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Title: Panama Canal record
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 Material Information
Title: Panama Canal record
Physical Description: 34 v. : ill., tables, diagrs. ; 24-30 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Isthmian Canal Commission
Publisher: Isthmian Canal Commission
Place of Publication: Ancon, Canal Zone
Publication Date: 1909
Frequency: monthly[july 1933-1941]
weekly[ former 1907-june 1933]
Subject: Panama Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Panama
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1-34, no. 9; Sept. 4, 1907-April 30, 1941.
Numbering Peculiarities: No more published.
Issuing Body: Published under the authority and supervision of the Isthmian Canal Commission, 1907-Mar. 1914; of the Panama Canal, Apr. 1914-1941.
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00097368
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 01761828
lccn - 07035378


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        Page A-137
        Page A-138
        Page A-139
        Page A-140
        Page A-141
        Page A-142
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        Page A-146
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        Page A-148
        Page A-149
        Page A-150
        Page A-151
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        Page A-154
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        Page A-212
        Page A-213
        Page A-214
        Page A-215
        Page A-216
        Page A-217
        Page A-218
        Page A-219
        Page A-220
        Page A-221
        Page A-222
        Page A-223
        Page A-224
        Page A-225
        Page A-226
        Page A-227
        Page A-228
        Page A-229
        Page A-230
        Page A-231
        Page A-232
        Page A-233
        Page A-234
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        Page A-238
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        Page A-241
        Page A-242
        Page A-243
        Page A-244
        Page A-245
        Page A-246
        Page A-247
        Page A-248
        Page A-249
        Page A-250
        Page A-251
        Page A-252
        Page A-253
        Page A-254
        Page A-255
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        Page A-257
        Page A-258
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        Page A-260
        Page A-261
        Page A-262
        Page A-263
        Page A-264
        Page A-265
        Page A-266
        Page A-267
        Page A-268
        Page A-269
        Page A-270
        Page A-271
        Page A-272
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        Page A-275
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        Page A-277
        Page A-278
        Page A-279
        Page A-280
        Page A-281
        Page A-282
        Page A-283
        Page A-284
        Page A-285
        Page A-286
        Page A-287
        Page A-288
        Page A-289
        Page A-290
        Page A-291
        Page A-292
        Page A-293
        Page A-294
        Page A-295
        Page A-296
        Page A-297
        Page A-298
        Page A-299
        Page A-300
        Page A-301
        Page A-302
        Page A-303
        Page A-304
        Page A-305
        Page A-306
        Page A-307
        Page A-308
        Page A-309
        Page A-310
        Page A-311
        Page A-312
        Page A-313
        Page A-314
        Page A-315
        Page A-316
        Page A-317
        Page A-318
        Page A-319
        Page A-320
        Page A-321
        Page A-322
        Page A-323
        Page A-324
        Page A-325
        Page A-326
        Page A-327
        Page A-328
        Page A-329
        Page A-330
        Page A-331
        Page A-332
        Page A-333
        Page A-334
        Page A-335
        Page A-336
        Page A-337
        Page A-338
        Page A-339
        Page A-340
        Page A-341
        Page A-342
        Page A-343
        Page A-344
        Page A-345
        Page A-346
        Page A-347
        Page A-348
        Page A-349
        Page A-350
        Page A-351
        Page A-352
        Page A-353
        Page A-354
        Page A-355
        Page A-356
        Page A-357
        Page A-358
        Page A-359
        Page A-360
        Page A-361
        Page A-362
        Page A-363
        Page A-364
        Page A-365
        Page A-366
        Page A-367
        Page A-368
        Page A-369
        Page A-370
        Page A-371
        Page A-372
        Page A-373
        Page A-374
        Page A-375
        Page A-376
        Page A-377
        Page A-378
        Page A-379
        Page A-380
        Page A-381
        Page A-382
        Page A-383
        Page A-384
        Page A-385
        Page A-386
        Page A-387
        Page A-388
        Page A-389
        Page A-390
        Page A-391
        Page A-392
        Page A-393
        Page A-394
        Page A-395
        Page A-396
        Page A-397
        Page A-398
        Page A-399
        Page A-400
        Page A-401
        Page A-402
        Page A-403
        Page A-404
        Page A-405
        Page A-406
        Page A-407
        Page A-408
        Page A-409
        Page A-410
        Page A-411
        Page A-412
        Page A-413
        Page A-414
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AUIlll i lM AND SUl'lti\lSliS, iF
1 HI[ IS IHMIA N,\ ( A\,\1 i\l ,ll .li.lN

SEPTEMBER 2, 1908, TO ALIUGUST 35, 1909


A.NCi-'N, C.,N.1. Z':iNE
ISTHMI.\N C \NA.I. C'lNlMIIi l--'N


'i.'.i N I H ..l i, ,..N- i [ :

~i- fl'l ~i N I 'l ii- i. i' i i -i i i I
I ': +

Ac IDrNT --
Culeur iCul .ic nric ": ..
FDr.mwn 111 i L i >
Dr l, illtll. 1 -l .
GI:.rI6.in., I ui-r. r -.
R iilre:. I 're'k: 'reck=

EI -. um n tli.:. I L1?. 0 2-..
SunIl c.:lurinn, II *:1 I: e c\d cn-l u I re 11
Aitrch itr:e pF er.r.-i e:l :l.- il '. ',
T third l' r.1:i.-. r *r el' I r .: .ce, I l

A<..lre=:e.. olli.il..I= 'w'hlni n SLur '
Adru isiri ir.jio uci ;i tt4 '
e- .' ..r L : L NtLi
A t limit ni.1'riu- li.1 I'-r rft-F- *: uln tjI .
%l ricultur.dlExpert:' *i;. 1-:1.
AiT .f. *, i-pr -. e rl t'r
Alheni c,.ng U- ':L.i'e r"i1r: i:.lr E I I : I .

A e:'l r r :
Churc h -tedc i,.c: 10.1.
C.orr l 1"I
[ ort i[ter.ll l: :. ii
Fi e pnroite-tnion i 11

lii. lie A : II .n r-
l.... E:,I i;.' ..l rn: cl1. .e 1; .

i,,,tL C h ll '1
.1-utI -rotl- il N*. i: l. 1. -r 1 -
I uirrt. 1 I 1 .- 3. :'
.. i, rier .1a ler i- crfice mc .e'i l7-

Re crI.- 'r' i i' h i'ri i A:l .;I it r, I ":
Auc mr. Clerc" 1I r l n ,

ai ,r .t I i ,i. e ,: I I n .' .

A 1 .-ro l: ii i -l'" r I l
End I nil I -e *:ll c li rI) I i l
rll1 i I t-: rn i-Itr C r : i[t I i

-, f -i i ll 1 1 llli r 'Oilll

E L_" lrjue ir1 ,:, -1, '^e u i l,. b kle I' ? .-. 1 l'

i rit i lke l i:
f r.. Ir. ...r I t- r l: I C - 11

Ile re-, -J r. l l ll. I

fl I:re hi .:iui -d A -l I". i
C. nl f ie n-,li fit p'- i i tTll i ll er..rt4
-tro t in Ij-l Ch i Engecttinr IIi fl,

S" li e li i e I -.1. n v-.1 I- 1 I I ,
Ike I-

Im. r.. i.:.- 1 1. r -:

h llil j r.-l U :l '* ..r? .
.'rl l I I J-ilr ^- I *r
orm i ire : -fd Iiir rl r i f i"'. 1

Fre.n.I:i -,I *'4

1 ', *nlin r- r :
,_.u riE rni l- rer V .10 3ct ne offr~e 1',

1Ae .1 e r :Iilt in 1 I .
(18 li -, ,:II I 3D


P. :.- i :.p.: -
-i p i:.-' .-:tI -i re u h r i "- 13 I'' 1 .1'.
Fire pr-:m'e.r:,' :n II I
-* L ,-.., *. lebr'i C-i
~is ..i O ii.: K 'er L. nI .n i 0t.:' .f -
L], irTI -er [':,- C....i w ,:r r l. i4 -
TIw L c itr-liie l
P*11: i1.1t A : CI :c re : -re C', : -i,. -e
P'11: roiri : r: r.eu-Jerlilt, -:
bll v.itip -i i ... ', .

.- .. e 0.. .in le
l ,i -.ier ,11 r n itil rrnied *.i. r- ",
b :,.lier 11 :- .'li l ll rilic sei n.ile.l _: l.
.:. e lri --.t)r inll .:i .l-e ll-

I1 i. rl,:- lr -
j z : .ie .- I r I 1 11 I ll >: .:. *tr..,: l.:.l :

Al'' l F i. hll f' : Il. -l -' I

C--I:F .- I n i1
N-,- -I.:. e- i I .7 -41 IT Ir
R I et ..: l r 'i n- l l r. i. : -Ir ii, -- i

. ln v i .. r j

I o; Ir i: l .:.u .1i I rer i r il c r l.er [ -l e i i
IT rl I iL I 3 ,', ',

F re, ch i u J, -
r i1 o--,i I I

ii n .:i -: 1 ,. I I- I -

C" ,b le i ; w.i Il .-:.: z 1.r,:, 1. lIh 1 -1,I ri i
C Ctii. Iri I-l'---
Fire p. ec.-' li: l,:' I I

r, i 1i h l --i I
F ..-Iic ll if I I..
i- I n- p r: ir- 11f I I
Rill~e r i C lre r
C-ir-le, i- M Ill l ,ele -. I "
S.r icl. r: rllle. I, ',

_Iei -em

I ..m t- .4v-1 111 I r,
r ,r.: e.l % i, i, IF r
'l i lu.. ..l r .:ll e lh iii.: ir i.: i> \ I] ,

-i: ", : il i i r jl l e1 .: .1. 1 e : , .

q ,i.r.a-e ,innh I .:...eIrc I...:. t r
|r i iC i .:Ie' iii Il !*e ? i .,

..i l! l 1 n'I n

S -t ~gp t.:.r,.:. i -ir.l,: "

r v-. L ne rL n1 :. I I
r ,.ir. Cr.h Ie -rj .,-

% ,L Cr ietir C-JI
-C ei mr =h., .:l re.:: ." d ^ .- I ..,e 1 rr.:. .-I:
IF I- I z .,- t i .l e : .

1 I e r ier re T. r .*:11. L I'" .: :.
F ro.?I |. I. ... L
o r i l. I r . 4, 1 .'
1i l .et" .h [ T l I I I r

|1 Irig e .u .1 mI c u:1". it ,I r--
-'.i'1 it. I n tr. I
A-il ll U :- I

i 1 i I ioi'_ ii Il II "
r ..._ : i. .. l. U i Il r r 1.i.:l h: ,1 i-

lee. 34r

N e .:.rl; --. 'rf ,Ir,, ."
. -irt. l: -. ri I.- -, 4.

,l:.:-,t r l-.:h -_'i l 1i .i,* [. ,tf. .,: 1l ..:.rj l 4'
i urIt-- t s.m

I r i* 1 : I . ii I .:.r, i i uo 4.

*.11 i, i i i l ii p .fi -rc 'l -A ..:.l ..,. r -

C t.r l l:. r .,...- L .1 IL'ji .:.i ,. ,.:,

A ,l l.i-. .l h. c.,:il- .r, I t..- i lt-.i --
I -ITTll . i .. r v i .

i.i1 M r : I. ih -.: -I.t- ,,I .r_.lr ;
i .: -.:. i I I ..: : i. I'I 1, ..

I t-h II -u t l*.-i -I.i-m I: l
N-: -- ,, r. Ci. -

.1 .. .. A i .. L :, ,:,
ll. rl D- 1 '..:. ,pir r.-r,

Il l,. O. e IT.: r r

.. 1i .. .: it. :. .li ..: 1-i

1 m1 il: r -, l i" rl . ii ,., -. :

L. i I % IT I .:.' -

i-1 D t .I. Ii e' lcJ .[r.:o r i.T. .

I i,, ,,I ., ,, i. .. i: -' i t-. : I--r --I-
[ I. I. . .., . .. ITl J i : i

i. ., i i-, l-.. i .:l r . I Il I- u :.
i i s li : i [1 : rjl0 r i.. lh 4 i
..Ir rr. l : .1-ml
. .. l. .u r -. ,l ll "l rlr :'. .r .]. h ] r

l.e.-l ri i .. 'i 1.:. l1 1 I

... . 'h l i. . l" li- ,rt- -
-, i.ii t i I- v

I I l e..: ir 1 I ... 1

I.. 'h l I.:. I, '... r. h ''. 1

L- --I i

L I I m I I I,- i.
L. I 1 1. r' ...rl .i:-.n, II

i : ".. L '- : - ry ., r i, r.. i : r

Ir I I ii 1. 1 h.1 I. I. -
-I I II i e
I fti e.i r. 4 .:d
A .:ll: 1 I 0 Ie .' v r.

A1 Oil..- .. ..:r-

I. I I r -- e

| i -.:. i. t i'r : rI 1, rii
ilt.-I=. --rl i.. . h

i r ,, .- i ol' i ,,- i--

* 1 Fr Ji' r, I,-l.

II. ,.i i I -r .. %' 1

hurl i-I-i ii'- Ii. il

H 1 1: i ... .

r. I r--

i-i- fi --

Ch1.1 i i r rI rricL r

I I .r.. I

1.11. -f

'71- ~1 7,I-.

ij.F I ,'-. 1 4.7m

r. I,.- L: .. ....',I..

~i..r~i-.l' I.--.' Nei. 1

I-- ji LI.I


*2 ,iI i :- r [

\c.:'., nlt ,hle .. ,.:. 1, i
lh[I ,., iiii. 1u r 3:il iI-'7 r i iiiii-t1 L '9.
..1 ,1
rr. .T-rI. *C.:. iillllI .i .1
]'r,,,,.i l:r l'i 'i 7 ,-1=117l ill -*r' 1 *-1 r,,:l ,.,[ [rli#.
1 l cri, t r :" 1 1 1 '- 1 n" 1- I ': L I*i 1
.' i .lt er- I' ni l. I" 1 .-

i, ..- . . rr .., I i eh.I:l i .'l ai I I
i. ..en *: lir.:1 .1 11.: 1 un e n '
S .[ .I r l. 1 [I r, .rL i' .. -

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Culcbr:a Cithulic Church, r
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Bridge '-i FiRarC-e. :i', 1I
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l'red.1 .' i l.:. :r e .rd I'C ". 71 :4. 11. ; IN

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Frt.-lnch ., 11, 1 UtL ... l. .1 .',
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F. .I.' I. E U d"

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,>,?t [ ,-.r..= 1... C-'ui r,:, u -n .l. er hi .'-'..

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r i,:1 i 1. r. Ir.I I ri. Ii I h

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M .r ..l.* .r L.. ,-I .: l. 1 J1 ,.

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C I r.r'. In Fi. o r l'r.,hn. II
-ll- I. : .,,*- ki 1 .- I [lr, -
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ir.:.i -c ir.:incl, 12 t, 11 1 1 .'fl
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i' k : 111 :ii l.1.l.: r, nr. 33"

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.I .-.r .',',i- ,I l ..., * 1.'1 1 lo" 19
."' .11 t- 25;. 3 [ iii" 33. I-. 4
M L .h l Itre :t, in r .r -if I, l i IiIo i r I1

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Ir...[ n I.L.- -r-r i

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I. l.: ..r.-1.. n.. R 1 .r i. -r. .' I n 7 ion ,:,1'-

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i'i. l Pi- r.. r NI r1 hli'-r1 .'h -
p-naTl .-i-'--

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i.I .l'. I- -, I:
I.ii'i I P.., ,I r l r. ...
*M f l.C h *..'|l .'l f .l. ,:-:r ..1l -. 1,,-

.1 : rl I ...,- -4-;
c' r .l l i..- r ',.. ,, 1- .h l2.

N -. r. r111 0d r1 1:1 1
I '.l,... I" P I1

l.\ r,: h ..u ".: fr ,,:.

Ni i r.i r n 1i.r. i L-
i I -,*.( rA,.ti: r.. ,rr ,.,*r c,',,ii hiiti. l'' lr,:-,,"'1t

.'. ,;, Dh'h llii 'irn JI]lI ihi-f 'i lki.L .i. hl'onlhl .

I.T ch.l i.: ill .!1 1
7rInd 4 '. 1 1 4u.

N- r.- ; Ir 1.i :, in I V
r- i hC. [-I. 1 -..'u l '

N 1 .1,>i-.fl r.. I -i - -. I

N,: i..- .l-v L i.1 --

i .' .. c .I.l ri ll -. 11 iII.] '..' lr. I i rlf llI l ll.l .,

-- . Ch li n Ill I r f i riii r Ii r.iI*IiI
Wh at-l' r i .... .i 4,
1 t I' I 1- h ,lh 1 .A. A I I
,.l.ru ir- --
.il r.lc I A ? i
All] I,:.. [ .r. llnrl : '
\ .ii1 -i li..1 .T A 1L i1 ;
Ill l.: i p.1 I . r i i I .\. 11 1.

Ot I n. r..-
Ini r|cur. Jiiinei I i .' 1
P..rhostir Johns il 3,,"
P: 'ile k rilli rnl I Is
Prir.rlkivk' A 1.1 -
Ci mrlis I iInck 131
['s.. e Dlisrd R !.1
Is> l,-rd.l'e.-b rn .l 1 Il
El inde .,.11. ,111 r-
G ...i-l Ilrt Is -
(I'siTlhirr .-.-'r. 1 :r.
GCc- ll,'.111Ill'inn 1 l
G(n3 Mlo i*. ;s -
Greecn l.'illIiin [) 11l
H:,r-iC. JAr. tln I) i
I-i s_-sil-,. Is-j tii 34-i
Hirpesr G II li_
Hif-iiClF1 I it ._1I
lionc' All.4u-. N 1II
How-l.nd. F C .331
i fmnrhes. :.Ir- II l 'rn t' l4.,
K-.al :. Di.-l ."I
Kiiin g-lI' F itiene il i I
l._ mli IV.Isim 2.is
1M lFirl.ind . 3V '
Micksr. A' J ii
Mlickle i.ouil- I
Miller I In.uird 1.'I
%Miller ks:h-rl :'91
Mr.N '-' 1:r ni 1. .Vir
Morn- jAnln R ;31
.Naris hv'. tiiiis- F :21
p-, rs j H .;:
i'urns ll [ir J H "5
r.1nd ChL irlls r.
kich. rd k I r. I
RHiAmin 1\V.11. 1. i 1.
k> lni. Jlohl 1`'
thuck. Nir F F ls-
Smilth G.rd.on Purern |11

l-nder-op:.[. P'asl 42
'3annm C i .rI', 1""
iloi ni-r IA 11i ,m 3 -
\l':d i-:.n Fre.-jrn-:k I ;;
'.siihthinm in. I)ir \"In .M 1".
1 1h.ite ilt Philirp M -rs.
VillImt Elii,.'.rt R i11
Oil -
iel ic r -r ii1 i t.Lill1 ,i-'.n ' 3 22
L i c n. r rri r nt '- i n : n i 1 s j l n u a.r sv -'' i
1.'ct:cr : -r r. o.rl I i .'ni i .'" l

Pinr 111-; :chi i.re :'
10.:.rchC-u-- .s G.'r.- Ail illi
I olh din -.1l:L at r.ll..- is -' -
Otrc.in.'ilirn : C.n . w.rk L rrrrl u Pe.srd i ir' En.
Iss I r; ic. C -A,' r 1'
0' enV for ,O' 'el- iIt s 1mi .,.Lr- 'I I 3 :
s0 crum liy i 'n 0 3. 3"..


'P.ACIiC [F C Il--- -
,\;lIh Ipliiter ri :linnri-l r ine- -.1 3mi
C.-l i .ris i 'r.dei' cor.'.ried 1
I I. r, I c on r.I t ,L: :.r -. r'

Tredl '1 [.t red
Ifis,,. 1. s-n.1rn.Irr. r 2". .2,

['nil hir.c 111i :.ur Tc t. s -.' o -. r is s 1 1
Fici-,.. no's "- I : ii' *IW -I L, I

O. c -'l I.r-i" 0 1' Pl*:i r': *nTrllh'[ I'i : l i.
O ,c 11r d r i.:l'rr,:..i Ior-e i.e i 11 .3 [.i i,,'

K.:.ck r.\: i l n 1ub1u -u 11 11 1 Cl c
[Ro-k i ,rc-o :r Isr l;- 2I'
i n. nd in r....r wih. rl' .1 1.i i ; : .
.0.1 C rr.i:- 1 3.I -ihos l, -
-s.e rr -d i h -I r. .r i- i, I-i, 1 i -sl'n I lI i ll
tl c e heli c -u a H ., ,| t ' : 1 1 "' '
'i-u l I' .shrd- r l.'' i
"T rp .rlnd clc .]rr .- r us.i. i r. li. 3r,4r -i..rt i
'rr 'L. ', CI l.h irnijr nl in1,I C rifi.-I" L l r ri jool. 11.
piciic enlir.ince Ii.ia' .- li-:ion in I ]I '
P a c ifl'.c: le- I l -it "I '" I,- I L ." -'L"..
Pac.' ti Ra ;- uriC C rV'Ti-l s.ti' i '11-
'li i rp.-i r-ilr'..d-
All':'ri.": i*'. .r '."
B c e Ii s ll-:- i- n nic l c CIs-,l.nC.C. 1*- I C'
p-ilb r.-i orl -of h indliirl. i :'iliLi.' in 1 :0 rIll -.
lr d-. I,'
Blii. k .i'Sp dIr.s ir in i r
Bu' ir-- f r l.iC..l 1. e r I.- 2
C&r reI pair riul- C'' I i i.' I "
C1.il I .Iir .h1-; and i il. I l
Coler-i of 1 ..ii i r-ml nl I 1
C;c. ll nit- ir .r C Co1 i-,1r. =r
Condii ri ini el :st i io .and tndri- in -
CLo- rOh caIC'n co- i 3ri its I v ai-.ie t
Cur nei cl-mig nalinr.I ;s
Dock nrl lx aCnor.-1 n mr


IF Inami riilroi I-
F I isisCs 6.1i sr c I
F'-i .':Ts I 'i -i rl le rii. .:h.3 l..rI sil 1 I
r,,|.I-, it..I Il r f "-':'1n1 iic '.r i..l ne t '
Sll I.plo .- : .is Il red -:.m r-.r'. : i t. 3
F.Tiu T. me11 l 1 .1 '.
F k1.1.- ion .--' d .. 11 -i r I11 ii '
I- 1 1 :[c l'I.:'r t n. l i. nI L it i1.I n r. .11
1 i :.r: lr.r 'sr. I r n I 1 1
:'.-,p.1 1up. .ll-:( r.r..r..:.,,1 i.
lir.. tli s-I'i "lt [ il i,:re i:..-] l I
I r. : s-hi a. I. I .I h I .
G .Il'. ilic- r.. h sll i- -
..1. 1i 1 1. l .lnd.l [,J l t. :l.r : s ur lle ir i . .;l

l l .l 1 i . I L-,1 I : i-.n[I c li I'I I i I lr "
i- -r.l --L.. t;i .-i .per men
i.ir* -r ii., 1L.. r r>.. : e C.. flin r l--* -r l*:
i..iir :1 IT I.; i m. r r e ; in-I l m h.c r I.
[.ir. Ir.i e- i. ru .ri . "'
Llrd 1 ird.

l. -].. :I i *.. -I r .

[ l--e .. T r ... i-...r f I.
Fr.:.cr. ; i-rid. r .\A . : ii nilr, .l '
i. l Iti-. .-r. i Ir lilt Irn e I'
RI -I -lr. 11 n o 1. 1 1 i" .1e -
L'.i.rsr5=in- ii n ."* '
K i .ll or--n ile irth -sleel ."-1
i c I I.n I-I. OIi r- I s-
'1.r ilis-n-i
C I.. C r::n. I r 'i t i i i l : I I n '
i. por.:.r E,:,' : r.3 "- I rI r 1r
o* rk r. I I l . 3 r 13
a" .7'- i. C sh.i r nil.i -Ir Ci lr. t i -l r
] ," ni l rs ..fl I
ke-i.ie l'.:Ior i.,,rk ]r

il'- l* l l.Thrn e n .- .iL .- .'1 1 I" ."I a .

-I-l der Cot .1 k ;
i ,'1 c T 11 I i n l i rlo L i I l: mi
h ii- I ntrsrler ;'Li .

,r-ec .1 iri.n 1 3 3mi
-Li I n n ri,' 7. r' r .
"-ir iiC = i h i.: I .
Aii'c n nd CC n-.b.--..1 3 m
I!cc e r r h.- r:.:k, I. L
is, I.,,: : r i -:.,i .- r I .
CFol.n *i : : Idr i1. 36
Fin .inc- I nk ni li, 1 1i c I *~.
I *:. r. i .-r i n I.: I. I s
PF.- e i I i I 3i 3 I

Piir*:. i *,- l ',r 1 -]1i. w 1 T r n l l l .1

Sr .' lii--l .' e ':0hl i .. 1
r Lit-er: .-io r.c i i I '2 '
l e : I I -nT rel w i' w, rk L 1, i 3"
s c',r r .: , 1 _.: 3 -
Sur.e:rniiirnd.'in .l :in

i I iIl e nelt i. 3r c 1

T I- .in' l.: :-i I :r c I ii .' L ''
T n-l. ctIlun -l- r I I- r cI
T ,i : kii s T r I ', .-I.rL .i ',I i
TI .' r.:.- 3s d ...r i 3 .s
Tillie I.Hr 3 ; 3^' :^ 1,
T," r l.-i -r .3 rls --. r L._r
rI ill- r r i I I i l-:- ii
Tr inq --' i li-rs
li-i ns. r i nr I : L; k'. 111 I i 3
Pre: .l; s, ri' IIlI
p ; c ; s-" I.' .r s. 1 tsri '- l

fu .r .. s i r.1s .rie 1 l 1

A 11 ii ii I *' I" I .

L.'.. 1 s .-n i.r'ck i 5 ir.'- r. i"'
A' r r:. 1i l '
Pan *'n t er I i:
rl.-i I.:., El I r ilen' a l .I
irc, -. Crss-I i .ii .- I A 11 -L I .d I
Ih .r.- .s-s.i.l-.r. It I r r

.l i 1 c1 i I i II Ii I I l r-i r i m 1i 3 1.i 1 t n .i'

i T. : l i r cir-r I l.' Inrl -*L. ri- D. ,
I id w ll, i -. r r I.- 111 .
c i 'll ii0 0 -il *=11.1 D

T r ., si( s -I 1 i -s : l l i: 1,'[
T is. ''.r.1..s-i 2n -P
Ti[ )I-' --I Ih i ni l-. -, I r "

.% e- le. 3.. 1 "si, lii I C; hur.:h
P., nI. 1rhIn e-n, .:..'rrrI ri I I- .,."} .r

,r"i i,:.-
F I I.m : .:. ii I i
F r r-r.r- ecI-.i-. II

I i .:l I I. .

[ .i' IIII I-. .I- :..ll 1 I1- re .' ml

le Ir.:. m .-. .

CIs *-1-is s-lii i m I r
-isr - I -In

HI n i'ilr... ilI l l I1n i

:r. I, 1 .i .:.r :..r
Fr r ,. ,, I :h I, :,; .
I '-1 1 .- A 1111 .1,1, :1 l.-I l: e :.l .'., e, U 1.1 1 "

,.-. [.rr.er.-.. 1.1 I, i-r irl
I liei . :rci' e rh.c :Il.' r... rt .I
PI C-...hc :ril ;i i7o r '.:.,l' r :- I r. :.- I;

sPI si..ll, i r 1UL r .:. '.1- s I: -. I.:,l l I
PI i' l r ,:i. ..1 i 1: i 1-s I 1 I 1, .1--1
'-:.li.:c 'ni I : L[ r i i. *l-

F r-i L e' i' i i, ill -i .m i i, ni i n I "
1:1' r; r r.:,. : : I ; ,I -"

1 .,' mIcl [.- /.'.,he r.:% % ,: ir I I

I : 1 ,: -s hr .I :I-lr l..I :.l.er. ;. i -r" I:s ruI ;
I : .rL. P. '. II e r-
I I ; .. o. fl- ce .10er C 11 -rr ice rule-

i;,-'-r ',. c'' r,
n'm Is-s--s-1ifI [-3101
i I lss m l Ile rl ..L s -I" ":: 1,1
CI- rr n : [ [-1.*n r i

r.1 h:.[ I ... : ll' .: l i. .. I 1:

T i..r nl. : :1 1IT "li}. rr l" .

L-:.l- r .s: is-r .j'r Is----
'.irs i- 'rk "1 i 1 o. il s "

ui rtr.- n m r 1

F ; r r .: ir : I r: |.
n l.-m i l' s r. ,'I l 1 1 r
-:ll. s r. -l- e-

F.s... I r n
I -i n ', II I
C-r I. n .-I NO u Ni Dr -

E' rsm'... i r. i-em i n c

I r .I ., -I
uF r .1 u[ rl C.1 r - r .r.. 1 I N il
T r. w n ,%,1ti-'3 1. it .l: '

V'r.L- r r eI ii1 s- lh I i ir ll i i- f. .I 4 1..:.rl
R,.:Ciiis. m.. r i. I-..'- .

T. 'i .r r l i 'I I' i n r ii : i

p'ri i s i. c-i 1i. : L .' !-, i s- i. is -I I o I ls-
r:.I.: .- r it -e l i l ., I l

s.is-:.l.- r.sI r P 'iIlI r.. i s- s-Is

iF' r.s ,. : .'-

s-sri i s -r.. .l .i i '
u r -r.~ ll, m 1 I l.,: r.
,ssi, 'sI l ss-' rLI : I .1 1 iir

I r Ii C. is. .i' I1 .il -ip ii
1 .I r. s ; i I'

's-: -r. N I ssni .i .ifp[l s-I-- is
Tis- r| Ir-.' -i-nl' "

C.:rr l '-:C r l I
Sr I sr. il frTicn'- ni'-e lr '91

Quartermaster's Der. iT llii'-i -
Depot at Mount I l[: '
Depot Qiaarter a la a't r -. .c iiim-e -.
District Quiartera-ia -a : (ra : a ia-i-r ...l .1ii' -.h.
tion, 7, 54, 119, 1 i' : .21 :' 311
Labor force and *ii .r 111i i...ii r.-r-... .. .
90, 97, 122, 'i I' 'i 3'- 3I'. 3 I- a I
Ser also I.abor- r -
Mail for, 27.
Material and Su;'-.l.e- i... ... I
Price list, 33.
Property accountil k- in ii- :i.. 3'' 71-
Quarters. See Qli rier:.
Salary rating, 33
Seed, fordistrib ...:- 3 1"' L
Storehouses, trai sI.'-r : LII. i .-I. ,1 .a' r.'-.. r: '1 I1
Telephone direc,.:-r' 3
Work extended ai- n M-.n il ,:. .-'"-,- Cna-a[im i1
.SeeolsoChairns'i .inI1 Cni.i I. a -....e,"r mn... ihl,
Bachelor, fain ils. c"..': i ar' -
Applications I'.,r. :1 3 4 1 '
Held during 1, ,,.,: ..i -,-,':ie 3-'3 '`-
Five years' progr.- = 3"'
Labor problems I '. 13" 33', I' l
Monthly reports .i 3-" I. 1.i I 7 .
New. 33, 257.
Occupants. aver.t : ****I lI I 'l
Panaina railroad at C-.l:" :
Quinine, amount nus...- ;:

Concrete reirnforcei-:l..r 33- 31
Openllheari ste-:1 for P-na ra r ,nr. ,, ; 1
See also Supplie=
Rainfall, tables. S .'.r: -
S'e also Freshet-
Recreation hall, Co- '* I 3"
Agent fined, 335
,Maintainiangthl 1.:.r:ce . -i' ,':- a 3 1 3 1
Red Cross Society, C ...,.' ..ne ih,-,...:li I I I'
18 197, 198,2. 2 : 1 "' i 1 3 '. 3 I
Reimnbursemnent vol: lie. r r. il .: I .. I'.
Relocation work on i l'niitrur. r- Ir.,. Pri F' ui..'
Requisitions, corre-i :. .-_. :.' !
Reservoirs. SeeW ,Viir -l:,,n =
Revenues. See Post' Ci-'I:ii ..in. r.N i- ia,: .
Riot, Colon, 290,319
Rivers, correct desiria.iii-.. .' I
Roads. See ilighw ,
Rock excavation, st.I si'I."' -
Pacific Divisior .3 rIl 1 3I 1 14;5 1-''
Report of Board of ,ri l,::r-. .1.
Roosevelt, Presider t-
Culebra Cut,18 [rS.:- l
Engineers, special l: i tr r,...r -l :i- j .i-.l i- 1 .:. i C-a-.,
Executive Order - n- \-r:ai.'. O'ld':r
Messages to Cc,"rgr,.- I ', 1 "
Thanksgiving Fr -cr:i-m...1

SAFETY APPLIANCi I...- I'3 '1[ 31"
Saleof publicanin:.I- '. 1 i "- I' ".,3
Salvation Army. w-r 'c. 3
Sand for locks and .-a,. -
Chamin. 34, 41,. "
Nombrede Dio: : l 1 i| .1' 3",
Taboguilla Islal,. 3"
Wharf at Balb. :. 33'
Sanitation,. Depart u',:n :--.-
Accountable off'i.:'r- a .:
Changes in org...a i ..:n 311
Chief Clerk, aci.it i --.crr.a .. ia
Chief officer, ai:inc ..i icunin:nl 3i l
Director of Ho,=r l: .:.t r: ..i. -li.-h I '-
Health andsariLt.-,.I n ... ,r- r.r.:-- .c: -.""
Health reports i :.i..thl.. 21 .I I; I :j
Hydrophobia. r3'.:.".rim:n .l .n ."riia, 3
Larvacide. mannla .: -ur-: J'i
Pana rma anid Coln .' -..i t. .1. .
Quinine, aniouno n Ij=,. 1 ;2 I ri-c ti:
See also Chairmin iii i Ci,..: i1-.,gin.'.r ,.a-nthi .t
Santa Cruz dump, I
Buildings,n.,'s-a Il i 'I
Com position a r.,i .iI C n=-:-i...I ,'i
Enrollment 1; 3 '*3
Five years' c.r-t:c re. 3i, -"
Gradingai .jdditnff i.l: = 2!'
Report of .iiit- r.-Urn t.:-ai 1.
Superintena. -: ir 31
Teachers, a- I.;l:,..i-t i
Teachers' n .e-i- = c ., 1 iII Ij i-'i
W ork of la t *. ir andl inia.r-: l-,r,; 3l '
Sunday. SeeCl'i.r,:i .a1-rk


>.:.l," "*.-.* lalg f.:r i.q.i. a.:]..:i r''.k: 's": *..-,tIl.) 3a'l
*:ri ill. ,r 1 l l-lrlrr. "- ':' )? 10"

- ... I :I ni .-:. .ii I3
..: 1: ,~c -i..t-i .i .,D I I.:. .r la ;ir t. ill io n "3 1 '1 1 "3
=.. :r *.:< = 1..1 6- 5; '
I.' .r I ire.:I C l.in rir-rrl C. ain"i tl l:: T m I
"In .Ira C.:l J F .nl.-ri'I ... iT..:- .rl.' c- 3
i r .l ..'l. I r: i r .-r I-I ] ld '.:-r "I l n'. i, .n. 2.'
".Ii.rF Ir i'.l:'-l I..' Tmrr ''- .il rataaai--a- ..i i'l-

"1.:.r ir-i ..: Uil' : g. i.T I ri ii1' Ti
I .a 1r r ai i-I t. ai. ..
n]h,:,r,,: -rI l , : ridl,: ; ti, L r,,i -n :: I
], :k .: i t. 1 .: r i. -, .i .. V. 1l I ;,:
:. "' I .C ,: I '" 1 ''i.
..a I.a n i..i i l-ral. I ..:.a ... '.'. I fo r fI.3 1; J''1
.:. .r- ai.. ..1 .ir A ic- n1, I i-,.ndr 3.

I-.allI .. I '.. i ln-
C ni.l lil lor I"
C.-:'n .. *- rk 3 .3 3;32 ,;' ,
I" .:.i, l. 11 .. E: ,Iv:.ii.l]n l. .11
Pr-.:cre o w .:.rk II' 3i3 a [re[.--nrt-
1 .1 C Iar m.a .D I..l hm .:l C .ii :l.- r ia:.-in ll >
t.l l l ; .l '
.i-:* p~.. :r an.l n *l...- ri-.aiaiil.-.aa- .1j.
ULahr.ni I .an, a r a lr. .l -. i: J 3: 2'
,iriri la .' za1 .1 r. f,-r.: --I tl.3 C 1, ,
I rr.i ..i ir a *l rt r iar.: P .1 I .It; o' .'I t . c .5i 1 r"'
11 .ritiri n"'-ra'r .n Lan '. Ii rall t.i'rt-Aie..a r-
i, L.ie
I .o .1a i r ailr.- ' .i .i r ri .Iro-id.

a |i l,:,| I' lr C a > u.:.i r .-.- l ., l, I.'[ji:il,; Fr'a .a LC.,"-
', -Ia. '' ,..-.
"I T':.1 I-1 S ni d Fr Cli "

L-.. |ioi ri' -... r.
N arl.-.,r 1 ;

S. 2,'m .. ". -' a ?" 2'" :':*; Y'"' '"-

)':^?hi= j. n |' .:.iraa ii ,:11 Cli' ii'rl'n r a n l i..Ii,1
.-.ri i la :I ri : .: I 1 I hn : I r ,

ir, a''. i:l. -- -I-:r' L- . ri'l ''il--
oi. lthly =iui: mer.rn niI-*' a

h l n trl nt i Ir Chi f Eneh r r rt.1. r

.rk': Cr.:.1 -... :1l at1 .1 -. :,.i ,. L 1 .
It i i i,= IjPh I mmi : t- r. .. I I 1 .

S o d l. r, : tl= -,:l. ... : r.rnr, I . I

Im r .r. O n ,:'T_,.,ti l 1 r'
Bl. .t-r ir..r: lt n.i 14 o ni "u 1 5."
C,)a aor.-:':. .rl' -. .1- .murt r.aar t ti 1
C.inini.: ra. l Co in" r .
I ru in l: .'l : l-T ]L'-t;l . "

F iurl- ''] .. c -a r T--'ini'-ir i II ; I
I- :rj:. n r e-: I- m ,:1 .r nl 3 ll i =:.. :11 ,:... .

r. lhI n
'uh_,il = rlh:.: .n,:.:r i.'iLrii lld M '': ll, ii 1 21
Sm r-aia1.'- .. 3
I t ar r l ,,l Cr .'.il :oll r -ri r-l i, l ;4 1i-'
-" .i. .. C 11' r,' 11 a1 .'l-I Cht'f I 'n a-'i,:,:r a -A.. lil..
r,-I' a:,t
1 -'1..i ; -.:h,'I., C .l '.ir,:l -i r Lk.
Sjl idlr h Ci il l-: .. l
",,i r.h m .-
'4.,\ tiii.ndh .:-.i'r."i ri-
'rin rl or

'l '' 'h i' rdr

inail a e i nua-r.ai' i o-a .a ai'
E h 4r .L .t..r hc 1 I :i l 3,' ,
F g r .. I ':.'C .I 1 ,1.... n l. .:.. 11,1 t'.i ll
I... 'ilair- o c-a':.'. -

uJr'n': ..r ,\1 r.r.. I h:,.rd ..t.:Ia h:h 3-
''s ir-iritg.t .:..r i' =-. i.. in-i il l
ai' .a.i -:.h nlt,:rl.i.:kaa' i...': C L .'. r, I"


l.1.Lr- c t.,I :.r Feder. a l C lub' Il,
Addr" = E .l: I rl I: : :ed Cr :: ': :I. I -
I"r ll ,- r. I r: C .-r I I

T ill Pr. Il..'nl-
'4rrcl-r :hr'a lCn I t'urk .'"' :81 'l.
% n i to .C ,l /i d Z ne 13Y 1 1 ':' ]- 1's
'riri'l a .:l n% a rilt riiIa c ,tiid i'nr 3,'
T'1\ Collectl.r n .oiffi: B.lb.. ani.ael lo Aiico.' 3L-
T': ": cb r. .4.chn.olm
Tri cir.-|- 1'ini tl;1':r-liio e-
%.gr '.ii'er t.elta.cenl I=rhnl .in C a -.l Cc. 'iii :.
..nTd itie .i ni, .i r.'ii.. d 'S
Caleit.ra 11'iind exlen-l a r-'2.
li'l'aroa'a n':aa(- 331. ailr'.
rn I-r .iiid r -.' 3.'.:

Thl..ik ign Pre-t:.nitll : r.--r.,l 'nr1 .i' n -'2. '
Thl P -t -i Na.tion i l ot 'cal' r
'TI.l, ui blc. .v-,'-.e..,,:h =ue
TIii r i :i'd W it ih .7
ta":kk'.' .-i. ;ig =tructia.'a 3.
Timn: .'-r.:n,.l: of P.I.nnir ch il- ced 2i.
Tinie L.ble Pill in r .;lrald '?." 33; :ai. i4',o.
T'1'A i]l l M il rul'. l': r i r-lo. :- 17f I "'
r l.-nc- ,.e t= \,,: irela 35
r.:. liv l i':l :I i 111aiii l.- 011, I I '' 1-'3 2 '.3'"
Tr.:k hili't'ri motn1 1 ',i rr:! ori d- 1 ]I I' I2 01 1 22c.
Tr I, : 1 =L ii' r.l I'.n.nriai lirI', Is.1
Tr a' ;li- Fa' t .
T r..n -t r *,T:. l Iur- L-: = I .
T"r in :[i ir a .Ld .ii'-
Ce r il 'I n% il ._:> i n'' r'onn''U 2L1
Co i ni r' i1r. no r':' IL.rn':r.:-lt t 2"
: ipIot ., ,,., form Il1 13;.
I re. li t i rlll i 1I
II aimbur A. inn-:.in r.lt. i t, nirI:. L -; 1
i'r.,oblemtr repl.-, I:' .ion C A l.oudir a
I a1.l11: 1-11.-' C .rn ,:
K It. illo,.v:d e nhi.l.: ei 151 [,.:,' ?S
RNit' e' a. N'- av Oil.-..; aid New York 17.4 .40
KNd.'lCed r'iti ra..l'.|s a
';'.t.- i p t-u a-kel : I 'i' 4'la-tL I 1.j "i r7'j.
T. t ,-.l','or In ia :kli 1k 11 151. ii
Tr r ..hirifg':*aci- i-(: r i-=.g 1i|1ian 1 2'' ,'.1.i '
'r.:-.iir, C m...l Z.:.i''

'Ira ,- Itra l i i111 ':] 311
Tre. -l, Ul ail .1 "'L. I : Pa 11n i I '"
Tr'i i all id .. r li. Ld -.in, .e

T .n '' 2 3. 3 -

I rriii a A 1:. .o l r '.'ll 33I"' 3'1
r i.:., '- i a N.' i t:.i r,. d. Ur .:i s 1 .
T "- I', 133. I'" .r5

"L'u lie rr.:I .a tbr 13'


IUIme.-I Oli. C..** \ -
.IC,:; ,: tr int,.d 2.6 -.
-IJIk-"',n, 'e, l 1 'etlr.:,li.i ',',
Lnl-Jndint.7: k: ..: .I B.ilbo,, , *"
'. ,ll1
Unlitl *: I Cof .in il .i-ork Il5 14.
Il.-l,:a| Fruil Coimr-A.' -
A, *.-: l tnl.?ri 11,[l:n; st L ,:t 4-r,.: ill-'. 3l'4 .
T.irlo Eio laCl Care ;'i.
R i,:' Lo N ':w -'r -in- : 'a'n
*I. ll ; v : '- h ':U'

S': ,i lahir .' n': .3-"

S' '-t-rin..rv ,:n i':.: r-n .i--[' inini.dl= I' ''


%I s% L K A,. Pi -z I IiE I.'TII'i- recurd 136
.ilrEr -S ir.n nIiin i'l r'l-
C in.ll Zonei ',. l '
C.,l Ir 1, 4-i
I:llt-rrt.:.n' C-. rll .mal C i i t'l...i 1: 1
Inn..il.r' '.d l, ".l T.. ,A]i.1O ii nl H.lt..)s 3...
P 'in"i 'inrl T"il '. -2 127 38
R.I.:- lIr ,':rV.'e 311
i .-er ,oil a 33 ;. i,: '7. 3 313
'.i-l,. 2r'3 2'

Chl.grei ,..:r -_i.ri I"'I. 3i
Trin.Ili-. -.'a'r -i1 i-..3 322 .3 .
.:..ih..r r a:l.rl- m.iin lli 4?7 1I1 1i: 17' -.1 2.5".

1 .laaa 11 alit Ci i ii' a 2
,V~hir,,:-: *' I' :,:k i
1 'dlll .:.I t alr l C -n11 1'i 21; 21 .!-
Viair.l 'tlc-r.iph r P-':r[.' ll tll on 2.'.. i 4''l
'l'.=.rk ,iu.:a l:- 1 I r.il; 35? 4i
'. l I- Pairn.ir.r i ai, r-lr.11 I ', '-


SEL.LO' -E. r' laectr.:a;,t in miiletd [iort' 21.
% I M C .1 .. Com"r1n ='o Clblutihou-,:'




The Canal Record

Published *ee ly unaer tne !utnIrOiy ",d 5uper.s.o.of tInhe

T a',- , *0.-'.'.,,, g i i t '* .- , t.. j 6 T.
e. 1 i .J r I .... 1 f l.. ". . .*'. i J ,.
r .... ..i ,, .. -'. . ","4 .'t i ,
,I. ,t i' -' er, r 't; 3 ',t. *.I '. ,1 L. ',. r-, r -, i # , -

Address all Conmmunicatons
Ancon, Canal Zone,
lihnmu- ol Panama.

i' If .' ', *i .', .Jl,t ,J.i .' ." . ',


.AuuII-I Ecifiivalion.
jh r ii.id t:ntal S.:.1 ih a r.. ii]'url tll.
-iinn_, l1i t Of ALIL-U.;1 '.. j: 52 S".'6 ullIlI '.rd'6
all :1 '.. iictl, i. \c -Ft .il'i,"'.' cubic iard,-
v. i Lall-i Iro:nm ilie CiuAl [*in.11 Thi ;-
-3 3.666 cublin a i r. 'l .:.re 1li.ri tIhe il, lic,-t
T.,ri' i 'LIT ric'.'i i.r :\ci' aill'.i In lic r.win\
;cIaZ -n. thati .:I ul. I i' .ntii 22 1 c uLI.:
\ard- ;h.:.rt l li[tic til I 'che't re:.'rl. ithat .:.
M.Qarchi. 19'" There .% cr -'6 rki,.-ii a .1. .
I in .A\ucul lt [lt iiI'. nii ilii'er j. il ul'. 1t 1
the :rai i t.:.t .:. Au .:u-Ec. \ all.:.i '1 6, l
cul ,ic a .it I er Ir \c'. a. ll.:.n ani, 1 .i. 5 l
db .Irec.zc-
I ,'le a%.erage ruiilll a 11 i u u I.I u .:.r tli ter
r t .:.rr i r w which n". i i -.ia t : ill i r.: l ;
v.a- II.' ] ],,i>he- .:.ui re l v.i ti 11 1
Inicl t n ih ire ,:., ,:,n lh. lti il i. nIlhi 1. 7
inche- in .\L'u, 'l 1 *li"
In ti A lt .ilil-: L)l i 11 i llt i \C a .illo:.i a,
'1 2.7"-. cubic ar i:. .:. *. htcli ]h 1. '263 .:ubL i:
Satrr.- ver takeii Ir.n i t.e 1- l:.c it,- it I ,.-
unll. 5.:.' :'' Ir, ., lhe -|ill,.a. -j ii 6 3 21"
culih .: '.* i r I- i l, ; C .:,'n r-a.r,_ ill
.ui ., til -.- ,i,- l.' c i c\n' r l -.i.H I V .
CiU, '.: ar- .- le-- r.clr I c:Li-c e- a.-, .:I.l
illI tie -pil'.. . .it'in ri.i n i, pr.,n:icall,
iiillhc. l .il .i: I.:.' .-I -. LAkcn .:*T tiic
n:.rL; at .l ii de L e d 1i*, :1 lric .: cr

nlre':-e' 6," i hhu.'iC ..rl' '.ere tal:eii .:.ut
'.*, l jL C anall [_rI-* hi ,h l.Ili ,, F.l.. aln, l tinl
i- tile ]li. ic't rec.:'r.i e. .r nlaI.c i itei
C t:.l-:n i'r .i L'e.
li tlhc C lnitral r Il i..:n itiee a, I ; i .:.nIl nE .
1, 5i 4 ,61.l i c tiLc '. jro ra cic.all' ill .:.
.lh ch o i. t.ik, .:.ut I, t a. i i .' *:l- .,
co nipir cl '. tiii J ul; t[ii- i .', -'. cu i ,i:
jr.l -I ,..rc l'bhe i. .l Cahtlbra. i .:. i ,: ni:l .
Culel.ra ecti .: .. i thic Ceintril ill i, i.:i] oaidJ
the Airi,:. tl-I l ._ CJ' .t ii i h [ill; %, ,t].: l I. -
1.171,92. culiic .ard;, 5 ".'.1 iin.,re li.trn in
Jul 'lts. :nid 3S5.i6il cubic \,rd U.:n irt, h.u
in AIugu I'i", In the oli Chacre.. di'.i-
sin,. nii.n Chai .re- 'cCti.:.ii *-JI tli- Ccntrlr

I i. -i.:. n. .ll [._rc i,'. r:.ec :,rld cErc .r .i ken
Ir i : \'': LI.'u' *,' lf'n-'.ln. n > ll'"i 'ur, l'
AAll re I:'*l* rec.:'r1 : .'erc lIir.', eri Ii- i hli
I' :if ric r l .:.11 1 ** nii t >. *. .:r1 ci r
c t::l; .til 7 ,,.7 4 n,i .ii arlu l,. ir I hl' i t *.lr
ILIV-1.1 1 l t .,i I, l 33 U ,< U %
3i l [ -13 : iii 'i uii lt' *i' 1 ll C\'i.c' t Ira l 1

the lirt c i.' i r i.: l :. .
'. I_ .N TIC ,\ i -Ci- ,

1 i..

Ti, 1--


., 'i i. 1i
c .nil G d.-.i r .


- I - .t ,1 s:

- T i I I I .'

r*i iC ii'. i-IN


C i-i'..'

- 'I ii.'


ft .

T .. I'"-

U.n i nl"'I1I ir A 1: 11I .
The r.iinl.Ill la r .iuii r.i ;, I I' N.:.1[
u i i ..r n i .ci r tilie C.iii'l [pr i -'i 'li Ai ]jiI-
tli f'll 1 i.: .i l I- 1. ', C' '.I I 1 iiichT l -i
*:,,. er tle a,. era .: f:r lthi innl, li. I'll.- C -i
trial [ i ..:.i h j.i .1 lcr i. .:-. 1 I inclic-
Ir :n tllihe A' Tr. l.:r t e h' i r.:.ntl 1 1 iAcif:i
Fn -i,:. i .,- n a .\ ci:'. *. .: 6' n '. I . r Elie
, er .-: I.:,r tie ii .nlthi .\ Ar [l uiulc i :.iI
llic iJ[-'ier C i.L rc the i c. c .c ..r. ir liti
n rinthil .k '.-r.ae u 2 i cliei C [ic r iiin
inll it P'.' l'.' li.r il'- lli:. [li . .n .:. iic li
tli ni 't l .r.i [..r _Au '. ti n', l,.,ir ri .'. I .
m-I. | 'icAr Tiic pr. -u' ; .:..rn lii -

r,-i I

i il .. l

"'Iic r hiii ll

*.,J, .- 1 t .

