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in English

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7Y-. _L~
~al~-~-c ~3



Saint-Barth Weekly, Volume III

he number of small
planes landing on
the island tells the
tale: the tourist season has
begun! And with it, the
Saint Barth Weekly is
happy to be back as well.
The Weekly is designed
for you: whether you are a
regular visitor or a first
time guest; a real fan or
just curious about the
island. To help you put
your finger on the pulse
of the local community,
we have created the Saint-
Barth Weekly as the only
English-language newspa-
per that comes out every
week, full of information
about our little island. A
mini-tabloid, its articles
are recaps of the most
interesting and most
ncr s-\ :ihtl articles from
Le Journal de Saint-Barth,
the Weekly's big brother,
plus specific information
to help you best plan your
stay. The Weekly is free
and comes out every Fri-
day from November
through the end of July.
Pick up a copy at your
hotel, or at numerous
restaurants, boutiques,
and the Tourist Office.
The issue you are reading
is Number One of our
third season. Those of you

From left to right, Avigael Haddad, director
Saint-Barth Weekly, Peter & Laurence 0 'Keefe,
St.Barths Online & Pierrette Guiraute, chief editor

who are familiar with the
paper from past seasons
will notice a few small
changes in the layout. But
our most exciting news is
that each Friday The
Weekly will also be avail-
able on line at Saint-Barth
Online (www.st-
barths.com), the wonder-
ful web site that our
friends Laurence and
Peter O'Keefe created in
1996. Thanks to them,
you can now download
every edition of the Saint-
Barth Weekly so that no
matter where you are in
the world, you can stay in
contact with the island.
In the meantime, wel-
come to St Barth!

contrary to popular opin-
ion, St. Barths Online
was not the very first Internet
site to post information about
Saint Barth. The first was in
fact "The Civilized Explorer,"
a personal site created by
retired California lawyer Phil
Stripling inl995 (his site still
exists). But St. Barths Online,
created just one year later, and
launched on July 26, 1996,
was the first site to be totally
dedicated to the island. Who
created it? Peter and Laurence
O'Keefe, a Franco-American
couple who live in Saint
Barth. Peter, who has lived on

the island since 1978, also
started the island's first local
newspaper (Saint Barth Mag-
azine), ran an antique shop,
had a jazz club in Gustavia,
started a subscription-only
newsletter, "Letter From St.
Barth" (complete i 1 hlis wry
observations), and eventually
launched St. Barth Online
(www. st-barths.com).
From just 100 pages when it
was a "baby," this "compre-
hensive guide to a unique fla-
vor or France under the sun of
the FWI," has grown to
include almost 15,000 pages,
offering the most complete,
bi-lingual web site about the
island. Fast to load, easy to
navigate, St. Barths Online is
specifically designed to be
available to any computer, and
screen size, with a minimum
of gimmicks that can repre-
sent a threat for fast loading.
These elements have con-
tributed to its success, as well
as the fact that it has retained
the intimacy of a personal site.
It also communicates the dou-
ble personality of a French
island whose heart beats at an
American pace. The search
engines on the web know
what they are doing when
they put this site at the top of
the list as people seek infor-
mation about Saint Barth.

-__ -


info 3)stbarth.com

St. Barth Troperties
The villa experts since 1989
Espace du Centenaire Gustavia
(590) 590 29 75 05
In US: 800 421 3396 or 508 527 7727








Interior and Garden Furniture
Fabrics, wine and cocktail Glasses, Table wear
Lamps, Carpets and bamboo Blinds & Accessories

C o r o s s o 1
Wednesday, November 2 through Wednesday November 11,
9:00am 1:00pm & 2:00 6:00pm
Tel.: 05 90 52 46 16

* U


ones. Then at nightfall the
tombs are covered with red
and white candles. The
cemetery lights up in a mag-
ical way with all the flicker-
ing candlelight. Saint Barth
has four cemeteries: that in

W while in Europe,
All Saints Day is
a sad holiday, in
Saint Barth and the West
Indies in general, it is more
of a celebration and family
get-together. The cemeteries
are full with people who


light candles in memory of
the dead, creating an almost
surreal, fairytale-like event.
Families also visit the
cemeteries at the time of All
Saints Day to clean up,
repaint, and add flowers to
the graves of their loved

Public, composed of two
Sports which are strictly
Catholic; the Swedish
cemetery that serves as a
reminder of the island's
S days of Swedish rule and
used for many a year; in
Saint Jean the cemetery
holds Swedish, Lutheran

and Anglican tombs, as well
as those of Catholics. This
is generally the cemetery
that is the final resting
place for those not native
to the island. The oldest
cemetery in Saint Barth is
that in Lorient, which is
full. An extension was
opened in 2000 on the
beach side of the village. It
is here that the municipali-
ty is looking into the pos-
sibility of building a
columbarium to hold fune-
real urns.


