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0 Su;: -c--

Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with funding from
University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries




Volume 59

Published by the Journalism Department
of Balboa High School
S *i,:k, !.C1.pal Zone
..: -01
. .. .. .. ...,. .. .. .. .
'i.' Q,. .,, :. q ,:. :,.e;' F '"'" ".:.,' ....:
. .. ... ....... g !o,,,., ....,,.., ., :.,, .,', .,. .. :o. ......
:.. :' ":, .- ~ g: .....:. .,:. ,] .. . ..... .. :. .. ... .... ..





Administration and Faculty

103, 127





187, 217






c l





I. ,

~~ir il~



. ..: .,' '


~.-~.~ ... . ...

-" '$4.. 4 .

-... -... -
MA, R',: '" :
;,: : . .

In Memoriam

i :'*';:
!' -..1- ~~L~Tti~::~
I :: .r :.~ :? ;r .:r~ .,.;.


I /Lt. Frank A. Rybicki, Jr.

So he marched toward the sound of the cannon.
A brilliant and promising career has been ended.
No mission was too difficult,
No sacrifice too great.
The highest demand placed on his soul he met,
To maintain the honor of the Corps.
Night has since captured him,
Snuffed the shining spirit within him,
But not the glow that marks him
Among our pages.

^^^U^^ I^JjA'

::^ ma P
^T I
^ J^ Iflfff

A V i -


act~i "




Queen Carol Adair Escorted by Watt Jenkins.

The crowning of Carol I by Herb Kalb, football captain,
and Darleen Woodruff, captain of cheerleaders.

Queen Carol Adair and escort Watt
Jenkins lead off the coronation dance.

Junior princess Jan Hawkins escorted by Jim Weise.

Senior princess Vicky Barnes escorted by Dennis Dorff.

Senior princess Terry Case escorted by Mark Howard.

A congregation of royalty.

Sophomore princess Sue Gordon escorted by Ian Ross.

-m M



Football Court .


Princess Lee Harwell Princess Nancy McQuarrie

And Dance

The Footbal Dance marked the end of the football season.
The Footbal Dance marked the end of the football season

Students dance to the music of the "Lovechain." 9

Juniors Reign



-*1 .

MW o







v Qi

jeen Darlene

:; ~: v

Christmas Formal

Princess Leslie Affeltranger escorted by Neil Fraunenheim.

Princess JoElla Irvin escorted by Jim Wiese.

Princess Donna McClain escorted by Mark Dillon.

Princess Sandy Serrano escorted by Mike Beatty.

* k.

k 9






(3 '"

Valentine Court




Miss Susan Howley

r ^

Miss Toni Nita


* I

Miss Frances Stabler
Escorts: Fernando Alfaro
Mark Dillon
Ed Eder

Herb Kalb
Wayne Foscue

Miss Darleen Woodruff


- i





+e; ~1

bI A-.'

Roldolfo Young


Queen Sue Speevak

Ralph Mizarachi

,r >4

Carnival Dance Attendants

Carol Furlong and Diego De La Guardia. Debra McGrath and Carl Harnish.

Carmen Vega and Orlando Filos

Renee Azrak and Ezra Attia.

Toni McGrath and Ramon Fernandez lead
the coronation dance.

L-R Ramon Fernandez, Toni McGrath, Brooke
Alfaro, Vilma De Lima, Ralph Mizarachi
and Queen Sue.




Queen Leslie Affletranger

Princess Carol Adair

Princess Janet Hunt

D. r)




I. I




/ ."




The "Final Solution" supplied great sounds for our first dance of the year.

Three stags waiting to get acquainted.

The three classes joined together for a night of fun.

Two BHS lettermen, Richard Lloyd and Neil
Frauenheim served their thirsty classmates
at the dance.

A success!

Drama Department

Presents Two

Plays Annually

Kathy Warren and Gary Poocke displaying talent.

The April, 1967 production of "The Importance of Being Ernest!"

L-R Ed McCarron, Jim Latimer, Gregg Miller star in "Firstborn".

BHS Cheerleaders


~ t&

BHS Cheerleaders ride the fire truck at the annual Jamboree.

.... ,, t::- -

The Cheerleaders support our school. -' "
The Cheerleaders support our school.

Left to right: Maxine Karst, Jacque Hunt, Karen Foscue, Leslie Affeltranger, Nancy McQuarrie, Pat Chase, co-capt.;
Janet Hunt, Darleen Woodruff, captain.

Boost School Spirit

Just a "setten', and
well chosen.

a restin' and a posen', our

lithesome cheerleaders are

Round and round they go; where they stop nobody knows.

Our Cheerleaders at the first pep rally of the year.

Standing: Maxine; Junior, Jacque; Soph., Karin; Soph., Pat;
Sitting: Darleen; Senior, Janet; Senior, Nancy; Junior, Leslie;

Girls Drill Team Marches


I *

Front Row L-R: Marilyn Hare, Diane Gomez, Joan Hutton,
Helen Braswell.
Back Row: Polli Woods, Gail Gordon, Carol Collins, Mary

L i ^ 'J t' ilTS k S

Front Row L-R: Patty Siravo, Sally Adair, Linda Sexton, Patsy
Vogel, Laura Moody.
Back Row: Pat Perry, Margie Engelke, Norma Gomez, Paula Witt.

Drill Team led by Captain, Bebe Holmes.

Drill Team showing their school spirit in the Homecoming Motorcade.

a Successful


Top Row L-R: Pat, Margie, Bebe, Captain; Norma.
Bottom Rou: Patty, Sally, Patsy, Linda.

Top Row: Gail, Carol, Polli, Becky, Co-Captain: Helen,
Marilyn, Mary, Diane.

,, P'e^/" '1'L er ''
*I I ^

The 1967-1968 Girls Drill Team.

r ----.,~T`~PI


Majorettes Entertain at

Half-Time Ceremonies

Kathy Melanson; Senior

4. -'

*6*.- > r *-'f. ^y '^
*' '. .-'-'-;K.la .-S

Captain; Peggy McDowell;

Carol Wigg; Senior

Ada Beechner; Sophomore

The BHS 1967-1968 Majorettes did a good job of entertaining the audiences during
the half-time. They performed different routines including the fire and flag batons.

Reserve Officers

Training Corps

I m d ...... ....

Front Row, L-R: John Hadstate, Executive Officer; Sandra Laird, Sponsor; Paul Bingham, Battalion Commander; Charles
Spencer, Operations Officer. Second Row: Norman Holland, Public Info. Officer; Ed Eder, Adjutant; Richard Cruz,
Assistant Adjutant; Ralph Hinton, Intelligence Officer. Third Row: Steven Smiley, Operations N.C.O.; Robert Lustgarten,
Supply N.C.O.

In its 19th year as part of the BHS curriculum, the Balboa High School Reserve Officers
Training Corps continues its purpose of preparing its cadets to be intelligent citizens and
providing them with military training and knowledge for future military service.

R.O.T.C. Cadre

SSG J. T. Locashio SSG G. W. White

SSG M. A. Wiggins

Major M. ..-Fletcher
Major M. J. Fletcher

R.O.T.C. Sponsors


Top to bottom: Sandy, Carol, Rae, Sharon, Terri, Sue. B

M^'a 'LK
II (*B

behind every man there is a woman.



~ I

Standing L-R: Sharon Derrick; D Co., Sue Howley; B Co., Terri Case; A Co., Rae Donaldson; C Co.
Sitting: Sandy Laird; Battalion, Carol Adair; Drill Team.



A Company

Harry Stinson, Company Commander;
Terri Case, Sponsor;
Ted McGann, Guidon Bearer;
Back Row, L-R: Barry Douglas, 1st Platoon Leader;
Gregg Miller, 2nd Platoon Leader;
John Burkman, 3rd Platoon Leader;
Mark Howard, Company Executive Officer

B Company

Fernando Alfaro, Company Commander;
Sue Howley, Sponsor;
Philip Gonzalez, Guidon Bearer;
Back Row, L-R: Bob Bacott, 1st Platoon Leader;
Billy McArthur, 2nd Platoon Leader;
James Borell, 3rd Platoon Leader;
John Disharoon, Executive Officer



Edward Murdock, Company Commander;
Rae Donaldson, Sponsor
Guidon Bearer, Chris Wheeler
Back Rou' L-R: James Williar, Executive Officer
Kenneth Justice, 2nd Platoon Leader;
Steven Narr, 3rd Platoon Leader;
not pictured: John Zerr, 1st Platoon Leader



Front Row L-R: Gerald Risberg, Executive Officer;
Sharon Derrick, Sponsor;
James LeFebver, Company Commander;
Second Row: Dennis Dorff, 1st Platoon Leader;
Michael Caroll, 2nd Platoon Leader;
David Fisher, 3rd Platoon Leader

'' u. ; :^''
i^-' :"-^ *'*.**-

Jose Garcia, Company Commander; Carol Adair, Sponsor; Thomas Fulcher, Executive Officer

Drill Team Performing during Half-time.

- '. r **-**

James Snyder, Company Commander; Majorettes L-R: Kathy Melanson, Ada Beechner,
Carol Wigg, Peggy McDowell
Back Row: Sam McGuinnis, Section Leader;
David Botzenmayer, Executive Officer
Gary Pickenpaugh, Section Leader

Band Company in action.



Mr. Bert K. Thompson
M.S. Music Education
University of Tennessee
Folk Singers Club

Mr. Thompson devotes much of his spare time and a great
deal of his efforts to the music department of BHS.


: 41








Concert Choir performs during Christmas Concert in the auditorium.



li p
priff ^



S.A. President gives a pep talk at the
first pep rally of the year.


John Disharoon, President;
Bill Duffus, Vice-President.

~ -y l

And here in the comforts of the S.A. room ...

Officers for '67-68



Diana rin and Anne dien

Diana Gorin and Anne Goldfien; S.A. secretaries.

The S.A. sponsor, Mr. Willingham, gives the
officers guidance and advice.

There is never an end!



t S

Chris Carter, editor of the BHS newspaper, reviews an article.


Assistant Editor Charles Spencer calls the printing plant to check
on production of the PARRAKEET.

Mr. Brown, PARRAKEET advisor, supervises reporters.

r" ,



rI/ '--

Seated (L-R): Judy Vogel, Kathy Jane Melanson, Christina LaPatka. Standing (L-R): Juvenal
Jovet, Carl Schmalzel.

(L-R): Gail Glidden, Janette McNeese, Belinda Walsh, Alex Esparza, Elaine Dedecker.

Seated, L-R: Ronnie Blawell, Wende Rennert. Sitting (L-R): Gregg Miller, Valeri DePiper
Seated, L-R: Ronnie Blackwell, Wende Rennert. Sitting (L-R): Gregg Miller, Valerie DePiper.

Editor .................... Chris Carter
Assistant Editor ........ Charlie Spencer
Sports Editor .......... Ronnie Blackwell
Artist ................ Wende Rennert
Exchange Editor ........ Valerie De Piper
Faculty Adviser ... Mr. Frederick S. Brown
Belinda Walsh Elaine Dedecker
Alex Esparza Gail Glidden
Janette McNeese Kathy Jane Melanson
Greg Miller Juvenal Jovet Carl Schmalzel
Judy Vogel Chris Lapatka Alvaro Guzman

. -:Y


'67 -'68



Candy Hirsch, Editor-in-Chief.

Richard Brooks

L-R: Allan Husney, Charles Lawson, Bill Hargis, Jerry Bressler:
Zonian's photographers.


L-R: Tom Day, Sports Editor; and Kathy Rosenblatt, Girl's
Sports Editor, observe John Stanley's typing ability.

Editor ............................... Candi Hirsch
Assistant Editor ................ ....... Wilda Reagan
Activities Editor ........................ Frances Stabler
Senior Editor ......................... Jerry Turner
Assistant .............................. Judy M cIlvain
Junior Editor .......................... Betsy Morrison
Assistant ......................... Mary Wadsworth
Sophomore Editor ...................... Kerrie Skehan
Administration and Faculty Editor ........ Charles Shaulis
Organizations Editor .................. Nunzio Coliandro
Assistants .............................. M ike Cote
Sandra Rouse
Judy Vosburgh
Sports Editor .............................. Tom Day
Assistant ................................ John Stanley

L-R: Judy McIlvain, Jerry Turner, Kerrie Skeehan, Mary Wadsworth, Betsy

''. ~ ''. * *"2!f

^S '"
^^^^^ii^^^ *^^^.BH

asn k.

Wilda Reagan, assistant editor, checks on Zonian copy.

Girls' Sports Editor .................... Kathi Rosenblatt
Business Manager ...................... Tina Cartotto
Advertisement Editor .................. Alice Balentine
Assistant .............................. Harriet Smith
Art Editor ............................ Keith Bromley
Copy Editor .............................. Paul Bray
Photographers .......................... Jerry Bressler
Richard Brooks
Randall Gammill
Bill Hargis
Allan Husney
Charles Lawson
Advisor .............................. M r. L. Talburt
Helpers ............................... Patti Siravo
Chris Mitten
BHS Photo Club
Mary Middleton
Mr. H. Williams
Art Department

Mr. L. Talburt, Zonian ad-
visor, patiently awaits the
March deadline.

L-R: Keith Bromley, Paul Bray, and Randy Gammill.

` A4

Front Row: Sandra Rouse, Nunzio Cogliandro. Back Row: Mike Cote, Judy Vosburgh,
and Frances Stabler.

Business Staff: L-R: Charles Shaulis, Harriet Smith. In Back: Alice
Ballantine, Tina Cartotto.

Mr. and





Senior Hall of Fame




Carol Adair and John Disharoon
Runners-up: Anne Castoro and Kurt Muse


Bob Hughes and Terri Case
Runners-up: Janet Hunt and Rick Wellington

Charles Spenser and Roseanna McArthur
Runners-up: Frances Stabler and Harry Stinson


Ij 1 T


1[ a
). *' *v '' :*^'" '


Diana Gorin and Ed Eder
Runners-up: Sandy Laird and Charles Spenser


~- -4

Donna Rathgaber and Barry Douglas
Runners-up: Bebe Holmes and John Disharoon

Lee Winstead and Mike Hart
Runners-up: Carol Adair and Ed Eder




Harry Stinson and Darleen Woodruff
Runners-up: Frances Stabler and John Disharoon

- .. a .- .*.* ., ....--,'.

Becky Fall and Richard Gregg
Runners-up: Elva Sellens and Herb Kalb

tj '.

Ed Eder and Diana Gorin


Club Present



Backstage the excitement of the coming performance is felt.

Folksingers visit Grandpa McCorn on SCN to advertise Hootenanny.

L-R Gary Meyers, Gail Goodrich, Donna
Welsh, Carol Collins.

McClain, Stephanie

The end draws a sigh of relief from many.

Kathy Campbell sets the atmosphere be-
fore singing.


F -. f

- w




P dS


M. -J

' ^



r -t




t a



~J. i

. 1

o" -?w *
..-,^.* '


*i A *

~u~d :.~i'C* ,,:,



v -

~1 .-i* i;




I -

**-' ;. -,*

L-R, Standing: Sylvia Villareal, secretary; Ed Eder, treasurer; Debbie Goldfein, vice-
president. Sitting: Vicki Barnes, president.



4 T


The Senior Class starts the year off with the Senior Reception, held
at the Amador Officer's Club.


n aeg

Tina Cartoto and Kok Ping Ho are glad to see each
other again.


The Seniors enjoyed the refresh-
ments served at the reception.

keC,. r



Mr. Williams, Senior class sponsor, takes part in a
ree for all match.

I already had lunch!

Donna M. Aboltin
Andrew Ackerman
Sarah Mary Adams


Club 4; Pep Club 1.

WAyne Albritton

Laura Raquel Aleman


July 22, 1950. Ft. Worth, Texas. Secretarial

ANDREW ACKERMAN "Andy" November 16, 1950. Tucson,
Arizona. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Spanish
Honor Society 4.
SARAH MARY ADJAMS July 1, 1947. Panama, R.P. Photo Club
1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Folksinger's Club 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4;
Future Homemakers 1.
WAYNE ALBRITTON March 21, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone. J.V.
Football 1.
LAURA RAQUEL ALEMAN "Lalai" September 11, 1950. Panama,
R.P. Glee Club 2; Spanish Club 1, 2; Audio Visual 1.
BROOKE A. ALFARO September 5, 1949. Panama, R.P. Baseball 3;
French Club 3, 4; Debate Club 4; Spanish Club 4; F.B.L.A. 4.
FERNANDO ALFARO January 23, 1950. Panama, R.P. French
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3; R.O.T.C. Color Guard 2, 3, 4; N.H.S.
4; Biology Honor Society 3.
CATHERINE ALLIS July 29, 1950. Berlin, Germany. "Twiggie"
German Club 1; Art Club 1; G.A.A. 2; Trojan Chorus 3; Thespians
3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Drama Club 4, S.A. Representative 4.

SBrooke A. Alfaro
/ Fernando Alfaro
A- ) Catherine Allis

9i r
'r r,


Kenneth Althaus
Nicholas Alvarado
Kathleen Andersen -

KENNETH GEORGE ALTHAUS III "Kenn" July 18, 1950. Ocala,
Florida. R.O.T.C. Drill Team 2, 4.
NICHOLAS A. ALVARADO "Nick" June 22, 1950. San Bernar-
dino, California. Conditioning Club 2; Band 2, 3.
KATHLEEN ANDERSEN "Kathy" February 28, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. Future Secretaries Club 3, 4.
DONNA ANDREWS September 13, 1951. Corpus Christi, Texas.
Swimming Team 1; Drama Club 3.
JOLENE ANDREWS October 24, 1949. Lockhaven, Pennsylvania. fl B
Future Secretaries Club 4; Pep Club 2; S.A. Representative 1. Donna Andrews
CAROLE ARNOLD "Friday" February 21, 1950. Cleveland, Ohio.
S.A. Representative 2; Library Club 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 4; Costume
Committee 4.
EZRA ATTIA "Zury" July 25, 1950. Colon, R.P. Spanish Club
4; Science Club 2, 3; Academia Literaria (La Salle High School) 2.
DONALD ATWELL "Don" Newbury, Massachusetts. August 2, a0r%
1950. R.O.T.C. 2, 3; S.A. Representative 3.

Jolene Andrews

Carole Arnold
Ezra Attia
Donald Atwell ..

.,? *"r sS'~i .b r

t l :" .. Laine Almstead
S. Debra Auram
S. :Robert Bacot

LAINE ELIZABETH ALMSTEAD November 9, 1950. Fort Clay-
ton, Canal Zone. Spanish Club 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society 3; Drama 4.
SDEBRA ELAINE AURAM "Debbie" Regina, Sask. Canada. April
19, 1950. Journalism Club 2, 3; Drama Club 3; Debate Club 4.
ROBERT JAMES BACOT "Bob" June 20, 1950. Panama, R.P. J.V.
Football 2.
MICHEAL BANNISTER "Mike" July 28, 1950. Ft. Worth, Texas.
VICKI BARNES May 7, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Girls State 3;
Showcase Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; F.N.A. 1; S.A. Representative 2, 3;
Micheal Bannister Spanish Club 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Balboa Belles 2, 3; Concert Choir 2;
Senior Class President 4; Baccalaureate and Graduation Marshal 3;
Homecoming Princess 4.
KATHY BARTH "Kitty" June 6, 1950. New York, N.Y. Spanish
Club 1, 2; Library Staff 1, 2; Drama Club 3; Powder Puff Football
Team, Capt. 3.
TOM BARTLETT November 5, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone. R.O.T.C.
3, 4; Usher Guard 2.
- NESSIM BASSAN M. "Nate" January 2, 1949. Panama, R.P. Audio-
Visual Asst. 1, 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Usher Guard 2; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4;
Football (S.D.A.C.); Baseball (S.D.A.C.) 3; Ring Committee 3; Folk-
Singers Club 4; Photo Club 4.

Vicki Barnes

S~ Kathy Barth
-Tom Bartlett
S a Nate Bassan

- A

,X aq


Ray Beattie
Gary Beatty
Johnny Beeman


RAYMOND BEATTIE "Bede" January 5, 1950. Boston, Massachu-
setts. J.V. Football 3; J.V. Track 3; Lettermen's Club 3, 4; Audio-Visual
4; Get Acquainted Dance Committee 4.
GARY L. BEATTY September 12, 1950. Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
French Club 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Junior-Senior Banquet
Committee 3.
JOHNNY BEEMAN "John" October 5, 1948. Newport, Tennessee.
D.E.C.A. 3.
CARMEN BEHRENS June 28, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Annual
Staff 1; F.H.A. 1; Treasurer of Freshman Class 1; F.N.A. 2, 3, 4;
Showcase Committee 3; Drama Club 1, 4; Folksingers Club 1; Home-
coming Dance Committee 4.
JANE BEGLEY "Janie" December 12, 1950. Abingdon, Virginia.
F.N.A. 3.
ROBERT BEIGHTER November 19, 1949. Columbus, Ohio. Ski
Team 1, 2, 3; Track Team 2, 3; French Club 2; Lettermen's Club 3;
Gymnastic Club 3.
LORI BERNHARDT "Bernie" November 11, 1950. Ann Arbor,
Michigan. Drama Club 3, 4; Swimming Team 2; Homecoming Dance
Committee 3, 4; Valentine Formal Committee 3; "B" League Volleyball
Intramurals; Basketball Intramurals.
LESTER BERNARD September 27, 1950. Weslaco, Texas. Football 3.

Robe:t Beighter .i
Lester Bernard
Lori Bernhardt -

Carmen Behrens


Jane Begley

. ,:.
LL ~:




1) 1

Ken Bertsch
Paul Bingham
Sherry Bissell

Ronnie Blackwell
Steve Bolt
Mary Bolton

i -

Virginia Bonner

r '

KEN BERTSCH November 18, 1949. Eugene, Oregon. S.D.A.C.
Football Team 3.
PAUL A. BINGHAM January 30, 1950. Fort Hood, Texas. Chorus
Club 1, 4; N.H.S. 4; R.O.T.C. Battalian Commander 4; R.O.T.C. Band
3; B.H.S. Gun Club 3; Latin Club 3; R.O.T.C. Leadership Course 4;
Reserve Officer's Association 3.
SHERRY BISSELL "Honda Girl" March 3, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. Drama Club 1, 2; Library Club 2; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4.
RONNIE BLACKWELL February 27, 1950. Liverpool, England.
Parrakeet Staff, Sports Editor 4; Banner, Reporter 2.
STEVE BOLT April 19, 1950. Knoxville, Tennessee. Drama Club
1; Track Team 2; Folksingers Club 4; Toastmasters 4.
MARY GABRIELLE BOLTON "Bumble" January 5, 1950. Am-
sterdam, New York. Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 4; Science
Club 3, 4; Folksingers 3; N.H.S. 4; Math Club 2, 3, 4; S.H.S. 4;
Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Bridge Club 3; French Club 3.
VIRGINIA BONNER "Gini" July 28, 1950. Japan. Powder-Puff
Football 2; Art Club 1., 2; Pep Club 2.
PAUL DONALD BOOSTROM "Boo" December 16, 1949. Ancon,
Canal Zone.

Paul Boostrom


hi ?





Duncan Ballenger
Cynthia Boukalis
Maria Elena -Bosch

James Borell .
John Burkman
David Botzenmayer

DUNCAN BALLENGER July 24, 1967. Panama, R.P.
CYNTHIA K. BOUKALIS "Cindy" October 29, 1950. Ancon,
Canal Zone. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; F.N.A. 1, 2; Spanish
Club 4; F.T.A. 2; Homecoming Dance 4; F.S.A. 3; Intramurals 1, 2,
MARIA ELENA BOSCH April 9, 1950. Ponce, Puerto Rico. F.H.A.
4; Secretaries Club 4; Spanish Club 4.
JAMES W. BORELL "Jim" July 11, 1950. Englewood, New Jersey.
S.A. Representative 4; Science Club 3; Basketball 3, 4; Football 4;
Safety Committee 3; R.O.A. 4.
JOHN WALTER BURKMAN March 23, 1950. Ranger, Texas. Var-
sity Football 3; Safety Committee 3; R.O.A. 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 3, 4.
DAVID BOTZENMAYER "Botz" April 27, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. R.O.T.C. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 3; S.A. Representative 4;
Band 1.
GEORGE BRADY March 25, 1949. Band 3; Orchestra 2; R.O.T.C.
Band 2, 3, 4.
PAULA M. BRAUN December 7, 1948. Ancon, Canal Zone. F.H.A.
1; F.B.L.A. 2.

Parla Braun 55

-- 'b

George Brady

Lr / ~;

Arnold Brooks

Robert Bulser
,Jerry Bressler
Dora Brittain

ROBERT BULSER November 21, 1950. Bangor, Maine. R.O.T.C.
Drill Team 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2; Football 2, 3.
JERRY BRESSLER March 23, 1950. Tucumcari, New Mexico. Cross-
Country Swimming (James Logan High) 2; Track 3; Photo Club 3, 4;
Swimming Team 4.
DORA BRITTAIN June 9, 1950. Fort Clayton, Canal Zone.
ARNOLD BROOKS May 28, 1950. Coco Solo, Canal Zone. S.A.
Representative 1.
RICHARD THOMAS BROOKS "Rich" January 22, 1949. Ancon,
Canal Zone. Spanish Club 1, 2; Photo Club 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4;
Zonian Staff 4.
CATHERINE BROWN "Cathy" August 21, 1950. Havana, Cuba.
Isthmian Inklings 1; Library Club 2, 3, 4; S.A. Representative 3; Show-
case Club 4; F.H.A. 2.
DE ANNA BROWN "Dee-Dee" February 5, 1950. Lebanon, Indi-
ana. F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1; Art Club 2, 3, 4.
GREGG BROWN November 18, 1949. Boloxi, Mississippi. Football
1; Science Club 2; Tennis 1; Chess Club 1; Swimming Team 1.

Richard Brooks

I -;O

Cathy Brown
De Anna Brown
Gregg Brown

Sandra Bruce """
Gregory Bryant
Ronald Byrd .

SANDRA K. BRUCE "Sandy" Fort Belvoir, Virginia. September
19, 1950. Foreign Exchange Club 2; Youth Hostels 2, 3; Spanish Club
4; Showcase Club 4.
GREGORY BRYANT "Greg" June 9, 1950. Tucson, Arizona. Foot-
ball 1; Wrestling 1; Science Club 2; Yearbook Staff 2; Track Team
2; German Club 2; Rifle-Musket Team 3; Cannon Crew 3.
RONALD A. BYRD "Ron" August 10, 1949. Panama, R.P. Jr.
Reserve Officers Association 3.
JOSE CABASSA JR. "Joe" October 20, 1946. Panama, R.P.
COLLEEN CAMPBELL July 4, 1950. Brooklyn, New York.
MARC A. CAMPBELL July 4, 1950. Brooklyn, New York. R.O.T.C.
Rifle Team 2, 3; Color Guard 3.
KATHLEEN CAMPBELL "Katrina" November 30, 1949. Pitts-
burgh, Pennsylvania. F.T.A. 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Girls Ensemble 2, 3;
Student Council 1, 2; S.A. Representative 1; Drama Club 4; Pep Club 1.
BARBARA CAREY March 7, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. S.A. Repre-
sentative 1, 2, 3; French Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Office Assistant 4.

Marc Campbell
Kathleen Campbell -
Barbara Carey
dr -


.I .


Jose Cabassa Jr.

Colleen Campbell

Michael Carroll
Chris Carter
Tina Cartotto

Terri Case
Wilton Cassibry
Anne Castoro

Aleyda Castro

MICHAEL C. CARROLL "Flupert" December 30, 1949. Jackson-
ville, Florida. Intramural Football 3.
CHRISTOPHER G. CARTER "Chris" November 12, 1950. Kansas
City, Missouri. Folksinger's Club 3, 4; Parrakeet 3, 4 (Editor).
CHRISTINE THERESA CARTOTTO "Tina" September 25, 1950.
Ancon, Canal Zone. Orchestra 1, 2; Folksinger's Club 2; F.T.A. 2;
Student Assistant.
THERESA CASE "Terri" September 8, 1950. Oregon. F.H.A. 2,
3; R.O.T.C. Sponsor 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Christmas Formal Court
(Princess) 3; Homecoming Court (Princess) 4; Showcase Committee 3;
Photo Club 4; Zonians Staff 3; Hall of Fame "Most Attractive" 4.
WILTON CASSIBRY "Wilt" January 27, 1950. Colon, R.P. Base-
ball 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Lettermen's Club 3, 4.
ANNE CASTORO "Annie" November 30, 1950. Washington, D.C.
Pep Club 1; Basketball Team 2, 3; Drama Club 1, 2; Junior Prom Com-
mittee 3.
ALEYDA B. CASTRO D. "Baby" January 14, 1950. Panama, R.P.
Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Photo Club
4; Carnaval Court (Princess) 1; Spanish Showcase 2, 3, 4.
MICHAEL G. CHADWICK "Mike" August 1, 1950. Panama, R.P.
Audio-Visual 1.

58 Mike Chadwick


J ^5

.... .
~- -

Michael Chavez
Ernesto Chong Jr.
Bill Christmas

--...-~ '


Marcela Chu
Bruce T. Clizbe
Marian Colclasure

MICHAEL CHAVEZ "Mike" May 21, 1950. Panama, R.P. Varsity
Baseball 3, 4; Varsity Track 3, 4; S.A. Representative 4; Lettermen's
Club 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4.
ERNESTO E. CHONG Jr. October 22, 1948. Panama, R.P. Spanish
Club 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Photo Club 4.
WILLIAM CHRISTMAS "Bill" May 21, 1950. Marianna, Florida.
Basketball 3.
MARCELA CHU "Marce" April 13, 1950. Panama, R.P. Spanish
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Secretarial Club 4; Photo Club 4.
BRUCE T. CLIZBE May 13, 1949. Washington, D.C.
MARIAN COLCLASURE "Twinkles" March 1, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Concert Choir 3, 4; Art Club 2, 3;
F.B.L.A. 2; Drama Club 1; Folksinger's Club 2; Showcase Committee
2, 3; F.B.L.A. 2; Drama Club 1; Folksinger's Club 2; Showcase Com-
mittee 2, 3; Math Club 4; Library Club 2.
NUNZIO J. COGLIANDRO JR. "Butch" July 15, 1950. Sasebo,
Japan. Yearbook Staff 3; Drama Club 4; Zonian (Club Editor) 4.
ROBERT A. COOKSON "Bob" June 26, 1949. Fort Clayton, Canal
Zone. Track Team 2; Football Team 3.

Nunzio Cogliandro

Robert Cookson

l i.-S o'?-1'^'-. "


Kris Craig
Alfred Creque
Glenn Curtis

Gerard Draughon
... .. ?

Kathy Daniel

KRISTIN CRAIG "Kris" January 2, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Drama Club 1; Christmas Formal Committee 3; Intermurals 2, 3, 4.
ALFRED CREQUE "Walt" June 24, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Swimming 3, 4.
GLENN CURTIS November 7, 1950. Portland, Oregon. Drama Club
1, 2, 3, 4; National Thespian Society 3, 4; Spanish 1, 2; Newspaper 1, 2.
GERARD RUFUS DRAUGHON "Drogan" October 23, 1948.
Panama, R.P.
KATHERINE DANIEL "Kathy" March 29, 1950. Scott A.F.B.,
Illinois. Biology Club 3; Spanish Club 3.
DIANA GAY DANIELS "Dee Dee" April 17, 1950. London, Ken-
tucky. Drama Club 4; G.A.A. 4; Junior-Senior Dance Committee 3.
TWILA DARDEN June 30, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Orchestra
1, 2, 3; Concert Choir 4; Art Club 3; Art Committee 3; Drama Club 4;
Science Club 4; Drama Cast Party Chairman 4.
HAROLD DAVIS "Hal" November 30, 1950. Charlotte, North

Diana Daniels
Twila Darden
~ Harold Davis


Thomas A. Day
Eduardo de Alba
Diego de la Guardia .

THOMAS A. DAY "Tom" August 10, 1949. Honolulu, Hawaii.
Football 1, 3; Track 4; Zonian Staff (Sports Editor) 4; Spanish Club 3.
EDUARDO de ALBA January 19, 1950. Panama, R.P. French 1, 2, 3,
4; Drama Club 4; Debate Club 4.
DIEGO A. de la GUARDIA October 27, 1950. Panama, R.P. Spanish
Club 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Drama Club 4.
DONALD DEAN "Don" September 16, 1948. Fort Clayton, Canal
JUDITH ELLEN DEDECKER "Judy" February 15, 1950. Spokane,
Washington. Cheerleader 1; Student Council 1; Pep Club 1; G.R.A. 2;
Spanish Club 4; Showcase Committee 4.
VILMA DE LIMA February 14, 1950. Panama, R.P. Spanish Club
1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Folksinger's Club 3;
Varsity Tennis 3, 4.
VALERIE DE PIPER "Alica" June 13, 1950. Brooklyn, New York.
Science Club 1, 2, 4; F.T.A. 2; Intramurals 1, 2; Bridge Club 3; Debate
Club 4; Drama Club 1, 2; Chess Club 4; Parrakeet 4.
SHARON TERESA DERRICK "Terry" August 6, 1950. Cornelia,
Georgia. Debate Club 1; Sadie Hawkins Committee 2; R.O.T.C. Spon-
sor 4.



Donald Dean

Judith Dedecker

Vilma De Lima
Valerie De Piper
Sharon Derrick

r ~d ~ ~

u-L .. ,P Diovelis Diaz
f ,- Mark Wilson Dillon
John Disharoon

DIOVELIS DIAZ May 24, 1950. Panama, R.P. Concert Choir 4;
Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; F.N.A. 3, 4; French Club 3; N.H.S. 3, 4; Show-
case Club President 4; Girls' State 3; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3;
National Thespians 3; Cards and Announcement Committee (Chair-
man) 4.
MARK WILSON DILLON December 9, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 2, 3; S.A. Representative 2; Stamp Club 1.
JOHN DISHAROON "Dish" February 28, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. J.V. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A. Representative 1, 2; Student As-
sociation President 4; Spanish Club 4; R.O.T.C. Executive Officer 4;
Lettermen's Club 3; Baseball 2, 4; Senior Picnic Committee 4; Hall of
1948. Ancon, Canal Zone. Intermural Track 2; J.V. Football 3; S.D.A.C.
Football 3.
JOSEPH DOLAN "Joe" September 1, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
ROBERT EDWARD DOLLAR "Bob" April 15, 1949. Jacksonville,
RAE DONALDSON July 30, 1950. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Girls'
State 3; S.A. Representative 4; Chorus 2, 3; N.H.S. 3, 4; Homecoming
Dance 4; Christmas Formal 3; Junior-Senior Prom 3; Sadie Hawkins 1;
R.O.T.C. 4; Drama Club 3, 4; Class Bulletin Board 2, 3; S.A. Co-
ordinating Committee.
DANIEL T. DONALDSON "Danny" August 10, 1949. Colon,
R.P. S.D.A.C. 3;. Football 4; Track 4.

Joseph Dolan

Robert Dollar
Rae Donaldson
Daniel Donaldson

~;~ dlC~C
I .)

Ik 15
k >%- ^



~B '

Dennis A. Dorff fl
Barry Douglas
Thomas Duncan 1

DENNIS A. DORFF June 20, 1949. Lincoln, Nebraska. Football 3,
4; Letterman's Club 4; Debate Club 4; Chess Club 3; R.O.T.C. (Pla-
toon Leader) 3, 4; Rifle Team 4; Drill Team 3; Reserve Officers As-
sociation 4.
BARRY COLE DOUGLAS April 17, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
S.A. Representative 1, 2, 4; Football Team 3, 4; R.O.T.C. (Platoon
Leader) 4; Baseball 3; Reserve Officer's Association 3, 4; Homecoming
Dance Committee 4; N.H.S. 4; Lettermen's Club 4; Hall of Fame-
THOMAS DUNCAN "Tom" February 16, 1950. Panama, R.P.
J.V. Baseball 1, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; J.V. Football 2; Swimming 4;
Track 3, 4.
SANDRA KAY DROSTE "Sandy" January 29, 1950. St. Louis,
KARL EBERT October 2, 1950. Fort Worth, Texas. Red Cross Club
2, 3; Football Team 3, 4; Track 3; Drama Club 4; Basketball 1.
EDWARD EDER "Ed" November 14, 1950. Acon, Canal Zone.
Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Treasurer of the Senior
Class 4; Usher Guard 2, 3; Color Guard 3; Rifle Team 3; Spanish
Honor Society 3, 4; Biology Honor Society 3, 4.
CAROLYN ELLIS September 29, 1950. Honolulu, Hawaii. United
Nations Club 1; Drama Club 3, 4; Intramurals 4.
PRISCILLA ELLIS June 28, 1948. Panama, R.P. French Club 3;
Chorus 3; Concert Choir 4.


Edward Eder
Carolyn Ellis
Priscilla Ellis
^Ju ^ ;k

Sandra Kay Droste

Karl Ebert

1011,12* -6p
^H :1006V

Alex Esparza

Becky Fall
Becky Fall
******* B

~ -


Ramon Ely
Kristina Enos
Chris Escalante

RAMON ANGEL ELY May 23, 1950. Panama, R.P. Chess Club 1;
S.A. Representative 1; S.A. Representative 4.
KRISTINA K. ENOS "Kris" January 29, 1950. Honolulu, Hawaii.
Photo Club 2; Drama Club 2; Bridge Club 4.
CHRISTINE R. ESCALANTE "Chris" December 31, 1949. Long-
beach, California.
ALEJANDRO ESPARZA "Alex" May 14, 1950. Fort Clayton, Canal
Zone. Parakeet Staff 4; R.O.T.C. Squad Leader 4.
REBECCA FALL "Becky" December 5, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Day 2, 3; Varsity
Tennis 1, 2, 3; Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3; F.N.A. 1; Homecoming
Dance Committee 2, 4; Sadie Hawkins 2; Drill Team 3, 4; Senior Re-
ception 4; Senior Banquet 4; Junior-Senior Prom 3; Girls State 3; Get
Acquainted Dance 2, 3; F.H.A. 4.
PATRICK FALLON "Pat" August 14, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Varsity Track 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Intramural Football 3, 4.
RONNIE FARNSWORTH April 1, 1950. Ames, Iowa. Baseball
Team 3, 4.
GERALD EDWARD FAULCONER "Jerry" July 12, 1950. War-
rensburg, Missouri. Soccer Team 1; National Thespians 1; Secretary of
the Freshman Class 1; Debate Team 2; French Club 3; S.A. Representa-
tive 3; Student Council 3.

.Pat Fallon
i JRonnie Farnsworth

| :Jerry Faulconer

Kurt Fernandez
Ramrn Fernandez
Catherine Filo

KURT FERNANDEZ October 6, 1950. San Antonio, Texas.
RAMON FERNANDEZ January 16, 1950. Panama, R.P. Spanish
Club 1, 2, 3, 4.
CATHERINE FILO "Katie" November 4, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. Drama Club 3, 4; Audio-Visual 3; Intermural Basketball 3.
PAUL FISCHBACH November 11, 1948. Panama, R.P.
DAVID E. FISHER August 31, 1950. Shreveport, Louisiana. R.O.T.C.
(Platoon Leader) 2, 3; Folksingers Club 2; Latin Club 2; Decoration
Committee Valentine Formal 3.
WAYNE ALLEN FOLGER September 6, 1950. Catskill, New York.
Varsity Tennis 3, 4.
SUSAN FLOWERS "Sue" December 24, 1949. Panama, R.P. Future
Homemakers of America 4.
BARBARA LYNNE FORREST "Barb" February 26, 1950. Ancon,
Canal Zone. Biological Honor Society 3, 4; Girl's Sports Day 2, 3.

Susan Flowers
Wayne Folger "
Barbara Forrest ...

Paul Fischbach
o :.-< A I "

i .




5? A:

Pedro A. Fonseca
Wayne Foscue
SLarry Forseth

Thomas Fulcher
SBertha Fortune
Daniel Garcia

PEDRO A. FONSECA September 10, 1948. Panama, R.P. Spanish
Club 3; German Club 3.
MACON WAYNE FOSCUE "Wayne" May 16, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. J.V. Football 1, 2; S.A. Representative 1, 3, 4; Photo Club 2;
R.O.T.C. Color Guard 3; R.O.T.C. Leadership School 2, 3, 4; Science
Club 3; Christmas Formal Committee 3; Junior-Senior Prom 3; Toast-
master's 3; R.O.T.C. Batallion Staff 4.
LARRY ALAN FORSETH February 6, 1950. Sacramento, California.
Alpha Hi-Y 1, 2, 3.
THOMAS FULCHER "Tom" November 9, 1950. Charleston, South
Carolina. R.O.T.C. Drill Team 2, 3, 4.
BERTHA FORTUNE March 22, 1948. Panama, R.P.
DANIEL GARCIA "Danny" October 22, 1949. Margarita, Canal
Zone. Intramural Track 1, 4; Intramural Football 1; J.V. Football 2, 3;
S.D.A.C. Football 3.
RITA GENNOVARIO April 6, 1949. Mannheim, Germany. Future
Teachers of America 4; Drama Club 4.
JOSE GARCIA April 4, 1948. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Track 1; Span-
ish Club 1; Drill Team 4.