I Jit Bh,.' ,:,u .\,ui 1

- *I -
.' : ,'h.n

,, ',,,.1 ,
u | .
" 4,1 th Lle

li uj 'i t 'I.:r '1ii, -Lin:.nv. tr rec ,rn .1 '..nl tii

Isthmius since the American occupation. Be-
tween 2.30 and 5.30 in the afternoon. 7.62
inches fell.
Alaxilmunt recordeil during the month:
"Fit'' mtii. Ten inin. One nr.
Alicou, August 7................. 64 1.20 2.89
I.a Boca August 7 .............. .63 1.24 3.28
Pedro Miguel. August 27...... 5 1.01 3.30
Bohio, August 7 .................. .61 1.15 4.50
Porto Bello. August 7 ............ .64 1.11 3.77
August Rainfall for Three Years.
Av'ge No.
sitaion. 1006. 1[07. 1908. siice of
station rainy
estah'd. da.s.
Ailannt' Di i'Ston-
Cristohal......... 1s4.31 l1S.-b' 16.89 15.22 26
Brazos Brook .... 16.25 17.51 18.19 17.32 27
Gatun ......... ....... 16.37 16.22 1S.90 27
lollio............ 9.02 9.10 20.50 15.76 28
Cteniraii h1)'itn-
Tabernilla ............ 11.34 11.02 11.15, 24
San Pablo............. 10 98S 10.70 10.84 24
Bas Obispo ...... ..... 12.20 10.23 10.02 26
Gamboa..... .... 11.33 12.69 11.84 12.46 26
Empire.......... 12.24 11.24 8.11 10.7d 24
Cainacho Dam.... 12.02 12.17 S.2S 10.82 22
Culebmra.......... 12.97 11.81 7.74 10.73 26
Rio Grande...... 12.61 11.41 7.65 10.83 26
Pacitic Division-
Pedro Miguel........... ..... 9.31 ..... 23
Ia Boca .......... 7.53 8.63 10.4S 7.27 21
Ancon ............ 6.43 7.46 11.4.4 7.34 21
Upper Chagres-
Alhajuela........ 26.10 10.67 16.67 13.79 27
Contract for Gatun Cableways.
A contract for the cableways of the mate-
rial and concrete handling plant for the Ga-
tun Locks has been let to the Lidgerwood
Manufacturing Company of New York, for
>309,000. This contract includes one single
unloading cablewayand two duplex unload-
ing cableways for the docks, and four du-
plex cablewavs for the locks.
The lowest bid received was that of the
Balance Cable Crane Company, which was
informal, no bond having been given when
the bid was made. The plant which the
company offered did not comply with the
specifications and was unsuited to the work.
The next lowest bidder was the New York
Cableway and Engineering Company. Its
lowest bid of S277,800 offered motors for the
important part of the work, which were evi-
dently too weak. Another of its bids,
s299,975, remedied the defects in the lowest
bid, as to the motors, but offered other parts
of the mechanism which did not seen suit-
able for the work.
The S. Flory Manufacturing Company of-
fered a bid of >278,400. but the bid was
somewhatt irregular, in that the total figure
-lid not agree with the total obtained by add-
ing the different items, that total being
S295.340. But apart front this informality,
certain parts of the mechanism were such
chat the guaranteed capacity of the unload-
hig cablewavs was s.nall as compared with
the capacity of the mechanism guaranteed
by other bidders, and to accept the bid
*.vould evidently have cost the Government
more by (reason of slow operation than it
would to accept the bid of another bidder.
The most favorable bid offered for the

No. 1.



(Contin ied)
Government was that of tile Lidgerwood
Manufacturing Company, at S309,000. Upon
the recommendation of a committee con-
sisting of Lieut.-Col. H. F. Hodges, Maj.
Win. L. Sibert, and AMr. Geo. D. Brooke, it
was determined to accept thelast naned bid.

Mindl Work at Sea Level.
Excavation at Mindi is down to sea level
for practically the whole length of the chan-
nel. This work extends from the old French
canal at Mile 5 through the Mindi hills, a
distance of half a mile, and tile channel
will be 500 feet wide at grade. Most of the
excavation is in argillaceous sandstone.
Steam shovel work was begun there in July,
1907, and up to August 1, 560,474 cubic yards
had been taken from the prisml at this point.
There yet remain to be excavated about
1,000,000 cubic yards. It was the original
intention to take the excavation down to
below sea level with steam shovels, break-
ing up the remaining rock with numerous
blasts of dynamite and then taking the rock
out with dipper dredges. This plan was
adopted because it was not thought feasible
to keep the excavation below sea level dry
enough for steanr shovels. Experience with
the pumping at Santa Cruz and Matachin,
where thle work hasadvanced without inter-
ruption throughout the rainy season, has
led to the decision to continue the steam
shovel work at Mindi below sea level. With
this end in view a sump is being dug at the
north end of the cut and is already down 25
feet. Two old French 10-inch centrifugal
pumps, belt-driven by two old French en-
gines, have been installed and it is believed
they will prove equal to every demand made
by the rainy season and by seepage from the
sea and the old French canal. A small
stream of water is flowing into tihe sumip at
16 feet below sea level, apparently from the
sea, but it is not so large that any difficulty)
is anticipated in keeping thle cut free from
water from this source. A track for the
dirt trains is being put in at sea level and
a parallel track will shortly be put in at
a lower level, so that the shovels will not
be interrupted by the lowering of the tracks,
made necessary by the progress of tile exca-
vation. Two steam shovels will be continued
at the work for the present.

Gatunr Daun Work.
The second experimental dam at Gatun
has been finished and 85 inches of water has
been turned on to the south, or upstream
toe. This represents thle 85-foot head against
Gatun Dam, as the experimental (am is on
a scale of 1 to 12. Sand was pumped into
this dain from both the upstream and down-
stream toes, with the result that the finer
particles of silt were deposited about half-
way between tlie toes, forming a core of fine
impervious material at the center of the dain.
Although the experiment is not completed,
the progress so far made shows that the
seepage through this dam becomes regularly
less as the water advances toward the center,
until it is almost nothing at the core.
The borings on the site of the Dam are
practically complete, and tile test pit, which
is down to 90 feet below sea level, will prob-
ably not be sunk to a much greater depth.
The recent developments merely confirm

thile conclIusiol: I, ,,--.l '.h ii. I c- I'ii l. -l- i inI
earlier period, iliir l ine, r h l,.i ,i -i I.- i.,.
factory. A re ,.:Irl i In -l- l li.- I... 1 i, I, -:
to tile Chief I- Lii,----r
Tile second Ii,.r .:. ll: ir'-Ilia i. Ita,- l.T1--
com pleted aloi iil .:i r i-- r 'i Ill,. .:milh
toe of the Dar l .I..-. -..- 4 ir,.l i- r.l,.
idly being fil'-- i illi r,. h Ir.:. iir :i n I: l.
rock and earth ir.:-.ii Mindi iti.I lt ::.. I
tion from thl. ,,. -.t ,.I- llh,:. ,ll .. i,
Excavation i: i1.: :1.ill '.: hi- -.LIcu *:-r -
pleted and thl- i .- l.tr. i. ,-- a i *,,,rl.
cleaning up.

Topographic Miap C.'en lral I1fll_1al-n.
A base line "' :>. "- :' l i ,u-. h I.- I. -, i m.:.:u
rately lmeasiiurl i -a i .- r a il t ,ii ir,:
and monunme'-l- [i ,-.-_ :- .-I I iti :- :i, *:ih
Moiumentshi : ..il .'-ii c- r lalit :. I i.r tli
sum m its of all lull- 4.iln 1- a t.-.r t .r : Il,
Canal on each -ilI- lci ..- -i : i.l i-.-'. indl
Pedro Miguel Tli. -- i:..'r li:r l th l -
base line, will 1-rnm I -i ri .. I rni:al .
tion, and the *:.-,'r.:r:t a liI IJ..l- ,- "- 1':l mn :a.iu"
ment will b(. *l.t -rniiic.l Ir-:m In hi- run
from existing Il', iiin-,'.ii i i'I -ajr' -
will then be i-l ':I ]' ll. l-t lr .' ..ru a rl .n h in -
umentsand t,-e tL i it-l ,i I I i r iilr.-il
lines, so that .1 i: r.:-.:t .:.:.1i1.:. r -0.- i.:.|t,-
graphic m ap mill : I .I : i :.- ta rli- ta rri.:.r,
surveyed. ThI -ijr-. .'-- irT- I l. n.. 'al-I-. 11
times when ei' i:r 'r i.l It i l ith LCi-
nal work, so itli n i., .[.- i r-i. ll m im hi ir:, ii-.
ployed to do lan, i:irl "I I,. iin ill I.:-
started soon, nia,' l'.a-a:h l :*: I |Im'I-t:.I Ill -l-..
thle general -.:-p.:. ir .in -11:h 1 lill -.
streams, reset --ar-, Ih -u- C.,iil iiil- r.il-.
road lines-oil .- i,: "_ 1' ': -.ll 1" 7 -,i i.I.

Cutting Into Bank- nt the Ter-nilnall-.
A t both tl:- .\rl ill : i. r l'i.:il..: -.., .:,1
the Canal thi .lr:-- i- aI I.c:.ul r... i ] -I,
tile distance i- -7 n i" 1 [ia '- %.- .n. Ii,
Lim on Bay t,'.: li ..r in.I ..: .. I r ii-.I
ladder dredg ir: i.ir,.:.r ii lal-ir i m.ili
tlhe bank to ,r.I llrI: PIl.h Ii ll- 1 h1,. 1- .:
excavating coril i -I IIa 1 - i I.:. -, ,l. -li .:.
20 feet. A I H i iiiih l i i I.,:, n 1,
through the Ir- I1l i lih,: r-:-.:-k l i-ic l I11
advance, and l it l. I. re-a- j r:. .I] h -tli, .:,- -
blasting has' ,-:n h- 1 :,, r T- I :-: r- :,- -,-
will be follc.. 1, I t. l, --:-- .-:-i ] u.-:n-:-
dredge A-I ro, ..h, I ill .. rl. It I[, n111 I
below the rc.-:, -tr.,il ihi rrt. lth -hI.a.-
nel down to i, t',--,
At La Boc. t- l': i ,:'; --ii --I tl'c iina l,.
ladder dredg-- N.- I ..I lt- I.1.1 1 r ina .- i
dredges, has I ...,- ii:.,- :.- I- :i lt i :,',Ii:,-
tlIe end of ti I mia ill r ilr.:- l iurl aadl
is at work -:.1 tIi, .-- .r I -i .il;i
channel 14 :--It it i t :. I i-c I i -
going ladder -Ir- ,Ie '-. ". ,. i.:-,in, hl-
firstcut in.th- r-:-l iI lr; :ntr ,,,: I.: i l r-
bor and wlihei tl .,- :rl i: 6ni h-l '-..ill .- iil
dlredge No. 14 1ii '.- i ui llr Il i li--Ili-h i i l-
the inain lan-l II 1, II.:. : -. ill Ie I 11, ,.' -,I 1.-
the sea-goin. -i..:i.:- -lr--li'..- -_ .- .; lii-:
will lower thair -: il t -ier lh : I:l .- i -
mean tide.

Freshl Fruii atnd V. el alile -.
After SeptIiil..:r I .:.1.1 -I-.:.ice -i .-er .- -
from New Cr1-iii- l.:. tl- -- 'u -Il:[a-.i in.--
partiment onl Illr- I tliaiiu- '. ill I. na. r
week instead ..I --ia.-: in ta- ,I I ,li- r, .:
fore. This :- .,. :- 1 AIllrr I i, Ill ei il,,
it possible t.- k.:ep i .:t[t.r -I.:..: l Ir i t-,
and also to r1--le-ii] li ihic c,-:ti. le 'u|.l.l.
m ore frequently I I -... 1'.:'.., hi.IA irti-. --l

. .t.i,-t T., l -.r.:.u -hl ,i 3 ''--c- 1: ,l-m i, -. 1I

O,:l a .:. .. hi L.:. .1:l I.i. {Id u vi .- i:.I .l.h 7'1 -... .LI -
.: hl .:1 rn .-.i .\I ; u i l I .r.:.i i l i .:. i .-:.
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imt -Ia- --Ia ^'.:|.I l. I..-r -' *:.-l rl [ I- I l-lu-:.-

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ri -:.] a-, u ,nn ..r --i '-i i i l-i..u i .: nul -
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,: ,,: l,. ."''liirr-li- m pl-l,--. t Ia rc it-: -ia- -',n
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.i.i--. n i .-.I.7l rl F l- i 'n, r Ci-i- trial [l -
.l-l.:.i a n'[ 1. J l .h li n11' :t i :tll il n"7 lr -
hi -r h1-., I 1.' 7:l l .l p os;ll .:.. ll i lce l--
p r-.: .,, r =T. h lir i |'-':ll' : It l I.:.l .:.r Ir.:.,.- .
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t I l t,.,. :.r Ir -: |.' 1 r-, [l .:.. 1. i'71 Il. ll 1 --
l-r .ri I.:r .r I .- in ill r i]lr.. I, 1 i
itr :.k I ll .ia- rt a.: k I I IIh=- I.th -
lllml l Oli il C.':Tl *llll .:.- l l, l,',-1 1 -' :.:.I ,
Lr a li.:- i i rr i- il na a -- ur- *:i i ii I -ii
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C in l '.:.rl;

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1-[ ll lhi F.,14 h '. r..'ii. a ,:, '. t tra lh ,.
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IT r T i- I r ,- t- '. 'r .. cr .-I r i ll .l 1, 'li
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ri'rl t ul,> 1 un lajrl i11 I .:- .:.
'. ':r :.-al ] inrot -, i la li- .. r--':k I,-
t ll.:n i, Il I'l. : l i i i i .: I r.11 r ..t Ill -:,: .r I I -
1i 1 L 7.- *I ,-:l, I.- 1 -:,:: ,,l lI ai :ll ir .i\1
th I,,.h Iah- I---- a. -- 1,1 h h iII, th II a ar .-
1 ll -_i- ll --ma._ l. I I i, r -. a 1: a i l i ,,rl.,
Ic : 'u .: it .l- l r: I.r-1 [I 11 1h 1 I l ll :. l -
l lt .tI l :. r 1 ': t l . r r il i.l '. l -. i l I i ,
I,7,r h fr .: rh rh H i 1:1 Iii 1 ill [I,. '

F l -idr ii. g in i -ii C. ll l'are-
M ,\iiiiii ilct:-ill -A Cliit'r- il I.t -
'. it[-r l.:,r l lr: ',, k le n -i .' 111l n[ 11 i I .\u -



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-1-o l- -,-.. .- I .,,i

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I-. -a---- -i
-a--.- --

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'i ,a ,:

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-I.1-: Ill in C .:. A1; rc -:r .:r Lij I .:.h-i1
;iaa-h,-', l i lt,.i rh ,; rc- r I ta .- ia lin' tillain : ,i



Rec.-nimendauilon- 01' ilh'- nil ar%' Li-part-
iR-nl in t1-c rd I :. It

l .i- ., tir' i' iiiilt I" llh I.I -: :' a rabid
j1imaiti [ It '. ni:-t i- 'iiii i -l'.ii 'logs,
'j<. -ir a ll! .t h ii ,-I r:.: ,I 1 rh. -.:.r h:r i killedd ,
.ltb .u.' ll 1 I ..1 .r ailhllll. .lrde ll-r le to
ith. .fi :.!:,-. and ', I i -:. .It, .:) Ill m ay
tr.iur in t it i. il. i in I tiliLe r'rrc tulions
l-h.:.ul. 1 ; .I k t: .r- i .l.:.r c-l r- : i ). .L itc. troin
nin. UL:b illnial:
\Vhr-l i d.:.o r Ir-,.:.II In L r .li.1 ir '- no10-
l c .:'l ,. li -,, c v. ',i, ir, 1 3' lh1 1li r ',' l i hiul
Liit b,: chlira. ter hi,- riti.lr -ud'i'lnl' al-
t-r-.1d .\ I l )dog: in.:.!.e- -i.l .i .ind lr.! ed.
.\ 'imll and qu40t-i i I"-"':.t r"-tl or
"it..>t t .:.r t.!t
.\b.:.ut 1- -. r c:.!m .:.f ,d1.:.g: ,l:t.! :l.:.ping
Iri i i.'.:. ri r -.': l':- e t'l.]d i.1] m ore
..r I. :- i, l L..Li : 11.1 lu ri -.u : il .ir ..:.ice is
.iter.:r-d ilid the ':':,'r,:r r ter :Il:. -inme
lt2 id. -ii .:o ru= I: .Il.:.ut L.-.irm z 3i1 ilting
aL .'.,_--. r I- in1 lhi-ir .*. i. 'flT e .1i bite
tlh ir m ai t.r ..r air .:.tl r t-. r-.:. .ii] will
L.bu a' J '.* all.:. p !: ,'1 u .:..:..I. cI:l.:.tlhing,
li:. iil:., 'tl: r irnr lIn: "l.i the' dog
ni1 tr .,. l o.i I-ta l.' ttl' il d,-:. and
.:.lh r a 11n l .11.1 tiLut -I.r. .li In lh dis-
t,:- L.ilt r lth d.:, Ic.rn'' "- lir ,l, z.d.. the
p.iarAl,'i- :e'-rii'rT .ill. .ii -'. rini tr: mi .:i le or
b...th .:.I Ithi ii. I : Th. j,%, i r.:.).-, sa-
h' Ir.::. Ir..i In iii.:.uth and hi eyes
zrr .intirkl H e .:, h'i ,L q ':.n ilurt- ex-
lH uLl:t'l r.:.iji ll: ldr a.d Id ira' l tl 1 -pas-
mj..-'lc c.:.nltr th.:in .:.I ianu le-. l'.tc:.i ing
c.tu i|,ile- l pr.:.-tr at .i l.-1.:.r- -.i llh
'Fla r,':, r] uiii' i per '-.''. I,'.irn'. par-
Alt z-d alm o ].' th -.:. i t ".1 u p ,..- .:.l ex-
citenirTrl '] L.:-:.: .].1 : :r:cr [' ilt.:. .om1 d- *lark
or ner .aniid -lie iln ;'. .. r lhr-- .]i :
R .il- ii tillt. dl.e; l -t: -ni uill lLur .:.r five
.la. Z, but ill,1 .:-.ur :- .:.t th- .hl -, tiu.,- be
a- zh.i rl a I .:..:.r a- l..In, .- tcel d, i, `
Th,: pr-: .:,. i. ii the- r,'i -.t ,:.' 1I bite
and tht 'I .l-- rlnlt ':1 : 1nl.t.:.m =: Iin a dog
-. u u' il .:ii. i .: I .' :. Li.:iii T I .' -'.riod
ili. h,:.. *r: I.1 .'r: .lt l l r.:..:.lin -.d -. :n to
t .e l. i'' ni.: li- tl:. ti it [ t. I .r., I nquar-
jintiit [..r :J.. 1- t* r ul. th e .i l .i.-t t.- elve

l pcr -.n r .Itt.:n b, i*..t1 li tL -ubse-
qu:.iill V* ahii '.:..:.r lther : .1. --d.?,- lops
:L.niplt :iii. i l' r bic-, lth t -. p r..r it in an-
car .:. ;i.:.li r ctinl l' l" .i e -.-i -"_,: ;e a
r.it.' ] nl mn = .' rulrtl.' ,t .' ..i.cntiin the
Slru2 ..I rib.t i1 .v ,r ihre F .., : I. .Li.r a the
- ii l *h:a : ,:1' ,!x ', : t l n :t ,lt : .i _,]-,, .ir
Th'I .l :.'l = = it l. b':- I I .rul intr .i t this
rti_..'., a d di.' lurien 'tlhf lr'...Il .of t' c =i m p-
t.t.- !-.r- ut,.:.. : = .:.ulbd. i l. .i i 1.:. pre-
..rit : ailt, I r.:.m thI d.. '= L .:.ui-u-! .:.r m south
crel ] i liL .t Itre 1, : ut .:.r il.r' i :. .:i :.i one's
hanud .:.r ,,lh r l i,,. ':.1' p rt
W\ .. n.|d i r i ..ii l ., r.-il- .1 .iiii tb.:.ul.- be

u irn" '% A.-r. l.:.ll.:.) t .I b e t:.trtel l c ul riza-
tli. n i ti 1 1 -:-I ir.:..i .:.r >:arl..:.l : .:.r nitr n acid
u ln:-r t!,'- dir:-:tin aI ip..:ciau
N 1-.r:.n bilttl: ,y ka ral..d an.luml -hould
inm t l.inm :d pr zc. ul hlirn :.ll l.:.r thil- i'a teur
I 'rc cllt' tre Ltui l l.:,r I d r. -.i._ or
iliiak:r! .irrai ol;r: 1ui-r:'. l.:.r t ik IInL r.be treatment
Il -:*:Ale: :' the iniltu l,:,iin: in ihll- United
Slt-lt: AuL. d,.la.i h.i. lIe mterpl.:d 1.,. the
era', rt Jan.ucer
A d, ,.:.r .:.'h.r .,niail 'ph:td.] .i:, hia.ing
ralie- slh :uld. .li h it i -.. ibi L.,"- closely

confined and kept under observation for
ten days, because if rabid it will certainly
die within this period.
All animals bitten by a dog suspected of
having rabies should be confined until tihe
results of microscopic examination of the
dog's brain are known, when if negative,
they may be released-if positive, destroyed
or quarantined.
It is of the greatest importance that all
dogs suspected of being rabid and known to
have billen flersons or animals should be
confined and kept under observation; if that
be impracticable the dogs should be killed,
and their bodies sent immediately, or packed
in ice and sent as soon as possible, for di-
agnosis to the Board of Heal/th Laboralory,
Ancon Hospital.
Under no circumstances should dogs or
other animals, suspected of having- rabies,
be destroyed by burning or burial until it
has been positively ascertained that no per-
sons or animals have been billen.
When it is certainly known that the sus-
pected dog or animal has not bitten persons
or animals the dog or animal may be de-
stroyed, preferably by burning and imme-
diate burial.
Rabid dogs should not be shot through
the head as that interferes with subsequent
examination of the brain.
During the past ten months rabies has
spread to several places in the Canal Zone,
from Panama to Mount Hope, so that every
one should regard stray dogs, cats and other
animals with suspicion as possible conveyors
of the rabid virus.


Labor Day at Empire.
The mechanics of Empire and the rest of
the Zone respectfully invite all white
employes of the Isthmian Canal Commuis-
sion and Panama railroad to take part in
the picnic and dance to he given at Empire
September 7, 1908. A band will play good
music day and night. Refreshments will
be served all day long, some good speakers
vill speak briefly and to the point, and at
night there will be a dance. The morning
exercises will include parade and athletic
games, and in the afternoon a baseball game
will be played between the boilermakers and
machinists. Special trains will be arranged
for to accommodate people from along the
line who wish to stay for the dance. A
ticket entitling the holder and his family,
or his lady friends, to admission, both to
the games and to the dance are being sold
at $2 gold a piece by the following commit-
tee: L. H. La None, R. \V. Cook, H. Sur-
tees, Chas. Poultney, G. M. Earle, Patrick
Kelly, William Fox, J. 'W. Fein, all of Em-
pire shops.
Empire, C. Z., August 28.

A Masonic Stag Party.
The Empire Masonic Club will hold a
stag party and entertainment on Septem-
ber 9, at the new fraternal ball at Empire.
The entertainment will consist of selections
by local talent and after it is over a smoker
will be held at which refreshments will be
served. The entertainment will begin at
7.30 o'clock in the evening. Brothers let
the good spirit move you. Don't fail to
Empire, C. Z,, August 29.



Warning Against Political Assessments
and Partisan Activity.
At the request of the United States Civil
Service Commission, publicity is given to
the following abstract of a pamphlet pub-
lished by that Commission relative to politi-
cal assessments and the partisan activity of
Persons in the employ of the United States Gov-
ernment while retaining the right to vote as they
please and to express privately their opinion on po-
litical subjects shall take no active part in political
management or political campaigns.
Employes of the Isthmian Canal Commission will
be subject to discharge for political activity.
The following forms of activity have been
held to be forbidden by the provisions of law:
Service on political committees; service as delegates
to county, State, or district conventions of a political
party, although it was understood that the employes
were not "to take or use any political activity in go-
ing to these conventions, or otherwise violate the
civil service rules;" continued political activity and
leadership; the publication of a newspaper in the in-
terests of a political party; holding office in a club
which takes active part in political campaigns and
management: the circulation of petitions having a
political object; service as a commissioner of election
in a community where it was notorious that a com-
missioner of election must be an active politician; ac-
cepting nomination for a I5olitical office with inten-
tion of resigning from competitive service if elected.
Existing laws in the United States pro-
vide as follows:
No person in public service is for that reason un-
derany obligations to contribute to any political fund,
or to tender any political service and will not be re-
moved or otherwise prejudiced for refusing to do so.
No person ill said service has any right to use his
official authority or influence to coerce the political
action of any person or body.
No officer or employee of the United States Gov-
eniment shall discharge, promote or degrade, or in
any manner change the official rank or compensa-
tion of any other officer or employee, or promise or
threaten so to do, for giving or withholding or neg-
lecting to make any contribution of money or other
valuable thing for any political purpose.
No officer or employee of the United States Govern-
muent shall directly or indirectly give or hand over to
any other officer or employee any money or other val-
uable thing on account of or to be applied to the pro-
motion of any political object whatever.
No person shall, in any place occupied in the dis-
charge of official duties by any officer or employee of
the United States Government, solicit in any manner
whatever, gr receive, an' cQntribution of money or
other thing of value for any political purpose what-
Any person who shall be guilty of violating any of
the above provisions shall be guilty of a misde-
meanor, and shall on conviction thereof be punished
by a fine not exceeding .5.000, or by imprisonment
for a term not exceeding three years, or by such fine
and imprisonment both, in the discretion of the
Liquor Saloons Closed Labor Day.
It is ordered and directed, by the Isthmian
Canal Commission, that all. saloons and
public drinking places is the towns of Las
Cascadas, Empire and Culebra, be closed,
and that no liquor be sold by them between
the hours of 12 in., Sunday, September 6,
and 6 a. m., Tuesday, September 8, 1908.
\VwI. 1L. SiBERT,
.Members of the Islhmian Canal Commission.
NOTE: Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau and
Mr. Jackson Smith, members of the Com-
mission are absent in the United States.
Culebra, August 27, 1908.
The best record for excavation in one day
in the Central Division during August was
made August 28, when 60,210 cubic yards,
car measurement, of rock and earth were
taken out.






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ri-quirtil ,lor .*oi>ri .rL lit till- I I. i .lL
Ii r i lll, . l .. i i it l l ] n l'.., u- |.
pi:. tHill- r':.ick, i 4- Ui rr i t l l. .: i. i i
P,_r O ", llo. 1 IlIrl...r ,i l l tl4,: 0. r 11 < 1 ea.1
t-inhteUi iilil';I L i't oL Colon-II i'r n Lrilt., ll,:
rcif o, I I, -t.t l ..t- .I l -- p l.,.t t-: li it li
rock li.r- :, 1i lii-- r I inL iL i : t Lit i.,m l 1
or o i'n rt-t,:. hili. tin.t iijit e it` pr n'tit
,:-nll uillii ltel. hO u, l l IIi l-.: nl0t o Ill
l lor t i ."or:- ir. ; itu ii. Iut il;,: i',r a L.r-il.
..'iter .it til- .\ l lillit I alr i ii'c Et t lie C .ti .I .
It it I' i.Iem e l ..ir t ,- l..ii l.l if t: ,r li L.- -
ploritlO in' I ., 7m:- ,l 01c L,.rin-1 J it tlri- : ll
e-t iLn iIt 0 1 .l .l '1 1 .lUi i ; l. ] 1 r.I- ...I l I. 1
ro.:k i t illtr .:o lii t.: rit ilio v.er-: thit 1 1 -
w. ltblll -it' n le.I I n .ji ir i-r rL r tl i.an *ii ,
othlir ult l t.lti: -ill. ,-u it. 1 itir trin iprortid'
I; 'bejp. tl lu rtrr .,t Porto :, ille:. i; ,n \.
celledl II. fith rot k .:;- li Ii- l-ntL Ir in ii h-
qui rr .- Lto thlie cru -l..r. ti..l Iron Ii ll: ;lii:r
ti: llhn >2 :, ', i iti_ -._-i l -, -r. ir., ti'nd .
th rr.-ljrc, the 11 rllln.1,:- .\pLl-t-c il l_,- ,. ht
Porl o B lI, prop. ,r I i t i e 1i L tlt i i tn l t
ct oim e lour liti.iflre I pi- ople. l : il. oi ,i
I rnrld-lod -... I i i lr.: l i l I I h ill Li t- loI gl
lln ] b ll a t il : ,iL L. "r-i,. IhII )P[ rtlll n1 r-
ri r ., .\ X i 1r .':-. r I i i I ri .+ l I. i .let Il Ir..h i
Sth -.: U S .' .... -h 1 -i i.. t ...l- r Iroin
5 I, 15 litl ,:hoi ii r.,:t ill ill tilit hlir ,or
W IL:r.- tl I Co,.immnui-l ,:ion .*1- >: I his I.LCeIi builtt
1 i te -jler i ; froni t-'I -. r l "li.i. t Ite: ])

I i. r4 I lir r:. i l Il l ji r r I I I l i ; -- i -r. l r--
LIrTn: ih lt-i l t- thtli ,:ent, .r. U lt th -.t ll,'.

.Atl n it : port for L .* e rl in. I tr.il : f -. -. ro -; tie
I-thl ill 'i ll- O .I. j.' l. : i r .i l l IO I th- L L
Cru.' i ; trill t Cr .:e:. Itrt il- 11 l-: '.. li- r
tr i ll ;: u.p th-: C if i-rci Irti.i f'ort .,,oriit-.',
t.- t ll ,l l ipp :. l u r:Hit rul im ii f'_.rt- ]I
bl tll .i tI -- ..I tht: I., it t i .. -i 11t lLc I, p it
It-nI -it .1 -.t i-rl. .Iati tho2uio tt l-hi port ctll
S north ll n.l.r l il,.- .'\ Ili ,r-: UiO-,lern rl,,rtre .
on thrI I ,I t- iI hoI r nien t t, -ii lce I rII tI,-.rIt i
th ir; th li *l iLte 1 7. NLair t -l-; lort ire thri t
,.iu rclle- ,o, '-* ll ,I u -e i 11 in IltII.r lIc ir-
I1 I- "n r ,a- 0, r :, llot >:0 l.h ;tr,.lt:c lrli 'I'll.: t ilr.l
1I i rui l.I 11 ",o>t 2 n ll,: -ij it o pi. :' -
.'. u.i'_r li ,'. h*i rent ,il ir, 1 1'_ l nl: *,o rr r .1
'2an . ,. : 0 I ll.,:.ut., thl lI ,:,-:1i . l l l -.,io li
I e i .t: r,- ir.: I,: i p ., ,i rLe [,,Il
tIliil r _: li o, -]I..:r I-tr i, tIll- i r o I
Il n o rrtl l i, Ii o r .1 : ln .,,, ,- -. l -. .I. r|i-
I irl .or. :. l. :.. r-:r thI -: .1 t lll I thi -: .\ in-rl.
c a n r: l l.in -l it L : 11 1 t0 i 'i ' 5 I :- --:t
. Al :iIn -l -.. cn Llr el I .1,". li. i t,-rr I.:.-
ir,-o u nl I'i li ll li l..r ill. Ili-, i' 2l. t.'. ,:In to
th e .'ir -lier I i, I ' ..,: i t r r I I ;ru, -hr
p l .n ilt, i I rr 1-il l. r tll r:i ,l i. tr i k i i -.,
th ILl irr', in I r '. r:- I 111 ; -llO,-. -l I -
litcd.l Iro,.in i: I: -.' ap II li,: ] -i lILtt
lo i1 o n p.ilt o l .I .1 l Ill .: r l- 1- i .. p,:-r
.: l t . tl r tl t i 1 ]-, I u t i[ l lh l u lnll i ll l l lh ,r
Ice Or ', i, I 1 11' Ill .1 lurl:. 1 -l : t ,l: op ol
t hll i l ,.' ill A: lli ,lO u l. Il l i L r 1 .I u l -l -
il'r il ,' li :..I iI l l i1 : i [LA I I I:. I 'p.:.-'
e r, lo it -, .-t th[ I ..-t o tl,: I l l. -,nli i 1l|.,
lthe: p:,'." rr, -e I. ,'. Lli lt: '-A in 'i2.,htl-.Iart
.\l in X l:' ilil o -Il'r :6" t at.1L o. v le. I I
a DP :-;iuville ritIlrEl d ia in op riIt t I ll- I
tribiIutli, g Ult- rn i i l r.,u." l h: I.\ ,1- l lec1 t ,I
hilli:,ie th.t it 1- propo, t.d t,:, trp Miit,:-
r 3il i4 eu lt t-.. lite 6,- icot lI- .-I ., i rtrlltl .
operitcd L.,- i hoiiing cii; ','e n I, ,oot :.,
the hill Jtr-ppn- g -'ll >, 1.on- h.,,drrau-

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:,.I. :r r-. r,- -:r, : i ',- ll . ,lti ',000
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,-,,rl. j i, l :_ i ni ii r.. lQ ,.5 M. laria
1 '.irul-:nt 1., pe li, .l.- ,i oj '. r'.:'.urrenit. In1

the week ending May 18, the number of ma-
laria patients sent to the hospital was 9.9
per cent of the population, and in the week
ended August 15, tile percentage had
dropped to 2.3. The type of malaria has
become less severe and the number of recur-
rent cases is small. This improvement was
brought about by establishing good latrines,
piping water from a temporary reservoir in
the hills and boiling it, cleaning the settle-
ment of brush and using oil to prevent the
breeding of malaria-carrying mosquitoes.
A good sewer systent has been installed and
all of thie buildings in use have already been
connected with it.
To furnish a permanent supply of whole-
some water a concrete dam of the gravity
section type has been built across a moun-
tain stream. This dam, 46 feet wide at the
base, 258 feet long at the crest, and 77 feet
high, crest 105 feet above sea level, founda-
tions running down to elevation 28, and
containing 5,052 cubic yards of concrete,
was built in 37 days. The force engaged.in
its construction was divided into two sec-
tions of 50 men each, one section being at
work in the sand and gravel pit loading cars,
and the other in mixing and placing the con-
crete. The sand and gravel were dredged
from the bay and pumped ashore to a bank.
From here it was shoveled into Decauville
cars and hauled up the tramway to a point
above the mixing platform, the cars in trains
of four or five being hauled by a hoisting en-
gine stationed at thie top. The gravel bank
elevation was about +5, and the cars were
dumped from elevation 110. From the dump-
ing platform the material was shoveled over
a 1-foot bulkhead on to a set of double
screens arranged one above the other. The
sand passed through the upper screen, and
sand so fine as to be unsuitable for concrete
work passed through the lower screen and
was wasted down thelhill. The gravel passed
over the upper screen, and the materials
were mixed in proper proportions on the
mixing platform at elevation 88.5. A Chi-
cago cube concrete mixer of two-thirds of a
yard capacity was used. Water is supplied
by gravity to all the buildings in tne village
except the family quarters located on a hill
above the reservoir, which are supplied by
pumping. The reservoir has a capacity of
27,000,000 gallons, and is now full of water.
Examination for Examiner of Accounts.
The Isthmian Civil Service Board will hold
in tile office of thie Chairman at Culebra,
at 9 a. in., September 3 and 4, 1908, an ex-
amination for the position of Examiner of
Accounts under the Interstate Commerce
Commission, at salaries raging from $1,800
to $3,000 per annum, and traveling ex-
penses. This examination is open to citi-
zens of the United States who have had
high graile training and experience in rail-
road accounting. An advertisement contain-
ing a description of the examination and
other information of interest to applicants
liha been posted in every post-office in the
Canal Zone.
The printed application form can be had
upon application to thle Secretary of the
Istlimian Civil Service Board, office of the
Chairman, Culebra, Canal Zone.
A stack 100 feet high, 6 feet in diameter,
made of 1-4 and 3-16-inch steel, was raised
at thie new air compressor plant at La Boca,
August 27. It was built on the ground and
raised in one piece.


Women's Clubs acnd Other Features.
The Empire Woman's Club opened the
season with a regular meeting on September
1. Thie line of work for the coming year
has been divided into the following depart-
ments: Educational and philantliropic, with
Mrs. A. Hillermen and Mrs. Ash as chair-
men; home and social, Mrs. E. P. Worral
chairman, with Mrs. H. C. Ball assistant.
The home and social department is large
and has been divided into several subde-
The meeting on Tuesday opened with a
reading of the club creed, followed by a talk
on extravagance versus economy, at the
close of which there was an address by
Mrs. Lorin C. Collins, president of the Zone
Federation, who was the guest of lionor.
Several musical numbers were given. Sub-
sequent meetings will be held every Tues-
day at the clubhouse at 3 o'clock. The
muusical and literary department has charge
of the meeting September 8, and the edu-
cational and philanthropic department on
the 15th. A reception will probably be given
to the returning president, Mrs. F. VW.
Miracle, on September 22.
ThIe Las Cascadas Woman's Club has de-
cided to hold its meetings at the residences
of the members for the next three months,
instead of taking a recess for that period, as
was suggested. The meetings are much en-
joyed and the interest in theclub keeps up
to the wofk. At the last session, held Au-
gust 27, at the residence of Mrs. Charles
Lingo, 19 members were present. The club
greatly regrets the loss of its president,
Mrs. 0. G. Randall who has removed to
Work on the new church and lodge build-
ing is rapidly going forward and club
women are anticipating pleasant quarters
when it is completed. A committee of
members of the club was asked to name a
site for which they had prefercAce and their
choice was the site decided upon.
Thce Ancon Wonal's Club holds its regu-
lar meeting Wednesday, September 2. The
principal business will be the nominating of
officers for the annual meeting, the first
Wednesday in October.
The Culebra Woman's Club is scheduled
to open its regular season on Thursday,
September 3.
A dance, given by the nurses of Ancon
Hospital in the"Anconcita" Saturday night,
August 29, was enjoyed by about 50 couples.
The Ancon orchestra furnished music and
refreshments were served.
The Tivoli Club will give a dance at the
Hotel Tivoli, September 12, in honor of
President-elect Jos6 Domingo de Obaldia
and Mrs. Obaldia.
By the 1 C. C. Band at the Hotel Tivoli, Ancon, Sun-
day, September 6, 1908, at 7.30 p. in.:
1 March-Salte to Ihe lag ...................... Piersoni
2 Selection-The Grand logul................. Luders
3 Flower Song-Dchcia .......................... Frantzen
4 Waltz-Hatntinz C yes ... ....................... Tobani
5 Duet for Clarinets-.Vanin' e ....................Marsal
6 Selection-.laritana ....................... ..... Wallace
Sa caprice- The I1thistler and His Dog ......lryor
b Bolero-Span his Gaiety..........................Eno
8 Overture-If I i'ere King ..................... Adam
9 Descriptive-A Hunting Scene.............. Bucalossi
10 March--Arbitrator. .............. .. ...... Bagley
CHAS. E. JENNiNGs, ilusical Directuor.
A concert will be givei at Gorgona, C. Z., on Sep-
tember 13.



Commissioner H. 1H. Rousseau, accompa-
nied by his wife and mother, are due to ar-
rive onl the .1llianca, September 2. On the
same ship are also Hiram J. Slifer and two
daughters, and M. B. DePutron. Assistant
to the Chirinan.
Mr. George D. Brooke, Superintendent of
Motive Power and Machinery, left on his
vacation in the States on August 30.
Mr. Caleb M. Saville, assistant engineer,
left on his vacation August 30. On his re-
turn Mr. Saville will be stationed at Culebra.

Dedication of Chapel at Empire.
The dedication of the Commission Protes-
tant chapel at Empire took place under the
auspices of the Empire Christian League
on Sunday, August 30, at 2.30 p. im., a Sun-
day school rally having been held on the
morning of the same day. Both services
were largely attended. Rev. J. IH. Sobey,
resident chaplain, was in immediate charge
and visiting clergymen were Archdeacon
Bryan and Rev. J. L. Wise. Among the
speakers were Hon. H. A. Gudger, A. L.
Stuntz, J. C. Forman and A. Bruce Minear.
Musical selections were given by Mrs. Adolf
Faure and the Lotus Glee Club. This is
the fifth of the Commission "type church
and lodge" buildings to be completed. The
others are at Cristobal, Gorgona, Paraiso,
and Culebra.
The Empire Christian League was organ-
ized in January, 1908. It is entirely unde-
nominational and visiting ministers are
privileged to conduct the services, in form
as Well as in doctrine, according to their
own judgment and discretion, and at the
close of any public service are permitted to
gather the members of their own denom-
ination together for any special ordinance of
their faith. The resident chaplain officiates
at all the services save one Sunday in the
month, when a visitor is in charge. The
Sunday school and Young People's Christian
Union are under the supervision of the
League, and all the literature provided in both
is, as far as practicable, undenominational.

Church at Culebra.
The corner stone of the Roman Catholic
Church, built on ground donated by the
Commission, was laid at Culebra, August 30,
by the Bishop of Panama, assisted by Comn-
mission chaplain, Rev. Father Collins. Short
address were made by the Bishop and by
Father Collins, and music was furnished by
the 1. C. C. band.

Atlantic Division Storehouses.
Two storehouses, 50 feet by 200 have been
authorized for the Atlantic Division. One
will be built at the dry dock in Cristobal and
will be used for the storage of dredge parts
and material for the ships and floating equip-
ment oni the Atlantic side. The other store-
house will be built alongside the docks at
Gatun, where cement, stone, sand, and
other material will be delivered for the Ga-
tun Locks. Both these storehouses will be
convenient to water and rail transportation.

On Saturday evening, September 5, the
Pacific Masonic Club will give a smoker in
the hall above the office of the Quarter-
master's Department, Ancon. All American
Masons of Corozal, La Boca, and Ancon are
requested to be present.


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on Le i i Ii-I Iir l "M. iMl
M r i Ib 1-.... li I 1 . ..1 J .-5.:l- r I --' r.d
yearl : I- ,I,.e h. .l ..r .. re .. hi i .e
w or! ,. .:. .r, .i, :. .,rc. 1 rh5 1.,. "1'
cal .. C i '. 'I C \ C.IIII T i-
e x p e, st l 1 I '" 11 : "l.

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day ...-Ci|
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C. A i r 1 l- I ..ee I e 1I ."

restili c . i i . cuie l. r : 1 i.-Ii 1. I, :.1 ,' .1
sice- .' 'cle .l- i
r.ei i i l, i
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cie lh r.'-rc 1 l '.i i C %.
c e i, l, I,- I -I ' .1

wic eni- .1 r l I. : ii I.. ih
O cN oe O -. ec r._ cl ', I I -

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-pler r I r .c i 1,1.I .r e1 1e ...

1. 0). 1? M.C. C i rinll .11.
w I 'l hl I. f. : i ': ,l r 1 i 'l.
thnee llr l..,i r .a f il .- .i .I .. n i. r
Oil I ,i ; I1,'-. ic -l .' Iill il ,
t -i.i.:e:r Cee I ,ie. l -1e .e0
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been r .: lh c r,. I -:I:r I I' .

a c i I r r 1 : l. ".II ic .

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f i : . .:.- l e. I r . l 1 .., Lle ,

pai .e ii. l- cr a... '. 1 r- Ic I -rl *
inge *; l l i. l I' '
Li .1 l 0l', e 5 0 -e l ic .1.- -
Ato l.c- Ii" -. rcia

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t .- I. .. . -.. .. t... .. .. ..I .

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. J rI- Il I i. .. .- I .I i -. i i- .I m '1.

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r h.r l... IT.. .f .. I, .....h. .I Ii. i .. .
10i ".r l it. t. I I. ., sI I : I ,,. ,, '

I. .t r ... . I. ....I '. t Ih
I.. I ' V. .......... .

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r i t -.i- h I I I1 1 fI I I :. .

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i. I 7. 1 Ir,... 7 i 1.... . II r
i r i r I "l. tJI .' I r I r i . I,, r == .' -.- T .

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-. ., 7.. 7 I .1 I .1 :h,.!

. .. -, 1 7,.,- . 7 -7 *". I -l ,
I . I .. .-.. r : .:l , I. .

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'i ,. I I.-I'- .[' 1' '" 7,.1 .
,..rrr I 7I I I r -i .. ,, 7 i

I I I. 1 i ii.i "1 .. ,I itt I
Irl... n rl |1 I *.:r ... = I s~ i l +~ r .,]-

i., .1 l with
i 'arndling


t, re years. Cui M NItM IS Aa PRICES
I ihe Divi- -For week beginning September 1
I'" a. /A' t'e.
e. i f- si; inll roast........ ... .. ... per lb 30
R'Pl1 KiRump roast, ..... ... ..... .. per 11 3
Porterhouse ....................... .per lb1) 30
Rib-roast. short cut (not under 31,
pounds) ...... .................... per 11h 24
Rib-roast, second cut (not under 3 lbs) ... 21)
-..I of M o- Chuck-roast...................... per 11) 15
I lanta. in Soup ................................ Iper 11
I igineer, Stew.............................. per 11 12
.. in the Corned ..... ....... .... ........per lb 12. 1t. It
. toI si rr Suet ................ ........... ... per Ih i

..., Steaks-Sirloin .......... .. ..... .... per lb 3'
S '7 ct Porterhoutse..................... per lb 30
Rkilu p ..... ...... .... .......... per lh 30
Tenderloi! ........... ....... per 11) 30
Romnd ...................... .... per Ilt 24
Veal- Cutl t s.. ............ . .......... per Il 24
i1 Ties. Short-cnt chops....................per 11) 24
I,,. office of 1,oin. ............... ............. per 11) 23
1i.us1, Cris- .'.l:tire forequarters 115 to 20 lbs)l..per lbi 11
1 iem ber9, I rstewving.......... .............per lb 11
,I i ,tblic. for
..ri of forty NMuttoin-r-ntire forequarters. (not under
ti holrsand 10 bs)........................ per lb l
-1 f No. 7 Short-cut cliops ............. .. per l) 20
S ,tellh tie, i,eg (8 to 10 lbs) ........... ..... er l11b 1
I,aril')-For stewing ................ ...... er I) 10
'.11 3 Gani Elntire forequarters...............per lh 10
t.ign tii Chops...... ...................... er 11, t0

. d out of i.eg 16 to s Ibs)..... ............. per 11b 2s
1I, .ension. Pork-Cuts........................... per Ib 20'
Sds. vwit Livers--Beef ............................per 11b 11

i, hall have Calf .............................each M.I
kn ts. Sausadge- Pork ........................ perlb 11)
, i l, itp Bt olo na .t ....................... per 11b 15
Lieberwurst.....................per lb 15
Sill half- Sweet bread- Veal ......................... each 1.20
:i..,ess shall Beef ..... .......... .... per 1bt 25

I,,. itted of lius' tontues (salted) ..................... per 15
.i ts] width, Ox tonines .............................. each 90
Chicken,. dressed I milk-d) .................. each 1.40
S1. If-round Cll ickens. large ............a................... each 1.91.
t i'.at given Fowls, medium and lartre ........ each, 51.0o and 1.25
i.. tst area Ducks. fatted (fa cy) ....................... each 1.10
. e and n Suckliing pi- .. ............... .............. each 4.90
les, than ITlrkeys ................... ............ .per b 30
I one-half Squalbs ...................................... each 45
lgg.s (fresh) ......................... per dozen 32
C pons ........... ......................... each 2.4"
-... ariartii oilers.................... ................ each 711
,ht edge 1Bacon- Strips...... .......................per 1' 23
-- --- E lish. breakfast. sliced........ per 11) 26
t I -.ides Haiu-Sunar-cured. sliced ................per 11b 25
S One-half, for boiling ..............per lb) 20
S" 2" W estphalia ........................ per lb 45
3" Ferris ..................... ........ ter 11b 19
Bieef, salt. fam ily ..... .................- .. per 1) 16
Salt Pork ........... ......... ........ per 11t 13
Butter. prints. prime quality...... . per l 33
Cheese-Cream. Phila.............. ....... each 22
,. N eufchatel ........................ each a
Sw iss ...... .. .. ........... per 11) 33
I Gouda .......... ............. per lb 34
F_ | Edami ...... ....... ............. each 1.05
Cam em lbert .....................per 11)I 2,
165.76 M cl,aren's ....................... per jar I5
218.70 Pinxter's..... ..... ...........per tin 22
32'2."248.7 I tterinilk...... ....... ... .............. bottle 15
1',.. 253.20 FRUITS AND Vt\,GETABLE.S.
" 211.76 enols....................... ......... .... ... ....... dozen 1i
221.10 O ranges..... ....................... ..................dozen IS
. 172.j2 lettuce..................................... ......... per lb 210
179 5" W hite potatoes ........................... per lb 31-
,, 20.650 Cabbhage................ .................. per 11 4

228.38 Onion ........................... ..... per lI 373t
393.75 Corn .. ................. .. .... .. .. dozen 25
S 142.72 1elots .............................................e:iclh 35
SCucumers ........................................... per lb 10
3.1s4.52 Sweet potatoes ............................ per lb 212
: r.stohal or Beets......... ............................ per l11
,, track of Carrots..... .... ..... .. .... ......................per lb1) 6
,, four feet Squash (sumimer)............... ... ..... per lb 7
.. or illbei- Leeks .......................... ....bunch 10

, l iter than O kra........ ....... .................................. per lb 10
I January Alligator pears ...... ...... ....................each
. I les than
S.'..g of the Sold only from cold-storage and not from Coim-
i.id submit linss'aries.

II.': I amount
S, as evi-
: irrs out the
......3 red (900)
7 I.e time of
..i.iclosed in
'Is for Fmur
-, .i reserves

Cigarettes. Nestor, superfine, 10s.......package 20
Cigarettes. Nestor, royal. 10s...........package 15
Violet amnmonia...........................bottle 20
Viscol shoe dressing......................... tin 12
Caps, bathin .............. ......... ..... each 60
Madras nets ?or cnrtaining ............ yard 30 and 56



Lieut.-Col. Geo. WV. Goethals, U. S. A.,
Lieut.-Col. H. F. Hodges, U. S. A.. (vice
Jackson Smith. effective September 16. 1908).
Maj. D. D. Gaillard, U. S. A., Empire.
Maj. Win. L. Sibert, U. S. A., Gatun.
Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau, U. S. N.,
Mr. Jo C. S. Blackburn, Ancon.
Col. W. C. Gorgas, U. S. A., A- con.
Mr. Jackson Smith, (resigned, effective Septeim-
tenmber 15, 1908).
Mr. Joseph Bucklin Bishop,
Secretary, Ancon.