Charles Darden Plays
For Iillary Clinton
arden has for Hillary Clinton in the
Barth after a couple's house on Long
absence. Island. Mrs Spielvogel had
summer in his organized a fund-raising
)f New York dinner for the next cam-
sn't just on paign of the state senator
pianist of the from New York, who many
urch in Gus- say could also be a future
sector of the candidate for President of
a chorale de the United States. Fifty
Also tickled guests attended the $10,000
ne ivories, at per plate dinner. Charles
ies on Park Darden, who chatted with
ng the week Hillary Clinton for a few

us estates in
on the week-
h point of his
mmer w,as a
ust 18. Con-
ids, he played

moments, played favorites
from his extensive repertory
of jazz and swing. "It was
truly an enchanted
evening," he told us when
he returned to the island a
few weeks ago.

Charles D
returned to St
Spending the
home town c
City, he wa
vacation. The
Anglican Chi
tavia and dir
local choir, 1
Bons Chceurs
the summertii
private part
Avenue durij
and at fabulo
the Hamptons
ends. The hig]
American su
party on Aug
tacted by the
friends of frier

ke~a trani cIoo fe

Sptae eIverYone ti been wailtirli /or
i *fi- everv

/fft*LW Fi & 5J

lal~i 14


The largest "Frisbee" in the world sits

atop the new Harbor Master's Office


I; A

I:!t ~

he Frisbee. That is 1. hi .- d architects
Pierre Monsaingeon and Philippe
Stouvenot have baptized the flat
dome, or flying saucer, that now sits atop the
lookout of the new Harbor Master's office in

Gustavia. It has the same form as a Frisbee,
measures seven meters in diameter and
weighs a little over a ton! "To cover the
lookout, we wanted something that evoked
the sea, the wind, and sailboats: An element
that was solid yet airy, and would identify
the Harbor Master's office as boats sailed
into port. A very distinctive landmark, one
that is very contemporary but marries well
with the traditional architecture that sur-
rounds it," explains Pierre Monsaigeon.
The technical challenge for this one-of-a-
kind project- there is nothing else like it
anywhere in the world- was trusted to
Olivier Petit, a leading French naval archi-
tect, and specialist in the building of racing
boats, as well as the Antartica, the largest
polar sailboat in the world. The construction
took place at the French naval shipyard, Lar-
ros. Specialists in racing boats and the build-
ing of large-scale designs, the shipyard built
the "Frisbee" using high-tech composite
materials traditionally used for the fabrica-
tion of hulls for multi-high racing boats.
Installed since September, the "Frisbee" is
supported by eight wooden pillars.

The municipality arms the port

with antipollution and firefighting equipment

In 2002, a professional security audit
revealed a lack of antipollution and fire-
fighting resources for the Port of Gus-
tavia. The same was true for the private
enterprises: the EDF which produces the
island's electricity, and Shell, the sole
importer of fuel. To face this problem, the
municipality, which is responsible for the
infrastructure management of the Port, pro-
vided an arsenal of maritime equipment to
fight against pollution as well as fires (for a
budget of 150,000 euros) that arrived on the
island in early July. This complements
equipment already acquired by Shell and
EDF, and a shared resource plan for men
and materials has been drawn up. As for fire
fighting, the municipal equipment includes
a large motorized pump, hose, and emul-
sions. Before the end of the year, the
perimeter of the inner harbor should be
equipped with extinguishers that can quickly
help put out small fires on boats at the dock.
Special buoys should be installed as
well.The anti-pollution equipment consists

r .r
V .

primarily of 480 meters of confining materi-
al, 280 meters of absorbing material for
micro-pollution, and a skimmer as well as
flexible reception tanks. This would allow
treatment of pollution (such as an oil spill)
that is less than 12 cubic meters. Above that,
phase two requires an emergency plan put
into action by the regional government. The
only pollution of a serious nature to have
affected Saint Barth was back in the 1980s:
a barge carrying oil between a large refinery
in Saint Eustatia and Antigua sank and lost
some of its cargo at sea, which then seeped
onto the beaches of the island.


