. 1 9 46 W ilson, North Carolin a Band Sec 4 ; C ap :lnd Gown Comm. 4; Z oniln, J r. Cl.ls( Edi tOr 4; IlJnd 3; Orch.-sHa 4 ; Majorette 4 ; Zonilll A < I Sellrf". ANTONI A P RI C E April 20, [941 R('p dl' P.lIU1llJ. ClntC n Club I ; POIn Am er ican Club 1.2; P c p Club I ; c.ee C lub t ; Offi .:c 4 ; Ihsketball ( J nlfl. ) 1.2; V oilt.'y b:ll l ( Jnln.) 1 ,2, 4 ; Archer y 3; Chor u s 3. CONSTANCE LOUISE PU STIS. FebruJr) 9. 1 9 46. I \ n co n Canal Zone. F T A 2,},4 ; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 ; N. H.S. 3,4 ; P e p Club 2; Sl'C, I ; N II.S. U she r 2: Clinic Assist. 4 ; C I ,cmi slrY Assi s t. 3 : Christma s FOfnlll Com m }: CJp anJ Gow n Comill. 4; J r .-S r Frolic 3; Val<.'n!ine Bas k etball ( I nlr.l.) 2,3; S\\imming (VHsiIY) 1,2: V olkyball ( InlrJ .) 2,3; Drives 4; S.A R<.'p. 1,2: Drlnu!i o 1.2: Fashion S h ow I ; $I;H .. 3; S h ow U shi.'"r 2; OriCnlltion D ay 2,4. PAULINE ANN PYER. P"bruary 25, 1 ')47. l'Iidddord, r-.hine F H A 4 ; l.ibr.lTY Club I; V o lleyball nl>tn.) 3; Accordi"" IlJlld 1,2,}. K.\nlll FN LIT K \ I.,TON. r-.IJ) I. 1 9 4(;. Au stin. TI'xa5. A ssiSt. 1,4: j.V. UJskt'tbJIl 1,2; n.l,kt:tblll ( Inlra.) l,},4 : Fr<.'nch Cluh 1,2; P cp ('Jub 2; Offi,!.' Volleyball ( I nlr.! ) 1,2 ; Zoni.!n 3,4 : ZoOian AJ ,)dlef 1.4; I'.N A 3; 'I.A. Altcrnah" 2 THOMAS R RA INFY. 1.2; I h skl't ball ( I ntf.I.) '\lid. Rull' Cluh I. AUJ.:UH 10, 1946. Maqpritl, ClnJI Zonl'. I: CI,lf ( Inn., ) 1 ,2 ; \'{! atc r 1',,1 .. I Shop 'i A Assiu. 2,3; FOOtball ( I ntr..!. ) Ah!.'fIl ul" 2; 'i.A. R<.'p 1:

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Not as Seniors, Susan R ae R arhgeber George William R eic hart Eli zaberh Reye s Emm a G l oria Reyn olds H a rve y G le nn Rhy ne J ames W Riley / <;USAN RAE RATHGE8ER. l\b.} 24, 19-45. An co n. Clnal Zone. DrJrnl C lub 4 : F.N.A l . k G.A .A. 2.3,4; P e p Club 2 ; Br i d ge Club 4; L, br:ary Assist. 4 : Christmas Fornul Comm. 3; Sldie Hlwkins Dance Comm. 2; Valentine Fo rmll Comm. 4: Jr. R i n S Comm 3: C I .riS trnJS F ornul Court 3; Baskethlll Hntn. ) 3,4; V olh.'rb:!.11 ( In{fl.) 2,3,4 : 5.A. 4 ; S A 3: T i c ket 4; Gift Co mm 4 GEORGE W ILLIAM RE I C HART. Onober I, 1 9 4 6. Aneon. Gnll Zoill', C l,cm ist r y ASSISt. 3: R .O. T.e. Rlnk 2 nd LL R .O. T.e. Ludcrsh.p School 3: Football ( [ n t ra .) 1.2: j.V. J. Bo ys SlltC 3. ELIZABETH REYES. O c t o h e r 7. 1 9 4 6. An con. Canal Zone PJn ArncriC.ln Club 1,2,l,4; P ep Club I; 'tomorro w s Secrcuries Club 4 CCC, Club 1,2,l,4 ; Fashion Sho w I,l, E M MA GLORIA REYNOL DS, OctOlb!.'r I, 1 9 4 6. AnCOIl, Call..!] Zone. P c p Club 3: French Club 2,}; Pine. P o ng 2 ,}. HARVEY G LENN RHYNE Ocwb!.'r I. 1 9 46 An con, C l nal Zone. Rtfl!.' Turn 4 JAMES W R I LEY JanuHY 24. 1946. Oelwein. 1 0Wl. Cheu C l ub I: Lct(c r men's Club 2,3.-4: Bridge Club 1; F ootblll 2.3: F ootball ( I n tn.) I; Bueblll 1 ,2,3 .4 : All Z one n .lSchlll 3,4; Basketbal l ( InuJ.) 2,3; B ow l i ng (Intrl. ) I : Golf ( Inul.) 1,2,3,4 : Softball I: Trlck ( I ntt..l.) 2: Pmg Pong 2,3.4 OLAV FREDERIC K RODS. F ebruJrY 6, 19 46. P anama Cil),. P .Ulama. Awards Ball 2 .1; Firing Squ:1d 3; Dri ll Tum 2,3; Rifl e T cam 2; R .O.T.C Rank Sgt.; Row],l1).: ( 1 I1tr..l) I: Golf ( Inul. ) I: Hlwkins Dll1ce Comm. 2 : S.A Ait crnJ.tc 2; Drives ('''"1111. l,l,J.4; J):lIlC(' ('"mm. 4 : Inaugufll Bait Comm. 3,4 ; Blccab urHC U she r 3. SANDRA SUE ROTH-ROFFY. October 20. 1946 "hrgarltl CAn.ll Zcmc. r T A 4; Office A ssist. '.4: Basketball (Intra. ) 1 ,2; Volle)blll ( Inttl.) 1,2; G lee Club 2. Ola v F reder i c k Roos S : mdra Sue R orh-Roffy

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But as individuals. S h e rry L ouise Sab a Enriq ue Octavia Sal e rno Ca r ole Ann Sal on i c SHERRY LOUISE SABO September 7, Fon B enning, Georgi:ll. Fre n ch Club ENRIQUE OCTAV I O St \LERNO. October 10. 1941 Pan Jma. R ep. de P J.nlml C hess Club 1,2,3: P an Am eric an C lub 4 ; Sci e n ce Club 4 ; S palll s h C l ub 4 ; Sump Club 4 ; C.Cc. Cl ub 4 CAROLE ANN SAtONIC. .. lJy 13. 1946. C.C.C. Club 4; Counselo r 's As sisL 4; Office ( Intn.) 4 ; Voll e y ball ( I nt ra.) 4 : Co-o rdirlJtin g Rutherfordto n. North Ca r o l inl. Dram:ll Assi s t. 3,4; Valenllne Formal Comm. 4: Comm. 3: Fashi o n Show;. Club 4: L SA MSON May 8, 1946. Anc o n Canal Z o ne Dram a C lu b 2; Latin Club 1 : Treas. 4 : Mvt hology Club I ; Pan Am e riCJn Cl ub 2; e.CC Club 2.3: Vic e Pres. 4 ; Co lor Guard ;: R.O.T.e. Ran k Sgt.; Cards lnd Ann o un ceme n ts Comm. Death of t he H ired ;; S.A. Alternate Showc ase Comm. 3; Ch. 4 CHARLES GEORGE SAN D ERS. July 30, 1946 An co n, CanJI Zone. C3Illera C lub 2: Pr es. ;; Vice Pres. 4: Audio Visual Project i onist LAURA ANN SANDERS. August ;, 1937. Colon, Rep. d e P anlffil Swrmm r ng (Intra.) 1,2,;: Fash ion Show 1,2; Water I hllet 1.2; Chorus 1 .2,}; Glee Club 1,2.}. RENEE MARIE SARGENT Aprtl 5, 194 6 S:arl Frlnc i sco. CJlifornia. G.A A 2; Libr ary Club 2; Libra ry Assist. 2; Office Assis t. 3, 4 : Sadie H3wkins D:ance Co mm. 2; [ ndividu:al Seni o r Comm. 4; Basketb311 ( [ nt r a .) }: Vol l ey ball ( IntrJ.) 2.3.4 ; Z o n an P o wd e r Puff Foo tba l l 4 ; Zowan Ad Seller 4 BILLY J I NKS SATTERWHITE, JR. N ove mber 3, 1946 San D iego, Ca lif orni:ll. Bri dge C l ub C.Ce. Club 4; Co l o r Guard 3; Drrll Team 2 .1.: Frnn,!; Squa d 2; R O T.e. R ank 2nd Lt.; U shc:r Guard 2,3; Valentine F o rma l Cnm m 4 ; c.c.c. I'r nJ:ram 4 ; O l n ce 1.2,3,4; Schoo l T V 1,3; Boys SUle }. Laur,l Ann Sanders R e n e e M arie S a r ge nt Bill y Jinks S31ler w hit e Santos L. Samson C h arles G eo r ge S.m de r s