Jose Garcia

Alma Linda Gavin
Thomas George
Luis Daniel Glass

Gail Glidden
Anne Goldfein
Deborah Goldfein

ALMA LINDA GAVIN September 23, 1950. New York City, N.Y.
Band 1; Modern Dance Club 1; Leaders Club 1.
THOMAS GEORGE "Tom" January 24, 1950. Miami, Florida.
A.C. Football 2, 3; Swimming 1; Shop (Student Asst.) 3; S.A. Repre-
sentative 1.
LUIS DANIEL GLASS "Danny" January 24, 1950. Newton, Iowa.
GAIL GLIDDEN November 26, 1950. Santa Ana, California. Par-
rakeet Staff 4.
ANNE GOLDFEIN November 4, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Latin
Club 1, 2; Science Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; S.A. Secretary 4;
Folksingers Club 3; Girl's State 3; Junior Showcase Committee 3;
Orchestra 1, 2; Orientation Day 4.
DEBORAH GOLDFEIN "Debbie" November 4, 1950. Ancon,
Canal Zone. S.A. Representative 1; Folksingers Club 1; Science Club
1, 2; Photo Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Junior Class
President 3; Senior Class Vice-President 4; Spanish Club 3.
DIANE GOMEZ May 30, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. F.N.A. 1, 2, 4;
Girl's Drill Team 3, 4; Drama Club 3; Girl's State 3; Future Secretaries
4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4.
GAIL GORDON November 12, 1949. Denver, Colorado. National
Honor Society 2; Varsity Swim Team 2; S.A. Representative 3; Christ-
mas Formal Committee 3; Junior-Senior Prom Princess 3; Girl's State
3; Senior Reception 4; Girls Drill Team 4.


Diane Gomez


Gail Gordon


Diana Gorin
James T. Goss
Sue Gowen

Richard Gregg Jr.

Linda Guarnieri


DIANA GORIN September 3, 1949. Panama, R.P. Folksingers Club
1, 2, 3; Science Club 3, 4; F.N.A. 2, 3; Junior-Senior Prom Committee
3; Spanish 2, 3, 4; French Club 3; S.A. Secretary 4; Girl's State 3;
Girls Drill Team 2; Showcase Committee 2, 3.
JAMES T. GOSS December 15, 1949. Flagstaff, Arizona. Spanish
Club 1.
SUE GOWEN "Wabbit" November 9, 1950. Newport, Rhode Is-
land. Future Homemakers of America 4.
RICHARD GREGG JR. May 8, 1950. Florence, South Carolina. Track
1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4.
LINDA SOPHIA GUARNIERI "Lindy" June 14, 1950. Panama,
R.P. Spanish Club 1, 2; F.T.A. 4; Basketball Team 1.
JOHN HADSTATE Ancon, Canal Zone. R.O.T.C. Squad Leader 3;
R.O.T.C. Executive Officer 4; Junior R.O.A. 3, 4.
BARBARA HAKY January 31, 1950. Colon, R.P. F.H.A. 1; Sadie
Hawkins Dance 2; F.N.A. 3; Ring Committee 3; F.S.A. 4.
PATRICIA ELLEN HAMILTON "Bunny" July 10, 1950. San
Antonio, Texas.

John Hadstate
SBarbara Haky
..Patricia Hamilton

Susan Hardenbrook
Kay Hargrave
Marshall Harris

SUSAN HARDENBROOK "Sue" January 13, 1949. Mariemont,
Ohio. Toastmaster 4; Photo Club 4; Drama Club 4.
KAY HARGRAVE October 30, 1949. San Antonio, Texas. F.S.A.
Club 4.
MARSHALL HARRIS "Marsh" January 26, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Lettermen Club 3, 4; Track
1, 4.
MICHAEL BLAKE HART "Mike" May 7, 1950. New Orleans,
Louisiana. Spanish Club 3, 4; Intramural Football 3; Hall of Fame:
Most Courteous 4.
LEE HARWELL April 16, 1950. Linz, Austria.
BARBARA HATCHER October 7, 1950. Warner Robbins, Georgia.
F.H.A. 4; S.A. Representative 2; F.N.A. 2; Modern Dance Club 2;
Pep Club 3.
ALLEN REED HAWTHORNE "Reed" August 18, 1950. Peters-
burg, Virginia. Baseball 3, 4; Lettermen Club 3, 4; S.A. Representative
1, 3.
ZELLA M. HAY January 26, 1950. Panama, R.P. Secretary Club 4;
F.B.L.A. 4; Spanish Club 4.

*:7 *-7^ ^1


Michael Hart

Lee Harwell

Barbara Hatcher
Alien Hawthorne
Zella M. Hay

0 P

kF7 1

Sandra Haynes
Jim Hellmund
Sandy Helman



.T s

Thomas Hermany

James Hicks

SANDRA HAYNES "Sandy" February 22, 1950. San Jose, Costa
Rica. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary Club 4; Orchestra 1, 2; G.A.A.
1, 2.
JIM HELLMUND May 27, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. R.O.T.C. Staff
Sgt. 2; Football 3, 4; Lettermen's Club 3, 4.
SANDY HELMAN "Dutch Girl" September 3, 1950. Aberdeen,
Maryland. Office Assistant 3, 4; F.S.A. 4.
THOMAS A. HERMANY "Tom" July 20, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. Intramurals Football 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; Lettermen's Club
3, 4.
JAMES HICKS "Jim" September 24, 1950. Jackson, Mississippi.
Slide Rule Club 2; Folksingers Club 3; R.O.T.C. Squad Leader 3, 4;
Jr. Varsity Football 2.
JANE HICKS "Trixie" June 8, 1950. Fort Dix, New Jersey. Basket-
ball 3; F.B.L.A. 3, 4.
TIM HICKS February 1, 1950. Fort Benning, Georgia. Varsity Soc-
cer 1, 2; Newspaper Staff 2; Chorus 2; Annual Staff 2.
ARLENE DIANE HIRSCH "Candy" May 16, 1950. New York
City, New York. Freshmen Dance Committee 1; Get Acquainted Dance
Committee 1; Sadie Hawkins Committee 2; S.A. Representative 2; Bul-
letin Board Committee 2; Christmas Formal 3; Zonian Staff Editor 4;
Girls State 3; Spanish Club 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4;
Folksingers Club 1, 2; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3; Showcase Com-
mittee 1, 2, 3.

0 rh Jane Hicks
STim Hicks
Al l i Candy Hirsch

c~ E

Kok Ping Ho
Thomas Hocker
Aurea Hogan

KOK PING HO "Jacinto" October 4, 1949. Hong Kong, China.
Photo Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Science Club 4.
THOMAS HOCKER July 17, 1950. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.
Cross-Country Team 1; Track Team 1; Science Club 4; Latin Club 4.
AUREA HOGAN August 24, 1949. Panama, R.P. Spanish Club 2;
Spanish Showcase Committee 2, 3; Showcase Club 4; Secretary Club
4; Library Assistant 4; Cards and Announcement Committee 4; F.B.L.A.
CESAR HOGAN June 16, 1948. Panama, R.P. Basketball 4; Chess
Club 4; Track 4.
JUDITH ANN HOLGERSON "Judy" December 9, 1949. Colon,
R.P. F.H.A. 1, 4; Volleyball Intramurals 4; Drama Club Make-Up Com-
mittee 4; F.S.A. 4; Basketball Intramurals 4.
NORMAN S. HOLLAND JR. March 25, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
R.O.T.C. (P.I.O.) 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4;
National Honor Society 3, 4; National Biological Society 3, 4.
BEATRICE HOLMES "Bebe" June 2, 1950. Middletown, New
York. Drill Team (Captain) 3, 4; F.T.A. 1; G.A.A. 3, 4; Sports Day
1, 2, 3, 4; Christmas Formal Committee 3; Sadie Hawkins Committee
1; Lab Assistant 4.
SUE HOWLEY March 30, 1950. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Latin
Club 1; R.O.T.C. Sponsor 4; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming 4; S.A.
Representative 1; Valentine Committee 4.

Cesar Hogan

Judith Holgerson

Norman Holland Jr.
Bebe Holmes
Sue Howley


"Si .-

F ;db~


O *r 1 17-'^-
-^ ~7

^ ^..

Mark Howard
Michael Hoy
Stephen Hubbard

Lance Hughes
Robert Hughes
Janet Hunt


... . .

S-. H

Ronnie Hurley

MARK HOWARD Tacoma, Washington.
MICHEAL ERIC HOY August 18, 1950. Palo Alto, California. Folk-
singers Club (Vice-President) 3; Folksingers Club President 4.
STEPHEN HUBBARD May 24, 1950. Shirley, Massachusetts. Beta
Club 2; Debate Club 2; Library Club 2; Falcon Newspaper Staff 2;
F.B.L.A. 2; Track 1, 2; French Club 4; Swimming 4.
LANCE HUGHES April 28, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
ROBERT HUGHES "Bob" February 27, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Football 2, 3, 4; Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Hall of Fame-
"Most Attractive."
JANET HUNT November 10, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Drill Team
2; Cheerleader 3, 4; S.A. Representative 2, 3; F.T.A. 1; G.A.A. 1, 2,
3, 4; Girls State 3; Homecoming Dance Committee 3, 4; Junior-Senior
Prom Committee 3; Sports Day 1, 2, 3; Hall of Fame-"Miss B.H.S."
RONNIE E. HURLEY "Ron" July 18, 1949. Bristol, Virginia.
R.O.T.C. Staff Sgt. 3; Color Guard 3; F.B.L.A. 4.
ALLAN A. HUSNEY "Big Al" August 6, 1948. Brooklyn, New
York. Photo Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Zonian Staff 4;
Football 2, 3; Istmian Inklings 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4.

Allan A. Husney



U, A

r r;-l


George Husted
Ingrid Isaacs
Dennis Jacobs

Wat Jenkins
Sandra Jimenez
Kathleen Johnstone

GEORGE HUSTED "Leaper" October 31, 1950. Colon, R.P. Intra-
murals 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Lettermen's Club 3, 4.
INGRID ISAACS May 29, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
DENNIS JACOBS August 25, 1950. St. Petersburg, Florida. Latin
Club 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Swimming Team 3, 4.
WAT JENKINS November 4, 1950. Colon, R.P. Swimming Team
1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2; S.A. Representative 1; Sadie Hawkins
Dance Committee 2; Get Acquainted Dance 4; Intramural Football 2, 3.
SANDRA MARIA JIMENEZ "Sandy" May 25, 1950. San Jose,
Costa Rica. Tennis 1; Volleyball 2, 3.
KATHLEEN JOHNSTONE "Kathie" May 7 1950. Long Island,
New York. Drama Club 1, 2; Folksingers Club 1; Office Assistant 3,
4; Basketball Intramurals 4; R.O.T.C. Girls Rifle Team 2.
LOUISE JULIAN November 9, 1948. San Jose, Costa Rica. Future
Nurses of America 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary).
KENNETH J. JUSTICE March 2, 1950. Cumberland, Maryland. Jun-
ior Reserve Officers Association 3, 4; Football 3, 4.


Louise Julian

Kenneth Justice


Jd6 I

Herb Kalb
William Keller
Maureen Kelly

" 4

.N W.

Kevin Kiley
Taffy Koepke
Sue Kotalik

-. j



.I "

;i P '

HERB KALB November 28, 1950. Panama City, Florida. Football
Team 1, 2 ,3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4;
Swimming Team 4.
WILLIAM JAMES KELLER "Bill" December 14, 1949. San Jose
Costa Rica. S.A. Representative 2.
MAUREEN KELLY September 8, 1950. Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
KEVIN KILEY October 18, 1950. Scranton, Pennsylvania. Wrestling
1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2; Science Club 3.
TAFFY KOEPKE January 21, 1950. Betheda, Maryland. Drama Club
3, 4; Jamboree Committee 4; Homecoming Dance Committee 3.
Panama, R.P. F.H.A. 1; Drama Club 3.
EDWARD KOT JR. "Eddie" February 12, 1950. Johnstown, Penn-
sylvania. Basketball 1; Science Club 1; Track 1.
BRENDA JOYCE KNIGHT "Bernadette" February 26, 1950. Bo-
live, Mississippi. Publicity Club 1; Volleyball 3; Track 3.

Edward Kot Jr.

Brenda Knight

- .-


Earl Knight Jr.
Sandra Laird
Sharon Lane

Timothy Lane
Yolanda Lee
James LeFebure

EARL EDWIN KNIGHT JR. September 19, 1950. Oak Hill, Ala-
SANDRA LAIRD "Sandy" December 20, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
R.O.T.C. Sponsor 4; Biological Honor Society 3, 4; National Honor
Society 3, 4; Chorus 4; Concert Choir 1, 2, 3 ,4; Band 1, 2, 3; Folk-
singers Club 1; Swimming Team 1, 2, 3; Math Club 3; S.A. Representa-
tive 2; Science Club 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2; F.T.A. 3; Music Festival 3;
Girl's State 3.
SHARON LEE LANE August 31, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. French
Club 1, 2; Future Secretaries 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; S.A. Representative
4; Girl's State 3.
TIMOTHY LANE "Cheathonm May 25, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Varsity Baseball 3; Varsity Football 3.
YOLANDA LEE June 2, 1948. Panama, R.P. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3,
4; F.B.L.A. 4; Secretaries Club 4.
JAMES HENRY LeFEBURE "Jim" May 6, 1950. Wurzburg, Ger-
many, Intramurals 1; Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Lettermen's Club 1,
2, 3, 4; Physics Lab. Assistant 4; Senior Beach Party Committee 4.
JOHN LILLARD January 15, 1950. Dallas, Texas. Golf 1, 2, 3;
National Thespians 2, 3; 4-H Club. 1, 2, 3; Student Council 3.
ALEXANDER P. LIM III "Pee Wee" September 3, 1950. Colon,
R.P. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Photo Club 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Reserve Officers
Association 3; Showcase Club 3.



v IF .
. ,

John Lillard

Alexander Lim



~i ) ;-

Paul Lipko
PeMarta Little

PAUL LIPKO July 23, 1951. Gdynia, Poland. Bridge Club 3; Chess
Club 3; Science Club 3.
PETER LIPKO July 23, 1951. Gdynia, Poland. Bridge Club 3; Chess
Club 3; Science Club 3.
MARTA LITTLE "Marty" January 22, 1949. Panama, R.P. Spanish
Club 4; F.B.L.A. 1; Photo Club 1; Intramural Volleyball 1.
RICHARD LLOYD "Dickie" November 18, 1948. Panama, R.P.
Varsity Football 1; Intramural Track 1, 2, 3; Audio-Visual 2, 3, 4;
Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4; Photo Club 3, 4; S.A. Representative 3, 4.
CECILIA LOPEZ "Pochy" December 8, 1949. Panama, R.P. Concert
Richard Lloyd Choir 1, 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 4; Folksingers Club 4;
Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Future Secretaries 4; Chess Club 4; Chorus 4;
Science Club 4.
CONRADO LOYOLA JR. November 3, 1950. Ponce, Puerto Rico.
DAVID LUSTGARTEN February 23, 1951. Berlin, Germany. Chess
Club 3; Math Club 4.
ROBERT BENNETT LUSTGARTEN February 1949. Bremer Haven,

Cecilia Lopez

CO Conrado Loyola Jr.
SDavid Lusgarten
S- ,_ Robert Lustgarten



Yolanda Maduro Jf ~
Robert Magnon -
James Maguire

YOLANDA MADURO December 27, 1950. Panama, R.P.
ROBERT MAGNON "Bob" August 31, 1950. Frankfurt, Germany.
Science Club 1; Medical Club 3; Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intra- -
mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4.
JAMES ALEXANDER MAGUIRE "Sandy" January 30, 1950.
Portland, Maine.
WAH SING MANN "Fred" September 20, 1947. China. Photogra-
phy Club 3, 4.
JESSE R. MARTIE "Jess" October 24, 1950. Panama, R.P. Concert
Choir 1, 2; Spanish Club 3, 4.
DORIS HELEN MARCHUCK "Dolly" February 1, 1950. Ancon, Wah Sing Mann
Canal Zone. Latin Club (Secretary) 1, 2; Drama Club 2, 3; Bridge
Club 2, 3; F.T.A. 1; Science Club 3; Biological Honor Society 3, 4;
Folksingers Club 4.
SUSAN MARCOLA "Sue" October 23, 1950. Fort Clayton, Canal
Zone. Freshman Assembly 1; Future Secretaries 4; Band 1, 2.
KARL C. MAROHL March 9, 1950. Oakland, California. S.A. Repre-
sentative 1, 2; F.B.L.A. 2.

Jesse R. Martie

Doris Marchuck
Susan Marcola
Karl Marohl


r) Gerald Martin
Raul Martinelli
Andrew Marczak

i i

David Matthiesen

GERALD MARTIN "Barrel" October 26, 1950. Colon, R.P.
R.O.T.C. 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Soccer 1.
RAUL MARTINELLI "Lulo" November 12, 1948. Panama, R.P.
Spanish Club 4; F.B.L.A. 2; Photo Club 1; Drama Club 1.
ANDREW T. MARCZAK "Andy" November 22, 1949. Ancon,
Canal Zone. S.A. Representative 3; S.A. Representative 4; Intramurals
1, 2, 3, 4.
DAVID MATTHIESEN March 12, 1950. Bendleton, Oregon. Junior
Varsity Football 1; Varsity Football 2, 3.
DAVID MAXWELL May 12, 1950. St. Louis, Missouri. Balboa
Rifle Club 3; Reserve Officers Association 4.
WILLIAM MAY January 10, 1949. Massachusetts.
DEBORAH McANDREWS "Debbie" September 5, 1949. Phoenix,
Arizona. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A. Representative 3, 4; Isthmian
Inklings 3, 4; Girl's State 3; Junior-Senior Prom 3; Homecoming Dance
Committee 4; Varsity Field Hockey 1.
ROSEANNA McARTHUR "Rosie" August 30, 1950. Panama, R.P.
F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; S.A.
Representative 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 2; Spanish Club 3; Senior Re-
ception Committee 4; Homecoming Dance Committee 4; Visitors Day
Guide 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Office 4; Girls State 3.

David Maxwell

William May
Deborah McAndrews
Roseanna McArthur


.-. =



Billy McArthur Z '
Robert McAuslin .
Edwin McCarren 4
TN 1

BILLY McARTHUR "Bill" February 9, 1950. Swabach, Germany.
R.O.T.C. Platoon Leader "B" Company 2, 3, 4; Stamp Club 1.
ROBERT McAUSLIN March 26, 1950. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
EDWIN McCARREN "Ed" July 14, 1950. Tokyo, Japan. Drama -
Club 4.
MARGARET MARIE McDOWELL "Peggy" September 20, 1950.
Waco, Texas. Drama Club 4; Spanish Club 1; F.T.A. 3, 4; Concert
Choir 3; Majorette 3, 4; Girl's State 3; Band 1; R.O.T.C. Band Sponsor
3, 4; Secretarial Club 4.
FRANCES McGRATH "Toni" May 22, 1950. Panama, R.P. S.A.
Alternate 1; Folksingers Club 1, 2; Future Nurses of America 2, 3; Peggy McDowell
Spanish Club 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Showcase Committee 3;
Photo Club 4; '67 Graduation Usher 3.
SAMUEL ANTHONY McGUINNESS "Sam" July 24, 1950. An-
con, Canal Zone. Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4;
Spanish Club 4; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; S.A. Representative 4.
JUDITH McILVAIN "Judy" April 7, 1950. Flint, Michigan. In-
tramural Basketball 2, 3; Drama Club 1; Folksingers Club 1; Showcase
Committee 1; Girl's State 3; Zonian Staff Assistant Editor 4; S.A.
Representative 1.
CATHERINE McINTIRE "Cathy" May 22, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. G.A.A. 3; Photo Club 4.

Frances McGrath

Samuel McGuinness
Judy McIlvain
Catherine Mclntire

d.i? 7 ;

M- Janette McNeese
Kathy Melanson
iDeborah Mendow

Zachary Michaelis

JANETTE McNEESE March 22, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Debate
Club 1; Bulletin Board Committee 3; Showcase Committee 3; Spanish
Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Photo Club 4; S.A. Publicity 4; Office Assistant 2;
Student Assistant 4.
KATHY JANE MELANSON "Kay-Jay" June 6, 1950. New York
City. S.A. Representative 1, 2, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; French
Club 2, 3; Drama Club 2; Library Club 2; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Parrakeet
Staff 4; Folksingers Club 3; Christmas Formal Committee 3; Sadie
Hawkins Committee 2; Majorette 4.
SDEBORAH ANN MENDOW "Carrottop" November 10, 1950.
SBogalusa, Louisiana.
Mary Middleton JOHN P. MERCIER September 21, 1949. Washington, D.C.

JULIA EILEEN MERCIER January 8, 1951. Washington, D.C. Band
,"*" 1, 2, 3; F.H.A. 4.

ZACHARY P. MICHAELIS January 29, 1948. Ancon, Canal Zone.
SIntramural Football 2; Intramural Volleyball 2.
' MARY MIDDLETON May 16, 1949. Panama, R.P. Folksingers
Club 4; Bookstore 4; Audio-Visual 1.
GREGORY A. MILLER "Greg" October 8, 1949. Keene, New
Hampshire. School Play 1; Intramural Softball 1; Drama Club 4;
Reserve Officers Association 4.

Gregory Miller

.- 1

Margaret Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Ronald Miller

Alan Mills
Kathleen Mills
Martin Mills

i 7-P


MARGARET MILLER "Jeannie" December 12, 1950. Augusta,
Georgia. F.H.A. 1, 3; Foreign Language Club 1; F.B.L.A. 3; Photo
Club 4.
ELIZABETH LOUISE MILLER "Liz" July 13, 1950. Macon, Geor-
gia. G.A.A. 3, 4; Future Secretaries 4; Folksingers Club 4; Drama Club
RONALD MILLER "Ron" April 16, 1950. Jacksonville, Florida.
Drafting Club 1; Science Club 1; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 4.
ALAN R. MILLS "Al" October 13, 1950. Barranquilla, Colombia.
Folksingers Club 4; S.A. Representative 1.
KATHLEEN MILLS "Kay" February 5, 1950. Colon, R.P. F.B.L.A.
3, 4; Future Secretaries 3, 4.
MARTIN W. MILLS July 30, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
JOHN DAVID MIMBS January 18, 1950. Macon, Georgia. Junior
Beta Club 1; Key Club International 2; Art Club 2; Showcase Club 4;
Library Club 2.
CHRISTINE MITTEN "Chris" November 14, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. F.T.A. 1; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3; Girl's State 3; Get
Acquainted Dance 4; Homecoming Dance 4; S.A. Representative 4;
Intramurals 4; Senior Class Night 4.

Chris Mitten


David Mimbs

Ralph Mizrachi
Louie Montoya
Patricia Moore

\ --

Lars Morales
Dean Morris
John Moses

RALPH MIZRACHI January 11, 1950. Panama, R.P. Spanish Club
1, 2, 3, (President) 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Math Club 4; Audio-Visual 3.
LOUIE MONTOYA May 24, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Photo Club 1.
PATRICIA MOORE "Trish" January 27, 1950. Dallas, Texas.
Newspaper 1; Honor Society 1; Intramurals 1, 2; Gymnastics Team 2.
LARS MORALES "Lue" October 10, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Folksingers Club 3; Chess Club 1; Intramural Swimming 1.
DEAN MORRIS October 4, 1949. Florence, South Carolina. Rifle
Team 3; Drama Club 3.
JOHN MOSES December 3, 1949. Panama, R.P. Class President 1;
Awards Day Assembly Committee 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Lettermen's
Club 2, 3; S.A. Representative 2, 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; J.V. Football 2.
CATHY ELAINE MULLINS December 7, 1949. Greenville, Texas.
EDWARD A. MURDOCK "Ed" September 12, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. Spanish Club 3; Future Secretaries 4; R.O.T.C. Color Guard 3;
R.O.T.C. I.eadership School 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Company Commander
"C" Company 4.

Edward Murdok
Edward Murdock

Cathy Mullins





Edward Mulroy
James L. Murphy
Julie Murphy


V 1
P. ;h


~> ii,

Bruce Muse
John Napier
Bessie Norfleet

EDWARD THOMAS MULROY "Ed" November 5, 1949. Brook-
lyn, New York.
JAMES L. MURPHY "Jim" November 12, 1950. Jacksonville, Flori-
da. R.O.T.C. Squad Leader 3, 4; Reserve Officers Association 4; French
Club 3; R.O.T.C. Usher Guard 4.
JULIE KATHERINE MURPHY "Julie" August 31, 1950. Talla-
hassee, Florida. Drama Club 1; Intramurals 1; F.H.A. 2; Photo Club
2; Girl's State 3; Bulletin Boards 2; Office Assistant 4; National Biolo-
gical Society 3, 4; S.A. Representative 3.
BRUCE MUSE "Zues" October 31, 1950. Boise, Idaho.
JOHN NAPIER July 11, 1950. Staten Island, New York. Audio-
Visual 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Bn. Sgt. Maj. 3; Reserve Officers Association
(Vice-President) 4.
BESSIE MAE NORFLEET December 21, 1949. Savannah, Georgia.
Future Homemakers of America 4; Drama Club 4; Intramurals 4.
CHRISTINE NORTON "Chris" May 24, 1950. Mishawaka, Indi-
ana. Spanish Club 1; F.H.A. 1; Keyettes 3; F.S.A. 4.
JORGE ALBERTO NAVARRO "Georgie" November 23, 1949.
Panama, R.P. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Drama Club Publicity Committee 4.

Christine Norton

Jorge Navarro


Betty Niebch
W Toni Nita
Karen O'Connell

BETTY NIEBCH May 26, 1950. Medellin, Colombia. Library Club 1.
TONI NITA "Kalb" September 5, 1950. Manchester, New Hamp-
S.. shire. Future Teachers of America 1.
KAREN O'CONNFLL August 8, 1950. Brooklyn, New York. Folk-
S.singers Club 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 1, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3.
SCOLLEEN G. O'CONNOR "Cole" November 6, 1950. Ancon,
Canal Zone. Drama Club 1.
f aa ART OCUTO "Cakeman" October 10, 1950. New York. Tennis
Team 1; Football 1, 2; S.A. Representative 4.
Colleen O'Connor
BELEN C. OLAYVAR "Belencita" February 13, 1950. Panama,
R.P. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society (President) 4; Show-
case Club Assistant Treasurer 4.
KATHY OLSEN "Ulcers" October 22, 1950. Denver, Colorado.
Drama Club 1; Spanish Club 3; Intramural Softball 3.
ALFRED O'NEILL "Alfie" May 27, 1950. Brooklyn, New York.
Wrestling Team 1, 2; Track Team 1; Gymnastics 2.

Art Ocuto

BBelen C. Olayvar
.. Kathy Olsen
S:"3N Alfred O'Neill

Joseph Orr III -
Jaime Pedraza .
Donna Perkins .

JOSEPH H. ORR III "Joe" August 26, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Drama Club 4; R.O.T.C. 1st Sgt. 2, 3, 4.
JAIME PEDRAZA June 22, 1950. Kenosha, Wisconsin. Band 2, 3, .
4; Orchestra 2, 3; Variety Show 2, 3; F.T.A. 1, 2; Spanish Club 2, 3.
DONNA PERKINS "Miss Perk" September 23, 1950. Sawton,
Oklahoma. F.H.A. 3; Glee Club 2.
GARY PICKEWPAUGH December 24, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
R.O.T.C. 1st Lt. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dixieland Band 2, 3;
Concert Band 1, 2, 4.
Gary Pickewpaugh
NANCY PIES April 30, 1950. Brookings, South Dakota. Junior Class GaPick
Play 3; French Club 3; Debate Club 3; Drama Club 3, 4; Homecoming
Dance Committee 4.
DAWN PARISH "Toy" October 8, 1950. Maryland. Drama Club 4.
LINDA MARGRET PATTON "Lynn" February 12, 1950. Ancon,
Canal Zone. Office Assistant 2, 3, 4; Fashion Show Committee 4; Span-
ish Club 4.
IDA PATRICIA PEREIRA "Patsy" December 17, 1948. Panama,
R.P. S.A. Representative 3; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Tutor 2;
Student Assistant 2, 3, 4; Get Acquainted Dance Committee 4.

Nancy Pies

Dawn Parish
Linda Patton -
Patsy Pereira i-

Dawn~b Paih . S: L'4R
Lind Paton ^c ^ I tk^ W 's l'* ^


k:* .;

mow ,'

Donna Rathgeber

k ,

Danny Rayborn
Danny Rayborn

B j B.. Mark Pickell
S." r Eleonore Posch
R ". ^'. Jim Provencio

MARK PICKELL March 22, 1950. Tokyo, Japan. Football Team 1, 2;
Track Team 1, 3; S.A. Representative 1; Homecoming Dance Committee
2, 4; Valentine Formal 3.
ELEONORE POSCH "Nora" May 23, 1950. Tehran, Iran. Drama
Club 1, 2; Basketball Intramurals 1, 2; Math Club 1.
JUAN JAIME PROVENCIO "Jim" June 1, 1950. El Paso, Texas.
Folksingers Club 3; Drama Club 4; School Play (First Born) 4; Humani-
ties Club 4.
DONNA ANNE RATHEBER August 17, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
F.N.A. 1; Christmas Formal Committee 3; Valentine Formal Committee
3; S.A. Representative 4; G.A.A. 4; Girls Drill Team 3; Hall of
Fame: Wittiest 4.
DANNY RAYBORN March 3, 1949. Newfoundland. Football Team
1, 2; Track Team 1, 2; Boxing 2; Wrestling 2; Basketball 1; Soccer 2;
French Club 2.
WENDE RENNERT January 4, 1950. New York City. Girls' State
3; Drama Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 2 ,3; Folksingers Club 1; Show-
case Committee 1.
CYNTHIA RICORD "Cindy" July 24, 1949. Panama, R.P. German
Club 2; A.Y.A. 1, 2; Showcase Club 4; Modeling Club 1; Office As-
sistant 4; Tennis Intramurals 3; Spanish Club 4; Drama Club 2.
TOM RILEY "Tom" April 25, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. R.O.T.C.
2, 3, 4; (Sgt.).

Wende Rennert
Cynthia Ricord
Tom Riley

Gerald Risberg
Gladys Rivera
Steven Rocker

GERALD RISBERG "Gerry" February 22, 1950. Colon, R.P. Span-
ish Club 2, 3; Intramural Football 2, 3; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4.
GLADYS RIVERA "Country" July 6, 1949. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Spanish Club 3.
STEVEN JACOB ROCKER "Rock" August 8, 1947. Ancon, Canal
Zone. Football 3, 4.
FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ JR. "Frank" August 23, 1950. San
Antonio, Texas. Student Council 1.
TERESITA RODRIGUEZ "Tessie" January 9, 1949. La Havana,
Cuba. Science Fair 1; Triple C Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Future Home-
makers of America 1; French Club 1.
PAMELA MARIE ROGERS "Pam" May 1, 1950. Boulder, Colo-
rado. S.A. Representative 4; Future Homemakers of America 4; Folk-
singers Club 4; Ticket Sales Committee 4.
SAMMY RUIZ "Sudden" December 22, 1948. Ancon, Canal Zone.
SANDRA LYNN ROUSE "Bunny" April 9, 1950. Waycross, Geor-
gia. Zonian Staff Assistant Club Editor 4.

Pamela Rogers
Sammy Ruiz
Sandra Rouse

Frank Rodriguiz

Teresita Rodriguez

ny ^


Robert Ryan
Douglas Roper
Charlene Rose

Charles Roth-Roffy
.,* ...* :".

ROBERT RYAN "Tom" September 15, 1949. San Francisco, Cali-
fornia. Baseball 1; Track 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Dance Committee 2, 3;
S.A. Representative 1, 2.
DOUGLAS N. ROPER July 26, 1959. Fort Benning, Georgia. Na-
tional Thespian 1; Swimming Team 1; Football Team 1; R.O.T.C.
Drill Team 4.
CHARLENE ANN ROSE "Char" August 14, 1950. Colon, R.P.
Future Nurses of America 1; Homecoming Dance Committee 1, 4;
Valentine Formal 4; Christmas Formal 4; F.H.A. 4; F.S.A. 4.
CHARLES ROTH-ROFFY "Charlie" February 23, 1950. St. Louis,
LINDA LEE ROZZELLE September 21, 1950. St. Louis, Missouri.
Intramurals 3, 4; Homecoming Dance Committee 3; Library Club 1, 2,
3; Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee 3; G.A.A. 3.
EVELYN GRACE ROJAS January 12, 1951. Panama, R.P. Secretarial
Club 3; Future Homemakers of America 4.
FONDA ROBERTS November 7, 1949. Sonora, Texas. Pep Squad
1; French Club 2; National Thespian 2.
JOHN RICHARDS September 10, 1950. Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
Football Team 3; Baseball 4.

Linda Rozzelle

Evelyn Rojas
Fonda Roberts
John Richards

- lil


Janet Scigliane
Carl Schmalzel
Angela Scott

JANET LEE SCIGLIANE October 27, 1950. Brooklyn, New York.
Future Teachers of America 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3,
4; Intramurals 4; Photo Club 4; Girl's State 4.
CARL L. SCHMALZEL June 10, 1950. Fort Knox, Kentucky. Cross
Country 1, 2; Wrestling 2; Student 3; Football 4.
ANGELA MARIA SCOTT "Angie" September 6, 1949. Colon,
R.P. Library Club 3, 4; Escuela Normal (Vice-President).
GREGORY T. SEARS "Greg" June 11, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.
JOHN SEDDON September 24, 1949. Coco Solo, Canal Zone. S.C.A.
Representative 1; Spanish Honor Society 2; R.O.T.C. Drill Team 3;
Lettermen's Club 4; Science Club 4; Varsity Track 4; Basketball 1.
RICHARD SEGARRA "Rick" June 26, 1948. Ancon, Canal Zone.
J.V. Baseball 1; A.C. Football 3; J.V. Basketball 1.
ELVA LOUISE SELLENS July 3, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Swim-
ming Team 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; Library Club 2, 3, 4; G.A.A.
2, 3, 4.
LARRY SELLENS March 30, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone.

4 *'

S" r

Gregory Sears
Gregory Sears


John Seddon

Richard Segarra
Elva Sellens
Larry Sellens



Robert Sikes
Robert Sikes

Stephen Sheppard


, -" s-. Leslie Sharpe
Charles Shaulis
Peter Shaver

LESLIE SHARPE August 21, 1950. Chanute AFB, Illinois. Varsity
Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Varsity Cross-Country 1, 2, 3; National Honor So-
ciety 3, 4; Lettermen "Block F" Society 1, 2, 3; California Scholastic
Federation 2, 3; Jr. Class Vice-President 3.
CHARLES SHAULIS "Chuck" January 15, 1950. Nashville, Ten-
nessee. Latin Club 3; Math Club 1; Swimming 3; Zonian Staff (Ad-
ministration and Faculty Editor) 4; National Honor Society 4.
PETER SHAVER "Pete" July 7, 1950. San Diego, California. S.A.
Representative 2, 3.
ROBERT SIKES "Otis" June 21, 1950. Mobile, Alabama.
STEPHEN SHEPPARD "Comel" February 5, 1950. Tulsa, Okla-
homa. Basketball 1; R.O.T.C. Color Guard 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Squad
Leader 3, 4; Photo Club 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4; Science Club 4; Senior
Beach Party Committee 4.
REBECCA SIMONS "Becca" November 19, 1949. Honolulu, Hawaii.
Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Future Homemakers of America 4; Folk-
singers Club 4; Parrakeet Staff 3; Intramurals 3, 4.
CHARLES EARL SIMS February 24, 1949. Frankfurt, Germany.
R.O.T.C. Drill Team 2, 3; Chess Club 3.
PATRICIA ANN SIRAVO "Patty" July 14, 1949. Cheyenne, Wy-
oming. Girls Drill Team 4; Homecoming Dance Committee 4; G.A.A.
4; Prom Committee 3, 4; School Play 2; Twirling Drill Team 2.

Rebecca Simons
'' Charles Sims
Patricia Siravo

Kerrie Skehan
Thomas Slice
Alexandra Small



"I I

KERRIE SKEHAN November 25, 1950. Bermuda. Drama Club 1,
4; F.H.A. 4; Showcase Committee 3; Bulletin Board 3; Homecoming
Dance 3; Zonian Staff Sophomore Editor 4.
THOMAS SLICE "Tom" November 5, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Basketball 2, 3, 4; Football 4.
ALEXANDRA C. SMALL "Chris" June 2, 1950. Aberdeen, Mary-
land. Future Secretaries 3; Library Club 3.
ALLAN SMITH "Al" June 2, 1950. North Tonawanda, New York.
Folksingers Club 1; Math Club 2; Science Club 3; National Honor
Society 3, 4; Physiology Lab. Asst. 4; Ring Committee 3; Beach Party 4.
CLINTON BRUCE SMITH "Clint" June 23, 1950. Colon, R.P.
Pvt. Co. "C" 1, 2; Sgt. Co. "C" 2; Track 3.
HARRIET V. SMITH "Hattie" May 24, 1950. Colon, R.P. Zonian
Staff Advertising Assistant Editor 4.
TERRI SMITH July 27, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Bowling Inter-
murals 1, 2; Bulletin Board 2; F.T.A. 2; Folksingers 2; Jr. Ring Com-
mittee 3; Girls State 3.
JAMES L. SNYDER JR. "Jim" July 19, 1950. Panama, R.P. R.O.T.C.
2, 3, 4; Dixieland Band 3; Intramural Football 3; Junior Varsity
Football 2.

Terri Smith

1 IW
4 ,

James Snyder


Allan Smith
Clinton Smith
Harriet Smith


Jaime Soper
Wesley Sparling
David Speakmon


Charlotte Speevak
Charles Spencer
Frances Stabler



Kenneth Stahl


L- ,

JAIME SOPER April 18, 1950. Panama, R.P. R.O.T.C. 3.
WESLEY WAYNE SPARLING "Wayne" June 28, 1949. San Jose,
Costa Rica. Audio Visual 4; Spanish Club 4.
DAVID SPEAKMON "Soaky Toy" September 7, 1949. San Antonio,
Texas. J.V. Basketball 3, 4; Football 1.
CHARLOTTE SUE SPEEVAK "Sue" March 13, 1950. Ancon, Canal
Zone. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; National Biological Society 2, 3, 4;
Math Club 4; Ticket Sales Committee 4; Carnival Queen of Spanish
Club 4.
CHARLES SPENCER "Charlie" June 12, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Science Club 1, 3; Photo Club 1; S.A. Representative 1; Class Presi-
dent 2; S.A. Vice-President 3; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 2; President
National Honor Society 4; Parrakeet Assistant Editor 4; Intramural
Track 2; Toastmasters Leadership Program 3.
FRANCES MARIE STABLER "Spider" June 23, 1950. Houston,
Texas. F.N.A. 1, 2; S.A. Representative 2; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2;
Ring Committee 3; Get Acquainted Dance 4; Homecoming Dance 4;
Zonian Staff Activities Editor 4; Seniro Banquet 4; Valentine Formal
Princess 4; Orientation Day 4.
KENNETH STAHL "Ken" September 8, 1950. Castle AFB, Cali-
fornia. Intramural Football 2, 3; Photo Club 3; Science Club 3.
DAVID LYNN STEPHENS "Dave" Fort Riley, Kansas. Football 1,
2, 3, 4; Legion of Mary 2.

David Stephens
David Stephens


C4 r

Mae Stewart
Harry Stinson
Dale Stuewe

* x.

I % .

MAE STEWART October 1, 1949. Panama, R.P. Library Club 3;
Girls Intramurals 2, 3, 4.
HARRY CHARLES STINSON "Woo" May 26, 1948. Galesburg,
Illinois. Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 4; S.A. Representative 1, 2; R.O.T.C.
Company Commander 4; Hall of Fame: Most Senior Spirited. Debate
Club 3; Chairman Class Gift 4.
DALE STUEWE November 14, 1950. Panama, R.P. Bridge Club 3;
Spanish Club 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Toastmasters Program
MARSHA STRANGE "Kay" May 26, 1950. Rome, New York.
Future Homemakers of America 4.
LOSINA STEPHENS February 23, 1949. Yale, Oklahoma. Drama
Club 4.
JOHN THOMPSON "Manco" August 30, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
R.O.T.C. 2, 3.
JAMES TILLMAN "Jim" November 18, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
OLGA TODA "Teddy" April 3, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone. Spanish
Showcase Committee 1; Art Showcase 3.

John Thompson
James Tillman -'
Olga Toda

i,. '3

Marsha Strange

Losina Stephens

Frank Toman
Jeannie Treadwell
Kathleen Triplett



Margaret Tucker

FRANK J. TOMAN "Frankie" July 4, 1950. Panama, R.P. Spanish
Club 1; Photo Club 4.
JEANNIE D. TREADWELL August 28, 1950. Recife, Brazil. Fu-
ture Homemakers of America 3, 4.
KATHLEEN TRIPLETT "Kathy" February 8, 1950. Easton, Penn-
sylvania. French Club 2, 3; Office Assistant 4; Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3.
MARGARET TUCKER "Peggy" February 21, 1950. Napa, Cali-
fornia. Homeroom Representative 3; Drama Club 3.
JERRY TURNER "Jer" June 15, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zone. Zonian
Staff-Senior Editor; Spanish Club 3; Cards and Announcement Com-
mittee 4.
DAVID VANDERPOEL "Dave" February 20, 1950. Portsmouth,
Virginia. Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 4; Latin
Club 4.
LILY VARGAS April 4, 1949. Panama, R.P. Spanish Club 4; Secre-
tarial Club 2; Spanish Showcase 1, 2; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 4.
GLORIA VASNICK January 7, 1950. Panama, R.P. Spanish Club
3; French Club 4.