When Sea Dream
stopped in Saint
Barth last Thurs-
day, it marked the
opening of the
cruise ship season,
even though its
parent company,
SeaDream Yacht
Club, considers it a
mega-yacht. For-
merly called the
Sea Goddess, the
boat was renovated
and put back into
service in April
2002. It can carry
up to 110 passen-
gers (97 were
aboard on its
recent visit to the
island) with luxuri-
ous appointments
on five stories,
including a restau-
rant, two salons,
piano bar, casino,
library, hairdresser,
gym, sauna, mas-
sage rooms, swim-
ming pool and
Jacuzzi, as well as
various nautical
sports. Sea Dream
I will stop in Saint
Barth every week
through the end of
April, at which
point it will make
it last trip around
the Caribbean for
the season. Along
with its "twin,"
Sea Dream II
(which will visit
Saint Barth for the
first time on
November 15), the
boat will cross the
Atlantic to spend
the summer in the
waters of the


r v

'~~arti~ I~r li IIIY~III




Marc Theze

A column about islanders
by Ellen Lampert-Greaux

enthusiasm! That is
the mantra of Marc
Theze, director of
the Guanahani, the largest
hotel in Saint Barth. Theze
goes as far as giving new
staff members a chart with
the word "enthusiasm" in
the center, and anyone who
isn't enthusiastic about the
hotel would be wise to
pack up and head home.
After 11 years on the job,
Theze himself is clearly
very enthusiastic about the
island and the hotel.
Born and raised in Africa
(with a Breton father and
Italian mother), Theze
studied art history and got
his master's degree in Paris
but decided that was not
the career for him, turning
to the hotel business 30
years ago. "I spent 12
years in marketing and 18
in management," he says,
noting that he has worked
for hotels in France, the
United States, and the
Middle East, notably
Egypt. "This taught me
how to open my mind to
the rest of the world," he
says. "In 1977 in Winter
Haven, Florida, I was the
only Frenchman around."
What makes a good hotel
in Marc Theze's book is

"the way the staff interacts
with the guests." It all goes
back to the mantra of
enthusiasm: "You have to
create an environment that
people want to come back
to," he insists. "The hotel

,Rn I


F *i
must have a personality,
and be more than just a bed
and a meal. Certainly he
has done that at the Guana-
hani where there is a blend
of elegance and Caribbean
While minimalist design in
shades of grey, white and
beige are infiltrating the
island's aesthetic, Theze
has remained true to

Caribbean colo
integrate the ho
local culture
import an int
style," he says
years I have I
have reinfo



Caribbean ele
continue to add
Yet there is als
"chic" about th
haps an inf
Theze's love
remains an avid
MarcTheze als
island he
"home". "Ther
elements here
find combine

rs. "I like to else in the world," he
tels into the notes. "Other places may
,and not have two or three of them,
ernational but not all seven." What
S"In the 11 are these magic ingredi-
een here I ents? Beautiful beaches,
*rced the the warm climate, the high
quality of service, difficult
access, a variety of good
food, good shopping, and
the sense of security.
At the start of the season,
Theze himself is as enthu-
siastic as always: "We
have lots of advance reser-
vations and the season
looks very good," he says.
With a fabulous new spa
* that has multiple rooms for
different kinds of massage,
a private pool, a steam
room, and outdoor tea
house, the Guanahani is
not only the largest resort
on the island, but perhaps
I the best place to get away
from it all and relax.
ments and As if running the hotel
them." wasn't enough, Theze is
o an aura of planning to open a bed and
e hotel, per- breakfast complete with art
luence of gallery in Le Perche (Nor-
for art (he mandy). "This is my hob-
collector!) by," he says with an impish
;o loves the smile. Another place for
now calls guests to share a little of
e are seven Marc Theze's special
you can't brand of enthusiasm!
d anyplace