Construction and Engineering.
Headquarters. Culehra.
Lieut.-Col. Geo. W. Goethals, Chairman
and Chief Engineer.
M. B. DePntron, Assistant to the Chairman
W. H. May. Secretary to the Chairman.
C. A. Mlcllvine. Chief Clerk.
A. 1B. Nichols. Office Engineer.
Calebh Saville. Assistant Engineer.
Lieut.-Col. H. F. Hodges, Assistant Chief
C. 0. Carlsoni. Secretary.
Edward Schildhaner. Electrical and Mechanical
I,. I). Cormih.i. t F. 'rcker. Hen ry Goldiainrk
and David Molitor. Designing Engineers.
Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau.
J. C. Parsons. Secretary.
Central Division.
Headquarters. Empire.
Maj. D. D. Gaillard, Division Engineer.
A. F Bronk. Chief Clerk.
l]ouis K. Rourke, Assistant Division Engineer
A. S. Zinn, Resident Engineer.
Mnrk W. Teinny. Assistant Engineer.
R. XV. Ilehard. Assistaiit i:ngiineer.
XV IThompson. Assistant LEngineer
Geo. H. Ruggles. Assistant Engineer
Atlantic Division.
Headquarters. Gatun.
Maj. Win. L. Sibert, Division Engineer.
R. IM Sands Chief Clerk.
Maj. Chester lladini. t'. S A.. Assistant Divi-
sion Engineer.
Maj. Edgar Jadwin. U.S. A,. Resident PEunineer.
Maj. J. P. Jerveys. S. A.. Assistant Engineer.
Capt. G. M Hoffman. U. S. A.. Assistant En-
Capt. HIorton W. Stickle. U S. A. Assistant Eu
R. IB. Smith. Assistant Engineer.
tI. G. Thoni, Assistant engineerr .
F. C. Stlnton. Assistant Engineer.
Pacific Division.
Headquarters. Corozal.
S. B. WVilliamson, Acting Division Engineer.
E. A. LeMay. Chief Clerk.
'W. G. Coniher. Resident Engineer.
G. II. Strickler. Resident Engineer.
\Win. F. MI. Aclicson, Assistant Engineer.
Mechanical Division.
Ileadquarters. Culehra.
Geo. D. Brooke, Superintendent of Motive
Power and Machinery.
F. W. Duty. Chief Clerk.
Fairl J. IBanta. Mechanical Eirginiieer.
A. LJ Robinson, Electrical Engineer.
Division of Metcorology&River Hydraulics
Headquarters. Ancon.
R. M. Arango, Division Engineer.
1). W. MacCornack. Chief Clerk.

Quartermaster's Department.
Headquarters. Culebra.
Maj. C. A. Devol. U. S. A., Chief Quarter-
C. H. Mann, Chief Clerk.
Lieut. R. F. Wood. U.S.A.. Assistant Chi'-f

Subsistence Department.
Ieadqiai ters. Culclira.
Maj. Eugene T. Wilson, U. S. A., Subsistence
V F. Shipley. Chief Cleik.
Maj. Vendell 1.. Simpson. U. S A.. Pturch-i,
ing Atent. 21 State Street. N. Y. City

Civil Administration.
IHeadquarters, Aurcon.
Jo C. S. Blackburn. Head of the Departinenl
it. D. Reed. Executive Secretary. Anconi.
C. A. Ninas. Chief Clerk. Ancon.
Tonm I. Cooke. Chief, Division of Posts. C .
touis :nid Revenues. Ancon.
HIeriinan A. iilgder, Deputy Collector. Ainc( .
E. l.ewis Baker. Deputy Collector. Cristlhal.
George M. Shontz, ProeciitingAt toriic, Ancic..
George R. Slianton, Chief of Police. Aiicon.
D1. E. McDonald. Chief Clerk.
C. F. \Veidmina. Chief. Fire Department. Cr.-
Geo. L. Cainpen, Superintendent of Pubi..
Works. Alecon
C. R. Sargent. Chief Clerk.
J. J. Reidy. Assistant Superintendent of Publ..'
Works, Cristohal.
David C. O'Connor. Superintendent of Schocl.
Canal Zone Judiciary.
Headquarters, Anicon.
Supreme Court-Dr. F. Mutis Durin, ChliP,
Walter Eminery, Clerk, Anrcon.
H. A. C(udger, Associate Justice. Empire.
I.orin C. Collins. Associate Justice'. Cristohal
Circuit Court. First Circuit-Dr. F. Muli-
Durain Jndge. Ancon.
\Valter Emery, Circuit Court Clerk, Anlec.i.
Circuit Court. Second Circuit-H. A. Gudg ,
Judge, Empire.
Elbert 'M. Goolshy. Circuit Court Clerk.
Circuit Court. Third Circuit-Lorin C. Colli'.-
Judge. Cristobal.
Nelson R. Johnsoii. Circuit Court Clerk.
M3 C. Rerdell. Senior District Judge, Cristob.1
S. Blackbtorn. District Judge. Ancon.
Edgar S. Garrison. District Judge, Empire..
J. 1. SMarch. District Judge, Gorgona.
Thomas E. Brown, Jr.. District Judge. Crisis .
Department of Law.
Headquarters. Washington. D. C..
Richard Reid Rogers, General Counsel
Wasliington, D. C.
George MI. Shoutz. Attorney for Isthinian Cai...I
Commission and Panama Railroad Compai.
George H. Bartholomew. Assistant Attorn.
for Isthmlianl Canil Commniission and Panal",
Railroad Company, Ancon.
Inocencio Galindo, LIegal Adviser to the Isti.
Inian Canal Commiiission. Ailcon.
Department of Sanitation.
Headquarters. Ancon.
Col. W. C. Gorgas, Chief Sanitary Officer.
SMaj. C. C. McCulloclh, Jr.. U. S. A.. Executive office
Harry E. Bovay.v, Chief Clerk.
H. R. Carter. Director of Hospitals. Ancon.
Surgeon. J. C. Perry. P. It. and 1l. 11 S., Ch
Quarantine Officer. Ancon.
Maj. John I. Phillips. U. S. A., Superintendr..i
Ancon Hospital. Alecon.
Capt. Alexander Mlurray, U'. S. A.. Assistant i..
J. F. Leyss U. S. N.. Superintendent. Colb .
Hospital. Colon.
Capt. Robt. E. Noble. U'. S. A.. General I..
spector, Ancoll.
Sllrgeonl Claude C. Pierce. 1'. 11. and M3. I. -
Quarantine Officer, Colon.
Dr. -tleetwood GiC ver. P. II. :nd H. S.. Qnu:
antine Officer. 1an ina.
Dr. John I. Puruell, Health Officer. Panama.
Dr. M. E. Connor, IHealth Officer. Colon.
Joseph A I,ePrince. Chief Sanitary Inspect i
Headquarters, Ellmpire.
Edward J. Williams, Disbursing Officer.
WXin. .. Wood. Assistant Diishurising officer.
Examination of Accounts.
Headquarters. Empire.
W\. W1'. Warwick, Examiner of Accounts.
W'. D. Mabry. Chief Clerk.
Panama Railroad Company.
Headquarters, Colon.
H. J. Slifer, Assistant to the President, ant
General Manager, Colon.
V. G. Tucker. Secretary. Colon.
Purchasing Department.
tn adquarters, WVashington. D. C.
Capt. F. C. Boggs, U. S. A., General Pur
chasing Officer.
C. E. Dole. Chief Clerk.
F. C. Nordsick, Assistant Purchasing Agent. ",
State street, New York City.
4 E. Redfern. Assistant Purchasinm Ageni
Custom HIouse, New Orleanst. I,a.

.1mU% II.NT OF i-_Cr!N V'rS .EL.L.

\ I IN . I -1 .. ] .. .. o, ..: ih :. ...

,I . I .h. .. I, ,. .', hi ..I Ii. 11 .1.r..r |

..... I. .. -c L.. i
,I *'-...,. I .... i .. 11 i '- i -rt. .-.. 1 -.i .

i ".. -'..r I r I .. ..,.. .
i i . I i' is rI. 1.,' '.-. I I
'I i i .,, I'

I.i.. . d..h r I. PL. 1I

..- 1h *' r i n 1 i. ,.
si" I I, *.I 1 i ,. 1I

,.. Ai I ... .


Sr I. I ,-c .. -. i 1
l I.t\ . 1.: .. I.. ..... 1 1 II .l l ..h ; -. 1. l.. l.1 iI ..
T .. ".1 P. ll i ,l l. arr I. i _',.i, h

V -I, ..I-I l. I ., .. "

I *r-_- ." .o,.. h
It in1nl ii' 'Ii in '-.. .-i I "

i I . ,,. I , I '-, I .... 1 .. 1 i .

- . ... r .Ir ... ..

r -... :- i i '..

I. -. i' I -I- to I

i l.r r 1 -1 : I r ... -.I I
* .. I t' **, i *.I... . i .. I I LI I in Ii l .1. I

Tii Servlce P, i [ a' -.i. !n N -. i I'
, .-.. i i 1 I i l

"i=, I ,I I .,i.l 1... ii r -.f i..
It.1 I,1 ,1 .,. ....

r.. -. . I.. I.. .. .... i .. . ..: .

.. f:. I T . . i r ....

i I '. 1cr,'r i h I.:, r t. r 1


Volume II. .\NCON, CAN

The Canal Record
Publinhed Aeel' l under r.e uli r.nt and llure. Il'i.ln *i' I-e
'' '' r .'l .' '"' 1 / .. ", ' ,; , ',;. ,,

, 3 ..; -I

Addrei; all Communications
Anion. Canal Zone,
ljhmu i:. Paninia.

Prt-.tdent R..O-.:-.:II cn Canal Work
The letter ,-I P'rc .l-r it -i.'> elt. t.,r..l1
O.cter -.1 .\ugu lt 21 10' 1,. kin.-.- i -I.lin:-
thll r ceipt oi rer'..rt ol tihe Sp ci.il COIL, -
min -ion 1 1Aliict, '.i-tl lt d t I-ilintu- **11 a M
last as pul.lil-te .1 T I"' C C IZ. RnI C:'I) ol
.\u;unt 2'-. t a'. inc 'oi pl.- T i ar .. .rr;raplih-
1''ere oinitt'-d Ironr tile t xt -..I tihe ltter a' it
a.[_pp-ared in th- i. i le- disp tc e to tilt P1-ii-
ar.ia S!,ir C Heii,,',/. tronm htel T'i L. ,\ N .
REI:ORr, quoted it
Tbe.e parrcraphli are -ppe-n.l-=i,

M '. I11.iw ll I m T r ... -*"ch ..i I I i.-.r-ll. t-n',
lin - I,'.r .1 -l -. l Ir iii ,c' i I i ..I cnl.
-t'. T ht Ih-.r- nul -- I n-i i Ir.. i
,- i licA -h,--f: 11 t .I 1 V. | I t,.:
hll h I illil :l I tl '. h h- .llh .. l r.l'.:-. -. .
lh, c L dl s'J i -at j \ N. -rk L lt., li il la-- wi-.I
%11i,. 1 .-.i, lh*: j.r '.i ,,b iri h i ** L-.il,, jri'.'. :- !l-
id J. i i'.' '. .. l-.- l i.-. t i l ;-it
1',.II t 'ur 1' lh. i-i.',lk,. r Ihn It h,: r t 'i-i l a jh "i i-l I h-ni
tri: nl i.-.r i. llI ,N -- i].

I- ll 1."1 hr .'.u. I h .lh il.. ;i h h l..: '. 1* .
lth[r"'. rac k r h-ii i i t it- il ihil, - .Fi-
Dr C-.rn.d: Ili-t- n; lit) rall -e L..el.' Sr1 irn'-

-on iart F-n e h.: it o thne bt.1v lltrn. j tl
pnlr rr Thr- ir-': n ill ri I-' 'rT- I" ,-'i i:

r., '-:i l t-i-'- t n i x- i; l... E rj 11 i ih.n-,1 it : I,-. -r ,
i s 1( .'.,h tr *.'.,, .'iii iil- h " J"m u il i .' I" o 1 .'.

a mnd Ir.o. n li- rb.neic]', lhe i;", ii i nt h the
nlo turc the ileks.l- lrUCll.'.,ii .'i tll [.l ,, hr n
fi n;kl,-,l r I I .lIr .l Ironi ill" n l[,in ; pr n,:t.
0 1 alie t i:. r n : ill' Lrri -r lj.:' l d :i ..',ll
[ tirl. i ifr- n.ltilin r.-Frlm \~r i r: :: Ih1 :ikl l.%
-"0 ri- rock I A M .' .ia ied ill .'.il, I it-l -..

14 k1, ihr- c rn .ulh I- -,r 1-- hinAilin2 (l:,nt.

lion lor the core I.-:r the C ioco rl D Lai i ; [.ro-
pr-^ ini -s i.iislam.for il. .
Tb- 20-.uch tlct.:.r. dredge S2, ,, n-i.-.



Ihich F.--.n i s trial at La Boca on August
S. .s tal t-i Ironi that place the next day,
tnd 1i not. conpl.hil ing its trial in the Canal
print O -p'...:il--t iorozal. In about a month
it v.ill b- tak-it, up the Rio Grande, at high
at-nr to the -it- .ai the locks at Miraflores.
.\ d .ke hi: F-..-: n 1bilt across the southern
-nld oI tl- li.,ck -tie, wher6 it is proposed to
rc-l iate ti-he .ta: .f the water within the
.bas in .i-er- tb- dr- dge will work, thus keep-
in,.- it i l h aI ni m iy be necessary.
Tb- plaii i,:onteiIplates dredging about one
in illioi cubic ai.d Ironi the locks' site, after
,..ii,. i'i I l-.in ill be unwatered and steam
hio. 4-t ait tork taking out the rock to
thl I1, cl rc.-tuir-d in each flight. About
iiiii,,i, cubic :..ird- will be excavated from
thil iir.rth nd oi the locks' site by steam
.'i-.el .liurin.. ith- time the dredging is in
i.ro_-, r,-. ilt-nr "intl.h appro.4mately 1,250,-
iiiti cul.bic ir-1 v, .11 remain to be excavated
>., 'It.-1 u : ho'. l:
PD eten the locks' site and La Boca,
clearm.i: tll- pri.i is well advanced, and the
steaui n h,:,, el at -,.ork at Cardenas Hill is
up-plj.-. Iun,: iiat-n ial for the construction of
til -1 kc L.t' --ei that point and the west
du _p, ol tllhe ai..iiioned Sosa-Corozal dam.
l'i.- r 1Plant at Gatnn.
ii-e lai be-n determined upon for the
p-mer bou-- it I:itlun, north of the unload-
il.' ,lock aind n-ir the east diversion. The
;teaiii I:o, I iioV. at work on the site of the
klo>k ,i il l. ino. .- I this week to the power
L.ous- sit-. and excavation for the founda-
tli"l: Ill .i,- l i i t once. The power house
,-.ill ha. ea c-o'ncrete foundation and base-
ment. in-I thi- sup-rstructure will be corru-
cat.-id i.,on o, -r a vood frame. It will be
li;, i--t loni ui., I t4 feet wide.
In tit- boiler r..om will be six 400-horse-
poe'.r '. at-r-nli-t. boilers of the Keeler
:.[1.j -,|qupp-.i v tlh induced draught fans
,i duprlicati -,ic I iill beusedas fuel. The
-1-,in roou, a ill contain three General Elec-
tric Curtii-. I t.k v-'., three-pliase25-cycle,
b.ase coanl.ii.-'.r turbines and a substation
i-jluipin-e nt t .o .' )-k. w. and one 300-k. w.
rotary .t.-nierter: .'ith the necessary aux-
iliarn tip irtuilu- .\ 20-ton 3-motor crane will
run thui l1-izihi o the engine room.
Ti c pro -tr -p.la,1 will furnish ithe current
.'..r .i i loiihic it the- docks, for the motorson
thi l.i>1. c cjl.1- a'. ; and for the cable road.
It l i I i n.t L.: :.,fused with the hydraulic
p.o.-er i:pl0 t tl,.t ill furnish the power to
,op-eri- Giatali I.-:.cks, although it will prob-
a.l.'F t.: maintiiii-d as ant emergency plant
att-r tln- -.anal i' completed.
i-ii It.. I'a ttl'r'-- Depot at 1Mount Hope.
II ic -tinl. atld th it the value of the stores
i.irned orr to tlih Quartermaster's Depart-
uiit I.. tin- old DIivision of Material and
Suiplie **i -- er, tir.ber 1, is over $3,000,000.
.X cliSii it ni th- ni-thod of handling supplies

No. 2.

is to be made by the Quartermaster's De-
partment, to the extent that the Mount
Hope storehouse will be made a Quarter-
master's Depot. The machinery in the
Lirio planing mill will be moved to MIount
Hope, and the printing plant of the lsth-
mian Canal Commission, located in Panama,
and that of the Panama Railroad Company,
located at Cristobal, will be merged into one
plant located at Mount Hope. All station-
ery supplies for the Commission and the
railroad will be issued from the :-lount Hope
Captain Courtland Nixon, U. S. A., will
be Depot Quartermaster at Mount Hope.
He was born in Texas, July 10, 1874; was
graduated from Princeton College in 1895,
and commissioned a second lieutenant in the
First Infantry in 1S98. In 1899 lie was pro-
moted to first lieutenant, and in 1904 was
made captain. He served two years in the
Quartermaster's Department at San Fran-
cisco under Major Devol, and for the past
two years has been stationed at the Phila-
delphia Depot.
More Locomotives and Cars.
A contract to furnish ten 40-ton 6-wheel
connected, saddle-tank locomotives for the
work at Porto Bello has been awarded to
H. J. Porter & Co., of Pittsburg, the lowest
bidder. These engines are to be 3-foot, 6-inch
gauge, with wheels 40 incites in diameter,
cylinders 15 inches by 20 inches, tractive
force 15,000 pounds, and boilers carrying 160
pounds pressure. They will operate from
the quarry at Porto Bello to the crushers on
a 2Vt to 3 per cent grade, will run on a 20-
degree construction track, and will haul
about 600 yards of stone, weighing 2,900
pounds to a yard. They will be constructed
along the latest designs for this class of en-
gine, including an air brake rigging which
will meet the interstate commerce regula-
tions. Locomotives of this type are in gen-
eral service in the States in similar classes
of work.
A contract has also been let for fifty 6-
yard, all metal dump cars, the lowest bidder
lbing Vermile & Powers, of New York city.
These cars are to be similar in construction
to the 12-yard Oliver and Western dump
cars now in use. The cars will be 15 feet
long, 8 feet wide, equipped with Tower
M. C. B. couplers and Westinghouse auto-
umatic air brakes. They will be of exceed-
ingly strong construction, in order to stand
the hard usage given cars on the Isthmus.
Bids have been asked for 200 dump ears
similar in construction to the 12-yard Oliver
and Western dump cars, now in service on
the Isthmus.
Galveston Cutter IMade at Gorgona. -
A Galveston cutter has been fitted on
dredge No. 82, the 20-inch pipe-line suc-
tion dredge at work making the channel to


(Contiu ned)

the Gatun receiving docks. The new cutter
is working well. Similar cutters were or-
dered in the States some time ago, but de-
lay in receiving them was attended with so
much loss in the dredging, that the Atlantic
Division designed a cutter, and Gorgona
foundry cast it in phosphor-bronze.
A Month With the Dredges.
Of the total of 3,252,506 cubic yards of
material excavated in August, the dredges
in the Atlantic and Pacific Division took
out 1,375,991 cubic yards. A table is ap-
pended showing the work done by each
dredge. It will be noticed that the total
does not agree with that given above. This
is because the excavation by a 20-incb suction
dredge in the channel leading to the re-
ceiving dock at Gatun Locks, and that
done by a 16-inch suction dredge at work in
Folks River, making a fill for a corral, were
not included in the excavation returns for
Canal work in August.
Local conditions affect tle results on tlhe
Pacific and Atlantic sides. At the Pacific
end of the Canal the three dredges are work-
ing in good material and so near to the ma-
rine shops at La Boca that little time is lost
in making repairs and taking the crews to
and from work. The dredges in Linion Bay
are some distance from their base of sup-
plies, and repairing is a matter of some time.
On the Atlantic end the material in which
tile dred -- t k A diM

s are a wor s 11 0
handle, although probably not s
cavated as that at the Pacific ter
For the sea-going suction dred
and Ancon, the measurements
bin measurements, but for all ot
the measurements are made i
soundings and cross sections.

Name and class of

Cu. yds.

Ancon (sca-going.sue- 335,846 En
Vo. / I French lalderl... 135,610 Ea
.Vo. 6 (French ladder).... 130.210 En
Mindi (dipper).......... 18.,620 Ro
Cha r-es (dipper)........ 17,931 Ro
16-inch Suction.......... 9.943 Ea
No, 82 (20-inch suction). 51,505 Ea


Culebra (sea-going suc- 431.296 M11
Gopher (sea-going lad- 161.533 Mi
der, French). r
N.o. 2 (French ladder).. 144.890 MT

Machinery from Parai
Paraiso shops were closed Anu
the machinery was distributed a
shops of the Commission. To
the articles on Istlimian Mecha
that have been published in T
RECORD since July 8, a list of ti
added to the various shops is ap[
Empire shops: One sawtable;
lathe; one wood-boring machii
one 33-inch by 33-inch by 10-f
two emery grinders; one 84-inch
one 20-inch drill press; one N
grinder; one Manning, Maxwell
tool grinder; one 18-inch engiln
8-inch LeBlonde engine lathe


grinder; one 24-inch shaper; onesaw grinder,
Higbv; one twist drill grinder; one Oester-
lein drill grinder; one grindstone, power;
one 30-ton forcing press; one 16-inch hori-
zontal boring machine; one pipe bending uia-
chine, I2-inch to 2-inch; one 6-inch pipe cut-
ting and threading machine; one 12-inch
pipe cutting and threading machine; one
60-inch Universal radial drill; one 26-inch
sliding head drill press; one 4-inch turret
lathe; one screw cutting lathe; one Schu-
macher, Boye and Emmes screw cutting
lathe; one quick-change lathe; onetool-room
engine latlie; one horizontal Higby machine
cold saw; one 100-pound Bradley hammer,
cushion helve; one vertical boring and
turning mill.
Pacific Division: One sand dryer complete.
Central Division: One duplex pump, 12-
inch by 814-inch by 10-inch.
Las Cascadas: One 46-inch sliding head
drill press.
Gorgona Shops: One 18-inch LeBlonde
engine lathe; one American type LeBlonde
engine lathe; one triple gear lathe; one 48-
inch rotary blower fan; one cross-compound
air pump; one plate flanging clamp; one 48-
inch splitting shears; one double punch and
shear, 36-inch throat; one hand-power spur-
ring shears, 36-inch; one double-head 2-inch
bolt cutter; one Universal milling machine;
one rotary 1-el]in. roll; one hand-power
bending roll; onesheet folder, 3 feet 6 inches;
one single frame drop steam hammer, Niles-
Bement works; one engine, Marine upright
8-inch by 10-inch.

o easily ex- Walking on Railroad Tracks.
minus. The following notice will be printed in
Iges Culebra English and several European languages
are scow or and posted in labor camps, railroad sta-
her dredges tions and other places where it is likely to
n place, by be read by people using the railroad tracks
as a highway:
All persons are warned against walking on rail-
road tracks, except when it is necessary to do so in
the discharge of their duties as employes of the lsth-
Material. naian Canal Commission or lPanama Railroad Corn-
pany. When it is necessary for such persons to
'walk on tracks to performing their duties, they are
urged to take the following precautions for their
rth. safety:
rth. When walking on parallel double tracks take the
rth. track to your left. trains using the track will ap-
ck. proach you from thie front, whereas trains using the
ck and earth, track to your right will approach yon from behind
rth. and may run you down before you hear them.
rtlrh when you see a train do not step from the track
on which the train is approaching, to the other
track, but step into the ditch at the side of thle track.
If you cross to the other track there is danger that
you may be run down from behind by a train on that
id. track, which yon have not heard on account of the
id and coral noise of the first train.
ock. If the approaching train is a dirt train, stand as
uid. far back from the track as ynol can conveniently, to
avoid in jury by rock and earth falling from moving
dirt trains.
|so. A large proportion of the accidents occurring on
the railroad tracks could be avoided if the persons
gust 15 and who are obliged to walk on the tracks would adopt
mong other these simple precautions.
supplement -- --
nical Shop- Steamer "Sanidad."
HE CANAL. An old French steamer, known as water
ie machines boat "No. 2," has been rebuilt at the La
ended: Boca shipwaysand, bearing the name Sani-
one 12-inch dad, is now ready for service. Unless the
ie, 24-inch; steamer Rizersdale', which may be purchased
.oot planer; by the Commission, is turned over to the
drill press; Department of Sanitation, the Sanidad will
Valley City be used in the service between Panama and
and Moore Taboga sanitarium. The steamer is 90 feet
e lathe; one long, 12 feet wide and draws 9 feet. Stor-
e; one tool age tanks in the hold have capacity of 100

tons of waie, ai l T e l*l .:l .:a .:.- irn "..-
date 100 p-.l.l.- \\V l; TIV: 11 .. L...t I; pui 1
in the T ab..,,o e,- .: til : .' '. .'... il, ., il
go out of commission.

Fatal Wreck at Miraflores.
Two French engines on the work at Mir-
aflores, coupled together, fell off the east
trestle crossing the Cocoli river on September
3. Rejelio Castillo, Juan Sanchez, and
Coementi Gonzales were killed. Rivio
Arios was severely injured and died before
he reached the hospital.
The accident occurred at 11.06 o'clock in
the morning when the men were going to
meet the labor train at the lunch hour. As
the track approaching the trestle is laid on
a new fill, it is apparent from the evidence
thus far gathered that the head engine upon
approaching the rigid trestle structure, was
derailed with a heavy drift to the left. Up-
on leaving the deck this engine struck one
of the bents, knocking it down and pulling
the other engine through the breach thus
produced. The trestle withstood the wreck
with comparatively slight injury.

Village Improvements at Gatnn.
Work on the road from Gatun to Mount
Hope is making satisfactory progress, and
about four miles of the six proposed have
already been graded. The whole road will
be graded before the beginning of the dry
season. Between the old village of Gatun
and the new village the work of macadam-
izing is in progress. The main road will not
be macadamized until crushed stone is re-
ceived from Porto Bello.
A commissary of the type of that at Culebra
has been authorized for Gatun, and will be
built near the present station on the west side
of the Panama railroad tracks. It will be 99
feet and 4 inches long and 59 feet and 4
inches wide, and will be provided with cold
storage facilities. Alongside of the com-
missary building the Panama Railroad Com-
pany is preparing to build a new station.
On the hill near the water tank in Gatun,
at one of the highest points in the village, a
type chapel and lodge room is in process
of construction. A new post-office will be
begun shortly, and it is probable that it will
be located alongside the church, or across
the road from it.

Rails for Gatun l-andline Plant.
Twenty-five thou-il- Irr 1-i r. l.,un.l
rails will be required .-r thlie t .i.:kl, n i. li.:h
thecablewaytowers', ill run .11 G .'tlun L...:,.-
and the material-hand.linl. I.% .,- F ;.-]quIrtr[IO
has been made for thit i...unl It tr..:I

Information \ani n:d.
Information is desire. 1.. Ihs relc ti es .r
to the whereabouts C. 31 'I I.:l,.-rr u lA..
was at one time eng.-.t itn u ll:- -I .iAn.
con. Any intelligen.:i: .:.. i 'i.::r .u. liTi thAit
is sent to the office oI Ti .i', r l. R i..Kur.
will be forwarded to li., I ,.. t ll' >-t.i L

A party composed rol lit I ites.lit Er:,-I
neer, assistant engi:-'ee A.iri uprllitri.l.
ents of construction .I thil' C .'tr. il I-. i- ..n
numbering twentyin .ill. i-c-e .it, ini- l..:i-n..
of theworkof theAtlrut- -: i -i- nil --i L-.i r
Day. At Gatun the -ir i-i-. i.]i.-i,-.i .in Id
his assistants conducre l thrIe C.-itr .l i. .,.
men over the damn, spill rin I...:k '.-rlks.
and later entertained thlii it lui:,hbern


W 'ork -',f Sh .,-l 2".i ind 1l1 --O-lh.-r Gold
lRir.o.d t1 Au. u -.
-t,-.ln -i ,, Ir 'l N _",, _it ;.' ji ; .it 1M t. l "
:liln -n rl|.l i-" i ll ,? .-: *' It'm r' ,. i-d: ; tll id-
ii- Lite b,:i.-ininin,; .:. 1 11"7i III ,;.:...nr.l, h,
L.-L in L .:,i- t L1 : u l 1. .Ird ;:i r ,I ai_-tri.il il
2 ., _, ill .LitLu -r h.:. el N .. "-..;. r-.:.k-
i ii C ltl l.r.i Cit i,.i ; d ,. ch
rli I: 1 it i i r.e n it li h i. in -:, \: it--
, '.' ..Lubi,. \:ir.]. m C1ul-br [i, -tri:t, in 16.
]l i lid 12' *_ ':. .il.,u: ,.ir:l;i mi E hm pir, L)i ;-
Ltri-t. III 1i i -l ; i L, L.l ,.I l ,, ., >: i. : -.Aii -
)1 m .i l 111 ill t -e ..6 *,1 '-li' el N .:- 11 :
.i i'.:.rk i z .wi i -'-il .... l.,r.:-k, all r-e :i-. :i- I.; .-r
-h,:, el- Ill tile r-l.-L.:.I1 I. l_.. __, ,? Ms:, at l ll '-'2.1 -l
: l. : ir :l l ir t l i r.i .- l ..3 .3 : L I : I i r r.- i
:.1 r.:.,:k -, l,':.1 1 1-'.:.t .! uL ..I: ir i .:.r the
-' -. thi-.r NIch rEi ,::.: I ...lll:.:
.\ ri...N i"IL Ell i ]i 'N

- i,.:, F. TFl' -. C
u . .i :. .1


-" ILf I-- T
-P ,,li t ,..
i ''-"5,, ] 5

Ci-Nii \L [iiVSI-il'


1 I I 11 [ I 1 .5

F El .-l
E' , ,,E i I' .T

:; ..... I; :I

rn C. i C LV. I. I1
l '. .*i i I -

. ".

lIiul [rbiltl" Rrc'Irc
,\rL, C .i' .

-- T

.~. i ,i, 1.1,i l C I '

1 .rSo -I.. ... \ F 1 .:,ck

5..-.i 1' Sins
1~- 1.i 5-



1 5 Tabernilla ....... Aug. 27 Rock and earth 2,070
: Tabenruilla....... Aug. 12 Earth .......... 1.990
:': Gorgona ........ Aug. 27 Soft rock ...... 2,250
55 Gorgona......... Aug. 31 Earth ...... .... 1980
i;flBas Ohispo..... Aug. 10 Rock and earth 2,460
-;:!Bas Obispo..... Aug. 6 Earth...... .... 2,360
. 'Empire .......... Aug. 21 Rock .. .... 2,880
:Empire.......... Aug. 19 Rock and earth 2,240
..i Culebra .......... Aug. 7 Earth .......... 2,540 t
u', Culebra .......... Aug. 12 Rock and earth 24S
., Pedro Miguel.... Aug. 31 Rock and earth 1:780
:!'Pedro Miguel .... Aug. 29 Soft rock ...... 1,420


S Miraflores locks Aug.20 Earth.......... 2,50
SMiraflores locks Aug. 28 Earth and rock 1,800
I' Pedro Miguel
locks............ Aug.22 Earth........... 1,330
5': Pedro Miguel
locks .............. Aug.28 Earth .... .... 590

NOTE-Shovels in the one-hundred class are 75-ton
i'lacynis and Model 60 Marions with dippers of a
croacity of 2', cubic yards. Shovels in the two-
hundred class are 95-ton Bucyrns and Model 91
. -.rions with dippers of a capacity of 5 cubic yards.
.-r,.vels in the fifty-class are 45-ton shovels with
Il...pers of a capacity of 1%$ cubic yards. These
r.ovels are under steam for eight hours per day, hut
.r- not actually worked during this entire period,
i.ue being lost by the necessity of moving the
- v wel forward, blasting stone too big for the shovel
i.:, handle, keeping the shovel supplied with cars,etc.


Conditions on the Isthmus Have Suggested

Nowhere is equipment subjected to harder
S,, '; ii:ige than on the Isthmus, and as a result
iny improvements have been made in
SLeam shovels, cars, and other equipment to
7T meet the unusual conditions. Cars used with
thll unloading plows are an instance. The
't .'* 11 .) ton wooden flat car is used for heavy rock
tr insportation, and carries about 18 yards of
material. Eight hundred of these cars were
S rnished the Commission by the American
!! J1 C.r and Foundry Company. They were
built up of two 5-inch by 9-inch center sills,
Iur 5-inch by 9-inch intermediate sills, and
S,; t o 5-inch by 14-inch side sills, each about
i feet long and of yellow pine. These sills,
S.,-re floored over with 2%-inch planks run-
m : ning transversely. The car is mounted on
"'.o simplex trucks with 5-inch by 9-inch
S:.urnals, with steel bolsters, and braced
,. ,' ith six long truss rods.
S; :, ElsThe first order of cars was equipped with
:.ne 3-foot gondola side, and one 1-foot re-
- movable side; but before the cars were put
in service the Chief Engineer approved a
-- u ggestion that the 1-foot removable side be
.:1, -placed by a side extension. This extension
5 i| %, .is carried on cast iron brackets bolted to
ihe side sill, and it extended the car floor
,N. I inches. The utility of this change was
ITr mrimediately noticed in the increased capac-
t I it, of the car, and in the dumping of nmate-
; ruil farther away from the trucks.
One of the largest items of upkeep on
Sca-rs was the cost of renewing and repairing
S : "prons." Each of the flat cars carries at
_____ :.ie end an aprou 1171/2 inches long and 44
d. inches wide, made of %/g-inch sheet steel,
Smild so hinged to the car that one edge of it
r __rts on the next car, thus covering the space
hetween the cars in the train and making it
l ...'sible to run the unloading plow the full
.ril length of the train. These aprons were con-
tinually being torn off by the plows during
-- thi unloading operations at the dumps.
.id I. k This trouble has been obviated by a design
.'?' .,I apron hinge and support which brings
S,, i he apron slightly below the level of the
:'" >:.ir floor and little beyond the end of the


car. One end of the apron is supported by
lhe forward car and the other rests on cast
ron bracket supports bolted to the end sill
of the car to which the apron is attached.
The hinges were so designed that they offer
no obstruction to the moving plow.
As the plow gives considerable side
:hrust on the gondola side of the car, a spe-
cial design of high stake-pocket has been
made to take up this strain and keep the
sides vertical. This stake-pocket runs up
on11 the side stakes about one foot above the
sill and the thrust on the pocket is taken up
by a 1-inch "U" bolt running diagonally
down from the top of the pocket to the first
intermediate sill. Further bracing has been
added to bring the thrust on the lower part
of the side sill, due to the push on the high
side, across the car to the other sill.
A recent improvement is the addition of a
"bull nose" to the end of a high side of the
car. This "bull nose" is made of -inch
steel plate and is so shaped that it surrounds
:he entire end of the side, and guides the
plow from car to car in the train. Before
this devise was put on the sides of the car
it was not unusual for the unloading plow
to batter and break the end of a side so
badly that the car would be taken out of
service for repairs.


Under authority vested in me by law, it is
Section 344 of the Penal Code of the Ca-
nal Zone is amended to read as follows:
"Section 344. Grand larceny is punish-
able by imprisonment in the penitentiary
not exceeding ten years."
1f'ashington, D. C., Aug. 14, 1908.


Requests for Transfer of Employes.
Effective September 1. 1908: Requests for the
transfer of employes will be submitted to the Chair-
man for approval in the same manner as applications
for increase of force or pay. All requests for trans-
fers should show clearly to what vacancy in the
authorized organization the employee transferred will
be assigned.
Culebra, C. Z., August 31, 1908.
Acting Purchasing Agent.
Pending the appointment of a Purchasing Ageut
for the Canal Zone on the Isthmus, Lieut. R. E.
Wood. Assistant Chief Quartermaster will, effective
September 1, 1908, act in that capacity.
Chairman and Chietf Engineer.
Culebra, C. Z., September 1, 1908.
Designing Engineers.
During the absence of Mr. L. D. Cornish, Mr.
H. F. Tucker will bein charge of the force of Design-
ug Engineers attached to the office of the Assistant
Chief 'Engineer.
Assistant Chief Engineer.
Culebra, C. Z.. September 4. 1908.
Division of Material and Supplies.
Lieut. R. E. Wood, Assistant Chief Quartermaster,
will assume temporary charge of the general office
if the Material and Supplies Division.
All correspondence formerly handled by this divi-
sion will be addressed to the Assistant Chief Quar-
ermaster at Cristobal, until further orders.
Chief Quartermaster.
Culebra, C. Z., September 1,1903.

; . i A .

i, i, I

:,, ]]?



French Equipment to be Put in Sernittr
After Twenty Years of Idleness.
Two dredges that have been resting in1
the mud on the west bank of the Chagre-
River near Frijoles since the days of the
old French Company are being floated, and
in a few weeks will be at the Cristobal .Irv.
docks. Their machinery will be strip:.c.i
and the parts put to use in repairing tlei
French ladder dredges that are at work in
the Canal prism in Limon Bay. The hulls
will be patched up and used as barges 11i
the service of the Atlantic Division.
These dredges are of the "ladder" type.
and are twins. An endless chain of I')
buckets is drawn over a boom which prr,.
jects from the bow and holds the bucket
against the material to be excavated. 1 lie
buckets dump the spoil into a hopper r:eir
the center of the hull, whence it runs out ofl
a chute at the side into a tender. Thisclh-,in
of buckets, and the machinery to run it and
to propel the dredge are mounted on a lull
about 110 feet long by 28 feet wide, madi .:
wrought iron, and fitted with coal bunker,.
and quarters for a crew. Two large boilers
and duplex, steeple compound engines :'ir.
nish power for propelling the dredge all.1
running the chain of buckets. A srill
boiler furnishes steam for the pumps il]i
the winch engines. All the machinery is ,,.
good condition, because of careful oiling ii-I
painting before the dredges were abandoredi
The cogs are little worn, the dipper lips
still sharp, and in general the condition ol
the machinery indicates that the dredcie
were used but little by the French. On...ne
of the castings of each engines the legend
HAVRE, 1884.
There is a reasonably authentic story thIit
these two barges were brought to the I-thi-
musin 1885 and setup at Chagrecito, whence
they were floated to their operating ground
in the Chagres river near Frijoles. After
few weeks of work itwas decided not tocol.-
tinue their use at thattime, and one ofthemii
was set at work excavating a bay in the
river bank in which both dredges could be a. ii
chored free from the dangers of sudden ri-es
in the Chagres. The dredge which aide
the bay has for years had her nose against
the side of the bank as though only res:in.:
over night in her work. Into this little I.a-,
the second dredge and two tenders were r n.
all of them to wait until the old French
Company should need their services again-i
In the more than 20 years since thel
dredges and their tenders were put .:,n
waiting orders the bay silted up untit
the hulls rested above the normal stage .-.I
the river during the rainy season. A bink
of sand six feet high or more closed up the
mouth of the bay, and when the work -.A
reclaiming the dredges began four we k,
ago, a tree 40 feet high was growing in thi_:
sand bank, barring the way between the
dredges and the river.
To bring these dredges from their berth-_
of silt into the channel of the Chagrec.
whence they may be floated to Cristobal, is
the work assigned to a gang of 40 men. .\
channel 40 feet wide is being dug from the
river to the dredges. Back of the place w be r
the dredges lie is a little stream and this I i
been diverted so that it will find the river L.,

T H F 'C A N A L RE CO R')

. a, li tii ,re.lc- andi t e i ..i 41 ..... clih niiun
A [I .itll .. th i i C l.ici, t oIl 1 i I .ll,-.ns :
1iill,.ite I I.,iin1 ri'i tice u ., irc l ...ur iets 4it
;'. ter ..ill I, thr:... li I i t _.. I t-,,he it l 1d

, ,,.er .. ill i -i .i.t t .I .1 '. n d l eelpe n
III, cl 111 el 1. till ri t. r '.:, iit their d r le, e-
ii ,..e Il..aied, mii... cthe -ire i iini
The tenders ire tii-l, i ith i hI,.lper t...
I i' i thie :i -.I I r.-..i thlie rei.I e-. ei i, i 1 .1it.
Iuipt s tl... I. rce it thir..._.u h i pi e line t.:, leir
,...ti ,p It ri .-Iu are I t:., I% ._ ts inii t set-
..I i, n itliter l ,,i er thlie A. I Irr;.l._' g ] st\ em
t..-. c ,, [,p i'll h, ll i s i ,_, d 1...n ,e ., 1 scri-_.n
dIre.l'e. In the :.1i 1 .Ir- i.e' s e ich I.,uc et,
l s : a ca. lch. it, I.I ..,ne I ll i ird i I..I
llthe v..i ll]iu... 11s )'.eIl ll t n; ';' s e hIih e'-
ci. tiii el fT.enlc, '...rii n li d in
I nc.-i.I_ \. dred ies siii, il r t.'. these l' '. i
Ike out u lne rl lb i,.l.1) c.iul..e c ., ird-
iln 2 da.r,-. it:.-ut liill t ie l .'i cit' : 1 the
Slthie 2Q.ic I -.i'tI ..n lIr- e. ice-. tll the cost
,.I e ;...i. ili ii th ii i ll: ...d 'te[ le dred ,e i -
tliree trli es i s ic rijil s .. ii th. e .,.ict i
'e ,l'1 thl e ten-l[rs ,. i'titeI \c ll h i sn i le
I..iler. in c '. inle I .-.r pr' ..u-I l' i.-n ind. a
l I.'n*. I,-.r _..rc' I..ut th'- s[ :.l li lve thelie
,t hi-er hasl t.: I .ilers a nci ei ii d i pu.i-np
Ci lt lit.:. lie Ir ine ..c .rk c :if eicl i c i ine arec
the '._.r.l -"

l 'el c : r, i,1 \ .-n i rrh" I l' it e i' i ac e
i ,lr I, .,Hre. :",

itl r .IT I, C .,..r llrld .i,,
i l'|n|tI| Ch. 11 'r.lll n L 'ri .e t. Fr C

,\ I 'iip li- 1.een est illiishet .-1 .n I.:,i the
dredes .here thie lil:irer- ..ill mess ind
s' eel. ,.i til tlle ,_,rt; t k -lne
in meii t e s lc e h L ,sit..ri i mi tlle .Irelc e-
neitr Frii- le ire i li.ller *ire.]'e. it-._- ,.ic-
i.-_,l tre % ..e' t .', l*tn r' inI 1 trde it
Cliatzrecito t T le. t,-_-, ..ere rn into ., l., .,
11il .ie inh tllhei ba tk in.I I-. '.e Site.d ui.. until
tll c\ ire 1.5 feetl i ..:,..e ic i.: rit al st.ge :of
the r ti-r Il tlie r ir. \ -ei s i .A in ll is it
...:,rk .lig in.g i .hain,) fr. i c the ri.er tor
lle fir-t ... thr-r d -e.l- s ti he lid. er .lredice
The sluicilwg Ilin Il 0se it Friij:,lh s i.ill br
,.l,-lted in ile i- It is l h..-iind m ore '-r -ctic l.le
t... slile th-. .l e.Ie e .-.n skiIt into, tle ri .er
It 's |.r..[.._.s l tI... ui-e the bu.il a- a I.. rec
Tile nii,,chiner., I- air,:d., I..een stripped.
Rebt id the I. hid ,r ,ire'lg,- ,in I. r,,.-.die
tol, the ri.er. .lith i Jl.iu gle :.ti three -ide- itlld
".._ e l....i-1_h..i h l r...t ill .:.re tlhe s,.Ictll .ire -lees.
Pioth blu ls inl iiilchii. r,-r ire ill z..._ >...n. -
.l t]l ...n inI. ,l h| ui. ...I .1 1 At .,:l.. lthe:'.
c..ul.1 I,- in.iade ser iceal..le il their cse ..erec
deeilel ec:..',, :.in al 'Ih,: intL ,e -s Ilr.inclhes
in .1iametiera .1nd i equip'[cl .Itl, lth French
., |pe so ilec Cutter ,:>r 1, bitl.-,r The p.mip
,..n e : l is. la ,-.in lih -pli ti_.. p,.ni ,, .belt.-
.Iri,.e 1hi a ,i d t Fr ch cI .:.-a-c..in[,,_,.indj
en'in1e The I._.ist ..r .l111nzinz zee r is
*,_,'er t l l,., -eries ,I ,ih oir s ,:>n dee ;.
.Ir .en LI.'., i dul. le%: .,erti,: l enlzine T lhe
tenders .ire ol tlle 1l1., at Fri )...le-
it I. -- iih.. t t l eenii .,c,,i :, '..tlettler tlie
sii: l..n ,ire l. _e- a.id tliers at C liigrecit,:
are ..,,rth tal:lm t, the shops at Crtst,_.l.. i
The ,_,I.I Fren:L ..dredeec it Chl 'grecil.,_
an, :dl ,] ..:.rth .-.I th t l.-.int, hl .c Ieen rs-
i lon _'d t._. tle A ln it | i. ,,": hile those
in it e tl rrit,:r% s,:>ttI ,,I Cnacre:cil.- li .ec
Ibeenl t.irn dl, . er tI.. tl,- I'P.c f.c )', I I'_,-i
.\l pre-ent l...,r ...i thei u ..ld lid.ier .drclg- s,
th t lin e i ee i l.,tng n idle, s:>'.ith .-.I Chag.-
recit,.., are 1.,eint, put t., u-~e. uuI .ut ..:>

then ,:,ne i thln..,r>- gii hi c-,:', dredlI, is I., I-e
I.u ill
W hen the *-.1.1 trench c._,inpailv il'a,-l ...-i
e.I it- .*':-rk -.n thle Jilithn us. it lelt at L1
P,._.ca a lar -e iniounit Of fli_.t inci, cidlltienlt,
au ,:ong .% bI ch 1 a-_i lle liull A. I ,Iider ..lIrede
It s iIli .-.'-,,1 c,.n- tlition i. en the Am er.
i lls t,_...o: c...o tro:,l i....tr Its tlue %.'l- ido .ltt-
I..i and it .. -_ in the i i.'. -._. it i- s ti:en
,._ "ill ti i.Ised rpi t ,-AI thile In rl..._r andl s.ink
1- ter ,It elopt enits sh:,..ed tb t it .'.as s ill
inll the ;il 4.-. it was raised ind sunl: in i
dlifler-nt Iirt .I tihe Il ..a.r Here, t,:,.. it
..i- In the %1.3',. .nlI it 7a I. t '..'e,-i :-'.ilt ie-
...id I I ...r r 1.-r nidl -.nk in .leel. a3ter.
No .. thie Fre n ch Ili.der .Ire.l'es' h iit"
lpr e.. I t... I.e -'. in.ii m ...re el-ecti. th in v'
it firt l..elie. edI pi:ssille, the thrice -unk
hull it-s Ieen ral-ed.i a aiil in i- at the
sii rm i- at Li L:,ica. .ein lrep..re. for
koLrk It h s n...- ..Id itl h iter i it t.-. I-e
taken oui indoiiol, i Iet ol the pliie,- need
to be reii,%e.I T.-. eet iilcinuer'. ind instill
it is all that neeIs t. l..e .1.,ne
At Sin o I'll,. ni-ir rirlic.a- Pridce. :-n
Sliet -ou.ir ,li t: ,.I tlie Cbi-gres. is .1irel.ee
thi t Ias silted upt ij -t i- thlioe at Fri l.:,1 --
i.nd Clihgrecito., l.e .\t J-imn Gr nile. iust
n...rth ...-1 ...rI .,l.. ik another dredge hii h
upn thi e i.lnk Ploith the.e .red.ze cain 1.
seen Ironti tie Pal'uiin r iilr'..i.1 wick ol
GorI'e._n are .v.i... .ld d.redi es. ils.-. hi-h '1.n
tlie rter link. No elff.rt %ill 1c in ide to
I..l i tl-:_s dre--zes The P.,cfic DI.si.-.n
is taliiiz ..ut the miachineri indl other r pirts
.an.i trian inlg tbein t.-. Li B:,ca. to I..e .ised in
Ilint i r.I llie old hb Ill ldrea ..c. nie ti...nei.i
and l i s.i pl.in; l., rts t, llthe dredges nr '...
in Iuse T li e i ., chiiiii i n i.J parts are ci r.t.-:
conlit.' ..n ind C.i an e 1.ut11l'e-1 .lI th ut cliicie.
T ,_-. l,._iler- Ir,:.* ti e .Irf:,, e t G ,orz.--.na
ind .-.ne ro, iT that i t u .[. tll G r n. are t .-. I-e
ilt-tilled in the ,_.i huull Two sleerle com-
I,":.un.I engiies A deck v.ineb. i11, a ldder
l.,. ,,mn Irot: ] the ,Iredge- it Gor n, v.ill a Il-:,
I.e utilized, a.ln the 32 huC.: ets .-ill I..e col-
lectedl Irr._m tlie four strippedi diedes,. un-
le-- it I..e .d c iedt. I'-, it be t ire-ize .' ill
c s'e-c., ciiiii ,ed 1I.i uck ts It will cost Ie-
tIeen a.i.. .".I. nd a 1 ,l ...i t,_, m ike lthi- lad-
dler dre,.dge gis ood .. I ew. -.iid ,. 1|.l.,le .o(
t i c ,out Il '.i.,...i I 1.dc ards- -.I mnltl r ria l a
ILntih it Irrom t, II.I cenl- a sar. .


The l._.II.-.A'inis a I-it .A-I pict.aces that
hl .e Ieen ior'.1irle Ir._.in Ne.. Vork 't._
1-hthiiiih C iilil Commiia'll,-io ii]d I 'an ima
rilro.ul eii'l[,...es, a Ind th t ire V.aith i. l
l.e climate it the freic.'ht .l-l_.ne at Colon.
Tile o, liers -il these p Lic'e. i.-ll hate t,
ni ih.e ap.i.,lc.i t..ti l.-.r Iree custltoiii entr in
connection .%ithl Circu..ilar N... S5. or in the
alter ali.e. o. t tdul, t,-. the P.rniutia ...i.
erniient c -.i ..i -ii the .alue ,-AI the t 'ln-
tent ell tlihe pic:k Li e ..el._-re deli,.er', cin
I-e ellffected ,.

\i., 't.iln :; ", I,--) in \',"H .-h "r \ r v.'li'uL hnf .
cul t.r, I I-T i 1 ...z .. I .e. r I .t r-.