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Not as the biggest of the small Donna Gae Secrese Nanc y Elle n Shaver / / Bari Sch oc h Joan M a r ion S c h onert Martha Kay Schuck BAR I SCHOCH. July 22. 1 9 46 PJ.n amJ, R ep. ( I ... r.H11H1J <",1.",,-Club 2: R ().T,C: K3nk l.rl.: Football (Intra.) 2,3; B3S kctbltl (Inlr.l.) ) JOAN MARION SC HONERT. October I 1946. Panlrna Ci t y Pln,una. C lub 4 ; L ibrJr)' Club 1.2: Bl s ketball ( Inln.) I ; C h orus I; TrJin Comm. 4 MARTHA KAY SCHUC K October 28, 1'146. I ndiana. P.N. A 2; Bowlmg (Intn.) 1 .2: Vollc)'blll ( Intrl. ) J ,2. DONNA CAE SEC REST. jM1Ulr Y 9, 1 9 41>. l c K eespo rt Pennsyl vlni:a. Office A ssist. 2,3; Frosh . Soph frolic 2; Frosh Pic nic I : I)cp Cl ub I ; ( Intr.l. ) 1 .2. NANC Y ELLEN S H AVER November J, ] 9 4 6. Mount Kisco. New Y o r k Dr.lma Cl ub 4 PAUL ROBINSON S H EFF I ELD, J R October 1 2. 1 9 4 6 Washington. D.C. C hem iStry A ssist. 3; Col o r GUHd 3,4: R O .T.e. Rank U s h e r Guard 3,4; S.A. Ahernate 4 JULIA MARI E SHIPLEY. July I, 1 9 46 C :ulli Zooe. G.A.A. 2,},4; Biology A ssist. 3; Cap and Go\\n Comm. 4 : B:ls kctball (lntr.l. ) 2,3.4; V o llc y ball ( Iotr.l.) 2 3, 4 ; C h orus 4 N INA MARIE SHIRER. July 28, 1 9 4 6. Aoco o C:llla l Zone. N H .S. 4 ; Pln Ame r ic an C lub 1 4 ; Tomorr o w s Secri.'ta ries C lub 4 ; c.c.c. Club 2; V o ll ey ball (lolTa.) J. r, Robinson Jr Ji ilJ I\ .lrie Ship l e y Nina MJric Shir er

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L arry M orga n S imp so n Willi am F osle r S i ng letOn / ". -But as the smallest of the big. .;I' t Carol Ann S h owaire r Edw a r d T. Sigerfoos Rich a r d D ean Silli k CAROL ANN S HOWALT ER. J:tnuJrY 101, 1 9 47 H onolulu, Hawaii. F .T.A. 4 ; C ard s and Anno un cements Co mm. 4 ; Pin g P o ng 4 E.DWARD T S IGERFOOS. Octob e r 19, 1 9 46 Br an d enlOn, F l orid a R.O.T.e. Rank 2nd Lt .; J r .-S r Froli c J; F oo tball 4; Golf (Intra.) J. R.I CHARD DEAN S ILLJK 22, 1945. M c Allen, Tex,ls. C hess Club 4 ; I li n g P o n g 4 ; Scie n ce Cl ub J; Bridg e Club 4; AWlrd s Ball }; U she r GUHd }. LARRY MORGAN S I MPSON. June 30, 1946 POrt Br agge, North Ca rolina. DTama Club 4 ; F T .A. 4; Chemi stry 3; Seni o r Sho w c ase C h 4; B an d 2.3,4; Orchestroa 1,3,4; S A Alt ernate 4; Br id.l:c C lub 3,4 WILLlAr-, t FOS TER S INGL E TON. J une 1 2, 1946. Ancon. Canal Zone Dnma Club Vice Pres. 3,4; Nat!. Thespia n s Pres. 4 ; "Our T o wn" }; "Denh T ,lkes l H o l i day" 3; "If Girl s A s k e d B oys f o r Dates" 3 ; J o an o f L orrline" 4 ; Scien c e b:hibit 2. MARY FRANCES S I SAK. Apr i l 18. 1947. P hiladelphia. P e nnsyh ania F o lk Singers Club 4; F.N.A. 4 Lit erH), C lu b 4 RUSSELL C S LOUGH Ma)' 29. 1 9 46 P an3mil. R ep de Pan American C l ub 1 ,2; Sci e n ce Cl ub 2; e.c.c. J; R O .T.C. R an k Pfc.; Usher Guard 2,3; F oo tball ( I nt T 3 .) 1,2; Bask e tball 2 ,3; S wimmin g 2; Ping Pong 1.2; S A Alt ernno I ,}. EDWARD KEITH S M ITH. Jul)' 6 1 9 46 North C ar o lina. M ary Fr a n c es Sisak Russell C S l oug h Edward Keith Sm ith

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With our four years preparation A. Ri c har d Smi h Sh a ryn Kay S n ow d e n M a ria Uresa So l e rn o A. RI CHARD SMITH. Novem b e r IJ, 1946. Ancon, Cana l Zone. C hess Cl ub 2; Letterm e n's Club 2 ,3,4; Sci ence Club 3; R.O.T.C. Sgt.: AWlIrd s Ball 3; Drill Team 2.3, 4 ; Firing Squad 2: Rif l e Team 2; U she r Guud 2 ; Fro,h.-So ph Fr o lic 1; Senio r IndividUJJ Pictur e Comm. 4 : Manager 2, 4 ; B owling ( Intra.) I ; Trac k 4 ; W restling 4 ; Football Dance 2; urnivll Dance 3. S HARYN KAY SNOWDEN. September 16, 1945. Dalb s Texas. F H .t\. 1 ,2; Parl iamentarian 3: P r es. 4; r.N.A. 3: P c p C lu b 1 2 .3, 4; Office A ssist. 2,3, 4 MARI A URES A SO LER NO. March 27, 1946 P anama City, P an : wl:I VALERIE ANN SPENCER. June 21, 1946 An con. Canal Z o ne. Drlnu C lub I; F T A 1; P c p Club I; Jr.-S r Pro m Comm. 3: Jr.-S r Ban q uet Comm. 3; Sadie Dance Com m 2; Card s lnd Anno un ce ments Com m 4; Fre s hm an Danc e Comm. I ; Voll e)' ball (lntrl.) I ; PJrakeet 3, 4 ; S.A Alternate I; S.A. R e p 2. MARY TERES A S PINELLI. D ecembe r 17, 194 6. I n d iana. l.atin C lu b 3; Mu Alph:1 Theta 4; N H.S. 3,4; P an American Club 3; Sciencr Club 3.4 ; Br idge Club 3,4 : ( Intra.) 3; S.A Src. 4; Drivrs Comm. 4 ; Train COmm. 4 ; Awards Da), Comm. 4 ; G raduati on U shr r 3. TANNIS MARJ E SPRADLIN. No\' embe r 1 8 [946. Kentuckr. Office A ssist. 4 JOHN j. STABLER. Septe mbu 16, 1 9 4 6. An co n, Cana l Zone. EVE F STEPHEN. O c t obe r 27, 1946. Chess Club 3; F.T. A 1,3,4 ; LHin C lub 3: P an Americ:!.n C lub 2 ,3; P e p Club 1,2 ; Bridge C lub 3, 4 : Jr. Showc aSl' Comm. 3: Senior Sho wca se Comm. 4 T a nni s M a r i e Spradl in J o hn J Stable, Eve f. Step h a n ,/ Val erie Ann Spencer M ary Teresa SpineUi

PAGE 134

\'V'i1ma Esrhe r Tarman C l ayto n M T aul r We stand readiness ) M a r sha R ae Sut h erland John H owa r d Swain J a n e Suza nn e Swasick MARSHA RA E SUTHE RLAND. AuguS[ J, 1 9 46 Mugu ita. Cuul Zone. G.A.A. 2.l.4 ; Office Assi H. 2.3: Form:al Comm. J; V:alenline Comm. 4 ; Senio r A c ti"ilY Comm. 4 ; ( I nlO;.) 2,3 4 ; ( I nIO;.) 2.3,4 JOHN HOWARD SWA I N. J une 28. 1 946. Tlconu Park. Mlryllnd. Dr3llU C l ub 2. 3,4 ; Natl. Thespil n s J.4 ; F oOtball ( I ntra.) 3,4 ; J .V. Baskt:-tb:dl 2; J oot ball 1.2; Softb:d l 1 2 : "You Can't TJkc It With You" 2; "The H i l c h J -bke r 2; "Aunti<.' Mamie" 2; "Sorry, W ron,!.: Number 2; "The Lotte ry" }: "Our Town 3; J oan of Lorr:aine" 4 JANE S U ZANNE SWAS I C K Muc h 31, 1946. F ind l ay. Ohio. Drlma Club 3; Fr e n c h C lub 3: F lk S ingers Club 4: F.T.A. 3; P res. 4; Library Club 4 : Point o ( View C lub 3,4; r ... lythology C l ub }; U,N. C lub J; Lib r lfY AssisL 4 ; ( Intra.) 3; D eath T a kes A H o liday" J; P a ra keet 4 ; Gi rl s State J. V ILMA ESTHER TARMAN. Apri l 28. 1 9 46 Panaml, Rep d<.' PlnmlJ. Gmera C lu b 1.2; F.N.A. 1,2; P an Ameri ca n Club I; Pep Club 1 ,2; Pholognphy Club 1,2. e.e.e. 1 ,2,}; B:.uk etbjl ll ( Intrl) 1.2,3; Swimming 1 ,2,}; Swimming ( Intn.) I ; Sof tbal l I; ring PM,!; 1,2,3; Volleyball 1 ( lnln.) 1,2,3; 1,2 CLA YTON M. T A UL. $ePIe-mbcr 24, 1.946 Florida. UmCr l C lu b Vice P res. J; Chess C lu b 3; F B.L.A 4 ; Bridge Club }, 4 ; G lee Club 2,3; Bowl ing (lntfl.) I. JAYE M THOll. IrSON. O c t obe r I. 1946 Ancon, C:lnal Zone. DrJnu Club 2; P ep C lu b I; Tomorr ows $ecre-u ries C lu b 4 : Offi ce Ass, s t. 4; Christmas Formal Comm. 3: Sadie-H :awkin s D:.lInce Comm. 2; E:aster Showc aSe Comm. 3; Thanksgiving S h owcase Comm. J; ( Intra.) 1 ,2; V olley ball (Intra.) 2,3,4; C horu s 1 ,2,},4; In:.llug ural Ball J. VICTOR O TREVlNO. D ecembe r 20, 1 945. ModeSIO, ClJ, f o rnil. I bll 2: Drill Tum 1,2; R.O.T.e. Sgt. Fir s t e lm; Footb:.llil 2. LU I S A RENEE UGARTE. 19, 1945. P e r u. Spanish Cl ub 3. J aye M Tho mpson Vicro r O Trev in o Luisa R e n ee Uglrre