Jerry Turner

David Vanderpoel
Lily Vargas
Gloria Vasnick




Rick Velasco
Martha Velez
Albert Villageliu

RICK VELASCO March 28, 1948. Panama, R.P. Track 1, 2, 3, 4;
Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; S.A. Representative
3; Chairman Ring Committee 3.
MARTHA VELEZ "Matts" April 9, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Drama Club 3; S.A. Representative 3, 4; French Club 4.
ALBERT ALFONSO VILLAGELIU "Alfie" Miy 22, 1949. Havana,
Cuba. Football 2, 3; Basketball 2; Tennis 2; Graduation Usher 3;
S.A. Representative 4; Spanish Club 4; Debate Club 4.
SYLVIA VILLARREAL January 27, 1950. San Antonio, Texas.
G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; F.N.A. 3, 4; National Biological Society 3, 4; Home-
coming Dance 4; Secretary Senior Class 4; S.A. Representative 3;
Girls' State 3.
MARGARET VINCENT "Maggie" June 18, 1950. Stockton, Cali-
fornia. J.V. Basketball 1; J.V. Softball 1; F.T.A. 3, 4; Spanish Club
3; Drama Club 4; Bridge Club 4.
JUDITH ANN VOGEL "Judy" July 11, 1950. Washington, D.C.
Future Nurses of America 1, 2, 3, 4; Future Homemakers of America
1, 2, 3, 4.
ROBERT PATON VOSBURGH "Bob" March 30, 1950. Somerset,
Pennsylvania. French Club 1, 2; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Spanish
Club 2, 3.
JUDITH VOSBURGH "Judy" June 10, 1950. Panama, R.P. Basket-
ball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2; French Club 1; Spanish Club 1.


Sylvia Villarreal

Margaret Vincent

Judith Vogel
Robert Vosburgh
Judith Vosburgh


Shirley Walker
Terence Wallace
Sheri Walsh

SHIRLEY WALKER "Boppers" September 3, 1949. Coco Solo, Canal
Zone. Spanish Club 1; Tennis Team 4; Intramurals 3; Nurses Aid 1.
TERENCE WALLACE "Terry" May 31, 1950. Chicago, Illinois.
S.D.A.C. Football 3.
SHERI BELINDA WALSH "Belinda" October 14, 1949. New
Braunfels, Texas. Glee Club 1; Science Club 2; S.A. Representative 4;
Girls State 3; Sports Day 3; National Honor Society 4.
MARTHA ANN WALTON April 25, 1950. New Orleans, Louisi-
ana. Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Girls' State 3; French Club 4; S.A.
Representative 4.
STANLEY WARD June 9, 1949. Chicago, Illinois. Football 3, 4;
Basketball 3; Track 3.
DENISE MARIE WATKINS "Neccie" August 23, 1950. Columbus,
Ohio. Variety Show 1.
MARSHA WATKINS "Moony" October 8, 1949. Ancon, Canal
Zone. F.B.L.A. 3; G.A.A. Basketball 3.
CECILIA WATSON "Ceci" June 24, 1950. Panama, R.P. Photo
Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Drama Club 4.

Martha Walton
Martha Walton

Stanley Ward

Denise Watkins
Marsha Watkins
Cecilia Watson

..i : ': : *

/ ..
w^ "-.&B

' .* .

Full Text


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive.org/details/zonian1968balb


THE ZONIAN 1968 Volume 59 Published by the Journalism Department of Balboa Hi g h School Balboa, Canal Zone


Contents Activities 5 Seniors 45 \1 -I Underclassmen 103, 127 Administration and Faculty 147 t) .... / rllfJ' ID .; Organizations 170 Sports 187,117 Advertisements 113 Candids 139 Index 149 ---.-L-J ....


new seas to sail, new wings to try the ships move, a paper ship to and fro licking like dog's tongues the bow Lariets of birds hoop in the tu s k wh i te sky. I t the eye of dawn blinks upon the seabrink, and the sun-dish begets waves weaving like millions of nets, as the rays move over the wave-cords of the acc'ordian sea, a silence falls like snOw upon the water and the ship moves on unto seas no eye can weave. 3


4 In Memoriam I / Lt. Frank A Rybicki, Jr. So he marched toward the sound of the cannon. A brilliant and promising career ha s been ended. No mission was too difficult No sacrifice too g reat. The highest demand placed on hi s soul he met, To maintain the h o nor of the Corps. Nig ht ha s since captured him Snuffed the shinin g sp irit within him, But n ot the g l ow that mark s him Amon g our pages.




b Queen Carol Adai r Esco rted by Watt Jenk ins The crowning o f Car o l by Herb Kalb f oot ball captai n and Darlcen \'Qood ruff, captain of cheerleaders. 1968 Homecoming Dance Quee n Ca r o l A dai r and escort W a t t Jenkins lead o H the cor o n atio n dan c e


Sop h omo r e princess Sue G o rd o n escort e d b y I:ln R oss. J unior princess Jan H a, .... k ins est o rted by Jim Weise Senio r pri ncess Vick y B a rne s esco r ted b y D e nni s D o r ff. Senio r p r incess T e rry Case esco rted by Mark H o ward \ \1 -.. -.. , \ A con gregatio n o( r o yalty 7


Football Court Princess l ee H : uwell P rin cess NanC) M cQu: Hrie And Dance The FOOibai Dance marked the enJ of the f ootb.all seaso n Students dance 10 the mus i c o f the L o vech:tin." q


Juniors Reign Over Queen Darlene Daly 10


Christmas Formal Pr incess Lesli e Affeltrange r escor ted b y Neil Fraune nheim Princess JoElla I r v i n escorted b y Jim W i ese. P rincess D o n na M c Clain e sco rted by Mar k Dillon Pr i ncess Sandy S e rran o escorted b y M i ke Beatty. II


p a m ( 17


I ) I I I I , \ r \ r M iss Fr ances Stabl e r Escorts: F e rnand o A lfaro M a r k D illo n E d Ede r H e r b K a lb W ayne F osc ue I I Valentin e Cou rt I M iss T oni Nita r ; -\ f -. \ I M iss D ar leen W oodruff 13


14 R oldol f o Y ou ng Escort Queen Sue Speevak Ralp h Mizar:tc h i Escort


Carnival Dance Attendants Caro l Furl o n g and D iego D e La Gua rdi a --/ R e n ee A zr:lk and Ezra A llia. D e br:t McGra th and Carl H arni s h T on i M cGrat h and Ramo n F ernandez lead the cor o n ation dance. Q UEEN SUE AND COURT Carmen Veg.J and Orl:lndo Fil os L R Ram o n F e rnandez, Toni M CGC3th, Br oo k e Alfar o, V i l ma D e L ima, Ralph Mizarachi and Queen Sue. 15


T rack Queen and Court Pr incess Caro l A dai r Queen Leslie Affletranger Pr i ncess J a n e t H unt


, J I ... ,,,,,lIy air ttDaisy-Mae" ... Steve Nehring /'tlil Abner" 1 17


The Final S olutio n" s uppli ed great sou nds f o r OUf fir st dan ce o f the yea!. The three classes j o ined together f o r a nighl of fun T wo BHS lettermen, Ric hard Lloyd and Nei l Frau en h eim sened thei r thirsty classmates 3t the dance 18 Get Acquainted Dance Three stags wailin g 10 get acqua int ed. A success!


K athy Warren a n d G ary P oocke di s playing ta l ent. L R Ed M cCarr o n Jim L atime r G r egg Miller sta r in Firstborn ". Drama Departme nt Presents Two Plays Annually \ The April 1 967 p r od uction of 'The I mportan c e o f Bein g Ernest! And it be gins behind the scenes ... 19


j 20 B H S Cheerleaders BHS C h eerlea d ers r ide t h e fir e truck a t t he annual J a m bo r ee. The C h eerleade r s suppo r t ou r sch ool. Lell 1 0 right: Maxine K arst, J acque H unt, K a ren F osc ue, L es l ie A ffeltr:t n ger, Nancy M c Q uarrie, P al C h ase, CO-C:lp!'; J anet H unt, Darleen \,\ food ruff captain.


Boost School Spirit Round and round Ihe y go; whe re t hey sto p n o body kn ows. Ou r C h eer l eaders at th e fir st pep rally of t h e year. J ust a "selle n' and a reSlin' and :1 posen' OUf lith esome c heerleade r s a re well chosen. Slall dil1g: Maxin e; J uni o r J acque; Soph., K arin; Sop h., Pat; J unior. Sillillg: D :lC[een; Seni o r Janet ; Senior N a ncy; Junior, leslie; J unior 21


2 2 Girls Drill T earn Marches I -I l -, -I -J .' -, Front R ow L R : Marilyn H are, Diane Gomez, Joan H utto n H ele n Braswell. B ark R ow: P o lli Woods, Gail Gor don, C3r o l Coll i ns, M a r y Sneed Drill Team led b y Captain Bebe H olmes. F rom R ow L R : Patty Siravo Sally A da ir Lin da Sexton, P atsy V oge l b um rvt oody. B ack R ow: P at P erry, Mar gie Engel ke, Nor ma Gom ez, P aula Witt. I t D rill T eam s h owin g t h eir sch ool sp i rit in t h e H o mecomi n g M oto r cade.


to a Successful Year Top R o w L R : P at :i\-f:lrg ie, Bebe, Ca ptain; Norma. B o ll o m R oll': P an}', Sally, P atsy, Lin da. T o p R oll': G ail, Carol P oll i Becky, C o -Captai n : H elen, M arilyn, i\[at)'. Di:lne. Th e 1 9671 968 Girl s D rill Team. 23


24 M ajorettes Entertain at Half-Time Ceremonies Kath y M e lan so n ; Se ni o r ,,;C-.' .\,. C a p lai n ; P eggy r ... f c D o w ell; Se n io r Caro l Wigg; Se ni o r A d a B e ec h n e r ; So p h o m o r e The B H S 1 9671968 1>.bjoreltcs did a good job o f ente rt a ini n g t h e a ud i e n ce s durin g the half-time_ The y p e rf o rm e d diff e r ent routines incl udin g th e f ir e a n d flag b : tlo n s.


Reserve Officers -Training Corps > -.. ,--,--. -4.,. ,f1 F ront R o w L R : J ohn Hadstate, Executive Officer; Sand r a Laird Sp o n so r ; Paul Bin g h am, B :lttaiio n Commande r ; C h arles Spencer, Operati o ns Office r Second R oUl: Nor man H olland, Publi c I nfo. Officer ; Ed Ecler, Ad juta n t; Ric hard Cruz A ssist ant Adjutant ; R alp h Hinton, I nt e lli gence Offi c er. Third R ow: Stevt'n Smi l ey. Oper:ltio ns N.CO.; R obert Lu stga r ten, S uppl y N C.O. "-/'" ,. In its 19th yea r as pa rt o f t h e BHS curriculum t h e B a lb oa H igh Sch oo l R eserve Office r s Trainin g Corps continues its purpose of p r e parin g its cadets to b e intellig ent citiz e n s and provi din g t h e m wit h mi l itary trainin g a nd know l e d ge for futur e mil ita r y se rvice. R O.T.C. Cadre >rrl I r SSG l\L A. Wiggins l\"l ajo r M ]. F letc h e r SSG J T L ocashio SSG G W White 25


26 R.O.T.C. Sponsors -Top 10 bOllom: Car o l Rae, S h aron, T e rr i Sue B e h ind ev ery man t h e re i s :I w o m a n ( I \I \ SIdndill g L R : S h aron D e rri c k ; 0 Co., Sue H owley; B Co., T e r r i C ase; A Co. R ae D o naldson; C Co. Siffillg: Sandy L a ir d; B a tt alio n C : n o l A d:ti r ; D r ill T eam


A Company F ernando A lfaro Co m pany Commande r ; Sue H ow ley, Spo n so r ; Phil ip G o nzal ez, Guid o n B e ar e r ; B ack R ow, L R : B o b Bacot 1 s t Pl atoo n Lead e r ; B illy 1I.kAn h u r 2nd Platoon L eade r ; J ames Bor ell, 3 r d Pl atoo n L eade r ; J o hn Dis h a r oo n E xec u tive Office r H arry Stinson, C o mpany C o mm:tnder; T e rr i Cas e Sp onso r ; T ed M c Gann Guidon Bearer ; Back R ow, L R : B a rry Doug[ as lSI P lato o n L eade r ; G reg g Miller 2 n d P lal oo n L eade r ; J ohn B urkman, 3 rd Platoo n L eader; i\' brk H o ward C o mpa n y Executive O fficer B Company 27


28 C C ompany Edward Murdock, Company Comma n de r; Rae D onalds o n Sponsor G u idon Bearer Chr i s Wheeler Bark R Oil' L -R: J ames W i llia r E xecut i v e O ff i ce r K enneth J ustice, 2nd Pl atoo n L eade r ; Ste\ cn Narc, 3 r d P latoo n l eade r ; not pictu r ed: Joh n Z err, 1 s t Plat oo n L e a d e r /- D Company F rom Row L R : G e rald R i s b e r g, E xe c utive Office r ; Sh a r o n D e rri c k S p o n so r ; J a m es L eFeb Yer, C o m pan y C ommander; S e c on d R ow: D e nnis D o rff 1 S I P latoon L ea d e r ; : M i c h ae l C a fol], 2 n d P lat oo n L e ader; David Fish e r 3 rd P l : H oo n L e ad e r


. -. J ose Gatci". C ompany C o mmand er; Carol A dai r Spo n so r ; Thomas F ulc h er, EXe<"utivc Office r Band C o mpany in actio n D rill T eam P erforming dur ing H alf -time. J a mes Snyder, Compan y Commander; M ajo reucs L R : Kalh y Melans o n A da Beechner, Car o l Wigs, P eggy B ark ROlli.' SJm M cGuinn is, SeClion L eade r ; David BOlzenmaret, Exe c utive Offi ce r G ary Pi c k e n pau g h S ection L eade r 29


Chorus Mr. B e rt K. Tho mpson MlIJic M S Music Educatio n Univer sity of T ennesse e F o lk Sin gers Club Mr. Th o m pso n d e \ o tes much o f his s p a r e time and a great deal o f his e ff o rts t o th e mus i c d e p a rtment o f BHS


Concert Band


II j. 1 I -. C oncert Ch oi r pe rf orms du rin g Christmas Concert i n the audito r iu m 32 Concert Choir




34 Student Association J ohn Di sharoon, Pr esident; Bill D uffus. Vice-Pr eside nt S.A. Pr eside nt gives :1 pep talk at t he first pep rally o f the year. And here 10 the c o mf o rts of t he S A r oom ...


Officers for 6 7 -68 D iana G o r i n and A n ne G o l dfie n ; S A secrel : lries The S A sponso r .Mr. Willin g h am, o fficer s gui d ance and advice. The r e is never an end! gives the 35


Chris Carter, editor o f the BHS newspaper, revie w s 3n : l.rIicle. 36 : -Mr. Brown, PARRAKEET adviso r s upervises r epo rt e r s. Parrakeet Staff I Ass i s tant Ed ito r Charles Spe n cer c alls the printing plant t o c h ec k o n p r o ducti o n o f the PARRAKEET.


I S eall'd (L-R) : J u d y V oge l K athy J ane M elanso n Christ ina L a P atka. Stt1nding ( L -R): juvena i J ove l C arl Schm alzcl. STAFF BOX Edi t or . .. ........... .. C hri s Car t e r ASJiJlal1 t E di t o r ....... Ch a rli e Spenc e r S por t s E dito r .... ..... R o nn ie Blackw e ll Artis l .. ........... _. Wende R e nn e rt E xchange E di t o r ....... V a l e r i e D e Pip e r Fam/I)' A dvise r Mr Fre d eric k S Brown REPORTERS Belind a W a l s h E l a in e D e d ec ker Ale x E spa rza G a i l G l idd e n j .-. - J a n ette M cNeese Kath y J ane Mel a nson Greg Mill e r Juven a l J ov et C arl Schm a l ze l J u d y V oge l C hri s La pa tka Al v aro Guz m a n ( L R) : G a il Glidden, J anette McNeese, Bel inda Wals h Alex E sp arza, Elaine Dedecker. -S eated, L R : R o n n ie Black well, \ '\fende Renn e rt. S ilJing (L-R) : G regg M ille r V a l erie D e Pip e r. 37


'67 '68 Zonian Staff L-R: Allan Hu sney, Charle s L awso n Bill H argis, J erry Bressler : Z o nian's photographers I --/ L R : Tom Day. Sp o rts Editor; and K athy Ro sen b latt, Girl's Sports Editor, obse rve J ohn Stanley's typing ability. 38 Ric h a r d Brook s Candy Hirsch Edit o r in-C h ief. ZONIAN STAFF E dit o r .. __ ................ _ ...... Ca ndi Hirsch ASJ;Slrmt Edit o r ... _ ................ Wilda R eaga n A ctivities Edit o r ...................... Frances Sta bler Seni o r E di t o r ..... . . . . . . . .. J e rry Turner ASJista11l .... ........... . ....... J udy McIl vai n Juni o r Edit o r ............ .... ......... Betsy Morrison Anisl ant ................... .... .. Mary Wadsworth S opho m ore Edit o r ...................... K e rri e Skehan Adminis trati on and F awlt), E dito r ........ C h arles S h a uli s Organizatiom E di t o r ................... Nunzio Col i and r o Assi s t ants ....................... ...... Mike Cote Sandra R ouse Judy V osburg h S pot'ts E di t o r _____ .. . ... ___ ______ _ Tom Day Assist ant ............... . .......... J ohn Stanley LR : Judy Mcilv ain, Jerry Turner, K errie Skeeha n, Mary Wads w o r t h Betsy Morri son.


Wilda R eaga n assistant edito r checks o n Zonian copy. Mr. L. T alburt, Zonian ad v i so r patiently 3waits the March deadli ne. Girls' Sp o r ts Edit o r ............. ...... K athi R osenbla t t Bminess M anager ...................... Tina Cartotto AdvertiJe1llent Edit o r ....... ... ....... Alice B a l e n tine A ssis t an t .................. ..... ....... H arriet Smith Art Edit o r ............................ K e i t h Bromley C o py Edil o r .............................. P a ul Bray P h o lographers ....................... J erry Bressler Adviso r H elpe r s Richard Br oo k s R andall Gam mill Bill H arg i s All a n Husney Charles L a wson ...... . ..................... Mr. L. T a l burt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Patti Siravo Chris Mitten BHS Ph oto C l ub Mary Middl eton Mr. H William s Art Department L R : K eith Bro mley, Paul Bray, and Randy Gammill. Fro nt Row: Sandra R o u s e Nunzio Co g liandro. B ack Row: Mike Cote Judy Vosburgh and Frances Stabler B usiness Staff: L R : Charles Shaulis H arriet Smith. 111 Back: Ali ce B allantine, T ina Car totto 39


Mr. and Miss BHS


Senior Hall of Fam e FRIENDLIE S T J Car o l A dai r and J o hn Di s haro o n Runner s-up: Ann e Castoro an d Kurt Mu s e MO ST INDUSTRIOUS Charles Spe n se r and R ose anna McArthur Runn e rs-up : Frances Stabler a nd H a rry Stins o n MOST ATTRACfIVE Bob Hu g hes and Terri Case Runn e rs-up : J anet Hunt an d Rick Wellingt o n 41


W I TT I E S T I 42 D o nna R a t h gabe r and B arry D o u g l as Runne rs-up: B e h e H olmes a n d J o h n Dis h a roon MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED D i ana G o r i n a n d Ed Eder Runn e r s u p : Sandy L aird a n d C h arles Spen se r MO S T COURTEO U S Lee W i n s t ead and Mike Hart Runne rs-up: Carol Adair and Ed Eder


MOST SEN IOR SP IRITED Harry Stins o n and Darlcen W o odruff Runners-up: Frances Stabler and J ohn Disharoo n MOST INTELLEcruAL Ed Eder and Di a n a G orin MO S T ATHLETIC Becky F all and Ric h ard G r egg Runne rs-up: Elv a S elle n s and H erb Kalb 43


Back stage the excitement o f the coming pe rf o r m a n c e is felt F olksi n ge r s visit Grandpa M cCorn o n SCN to advertise H oote n anny. Kathy Campbell se t s the atmosp h e r e be f o r e s inging 44 Folksingers' Club Present Hootenannies Bi-Annually L R Gary M eyers, G a il G oodric h D o nna McClain, Stephanie W e l s h Car o l C o llins T he end dr aws a sig h of r e lief fr om many.


I SEN I O R CLASS OFFI CERS L R Shmdillg: Syl via Vill areal sec r eta ry; Ed Ecler treasurer; D ebbie Goldfein. vice pre s ident. Sillillg: Vicki Barn es, p r esi d ent. \ 47


\ r Tina Cartoto and K o k P ing H o are g lad to see each othe r again. Reception 1/11111'''''''''',,,,,, I I 4 8 ----The Sen i o r Class st art s th e year o ff with the Seni o r R ec epti o n held at the A mado r Offic er's Club. Senior Th e Seni o r s enjoyed the refre s h ments se rved at the r ece ption


Willi a ms, Senio r class spo n so r takes part i n a "fee f o r all match. Senior Picnic I already h a d lunch! 49


Wl1yne Albritto n Laura Raquel Aleman / 50 DONNA M ABOLTI Club 4 ; P e p C lub I. D onna M. Aboltin Andre w A ckerman Sanh Mary Adams l ul} 1 22, 1950 Ft. \'(?orth Texas. Secretaria l ANDREW ACKERMAN "Andy" November 16, 1 9 50. Tucs o n Arizona. Orc h estr a 1 2, 3, 4; Mus i c H o nor Society 2, 3, 4 ; Spanish H onor Society 4 SARAH MARY ADj\MS jul y I, 1 947. Panama, R P Photo C l ub 1,2; Spanis h Club J 2 3; F olksinge r's C l u b 1 ,2; C h o rus t 2, 3,4; Future Homemaker s I WAYNE ALBRITTON March 2 t 1 949. An c o n Can a l Zone. j V F ootball 1. LAURA RAQUEL ALEMAN Lalai September t I 1 950. P a nama R P G l ee C lub 2; Spanis h Club I 2 ; Audio Visual 1. BROOKE A. A LFARO Septemb e r 5, t 949. P anama R P B a s eball 3; Fre n c h Club 3, 4; Debat e C l ub 4 ; Spanis h C lub 4; F.B.L.A 4 FERNANDO ALFARO j anuary 23, t 950. P anama R P Frenc h Club t 2, 3 4; S c ien c e C l ub 3; R .O T.e. Co l o r Guard 2 3 4; N H .S. 4; Biol og y H o n o r Soci ety 3 CAT HERI NE ALLIS Jul y 29 195 0 Berli n, Germany. "Twigg i e German Club L ; Art Club 1; G A .A. 2; Trojan C h o rus 3; Thespians 3 4 ; N H .S. 3. 4 ; Dram a Club 4, S.A Rep r e s entative 4 I Brooke A Alfar o Fern:ando Alfar o Cat herine Allis


K enneth Allhaus Nicholas Alvarado Kathleen And e rsen -KENNETH GEORGE ALTHAUS III Kenn" Jul y 1 8, 1 950. Ocala, Florida R O T.C Dr ill T eam 2,4. NICHOLA S A ALVARADO "Nick" J une 22, 195 0 S a n Bern ardino California. Condi t i oning Club 2; B and 2 3. KATHLEE N ANDERSEN K at h y" F ebmary 28, 1 950 Ancon Cana l Zone Future Secretaries Club 3, 4. DONNA ANDREWS Sept e mber 13, 1 951. Co rpu s C hristi Texas Swimmin g Te a m I; Drama Club 3. JOLENE ANDREWS O c tobe r 24, 1 949. Lockhave n Pennsyl vania. Future Sec retaries C lub 4; P e p Club 2; S .A. Representative 1. CAROLE ARNOLD Frid ay" February 21, 1 950. Clevel a nd Ohio. S A Represent ative 2; Libr a r y C l ub 1 2, 3; Dram a Club 4; Costume Committee 4. EZRA ATTIA Zury" Jul y 25, 1950 Colon, R P. Sp anis h Club 4; S c i e nce C l ub 2, 3; Acad emia Literaria (La S alle Hi g h Sch oo l ) 2. DONALD ATWELL D o n Newbury, M assachusetts. August 2, 1 950. R .O.r.C 2, 3; S A R e pr ese ntative 3 Caro l e Arno l d Ezra A uia D o nald A twell D onna A ndrews J olene An d rews 51


Mic heal Bannister Vicki Barnes 52 L::tine A lmstead Debra Auram R ober! Bacot LAI NE ELIZABETH ALMSTEAD Novembe r 9, 1 950. F o r t Clayton, Canal Zone. Spanish Club 3, 4; Spanish H o nor Society 3; Dr:l.I11a 4. DEBRA ELAINE AURAM D ebbie Regina Sask. Canada. April 19, 1 950. j ou rnali s m C l ub 2, 3: D rama Club 3: D ebale C l ub 4. ROBERT JAMES BACOT "Bob" june 20, 1 950. P anama, R P jV. F ootball 2. MI C HEAL BANNI S TER M ike" j uly 28, 1 950. Ft. W o rth T exas. VICK I BARNES May 7, 1 950. An con, Cana l Zone. Girls State 3: S howcase Committee I 2, 3, 4; F.N.A. I; S.A. Representative 2, 3; Spanis h Club 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Balboa B elles 2, 3; Concert C hoir 2; Senio r Class Presid ent 4; Baccal aureate and Graduation M a r s h a l 3; H omecoming Princess 4. K ATHY BART H "Kitty" j une 6, 1950. Club I 2: Library Staff 1 2: Dram a Club T eam, Capt. 3. ew Y ork, N.Y Spanis h 3: P o wder Puff F ootball T O M BARTLETT Nove mber 5, 1 949. Anc o n Can a l Zone. R O.T.C. 3,4; Ush e r Guard 2. NESS IM BASSAN M "Nate" j anuary 2, 1949. P anama, R P Audio Vi sua l Asst. I 2, 3: R .O. T. C. Ushe r Guard 2: Spani s h C lub 2, 3, 4: F ootball (S .D A .C.): B aseball (S. D A.C.) 3: Rin g Committee 3: F olk Singers Club 4: Photo Club 4. Kath y Barth Tom B ardell Nate Bassan


Ray B e attie G ary Beatty J o hnny Beeman -\ RA YMOND BEA TIl E "Bede" J anuary 5, 1 9 50. B osto n Massachu s e tts. ].V. F oot b all 3; ].V. Track 3; Let t erme n' s C lub 3 4; Au dio V i sual 4; Get A c quain ted D ance C o mmitt ee 4 GARY L. BEATTY Septembe r 1 2 1 950, F o rt B e lvoir V irginia, fre nc h Club I 2; Nati o n a l H o n o r S oc i ety 3 4; Juni o r Senior Banqu et Committe e 3. JOHNNY BEEMAN J ohn" O c to be r 5, 1 948, Newport, T e nn essee, D ,E.C.A, 3, CARMEN BEHRENS Jun e 28, 1 950, Ancon Canal Zone, Annu a l Staff 1 ; F H .A 1 ; T reasu r e r o f Fres hman Cla ss 1 ; F.N.A 2, 3, 4; Showcase Committee 3; Drama Club I 4; F o l k s ing e r s Club J ; H o me coming D a nce Committe e 4. J ANE BEGLEY J anie" Decemb e r 12, 1 9 5 0 Abin g d o n Vir ginia, F,N,A,3, ROBER T BEI G H TER Nove mb e r 19, 1 949. Co lumbus, Ohio, Ski Tea m 1 2, 3; Track Team 2, 3 ; F r e nc h C l ub 2; L ettermen's Club 3; Gymnastic Club 3. LOR I BERNHARDT B e rni e" Novembe r II 1 950, Ann Arbor, Mic h i ga n Drama Club 3, 4; Swimming T e am 2; Hom ecoming Dan ce Committee 3 4; Va l e ntin e Forma l Committee 3; "8" L e a g u e Volleyball I n t r a murals; Bas ketba ll I ntramur a l s. LESTER BERNARD Sept e mber 27, 1 9 50. Wes l aco, Texas, Footb all 3 Robe:t B e i g hter Lester B ernard L o r i B ernhardt Carmen B ehre n s Jane B egley 53


\ Vir g inia Bonner 54 Paul B oos trom K en Bert sc h Paul Bingham S h erry Bissell R onni e Bl ac kwell Steve B olt Mary Bo l t o n KEN BERTSCH Novemb e r 1 8, 1949 Eugene, Or ego n S D A .C. Footb all T eam 3. PAUL A B INGHAM J anuary 30 1 950. F or t H ood, T exas. Chorus C l ub 1,4; N. H.S. 4; R O.T.C. B atta l ian Command e r 4; R O T.C. Band 3; B H S Gun Club 3; Latin C l ub 3; R O T.C. Lead ership C o urse 4; R ese r ve Officer's A ssocia tion 3 SHERRY BISSELL H o nda Girl" Mar c h 3, 1 950 Ancon Cana l Zone Dr a m a C l ub I 2; Libr ary Club 2; F B L.A 2, 3 4. RONNIE BLAC KWELL F ebruary 27, 1950. L ive r poo l Eng l and. P a r rake e t Staff Sports Edit o r 4; Banne r R e port e r 2. STEVE BOLT Apri l 1 9 1 950. Knoxville Tennessee. Drama C lub I; Track T eam 2; F olksinger s Cl ub 4; T oastmas t ers 4. MARY GABR IELLE BOLTON Bumble" J anuary 5, 1 950. Amsterdam New Y ork. C h ess C lub I 2, 3, 4 ; D e b ate Club 4; Science Club 3 4 ; F o l ksingers 3 ; N H S 4; Math Club 2, 3, 4 ; S H S 4; Orc h estra 1 ,2,3,4; Brid ge C l ub 3; Fr e n c h Club 3. VIRG I N I A BONNER "Gini" Jul y 28, 1950 J a pan Powder -Purr F o otball 2; f,rt C lub 1,2; P e p C lub 2. PAU L DONALD BOOSTROM B oo" Decemb e r 1 6, 1 949. Ancon, Canal Z o ne.


Dun can B alle nger B ou k al i s M aria Elena 'Bosc h James B o rell John Burkm a n David B o tzenmaye r ( DUNCAN BALLENGER Jul y 24, 1967. P anama, R P CYNTHIA K. BOUKALlS "Ci ndy" Oct ober 29, 1 950. Ancon Canal Zone. G A.A. 2, 3, 4 ; F H .A. 1 2, 3; F N.A. 1 2; Spanish Club 4; F .T.A. 2; H omecoming Dan ce 4 ; F .S.A. 3; Intramural s I, 2, 3 4. MARIA ELENA BOSCH A pril 9, 1 9 5 0. P once Pu erto Rico. F H .A. 4; Sec r etaries Club 4 ; Spanis h Club 4 JAMES W BORELL Jim July 11, 1 9 .50. En g l e w ood, New J ersey. S.A. R e presentativ e 4; Science Club 3; B asketba ll 3, 4; F oo tb all 4; S a f ety Committee 3; R .O.A. 4. JOHN WALTER B U RKMAN Ma r c h 23, 1950. Rang e r T exas. V ars ity F ootball 3; Safety Committee 3; R O .A. 3, 4; R.O.T.e. 3 4. DAVID BOT ZENMA YER B o tz" April 27, 1950. Ancon Cana l Zone. R .O.T.e. B and 1 2 3 4; C hess C lub 3; S.A. R e present a tive 4; B and 1. GEORGE BRADY M a r c h 25, 1 949. Band 3; Orchestra 2; R O T.e. Band 2, 3, 4. PAULA M BRAUN Decemb e r 7, 1 948. Ancon, Cana l Zo ne. F H .A. 1 ; F.B.L.A. 2. . Geo rge Brady 55


( / Arnold Brook s Richard Brooks 56 R o b ert Bulser Jerry Bressler D o ( a Brittain ROBERT BULSER Nov e mb e r 21, 1950. B a ngor, M aine. R.O.T.e. Drill Team 3,4; Wrest l ing I 2, 3; Track I 2; Football 2, 3. JERRY BRESSLER March 23, 1 950. Tucum car i New Mexico. Cross Co untry Swimming (James L oga n Hi g h ) 2; Track 3; Ph oto Club 3 4; Swimming Team 4. DORA BRITTAIN June 9 1 950. Fort C layton Cana l Zone. ARNOLD BROOKS May 28, 1 950. Coco Solo, Cana l Zone. S A. R ep resentative 1. RICHARD THOMAS BROOKS "Ri c h January 22, 1949. Ancon Canal Zone. Spanish Club 1,2; Photo C lub 3, 4 ; Int r amura l s 1,2,3,4; Zonian Staff 4. CAT HERI N E BROWN "Ca th y Augu st 2 1 1 950. Hav a na, Cuba. Isthmian Inklings 1 ; Libra r y Club 2,3,4; S.A. Representative 3; Showcase C lub 4; F H .A. 2. DE ANNA BROW N Dee-D ee" F e bruary 5, 1 950. L e banon Indi ana. F .H A. 2, 3. 4; 4-H C l ub I ; Ar t Club 2, 3,4. GREGG BROW N November 18, 1 949. Boloxi Missi ssippi. Footb all 1 ; S c i e nce Club 2; T e nni s 1 ; C h ess Club I ; Swimming T eam 1. Cathy Br own De Anna Brown Gregg Brow n


S:lndr a Bruce Greg ory Bryant Ron:ll d Bl'rd SANDRA K BRUCE "Sandy" F o r t B elvoir, Vir gin ia. Sept e mber 19, 1 950. F o r eign Exch a n ge Club 2; Y out h Hostel s 2, 3; Spanis h Club 4; Sho wcase Club 4. G REGORY BRYANT "Greg" J une 9, 1 950. Tu cson, A r izona. F ootball 1 ; Wrestlin g 1 ; S c i e nce Club 2; Y e arbook Staff 2; Track Team 2; G erma n Club 2; R ifle -Mu s k et Team 3; Cann on C r e w 3. RONALD A. BYRD R o n Augu s t 1 0, 1 949. P anama, R P Jr R ese r ve Office r s A ssoc iati o n 3. JOSE CABASSA JR. J oe" O ctobe r 20, 1 946. P ana ma, R .P COLLEEN CAM PBELL Jul y 4, 1 950. Brook l y n New Y ork. MARC A. C AMPBELL Jul y 4, 1 950 Brooklyn, New Y ork. R .O.T.e. Rifl e Team 2, 3; Co l o r Guard 3. KATHLEE N CAMPBELL K a tr i n a" Novembe r 30, 1 949. P ittsburg h P enns ylvania. F T .A. 3; C h orus 1 2, 3; Girl s Ensemb l e 2, 3; Stud ent Councill, 2; S A R ep r esentative 1 ; Dram a Club 4; P ep Club 1. BARBARA CAR E Y March 7, 1 950. Anco n Cana l Zo n e S.A. R e pre se ntative I 2, 3; Fre n c h Club 4; Spanis h Club 4; Office As s i stant 4. i\brc Campbell Kathleen Campbell B arbara Carey -( J ose Cabassa Jr. Colleen Campbell 57


( Al eyda Castro 58 M i k e Chadwick Michae l Carroll Chris C:m e r T ina Carlott o T erri Case W ilton Cassibry A nne Casto r o MICHAEL C. CARROLL Flup e r!" December 30, 1949. J ackson ville, Flo rida. Intramural Football 3 CHR I S TOPHER G. CARTER "C hris' Novembe r 12, 1950. K ansas C ity. Missouri. F olksinger's Club 3, 4; P arrakeet 3, 4 (Edito r). CHR I ST I NE THERESA CARTOTTO Tin a" S e pt e mber 25, 1950. Ancon, Cana l Zo ne. Orchest r a I 2; Folksin ger's Club 2; F T .A 2; S tudent Assistant. THERESA CASE T e rri S eptembe r 8, 1 950. Oregon. F H .A. 2, 3; R O.T.C. Sponso r 4; Spanis h Club 3, 4; Chri stmas Forma l Court (Prin cess) 3; H o mecoming Court (Princess) 4; Show c ase Committee 3; Ph oto Club 4; Zonians Staff 3; H all of F a m e M ost Attractiv e 4. WILTON CASSIBRY Wilt" Janu ary 27, 1 950. Col on, R P Baseb all 2, 3,4; Track 3 4; L etterme n's Club 3, 4. ANNE CASTORO Anni e" Novemb e r 30, 1 950. Was h i n gton, D .C. Pep Club 1 ; B3Sketball T eam 2, 3; Dram a Club I 2; J unio r Prom C ommittee 3. ALEYD A B. C ASTRO D. Baby" Janu a r y 14, 1 950. P a n a ma, R .P. Spani s h I 2, 3, 4; Fr e n c h C lub 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Ph oto Club 4; Carnaval Court (Princess) 1 ; Spani s h S h owca se 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL G. C HADWICK M i k e" Aug u s t I 1 950. P a nama, R P AudioVisu a l I.