Cindy Pawlcyn a la carte at Bartolomeo

Cindy Pawlcyn
Held at the beginning
tourist season, the culi'
tival at the Guanahani':
rant, Bartolomeo, features a gr
and the opportunity to taste a
style cuisine. This year the hoi
to a female chef from Califor
has been invited to work along
Guanahani's executive chef,
Masseglia, to create a speci
that will be available through
ber 15 at Bartolomeo. Her
Cindy Pawlcyn. Cindy is the
and chef for two restaurants, M
and Cindy's Backstreet Kitc
Napa Valley. Trained in Par
Chicago and Minneapolis,

moved to California where she opened
her first restaurant, Mustards, in 1983.
She has been nominated twice for the
James Beard Foundation Award for
Best Chef in California, is the recipient
of the Robert Mondavi Award for
Culinary Excellence, and the Fine
Beverage and Food Federation's
Career Achievement Award. Her
cookbook, "Mustards Grill Cook-
book," won a James Beard Award.
Y She is currently working on her third
The menu she created with Philippe
Masseglia and which will be featured
of each on the menu at Bartolomeo throughout
lary fes- the festival, accents the diverse flavors
s restau- used in California cuisine. The appe-
-eat chef tizers range from roasted artichokes
different with caramelized lemons and tarragon
nor goes mayonnaise, to a tuna carpaccio, avo-
nia who cado-papaya salad with toasted hazel-
side the nut papaya seed vinaigrette to desserts
Philippe such as Teeny Weenie Bikini banana
al menu split or Mascarpone cheesecake with
Decem- fresh raspberries by way of salmon
name? roulade with Kalamata olive, orange
Owner and celery relish or a braised lamb
custards, shank with white wine salsa verde and
;hen, in almond herb couscous for the main
is, then course, all incorporating the flavors of
Cindy the west coast of the United States.

Philippe Masseglia, executive chef

22nd St Barth Music Festival, January 7-25

he classical music festival of
Saint Barth is a rare jewel we
shouldn't take for granted. Rare
because not all festivals exist for so
many years: many just run out of
steam. And rare, because of the great
ensemble of musicians-mostly
American- who perform so gener-
ously thanks to the perseverance and
passion of the festival's creator,
Frances De Broff. The schedule for
the 2006 edition, the 22nd annual
which runs January 7 to 25, was just
published by the festival committee.
As in past years, there will be approxi-
mately 60 artists, from violinists and
pianists to horn players, singers and
dancers, who will perform at the dance
events that take place on the tennis
court at AJOE and the musical events

classical ballets, who will open the fes-
Stival. Music takes center stage as of
I January 11, with highlights of the pro-
-4 gram including a pops concert with
- -- classical and jazz trumpet player Rolf
", Smedvig. There are also two chamber
1 ,.t I music concerts, an evening of opera
featuring excerpts from Carmen and
Aida, a symphonic evening, and a
-- ( piano recital. The closing event on
Wednesday, January 25 is a jazz dou-
ble header with the John Ellis Quartet
that are held in the Catholic churches composed of John Ellis, Jason
of Lorient and Gustavia. And as is Marsalis, Roland Guerin, and Robert
now customary, the first events on the Glasper. The local choir, la chorale de
roster are the dance performances: in Bons chors, will perform as well as
2006 these include stars of the Ballets young violinists from the Suzuki
school, Saint-Barth Harmony, and
Grandiva of New York, an all-male school, Saint-Barth Harmony, and
some of the island's best young
travesty company that pokes fun at the dancers.

The price of the special menu is 85
euros for the gourmet three-course
meal with appetizer, main course and
dessert, or 60 euros for a main course
with either appetizer or dessert. The
meals are served in the elegant atmos-
phere of the restaurant, which was
recently redecorated with panache (for
those who remember the old days,
please note that the terrace has been
enclosed). A culinary treat not to miss
for any reason!
Reservations: 05 90 27 66 60




The Marine Park worried about whitening of coral

If coral has resisted
everything since
the dawn of time, it
is still very fragile.
Subject to temperatures
of over 80 degrees F, it
"stresses out" and starts
to whiten before dying
if the water tempera-
ture remains too high
too long. In the waters
of Saint Barth, the
whitening of coral is a
natural phenomenon
that takes place gener-
ally in September and
October, and stops by
the end of hurricane
season when the waters
begin to cool. Under
close surveillance as
part of a scientific
study held twice a year

by two underwater
observation stations
located in the ocean
near the small islands
of Pain de Sucre and
Ilet Coco, the phenom-
enon of whitening of
the coral started much
earlier this season
according to the
Marine Park staffers
who fear that the coral
reef has suffered great
losses. The root of this
problem is that the
ocean temperature was
over 80 degrees F by
the end of April, while
this usually is not the
case until late June.
Rene Fury, head of the
island's weather sta-
tion, confirms this

anomaly: "the tempera-
ture of the water was
higher than usual this
spring, at which time it
had reached the levels
of late June. This rise
of several degrees in
ocean temperature,
from the surface to a
depth of 60 meters, is
important in terms of
the seasons, and the
last time this happened
was in 1995. Yet 2005
holds the record for
high water temperature.
But things are getting
back to normal and
since the highest tem-
perature recorded on
September 15, the
waters have started to
cool down."