PAGE 135

and promise for tomorrow Pearl Susan Uruau John R a nd all V a u c h e r Au rea E Velez PEARL SUSAN UNRAU. M:iY 28, 1946 Panama City, P anama. Math Club 2: Science Cl ub 2 3: Library Assist. 2; Basketball (Inlra.) 3,4. JOHN RANDALL VAUCHER. D ecembe r 13, 194L San Ilernardin o Ca l ifornia. R.O.T.C. Rank Lt.; Band 2,3,4; Senior Gift Comm. 4; Miscelbneous Sales 4 AUREA E. VELEZ. Novembe r 28, 1946 [lonce, Pu e rt o Rico. P"n Amo:rinn Club 1,1.},4; Pep C lub 1,2; U.N. C lu b I; c.C.C. 1,2 J ,4; Gym Assist. .. ; SJdie H awkins Dance Comm. 2; Valent;ne Formal Comm. 4; Carnival Dance Comm. ],2,},4; Fashion Show 1,2,},4; Talent Show 1,2. R.OBERT C. WALKER. Apri l 7. 1946 AuguSll, Georgia Chemistry A ssist. 3; R.O.T.C. Rank 1 s t Lt.; Color Guard 2; Drill T eam I; Fi r ing Squad I; Honor Guard 2; F ootball ( Intra. ) 1; Bowlio g ( Intra.) I; Golf ( Intra.) 1,2,J,4: Tennis 4; Water P olo 1: S.A. Altern, He I. RICHAR.D CR.A I G WALLACE. 18, 1946. Ancon, Canal Zone. F B.LA. 1 ; M :uh Club 4; P ep C l ub I ; Spanish Club I; R.O.T.e. Rank 1 st Lt.; Football 2,4; Football ( I ntrol .) 3: Basketball (lntn. ) I ; Bowling (Inttl. ) 1: Trac k 1,4; Tr:lck ( Intra.) 1, 4 ; Volleyb:lll ( Intra.) } ROBERT ALLEN WAL LACE. N o vember 8, 1946. Ancon, C:lnal Zone. F B .LA. 4 ; Math C lub 4; R.O.T.e. R :lnk Sgt.; Color Guard 4 ; U s her Guard 2; Bas ketball Manager I ; j.V Basketball Mana ger I : Jl owl in g ( Intra.) 1 ; Track ( IntrJ. ) 4 RICHARD S I MMS WALLACH. June [8. 1 9 4 6 . Wa shington, D.e. Lette r men's C lu b 3: R.O.T.e. R:lnk Sgt ; Color Guard 4 ; Christ mas F o rm a l Comm. } ; J r .-S r Prom Comm. J; Senior Gift Comm. 4; Sw imming 3: Tennis 2,3,4; Track 1; Wres tlin g 2 LAUREL ANN WALTON. November 30, 1 946. Full e rt on, California. Drama Club 4 ; Fol k Singers C lub 4; F.H .A. 1; F T A. 2,3. 4 ; F .N.A. 3; utin Club 1,2; Mythology Club J; P ep Club 2; Girls State 3; Office Assi$[. 4; Cap Gown Comm. 4 ; Chorus 1 ; S.A. Rep 2. Roben Allen Wallace R i chard Simms Wallach l a ure l A n n Walro n , R o berr Walke r Ri c hard Craig W allace

PAGE 136

And to tomorrow 5 tomorrow Judilh Lee W a tford Donald S W a lkins Sandra Loui se \Xlatson R ebecca Elizaberh Webb Douglas All e n Webster Fred E. Wells, Jr. -JUDITH LEE Augus t 22, 1 9 46 An co n G n a l Zone. Drama C lu b 2; G A A 4 ; Pan Ameri can Club 1.2; C lub I ; T o m orro w s Sec r ct:.l.ri c s Club 4 ; c. c.c. 2 : Offic e Assi s t. 4 ; C ard s and Announcements Comm. 4 ; Bask etball ( Intra.) 1 2.l.4 ; "Androc le s lind The L io n I ; C ho r u s I.J; Ttli n Tic k e t Slits Comm. I ; F :1Shio n Sho w I DONALD S. WATKINS. P ehrulrY 18, 1 9 46 N e w Y ork City, Ne w Y ork. Fr e n c h Club I ; F B L.A 4; Bridge Club 4 ; U s h('r Gua r d 2.l; C ap l n d Gow n Coro m 4 ; Cards and Anno uncemen ts Cnmm 4 ; S.A Rep. 1 3 SANDRA LOUISE ""/ATSON. J u n e 8, 1 9 46 J a c k so nville. F l o r ida. P e p Club I ; C l in ic Assi s t. 4 REBECCA ELIZABETH W FBB. Dece mber 20. ]946. West PAlm B e:l.ch. Flo r i da F T .I \ 4 ; I.ihrlf\ Club 4; S ec r ('Urits Club 4 ; l-liSt o r iln, P oint o f Vic w Club 4 ; Puaku t 4 nOUGLAS ALLEN WEB STER. Augu5t 194 6. A nco n, Clnal Z o nC'. C hess Club I ; R O T.e R3nk Col.: Drill TC'lm 2 } ; U sh<'r Gll l r d 2; F B L.A 4 FRED E. WELLS JR. FC'bru3ry 10, 1 9 46 An co n Cln l l 7..onl.'. N H S 4 ; C h('mi stry Assist. }; R O T C Rlnk 1st Lt. CAROL ANN WENTSLER. DecC'm be r 8, 19450 P3nlml, R de P Dunn Club 2: F N A },4 ; libnry C illb 2 ; Litl.'nr y Club },4; MHh Club 4 ; Mll Alphl Th('u 4; N H.S. },4 ; librHY Assi s t. 1 ; R.O. T e Ass i st 4; R O T.e. Spon so r 4 ; 1st Lt. ; Cl:us Sec. J; C hri S tm3 s F o rm3! Comm. J ; Jr.-Sr. BlnqllC [ Comm. 3; Jr. Rin g C o m m 3; Clrd s 3 nd Anno un c em c nts Comm. 4 ; Scn io r Gift eo-Ch 4; In l u gurll Blll Comm. 3,4 ; S.A R e p 1.,}.4 ; Blcohurlte MJ.f sh311 3 ; U s h e r }. Gndult i o n U s her }; Girls StHc }. R.O B ERT WILLIAM WHEELE R June I} 1 9 45. A ncon, Clnll Zone. S ] id(' Rul e Club 4 F ootblll 4 Caro l Ann \ 'Vemsie r R obert \'Villiam \Xlheeler

PAGE 137

and tomorrow s tomorrow R oland G Woods Norma M a r i c Y o rk -Th omas H Whitley Ewal d Andrew Wib e rg Jim C h arles Widdecke M aria Dol o res W il k in s C h arles Edwa r d Willman S a mu e l A a ron W ilkin T HOMAS H WHITLEY. j.lnuJ.r Y 2, 1946 Washington, D .C. F.B .LA. 4 ; Leuermen's C lub J, 4 ; P an American Club 4 ; Awa r d s Ball 3, 4 ; Co l o r G uard 4 : R .O.T.C. Ra n k 58t.; Usher Guard J,4; Chr istmas F O rm:!.! Comm. }; Jr.-Sr. B lnquet Cornm J; Senio r Activit y Comln. 4 : Seni o r Gi f t Comrn 4 ; J r .-Sr Fr o lic 1,4 ; Footblll 3,4; Canal All 5tlrs 3; (lOIn.) J; Ping P ong (Intrl.) -.4; V oll<,y bJIl ( nlf:!. ) 3. 4 ; FoOtbll1 }, 4 ; B o),s 5tH,;-J EWAL D ANDREW April 29, 1 9 46 New Y o r k City, New York F .T.A. 2,}; $citn.:c C lub 2,J; Boys SLue 1; I\s,i,1. 4 ; J; Trlck 1,2; K.II1\1 1,1: OrC h C 5IfJ I. JIM CHARLES WIDDECKF. Apnl I J, W:lshill/oiIOn, D .C. I..mermen's C l ub }, Pres. 4 ; Trac k J,4 M A R I A DOLORES W ILKINS. JanuJr)' 1 0 ]941. Col ombil. C h o r u s 2 CHAR LES WILlr.. I A AU.l'ust l], ]946. V .. Jplnso, Indiln ... A udi o-Visull 4 ; C h o ru s 4 Glee Club 4 SA MUEL AARON W ITKI N Juno: 4 19 4 L Ancon, C an a l Zone Ltnermen's Club J.4; Sen I o r Activ i ties Comm. 4 ; Sw imminb } 4 S wimmLn g ( Intr a ) },4. ROLAND G WOODS. De cember 19, 194 L Fon Worth Tens. Math C lu b 4 ; C"Jp .lnd Guwn C omm. 4 ; Senior Ring Comm. 4 ; NORMA MARIE YORK. D ..:cemb,r 12, 1 9 46 G1cn")h'. N..:w Y o rk F N A ] ; r .T.A 2,}; Vice Prl'S. 4 : G A A. },4; Mu Alphl T hl'tJ ;; N H .S. },4 : P l' J' Club 1.2 : S C l e n cl' C lu b J; Chemistry >\ssin. J; C ar d s and Announcements Comm. 4 ; Seni o r Acti"ity Comm 4 ; Comm I,Z ,', Ill s k clblll ( Intra .) 1,2,}: V o lle y ball (IntfJ. ) 1,3: Par. lke":l SI.lff 4 (:1,'1' Cluh 4 A Rfp. 4 : Safety ;and WelfH e Comm. I : Schoo l T V ]