M ichael Chavez Ernest o Chong Jr. B ill Chr i stmas M a r cela Chu Bruce T Clizbe M a rian Colclasur e ,----MIC HAEL CHAVEZ Mik e May 2 1 1 950. P a nama R .P. Varsity B aseball 3, 4; V a r sit}, Trac k 3 4; S A R ep r esentat i ve 4; L etter men's Club 3, 4; I nt ramura l s 2, 3 4, ERNESTO E C HONG Jr. O c t ober 22, 1 948. P a nama, R .P Sp anis h Club 3; F .B.l.A. 4; Ph oto Club 4. WILLIAM C HRI STMAS "Bill" May 21, 1950. Mari a nna F l o rida. Bask etball 3. MARCELA C HU M a rce" A pril 13, 1950. P a nama, R .P Spani s h Club 1, 2, 3,4; French Club 2, 3,4; Secre t aria l Club 4; Ph oto Clu b 4 BRUCE T. C LlZBE May 13, 1 949. Was h ington, D.C. MAR IAN C OLCLASURE Twin kles" Mar c h 1 1 950. Ancon, C a nal Zone. B an d 1,2 ,3,4; Orc hestra 3,4; Concert Choir 3, 4; Ar t Club 2, 3; F B .LA. 2; Drama Club 1; Folk singer'S C l ub 2 ; Showcas e Committ e e 2, 3; F .B.l.A. 2 ; Drama C l ub 1 ; F olksinge r' s C l ub 2; Showcase C o m mittee 2 3; Math Club 4; Library Club 2. NUNZIO J COGLIANDRO JR. Butch July 15, 1 950. Sasebo J apan. Year book Staff 3; Drama Club 4; Zoni a n (Club Editor) 4. ROBERT A. COOKSON "Bob" Jun e 26 194 9. For t Clayton, Cana l Zone Track Team 2 ; Football Team 3. Nunzi o Cogliandro R obert Coo k so n 59


Ger ard Draug h o n Kath y Dani e l 6 0 , Kris C r aig Alfred Creque Gl e n n Curtis KRI ST I N CRAI G "Kri s" J anu ary 2, 1 950. Ancon Can a l Zone. Drama Club 1 ; Christmas F o rmal Committee 3 ; Intermural s 2, 3, 4 ALFRED C REQ UE "Waif' Jun e 24, 1 949. Anc o n C a na l Zone. Swimmin g 3 4. GLENN CURTI S Nov e mber 7, 1 950. P o rt l a nd Oregon. Dram a Club 1,2,3,4; National Thesp i a n Society 3, 4; Spani s h 1,2; Newsp a p e r 1 2. GERA RD R U FUS DRAUGHON "Droga n O cto ber 23, 1 948. P a nama, R P KATHE R INE DANIEL "Kathy" March 29, 1 950. Scott A.F.B., Ill inoi s Bio l ogy Club 3; Spani s h C lub 3. D I ANA GAY DANIELS Dee Dee" Apri l 17, 1 950. L ondo n Ken tucky. Dr a m a Club 4; G A.A. 4; Junio r S enio r D a n c e Committee 3. T\'qILA DARDEN June 30, 1 950. Ancon Cana l Zo ne. O r c h est r a 1 2, 3; Concert C hoir 4; Art Club 3; Art Committee 3; Drama Club 4; S c i e nce C lub 4; Drama Cast Party C h airma n 4. HAROLD D A VIS H a l Nove m be r 30, 1 950. Charlotte North Car o lina. Diana D anie l s Twila D3rden Harold Davi s


Th omas A. Day Eduard o de Alba D iego d e l a Guar d ia r -THOMAS A. DA Y T o m" Aug u st 1 0, 1 949. H o n o l u l u H a w aii. F o olball I 3; Trac k 4 ; Zo nian Staff ( Sports Edi t o r ) 4; Spanis h C l ub 3 E D UA RDO d e A LBA J a n u ary 1 9, 1 950. P a n a ma, R .P F r e n c h I 2, 3, 4 ; Dra m a C l ub 4; Debate Club 4 DI EGO A d e l a G UA RDI A Oct o b e r 27, 1950 P a n a ma, R .P Sp a nish Club 3 4 ; F .B.L.A. 4; Drama Club 4 DONALD D EAN D o n S e ptembe r 1 6 1 9 48. F o r t Clay t o n C anal Zon e J UDITH ELLEN DEDECKER J u d y F ebruary 15, 19 5 0 Spok a ne, W a s hingto n C heerle a d e r I ; Stud e nt C ouncil I ; P e p Cl u b t ; G .R .A. 2; Spanis h Club 4; S h o w case C ommi ttee 4 VIL M A D E LIMA F e bruary 1 4 1950 P a n a ma, R P Spani s h C lub 1 2 3 4 ; Fr e n c h C l ub I 3 4; S cience C l ub 3 4; F olksing er' s Club 3 ; V a r s ity T e nni s 3 4. V A L ERIE DE PIPER "Ali c a" J u n e 13, 1950 Brook l y n N e w Y o rk Scie nce C lub I 2 4; E T.A 2; I ntr a mura l s I 2 ; Bri d g e Club 3 ; D e bate Clu b 4; Dra m a Club I 2; Chess Club 4; P arr a k e et 4 S H A RO N TERESA DERRICK T e rry" Aug u s t 6 1 9 50. Corn elia, Ge o r g ia. D ebate Clu b I ; Sadi e Hawkins C o mmitt e e 2; R O .T.e. Sponsor 4. Vilma D e Lima Va le r i e D e P i pe r Sha r o n D e r r ick D o nald Dean Judith D e d ec k e r 6 1


-Chris Dish ong Josep h D o l a n 62 f I Dio velis Diaz :Mark Wilso n Dillo n John D isharoo n DIOYELl S DIAZ May 24, 1 950. P anama, R.P. Concert C hoir 4; Spanish Club I 2, 3; F.N.A. 3, 4; Frenc h Club 3; N. H.S. 3, 4; Showcase Club President 4; Girls State 3; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3; National Th esp i a n s 3; Cards and An n ounce ment Committee (C h airman) 4. MARK WILSON DILLON Decembe r 9, 1949 Ancon, Cana l Zone. R O T.e. Rifl e Team 2 3; S A Representative 2; Stamp C lub 1. JOHN DISHAROON Di s h F e bruary 28, 1950 Ancon Canal Zone. j Y Basketball I 2, 3 4; S.A. R e present ative 1 2 ; Stude n t A s soc i atio n Presi dent 4; Spanis h Club 4; R .O.T.e. Executive Officer 4; Lette rmen's Club 3; B ase ball 2, 4; Se n ior Picni c Co mmitt ee 4; H all o f F ame-Friendliest-4. C HRI S T OPHER PATRICK DISHONG "C hri s" Decemb e r 17, 1 948. Ancon Can a l Zone. Int e rmural Tra c k 2; j Y Footb all 3; S.D.A.e. Football 3. J OSEPH DOLA N joe' Septemb e r 1 1 950. Ancon Can a l Zo ne. R OBERT EDWARD DOLLAR Bob" April 15, 1949. jacksonville Flo rida RAE DONALDSON j u l y 30, 1950. Minn e apolis, Minne sota. Girl s' State 3; S.A. R ep r ese n tative 4; C h orus 2 3; N H S 3 4; H o mecomin g D a n ce 4 ; Christ mas F orma l 3; Juni o r -Se nior Prom 3; Sadi e H aw kins 1 ; R .O. T .e. 4; Drama Club 3 4; C lass Bulletin B oard 2, 3; S.A. Coo r dinating Committee. DANIEL T. DONALDSON Danny" Augu s t 10, 1949. Col o n R P S.D A.e. 3; Football 4; Track 4. --R obert D ollar Rae D o nald so n Dani e l D onaldso n


Dennis A D orff Barq D ouglas Th omas Dun can .... -DENNIS A. DORF F Jun e 20 1949. Lincoln, Nebmk . F ootball 3, 4 ; L etterm. n's C l ub 4; D eb.te C l ub 4; C hess Club 3; R .O. T.C. (Plat oon L eade r) 3, 4; Rifl e Team 4; D r ill Team 3; R ese r v e Officers Assoc i atio n 4. BARRY COLE DOUGLAS April 17, 1 9 5 0. Ancon C,na I Zone. S A R ep r esentative 1, 2 4; Foolball Team 3 4; R.O.T.C. (Platoon L eade r ) 4; Baseball 3; R es e r ve Offic er's A ssoc iati on 3,4; H omecoming D ance Committee 4; N.H .S. 4 ; L e ttermen s Club 4; H all of Fame Wilticst-4. THO MAS DUNCAN T om" F e bruary 1 6 1 9 50. Panama, R .P J V Baseball 1,4; Basketball I 2, 3 4; ].V F oolball 2; Swimming 4; Track 3, 4. SANDRA KAY DRO STE "Sandy" J anuary 29, 1 9 50. SI. L ouis, Miss o uri. KARL EBERT Oct obe r 2, 1 9 50, F ort W o rth T exas. R ed Cross C lub 2 3; F ootball Team 3, 4; Track 3; Dr ama Club 4; Bas k e lball I. EDWA RD EDER "Ed" Novembe r 14, 1 950. Aeon, Cana l Zone. Spani s h C lub 2, 3,4; N ationa l H o n o r Society 4; Treasur e r o f t h e Senior C lass 4; Ush er Guard 2, 3; Col o r Guard 3; Rifl e Team 3; Spa nish H o n o r Soc iety 3,4; B io l ogy H o n o r Soc i ety 3, 4. CAROLYN ELLIS Septe mber 29, 1950. H ono l ulu Haw.ii. United Nations Club 1 ; Drama Club 3, 4; I ntramura l s 4. PRISCILLA ELLIS Jun e 28, 1948. P anama, R .P. F r enc h Club 3; C h o rus 3; Co n cert Choi r 4. Edward Eder Carol) n Elli s Priscilla Ellis Sand r a Ka)' Droste K arl Ebert 63


Al e x E s parza Bed .. -y F all 64 R:un6 n Ely KriSlina Enos Chri s E sc alante RAMON ANGEL ELY M a y 2 3 1 950. Panama R.P. C hess Club I ; S.A R epresen t a tiv e t ; S A R eprese ntativ e 4 KRISTINA K. ENOS 'Kr i,' J anu ary 29, 195 0 H onolulu, H awaii. Photo Club 2 ; D r ama C l u b 2; Bri d g e Club 4. C HRI ST INE R. E SCAL ANTE "C hri s" December 31, 1 949 L on g. b eac h C alifornia ALE JA NDRO ES PARZA "Al e x May 1 4, 1950. F o rt C l ayto n Can a l Z o n e P arakeet S t aff 4 ; R .O.T .C. Sgua d Lead e r 4 R EBECCA FALL B e c ky" Decembe r 5, 1 9 49 Ancon C anal Zone G A.A 1 2 3 4; Intra mur a l s 1 2 3, 4 ; Sp orts D a y 2, 3; V a r sity T enni s 1 2, 3 ; V a r sity Swimmin g 1 2, 3 ; F N .A. 1 ; H omecomin g D a n ce Committ e e 2, 4 ; Sadie H a wkin s 2 ; Drill Team 3 4 ; S enio r R e ce p t i o n 4; Seni o r B anquet 4 ; J uni o r S e n io r Prom 3 ; Girl s S tate 3; Get Acqu ainted Dance 2 3; F H A 4 PATRICK FALLON P a t Aug u s t 14, 195 0 Ancon Cana l Zon e V a r sity Tra c k 3, 4 ; Trac k 2, 3,4; I n t r amural F oot ball 3, 4. RON NIE FARNSWORTH A p ril I 1950. Ames, I owa. Baseball T eam 3,4 GERA LD EDWARD FAULCONER J erry" Jul y 12, 1 9 5 0 War r e n sburg, Mi ssouri. S occe r Tea m 1 ; N atio n a l Thes p ians 1 ; Se c r etary of t h e Freshma n Class I ; D e b a t e T eam 2 ; Fre n c h Club 3; S.A. R e p r ese ntativ e 3; S tude nt C ouncil 3. Pal F allo n R onni e F :uns w onh J e rry F a ulcon e r


Kurt F e rnand ez R am6n F ernan dez Catherine F ilo KURT FERNA N DEZ O c t obe r 6, 1 950. S a n Antonio Texas. RAMON FERNA N DEZ J anuary 16, 1950. Panam a R .P. Spani s h Club I 2, 3 ,4. CATHERINE FILO Kati e November 4 1 950. Ancon, Cana l Zone. Dr a m a Club 3, 4; Audio Visual 3; Intermural Basketball 3. PAUL FISCHBACH November II, 1948. P anama, R .P. DAVID E FISHER Aug ust 31, 1 950. Shreveport, Louisiana R.O.T.e. (Platoon Lead e r) 2, 3; F o lksin gers Club 2; Latin Club 2; Decor atio n Committee V a lentin e Formal 3. WAYNE ALLEN FOLGER S eptembe r 6,1950 Cat s kill, New York. Varsity T e nni s 3, 4. SUSAN FLOWERS "Sue" December 24, 1949 Panama, R P. Future H omema k e r s o f Ame rica 4 BARBARA LYNNE FORREST Barb" Febru ary 26, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Bio logical H o nor Society 3 4; Girl's Sports Day 2, 3. Susan Flowers Wayne F o l g er B arbara F o r r es t Paul F ischbach David E Fis h e r 65


Rita G enno r a r io 66 Jose Garcia \ . P edro A. F onseca \ '{Iayne F o scue Larry F o r set h Thom:lS F ulc h e r Bertha F ortune D :lniel G arcia PEDRO A FO NSEC A S epte mber to, 1 948. P a n ama, R .P. Sp anis h Club 3; German Club 3. MACON \'(fA YNE FOSCUE "Wayne" Ma y 16, 1 950. Ancon Cana l Zone. J .V. F ootball I, 2; S A R ep r ese nt a tive I 3, 4; Ph oto C lub 2; R O T.e. Color G u ard 3; R .O .T.e. Lead ers hip Sch oo l 2, 3, 4; Scien ce Clu b 3; Christmas F orma l C ommittee 3; Junior-Senio r Prom 3; T oastm aster's 3; R .O. T.e. Batallion Staff 4 L A RRY ALAN FORSETH F e bruary 6, 1 950. Sacrame nto, Califo rni a A l p h a H iY I 2, 3. THOMAS F ULC HER T o m" Novembe r 9 1 950. C h arlesto n South Car olina. R O T.C. Dr ill Team 2 3, 4. BERTHA FORTUNE M a r c h 22, 1 948. P a n ama, R P DA NIEL GARCTA D an n y" Oct o b e r 22, 1 949. M a r ga r ita, Can a l Zone. I ntramur a l Track 1 4; I ntramural F ootball 1 ; ].V. F ootball 2, 3; S.D A.e. F oo lb all 3. R I TA GENNOVARIO Apri l 6 1 949. M a nnh eim, Germany Futur e Teac h e r s of America 4; Drama Club 4. J OSE GA R C I A Apri l 4, 1 948. S an Ju a n P ue rt o Rico. Track I ; Sp a n i s h Club I ; Drill T ea m 4.


Alma Linda Gavin Thomas Ge o rge L uis D aniel Glass G3il Glidden A nne Goldfein Deborah G o l dfei n -.. A LMA LIN DA GAV I N September 23, 1950. New Y ork City, N.Y. B and I ; M o d ern Dance Club 1 ; Leader s Club 1 T HOMAS GEORGE 'Tom" J anuary 2 4 1950 Miami Flo r ida. A .C. F ootball 2, 3: Swimming I; S h op (Student A sst.) 3; S.A. R ep resentative 1. LUIS DANiEl GLASS D a nny" J anuary 24, 1 950. Newton, I owa. GA I L GLIDDEN November 26 t950. Santa Ana, California. P ar "keet Staff 4. ANNE GOLDFETN November 4, 195 0. Anc on, Cana l Zone. Latin C lub I, 2; Science Club I 2; Spani s h Club 3, 4; S A. Secretary 4; F o lksingers Club 3; Girl' s State 3; Junior Showcase Committee 3; O r dlestra I 2; Orientati o n Day 4 DEBORAH GOLDFEIN D ebbie November 4, 1 950. Ancon, Can a l Zone. S A R epresentative I ; F olksinge r s Club I; Science Club I 2; Ph oto Club 2. 3, 4; National H ono r Society 3, 4; Junior Class P resid ent 3; S e nior Class Vice-President 4; Spanish Club 3. D I ANE GOMEZ May 30, 1 950 Ancon Canal Zone. F .N. A. I 2,4; Girl's D r ill Team 3,4; Drama Club 3; Girl's State 3; futu r e Secretaries 4 ; G A A 2, 3,4. GA IL GORDON November 12, 1 949. Denver Colorado. N a t iona l Hon o r Society 2; Varsity Swim Team 2; S .A. R e p resentative 3; Christmas Formal Committee 3; Junior-Senior Pro m Princess 3; Girl s State 3; S enior Receptio n 4; Girls Drill Team 4. Diane G ome z -I G ail G ordo n 67


Richard Gregg Jr. Linda Guarnieri -68 Diana Gorin J a mes T G oss Sue G o w e n D IANA GO R I N Septe mb e r 3, 1 949. P ana ma, R P F o l k s ingers C lub I, 2, 3; S cie n ce Club 3, 4; F.N.A. 2, 3; Juni o r S enio r Pro m Committee 3; Spanis h 2, 3 4; Fr e n c h C lub 3; S.A. S e cr e t ary 4; Girl's State 3 ; Girl s Drill Team 2; Sh owcase Committe e 2, 3. JAMES T GOSS Decembe r 15, 1 949. Flags t aff, Ar izona. Spanish Club l. SUE GOWEN W abbit" N o v e mber 9, 1 950. Newport, Rh o de Isl and. Future H ome m ake r s o f Am eric a 4. R I CHARD GREGG JR May 8. 1 950. F l o r e n c e Sou t h Caro lina. Tra c k 1 2,3,4; F oo tb all 3,4; Baseb all 3, 4. LINDA SOPHIA GUA R N IERI L indy" Jun e 1 4 1 950. P anama R P Span i s h C lub 1, 2; F .TA. 4 ; Bask etball T ea m l. JOHN HADSTATE Ancon Ca nal Zone. R O TC. S

S usan Hardenbrook Kay Hargrave Marshall Harri s SUSAN HARDE N BROOK "Sue j anua r y 13, 1949. Mari e mont Ohi o. Toastmaste r 4; Ph oto Club 4; Drama C lub 4. KAY HARGRAVE OClo b e r 30 1 949. S a n Anl onio, T exas. F S A Club 4. MARSHALL HARRIS "Marsh j anu ary 26, 1 950. An con, Cana l Zone. j V F ootball 2; V arsity F ootball 3 4; L etlerme n Club 3 4; Tra c k 1 4 MI C HAEL BLAKE HART M i k e" May 7 1 950. New Orl eans, L oui siana. Spani s h C lub 3, 4; Intr a mural Foot ball 3; H all o f Fame: M ost Courteo u s 4. LEE HAR WELL April 1 6 1 950. Linz, Auslria. BARBARA HATC HER O c tob e r 7, 1 950. Warner R o bbins, Georg ia. F H .A. 4; S.A R ep r ese nt:ltiv e 2; F .N.A 2; M odern D ance Club 2 ; P e p C lub 3. ALLEN REED HAWTHORNE Reed" August 18, 1 950. P etersburg, Vir gi nia Baseball 3, 4; L etterme n Club 3 4; S A R ep r esenta tive I 3. ZELLA M. HAY j anuary 26, 1 950. P a n ama, R .P. Secr e t ary C lub 4; F B.L.A. 4; Spani s h C l ub 4. Barbara HalCher Allen Hawt h orne Z elia M Hay -]..ficilael Hart Lee Harwell 69


Th omas H e r ma n y J ames Hi c k s j 70 I Sandra H :lynes J im H ellmun d Sandy H e lman SANDRA H AYNES S andy" F e br u ary 22, 1 9 50. San Jose, Cos t a Rica. Intramura l s 1 2, 3,4; Secr etary Club 4; Or c hest r a I 2 ; G.A.A I 2. JIM HELLM UN D May 27, 1 950. Ancon Canal Zone. R O.T.C. Stafr Sgt. 2; F ootball 3,4; L ette r m e n's C lub 3, 4. SANDY H ELMAN Du tch Girl" Septembe r 3, 1 9 50. Ab erde e n M a ryland Office A ssistan t 3 4; F.S.A 4. THOMA S A. H E RMANY T o m Jul y 20, 19 50. Ancon, Cana l Z o n e I nt ramur a l s F ootball 2, 3; V a r sity Baseball 3,4; L etterme n's Club 3, 4 JAMES HICKS Jim Septemb e r 24, 1 950. Jackson Mississippi. Slide Rul e C lub 2; F olksingers C lub 3; R .O. T.C. Squad Lead e r 3 4; Jr. Varsity Foot b all 2. JANE HI C K S Trixi e" June 8, 1 9 50. F o rt Dix New Jersey. Bas ket b all 3; F B .LA. 3, 4 T I M HI C K S F e bmary 1 1 950. Fort B e nning, Geor g ia. Varsity Socce r 1 2 ; Newspape r Staff 2; C h orus 2; Annual St aff 2. ARLENE D I ANE HIRSCH "Ca ndy" May 1 6, 1 950. New Y ork City New Y ork. Fres h m e n Dan ce Comm i ttee 1; G e t Acquaint e d D ance Committee I ; S adie H a wkin s Comm i ttee 2; S A. R epresentative 2; Bul l etin B oard Commi ttee 2; C h r i stmas F orma l 3; Zonia n Staff Edito r 4; Girl s State 3; Spani s h Club 2; Intramural s 1 2, 3, 4; G A A 2, 3, 4; Folk s inge r s Club l 2; Juni o r Se nior Pro m Committee 3; Show c ase Co m mitt ee 1 2, 3. -J ane Hick s Ti m H i c k s C a nd}' H irsc h


K o k Pin,s:: H o Thom3s Hocker Aure3 Hog3n -KOK PI G HO Jacin to" O ctobe r 4, 1 949. H o ng K o n g, C hina. Ph oto C lub 2, 3, 4; Spanis h C lub 4; Sci e nce Clu b 4. THOMAS H OCKER J uly 17, 1 950. Mech anicsbur g, Pennsyl vania. Cross-C o untr y Team I ; Track T eam I ; Science Club 4; Lati n C lub 4. A UREA H OGA Aug u st 24, 1 949. P anama, R P Spanish C lub 2; Spani s h S h o w case Comm i ttee 2, 3; S h o w case Club 4; Secr eta r y Club 4; Libr a r y A ssista nt 4; Cards and Ann ounce ment Committee 4 ; F.B .LA. 3. CESAR HOGAN J une 16, 1948. P anama, R .P Bask et b all 4 ; Chess Club 4; Tra c k 4. J U D ITH ANN HOLGERSON Judy" Decemb e r 9, 1 949. Colon, R P F H A. 1,4; V olleyb all In tramu r a l s 4; Drama C lub M a k eUp Committ ee 4; F S A 4; Basketb all I ntramural s 4. NORMAN S HOLLA N D JR. March 25, 1950. Ancon Cana l Zon e R O T.C. ( P LO .) 2, 3, 4; Fre n c h C l ub I 2, 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4; Nati o n a l H o n o r Society 3, 4; Natio n a l Biol og ical Soc i ety 3, 4. BEATRIC E HOLMES B ebe Jun e 2, 1 950. Middl etow n New Y ork. Drill T eam ( Captain) 3,4; F T.A 1 ; G A A. 3,4; Sports Day 1 2, 3.4; Chri stmas Form a l Com mitt ee 3; Sadie H a wkin s Committee 1 ; Lab Assi stant 4. SUE HOWl.EY M a r c h 3D, 1 950. Pittsburg h P ennsylvania. L ati n C lub 1 ; R O T.C. S po nsor 4; Pr o m Comm ittee 3; H o mecoming 4; S.A. R ep r ese ntative t ; V a l e ntine Committee 4. Nonn3n H olland Jr. Bc:be Holm"s Su" H owle)' -Cesar Hogan Judit h H o l gerson 71


, R o n nie H u r l ey ( \ 72 A llan A H usney -. MARK HOWARD Tacom a Was h i n g to n : M ark H ow:ltd M i c hael Hoy S t ephen Hubbar d L ance H u ghes R o b e r t H ugbes J a n et H u n t MI C HEAL ERIC H O Y A u g u s t 1 8, 1 9 5 0 P a l o A lto, Cal i f orni a F o lks i n g e r s Club ( V ice-Preside nt ) 3 ; F o l k sing e r s Clu b President 4 S T E PH EN H U BBARD M a y 2 4 1 9 50. S hirley, Massa c h usett s B e ta C l ub 2; D e bat e C l ub 2; Library C l u b 2 ; F alco n New s pap e r Staf f 2 ; F B .L.A. 2; Track 1 2 ; Fr e n c h Cl u b 4 ; Swi mmi n g 4 L ANCE H UG HES Ap r i l 28, 1 949 Ancon, C a n a l Z o ne. ROBERT HUGHES B o b F e bru ary 27, 1 950. A ncon C anal Zo ne. F o o t b all 2 3 4 ; Lett e r m e n' s C l u b 2, 3 4; T rack 4; H all o f F a me" M o s t Attr a ct i ve J ANE T HUNT Nov e mbe r 10, 1 9 50. Anc o n Can a l Zone. Drill T eam 2 ; C heerle ader 3, 4; S.A. R e p resen t a t ive 2, 3 ; F T.A I ; G. A.A. I 2, 3 4; Girls Sta t e 3 ; H o m ecomi n g Dance Co mmittee 3 4; J u n i o r S enio r P r o m Committee 3 ; Sports D a y 1 2, 3; H all o f Frune-"Miss B .H .S." RONNIE E H URLE Y R o n J u l y 1 8 1 9 49 Bris t o l Vir g i n ia. R O T.C. S t aff S gt. 3 ; Col o r Gu ard 3 ; F .B.L. A 4. A L L A N A. H U SNE Y "Big A I Aug u s t 6, 1948 Brook lyn, Ne w Y ork. P h o t o C l ub I 2, 3, 4: Spani s h C l ub 2 3, 4 ; Zon i a n Staff 4; F ootball 2, 3 ; Istmia n I nkli n gs 3 4 ; F .B .L.A. 3 4; T enni s 3 4


Ge o r ge Hu sted I ngrid I saacs D ennis J acobs \'('.lI Jenkins Sandra J imenez Kathl ee n J o h nstone GEORGE H USTE D L eape r October 31, 1 950. Col on, R P I ntramurals 2, 3; Bask etb: dl 2, 3,4; L ette rmen's Club 3, 4. INGRID I SAACS May 29, 1950. Ancon Cana l Zone. DENNIS JACOBS Aug u st 25, 1 950. St. P e t ersb ur g, Flo r ida. L a tin C lub 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Swimmin g T eam 3, 4. WAT JEN KINS November 4, 1 950. Col o n R .P. Swimmin g Team I, 2, 3, 4; Science Club I, 2; S A R eprese ntative 1; S a die H awkins Dan c e Committ ee 2; Get Acqua int e d D ance 4; Intramura l F ootball 2, 3. SANDRA MAR I A JIMENEZ "Sa ndy" May 25, 1 950. San J ose, Costa Rica. Tenni s 1 ; V olleyball 2, 3. KATHLEE N JOHNSTO NE "Kat h ie" May r, 1950. Long Island, N e w Y ork. Dram a C lub I 2; F o lksingers Club 1; Office Assistant 3, 4; Bask etball Intram u r a l s 4; R.O .T.e. Girls Rifle Team 2, LO U ISE J U LIAN Nove mb e r 9, 1 948. San Jose, Costa Rica. Fulure Nur ses of America I 2, 3, 4 (S ecre tary). KENNETH J JUSTICE M a r c h 2, 1950 Cumberla nd, Maryland J un ior R ese rve Officer s A ssociat i o n 3, 4; Fo ot b a ll 3 4. -l ouise J u lian K enncl h Justice 73


"" .... ;" /. J Edward Kat Jr. I 74 Brenda K n i ght --H erb K alb \'\ iltia m K elle r M aureen K ellr K evin Kiley T a ff y K oepke Sue K otalik HERB KALB Nov e mbe r 28, 1 950. Pamma City, Fl o rida. F ool ball Team 1 2 3 ,4; \Xlrest-ling ',2; Track I 2; L etterme n s Club 1,2,3,4; Swimming T ea m 4. WILLIAM JAMES KELLER Bill December 14, 1 949. San J ose Co sta R ica. S A. R epresentat i ve 2 MA UREEN KELLY Septembe r 8 1 950. F o rt Sill, Oklah oma. KEVIN KILEY O ctobe r 18, t 950. Scranto n P ennsylvania. Wrest lin g I 2, 3; F ootball I 2; S c i e nce Club 3. TAFFY KOEPKE J anuary 2 1 1 950. B e t h e da, Maryl a nd Drama C l ub 3, 4; J ambore e Co mmitt e e 4; H o m eco min g D a n ce Committee 3. SUSANNA ANTOI NETTE KOTALIK "Sue J anuary 22, 1950. Panama, R P F H A I ; Dra m a C lub 3. EDWARD KOT JR Eddie" f e bruary 12, 1 950. J o hn s lown P e nnsyl vania. Basketball 1; S c i e n ce Club I ; Tr ack 1. BREN DA J OYCE KNIGHT Bernadette" f ebruary 26, 1 950. Bo l ive Mississippi Publi city Club I ; V olleyball 3; Track 3.


Earl K night Jr. Sandra L:tird Sharon Lane Timothy L ane Yolanda L ee James LeFebur e E ARL EDW I N KN I GHT JR. Septembe r 1 9, 1950. Oak H ill, Ala brun a SAN DR A L AIRD Sandy Dec embe r 20, 1949. Ancon, Cana l Zone. R O T.e. Spon so r 4; Biological H ono r Soci ety 3 4; Nationa l Hono r Society 3 4; C h orus 4; Conce r t Cho i r I, 2, 3 ,4; Band I, 2, 3; Folk singe r s C lub 1 ; Swimmin g Team I, 2, 3; Mat h Club 3; S.A. R e p r esenta. t i ve 2; Science C l u b 2, 3 ; Latin C lub 1 2; F.T.A. 3; Mu sic Festival 3; Girl's S t ate 3. S H A RO N LEE LA E Augu st 3 1 1 950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Frenc h C lub I 2; F u ture Sec retaries 3 4; F B .L.A. 3, 4; S.A. Representat ive 4; Gi r l's Stat e 3. T I MOTHY L AN E "C h eat ham" May 25, 1 949. Ancon, Can a l Zo ne. Vars ity B aseball 3; Varsity F ootball 3. YO LANDA LEE June 2, 1 948. P anama, R P Spanis h Clu b I 2, 3, 4; F B .L.A. 4; Secr eta ries Club 4. JAMES HENRY L eFEBURE J im" May 6, 1 950. W urzbu r g, Ge r m a n y I ntramura l s 1 ; Swimmi n g Team I, 2 3, 4; L ette r men's Clu b 1 2, 3, 4; Physic s Lab. Assistant 4; Senio r Beach P arty C ommittee 4. JOHN LILL A R D J anuary 15, 1 950. D allas, T exas Gol f I, 2, 3; Nati ona l Thespians 2, 3; 4 H Clu b I 2, 3; Student Counci l 3. A LEXA DER P LIM III Pee Wee" Septe mber 3, 1950. Col o n R P Span i s h Clu b I 2, 3,4; Photo C l ub 3 ; F B L.A. 3 ; R eserve Officers A ssoc i a tio n 3; S h owcase Club 3. I J ohn Lillar d Alexander Lim 75


, . Richard L10rd Ceci lia L opez 76 P aul Lipko P eter L ip k o Mafta L ink PA U L LIPK O Jul y 23, 1 951. Gdynia P oland. B r idge C l ub 3; C hess Club 3; Sci e n ce C lub 3. PETER LIPKO Jul y 23, 1 951. Gdyn ia, P o land Br idge Clu b 3; C hess Club 3; Sci e n ce Club 3. MARTA LITTLE "Marty" J anuary 22, 1 949. P ana ma, R P Span i s h C lub 4; F.B.L.A I ; Ph oto C lub I ; I n lramura l V olleyball I RIC H A RD LLOYD D i ckie" Novemb e r 18, 1 948. P anama R P V arsity F ootball l ; I n t r amura l Tr ac k 1 2, 3; Audi oVi sual 2, 3, 4; L etterm en's C lub 2, 3,4; Photo C l ub 3 4; S.A R e present ative 3 4. CECILIA LOPEZ Poch y" Decembe r 8, 1 949. P ana ma, R I' Conce rt Choir I 4; F B L.A I 2, 3 4 ; Fr e n c h Club 4; F o l ksin gers Club 4; Spani s h Club 1 2, 3,4; Future Secretaries 4; C h ess Club 4; C h orus 4; Scie nce C l ub 4. CONRAD O LOYOLA JR Novemb e r 3, 1 950. P o nce, Pu e r to Rico. DAVlD L USTGA RTE N F eb m ary 23, 1 951. B e rlin G ermany. C hess Club 3; M at h C lub 4. ROBERT BENNETT L US T G ARTE N F e bruary 1 9 49. Brem e r Ha ven, G erman}'. ... C o nrado Loyol:! Jr. David L us.arten R o b ert L u s t ga rten


Y o landa M adu r o R obert M agnon J ames Maguire -YOLANDA MADURO December 27, 1950. P anama, R P ROBERT MAGNON B ob" August 3 1 19 50. Frankfurt Germany. Sci e nce Club 1 ; M edical Club 3; Intramural Baseball I 2, 3 4; Intramur a l Bask e tb all I 2, 3, 4. JAMES ALEXANDER MAG U IRE Sandy" J anuary 30, 1950. Portland, Maine. WAH S ING MANN '"fred" Sept e mber 20 1 947. C hina Ph otog r a phy C lub 3 4. JESSE R MARTIE Jess' Octobe r 24, 1 950. P anama, R P Co n cert Choir 1 2; Spani s h C lub 3, 4. DORIS HELE N MAR C H UC K D olly" februa r y I 1 95 0. Ancon, Canal Zone. Latin Club (S ecre t a ry) I 2; Drama C l ub 2, 3; Bridge Cl ub 2, 3; F T .A. I ; Scien c e C l ub 3; Bio l ogica l H ono r S ociety 3, 4; F olksingers Club 4. SUSAN MAR COLA "Sue" O c tober 23, 1950. Fort Clayton, Cana l Zone. Fresh m a n Assembly I ; Future S ecretaries 4; Band I 2. KARL C. MAROHL Marc h 9, 1950. Oakl and, Calif o rnia. S A R e presentative 1 2; F B .LA. 2. D oris M arc h uc k S usan M a r c ola K arl M aro h l Wah Sing Mann J esse R Marti e 77


,_ David David 78 Gerald Martin Raul A ndrew Marczak GERA L D MARTIN "Barrel" October 26, 19 50. Colon, R .P R O T.e. 1 2, 3, 4; Intramur a l Socce r 1. RAUL MART I NEL LI L u l o" Novembe r 12, 1 948. P anama, R P Spanis h Club 4; F .B.LA. 2; P h oto Club I ; Drama Club I. ANDREW T. MARCZA K "Andy" Nov e mber 22, 1 949. A ncon Canal Zone. S.A. Repr esentativ e 3 ; S.A. Repr esentative 4; Intramural s 1 2, 3, 4. DAVID MATTHI ESEN March 12, 1 9 5 0 B endl eton, Oregon. J un i o r Va rsity F ootball I ; V arsity Football 2, 3. DAVID MAXWEI.L May 12, 1950. St L ouis, Missouri. B alboa Rifl e Club 3; R eserve Officer s Association 4. W I LLIAM MAY J a nuary 1 0 1 949. Massach u s etts. DEBORA H M c ANDREWS Debb i e" Sept e mb e r 5, 1 949. Ph oenix, Ariz ona. Drama Club 1 2, 3, 4; S .A. R eprese ntativ e 3 4; I sthmia n I nklin gs 3 4; Girl' s State 3; J unio r -Senio r Prom 3; H omecoming Dance Committee 4 ; Vars ity Field Hockey 1. ROSEANNA McARTHUR "Ro s ie" Augus t 30, 1 950. Panama, R.P F.T A. 1,2,3,4; Fr e n c h C l ub I 3 ; Nat i o n a l H onor Society 3,4; S.A. Representative 1 2, 3, 4; Library Club 2; Spanis h Club 3; S e n ior Recep tio n Committ ee 4; H omeco min g D ance Committee 4; V i s itors Day Guid e 3, 4; R O.T.e. Office 4; Girls State 3. W illiam Debor a h R o seanna M c Ar t h u r


Billy M cArthur Robert M c Auslin Edwin McCarren ( BILLY M c ARTH U R B ill" Februar y 9, 1950 Swab ach, Germany. R .O. T.e. Platoon L eader B Company 2, 3, 4; Stamp Club t. ROBERT M c AUSLIN Marc h 26, 1950. Fo r t L auderdale, Florida. EDWIN McCARRE [ "Ed" j u l y t 4, t950. T okyo, j apan. Drama Club 4. MAR GA RET MARIE M cDO \ VELL Peggy" S eptember 20, 1 950 Waco, T exas. D rama Club 4 ; Spanis h C l ub 1 ; F T.A 3, 4; Conce rt Cho ir 3; M ajorette 3, 4; Gir l' s S tate 3; B and 1; R .O.T.e. Band Sponso r 3, 4; Secreta rial C l ub 4. FRANCES McGR AT H T o n i" May 22, 1 950. P anama, R P S .A. Alt ernate I; folksingers C lub I 2; Futur e urses of Am erica 2, 3; Spanis h Club 3, 4; Fr e ndl Club 3,4; F T.A 4; Showcase Committee 3; Ph o t o C l ub 4; '67 G radu atio n Ush e r 3. SAMUEL ANTHONY M cGU I NNESS "Sam j uly 24, 1 950. An con Canal Zone. T e nni s Team 1 2, 3, 4; L ette rmen' s Club 2, 3, 4; Spani s h Club 4; R O T.e. 2, 3 4; S .A. R eprese n tat ive 4. JUDITH MciLVAIN j udy" April 7, 1 950. F l int, Mic h igan. I n t r amura l Basketball 2, 3; Dram a Club I ; F olksingers Club 1 ; S h owcase Committee 1 ; Girl' s State 3; Zonian Staff Assi s t ant Edit o r 4; S.A. R eprese nt a t ive I. CATHERINE MciNTIR E "Ca thy" May 22, 1 950. Ancon Can a l Zone. G.A A. 3; Ph oto Club 4. Samuel : M c Guinness Judy Mclh;}in C:uherine Mcintir e Peggy M c D owell Frances J\' f cGrath j 79


80 -I l\fa r y Middl eton Gr egory Mill e r J a n ette M cNeese K athy M e lans o n Deborah 1>.kndow J o h n Mercie r Julia Ivfercier Za c hary Michaelis JANETTE McNEESE Ma r c h 22, 1 950. An con, Cana l Zo ne. Debat e C lub 1; Bulletin Board Comm i ttee 3; S howcase Committee 3; Spanis h C l ub 4; F.T.A. 4; P h oto C l ub 4; S .A. Publi c ity 4; O ffice A ssistant 2; Shld e nt As s i st ant 4. K AT H Y J ANE MELANSON Kay-J ay" J u n e 6, 1 950. New Y ork City. S.A. R epresentat i ve I 2 4; Nati ona l H o no r Soc i ety 3, 4; Fre nch Club 2, 3; Drama C lub 2; L ib rary Club 2; F.T.A. 2, 3 4; P arra k eet St aff 4; folksinger s Clu b 3 ; Chri s t mas F or m a l Committee 3; Sadi e H aw kin s Committee 2; Majo r ette 4. DEBO R A H ANN MEN DOW "Carrottop" Novem b e r 10, 1950. Bogalusa, L ouisian'J,. JOHN P MERC I E R S e ptember 2 1 1949. Was hin gto n D .C. J ULIA E I LEEN MER CIE R J anua r y 8, 1951. W a s h i n gto n D .C. Ban d I 2, 3; F.H A. 4. ZAC H A R Y P M I C HAELIS January 2 9 1 948. A ncon, Cana l Zone. I ntramura l football 2; I ntramu r a l V o ll eyball 2. MARY MIDDL ETON May 16 1 949. p anama, R .P. F olks i ngers Club 4 ; Book store 4; Audi o -Visua l 1. GREGORY A. MILLER "Greg" Octob e r 8, 1949. Keene, New H ampshire. S c hool P lay 1; Intramural Softball I ; Drama Club 4 ; R eserve Officer s A ssoc i atio n 4.