La Bulle, Charlie's dive club, is
usually closed in the month of
September Charlie notes that
he usually sees just the begin-
ning of the coral starting to
whiten. Yet this year was differ-
ent, as the coral began to
whiten two months in advance,
in early August. He states: the
problem is general. The fire
coral is the most affected but
what is most worrisome this
year is that other species, not
affected in the past, have also
started to lose their color lam
thinkingprimarily about the
Neptune's Cap coral."


Near Completion

Renovation is nearly complete
at two luxury hotels on the
island. Phase II of the work at
the Eden Rock, on the site of
the former Filao Beach, is just
about finished and when it is,
the enlarged version of the
hotel will include 25
habitations (beach houses,
lofts, various types of suites,
cabins and cottages), several
restaurants, a boutique,
a well-being center, and an art
gallery On the other side of
the island, in Grand Cul de
Sac, work at the Sereno Hotel,
which has been closed for over
two years, is also moving at a
fast pace. Rumor has it that
the new hotel will have 37
suites, a designer boutique,
a spa, a fitness center, a bar
and restaurant, and should
open on November 23.


Saint-Barth Environnement suggests

re-usable shopping bags

11 packaging and plastic bags
that are not biodegradable
should disappear from the
French landscape by 2010. In planning
for that eventuality, and to get the pop-
ulation ready for the change, the non-
profit association for environmental
protection, Saint-Barth Environ-
nement, recently started to distribute
re-usable shopping bags aimed to
replace plastic ones. Green in color
and decorated with the association's
logo, the bags were produced by the

thousands and are on sale for one euro
in the island's supermarkets, grocery
stores, and other businesses that use
plastic bags. The association thinks
that the use of one of these larger bags
avoids the use of at least three or four
small plastic bags. What is the ultimate
goal of the association? First, to
decrease the number of plastic bags
used on the island and secondly to get
the public used to the idea of not using
them at all. This is not the first positive
step that this group, founded in 2004,
has taken in the direction of environ-
mental protection: in association with
ALMA, Saint-Barth Environnement
has been promoting the use of energy-
saving light bulbs to help lower elec-
tricity consumption. The association
also conducted a survey about trans-
portation last May, and the conclusions
can be seen online (in French) on the
association's web site: www.saint-



Quarter du Roi
Anse des Cayes
Aeroport IT'S HERE

ARIES (March 21 April 19): Your tendency to
overreact could get you into trouble. You may
have a rather hectic day due to events that
children are involved in. You will find good
buys and you will lift your spirits.
TAURUS (Apr. 21 may 21) : You need to be
sure that you aren't in your present relations-
hip because it is convenient. Get into some
activities that will help you in making new
friends. Travel will be exciting.
GEMINI (May 22- une 21): Sudden good for-
tune will help you cover your debts. You will
not be able to contain your emotions this
week. Don't ignore any emotional issues that
could be causing problems.
CANCER (June 22 luly 22) : Don't let your
emotions interfere with your professional
integrity. Put your energy into your work or
moneymaking ventures rather than into your
emotional life this week.
LEO (uly 23-Aug 22): You may be in love this
week, but who knows what tomorrow may
bring. You can learn valuable information if
you listen and observe what others are doing
and saying.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 23) : You can get the
attention of important individuals but it might
not be the time to get them to help or to back
your ideas. Now is the time for completing
hobbies that you've been working on for a
long time.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 Oct. 23): I You could meet
an interesting individual you'll want to get to
know better. You can make money if you
concentrate on producing services or goods
that will make domestic chores easier. You
will find their philosophies worth exploring.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 -Nov. 22): If you're uncer-
tain of your feelings, keep your opinions to
yourself. Make sure any presentation you
have is ready. You may find that doing odd
jobs around the house will be successful and
appreciated by loved ones.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 Dec. 21) : Loved
ones may be annoyed if they feel restricted.
Minor fevers or infections will develop if
you're over-stressed. Do what you can but
don't jeopardize your health trying to please
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- an. 20) : New rela-
tionships could evolve through group activi-
ties. Too much work and no play will not only
result in fatigue and frustration but also lone-
liness, too.
AQUARIUS (lan. 21 Feb. 19) : You will
be extremely sensual; take precautions and
don't take any risks. Be prepared for an active
but rewarding day. You will be on the ram-
page this week.
PISCES (Feb. 20 -March 20) : Don't let
them blame you. Get involved in jobs that
require creative input. You can win points
with both peers and superiors.


Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party

I Saturday. November 5
"Graines de star," amateur singing
contest, Zanzibarth restaurant,
Saint-Jean, from 8:30 pm

I "Women in Art," presented by
the Eve Ducharme Art Gallery in
the wine bar at the Wall House res-
taurant, The Point, Gustavia
I Hannah Moser, Petit Cul de Sac

Live Music
I Friday, November 4
- David and Fabien: country, jazz,
Christopher Hotel, Pointe Milou
- Nadbge: sunset concert, from
5:30pm, Carl Gustav Hotel,
- Dorian Cunning Duo with Drew
Mac Keon: soul, indie, alternative,
from 8:30pm to midnight, Bete A
Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Saturday, November 5
- Nilce & David: Brazilian music,
Christopher Hotel, Pointe Milou
-Nadbge: sunset concert, from
5:30pm, Carl Gustav Hotel,
- Dorian Cunning Duo with Drew
Mac Keon: soul, indie, alternative,
from 8:30pm to midnight, Bete A
Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Wednesday, November 9
- Nadbge: sunset concert, from
5:30pm, Carl Gustav Hotel,
- Dorian Cunning Duo with Drew
Mac Keon: soul, indie, alternative,
from 8:30pm to midnight, Bete A
Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Thursday, November 10
- Nilce & David: Brazilian music,
Christopher Hotel, Pointe Milou
- Nadbge, sunset concert, from
5:30pm, Carl Gustav Hotel,
- Dorian Cunning Duo with Drew
Mac Keon: soul, indie, alternative,
from 8:30pm to midnight, Bete A
Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Friday. November 11
- Nadbge: sunset concert, from
5:30pm, Carl Gustav Hotel,

- B.Flat: French and international
variety show, Christopher Hotel,
Pointe Milou
- Dorian Cunning Duo with Drew
Mac Keon: soul, indie, alternative,
from 8:30 pm to midnight, Bete A
Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Saturday, November 12
- David and Fabien: country, jazz,
Christopher Hotel, Pointe Milou
- Nadbge, sunset concert, from
5:30pm, Carl Gustav Hotel,
- Dorian Cunning Duo with Drew
Mac Keon: soul, indie, alternative,
from 8:30pm to midnight, Bete A
Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Tuesday, November 15
- Philippe Nardone: pianist, with
Nilce and surprise guests,
Christopher Hotel, Pointe Milou
I Wednesday, November 16
- Nadbge, sunset concert, from
5:30pm, Carl Gustav Hotel,
- Philippe Nardone: pianist, with
Nilce and surprise guests,
Christopher Hotel, Pointe Milou
I Thursday. November 17
-Nadbge, sunset concert, from
5:30pm, Carl Gustav Hotel,
- Philippe Nardone: pianist, with
Nilce and surprise guests,
Christopher Hotel, Pointe Milou

Night Club
I Monday: <>, Casa
Nikki, Gustavia
I Thursday: <>, Casa
Nikki, Gustavia
I Friday : <, Casa
Nikki, Gustavia
I Saturday: D.J. resident Max,
Casa Nikki, Gustavia
I Every night:
Feeling: Zen Caf6 from 10 pm,
Yacht Club, Gustavia
Pumpkin, The Point, Gustavia

Let's Party
I Wednesday: BBQ on the beach,
Nikki Beach, Saint-Jean
I Sunday: Amazing Sunday (DJ,
fashion show, showcase...), Nikki
Beach, Saint-Jean

*f((oween nigh

gg S I


'I,,.. .
A1 Ti
~ r '-r

A Local Weather

Hair Dressing Salon Manicure
Kerastase L'Oreal

Tel.: 05 90 27 78 62


Hair care, Manucure, Pedicure
Ha Treatment eonor Grey/
1st Floor Galeries du commerce
Saint -ean T6. :05 90 27 70 31