\\,,,.,:1 :. N .,-- P li, I',, -:r Col l z
/, r. ;,.: : ; -ren l 1 ,,, .. .. 1 r"11)
'i i._11 N ;',1-C '.' liu'ii ii] Cr t.i 1
',.a. .;II N Iii- E Cri i.nl. I t.
h l w t .r l '"
N ,:, ". .;-- .. \' rr P .lr |, I h .:! 1 [:, -r .
.:. ] t ". ;,,.. ",' r.:h u s I ,,! ... ... .. I*r,:,ii..
N '"i l-- ,1 Ci iii.t.:. r.: C l.:.rl I pr rc il.
i ',., ,'; .7;' '," N e m Lr.r `4 \' *" i-re :, i.i



Mnrine Shl-ip- ni Ln Boca.
Un..Idr eer., pla ii -Lucce-ted lor the i'an.
anta Canal. L, V.o.:, li- b.n.id ii thle I'a-
citi.: t.-r inuini :. Tl'h, ..1.1 l:rlncIi ,-oiipnH.-
ir-d.iead a clinnel Ir.:-ni d-.-ri ter to ,here
the ,r lb.:r, -- are h,:., lo- e. d. a l, nd Iron, th.-
h liar- es t':. mil-I- up lre i all-=,' o i- h. rioh
,'.rji.l.- To .:o -u.: I v ork r--luirr 'li .:,_.- .l-.
eral-lc rHotinoL eqiUplent. .i.ld to krep ithat
:equii'rent inn repair thl ii irime -hop- it La
P,:'.c:a er- L.udt '.I tll- jlalur. oi thi: ir-t
lre.:n:hli ,.omp i- 'r~.iriin R jilro,.:l Co..m.
an', bou.ht l ll .: linn'l .in doci:, n.d in
April. 19l11 t reiteid thl- iiacihme -hop indi
liipwj.,: f,.r 1 p-r c- t oi .:'.n1 p-r c-it .-.I
th-lir c-rirg.inl cc-t It alo renterid c-ne
Scot,:- l ,.l.l.r ,lre,-.l al1 i,-o Scotcl cljp-
els wilth rh.:l to1 k.:-.. ,:..pln le channel to
ill- .,1.:.ck-. Tlh -llip,1.a ., er re: uilt h i a
co-t o 4l 14.''.,. tih- lIdd:r .lre-.le %,, r--
pjir,- l at 2 .:.:- l .,: .'i"i i on.l thi ._l]ap .t- at
, .:o-t C.Il 'l..,i'i' ii l 4.,lil r.:-p-.:-,_ l -I.
Conii.:lerinz the pe.rio.: .i:i the 'i,:.rk thlt
lthl-\ -r- e.0ii;n ,l to i.. le c_1.1 Fr,:n.:h-
-bop- .are ,:ll "."lUipp-d. "liheir machliti-r.,
con it--41 l o:i three .-iinch lathe-, o)l.e 12-
inch l iec. ,on, -inclh lutlh., )on-- l.-loot
pa 1ithe. onI 1Il-iclh :hi pr, on,:e 12-i.chl
:lott-r. o)lie l2-m' ,h pljnl r one .'f.ll-po'p dlll
p,:, er haimmner, one r.-.i01o rjiul .1drill jl-
to.: drill pr---- Ili- nIaclirim -ll.op, c.ir-
pr:lx:r lhop. a.1ii tool rooLu, sere .ill in'oli
L.uil rihn No n-,' niJac incr., as d.:l.l'd .i,
thl- Panjinma x Ri ,lhosd C,:.inpiir andlI lhi
-hlopi lr.- report. d ja: the w.ere :it 1 I. tilr.
Frnchb iunider thie 'aianr.i Rilroi. Coa,.-
p i i nt iii i tiijnuar, a I:. 1',,5. % ilhen ill- [I, ;.
-ion oi M*ateria-l jiid -Su pli:- :.1 tie l-l. -
mian Cnl niI Co.:iiiii- -.i took charc'eol it li-m
In Jiir-. I'5i. lth :.- -ere turnei.l ,:. -r lo
til D ireparnient oi Co,:n-tiructicrn and rEni.
neerini. b. eni run linder thll Lni -ion [En-
ginet-r at La l..:dj. ind thi-. ire no,. ri
tlre L L. bo,.- re-i,i.n.-:i ol Ihl- 'jacic ic [i,'-
.:1on. 'lild-r xl. irnmm--Iail cllrir-.- ol Siu-
p.-rintn-rml-t Ji I rl- MAl .:-.rliae. e .- li:o ha-
F- 0i. i-p.l rixll:nii.n t -ii th Pll arnil Ri a il.-
road Compa n%. li-ium-.d ,-*olrr.: IIIl ri' '
I In I n--. I 11 **. ,. ork ,.i Le i be iuiin a i i-i
,:.o l Lb, ]lii-l.,:.,:,t .i.litioi to the orir finall
Fr-nch -liop. m Lkinr it i",i, lel t l,:on 1., lii4
let 1 %i'1-. nald Iat-r 3 L.1,.:i.mit, -h6lOp 41"
e,-t ., :i' --t. u -i i.i.:il x,. t th iriichin-
-hc.p Tlie o: 1.1 re i..:Ii n.ch iner.. %1i r, a .-
uAllN rerr-,i and. tile pre:ein equipment
cOill-it- cntirel., ol ip-l.-:.-.lite Alin.ricli min -.
chinle- in- tl l it the rm.iclirne iho.:.p are
one l-'-inch pl.ion-r. one 4--i.:L planer, t o
3r.-inch _... 24-1001 Ilathl- t o .2-inch L.,
l -'-loo I lathe lIe o 14. icll L., '' ,t I:.o tllie ,
lt'.:. l -i. iirch l ., l.x,..:.t flati i, cine ]1i)-inich I,.,
'.i-l'.::o t lai ,t--. one .2-"inchi l:-:rin; miill oli-
No 3 Uniiersail niTllino miclline oni- 21-
inch -haiper, oni- 14-inch -liaper. o:1ir- I%-
incli il,:.tl-r. c.ne I- i.ch letter. o)nie r.-loot
r t' ial ..It 11. :. -in.ll dril-l in addit.l'o
there .,re -un.lr., ripe-culitni", aid pt irnd.:;n
ma.iclilne All thii macllianer:, '% ja l',i];hit
. ith '. i-.' : 1 jd, ptinc it eipec]All t:o 1 .
rin- n :.rk In lth- .,lcksuiitl -h.:.op 're ")
foree -ind one li-" I n:.o iiri -tejim hIimiiier.
1 lhe pattern -Ihopi -1 e.iuipp:i inth 1 l.tn. sa
1 c:irculir sa,y ii l 1 -rmi.ll plaiu r A sruill
Ioundru., 1i run in ci niectioiii .. ti tile im-r
cbluti- 4iop. merely for tl.- plrpot:- c.I mak-
ing -mall cai-xinc- promptl.,. 'I i- cupola

li. ,- c iplxc"ty of one ton, and there are two
Iurnce-- lor brass crucibles capable of hold-
i,. If.,f pounds of metal.
Thei .\[t.on machine and wood working
-hol.p- lorm-rly maintained by the Division
'.1 [lulldild :i Construction, have been abol-
i-l,-d air.l the machinery will presently be
in-i ille,- it the La Boca shops. It consists
ol t% .:. crr.:ilar saws, one band saw, and one
pla.iir i..r the wood shop, and two lathes
1.1l l hrrc drill presses for the machine shop.
.\t pretenit the machinery in the machine
sh,:.., i: belt dri en by a French compound
-r.c1nire hinchtakes steam from four French
,,ll-r- fl'ians have been approved for
.iitr_. L., electric motors, and two 75-horse
po,.r mi:.t.:.rs will be installed in a few
n.:-k- Tlie current will be furnished by-
thie ni.. power plant at La Boca. A 15-ton
o. -erheal-. c ane, now in use, is to be fitted
a ill lf.:tric power
T'fe inpwivays consist of two ways on
v hiclh -ihip: up to 400 tons may be hauled
-..ui. n.I .,re equipped with one set of bend-
in.- roll- i1 ieetlong, four powerful punches,
one l'.-loot counter-sinking machine, one
' -loot r,.Iial drill, one 50-ton steam riveter,
,:,e lo,; r ich pneumatic riveter for smoke
.t-.,ki ,ia l other pipes, one 24-inch by 24-
IIn.:lh ll il.sser for carpenters' use. As far
>: pos-- bi all work is done by pneumatic
t ali. ain.I in fact there is very little hand
vork. .\I present from 12 to 14 gangs of
riet -r .ni-i 6 to 8 gangs of drillers are at
, ork oin the various hullsbeing built, or re-
in IIt Po.:.ier for the shipways is furnished
I, to -.- tple compound engines left by
ith Fr-en-h, fed by two Scotch marine
L.ol-r- tAk- a out of an old French dredge
and. ri.e 'French steam-drill boilers. The
air .:-oiipr-esor has a capacity of 1,500 feet
o: lr ja per minute. In about three
L4 .ks ii x ill be abandoned, when the air
IH- Iromx tlie new electric power and air
compr.-ssi-n plant will be in operation.
.\ rd.Ii on capable of taking vessels of3,000
tolls is uni-ler construction and will be fin-
ishd i ii, L.out six months. A wharf 540
I--t loi,_ 14 being built behind the machines
- hoi:ps. a n-I a storeroom for dredge parts 500
1..t I.% i'.-i leet has been authorized.
T li-e ..r.I equipment consists of one 20-ton
LEo). I, hoi-t, two 8-ton Appleby cranes and
tv o Fi-n.:r, locomotives.
l.:.th manufacturing and repairing are
don. at il,:-e shops. Repairs must be kept
up c.n the floating equipment in the harbor,
which h con-ists of one sea-going suction
d:lred-. ,:.ne sea-going ladder dredge, one
pipe-line -uction dredge, a ladder dredge,
a .dipper dredge, three tug boats, six self-
pr.pellin.I barges (clapets), half a dozen
-',i.ll--r crait, and a dozen barges and light-
er .\ r-co.rd of the more important man-
ui iicturiii;. work done in the last eight years
i- p-rtiuem, because it has all entered
Ir;-fl- into: the work of building the Canal.
In tihe i:.-a:l year 1908, ladder dredge "A-2,"
tihe c.ne .- liich the Panama Railroad Com-
pjan L.ouiht from the French, was rebuilt.
It h1- worked continuously for five years,
i ith oni., o:ne lay-off, and that of only forty
ia. -' ,lur.ition. It is on the ways now un-
d,-r;,:.iin extensive repairing that amounts
alni,-it tic rebuilding. Twenty thousand dol-
lar- will Lb spent on this work, and the
dredge -1 .ll then be as serviceable as when
it .ii frr-t pit in commission. In the year
i ulhicl dredge "A-2" was first rebuilt,


the shops also rebuilt clapets No. 5 and No.
8, and the tug Bolivar. The following year
three new lighters were rebuilt and several
were repaired, and in 1903 several more
lighters were repaired.
An old French crane boat, the Parisien,
was rebuilt for the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission in 1904 and fitted with the Clay-
ton apparatus for fumigating ships. She
was renamed the l'aller Reed. About the
same time the merchant ships on the Pa-
cific making calls at Panama ports installed
similar fumigating plants, and on this ac-
count the ll'aller Reed has been little used.
She is still in service, however, and is equip-
ped to assist in the quarantine against
plague, yellow fever, or cholera, in case the
emergency arises. Clapets No. 10 and No.
11 were rebuilt the following year.
Two steam launches left at Culebra by the
French were rebuilt in 1906. They are the
Birdena and the Governor and are now in
service. Steam launch No. 26 was also re-
built, as were Clapets Nos. 6, 7, 9 and 1.
Ladder dredge No. 14 was rebuilt in the
fiscal year 1907 at a cost of $28,000. It has
been at work since last October and has
already justified the rebuilding. In 1908
the sea-going ladder dredge Gopher was re-
built and was put in commission last May.
Most of the work on the pipe-line suction
dredge Sandpiper, a description of which
appeared in THE CANAL RECORD of August
26, was done in the year 1908. There are
now under construction at the machine shop
and ways six sand barges, three hopper
barges, one submarine rock breaking ma-
chine. An old French ladder dredge is
being rebuilt. The rebuilding of the San-
idad was also done in the fiscal year 1908.
The force engaged at the machine shops
and shipways consists of 150 gold men and
650 silver men, and the amount of wages
paid in the fiscal year 1908 was about $400,000.
In the same year material to the value of
about $306,500 was used.
Examination for Clerk.
A local examination for the position of clerk
in the service of the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission will be held Sunday, September 13,
1908, in the hall of the Red Men at Cu.
lebra beginning at 9 a. m. Copies of the
Manual of Examinations, containing all nec-
essary information and sample questions,
and copies of the prescribed application form,
will be furnished upon written request by
the Secretary of the Isthmian Civil Service
Board, Office of the Chairman, Culebra, Ca-
nal Zone.
The examination is open to citizens of
the United States between theages of 20and
45 years. Persons intending to enter the ex-
amination should file their applications at
once, in order that requisition may be made
for sufficient papers and other necessary ar-
rangements completed by the Board of Ex-
Examination jor Physician.
A local examination for the position of
physician in the service of the Istlimian Ca-
nal Commission, entrance salary $1,800 per
annum, will be held October 14, 1908, the
exact hour and place of the examination to
be announced later. The Manual of Exam-
inations, containing all necessary infornia-
tion and Application Form, may be obtained
from the Secretary of the Isthmian Civil
Service Board, office of the Chairman, Cule-
bra, Canal Zone.


Mean Sea-l.evel as Determined on Data
Available at This Time.
That there is no material difference be-
tween mean sea-level in the Pacific and the
Atlantic oceans is one of the interesting
facts developed by the leveling of precision
recently done on the Isthmus. W. G. Com-
ber, Resident Engineer at La Boca, in his
report under date of August 25, gives details
of the work and results. The descriptions
of bench-marks will be published in separate
form for distribution among the engineers.
In his letter submitting the report, Mr. Com-
ber recommends that some official be placed
in charge of the bench-mnarks and be held
responsible for their care and maintenance,
so that in case it is necessary at any time to
move a bench-tmark the work may be done
under the direction of this official, who will
seeto it that the elevation is preserved. Itu
accordance with the recommendation C. M.
Saville, assistant engineer, has been charged
with this duty. The report follows:
The precise levelers, Messrs. Thomas and Wol-
brecht, reported to me on their at rival from New
York on June 2. and after a consultation in regard
to methods and scope of work it was decided to get
the value of mean tides on each side from the Divi-
sion of Meteorology and River Hydraulics and use
these values as zeros, working from each side. Mr.
Wolbrecht was assigned to the Cristobal end of tile
work and Mr. Thomas to the La Boca side. Ili addi-
tion to the standard bench-nmarks made and placed
purposely for this survey tlte levelers were instructed
to connect with every permanent bench-mark adja-
cent to their line.
Field work was begun on June 7 on the Atlantic
side, and June S ou the Pacific side, and finished
July 31, oi both sides, two days of this time being
devoted to the determination of instnumental con-
Each party consisted of anI observer, recorder, two
rodinen. negro cook and six negro laborers for pro-
pelling the handcar, cutting of trochas, etc. Kern
precise levels, with Kern & Fauth level tubes, were
used. The usual methods of keeping backsights and
foresights equal, and checking all lines by going over
them in opposite directions, were followed. The
instruments were disturbed by passing trains and
blasting so frequently that, in order to insure good
results, each reading was checked by changing the
height of instruments and recording the second set
of readings-the means of thie two sets were taken anud
the stretch was checked in the opposite direction by
the same methods.
On the line. Cristobal to San Pablo, Mr. NWolbrecht
reports his main line of level as 23.3 miles, with 16
miles of side line. Side lines were run to determine
the elevation of bench-muarks along the relocated
Panama railroad and above the level of Gatun Iake.
On the main line 55 circuits were run, varying ill
length from 225 meters to 1,700 meters; the average
discrepancy between the direct and reverse nrns of
these circuits was 1.25 millimeters, the greatest differ
enceheing3.8millimeters. The probable errorof the
last bench-muark for the above line was 4.06 millime-
ters. and the probable error for the entire distance
is 0.66 millimeters per kilometer.
On thestretch leveled by Mr. Thomas, San Pablo to
La Boca, the length of main line was 24.1 miles, the
length of side line 18,6 mile's. The probable error of
the last bench-nmark is 2.7 millimeters and the proba-
ble error per kilometer is 0.45 millimeters. The
largest discrepancy on the main line between succes-
sive lbench-marks was 2.8 millimeters.
Over the whole distance nin, Cristobal to La Boca,
standard bench-marks have been set. consisting of a
concrete slab, 18 inches by 18 inches by 6 inches, with
rounded corners, suitably lettered, with a copper or
brass bolt set in the center of the concrete block,
forming the point of elevation: block is buried about
three feet in the ground with a 4-inch galvanized
iron pipe centered over the bolt in the slah and pro-
jecting about 18 inches from the ground: tie pipe
is surmounted hya cast brass cap, suitably inscribed,
with a projection rising from thle center of same.
It is intended that all ordinary level elevations
shall be taken from the top of this projection on the
center of the cap, and in case greater accuracy is re-
quired. or if the pipe has been disturbed, that the
cap shall be taken off and rod placed on bolt in tile;
two special pipe wrenches are necessary in taking
off the cap. All of these bench-nmarks, except where


in: an'inclosure, are inclosed with a wire fence
painted white, with a sign wanting against disturb-
These bench-inarks are placed in pairs across the
Isthmus, the front one usually being near the Canal
and the Panama railroad, the back one at some dis-
tance from the front one, and over the country
to be covered by the Gatun Lake. above the S5-foot
level and near the new Panama railroad. The front
bench-marks are numbered 1,2, 3, 4, etc., consecutively
from Cristobal. and the back bench-marks are num-
bered la,2a, 3a,4a.etc., the number showing to which
front tbench-mark it belongs, the letter "A" indicating
that it isa back bench-mark. Front bench-marks are
about one mile apart. Two back bench-marks at San
Pablo are omitted on account of uncertainty of loca-
tion of the new Panama railroad.
All lines were run in accordance with practice of
the I'. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, and of the Mis-
sissippi River Commission.
On investig tion of the tide-gage records at Cristo-
bal as funiished by the Department of Meteorology
and River Hydraulics, it was found that a period of
fifteen months only was available for determining
thile mean sea-level oi each side: and on the La Boca
side the Naos Island tide-gage records were abso-
lutely useless oi account of the impossibility of con-
necting thle levels with this gage. Oni thile completion
of the breakwater, however, these records will become
As tidal oscillation is so small on the Atlantic side,
and the lmecan of hourly readings from May. 1907, to
August. 1908, was found to be only 0.02 feet higher
than the former zero, or mean sea-level, but as the
present tide staff gage was slightly in error and no
record of the status of former ones used was available,
it was decided not to change the zero, or mean sea-
level now in use, until records of longer duration and
more authentic value could be secured.
The old value therefore of bench-mark Spike, which
is near the tide-gage, 6.21 feet, was adopted as an in-
itial point in tabulating results. This bench-mark
was found to agree within 0.003 foot with Municipal
benich-mark No. 36, which latter is the basis of the
old levels run in the neighborhood of Cristobal.
From bench-mnark Bridge 12 (the new value of which
agrees very closely with the former value) to the suc-
ceeding old bench-marks southward, a discrepancy
of about 0.17 feet was observed between the old and
new values, and in order to eliminate any doubt that
night arise from this sudden divergence, the circuit
from bench-mark Bridge 12 to Panama railroad bench-
mark No. 9 was re-nin at the conclusion of tihe work,
and the precise level values verified. The levels inl
the center of the Isthmus, as shown by Panama rail-
road values, are about 0.304 feet in error.
The mean of hourly readings on the La Boca tide-
glalge, from August 1, 1907, to August 1, 190S, equals
0.547 feet, and the elevation of the zero of the gage,
as shown by precise levels from Cristobal equals
0.174 feet, making the elevation of mean tide at La
Boca. as determined by the year's tide-gage records,
0.721 feet.
I do not think it possible to arrive at a tnmedetermi-
nation of mean tide at La Boca, when we compare re-
sults from the tide-gage here. I give tile monthly
mean of hourly gage readings from July 1, 1907, to
July 31, 1908:
July, 1907 ............ +.91 January, 1908........ + .18
August, 1907 ........ +.82 February, 1908 ...... -.11
September. 1907.... +.78 March, 1908......... -.12
October, 1907........ +.87 April, 1908.......... +.18
November. 1907..... +.93 ay, 1908 ........... +.64
December, 1907..... +.86 June, 1908........... +.80
July, 1908........... +.73
You will see by the above table that the low means
on the La Boca gage correspond to the dry months
and the trade-wind season, and how much of the high
ineans of the wet season are attributable to the Rio
Grande water and how much to the trade winds are
unknown quantities, but it certainly would seem to
indicate that the results from the La Boca gage are
worthless, except forlocal use, and that we nust fall
back on the Naos record when we call connect with
the Naos gage on theniew breakwater.
Taking the resul ts of the dry season months, viz:
January, February, March, and April, for 1908, we get
a mean reading on the la Hoca gage of +.0325 feet in-
stead of 0.547, the mean for the year; this would make
the difference between the Atlantic and Pacific
means, as determined by precise levels, 0.2065.
When we have arrived atan accurate mean for tidal
elevations at this place 1 should consider that the
proper method to treat the elevations would be to
make an adjustment throughout the Isthmus, giving
both elevations of mean sea-level the same value, viz:
A table of descriptions and elevations, of both new
and old bench-marks, connected with on this survey
is appended, and a tabulation of final results to date
is filed in this office.


Privations in the Early Days.
A number of former employes of the Com-
mission chanced to read, in your issue of
July 29, or thereabouts, a letter from a Mr
Norman Winnie, recounting some of th.:
hardships endured by the "Old Timners'
who came to the Isthmus when he did
Some of us over here arrived on the Isth-
mus in the summer of 1904, and one of u-
lived at Culebra from August, 1904, to 1Ma).
1905, leaving there for Empire. We all re-
member when the tents, all of which had
floors, were erected in Culebra, and Mr
Winnie's statement that he was obliged t..,
"sleep on the ground" will hardly hol I
water. The Isthmus in 1904 and the earl,
part of 1905 was hardly a paradise, but there
were cots enough to go around, even if we
had to use powder boxes for morris chairs
'If any employee of the Commission slept onu
the ground, it was from choice, or because-
he was physically unable to reacl' his quar-
ters-unless lie was on one of the upper
Chagres topography parties. What do some
of the real "Old Timers," who remember
the Culebra morris chairs and the first day-
of the Chapman mess, have to say about this
H. B. HowrAND.
Santiago de Cuba, August 20, 1908.

Masonic Organizations.
I wish to call your attention to an inaccur-
acy under the headingof "Social Life of the
Zone" in your issue of July 15, 1908, in which
you speak of Masonic organizations on the
Isthmus. Your statement that the longest
established secret society on the Isthmus is
the Sojourners' Lodge, A. F. and A. M. is
correct so far as regular lodges existing at the
present time is concerned. Your statement,
however, that Masonic lodges and clubs have
been organized since 1898 at Culebra, La
Boca, Empire, and Paraiso, is incorrect, as
no "lodge" of Masons exists at any of those
places. Two "lodges," so called of Free-
masons exist in the city of Panama, but So-
journers' Lodge has not received authority
from the Grand Lodge, A. F. and A. M. of
Scotland, from which it holds its charter, to
recognize such bodies as regular lodges.
We may, of course, receive such authority.
Edinburgh, Scotland, August 10.

An Ohio Club.
It is the desire of the Ohio Club to get in
touch with all employes of the Isthmian Ca-
nal Commission and Pantatna railroad, whose
homes are in Ohio. To this end I would be
glad to have all such send me their names
and Canal Zone address, as well as their ad-
dress in the States.
Secretary Ohio Club.
Gorgona, C. Z., August 28.

Dr. J. Pelham Bates, of Ancon Hospital,
left with his family for New Orleans on the
Parismina September 8. Theywill take up
permanent residence in Nashville, Tenn.,
where Dr. Bates has accepted a post in the
Medical department of V nidertili utm cr- it,.


W ...I.', Clubh Inil OIn-ll r ef m tIs L .
P [ep tir l i..i re I ii pr..- ri I. r tl it li I

L\..i .::' t- l hA [lie 1..i I ] .i [ .. l .. .II -. Ii.
I.).N... Lr I N r rl, "l l th ,'l -; I il...n0 [ the
l li,: l el'l ,t--ti l tlcir .1,l I t: i- n-l ti :
i r: T.n ..: !liti [t:.e r: --rktii.r -:-' l ri r, i
p-.- Eti I l : t --' il 1.. It .I i c :i -- 1.-.11 l [ the
St eni r :....r1-n i ], [l l tr.-.tl. .1 "lu l, i ,... t, ..1
11, ... pr... ii i- il.:. -. i m --ii j- CL:r .:-ti l .n .
*: p-:.r : ti rl i,, i: I- t i... : I,- i .:-- .I: T- r i.,

11 I-.h- I .r I 1 1., 11 7. 71. 1, 1 1i,.:.1, -

Ielp i.tl i .E 'l .tL it I- i : I .. T -. ] i., j .i.
Sr.:. -* L i : in- th .- . ,i -- ir-:iiii .:l
.,:ii. *,: 1 .tr,: ur r l .ll, r .I u -i t l, l l -c. -,i r

'h,- *h. -tiil. ..ll CIl. I,:ut ., rl:- .r i cl
*: r i i-.li [I:ri it 1 1Q l. i i i-- i I iI

li., :: ii r. .n l\ ,:. l- _.l .r .: I I l-:_r IM r
C 'n ',,on, r pr,:in l:l .: r,:-..:.rt E: lie
I-,. I'. I': i :] r.. 1:[.. 1r E] I[ llir.:u --l- U r 1 1
i. .'- cr .,Ei:[ii'C l iu .ii i l In: '. [ li -E". -
nnli :r,[ -, n. n r- l Tp- ,:,:-i[ -- C i; p.' i] r]l* i -l*,:,]
II [le ':|.'iri nil':rt in r'. it "_ _r ,':.,:r'5 r-: -
. r-1.: ,. nl T lurt-r. .u n 2 .. r l ir
in]ull e lr I.:li pr' ':t it r\,. : t ij_.; II. m :
. .-,rI, ,:. ,:I rl., 1 ~ ill .jn ] l [llI_,t.:.r, 1n in ii
-i-nd rc Tl -h- mlt- ..--r-: I.: i urC: [I tl lit- 'tcr
1,:,..,1- T hi: plhi llth ,-:pl,- p irl ll H[ U ll -
-'tr it F C l-, i tiii.i ]li rnin rli -
pr:.-it lh n lie uii n l rc'klin E.:, I..: ,.:.ii :.I
l '1Tilll 1- IP C -Ue cI ,:.II ".ilt]) [Ia l i. ']][
. .i- ,, I |.:.r iT r n .:.-. .h. l. il i -.:. i i. I.'
'l ir r'.:.r[ -: 1 th -: ?. :thi ... -1 i hur. P in
jiln 1 I-.'n : !i,:ll1 :r ,, .I tE ,1 .1.:p irti n [-.I,:, ".:
I .-r -. l.l t-:. ,:.rk i-, : n1 i h i i C l,: [ : .
tlie pu, rp-:. : I-*- I -i II r -- -':' i t: L in i.1i
: lh I r: .A Il n._ : l i .-.r [l" t ..:. 'T i I,..-..
ir- il u ,: n-.n t' L iu'luit ,1 pl"- -i iii I E, -
il .i I t E.-: th : i 1i.: r. i i Cr.
r i n-.:,t- l:rT h l'i- ::,
h I r: _.r ll,.,Ii .:. [I li-: ]l i. r l -- .-, i t[:.i I-
t k:_ Un u Ip l..r .ii- u -, i .i] Uhi [.i:- C jL-- r L
.1 .l l I- ur li lIr'1i.i [,:.- r.r I [IJ: IL nI C .-,r .
]iiT :,i- ..,:rt: -pi ,*:*i I,, :.l:, .r ,1 i : r _. u i :rp .:-: I, l pr- r
-,-.1111 i _l I -. I Lu ll I.:.r I i l I I .:.r 11 :Il l..1-,:rF i 11 [-
.A l I h LIll:lll .*:I- |,r.:_r llnt I : \[, r.1-r ~. [l :m "
* .:] .*:_ -~l' ,. I I ir t- r El l I t i I ti pr... ,.:l in]-i
i:' Ir -.rl t "'ill i-. iI I -1.- t in C-r i. t: i 'ue.
,--. lul I--L,,- N .:,L| t I i E -. I- I-.:.r *:,F1 ::r- -. cr:

^l l.uke: '- E [,?i-'.,..p il un.Iq, I h-,.:..:.l i=.
.- i lj -i i l: al il r .:\curi.:.i= :n T h-r--li .
'.,u u -[ "" T -r,, [.,rt. v* Ii:ll lI ld i l ,: ,:,]
El.,:.i t 1 h llrl., :. l1 t 1. l .:,..: .-., i (h ,: ,t.'. '; .
:,71 rl i i [l e Li ..ri., ih n ." (,:,r I' i _.. 'r. .i :r, :
[th, , ',- spl-: t .:,I tI, ..: I., i ih i,.I ,'I.:,rr,:
Islin. T Ir : i h,.:l r ri I..1,.. E ...I M' r [*E,: U
I.:- I. [.I t . '. t h r.. ..:. i .:.l t h .: PI .-.I E .
il l,.:r,: l,:.r t[i : ,l i i ,] [t I : t r ,k:t l]u n ln
' is i~ ,:li ther,: .. ~p,:,il.l tr.,ih rl ,:t t[I :
:\C,.r-l:.ll- :i I.i [I,:.- l l nd I' l IlII .- I i !"
lin i '1 i. .:.r [II I .' : 1r i-i .[.... u [] .: ],ir:
.\ .[Dli, c -:. n 1[; '. : r - P] :I I | tI I" ll.: : ].
I n C : .- i R i c .. :2 n I ,u j - C ,il.:. t ,: ,i h ]'
hi : ,_ i r :c .-:, l li i I E . I -.i i 7 r :.: E .1.
c.-,1 I C h ,l r,: ,...:. l .T[i :.l ,-,I I I ,' l I b ,'
I-:,,. .,I i .1 C .:.:,p :r r,,:-L.-.r .:.1 C Ih rI t
Ch,,rcl C,:,l,:,h
Trhe Cul.:tAr \V.-,ni Clu .:,.|:t, 1 lth .:
-:V ._ I 1i ,:.I T 'h ur-., :p,: tl, .i r i : ,I ,i:.
prr.::i.I.:,ut M r- i1 r i' rr. li III,: In li.:
i.,'r :rc I -' rlch: t prr-ti,l l "i'-hre I I
i. ll 'I t ci l nt : ut h I,: pl i F I ...r .:.rk .:-.r
the: c)i.m i I .:j ,.r .;r. : u-iii p -i :I ITt11 .
S _irn l n ] Iut r:,E t Tcl,: pl o t.-.r th,: -ItLU I

T IlE CA.\NA 1 REC 'RI[f

,,1 1th c -.p I I -i CI .. t m.r :- .' I I i .ll i...[ i: ,rtui .1
:.ul ... n -. It l .s i r.: ...I thi .: :l ii n .
1I ... I, .: '.s...r : I i h ie- i .:. .i I I ._: l l.
Illl I ,: 11 1 1 re ,l ,th rt: I hl :h Ii cI lu I D -: -
lh : I I. .I i t l,.~tll ] I r l j II I -, I ... -
liii.l l.--k- i.'. .cr- .mi 11 liun-tr. t..:.nl-
r-. ir.Cl i ,- c.., r-: ii .- _.,:. i -cl t ii ..r
M: lh .I l .-...- l]. ] r I i.: l I r l I:-lul- lII :
,-it ili-: 1-.I: .r.- iiirI --l--ri.- it- ili l, I--iiii2
,ii. E i.1: t i r.- h 1 i1 i :.i i'-rt -

S-r t:.i I, I- i tI :i t' ,l l. i[ I I l i. -tel l I 1 .
. rit, I I:1 1 11 1:-1 I: I I l" "1 I h th e I ,.
, c, I Eli .,: C i I t l ri . 1] L II l 1. ., ,.
(c ,,1 i. r, _-r..-.:I: I ir :1" ,] ,,r I,-hl.. .. ..,1
,Ciil- I'. i pr,- C- I I r C. i i..-r Ir ] i. i, .. c
I.:. l ii'. *ii ---I I r '- I-i e I I I ii I .I .
i i -l r t- i i -.-ir 'r.- r ill 1 .11 1 i
,2] 1: 1 ,,r --,.utEI ,,l p .: r- ,,. I In.t r c I ,.I
1 e ,t- r r,: u .C r C lul.. 1. C--i-i,-- .- -. 11

lt:r pl. i iin IL' thlie ..rk 11 1..' t.-:r r. l: l .1
: -j P c-t l i I i- r -l . li th -tu.l pr.-.r uii -
L,,: : I 'l il ir..ii l 1 : l - C it ._ 11 t 'i t- i.11
I.c .i. -: t.. ur .: r.- c.:.-- ,'-r. t .: I .-.I IhL
i,:l t h.1 i : -.u l l r.rI i li ..:-rk ll l t-
t.:r_ : -: lit Ti t I'r l.:.rI I.: :.rt r- le-. th r: i l
lt e i lu.i n ..-r ...I i : :,I il I: ul.E r -_ pr i:_-: iil i ii
t li- r,:, C.r.:..,._ -i. im it lN.,:,:
TI l 1.1- i-ia.i i r l I1I t l il, ,,-. l
:._Eti, nL.,r .t lthl rE.: i: :-- I M rs: I I
,ll.r ::h t l T i< r ,:t r .. [- .r-- c M 1r I ,
1 in. il .i .: i till : : C ar C h r- i- -i it .- i
t:.-1 tI-: -, t--i.r sl.-I-, t M r: .1 N Nt Icr
i- i: 'tp :l. .i.L M rI ie n: ,r:,:in '. i -
l: ,: t .*:. f6 1 [Ini % ..: ...-, 31M r .' r- ; l i.
[-.:i i I.:.rli r pr .- i:nt. i .-i r rL I 'Vlt t, I li I
.- ICt :: VI t I : i .1. t ..I :it i k i. l ill Icle-
L ll't ]"-I : i i:'[ i l ti,' :-i'I. il,:E:[t li t I .Tc
Mir 1 V. 'I'. Ir lMrI \ c: '- r-.- ,
M3 r I .I M ].r.::lht in.-I M rs \\' [r Il r .-
.1 i i Th : ltc ,- I Ir :iit :rit i in i t i Hii l .. i t-
,i C ,*:'i i in i tt e - I.: ,r E[ I : n- :.n t .r ,: : ,: :[r E : 1
ThI: i:lii. ill iii-- it 1. lh h-.in' I M r-
S I. MFirt -u ._Ct,: i i. t:r 11.
I.) *' .i [[I- dllhic-_ i II ll th I II II .:.I the
p[.,r -,lciit IM r. -i R R.:1.E-rt tli- P .- r.:. M Ii-
I.t- "l i ul,' ull-u.,ii, iE, r-TC. l i In ct. ii-: c ]i t

i1 P IT' ':i : u- i l r- r -U ilt ri .ul ir
ITi- nicrl, t [liL : Ill'-:,iiL
'7 -: *;:r .-,hi \ \ :.,rlin C hil. c I, in ,:i"
E [.:r jiiini.:lll *:t l I i.- E-iiiL'. c c I icr
-. l- iC.ul l| d :t l l l r- . --, t I i --. th. r
,.-it 1 i t i rt- i '. pir.:I1 *:In i .,....i r
1 n -, I i: n: ,- t ,h -' i_ L' --I, .,.,' tii i '. t~ lur"
iI ]i :l I... E C it -i i.:. i -, l.t: r. 'i ~l r i .r

l:rE iini ,:- 'ia lI-. iill 1-'1 th, m 1:r r- Il tl i
ippr ,:i:tIL- tEI, I:lT.:- rts .-.I il1 \ hi:. -, 1 .t 1n
ll,- uu le lr.t ki i e ill 'l ,i i c' r'.,urC I-c l ur--
.:1 nc i th ir- ,:i,: IT i I:i Cr-.r [ll litt':r
p,.rt :,1 Elh pr-:.l-r .:ii
Ih,: :l *, D,, *:,l :'ii s. .'5_iptlil...r ",
l.,. r c -i_ l -,:.: *,:, t.. ~ [_ _t,, .., h'[ ,u r -,L ,..

-IC: [,t c :l l r : .--.i I r Ih,-,r 1, .: Ii ill Lb-
l : l I .-. 1 -I i l r i it:,- I l, r -.1 ,- i:. ,u ,I Ti L.
t.: i, lA:,ir.Tr 17 .Mlt l:iu.~ th, .:hnl lE ..0 I,,:.;
I. rtu ll I I .:, -: s ic | .: th ...i l r.1 1[ .:
'; i p n11 ':r I, l Ic.h i I I 'u t.in: i -11 : i ,:li hi
tE-,:, : p.-,I -.1 i1.-.r tih I nc ter.rn i I I i _' -.rk -,
ilh E:.l i lcc I r L .I t ',: I lh inlrl 'In e 'r h.I I, ..
ni- nt .,:r- t l...%.:1,.: t '1 r ]'l'i.:'' C a ll' ,:' i]n,,['in.h '-
li ii.c I, l :n Ir% in ll I l i. 1 1 '- C ll Il[:i k 'I1 M Qr-
li j. .\ il,- .. .*:. T : . .:. IL l.,:.- l h ,:
gu:' t .:. l .:r hi l.:r. ir 1 r. i k M1-.rr i -:.-I
li.i' e- I-:r her l-i:ne tli ni--.nli M r ,i .\ iInt

.- pr,.iielit l:Li.. woman at home, and
li i- E..i.:i: ilul i t- assistt in furthering the
. *Il r,: ... l ti, ci:],l. duringg her short stay.
l IC- '...i .T.i i I ir -.niatic Club gave its first
C.il r In 1c1: I isherinan's Luck," on
C u:l.- C : ,:linn "cptemniber 1, at the club
.-.- licr.:- I - large attendance, and
tL.C- rrt,. iu,.c: I .' greatly enjoyed. The
c..Int'". Ii- ri-,. i rl: I earsing the melodrama
t...r [l p.1 ii- m.:.ii under the direction of
."IJr 1 IIi c- 'he scenery and stage
.p-...iiiiiii.int- '.:r- ill that could be desired.
r ih ii 1.-,: -:.1 th.i performance, the memn-
..: -- ..I ihc c. I..mphii were entertained at sup-
.,tr ., Ii ..j-I M1, Arthur J. Sweet. Itis
I.:, --i0. I i th lh. I-, i will begiven at Empire
I .itr I I t- ii L ,[ion is to le a permia-
ini.t -:.i,,- I tl, ,li iiembers are looking for-
.i rd t..- ih: ,-r-: i-r ,Lion of new plays. All
ir-. i-llCi -iit:-r:-ti.:- and enthusiastic about

1..:, i,, i celbrated atGorgona by a
I.11 ill i l: ii, .:.rning between the mar-
ri-d .ii- l lu_ i i i: I, .chelors.
Thi: i'. ,-II. l..- ,I Tennis Club has been
.r .inim.'t.d 1 r-:.:,-.i.-ts of Ancou. Permis-
- -.:n Ii- I- i k,:-i to use the courts already
id :.ui ....- rilic r-:-unids of the Hotel Tivoli.
i r..i ..I' :- -t..t- ltr 11, the Culebra Sun-
.i .li....-:.1 ill .:ntl rtain all the children of
Culchtri t.:.ii I t -. p. im., at the Commis-
:,1 1cl ip. I '..ni:, will be played and a
-up i .-r Fpr--'. .I-, Il.very boy and girl is in-

C -ncert.
i I. I -: i-. ii J i' or iona, C. Z., Sunday, Sep-

ii GRAM.
S .,,- r,- ............................. Losey
I -. i i do u.......................... ienar
r ,.. .,: i .issom s ............... ...Roberts
,. *l ;- I . .,, W ......................... H erm an
S l r C i- Vani ne .............. ...... arsal
S -i-i ,. ,- ............ ............... W allace
', iL 'iI i. 1 .'i if siciani S' rike ...Fahrbach
S i ,r, -*ir -. .- ,' 1 ire of the B um tble-
... ............. ... ..... .. Bagley
Sii ".i. -r- ,i rce }c our Lesrnon
S._ .... .. ..... ....... ....... .A llen
..- r .- nd Shotwers.............. Flalh
S -. ............................ ... Bendix
S. i. NIN(;s, ftusica Director.
.-.i -, l\i ,enll at ILas Cascada.s. C. Z..

MI Jrect-Led Letters.
I .vision of Dead L.etters.
-., C. Z., Septeniber 9, 190s.
i -.11 ..'r ently addressed letters, origi-
II i- Ii. i.l "I -Les and its possessions, have
.- r - o... iii' --f.ce of the Director of Posts.
,-, ,,,-,. I r. .,,- I -.. equestof addressee :
r ., .' Hopkins, Win. Robert-6
I "-.". i-I- rC r,-- HuI sicker. G, C.
ii ,in- l I Kanachis, Nicolaos K.
L Knight. E. L-
S,* i, ,i Ir, ,. o ,C I ip e T. E. ,.
[ I 'l rt I .CI, I.oos. Chas. H.
F ..n '- ii McKensie. Cyril B.
i .-.,i r- i. i C I meacha:lni. Jerome F. B.
il, 1 1,,- rF -,i,1.]- I'; loore, P. H.- 2
I .r . .1 St. John. S. W .
-. I. I Smith. Jess T.
r .: ".l C', Telibhs. Pail I.
iir W ii Veich. Elmer J.
1i ,,i C I Whitney. Mrs. G. A.
.'. r er. 'liss Ruth


-.1' 1-.r-.. l 1. lVirstJudicial Circuit.

S. CI i I ai- ,iiill. died intestate July 15.
S- .. listing of three houses in
S 1, -. 1, -,n l i' "1 i, ;I1i ts for tlhe estate have not
-.r i... 1 ,- 1 r ,: le g itimi a te h e irs o f th e d e c e-
1. -..- -if Revenues hns filed a peti-
,. ".r -..- -; .-.- l ..i- -,ctions 779-7Sl of the Code of
-.I I r-I _i. -, i to all concerned to appear
i I.. .,i ii -. a. .i .con on October 5. 190S, at
-. I ,. C i -. .i .l.I ish th eir claimi s to th e said
ii- r -i -F., i..: wily the same should not
Circuit Court Clerk.



For week beginning September 9:
,l' ice'.
Beef-Sirloin roast............................... per lb 30
Rumip roast................................. per lb 30
Porterhouse.......... .......................er lb 30
Rib-roast, short cut (not under 31'i
pounds).....................................per 11) 24
Rib-roast, second cut Inot under 3
pounds).................................. per 11) 20
Chuck-roast (not under 3 pounds)..per lb 15
Soup..... ...................... ...............per lb 9
Stew ...................... ....................per lb 12
Corned................ ........... per lb.. 12. 14, 16
Suet............................ .....per lb 4
Steaks-Sirloin................................per lb 30
Porterhouse......... ............per lb 30
Rum p............ .......................per lI 30
Tenderloin.............................. per lb 30
Round......................................per Il 24
Veal-Cutlets ...................... ............... per lb 24
Short-cut chops................ ..........per lb 21
Loin ............ ..... ............. ...........per Ib 23
Entire forequarter (15 to 20 lbs)...per lb 11
For stewing ............. ................ er lb 11
Mutton-Entire forequarter (not under
10 poun-, .........................per lh Q
Short-cut chops........ .............per lb 20
I.eg (8 to 10 pounds)................per lb IS
Lamb-For stewin ...... .. .. .... ............per lh 10
Entire forequarter .....................per lb 10
Chops........................................per lb 30
Leg (6 to 8 pounds).....................per lb 2S
Pork- Cuts ...........................................per lb 20
Livers--Beef............ ....... ... ................ per Ib 11
Sausage-Pork...... ............. .................per lb 16
Sweet bread-Veal............................ ..... each 1.20
Beef .................................per lb 25
Ox tongues................................ ............ each 90
Eggs, fresh .......................................... dozen 34
Chickens-Dressed (milk-fed).................. each 1.40
L'irge ..... .................. ............ each 1.90
Capons .............. ................ each 2.40
Fowls, medium and laree ..... ... each, $1.00 and 1.25
Ducks, fatted (fancy)............................. each 1.10
Suckling pigs .... .. .............................each 4.90
Turkeys ......... ..... .............................per lb 20
Squabs ........................ ...... ............... each 45
Bacon-Strips .... ................................. per lb 23
English. breakfast, sliced ..........per lb 26
Ham-Sugar-cured, sliced......................per lb 25
One-half, for boiling.................. per lb 20
Westphalia ............ .....................per lb 45
FIerris .................... ............ ....... per lb 19
Beef, salt. family ............. .... .. .... ... .... per lb 16
Salt pork ............................ ................. per lb 13
Butter-Prints, prime quality ...... ..... per lb 33
Cheese---Nenfchatel .............. .... ............ each 6
Young America ..... .... ............pei lb 22
Swi -..................... ..................per lb 33
Gonda............................. per lb 31
E dam .........................................each 1.05
Camembert...............................per lb 28
M cLaren's .......................... ..... ...jar 15
Pi xter's .......................................tin 22
Butterm ilk.................. ..... ................. quart 15
Grapefruit ..... .......................----------.. .... each I
Lem ons .............................. ................ dozen 18
O rauges ............ ... ................ ....... dozen 18
Canteloupes.............................. ........... each 10
Tom atoes................................. ............per lb 6
lettuce .................................. ............. per lb 14
Cauliflower.. ................... ................... per lb 20
White potatoes ........... ....... ...............per lb 3U2
Cabbage ...................... .................... .... per lb 4
O nions.......................................... ........ per lb 31/2
Corn .....................................................dozen 25
Melons ...............-------------------........... ...............each 35
Cucum bers.......... .......... .................... per b 7
Sweet potatoes ...- ................ ......e lb

Carrots ...... .... ................... .. per lb 3
Squash (summer)................................ per lb 7
Apples-........... ----.. .......- per lb 5
A apples ....................... .... ....... ............ per lb 5
Peaches............................ ...... .... .... per li 15
Celery.-.......... ......................................bunch 13

Sold only from cold-storage and not from Com-
Button, collar. Krementz ...................each 10
Ties, cotton, four-in-had .................. each 40
Chiffon ..... .......... ....... .. ....... yard 33
Kimonas, silk....................... ...... each 3.80

Zephyrs, Red Seal.......
:French colieitne.........
Underskirts.............. .
Fl.annel, Cainton ..........
Paper, linen. writing ....
I ivl'opt .-.t'......... ....
Paste, library Carter's.
Shoes, boys' vici. bIlu....
Shoes, ineun's leather, extra l.Ihl. :it
Stoves, alcohol, 2-hole, ni i:'. 1. N-- i
Coolers. water, U. C.. 3-v. Il' .,
l.iftcrs, stove-cover......
Traps, rat ................
llandles for Enterprise s -.." I
Funnels, agate, No. 02...
Funnels, agate. No. 05...
Shakers, salt, pepper. ch.",
Plates. dessert, chin ....
Glasses, whisky, light...
Grape Juice, 3Meier's, pint I
Baskets, market. with lhmndil- 1 .:I
Dishes, soap, blue and wl,.ac
Pots. mustard, china ....
Bowls, finger, plain ...
Towels, Turkish, bleach'.-
Ticking .............
Suit cases, fitted, 24 inch
Ietter cases, leather, No. !
shirts, full dresL=.........
Shirts, plaited, negligee.
Mackerel, shore...........
Hangers coat...............
Cork screws ............ ....
Kettles, tea, niate, No. 41,
Collars. Arrow..............
Collars. Chiett........... .
Supporters, collar ..........
Card cases. leather..... ..
Paper, writing-...............
Hats, straw .................
Buttons, collar..............
Silk zephyrs.......... .....
Soie Ninon..... .......
Buttons, pearl..............
Rainfall, Septeniber i It. 5 It *
(MIDNIGHT T T* "', i'. I


.4t/antic Division-
Cristobal .................
Brazos Brook.............
C atu n... ;.................
B1ohio................. ..
Central Division-
San PalIlo..............
Bas Ohispo...............
Galbona ... ...........
Em pire .... .................
Caiacho ..... ..............
Culebra ............... .........
Rio Gran de... ........... ...
Pacific Division-
Pedro Miguel .... .........
lIa Boca......................
A ncou .........................
Ufper Chagres.
Alhnjuela .....................

Tug Service Porto I-11., Hn I

Effective, August 6. i" '. ITh. f.-1
schedule for tug service I.-r'-eit .
Bello and Nombre de Dic =
Sunday: I,eave CristoTb.l -. i i I
only: returning same dn3
Monday: L.eave Crist '-il ,ii ',ir r i
Bello and Nonthre de Dlic.: r. itii,, ..
Tuesday: Leave Crist I.-.1 'I ,ii. r I r
tow, for Porto Bello o:Il te it. ,ii .
Bello 2.15 p. in., without i.
Wednesday: Leave Cri;l I.. iDtie
Porto Bello and Noimbh d: i. I-,. re
Friday: I.eave Cristoi.il -, i'r-,
Belloand Nomibre de Di-. ., ,..rr- -
Santurday: I,eave Crist- 1 -.I *l' r Tr .
Bello only: returning, len e I.-rri. i.e I.-

The following vessels .'. -1 i .-.r
the r'mt of Ancon during IhQ. t e: L 'i 1
4, 1908:
Arrivals-Augu'-t 29, A Ir.-r
gust 30, Newtort' from i Fr,i..-..
Santa taairia. 0. Co., f .. I.If.- ,
Departures-Auigust 2: '"
August 31. Perni, to Sr,- F.-,- .-.
Chile to Valparaiso, Se-lt -i.t r ?.


''. s' I's

I.I I I's



'[10 17 NF.\T OF OC.E.\N \ l.ES,-EI.S.

The I -I ,. .? t. .].-r .-.f rhe ] *,.l.- .-f she 1 ..

1 "l l s r ,. PIc k I h... '... ,. : I i l i 1- -u r ..
I iil .-l r i I r't leI i s C. .

i i s .M s.. '1 *,L.:.I k : t ds

Pr4.1 1 -I

N11 it., .t' -

. 1 -' i i ,r. J l l I
R '1 ll 'r.l r. 5
[P I Ti .--1 .. I I''

I' Is I .e J I- 1 1
[ I, r.- P,.arl I : 1 I
1' k :l ..... R".l A

[ g nr !, .. ."I
}I ,I .r.lr "t,

iI.e Ii ....1 i.ird .- . r :.n .. 1.l

ii. .'~ CLiS ii N'S 5

.\1 ] ..1 .< ,1
t .i... c.
i';ll ...' J
[" :L.'r:.t+ '
'. i r 1i .'
(. 1.,
.'.-1 .....:e
i r \,l,-
l.] ..o..

[I .... le
I l... .1.: .
lit.. -

r ,i ,.

I {a ,-, "
s il.l;,

H.Lf I C

[' k k 1, l,. -.l- ,..
C I k k I -1- ,-.1,.
.: i.. II, ii r u .d .

t 1 1 ..-. t I T .-
It R t s o.J ., ..
[ .I 1 F 1 .

,i F r -- I, .
I I I i .r I 2.
I N K T .Ii: .. .
I: l ., .11 .*A '.ie .I .
I N I' fI -1..' .
I 1N Nl F.. -1..

F I.. I' ". I. L L 1\ T ,*:.i.-:."
I i- . . .

I. i. , I 5

F I-I. *L *:. T *:*. ,' .I Ll. "-


- r.l
e'' t

. -ei l



,, 1.:

t-1 t 12

se!_t I'
Se+ I ;",

r 1 ? -.1.. .
i.. F" .. -.I ,
ri *i T..lej. a.

f. I" 1 .1- .l t 'T .. ,"

iT h ['i" 1.,? r 'l, r lhe lil ,.iC '. iil '., l 1l '


sh - Is -. 1 k-- *i J':.1 *1.