PAGE 138

Cecilia Zerbi n a r i linda Bell t J osep h Breme r C:EC I LI A MAGDALENE ZERBINATJ. Ma y 29, 1946. P a nama, R e p de Pan ama. G.A. A l,l.4; Mu Alpha The!:. 4 ; P a n Ameriean 1 ,4; Tomorrow' Seereuries 4 ; eee. 4 ; Bas ketball (Inln. ) l,l,}A: Volle)'ball ( I nlra.) 1 ,2,3: Carnival 2 Additional Senior Pictures LINDA BELL D ecemlX' r 7, 1 94J. Gaffney, Soud, u.rolim. ELIZABETH BROWN. Marc h 4, 1 946. An co n, Canal Zone G.A.A 2,},4; B:as ketball All StlfS 2; Volleyball All Surs 2,},4; Bas k et ball ( Intn.) 1.2,},4; Voll ey ball (Intr a) 1,2,3,4; Audio Vis ual 2. JOSEPH C HARLES BREMER, JR. Septembe r 1 5, 1946. An enll, Gnal Zone. Letter men s Club 2,3, V i ee-Pres. 4 ; B oys SUte 3; Ph),sics Assin. 4 ; C bss Pres. 2,4; S:!.die Hlwkins Dan c e Conlm. 2; Senio r Activit), Comm. 4 ; Foo t ball 2,3,4; j.V. Bas k elblll I; Track 1,2,},4; Gnal Z one All Sta r s 2,},4; Footbal l D:!.nee Comm. 1 ,2,},4; S A. Vice Pres. 3 ; S A Rep 2; BaccaiaurClte Marsh:!.1 }; Gndu a tlon U s her }. JOHN BUNDY. November 4, 1946. N e wpo rt, Rhode Isbnd E lizab et h B rown I I J o hn B u ndy

PAGE 139

JOHN R. GOUGH II / LILLIAN ROE RICARDO SANCHEZ. October 22, 1 9 4 6. Colon, R de P I WARLAND GRIFFITH BRUCE ROGERS ( CRAJG SEFFEN IDES Ap ril 8. 1946. Milw aukee. Wiscon sin. PAUL MEYER ROBER T ROWE. January 1 8, 1 946. Camden, New J e rsey. JOAN S ILVA t ROBERT A OSTR EA. Sepu,' mbcr 7. 1 9 4 6. Ancon. Clnll Zone, Ba(. 2; Ha(l.'bJII 3.4. ROBERT RUSSELL J a nuar y 25, 1946, Trenton, Nl.'w J ersey r W I LLIAM SHEPARD

PAGE 140

, IDELLA SO UDERS October 12, 1946. Dcnvtr, Col o rJdo. MAX VELEZ ELIZA STEPHENS July IS, 1946. New Y o r k C il Y N c\\ Y o r k FR E D WEADE R I CHARD WAYNE T EETS. Sep tember II. 1 9 4 6 PIC'Junt, P enns ) h mil. Chess Club .2; NHI. Thespians "': Sci e ncl!' Club 2; Bridge C l ub 3, 4 : R.O. T .e. 2; R ank Pfe. U sher G U ln\ 2: F oo l b a ll (Intra) 2.3: S A R e p 4 : N H S 4; B oys Sute }. LEE W YMA N N o n mber 16, 1 944. Boslon, Masnchusclt$ ./ R I CARDO VECCHIONE. A p ril 8, 1944. P;an;am;a, R de P

PAGE 141


PAGE 142

J oe Bremer Charle n e Hey Senio r King and Queen

PAGE 143

-. tJ." ... ' r Teresa Spinelli Dan Blackmo n Most Successful Their toil is joy to those that have won succe ss.

PAGE 144

M a r y H o w e Mik e Bruce Most Intellectual Intelligence consists of recognizing opportunity.

PAGE 145

Sue R a th gebe r Charles McOelian d Most Courteous Courtesy is the ornament of a noble man.

PAGE 146

. - P a u l a l ef r ridge --. "-.-..-, ... - ---__ .... IiIIEI!; .. ... '"' ... .. __ "..... . -.. .... .. - T i m Co rri g a n Most Athletic The best of the sport is t o do the deed, and say nothing.

PAGE 147

L ou i se Bai ley C hu ck Curra n Most Depend able There is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence upon one's self.

PAGE 148

Lind a Hart D o n Desserr Most Attractive The outward forms the inward man reveal.

PAGE 149

-__ I . I Lynd a Donl e y Ri c h a r d Wallace Neatest Neatness is never a mistake.

PAGE 150

Charlie B elde n Clair e M c N augh[ Wittiest Comedy is the fountain of sound sense.

PAGE 151

i 061 K e nny D : u l i n g r o n I I .. Most Talented ,,- A n a y a ns i H e r r era Every man has his gifts and the tools go to him that can use t h em.

PAGE 152

Sandy Bauchman - \ Friendliest The only re111ard of virtue is virtue; the only wa y to have a fri end is to be one. Tom Whitley

PAGE 153

HONOR GRADUATES Vincente Abea C aro l Farbman Jeann e Meyer Gail Albritton Ca rol Getman Joanne Meyer Michael Alexander Jessie Hassler Sheila Osbo rne Mario Ayala Anayansi Herrrera R o bert a P a terson Bet sy Brown K a ren Hicks G uill er min a Pin o Dia ne Brown Mary Howe Con s tan ce Pu s ti s Daniel B l ackmon Lynn Howell E l iza beth Reye s Michael Bruc e Diana Ianoale Joan Schonert Cynthia Case Barbara Janowitz Nancy Shaver Peggy Cass ibry Patricia Janssen N ina Shirer J eannie Colburn Judith Jellum Mary Sisak Michael Co lacicco Jean Kent Mar y T eres a Spinell i C harles Curran Kathleen Kervin Richard Teets Donald Dessert Sheila Laporta Laura Walton Ellen Dou glas Lorraine Leen Rebecca Webb Marcia Dubbs Diane Lewi s Ca r o l Wentsler Ann C hristine Edberg Jane Luca s Fred Well s Barbara Elli s Charles McCl e lland Ewal d Wiberg B o nit a Ensey C l a ire McNaught Norma Y ork K a t hryn Fallon Cecilia Z er binati

PAGE 154

Graduates Ear ning Honors Other Schools Balboa High Schoo l i s a cross s ectIOn of students from all ove r the wo rld. In other s choo ls, many have achieved va r ious h o nors The f o l lowing s enior s h ave di s tingui s hed t h emse lves in t his way. Nancy Brown Sr. Mary's Hig h S c h ool. L a wton Oklahoma. Juni o r Class Secretary. M arilyn Errni s h S[. Gerard's H i gh S c hool. S a n Amo nio Texas Stud ent Coun cil Officer R o b e n H o w ard. Rich Hi g h School. P ark F orrest, Illin o is. \'Qresrlin g Letter. Bill Keene. Lincoln Hig h School. New York City, N e w York F oot b all Lett er. New ark High School. N e w ark, D e laware. Football L errer. J o n Klages. M ehlviJIe High School. Sr L ouis M issouri \X1resrling Lener Jim M c Kenna M cLean Hi gh School. M c L ean, Virginia. Wresrling Letter. Carli s l e Hi g h School. Carlis le, P ennsylvania. Wresding Lener. J ane lucas. \'<'es t ern Hi g h Sch ool. Ana h eim, C'tii f arnia. V a r s ity T ennis L ener. B ernar d Pia ia. Mari a n Hig h S c h oo!" Goldale. Pennsylvania. Baseb all L etre r Sopho m o r e C lass Officer Student C ouncil R eprcsemative. Marsh a Prevost. F orr Kno x Hi g h School. Forr Knox K entucky K a p a Secretary; (Outstanding m ember o f th e y e ar ) Bio l og y Medal ; B a nd Lettet; Physica l Education Letter; Major ette Medal ; Homeroom VicePres ide m Fayetreville H i gh School. F aycncv ille, Nonh Carolina. M a j o r etre. CristObal High School. Coco Solo Can a l Z one. B and Lette r ; M a j o rette. N a n c y Sha v e r F a lls Ch u r c h Hi g h Sch ool. Fall s Churc h Virginia. Freshman Class Sec retary. G eo r ge C Mars h all Hi g h SchooL F alls C hurch Virgini a Student Body President. Teresa S p i n elli. Insti rute o f N otre Dame B altimore, M aryla n d Freshman Class President. John Swain. Madrid Juni or-Senior D e pendents High Sch ool. Madr id, Spain. F oo tb all Lettet. Sue Unra u Acadia B apris r Academy. Eunice, L o u isia na. Sophomore Class V ice-President; Basketball Lerre r R i c h ard Wallach. C ti sto b a l Hi gh Sch ool. Coco Solo Can a l Zo ne. Tennis L e u e r ; Swimmi ng L etter. Carli s l e High School Carlis le. P ennsylvania r Track L ette r ; W resding L ener.

PAGE 155

s p P ardou my bllck. e Zle rybody/" R T l Y e call ,biJ our T F o r ma tioll.'"

PAGE 156


PAGE 157

-B .H.S. GRIDMEN With only four returning ienerrnen and a new coac h ou r team pur In a t oug h year. The games weren t won but it c an't b e said that S H.S. lost. least the spirit was high Let's n ot f o r get th e r e will always If t h e sco res weren't, at be a bener t eam to beat the champions but who could defeat ou r un conque red S H.S. spi rir. ',II "". .. .t j PRONT ROW, Idt to right : T i m Co rrigan Bill K eene, Joe Brem e r T om Whitley Bill Swanstrom, W ill Nordstrom, Pete Stevens K e nn y Phillips, Ja c k Guavant,,", Geo rge Case, J oe Hunt. SECOND ROW: B o b Cl egho r n, Di c k Walla ce, Steve Cunningham, Duke Wilson. Ja c k Barrett, B ob Dln ieh, F rank Disharoon H a r o l d G reen Kimb:.tl R o b ins, Terry D esse n Dlve A l banese, Wayne Leake THIRD ROW: Coa c h Br ow n Harry Albaugh, Ed Wiese, J oh n R athge ber Eddie S mithwi c k T er r y Barber, Mik e M o r r o w Richud Plll c k e r John Sargent, Co:llch R:lIy bll r n FOURTH ROW: Mike Plll c ker, M i k e Co l a c i cco.