Margaret l\' [ ille r E lizabeth M iller Ronald Miller Alan 1\' [ill s K athleen Mills Martin Mills \ ( MARGARET MILLER "Jeannie" Decembe r 12, 1 950. Augusta, Geor gia. F H .A. I 3; F oreig n Langu age Club 1 ; F.B.L.A. 3; Photo Club 4. ELIZABETH LOU ISE MILLER Liz" July 13, 1950. Macon G eorg ia. G.A.A. 3, 4; F uture Sec retaries 4; Folk singe r s Club 4; Drama Club 2. RONALD MILLER R o n April 16, 1 950. J acksonville, F l o rida. Dr a ftin g Club 1 ; Science Club 1 ; R.O.T.e. Rifl e Team 4. ALAN R. MILLS "AI" October 1 3 1 950. B a rr anquilla, Col ombia. Folk s ingers Club 4; S.A. R epresentat i ve 1. KATHLEEN MILLS "Kay" F e bru ary 5, 1950. Col o n R .P. F B.L.A 3,4; Futur e S ec r e t a r ies 3, 4. MARTIN W. MILLS July 30, 1 949. Ancon Cana l Zone JOHN DAVID MIMBS January 18, 1 950. Macon, Georgia. Juni o r Beta Club 1 ; Key Club Intern atio n a l 2; Art Club 2; Showcase Club 4; Lib rary Club 2. C HRISTINE MITTEN "C hris November 14, 1950. Ancon, Canal Zone F.T.A. 1 ; Juni or-Senior Pro m C o mmittee 3; Girl's State 3; Get Acquainted D ance 4; H o m ecom ing Dan ce 4; S A. Repres e ntativ e 4; Intramurals 4; Senio r Class Nig h t 4. David Mimbs Chris M itten 81


\ \ Cathy M u llin s -\ / Edwar d Murdock 82 -, lJ -Ralph Miz rachi Louie M o n toya P atricia M oore Lars M orales D ean M orris J ohn M os es RALP H MIZRACHI January II, 1950 P a n a ma, R .P Span ; s h C l ub I, 2, 3 (Pres;de nt) 4; F .B.LA. 4 ; M a th C lub 4 ; Aud;o -V;s u a l 3. LO U IE MONTOYA M a y 2 4 Las V eg as, New M e x ;co. Ph o to Club L P AT RI CIA MOORE --Tr; h J anuary 27, 1 9 50. D allas, Texas. N e w spa pe r I ; Hono r Society 1 ; Intr a mur a l s 1 2 ; Gymnastics Team 2. LARS MORALES --Lue O C l o b e r 10, 1 950. Ancon, C anal Z o ne. F olksinge r s Club 3 ; Chess Club 1; Intramura l Swimmin g l. DEAN MORRIS O c t o b e r 4, 1 949. Flo r e nce, S o u t h C arol ;na. R;f!e Tea m 3 ; Dr a m a Clllb 3. JOHN MOSES December 3 1949. Panama R .P C lass Pr e, ; d ent I ; Awards Day Assembl y C ommittee 1 ; J V Bask etball 1 ; L etterme n's Club 2, 3; S.A. R epre,entat;ve 2, 3 ; S p an; h C l ub 3 4 ; ].V F o otball 2. CATHY ELAI NE M U LLI NS Decembe r 7, 1 9 4 9 Greenv;!le, T e xas. EDWARD A. MURDOCK Ed--S e plemb e r 12,1950. Ancon, Can a l Z one. Spa n;, h Club 3; Fu ture Sec retar ; e, 4 ; R.O.T.C Col o r Guard 3; R O T. C Lead ersh;p S c hool 2, 3, 4; R .O.T.C Comp any C ommande r --C" Compan y 4


Edwa r d Mulr e) J ames L. Murph)' J u l ie Murph)' Bruce M use John Napie r B essie N o rfleet --1 EDWARD THOMAS M U LROY "Ed" Nov e mb e r 5, 1949 B rook lyn New Y ork. JAMES L. MURPHY Jim November 12, 1 950 Jack sonv ille, Flori da. R .O. T. C Squad Lead e r 3, 4; Reserve Offi cers A ssociatio n 4; Fr e nch C l ub 3; R .O.T.C Ushe r Guard 4. J ULIE KATHER INE MURPHY "Jul ie" Augu s t 3 1 1 950. T allah:l.ssee, Florida. Drama Clu b 1 ; l ntramurals 1 ; F H A 2; Photo Club 2; Girl's State 3; Bull etin Boards 2; Office Assistant 4; Nationa l Bio l o g ical Society 3, 4; S.A. Repr ese nt a tiv e 3. BRUCE MUSE "Zues" October 3 1 1 950. B o i se, I daho JOHN NAPIER July ll, 1 950. State n I s l and, N e w Y ork. AudioVi sual 2, 3, 4; R .O.T.e. B n. Sgt. M a j 3; R eserve Officers Association (Vice-President) 4. BESS I E MAE NORFLEE T Decemb e r 2 1 1 949. Savann a h G eo r g i a Futur e H o m e maker s of Am e r ica 4; Drama Clu b 4 ; Int ramurals 4. C H R I ST INE NORTON "Chri s" M a y 24, 1 950. Mish awaka, I ndi ana. Spani s h Club 1 ; F.H A 1 ; K eyettes 3 ; F S.A 4. J ORGE ALBERTO A V ARRO Georgie" N ovembe r 23, 1949_ Pan ama, R P Spanis h Club 2, 3,4; D rama Club Publ icity Commit t ee 4. Chri stine Norton J o r g e N:lvJrro 83


" Colleen O'Connor "-' Art Ocuto 84 B eu}' Nielxh T oni Nita K a r en O 'Conn ell BETrY NIEBCH May 26, 1 950. M e d e llin Colomb ia. Libr ary C lub l. TONI N ITA '"Kalb" S ep temb e r 5, 1950. M a n c h ester, N e w H a mp s h i re. Future Teach e r s of Americ:l 1. KAREN O'CONNELL Augu s t 8, 1950. Br ook l yn, New Y ork. F olksin gers Club I 2, 3; Dram a Club I 4; Spanis h C lub 2, 3. COLLEEN G. O 'CONNOR "Co l e" N ovem be r 6, 1 950. Ancon Canal Zone. Drama Club l. ART OCUTO "Cakema n" O c tober 10, 1 950. New Y ork. T e nni s Team 1 ; Football 1,2; S.A. R e presentative 4. BELEN C. OLAYV AR B e l e n cit." F e bru ary 13, 1 950. P anama, R P Spani s h Club 2, 3,4; Spani s h H ono r Society ( Pr esident) 4; Showcase Club Assistant Treasure r 4. KATHY OLSEN "Ulcers" O c tob e r 22, 1 950. D enve r Col ora do. Dra ma C lub I ; Span i s h Club 3; I ntramural Softball 3. ALFRED O'NEILL Alfie" May 27, 1950. Brooklyn New York. \'\Ires tlin g Team 1,2; Tra c k Te:lm 1 ; Gymna stics 2. B e len C. Olayvar Kacll}' Ols e n Al fred O N eill


J osep h Orr III J aime Pedr aza D onna Perkins ( JOSEPH H ORR III J o e Aug u s t 26, 1 950 Ancon, Can a l Z o ne. Dra m a Club 4; R O .T.e. 1 st S g t 2, 3, 4 J A IME PEDRA Z A Jun e 22, 1 950. K e nosha, Wiscon sin. B a nd 2, 3, 4 ; Orcileslr a 2, 3; V a riety Sho w 2, 3; F T.A 1 2; Spani s h Club 2 3. DONNA PERKIl S Miss P erk" S epte mber 23, 1 950. Sawton, Oklah o ma. F H A. 3; G lee Club 2. GARY P I C KEWPA UGH D ecembe r 24, 1 949. Ancon Can a l Zo ne. R.O T.C. 1 st Lt. I 2, 3, 4; B and 1 2 3 4 ; Dixi e l and B and 2, 3; Conc ert Band 1 2, 4. NANCY PIES April 30, 1950 Brookin gs, South D a k ota Junior C lass Play 3; Fr e n c h Club 3; D e bat e C l ub 3 ; D rama Club 3, 4; H o mecom ing D a n ce C ommittee 4. DAWN PARISH T oy" O ctobe r 8, 1 950. Maryl and. Drama C l ub 4. LINDA MAR G RET PATTON L y nn F e bru ary 12, 1 950. Ancon Canal Zone. Offi ce Assi stant 2, 3,4 ; Fashi o n Sho w C o mmi ttee 4; Spa n i s h C l ub 4 lDA PATRICIA PEREIRA P a t sy" Decemb e r 1 7, 1 948. Pan ama, R .P. S .A. R ep resent a t i v e 3; Sp a nish C lub 2, 3, 4; Span i s h Tut o r 2 ; Stud e nt Assi s t a nt 2 3, 4; G et A cquainte d D a n c e C o mmitt ee 4. D a wn Parish Linda P atto n P atsy P e r eira Gary Pick ew p a u g h Na ncy Pies 85


.. -' D onna Rath gebe r Danny Rayborn 86 Mark P ickell E leonore P osc h J im Prove n cio MARK P I C KELL M a r c h 2 2 1950 T o k yo, J a p a n F oot ball Team I 2 ; Track T eam 1 3; S A R eprese nt a tiv e 1 ; H o mec o min g Dan ce Committee 2, 4; V a l e n ti n e Forma l 3. ELEO N ORE POS C H N o ra May 23, 1 950. T e hran I r a n Dra m a C lub I 2; Bask et b all In tramural s I 2; M a th C lub 1. JUAN J A IME PROVENCIO Jim June I 1 950. EI P aso, T e xas. F o l ksin ge r s C lub 3; Dra m a Club 4 ; S c hool Play ( Fir s t B o rn ) 4 ; H u m a n i ties Club 4. DONNA ANNE RATHEBER Au g u s t 1 7, 1 950. An co n Can a l Zo ne. F.N.A. 1 ; Christmas F orma l Co mmitt ee 3; V a l e nt i ne F orma l Com mitt ee 3 ; S.A R ep resent aliv e 4; G A.A 4 ; Girls Drill Team 3; H all o f F ame: W ittiest 4. DANNY R AYBORN M a r c h 3, 1 9 49. N ewfo und l and F oo t ball Team 1 2; Track Team I 2; B oxi n g 2; Wr est l i n g 2; Bask etball l ; Socce r 2; Fr e n c h Cl ub 2. WEN DE RENNERT J a nu a r y 4 1 950. N e w Y o rk C ity. Girl s' Sta t e 3 ; Drama C l u b I 2; S p a nish Cl u b I 2 ,3; F o lk singe r s Club 1 ; Sho w case Committee 1 CYNTHIA RI CORD "Cind y Jul y 24, 1 949. P a n a m a, R P G e rm a n C l u b 2; A Y .A. I, 2; S h o w case Club 4; M o delin g C lu b 1 ; Office A s s i s tant 4; T e n n i s l n t ramura l s 3; Spanis h Club 4; Drama Club 2. TOM RIL E Y ''Tom'' Ap r i l 25, 1 950. Ancon Cana l Zo n e. R O .T.e. 2,3,4; ( S gt.). \ X /ende R c nner! Cynthia Ricor d T o m R iley


Gerald Risber g Gl3dys Rivera Steven Rocker -GERALD RISBERG Gerry February 22, 1 950. Col o n R .P. Span i s h C lub 2, 3; I ntramural F ootball 2, 3; R O .T.e. 2, 3, 4. GLADYS RIVERA "Cou ntry" jul y 6, 1 949. S a n ju an, Pu e rto Rico. Span i s h C lub 3. STEVEN JACOB ROCKER R o ck" Aug u s t 8, 1 947. Ancon, Cana l Zone Football 3,4. FRANCISCO RODR I GUEZ jR. "Frank" Augu s t 23, 1 950. San Antonio, Texas. Studen t Council 1. TERES I TA RODR I GUEZ "Tessie" j a nu ary 9, 1 949. L a H avana, Cuba. S c i e nce Fair 1 ; Tripl e C C lub 1 ; Spani s h Club 1 ; Future H ome m akers o f America 1; F r ench C lub 1 PAMELA MARIE ROGERS "Pam" May 1 1950. Boulder Colorado. S.A. R epresentative 4; Future Homemake r s of America 4; F olk sin ge r s C lub 4; Ticket Sales Committee 4. SAMMY RUIZ Sudd en" December 22, 1948. An con, Canal Zone. SANDRA LYNN ROUSE Bunny April 9 1950. Waycross, Geor gia. Zonian Staff Assi s tant Club Editor 4. Pamela R ogers Sammy Ruiz Sand ra R o use fra n k Rodriguiz Teresita R odriguez 87


Charles R o t h R offr Linda Rozzell e 88 I R obert Ryan D o u glas R ope r Charle n e R ose ROBERT RYAN Tom" S e ptember I;, 1 949 S a n Fr ancisco, Californi a B ase b all 1 ; Tra c k 1,2, 3; H omecomin g D ance Com m ittee 2, 3; S.A. R ep r esentative I 2. DOUGLAS N ROPER Jul y 26. 19;9. F o rt Benn ing, Geor gia. Nation a l Th esp i a n 1 ; Sw i mmin g Team 1 ; Footb a ll Team 1 ; R O .T.e. Drill T eam 4. C HARLE NE ANN ROSE "Char Aug u s t 1 4, 19;0. Colon R.P. Futur e Nurses of Am erica 1 ; Hom eco min g D ance Committ ee I 4; Vale ntin e Formal 4; Christmas Forma l 4 ; F.H A 4; F .S.A. 4. C HARLE S ROTH ROFFY C h arlie F e bruary 2 3 19;0. St. L ouis, M issouri. LINDA LEE ROZZELLE Septembe r 2 1 1 950. St. L ouis. Missouri. Intr amura l s 3, 4; H o mecoming Dance Committee 3; Library Club 1, 2, 3; Sadi e H a wkin s Dan ce Co mmi ttee 3; G A.A. 3. EVELYN GRACE ROJAS J anuary 12,19;1. P a nama, R.P Secr e t aria l Club 3; Futur e H omemake r s of America 4 FO N DA R OBERTS Novembe r 7, 1 949. Son o ra, T exas. P e p Squa d 1 ; Fre nc h Club 2; Nati ona l Thespian 2. J OH N RIC HARD S S ep t e mber 10 19;0. Ft Campbell, K e ntucky. F ootball Team 3; Baseb all 4. - Evel y n Roja s F onda R oberts J o h n Rich a rds


J a n et Scigliane Carl Schmalze l A ngela Scott JANET LEE SCI GLIANE Oct obe r 27, 1 950. Brookly n New York. Future Teach e r s of Am e rica 1 ,2,3,4; Dram a C lub 1,4; G.A.A. 2 3, 4; IntC3muC3l s 4; Ph oto C l ub 4; Girl's State 4. CARL L SCHMALZEL june 10, 1 950. fort K nox, K ent u c k y Cross Country I 2; Wrestl ing 2; Student 3; F ootball 4. ANGELA MARIA SCOTT An g i e" S e ptember 6, 1 949. Colon, R P L ibra r y Club 3, 4; E scue l a Noml a l ( Vice-Presid e nt). GREGORY T. SEARS Gr eg june ll, 1 949. Ancon, Cana l Zone. JOHN SEDDON Sept e mber 24, 1 949. Coco Sol o, Can a l Zo ne. S.C.A. R epresentative 1 ; Spani s h H o n o r S ociety 2; R O .T.e. Drill Team 3; L ette rmen' s Club 4; S cience C l ub 4 ; V ars ity Track 4; B asketball 1. RICHARD SEGARRA "R i ck" j une 26, 1 948. Ancon Canal Zon e j V Baseball I ; A .C. f oolball 3; j V B askelba ll 1. ELVA LO U I S E SELLE S july 3 1 950. Ancon, Cana l Zone. Swim m i n g T eam I 2, 3, 4; F .B.LA. 2, 3 ; Libr ary Club 2, 3, 4; G.A .A. 2, 3,4. LARRY SELLENS M a rch 30, 1 949. Ancon Cana l Zone Ric h ard Segar r a Elv a Sellens Larry Sellens Grego r y Sears J o hn Seddon 89


R ober t Sikes Stephe n S h eppard 90 -. L e s l i e Sharpe Ch::ules Shaulis Pete r Shaver LESLIE SHARPE August 2 1 1 950. Chanute AFB Illi nois. V arsity Wrest lin g 1, 2 3 ; V a r sity Cross-Co untr) I 2, 3 ; Nationa l H onor Society 3, 4; L ette r m e n "Bloc k F Society 1 2, 3; California S c h o lasti c Fed e rati on 2, 3 ; J r. C lass V ice-Pre s ident 3_ C HARLE S S HA ULIS C huck" J anuaf)' 15, 1950. Nas hville, T e n n essee Latin Club 3; Math Club 1 ; Swimming 3; Zonian Staff (Ad mini stration and Facult y Editor) 4; Nationa l H onor Soci ety 4. PETER SHAVER P e t e July 7 1 950. S a n Die go, California. S A. Repr ese ntative 2 3 ROBERT S IKES "Oti s" J une 2 1 1 950. Mobile, Ala bama STEPHEN S H EPP ARD "Comel" Febru a r y 5, 1950. Tulsa Okla h o ma. Baske tball 1 ; R .O.T.e. Col o r Guard 3, 4; R .O.T.e. Squad Leader 3, 4; Ph oto Club 3, 4; Ma t h C l ub 3, 4; Science C l ub 4; Senior B each P a rty Comm i ttee 4. REBEC C A SIMONS B ecea" Novembe r 1 9, 1 949. H o n o l ulu, Hawaii. Concert C h oir 1 2 3, 4; Future H omema k e r s of Ameri c a 4 ; F olksingers C l ub 4; P a rr akee t Staff 3; I ntramura l s 3, 4 C HARLES EARL S IM S Februaf)' 24, 1 949. F r ankfurt, Germany R .O.T.e. Drill Team 2 3; C hess C lub 3. PATRICIA ANN S IRAV O P atty" J uly 14, 1949 Cheyenne Wy. oming. Girls Drill Tea m 4; H omecoming D ance C o mmitt ee 4; G A A 4; Prom Committee 3 4; School Play 2; Twirlin g Drill Teom 2 Rebecc-a Simo n s Charles S i m s P atricia Siravo


K errie Skehan Tho mas Slice A lex: lndr a Small Allan Smith Cli nton Smith H arriet Smit h c -" -. KERRIE SKEHA N Novembe r 25, 1 950. Bermuda. D rama C l ub I 4 ; F H .A. 4; S h o w c a se C o mmitt ee 3; Bull e tin B oard 3; H omecoming D a n ce 3; Zon ian Staff S op h o m o r e Edito r 4 THOMAS SLICE T o m" N ove mb e r 5, 1 950 Ancon Can a l Zone Basketb all 2 3,4; F oot ball 4. ALEXANDRA e. S MALL "C hris' June 2, 1 950. Aber deen Mar),land. Future Secretar ies 3; Library Club 3. ALLAN SMITH "AI" J une 2, 1 950. North T o n a wanda, New Y ork. Folks i n gers C l ub 1 ; Math Club 2; Sci ence Club 3 ; National H o n o r S ociety 3, 4; Physi o logy L ab. A sst. 4; Rin g Committee 3 ; Beach P arty 4 CLINTON BRUC E SMITH "Clint Jun e 23, 1 9 5 0 Col on, R P P vt. Co. "C' 1,2; Sgt. Co "C' 2; Track 3. HARRI E T V SMITH H att i e May 24, 1 950. Co l o n R .P. Zon i a n Staff Ad verti s ing Ass i s t ant Edito r 4. TERRI SMITH Jul y 27, 1 950. Ancon Can a l Zone. Bowl i n g Inter mural s 1, 2; Bulle tin Board 2; F T A 2; Folksin gers 2; Jr Rin g Com mitt ee 3 ; Girl s State 3. JAMES L. SNYDER JR. Jim" July 1 9, 1 950. P a nama, RP. R O .T.e. 2, 3, 4; D ixi e l a n d B and 3; Int ramur a l Fo otball 3; J u nior Varsity Foot ball 2. -... T erri Smit h J ames Snyde r 91


Kenneth S t a h l ( 92 D avi d S t ephe n s 'f '. JAIME SOPER April 18, 1 950. P a n ama R.P R .O.TC 3. Jaim e Sope r \'Vesley Sp arli ng D avi d Speakmo n Charlotte Sp eevak Charl es Sp e nce r Fra n ces Stabl e r WESLEY WAYNE S PARLING Wayne" Ju ne 28, 1 949. San Jose, Co s t a R ica. Aud i o Vi s u a l 4 ; Spani s h C lub 4 D A VID SPEAKMON "Soaky T oy" Septe m ber 7,1949. S a n Ant on i o T exas. ].V. Bask etball 3, 4 ; Foo tball L C HARLOTTE SUE SPEEVAK "Sue Mar c h 13, 1 950. Ancon, Canal Zone Spani s h Club 1 2 3, 4 ; N a t i o n a l Bio l ogica l Society 2, 3, 4; M ath Club 4; T i c k e t S ales Committ e e 4; Carniv a l Qu ee n of Sp anis h C lub 4 C H ARLES SPENCE R Ch arlie" J une 12, 1 950. Ancon, Cana l Zone. Sci e n ce C lub 1 3 ; Photo Club 1; S.A. R epresentati v e 1; Class Pres i dent 2 ; S .A. Vice-Pr e side nt 3 ; R_O_TC Rifl e Team 2; Preside nt N a tion a l H onor So c iety 4; P a rrakee t Assistant Editor 4; Intramura l Track 2 ; Toa stmast e r s L e ade r s h ip P rog ram 3. FRANCES MAR I E S TABLER Spider" Jun e 23, 1950. H ousto n T exas. F.N.A. 1 2; S.A R e presentativ e 2; Sadi e H aw k ins D a n ce 2; Ring C o mmitte e 3 ; G e t A C 'luaint e d Dance 4; H omecoming D a nce 4; Zeni a n Staf f A c t i viti es Editor 4; S enifo B a nqu e t 4 ; V a l entin e F o m1al Prin cess 4; Or i e nt atio n D a y 4 KENNETH S TAHL K en" Sept emb e r 8, 1 950. Cast l e AFB, Calif ornia. I n tramura l Football 2 ,3; Photo C lub 3; S c ien ce Club 3. DAVID LYNN STEPH ENS D ave" Fort Riley, K a nsas_ Football 1 2 3 4; L egion of M ary 2


tlifae Stewa r t H a rry Stinso n D ale Stuewe ( MAE STEWART O ctobe r I 1 949. P a n a ma, R P Libr a r y Club 3; Girls Intramural s 2, 3, 4. HARRY CHARLES S TI NSON Woo" May 26, 1 948. Galesbu rg, Illinois. V arsity Track I 2, 3, 4 ; S.A. R ep resenta tive I, 2; R.O.T. C Compan y Command e r 4; H all of Fame: M os t Senior Spirited D ebate Club 3; C hairma n C lass G ift 4. DALE STUEWE November 1 4, 1 950. P a nama, R P Bridge Club 3; Spanis h Club 3, 4; Nati o n a l H ono r Soci ety 3, 4; T oastmas t e r s P rog ram 4. MARSHA STRANGE Kay" May 26, 1 950. R o me, New Y ork. Futu r e H omema k e r s of America 4. LO S I NA STEPHENS F ebruary 23, 1 949. Yale, Okl a homa. Dr a m a Club 4. JOH N THOMPSON Manco Aug u st 30, 1950. Ancon Can a l Zo n e R O T.C 2, 3. JAMES TILLMAN J im" Novembe r 18, 1 950. Ancon Canal Zone. OLGA TODA T e ddy" April 3, 1949. Ancon, Canal Zo ne. Spanish S h owcase Committee 1 ; Art Sho wcase 3. J ohn Tho mps o n James Tillman Ol ga Tooa -M arsha Strange L osina Step h e n s 93


I Margaret Tucker J erry Turner I ..,. 94 Frank Toman J eannie T readwell K athleen Trip lett FRANK J. TOMAN "Fran k ie" Jul y 4 1 950. Pan a ma, R P Spanis h C l ub 1; Ph oto Club 4. JEANNI E D. TREADWELL Augu st 28, 1 950. Recif e, Bra z il. Fu ture H omemake r s of A merica 3, 4. KATHLEEN TRIP LETT K at hy" february 8, 19 50. East o n Pennsylvania. Frenc h Club 2, 3; Office Assi s tant 4; Newspaper Staff 1 2, 3. MARGARET ruCKER P eggy February 2 1 1 950. Napa Cal i fornia. H ome r oom R eprese ntativ e 3; Dra m a Club 3. JERRY ruRNER J e r Jun e 15, 1 949. Ancon Cana l Zone. Zon i a n StaffSeni o r E di tor; Spani s h C l ub 3; Cards a nd A n n o un ce m e nt Commi ttee 4. DAVID VANDERPOEL Dave" February 20, 1 950. P o rtsmouth, Vir gi nia Footba ll 1 2; Bask etball 1 2, 3, 4; C hess C l ub 4; L a tin C l ub 4. LIL Y VARGAS Apri l 4, 1 949. P anama, R P Spanish Club 4; Secretaria l Club 2; Spanis h S howcase 1 2; J unio r Senio r Prom Committee 4. GLOR I A VASNICK J anua r y 7 1 950. P anama, R P Span i s h Club 3; Fren c h Club 4. D avid Va nde r poel Lily Vargas Gl oria Vasnick


Rick Velasco i\fanha Velez Albert Villa ge liu ( ----RICK VELA SCO M arc h 28, 1 948. P a nama, R P Track I 2 3 4; L ettermen's Club 2, 3, 4; V a r s ity Baseball 3 4 ; S.A. R eprese ntative 3; C hairman Ring Committee 3. MARTHA VELEZ M atts April 9 1 950. Ancon, Canal Zone. Drama C l ub 3; S A R ep rese ntative 3, 4; Fr e nch Club 4. ALBERT ALFONSO VILLAGELIU Alfi e" M 1 y 22, 1 949. H avana, Cuba F oolba ll 2, 3; Bask etball 2; T e nni s 2; Gra duation Us h e r 3; SA R ep r ese n tative 4; Spani s h Club 4; D e bate Club 4. SYLV I A VILLARREAL J anuary 27, 1 950. San Ant o nio T exas. G A .A. 2, 3, 4; F N .A. 3, 4; N atio n a l Biolog ical Societ y 3 4; H omecoming Dan ce 4; Secretary S enio r Class 4 ; S.A. Rep r ese ntative 3 ; Girl s' S tate 3. MARGARET VINCENT M agg i e June 1 8 1 95 0 S toc kt on, Cal i f ornia. j V Bas k e tb all 1 ; j V Softb all I ; F T A 3, 4; Spanis h Club 3; Dram a Club 4 ; Club 4. JUDITH ANN VOGEL "judy" july 1 1 1 950. Wash ingto n D C Futur e Nurses o f Am erica I 2 3 4; Future H o memaker s of Am e rica 1 2 ,3,4. ROBERT PATON VOSB U RG H "Bob" M arc h 30, 1 950. Som e rset P e nnsylvania. Fr e n c h Club 1 2; R .O.r.C Rifl e T eam 2, 3 4; Spanish Club 2, 3. J UDITH VOSBURGH "Judy" june 10 1 950. P anama R P Bas ket ball 1 2, 3; V o lleyb all 1 2; Fr e n c h Club 1 ; Spani s h Club I. ]udilh V o g e l Robert V os burgh ] udilh V osburg h --, I Sylvia Vill arreal Mar ga r e t Vincent 9 5

PAGE 100

Martha W alto n Stanley Wa r d 96 S h irley \'\t a lke r Ter e nce Wallace S h eri \'\tal s h SHIRLEY WALKER Boppers" September 3 1949. Coco Solo, Canal Zone. Spanis h C lub 1 ; Tennis Team 4; Intramurals 3; Nurses Aid 1. TERENCE WALLACE T e rry" May 31, 1 950. Chicago, Illin o is. SD. A .C. Football 3. SHERI BELINDA WALSH Belinda" October 14, 1949. New Bra unf e l s T e xas. Glee Club I ; S c i e nce Club 2 ; S.A. Repr e sentative 4 ; Girl s S t ate 3 ; Sports Day 3 ; Nationa l H ono r Society 4. MARTHA ANN WA LTO N April 25, 1 950. New Orlean s, L o uisiana P e p Club 1 ; Spanis h C lub 1 ; Girls' State 3; Fren c h Club 4; S.A. R e p resentative 4. S T ANLEY WARD Jun e 9 1 949. Chic ago Illin o i s Football 3, 4; Bas k e tball 3; Track 3. DENISE MARIE WATKINS Necci e August 23, 1950. Columbus, Ohio. V ariety S h ow 1. MARSHA WATKINS "Moony" October 8, 1949 Ancon, Canal Zone F B .L.A. 3; G.A.A. B aske tball 3. CECI LIA WATSON "Cec i June 24, 1 950. Panama, R.P. Ph oto Club 4 ; Spani s h Club 4; Dr ama Club 4. D e nise Watkins r..hrsha W a tkins Cecilia \'<'atso n

PAGE 101

Richard \X'ellingto n V i r ginia Wertz. Barbara Wesley RICHARD WELLING TON "Ric k" D ecembe r 1 0 1 950. T oro nto, Ca n ada. Chess Club 3; Drama Club 1 ; I ntramura l F ootba ll 2 VIRGINIA LEE WERTZ "Ginge r S e ptember 1 9, 1950 San J ose, Costa Rica. S A. R ep resent at ive 1 ; F .B.L.A 2; Folksin gers Club 2; Libr a r y A ssistant 4; Library Club 4. BARBARA ELLEN WESLEY April 12, 1 950. BrookI)'n, New Y ork. Future B usiness Leader s of America 2. J OYCE WHIT E Novembe r 28, 1 950. G ainesville, Georgia. CU RTIS WHI TEHEAD "Curt" Aug u st 1 0, 1 950. L o n g Beach Cali fornia F oo tb all 1 ; Student Cou ncil 1 ; Basketb all 1 ; Chess C l ub 4. REBECCA KAY WHITING Beck)''' F e bru ary 17 19 5 0 Two H a r b o rs, Minnesota. Fre n c h C lub 2. PHILIP WHI1NEY Flip A ugust 10, 1 950. Ancon Cana l Zone. Scie nce C l ub 2; Class Assemb l y 2. JA YNE WICKLI E Oct ob er 18, 1 950 Alexandria V irginia. Science C l ub 3. Rebecc a Whiting Philip Whitney J ayne Wickline Joyce White f 7 \ I Curt is Whit e head 97

PAGE 102

1--_ / -Willi:lm W ill m oth Lee Win stead 9 8 -/ Carol Wi gS Jac q u e l i n e Williams James W illia r CARO L J A N ET W IGG Au g u st 3, 1 950. Ancon C a n a l Zo n e Fuhue Teach e r s o f A me r i c a 2, 3,4; N a tion a l H o n o r S oc i ety 3 4 ; S pani s h H o n o r Soc i e t y 4; D r a m a Clu b 2, 4; M ajo r ette 3, 4 ; B and C o. S po n so r 3 4. J A C Q U ELINE GAIL W I LLIAMS Jack i e F e bru a r y 5, 1 9 5 0 P a nama, R P Gleerlead e r 1 ; F H A 3; Art C lub 3. J A MES W ILLIA R "Jim" A p r i l 1 1 948. P anama R P F o l k singers C l ub 3; Spanis h Clu b 2; Co l o r Gu ard 3; S lide Rul e C l ub 2. W I LLIAM C. W I L LMOTH "Bill" Decem b e r 1 4 1 948. C o lo n R P B ase b all 1. L EE MADELIN E W I N STEAD May 1 1 949. Washin g t o n D.C. G e t Acquain te d D ance 1 ; F o l ksin ge r s Club J 2; V a l e ntin e F orma l 4; Bulleti n Board 4; Senio r N i g h t 4; C h ess Club 3; Travel i n g C h orus 3; N e w s p ape r 3; Spanis h C lub 4; Inkl i n gs 4. DAVID W INN FlId zy" Jun e 23, 1 95 0 F o r t W o r t h T exas. Concer t C hoir 2; Dix i e l and B a n d 2; T ennis 4. S USAN LYNN WOIDA S u e" Jul y 30 1 95 0 D ayto n Ohio. L i b r a r y A s s istan t I 2 3; libr a r y C lub 3 4; I n t r amura l s t 2; Dram a Club 3.4; Co n ce r t C hoir 4; K eyettes 2. DARL EEN WOODRU FF Ween e r J u l y 3 1 1 95 0 Cue r o, T e x as. G A A 1,2,3, 4; I ntra mur a l s 1,2,3,4 ; Sp orts D a y 1,2, 3; C he e r lead i n g 2, 3, 4; Sadie H awki n s 2; Girls Stat e 3; Christmas F o r m a l 3 -----D avid W inn Susan Woida Da r leen W o odruff

PAGE 103

Jerry \X'ooster J o hn Zerr E mily Young -.. -JERRY WOOSTER "Woo" Apri l 15, 1949 Vir ginia Football 3 4; B a seball 3 4 ; L e tt ermen s C lub 3, 4 ; Track 4. JOHN ZERR April 20 1 9 50. E ag l e Pass, T exas. S.A. R ep r esenta tive I 2 3; Football 1. EMILY ELIZABETH YOU G May 31, 19 49. C h icago Illinois. Spanis h C l ub I 2, 3, 4; Ph oto Club 4; Secr etaria l Club 4; F B L .A. 3, 4; S h owcase Committ ee 4. RODOLF O S YOUNG "Fito Jul y 27, 19 50 Ancon, Cana l Zone. Ph oto Club I 2 3 4; Spanis h C l ub 1 2, 3, 4; Bull eti n Board I ; Zonian Staff Photog r ap h e r 3; C hess C l ub l. CAR OLINE ADAIR "Ca r o l J une 4 1 950. Rio d e Jain ero Brazil. F .T A 2, 3; r N A 2; F olksingers Club 2 3. ROBERT H B U KER Novembe r 2 1 1 950. Ban go r M aine Drill Team 3; N. H .S. 4; W restl ing 1 ; Track 1 ; F ootb all l. Rodo lf o Y oung Caroline Adair R o ber t B uke r 99

PAGE 104

H : O ? 100 < The Senio r s d i d WHAT? ..... ;. I -" Th e thr illi n g t hr eeso m e"

PAGE 105

1 .. , Seniors Leave W ith Many Memories -----101

PAGE 106

102 Class of 1968 Honor Grad u ates An H o n o r Graduate i s a student w h o has a ttained a grade point average of 3 0 o r bette r a t the end o f the firs t semester of the senio r y ear of high sch o ol. At the g r adua tion cer e m ony, these senio r s are distinguished by whit e tassels worn o n their caps. Ack e rman Andr e w Hubb ard, S tephen A lfaro, F ernando J ohns tone, Kathleen Allis, Cathe rine Laird, S andra Almstea d Lain e Lefev r e, J ames Andrew, K erry M c Arthur Ro s e a nna Arn old, Caro le Magnon Rob ert B eatty, G ary M a r chuc k Doris B i n g ham P a u l M a rcola, Susan B o l t S teve Mel a n son, Kath y B o lt o n M ary M e rcei e r Julia Brown Cat h e rine M ille r Greg Bruce, Sandra Murphy Ju lia Buker, R o b e rt Pedraza, J aime C havez, Micheal P ickell, M a rk D e Alba, Eduardo Pies, Nancy Diaz, Di ovelis P osc h Eleonore D onal dson Rae Rodriquez, T eresita D o u g las, B arry Sh a rp Leslie Droste. Sandra Sh eppard, Step h e n Eder, Edwa rd Shaoulis, Charles Foscue, Macon Spencer C h arles Forrest B arbara Stuewe, D ale Go l dfein, Anne W a l s h B e l inda Goldfei n D ebo r a h Walt o n Martha Gordon Gail Caro l Gorin, Diana Whitehea d Clirtiss Hads tate, J o hn W oida, Susan H o cker, Thomas Youn({, Samuel R H olland, Norman Zerr J o hn

PAGE 107

la I 71 17\8 3007 103

PAGE 108

-, ( {", ; , \ i .. Junior Class Officers C harles Galla rd o, V ice Presid e nt / I Gail Goodrich Secr etary Mike Se n zer. P resident I

PAGE 109

/ lass Favorites 105

PAGE 110

lOb A boltin, Paub A bts, Susan A ceve d o, Ricardo L esl i e A lariJta, B e lind a Alli son, Elizabeth AlIo n D avid Al tman, Greg A lvarado, Gregory A lves, P amela A nderson, P eggy A ndre, T erry A ndrews, Nettie A p o nte Clelia A ppi n Car o l A rbaugh, M ary Ar c h er, R o } A renz P atricia Arrei l Ru ssell A zark, R enee Baar stad, P au l B adonsky, l eo B aJlanis, A nastacia Ball enger, Rebecca B almas, Steph e n Bares Maurice Barnes, D art}' 1 Bar sosky, Audrey Bartl ett, R o b e rt Battey, Sara h Bay J o hn aayer Barbara Students Learn of Other Cultures

PAGE 111

-i, I San dy Serrano and Milzi e R ichards f ind hel p i n F rench w i t h t h e l :lngu3ge Jab. in Foreign Language Classes Beattie, Mike Bembeneck T eresa Benit ez, Zulc} ka Beron;a. Thom a s B esaw, J o hn Besaw M : H ga r et B est, M ary Bie r b:tum T e r esa Bir cher, Tho mas Blount. G ail Bouch e, Bud B owen, Rus sell B o wer P :ltric ia B owles, Naomi Br3 swelJ, H ele n Breed Ch:ules Bristo l Stephen B rock. L ynda Br o mley, K eit h Br oo ks. Candice Br oo ks. Ch:nles Brooks, \,\ 'jl]iam Brown D ebora h Br o wn Larry Br ow n Theresa B r own, V alerie Bro w n Vi c kie Burchfield, Kenneth Burl eso n Bob Burns K : lIhec y n Caba ssl, AnlOni o Campb e ll, Gle nn Camp os, Isabel 107

PAGE 112

Carrasquillo. P a bl o Clslelllno, Rrch:.rd Castillo. Carmen G Stro. Christina Cazab o n D ennis Ch lncf'. Jeanne Ch ase, P :uticia Checa Je s u s Christn ff e r sen. J ill Churc hill K urt Ci:uio, V ance Clark Carolyn Cl:trk. Glen Clarke. J anet Clift D ;l\id Clin c h ard, C o nnie Clo use. Anna C ockburn. Angelia Cof fey. M arily n Cole R obert C olem:lO, Nancy Collins. Carole Collins. Mar cia Corliss. B o nnie Cottelloni, Gra nt COle, M i k e C ow es, Ia rth:t Craig, J eff Crull, C l f Y Crump Charle s Cruz, M aria Cruz R o b erro Curby, H 3fl) -;. ( ..,-) Athletic Ability and School Spirit Girl s b asketb:tll is o ne o f the m::my spo rts in which J uniors participate a f ter sch ool. 108

PAGE 113

Are Exhibited Through Intramurals D aly, D arle n e D aniel, R ussell D an i els, C h e r y l D ames Edmund D ay, Theresa D a y a n E zra D ean, Linda Ded ecke r Elaine D e Jardo, Sylvan D e l a Guardia, Yolanda D e l a P ena, Jean Del gado, Alm a D e Lima J aime D e Liml Rene D ennis, Mark D enlOn Vick y D erlie n P alrici 3 D e tam o re, Doroth } D iaz, Di s h ong, Ed D ob r in i c h Nancy D ol:m. D ooley, Charles D o rf man Elaine D o ubleday. Jane D o ubl e day M ary Dowl er, Ja cque line D uffus Willilffi D unaway, Barb a r a D uncan J ohn D uvall J osep h D ymmel, M elody 109

PAGE 114

110 Could this be a nother Bob Dylan accompanrlng K at Camp b ell ? G a rcia S}'l via G a r cia de P arades, J uan G arner Nanq G a rrell N ona G asteaz o r o, i\ [ichell e G emmell, S t ep h en Gibso n H al G il b e rt, D e nnis Gilbert J o hn G ilbert, P ete r G ille}', i\b ril)' n Giro n T o n i Givens, Vic ki G omez, Norma G o n zalez, Juan G onza l ez, M a nuel G onzalez, Phillip G ood rich Gail G orriz, l\l e r cedes Grabow s k}', Elizabe th Gra ham G ord o n Grego r}" C at ht rille Grimm, P atricia G unn, G ordo n H all William H ancock, An toinette Hano o o, Sal o m o n H a rd}" Linda H are M a ril}'n Ha rni s h Carl H arve}'. G e r ald I-Iass, D e ni s e H a ssell, Micha e l Outside the Classroom, Juniors

PAGE 115

Pursue Creative Talents E:arl, P en n y E ast ham, Nancy E scal:tntc. Belinda Fabrega, Raul F arbm:m, Ad e l e Fan, Stc\ e Fe aley, Guy Fehr enbac h J ames F elicia n o. Jose F eiici :IOO, Santiago Fernandez, Ceci lia Fern andez, Sue Flo res. Ernest Fiord. Mary Fontaine, Shirley F o r d Keith Foreman, E iko F o r et, Fare fos t e r K ath l een f oster, William Foulk M a ry F o u s el D ale Fr auen heim, Neil Fence Ch a rles Fre n sic}' Edward Frensley Tho mas G aht, Alvin G ahc, Anna G:1lbr ail h Da vid Gammill. R and all G:lrcia, Antho n y Garcia, Carm e n III

PAGE 116

112 J o hn son, C aro lyn J o n es, Mario K a r st i\
PAGE 117

n the Junior Room Hatc h, Su e H awk, rV1urr3}, H a wk i n s, Jan H e ad, Ann H e a l d, D e nni s Henl er T e d H er m ann C ec i l ia Herna nd ez, Carmen H e s t e r s William H il b e rt J o hn H ill Mack H irs c hi Janic e H o llis R e x H o o per Vivian H o r t er, Ern es t H oward, Brian H o yle Virginia H ue r b sc h L o rrain e H u h ta K ir sti H uis h A lfred H unt Valerie H u r t Carl H utton, J o a n tcaza H o racio Ireland, M a r tha Irv in J o ella J ack s Tho mas J a c k s on L arry J e mm o tt Cynt h ia Jenner J e rrye Jennings, Clyde J enri c h Bru c e Jime nez, : Migue l Kathy Mulroy d i splays her h and-i-w o rk 113

PAGE 118

114 Lowe Linda L u k e, PJ.ula L u n ney, Cat h e rine L r n c h K at h y M acQuarr ie, Nancy :"' I a k i b bin M : m h a M ala n g a Colleen M alo n e Che r}'le M:lso n. Vi c k i i\h tias, Zaida M:l}'se, D av id M cAushn, R icha rd M c Ba},n e, Laut:l M cCa uley Den nis l\fcC:auley, Step h e n l\f cCl ai n, Donn a M cCulley. Chris McGann Theodore McGr oa rt y, M ary McGuinn ess R obert Mcll":li n e, R os e M c K e nn a, Gerr}' M c L ean, Thomas M c N:101ee, R osa Melander. Eri c Mendez, Elvir a M ic hael Steve 1\Iil g rol11, Sharon M illo r Manuel M ills, Stan M o ff ett, S h i r ol}'n Mood}" Lau r a Enthusiastic Juniors Participat

PAGE 119

n the Homecoming Motorcade B ow .WOW !!! M ora l es, K e nn e t h l\' f o r e n o Car me n l\[ o rr i so n Bet s y 1o.' l o r s e, J a n e ll e : M o rt o n H a rr iso n M os ely Tho mas Mull ins C l i ff o r d M u llin s : m e y l'.[ u l r oy, K a t h y Murp hy, P at ricia My e rs, C harl es l\' f ) crs. R ex N eely, J o h n Nel ms, L o uis New l an d, G i n g e r Ni c k o lson P am ela Null, Ja c k O C o nnell, O D o n n ell, J a me s Ohm : m E d w a r d O live r L e e 01li ver, O ebo rnh O M asta, EdwOHd O'Ne ill C at h e r ine O r t iz. E dm ee P adilla R o be n P a i ge, G e o r gine P Jtc h et t Elain e P att o n B reit P att o n, L ynne P ears o n Siev e P eddric k W ill i am P erry P alrici a 115

PAGE 120

116 P inero, Blanca P oll is, Abn P o n c e, Fid el P oeck, David P orte r D a rcy P o unde rs, ca l Pr ieto, P ablo Pro back, Elsa P rovencio, Ric h3rd Purvis, M a rk Q uin n N ora R ahn, Den ise R athgeber Don R ebe r Rl I p h R egan Wilda R eitz, Paul R eyno l ds, Clint Rithard, Marit z a Ricker Mary Rid ge, R ose l\' farie Robertson, Ronald Robin so n Frank R odriguC'Z, Jaime Rodri guez, Sara Rani s, Arl e n e R osen bl att, K athi R oss, Lib Roy, R o bert Ruld ol f Fr ank Ru sse ll. K 3t hl ee n Russell, Mit c h e ll Sage r Ktthy Sanc hez, Raphlel I s that Dana 's purse they're working o n?? BHS Artists Experimen

PAGE 121

-_ .. r' ./ I \ & I With Varying Art Forms ,. I / Sanderson, Sandra Santiago, J ose Sargent, Ro bert Scanlan, Theresa Schmalzel J o hn Sehn epel, D avid Scott, George $COII, R obert Secrest, Ronald Seoze r /Il ike Serrano, Sand ra Sessenna. Fernand o Sexton, linda Shuc} ', L orraine Silen, J o r ge Sil eo, Mayra SkiCV:lski, Amy Sloan, Susan Smalling, R o be rt Smith, )ud}' Smith, Steven Sneed l\ I :ny Snyder, Ted Sovern, Charles Stephe ns, Norman Stephens, Susa n 51. J o hn D o nald Sto ck, Mark Stone M ack Stone, T om Stri c kland K athy Stuart, J ohn 117

PAGE 122

J i m O D onnell and : Mike Bcatlie concen t r ate o n a c h emistry e xperi ment. \X'ard, S usan \X'ard, Pq yllis W arfo r d J o h n W arner, St u a rt \V aters Susa n \ X'ats o n, J o h n W ebb M arga r et Juniors Explore Ne W eise, J ames __ 118 W ells. M ary Wessl i ng, Chuck W hee ler, C hri stop h e r White, Step h en W hitney. J ames Wilder Rick W ill. B lrba r a Will M ary Wille n b o rg, P au l Williams, Gra nt Wilm o t h M ild red \Vil son, Bruc e W i lson, Dona l d Wil so n, Richar d Wi lson, Step hania W inklosky, Mary Witt P aula Wiznitzer, Leo W ood, X enia Woods, L a rry W oods, P olli Y oung, M a ritza Youn g Mic h ae l Zakel Jeffrey Zieg ler, Te rry

PAGE 123

Worlds Through Science Swann, H enry Swann, Sh:a on T aber. Bry a n T amak i T ervo Thomaso n Ka thy Timmin s, Edward T iniacos, Nicky T o m Grlos T oot h man, B ren da T urne r l\lili c ent Vaccar o, Vielb V al l a ri no J oaquin V:ng:lS, X enia Vasnic k G e rry V ecc h io n e, Syl via V ega, Carm e n V elasco, Ali cia V ena, P aul Vi ela, Peggy V illa real Mary V iolette, Ann ette Wadsworth M ary W ain io, K at hleen Wals h Stephanie 119

PAGE 124

120 L ATE P ICfURES, TOP : Charles Gallard o, Gail Guerr e r o, D ebora h tip s t ate. M ic h ael McCaulley BOTIO J\<[ : Car o l Pazzuto, William Slide r Jack Switzer, O lga Troe lsc h Bl;lckw ell, G ary Brady, R ichard BrlY P aul Bull i n ger, K eit h Cabrera Mi gdal j a Clark. Fr ed Cl ay I vo nn e Drive r D an a F e rr er R eynaldo G arner, Ch arles H ai r Charl es H int o n M ichael Hurst D amo n H usum, J anet N o t Pictur ed: M c C oy Shelley Muller, A l den P o w ell, Fred P rice, R o y R emy, W illiam Reynolds Mi c hael Rhea, Carla Small Stephen Sylva, R anda l T ay l o r Jan Tha lken Mark Thrift. R obe rt Wheel e r R o b e rt White h ead D avi d Mrs Van Eve ra, J uni o r Class Sponsor

PAGE 125

--I -\ We re the Class That' s Really Fine Senior Class of 69 121

PAGE 126

" " .. .. " .. H eavy, h eavy h angs ove r thy head ... "Are you s u r e thi s i s edible?" 122 .. ... .. ."I! I'" :V ._ "'; .. ".' ,'J.. ,,, ,' .... ... N o w w h e r e did you say that mis t a ke was?" But it was so EASY to take apa rt!"