..- f r.-' ,l . i ,. l. t I I I ,. C e 1i ..-r lI T r .-
Irki %1

S ii 11 ,'*,. In ili fi' ,e '-
S Pe .P 1j t n 1 e.,I i I Cei.. r i, i , --.'1 r' l i .'..
-I i .'n1- ,,i *. I, ,'r-.i .11 : I. .1 .. t id r i *.11 : fi t .0

". lb re de 5 f ,1],e ; >1 rle l r 1c1.: 1 ".... IC .-t i .- :r.1 Trni :
' ] '' : -1 h e it le in t .- !i l. I :b I 1 .: I i L. I dt .. : I
I ..-i i. .l [% [ .h 1. i.iI.t.,l I a ils k

i, | .. r i l .;l l ..r l f r . e '. l i .l l l .h 1 1i 1 1 :] ] [

F- i.l'. 'i..r.. i t l

'.. '... i '. T

l. I r It ..rt,

. 2 r...-f P' rl.-

.j e. l r l.., I'i r i I

.I I. ~ I t -.- '. "

I. i
'- erI r:iIf~c r I

i ts e .ii i e..
l I '. he. hi Al

r l ... I e.:' ] "l ~ "
,' . 1 1-. .
1 l dl, 4 elt ."

t.I --l-I- I I"

" ill

i l, II ,, I
I Ii il I1

F k .,. f C -:- L -, T - 11 % ,, I I - L I I I I T i I. I '- I f f -




The Canal Record

Pu lI.r.e A ee ly u, dei LtE ajiriority e.ia uopervision of the

7,- . charge, one
.,'-, ,. .. . ...' ,.i. ._-,'. ., ion and Pan-
. . a on the gold"'
i ', ', a > oam the news
'.; i . '. -.; .' .. -for five cents

Address all Communicatiirri
Anricun, Canal Zone,
Islhnius of Panama.
.'.' ii .. ... n or request-
I, 1 .' , unless signed
; r 7 i er.

FC.u- Ln ind i-Hi-nir M 111.: 11 Clrrel- of Cement
F;. .:ireol.r N.:. 4 .. ie [I:tlihinian Caial
Ci.nlniii :i.:.n a-k -.1 I.:.r l...i:- I.r furnishing
.iL..:.uL 4 i .ii.':i i t..rr l: -.:. I'.:-rtl.ind cem ent,
I.:.r U: I i .: I.:..-t : it *..-.i i r' .lro I iguel,
andl i ,ril.:.re:. '.'I ti.,: iiii.-I.u approxi-
i it'l' ..i -l. ilf l -ill 1-e ei .:i t I-atun, one-
*,.th il r' :.lr.:. |,L:e I .il.l -.:.eii -thlIrd at1\lira-
ll .re:. 1: :re :.[.,fi ,: .:. 1 U jiun 1. A large
iLuinu l.cr .:.l ltri.er: .: In I i .,offering ce-
Ill'vD -.i .:. ileri> t n I l:, r i ,lf .'i m a nufacture.
I e I.:. e:t I-I d j: l thi t -i i tlih Atlas Port-
Iii., C:eniitI C.:.in'lin. f'he i. ce:- were$1.19
per [.arrel ii : .:I .nil I 1 r.1i per barrel in
-I.L:.lIle ,A :- .:.l -n.il. rL 'liu.:k. these prices
l...in- .:.r .elvl er it lr:e. Ci,L or H obo-
k n, ini.l a ret. .t .:-l i 'c t l- eingallowed
tir e-.:li l..i r-etureii I i -:..:.I condition.
i'le c,- i .iiian. al:,-: ,i -ferv l I.:, Ileliver at the
Sr.rl, it Ni.r i a.ii[..t.:.ji. P'a lit e cem ent
p .:;: l iii Ia.c- .:.r larre: I.:.l,: ut rnished by
thll C.-:. in] l .:l l ..- C. i : per barrel.
. ar. l i .'- ltv i i fthli.:ri -' t.: the Atlas
l'.:.rihioI Cniii'ijt ifiiid re-er -ing to the
C .niii ,i il.:il] lie ri lj t.:. elect lile method of
dell .irv tii lelr rtini .:.ii.lil.:.n : to be speci-
e-e. ii lit .:.:. tra.:t 1i h: .eli .:ry is to be
."l a iiiiin iuii rate .:.-1 .'.. lhirrels and a
i.i'.iiiiii 'I A I i".i". hlarrel- per day, and
l,...11 I Cl i .ye vu Mi.. I an-d October 1,
1 "..1", u l..:. ,la..-" n .:..-: I..:. given by
ti|e C .:. hn i = iiil
fi'h .:eiiieit l.:.r the -pilli -.1.- in Gatun
DLi n %-. ill i liurni:lihe. ii-lf:r IIin, contract,
Lt thel leli er;. ill l.evL'in L- celi.ier 1908,
a .1 .:. iiniii a it l, r .it: t i .'I. 1. barrels per
.l .,. lh -: .L-ite n.:.t daiff.:ti.' the .late of be-
ciiiiiin.- eli erei::.I the iiiuiin i.:ii iuntunder
ie .:.:.iitr.-:l It 1: el.. .. :.l that about
.iI., i .i rr-,i ill ibe c ic-ic.ld I.:.r tLe spillway.
C..iiipletin.; Oi-p.: Diversion.
It thbe iitentii.n i.:. Ili : tilh Obispo Di-
t r-f.:.m which h 1i erft: '.il.er Irin n the east
td,: 1I CuJll.-ra Cit c.:'inplete-l I.. theend of

the next dry season. The last big cut that
will allow the water to enter the ravine lead-
ing to the Cliagres River, is about three-
quarters of a mile east of Haut Obispo, and
will require an excavation of over 300,000
cubic yards. It is one of the most difficult
pieces of work that any one of the construc-
tion superintendents of the Central Division
has yet encountered. The most practical
and economical way of removing the mate-
rial will be decided in a few days. It is not
the amount of excavation that makes the
problem interesting so mucli as the steep
grade and sharp curvature encountered in
getting trains up to the site. It may be
necessary to do no small amount of hand
work before the steam shovels can begin ex-
Naos Island Breakwater.
In connection with the breakwater from
East La Boca to Naos Island, at the Pacific
entrance to the Canal, now in process of con-
struction, it is interesting to record that a
similar structure was provided for in the
concessionary contract between the United
States of Coloml ia and the Panama Railway
Company made in 1867. Article 4 of that
contract reads as follows:
The Company binds itself to extend the railroad on
the Pacific side to the islands of Naos. Culebra. Perico
and Flamingo, or other places in the bay where there
may exist a permanent depth of water for large
In 1880 a new contract was formed by
which the Panama Railway Company agreed
to pay to the United States of Colombia the
sum of $10,000 a year for a period of thirty
years as a penalty for not extendingthe road
to the islands in the Pacific. In other words,
the company agreed to pay $300,000 for the
abrogation of this contract during 30 years,
at the expiration of which period the original
contract was to be again in force. The
penalty of $10,000 a year was paid for 20
years or until 1900. In that year the Pan-
ama Railway Company, acting through
Senor Don Jose Augastin Arango, as special
representative, effected a new settlement
with the Colombian Government, in accord-
ance with which the original contract was
abrogated forall tine in consideration of the
payment by the company of an additional
sumnt of $200,000, making the total amount
which the company had paid for the non-
completion of the railway to the islands in
the Pacific $400,000.

Quartermaster's and Subsistence Depart-
inln s.
The clerical force of the old Division of
Material and Supplies has been distributed
among the offices of the Quartermaster's
Department, the majority of the men being
transferred to the office of the Chief Quarter-
master in Culebra. The Culebra office will
be maintained in the wing of the Adminis-
tration building, formerly occupied by the

Department of Labor, Quarters and Sub-
The headquarters of the Subsistence De-
partment were moved to Cristobal on Sep-
tember 15, and were established in the De
Lesseps house, formerly occupied as offices
by the Division of Material and Supplies.
Rain Inti rferes with S earn Shovels.
The steady downfall of rain at Culebra,
September 12 and 13, caused some delay in
the work in the Culebra Cut. Between noon
on September 12, and noon September 14,
4 93-100 inches of rain fell. At Cucaraclia
slide the loose dirt was washed down into
the Cut until it overflowed the construction
tracks and buried the trucks of three steam
shovels. Men were immediately set at work
excavating the shovels, and, barring further
heavy rains, they will resume work on Sep-
tember 16, or the day following.
Strage magazines.
The final location for the 600,000-pound
slynamite magazine about two miles up the
Chagres River on the right bank, has been
approved and over a mile of track leading to
it is now completed. Work is being pushed
rapidly to complete the track, so that the
construction of the big magazine may be
started by the middle of October. A maga-
zine of like capacity is almost completed at
Mindi, and work on the Cocoli magazine is
making good progress. Theopeningof these
magazines will relieve the situation in taking
care of the great amount of dynamite which
is being shipped to the Isthmus to aid in the
excavation work.
A Dulmp at Santa Cruz.
A dump ground capable of holding 3,000,-
000 cubic yards of spoil has been located
north of Santa Cruz on the new line of the
Panaima railroad. It has the triple advan-
tage of being a short haul from Culebra
Cut, of aiding the Panama railroad in making
acut-off fromntheline as at present relocated,
and relieving the main line of many of the
the trains hauling material to the big dump
at Tabernilla. Several Central Division
engineers, the superintendent of transpor-
tation, and one of the superintendents of
construction went over the ground last
week. The windings of the Chagres River
form a peninsula at Santa Cruz, known as
Point I, and another at Matachin known as
Point 2. In going around Point 2, the re-
located line makes almost a semi-circle and
then cuts across Point 1, onto the new
Gamboa bridge. At this point the new line
is built on trestles in several places, the total
length of high trestles being over a mile.
These trestles will be strengthened by some
additional bracing to make them perfectly
safe for dumping, and the wasting of spoil
over them will then begin.
Meanwhile excavation at Matachin penin-
sula, Point 2, is making rapid progress and
as soon as the part of the work that is to be

V luIme II

No. 3.



done by steam shovels is completed, the
Chagres will be turned through the new
channel. This will leave all that part of
the peninsula, around which the relocated
line of the railroad runs, outside the course
of the river. A cut-off line will then be
built from a point about 1,000 feet north of
Gamboa Bridge to connect with the long
trestle on the other side of Point 2, forming
a chord of what has been referred to as a
semi-circle. The cut-off line will run over
a trestle bridge, and as soon as the bridge
is completed, dumping to make a fill will
be begun. The trestle dump will be widened
out making a regular dump ground. This
plan for improving the alignment of the re-
located railroad, relieving the main line of
some of its traffic, and opening a short-haul
dump for trains from the prism between
Las Cascadas and Bas Obispo, was made by
the old Chagres Division before tihe re-
A Month's Work in the Shops.
August was a typical month in the shops
on the Isthmus, and the returns from the
plants at Gorgona and Empire give a fair
idea of the amount and kind of work done.
At Gorgona the manufacturing work in-
cluded the retubing of the boiler for the
pumping station at Gatun, the construction
of a track shifter, of one 5-ton derrick,-one
unloader plow, three wings for spreaders,
and structural iron for the jail at Porto Bello,
the lodge hall at Las Cascadas, and the pow-
der magazine at Cucaraclia. Repairs were
made on 27 locomotives, and on 2,099 wooden
flat cars, most of the wood-car repairing be-
ing done at this shop. In the wood shop,
236,774 feet of lumber were ripped and
dressed. Thle cost of labor was $78.676.94,
and of material $76,452.10. In the iron
foundry 385,235 pounds of iron castings
were turned out, with a labor cost of $8,-
600.29, and an expenditure for material' of
$4,548.17. The brass foundry turned out
38,171 pounds of brass castings at a labor
cost of $1,386.42, anid an expenditure for
material of $5,444.32. In the shop thle cost
for labor for manufacturing was $11,909.30,
and for material $18,578.86. The remainder
of the labor and material accounts is charged
against repairing.
General repairs are made at the Empire
shops to steat shovels, and to thie greater
number of steel cars, although a large amount
of manufacturing and other repairing is also
done there. General repairs were made made on
13 steam shovels, and the installation of a
400-k. w. unit in the electric light plant was
begun. Thle cost of labor at Empire was
$81.053.07, and of material 1$4,248.06.
Keeping Public Order.
Thie August report of the Chief of Police
shows that 488 people, representing forty-
three countries, were arrested in the Canal
Zone during that month. Seventy-five
cases were tried in the courts, 15 of which
were dismissed, 37 continued, and 23 in
which convictions were procured. Of tlhe
23 persons convicted, 11 were sentenced to
the penitentiary, 3 to the common jail, and
9 to pay a fine. Seven of the penitentiary
prisoners are serving sentences of a year, 3
sentences of 6 months, and 1 a sentence of
3 months, all at hard labor. Seven pris-

owners were discharged from the pe-i't.:'.
tiary. The prisoners in the penitentiary
performed work valued at $698.15, while
those at the Gatun convict camp, who are
working on the highway from Gatun to
Mount Hope, performed service valued at
$1,125.10. The number of prisoners in the
penitentiary on August 31 was 115.
Compared with June and July, there was
a decided decrease in the number of arrests
during August, the number during June
having been 573, and during July 536. No
cases of homicide or manslaughter occurred
during August. A number of petty bur-
glaries occurred, and the leader of the gang
of burglars is now in custody. Six men
were deported-two to Spain, and one each
to Barbados, Chile and the United States.
There were 10 violent deaths requiring
action by the coroner, 4 of which were due
to drowning, 2 to railroad accidents, 1 to
suicide, and 3 to accidental injuries.
Excavation Equpment.
Thile first order for 40-ton flat carsgiven by
the Isthmian Canal Commission for use in
the Canal work was, as stated in THE CANAl.
RECORD of September 9, for 800 cars. This
number, however, does not comprise all the
40-ton flat cars in use on the work, as enough
have been added since the first order was
given to bring the total number up to 1,778.
The present car equipment of the Isthmian
Canal Commission, which does not include
the Panama Railroad Company, is as follows:
Forty-ton flats .................................. 1.778
Fifty-ton steel flats ............................ 500
Western dumps............................... 599
Oliver dum ps ................................... 500
Ingoldsbv dum ps............................... 12
Goodwin dum ps................................ 12
T otal ....................................... 3,401
The hard usage that this equipment re-
ceives on the Isthmus is shown by the fact
that in August 6,250 40-ton flat cars were re-
paired in the shops, an average of 3/2 trips
to the shop for each car. Of thIe 500 50-ton
steel flat cars, 105 were repaired during the
month. Repairs were also made in the
shops to 2,011 Western dump cars, 1,194
Oliver dump cars, 22 Ingoldsby cars, and 1I
Goodwill cars. Thle cost of shop repairs to
cars in August was $49,797.22.
Repairs amounting to $I,011.85 were made
on the nine track shiftersowned by the Coin-
mission, $666.73 on the 35 cranes. 5302.47 on
the 18 pile drivers, and $331.18 on the labor
cars. The Commission also owns 30 unload-
ers, repairs to which in August amounted to
$6,006.31, and 23 spreaders, which were re-
paired at a cost of $3,567.53.
Seventeen steam shovels were in the shops
for general repairs at a cost of $28,815.05.
This does not take into account the repairs
made in the field. The steam shiovelsowned
by tshe Commission are divided as follows:
Fortv-five-ton nucyrus............................ 10i
Seventy-ton l.licyrus .......... ............ .... 35
Ninety-five ion Bucyrus ........................... 32
M odel 20. N ri n ................................. I
Atodel 60, M i ioit ............... ................ .. 7
Model 91, Marion .................................. 16
Total ..................... ............ 101
The cost of repairs to 44 locomotives was
$34,109.55, of which $10,498.37 was for run-
ning repairs. Tihe locomotive equipment
consists of thIe following:
French ............................ ................ 124
D -cauville....................................... 9
Two-nhunudred class ............................... 100
Three-hundred class.............................. 40
Six hundred class................................ 20
Thirty-six-iucli gauge............................ 4
Total ........................................ 297


An Open Letter.
To the Former Employes of the Building
Construction Division: As my connection
with the Build:ng Construction Division
closes to-day, after three years of active serv-
ice as head of thie division, and as the busi-
ness ties that have bound us together during
this period are aboutto be severed, I desire,
through the columns of the THE CANAL
RECORD, to express to you, each one and all,
my thanks for the uniform courtesy and re-
spect with which you have treated me at all
To the former superintendents and general
foremen on the work, I wish particularly to
thank you for your promptness and effi-
ciency in carrying out any orders or instruc-
tions I have given. The most of my life
has been spent in associations and dealings
with men of the class to which, I am proud
to say, "you and I belong," and our service
together has been uniformly pleasant and
To the clerical and office forces I wish to
say, in addition to the above, in whatever
station or position in life you or I may be in
future, I can always refer with pleasure to
the days and years we have spent together
on the Isthmus.
Again, I thank you and wish you as large
a measure of success as you justly merit and
godspeed in whatever you undertake.
With best wishes for all, I am,
MJaster Builder.
Culebra, September 9, 1908.
Army and Navy Smoker.
Tite Gen. Henry W. Lawton Garrison,
No. 40, and the Birt S. Sturtevant Garrison,
No. 41, of the RegularArmy ad Navy Union
of tie U. S. A., will hold a smoker at the
Imperial Hotel, Colon, Saturday, October 3,
1908, at 8.30 p. m.
A real "Army"'' meal will be served.
.Good speakers, singers, musicians and elo-
cutionists will be present, anid a good time
is therefore promised. It is thle desire of
this organization to extend an invitation to
all ex-soldiers, sailors, and marines on the
Isthmus (who have served in the regulars)
to be with us on this occasion, and in order
that no one may be slighted, and that we
may become better acquainted, it is requested
that "''all hands" send their names and ad-
dresses to William M. Ridpath, adjutant,
Cristobal, C. Z., who will immediately for-
ward invitations.
Very respectfully,
Comm ander .Vo. 40,
Cristobal, September 10, 1908.
Steam Shovel MeIn.
All members of the International Brother-
hood of Steam Shovel and Dredge Men are
requested to attend a meeting to be held in
the clubrooms at Bas Obispo, at 2 o'clock
Sunday afternoon, September 20.

Louis Mickle vlei .' Col'..n li-;.it-il Sep-
tember 8, from 1i.i|-t.ht-i. i.:- .-: lr'i
in New York sii:t.? '-.r: r '. ,t11l Ih I
been on the Isthmu, a 'j.,:.r, tiil c m'..tnti.
his place of resid.t,:.:e I ".-u"- h."tt .: N '. Y'2- ,
Cristobal. His "tie a ur' .- i- hi





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rl ri~ .[.. 1 .,i r ",, : ;
[ j i .j r ll :
r.Fn..r" I'llu r ; r
'l 'nr':l !1 1r I L {: n.r I
1. '. ,. I I I 11 I, n..~ l, :

iul. i 1 3- J 1 :H I a I ,.-'
. U ..Iu r i 3 .l 1 431 !" : 1 .i l r
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1. 1.I I 1.1' ld ai,, r,: [s..,' .l :-,i.,l h :l. ud.h l .
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hI I -r r I Ii .i U l I I r I I 7

IAu~u1 IS

S.\ 'i IF r L. A .



Decision of Comptr.ller of thie Treasury In
Reference to Their Compensation.
It is held by the Comptroller of the United
States Treasury that by the Act of Congress,
effective August 1, 1908, all Isthmtian Canal
Commission regulations, providing for al-
lowance of injury or meritorious sick leave,
are revoked.
This Act grants to certain employes in-
jured in the performance of their duties
compensation as long as disabled, not ex-
ceeding one year, provided they are dis-
abled for more than fifteen working days;
and prohibits the payment for injury leave
to employes who are disabled fifteen work-
ing days or less, or who do not come under
the Act.
Injured eniployes, disabled for more than
fifteen working days, in order to obtain pay-
ment for the period of absence from duty,
must submit a claim for compensation to the
Department of Commerce and Labor at
Washington, D. C. This claim for compen-
sation will be prepared for them by the
Claim Officer, Admistration Building, Cule-
Injured employes who have lost fifteen
working days should call on the Claim Offi-
cer at Culebra, and surgeons by whomni they
are treated will furnish railroad transporta-
tion for that purpose. If they are not able
to travel to Culebra they should notify the
Claim Officer of that fact in writing, show-
ing the name of the hospital in which they
are being treated, and the Claim Officer will
call on them for the purpose of preparing
their claim for compensation.
It must be understood that absolutely no
payment can be made for time lost on ac-
count of injuries until authorization is re-
ceived from the Department of Commerce
and Labor, Washington, D. C.
Chairman and Chid Engineer.

l!'ashinglon, D. C., Sepl. 1, 190S.
Sir-I am in receipt of your letter of the
20th ultimo, in which you request my ad-
vance decision of the questions therein sub-
mitted. It reads:
"I have the honor to request your decision upon the
questions herein stated, as to the legality of pay-
ment by the Commission of compensation to its em-
ployes in certain cases during the time they are un-
able to work on account of injury incurred in the
performance of duty.
"The regulations adopted at the 129th meeting of
the Commission held June 11, 1907, which regula-
tions became effective July 1, 1907. provide as to em-
ployes other than laborers as follows:
'Al employee may be granted, in the discretion of
the head of the department in which employed, with
the approval of the Chairman, leave on account of
injury incurred in the performance of duty, not ex-
ceeding thirty days in any current year, while such
employee is incapacitated from duty by reason of such
injury. The amount of compensation to be paid anll
employee to whom leave is granted on account of i.n-
jury will be calculated as provided for in case of sick
leave. Leave on account of injury may be granted
to an employee in addition to the sick leave above
provided. I,cave on account of injury shall not
be cumulative, and payment for same will be made
on the first pay-roll following its authorization. All
employes, in case of illness or injury, will receive
free medical care and attendance at the hospitals.'
"The same regulations provide, as to all laborers
on the Isthmus as follows:
'Laborers may be granted, in the discretion of the
head of the department in which employed, with the
approval of the Chairman, leave on account of injury
incurred in the performance of duty, not exceeding

thirty days in any current year. while incapacitated
for duty by reason of such injury. The ainount of
compensation in such cases shall be calculated on the
basis of an eight-hour day. In case of illness or i: -
jury. laborers shall receive free medical care and
attendance at the hospitals.'
"Attention is also invited to the Act of Congress
approved May 30, 1908 (35 Stat., 556). granting to cer-
tain classes of employes of the United States compen-
sation for injuries sustained in the course of their
employment. Sections 1. 7 and S of that Act provide:
"'That when. on or after August first, nineteen
hundred and eight, any person employed by the Uni-
ted States as an artisan or laborer in any of its man-
ufacturing establishments, arsenals. or navy-yards or
in the construction of river and harbor or fortification
work. or in hazardous employment on construction
work in the reclamation of arid lands, or the manage-
ment and control of the same, or in hazardous em-
ployment under the Isthmian Canal Commission, is in-
jured in the course of such employment, such employee
shall be entitled to receive for one year thereafter,
unless such employee, in the opinion of the Secretary
of Commerce and Labor, be sooner able to resume
work, the same pay as if he continued to beemployed,
such payment to be made under such regulations as
the Secretary of Commerce and Labor may pre-
scribe: Provided. That no compensation shall be paid
under this Act where the injury is due to the negli-
gence or misconduct of the employee injured, nor
unless such injury shall continue for more than fif-
teen days. All questions of negligence or miscon-
duct shall be determined by the Secretary of Com-
merce and Labor.
"'Sec. 7. That the United States shall not exempt
itself from liability under this Act by any contract,
agreement, nile, or regulation, and any such con-
tract, agreement, rule. or regulation shall be pro
tan to void.
"'Sec. 8. That all Acts or parts of Acts in conflict
herewith or providing a different scale of compensa-
tion or otherwise regulating its payment are hereby
"There may be some question whether particular
employee, or class of employes, of the Commission
are within the terms of this act of Congress and en-
tilled to its benefits. Without discussing that ques-
tion, it is to be noticed that the Act does not cover
any case of injury under any circumstances unless
the injury continue for more than fifteen days; that
Section 7 makes void pro tanto any contract, agree-
ment, rule, or regulation that exempts the United
States from liability under this Act.- and that Section
8 is but an affirmative statement of the effect this
Act has upon prior conflicting Acts or parts of Acts.
The Act being a beneficial one it has not seemed
to me that it was intended to take away from an em-
ploye any contract right which he had to payment
for time lost through injury incurred in the per-
formance of duty; and therefore, that an employee
who would be entitled to the benefits of the Actif his
injury lasted more than fifteen days is also entitled
to receive the benefits conferred upon him by his
contract or the regulations of the Commission for
the period of injury if it continue for only fifteen
days or less: in other words, an employee coining
within the terms of the Act would receive, under the
Act, pay if the injury lasted sixteen days or more;
while, if it lasted but fifteen days or less, he would
be entitled to pay under the terms of his contract
with the Commission.
"This view of the meaning of the law would not
place such an employee in a worse position as to an
injury lasting fifteen days or less than he was before
the passage of the Act, nor in a worse position as to
compensation for such injury than that occupied by
the employes of the Com-mission who are not en-
titled to the benefits of the Act. -
It is also to be noticed that the Act provides that
no compensation shall be paid under it where the in-
jury is due to the negligence or misconduct of the
employee injured, while the regulations of the Coin-
mission and its contracts of emiDloyment contain no
such restrictions.
Your decision is requested upon the following
"I. Is the Isthmian Canal Commission authorized
to pay to an employee who is entitled to the bene-
fits of the Act of May 30, 1908, the compensation pro-
vided in his contract or the regulations of the Com-
mission during the time he is incapacitated for work
on account of injury incurred in the performance of
duty, if the period for which lie is so incapacitated is
fifteen days or less?
2. Is the Commission authorized to pay to an
employee who is entitled to the benefits of the Act but
is injured through his own negligence or miscon-
duct, the compens ition provided in his contract or
the regulations of the Commission for thie time lie is
incapacitated on account of the injury, whether the
duration be more or less than fifteen days?
"3. Does tile Act affect ill any way the payment

of com penslU i-:ii fl-r Ir.,ir. ] I 1 : I.- :l'i.- : :-1'
officers and 1 I:- .:1' I hi .e i,- i h,: i..:
not entitled 1-: Ih.: le.n-i.- .:. I hr \.l .:.1' .-. 5' I :
There are many injury cases now arising. In
order that cases now pending and others may be
speedily disposed of and the employs receive such
pay as is due, it is requested that your decision be
rendered at the earliest possible date, and that it be
sent to the Washington office of the Commission, so
that vour conclusions may be cabled to me."
In the absence of Congressional enactment,
the regulations of the Conmmission set out
in your letter providing for leave with pay
for thirty days or a fractional part thereof to
employes of the Commission for injuries
incurred in the line of duty; and thirty days
leave or fractional part thereof with pay to
laborers of the Commission for injuries in-
curred while in the performance of duty
and while incapacitated for duty by reason
of such injury not exceeding thirty days,
were undoubtedly made with authority at
the time they were made, considering the
broad authority granted the President by
the provisions of the original Spooner Act
authorizing him to construct the Canal.
But when Congress stepped in and
enacted, as it did, the Act of May 30, 1908
(35 Stat., 556), set out in your letter, provid-
ing just what kind of relief for personal in-
juries and exactly to whom and under what
circumstances it should be given and included
the employes of the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission in such Act, I am forced to the con-
clusion that this enactment is exclusive,
after it came into effect, and that it is no
longer in the power of the Commission by
regulations, past or present, to enlarge or
diminish the provisions of that Actas to the
relief extended to employesof this Commis-
sion for injuries received in the line of their
said employment.
A different holding would be an attempt
to broaden and modify an Act of Congress,
and to make a discrimination in favor of a
class, where Congress legislating concern-
ing such class did not see fit to make such
Congress has declared in unequivocal
language that certain employes of the Canal
Commission (and I think a broad and liberal
construction should be given to the words
defining the class embraced therein) injured
in the course of their employment, shall be
entitled to receive for one year thereafter,
unless in the opinion of the Secretary of
Commerce and Labor they shall be sooner
able to resume work, the same pay as if they
continued at work during such time, pro-
vided such compensation shall not be paid
unless such injury is without the negligence
or misconduct of such employee so injured,
nor unless such injury shall continue for
more than fifteen days, and that all questions
of negligence or misconduct shall be deter-
mined by the Secretary of Commerce and
Labor. It may be possible that Congress
should have made an exception in favor of
tie employes of your Commission and
granted them pay for less than fifteen days
of injuries in line of duty, or when injured
through their own fault or negligence, hut
it did not make such discrimination, but
placed them oin li.: -' m-: I,.,1 a iu ll th
artisans and lal-rr-<..t <..th-:r I.ranche <.A
the service en'.:c. ipn i ha-.ir. .L. iU und'cr-
If Congress t .l- .1 a m -it1 -, III tll- I (111
not correct its crr.r- *:A <.'[:*-1 Io'. c i1-
struction or it.rt.r,-r ilttoi In my I Uil, -


rlnilt thi- .\ct of Congr.-- 'i-p-n.Iled and
maI &lil mill pil F,? ul .tlon- L. IlI-, t,:- Inlpl,:,: ,?-
,,.l tiL b.,.Ernirtmtn .:a ?.I iIl l,?: service
:,I th ,: C Inal Co rn i --.:. or 1-,- ,. i.hire, other
.-r .].l.T.'r.-it r.:l :l Iroin that Lr ed for
inmiuri- ..huil i1 thli: It.i l 01 -ii.. The
r.:.'ul l.iii lu.:. 1. '.On L.:. Lo. h li d are,
ber.:? .:.r? .:.1 .1.:. l, .Ic l r.: : r l-.I_.:' .
Ent. ,r ut lig llr: ,'?.1'..: i *:n' :rT iin as to
tl'e Iorce al.i :l-.:lt IE th: A.l-t ol Congress
.t ',:. i am n,:.:n tr iII o iri- n-..r vonr first
t qn ,iil, -tlo in tih:- ntIi l' a,.l .our third
in tli: alnrmiath i :
',nr T r,:- p :.E iil'.
R .1 T'k..CL..VFi.L,
R .:* roller.

C. )u11 ; I ,n A :' i.n.
.\i a nri-' bi .j o I : I chiih-in Ca i ol Com-
un--]-.n at Cnl,?l.ra. on ,:,ptliiL.,rT 5 1908,
th l Oll..v.ini r,- ol i',n1= i,?r,? a.l,[pted :
Vi' 'I r % .'. T .T i i' :ERS.
J Tii it Ii r-.:.ljia i l .t hr C a. .in mission.
t l'-r-) ri, r(t.rit'il- .' I m. i il] -ii .).,r 1 i. ActNo.
I ( i hie I. .of ii' C iil Z/.:. pr -r. .ng that
:-.ff icer .of 1 1 -Ar .j a .:.r .iif l- Public
H-i 'lth .ih i i H.- i.Ll -L. r -: -.. i.y be as-
. l-cir. t..' : iut SJi, r i r lill. in.'.i C i nl Conim is-
..11 .:.i ilir i i lj I r .'. I 'r..in 'hr >o ni is-
.= r "w i1 [,*i)[ ,, ""' :' : ,1|' "1* : -,.i r[,7,* 'l" ,, ,:- equal
l 37 : o i..r uF trhr.. zr 1 1.. l 1 a l. i i: T S, w henl
.- 1I 1 U ll. i. .1 l e d .
.1 4-..; ', , T h .1 .: ln c ln |l .l r l 5 1 9 0 ;,
ihli :e,)il r. t i, I:.. 4 ..j : ]i.:ii rr ij r ll i. ,,d avy,
Or o' hr .ih : Hir illn 1 .[ ,r.i,.e H) i.Il Service,
Th, . ..., L.. .:.rd. 1 I.:. 1.i .ii.drir ihe Cori-
iTU :I. I Ih- ilh uii,: ill r :ri r Ihrl :.:.in ensa-

iftlerr,i : r ir .. Ih. r i'r' iCr L. .-.l :.Ch coom-
I.eh. : h 1.) 1.- ...i. l'r.- .. le on.:,.1.ii .:.. s appro-
pr. I. or ih-'. hill re:- I'r.n ;Li:lh .ppropri
i 1.ii. ii 1 I.i... i. ih-.r =rr ,C- . ii- increase
a'jttl h.3n r 1>. I 'lA f.l.r er..:r | lh7 [.11 El:ie

'dI ro'C L T' t" T 'IrE. T C'r t i:l LC'.'_. t
S ." Th ri r ir I.h 1 l .'t af ile regu-
S. 0t- .r ilir r ol.. hl l i .) i -er...: by the

'iiih, *i C l i .1 marl ,m-. I -lJ -. C -..r April 24,
w *n 1 ni-'i- . .i .r 1ii .,I- Ei i he Isth-
I ti'" itr C.i =iil. i. hri Win e irl r r',. .lay 21.
1 I" I ,e li.-hiir a,-.,i t1.1] 1 .l ri i, i 1-1\lov
k :h ,r-- of :i = I i I a .:.r ,- :i ., sit by a
r-h. : 1 ih- t - l --: -1 r-i ..rti,',-. I.:. -,,. enimploye
,. 1._; h.-L.:. *.fr .y J.i r r .L.:r../' ._ d h J i' le is al-
hl-ke 1.3 _. .i.: rhe t _c, .-*r' ,r, *:h,": r _h*II be m ade
'.L.r thre rr l 6 ..,I t.) '.r,:i -int l..I .- F-,.I.ir -s living
i-il. ul.-. r I anl -. C.ni ,1 .'i qui.irl..r who. in
ie t :.i i I- .. *.' il i.- h i i .i :-,.1ii. ,.:.i safely,
. :.,'' rn- ..ill' r-i..)nl 1 Ihe i w, ,it.ir' for treat-
ner l ill ; 11 f 1 t1 Ie. =:. e irre m itre. r at their
-' ..' ; "hi i i r i r .-.- h .:.l4 :1..:-n i, of the
:-tir. reg-l ll r.i- r nt 't-I E: re i .: follows:
F.:r IhI- b e o.'f ", i.r. ..: o-M ), h .rcge of $2.50
-hill t m r -.i I l'f:.r .:.-li- r .c ,:il *l-t tion the
:i r.r ;_hII be :ir u - .:.r ...1 olI.:.r

R-duced R'ileou Hi inmlar.;- .Ain .:-rc n Line.
T'ii- Colhon a,cC.-nit t- th.: loiarne. \merican
Lmie I_- i-eeli ittli:.rh.:,d Eo cranit a re-
duc'tt.:,n ol .2 pe'r -'i:nt to .tmii.io,.'?:- of the
;[tlhnri an Cainal 'otnint--l r Etr t'. lng on
I -- 1- in lth. .,l -:r,.i,:? Tin; rate w ill
Ij? i-r'i tl.1 [,, *?ni[,l.:, ,?- ornl. on pr.?-. notation
oIt I.ltt.:r i..ned i.1 th Ci eil ,I-arter-
mn 'ter. T'ih, .111a- -er i:? Iacludte' Iessels
p[.. 1n1 ltH? In Nmr. York and Colon.

M1r b t, take:r lia- -eenii appointed As-
_5t1ant Claji Clerk ,,1 tli: .\laoiti. Division,
and iill I!.-: .Ciart.- 01 ill pIrop-:rty and
matertil ..Ir Deln Jinkin- .a- been ap-
pointed 1 Ating Clain-i T inke-.:p':r of the
A.llantic Lt i. i-iIi durtl;iC th uil-.--m:'- of Mr.
C. P bhea, Chbi i'imeL,::p.:r


Steady Improvement During Four Years.
ANCON. C. Z., September 10, 1908.
Col.. GEo. W. GomETHALS,
C/air'man islhitan Caz iinal Commission, lcutebra.
Sir-The report for the month of August
shows that the health conditions on the Isth-
mnus are satisfactory.
In August, 1905, we had on our rolls 5,269
whites, among whom we had 8 deaths, giving
usa rate of 18.22 per thousand. In August,
1S07, these figures were, respectively, 11,-
733, 17 and 17.38; in Augast, 1933, 12,607,
10 and 9.52.
This shows a steady improvement in the
three years in the death rates of the whites.
Taking the negro employes, we have for
the same period-and considering the same
figures-1905, 24,286 employes, 145 deaths,
with an average per thousand for the month
of 71.60; 1907, 27,710 employes, 76 deaths,
and a rate of 31.76 per thousand; 1933, 31,-
618, 32 and 12.14. This improvement in
the death rate of our negro employes is the
most noteworthy in the report. In the three
years the death rate among the negroes has
dropped from 71.60 per thousand to 12.14
per thousand. The exceptionally high rate
for 1906 was due to the fact that during Au-
gust of this year we were at the height of a
severe epidemic of pneumonia among our
negro employes. Of the 145 deaths which
occurred that month among our negro em-
ployes, 60 deaths were caused by pneumo-
nia ; among the 32 deaths among our negro
employes in 190S, only 4 were due to pneu-
monia. Taking our total working force, and
considering the month of August for the
past four years, we have the following fig-
ures :
Total Force. Deaths. Annual Rate
1905 ................ 10.687 32 35.93
1906 ................ 29.555 153 62.12
1907 ............... 40.443 93 27.59
1908................ 44.225 42 11.39
showing a decrease in our death rate from
35.93 in August, 1905, to 11.39 in August,
1908. Considering individual diseases, we
had in our working force in August, 1906,
29 deaths from malaria; in August, 1907, 21
deaths, and in August, 190S, 9 deaths. The
deaths from malaria in a force of 29,000 men
in August, 1906, were more than three times
as numerous as in a force of 44,000 men An-
gust, 190S. Taking the cases of malaria ad-
minitted to our hospitals from employes, we
had, in August, 1907, 2,181; in August, 1908,
1,525. Malaria is probably the best measure
of the efficacy of tile sanitary measures taken,
considering, from a malarial point of view,
that the climatic conditions on the isthmus
are about the same from year to year, and any
marked improvement in the number of deaths
and the number of cases is probably due di-
rectly to the preventive measures taken.
This might not be equally true of the gen-
eral death rate or the general sick rate. For
example, the general death rate in 1906
among employes was almost doubled on ac-
count of the epidemic of pneumonia which
prevailed at that time, but I doubt if our san-
itary measures had much effect in the de-
crease in pneumonia, which has taken place
since that time.
Considering typhoid fever in 1906 among
employes, we had 9 deaths; in 1907, 7
deaths, and in 1908, no deaths. Consider-
ing dysentery, in 1906 we had 10 deaths; in
1907, 6 deaths, and in 1908, 2 deaths. The

sick rate is the best measure of the average
effectiveness.of the force, so far as they are
affected by the health conditions. In 1906
we had among every thousand of our em-
ployes sick every day 42.67 men; in 1907,
29.02, and in 190S, 25.24. Judging by past
experience, our sick rate will steadily de-
crease from the present time until May next.
There have been no cases of yellow fever
or plague originating on the Isthmus in the
past two years.
Among the 8,175 white Americans con-
nected with the Isthmian Canal Commis-
sion, 2,869 of whom were women and chil-
dren, there were only two deaths, one due
to drowning and the other to childbirth-
that is, not a single case of death from dis-
Very respectfully,
Chief Sanitary Oicer.
Yellow Fever and Plague Decreasing.
The Department of Sanitation reports that
during August the quarantine imniposed against
ports in which yellow fever or plague prevail
has been maintained, although improvement
has occurred in a number of infected ports
with which we have commercial relation.
This has been noticeably so in Guayaquil, and
for the first time since the commencement of
plague in that port, no cases of death have
been reported from this disease on the bills
of health, for a period of two weeks. Very few
cases of human plague are now occurring in
that town, but rat infection still exists, so that
itis too early to form a definite opinion as to
whether the disease has been practically
eradicated, or whether this is the quiescent
stage, which is so common regarding this
disease in infected ports.
An improvement has also taken place in
Trinidad, and no human cases of plague
have been reported for three or four weeks.
However, rat infection presumably still ex-
ists, and as long as such remains the case,
the protective measures are just as impor-
tant as when human cases are occurring.
No new ports have been added to the list
on account of the appearance of either yel-
low fever or plague.
Improving Transpo.tation from the Cut.
Work will begin at once on new track con-
struction at Pedro Miguel. The new in-
clined track leading from Culebra Cut, near
the Panama railroad bridge over the Canal
at Paraiso, is partly completed and will be
extended to the main line of the railroad
about 1,000 feet north of the depot at Pedro
Miguel. Immediately south of this a cross-
over will be put in, the north point of which
will be the beginning of a double track to
the southward, extending it about half a
mile further north than at present. A signal
tower swill be put in west of the track on the
cross-over, and an interlocking switch sys-
tem will he installed by which trains at this
point will be controlled. As soon as this
system is in operation, all the loads going
south out of the Cut will be handled over
this line, leaving the lock site entirely under
the control of the Pacific Division. South
bound trains fr m Culebra Cut now go out
through the lock site. The change will fa-
cilitate the handling of trains at this point.

Excavation for the material-handling docks
at Gatun is practically finished and the con-
struction of the docks will be begun as soon
as piles can be secured for the foundation.



Wonme-i's Clubs and Oth-r Features.
The Empire Woman's Club held its weekly
meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
when a program was given under the
musical and literary department. Miss
Lewis, of Camp Elliott, gave an informal
talk on Paris, and its points of historic in-
terest. l'iano selections were given by Miss
Wade, and songs by Mliss Moulton. Tea
was served at the tastefully decorated tables
in one of the smaller rooms, and the social
hour was much enjoyed. A number of
guests from out of town were present.
Throughout the clubs there is a strong
disposition to take up serious study, and
programs are being outlined and work for
the winter is being earnestly discussed.
Labor Day. September 7, was observed at
Empire by athletic sports and games,
speeches, and a public demonstration ar-
ranged by the mechanics. The observance
commenced with a street parade headed by
the official band. In the evening a dance
was given at Kangaroo hall,which was largely
The women residents of Gatun have formed
a sewing circle which meets every Wednes-
day at the residence of one of the members
for the purpose of making useful and fancy
articles for a sale to be held within a few
weeks, the proceeds to be devoted to philan-
thropic purposes. A small initiation fee and
nominal weekly dues are charged, the
money being used for the purchase of ma-
terials for the work. The circle commenced
a few weeks ago with a membership of 22.
Thle Fortnightly Club at Gatun continues
its dances which are enjoyable features of
the social life of the community. The
monthly dance is always well attended. A
new dancing club has recently been organized
with membership open to all residents of
the town. Dances are given every Wednes-
day evening. Tihe Young People's Christian
League is an active part of the social life of
Gatun. Its socials and meetings are always
well attended.
The Gatun Woman's Club will resume its
regular meetings iii October. The regular
sessions will be preceded by an open even-
ing meeting to which all the residents will
be invited. It is hoped that in this way
interest in the club will be increased.
The Gorgona Woman's Club held its
meeting for election of officers for the next
six months on Tuesday, September 8, with
the following result: President, Mrs. E. S.
Calvit, re-elected; vice-president, Mrs. A. C.
Everestt; secretary, Mrs. R. E. Phillipps;
treasurer, Mrs. James Crockett. Mrs. L. F.
La Rose was appointed press secretary. A
committee was appointed to make arrange-
ments for the coming Federation meeting,
with Mrs. Frank Morrison as chairman.
The Gorgona Dramatic Company will
give a performance of "A Fisherman's
Luck" at the Empire clubhouse onl Wednes-
day evening, September 16.
The Ancon Woman's Club will hlold its
regular meeting at the Tivoli hotel on Wed-
nesday, September 16. Dr. Van Kueber
will give an address on the San Blas
The Isthmian Dancing Club of Culebra
gave its first dance at the clubhouse on
Saturday evening, September 12. The club
was organized September 8, with Mr. H. B.

Bains, Mr. F. B1. Byram and Mir. L. Burns
as officers. There is a membership of -15.
A dance will be given monthly.
The Culebra Sunday school treat at the
Commission Chapel on Friday, September 11,
was the important event of the week to the
juniors and their friends. The committee
in charge of arrangements had decorated
the rooms with giant ferns and tropical
plants. Games began at 4 o'clock and con-
tinued until 6 when supper was served. The
smaller children were conveyed to their
homes in the Commission wagonette at 7
o'clock. Each child was presented with a
:" ivenir of the occasion. About ninety were
* esent.
The Culebra Sunday school was organized
one year and a half ago and has a member-
:,.ip of over 100, including 15 teachers.
T'e school holds its sessions at the Com-
v.ission chapel every Sunday morning at
9.30 o'clock.
The Tivoli Club gave a dance in honor
of l'resident-elect Obaldia at the hotel oi
Saturday evening, September 12. The en-
trance hall was decorated with the Panama-
nian and American flags. Mr. and Mrs.
Obaldia arrived at about 9 o'clock and
dancing commenced shortly after. A sup-
per was served at 10 o'clock. The official
table, where the guests of honor and inem-
bers of the Commission were seated was
laid for 14. The table was banked with
brilliant flowers and foliage from the hos-
pital gardens.
The Comtmission Band.
The Commission Band, which contributes
largely to the social life of the Zone, has
been organized since September, 1905. It
owes its inception to a few public spirited
men, who realized the value of such an or-
ganization, both as recreation for the mem-
bers and as a source of pleasure to the pub-
lic. With the cooperation of the Commis-
sion, which appropriated $600, instruments
and necessary equipment were secured, and
the band soon attained sufficient proficiency
to appear in public. The first organization
consisted of a president, vice-president, sec-
retary and treasurer, and director, and thirty-
seven members, all employes of the Com-
mission or the Panama railroad. Although
the interest and enthusiasm of the members
was kept up, it was nevertheless difficult to
hold them together, there being little in-
ducement to travel across the Isthmus for
the necessary rehearsals after a hard day's
work. On March 27, 1907, the Commission
authorized the employment of a director at
$2,000 per year, a librarian at $1,500, and
thirty-five men at $25 per month each.
The business of the organization is directed
by a board of managers, consisting of a
chairman and two other members, and a
musical director and a librarian devote all
their time to the band's interests. Theoffice
is at Cristobal, where the weekly rehearsals
are held. There are forty members at pres-
ent, eighteen different classes of Canal work
being represented. All of the members are
uniformed in khaki. The present appropri-
ation for the maintenance of the band in-
cludes besides the allotment for salaries, an
amount for the purchase of instruments,
uniforms, and music. The band has a library
worth nearly $1,000, to which additions are
constantly being made.
Bandstands have been erected at Hotel
Tivoli at Ancon, at Paraiso, Culebra, Las

Ca-,.a.id,.. 'G-:.r -:. l 'a.. -,'i .:., and Cri':--
bal. .n -:.:'tcrtl .re pictn .,t thtl:- pi:' -:
at Ita.-1 ,,r.t I l].:.illh
Pc-. lei- lhe. -:,Fcill l.,.an.d tlierE .ire pri Jate
orchie-lra- t CulEl.bra Irr ,o i. .and. I.ai
Ca->...l ,- Thic-e .:rclie-tr.- i.lnch %.er-
orgaiii-ed l -i:.r lie p.ur.p-.:-_,. :-, pli. at ..il
da:i :c and.lther _.:,t.-,I h lh]] .:, -. ,h their
im e nl..er l.rcel.'. i-:.m the .:.,fi i.al l...id


Itr %k 1;, Tul-l.. chiel .:.1 llhe <.l.l D r..
sic. .:.I1 .teral :iid Supphli- .ind IMr
Tull..'. lei t f.-.r li-e S.tai e .:. e: cjt-t .er 15,
intri i ;-n d ,:, -_ :I11n -:'in l.i 11 bt V., .% M r
Teil.'-. % .I l.-1.evin in ite Ca.in.il er ticE nearl]
thr-e, .eir- %althiut a ,.: i .:.n H- lij- .4
da,.:' le,.ie i L.-b en:e..11 iat e I-\I.iar.ti-:i .:.
wliilh hii re-_p i.it in ill ":.- i.nt.:, e tic..t
I' I .\r.Ing.:.. i'u.i-i_ .n liinzin .r .:1 tihe
D i t-:,n ,I -letc:, r.:,l., .i n .l n.1 .er II. mlr, n-.
lic- li. re- i ltnl ht- i 1 1,1i 'II -':' Ill :*1
ill lihealth .a 1I at the x\ .,,ratt,:.,i ,:.1 4 ,l,..,_
lea.c .:.1 Al..- nc:e .*.ill -.etr lii ..tii n Il
with the .cer'. c.e
A Tr \' M Pithlini_'. ma-_ter .,.lliler, chlel
of tile -.:. i 1.1.i. n ni bdlilill I .',-:. iru-tCtiln.
wenit i.:. C, .i. .i Kic- .:.r I ri.n -t..v. ,ia.~ .:.n
Septeml.er 15. and .1ii iih etX.-ir'3tl.t:,n .I iI:
lea. will u.in li i-n t i i.me .'l]ii
Cap.t C-:.irtliin.l No-:.-n. U S .\ I:-:
to be Dcp-.:t Oiu.rtermatn. r a. IM.lunt I I- -.-e,
sa.le.l Ir.:ni Ne,.. 'Y',rk '.n the (.,'-.. S p-[
te:nbtr 1I.. .ind .: Ju at Cit-tl..l epitemn-
ber I'.
Ul. i- Lhie re,:.r nititii| it:.-n :.I lthe .\n rin-
can Ol-_ul >ictrie ral .at l'a uaiji i, lt,.n..\rnlil
Shbaiil,ln ir C lI Gu'..Init li.,-: lten .a-.
pcinte., D[pu.I. On-.ul Genlt-rl :Ir (- 1u.ant
wa- 1.ririerl. etrr i| : e.l int the i lt i '- :-I
ni1 icipal I n,,.n teerm i.
IMr: GE.:- \V (1,,tchal-:. .c.:in['paniI lU
her --'.n T'F i ma- G.:-eth.al:m -.ilE l'.:r tlhe
Staie- :.n S-'.itenlter 14, n tilt /f .,'.-
.\nmljp tilt .irr'. ,l,- -,n iLe L .':t
wlincl reach:li-d ,Cl-:.-i Sep.ternil.r 11, v ere tilt
wile. -.:.u a.iil daughter .:.! MI.a J P Jerl .'-
of Gat lui
Mr % IR k Currie ha.i returnicr.l lr-:,ii hi-
lea..- in the ltl --. 4nl, lia.- b_-eli --',pp.:nt,-.l
D-tr>:lt ,uarterrmnia-ter it Ri Obli-p,:,

SI. Mnart 's Churth nt Empire.
.\ .:.iintract liha lbt-n l lt I.:.r the c.]n-trn:-
tioui .1I lte iu.,v P'r.:t'- ta.int tp:l >c.' l h,: urch
at lim piie., I.: b.e k ii.:. n .1a ;t. M ar '-. and
w o:.rk '.'.ll [ l.t- i'. ,i ]t -: ,:c 'li h buil..llng
will e 6'4 -ctt I-.:.z a.ndI 2- leet idle, :ini
wv.ll .at al...:it '2O1 l .,lc le II '.v ill be in the
getn ral -td le. n, I .,:,r: -'ii'i,] n I., ild ine-. '... ll
be 1-.:< tiel iitar tile court l- .u-.e nil %ill be
pa ,'I lj.:r U, pri. .ile luiiil .alre.ai, r:it-ed L.,

illn Su.ill xt l a 3," .1 mn n tlli0 r
Collini .' ill ,lel.tr .n" .a-bl re-_ in \'.\1, n
cl: p'l :,ii the ChurLh -t:1 tie ..:l'. Re-
dceemer, Culebra .int .at 2 3I' p 11., lihe
w.li '.leit.er .,.hire- .:mn the -ame ii._lject
in tile lih ll l.,.:'. e the F.it I..a i_.-ca ine_,