PAGE 158

Tom W / hitl ey Captain Tim C orngao JOe Bre m e r Georoe C o aSe T er ry B arber BALBOA BilJ Swanstrom I Sre\'e C UOOlog harn

PAGE 159

BULLDOGS Coach Brow n \ -Jack B arrett B ill Keene Wayn e Leake I Ri c h Harringcon W ill N o r d strom Mik e Plucker R3Y Mill e r

PAGE 160

T be elbow Joe, tbe e lb ow.'.' right fellows, m e YOllr heads/.' G o verno r Robert Fleming presented otl e of B H.S.'s all-sta r s B illy Kee"ne, witb a fool balt trophy afler Ihe P alm B owl game, in which the Alt-Slars defeated C-Z-C ollege 7-6. Ch., Exec. PI. S t., Mr f o hn Hollel1 looks 0 1 1. Dessert desser/ed ...

PAGE 161

Sp i rit at alt t be games WaJ high as dem om/rated by a g r o up 0/ B H.5. bOYf at tbe A uchor game. D on't let him do Ihal, Rick.' Tbais 011e way of belping, Tom.'.' Now ftOP, pivot ri gb t, dllck, then UrOIJ 0 ruck."

PAGE 162

" Cbeck my sex y legl" On tbe COllnt 0/ 3. we'll clo bb e r tlum! P rom tr w /btl ll plll)tl r. /0 cbee r le(lderr. T hey look prell) '''fiR/) hllh///

PAGE 163


PAGE 164

A LEAGUE CHAMPS 8 u FRONT ROW, left t o r ight: Bubar:l Lewter, S u e Wi ll enbrock, Nancy Bar celo, Pat Bas ham BAC K ROW: urol McCue Marilyn Le MaHer. S ue Lessilc k. J ackie L ovelady. B LEAGUE CHAMPS Th e B league girls basketb all team composed of mne sophom ores won (WO OUt of three games aga in st Cristoba l High S c hool. In orde r to playas all-sta r s f rom B a lbo a Hi g h School the B leagu e girls, like t h e A leag ue girls, had co p laya round-robin rournamem agains( Other teams from their own class. After winning rhat tOurnam e nr the Sophomo res had to play twO our of three games aga in s t the Freshman winn ers to becom e the B l e agu e all-st ar s The J un i ors had to pla y the Senior winners to beco m e A l eague all-s c a rs. The B l eague all-sta r s were Gra ce Whitney, captain Pat Chand l er, Mitzi V oge l Jerri Hum, Mildred Windberg. Pat Booth, lisa Atk ins, Judy J ernig e n and Caro l Sparks. B

PAGE 165

1 '/1 take Iha l ... llVhlll in the world is t be ball doing tip tbere ? I t's 1lo t t bat impo rtant, Grace. Basketball, Mitzi 110 t patty-cake.'

PAGE 166

F ooled ,'Oil again. I can't see it al1,' where . Squar e da1lce atl),one ? Runaway

PAGE 167


PAGE 168

! [ __ .... O ... .. I I ----, Mermaids \ FIRST ROW, left to right: Hel en Manning. Wilson, Patti O'Brien, Ethelyn Riley. THIRD
PAGE 169

Swami JaJ' J Go North t o water." "Did yolt see tha I ?.'? ?.'" Good grief, it's a sumnml1lg o rg)'

PAGE 170

Oh, I't l e got a crampl SuJtt1Z dive??? Kick plIlI, glide . Swimmer s lake Y01lr mark --gol.'

PAGE 171


PAGE 172

Jim -BALBOA BULLDOGS 'r o m 1\7 hitl e y Joe Sre m e r

PAGE 173

NEW REC ORD i1l t b e 11Ulkillg. C01lg r a t ulat i o ns, J oe/ N ewcome r 1 0 R H.S. Tal H ibb er t was o n e o f t he tra ck t e am 's high. t1lmperI. T he miters ]tar l o n their j 0 1lme-y. L uther Qlli1Ml fllnf hur dles.

PAGE 174


PAGE 175

A League Champs FRONT ROW: Glil Albritton. SECOND ROW: Sue Colton, P;J.ulll L eft ridge, P eggy bnt'. THIRD ROW: Klthi Lav:allee, J a n e H e:lrnc, L inda Fawcett. B League F RONT ROW: M itzi V ogel. SECOND ROW: L inda Newman, Jerri Hunt, Grace Whitney, Debbie Wilder. THIRD ROW: M ildred Winberg, P at C handler, Bunny Rud e s hi c m

PAGE 176

M7 -, ----, I" .. ::t o .. '':':'. -.. ."n:z.* '" t!i. ---. lt v hat p ower!? T ee hee. D o n t 1W! s tand ther e spike it o r somethil1g .... ......... ..... -... . l trher e d o Y0ft t hink you' r e g Oil1g, ball ?

PAGE 177

Ole Fttilb/ul gets her cbance. -.. !.II Volle,.ball 110t drill leam Jerri .............. --.... .. D o n t let il knock '1011 d oultl, Bun1ly.' 3 3 Yea, bill look al tbal hig fall r ed bead

PAGE 178


PAGE 179

BALBOA BULLDOGS Lurher Qu" 100 Mario Calleja --BilJ E golf Srew-an B rown --------\ G e ne H ermnnny / WilJy Castro I J erry Lee

PAGE 180

Bulldogs ,,-,-" AI M a rtiO I J e H R iley , tr'1(l)'\ I'n Bra Co \ d,h'w J an Co ru g Tim

PAGE 181

Don t SlOp.' So tUhal if Ibe secolld baseman bas Ihe ball "SlOP that d01z.'t '011 know I'm ti cklish." Atta boy, Gene, d01i'1 let any of them get by YOII. Slide, slide.' Oh, for Hea ven s sake do sometbi1sg.

PAGE 182

- VARSITY TENNIS HolU i s I h i s pOle?

PAGE 183

Varsity Tennis FRONT, I to r .: Grace W h itney, K:Hhy Chandl e r Pat C h andler BACK : Plul ... l eft ridge. Mrs. C l ementine Y oung, Linda Fawcen, Gail Alb ritton KNEELING: Dickey Frank BACK, I. to r.: Jim T o mlnelli R o b Wa lkt'T, Mike B ruce NOT PICTURED : Danny Hele B.H.S. Champions The var siry t e nni s teams fr o m B a l boa High Schoo l proved to be tOO mu c h f o r th e ir oppo n e nts again thi s year The boy s t eam fini s h ed t h e seaso n undefeated and [he g irl s added an awa rd of their own ro th e B H S trophy case.

PAGE 184

You Hand 011 that this t ime, Lillda. -----What a swing.' Hey, come back here.' Close ),01lr 1I10mh, Jim..' W e would11't want to swallow th e bait. llVbew.' It's 01lt, Paula.' I t's o m.'

PAGE 185

-Spirit of B.H.S. Diana I a no/e Kathi H trt Linda H arr Pat J anssen

PAGE 186

Linda H a n K at hi Hin Pac Janssen D i ana lunDale C H E E R L E A D E R S Miss D awso n Can dy An de r so n S u e Corto n S u e Lessi ac k Ir e n e M o nzon

PAGE 187

-" . : ,. -. ..... j L .. Di a n e Hin d m a n Junio r .., M a I o r e t t e s M a r s h a Prevosr Se ni o r .. ... "'t V icki McCoy Junior .. 'r,' ........ . "-:It': ........ ) .J : ...... . -t : .... '.-""

PAGE 188


PAGE 189


PAGE 190

Inauguration of Officers Ju nio r Clas s Offi cers F reshm a n C lass Offi ce r s Senio r C lass Offi ce r s Soph o m o r e Class Offi ce r s

PAGE 191

The B ird'! the word! -THE INAUGURAL BALL Yes, I ftJe [ pana t oo!

PAGE 192

Diane Hindman Queen Diane I THE CHRISTMAS FORMAL

PAGE 193

P r incess Gail B o h a nnan Princess Gail L y n c h Princess J a n e Sumn e r P ri n cess G l oria Wirt h '. "'I ..... .

PAGE 194

The QlIee1l and her COllrl Ther e/o-re, t v e J/xJ1Ild g o 1 0 Ihe 11UJ01J ... J ..... 'r' '" I AI J tvaJ ... And now we'll pauJe ... He'J p01Vderi1lg hiJ 110Ie.' J thil1k they're lal ki1Jg about 111.'