PAGE 127

"We' r e S e r gea n t P epper's L o n ely Hearts Cl u b B and L ook. buddy d o n t m ess with me! I'm a H e ll 's Angel!" '.-.. .. '.:-.. 123

PAGE 128

" All Jom h :lnds and circle LEFT! K irsti con cen tr ates In Physics "',.,'.",.', . .... .. ... '.,' 124 The o nl y way to trave l! -, bu t j\' f i k e a nd Ch a rl ie find th e l ibra r y a littl e dull.

PAGE 129

" I t ried t o t ell him that it was s aved "If o n l y I cou ld get o ut o f th ese s h oes ..... -----"Well, t hey said G o jump i n a lake' and "A pictu re ? Of US! Yo u must be kidding!" 125

PAGE 130

126 . "If I' ve t o l d you once, I've to l d you :l t h ousa nd times BALBOA HIGH SCHOOL "Ma y be if I just i gnore t h em. they ll go away "Good g rief! Are we lookin g at SOPH OMORES?

PAGE 131


PAGE 132

Steven Swann -Preside nt Sally Adair-Vice-President Chris K e rvin Secretar y Class Officers

PAGE 133

Steve J o nes a nd K a rin Foscue Sophomore Class Favorites

PAGE 134

1 30 A dai r Sally A dler, S:lndra A lexander Catherine A lfaro, J ames A lfaro. T onna A llen. Ch rist i A llen, M ichael A llis, l aur:l A llison, B onne r A lmstead R obe r t A lthaus, J ac k ie A merio. D enise An derso n F r :ln k A nde r son, \'V'ayn e A ndion, Bienvenida A ndrecht. B renda A ndrews, Fr ed And r ews, J oa n A ndrews, J ose p h Andrews R oss A nnis, A llis o n A rias, A lferto A ri:ls, D o n A rosemena, JU:ln A skew, Stephe n Atk inson. Vicki Azrak Alicia Baarsrad O;l\' id Hardayan, S:llomon Baglien, Beth Baker, Mltgaret Banner. K a rla Barkema, larry Ba.rkowitz, Pau l Bass, Dian e I su r e wish that microp h one would work!" I

PAGE 135

A sp ir ited S o phomore helps decorate for the m o torcade. B eaup re Catherine Beck, Nancy B eec hn e r Ada Behre ns, P au l Beig htler, J ohn Beightler, R eid Beni tez Pr axia Bennell B enigna B e rkley \'<'ayne Bernard B illie Bet h ay, Willie B i r c h P amela Bl3c kwell H arry Blou nt H aze l B lumberg R o bert B o ganres, V icto r Bohumil, A nn Bolad o, M a ria Bondurant William B o n viss ut o, L o r etta Bosch Vi cto r B os well \ '\Ira} B o wen Cha d ene Boyd, N:l.ncy Boyer, J o hn B o zman, Mark Bra dley, D ebo r:l.h Bradley J immy Br ewste r L a Fleu r Bri ce, R icha rd Bridwell L a n a Bri g ht Luci a Bri g man, J ames Brooks, P ete r Brown, Brian 1 3 1

PAGE 136

132 Bro wn C o nrad B row n M ary Bruss Dav i d Bryant C h rist o phe r Brya n t Sam ue l Btesh Y vonne Bunt o n E v ely n Bu r di c k Glen n Bur kman, J erry Calt hris t Elizabet h C:lrey Tho m as Car o presso, !\' f arta Carp e n t e r E llen Car ter, l-.brc Cartotto Stephen Casses K at h lee n Casto r o Susa n Cen i ceros. R o land C h avez Sara C h esebro C:lro l C h esso n Sandra C h ristense n Sta nley Chri s tmas, S h a r o n Clar k J ackie C o bb B o nnie Cofer Deb ora h COl!iiandro, Cat h eri n e Colbe rt. Susan C o leman, J a mes Coll i ste r Scot t Cont r eras, Elodia C oo kson, Jessie Cope, D ee Cott o, J o rge C o x Bradfor d \'Xfh at d o y o u m ean it's S a tur d ay?"

PAGE 137

. , ( I Sop homor e prin cess Sue G o r d o n and h e r esco rt I a n R oss :11 the H o mec oming Dance. Cox J ames Creceliu s, J :ln Cresp o, Rudolph Cummings Br uce D aily Stephen D alton, G ary D any Patric k D avis, G eo rge D:lvi s, G ordo n D :l\' ls Samuel D ay, Clifton D ay, K evin D ealy, Arrhur D ean, All en D e L a Gu: ndi:l Gilda D e L a P e na Ri chard D elgado, An a D elgado, D e Lim a, Ric a rd o D e nnis, j::lnice D e Obald ia, D iego D ermody, Ricky D iaz V ict o ria D illon P atrick D ishong, R ichard Disselte Steve n D ivi n e Con nic D o min guez, J o r ge D onley, William D onohue, leo D oxey, L y nn e D ubose Sha r o n Ebert, J ill E ggleston, T eresa Enge lke l\<[argaret 133

PAGE 138

\ 134 H ow many times have I t o l d y o u t o keep Y ou r feet off t h e furn itu re?" Ense}', l-.brk Ern s t Franklin F arnswo rth J a n F e h renba c k Alb e rt F elicia no, An ge l F ernand ez, Clara F e rr y Joanne F i f e r An n Filo, E dward Filos, Orland o F ine An ne Fisch e r Carmen Fi tte r Jan Flatley, Mar ga ret Fleming, T homas Flumach J o h n F o r set h D e bra F osc u e, K are n F oste r Jun e F oste r N :IOC Y Fr a ntz, D iana Fr azer Christop her Furl o ng, Cafol F url o ng, Sheila Gllllrdo, L ydia Gal vez, Rlquel G l n ser, J ame s G eddie, Alexa nd e r Gibb o ns, rvl e l o die Gillis, Gregory Gl:lsgall, Mar s h a G onza lez, L y ncla G o nzalez-Re,'illa., Ma.ria G oodma n S t eve n G o r don D onna

PAGE 139

G o rd o n Susanne G orma n Sh3ro n G oudie. P aul G O lll et, Da v i d G o ulet, N o rm3n Grandin. Car l Griffin, Tho m3S Grimes, M ary Gr)'mab. Larr)' Guarni eri, Nic h o l as Guibert, Alb e rt H 3ds late J 3 m es H af f o rd, Judi H a h la. K ari H all, Nancy H ano no. E dwa rd H anbu r y, Cl a udia H a n cock, D ebr a H arg is, William Ha rris J o hn H arwell, R a l p h H aug h to n Fr ank I -bungs, D e b ora h H ead. 'X' illiam H ele L awrence H e nri q uez, A nto nia H e r es, M arcella H e rnandez, r-,'Iichae l H e rr o n Thomas H ess, Barb a r a H irs h An drew H odges, SUS3n H o llis, Ric hard H oll, Eliz:lb et h H omsany, F Ortuna ). Sop h o m o r e cl ass o fficer s at thei r initiati o n 135

PAGE 140

136 HI ".J .!J H owa rd, Danny H o ward H arland H owe, D ona l d H oyle, J ohn H ubbard, R o nal d H u d gins, Willi a m H unt, J acqueline H u s ney, Sara h H u s um K aren leaza, J r aida Ir eland, D anie l I saacs, K aren J e f frey A lice J enki ns, J o h n J ete r l o i s J o annides, Stamatia J o hn son, P ete r J ones, Luth u r J ones, Step h eu K ap i n os, l inda K eene K elleher, l\
PAGE 141

" "Sh e fli es through the air with the g r eatest o f case ..... I K ota l i k Barbara K oz l o w s k i, Carmen K rapfle, H elen K unk e l J ames Lampas, Vl adem ir Lara cue nte. R ebecca Lasca!:!, Ella Lawr ence Patri cia Law so n Charles L ebzelle r. Stuart L e Mastcr, J o veny L e t o urneau, r., t : Hlenc Lib bey, Willis Lim, Alexis Lillie, Dale Little, D enise Little, J ames L o ftus D e nnis L o h se, D e b o r a h Longhi!! S h e rri Lop ez, C)'nthia Lopez J os e L o (an DJlil a L owe, D av id Lujan Chris L una, Ronald Lunsf o r d, Mary luttrell, T am(:J. lo.' l c Bride buric M e Bride, Olivia M e Bri de, Ro b e rt M e Cauley L illian i\k Cultey Dan ie l M e D o n ald, Ce c il M e F adden, l\1:lr ga ret . 137

PAGE 142

1 \ 138 I woo', be latc for class I won't b e 1:11(" for cl:lsS I won't b e l:ll e for cbss I won', ... Gdl, Lindlc M e Gbde. J o h n Gr:lIh. D l:'bof.lh M e Ihaine. C l oyd lif e uU,l.:hlin, Willl.lIll M:tc Donell. R o bert M l e Leln, D one! 1.1 r..lJdur o, Gloria Maduro, fo.'f:tguire. r-.lich: H : l M a h an, R oy M a j or, ) :tnet lI.lakowi ek i Kalherrn I\l:tr czak. Constance l\I :ltth i lS. A ntonio M ayfield, \'.:' illi:llll M :l)'les, L ynn !\f a)'mj. Gladys Medinger, Ann l\[i c heL Marci:l. M iguez, R a)'monJ M iller, Alan i\liller, Roben Mill er, Toni M ills, Robe rt M itchell. D onn:!. M oe, Shi rl ey M okra)" A rthur Mnr;J.ll"S, Maria M orris, D:l[e I\lorr is, M :lr i c I\l o rri son Nancy lI.louhrie. R ichard M ulle r Cele ste I\lulier William

PAGE 143

i I C at h y \X'are and Sharon P ooe k praClice f(ll" a B H S H oo le nn a ny P atrick .., i\lrcrs, Ga.fY M ygan. Va[ad Naham J a c k N:tism ith Lauric N :waiJle, Rene Navarro, C a rl o s N ehring, Karl Neh ring, Stephen Nelson, B eu}' N o rd st r o m, ;"131'), Noriega, Mi c hael Null. Fran ces Ny ga rd l au r ie O C onnell, M:trr Ohman, M a rtha Olap' a r Narcisa Olive r L este r Ol son. D avid O n e ill Bru ce O rr, K J!hryn O sborne, M e lva P aint e r K athleen P arks, J ames P : uri c k J oyce P att o n R o byn P earsoll, J une P erry, Mi c h:lel P eter se n Charle s Peterso n R:lndr Phillip s, P att i P icard-Aml, M aria Pi es E ileen Pinilla, Ru t h Pluck e r Timo lhr lA 139

PAGE 144

I t' s got to be In h ere so mewh e re! J 140 P o n ce, Olga P ooc k Sharon P o und e rs, N:ancy P o well R obert Pm r c hett Richard Q ui nter o, L eona rd o Quint ero, M:ari:a R :amos, Franci sco R a nkin R obert Ra),mond Sta nl ey R eal, C a n delaria R e i ha rt, K :u h)' R e imille r Tho m as Reitz, Ph illip R endon, Eug ene RhYl1e, B a rbara Rice M arcia Ric h ey B a rbara Ride r S usan R idge, J ames R isbe r g, C harmaine R ivera, R o bert o R i ves, D e bra R o b e rts Wanda R o bin son, D e b o r a h R oc kw ell, D:av id R o hne, M a r c ella R omo, R onald R o nis, R oc h e lle R ose, Eil ee n R ose, S h awna R oss lan R oy, Clifton R a ys, Nancy Ruiz. Dian e

PAGE 145

R ussell Davi d Sal a z a r Dian a Sanders \'{f } 'len e San so n E nri q ue S anti a go, Carl os Sauls, L eo S c h l e et e r R usse ll Sch r o et e r Su s an Scig lian e, J une S co tt Ca n dace S co tt D o u g las S co tt Sandra S ea n st e r E dward S ee l e } Laur a Simm o nds, Riclrda Simp so n R o be r ta S i ze m o re, V i cki Sha rp F rank She p ha r d Mi c hae l Sk old, A nne S l oa n M a r g a r e t Smi l ey Mich ae l S m i th Carl Sm i t h F ran k Smi t h J oa n n e Smit h P au l S m ith R olan d o Smith. Walter Sn a vely Y o landa So\ ey, Adrien ne Stac k D onna Sta n f o r d E dward Sta rk J ames Steven son Carlo Stewa rt A udrey L /---, / --\'<'h o me??? o 1 ta. r '{1XA () .. ..... J11 141

PAGE 146

142 Strange J ames Stric k land Oma Sturgeon l inda Stutsman, P ele r Swan'1.-Steven Swindle, W illiam Syk es, E dward T a l bon, K eith T a rr, Richard T atman M ary Tell e r Cri st i Thomason, K e rry Thompso n P at r icia Thompso n Sally T illey, M a r jo r ie T o b in, Charles Traham, Mayra Treadwell, Barbara T remblay Stella Trout, M a c ), T u r ner Ol ga Va mvas, Spiros V a n de rp oe l D ebo ra h V an K ir k Susa n Var gas, D a lys V arner. Rebecca V ega, l inda V eno J e nni e Vick. Michae l Vieto, An n V og el. P atsy W alker, Jeanniene \ '(falke r William Wallens, E llen W aller, Alice Who sai d I ca n t b o il wate r ? o I

PAGE 147

LATE PI CTU RES, Adrian, B i e nvcnid a A ilan t Br a s we ll. D a vid Br es s l er Patr i c ia Ca s tro, M aria Caugh man Ca r o l C o h e n B e linda C o l o n B e t s y Crist, M i c hael C r o well, Jacq ue lynn D o m i n g u ez E d g a r F e rnandez, R a fael Galindo, I n oc e n cio G amboa Gianella N ot Picrllred H i l be rt J o hn H olco mb P amela H u e rt3.s, C arme la K e rr Mich:tel K ni g h t Harv ey K uzell, Martha L a ur eano, J o sep h L ei tz, Ph ili p L e wis, D e F o rest Marti n G e o r g e j\' [art inez, M i c h:t e l Ph i l lips Law r ence Ric h ards The resa Ro b i n s o n Carl Ward M elissa \X'are, Ca t h e r i n e \,\ fa rr e n P am e la Warri n g M i k e ,',:f:ltSo n D o n na \X'at so n Lilli a n \\latson Sara h Whitn e y Kalh!) o W iber g. K e nn e th W illi a m s, E nri qu e W illiams. M a ria Wilm o th Carm e n \'
PAGE 148

L ast minute c r amm i ng :::i ==\ r. I kno w it's i n ther e somewh e r e!!! "Me T arzan, )'OU J :lOe? 144

PAGE 149

\ '\f h o said blo n des have mor e f un? J ( e;o. t I tho ug h t you sai d it was E A SY to type I know i t goes o n h e r e some h o w .. 145

PAGE 150

, , ;. Dogpatch C. Z. i I t i A Happy Ending to a Successful SADIE HAWKINS!

PAGE 151


PAGE 152

Mr. Clyde A. Willman, Prillcipal 148

PAGE 153

------ ---- ---Mr. J o h n C. Kni c k Assi 5 1alll prillcipal

PAGE 154

Office Activity M rs. Priscilla Lane Mis s E y d a Luque r' Mr. Robert San c hez -===---'-=---'1 GJ I -M iss A rsenia R h oden Mis s Edna J a c kson 1 5 0

PAGE 155

Office Assistants l\ fiss S h arle ne Give ns M iss J enny B a rk e ma Gym Assistants Mr. Russel H ooglanJ 1 !.)\.!1 \ t j Miss Bonni e Arnold J Mr. R oge l io Altramirand a -151

PAGE 156

Guid ance and Attendance Activity Mr A rthu r M a r o n e y Me. Eugene Bond oura nt --:::-----Mr G iffo rd Wild e I M iss D onna Stueb e Miss M a r i e \'Veir 152

PAGE 157

Library Miss Grace Rider Mrs H e llin Shelton .fi -. 153

PAGE 158

154 -I Clinic Mrs. H enri S k eie, R N

PAGE 159

Mr. Cristoba l A c hurra Gym Custodia ns \ Mr. Di onisio V ega Mrs L i llian CevilJe School Custodians L R R ow 1: Mr. Ped ro B at h a ncourt; Me. J ose Remo sj Me. An dres A costa ; Me. Best re B urke; Mr. Stan l e y H aw k i n s R O IlJ 2: Mr. Fr ancisco Cabal; Mr. Pedr o G a r i bald o; Mrs Man ue l a Galaslica; Mrs. Zcppo r a And erson; Mrs Sabina Fernandez R ow 3: Mr. Rud olph H um; Mr. F ranci sco Barsh ana. -} lo. [r s Bccy l Waller 155

PAGE 160

156 English Department "Somewhat h e lip sed for his wantown esse to make h i s Englissh sweete upon his tonge." Mr. Edward M c Farl a nd Eng lish J B R e m e dial R ead ing M Ed Univer sity of Florida Tic ket Committee C h airma n Mr. R obe rt Ames E n g lish II Eng li s h III M.A. Univer sity of Minnesota Nationa l H o nor Society Mr. George Baca E n g l i s h II Eng li s h II B M .A. Unive r s ity o f N e w M ex ico Mr. F rederick S. Brown E n g lish II f O llm a /ism M .A. University of N e w M ex i c o Parrakeet Mr s. J ane Gruve r Ellg li s h II Speech Dr ama M A University of Arizona Dram a Club Thesp i an Club Cbaltcer

PAGE 161

Enriches B H S \Yle have not really bud ge d a s t e p until we take up residence In someone else's poi n t of view." Mrs S h irley R H a s e ld e n Ell g li s h /I !'r ellc h I F rellc h 11 M A. Universit y of Florida L e Ccrde Francais Mrs. Jani c e L omme n Ellg l is h 11/ Ellglis h IV M .A. Uni v e rsity of Co l orado Huma n i t ies Club Mr Ceci l E. Pur ifoy, J r 11/ M A Mi c hi ga n St a t e University M r Leonar d B Talbu rt E n g/is b III J O llrnali s m M A. Ste p h e n F Austin College Zonian M i s s H aze l P Matthews 11 Ellg lish !I-A M A Geo r g e P eabody College fo r T eachers Nati onal H onor Society Erskine :::::::.. -------157

PAGE 162

158 Mr. Robert Winte r s Jr. ElIgliJb III ElIg l i J h IV M S T empl e Unive r sity Mr. C h arles H Wall ElIg liJh IV M .A. University of Arkansas Mrs. M a r y Kn ap p ElIgliJh IV M A University of Missouri Isthmia n I nklings Mr. J ohn R. Dekl e ElIg liJb IV IV o rld Geography M A. Florida State Univer sity

PAGE 163

B.H.S. Has Power to Spare Mr. R oss E Anderson P hysical Educ ati oll M.S. State University of I owa Miss Juli a H ardi n P hysi c al Edll c ati o n M.S. F lorid a State Unive r s i ty ------ Mr. Stewart ] Brow n Ph ys ical Educati o n M .E d U nive r sity o f Pitts burgh L ette rm en's Club Miss B ettye Williams P hysi cal EdllctllioJl B.S. ) Murray State University Mr. Ceci l H R aybou rn P hysical Edllca ti oll M.S. Eas t T exas S t ate Co llege L ett erme n' s Club I Mrs. Cle m e nt i ne E. Y o un g P hysical E d ucati o n M.A. Tea ch e r's C ollege Columb i a U niv. Girl' s Drill Team 159

PAGE 164

x 160 Math Dept. --Mrs. Rita C lift o n Alg ebra f G e neral M ath e matics II B .S. Geor gia Sout h ern College Debat e C l ub Mr. Les te r Hu t c h inso n Equations I ntr o dll c ti o n 1 0 Anal)'sis A i gebrtJ II Geomelry M .A. Arizona State Unive rsity Mr. Karl Shirley i ntr o dll c ti o n 1 0 An alysis Al gebra 11 Cll/at/III M A Stanf ord Univ e rsity Mr. Thomas L. C oo k Alge bra I M A Mars h all Unive r sity Mr. Robert N Crow ley Algebra II Geom e lry M.A.T. Univ e r sity of North Car o lina

PAGE 165

for All Occasions Me. L a rry Milam A1Xebl'd II Geom e try M .Ed. Cen t r a l Sta t e Colle g e S opho mor e C l ass Advisor Mrs. Sherry Go rdon G eo m e tr y B S Northwestern Stat e College C' o Mr. H enry Williams, Je. A lxebfd II M .Ed. Univer s ity o f Florida Senio r Class Sponsor Mrs. Frances K Grah a m Geom e ll'), M A C o lumbia University M ath Club 161

PAGE 166

J 162 Mr. William C. M cClenahan P hl si(I M S University of Mississippi CI 21CI \-\ 1. 2. Mr. William Hanshaw ChemiJlry Reglllar Bio l ogy M .S. University of Arizona 1 1 I Science Dept. Analyzes QUANTUM TJ./EORY 0<;;: i?> -<-,0 ,\-0 o <:<-r-; Mr. J osep h 1. Sarry Cbemis lry SllId), M S Florida State Univ e r sity Science Dept. Cha i rman Mr. George W illin g ham Chemijlry Reglliar M .S. Auburn University S A Advisor

PAGE 167

Problems of the Future Mrs. Katharine A Adams Phy,iology Gelleral Bi o l ogy M .S. Ohio State University Futur e Nurses of America Mr. J o hn A B a nasick B iology M .A. West Virginia University Audio -Visual C lub Science Club LEVER, FULCRUM Mr. P aul Goudie Bi o l ogy Physi(al Science M S Oklaho m a Unive rsity Bio logical H o n o r Society Miss B e tty J Frie se G eneral B iol og y M S Florida State U niv e r sity Science C l ub Sponsor 163

PAGE 168

164 Mr Edward W H atc h ett, Jr. Ame ri((J}/ I m / illl/jo m M .A. Arizona State Univ ersity J.V. Baske tball Football Mr Frank Gate l y U.s H isl o r y M A Boston Unive rsity S A. Safety Comm it tee S po nsor History Dept Analyzes Mr R onald Cappo n u.s. HiS/ory M A. Eastern Michigan University Mrs. Vera Perry U .S. H i J l o r), lA/in J La/in II M.S. Duke Univ ersity Latin Club Sponsor

PAGE 169

Past Problems Nol A.,..i t.itl. Mrs. Patricia V a n Ever a U S H is/ ory M .A. U ni ve r sity of Minn esota Junio r C lass Advi sor Miss Mauden e K een JI7 o rld HiS/o r y M.Ed Univer sity of Florida D eba t e Club Mr Joe Nor ton U.S. H i s / o r y M A. U S HiS/or y 117 o rld HiS/o r y D eb ate Club Ph oto C l ub Mr Sam Wri g ht ltv orld H iSIO,.) M A N e w P a ltz State University 165

PAGE 170

Ibb Language Dept. Is Superior Miss Beat r i z F. Perez S panis h III Pr ofesarado D eg r ee Univers it}, of P anama Spani s h H onor Society Mrs. Ruby Bissett Spalli s h 11-0 S pallish 1/1-0 M A U niversity o f A l a b a m a Futur e T eac h e r s o f Am erica Mrs. M a r cela Diaz Spalli s h II S pallish 1/1 PhD. University of M adrid S pan i s h C lub Sp o nsor Mrs. t ig i a de Armas S /)(11Iish I S pallish II M A M i c h igan S tate University S h owcase C l ub I nternati o n a l Cir cle o f Frie nds Mr. Carlos A V az Spt mish I Spanish II M E d U n ive rsity of D enve r Mr s Co n s u e l o Cappo n Spanish II M A U n ive r s ity o f Y psi lant i

PAGE 171

-! Mrs H azel L. S h e pp a rd T yping I M A Univ e rsity of Wyoming Future Business Leaders of Am erica Vocational Dept Mrs. Vivian S D e L a Mater Sho rthand I Sh o rth and" M .Ed. Univer s ity o f T exas Futur e Secr etaries Association Mrs. Kath erine Murphy T ypi n g I Typin g M S Florida State University Mrs. L. L o r e n e Vaut T ypin g I B.S. C o lle ges not known Fina n cial Secreta r y to S A Has Mrs. Alice L atime r H o me Eco n o mic J M A T eac h e r s College Future H omemake r s o f Ame rica Mrs. B etty Annis Bookkeeping BlIIiness M A Univer sity o f :Missouri S A Tr easurer 167

PAGE 172

168 Business Opportunities Mr. Tom J. Leavy Allt o Sh op I Melal S hop II M A Eastern Mic higan Univ e r sity Mrs. Vir gi nia Norton H ome E conomics M.A. Ariz o na State Unive r sity Future Homemakers of America Me J. K elle r Hea rd Mechanical Drawing M .Ed. Texas A&M Unive r sity Mr. C. F Anderson II" oo d Sh op I II" ood Sh o p II B.s. K ansas State Teacher s College Mrs. Mary Beth Schumacher A,} I Art II Art 1lJ B.S. Unive r s ity of Wi sco n sin

PAGE 173

B.H .S. Teachers in Action 0 / 0 0 t: 0 .-I U f 1 69

PAGE 175

170 -, I I I I' with leaves like great the water, "',nl< whose gree n robes foster ""rIaS. wooden birds insects, seeds. The minnow footed rain Count "Iin ging And see4he tanl-lik A ee the - I I - III 0 .. I -" -- -.. -.. ----And see the lawn the lane Shad ow a nd s i II P o nder All y o u ve come to know ... -Across a desert of desks your san dal e d eyes wa nder Settlin g on the ru g of grass below Throwaway ma s ks, There are questions to be asked Outside the wind, 0 hull whip over threshed tides .... .. 171

PAGE 176

National Honor Society Fi,u R ow: C:nole Arnold, Rae Donald son, Barbara F o rrest, L aine Alm sted, Carol \XIigg, Ed Eclet, (V. P ), M:lfIha Walton, (Teea s .), Sandy Laird, (Sec .), Charlie Spence r (Pres ), B el i nda Wal sh, R ose,wne ?o.' f cArthur. Dio velis Din, Susan Marcola, M:uy Bolton, Mr. Ames, sponsor. Serond R ow: Miss Ma uhews, spon Ralph H int on, N o rman H o lland Juli e J>,' l urphy Cathy Allis, Doris M : H Chuc k Di ana G o rin, Anne Goldfein, Steven Shepp:nd Rodolfo Y o ung, Greg Miller, D 3 1 e Slcuwe Third R ow : Lesl ie Sharpe, T o m H oc ker, \Vayne Fo scue, F ernando Alfar o, Charles Shaulis, 1\' f ike Ch::avez, G ary Beatty Bark R ow : J o hn H adstate Paul Bin g h a m Bury D o uglas, Steven Hubb ard ?I. rark Pic kell. -172 One of t h e hi g h est h onors in Balboa High School is bel o n gi n g t o th e Nationa l H ono r Society. T hose who a r e sel ected to become m e mb e r s mu s t be J unior s or Seniors with a 3.0 average an d h ave hig h qua l ities o f C h aracte r Lead e r ship, Scho larsh .ip, a nd S e rvice. H appiness is being in the N.H .S.

PAGE 177

Spanish Honor Society L-R: Di ana Gorin, Lain e Atm stead, Belen Olap' a r Miss P e rez, Car o l Wigg Ed Eder, Charles Sp e ncer In studying the Spanish langua ge, member s with superio r abi l ity and endeavo r in Bal boa H ig h School h ave been r ecognized and h o n o r ed in t h e establis hm e nt called t h e Spanish H o nor Society Thi s society i s a ffili a t e d w it h t he Nationa l Spanish H o nor Soci ety. The B a lbo a H ig h Schoo l c h ap t e r has set sta nd ards above t h ose of most U n ited States h ig h sc h oo l branches. The members of t h e Spanish H onor Society a r e h o n o r ary m e mber s of t h e Spanish Club. Every yea r th e re are tw o ini t iat ion cer emonies for th e new m e mb e rs. The eligibi l ity for membership is th a t a stu d e nt mu s t be enr olle d in Span i s h II or IV. The stud ent mu st als o h ave earn e d f our A' s in five se mesters an d maintai n a gene r a l ave r a ge o f C or bette r in all so lid subjects. 173

PAGE 178

Future Nurses of America S ed l e d, L R : Mrs. A dams and Syl via V illa rreal pre side nt. Stal1ding, L R : Y o l a nda W oo, Clara Q e rnandez. Ellen Carpe n te r Diovel is Dial, "icepresid e nt Carole C o llins, trea s urer, Ana Del gado, Di ana G o m ez, a nd N o rma G o mez The Future Nurses of Americ a Club i s de s i g n e d to acqu a int girls w i th t h e nu r s ing profe ssio n t h rou g h guest spea kers, fil ms, fie l d t rip s and p r ojects. Biological Honor Society F o r students with a st r o ng inte rest in Bi o logy. RH. S o ffe r s them t h e Biologica l H ono r S oc i ety. T o b e el i g ible one mus t t { ac h ieve a B average. --" r T I I F r o1l1 Row, L R : Cecilia H erma n Vicki Ma so n Mary Vil l a r eal, Shirley F o ntaine Sil via Sec ond ROUl, L R : K at h y M ela n so n Kay Stric klan d, M arsha Makibbin M ary Floyd, M a rtha I rela n d Fro,, R O il', L R : Sara R odriquez D e bbie Lip sta le S e cond R ow, L R : Sue Spec\'a k D a rcy Part er, Mike Senzer, Diana G o r i n Sieve M c Cau ley, G o rd o n Gra h am, Ed Simmins, Gail G oodric h Car o l e Co llins,

PAGE 179

Future Business Leaders of America 1 J / I. to R : Sha r o n Mil g r a m, Ther esa Bier b a u m. K at h y F os t e r Alicia A zrak Nicky i n iacos. An:lst asia B a ll anis, D o nn a M cC l ain, Cas t r o S h aro n l a n e, Zelia H ay, Cand y L im 2/Jd, L to R : M r s Sh e pp a r d, Emily Y o un g L iltl e M a r ce l a Ch u, M a r ga r et W ebb R e n ee A zr3k Y o l anda Lee 3rd, L t o R : J ac k N a h em E r neslo Ch o n g, P ee W ee L im, A llen H u sney, Ralp h Miua c hi. Future Secretaries Association F l o u t : M r s D e La ?o.f3t e r D enis e R ahn T erri S m ith J udy H o l g er s o n S.:m d y H e lma n L i z M i ller S h a rron Lane. B a rb3f'3 H aky, Z e lia H a r t E mily K a r e n O Conn e l L Secolld Rou: M a ria Cruz, M a ria Ele n a B osc h C ecilia l opez, K athy F oste r, T e resa Bierbaum D o nn a Aboltin E d l'l u r doc, Chri s Small, D i a ne G o m ez, Y o l:md a L ee, R enne A Zr:lk, J o l e n e And r e ws. B:uk R O ll ': R ose M c E [ v a ine, Kly M ills, Susan M:lfcol a, A naSl acia B a ll a n is, V ivia n H o o p e r K:uh y A n d e r sen P a l Arenz Nid.."Y Tini a cos S a ndy H a y nes, A ur e a H o ga n Lily V a rges, Mlrcella Chu E v e lyn R o jls 175

PAGE 180

Future Teachers of America The Futur e T eac h e r s of America gives m e mb e r s th e opp o rtunity to furt h e r their inte r ests in tea c h ing an d h elping peop l e. The two m a in prog r ams o f t h e d ub a r e m a kin g tape r eco rd ings to se nd to P alo Seea L epe r sa rium a nd ass i s ting the Bal boa E l e m entary Sch oo l teache r s tea c h classes. I L f S ettled: 1 lr5 Bissett ( sp a n ) Slfwding (L t o R) : G a il G oo dri ch, Bull eti n B o ard Chairman E i k o F o r e man (sec.) Sara R o dri gnez, (Vice-Pres.)' Mary Floyd Ent ertainme n t C h a i r m a n Kath y M e lan son, (Pres.). F ront: B eth Bag l ien, Ma gg ie Vincent J ill Ebert. 2nd Row: Carm e n Cast illo, K a r en F oscue, Kathi Russell. 3rd R ow: K athy Ly n c h M art h a Ir eland, L a ura Seeley. 4 th R ow : S u e Speev ak Eil ee n R ose, R osean na M c A r thu r 5th R ow: Deb om h R o bin so n A n t oine tte H ancoo k Alison Annis. S ett l e d (L to R) : Sue H atch L inda L owe, M e lody D ymme ll, Caro l Wigg. C o nn ie D ivine, S h eila Furl o ng, Shirley Fontaine, K athy Thom a son, Kathy W ainio. Slttnding (L t o R) : Lynne D o xey, Diane Simpso n D e b o rah H au n gs, N ancy r-.-ro rri so n LaFleur B r ewste r J i ll C h res t o H e r se n, A nnette V io lette, Judy V ogel, Donna Stac k Geni e P a i ge, M ary B est, S h e rry D anie ls, Janet Sci g l iane, Ca r o lyn J ohnson. 176

PAGE 181

French Club The French Club provides a r e warding oppo rtunity t o learn more abo ut Fr a nce a nd gives t h e membe r s a c h ance to become more familia r with t h e Fre n c h l anguage. Pir!1 R o w L R : T on i Giro n Step h e n Hu bba r d Sandy Serrano, : Martha W alton, S h eila F urlo ng, Ric k Vel asco Seco nd R o w L R : Vale rie H unt Judy D oub l eday, Aleyda Castro, Cl a r a F er nandez Vicki Diaz. Thir d R ow. L R : Chu L ydia G alla r do A licia A zra k Ol g a P o nce, Nancy Eastman F O llrth R ow, L R : Elvira M e n d ez, Car men Cas tillo, M aria Wil liams, N ancy C o leman lIbrtha V e lez. Fifth Row, L R : H o raci o l eaza, J o r ge D o minquez and Edward O Masta. Latin Club The Latin Club i s open to a ll s tud e nts w h o are studying th e l anguage. It s pur pose is to encou r age a n intere st in th e G r eek an d R o m a n c i v ili zatio n l ite r at ure, an d Arts. 1 'I S e a u d : Mrs P e rry spo nsor. Stand ing, L R: Kathy Wainio, T o m Hocker J oyce P at rick, and M arcia C ollins P r o nt R o w L R : S usan C ast ro, Carmen H e r m andez M i k e P erry K erry Th o m aso n Col l een Campbe-l1. S econd R o w L R : Chris T el let Du sty R idge. G or d o n Graham D ennis Jaco bs, K ate Mak owieski. 177

PAGE 182

! I or Spanish Club The purpose of t he B H.S. Spanish Club is to educate its m e mber s wit h the use of th e Spanish l anguage and customs by s ponsoring act ivities such as l ectures, fie ld trips, f olk dances and its spec i a l Carnival D a nce in February. J o l a nda de la G ua r dia (vi ce-pres. ) L ily Va r gas (sec ) Nancy D obrinich, Litt le, Al exis Lim, A leyda Ca stro, Emily Y oung, Myra Trahan M aritz a Y oung. 21ld Row: Nancy F oster, M a ria Revilla, Gilda de la Guardia, D ebo r ah Zeimetz, F o rtuna H omsany, Di a na Ruiz, Mrs D iaz ( spon.). 3rd Row: Pat Perry, Rene Azrak Cathy Reihart J anine Walker, Debbe McG r at h Ja igne l i ne Cla rk, R agrue Gal vez. MaKella Chu. 4th R ow: M a rgaret Webb, L ee Winstead, Dar,), Poner, J a net H usum. 5th Row: Martha I r e land N ona Gar r ett, Xenia Var gas K athy Mulroy, Sue Wilson, Margie Andrews, Lynn e PaICon. 178 I J r R o w (L t o R): Juan G arcia de Par edes, Al exa n de r Lim Orland o Filos H o K o k P i n g, Ralf M izrac hi (Pres. ) Rodo lf o Y o un g, Allen Hu s n ey, J os e Santia go. J os e L o pez. 2nd Row ( L to R): Fr ancis Kerr Diego de La Guardos, Rica rdo V elas c o, Broo k e Alfaro Jes se M a rtie Emesto Ch o ng Jack Nahjem Ricard o \'<' 00. 3rd Row (L t o R) : Brett Patton B i ll F oste r Sam Guinness, J o hn Di s h a r oo n IJI Row (L to R) : D a lys Var gas, Elizabeth Grnbow sky. Cynthia Rica r d, K athy F oste r Pat Ch ase, L au ra Seely, K a rin F oscue, Sally Adair, K a r in I saacs, Sue Rider 2nd Row: Carmen K o z l o wsky, Stamatia j oamides, The re s a E gg lest o n t-.b.cis Elena B osc h Theres a Bier b a um, Carm e n Castill o, M ary Ann Grimes Mrs. Marcel a Diaz ( spa n ). 3,d R ow: Carme n Fische r 1brcia R ice, Nancy D obri ni c h Judy D ou bleday M a ria Picard Ami L ynn r..fayles, Bet s y Col o n Linda Ve ga, Carol Furl o ng Nancy B oyd, Ann Medinger. 4th R ow : Francis M c Grath Di ana G o rin Jean e tte McNeese Torres, Sue Spee vak, Gail G o r do n Maggie B aker Penny L eese r T e r esa Bembeneck

PAGE 183

Math Club and Mu Alpha Theta : -rq,. 0 " '. 0,.0. The Math Club is open to any one inter ested in mathematics. To be accepted in Mu A I pha Theta a student must ha ve a B average and three yea r s of ma t h The pu r pose of t his club is to provide mo r e know l edge to students interested in t his field. Firsl R ow, L-R: L. Arbau g h secre tary, Mary Bohon, president, Colclasure Elaine Dedecker Darcy Por te r Mary Ann Winklosky. Second R o w L-R: Tom H oc ker Pau l Bark ow itz, Stuart Lebzeher T om Griff e n Third R ow, L o R : Dal e F o use], J ohn Duncan, Greg Altm a n P au l K e itz, Mrs Graham, spo n so r Gr egory Gillis, G ordo n G r a hom_ Future Homemakers of America Future C l ub is a H ome m ake r 's member of th e n a tionwide Future H omemakers of Ame r ica Associ at i o n T he club aims a r e to Improve memb e r s' sc h oo l h ome, and com mun ity l ife, and to h e l p p r epa r e t h e m to live s u e eessfully in l ate r l ife. Fint R ow, L-R: D ebora h H au n gs, Sue H atch. Car men Garcia J ulia Murphy. p resi dent, Theresa Scanton, .Mar tha Ohman Elle n Walle ns. Janice H irschi, Kay Strick land S uol1d R ow, L-R: Ellen Carpente r Lee Oliver Oma Str ickland Sue G owen. Vick ie ?I.-[aso n Pat K e mp Hazel Blou nt Thir d R ow, L -R: Mrs Vir g inia N orto n sponsor, Ann H ead, Ednee Oniz, Barbara Rhyne Debra H ancock, Ali c e Latimer, sp o n sor.