Eit i Itlel L.:.ke'. .,'I. Mr W\illhaim E
R,--hicr etrer inmrrie d inll the rcicptioii hall
of tll I nur-e Cqu. rter- .it .\1,.n.t -' n tile '.tin-
ing .i Se--lit-mbtr ', Ut the k-.. John -

TH I C.\,N 1. RhE' I-)RD


PreparnII .n- LUlrd-r \W.l' Bletwtrn La B.-c.-
r a nd l Ira ii.'t a.

r-:r,_ir 1t iri,- I I .r\r ll,: r1.: :' _i I ll .: i ll- :
S:1 l und a:r a.., l tI h r: li l ul ti . r.
]i,- zIl,- roc-c inl it l .* \ i; t.- -I I. -Ire-.lo, -
l,,.f- r..- ,.. ',r .: *, .,- 1,,-, q r r.r l hl r,:. k [:.'.r,
l w i r-: tlIi1.L l1 :, ,: .1 T- ,d-1I,-r'IJii lit- L iTi
titH : l ntir,: ,1 Ill,- r ,,kl i I ,-1,i L1 r*,,l..
Crill -:r li ti lhe v. ii r ,:,* i- ,Il V:oi -
trnlctoli iltl 3 C-o lltriCt hi- 1.,,--i, 1-i flor
i ,lnrllr in l- ro -:lk drill ,ir i l'-
Ioril 'iz no.% 1.-In. I1 *1-_ ir- 1ll .:,r ,llt ntl .
l, l ,l t( the e l'ltp r.l r '.. 1,*.q.' li -,i' ne im'i ,
_Ia-:. The- rni. ,:.f thI..- C n l L...--:t.-.-.:l lru
fl:-re- i ll .l P-:.. ii lul,.I th le l:.i Ir- .:h
c.all I, lli h **,i. e' ci. ..--l i 3 f ir ei C.:.r.--
a I' Ir ill.: .:1 iii a iIl :,f lb, r-n.:,1 :l -:a11il lh
I:.orine- ir-: mu le fri r 1in pl ll-orni nd in.l ,.,-:iI
thl: liole th t l ir, i k. .l.i n the 1..ilk r,: 1--I,:.
11 U. lt I v i l un i I,-r 'e. er tr ir, I c:,- -.liI-.ii -,
aS it hli:hI ti Th i-: h .- r: I -:,' :r.- I at l
lv'ii. feet Or III- r:, ,I v.'iler, -.:. th iat u-:1
% ,rk' I i no-t .]. ne in ti:L- ,t r it-ilf .-
.. '.:- ill -..lt imud1 Tl .- rdill- ir- uilk 5 f:-:t
b-.: .% thI:- lull ,-_ lh ,:,l 1l, prr ,.l ofi: l chin-
n11 itI feet belre i inell --: -l-:1.
Pr,: --:it Indiciitlio l iz r.- thailt lh: ini],unlt ,-
ro,-,1 Lo It,-- r:e ' li no..t :. :r l i z '.i
o(ri,. i ll'. lc- he -.I. The iu.-:tio.i -Ir--.l -
. la','d,' 'c li it -r; l i t llh- prI alm it C or.)-
.il. tik-ini i ilrth ,tl il : ro:-ck -Itrn il iiil tile
1.ld French li.l.I-:r .lr-d.-: 1 -4.\. i- Il.:.In
iin'l ir ,:,rk Oppo:i te ill, l.; 1 .: i I.rl
TI.-: *--ntraci fior ill.-: rock dill fr.- hii-
i.e....n I l to tl ,:l Mdr.liB.1 -t-.-,l C,,in lu,.u
ll:, ill ,1 ,lel, i tl ll l ,iree -, i l I 11 ,I ,|-:r .,
knie.::l, e I I. '. II I:n il 1 i-l iu.- I'l.-I .- I. il ,
l-t of l nuI r I'1'llI It o-'i11 I : .- .:t,.l it
tlle 1n iroi -li:..- nt I.i B:.-i Th-: hull .-l
v.li.:h tlh: Ir 1l- v.. ill I-: m ount,_..l I.ill I, 11'
fec- I %-le',, tI l l i .I r ,:,,:, r i l, .:.II i 'll ,I l v ,
3r'. : l-.f:1 lI.1 i 1 :- .- ':01. u.1ill A: -l* --1
-nil l -:p-:-:i il lh--i ,*:,-. lr .:t.i- n ill ,rdi r
lih t r..lck mil-l.i *i M t:, nnl:r irl: Il.ir,_. ;
wit Or-ut lo in i it 1 i liir-i ,- Thi-r,: o 11
i,,: ii tr rin- r ,: -, Ihd-r i Iull, l' .- i l 1 -11. 1 ,l1 .
tudlin-al l .I.,u lkh-.: 1 7' O:. l 1 h : ..O Il
rmi i-t I- rrrI -,.l I..- ihe h Ii.ll, h,:i Ill 1 i. I1-. I
1i i it,-r tinl,z-. fi. ll % ill I i: i .. l e.:
II'. of I i i" C illo. l C1 l oI I I : I ..I -
f l,,I, 1u 0 lU :l O il 1t 1k I 'll tI. [ll '-t i ',,: l
.:,I.:1 Ciil l]1 I ip i.:t -l ;- r I irr-:l. T- Il,
l...:,i I-r in.1 pr il ii v ill -_1.- er -,:tl-l 1:1 tl.-: i1.l1-
r.f tl..- bull oppoI- e lit al -11 '., h '. -i .- drill
.. ill :epertl i:, l. u1- v il-:r inr l 1 .I i **it'i
tll nk ill I.e -m l ,-h Ip. t, lli r n i .I t li,
1.rI r 1he *: l|.i. :ltl o,: t .h-: 1, l,: r w ill I :
zutfi,:;elt t,:. Iuppll'' %,al.:,ut I.ri "' l...r
:' nit iii.:- le inn lli i 11u:,Iz --: I fl.r ruin i h 1l
tlIr-,: In :ri,:ll.-S Iri -,:It drill o' : Iu,.:h :: i
.lI ii etr ,,11-: -k I. I. I:. ct, I clit 1.1 1lt
in i i i:.r : .. .*: r _, .1-,:ck p l p I'l r l r Irill
fr in ,_-le % il l L- Ih 'LII l :,- I' ]i : 11,-- ull, ,:.',:h
i oinlll" I ree:,l., 4 -. : I-- : of I ,; I,-r- ,
.lll,, In t toi t l 6i:,r;..*I I 1l .1 i-t i r I I '.
lfe t t,..t. ,:-:n the iir lt *nd1 lI;-l d ill li,:,,:
F. ,: I. I r i ihr. I', ll :-,rr I r,.:" k drill ,, i i al '.. -
Ii g -zlid,- ruilli lj in .,:rtical culi r, 01il lI :
II.:c ,l to f II r i lle, m after til,: iI ,in :r *.,lof I i|. -
Ir v-r. The_- l1:,r 1i z prol,-:, .:. o: rl,:.ird
i rbout I ( et -.:. ilijlt h : ,Ir lliu,. I ll I -- .lu-:
ovr th-: -:.i- c of tlhe L.r E ,.h ..f the
d rill cl i f,:r,_- -ix hl,: froom ,:, ii ,-,- t,- ,
ol i I ll .-. th-:ll inium lr r:l lol:,, ll. .:ill : 1
b. Lborud V'.t. ith .Uijut :hlltilll the |i,: lii:, olf the
l,'r1 Te tii,._ ll _n, 1- : 1 li, ,-u
A r t iCil h dJr iulic r iT i, lc. ;ilt l nil -,:ili

i -I1. I.j,:: ..f Ihe I rIl fr ui ,:- ill raise and
:,'.. -- -I'h drill ihl -. r-nii: ,ill have a
-:-Fp'it' --f 4, ," 1,*:. iu.l- 14.I ill m ake a
l.-.1I il I..,- lill :l 1 1 ,-1 ,\ ,ui pl,- \, double-
,:ti ,., Ii ,Irauli-: I.u 'ip ill ,ipply water
.r i rk'iiL :-i..ii r 'iI. ill- c ri-:ity to be
-* iil:i l l,', Ii.. l il1 d rIll, ilt Il- ordinary
l..u l of *' :.--- p[ i-.-. : Il I-.:.:t In not m ore
thall I .:.:. I .- .\ r-:.:e.i ilI be m ade
iIar s,_,:h ,]..rlier ,,I Ilh._ Iim ll i,-,r tiwiiler Spuds,

i-i.,: li,.ll:, 11 :- lr _l t, iiIllt ,: :iil spud by

l" lhl i, I I r-. ii, chri:i l:.ii :s will Th ese
-irill-. l 11 -il t ,i k I th .o I 50 feet
l. :L- 1 5 II' ,l- th-I-:' I' I I *: I' luired oby

li-: lI'i:ili: l- '.Iv .1I tl-: C i il. jin I the rock
' ll ti n-ii I .-: l. k-i':ln t, I T.1 r i r.: Into pieces
_- i1 1 ,.i 'l,-t .[ 1. l' i,- h ',,,ll,,]- I.-. dlip)per or
I ltier dr-.l:- .
lli-h: I.:-lint' -n ,l U-,:,,u.i- .--:k breaker,
S|I :lii h -.. i .- i t i h lI.n*--,I knocked
-I. v. ii fr.-.i I,-nlr. -. -.:.:.l: .i The barge
i: of i It ,:1 .I'1" ', .. 'I 1,::1. i.% ilt a recess
ii- l: lll, i--u. i I..l:h ihi- rim or rock
I._r--iker :rk-. 1 i t. in- iII .,- f operation
i- ,-, rI" :,- i| Ih ,_ '. r nill i 1l i] distance
il..:,, 1ii-: -irlf i,:I- lh -.k I. :.* 1 -e crushed
in I l:t it ilII niu:ll i i ; l.,-: -rIter works-
T1h- r i i I- r:1 -I i ld -Ir-. -.11: i il the.roc
I li.:i It O .ritill. I'- p 'nielrll.ed to t'i.
I'L-I r:-.l ,*I plli 1,:1i til : Iir-,: i- m oved ,
iih-tle-r il.. ...-.il til orp-rill- repeat 1.
Thi-: r-ini ire i- I .-. r I,,n ni ile of for, '.
it:ll. iinI ,..i.li :n: 1 ri the lo-,i -
'.."iA oIt ,:,- i .:, it ini *:,1 -r-',cially -it i-
,,l_,l -i,:-- II .:.-rri n l'i- *--. rock tihe
i.r- : k,:r li-i 1_-.i- l :. r'I l,-i:,:--lu], pulver-
i "- I '. .-11 l Ill- 1, .l..,: liandled by
Idr:-li.- ior,- r ipll. 1liii rok: broken by
I.lI ti 2 h- L- l..1iil ni i lin-: will sup-
TI.i:ii t ill'- ..r I. I i- rock drill
l.' r -, i ;i dl, .l-l-1ih1 ,_

i:lm ailre C luh Il-.l -e.
I'.-' .. l :...I *. I t 1 I.-ein running
I. .. r :n -. i -l I' l --... last Friday
i. ..ii lt .' ..i T 1-- f 1 i. I :-, ni. ent w ill be
i .,, .:., h I.1 ui l ,'- rl.n s in the re-
i ., ,, I l it -1 . I ,
I1 1 1- lllli i li I. :,i-i .i. I, .. i... I.)w liiln tou r-
,, ,,,.-., r, .. I.- r .11. :.r, I1. F i- .,r .11.-ys Thanks-
iII. i' [,* "i "I . ... I 1 I t.hlished later.
I .. .. .l .... ....,n .. ,- ..~ l.. c -" the play "A
h. r ..... i ,. .11 ih.. i ..,T .r- *. .I. C A hall
,,, -' ,- I.--. I -- .. ...: .ii- l.>.. 1- rihe E ulpirc
i n lil r- -,I l. iu. lI-, .l ,I ,I 1- [ i ,


Lands Expropriated for Lakes.
The following account is hereby created under
General Account No. 1, Classified Expenditures ":
620. Lands Ex.proprialtdfor Lakes in Connection vith
Lock Canal.
To this account will he charged all laymeuts for
lands acquired by the Commission whicli are to he
flooded, including all expenses in connection with
their purchase or expropriation.
Dilbnrsin. S officer.
Chia,0 hn1.
Empire, C. Z., September 11, 190s.
NIIsdirected Letters.
l)ivisio of Dead Letters
Ancon. C. Z.. September 16. 190'.
The following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in the United States and its possession',s have
heen received in the office of th- Director of ;osts,
and nmay be secured onil reqiiest -i of addressee :
Ackley. Nornman C. H-Irdigr. C
Clark, W. D. Mahon. John
Cuiniinings., Iernine Rinllite. c-. ILard
Dedge,. Gralinam G. mnallwood, V. P.
Drake. C. B. van Order. Capt. teorge
Fischer. Chas J. Vnlleley, Alfred
Fitzgerald. Janies Williams, Clarence
Haminer, H. 1,H.
Concerts by the I. C. C. Band.
Sunday, Septenmher 20, 190S, al 2 30 p. In.:
1 March-O Republic............ ....... liagley
2 Selection- .1 I al/z /i a .............i... .. .SIrllnss
a Internnezzo-,1e;-7-v lW'idmw ............... lehar
3 a SclottischIe-L/ IJe Re }'onir Lemon
Coon,,......... .................. ... Allen
4 Waltz-.l`y' Lady Daug r .........- .............. Blake
5 Barytone Solo-rLe a/ll Oey ......- ..... 1Leael
6 Medley- 'iar Songs oa the I/J'es iu
B e --...........................................Lalrendeal
7 Overture-/ II 'ere Aine ................ Adani
Sa Tone poemi-Lilacs.... ......... Roberts
b i March- HaPAvy Days ............................ levi
9 Descriptive-A Huntin.e Sene .......... Bucalossi
10 'March-ULndec Ihe Dotble Eagle........ .. lV:lagIer
On band stand near Clubhouse. Wednesday. Septeim-
ber 23. 1908, at 8.15 p. m.:
1 March-Salute thr F/la................Pierson
2 Selection- The Red .1ill......... ..... Herhel I
a Polka- Hoi-,niPpe ............................ Smith
I b March (by request)-Honc. ioy.....VoIl Tilzer
4 Duet for Clarinets-.Vanine .............. .... Marshal
5 Selection- aritana ............ .. ......... llace
6 Waltz--Angcl's Dream ... ............... Hernan
7 Cornet Solo (by request)-The Holy City .Adams
8 Overture-Sunshiine and .Sho-.ers ...............Flath
9 Descriptive-A Hunting .rtine .............. Bucalossi
10 Galop-On 11orceback ...................... Benedix
CHFAS. F. JFNNINGs, ,lusica/ Diieccto.
A concert will be given at the Hotel Tivoli, Sun-
day evening. October 4.


I,: I:.ll.:. .'.. t il..li: -h.:u expenditures for Canal work, classified monthly, since July
1. I T" Th.- .i.ir-: n-i :.:l \ ,penditures which have been located. In addition, there
i.,i L-:,ii -..nIl- -lit-ur iii-n:ni I. inch as purchasing material, etc., which it will not be
p-.: iL1- to lo.i:.i- 1to i* I i:.:ount until their ise has been finally determined:
I,. ,Construction Miinicipal pi 4
S-rl .1 -I I- i Sanitation arid lIprove- Pliant Ac- Tot.il.
,l,,, Engineering. i7nilts. coul It.

I',-,-.t l -1. 1 .1. 1 : I S .6t 0061 513.433.745.05 $ $19.451,579.11 $43.224 551.60
5IC 562 I .084626.5

,I ,,I -'

-. .c- .

ii II

1 -:


1 194.304.85
1 25,420.9o

1 f6s,300.5S
1.131 45091
1 ,10,5X90.16
591,2% .02


,I .,, '. ; 221 .06.30 1,4 4.021.44 15,0 956.22 1,584, 21.98- 3,490 ,46rS. 6
'-l-, i 1 I 174.076.77 1,523.011.72 100,700.40 88 9,405.02 2,759.70S.15
,- 165,311.77 1 1460229.91 110,232.15 1,307,321.82 3,106.749.25
SI I 17S,041 65 1,5 ,416.19 13S.115.21 797,137.63 2.767,757.23
,1., ?- ^ :,... 1S4,3S1.35 15F0,369.11 69,S24.83 95,405.12 2.863,320.67
n 200,33.07 1,755.771.69 107.940.79 905.767.19 2,969.933.40
],|.. - I' 7 197,963.07 1,452.698.SS 91,901.17 541,083.23 i 2,371,541.50

T .-i1I *1. -" i $7.126.97569 $31.567.104 39 $ 5.864,017.76 $31.679,S77.49 ': ;



For week beginning September 15 ;
Pi ice.
Beef-.Sirloin roast.................................per lb 30
Runip roast........................ per lb 30
Porterhose ............... .................. per lb 30
Rib-roast. short cut (not under 31m
ponds) ....................................per lb 2'4
Rib-roast, second cut (not under 3
pounds)................................... per lb 20
Chuck-roast (not under 3 pounds)..per 11) 15
Soup ........................................... per 11) 9
Stew ........................ .. ........... per lb 12
Corned................................ per lb.. 12. 14, 16
Suet................................... ...... per lb 4
Steaks-Sirloin..... .............................. per Ib 30
Porterhouse .................. .. .......per lb .0
R u aip ........ ..... .....................per Ib 30
Tenderloin ............................. per lb 30
Round............ ............ .............per lb 24
Veal-Cutlets......... ........................ per lb 24
bhort-cut chops............................per lb 24
Loin............................. ............ per lb 23
Entire forequarter (15 to 20 lbs)...per lb 11
For stewing.... .............p......**..*.per lb 11
Mutton-Entire forequarter (not under
10 pounds)........................per lb 9
Short-cut chops ................ .....per lb 20
Leg (S to 10 pounds)...............per lb 18
Lamb-For stewing............ .... ............per lb 10
Entire forequarter ..................... per lb 10
Chops....... ............................. per lb 30
Pork-Cuts ......... ..........................per Ilb 20
Livers-Beef....... ......... .......... per lb 11
Sausage-Pork.................... ........... ....per lb 16
Sweet bread-Veal...... ..................... ..... each 1.20
Beef ............... ....... ....... per lb 25
Ox tongues ....................... ........ each 90
Eggs, fresh ............................. .......... dozen 34
Chickens- Dressed (milk-fed) .................. each 1.0
Large ......... ............ ............each 1.65
Capons.............. ............... each 2.40
I3roilkrs ...................... ..... each 60
Fowls, inediumi and large ....... .... each. SOc. aid 1.00
Ducks. fatted (fancy)..................... ..... each 1.10
Suckling pigs........... .................... .........each 4.90
T urkeys.. ............... ........................... per lb 30
Squabs....................... .. .... ..................each 45
Bacon-Strips..... ................................ per lb 23
English, breaJkfast sliced ..... ..... per Ib 526
tlaum-Sugar-cured, sliced......................-er lb 25
One-half, for boiling................. per lb $20
W estlphai lia............................... per 11) 45
Ferris .............. ........ .......... .. er lh 19
Beef. salt. faim ily....................... ...t.... per lb 16
Salt pork............... ........................... per lb 13
Butter-Prints, prime ulality................ per lb 33
Cheese-Roquefort ................................. per lb 45
Neufchatel ............. ... ........... each 6
VoUng America ......... ........... pc Ib 22
Sw iss .................. ..................per lb 33
Gouda ..... ........ .................... per lb 34
Edai .................. .............. each 1.05
Camembert .............................. per lb 2S
.'McLarcu's........ ... .............. ... .... jar 15
Pinxter's......... .. ................... tin 22
French cheese in tins-Caintenbert, Roque-
fort. Brie, Nenfeliatel.............................tin 20
l lutterm ilk.......................... ....... ......... quart 15
Tom atoes............................ .... ............ per lb 6
l,ettuce................................................. er lb 14
Cauliflow er ....................... .................. er Ib 10
White potatoes.............................. per lh 3A
Sweet potatoes...................................... per lb 21/2
Cabbage ......... ...................... ..... ..... per lb 4
O nions................................................. per 11) 3'2
Cucum bers.................... .................... per lb 6
Turnips......................... ........... per lb 3
Beets................. ... ............................per 11b 3
Squash (summer) ............................... per lb 3
Lin a Bleans.......................................... per lb 8
Celery.......................................... .....-bunch 15
Limes.... ......................... hundred 40
Lemtons........... ................. ....dozen 13
Oranges............................. ........ ... .. dozen 18
G .apefruit................................... ....... each 3
C inteloupes................ : ........ .. ........ ........... each 10
Watermnelons.......................................... ach 35
G rapes................. ................................ per 11 10
Apples.................................... ...........per lb 5
Peaches..... .............. ... .................. per lIb 15

Sold only from cold-storage mid not from Coim-

Flood Stages in the Cha

Maximum height of Cliagre
water for the week ending mil
termber 12, 1908 :

- .0

0 I

height of low water
above iimenu sea
level, feet ... ......I 129 92
Maxiiiium height nb.
low water, feet: ,
Sunday, Sept. 6 .... 4.20 3.88 5.7
Monday, Sept. 7.... 4 70 4.06 5.2
Tuesday, Sept. 8... 2.95 3.94 5..
Wedn'sday.Sept. Q ,95 1.58 2.
Thursday. Sept. 10. .80 1.30 2.1
Friday, Sept. 11..... 3.00 2.05 2.i
Saturday. Sept. 12.. 2.95 2.96 5.1
,Maxiimnun for week.. 4.70 I4 06 I 5.2

Ratciall, September 1 to 12. 1




Atlanlic Division-
Brazos Brook .............: .......
G atu : ............................
B ohio ............................
Central Division--
Taber-nilla ........................
Saln Pablo...... ..................
Bas Obispo .......................
Gainm boa.......... ...............
E m pire.. ............ ...............
C i inclho ......... ............
Culebra ......... ....... ...........
Rio G rande... ........... ...............
'acifc Dzvision-
Pedro M iguel .... ......... ...........
La Boca ....... ..........................
A lco .......................................
paper r Chagres.

Tug Service 1Porto B1-llo and
Effective, August 6, 1908: The fol
schedule for tug service between Ci
Bello and Nomibre de Dios:
Sunday: I,eave Cristobal 6.3C p. in. I
only; returning same iday.
Monday: Leave Cristob.il after Tra
Bello aud Nombre de lios; returning s
Tuesday: l,eave Cristolial after Tr
tow, for I'orto Bello oul.; rcturilint
Bello 2.15 p. in., without low.
Wednesday: Leave Cristobal aftei
Porto Hello and Noinbre de Dies: re
Friday: Leave Cristobal after Trai
Bello and Nombre de Dios; returning s
Saturday: Ieave Cristobal after Tra
Bello only; returning, leave Porto Bello

Vessels arriving at and departing fro
Anico during the week ending Septer
Ai rivals-September 5, Panama. froi
September 8. Nan Jose, from San Franc
ber 11, Ecuador, from Buenaventurai.
Depaitmues-September 8, A.rsen, tI
Sciltemhcr 8, \cport,/. to San lFrancisc

United States
of America In the First Judicial
Canal Zone.
George Blake, Jamniican, died intes
1907, leaving an estate. consisting of th
Pedro Mliguel. The claimants for the e
proved that they are the legitimate heie
dent, and the Collector of Revenues ha
tion for escheat under Sections 779-781
Civil Procedure.
Notice is hereby given to all concern
at tie court t house in Ailcolu oi Octo
1) o'clock a. i., to establish their clain
estate, or to show cause \hliy the sari
esclheat to the Canal Zone.
Circu t (



es ao\ve low The following is a list of the sailings of the Pan-
dlnigllt, Sep- area Railroad Steamship Company, of the Royal
Mail Steam Packet Company, of the liamnburg-
American I.ine, aind of the United Fruit Company's
ONS. l.ine. the Panamain Railroad Comnpany's dates being
subject to change:
Pr. Aug. Wilhelm ......H.-A.....Saturday.....Sept. 12
6 6 Advance................ P. R. R.Tuesday ...... Sept. 15
S Orinoco................. R.-M.....Saturday.....Sept. 19
SAllianca ................ R. R.Monday .....Sept. 21
Finance.................P. R. R.Saturday..... Sept. 26
PI rinz Joachim...... ....H.-A.....Saturday.... Sept. 26
Panama................. 1. R. R.Thursday.... Oct. 1
416 0 0 Atrato ................... R.-M ....Saturday. ....Oct. 3
Colon.................... P. R. R.Tuesday......Oct. 6
70 10.30 3.50 Prinz Aug. Wilhelm......11.-A.....Saturday..... Oct. 10
75 10.75 4.10 Trent....................R.-M .....Saturday ....Oct. 17
40 10.30 4.20 Prinz Joachim......... H.-A.....Saturday .... Oct. 24
50 5.75 3.5 Tagus................... R.-M.....Saturday .... Oct. 31
67 6.14 2.70 Prinz Aug. Wilhelm ....H.-A.....Saturday.....Nov, 7

00 7.75 2.90 Magdalena ..............R.-M....Saturday..'...Nov. 14
75 10.751 4.20 Prinz Joachim............ H.-A.....Saturday.....Nov. 21
Orinoco...............R.-M. ....Saturday..... Nov. 28
Atrato.......... ........R.-M .....Saturday.....Dec. 12
90S. Ineli- Trent..................R.-1.....Saturday.....Dec. 26
All the steamers of the Ilaiburg-American and
.) Royal Mail lines call at Kingston enroute to Colon.
in Total. Esperanza.............P. R. R.Friday........Sept. 18
e day. Atrato...... ...........R.-M....Tuesday.......Sept. 22
Colon.................. P. R. R.Wednesday.....Sept. 23
.84 4.38 Advance...............P. R. R.Mlouday.......Sept. 28
1.03 4.59 Pr. Aug. Wilhelm...... H.-A.....Tuesday ......Sept. 29
1.21 3.68 Prinz Aug. Wilhelmn....H.-A....Tuesday.......Sept. 29
1.65 3.61 Allinnaca................P. R. R.Saturday. .....Oct. 3
Clyde.................. R.-M ...Tuesday ......Oct. 6
2.00 6.79 Finance................P. R. R.Thursday...... Oct. 8
1.84 4.bl Panauma................P. R. R.Tulesday......Oct. 13
.56 3.07 Prinz Joachim......... H.-A.....Tuesday.......Oct. 13

.87 3.19 'olol..................P. R. R.Monday.......Oct. 19
.65 3.00 Taguns................. R.-M.....Tuesday....... Oct. 20
2.27 4.66 Priuz Aug. Wilhelm....H.-A.....Tuesday........Oct. 27
3.26 5.40 Magdalena........ ....R.-M:....Tuesday ......Nov. 3
Prinz Joachim......... l.-A.....Tuesday........Nov. 10
.57 1.86 Orinoco........... .... R.-M.....Tuesday ......Nov. 17
.43 .l5 Prinz Aug. Wilhelm....H.-A.....Tuesday........Nov. 24
.50 1.02 Atrato...... ........... R.-M .....Tuesday.......Dec 1
Prinz Joachim.......... H.-A.....Tuesday........Dec. 8
2 16 7.34 Trent.................. R.-M .....Tuesday .......Dec. 15
Nombre de Parismina............U.F.C..Saturday ........Sept. 19
lieridia.............. 1. F.C..Saturday ........ Sept. 26
lowing is the Carta o .............. I.F.C..Saturday.........Oct. 3
ristobal, Porto Parisilina............ U F.C..Saturday........Oct. 10
Ileridia.............. U.F C..Sattirday ........Oct. 17
for Porto Bello Cartago...............U.F.C..S:turday.... ....Oct. 24
Parismiunn............ U.F.C..Saturday........ Oct. 31
in 2 for Porto Heridia.............. U.F.C..Saturday........Nov. 7
ain e day. Cartago...............U.F.C..Saturday.........Nov. 14
ae nay. Parismina........... U.F.C..Saturday........ Nov. 21
intu 2 without Ieridia.............. I. FC..Satarday.........Nov. 28

Cartago .............. U.F.C..Tuesday......... Sept. 22
r Train 2 for Parismina............ .i. C..Tuesday ...... Sept. 29
turning same lieridia...............U.F.C..Tuesday........ Oct. 6
Ca rtlgo..............U.F.C..Tuesday.........Oct. 13
in 2 for Porto Parismina ............UF.C..Tuesday.........Oct. 20
amue day. lIeridia............... U.F.C..Tuesd........ Oct. 27
in 2 for Porto Cartago .............. U.F.C..Tuesday.........Nov, 3
5.30 p. in. Parisunina....... .... U.F.C..Tuesday.........Nov. 10
Hleridia.............. U.F.C..Tuesday.........Nov. 17
in the Port of Cartago .............. T. F.C..Tuesday. ..... Nov. 24
nber 11 were. Parisminia ........... U.I.C,.Tucsday ....... Dec. 1
isco; Septein- Orinoco..............R.-M1...Tuesday.... ..... Sept. 29
o Valparniso: Tanmpican .........eyliand Line..Sunday..... .Sept. 20
o. William Cliff ....Leyland Line..Tuesday..... Sept. 29
The Panama railroad steamships sail at 3 p. inm.
from dock at Cristobal direct to New York.
The Priinz steamers of the Hlamlburg-Amierican line
sail from Colon at 1 p. m. via Kingston, Jamaica.
Circuit. for New York.
All Royal Mail stearners mentioned above leaveearly
state July 15. in the morning from Colon via Kingston, Jamaica,
ree houses ill for New York. All mail and passengers should be
state have not on board early on day of sailing.

s filed a peti- The steamers of the United Fruit Comipany's line
of the Code of sail from New Orleans at 11 a. in., and from Colon
at 1.30 p. mn., via Port I,inion, for New Orleans. Inl
lined to appear addition to the above, the United Fruit Company
ber 5, 1908, at dispatches a steamer about every ten days fr.1,m
s should the aidot Colon, via Pocas del Toro. for New Orleans.
Sailings of the French line (Cie. r 'r .l i rioi
R EMERY, atIliitique) for Venezumelan ports, :I ,ri-.111 *ie ,i,,,
Court Clerk. Guadeloupe on the 3d and 20th of each month.


Solulic II.


The Canal Record

PuihWecO aekb Iy unOer ihe aulhnil ana urr. ion ol the

r ., . .' .. 3>,- Kne
," -r. 1 ._.. r T . . l.' 1.. .' 1
,' j j. r 7,, .. 7 I .. . tf ,* . "lo s
,. .."..... ..- ...r ., '.j ,.' j

Address all Communications
Aocon. Canal Zone,
Islhmus of Panama.
.' .i. i .. .' ... . td
". e, .* '.' ;, j ,', .; tr 7 .' r ,, i

Chain Le- in Orean lzn Il..n.
'lfifcii ,l i r iul ir j.i- .iI. .l-:h .n.:.t li.r i. es
i:- rli i .- T [lr EC \1 R i\[ .c. RI. '-ve
Ili 1-t1 il'.i :1 I ,-- .-ir 'iielIclt t, II i, i Of
Col rIilir.-l un,-er H -...i:e .' nrli in ' .t.':. the
:Fp ..i inIti t ..- o l r. S II. \ tlli.'Iu i .o.n .. ,; Di-
I i, i, -iir.. ieer ..1 ti .-' I':,:. i: D I. , ti hee
.1 ..... i ,..1 wo..rk Iri ith. ff,. ol tl.. Ch'iir-
nii' 'in,r C i'',l Fri.]n. .r ,i I. ,i r ,erL ,rrn-
i.. ,l..n ..f ipro:,pi c. : ,.u.I. I
Chairinan's -NI, Ihl Rep.ui t
Ti-h, r'.por rl l hi-_ Cl ririnim i u tihe I -th-
ii i1| C i :nai Co, iii - i.. i l.r .'% '..u,- .i |. pub-
-. I ? I. .tlI -r .:0 lh1 i 1. ( I 111 -I l-. ,01 T aH
C \; \[. Kre..R Th, .. :ork .. r .rt i: n-
i.1i.,- r' .. in ,.n ,l A iin .i.,r *.1 tihe
..n:.i trLrii..r :irLk .],.li. b t,' thr-. t i ,)r -
t rutr.lIo i .11 1.1,.n :IJ. itl, t t the m tiilcrial
,s.,' :i i'_,] I .\li t- l ,.in.:.rl t, l t-:, '. 1' .91
ci ld,: l i r l:, .,,I .h .:zh 1.'. .,':* 1 .., -?t, t,-,k n
Ir-n lith Ca al prismi i\s .:k Irillir.- to
tille Ail l..LII ,l r.0 I .t :, Ione;
. I' m ril- uf n,-i trick .ere lr id I i : d
:- t,-or. o e\pil...i.-'s .rr us4,?d.
TI r- :j, r: '-, Uir rinel r *r --I lab:.r.'rs i- m pl:.,k '. d
l.'iil'. % : I: 1 J. The riro ,i-il in tie .At-
ii .i.c [ ,i i r.:i. .. I. ". n.:L- ,.. C 'iltr'l [D i-
ir 1. 1 ir i-cll -. n.I| '.i. W .- 1. ..i' .ni 89
i ,,ih,2s.
In ib tl inii: 1r'r1_ i h r' '[t er r-li. ed
nli thr turi I.,-,tL ii? :t,..I ,iti, .. t,1 i. a-
liu] [.1:1 ] s ]. l : 1 '",".2 .:ul .,i ari.-' 13by
,lr, tlie- ,r i iin ,ll l yi 63-. .'l cu- ici '.yards
Ir.:.inm l,,- C a:nt :il i_,,- m. .: i. Ir-,l,.-e :it tie
itl I the- Gt uLIII lhh1 hi.lln '.k.,. 51 05
I,,h 'c. Air :tin. rl ,t ]. h:. ..i i t i .iio i,
16 r .:ul.e1 : iri Ai G til.n [1:1,i u `6 *'53
cini i. :rrd.- oI ]i:itl,.-r i Iro, i the I.-, k, site
-r.- .1i1 i m p i. il. tlir i n !%'"(1, _i : lt. -. irds
,, I' -b -, p, ro,:,L: i -k -- ] ,:ir, I I, II..h -lo thl
t -,,, i i: i 4 c] .'I:, -I .: r In i ..-1 ,x.-: i i i i )i,
fr.m t. le spill i. ere ,u l-rf.i ,ou the
nlortLli toe
Tli ca itior. ili Il.- C,?'tr:a l [Di i-ion
armoul ltei t-:, 1.54, 61'".-ubic yar..i.- ,'il0. 57

cubic yards of which were rock. In the
same territory inl August, 1907, 783,173 cu-
bic yards were removed. In August, 1907,
however, the average number of steam shov-
els at work during the month was 39.90,
while in August, 1908, the average number
at work was 52.58. The rainfall in August,
1907, was about 3.13 inches greater than il'
the same month in 1908. The output per
shovel per day was nearly 54 per cent greater
than in the corresponding month in 1907.
In the Pacific Division, on the lock site at
Pedro Miguel 22,217 cubic yards of material
were excavated, and from the lock site at
Miraflores 91,440 cubic yards. The excava-
tion from thle site of the Miraflores Dam
amounted to 2,808 cubic yards, and from the
prism at Cardenas Hill 17,667 cubic yards.
The dredging at La Boca amounted to
737,774 cubic yards. A force was engaged
in cleaning the line of the Canal between
La Boca and Miraflores. Borings are in
progress to determine accurately the amount
and character of the excavation between
Miraflores and La Boca. A survey of the
dredged channel was completed, and shows
that the monthly estimates for dredging
have been about 7.3 per cent greater than
the amount determined by thesurvey. This
difference is believed to be due largely to a
refilling of the channel by cross currents.
In the Mechanical Division the work of
installing fuel oil burning apparatus made
satisfactory progress.
On the relocation of the Panama railroad
32,315 cubic yards of earth were excavated,
and 75,462 cubic yards were placed in em-
bankments. One thousand four hundred
and thirty-three linear feet of permanent
track were laid, making thle total to date
40,745 feet.
Health conditions continued satisfactory
during August.

Mliraflores Tunnel.
A retaining wall ten feet wide at the bot-
tom and running down to four feet below
the lowest point excavated has been built at
the south portal of the Miraflores tunnel for
the purpose of stopping the slide which has
been threatening to close 'ip the south en-
trance. The wall is 100 feet long and so lo-
cated that it will become one side of the
tunnel, which will thus be lengthened 100
feet. It is built of concrete reinforced with
Ransom bars.
The slide, which was described in TiHE
CANAL RECORD or August 12, has been
moving southward from one-fourth inch to
one-half inch every day during the last two
weeks. It is believed that the retaining
wall will check it sufficiently to prevent
serious rupture of the timber lining in the
earth section until thle dry season, when the
slide will probably stop of its own accord.
The tunnel through the earth section will

then be enlarged to permit the construction
of a sufficiently heavy concrete lining.
The work of putting concrete lining itn
the rock section, which is the northern two-
thirds of the tunnel, is progressing rapidly,
125 linear feet having been completed up to
September 12.
Senidlng Money Home.
More money was sent to the United States
from thle Canal Zone in the form of money
orders during August than in any month
since the American occupation, the amount
being $328,786.38. The total amount of or-
ders issued was $448,218.75, of which orders
payable in the Canal Zone amounted to
The largest previous month's business in
money orders was in April, 1908, when .445,-
981.26 worth was issued, of which $320,-
750.36 was payable in the United States. All
the orders payable in the United States were
not destined for that country, because the
European business is transacted through the
New York post-office, but by far the greater
amount of money sent in this way remains
in the United States. The number of orders
issued was 14,126, and the average value of
each order was thus $31.73. The fees col-
lected amounted to ,:1,822.06. The amount
paid and repaid was $116,932.43, and the
total volume of thle money order business
was $566,937.24.
In Cristobal, with a population of 3,558,
there were issued 2,682 orders, amounting
to $87,698.49, an average of $24.65 for
each person. Of the total issued in Cris-
tobal all but $8,987.80 was payable in tile
United States. At Empire orders to tihe
amount of $59,209.34 were issued, all but
$16,534.62 of which were payable in tlhe
United States, the average amount per person
being $11.52. From Culebra orders amount-
ing to :40,301.36 were sent, the average per
person being $7.31. At Gorgona the orders
amounted to >49,482.58. the average per
person being ,$17.99. The average for the
Zone was >8.96 per person.
Records for 70-ton Shovels.
The highest record yet made by a shovel
in the 70-ton class was made in thle month
of August by shovel 102, which excavated
43,694 cubic yards of rock and 1,820 cubic
yards of earth, a total of 45,514 cubic yards,
from the Lock site at Gatun. The best
record in the Central Division for shovels of
this class was made in August by shovel 115,
working at San Pablo, which took out
22,028 cubic yards of earth and 20,333 cubic
yards of rock, a total of 42,361 cubic yards.
Both of these shovels worked 26 days.

Trial by Jury.
A reprive of ninety days has been granted
Joaquin Segrera, who wassentenced.to be
hanged on September.18, for the murder of


No. 4.



(Contin ued)

Enrique Vega, near Matachin, on December
13, 1907. The reprieve is based entirely onl
the fact that Segrera was tried under section
171 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the
Canal Zone, by three judges, after motion
for a jury trial had been denied him. The
case of Adolphus Coulson, who was tried in
the same way and sentenced to death, is now
before the Supreme Court of the United
States, on a writ of error involving the right
to trial by jury of persons in the Canal Zone,
who are charged with murder. Pending de-
cision on this point, execution has been sus-
pended. This point of trial by jury. it should
be understood, is raised only with regard to
capital crimes committed prior to February
6, 1908, on which date the President issued
an order granting a trial by jury in all such
Draining Black Swamp.
Although the Black Swamp, where the
Panama railroad crosses it at Aliorca Lagar-
to, is only 1,500 feet from the Chagres River
by a direct line, the swamp is prevented
from being drained directly by a ridge
which rises abruptly between it and the river
to a height of from fifteen to twenty feet.
Formerly the water which collects in this
swamp flowed eastward under the railroad
tracks to a shallow lake of large area, and
finally drained back under the track and ran
into the Chagres river at Bridges 26 and 27.
From the point where Bridge 29 crosses the
swamp to where the water flowed out at
Bridge 26 it is four and one-half miles by

the water course, although .-,nl.' t r a. il-
by the railroad. At Bridge 2-' tIhe ele I [-t,:.1
of the swamp is 20 feet abo.l : .e- : el .-nI
at Bridge 28, one mile souitl ,.I L.I, 11i11ll
and three-quarters of a mile Ir--in i:n.d:e .'
the elevation is 16 feet.
In order to shorten the distance and to
facilitate the movement of the water a drain-
age ditch has been dug from Bridge 29 to
Bridge 28 by a circuitous route, which makes
the length of the ditch one and three-quar-
ter miles. The water thus has three miles
less distance than formerly to flow in order
to reach the Chagres River. The channel
was completed on September 8, and already
the surface of the water has been lowered
one and one-half feet. This relieves the
swamp of an immense weight of water and
will give greater security to the Panama
railroad tracks. It is thought that by keep-
ing the new ditch free of vegetation the flow
will not be impeded, and the water may be
lowered one foot more. To this end a flat-
boat is kept plying through the ditch, re-
moving such obstructions as grow there, or
float into it.
In digging this ditch two partieswere sent
out in flatboats, six men in a boat, one party
beginning its work at Bridge 29 and the
other at Bridge 28. It was necessary to cut
through several ridges and to skirt the foot
of one hill. The work included not only
the excavation of a channel, but also the
cutting of a way through the thick swamp
growth. As it was impossible to run a line,
the route was determined largely by the par-
ties keeping in touch by shooting, and by
shouting to one another. Each party aver-

.,iL' g. t I.1i' 1If er a i thr oul It n It L m in .nlr 1 .1i
S.'vl .ren. er l I ...Is l e . rk I -.. at* li .
i t ih ra i I .- i rI ra ck 1, .E i.,,I E I I -I i Ir p I1
i pI e dari v tr: k thr., n. I r i .I .ru;. I I -
] *' .r' .1', : 1 tr il: l ': i I. th.i *:',. .l ,
- tl ri ,t ,i i u l r ". '"' ,I r il-h IiI-
S.:r. I nILI Il l r .of tr.,l .. I 1 th l I- r. .. .
weight of the fill the: ibl .:.. d. I tr ,.:. rl.-r
settlement was th.: ..r-t ,._ re..O:r. I rnl e-
hundred feet of ,.- .!1- : tr.,:1. .uliki., -rit
with bith tracks, I.II,,1 : 1.: i, t r el e i:'
Two pile drivers .re in-,I t.i*n tre:i ]. :
across thie break. i.1i u i i:.. .- it r t-i :',I--'1.
the morning of \n .',. :t I l.rt,..t L .i.r:
after the trouble i..n'._.trr-, l t.. i. r- l iper
20 following, twc cih i .l-e, le t in re .j thI,..
track settled in th L ,e ni n i r .ii ,w.l ,tel.
south of tile firsr r-i.k il i- r el.,: ,-.l
with trestle after !,-rtf h, r' ihrtrr',l.,,'- h **I
traffic. T his tre- l. I, i, ', :t :i,- 1-. '. *.
as Bridge 281/2, 1,. r li'l up .11 I. I hi -
given no sign of .-IkI'e: Itrn l i :r. tlhe
early part of the -,re-ent ,-t -e -..n th,.- eni-
banknient carried, thel -,:,)i' ,i iin trir :k
settled considera'.l, iirti :r -r. uthI 1.r alutI
500 feet each side .-I 1'ri.L .. -9 it ,; .i: -
cided that, rather thl 11 tO 1-, 11,-,. a1ii' ,-, l
weight upon the -. inij-. 1.' ]-I.1. :;.' 11, -t
to raise this track t v :' o h.ll I-,e rl. i; l:,1- t..
operate a gauntlet .. er rti.- -tr..,.:i --inilir
to that operated ..,:ro-- Pir.t,.:.- I'rvi-'
trains being control I _.: "1 ,-I. .i [t_: ehl-,.tr '
signals. This ga ilntei tra,.k : ,*.,- .p. '.I
and put into serv,:e *:.n .']temIer 5
\W while it is thout :iht tr..l':n I. lm' t II.
speed of the train.- I.. -r., -I.-. B ,, m,. i
across the Black -i.'.inp. tl]'r': 1 ,1- L thi .:r
to the safety of p..,: e.;er.

Stages ..I' he h--- Cha re-
Maximum hei-'lt ,:.l Ch-r.-: .ih,,. I..-
water for the w';eek r -'ib Iiii.l I I,li, .-t.-,
tember 19, 1908:

The report of the Chief Quartermaster
* shows that there was a surplus of labor dur-
ing the month of August, and that it became
very difficult to place the incoming laborers.
All recruiting has been suspended until
further notice, and the services of one of
the two labor agents, who have been oper-
ating in the West Indies, have been dis-
pensed with, leaving only three labor agents
in the employ of the Commission; one in
the United States, one in Europe, and one
in the West Indies. The total gold force
at the end of August was 4,396, as com-
pared with 4.477 at the end of July; there
were 252 additions to the gold roll and 330
separations. The silver force increased in
August, from 21,049 to 21,486; 616 contract
laborers were received during the month, of
whomn 296 were West Indians and 320 were

Commission quarters to the number of
1,296 were occupied by families of gold em-
ployes, while 3,433 gold employes occupied
bachelor quarters. One thousand and thirty
nine tuarried quarters were occupied by
West Indian laborers, while 7,363 West In-
diaLs occupied bachelor quarters. European
laborers and their families occupied 318
married quarters, and bachelor quarters
were occupied by 5,561- European laborers.
At the end of August applications for family
quarters for employes who entered the serv-
ice after January 1, 190S, were on file, as
follows: Cristobal, 60; Gatun, 21; Taber-
nilla, I; Gorgona, 53; San Pablo, 8; Bas
Obispo, 3; Las Cascadas, 14; Empire, 33,
Culebra, none, all assigned; Paraiso, 6;
Pedro Miguel, 11; Corozal, 13; Ancon, 15;
La Boca, 20.
A statement of the force actually at work
on August 31, 1908, follows:

EI-uropean Wst Indian To1a
DEPRTMENT. old Artisans. European b Vst Ildian Gold
DEPARTMENT. .e Laborers. Laborers Total and
thly. 32 Silver. Silver.
and 26c. 40c. 32c, 26c. 20c,

Construction and Egineerin.... .. 3,395 2.251 4.460 1,065 4,245 384 1.351 3,254 17,010 20,405
Quarterminsters Department............. 120 596 256 11 245 27 1 18 495 1.648 1,7AS
Subsistence Departm ent ................... 70 7S7 ...... ..... ...... ...... .... .... 787 57
Department of Civil Administration ...... 278 143 22 .... ...... 165 443
Department of Sanitation.................. 396 850 182 ...... 15 ..... 5 807 1,859 2,2s5
Disbursem ent............................ 84 16 ... ...... ..... 16 100
Examiner of Accou ts....... ......... 53 1 ...... ...... ...... 1 5t
Totals ... ............................ 4,396 1 4,644 4,920 1 1.076, 4,505 411 1,374 4,556 21.46 25,6.2

= I

Height of low water
above mean sea
level, feet ............ I
Maximum height ab
low water, feel.
Sunday. Sept. 13..
Monday, Sept. 14...
Tuesday, Sept. 15..
Wednesday, Sept. I-.
Thursday, Sept. 17
Friday, Sept. 18....
Saturday, Sept. 19.
Maximum for week.


Rainfall, Septenuili I 1- 19. l..-.*'. I.i-

(AM ID N I h l 1 *.'. 1 I. r I

Stations. i .1
A//an/ic Division-
Cristobal ............ "
Brazos Brook ........ ,
G ;t tull ... ...... .... i1 :
Bohio ...............
Central Division-
San Pablo........... i
Bas Obispo......... '
Gantboa............ .
pire .. .......... ,,
Caniacbo ................ "
Culebra ............... ... I
Rio Grande ... ......... . I,
Pactic Division-
Pedro Miguel .......
la Boca.... .............
A neon ........ ............ i
Upper Chagres.
Alhajuela ................ .




Actinri Chnlrirum.in andl Ch ide E inr-r.
Clr.P 'I- *. N-"- .':
1..,- ,1 ..l It i F II.:..I - li t.- r.. F I "
'a .i A -,a- h..n ,n. ..a rl l1 a' I' -i. r i

._- .. ,' I.. 1 '

S1 .,. i i n i . l. .

i"' .'i 'f' i i L

F li li rl I:r, Ii : .i r.
aCl : I i-i. 1-h!" : It I.lI-:
r .1 .1 1, i t. .. [ ..- > ti:.:.l. Cl I t F ll '
S .. l i a: i ..: .i I t r i l:. r: ... i .- .: h .a a .

I i .I a: -: -. ,. L al l a

'.. ", n ll .: i,. :.t ':I I : L .I I
a.: .ir a /, -1. r int. l'. a i. 1. li I n

.^ r .h *l'lt '. ': r'0 .. :.. r I1 .I''': e ; I .'.i j -:.i
Fisl' l,, fl r l r..-Oii l ie C' l lI'ri n f
id CiIII .l: nrin'tr.

Cis. i a N n
[.. I'-' fl h in r i. .. ... 11T 1. i.. Iaii ,a-r ..1 Ini i. i ''i i rI'I
-rj i r I H r. C:'r l i .. :. a'a-ir F*i'- .11 -t. i

a rn..I ... .- i .- Chir ala.:-*.' l r H a 'a : .1 1 a ..I'-

*i[.. I l l./ I I- I- ,: ;-: .. I .1- I.*. :i .:'l -. r,' i r ii

a. .. a'- li r. ai .. . -. .. a i.. h i ..: a ir l'
..: i ,:r l la--i ra -: an [ *:. h -. i r II t. Ia r.1

'. a la a .::rt a rin.ia-i a ri r :H all- :- i: .

I : .n. a i '- ? -- a. -.,- 1. ,tii -r
r. Ii Ha- ir .i a-a- .. 1i .I i' l nl -r l i
l 1 1 1 1 l- 1

I l" ''Ia .11 .IIti/ l*.i.'a a: aIr .I a -, ih. a- .

a1 r "| .i,- ['a!' I a I a I I ..I-l..,ta- 11-| -.1 1 ha a i.-m.
i :-l l .a I11 u i: 1

t I I i. i -. 11 .r. 1 ,

'r. j r i I a i. ....' 1 I a. or L
ra-c a.' r a .- .1i--a .. la 1.1. a-ar I la -
a tI '' -' I I. I I"ta, in le l r ll I ia ., :rl..,e l .'.
ia-I. - L IJ iaa-. ." l 11alt a 'l. .'.a .a -7 l i"
.I l I Im r. 1r 1i'., -: .. I -l 1_ '- F.:. I [''. r .:.
;. r ri.n .. i .. Wli-- 0 ..ia. v I I il -r-t- .1 1 iM
ira-.lfr :e.a-.aia-,, '..a.l,, t% :. a- .1 ih

Ih'..'l 'a.' t -11 '"1-ll t.e- ia-I- rl' .I i. i I'.;

a, I aa aaer r n r Ia
l-l;,..ai-" H ''r .. ,1 a.a-.i.h I : 1 -I e' ng
i. fl' a I _c iI r a' I -I I C r' l'- l. I
tl .I.I II .; -;'. r Ia I.: ..al a'..I .