PAGE 195

SADIE HAWKINS Sophomores Elect Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae Doris Green and Duke Wilso n

PAGE 196

Debbie Wilder and John Rathgeber Jerri Hunt and Jim Nichols

PAGE 197

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY { ..,. Mike Co h cicco, T r easur er; Mary H owe Vice President; Mike Br u ce, President; Diane Br o wn Secreury. KNEE UNG. 1. to t.: D i ane Lewi s Mary H owe, Caro l Wen ts l c r Jelnie Colbu r n. Anayan s i Herren, D i ane Brow n P:H j:.anssen, Ellen Dougl:ts. SECOND ROW: Mary C l aire McNlIught Louise Bailey. Nina Shirer, Gai l Albritton I rene M o nzon, Cuo! Farbman, J ody Spinelli THIRD ROW: Dan B l u:kmon. Chu c k C urran, Norm
PAGE 198

D a n Blackmo n Presid ent Mr. F rank Gately Fac ult y Advisor Jody Sp in e lli Secrerary .. S A o f f I C e r s ....... ,. II!!!!!!' 11 Sue Less iack Vice-President Mary H owe Secr eta r y

PAGE 199

Parrakeet Staff ; n STANDING: [ latt Earl. R o b e rt Kilpatrick Betsy B rown, J i m T omandli. Pat J3nnse n M ich:ltli s Sue Brown, L y nda luke. SITTING: J anel \'(/righ t V;J.lerie Spencer, Kathy Kingsbury, J ane Swasick, Nor ma Y ork. Paula Leftrid ge. lrnd:!. Donle y, Nancy S hav er, ;and Eliubclh Llne Our typISts : Becky and J a ner. The Parr akeel, Balboa H igh Schoor s s rud enr n ewspape r ha s compieced a nOth e r year o f oumandin g j ournalis m Under r h e man agemenr o f ed iror Par J an nsen and assistant ed it o r Jim T o m nan elli, rhe Parrak eet s taff has e nd eavo r e d co rep o rt the news o f OUf sch oo l w i th cando r a nd o rigin ality The sta ff ha s b ee n a bly ass i s t e d this year b y o ur s p o n sor, Mr Fr e d Brown

PAGE 200

Dixieland and BHS Band Band

PAGE 201

Orches tra Thi s yea r the Or c hestra has been the biggest ever in the hisrory o f S. H S Th e fin e performance at the Christmas C o ncen s h ows chat many h ard hows of work and co-opera rion were puc into thi s aaiviry The Spr in g Ca ncerr was a lso a big s uccess. The Orche s tra i s ably directed by Vier o r A H e rr

PAGE 202


PAGE 203


PAGE 204

Caribbean Girl's State C ARIBB E AN G IRLS' STATE: F IR ST ROW, I. 1 0 r.: L. Walt on, M H:ack, P L eftri dge. I. M o nzon lo.l. H owe, M Bartl ett, D. hno l e. R C. Wcntslc r L Bailey Girls' N,ui o n r eprcscnt:ltivt. SECOND ROW: M M cNa u g ht C. Pu n is, A. M aybe r ry, J. Spinelli, D G illman, G. Albritton, 8 Jan o witz P G r ow, C. Farbman THI RD ROW : B Bryant D. Lewis E. D o ughs, L. Fawcelt, L. Hayd..:n, E. Hanl ey, J M eye r, J. M eyer. C. Kapinos. FOURTH ROW: L. Martin S Osborne, M Dubbs, P Janssen S. LaP ona, K Fallon, S. CottOn, N. King SMALL PICTURE ( I r) : J. O'Con nor, Gove rnor ; M Slot kin Lt. Gove rn o r ; M MacCo nn ell, Secretar v of Sute, and C. Attorney Genera l Caribbe a n G irl s' S tare is a r r ain ing program spo n so red by [h e Ca n a l Zone American Legi o n Auxiliary aimed at in structi n g [h e young w o m e n o f t oday in the processes o f c ity and stare governm e nt Based o n th e theory that the best way r o learn so mething i s by pract icin g it G irl s' Stat e is held during rhe Easter vacation when th ose ju ni o r girls who h ave been se l ected by the advisor s o f th e hi g h sch oo l s attend a week long sess ion at o ne o f [h e military r eserva ti o n s in the Cana l Zo n e Girls' Stare i s sta ffed by Ameri can L eg i o n Auxili ary membe r s who vo lum ee r th e ir r im e a nd effort ro this e nt e r prise Aidin g [hem a re junior cou n selors who a re vereean Girl s State cirize n s who served ac ti vely a nd demonstrated l eade r ship qu a lifi es durin,e t h e pre viou s session Th e principle o f "panicip atio n scudy" i s activated t hr oug h po liri caJ cam p aig n s and e j ect i o ns, a mock [cial, and n ume r ous senate sess i o ns. The Girls St a r e program reaches i ts climax in the annual e lecti o n of tWO r ep r ese ntatives [0 G irl s' N at i o n a spec i a l continu a ti o n o f th e Girls' States sess i o n s held in Washingron, D C, and dedicared [Q (he Nati o n a l Government.

PAGE 205

Crossroads Boys State C harles Curun Governor Boys Nation Senat o r Ii BAC K ROW, I. to t.: D Kimb erling, A Ca l dwell B Rei chart, D Dard e n J Bre m e r T J ohns to n L. K irknlln. M Col:aci cc o B Fis h e r S ECO N D R O W : R Teet s B Wa lk e r M. Bru ce T. Whi tl ey. O D e m i n g, T GOing l e, C. Beld e n C McCl elland V Alers, E W ibe rg. FRONT ROW: 8 SlItterwhite, J. Dav ila B Coy, L En g elk e, G. O ePipcr C. Curran, J. Hunt, D Blac km on. Michael Bru c e Lieutenant Govern o r Richard T ten Attorney Gen e ral Michael Colac i cco Auditor -Treasurer I } I ::J I BAC K ROW: Rog e r Nob le. Woody Smith, Ivan KI:l5ovsky, W i lliam A c hes on FRONT ROW: Al e x He-ppenh eime r T o m Heppenheimtr D e nni s D e m i n g Secr etary of Sute "Democracy Depends On Me" O;l.nicl M. Bbckmon Speaker of the House B oys Nation Senato r

PAGE 206


PAGE 207

Pan American Club 1 'I I I 11)-.--President-Jeannie Colburn Vice-Presidenr-Zaida G o nzalez Secretary-Margie Ollar Treasurer-Ire n e Monz o n Point of View Club KNEELING, I to r.: G r egory K e nnington, A l eman Elroy Alfaro, Courtney Wild e r. Jeann e Meyer Sec . Trcu.; Paul Meyer, Vice-Presiden t. SECOND ROW: Zaida G o nzal ez. M:HY Lind:! C ampbell Idene J o hn son. C arol Fubm.ln, Pres.; Carol Wcnule r. C hri stina Quiros, Marilyn Truitt. Ca r o l Getman, Co n H erre ra. THIRD ROW: l ynn B ag licn Krist i na Higg ins, Vir ginia Fluma c h Ann Winquist, J a d y Spinelli L orninc J oh nson. J a n e SW:l$ick FOURTH ROW: Joan Widdeche. Sharon Poh!. ellr o l Br yso n, K :,uh r y n F:&lIo n JOlOnI,' M eye r lind a F.awee n Tiu Mila s Lynn MUli n, louis e Bail ey, Patrici a Fri tts. e!)e, ,.

PAGE 208

Kare n K err P attie Bittel Vincenre Abea B o b Tarr M ary Wiese Edna B eechne r Barbara Jano wit z Club Officers Club Board Billy Daubin Robert Dryja Kathie Chandler Ann Winquist Diane Brown s c I e n c e C I u b

PAGE 209

Howe D o ugla s Lewis, Truit, Fluma c h, Wie se. Williams. Quiros. Southwell, Spinelli, Winquist, J ano witz, u r binati, Tarr, J o hnson. Baglien B otze nm ayo r, Wentsle r Pall on, M eyer, Vau c h e r J e nkins, O sbo u r ne. Tilty, ulnick, K er r Wilson G r ow, Ro gers. I eye r Everson H aenkt'. Mr. Smlll, Mr Tur ney Kimbe r ling, Kt'nnin g t on, SiZt'm o r e, M eyer. Wil d e r. Adams, Pnke r Daubin, Abu. F ontai ne. NOT P{CTURED: Ayala Brown Album, Doughss. H erre ra. Hirsch i H o use. Lessiack. Warre n The United Natio n s C l ub had their picture s taken with member s of the O.A.S. Council. Ambassad ors j. Pl ate ( Panguay), E. M Oribe ( Uraguay) a n d Mr. S. Coltrell (Sute D e pt.) who wer e visi tin g Panama United Nations Club Mu Alpha Theta and Math Club M embers of the club I. t o r., FRONT: M. Truiu, Reco r ding Secretary; Z. Gonza les. L. Mar tin Preside nt. SECOND ROW: N. B a r celo, C. Farbm an. V Flu mach. THI RD ROW: C. Getman, P. Leftridge, K Shr o eder FOURTH ROW: D Black m o n. K Pallon. L. F awcett, Correspondin g Secr etary. FIFT H ROW: S. Osbo r n e, J. Meyer J Meyer. S. Ge n ther. LAST ROW: P M e y er, and A Esterline.

PAGE 210

B. H. s. Letterman's Club FIR S T ROW : Steve C u nningham, Cerc t De P ipe r John Morton Luth er Quin n, L ouis Engelke. Jim Widdec k e, J oe Hunt, Fred P eml. S ECOND ROW: Co lin Brad s h a w T o m Whitley, Vic t o r Ale rs, Wal tn Mon r oe Di c k E bd on, B o b Dessert, J:tck Barr ett. B ill Swan s t r om. T HI RD ROW: Geo rge Case, B o b Baggoll, Duk e Wi lson, St e w Brown Bill Keene D on Dessert. J i m Ril ey, lnd Wayne l eake. B u L L D o G s

PAGE 211

Chess Club I" I l \ .. MEMBERS: Betty Anders.) n E d B eeehne r Flo rind a Beechn e r P : n B oo th Sharon B o tzenmayrr, J aml.'s C h ancey, P obc n C l eveland, Ter ry Con l ey, B o b D aniel, Bill y D anhi n, brry OHis Mik e Dubroff, Glenn Eva n s, R eg ina Gaspe ri Ann Griffin S usan H all, Ge n e H ermanny, J3me HtHers, R oge r J-Iocn k e, J 30 J ense n O lga Lag :u sie, Johnn M ani, Al Martin, C harles 1-.k Co nn ey, Paul M eye r Paul Ri c h ards. B eve r l y Sener, Di c k SilJi k P h ill ip Steers, J 3me s S t e ph a n J o h n Thomso n Tin13 T orres. DAvid W;Hr en, Bill WiklOr J erry W ors ham K3th y White. Sponso r : Mrs. Wilkin. Triple C The purpose o f thi s club i s to fo ste r close b ands of friend s hip between the srude nt s of t h e United States a nd Pan ama. H a blando n os emendernos is the club motto ( b y talkin g i t over we under s tand each other). The main ac tivity o f th e club i s co turor in Spanish and Englis h Phil a nthr o pic social a nd c ultural activiries a r e included in the yearly pro g r ams of th e club. The C hess Clubs purpose i s to promor e interest in c hess am o n g the StU d e nt s o f BHS and [0 pr o vid e the op porruniry ro p lay t h e ga m e Th e C lub s p o nsor s an annual c hess cournamenc a m o n g irs mem b ers. O FFICERS: K en n y D:uiingwn Presid ent; P a ula L eftridge, Public R eiltio n s Officer; Santos Sam son. Vice-Presid en l ; G ri s elda Vasnic k Secretary; S usan S i a d e r Assi stant SecrellfY; Priscill a Br o w n. T r e Jsure r a nd Mary Lou W3tkins. A s sistant TrclsurCf