PAGE 184

Science Club The Balboa H; g h Sch oo l S c ;ence C l ub o ffers f;e1d trips an d gU( st spea k e r s to interested m e mb ers in a dditi on t o a w ide r ange o f committ ees a nd activi ties whi c h affords th e st ud e nt t h e oppo r tunity to d elve into th e world of sci e n ce. Slandi ng, L to R : Marcelil H e r es, Lucy Bri g ht Spires Vam\'3S, I r:tisa l e aza, D elgad o, Stc\' e D::aiir. Roch elle R anis, T o m F lem in g, D iego D e Oba l dia Ray M iguez, Orlando Fil os R a lph Brya nt. SlIIl1Ig: Gvonne Btesh, Twiia D a r den uurie Nygar d 180 .1. FSA L t o R : Miss Frie se ( spo n sor), G ail G oodric h ( sec.), Bill D ufus (te eas ) /\f ary B olto n (Pres.)' Belinda WJ] s h (\jcepres ) Slrlllding : D ale F ouse!, Jim L at i me r J o h n Duncan, Bill S c h a ida Gord o n Graham, J o h n Seddon, StC\ t' Sh e p pa rd, T o m Hock er. 2nd Row: Stamati a l o \ ani dis, Di ana Fran tz, Mayr:J. Trahan, Cathy Cogliandr o S iJlil1g: Mary Vill a rr eal. Ar len e R onis, Candy Lin J eanne Andr e

PAGE 185

Debat e Club e.. The D ebate Club sponsors two debates a mont h in w hich inte rested students are g iven a cha nce to p ract ice pub lic spea k ing and log ic. Front R ow L-R: Valeri e De Pipe r Mar ga r et B aker Stephen M c Cauley. Stella Tremb lay, Stephen H ubba r d Mars h a M akib b in, D e bra Auc orn. Back R O lli, L o R : Eduardo de A l ba, Alfar o B rooks, Mic heal Senze r Pe te r Brooks, D avid Allen, F r ank R u d olf. Chess Club F ront R ow, L-R: E zra Dayan Mack Hill, P au l B arkowitz. S e cond R ow, L R : Stuart L ebzelte r Mary Bolt o n, secretary, G o rd on Graham vice-president, Peter Lip k a, P aul L ipke Third R ow, LoR: Frank R udo lf Ed H anono, Jim Latime r Da v id Vand erpol!, Rafael Sanchez, and D ick de L a P ena 181

PAGE 186

Drama Club FirJI R ow, L-R: Jenny Vina, Cecil ia H e r mann, A dele Farbman Serol1d R ow: Mrs. Jan e Gruver Ed M cCa rren M a r cia Collins, J im L atime r Rex Myer s J ean D e L a P ena, Rudy Crespo C l iff M u llins, Ca r oli ne Clark Glen Curtis, Mary Ar baugh. Marsha M akib bin T hird R ow : Martha I r ela nd, K:lthy Burns, Laurie Nygard, J ean Null, C on nie Clin c h ard, Laura Seely. 1hggie B ake r P at Grimm, Susan V an Kir k EII30 Wallers, Eddie L ee, Elain e D o rf man, Kathy Campbell, Twy l a D arden, D eb bie Olliver J udy H olgerson. F ourth Row: Milicent Turner, T e rry And r e, D a rly P orte r All egro Woodruff, Car men Cas t illo. Margaret W e bb J a n D e nnis Mary T r out Sue \Xloida Melba O sbo rn, Peggy M c D owell, Greg Altman Nunzio Cogliand r o Fill h R ow: Belinda Walsh, Elaine Pat c het Mari a Picard A m i T eresa Scan l o n Ralph Bryant K a thy Mullins, K arl Ebert Suzy \ '(filso n M e l Littl e L inda L ewis, Greg G illis, But c h K ennon. Quill and Scroll i s dedicated to en cou r aglng a nd r ewa rding ind i v idua l achievement i n sch oo l publications. M e mb e r ship in Quill and Scroll i s g r ant ed to students who have a S average in t h e J unior and Senior class and who h ave done work in some phase of journalism. Each member must be recommend ed by t h e advisor of either 2.0-nian o r P a r a k eet in order to be admit ted to this h ono r ary o r ganization. S eait' d : Candy H i r sch, Fran ces Siabler. Stand. in g: Charles Shaulis, Gregg Miller B ets y M o rri so n Charles Spence r Chri s Cart er. 182 Quill and Scroll

PAGE 187

Photo Club The Ph oto C lub whi c h is sponso r ed by t h e B.H.S. Student Association, provides an o pportunity for stude nt s t o l earn all abo ut photography as well as providing a se r v ice to the schoo l b y taking pi ctu res a t differ e nt sc hool act i vit i es. Kneeli ng (L to R) : D ebbie G old f e in, Mar s hall H a r ris Stuart L ebzelte r : M a r ga r e t M iller, Mc Norton ( s p a n.). Rod o lf o Y ou ng, H o' K o P ing Standin g (L to R) : Bob Sar gent, Jackie Cla rk Paul B arko witz Elva Sellens J uan G a r c i a de Par edes D e bbi e Mend ow, Stene S h eppard, Dusty R idges, Allan H usney, Lucy Bright R aque J G al"ez The Fo l ksin ge r s' club puts o n two H ootenannies a year with guest pe r form. ers an d performers fro m th e club At the m e etin gs various f orms of folk music a r e discussed and listened to. Folksingers' Club Kneeling: Mi chae l Hay (Preside nt) l s I R ow: AI H uish, P au l a K eujoth Pam Rogers Jody L o nghill, Judy Halgerson, Colleen Campbell (Vice-pres.). Adele F ar bman, ( sec. ) Chris Carte r D ebbie Olliner, Sha r o n P oack, K athi K eene, K athy War e. 2nd R o w: Sar a h A da ms, Deni se H aas, J ean Null, S h e rry Longhill T erri Scanl on, Kathy Campbell Elaine D e dec k e r C o n nie D ehine. 3 rd R ow: Nancy H a ll Becky Simon s M aria nn e Nor dstr o m Sue J o rd o n Maggie Baker, D onna W atso n Sue Wilson, B eli nd a Escalante, K a r e n I saacs, St e ve B o lt. T op: M arcia Collins Martha Ir eland Alan Mill s K ate M a k o wiecki, K itty O Neill, Ed Fre n sley Twi l a D arden 183

PAGE 188

184 Library Club The Library club meets b imont hl y to discuss b oo ks a nd familiarize themselves with the libr ary and libr ary p r ocedure. The members of the L i b rary club are; /r0 1ll r ow: Vi cky Brown, K athy Orr, Lin da Lowe, Sue Weida (Pres.) K athy Bcown ( sec. ) Tata Vega, Cheryl lo.fal one, Val erie BrQ wn Back R o w: P a ul a KUYOlh, E[ve Selleos Sharon Derrick, i\ f a r garet B esaw, Ca thy Gregory, Cathy Lunney, Gail Guerrero An g ela S co tt, Ginger Wertz, Pat Ar enz Audio-Visual Assistants Fro lll R ow: D i c k Lloyd, P at P erry Bienvenida Andri c n J ennie Vena Gladys Marmi, Linda V ega, C:uo l Furl ong, Lind a Lowe. Bar k R o w : J ohn Napur Bill H all L eo B a dan s k y T o ni Miller, Ralph Mizra c hi, Charles Sims, M a r c Stoc k Ray B eattie, Sue H e rn a nd ez, Mik e C h a divi c k St e v e N a rr

PAGE 189

Literary Club 9 \3 Finl Row, L R: Mike Senze r M ary Bolton Becky Ballinger, Ellen R ays, J ose Santiago, D enise Rahn, Judy H olgerso n J ody L o n g hill, P au l Br:ty. Suond R ow: Bob B ryan t D ebbie McAndrews, J o h n Knick, M ike H assell, Mary Ann Wink l owsky, Nancy Eastham, M rs. K napp. The L ite r ary Club is concerned w i t h t he pub licatio n o f t h e Isthmian I nk l ings, th e litera r y m agazine of B H S It features works of poetry, es says, s h ort stories, drama, and ot her forms o f l ite ra tu re. There a r c no qua l ificat i o n s o th e r t h a n an inte r est in l ite r at ur e nec essary for m e m be r s hip on the staff. Paul Bray readi n g poems to the Literary Club members f o r the I st hmian In klings. 185

PAGE 190

186 F ootball Q ueen J anet H unt esc o rted. b y J erry W ooster (10 ) and Herb K l b ( n ) / Lettermen's Club To Ciualify f o r t h e Lettermen 's club y o u mu s t b e a stu d e n t in goo d sta ndin g a t RH.S. a nd have earned th e V a r s i t y L ette r The club spo n so r s th e a n n u a l F ootb all D a nce and L etterme n s B a nqu e t besides sellin g r ef r e s hm e nts a t schoo l functi o ns. .. ...... F r o nl R ow: l\b. r s h alJ H a r r is, Ric hard L oyd. Geor ge H u s t ed, Nei l Fr a unh eim, Bo b H ug hes, J ohn Di s h aDon Jerry W oos t e r M i k e Beattie, R i c h a r d Gregg. M i dd l e Rnrv: Ray B e atti e H e r b K alb Jim l efeb v re, C h arle s Gill a r d o A lf r e d Cr e que, Wat J enki ns, Tom H e r m an}'. M ike C have z D en nis D o rff, Reed H awth orne. Back R o w : T o m McCl ean, Jim Borrell, T o m Slice, Ken Justic e B erry D o u g las, J e rry Han'C)', D e n n i s Jacobs, D anny D o n a l dso n P 3u l V i no.

PAGE 191

----. '" ... :d" ..

PAGE 192

I I' I, ).. I , I I n R oUl L eft to Rig ht : Stevens K i l ey, Slice, H a rris, Mu se, G r egg, K a lb Borr ell, S t an ley, D o ugla s Ebe rt, H e lJrnund, Just i ce. 2n d: Peddri c k Beattie, Sove rn Br oo k s P oock. Fr aue nh eim, W ooster, T immons, H arvey, VenD, Stoc k O'Donnell, R : Hhgabcr 3 r d: D o n a l d son, D o rff, Ar c h e r C r ump. Reyn o l ds Brigma n, N eh r ing Rendon Kn ig ht. Reit z 411; : Stanford, B o wen Coac h A ntone, Coac h Brown Coac h Oliver Sch maze l, Gi b so n Gonza l ez. J erry \'(/ 0 0 5Ier 2VL T om Sli ce I VL Mark Stoc k Sam Ru iz IVL I l I 188 J o hn Stan ley 1 VL J im B orrell I VL T orn l\kLea n 1 VL R i chard GregJ; 2 VL

PAGE 193

Herb K:alb IVL 53 I D ennis D o r ff 2VL T om R e ill IVL 6 4 2 73 -'<. Bill Br oo k s 1 VL J e rry H arvey IVL B a rr y D ouglas IVL I f \ '.:L __ D a nny D onaldson IVL 6 0 P au l V ena IVL K u r t Muse 2V L -D ave Steve n s 1 VL J im H ellm un d 2VL 6 &b Wheele r IVL

PAGE 194

190 .. Left f a Right : Da.vid Steven s J e er }' H arvey Mike Beattie, Ji m H ellmund, Dennis D o rff, T o m Slice, Herb Kalb Ken Ju stice, Ric h ard G r egg Kurt Muse, J o hn Sta nley L eft t o R ig h t : David Steve ns, J e rry Ha rvey Mike B e atti e, Ric hard Gre gg. Jim H ellmu nd, H erb K alb, J o hn Stanley, K e n Ju stice, Barry D ougl as, Kurt M use N ei! F raunhe im.

PAGE 195

"To Ihe v i cto r go Ihe spoils and riches" "Our h ero r' sigh! Th e fe:lt some f oursome T o Participate \X/ ith out R ecognition Not knowing t h e out co m e of Vi ctory o r Defeat But wit h a true sense of L oya lty a nd Pr i de This is t h e true meanin g o f the word SPORTS L et's play leap fro g 191

PAGE 196

/ All r i g ht wipe that innocent l ook o ff face!" "They su r e loo k s kinny with o ut their pads 192 J immy Br ow n comes through a gain"

PAGE 197

P ront: Nei l Fraiheim, Ronny Crump 11m Woods, H e rb K alb, M ark S h ultz. B a r k: AI Wa r d, F r ed Garc ia, Ed W eise Ski pe r Ber ge r M onte B elle n ge r Less Hihly, Bob Bok allis. BHS]V T eam B u lld ogs sto p Devils col d i n the ir track s "Get in t h e r e H e rb an d g i ve-the m all y o u got'" 193

PAGE 198

"I'm so h appy I could c ry" "Calm d own boy, we won!" "Slice runs f o r l o ng gain" "Wooster evades Devil tackl e while runnin g for fir s t down 194

PAGE 199

" H op o n ( o r t h e ride 10 t h e goa l pos t "Sammy Ruiz runs (or shor t gain" "Roy Ar c h e r r ecovers (umble (o r Bulldogs" 195

PAGE 200

196 ., ....... . ... . . L eft to Right: Row 1: Pat F allon, Richa r d Lloyd, R a l p h H into n Rick V alasco, (Ca pt.) Rich a r d G regg, J o hn Sedden, Mik e Ch avez. R ow 2 : Dave L u s tgarten, Tim Hi c ks, Dan D o n aldson Tom D uncan, Steve B olt, K arl Eber t Carl Schamaze l Greeg Bryant Juveni lle Jov ett. R o w 3: Tom Sarge nt Mg r P ueb l o Carrasqu illo, J o h n Stanley, K e ith B allinger, Roy A rcher Dave Pooch J ohn D uncan Keith F or d J eff Ze kel, D ave Mayse. R o w 4: Coac h Stew B rown, J o r ge Cotto, G ene Rendo n Ric hard Gregg takes fir s t place in 220 Steve B o[t clears 10' f o r second p lace i n t rack meet.

PAGE 201

Before a track meet, there i s a g r eat r est l essness that overshadows t he contesta nt s . . ._ ".r ___ ___ ..... __ .--... -------.. -Left to Chavez Right : J o hn Duncan, Ric k Vel asco, J o hn Tim Hick s, Carl Schma lzel Jean Rend en . ...... ......... . .. ......... ........ ....... ................ . '_.' -.'. _._----._----------------_ .. .. --. '-.' . -.-.-.............. __ .. -......... .. Seddon, D a n D o nald son Mike Left to Right: T om Dunc an, Pat Fall on Dick Lloyd, B ob H ughes Mark Stock 197

PAGE 202

Danny D ona l so n gives Balb o a anothe r first place. Rick V elasco jumps 1 9' 2" i n the runnin g broad jump. .--. Steve R o zelle set s new 440 r ecord a t Balb oa s track 198 TRACK SCOREKEEPERS L ef t C o l : Darleen W ood ruff, Nancy M cQuire, Pat Chase, K a r st. RighI Col.: J ane t Hunt, Chri s M itten, P atty Siravo Jacqu e H unt.

PAGE 203

J o hn Stanle y hands off to Wilt Cassibry to take the 440 relay. -2 I -Balboa f irst place Rainbow City second place a nd Arraija n third p lace. Coach Brow n b etween th e r elays. 199

PAGE 204

The Golden Slipper Boys Fin l R ow : L e ft to Right: J o hn Sed. don, Ralph Hint on, Richard Velasco, Richard Gre gg. S econd R o w: John Stanl ey, K e ith B alli n ge r 0 .. .. .. -. ..

PAGE 205

Ric hard Gregg comes in a head o f a college r unne r to make the hand off. "Smi l e! Y o u're o n Candid Came r a Gregg Bryant takes 3rd in hig h jump at Balboa R e lays. And this is our track t eam. 201

PAGE 206

Ric hard Gregg and Ralp h H into n we r e two hig h p o int men of the B H S T r ack team this year with 70 and 7 1 points earned o n the fie l d Annual Balboa Relays Attracts Competition .--..

PAGE 207

H erb Kalb d oing a fr o ntwards flip "Coach Rayburn g o in g f o r a sWIm after working hours:' 203

PAGE 208

BHS girls V a r sity Swimming T eam. l \\ i: \ V ) J t \ '-. A I j _ 204 Var sity Sw i m T eam

PAGE 209

And theyre off and sw imming The under s ide o f a sw immer

PAGE 210

--.. --. -. ----..,-_ ..... ---,,-,----"- -" -... B.H.S. Fish --

PAGE 211

Balboa Baseball Varsity T earn 4 "'. J \'t Row 1 Left to Rig h t: H e nry Swann, Glen Burdi ck, J o hn D isha r oo o Blad Lampas, Butch Pedrick Luis French (Coa ch). Row 2: C oach Rayburn B illy W illm o uth, T o m H erman}" Barry D oug l as, Charles l ard (Mgr ) Reed H awth o rne, Wilt C assibry, Neil Frnunheim, B ill Christmas. R o w 3: John Stanley. R o n Farn sworth, Jim Whitney, M ark Stock l-. fik e Chavez j I J ohn Stanley-Pilche r \Xfilt Cas sibry C auhe r 207

PAGE 212

J o hn Dish a r o on-First baseman Mark Stock-Third baseman But c h Pedrick-RighI Field Jim Whitney-Pilche r 208

PAGE 213

,-' Neil Frauheim Mik e Chavez Barry D ouglas H enry Swann 209

PAGE 215

-IOf W ilt Cassibry R o n Farns w orth Vladimer Lampas

PAGE 216

," -0 i Butc h Pedric k Billy Willmouth 212 Gle n Burdi c k

PAGE 217

Ian R oss jump s to make the po int Lee Sauls caug h t i n the art of making a point Steve Bolt Sam McGuinn ess, J o h n Gunn are shown here f oo lin g a r o und bef o r e pra ctice. 213

PAGE 218

214 L ee Sau ls Stev e B o lt 1967 -'68 Varsity Tennis T earn r . (Le ft t o Rig ht Sra ndillg ) : Coac h J oe Nor to n E d E de n Sa m M cGuinness, J o hn Gunn, I3n R oss, Stev e B o lt Steve M c Caul e y (Left t o Rig h t K nee/ing): Rick y D e r mody All a n H usney, B o b M c Guin ess, Clint R eyno l ds

PAGE 219

n o s beats college 0 pponent. Clint Rey Id B a lboa Varsity Champs .. -) / --._ T "Sorry Co llege 215

PAGE 220

, -( l-

PAGE 222

218 Girls Basketball A League SIal/din g : i\l:Je StU:lrt, Becky F all E lba Sellens KI/e e/illg: Syl via Villareal, K :lf h y McJnt} re. 8 League S l cmdillg: V ivian H o ope r D a r l e ne D a ly, Bre nd a T oo thm an, Ka t h y Mulroy, Car o l A pin, B a rba( 3 Will. K1IE elin g : M ary V illa r ea l Nora Quinn M3ry \Xfill

PAGE 223

Bowling Intramurals iI IJ1 I Standin g: Tnreasa Bie rbaum K at h y l\ { ulroy. D on n a M c L ain, Jessie Co o kson Connie Divi ne, Sue Waida. Sitt i n g: Connie Clin c h :ltd P au l a K ouyath, Ginge r \ 'Qertz, J ean de I:t P e n a, J : :met H usum. D arle n e Daly. Kneeling: Sandy l\Wler Pat K emp, Pat Grimm N o r a Quinn. 11; D1. :t1 J ess i e C oo kson D onm. McLain K athy M ulroy 219

PAGE 224

220 League l S I RoUl: Beck y F all. 2nd R ow: B i b i H o l m es J e a n J e nsen 3rd RoUl: P at Murp hy, Ca r o l Kin g D arl e n e Woodruff III: D arle n e D a ly. 2Nd : Nora Q uin n Ca r m en Ortiz. 3 r d: P at P erry, P olly L e nsch M a r y V illa r eal. 4 1/;: K a thy Mulro y Caro l A pi n M ary Will B a rbar a Will, Br e nda T oo thma n B' League J 1 ......... , t j

PAGE 225

Girls Swimming Team --, / J I .--- .. -" \ I I ./ Fron t R o w: Jean J e n se n Elb a Sellens, (Capta i n) Becky F all. 2nd R ow: l\bry Vill areal, Elai n e D eedec k e r J erry J enner L inda Brock D arle n e Dal y Ti s h H o ward. 3 r d R ow: Stella Tremblay Lau rie Nai sm ith Vick i Sizemo re, M aggie Baker S H S dive r J ean J e n s en What a beauti ful head o f h a ir! ... -I I I I I.: I They're o ff! 100 yd. Fr eestyle. I 221

PAGE 226

222 Girls' Athletic Association 111 R ow; Elb a Sellen s, Becky Fall Cynt h ia Boukal is. 2nd R o w: Sylvia Villareal Car o lyn Ell is, Fanet Hunt, D o nn a Rathegaber, Gin ge r W e rtz, A udrey Stewa r t Patty Sir avo, Stella Tremblay, J a n e t H usum. 3rd Row: Bak e r Cathy Painter Debo r ah V anderpool Belind a Wals h G a il G l idden, Deb o r a h Simps o n Cathy Orr; E iane S imp so n Jean Null, S and ra H aynes, Pam ela \'Varren, S h aro n Lane. 1;1 Row: J e rr i Jenn er, P at Mu r phy P olli L e n s c h K athy : Mulroy, J ean D e 1 3 Pena. 2nd R o w : D onna Mc L ain, Sue Hatch. D arle ne D aly N ora Q uinn Connie C1inc h ard, Linda L owe, M ary Villar eal, P at Grimm. 3rd R ow: l ee Wins tead E i b F o r eman, Terri Scanlon, Barbar a D ono l way. J ane fahv. T ony H a ncock, Sue Wilso n M ary F loyd.

PAGE 227


PAGE 228


PAGE 229

for brunching or lunching . or just plain dining out by a moonlit sea the best spot is: CLUB PANAMAR -good food-excellent service-charming atmosphere-Sierra Hnos : (Manager) Phone: 4-4517 225

PAGE 230

226 RESTAURANT -BAR AND PIZZA HOUSE WITH NEW AIR CONDITIONED SALOON Italian Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor In Front of the Panama Hilton Specialty in pina, lasagna, feHucini, scallopini. meat parmesan, lobster, chicken cacciatore and an infinite variety of international dishes ae companied with exquisite wines Courtesy of Cia Cyrnos, S.A. Panama Tel: 5-3960 No Diga Cafe Diga Cafe DURAN 1< don't l e t i t happen to you Come in today and find out how litlie it actually co s ts to buy all the sterling you need. Budget payment s arranged. STERLING -so easy to own I \ \ sn VER M ain Store Centr a l Avenue CL,IISSle fRANCIS AUTUMN TAI /.l, mercuFio JEWELERS Bra n c h Sto r e 1 20 Via E spana

PAGE 231

I Sears I Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK, S.A. de Panama 3 Stores to Serve You Better Los Angeles-Centro-Colon Fully Air Condit ioned-Parking Facilities NO MONEY DOWN on anything you buy on credit at Sears Shop .t SEARS and" S ave Satisfact i on Guarantee d or Your M o n e y Bad SEARS CENTRO CENTRAL AVE T.I : 1--0ptn From MONDAY to FRIDAY From 8 :30 rn. to 12:00 p .m. "nd 1 : ]0 to 6 : 00 p m SATURDAY 8 :]0 liI. m Until 0 :00 OPEN DURING THE NOON HOURS I Sears I Visit Our New Showrooms on the Transisthmian Highway -.. lOS ANGELES TRANSISTHMIAN HIGHWAY . Ttl: ] COLON AVE OEl fRENTE Tel : 1 Optn From MONDAY to fRIDAY From 8 :30 to 12:00 .,..d 2 :00 to 6 :00 SATURDAY 1 :)0 Until 6 :00 OPEN CURING THE NOON HOURS COLPAN MOTORS Your Friendly Ford Dealer 227

PAGE 232

228 It's easy to choose an airline, once you've got the word The word is experience Mor e people fly with us than with anybody e l se. Why do they choose Pan Am trip after trip after trip? They know we're the worl d's mo s t exp e r ie nc e d airline. It make s th e m feel good. W h en they plan their trip. While t h e y're aboard. Whether they're flying a Pan Am Jet Clippe r @ to Europ e, th e U S A. ... or a n y place else in the world. This good fe eli ng can b e yours the next time you fly. Call your P an Am Travel Agent. Or call us. World's most experience d airline Compliments of ABERNATHYS, S. A. READY TO SERVE YOU 24 HOURS A DAY COMPANIA PANAMENA DE FUERZA Y lUZ

PAGE 233

PANAMA DISPATCH CO., INC. Apartado 7207 Panama 5, R .P. 3-9796 Telephon e: 3-6646 MOTORCYCLE SALES AND SERVICE 4-4620 3 6379 Motorcycle Distributors For: Montesa Norton Matchless A.J .S. Part Distributors For: Beck D i stributing Corp. Florida Cycle Supply Webco Inc. Sport Motors MONTESA W inning At Tho RIO CHILIBRE TRAC K THE 1967 CARIBBEAN GIRLS' STATERS OFFER THEIR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1968 229

PAGE 234

230 Courtes y of HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE HX Compliments of Panama Radio S .A. Telephone 2 0880 RCA V ictor Distri butor Plaza 5 de Mayo RCA Whirlpool Distributor Compliments of Agencias W.O. Ooet S.A. SCM Type w riters SCM Calculators SCM Photocopies Addo-X Addi ng Machin e s Office Furniture Telephone : 5-0175 Ave Nacional Panama City Courtesy of Casafastlich CENTRAL AMERICA'S LEADING JEWELERS Plaza 5 De Mayo Since 1932 Telephone 2-0893

PAGE 235

Make your travel easy-Use a Travel Agent Itineraries-Schedules-Reservations Advice on how to go. Where to stay and what to do when you get there Let our experience take the bumps out of your travel road. FIDANQUE TRAVEL SERVICE Thinking of GIFTS? -Danish Teakwood Frangipani St Panama Coli: Panama 5-1661 Balboa 4632 Then Think of -Swedish Linens and Enamelware -CLOU "The Thinking Ashtray -CORKBOY Automatic Cork Remover -Stainless Service -China and Crystal -Copper and Brass Articles HENCO Panama's Newest and Most Original Gift Store HENCO Retail D i v 01 C ia. Henriquez S .A. On Frang i pan i A venue Near th e Stadium Telepho ne: 5,0380 231

PAGE 236

232 T ransportadora Unida S.A. WHITE SAND FROM PUNTA CHAME Balboa Avenue Telephone 3-0706 3-0635 Panama, R.P. aRuma One of the best restaurants in Central and South America Specializes in steak and seafoods. For reservations call: 3-7743 Address: Calle 50 #100 P.O. Box 6596 Chambonnet y Quinta Avenida Children', Clothing Underwear Cosmetics Lancome Midnight Colognes Household Goods Curundu 5219 & Daily Pick Up, All P.X.'s Central Lab CURUNDU PHOTO SERVICE Fast Service and Top Qualify Pictures Portrait-Wallet-Groups-Copies Photostats-Photofinishing-Custom Framing license PIX While U Wait

PAGE 237

PANAMA-BALBOA COUNCIL #1371 Congratulates the Graduates of Balboa High School and extends best wishes to all. It is our firm desire that everyone of you goes forth to promote the high type of citizenship which can be relied upon to preserve and perpetuate our Republican Form of Government and our Democratic Institutions. 233

PAGE 238

234 VAUXHALL BEDFORD HOLDEN General Motors Products elVA ISTMENA s. A. Write s Best o f all Because It's built Best o f all. Tel. 5-0305 Compliments Plaza 5 De Mayo P.O 80x-3069 Phone : 2-3454 Air-Conditioned Duty Free Store SOL DE LA INDIA 123 C e ntral A ve. Panama City The Only Place to Double Your Money Army, Navy and Air Force Hq_ HONESTY IS OUR BEST POLICY FOR THE BEST IN REFLEX CAMERAS Telephone 2-2638 Central Avenue VISIT Plaza 5 De Mayo-In front of the Chase Manhattan Bank

PAGE 239

The 1968 ZONIAN Staff Awards Our Fabulous Advisor, Mr. L. Talburt, THE FANTASTIC FOUR Congratulates the Senior Class of '68 for a Job Well Done! Candy * Chris Frances Judy CONGRATULATION to the Senior Class of 1968! Kerrie, Peggy, Pam. 235

PAGE 240

236 The Best Furniture at the Best Price In La Garantia Furniture Store Calle 'I' #4 and Avenida Mexico y Calle 30 Almacen Tropical P. O Box 564 Phone 2-2943 Avenida Pablo Arosemena No 13A-55 SERVICE FOR THE SHRIMP INDUSTRY Your Favorite Supermarket is KRAFT Better Prices and First-Rate Merchandise Home Delivery Service Telephone 2-4607 Save Buying at Modas Aldens With the most complete departments for men, women and children. You save and get more satisfaction through our credit system, mer chandise club and commercial accounts

PAGE 241

Kodak Opens a New Era in Picture Taking Ease! KODAK INSTAMATIC CAMERA With the new KODAPAK f ilm cartridge ... you load instantly automat ically so it's easier than e ve r to take good picll:Jres. The new KODAK INSTAMATIC Camera is the quick easy way to better p i cture s. You never touch the film. There's no threading, no r e wind ing. You just drop in the film cartridge Even in bright sunlight It's instant It 's automatic And there 's nothing to think about but the picture. There is a KODAK INSTAMA TIC Camera to meet your needs Compliments of Beauty Salon For all you r beauty needs "J" Street #736 Telephone 62-1092 today! \ \ HELEN'S UNEN CENTER Galerias, Panama Central Avenue 17-85 P. O Box 3161 Tel. 2-4728 237

PAGE 242

238 Compliments of Panama Radio S.A. Telephone 2 0880 RCA V ictor Distr i butor PlaIa 5 de Mayo RCA Whirlpool Distributor Compliments o f Broadway Shoe Store C entral Avenue 4 8 Panama T ransportadora Unida S.A. WHITE SAND FROM PUNTA CHAME Balboa Avenue Telephone 3-0706 3 0635 Panama, R P Curundu Flower Shop Flowers for All Occasions I Get the best i n : Quality, services, and prices by calling: CURUNDU 7292 or BALBOA 2-2793

PAGE 243

,. -... .. 1 ; 01--__ lllt'llI ............ I .. I ... I 1I1.n1, iiiii ............ til I I 1'1 :1 1 1.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 II II ""11 111 I U IRII III 1 239

PAGE 244

The Rise and j I 240

PAGE 245

Fall of Friendships in BHS I I -. . .. IJ"-L!. J .. ", -..=..;=-

PAGE 246

242 Sports and Spectators I lo.k David Spei r assi sta nt superinte nd e nt of schools and Dr. C h arles L 'uimer, deputy s uperintendent o f schoo l s watc h Balboa race o nto v i c tory

PAGE 247

The Spirit of BHS --BAC.K T H E BUlll 243

PAGE 248

BHS Students Sho w Varied Interests ,

PAGE 249

Weekends Bring Flowers --_ .. --.. . 245

PAGE 250

Home -Rio Mar /1 . -.. .-.; ........ I; -..... -. .., -
PAGE 251

There's a Summer Place 247

PAGE 252

Crowded halls Bewildered Sophomores Confident Seniors Old friends New faces Back to work Schoo l has begun Football spi rit Homecoming excitement Class picnic Enjoyable dances Exam fatigue The year i s pro g ressing ... Carniva l revelry Basketball triumph Juni or.Senio r Prom Final exams Graduation night It' s all over now ... "When to the sessions of sweet silent thought, I summon up remembrance of things past ... Shakespeare We of the 1968 ZONIAN staff hope this yearbook will always serve as a reminder of the unforgettable days at Balboa Hig h School. EditorinChief

PAGE 253

A Aboltin Donna 50, 175 Aboltin Paula 156 Ab ts, Susan 1 06 Aceyedo Ricardo 106 A c k erman, Andrew 50 Adair Caroline 6, 16, 29, 26 ,41,99 Adair Sall y 17,22, 23, 130 178 Adams Sarah Adl e r S a ndr a 50, 183 130 Adrian Bienvenida Affe ltran ge r Leslie II, 16 ,20,21 106 Agost ini, William Ala r iUa, Belinda 106 Ailant Gl adys Albritton Wayne 50 A leman, Laura 50 Alexander Catherine 130 Alfaro Brooke 5 0 178 1 8 1 Alfaro Fernand o 27, 50 Alfaro, J a mes 1 30 Alfaro Tonna 130 All e n Chri st i 130 Allen, Mi c hael 130 Alli s, Cath erine 50 Allis, L a ur a 130 Allison, Bonner 130 Allison, Eliz abet h 107 All o n David 107, 181 Alm stea d Lain e 52, 173 Alm s tead R obe rt 1 30 A l t haus, Jacqi e 1 3 0 Althaus Kenneth 51 Altm an, Greg 107, 179, 1 82 Alvar a do Gre gory 106 Alvarado Nicholas 51 Alves, Pam e l a 106 Am erio, D enise 130 And e r so n Frank 130 Ande"on, Kathl een 5 1 175 Ande"on, Pe ggy 106 Ande=n, Wayn e 130 Andre, Terry 106 180, 182 Andrecht Br enda 130 Andrews Donna 51 Index Andrews Fred 130 Andrews, Joan 130 175 Andr e ws, J o l ene 51 Andr ews, J osep h 130 And r ews, K erry Andr e w s, N e ttie 106 Andr e ws R oss 130 Andri a n Bien ve nid a 130, 1 84 Angueira, V elma Annis, Alli so n 130 176 Ap o nte, C l e lia 107 Appin Caro l Arbau gh, M ary 1 79, 182 Ar c h e r Roy 106 Are n z, P atric i a 106, 17 5, 1 84 Arias, Alb e rto 130 Ari as, D o n 130 Arnold Carole 5 1 A rosemena, Juan 1 30 Acrel Russell 10 6 A s kew S tep hen 130 Atkin so n Vi cki 130 Attia, Ezra 15, 5 1 Atw ell, D o n a ld 51 A v e r ette, Michael Auram Debra 52, 181 Azrak Ali cia 130 175 177 Azack, R enee 15,106, 175 1 78 B Baarstad D a vid 130 Ba a e s tad, Paul 106 Bacot Robert 26, 52 Badonsky, L eo Ba g lien, B e th 107 184 130, 175 B a ke r M a r ga ret 1 1 28, 130, 1 8 1 182 183 B allanis. Anastacia 107, 175 Ballantyne, Alice 39 Ballen ge r Duncan 55 B allenger, Rebecca 107, 1 85 B almas, St e phen 106 B anne r K arla 130 B a nnister Mike 52 B ardayan, Solomon 130 Barosos ky, Audrey B a r es. Mauric e 106 Bark e ma, L arry 130 B arko w itz, Paul 130 1 7 9 1 8 1 1 83 Barnes, D arryl 106 B arnes, Vi cki 7,47, S2 Barsosky, Audrey 106 B a rtl ett, Th omas 52 B art h Kathleen 52 Bass, Di a n e 130 Bassan Nessi m 52 Battey, Sarah 1 07 Bay, J o hn 1 07 Bayer, B arba r a 107 Beattie, Mik e 1 06, II, 1 86 B eattie, Raymond 83, 106, 1 8 4 Beatty, Gary 5 3 Beatty, M ary Beaupre, Catherine 131 B eck, N a ncy 131 B eechne r Ad a 1 2 4 29, 131 Beeman J o hn 53 Bie m a n J ohn Be g ley, J a n e 53 Behrens, Carme n S 3 B ehrens, Paul 131 B e i g htl e r R obe rt 5 3 B e ight l er J o hn 131 B eig htl e r R eid 131 B embe neck T e resa 106, 178 B eni tez Pravia 131 B e nitez Zuleyka 106 B ennett, B enigna 131 B e rkley, Wayne 131 B ernard, Billi e 131 B ernard. 53 Bernh ardt. L ori 53 B eronja, Th omas 106 Bertsch K e nneth Besaw Aleta B esaw, J ohn 106 B esaw, M a r ga r e t 106, 184 B e rtsch K e n 54 B est, M ary 107,176 B e thay, Willie 131 Bierbaum, Teresa 107, 1 75,178 Bin g ham Payl 54, 24 Bir c h Pamel a 131 B i rch e r Thomas 107 Bissell, She rry 54 H a rry 131 Gary Blackwell, R o nni e 5 4 Blo unt Gai l 107 Blo unt H aze l 131 Blu mberg, Robert 131 B ogantes, Victor 1 3 1 B o hum i l Ann 131 B o l ado, M aria 131 B o lt Steven 54, 183 B o l ton M ary 54, 185 179, 181,180 B o ndurant Willi a m 131 B o nner Vir ginia 5 4 B onvissuti, L o r etta 131 B oostro m Paul S4 B o r ell, James 27,55, 1 86 B osch, M a ria 55, 175 178 Bosch Victo r 1 3 1 Bosw ell, Wray 131 B otzenmayer David 29. 55 Bouc he, Bud 10 7 B o ukalis, Cynthia 55 B o w e n C h arlene 131 B owen, Russell 106 B owe r Patricia 106 B o w l es, Naomi 106 B oyd, Nancy 1 31, 178 B oyer, J o hn 1 3 1 Bozma n Mark 1 3 1 Bradf o rd, Margar e t Bradley, D ebo rah 131 Brad ley, Jimm y 131 Brady, George 55 Brady, Ric h ard Braswell, David Braswell, Hel e n 106 22, 23 Braun, Paula 5S Bray, P aul 39, 1 85 Breed Charles 106 Bressl e r J e rry 38, 56 Bressk er, P atricia Bre w ste r L a Fleur 131, 1 76 Ric h ard 131 Br idwell, Lana 131 Brig ht, Lucia 131, 183 Brig man, James 131 249

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Bristo l Steph e n 106 Brittain, Dora 56 Br ock, Lynda 107 Bromley, K eit h 107,39 Brooks, Arno l d :;6 Brooks, Candice 1 0 7 Brooks, C h arles 1 07 Br ooks, P e t e r 56, 38 Broo ks, Rich ard Brooks, Charles 107 Br ooks, P e t e r 131, 1 8 1 Br ooks, Ric hord 56, 38 Brooks, S hermane Brooks, W illia m 107 B r own, Bria n 131 Brown, Cath erine 56, 84 Brown, Conrad 132 Brown, DeAnn a 56 Brown, Deborah 106 Brown, G r egg 56 Brown, L a rry 10 6 B rown Mary 1 72 Brown, T e resa 106 Brown, Val erie 106, 184 Bruce, Saundr a 57 Bruss, David 132 Br)'a nt C hris 132 Br yant, Gregory 57 Bryant, R o be r t 185 Bryant, Samuel 132 Btesh Yvonne 132 Buke r R o bert 99 Bullinge r K eith Bulse r R ober t 56 Bunt o n Evel y n 132 Burc h field K enneth 106 Burdick, G l enn 1 32 Burkma n M erry Burkman, J erry B urkman, J ohn Burleson Bob 132 27,55 107 Burns, Kath cryn 107 182 B yrd, R onald 57 c Cabassa, A n tonio 107 Cabassa J ose 57 Cabrera, Mig d a lia Calt h i l st, Eliz abe t h 132 Calthilst Carlos 143 Campbell, Colleen 57, 1 77, 183 Campbell, G l e n 107 Campbell, Kalhleen 57, 44, 1 82, 183 250 Campbell, Marc 57 Campos, I sabe l 107 Carey, Barbara 57 Carey, T homas 132 Caroll, Mi c h a e l 58, 28 Caropresso, M a rta 1 32 Carpenter, Elle n 1 32, 1 74, 1 79 Carrasquillo, Pabl o 108 Carter Chri stop h e r 36, 58, 1 82, 1 83 Carter M a r c 132 Cartotto, C hristine 39, 58 Cartotto, Ste p h e n 132 Case, The resa 7, 58, 26, 27, 41 Casses, K a th leen 132 Cassib r )', Wi l ton 58 Cast ellano R i c h ard 1 08 Castillo, Car m e n 1 08, 1 76 1 77, 178,182 Castoro, Ann e 58 Castoro, Susan 132 Cast ro, A l e y da 58, 1 75, 1 77, 1 78 Castro, C hristina 108 Castro, Susan 177 Castro, Maria Castro, P a t 1 43 Catzoela, Flo r e n cio Caug hman, C a r o l Cazaben, D ennis 108 C eniceros, Roland 132 C h adwic k Michael 58, 184 C hance, Jeanne 1 0 9 C hase, P a t r i cia 1 09 20, 2 1 178 C h avez, Mic h a e l 59, 186 C havez Sara 132 Ch eca, Jesu s 109 Chesebro, Carl. Chesson, S andr a Chon g, Ernes t o 1 78 1 32 132 59 175, C hrist, M i c hael Chris tensen Stanl e y 132 Christmas, S h a r o n 132 Christmas, William 5 9 Christoffersen Jill 109, 1 76 C h u M a r cela 5 9 1 75, 177, 178 C hur chill, Kur t 1 09 Ciarlo V ance 109 Clark Car o l y n 1 08, 1 7 9 Clark, Fre d Clark G l e n 1 08 C lark J a c quelin e 132, 1 78, 1 83 C l a rke, B e rt a C l ar ke, J anet 1 08 Clay, Ivonne Clift David 1 08 C linchard, Connie 10 8, 1 82 C l izbe, Bruce 59 Clo u s e Anna 109 Cobb B onnie 132 Coc kburn, A n gel i a 109 Cofe r D ebor a h Coffey, M a r i l y n 1 09 Coliandro, Catherine 1 9 80, 132 Cogl iandro, Nunz i o 39, 59, 182 Coh e n Belina Col b e r t Sus a n 132 Colclasure, M aria n 59 1 79 Co le, R obe r t 109 Col eman, James 132 Col e m a n N ancy 1 09, 177 Collins, Car o l e 22 23,44, 109 1 74 Collins, M a r c i a 10 8, 177, 179,183 Colli ster Scott 132 Col o n B e t s y 1 78 C ontreras, E l odia 132 Cook, Virg inia Cookson J essie 132 Cookson, R obe r t 59 Cope, Dee 132 Corliss, Bonnie l08 Cor t elloni Gran t 108 C ota, lupe Cote, M i c hael 39, 108 Cotto J o r g e 132 Cowes, M a r hta 108 Cox, Bradfo r d 132 C o x Ja mes 133 Craddoc k Geo r ge C r a i g, Kristin 60 Cr a i g, J e ff 109 Crawford, Bryan Crecil ills, J a n e t 133 C r espo, R udo l p h 1 33, 1 79 C r e q ue, Alfr e d 60, 1 86 C rist, M i c hael C r owell, J a cqueli n e Cmll, G.try 1 09 Crump C h arles 1 09 Cruz, Maria 109, 175 Cruz R obe rto 1 09, 1 75 Cummings Bruce 133 C u r tis, E arl Cur tis, G l en n 60, 1 79 o Dail y Step h e n 133 D a l to n Gary 133 D aly D aricen 10, 105, 108 D anie l Kathleen 6 0 D a niel, Russell 108 Dani e ls, C h eryl 108, 176 Dani e l s Dia n e 60 D a n tes, Edmund 10 9 D any, P a tric k 133 D a r d e n Twil a 60, 1 8 2 1 83 D avidso n Carmel a 14 3 Davidson M aria Davis, Geo r ge 1 3 3 D a vis, Gordo n 133 Davis, Harol d 60 Davis, Samuel 1 33 Day C l i f ton 133 Day, Kevin 1 33 Day, T h e resa 1 09 Day Thomas 38,61 Dayan Ezra 1 09, 1 8 1 Ed Alba Edwa r do 6 1 181 De a ly, Art h u r 133 Dean Alle n 133 Dean Dona ld. 6 1 D ean, L inda 109 Dedecker, Elain e 37,109, 1 79 183 D edec k er J u d y 6 1 D egardo, Sylvan 1 98 D e l a Guardia, Diego 1 5 61, 178 D e l a Gu a rdia Gilda 133 1 78 D e l a Guar d ia, Y o l a nda 1 08, 1 78 D e Ia P e n a Jeane 108, 179 D e l a Pena, Rich a r d 1 3 3 181 D elgado A lma D elgado A nna D e l gado, Mary D e lima, J a ime D elima, Haim e Deli ma, R ene D e lima, Vilm a 1 09 1 33, 1 74 133 1 33 1 09 1 09 15, 6 1 D e M aria Giovan ina