06 90 741 388

Scattered Clouds, c-
High: 84 F/290 C
Wind East
20 mph/ 32 km/h
Night: Scattered Clouds.
Low: 82 F/28 C
Wind ENE
20 mph / 32 km/h

Saturday -
Scattered Clouds. .:
High: 83 F/280 C
Wind ENE
20 mph / 32 km/h
Night: Clear.
Low: 81F/27 C
Wind ENE
22 mph/36 km/h

U Driving in

Sunday .
Clear p
High: 82 F/280 C
Wind ENE
17 mph / 28 km/h
Night: Thunderstorm.
Low: 80 F/27 C
Wind East
17 mph / 28 km/h

Monday 1
Chance of Rain.
High: 82 F/280 C
Wind East
17 mph28 km/h
Night: Clear.
Low: 80 F/27 C
Wind ENE
17 mph/28 km/h

St Barths




You do not
have the
right of way

The traffic circle at La
Tourmente (the top of the
hill near the airport) has
altered the traffic patterns
for who has the right-of-
way. Now, vehicles
already engaged in the
traffic circle have priority.
Below is a small diagram
to help you figure out
what to do.

St Barth 1V EK.L
Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth"
Ph. : Fax:
email: stbarthweekly@wanadoo.fr
Director & layout : Avigael Haddad
Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation: Ellen Lampert Greaux,
Advertising sales : Chloe Ameur
Impression : Daily Herald

At your service

U Classified ads

Real estate property hidden in Lori-
New for sale Ref: ent on 2000 M2 of land
05.236 Nice 3 bed / 2 with a spectacular view.
bath villa in Toiny, Sea Luxury villa equipped
view, jacuzzi 975.000 with 2 bedroom, 2 bath-
euros. Contact les Vents room, pool and jacuzzi.
Aliz6s 05 90 27 78 70 Possibility to extend a
guest bedroom.
Villa for sale Ref: 04- Call St. Barth Properties
200 lovely 2 bed/2 bath 0590 29 75 05
villa overlooking Grand
Cul de Sac beautiful EXCLUSIVE : For sale
bay, pool price nice villa located in
1.190.000 euros Con- Gustavia hill, equipped
tact les Vents Aliz6s 05 with 3 bedrooms, 3
90 27 78 70 bathroom, kitchenette,
terrace and pool. View
Villa for sale to renovate on the port. Walky dis-
- Ref: 05-224 Property tanceto town.
near Gouverneur beach,
3 bedrooms, 3 bath- Great Cut Down Price
rooms, spa garage, opportunity fror De luxe
1.590.000 uros. renovated villa on 2400
Contact les Vents Aliz6s m2 land, 4 bedrooms / 4
0590 27 78 70 bath, pool, jacuzzi,
beautiful gardens, pri-
EXCLUSIVE : For sale vate dock. Residential &
magnificent property in touristic area. Freeport
Colombier with 365 Gran bahamas US$
sunset evenings. 700.000 Contact les
sunset evenings.
Equipped with 3 bed- vents Aliz6s 05 90 27 78
room, 3 bath, very well 70
and modern kitchen, Land
heated pool and a won-
derfull garden. Call St. New: 3300m2 land for
Barth Properties 0590 sale for 504.000 euros.
2975 05 Please call Les Vents
29 75 05A
For Sale : Exceptional

Professional Classified ads
Please mail, or drop off this form,
with your payment to the
Journal de Saint-Barth office
at the Galeries du Commerce
in Saint-Jean before 2:00pm
on Monday. 20e by issue

Ph. :

.2 f/ St Barth

I M M O 8 L I E R R E A L E S T AT E


U Emergency numbers

Fire dept.
Doctor on duty

* Useful
Tourism ,'
P '- ., *
Marine Reserve
Rotary (
Lions club
Saint-B Art
Catholic church
A1 church Sunday 9am.

i church
St Barth Beach Hotel Sunday 9am

18 / 0590.27.66.13

069031 7073


05 90 29 74 63



Kice" Shehsbe twc nm iae fo h

Jae Ber Fonato awr for Bes Chefin

Caifrna is the reiin of Th RoetVod
Awar fo Cuinr Exelne an Fin Beverage

and ood edeatio's a~ee~chivemnt Aard


REERATO Te. 05 go 276 66.6
Ia" I

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