PAGE 212

Our l eader Mrs. D e La Mater Dian a hncnl e Pr eside nt Minl P i no Vice Pre s ident P am Bro wn T rcas u r e r Caro l K a pinos-Secr ctary Becky Webb-His t o rian B e tsy Brown R e p orte r Tomorrow's Secretaries Co//eemaking, a ,kill m 'he o f/ice? T omorrow'J JecretarieJ at work. FIRST ROW : E B r i g h t. C. Z er binati. J. Hassl e r SECON D ROW : E. Reye s D. Ianoale. P B est. THI RD ROW: J. K ent. Mrs. De La Mat er. P Brown C. Kapinos. FOURTH ROW: M P i n.o. J. Thompson, E Buenafe, B W e bb J. H o lgerson FIFTH ROW: L. H a rt N. Shi r er, J Myers. P Kintn e r TOMO R ROW S SECRETARIES CLUB One o f B.H. S.'s n ewes t clubs the Tomorr ow's Secretar ies C l ub began with an activ e year Th e club is composed o f mem b e rs o f the Adv a nced Sho rrhand class. Mrs. Vivi a n D e La M ater, class instructo r a lso acr e d as the club's spo nsor. F o r irs main project o f the year the club o rganized the Secretarial Cent e r whe reb y the stude nts used t h eir acquired bus iness skills to help teach e rs. Thi s proved ro be very beneficia l to teachers and of inv a luab l e e xperi e n ce to the s tud e nts Oche r activities o f the year incl u ded a rour o f the Administrati o n Buildin g and a p arr y Th e elect e d o fficers o f the 196364 school year w e re: PresidentDi a n e I anoale Vice-President-Mina Pino, Secretary-Caro l K a pinos, T r easurer-Pam B rown Hi storian-Becky W e bb and R epo n er-Betsy Brown

PAGE 213

F.N.A. President. Vice Pre s id ent, Prlnc i c D i g nllm ; Sct t enr)', Jnn B o u c h e; Trusurer Sheih Os bo r n e; S ponsor Mrs Pre vost; jJnct P e rry, L in d ... P erry, Christi n J Quiroz. K : Hhleen Whit(', A n n G riffin Plim Hi gg i ns, L ois D e nt o n R o b yn H am m ettr. L a u r ie G lus, Alie;J. r-.1cMurray, Diana H.lk y, D o l o res Bunes, K are n F o rch l nd N i dia Huste d, Violet Sull e t Judy Tuinor, Lorr,line Johnson. Klthy W arren, Elizabeth S t e ller Kathy R o blins, N:l.nC)' COlto n ellto l Wenul er, Dill nJ. B!Jmictt, J an F iu.w ilii::.m MJr c ell a HlIWk, Mar gare ta Jilli. Barblt;a M cG rat h, K H h crinc G r ardin;l, S uun Clurbonnelu B o bbie BurJudy Walton, Eleanor Y o un g. G i l mlln. Karen Kbges, C u o i L opez. O lga Ston e, Fran Fit7-william GlIil Hutison W ilson, C h e r y l Waid e 5yl"'ll Perrl, L c r\ e n e Hlyd en, M o ll y La G r a e, P hy llis Wuner, jlc kie Lovelldy An i ta Kinn e r B e u y nell E dna Glori a Duke, Sandra Sout h K : u llY j o ne s j enny Bukena, Agnes Pr ob:ac k Brc:ndl Sue Luke, Chulo t te Fli n c h baugh, Ant i a Ven H anche n Donnl L a r s on, P inky Garc i a Muy j:ac kson, and Cuhy Smith. Slide Rule Club PIR S T ROW: D o n Pr esiden t ; Ht:le n \V.1ldron, Da vid Rick e r Trenton Pri c e Travis Pri c e Sec r el:l. r y. S E C O/\,'D R O W : 8 0 b Wh eele r Ge n e H ermann)', B o b D essl rI Ri chHd Casey. THIRD ROW: Mik e G u r ne y, F e rn a nd o O U re;!., Terr y Con l y :lnd Ar nn l d Taiban.

PAGE 214

The Folksinger's Club The F o /klin ge r'; g r oup in the middle of ''Tom D ooley" THE OFFI CERS. I to r.: Cor key Ficze r i (Coo rdinator). Alan P roctor (Pr.:'sidcnt), M ike H o l l en ( Vice .Pr('sidcnt). Linda Fussel l (Sec rcury-T reasurer ) H:tv(: yOll eve r h e ard som e favorite son g d rifting thr o u g h (he h alls o f t h e mus i c buil ding o n l Mond3Y afcernoon! Pr o bably if wns tht' n ew F o l k s in ge r 's C l u b in sess i o n \x/ i t h a membership o f close to .1 hund r ed, i t meets every seco nd M o n day {Q di scliss. s i ng or liste n ro so m e pha se of F olk Music. The club's purpose i s (0 pro m ote: :l bener understanding o f F olk i"vll1si c and the part it play s in Am<:r i c i today Th e club i s Ill'\\' chis year and dle fifry member s a b o v e hope to continuC' it r h rougholl ( ,h e coming ye: u ...

PAGE 215

F.T.A. "Le Cercle President-Ja n e Swasi c k V.-Preside m N o rm a Y ork S e c -Trea s ur er-Betry Bryam Sponsor-Mrs. Ruby Bissen A im-We srudy (he qua l ities thar a r e b as i c to successful tea ch in g a nd (he adv a nta ge o f working in var i o u s g r a d e l e vels Program-Guest spea k e rs, expe rt s in different subject s an d g r ade l e v e ls, addresse d th e club. M em b e rs hav e gi Y e n r c p oers o n famou s r eac he r s, new books o n educatio n and n e w r eac hin g m e thods Hi g hli g ht s-We gave a Christmas party f o r Panamanian children in a n e l e m e nt a r y school n e ar J uan Diaz The club furni s h e d ref r es hm e nts, emcn a in m e nr and g ifts. F.T.A m e mber s hav e been ass i g n e d to p a rti c u l a r t e ac h e r s in r h e B a lb o a Elementa r y Sdlool to o b se r ve rh e t e a c her s a n d child r e n at w o rk a nd {Q assi st in some r o urin e tasks 1 963-64 ha s bee n a very s u c cess ful club yea r fo r F.TA Francais" I RONT, I. II' T.: F hIli. It G.111.l, I CLlIlpbcl1. Z (;"111.11,,,. I 10hn)011. "IIDDI F' F M ontcrrosu. 1-1. G r cl'n, J Rill'" O. $tom', ., lS.:aulhm,IIl, L. !-Itlwe, V .... I L DJn,et. T Smith. B S.110rll'I., I t Puker, t Smith, C. HureTJ, L. NJJT !SACK : :-'1 j ,lI., Y IlerTeLI A ] -krt." 1. H l h lcr, M J lof(rn.:an. Q FF I C ER '\; IlI1d.l N.:alr ; V,(t: Pr.'"dcnt, ,\\unl U \ Inlr; '1 ..... n llry. Cor.1 Ikrrcrl; Trr.-;nurcr. I d clle J ohmo n MFMISERS NOT PIC TURED: M Mqcn. E 1\lfJrv, II Ilr.1111UI1, T. I. I\ I0fl, Y \\OT.1, L. L"ell, K. Kf.'Tl'on. C Gctnlln. 1 \ F l bc r).:. I Itl"u,,', /\II, nul1 u. R AJJ .. r1l.lno, R 1..1 Fuente. 1\1 C .lll c ;J, N I i

PAGE 216

Girls Athletic Association Gad Albritton, P rC)ldcnt: LInda F:J.""cl'tt, V Jackie LCH'dady, Sec ; Pal R et'. :J.nd Paula I.eft nd,l;l', Coordin. Bridge Club F I R S T RO'X' I. to c .: G. SICWHI, D h nolc, L C ampbell, C. hrbmlll, 1'. S pinelli, E Stephan SECOND ROW: S. I l eime r C. K apmos, E. D udle)" L. t holey, M Weise, T L ockhart. THIRD ROW: S. Osbor ne, H D:.l.n ids, H Elli s j\ .1, Truitt. C. Brrson FOURTH ROW: A S tit c h L. J\hr tin, C. 1 lrTH ROW: A E\lcrltn c. M O sbo r ne, A MUlin, K Chlndlc c V icc PrnlC icnt.