,,,a "..t. :. ..a.a. i .I ..11 a.. a -..1 i.;I i 1.. ll ai M r. .
li.llh a ''a1: .11 I. ,: -a ..l"a Ii-- .Il i a :.:.l,'i,.l l".. la- -

ila.:l : a II .r h' L. Frt ..l! n . i .lr

ra...lal l e il I.. a Ih l -'a, I rlae i a li ".t I.
lIri:.l 1 ,- n.- I lel. n I i a E. '-I al -ll:..a "

... a-i ,.. r ii .. , ..I ,h..,, .i ...1a h.
S. I alil le i r 1 i L -'- 1h-e-

-a,[ ajari a,...'-. l1.;.i~... l .. i .'l [ l i.i: al-]
in ".. ir I-i 1 1 al.l I aF a..le .I I.. iI- t-:.-a .- a- i. -..,i

i ll- .a 1 .ii iii : ,i .1a~,r I.. rhwe F. I '

i I a c -
a'.I. .ia C1 / "-.1 a-l1a.ia i I.,"

I is-Inn i I' Itt-'rol I and IiFe- r I. .
SI 'n ...... I

Ca . .L -,Il
[ .in l ; Elie ia m l i'-e .. I r t .. :. I
A ll"', l -11a.1i, aal I'l(d iit..h i ,'a..- C' .1 F i r .1- ii

H R.:-,' ,u, Assistant to the Chief Engineer, will
r-ri.ri-', rii-E duties of Division Engineer of the Divi-
,.:. .:. l -teorology and River Hydraulics.
Chairman and Chief Engineer.
aai'l.r., September 17, 1903.

Het-dqu irters of Subsistence Department.
V', ";L 'I No. 201.
1l I-e 1,. quarters of the Subsistence Department
I' rr- it h niian Canal Commission will, on Septem-
.:r ,. 1".', be moved from Culebra, C. Z., to Cristo-
u-.:, l : /
H-r- ,ire-r all bills receivable, bills payable, and
il'-r .-:-rrespondence pertaining to the Commissary
l ,-ar,-,i'r-eit, Panama Railroad, will be sent direct to
Si,- u.-..ience Officer, Cristobal. Canal Zone.
Chairman and Chief Engineer.
C.'.la-.r. C. Z.. September 15, 1908.

ActlinL' Divlsion Engineer, Atlantic Divi-
C -i .L. .L No. 207.
?! .. C hester Harding will, on his retuni from
i.,-ie I a- sence, perform the duties of Acting Divi-
,Li- ineer of the Atlantic Division during the
,l,-.-: .:., leave of Maj. WVm. L. Sibert.
Chairman and Chief Engineer,
C.jllt r. September 21, 1908.

[* ..a-i my absence on leave in the States Maj. J.
p ier e vill act as Division Engineer until the re-
Iun, :.1 !laj. Chester Harding, Assistant Division
r.ictin..tr who, upon reporting for duty, will assume
rii-,. i ie and title of Acting Division Engineer.
Division Engineer.
j_., ti C. Z., September 17. 1908.

PIiurchalng Agent on the Isthmus.
CiLi a:-La r No. 205.
CfiT..i this date: Capt. Courtland Nixon is ap-
r. ,le- i F-irchasing Agent on the Isthmus, in addi-
i..u F Eite other duties assigned him by the Chief
IL.i r' riu1 ,ster.
Cha irinan.
.'ulal.r September 19, 1908.

Acing Claim Officer.
C I' ,. L NO. 209.
I-,nric the absence on leave of Mr. Benj. I,. Ja-
,:..:.l n e-Iective September 23, 1908, Mr. Frank X.
v.i':1 ill perform the duties of Claim Officer.
C,ale.r i September 21, 1908.
Mi anufactnre in Shops to Be Reduced.
Ci -..I. L l No. 206.
F r r.:. :ons of economy it is desired to reduce the
un iui' i. -ire of repair parts, castings, and other sim-
,i -r n nv. trial, in the Commission shops on the Isth-
-rua r minimum, and to make purchases in the
I .i-.,I -iEates whenever the necessities of the work
-ill ri[-i it, exception being made only in casts
l. i- r- i n- circumstances clearly indicate the econo-
,.. .:.1 1.:.-ng the work on the Isthmus. Future needs
:-i ii 1 L.- anticipated as much as possible, and re-
air,. nr rould be made on the Quartermaster's De-
r itina-in to keep up the stock of all articles regularly
1-- e 1 Iheaim being to secure the greatest economy
.rt i.:r it.le.
F- .:cli -epartmuent and division should exercise
i..i :_..r-ervision over its own manufacturing work
in -:.r-ler to see whether same can be reduced. For
iii ,l uii*:i.ring requests between departments and
.1i., :,..,= on Form No. 159, it shall be the duty of the
-i .arrniTe-it or division receiving such manufacturing
re j-i.;l r 1. make comparison of estimate of cost of
.- 111' it..Aire on the Isthmus with cost of purchase in
ir-, liiI.: I States, and, in cases where there is a ma-
ra-n l -.latereuce in favor of the latter procedure, to
ra.:.tii. iale department or division requesting the
.r mrt; 1.:. the results of this comparison, sending a
c i- .: : ime to the Chief Engineer's office. Upon
a.e.r.t i this i information such action ou the lines
.:' ra: ,-:-my will be taken by the department or divi-
-,i'n ...riug the request as the circumstances indi-

Chairman and Chief Engineer,
:..i-et.r:., September 18, 1908.

Acting Surveying Officer.
C: .. i % < No. 202.
.Ir li .. Farish is appointed acting surveyingoffi-
,-r .Te-..vive this date.
.a'a-ir- ., C. Z., September 15, 1908.

Local Purchases by Subsistence Officer
Subject to the approval of the Commission, Maj
Eugene T. Wilson, Subsistence Officer, is authorized
to make daily local purchases for the hotels and rmess
houses in the open market without advertising, such
purchases, singly, or in any one day, in no instance
to exceed $500 in valne.
Culebra, C. Z., September 17, 1903.

Acting Executive Secretary.
During the absence on leave of Mr. H. D. Reed,
Executive Secretary, Mr. George A. Ninas is desig-
nated as Acting Executive Secretary.
Head of Department of Civil Administration.
Ancon, September 18, 1908.
Chairman of the Commission.

Mail for Qunrtermaster's Department
Effective September 16: Please send all mail for-
merly addressed to the Chief of Division of Material
and Supplies, and latterly to the Assistant Chief
Quartermaster, Cristobal, as follows :
Address all general correspondence relative to ma-
terial to the Chief Quartermaster, Culebra.
All inquiries regarding material on order in the
United States should he addressed to the Chief Quar-
termaster, Culebra.
Send all accomplished inspection calls and corre-
spondence relating thereto to the Chief Quartermas-
ter. Culebra.
Send all States' requisitions to Chief Quartermaster,
Send all requisitions to be filled from stock at
Mount Hlope to the Depot Quartermaster, Mount
Hope, and address all inquiries concerning such de-
liveries to the same place.
Return store invoices issued by the office of the As-
sistant Chief Quartermaster, Cristobal, to the Depot
Quartermaster, Mount Hope, anud so address all cor-
respondence pertaining thereto.
Storekeepers will return all accomplished store in-
voices to the Depot Quartermaster, Cristobal.
Chief Quartermaster.
Culebra, C. Z., September 15, 1908.

Lieut.-Col. Geo. W. Goethals sailed on
the United Fruit steamer Cartago for New
Orleans on Tuesday, September 22, for a
visit of six weeks to the States.
Commissioner William L. Sibert sailed
for the States on the Esperanza, September
18, on his regular leave of absence.

Steamship Colon.
The steamship Colon of the Panama Rail-
way Steamship Line, arrived at Cristobal on
Friday, September 18, two days late. She
encountered a hurricane north of Watlings
Island on Sunday, September 12, which
continued for 30 hours. She lost one of hler
smokestacks, three life boats, and suffered
other damage to her superstructure. Three
seamen were asphyxiated by ammonia gas
while making repairs to the cold storage
plant. All necessary repairs were made in
time for her to sail for the States on her
scheduled time to-day.

Rev. Henry Collins, Commission chaplain,
will speak in the Roman Catholic church
at Gorgona at 9.30 o'clock Sunday morning,
September 27, in the interest of the church
of the Holy Redeemer, Culebra.

The regular dance of the Tivoli Club will
he held at the Hotel Tivoli September 26.


Monthly Report of the 'Chairman to the
Secretary of W\ar.
Culebra, September 17, 1908.
The lli .r(ab,-le,
Th' Secretariy oJ i 'ai,.
l'tashinglon, D. C.
Sir: I have the honor to submit the fol-
lowing report of operations on the Isthmus
for the month of August, 1908:
The work of reorganization, as outlined
in my report for July was continued. Effec-
tive August 1, the Division of Building Con-
struction and the Division of Municipal
Engineering were abolished, and the duties
formerly performed by the divisions were
assigned to the Atlantic, Central and Pacific
Divisions in their respective territories.
Department of Construction and Engi-
The following table summarizes the prin-
cipal items of construction work accom-
plished by the Atlantic, Central and Pacific
Divisons during the month:

r -

f 0

KQ -- -0. eO U C


0 0 '- 0

A l ni- Div ision:.: . "
d f i i : ii-i

. -i :: . .... ...

S. . ; : : :

Atlantic Division,

Four steam shovels were at work on the
Lock site during the month, and a total of
132,263 cubic yards of material were exca-
vated. Of this material, 26,953 cubic yards
were dumped in the Dam and 105,213 cubic
yards outside of the Dam.
The position of the power house has been
staked out, and the necessary triangulation
work has been completed for locating the
cement house dock.
Dredge No. 82 removed duringthe month
from the channel way to the handling plant
docks, 51,505 cubicyards. Thirty-five thou-
sand one hundred cubic yards of Bas Obispo
rock were placed on the south toe of the


Dani, and 41,060 cubic yards of material fr. .,
the spillway were dumped on the north l.o:-
of the Danm.
Three steam shovels worked througli.:,it
the month on the spillway, and a total .:.I
57,999 cubic yards was excavated.
A total of 16,309 cubic yards was e'.c,-
vated from the Canal prism by the ,.'i
steam shovel working there.
Five hundred and nineteen Oliver d-'liii
cars and 563 Western dump cars of material
excavated from Mindi were dumped on thic
south toe of the Dam.
Work was active) and satisfactorily ,'.ir.
tried on in preparation for the installatic, .:.o
the rock crushing and shipping plant.
The investigationsand surveys of sand .1-
posits were completed and camp brokinc
August 21.
Five dredges were at work during ilI.
month and excavated a total of 638,217 ,u.-
bic yards.
At the machine shop and drydock tlih
usual general work was accomplished, in-
cluding miscellaneous repairs to dreec-I
tugs and clapets. The installation of ma-
chinery in 20-inch pipe-line dredge No '-
was 95 per cent completed at the end o0 ti I
month. Work was completed riveting thti
hull of the stern wheel towboat, and all -,I
the material on hand was erected.
The parties engaged in dismantling lich
old French dredges near Frijoles progre--.1-
rapidly during the month and the dredJ.- e
are prepared to come out at the first I, l
One thousand four hundred feet of ilh-
Mount Hope-Gatun road, from the fire -i -
tion at Gatun toward New Gatun, were m- r,.
adamized during the month.
Other work, consisting of the ma:nte-.
nance of roads, installation of sewers indi
water pipes, was accomplished during Ihc
Twenty-one houses at Gatun, including
the hotel, were screened during the month.
One type 14 house was completed, two
more are 90 per cent completed, and three
are 30 per cent completed.
The powder house at Mindi was com-
pleted, and work on the storage magazine
at Mindi Hills was about 70 per cent com-
pleted. Work on this magazine is expected
to be finished by September 25.
At Cristobal, six washhouses and closets
at Folks River were completed. House No.
3 at Cristobal was demolished preparatory
to the erection of a new house. Two type
14 houses are 85 per cent completed.
The storehouse for the Quartermaster's
Department is 90 per cent completed, and
the Cristobal jail is 85 per cent completed.
Central Division.
During the month of August, the total
amount of material excavated in the Central
Division was 1,540,610 cubic yards, of which
530,153 cubic yards were classified as earth
and 1,010,457 cubic yards as rock.
Of this quantity 1,534,498 cubic yards were

re. :. I.. --. em.i L L... el I I -,] ? cilltic
r.i- lr:. 11I '. q luarr. t ill, [b i- '. i-,, ,:.
ti':-k :riI1-h.1r b... 1,jr1 ,I
T he (iLi 31il r ,I i tlo ,r, rtin.., e,: lr,:i, llhe
S 1d .r.-ii 1.j r-: ,:iu .i ,.ard- i .1.
,i vi Ii. i .n i .' 'u. l.: I, i I r-e r-ni:.- e lI
Irornm ill l.1 ., p_.:. I *r-i,:'] ,1i 1 : cul ie
ird-l ir, :i I iii, l nic ill I_',. .',:i.i,. d i-lrci.
"fte l ] .,' r.i nuinl._er ,,I -tl i im -h,:* *

l..r ,,ll iii:.ll :i :.1 lul, The -r .': i nuiiih.b r
T:. -l ll .:.- l i1,1- L i: i i -- lrlt i 1 ni
.:.r '.:.nl]iri-:.ii illth ..rk ,loi-e tiring
I l .-Co rr : .:|.n .11 ilii i .: nl l .ll llI [., .' :Ll->
,.' r ,n ille .1r:. u* i .: l ,n the C intrl
LD o ... d, it Io l,'1.'.;ne l .lIe i- l1,.e 1 pr -

I -

.-r .
r i Z_

Fr.:.m l. ,..-l ii, i ll .1 i note-d lli l lithc
inm :int l *:1A ri.ilcrrJI c.'. .jld I, 1 lc fjl
h,.,.e]; in lthel- C-e ltr.il r -i:n in .u.'u l,
] i ,' ; t iarl,, I uhl- c hat r-eu-. Ir-.:.
thL -Imiu -c l it.: 'i ii I, C uan. l ii Au I itu-,.
1 .'., l iu t 11 -hbould bie r-:i]imb -er- l that iI
lh- l .ller il1 I ;I .J .-l':a"I l l .id: j1l ;Iu-I n
c;:.''-crt'-I,', l 'n In I n,:, Lh ir Ch.ict"- -%=.1-
lio ,n t l 11 C lilTral D I- lI I i'i.>cu l, .ird-
li.' i? l. a -i >xc,'.. ttld b., -tl.-i'r -L.:.'. .l-
The ,.er ,'?c >u [I-Lll [.r r -Lo el r-er ,a-'
i. iic rl; 54 p[ r c.-nt Lr- te-r in Au_-u-t.
1'-".,, thain in the b .- rrer j..niiinc mlorilli -:
lb- pr.-c,-.in'r cir
r[tirnm, tLc mnounl h llic Iolllow'vic irlliig
v. .1 3,>-'>- om [-.li_ : d,
n -te m aIn .3 ...J ri. l : 1 "i "' 1
b ,.ell .r c Fi r .i rill -. r- r.l
I, l r.] ,] l- in l' c I l

1- .l l I's'. 'c i : r r. "E .
No cl.ini e- r- ;..erc in o.)-,r .tion Liurnn.
ille in.:iinl h
T h" .i iu pulr l t) e l 'l- -.1_-[p_:, r.:.>-k >--rLi-tler
for the month was 9,482 cubic yards, and
of the Rio Grande crusher, 6,839 cubic yards.
During the month 13.75 miles of new
track were laid aud 7.07 miles of old track
Pacific Dlvi-u:Ln.
DISTRICT NO. ]- LUCK: -.N. 1,..I-
Exrcavalion-DuLir. thle- m1.:.nrL 1.4,14.'
cubic yards of milteriil v.cre *-c.var -id, i-
follows: 22,217 cuLilc .iTI- Irom rI e I'liro
Miguel Lock sit-. *'1 4-1* CuLIt.- ', .ir- from)
the Miraflores L-:-,ck -i-e 2'.;- 'l.bic .ir-l
from the west dam at Mir llor-.e:in.I 17 6r..:
cubic yards from illh C.in.l prf-m il CIard,
nas Hill.
General Rema',' --Thi- umpr :-l1 I l
1'edro Miguel Lock -it- *1.z etI:cul.i --.: i-
to divert the Ri:. Gr'idIc fr:i i- nltlural
bed through the !..-).:k i.- I: a c:liu l .l,:'ut
800 feet west, ori-iiillI exca, il-id b._ th-
French. A dyke %.n- il.:. o.'mpl-el- i the-
south end, in which a ':uLleri % L'.i,:ed
for drainage. Tlih --tl. i. thLr-l.-:.r. lull.
protected from fl.:.o ,.at-r
Spur tracks from tLn c nili 1liie Ilt the
Lock prism were I-:.un niirl .ar-e 'ell unde-r


. 1,i "'1 11 oi._1eCt .:. t1l ts' t.:- F Cu t C Il t .':'
a li ti.:I l i eaI-, h' : I c l -
1 -ir [l.:.re-. [I'e e r ter t .:.rtl..l .:.I tile
Tliterl.i] eSCi ,. ted -- i, U l o U- i' I LIM. in'i"C erli
I..-nkl iei t- .:.n ,.:.th I -I.le- o t lie L-.:.ck Zlic t.:.r
t e erect .:.i i l it. .:.r ll .; t.e. .-r tlie .' e t
I.l JI ulIl-.: ', ee 1 l l llllt -rir l l ] 1 e puIiu pe l .
I l Ii Ib hUll .I. i ; 1.s lll- .-.' llt l e ea -t -; .1 .:. tii eI
site i.t.:. wh i h the -uL ti.:-li Ire.le- r ill pu.m p
p. :.rt..:.n .:1 1 tile i iter ;.l t-:* e etc.i -. t e.I
M,.r .e. a i ll e%\ ll i Irii I..l:. I.:.lill ti -I
l-r:n'ri an- I tl it pit L -re inali e it the pr.:-.
p.:o el ite t:-r the p,:,'er 1ho,- -an, thle Zile
t,:-r lut l .:.i tLink : I.:.:,te. I a I p1 rer.a re
Thie zett lll i o iI all in: l rl' :r t the l C:-'c:-l i
-li.:'1. .anl. the erctlion ,:1i thil p.:. er trali-
.l' -.:.l line arte In prT.:.'rT- :
\V'ith ill: m.iateridl :xCJca _te.l Ir.:.m lthie C.-
in l pri-.ii at Car.-l .a- I 111. a .lJ, ke i 1. eilnl.
iu;lt oilt l the e.-t -.ie :-1 the iri nm I ich
w ill e] c teni Ir -:.rI1 C .ir. : li .-i t.: [ i l..l_., .i ,t ti-
l.-thnce <>l .ippro1r 11ii'te] 15.1)1'X1 led .-ni, le-
hin I -. bch the e i intercn.l -Ire, l .g-l Irol the
than.ini wII 1.'e 'pu ni.
r'ii n.-' l' [ N.:.- _-- ',in'a :,e N _'e. \N r. \ bt"-\
; H-iI I 'V N\ '
i,"i..;",' I b re e Jre -i e l ll '. I *-

S ir i i I -,:.. i .1 1 e l -1t] .. -

r l t. i ,..r I .- :I- .. I .:.r- r t
1. .. .r I.. I A I.. ., r ...
'i i -1.. I .. ...... ..- u .- t ir illr. .
The.l. r I'-t.l.r 1 -I 1 ' . r I.*.ii rul l rl.. i .iril

T .:..I ... .. .. .

F. t, n ii Zn-ie ell r.] .i n i nii.:.r repair re rer
Illr c- I C lt- r n.JLr c -- e Z C ip3 l C l Ire.i r l I Z 1 iUiiii
il re t .:, ,r an-i h la,: t lI',."re ituip i,
oth-.r pla lnt .in -. .l 'l.p e'lln t..
.C l .-rce li .- 1 -e e [l.,:.,,:,l in clear inri lihe
lilne :.l I he CAi;il. er i c%11, 11 the Ire ice:
. ill ,: p -ra Ite bet' e-Lll L-I [ i i.ilca l M A i ir ll' rce .
T eihe .31n':Milit r :. -l ct: rI.ni epli he- I lurin :
the p.-- min.:.nth i- .i- I,:11:. -" Cle.I- riin
p) in ,, .-nll 1t urnhin: br l .:..er 3.n .re. ,:-1
4. .1. 5 I I re tqu .re tle-, r l..in p lin: i.in I
I.lurinle I: st lum [ ..' er ain .rre, ol I i'l..i'i' i
-quare lee .in, ,l. tn l ] i''i tuLim pi
l.:.r U L. a.re iin pr.:l gre t.:. .ieterm ine ac-
cuLr.tel the h;ir; ter 1.llll 3.1..peirt *:.1 e i1.-
.att nI 11i1 It e Icll: In iel I--t -el i r il.-ire -

A Iur, .:.1 the .Irelyle.e I C ;TIei l .'.*i c i.m-l-
p. lete I an I tie .r y. ., )ip- le l e :i t.2ti3 111 3i
C:h- ck .:,1 thl e .-ii.ntlil pl'r(l re :. rep.. rt
F.:l, .:, i%: .r-: the re uIltZ .-:.-t.3 i : l

it In M l .l . ..r r 1 ', I
*i m :n hll-i ......... ... l"" i ..
.. i ... ....... .-." .' .u J

Th- .l r Te .pani'.i ; ..:.ut 7 per cent. a.nii I
I t lI'ru ,;lit to lbe irgel', Ldue ic. thle rehllliu4
oil tlie clhaninel Ir., rl :.r:i n current; h tillcI h. -
bee i i)re I.:.j lI e:til .-lte i .tI Ir r.m r I'11' 1 ::I t.-,
] ,l)i'li,i''l) c:1 in : ', ir, I per .-lli ii l n T he i .i -
>:rt'pari.-in zh.. %. .3l 1 e .au ln i-l t,:. '11 .E7 Z"
cubic U ,.ar -I per .ilIi h II
h.I-'i 1i,]C i N, 3-- 1. Ni'11 I' L i -:I C L i -',
.\ i. 1 ti. ii L .i N -

r, txt-':l-lloli 7`'.-Z :Olltinue l. Thle e '.,':r .i 'l.
i\.-lteT ,n-ta*l~l .:.li .ii11l e.:.'hncrett C'urb. aidl.
guiterz bh.a e Iee, :.:.ui let l. AI t i.reZe it
ihiF street i: ._ '-:.u ."I I er ce it c i .: plete .l
The m .aintl:n.ance ol rr:..-l _, street i l,
se 'er, v..ia cZ.:.nlt.inuel rjur.iI thle m :.nl-lth.,
an. I .i t nuituber .1 mlin-r iteni ..- conloiitruct.:n:'i

:icc':'mplished at the different stations in this
.1i -;.:mn.
,. '., ding Sedion-A large amount of build-
in:- "-ork was accomplished during the
,rii:.nth in the Pacific Division, including of-
lice I.uildings, quarters, mess halls, shops,
aiii .:.ther buildings. Necessary repairs and
ui.:'initenance of existing buildings were at-
tileled- to.
Tlhe usual work was performed in this di-
ii.:.n n connection with the maintenance
.,,,i -.:peration of equipment, electrical work
aii in manufacture of repair parts.
The following shows the progress made
in the installation of tanks for the storageof
luel -:.il.
K,:.- -:,rande, 2500-bbl, tank.................completed
I.,. : -.. scadas, secondary tank.. 33 per cen t completed
I:' r ire. 4000-bbl. tank......... 95 per cent completed
E.c. ire, secondary tank...... 40 per cent completed
I.:.-l:ng Green iEmpire), 1000-
I-1 tank..................... 80 percent completed
,.,:.-.:.na. secondary tank ......100 per cent completed
'I i.- li ares, 4000-bbl. tank...... 5 per cent completed
The boiler plant at Las Cascadas air com-
pre z 'r is now burning fuel oil instead of

Div'i-ion of Meteorology and River Hy-
The usual observations and measurements
there continued during the month and no
ai i unal meteorological conditions occurred.
Relocation of Panama Rallrond.
I -elve hundred and seventy-eight linear
--t of temporary track were recovered from
s'pur No. 2, at Gatun.
:.e,. en hundred and forty-six linear feet of
track were laid on Spur No. 7, at Caimito.
Fil.e hundred and forty-eight linear feet
.-:. temporary track were recovered from Spur
N.:. 15, at Gatun.
I ,iie hundred and twenty-five linear feet
.:.1 trestle and 180 linear feet of temporary
track were laid on Spur No 16, at south end
*-1 M iraflores tunnel.

* ,. i .at ion-
T:.r .I to date-
C, yds.
,963 earth
6,990 loose rock
,2,745 solid rock
,' : -.,698 total
. --i kmnent-
T.L'it to date-
St. yds.
-'5.974 from excavation
I 3,470 from Canal
:-9.444 total

Total current nmonth-
Cu. yds
22.781 earth
5,760 loose rock
3.774 solid rock
32,315 total

Total current month-
Cu2, yds.
36,666 from excavation
38.796 from Canal
75,462 total

Sis hundred and ninety-five linear feet of
tr- -le were driven from the relocated line
near station 1090 opposite Mamei.
S--ven hundred linear feet of trestle were
.Jriden on the relocated line near station
I l1'1 opposite Juan Grande.
.X 16-inch vetrified clay pipe culvert 195
1-et long was placed at station 1086-35
oppositet e Mamei, 18 cubic yards of concrete
being used in foundation.
Thirty-two feet of galvanized iron pipe
,ere placed at station 1195 and 142 feet of
,r..inch galvanized iron pipe at station 1141-
4. ;:-pposite Juan Grande, 50 cubic yards of
concrete being used in foundation.
,\ 2 by 3 standard rail top box culvert was

placed at station 1091 opposite Mamei, 41.5
cubic yards of concrete being used.'
One hundred and thirty cubic vards of
concrete was placed in lining at north end
of tunnel and 475 cubic yards of concrete at
south end.
The hill has broken about 50 feet north
of the crest and has moved to the south
about three feet. The movement along the
east side has been considerably more marked
than along the west side, but the arch cen-
ters have moved more at the top than they
have at either the east or west end. The
movement has been more about 130 feet in
from the south end than at any other place
-for a stretch of 25 feet at this place the
tunnel lining has moved enough to practi-
cally upset the arch centers, and the roof is
supported by longitudinal pieces 12 by 12
under the key pieces of the arch, the longi-
tudinal pieces being supported by posts.
The break that shows on top is about 150
feet farther north than where the first dis-
turbance is shown inside, indicating that
the side hill is slipping on a rock surface
which has a dip of about 45 degrees.
A concrete retaining wall 10 feet wide at
the base and 100 feet long has been built
and Bas Obispo rock hack filling placed at
the south end of the tunnel, at the toe of the-
slide, to check same. This wall is so located
that it will become the east side of the tun-
nel lining, the tunnel being lengthened 100
feet by the building of this wall.
Fourteen hundred and thirty-three linear
feet of permanent track were laid this month,
making a total of 40,745 feet to date.
Thle force of laborers during the month
averaged 894.
Quartertnaster's Department.
There were received during the month 320
European laborers and 296 West Indians.
There was a surplus of labor during the
month, so that it became very difficult to
place incoming laborers, and all recruiting
has been ordered suspended until further
The total additions to the gold force dur-
ing the month were 252, and the total sepa-
rations 330, so that the net separations were
78. The total gold force of the Commission
at the end of August was 4,396, as compared
with 4,447 at the end of July. There was a
slight increase in the silver force, the total
at the end of August having been 21,486, as
compared with 21,049 at the end of July.
During the month of August preparations
went forward for the taking over by the
Quartermaster's Department of the Division
of Material and Supplies, of certain work
lieretofore performed by the Sanitary Depart-
ment, and for inaugurating a system of cor-
rect accounting for Commission property on
the Isthmus. It is believed that by the end
of September a practical and economical
working basis will have been reached.
Subsistence Department.
The net profit in August for the operation
of hotels and mess houses, not including the
Tivoli Hotel, was $3,889.55 as compared
with a net loss in July of $2,559.47, making
a net gain over the previous month of
The operation expenses of the Hotel Tivoli


were 519,157.21, and the revenue amounted
to,$18,119.18, making a net lossof $1,038.03.
Department of Civil Adninistratlon.
The Supreme Court was in session twice
during the month. No criminal cases were
filed. One was disposed of, and three crim-
inal cases were pending at the end of the
In the circuit courts, eight civil cases and
thirty-two criminal cases were heard and
disposed of, and in the district courts twenty-
three civil and four hundred and seventy-
seven criminal cases were disposed of.
The general revenues of the Canal Zone
for the month collected by this division
amounted to $11,047.11.
Thirteen vessels entered at and twelve
cleared from the port of Ancon, and twenty-
two vessels entered at and twenty-one cleared
from the port of Cristobal.
During the month 488 arrests were made,
as compared with 536 for July. No disturb-
ances of a serious nature occurred during
the month.
As Coroner of the Canal Zone, the Chief
of Police investigated ten deaths; four of
which were due to accidental drowning, two
to railroad accidents and one to suicide,
The usual business of this division was
conducted during the month, including the
installation of new connections, the issu-
ance of permits for the installation of plumb-
ing, the collection of water rents, and in-
spection of plumbing and sewers.
During the month 28,714,000 gallons of
water were used in the city of Panama, and
27,335,671 gallons in the city of Colon.
Seven fires were reported in the Canal
Zone during the month, endangering prop-
erty valued approximately $110,500, the
estimated actual loss being $205.
No schools were opened during tlie month
Department of Sanitation.
[The report in full of the Chief Sanitary
Officer was published in THE CANAL REC-
ORD of September 16.]
Chairnian and Chief Engineer.

Examination for Physician.
A local examination for the position of
physician in the service of the Isthmian Ca-
nal Commission, entrance salary $1,800 per
annum, will be held October 14, 1908, at 9
a. im. in the office of the Chairman, Culebra.
The Manual of Examinations, containing all
necessary in formation and Application Form,
may be obtained front the Secretary of the
Istihmian Civil Service Board, office of the
Chairman, Culebra. Canal Zone.

The burglar, who has been entering build-
ings in the Zone by cutting his way through
the floors from underneath, was captured by
the Canal Zone police on September 2, and
on September 14 pleaded guilty in the cir-
cuit court at Ancon and was sentenced to
one year in Culebra penitentiary.

All mail for the Acting Surveying Officer
should be addressed in care of the Chief
Quartermaster, Culebra, C. Z.



New Methodlnstltuted by Quartermaster'e
CULER.IA, CANAL ZONE, .'r ,cnxbr ejs 1.on.
Under authority of the Secretary of fWar. dntle
August 26. lOS. and in compliance with Circular No
IS313, of the Chairmnan of the Isthlmiii Canal Com-.
mission, dated August 27, 190S. the following instruc-
tions are published for the information and guidance
of all concerned.
1. Accountability and responsibility devolve upor
any person to whom public property is entrusted ;all
who is required to nike returns therefore. Respoln
sibility without account tblility devolves upon one tc.
whom such property is entrusted, but who is not Ire
quired to make returns therefore. An acconntablf
official is relieved from responsibility for property for
which he holds a proper memorandum receipt. A
responsible official is not relieved from responsibility,
for public property for which he has given a memo-
randumn receipt until lie has returned the property tc.
the accounalble official, or has secured memnorandunm
receipt from his successor.
2. A transfer of public property involves a chang,.
of possession and accountability.
3. in ordinary cases of transfer, the transferring
official will fnimish the receiving official with coinbi
nation form, invoices and receipts, which will be pre-
pared in quintnrlicate. Two invoices and two re.
ceipts will be forwarded to tile receiving official, and
one invoice retained by the invoicing official as a ref
erence pending the return of receipts. The account.
able official upon receipt and verification of the prop)
erty will sign two receipts and return to the invoicing
official, which will be his authority for dropping thel
property. The invoices will he retained by the offi.
cial receiving the property, and will be disposed o01
as follows: one copy to accompany retuni at end or
period, the other to be retained to support the offi
cial's retained papers. The receipt will he handlii
in a like manner by the official transferring th-
property. Invoice must invariably accompany prop.
erty. and be forwar.Ied the same day as property.
is shipped, Int cases where complete transfer 01
property accountability occurs, and one acconntabi-b
official is relieved by another, invoices and receipt:
will be required, but the official assuming charge
will certify on his predecessor's final return that th.
property shown as remaining oi hand has been re.
ceived by him, and the transferring official will cer
tify that all such property was actually turned over
by him. In a case of this kind, the property shown,
as remaining on land, on the retnni of the office l
being relieved, will be taken utip oni thle return of hi-
successor as voucher number one to his return.
4. When an official to whoni property has been for-
warded believes same to have miscarried he will
promptly inform the shipper. If an official to whom
public property has been transferred fails to receipt
for it within a reasonable time, the invoicing official
will report the fact to the head of his department or
division. Should tle matter not be adjusted prior to
the semi-annual period, thle invoicing official will
take credit on his return and forward certified copies
of all papers relating to the transaction, in support of
the entry.
5. On receipt of public property by an official he
will make a careful examination to ascertain its
quality and condition. Should he discover defect or
shortage he will apply for a survey to determine it
and fix the responsibility. Should he consider the
property unfit for use, he will submit a list of the
property, in triplicate, on the prescribed form and
request the action of a surveying official. The same
rule will be observed in regard to property dam-
aged or missing while in store.
6. The giving or taking of receipts in blank for pub-
lic property is prohibited.
7. Public property will not be used, under any cir-
cumstances, for any private purpose whatsoever,
unless so authorized by special authority from the
Chairman and Chief Engineer.
8. Public property condemned and ordered sold
will be disposed of for cash at auction, or to the high-
est bidder on sealed proposals, on due public notice,
and in such miarkIt as the public interest may re-
quire. The official making the sale will suspend it
when in his opinion better prices may be obtained.
The auctioneer's certified detailed account of the sale,
and the vouchers for the expenses attending it, will
be reported on proper forms to the head of the de-
partnient or division to which the property pertains,
who will transmit the same to the Disbursing Officer.
Two copies of the detailed account of the sale will be
retained by the official accountable for the property
sold; one copy will be forwarded with his retuni at
the end of the period. the other wIll be filed with his
retained return. All funds accruing from such sales
will be immediately forwarded to the Disbursing
Officer, accompanied by a statement showing date of
the sale.
9. Public property which has been condemnned,or
the sale price of which has been reduced as the result
of a survey or inspection, will not be purchased by
any official who was responsible therefore at the time
of the condemnation or reduction of price, nor by an
official who boreany part in any such condemnation
or reduction.
10. If any article of public property be lost or dam-
aged by the neglect or fault of any employee, he slihll

I ., I. r, i i. i-.

.- I .x.- i _, .:. ,*: r i . ... 1- . L u r
ih .i l l ...1c.1I J '1.i . ..i r AL .- .... .1'-J 1 i
S r l .r . .. n -i.. I ..- .. -r .
" ll ". l .r '| '1 i ''1 ei h ii 1 l* r ,l'

r tx... l- li r .:.r .l, -i I i I i -.:

r : ir-li i r t*l i:i n I1. ***i I .'.-:-n ri.l . '* iti
- I I I I I I .. .1 ... . -..I I 1 ..' o .. i
I r .:.r 'r r 1 "I l r

I, . I, .. l. i. , . I I I

the validity of a voucher, bitt,.- ... c *....--.1 m i'. i. :.7 i
may be called to liei. When' 'r r.r- i.
r. I. ,r-I I, Ic. r

been corrected or compesat ..o Ir i 1. i.:.r
Master is sustained or modified T i.- I n. 1 1'1
Chief Engineer the return will, ''. ri .. .. -
cord i ,gly.

Public property wich has be i da aged, or is
suitablee for the sen-ice, .r evidence of property I

tested official appoLited by the Ciairnaix. The sur-
-:veying official must fully i :r vestigate matters suii.
rand will ot li:.it his ii iries to proofs o. state-

ments pre". I pirtL?' n in% eI t 1" r vi .
..rigidly sn i .l,. .. I .. l .'. c .. i.[ *.
alleged f het :., 1 lj'.. l. I :. l il i -

Sined t e .re. d t; I r I...1 r i I -. I "I.:. .. r '
Ssibilits nn l- -1- i '.r I
lime ca re of I. .-- . i :- r'. :T.. I 11,.

depositoimn 1 1 **: rrtL. '.1 *x xl- -Ii- .l x-:
ter before .
sur,'eyed v *l .*ii I..- '- ]iri .1-.i. 1. r,..
certificates *.r .. x. .. I i-.. -

relieved fr .-1 r. ..- 1. r. i. -... : '1li'-.. l- .1 ,i

attested co --i *- .. *r. -r -x 1 i
are to accoi-i xii ir i ri ; : I -,. lr I I r

loss ordest"d or: .1ns-A '. -'% -i ;..
such action Ir .. il hl.. I.. .. : h-.r. i
cial as':'soorii. ",, i. I'. .I-, .ri. .: l. .-

thirty dai s .iii-r i . r. I ib l.,.e ..

or dam.age1 I '.I,- .-"* .'.r l *: .r.sic.i.',n ..:.. i a. ]-:- I"c
will be ex I -.'.d t i .n,. r..- .. ri . r.r p
h i.h..been corrected or ..t'n.t. ,'., ; i ld .. .1, I.mr

veit such artcic s, si -il ii *ti' :.I: Ib-....
Tas er im. sIu'-.ln r mi oe d -, n i. a., .:i l.. .,
C t.hi E 1e e u the returnh. l itr]l wi ll .

roeaidty h ar..i u..e U-t.... tri-......... n..i,,.1.

ma eking thecn .:- j x 1. h ..1 .- r *i.: *:- r:i- .*:r

or be elect. T or com e il :l ti o .r"., mm-a. ,I, m *- i.ir.
chd aricer. art.i.les andi th *i o -. .:.1 i "-.- C I. I*:-r i-i n .-
and thespoffiial who rende .re i. 11 :. .
unsuitable for the service, or evidence of property

ested official appointed by the Chairman. The sir-

Hed to him. e will al call forall evidence obtainable,
and will not limit his inquiries to proofs or state-

rigidly sch a t .. .r:i .. -. ii .- .r. .... : ., ': .. .1

toin rothe r .-. -I i.. I* h .] .i n i,'.'r:-..i- r'. :r'
deposition l -i.- ... ic..m .. '.. : 'h Ie. i -i r. 1.n, .
ter beforessible, r i r .
T he person r, :.s .1-. f:r c..L inc ._,r.:-,.r 1.:- _.It
surveyed v .1i 'I. .11 ..,. : h .:.r.c,1 .I
certificates .:.r .'..j i -:"! ) i'' i., r. I.- .:. I .
relieved frc... r, ..1 .1. hi.-. I.
attested co -.,e, .:1 ...,:1. .. -l .:.r ,1 ,.. .1: Ih.!
are to acco ..r. I1.- r,.I rr.:.I -. t-. I..
loss ordest:'1. :..:.I .:.. -.1,- I. ,c i r.-.l ..r ,
requiring tl.- .,l. .r : it.c .,r .,...,. .:. y.. ,I r % T C 1.
such action m.l 1- I .' dll ':.
cial as soon .- '.rtl.l l_.I, ..] ... < .. al;,.
thirty days -.- I r I.- :. r I il.e 1.1. .I.*l, ,
o r d a m a g e ., 1 I ; c -.. ,.:. r,, ,. r ,. la l .I - 1, c1, ]
w ill be exi ..d I I1 .:.ri.,..l = ,..r o,... r
vent such ac -l r.. .i l,. m. s IrI: -
T he surv ..a- .:.1 ,I .. I .: 1, .... I .,.:.I
p r o p e r t y h ': .: ,.:. I . . C r 1 . I 1
ascertain a .l J.i I.:.a i. .- '= Ill., --on nd
m aking rec.:1., .]o .. i ,. : ,n .:.n .. .:.I r : .:.-A,
sibility w hicl I ..n 1 I-,r:.. I. -, .. ..-; L..6
o r n e g le c t. -I .. 11 ....: h. h.. i..... o. . .:-n 1..g I h -
character, a 0H,:, ,,L" I C- I C..-. "1i. n- r -t n
and respon -,hl r:. .-r c, .:.r i'.,,,..,
also iuventc.n...:-I [ T.: .r.1.r.] .:. .L .....2.' .
He will ale.:. ..oin .1.-s.r- .. .,.,. 1'1h r,. .:-, I
a n d t h e a c t . 1 r .r .:.- tT I r it .r r J- I r .:. :. h I .e .a ]
to a n o th e r -..e rl ...... 1;- : 1. .. r..1 .u s.: .h lil : r .:e .-:d
f o r w h i c h r .c ,, m c .:.. ed:. .. I a n -1 r e. ..r t : ,7 ,': I .! r
as possible, %, r- -. ,J h: -,. ,7] :,rer.,,,,... c.?:,,rT...

i' e I ,.. ,r : I I t .h -i :.r :-. ..'. I *- I 1 ,Ii 1 I

i l l-e. h h r . :: , e i i
11.1 1. e. r .ce. i,.. .l" r: l. :1 . ,, .
T h . I. i. l I. ,i *r . r i 1.r e 1 1 1 1 i i

&l r -u-i -l .- - l r n f .r1. m I t .
r.1 .ei i ... .. -1: .,i I ,.. .1 .iI, ...' l. h- I -

t [I I: h r r m> 1: mi ill 11 -- h I I te, -.1- I1
hel CI r. ~ :-r I -,I r': I t ... i r Fll. : ".. l
I. .., i h. i -I t i l i :.,II r i -c rI t i ,_ i -

,l- r -i -:. 1 -, i-I i I r r: r .i i : i . i i.
ri itm i- -. i r i. 1 1 I i i : l .

Ih i'r -1. r i n -t 7I i f ,, ,
T I. i-l I i .: .1 h r I.i- i l I r' r,:
.1iTe ..'. In- I ._-r .i ...,. r-1. I t I ,i r I.. r I l.

t 1 I t i r'-) I I . ',r i i a ii i l il 1 i. ,.. I -.i
,i c: O1 r 1. 1 1: l. I .-'1 I .r 1-51 r i "
.A:1 1 C h. I It I t I r I I III: C h ", i..

r r. :.1. I- I .. .I I I r: r
.%1- 1 e ir i -. .-r -e l.l i . . i-I rt l i

,I I I. iri Ii I I F. f I ..I -, I. E, t I _l 1.

'1 -I h' I i n
C.,1, '.,,n 1r r i' r ,1 ", -'.. I. I C .1- i -
I irll 1 m i c c : 1I I r. I I -. Iir i:l . I-
I .1 :-r.ell l r e. .. l. i- i, r .. i i .I .... .. : -. :. r
r i n-i .: .i1i il- t -it r -I.I 1. I ii t -: -mi
lie i nlr, .I Iri -i It I I I ..I'- I : r*
I --l r.I i.." -,. .li, r .ll I~ i :miI I. I .r. I :. I .I. .- .

: ,v n l. i .. .1.lld 'rl,. I ..i ,1 r i
Ih e I, ..1, ] III .ill. in e l -}':i I I r t r ll: i 1 '.I r 1 : r 1
il .ll ( r h :t J : rv.,-.,i, ,-, I I, I J i .,' ..., .I I a
1 I .6 1,.J l'r .lr il . c e i

n .j : n r .lw -n %i i .I. .I r 1 r r .k .- I.- l .i .1

r:.r ... i e i r L-. I i : r imr I. T .o I f
I j m I-.r f.,: i I.. I. I. i[ 1 1 r l .. I : :],, ..... l -
i... 1 .I .- r .. ,: ..I h.111 -, .. I m 11 ., .

n1,; he :-ra ~ I t, .I ., ... 1- I r l

. ..1 .. 1',- t i ] I ., II r
ll1. :-1 t re 1. i I : r -11 b, I ...

,-I. h l I I r-1, l I. I I
;I 1 .- r :- l I .C ..1. .. :. .. I I .. 1. mcl I T

A ll i nrl.o..- .i i 1 i ,

i II I .: : Ih h r: l T, r:- . 1 1,, ...1
A ],..,I .. 1 tl ., ,' I r-,, l l. r i1.. ,. ., *. r, I r

. ,. i- r .. ,.1 - T I, i ,11-*. k . d r., 1
I ,: .- I rau.I Iof. 1 r. 1. .[-, 'I - r, 1 r.h
I. .m rI -r .l .. e. I ., r I F ., ., I-r r F ,II
r. r.- m I h.1 ..I 1t h. .11 1 . .

., i .i r iiii i ..- i I .I r r,, r i i i .

I .rl ,, I I l i I m I 1. to Ill I r ll I '
.I !. r. Ii r .'.r: l .i I .,1 1 1 !.... 1- i i i : I i
*, .,.r l, r. 1, Ir in Ir. 1 ...i -.t: f l ,, .r i ,
..I '.- r. r c .. ..il i l .
1ll .11 : ,, i.. :, ,i- i ,i i 1. i ii .I.le.r i

C I .II r: h f L 1 ,, 0 1. l- r I I I T I, it II .l'I
Ill . I m 1 I. 1. I '2 I I I. II r
n,.nh ..~I I. -. in. -.I ] ..I i. rt I .. ,, .it
Ii.'l l .. -"i' I 1,:.... I .11 1 I' ,, I" I.
,. ,-- in.;. :I; ..r .5. . h i. I ",< r ... . Ir h Ih,
I i. .. .. fli t. .-. *i ..i l i T I., I ..i ,,

in .. i.] [ I ', I... .1 I h. . I 1

F o r -i1, m I : 111 t -: I I i I r .11 1.i -i]
I.:.r.n r .. l:.r., h ,. r .. l., :. :. I -h .. -.-
m-d1 1 i i1 i.e t.