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D e nni s, C l aric e D ennis, J a n i c e D ennis, M ark D e nni s W i lliam 1 33 I S2 10 9 D e nt o n Vi cky 10 9 D ePip e r V a l erie 6 1 1 8 1 D eOba ldia, Di ego 133 D erric k R obert D errick, Sh a r o n 26 2 8, 6 1 1 84 D e rn o d Ric k y 1 33 D ertie n Pat r i c i a 10 8 D e t a m o r e, D o r othy 108 Diaz, Conni e Di az, Di ov eli s 1 7 4 62 Diaz, Elvia Diaz, M iria m Dill o n M a rk 11,62 Dill o n P at rick 133 Di s h a r oo n J o hn 27, 34 35,41 ,62, I 7S, 1 8 6 D i s h o n g, C hri s 62 Dish o n g Ed 10 9 D i s h o n g R i c hard 1 33 Disette St e v en 133 Divine Connie 1 33 176 D obr ini c h Nancy 109, 1 78 D o la n Joseph 61 D o l a n M a d e l eine 109 D olla r R ober t 61 D o m inq u ez, E dga r D o minqu e z J o r ge 1 3 3 1 77 D o n aldso n D anie l 162, 1 66 D o n a ld so n R a e 6 1 26, 28 D o n aldso n R obe rt D onley, William 1 33 D o n o h ue, L eo 1 33 D oo l ey, C h arles 109 D o rff D ennis 7 63, 2 8 186 D o r f m a n Elain e 1 09, 182 D o ubl e day, J a n e lOS Double day, Judity 1 77 178 Double day, M ary 108 D o u g las, B arry 27, 4 2,63, 186 D o wl e r J acque l i n e 108 D oxey, L y nn e 1 33 176 Drayg h o n Ger a ld 6 0 Dri ve r D a n a Dros t e S a ndr a 63 Dubose Sh a ron 133 Duffus, William 34 35, 109, 178 Dun a way, Ba rbar a 109 Duncan J o hn 1 09, 1 79 I S O Dunc a n Tho mas 63 Dunha m H o n atha n D u V all, J osep h 109 D y mmel M e l o d y 109, 176 E E arl, Penny 110 Easth a m Nancy 110, 177 1 85 Eb e rt Jill M 1 3 3 1 7 6 Eb e rt K arl 6 3 E d e r Edw a rd 25 6 3 4 2, 4 3 1 7 3 E dwards, P atricia Eggl e s t o n T e reas 1 33 178 E lli s, Car o l y n 63 Elli s Prisc ill a Ely R a m o n 64 Engelke, M a r ga r e t 2 3, 1 2 2, 1 33 En os Kri s tin a 64 En sey, M a rk 1 3 4 Ernst Franklin 1 3 4 E scal a nt e Bel i nda 64, 110 1 83 E scal a nt e C hrist i n e Es c offery, Iren e E s parta A l e j a nd ro 37, 64 E u s t a c e C y n this Lu Eve r so n R obert F F a br eg a Raul III F all, R e becca 64, 4 3 Fall o n P a tri c k 64 F a rbman Ad e l e III, 179, 1 83 F a rias, E s m e relda F arnsw o r t h R o n 64 F arns w orth, J a n 134 F arr, S teve III F aulco n e r G e r ald 64 F ea l y Gu y 111 F ehre nback Al be rt 134 Fehr e n bac k J a mes 111 Felici a n o, An g e l 1 34 Feli c i a n o, J ose 111 Feli c i a n o S a ntiago 110 F ernandez C ecilia 1 10 F erna n d e z C l a r a 134, 1 77 F e rnand ez, J o s ep h F erna n dez 6 5 F erna n d ez, R afa el Fernandez, Ramo n IS, 6 5 Ferna n dez, S u e III F erre r R e y n a ldo P e r rz, Joanne 134 Fif e r Ann Fil o Catherine 6S Filo, Edwa rd 1 34 Fi l os, Orlando 134 1 5, 1 7 8 Fri n e An n e Fischbac k P au l 6 5 Fis h e r Carme n 1 34, 176 Fis h e r David 65, 2 8 F itt e r J a n 1 34 Fl a t l ey, M a r g a r e t 1 34 F l e min g, Tho mas 1 34 Flo r es, Ernes t III F l o w ers, S usan 6 5 F loyd M ary I I I 1 74 1 7 6 Flumack J ohn 1 34 F o l ge r Wayn e 6 5 F o n sica, R e dro 66 F o ntaine, S hirl ey 1 11, 1 7 4 27 6 F ord, K e ith 111 F o r e m a n E iko 110 176 F or e t F a ye 110 F o r r est, Barbara 6S F o rtune, B ertha 66 F o r se t h D eBra 1 34 F ors e t h L arry 66 F oscue, K a r e n 20, 2 1 1 34 176, 178 F osc ue \"{fay n e 66 F o ster K a thle e n 1 10, 1 75, 17S F o ster N a ncy 134 178 F o s t e r J u n e 1 34 F oste r William 111 1 78 F o ulk M ary M a r agre t 111 F o u s e l D a le III, 179, ISO Frantz D i ana 134 1 8 0 Fraunh eim, Neil 11, 111 1 0 5,118, 186 Frazer C h arles 111 Fraze r Chis t op h e r 1 34 Fre n s l e y Edw ard 110 183 Fr e n s l e y Tho mas 110 Fri sby, J o hn F u lch e r Thomas 66, 1 8 3 F urlong, Caro l 1 5, 1 34, 1 7S, 1 84 F urlo n g, Shei la 1 34, 1 7 6 G Gah r A l vin 1 10 Gah r Ann a 111 Ga l b raith David 111 G a l i n d o, I n oce n c io Ga l lard o, C h arles 104, 1 20 1 8 6 Galla r do Lydia 134 1 77 Ga lves, R a quel 1 34 G a mboa G i a n e ll a G a mmill, R andall 39, 111 G a n se r J a mes 134 G a r c ia, Ant h o n y III Gar cia, Car m e n Ill, 1 79 Gar c ia, D a niel 66 G a r c i a J ose 66, 1 29 Gar c ia, S y l iva 110 Gar c is, d e P a dre s, J u a n 1 1 0 I S3 Garne r C h arles Garne r Nancy 110 G a r rest N ona L 10, 178 Gas t e zoro Mi c h elle 110 Gavi n A lma 67 G e ddie Alex a n de r 13 4 G emmell, S t e v e n 111 G e n n o v a r i o, R i t a 6 6 Geor ge, Tho mas 67 G i b bo n s, M e l odie 134 G i b so n H a l III G e ff e n Ada m Gi f fin R ose Gilber t D enni s 111 G i lbert J o hn 111 Gilb e rt P ete r 111 Gilley, M a r i l y n III Gillis, G r e g o r y 1 34 179 Gi r o n Tanya 110, 177 Giv e n s Vi cki 110 Glasg all, Marsh a 1 3 4 G l ass, Luis 67 G l i dd e n Gai l 3 S 67 Go ldfein A n n e 3 4 35, 67 G o ldfe i n, D e bor a h 47, 67, I S O G o m ez, D iana 22,23,67, 1 72, 1 75 G omez, Norm a 22, 2 3 1 1 0, l 72 Gonza l es, Juan 1 10 251

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Gonza l es, Linda 134 Gonzales, Manue l 110 Gonza les, Phill i p 27, III Gonza l esR evilla, M aria 134 Goodma n S teven 134 Goodric h Gail 44, 104 174, 176 180 Gordon, D onna 134 Gordon, Gai l 22, 23,67, 1 78 Gordon, Suzanne 7, 135 Gorin, Diana 34 35, 42, 43 68, 178, 174 Gorm a n, Sharon 135 Gorriz Luis 143 Gorriz M e r ce des 111 Goss Jim 68 Gos se tt Anita Goudey, P au l 135 Goul e t, David 135 G ou l e t N orman 135 G o wen Sue 68, 179 Grabow sky, Elizab e t h 1 Il, 178 Gra h am, Gor do n Ill, 174, 177, 179, 1 80,1 8 1 G r anden Carl 135 Gregg, Ric h ard 43,68, 1 06 Gr egory, Cat h e r i n e Ill, 18 4 Griffin T h omas 1 35, 179 Grimes, Mary 135, 178 Grimms, P a t r icia 1 10 1 82 Grymala L arry 135 Guarnieri Linda 68 Guarni eri, Nic h o las 1 35 Gu errero, Gai l 120 1 84 Guibert Alb e rt 135 Gunn Gordon 111 Gustaf so n Val erie Guzman Alvar o Guthrie, J oe H H a d s t ate, J ames 135 H a d state, J o hn 25, 68 H af f, D enise H afford, Judy 135 H a h ta, Keri 13 5 Hair Charles Haky, B a r bara 1 75, 68 H o l gerso n Judy 1 83 Hall, Na ncy 135, 1 8 3 252 Hall William 110, 18 4 Hamil ton, Patr icia 68 H a mm o nd Blan c h e H a ncock Debra 1 76, 179 H a n cock, Ant oine tte 110 H anono, S a l omo n 110 H anbury, Claudia 135 H ancock, Debra 135 H arde n T h o mas H a rdenb rook Susan 69 H a rdy, Lind a 1 1 1 H a r e M aril y n 1 1 I 22, 23 H a r g r ave, S a ndra 68 H a r gis, William 38 1 35 H arnis h Carl 1 1 I 15 H arris, J o hn 135 H arris Marsh all 69 180, 186 183 H a rt M i chae l 69,42 H arwell, Caro lyn H arvey, Ge r a l d 1 1 186 J arwell, Ral p h 135 H arwell, L e e 9 69 H ass, D e nise 1 1 J, 183 Hassell, Mic hael Ill, 1 85 H atc h Sue 112, 176 1 79 Hatch e r Barbar a 69 H aug hton, F r a n k 135 Haungs, D ebor a h 1 35, 176 179 Hawk, Murray I 12 H awkins J a m 112 H a wt h orne, Alle n 69, 186 Hay, Mic hael 183 Hay, Zelia 69, 175 H ead, A n n 112, 1 79 Head Eli zabe th Head W illia m 135 Heal d D e nni s J 1 2 H e l e, L awrence 13 5 H ellmund J ames 70 H e lman Sandra 70, 175 H enriquez, A n tonia J 35 H e nter T ed 1 1 2 H eres, M a r cella 135 H erma n Ceci lia 1 J 3 1 74, 179 H ermann y, Tho mas 70, 186 Hernandez, Carmen 113, 177 H ernandez, Mi c h ael 135 H e rnand ez, Sue 1 84 H erron, Th omas 135 H ess, Barbara 135 H e s ters William 113 Hick s, James 70 Hi c ks, J ane 70 H i c ks, S ally Hi c ks, Timoth y 70 H i l bert J o h n 113 Hill, Mack 113, 18 1 H int o n Micha el Hi nt o n Ral p h 25 Hirsch Andrew 1 35 Hirsch Arlene 38,70, 1 82 Hirschi, Janice 1 12, 1 69 H o K o k P ing 7 1 H ocke r Tho mas 7 1 1 77, 1 79, 1 8 0 H odges Susan 135 H offman, J o h n H ogan Aurea 175,71 H olcomb Pame l a H ogerso n J ud i t h 175, 7 1 1 85, 1 82 H o lland Norman 25,71 H olla nd T erri 143 H ollis, Rex 112 H ollis, Richard 135 H o l m es, Beatric e 22, 23, 7 1 H o l t E l izabet h 135 H omsany K o r tuna 135, 1 78 H ooper, V ivia n 112, 175 H orte r Ernes t 112 H ouse, M ark H oward, Brian H owar d D a nny Howard, H arland 112 1 36 1 36 H oward, Mark H owe, D o nald HO\v l ey, Susan 7 1 7 27,72 136 13,26,27, Hoy, Mi c hael 72 Hoyle, J o h n 1 36 Hoyl e, Vir ginia Hubb ard, R onald Hubbard, Stev e n 1 8 1 H udgins \ Xlilliam 1 1 2 1 36 72, 1 77, 1 36 H u erbsch Lorra i ne 1 t 3 H uertas, Carme l a H ud ges, L ance 72 R obe r t 72, 4 1 1 86 Huhta, K arl H uhta, K irsti 113 Hui s h Alf erd 1 1 3 1 83 H u nt, J a n et 8, 1 6, 20 21, 72, 1 86, 40 Hunt, Jacqu e l ine 136 20, 21 Hunt, Val erie 113 17 7 Hurl ey, R o nnie 72 Hurst D a m o n Hurt Carl 113 Husney, All en 175, 72, 38, 178,183 Husney, S a r a h 136 Huste d Geo r ge 72, 186 Hu s um J a n e t 17 8 Husum, K a r e n 136 H u tt o n J oa n 112 I leaza, H orac i a 112,11,77 Ieaza, Iraid a 136 Ir eland, Dan i e l 136 Irel a n d, M art h a 112, 174 176 178, 182, 1 83 I rving J oella 112, 11 I saacs, I n g r i d 73 I saacs, K a r en 1 36, 178 J J a cks, Thomas 112 Jackson L a rry 112 Jacobs, D ennis 73, 177 1 86 J arrad C heryl 1 43 J effery, A lice 1 36 J emmott, Cynthia 113 J e nkins, J o h n 1 36 J enkins, Wat 6 7 3 1 86 J e nne r J e rrye 113 J e n nin gs, Clyde 113 J en r i c h Bruce 113 J e nse n Jean J ete r L ois 1 36 Ji menez Mig u e l 113 Jim e n ez, Sandr a 7 3 J oanni d es, Stamatia 136, 1 78 J o h nson Car o l y n 1 12, 176 J o h nson P e ter 1 36 J o hn s tone, K at hleen 7 3 J o nes, Lut h e r 1 36 J ones, M a r ie 112 J ones, Steven 1 36 J o r ez, Jor e n a l J orda n Sue 1 83 J ouet J uvenile 3 7 J u l ian, L ouise 7 3

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Ju stice, Kenn e th 28, 73, 1 86 K Kalb H e rb 7 4 1 8 6 Kapino s Linda 1 3 6 K a r st M axine 20, 21, 112 K e nne, K at h y 1 36, 1 8 3 K e itz, Paul 1 79 K elle h e r Mauric e 136 K elle r William 7 4 K e lly, M aure en 74 K e lly, Carol 112 K e m p P a tricia 1 36 179 K e nn o n But c h 112 K ent, E lmer 112 K err, Fra n cis 1 36 K err, Jeanne 1 36 K err, M ic hael 178 K ervin Christine 136 Ketn e r William 136 Kuyot h Paul a 1 83 K i ley, Kevin 74 K imball, Candace 1 3 6 Kin g, K a r o l 113 Kin g, J anet 1 36 Kin g, Neil 1 36 K inney, J a n i n e 113 KJaeger Eugenia 112 Kl aege r Jeannin e 136 Knick J o hn 112, 1 8 5 K nig ht, Earl 1 36, 7 4 Kni g ht H arvey Koch e r Caorl 136 Koch e r K e nneth 1 3 6 K oepke, T affy 74 K ot E dward 7 4 K o t Edwa r d 74 K a t Fra n c i s 1 36 K otalik B arba r a 1 3 7 Kotal i k Susanna 64 K o w a l s ki, Mi c hael 112 K oz l owski, Carme n 137 178 Kr apfIe, H e l e n 137 K un k e l J a mes 137 L Laird, D u ncan 112 Lair d Sandr a 25, 2 6, 75 L ampas, V ladrn ir 137 Lancast e r Nick L a nd Rich a rd 113 Lane K erri 112 l a n e, Sherri 7 S L ane, Tim ot h y 75 L a Patka, C hri sti n e 37 L a r acuente R ebecca 137 L asca la Dian e 112 Lascala, Ella 137 L asso, Li nd a Il2 Latime r James 1 9 1 7 9 181 1 80 Laureano, J osep h Lawr e n c e Patricia 1 3 7 Lawson Charles 38, 137 Lawyer Mic h e ll e 112 L e bzeIte r Stua rt 1 37, 1 7 9, 1 8 1 183 Lee, Edward L e e Yo l an d 112, 1 8 2 175, 75 Leeser P e nny 113, 178 L eFebv r e J a mes 28, 75, 1 86 L eitz, Ph i l ip L e M a s t e r J ove n y 1 3 7 L e nsch Paulie 113 Letourneau Marlene 136 l etourneau Robert 113 l e w i s, D e Forest Libbey, Willis 137 Lill ard, J o h n 75 Lim, A l exande r 1 7 8 Lim, Alexis 75, 137 1 78 Lim Candy 175, 1 8 0 Lio ranji e L illian 112 Lipko Paul 76, 1 8 1 Lip ko, Pierr e 76, 181 Lipstate, D ebo rah 120, 174 L ittle, D a l e 1 37 Little, D e nise 137 L ittle J a mes 1 37 L ittle M a rth a 76, 175, 1 78 Littl e M ary L i t t le, Tamm y Lizardi, R a f a el Lloyd Ric h a rd 112 1 86 1 84 L oftus D a niel l oftus, D ennis L o h se D ebor a h L ong, S t ep h a n Lon g h ill, Jody 185 112 1 8, 7 6, 112 137 137 112 113 1 83, L o ng h ill, S h erri 137, 1 8 3 L opez, Cecilia 76, 1 7 5 L opez Cynthia 137 L opez, Jose 1 37, 178 Lopez R o l a nd o 113 L o r a n D a lila 1 3 7 L owe, Dav i d 137 L owe, E l inor 113 l owe, Linda 114, 1 76, 1 84 Loyola, Conr ado 76 Lujan, Chris 137 L uke, Paul a 1 1 4 L una, R o n a l d 137 Lunney, Cather i n e 114 1 84 L un s ford Mary 1 37 Lus tgarten David 76 L u s tgarten, R obert 25, 7 6 L utt r ell, T amar a .137 L y n c h K a th y 114, 1 76 M MacD a n iel, R obert MacD o nn ell, R obe rt 138 M a cQuarrie, Nancy 114, 9 ,20,21 MacLean, D onella 1 38 M adur o, G l oria 138 M ad uro, S h irley 138 Maduro, Y olanda 77 M agnon R obe r t 77 M agu ir e James 77 Maguir e, M i c hael 1 38 M a h a n Roy 138 M ajo r J a n e t 1 38 M a kibb i n M ars h a 115, 1 74, 181 1 82 M akowieri, K a t h eryn 1 38, 1 77, 1 83 M a l anga, Colleen 115 M a l o ne, C h eriy 115 M a n n R aymond M a nn W a h Sin g 77 M a r c huck, Do ris 77 M a rcola, Susan 1 75, 77 Marczak, And r ew 78 M a rczak Const a n c e 138 M arohl, K ar l 7 7 M a r o t t a P e t e r M artie, Jesse 77, 1 78 Martin, Geo r ge M artin, Geral d 78 M a rtinelli Raul 78 M artine z Mic hael Mason Vicki 114, 174 1 79 Matias, Z aida 114 Matthias, Antonio 1 38 M att hiesan D a vid 7 8 M atthiesan S tep h e n Maxim, Cynthia M axw ell, D avid 78 May, Willi am, 68 Mayfield William 138 Mayles, L ynn 138 178 Maymi, Glady s 138 178 Mazur kiewicz Paul Mayse, David 114 M c Andr e ws, Deborah 78, 185 M cArth u r Roseann a 4 1 176 M c Art h u r Billy M cAuslin, Rich a r d 79 27, 79 114 M c Bayne, Laur a 1 1 4 M c Bride, Laura 137 M cBride, Olivia 137 M c B ride, R obe rt 137 McCar r e n Edwin 1 9, 79, 1 79 McCauley, D e nnis 137 McCau ley, L illia n 1 3 7 McCau l ey, Mi c h ael 120 M c C lean, T o m 186 McCau l ey, Steve n 174,151 McClain Donna 1 8 4 1 5 1 McCoy, S h elley McCulley, C hri s M cCulley, D a n i e l M c D o n a ld Cecil 115, 114 137 13 7 M c D owell Margeret 24, 29, 79, 182 M c F a d d e n M a r ge r e t 137 M cGann, Th eodo r e 114 27 McGill, Lind l e 138 M c Glade J ohn 1 38 McGr ath D eborah 1 5 178 M c G r ath, Fra nces 178 McGroarty, Mary McGuin ess, Robert 29, 1 78 138, 1 5 79, 114 114, McGuine ss, Samuel 79 M c il vain J udit h 79, 38 McIlvain e R ose 114, 175 Mcilvaine, Cloyd 1 38 M cIntire Catherine 79 M c K enna, G erry 1 1 5 M c L aughlin William 138 M c Lean Th o mas 115 M eNard, D o r othy 143 M c Mamee, Rosa 115 M cNeese, J anette 80, 37, 178 253

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M e dinger, Ann M e l ande r Eric 138 178 I 14 M e l a nson K at h y 174, 24, 29,80,37, 176 M endez, Elvira 114, 177 M e n do w, D e b erah 8 0, 1 83 M ercie r J ohn 80 M e r cie r J ulia 8 0 Mich ael, St eve 114 Mich aelis, Za c hary S O Michel M a r cia 1 38 Mid d l e t on, M ary 8 0 M iguez, Raym o nd 138 M i l es, G eo rge M i l g r o m S h o r o n 114, (7) Miller E l izabet h 138,81 Mill e r Alan 1 38, 81 Mill e r G r egory 1 9, 2 7, 80, 182 Mill e r M arma r e t 8 1 180 Mill e r R obe r t 138 Mill e r Rona l d 8 1 Miller T oni 138 184 M illo r M a muel 114 Mills, All e n 1 83 M ills, K a thleen (7), 81 Mill s, Martin 81 Mills, R o b e rt 1 38 M ills, Stan ley ll) M i mbs, j o hn 8 1 M i t c h e ll, D o nna 138 M itte n Christine 8 1 Mizrach i Ralph 175, 14, D, 82, 1 78, 1 84 M oe, Shirley 138 M offe tt S h i r o lyn 11) M o kr a y Arthu r 1 38 M o n toya, L ouie 82 Moody, L a ur a I I), 22, 23 M oore, Patrici a 82 Moral es, K ennet h 114 M o r a l es, L a r s 82 M o r e n o, Carme n 114 M orra n Arthur M orris, D a l e 1 38 M orr i s, Dean 82 M orris, H e nry M orris, M a rie 138 M orriso n B etsy 114 182, 38 M orriso n N a ncy 1 38, 176 Mo r se, Janelle Mort o n H arriso n 114 M oses, j o hn 82 Mosley, Thomas 114 254 Moultri e, Ridlard 138 M ulle r A lden M ulle r Celeste 138 Mull e r William 138 M ullins Cat h y 82 M u llins, C lifford I D. 1 79 Mullins, Nan c y 115 Mulroy, Edw ard 8 3 Mulroy, K a thy 115, 178 Mulroy Patrick 139 Murdock Edward 28, 82 175 M urphy, J a m es 83 Murphy, j u l i a 83, 172 1 79 Murphy, P atricia 115 Mu se, Bruce 82 Mu se Kurt Muse, Mari I y n M y e r s, C h arles 115 Myers, Gary 139,44 M yers, Rex 1 44, 1 79 Mygatt, Valari 139 N Naar Ste p h en 28, 184 Na h e m jack (7); 178 N a i s mith L aurie N apie r j ohn 83; 1 84 Nava ille, R e n e Navarro Carlos Navarro J o rge 83 Neel y j o hn 114 Nelson B etty N ehri ng, K arl N e hrin g, Ste p hen 17 Nelms, L ouis 114 Newl and, Ginge r 114 Nicely, Paul Niebc h B e tty 8 4 Nic k o l so n Pamela 114 Nita Toni 1 3 184 Nord s tr o m M ary 183 N o rfl eet, B essie 83 Noriega Mi c hael N o r to n Frances 83 Nowman Linda Null, Frances 182 183 Null jack 1 1 4 Nygard, Laurie 1 8 2 o Oruto ArthLJl 8 4 O'Co nnell K a r en (7), 84 O'C o nn e ll Lynn 115 O'Connell, Mary 139 O'C o n o r Colleen 84 O D onnell, j ames 1 D Ohm an, Edw ard 11 ) Ohman Martha 1 39 1 79 Olayvar B e l e n 8 4, 173 Olayvar Nar c i s a 1 39 Oliver Lee II) 179 Oli ve r Leste r 1 39 Ollive r D e b o rah II), 1 82, 1 8 3 Olsen K a thy 84 Olson David 139 O M asta, Edw ard 114, 177 O'Neill, Alfr e d 8 4 O'Neill, Bruce 139 O'Neill, Calh e rine 114, 1 83 Orr, joseph 8) Orr, K at hryn 139, 1 84 Oritz Edm ee 114, 179 O sborn, Ric h ard Oborne, M e lva 139 1 82 O sburn, Car o lyn Osburn, Vir ginia O strand e r Mark p 114 Padilla R obe rt P aige Geo r g ine P a int e r K a thl ee n P aris h D aw n 85 P arks, j a mes 1 39 P a rra, Gloria 114, 176 1 39 P atchett, Elaine 114 Patric k joyce 139 177 P atton Brett 11),1 78 Patt o n Diana 8) P atton L ynne 1 1),178 P att o n Robyn 139 Payn e, R o bert Pazzut o, Car o l 120 Pear so n J une 1 39 Pear so n Steve 115 P eddric k William 11) P edraza, J a ime 85 P e r ez, Michael P e r ez, S teve n P e r eira, I da 85 P erkins, D o nna 85 P e rr)" K a thryn Perry, Mike 139, 177 P e rry, P a trici a 22 23, ll) 178 1 84 P e t e r se n Charles 139 P eterson Rand y 139 P et rosky, R o b e rt Phillip s, Lawrence Ph i llip s, Patti 139 Picard-Ami M aria 139 178 Pic k ell, M ark 86 Picken p aug h Gary 29, 8) Pies Eileen 139 Pies, N a ncy 85 Pin ero, Blanca 116 Pin ilia Ruth 139 Plant e, Susa n Plu c k e r Tinwthy 139 P o llac k Roge r P oll i s Alan 116 Ponce, Fidel 1 16 P o nce, Ol ga 140, 177 Poock, Daniel 116 Poock Sharon 139, 140, 1 83 P o rter Darcy 116, 174 178 179 1 82 Posc h Eleonor e 86 P ound e r s, Nancy 140 P o unders Neal 117 P owell, Fred P owell, Robert 140 Prat c h e tt Richard 140 Price, David Pric e Roy Pri eto, Pablo 117 Proba c k Elsa 117 Prove n cio, Juan 8 6 Provencio, Rich ard 117 Purvi s, Mark 117 Q Quinn, Nora 117 Quintero, L eo nardo 140 Quintero Maria 140 R R ahn, Denise 116, 175, 185 Ramos, Francisco 140 R a nkin Rob ert 140 Rath ge b er, Di c k 116 R athg eber. D on n a 86, 42 Rayborn D anny 66

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Ray m o nd Sianley 140 Real Cande l aria 140 R ebe r R a lph 1 1 6 R ega l a do H elen R eaga n W ilda 1 1 6 39 R eiharl, K al h y 1 40 1 78 R ei mill e r Tho mas 140 R eitz, Paul 116 Reitz, Phillip 1 40 R emy, \Xlilliam R endo n Eugene 1 4 0 R enne rt, Wendy 36 R e villa M aria 1 78 Reyn o lds, Clint I 1 7 Reyn olds, Mic hael Rhe a Carla Rh y ne B a r bara 140 1 79 R ice M a r c i a 1 4 0, 178 Ric h ard, J o hn Ric h a r d M aritza 117 Ric h ards, J o hn 88 Ric h ards Th e resa Ric hey, B a r bara 140 Ric k e r Mary 117 Ricord, Cyn1hia 86, 178 Rid e r Susan 1 40, 1 78 Rid ge, Du s t y 1 77, 1 8 3 Rid ge, J ames 1 40 Ridge, Rose-M arie 117 R iley T o m 86 Ris berg Charmain e 140 R isberg, Gera l d 28, 87 R ivera, G l adys 87 R ive r a O s waldo Riv e r a Robert 1 40 Rives, D ebra 140 R obe rts, W anda 88, 140 Robertson, R onal d 117 R obi n so n D e b orah 140, 1 76 R obinso n Carl R obi nson Fr ank 117 Rock e r Steven 87 Rockwell, David 140 R odriquez Fran c i sco 87 R od riguez, J aime 116 Rodrique z S ara 116, 1 7 4 1 7 6 Rodriquez T e r e si t a 87 R ogers, P a mel a 12 87 R o hne, M a r cela 140 R ojas, Eve l y n 88, 175 R o mo, R onald 140 Ranis, Arlene 116, 1 8 0 R onis, Roch elle 140 R oper, D oug las 88 R ose, Charle n e 88 R ose, Eil e e n 140, 176 R ose, S h a wn a 140 R ose nbl att, K a thi 38, 116 Ross, J a n 7 1 33,140 Ross, Lil a 116 R o th R offy, Charles 88 R ouse, S a ndra 39, 87 R o y C. J. 140 Roy, R obe rt S I 1 7 Roys, Ell e n 1 85 Roys, Nancy 1 40 R oz ell e Lind a 88 Rud o lf Fran k 1 17,1 8 1 Ruiz, Diana 1 40 1 78 Ruiz, S a mu e l 86 Russell, David 141 R ussell, K at hleen 117, 176 R ussell, Mitch ell 1 1 7 Ryan R obe rt ( T o m) 88 s S age r K at h y 117 Salazar Di ana 1 4 1 Sam J a m es S anchez, Rapae! 1 L 7, 181 Sande rs, Wyl e ne 141 Sander so n, Sandra 116 S a nson Enriqu e 14 t Santiago Carlos 1 4 1 Santiago, Jose 116 185, 1 78 Sar ge nt, R ob ert 116, 1 8 3 Sauls, Leo 141 Scanl o n Theresa 117 179,183 Schleete r R ussell 141 Schma lzel Carl 37,89 S c hm a lzel J o hn 117 S chnepeJ, David 11 7 S c hroet e r Susan 1 41 Schwartz, Ingrid Scig l a ine J a net 89 Scig l aine, J une 141, 176 Sco1t, An ge la 89, 184 S co tt C a nd ace 141 S cott, D o u g las 141 Scott G eo r ge I 17 Scott, R obe rt I 1 7 S cot t Sandra 1 4 1 Seamste r Edward 141 Sear s, Gr egory 89 S ebi k All e n Secres t R o nald 1 1 6 S e ddo n J o hn 89, 1 80 S ee ley, Laura 1 4 1 1 76, 1 78, 1 82 S egarra, Rich ard 89 Segarra, Roberto Sellens L arry 89 Sellers, E lva 89, 1 83, 1 8 4 Senzer Mike 104, 116, 1 7 4 ,181,185 Serr a no, Sandra 11, 116, 1 77 Sesse nna, f erna ndo 117 Sexto n L inda 2 2 23, 117 Slurp, Fran k 1 4 1 Sharpe Leslie 90, 1 72 S haulis, C h arles 39, 90, 1 72, 1 82 S h ave r P ete r 90 S h eppa r d E l oisa S h eppard, Mic hael 141 Sheppa r d Steven 90, 172, 1 80, 1 83 Shuey, L orraine 1 t 7 Sikes R obe r t 90 Sil e n J o r ge 117 Sil e o Mayra 117 S ; m s, C h arles 90, 1 8 4 Simmonds, Ricard a 90, 141 Sim o n s, R e b ecca 1 8 3 Simpso n Diane 176 Simp so n Roberta 141 S i ravo, P atricia 22,23,90 Sisc a Antonia Sizem o r e, Vicki 141 Skeh a n K errie 38 ,91 Skievas ki, Amy 116 Skou ld Anne 141 Slice, T o m 9 1 1 8 6 Slide r William 1 20 Slo a n M a r g a r e t 141 Sloan Susan I 16 Small, Alexa nd e ria 91 Small, Step h a n Small, Chris 175 Smallin g, Robert 116 Smiley, Mic h ael Smiley, Steven 25 Smith Alla n 91 Smit h Carl 141 Smilh Clinton 9 1 Smith Fr a nk 141 Smilh, H a rriet 39,91 Smith Joanne 141 Smith Jud y 117 Smith Paul 141 Smi t h R o l ando 141 Smith, Steven 117 Smith Terri 91,175 Smith, W a l ter 141 Snave ly, Yolanda 141 Snee d Mary 22, 23, 117 Snyder, James 29,91 Snyder, Ted 117 Sope r J aime 92 Sovern, C h arles 1 1 7 Sovey Adriene 141 Spar li n g, We s l e y 92 Speakmo n David 92 Speevak Sue 14, 15, 92, 1 76 1 78 S p e ncer Ch arles 25, 36, 41,92,177, 1 82 Stabl e r Fra nces 13, 39, 92, 1 82 Stac k D onna 141, 1 76 Siahl, K e nn e th 92 St anford, Edward 1 4 1 Sian ley, J o hn 38 Stark J ames 141 Ste ph e ns, David 92 Step h e ns, L osina 93 Step h e n s, N orman 116 Ste p h e ns, Susan 116 St et l e r J o r g e Ste v e nson Carlos 1 4 1 Stewart, Audrey 141 Stewart, Diana 93 Stin so n H arry 27,43,93 St. J ohn, D o n a l d 116 Stock M ark 117,18 4 Sto n e, Mack 117 Stone, T o m 117 Str a n ge, J ames 1 42 Siran ge, M a rsha 93 S trickl a nd K athy 117, 172, 1 74, 179 Stri ckla nd, Oma 142, 179 Stuart J o hn 1 1 7 Stu ewe, Dale 93 172 Stu r geo n Linda 142 Stuts m a n P e t e r 142 Suarez, J a n ette Swann H enry 118 Swann, S h a r o n 118 Swann S t eve n 1 42 Swind l e Willi am 142 Switzer Jack 1 20 S y kes, Edward 142 Sylva, R anda l T Taber Brya n 118 255

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T a l bott, K e ith T a m aki, Jervo 119 T a nn e r J anine T apia, A licia Tarr, Ric hard Tatman, Mary Tayl o r J ane T elle r Cristi 177 Thalken M ark Thomason K a t h y 119, 1 7 6 Thomason Kerry 177 Thman s o n Mary Thomp s o n P a t Thom p s on, Vond a Th o mpson J o hn 93 Thomson, S a lly Thrift R obert Tilley Marjorie T i llm an, James 93 Timmi n s Edwar d 1 1 9 Tinni a cos, N i cky 1 1 9, 175 T obin C h arles T oda, Olga 93 T om, Carlo s 119 T oman Frank 9 4 T oothman, Bre nd a 118 T orres, A l i ce T o r r es L a ur a T orees. Ruth Tr a han, Mayra 178, 180 Tr eadw ell, Jeanni e 94 Tr e mblay Stella 1 8 1 Trip l e tt K a thleen 94 Troetsc h O l ga 120 Trout, M ary Tu c k e r P eggy 94 Turn e r J erry 38, 94 T urne r K e nn e th T urn e r Mil ec e nt 118 1 82 Turne r Olga u Urias, J o hn v Vaccar o Vielka L 19 V a i l C hr i s topher V allarino Joaquin 119 V a mvas, Spir as 1 42 V anderpoo l David 94, 1 2 1 Va n derpoo l De b o r ah 1 42 256 Van H orn, Ernest Van Kirk Susan 82, 142 V a r gas, Da lys 1 4 2 178 V a r gas L i l y 44, 175, 178 Vargas Norma Vargas Xenia 119, 178 Varla c k Cyril V a rner Rebecca 142 Vasnick, G erry 119 Vasnic k G l oria 94 Vecchione, Sylvia LL9, 174 Vega, Lind a 142, 1 78, 184 V e ga Carme n 119, 184 Velasco, Alicia 118 Velasco, Ric h ard 95, 177, 178 V elez M artha V e na, J e nn ie 1 84 95, 177 142, 1 79, V e no Paul 118, 186 Vic k Mi c h ael 142 Vi e t o, Ann 142 Vieto, P eggy 118 Vill age liu Alberto 95 V illa real M ary 95, 119, 174 1 80 Villare a l Sylvi a 47 V i ncent Margaret 95 1 76 Vi o l et t e Ann e tt e 1 19, 1 76 Vives, Stell a V ogel, Judith 37,95, 176 V oge l Patsy 22, 23, 1 42 Vosbur gh, Jud i th 39,95 Vosbur g h R obe r t 95 w W ad s wort h J oe l W a d swo rth Mary 119, 38 Wainio Kathlee n t 19, 1 77, 1 76 W alke r Itza Walker, Jeanne 142, 168 Walk e r M ary W alke r R aymond Walker S hirley 96 Walk e r William 142 Wallace, Terence 96 Wall e ns, Ellen 1 42, 179 182 W alle r A l ice 1 4 2 Wal s h B e linda 37,96, 180 Wal s h Stephanie 44, 119 Walt o n M a rtha 96 177 Walt o n Spence r Ward D o r o thy Ward, M e lissa 143 Ward P h yllis 118 Ward Stan ley 96 W ard, Susan 118 W a r e Catherine 139 143, 1 83 W a rf ord, J o hn 118 W arne r Stuart 118 Warr e n P a m e l a 1 43 W a rtin g Mike 143 W a t e r s, Susan 118 W atkins, D enise 96 W atki ns, Lillian W atkins M ars h a 96 Wa tso n Ceci I ia 96 Watson D o nna 143 183 W atso n J o h n 119 Watson Juli a Watson Lilli a n 1 43 W a t so n Sarah 1 43 W ebb, M a r gare t 1 1 9, 175 178, 1 82 Wei se James 7, 119 W ellington, Ric h ard 97 W ells, Barba r a W ells, Jud i th W ells, Mary 1 19 Wertz Virginia 97, 184 W esley, B arba r a 97 W e s ley, Tho mas Wess lin g, Chuc k 1 1 9 Whe e l e r C hri s toph e r 28, 119 W heel e r Robert Wllite, Joyce 97 Whi te, Step h e n 118 White h e ad Curtis 97 Whitehead, David Whiting Rebecca 97 Whitney, J a mes 118 Whitney, K a thryn 1 43 Whilney, Phillip 97 Wiberg, K e nnet h 143 Wi ckersham, Ilona Wi c kline Jayn e 97 W i gg, Caro l 24, 29, 173 1 76 98 W i l de r Ric k 118 Will, B arbara 1 1 8 Will, Mary 118 Will, Zelia Will e n borg Paul 119 Williar J ames 28, 98 Williams, Enrique 143 W illi a m s Frank Williams, Grant 119 Willi ams, Jacque l ine 98 W illiams, Maria 177 Williamson, Mary 143 Wi l moth Carme n 143 Wilmot h Mi l dr e d 119 W ilmo th William 98 W i l so n Bruce 119 Wi lson Do n ald 119 Wilson Ric hard 119 Wil so n Step hania 118 Wil so n Sue 143, 178 1 83 Wink losky, Mary 118, 1 85, 1 79 Winn David 98 Wins tead Lee 42, 98, 1 78 Wipperm a n E sthe r W i tt, Paula 22, 23, 118 Wi znitze r Leo 118 Woida Susan 98, 184, 1 82 Wolf, Frederick 143 W oo, Ric h ard 143, 178 W oo, Y o l anda 143, 1 74 Wood X enia 118 Woodruff, Alle gro 1 43, 1 82 W oo druff Darleen 13, 20,21 44,98 Woods, Larry 119 Woods, P olli 22, 23, 1 1 9 W ooste r J erry 99, 186 Wooster Lynn W o r s ham R a l ph W r ight, Theresa 143 y Y anke r Carol Youn g, Emil y 178 Youn g, M aritza Youn g, R o d o lfo 1 78, 1 83 Youn g, W alter z 143 99, 175, 119 178 14,99, 143 Zakel, J e ffrey 119 Z e rr John 99 Zeime tz, D ebor a h 143, 178 Ziegler D ebbie 143 Ziegle r T e rry 119 Zimmerman Michael Zorne s C h arles 143 TAYlOR PUBLISHING COMPANY ..... "'_ ..... . . -.... .....