PAGE 217

Future Homemakers of America This i s the fir s t yea r B a l boa Hig h has h a d an F.H A C lub The F H A ha s eight pu r poses w irh rhe o v e r a ll purpose b e ing [Q he l p indi vidu a l s improve pe r so nal, family a nd communiry l iving FIRST ROW: N:r.n,"y King. C H o t l\kC ul.", KJ.) Sno"dcn. C:I mil t e de Clmp. S ECOND R O\\,'; CllJrtottl' 5l Jlltcr. Ann Donaldson. N :U1CY D o naldson Brlrnktt. THIRD ROW; I.inda Kill!':. Fnnci( Dighml, B
PAGE 218

Library Club P ri.'sid .. nt, Gretchen Sl'c n 'tlrr. MIr iam Bat e m3n

PAGE 219

Drama Club and The spians FRONT ROW: J o n C r ego, A ntho n y White, Runnestund, Bill Sing l et o n J:&n e t Field s, L o ui s Adlms, L o rr J;ne l n j l mci 8:1.),. Michael A1U:lIdnc r ALSO PICTURFD: (Dr.lml Club) D Aleman, M R e l Sey, J bns f ord. j. Coo p e r. F Wi,'Jde, L. C l mpbel l J. Walton, T. L o c klllrt. L lI,' l e dCllf, M Bremtr, C. Alpert P L ieser A Sutc h. L. FundI. l. Wllto n M Dubbs, S H ;lnley, P O'Srien I. J o hnson K K e n in, O Wlrre n R L i ndo, B J. ''i lddeckt', C. Bry son, L Saunde r s i\ I \X/ eise M 8ns\\tll. J Rizzo, S R ; n hge b e t P Hlmill H Dlni cis. Thi s year, as always, {he Drama D epa rrmem ha s worked hard to g ive Balboa Hig h a good sample o f [hearer an. Und e r t h e spo nsorship of Ray Gree n e fOllr members o f t h e Dr ama C lub were "prom oced" co N ario n a l Thesp ian s Th e o ffi cers for the 1 9631 964 sch oo l yea r we r e : LORRAINE LEEN ( President ) MICHAEL AlEXANDER ( Vice-Pre side nt), KIM RICHARDS (Sec.-Tteas.).

PAGE 220

/ _ advertisi ng

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Compliments of Abou Saad Temple Balboa Assembly No. L Order of Rainbow for Girls Balboa Lions Club Canal Zone Credit Union Esso Standard Oil. S.A. Fern Leaf Chapter No.4, O.E.S. Pacific Chapter Order of DeMolay

PAGE 222

\ Compliments o f HELEN'S U NEN CENTER G a l erias, Panama C e ntral Avenue 17-85 P O B ox 3 1 6 1 T el. 2 -4728 "No Diga N I N S Diga CAFE Cafe DURAN" 1 to l d Sh e il a to go to N illo'.
PAGE 223

DUTY FREE GRAnD ORIEnTAL STORE Central Avenue 17-19 Cable "Bhiku" Tel. 2-3435 B ox 1329, Panama The House of French Perfumes and High Class Linen, Ivory Figures Alligator Goods, F i n e Porcelain and Brass Wares Native Products. Oriental Furniture and R ugs, Binocula rs, P ocket-s ize Transis t o r Radi os, and World N o veltie s. r l CtnJI lon t "'1".1.0 ,tun o (& V I CITATION O F H O:'\ r1H Salo m o n II irhirb J llorr ......... D On<' ""'hI" .... u ... ."". ".,... .::::::t.."'_-a j U ... ,.-J Bl's l al l'an;lIn d Can H I ZlInt' Trad e F a i r Curundu 5219 & Daily Pick Up, All P.X.'s Central Lab CURUNDU PHOTO SERVICE Fast Service and T o p Quality Pic ture s Portrai t Wallet -Groups C o pies Ph o tostat s Photofini shing Custom F ramin g Licen s e PIX While U Wait "With Che r y l it's UJorth a c/ose sbav e at the BALBOA BARBER SH OP

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/ "We move by air, by land, and by sea, Box 221 Panama Phone : Panama 5-3510 fa _Ii 2 ail. hit' 1','''''111 I -----" When i t c omp s to mov ill g you call be booked b y a CANF., but /lot by CAI N BROTHE RS! CAIN BROTHERS

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LA SUERTE ... --. ..... -, '\ .".-,l .\ F o r th e W ell Dressed L oo k Compliments of GLADYS' BEAUTY SALONS Albro o k 7103 C layton 32009 Kobbe 6117

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Complime nt s of GRACE All Shoppmg f o r Typica l Articles Begin s a t PANAMA BONITO Las Vegas Building Hotel Contin ental LINE General A gents PANAMA AGENCIES CO. Cristobal -Balboa -Panama Col o n Tel. 2135 2159 3-002 4 7 -1744 Box 1370 --Panama, RP. MERCURIOS JEWELRY STORE SOlll f l!;ilJ,f!, from M -{'rf'lfrio's i s "lwllYs S f) IJI(> I bi Ilg .'i /J(' cia /

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BRENDA'S for Beauty Tiv oli Guest House T el. 2-3377 rr At Bori.1i K in/off's ) 'CS, bill a l Br e nda's uo!" ALDEN'S The Largest Depart m ent Sto r e in Panama Courtesy of ZIG ZAG THE FINEST MATERIAL IN TOWN Avenida Cenlral 100-18 Panama

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A Frie l/dl y H otel /II the H e art of the Americas Panama's Newes t and Mos t Luxuri ous H o t el Dining and Dancing to Clarence Martin and His Ban d Bar Buddl Salon 0 1 I he Piano Co lfe e Sho p Swimmi n g P oo l G o vernment Operated Gambli n g Ca sino I n ternational Fl oo r Sh o w s a t Ambassado r Room and "EI S olano" Ni ghl Club HOTEL CONTINENTAL PANAMA, REPUBLIC O F PANAMA T el. M R GU STAVO TRIUS, Presidenl Dec 16, 1962 t o Mar. }1. 1963 S in g l('s D o uble s Suite s $10, $ 12. S I4, $ 1 6 S12. $14, S16 S I 8 .$}O, $ 3 S RATE S April I 196} 10 Dec I S 196 } $8, $ 10, $12. $ 14 $ 10, $12, $14, $ 16 $2J. $30, S H MR R AL P H R. R EBER. General Manager Pt'e sidenul S uit e Brida l Room 120 "' 12' Ext r a Bed i n R oo m ............. S3 .... ... $ 3 C hild r e n up 10 and i ncludinF: II years in nrne r oo m w ith parents f ree-of c harge Best W is hes to the Class of 1964 COMPANIA L. Apartado 7339 Panama, R. d e p, ARTINZ, S.A. Cable "Lumar" Telef o n o :

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"For a mit like tbi s and a gir l like Gina try BENNY'S TAILOR SHOP 1-32 ''J'' Street Tel. 2-2183 Panama City Apartado 7190 Panama, R.P. TAJ MAHAL Linen Table Cloths, French Perfumes, Oriental Carved and Inlaid Furniture, Gold lewelry and Pearls, Watches, Transistor Radios, Cameras. Petit P oin t Beaded, Alligat o r Bag s, Carved Ivory, and lade Figurine s, Panama Hat s, and Various Other Souvenirs. The Finest in Shopping' Cou rt esy of the BAZAR ESPAN OL to the Studell t s of BALBOA HIG H SCHOOL Central Ave. 13-80 DIABLO BEAUTY SHOP Box 998 Balboa Tel.: Balboa 1322 Call f or an Ap pointment

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CASA BHULAR B ox 1491 Panama T el. 2-3446 GIFT SHOP AIR CONDITIONED 22-07 Central A venue 22-07 Plaza 5 de Mayo Compliments of BALBOA BEAUTY SHOP Manager Betty Roe RIVIERA FINE FABRICS STORE ''J'' Street P anama City

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D on.' t W o rr y ... G e t H e r Flowers at THE ANCONGREENHOUSE Morgan s G ardens B ox 5009, B a lboa P hone: 2-239 0 YMCA B eauty Shop Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1 964 GULF PETROLEUM S.A.

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. I Look! Itke 11.

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r A flew da-nce? The overse er! H av e tl pr o bl e m ? Smirk! llVo rking o r en/in!!,?!

PAGE 236

, ltV alt ,racked a !tt1l1zy! You look a piClllre! -She didn t like the 'Way I cheered, lV'bere fl1ll-I goil1g? Busy (II work? An apple tI day ...

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f ---

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A1V, ple-e-ese? ll'l' here t1 eve r ybody? (" 22<'1 ..,.1 b Irw: ... ,-- T hey really do dance that way! ami [ cbased him five m i les ... . -' -'U ...

PAGE 239

. Mr. President. H e tuha l?? - Sel1i o r s tbe besl!1I ," A U "will et/"n/l /

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The GOHip Pole.' .. -#. ... of.. .. -.. ,)1, ... .. ".!;[, ... -Itt .: .... The Peml1l/ Gallery? I d idn' l dn il.' "frie1Jdly compcliliMI".'

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ltr e'11 e beet1-diIcovered! Now whe r e did he go? No/bing li ke making 'o1lrIel/ a/ home! F aked 'J01' am!

PAGE 242

Everybody's going somfJlUhere. T he 1IpS (md dOlUlll 0/ il. --

PAGE 243

Car? ... It? e don't knolll an"tbill g abo1lt a car! Mmt have been ano ther elephant joke. Look 0111 g irls, they're at it aga111.

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it'I Y0tl. a gail1. --A JIIrplllS of burlap bags> 65,450 ,675,98 1 ... 65,450,675,982 ... -Itve'tl> gO I ,heft/m e r hirlJ.'

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I I I lf l b at m a kes YOJ( r b ink ['m tir ed ? llV bal m c w orry? /-I cy.' Tbe Cflr'S d rooping.' /-I erCIIlcs lI11cbtlincd ... (lIu/ {ricmh! fI1ui lilflJ tab! islJ1I1CIlf{lr;( II1; r 11/ .

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, - Who's Who or What's What? WI rUE -..,-..

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.... Y 011 Jay IharJ a c-a-m-e-r-a? BlIlldogI.'

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F tmnies t Face BaUif!Jt Eyela.rhes L ous ieJI Pbysiqllc Biggest Fli<-t Be st Lookill, g Eyebrows M o st U11co-ordi1lt11. e d Biggest M o ut h l\tIost Comh Y Ottr I d o l Your Personal Hall of Fame Place your favorite in the s pace provided

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