Is. 1 1 t- I F . rr 1 -. 1- c. ... ,i. .. I1 .. :,

.i :l-I I'' m. h 1 ..11 l 11. 1 Nh I," iIm I '.
a ..n u s re. .I. r r.-.- .I I.h I a, .i .l .r ii.r : i1 :"

r :- I..:.r I h:- m. r I], I" - m1 1 .I: t. ': '11

T lo'- l '. T' .l ll ml :r' '; II 1:i'. .l -: r Imm I u 1 1

1l..u l I 111 .r.r J 1 Irh-
Ch11 tf Q- r 1,-r m r


t., ,..-,.... ',*r subsistence stores will he sent di-
i. I:.I I.,: *:. i :bal Co emissary by Division Enigi-
I. rT ,n I ,nitary Department
.' orehousii-To be under the direction
I II. 1. : l.r .uarterinaster, as directed by the
Ch.- *I ... r.i .ster; to provide an initial account-
i.I. :i.11 I r:,perty received on the Isthmus, and
i:. records a physical accounting and
..i.11 i of : ll such property. Invoices from
'.i. It ...I *r property to fill requisitions will
S,. i i.'. forwarded oni the same date the
I i :. :r ..-in..ed. or, in other words, accompany
I,. r.i. i1 Propertv airnvilng on the Isthmus
..i, i I., Depot Quartertmaster, and which,
rr .i .i- .. .-e or economy in transportation,
-. '* .ci-on at points other than Alount Hope,
*' .i t :.r led to destination with inspection
,- II i.,:, .I l he issued from the office of the Chief
., -I ri. .. i This property will then be promptly
Sii-r e. i-.I .. i i oper inspectors at destination, and
' 1 1 -'.11 :.I' ; :i inspection will be recorded on tile
.-1 i ... II which will he returned to Chief
.., ,1-1 ,. iei The Depot Quartermnaster. Mount
S:. ,11I rnili-hcd with two copies of the bill
*., I I i ,e complete inspection call. He will
r,,e, i J, I, i I.. bill on his property return. making
I r :.., r i..t 1.1 for the Purchasing Officer, and in-
I:. II,, .,,:,.ountable official, who will have al-
I I ..-,,,.. I certificate of inspection.
SI... ..I .il- *apply to medical stores and supplies
'.r ii.- :.1 dial Storehouse. where economy in
-i.., .11-..i .. -uggests delivery direct instead of
ilri. lh '1ti.ll lHope.
I ,. i :'i :.i r.,,' r retnr asttr, Mount Hlope. will be the
rI ..:> i !Ti.:er of the Isthmian Canal Coninis-
-. :... i., i -iliinus. rid all purchases of supplies
.* .i I.: I. i. him uoni requisitiois approved by
in' ( h.- I' .r ienntmaster.
AI| ., purchased in the United States and
i.. :. s n itlinius, whether paid for or not, will
1.,: I,|L..1 I the Depot Quartermaster and ac-
. 1 1 : .... Iis property returns. All stores such
-:.il .1I., ..id nis ellaneous supplies, purchased
r i:.e.. P' .., ..all railroad, will be covered by one
W..i i -i -., 11 I .-t tile end of the nmo lth to cover bill
I.. 1 .,, ,,, -iilro;id to the Isthmiiai Canal Conl.
it.. : : -., i ,., *-tence supplies \will be billed direct to
I ...-:.u etLu,,-,:ers and Chief Sanit try officer. This
I:. I ., 1 it ,'i- of Disbursing office circular No. 8
.n I i, f.-,i -i...1 Supplies circular No. 177.
1ii 1 I.I-i. .. the original and duplicate sheets oin
I ..n. t..ir- I I. DIepot Qiarte naster at Moulnt Hope
ill .a-ci i [pink slips in said returns, on which
ii ,ir t.'1 t i leased will be entered..separate sheets
I .. L i I : : ring purchases iii the united S.itest
i1 ] 1li ..- iii I. otn the Isthmus. At the end of eaclh
.1....ii te .. Ii ..k slips will be extracted, numbered
Sn .11 ,i i I at-raited for ont bla .k, and will be
i r I, 1 i he Chief Quartermaster, one copy for
i-. ,, i... ...T. and Aone copy to be transmitted by
iii '. crniaster to the Disbursiug Officer.
.' ;,,.. I r purchases made ill the United
-*.i .,i!i :.i-. copy for transmittal to the Disbur-
-...' i. oal Zone, for purchases ntide on tlhe
l I....I. I- infectionn with hills covering pur-
:,.- : -, Iiose made in thle United States or oil
i i .-.t it'.: following information will be stated
, Ih : 1,. l -
1ii- i., lived ... .... B. y ho ......
S-I ..1 eted....... By whole ....om ...
-ri ii il-imber on which this property
-t .. i :.iited for on property retutnt for
Sir,:. I.r ing...... Also certificate as to
I ,1i i lnd quality.
i e 'l 1.,- II .ie storehouse ivill ultimately control
I :. i ,....g mill. now located at Culebra, and
IIi- i, :,,, -,,id Printer's plant, now located at
S,,:c.,i. ,:-ii .f these plants will be moved to tlhe
..ii,,i rit "1 it Hope Depot. All stationery will
S..,:ire I i-1 ei k at Mount Hope Depot, and will be
.,- iroii i- I ..r ui- with statement of cost forcost-
k- r ,,, r-.. but will be expended at Mount Hope.
I ..il .--I 'e taken up on the retutnis of any
i.f .1 ri" '-L forms will also be distributed in the

-i -. t ri,.ri recorded on stock cards atnd closed
r .. .11 be kept at Mount Hope Depot.
*, .i thpir .Storehouses--Gorgonaatud Etlt-
I i. rii h.-. ill be operated under the direction
h .,--i ..i. rtermaster. They will carry a stock
.. i .. i. i:-r i he wants of the Division of Motive
-.ti I winery, and also for the local District
i ,irl irn. -r. r- and the Division Engineer. Issues otl
i:.ill. r-i w'lsitionls will continue ias at present.
N.,,,, :.1 i r.:,ien authorized to sign such requisi-
i, ,,: ,i I i. rewarded to the Chief Quartermaster
I, 11,- r. .... tile officials. A duplicate slip or car-
F-. -, .I .. ii. foreman's requisition as it is filled
II I ..I i:. the official responsible for the fore-
-,, .r. ....J. r This will take the place of an abstract
,it I t- iisineibs previously funrishedsame offi-
-,,I -i:-.:. c Is will be kept in these storehouses
.1 ,:I i -- I ry two weeks. On the 15th and lnst
l i i.. ...th,a consolidated Expenditure Foriml
..'.,I,-I -I i,,,g totals of all expendable stores fur-
,.-I., i ,, ., officials, will be rendered. This will
,. I,.,I *j: jidation of theslipsalready furnished.
,,, I .,ilt r ..cued by the responsible official, and re-
i.,-, I i .. I t. -i warehouse. When so signed, it will be
, li:.r. I .-. l Iropping from the storehouse con-
- I-,. I1 ih. h,. I property enumerated on tlhe list. This
i :. 1 I. .' -e ,,, lered iu triplicate separately for each
.,i..,j :.-. ,:c..py to be retained by the official, one
F. I. e .ir .- s:.ise, and one copy forwarded to the
C.'L C.---ri'rriauster. Noni-expendable property is-

sued on foreman's requisitious v.ill be invoiced to
the accountable official.
OtlierStorehouyses-storehouses will he taken over
and operated by the District .Qu rterumasters at Ga tun.
San Pablo, Bas Obispo, Iis Caisca.das, Culebra, Paraiso,
Pedro Miguel and Ancon. rhese storehouses will be
operated under the same niles that apply at the Gor-
gonla and Empire storelhlises, supplying the wants of
other officials as well as those of the District Quarter-
masters by whom they are uitintained. In a few in-
stances. where there is no regular storehouse in
charge of the District Quartermaster. lie will main-
tain a small storehouse for his own necessities, the
accountability to be carried on his own return.
Each Division Engineer will render a return for all
property for which lie is accountable in his division.
The return will be rendered on the torm supplied by
the Quartermaster's Department. The division en-
gineers will arrange to keep such distribution record
in their respective divisions as will give them ade-
quate information as to the distribution of their ac-
countability : it heing understood that such a record
is obtainable at all times upon which to cleck, by in-
ventory. the Division Engitneer'saccounitalility at all
points. This will be accomplished by a system of
stock cards, the totals of which are transcribed to
the retunt proper.
One retunt on the prescribed form will be rendered
by the Subsistence Officer for the entire property ac-
countability in the Subsistence l)epartient.
One return on the prescribed form swill be ren-
dered by the Superintendent for the cuntire property
accountability in the Division of Motive Power and
One return on the prescribed form will be ren-
der by the Chief Sinitary Officer for the entire prop-
erty accountability in the Department of Sanitation.
Oue return on the prescribed form will be ren-
dered by the Head of the Department of Civil Ad-
ministration for the entire property accountability in
the Department of Civil Administration, except that
contained in the Court Houses and in the new and
old Administration Buildings, which will be rendered
by District Quartermasters
District Quartermuasters, with the exceptions as
noted herein, will be accountable and responsible for
all property itn their respective districts. All property
not in their immediate possession, including that in
public buildings, offices, houses. etc., will he curried
on memorandum receipts. These mnemnorandumn
receipts, wheu signed by the occupants, relieve
the District Quartermaster from responsibility.
but not from accountability. The District Quar-
tertuaster, when any chang( necessitates a trains-
fer of nmemorandinum receipts from one responsi-
ble official or person to another, will at once have the
memorandum receipt checked up. a;nd the responsi-
bility verified This will he strictly enforced esp-
cially with regard to the occupants of all mar-
ried quarters, and any shortage or damage therein;
unless voluntarily paid for by the occupant, will be
presented to the survey official,
The District Qunartermtastcr's accountability in the
respective districts is as follows:
C,-i/lobal-All furniture and I. C. C. property in
quarters and in Q. M. storehouses. Q. M. corral and
equipment. Property of the I. C. C. band. Property
in pay office, Cristoblal. Property in Y. 'M. C. Acluh-
house. All property carried by clerks of circuit
court, District Judge and Associate Judge.
Gatun-All fmniture and other I. C. C. property in
quarters and in Q. M. storehouses. Q. M. corral and
Tabernilla-.All furniture and other I. C. C. prop-
crty in quarters anud in U M storthouses.
San R;blo-All furnitureand other I. C. C. property
in quarters and iu Q. 'M. storehousets.
Gorgoaa-All furniture and other 1. C. C. propertS
in quarters and in Q. 'M. storehouses. Q. M. corral
and equipment. Property in Y. M. C. A. clubhouse
Property carried by the District Judge.
Bas Obispo-All furniture and other I. C. C. prop-
erty in quarters aud in Q. M.% storehouses. Q. M.
corral and equipment.
Las Cascadas-All furniture ,mnd other I. C. C, prop-
erty in quarters and in Q. M storehouses. Q. M.
corral and equipment.
Empti-e-All furniture and other I. C. C. property
in quarters and in Q. M. storeltouses. Q, 31. corral
and equipinmet. All propt-rty cat red by Associate
Justice, Judge circuit court, clerk circuit court, and
by District Judge. Y. M C A. clubhouse property.
Furniture aud office,- quipimecnt in Disbursing office.
Furniture and office equipment in office Examiner of
Accounts. Property in use inc trick garden,
Cunebra-All furniture and other 1. C. C. property
in quarters and in Q. M1. storehonses. Q. 3t. corral
and equipment. Y. 'M. C. A. clubhouse property.
All furniture and office equipment in ge-eral offices
Paraiso -All furniture and other I C. C. property
in quarters and in Q. M. storehouses. Q. yM corral
and equipment.
Pedro .Tjguel-All furniture and cther I. C. C.
property iu quarters and in Q. M. storehouses. Q. M.
corral and equipment. Property in use in truck
Corozal-All furniture and other I, C. C. property


in quarters and in Q. AM. storehouses. Q. N1. corral
and equipment. Property in use in truck garden.
Ancon-All furniture and other 1. C. C. property ini
quarters and in Q. M. storehouses. This to include
furniture in married and bachelor quarters in Anconi
Hospital grounds. Q. M. corral aiil equipment.
Propel ty in use in truck garden. The furniture and
office equipment of the general offices in the ne\v
and old Administration Buildin g. AnIcoi and Pan-
aria. The furniture and office equipment of the
offices and courts of the Circuit Judges. Clerk of the
Circuit Court. Associate Justice, Clerk of the Associ-
ale Justice, and District Judge.
I/ Bioca-All furlituire and other 1. C. C. property
in quarters and in Q. M1. storehouses.
Porto ell/o-All furniture and other I. C. C. prop-
erty in quarters and in Q. ,1. storehouses
Onl and after October 1, 190S. the material account
current, now prepared monthly and furnished the
Disbursing Officer. will be discontinued. In lieu
thereof there will be furnished by the head of each
division or department report on Form 132-CE., Ahb-
stract of Expenditures. showing the total cost of the
operation, divided and separated into such accountul
number as the Examiiner of Account's mUay from time
to time require. One copy of this form to be sent to
the Chairman. Isthmlian Canal Commiission, and one
copy to the Examninir of Accounts.
This report will include all services and materials
rendered or furnished the division or department
submitting thlie report. and also the cost of the labor
required in the operation of that division or depart-
Manufactured articles, is at the Gorona shop.s.
Etnpireshops. l.irio pinning mill. etc., will, upon comi-
pletion, be disposed of as follows: At Gorgoia and
Empire, articles when completed, will be turned over
to the storekeeper at Gorgona and Emipire, respective-
ly. with a bill showing cost. including surcharge.
The article so manufactured will be taken up by the
storekeeper, and its accountability on the Canal
Zone initiated at that point. The storekeeper will
then proceed to invoice it to the consignee, showviiig
price on the invoice other products will be simi-
larly treated at the Mount lope Depot.
Blank forms are as follows:
OMID-2-United States Order.
MIl)D-3--Inspection Call.
QMD-4-Coumbination Invoice and Receipt.
QMD-5-Abstmrct of Supplies Issued.
QMD-6-Statement of Forage and Straw Issued.
QOMD-7-Front Cover to Properly Return.
QMD-7a--Back Cover to Property Return.
QMD-7b-Origillul White Inside Sheet.
QMID-7c-Duplicate Blue Inside sheet.
QMD- -Front and Cover, Report of Pnrchlasecs.
QMD-San-Back Cover, Report of Purchases.
JNID-sb-Pink Slip, Purchase Voucher.
C. A. DEvti.,.
Ch i Qtua1i /t' mi s/li ,
Approved :

Misidirected Lett.-rs.
Division of Dead Letters.
Ancon, C. Z.. September 23, 1908.
The following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in the United States and its possessions, have
been received in the office of the Director of Posts,
and may be obtained on request of addressee:
Artnish, L. D. McArdle, lillen S.
Ba ber, Lou Neri, I,ouis
Coyne, R. J. Peters, Calude
Daley, Joseph I-. Phelan, Joseph
DodLge. A. H. Rice. H. N.
Haimlin. Harold E. Richards, H. C.
Harwood, Robert Rnedy. \V. T.
Holbrook, F. \V. Sheridan, P. 1..
Keeling, Mrs. James R. Spence, Thos. 1t.
Lee, Dan iel Tenii, Oscar
Melgord, J. Wiing, Joseph A
Mills, J. S. Woodrome, J. E.

The revenue collected by the Division of
Posts, Customs and Revenues in the Canal
Zone in August amounted to S13,655.50. Of
this amount the fees from monev orders
were !1,822.06; distillation licenses, $120.25;
miscellaneous bills, >1,358.18; district li-
censes, taxes, rents, etc., s8,643.46; fines,
costs, etc., in the district courts, $1.711.55.

Mr. William H. Wagner, injured by a
Panama railroad train near Gatun, died in
the Gatun Hospital September 12. lie was
38 years old and had lived on the Isthmus
three years. He is survived by his wife.

Arrivals and departures at the port of Aticon dur-
ina the week ending September 1S, 1908:
Arrivals-September 12, Limatni froti Valparaiso:
Septeiiher 17, Acaiptiro: front San Francisco.
Departures-September 14. Pfaitama. to Valparais-,
September 16, San Jose, to Sail Francisco.



For week beginning September 21 :
Beef-Sirloin roast................................ per lb 29
Ruiiip roast........ ................per lb 20
Porterhouse.......... ......... ................per lb 29
Rib-roast, shortcut Inot tnder 31
pounds) ....................... ......... per lb 23
Rib-ronst, second cut (not under 3
pounds)..... ............................. per lb 19
Soup.......................................... per ib S
Stew......... ...... .............. ..per lb 12
Corned...... ......... .... .... per lb., 12, 14, 16
Suet............................. per lb 4
Steaks- Sirloin.....................................per lb 29
Porterhouse ............................. per lb 29
Rumnp.....................................per lb 2
Tenderloin......................... .... per lb 30
Round .....................................per lb 23
Veal- Cutlets....................... ............... per lb 23
Short-ent chops................... ......per lb 23
Loin.......................... ................ per lb 22
Entire forequarter (15 to 20 lbs)....per lb 11
Mutton-Stewing.... ............. .........per lb 6
Shoulder and neck (not under
6 pounds)........................... per lb 7
Entire forequarter (not under
10 pounds)...... .................... per lb S
Leg (S to 10 pounds) ...............per lb 16
Short-cut chops.......................per lb 20
Laminb-For stewing................ ............per lb 6
Entire forequarter ....................per Ib S
Chops........................................per lb 29
Leg (6 to S pounds) ................. per lb 27
Pork-Cuts .............................per lb 20
Livers-Beef.................... ... ................ per ib 121/2
Sausage-Pork......... ............... per lb 19
Sweet bread-Veal...... ..................... ..... each 1.20
Beef ....................... per lb 25
Ox tongues..................... .......... ...........each 90
Eggs, fresh........................................ dozen 34
Chickens-Dressed (min4-fed).............. each 1.30
Large..... ..............................eaclh 1.65
Capons............. ..... ............each 2.40
Broilers .......................... ..... each 60
Fowls, medium and large .......... each, Soc. and 1.00
Ducks, fatted (fancy).... ...................... each 1.10
Suckling pigs........... ............................ each 4.90
Turkeys.. .............. ....................... .. per lb 30
Squabs.............................. ...................each 45
Bacon- Strips..... ...... ...........................per lb 23
English, breakfast sliced...... .....per lb 26
Ilam-Sugar-cured, sliced ................ ... per lb 25
One-half, for boiling.................... per lb 21
W estphalia................................ per lb 45
IFerris................... ....................... per lb 20
Beef, salt. fam ily......................... .....per lb 16
Salt pork................ ...... ............... per lb 13
Butter-Prints, prime quality........... per lb 33
Cheese-Roquefort ........... ................per lb 45
Neufehatel.................... ............each 6
Voting America ..................... pe Ilb 22
Swiss ............. ................... per lb 33
Go da ... .... ............. .............per lb 3d
Edam .. ...................................... each 1.05
Calnembert............................ per lb 28
M cLaren's ......... ...................... jar 15
Pinxter's....................................... tinll 22
French cheese in tins-Canmembert, Roque-
fort, Brie, Nenfchatel............... ...........til 20
Butter ilk................................. ........ quart 15
M ilk, Briarcliff......................................quart 25
Tomatoes.... ...................... .. ........ per lb S
L,ettuce..... ................... ... .......per lb 14
W hite potatoes.............. ... ........... per lb 31/2
Cabbage........ .. ....................... per lb 4
Onions ..................................................per bIh 3
Turnips .......... .... .......... ............... per lb 3,2
Beets ............................................... per lb 3
Squash (su inn er)............................... per lb 3
Alligator pears.....................................-each 5
I,iies .... .......................... hundred 40
Lem ons...... ................ ..... ............. ....dozen 24
O ralnges.................... ................. ......dozen 18
G rapefruit............................................each 3
Canteloupes............ ......................... each 10
W atermelons........................................ each 45
G rapes........ .............. ................per lb 10
A pples....................... ............ ............per lb 6
Peaches..... ....................... ..................per lb 12
Pears................................ ............... psr lb 12

Sold only'from cold-storage and not from Com-


The following is a list of the sailings of the Palln-
aIma Railroad steumliship Company, of the Royal
Mail Steam Packet Company, of the Hamburg-
American uine, and of the United Fruit Comlpany's
line, the Pallnalmi Railroad Company's dates beilr
subject to change:
Orinoco................ R.-M ... Saturday..... Sept. I
Allianca................P. R. R.Monday.......Sept. I
Finance.................P. R. R.Saturday.....Sept.
Prinz Joachim ...... .... 11.-A.....Saturday..... Sept. -'
Pananma.................P. R. R.Thursday.... Oct. I
Atrato................... R.-M ....Saturday..... Oct.
Colon....................P. R. R.Tuesday......Oct.
Prinz Aug. Wilhelmn.......l,-A.....Saturday..... Oct.
Trent .................R.-M ....Saturday .... Oct. i'
Prinz Joachim .......... H.-A.....Saturday ..... Oct.
Tagus.................. R,-M.....Saturday .... Oct. I
Prinz Aug. Willielm.....H.-A.....Saturday.....Nov.
Magdalena.............. R.-Ml.....Saturday..... Nov. "
Pritiz Joachim ............H.-A.....Saturday..... Nov.. I
Orinoco.................R.-M.....Saturday..... Nov..
Atrato.......... ........ R.-M .....Saturday..... Dec. I.
Trent ...................R.-M .....Saturday..... Dec. .
All the steamers of the H:timburg-Ameriean at. I
Royal Mail lines call at Kingston enroute to Colon.
Colon................... R. R.Wednesday.....Sept.
Advance....... ........ 1-. R. R.Monday ........Sept. :
Prinz Aug. Wilhelm....H.-A .. .Tuesday.......Sept. .
Alliance ...............P. R. R.Saturday. .....Oct.
Clyde................R.-M ...Tuesday ......Oct.
Finance...............P. R. R.Thursday.......Oct.
Panama...............P. R. R.T uesday...... Oct. I.
Prinz Joachim......... H.-A.....Tuesday....... Oct. It
olon .................. P. R. R. ionday....... oct. I
Tagus .................. R.-M .....Tuesday ....... Oct. "
Prinz Aug. 1Wilhelm....II.-A.....Tuesday........Oct.
Magdalena ......... R.-M:....Tuesday ......Nov.
Prinz Joachim........ H.-A.....Tuesday........Nov. 10
Orinoco.... .......R.-M.....Tuesday ......Nov. 17
Prinz Aug. Wilhelin.... .-A..... Tuesday........Nov. 24
Atrato ... .............R.-bl.....Tuesday.......Dec 1
Prinz Joachim ........ H.-A.....Tuesday........Dec. 8
Trent .................. R.-M .....Tuesday .......Dec. 15
Parismaina............ U.F.C..Saturday ........ Sept. 19
Herida .............. U.F.C..Saturday ........Sept. 26
Cartago...............U.F.C..Salurday.........Oct, 3
Parismina............U. F.C..Saturday ........ Oct. 10
Ieridia.............. U.F.C..Saturday ........ Oct. 17
Cartago ............... U.F.C..Saturday.... ....Oct. 24
Parismina............ U.F.C..Saturday........ Oct. 31
lieridia.............. U.F.C..Saturday........ Nov. 7
Cartago...............U.F.C..Saturday........ Nov. 14
Parismina.............U.F.C..Saturday........ Nov. 21
eridia .............. U.F.C..Saturday........ Nov. 28
Parismina............ U.F.C..Tuesday......... Sept. 29
Heridia.............. U.F.C,.TTuesday......... Oct. 6
Cartago .............. U.F.C..Tuesday.........Oct. 13
Parismilna............ UF.C..Tuesday...... ...Oct. 20
Heridina...............U.F.C..Tuesday......... Oct. 27
Cartago.............. U.F.C..Tuesday..........Nov, 3
Parismina....... .... U.F.C..Tuesday.........Nov. 10
Heridia............... U.F.C..Tuesday ......... Nov. 17
Cartago............... U..C .Tuesday.........Nov. 24
Parismitta............ U.F.C,.Tuesday........ Dec. 1
Orinoco .............. R.-M...Tuesday..........Sept. 29
Tampican ........Ieyland Line,.Sunday..... Sept. 20
William Cliff .... .Leyland Linc..Tuesday.... Sept. 29
The Panama railroad steamships sail at 3 p. in.
frontm dock at Cristobal direct to New York.
The Prinz steamers of the flaimburg-American line
sail front Colon at 1 p. in. via Kingston. Jamaica,
for New York.
All Royal Mail steamers mentioned above leave early
in the morning front Colon via Kingston, Jaiaica,
for New York. All mail and passengers should be
on board early onl day of sailing.
The steamers of the United Fruit Company's line
sail from New Orleans at 11 a. i., and from Colon
at 1.30 p. im., via Port I.inmoi, for New Orleans. In
addition to the above, the United Fruit Company
dispatches a steamer about every ten days from
Colon, via Bocas del Toro, for New Orleans.
Sailings of the French line (Cie. Geunrale Trans-
atlantique) for Venezuelan ports, Martinique and
Guadeloupe onl the 3d and 20th of each mon hi

The steamship Easfietlds, front Gulfport, i .
September 24 with 974 piles for use in the r-l.: ,it
of the Panama railroad, and 327 pie.:.: whri.
lumber for the Mechanical Divisior




The Canal Record

Putll tr.ed ,eeily IundSIe I III aul ril anid ljp rl i1 tio nr

"T.. c,' '.. ...'.. .?* ... ..,.' .I

d .' i '". .

Address all Coinmmua;iiinus
Aunon, Canal Z.:.0t,.
hitimu l lI Pinama

'h i ." ,,' .. L? ,* . .*. ", . '


.A Corrt-ct I o'n.
Il tilt :ui.lm.il. tI tile Ch.ii ilin I r pot
I uIr the In th 0 Ir liL'. t 'v.I lh ll i'-a.'rt d I ll
THe- (C'\N\. Il-,i.D ,I .ptlmber 23 3n
error '-.,;- in .i. il L'I t -III; h it i n il 1 '*;
:t.i. iltion 'II pllt t..i C .ili I.rl- Iin T he .ili intl
r'-n, n 1,3 '***1 -ti t'n ;..it l 14 tLlih in ,, ,riL
t%\ a. a r.1 tile .Ire, .*L-. .iI.. tt o t.ri :h.i -uld Ir.e
a..h lc,.l ilI 1. 4 1 ; .i .l'' 3r.l- l ikt n :.uLit L I."
stl h-l t h el ., the Lt ill t exc.i itll f'roml til
pri,-- l htein 3 -I ,. It ; b, 1: l, ..ir l-

,uppllt- for lilt Coinnill;,r> ..
lM -14 "vill 1-t ,,i-.ne-I i, N .,. V,,rk rlh In
the ni xt I .. l or o,, uppl f.:.r Ilh'
(.', lmm i--ar;. l ,' .1i. iu r I r''1 l .
ttiil:l,:. bh c ben -epirat r, .i to ci:l,- t
a I ,,n l ,ili n ,i] 'rull- ,r i lli .e ', .-.i*_- cli r .
i- c:.ill ,. f,,r ,: liler it 1 3 1 r t.i (.',1,,Il
c,10 inl Luriloce .ndl Irel [ht I - I -e 1,ii. I ..
the I c lntractor, %- ilI i i [.eI lcio | l : t i e 3 -,,,i nt
,I, or 1i n it it tllh .ul hIt t ial lt 1 '. ,price III
,e -*.c'uTIr ,ill ihn i'.it ilh:l ; '.,"J l I',r C.illliedi
IruitL r,.l .Cec tJl 4le t l:o bte ,Ielti, -r ,l It l.,

,' i-li l rlan t ,l li ,- beel l elrI ilal l te ,14 ,1
pint for .:.peirlt l., I.m I,,r (1'om minn1.r
upplie on .I '',uliiI I t li c l.,:k ,I jo.ht_,-r
Di',,. I 'l 'i IO, alr ,t i',.iul Ila. e' h b t I t .r le.I
the-c b' inI ti- inillili- ,iil p.1-,i- l ;. Center'
,,f the: Lililte.., St, te I he -',iltr3.-t 47.ll ko'
d lc .'_ry :,I pickiiin--li,, -c !,r,:,,luc't- I' :.ir
1o d.1 I,,t-, 0,,.t, i11 tlr..iln ,i l, IreiLhit p.i tJ ,i
Colou ItI i th,-,...M t .i t hit ti l t rr.uin l emntlti
-. ill l'e che.ip rpr ptice .o l p.ickm '-1u'
pro',iduCt 3-th l IlnJIj I.ula Iurer v.ill be ible 1.:,
obttjiii ih t ilrou-lit :port .:.,ir Ioal ritc Ir.:.m
tile p-, nilt ol oTn Iil
O n ,,ini other irt'le'. lh 'ch ire -Iiil-
-er1zh.lh iblc. uLh Ch -- b in- pI '_- ri:e ecIK .
the c:,ultr.ici v.ill pro'. I.c lo ,r etilI r L P'CA ;
or Colo' i, I le .cr t illi ill 'pcIrLlu 3L- to,
quality, ,atlhb pr intIl i,-irgii an1 in p'--ct:.,: n
on thi, I thm u -_, trn d.on'itl,,i ,-,i rri"-,l.

I'ropr itct ir, .-rticles handled by the Comnnis-
Ir. hi.e bee 1 taken out of the general
cli- ifationll iid placed in a class by them-
'el 1. he l.livered at either New York
.:,r Ne, Iirl.iI. The lackof a fast express
relrl-rat.or c-.rvice on the Pacific coast
iA1.1e- It L[-plo-,sible to procure fresh fruits
.,n.1 .ettabtl- from California.

Family Quarters at Camp Diablo.
C.iT I l..1I ,. on the line of the Panama
Sir.ilol b t.'. ecn Corozal and Panama, will
It..,:i'c ., irilnl, settlement of gold employes
1 ..'.iii .-. tile remodeling can be done
..Inc:h ..ill c.-lvert the uine laborers' bar-
rJ..L- .11 thlit place into family quarters.
The I i-.kr'r .,re one-story buildings, 68 feet
.., feet 3 ...1' two apartments will be parti-
tii.,nitl off iin rach. These apartments will
I.e 3 lteer lh 34 feet, and will be divided
1l'i, i I .iu. roont, dining room, twobed-
tint- lc.itcihen pantry, clothes closet, toilet,
.i n. IL..aih Fach apartment will have a
:r:tte n.: pc i[Ih, the porches running across
.,ppl-., e -nlt I i,f the building.

AI.-,n Hill Reservoir.
'i,- -,rI c elected for the million-gallon
ciliier-.e: rTe--r ir on Ancon Hill is oil that
Iportion ..I tle iill now occupied by the high
pre- ure .. ittr tank. The primary purpose
,.. tlhe re-cr ..ir is as reserve fire protection
I.:.r i.. I,..: 1, Ancon, and Panamna, but the
[,litl |Ioili contemplates its construction
il11-o i..le ithe installation of a new unit
il[ tite irlV.r i.lant, which will give filtered
l jt.r I, til't -iiuarters at Ancon. Work will
be -. i,,li 3 -.,on as reinforcing bars arrive
.Ii thie I -lluittu.

511 raflores Tunnel.
,'.Irk ill I.c discontinued on the earth
e2t1 .:,.:,1 MlIt flores tunnel until the dry
-, i.in thbe night of September 21 the
.-.ct :-.l .:.I tihe uannel where the earth joins
thei rot.:, -L..out 130 feet from the original
-,:.u li poril .- .i nd 230 feet front the portal as
exteni-drl a..:, in andapproximately 3,000
uil.,.: ..iTl- .:, earth now block that part of
thle tuniel The heavy rainsof the iast two
.--., h. .l I. i.ot h loosened and added weight
.til.ec the t iil the side of the hill is crack-
in 11 i ,, 1. places as theslideprogresses.
itn tle rT.-l -ection of thle tunnel the con-
.:rttt iiiitn: about completed. The north
_ort.il ..ill I.- extended 50 feet before the
cr,-,I .11 ior the approach is begun.
QuoI irtiermaster's Price List.
Tht Clii. quartermaster r wislies to a::-
u,un:e iithlit tie publication of the price 1 L
for .l It.-.re- and supplies in the Cam.L
Z ,,I iviteriil it t tihe printing offices at Panain.a
ail.: Cr.,-tobl Every effort has been made
t,, [.T,,.l. t.: thi- price list on time, but it is
..i. apparent that it will not be out by Oc-

tober 1. Therefore, tile Depot Quartermaster
at Mount Hope has been instructed to insert
prices on invoices of all materials and sup-
plies issued from that depot until the price
list is finished.
Dispensing With Paper Work.
In an effort to lessen thie amount of cleri-
cal work involved in the promotion of em-
ployes of his department, thie Chief Quarter-
master, with the approval of the Chairman,
has established a salary rating for the fifteen
districts under his control. This rating pro-
vides for all employes under the district
quartermasters, and is in effect an authoriza-
tion to each district quartermaster, the total
of which constitutes a flat rate for the month-
ly service in his district, beyond which thie ex-
penses of his district must not go. Changes
in the salaries paid men on the gold roll will
be referred, as heretofore, to the Chief Quar-
termaster for the approval of thle Chairman,
but all wages on thle silver rolls, within the
ratings prescribed, are subject to change liy
the district quartermasters.
Subject to the approval of the Chairman,
an agreement has been made between the
Chief Quartermaster and the -Subsistence
Officer by which a flat rate will be paid
monthly by the Subsistence Department for
all services rendered it under the headings of
commissary, subsistence, and transportation.
This will avoid the clerical work heretofore
necessary in the monthly rendering of item-
ized bills and adjustment of accounts.
Hotels and Messes.
On the recommendation of the Subsistence
Officer, the Chairman has decided that Com-
mission hotels shall hereafter be furnished
by the Commission with fuel, light, fixtures,
cookstoves, etc., which heretofore have been
a charge against the meals. Fuel, light,
and kitchen fixtures have been furnished
with married quarters for some time past,
and the new ruling is made to place the
bachelors on an equal footing with the
married men.
The European laborers' mess in process
of construction at Pedro Miguel is being ex-
tended so that it will easily accommodate 450
men. It will be the largest mess on the
Isthmnnus. The building will be one story in
height, with ventilated roof, and of the
type and construction of thle Commission
mess houses. A screened veranda will run
across the front. It will be 121 feet long,
71 feet deep on one side where an extension
is being made in the shape of an L, and 55
fett I inches deep on thle other side. The
dining room will extend across the front
and will be 121 feet long and 30 feet 6 inches
wide, and will also include the L, which will
be 30 feet 6 inches by 34 feet. There will
be 20 long tables, each accommodating twen-
ty-four men without crowding. The back
part of the building will be divided into a

Volume II

No. 5.



(Conti .-.t

kitchen 56 feet by 1S ---t. .i -..1. -t.r ice
space of 385 cubic feel -i *r-rr.:.i:, and a
room and bath for llit -It'. r. TI ,
kitchen will be equipp-.I ...-11 -teim 1i.il,.r
and power-cooking mniI..in.r
The m ess hall for i-..r:.pe .1 I il.,,r..r- it
M iraflores is to be reriitlt .li,,i ,., t '
Commission hotel, and tll,. i ,:t,-l 1 ,,-l.,I
will be turned over to i. 'u i r[crtiiir,-tr -
Department. A newim:-- i 1.11 r i I.r pi.
laborers has been auth..r.?' -.
In the m esses for .:.,int .iiii If..:.r-r: li.
rice and sugar coinppcis.,TC I il.t r ul.:n-
will be increased. S:iii. trlil...:.r*ir :
houses, under canvas, I-.:r i -.' .I li.. .:.r."
union laborers' mess kitc:l,- ,. li 1, Ipol LIq..
and if they prove popu I ,r '., thiH- nih : ., It
is possible that sonme 1I.rn ....i it I.ri. -:.1
shelter will be providrt. \it i.,r.-.nt ti-
common laborers take hli.-ir I .I ipr-.-ii l:.
mess kitchen to their qiri.nrt.- r - I....r.
no common mess hall i.i., i', ,-., I,.d.

Rain Cans-- Ilid-.
Recent rains have :.is-. -. :ri -nill
land slides along the I.nt .:.I tl. Pia.
railroad. At Whitehou-- r'l the r...it...i
has shown a tendency i.:. --I ilt i.- thl: C.
macho diversion, an-d tlie t .:. -.)-1 ..-
stretches of the embail..ji'nit ati li- t .i ph_.
will be riprapped. A -trt.tc:li r,4 i it 1 I... 'L
has slipped so close to tli. ir. lrtii..,-iin- trick:
that it has been deenm-.:i ,i.i- it. U I. Ill:
track on this section ol illt. r,..I I .\ itrt-il.
will be built at this p-:-ni uII l.r tile ,i..rtll.
bound track, and w ill I., i..ill. :.,- I.,.
French rails, joining iT it [..i15 ,. I.
driven on the west si I- ...I lhl- .,ihlil.:-urol-
track. At Empire and i',r i-... -in.ll -I-le.,
are being riprapped.

Old French Dvrinamie.
A steam shovel at v ...rk I, I. iii. r...- ; 1,,
Peninsula 2, between Ai.Lt clitm i.1 ,.-r .
a few weeks ago lifted ..,ti a .i ..t iiit .1 i ..
namite, which is descril..: ,;.1- hl in; t....n
"a bushel." The exTrl.:- ..i. : .i- 1 .t -,:l;-
3. of an inch in diameti.r, ]ii iIIclih I-...-,
and the cartridges bor: ill. tr cn, *rl; .I
French manufacturer ... I .1n iti. i .l.i i
date, which appeared t., I... N:. ~.tl.,.r \'
S1887. UnquestionablytI .1:. i',. tni 'i pui
in bythe French andei'.l i r iiit>,i i. .- i.l--:
or was abandoned whei, tie .,rk :c.cl -,,
that part of the old Fre c, :li :i.n i ililt,..u -i
apparently in perfect c:-.-ihti-.in th- .I li.r.
mite could not be expl... ..I-

Hardwood Ties for lI. nai 1u11 Railrilni
A contract has been i -r.1i.-I I... 1 I' ir
& E. Clare, jr., of i'.,i. ii, ...r '.1,***:"
worth of cross ties for ,-.-. ti. -. rdl ,t i.l
Panama railroad. Thl- I.t- .- -t L....i.pl
with the specification piil.-li -ic.- i r.I:-.nt
issues of THE CANAL tl.C,;.i, "i l'., ,ll
be of black, or yellow .ii,.u, n c-:...,t-t ..,.I
called guayacan or ligituii ..t .- "I I- -cu-
cessful bidders offered r.:. id--'. -1 ..- l ll.
first-class for 1.10 a p''.c int I it .1t- l
second-class for $1. 'I. i- 1 i .I -- l. i.Icr
offered ties at $1.25 a .-c::
The initial cost of tl.-,- liit.l'.....I t.c- ..-
compared with the cost .I t.i- .urcl i,.....i
the United States, is fr..... 2. -::.I p..r c..nt
greater, and for temper.' r ..,rk f...,, niiithi
not be economical, but I.,r It-.. .in il. i.r.

t ,:,.:.n. i. r 2 ,pp .r,.. i i i-l t l .i,: in tll.
',ill I t It- .I1n i .i r [.:. P I I .I111,.- ,i i .:. i -

,l l 1.rl ift tl'i it ,- ,,:,r li, -.r ii- i:onl ,i til
tVa ir.1.i -I Inut it fi:r i. r *- i I
I t riL; I ,r ..r ihu ilt' -.,,- ,, ti,.l
Ii r ~, .. hut ill- IiI1t ,ii r c ..lii - I iff ,.,
t,. ,.re..>l i :- tln .. ti .E- I i, l l ir.ir ll.t l
t l.- In .i', K, ,:, I '. ill I'. .I ... I

N,%% siper1in (ndent I f s elh,.,..I-.
['r .f l,- lnr', I. -.. ier '.lh l ih li e f -uprill-
.li i l- i -I.-t.m i... iu,I i i i* lli,- i -lliari E -

. I t l 11 I -t 0i Z1 I I .] .1 ;l
ir Sit i'llt I- l,;r i lit t ,. l tl|> i,1,id I

. l ..I hI 1 l r... ilt| ih I- .,.I I H I
11 1 -lU t ... I i. r eI i t ll t c .: i 1 f I- r -.i
I r tlie 1, -1 ; 1 n r' -*.r- t.] ]i L j l p ,i- r t-, li -
f:-.[-itil. .-. ill.:, i tl,,i.u- .1- i .n ti r i- -nl .
-ir iii 1 Ii-, 1. I-, I tI- -,ti ,li lSbt, I i- tr I it

in t]1C -t ...I iln.e l s -"l p-ll

-t.r;.Eti Htr -iiun.i

I i it : ii r i r I.. iI -i I
..:. i- p-It r 1 T- I. ...t i l -l i, i -i .:l I.
-1 III, hr. l!- in 1 i .'_,. :1 llr. li ll ,.',.. r .r I

_: !ptcI T =i,. I,.,r; r ..,| .. en I,.,r -ul:. l t-
In% I...i- I l i .t ,n .. l r ir r ..., ti ll.
I, li, 0 1 l ri l. . I .,r,. .ii .1 l j.l tl .n ] 'I -i
['*c, : L.a..-I bu.,ir '. e m eii h t'., c ,iler Ll,. >::.hir-' -
li il'.,ll, _LI:I, c r I I I .... l,,::p i., c',l ,..r .l

C ,. ,l. ,. I .1 E ., I. i

I. -- : t -- i i i i- t it r i I i I
.Jr 'P c.ir.., i. u,.I i '..r ... i el l..,. i I i_', lu i.
T1 1'..-. It Pc. r... ?.I 1.:1 1 .i I u ll 11 t
,..I I .. i r.i t p l l h ,. '. I... r. 11.., :.:,I.!
l-- r '. -ill 1.. illeri Ii ii .-id tii '.I l .
. -t' .i C r i. i,. le r l I r.., I 1, il > 1.:1 ..,r
.1 '. pl'in i i ,l ll ,. l..ik r' il T r 1, .. J
- i: ll c lr i r I r .i,..r I lJ ii i I_ i r 11 I,.
r Hu n i Ln a,., i.n I ,.,l illi t!, ] ,..iilli r.

CI rr '0 0l" J: l ; I ; Il.lll l l t

T', l I ll Ir.' I, I b I_.- rl, ,l
3' ,.. 1 IC 11. ,.*n .:L.. u l 1 L t... I,, .. ti
'* Ic. i ll : cI 11 1 r ... .1 1p l.:..- ..i .'f I. r l |

',h ..,I,. c u c .., cl~l I ,-I,ld..hI l I.!. ,I I..- I

: ., i r ,i.ll, ,I Ij ', r.,. ,| ,I ,., i,. ,.,i l ,,, lr ,'.I
Ih - ..,.1 : .h p.,, ,I -I t -

.-, J [ 1 : 1,11 11 1l-e I, ,.,h I-II -
-. .1 ,I --1.. : I I I ..I... .I --- : P

Th . l il l-r. ,I- I_, l ', ( .l t '. Il l t li l

I.r 'n 'ii. ll' ", i licl l ih,. rep ,ri L .irI- ,- u..
t,.. tl ., .I i[ 1l.. l,... .. ,., ,. ll ,, 1 l :I. J u el :
,2 1,..,,1 I- ..,r '. I|, ,i c l I, r, .'.t ,l l l I,.. ...p ii ,

l...r 'lltt.. -,i',l.,:1- l1.t -.r il>:.1 I ',lr ,
M ,:.; u e l [ .i r ... l .' l e l r *] i n r r !. l ..' i .
ci .1,1i iG .:,r;,., .. l [ u it t_' l .t .I,.1l. i >_' .l,.,,l

.,I .r* r .:1 :l',.....,I- 11 I-,1e ,. ,,,. n ..,I thl 1 I,.,I.

rai ,,. C2.,l-br E ilu ir *, 3[ii llin k.ru ,.

l*T,) ,, jl.l i .l I I_,t r ll .l l ,I 1 -.
1.-u.i. t ll..'. C r.-t .l. l i I P l .., .I 1 1 F 1 .r
W. I..1. i ld r.. .:,1 .: h1, .1 1, 1 11" n 1 1
I,.l, I ,u i |.i.:l, it lI i~ li l I.re f I l
c- ll l l -.t ..ill .. ir l ..,1 .r Ir..1t tr I i
I.rr it. i t I i- it. ..: i I l I I it

l,.:.' c r I..r l.- Ir *i,,-[,, rtitl ,'1 i I pl '.i -1 1ln
L trl i li I .1 I. I r i ..i r I r.:.. I t. l r pt
=titi ,. .* il l lI, [-,.ir ..l li [I.i rL. ili L .. I,.:.,,
Ith i'j r r i , . Ii i.,. i-L r f.. -
l r i r p.:.. I I. I .II i ..r 1 i1. ir ti.I. r tr i ,.
.rr,,t t liII-I. i 1 ..1 hI..:..,i ,,d, u ,

C..l-.:i Arr tr .11 \ -- i 1 rk.
life it, I,.,t l rll --Il51-i,,rt r
'1 1.:. -l:i ir. lln '. e l l 1| _1. .i.I,.l ]r.:Im
._r t i[ l .i ...i. t c i .i cr t t rll- r
ulid rr ; ,.) .II t l l i .:.r .ir r p iir- t :I1 il l. it.
''u -1',. -ui t .. :, ,h. t1. l. Iirri ...ir l- ..i l S, [,'
ti l l. rI i rir .l il.. l N ', .ri .t,,i

T" 1 I >l ,;lr : *_il i, 'ici! rlll ,i cp lrt llirt !t ,..
t I i nI li.in. r ,.1C.:.i. ,1 l I > ,l -...Il l ,J
'. hi ll .h i,.] l.. l'-:, ]l .nri, ",**. I. -rI" ', ,Icp..ri-r
,in t l. ,,, i i .t.l....r i I I t I : i l

. il l-.l t l f ir I':i r.t li l l it I ,I ii t*i ll- I .-:
. ti t t l i, I I t, , l

% 'i,,- I I

n I_, l.r t I. r I, l l' lli r..:-u l I -, 1 iir I, I
Ir I, ,. l t:, \ Iral., L l .i.:n, I P I in i., -I
I'! p'.r h u i tr,..I p.:u ...l. 'i li jr i:r .. l
I t il l il l l -t i Ti"r t i nd I U I .i r.:.i
Ilh i i l r,..... ,r .Li .. '....:..1 I |. ui l .si t;
,i n!inl, : lt 1ito 'r..1l

ia .._. .. I ll- Ch. ili ,.-.<' -
i 'i i |.i |,i i h t] h. 1 I .! li.l r' : .. ,' I ,"'
t', tl-r I'.,r IhI l ,. ll, l ." I,,,, i .t h -
IT 1|l.. r 1'"

f .i ..f i -
-i. ,., IL- .t i-,
I .. t I I.

i- ... ,T.. '..' T ;
i.tn.i. t i "1 "
--i -, i -, i, -" -
..ft1 g _- -,
i- i h '-:.I .[ I .- L 1

"t ,t,.J ,nt ,


- i ti i

- tt L it

RE l a'i ll. S-piem lb- r 1 IL- 2t1. lt.."'. I:i *

I % t
I .I I-

11 '.-. I.. [ i i,,

, ,, ,
-' l t: I 1-~' "
- l I I .i

mit it- i.t,.,,

I ,.,-

I ".

i ,
1 2 "


II 1.4



D-rpoitl- at Ch 'i mine- ethods for Handling
nami Ti an sporting.
A. irilli..ri .:il..: r-i.s of sand will be re-
quiir-.i lor [. .:.:...:rIte work at Miraflores
I..-:k- rili i.minl ii dI the locks at Pedro
Mllu ,"I i -od :.l m.i i-. not found in nany
pl...- ...ii. tr I :l hini,:. The Atlantic Divi-
iion **-11 l.rr.- .n- -upply for the work at
I' r, i r -. Ir.m N, ,'il.r- ,-- Dios, a harbor thirty
,,le_- .-_- .I I .:.l-..i. .-here a large deposit
*:i-l T-. ocjrr. tll mount needed at Mir-
l..r:*- in.l i'r-e.li Muel across the Isth-
irmu -Oll ,. i, i..r.- expensive than hail-
.li.:-: ii I, .t r ..ii die Pacific side, andon
i.i, ..:.:oui t li- I.,l--ni decided to tow it inl
btir,- : ir..io LCii it toi La Boca and ship it
r..,ni th. o- ,it i. r ilroad to Miraflores and
P.-Idro, Mlii-u_-1 f i- and deposits at Chor-
r,-r --:lti- ii mil- e*-ast of La Boca, were
',rt .:.ii.i-l-r- I. iti .iii investigation showed
ih.ii it t -.-uh .Ii *:.i.uld be supplied from
th.it h--.:-, -.hil- the harbor, which is
,-ii-r-.- b I. I. on: iinrrow channel, made the
.r-.l-uitr -AI l.i-.lliii b'irges a very annoying
..*nI In .'mu.-ust. l' ,, a preliminary inves-
tiC.iii-n i .i mi.i.l- r *-.hamb, where the sand
i .n.1 .nt, h.ir[. clean, and of good qual-
it.. ltii..ui noit 1 itili.irm. Three weeks ago
.rill r.irt. ...ii -nt up from La Boca for the
-rl..-,.-- 1 Iurth.lr iii *estigation in order that
.ill I.r.minii.ir. .rk may be done by the
limri thl- P.i il-.: i'-ion is ready to have
ini, r.al r 1- li :. r-
,.In.i r, thiI- -i ii1- of a native villageand
.hilr- l,-,, in I'.in.ilianian territory, about
-it- nii I,-: : :-i1 I.a Boca. At this place
Sir ... irii i.r-.--il- from the mountainous
._i-i lorininz i j- i ioisula about five miles
I.r: il,a d I.i .oriin I rori the shoreline, where
ii is hi ll ., iihl- i.-I-, to a point, where it
*-1l in P1.iiin Fl.,. Chain bay is well
ihlIt-r-.i -i. t-.:. m -id- by the shore and the
-.niiimnui, and il-..-oite the entrance, only
.1 li-. mil:- t.o dliT esi:rward, is the island of
T.3il-. In thi-.ir. -:eason the trade winds
S,-|-. -: .:r thI- ..i Iut leave the water in
thi- I- ol ih- 1--i: iiul a little disturbed. The
I-t [ :_ h.-.Ilrnhgri[li.h-: survey was made over
i1.ill.-1 c tur. ii-'o -., Pritish hydrographers.
S...unIIai i- in i..: r,-.:,-ntly give a depth of
I -ronm t' i... i i ilath..ins of water within two
ihunlr: i.1: ..- I tie shore. The native
Sill. ia -iti.i :.-1 ir.ir the hills, and there
i-- ; liill-_t ..1 t.*-inr bamboo huts about a
mjil,- roiii tllh,- ] init Close to this hamlet
ilth- Co in --i...t. --ring party has pitched
it r i .:.il[i i..
I it: i.. hoi-:,. j-7ii.ir ila is a sand spit over-
1 c, I- -.1 ,l I' alu- dclay. In the report on
tlI. In.-i:Lt.i-. -ii iiI.-J, last year it was said:
Si -.:r -. f ..,. ....t from the point there is a
--r o- -i h .-:xtends over mile beyond
i : 11. i i -1,1 .1 .- )f very irregular outline.
i,, t -... -,*' i -. -:re its ticial inlets join tile
Si : i i ing the sand comes to the
.: '. .r. I Ir :.. of coral or any other rock.
Th.: I ritm mr :,..,i r -.. simply a blanket of sand
p'. 'In ".: [* t ii. :i he surface of this clay
1 ir.. .., r :-....1l fir i the swamp towards the
S. i1 r-.r i .. . thin 6,000 feet of the point,
S i: -..r ,i.:..i i rhe sand at both high and
-i [ -.,. f ..I..1 r, i- ri,_underlying clay.
It I: -:tir.[-l illir between the pointand
ili- z :Ln[l. l-i:ri .rre approximately four
million .:mli-.: r.-_i ..-I sand. The coarsest
,lid I--lt- r r'r.1. I.- is that found on the beach,
I-[ -n bi itll iat .1 low water. From this
t-.t.l belL., h-lih i- 'i0) yards wide, the sand
o.r Lbl- F. cm'c lo:ks and dams will be
i ikern R..ri.ni-- rr- I.-ing made along about

two miles of beach. Private land titles in
Panamarun only to the high water line and
as the sand to be taken out is on land owned
by the Panamanian Government no remu-
nteration need be made for it.
It is proposed t6 take the sea-going ladder
dredge Gopher off the work in the Canal
prism at La Boca and send it up to Chami,
where it can work on the ocean side of the
peninsula in the trade wind season, and in-
side in the rainy season. In this way the
best sand from both sides of the peninsula
can be obtained. This dredge can operate
to a depth of 30 feet, and take outand dump
on barges 2,500 cubic yards of sand a day.
After the sand excavation is begun it is esti-
mated that the Gopher will spend about one-
third of its time at Chamn and two-thirds in
the Canal prison near La Boca. In order
that the excavation may not suffer by the
withdrawal of tlhe sea-going dredge, the old
French ladder dredge, No. 21, is being re-
built for the La Boca service.
The single screw tug Kalherine Mora,,,
now known as Cocoli, was purchased for use
in this service, and the tug La Boca can also
be used if necessary.
To act as a tender to the dredge at Chame,
in carrying supplies from La Boca and in
hauling the barges from the dredge to a
point where the tugs will take them in tow,
the steam trawler Riversdale has been pur-
Ten barges of 500 yards capacity each have
been ordered, six of them are already on the
Isthmus, and two of them are on the ways
at La Boca.
A dock 800 feet long will be constructed
at La Boca for the purpose of handling the
sand. It will be taken from the barges and
loaded on cars for delivery at the Locks' sites,
where it will be stored until needed. The
storage capacity at the Locks' sites isabout
250,000 cubic yards.


Tugs and Steamers for Service in Atlantic
and Pacific Divisions.
The tug Al. E. Scully, with a tow of two
barges of coal, arrived at Cristobal a few
weeks ago. The addition of this tug com-
pletes the Atlantic towing fleet, so far as
present plans go. The fleet now consists of
five tugs, and one stern-wheel steamboat on
the ways. The tugs are in use in the Porto
Bello and Nombre de Dios service and with
the dredges in Limon Bay. On the Pacific
side are two tugs and the steam trawler
Riversdale, for use in the sand service and
in towing at La Boca. A few facts about
each boat follow:
The Galun, formerly the H. B. Chamber-
lain; purchased from Dailey & Ivins, deliv-
ered at New York on June 1, 1906. Length
over all, 102 feet; beam, 22 feet; depth of
hold, 10 feet; draft, 9.feet; speed, 13 knots;
bunker capacity, 90 tons; engines, 1500-horse
The Por/lo Bello, formerly the Robert H.
Smith, purchased at Baltimore in Septem-
ber, 1907; built in 1906. Length over all,
126 feet, beam 23.5. feet; depth of hold, 18
feet; draft, 14 feet; speed, 10.5 knots.
The Mariner, purchasedin United States,
arrived at Cristobal April 2, 1908. Length
over all, 113 feet; beam, 25.5 feet; depth of
hold, 13.5 feet; draft, 12 feet.
The Bohio, formerly the Jack Twohy, pur-

chased of Lamberts Point Towboat Company,
June 8, 1908. Length over all, 104 feet;
beam, 21.5 feet; depth, 11.2 feet; draft, 11
The Al. E. Scully was built in 1906 by
John H. Dialogue & Co., Camden, N. J.,
and purchased by the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission at Newport News, in July, 1908. It
has a steel hull; gross tonnage, 272; one
triple expansion engine, cylinders 14 by 24
by 40; stroke, 2 feet 6 inches; one boiler,
10 feet long, 180 inches diameter; steam, 187
pounds; length over all, 134 feet; beam, 25
feet; draft, 13 feet 6 inches.
The stern-wheel steamer is 108 feet 4
inches long, 20 feet 10 inches wide, 5 feet 3
inches deep, will draw 2 feet 8 inches and
displace 100 tons. It will be driven by two
tandem compound engines with cylinders 7
inches by 14 inches, stroke of 4 feet, tores-
sure 180 pounds. This steamer will be used
in towing in the old French Canal between
Cristobal and the handling dock at Gatun.
The La Boca is 118 feet long, 23 feet
wide and 12 feet 6 inches deep. On the
upper deck is the pilot house, and back of
it the captain's room. On the second deck
is a deckhouse, made of 3-16-inch iron,
containing quarters for the engineers and
mates, and a kitchen and messroom. The
quarters for the sailors are in the fore-
castle. This tug has triple expansion sur-
face-condensing engines, with one cylindri-
cal return tubular boiler, and has 600
rated horse power. It is fitted with electric
lights and searchlight. The La Boca was
formerly the E. G. Reynolds, and was
practically new when brought to the Isth-
mus in 1907.
The Cocoli is the rechristened Kalherine
IJoran, which was built in 1904 at Phila-
delphia. She is 96 feet long, 23 feet wide
and 12 feet 4 inches deep, and is of 213 tons
register. She is built of steel, and is pro-
pelled by a single screw.
The River-sdale was built at Hull, England,
in 1899, and isasingle screw, one deck, two
mast, ketch rigged ship; 102 feet long, 20
feet 6 inches broad, and 11 feet deep. One
steel boiler of 160 pounds pressure, and three
triple compound, 3-crank, inverted cylin-
der engines supply power. The indicated
horse power is 300, and the rated speed 10
knots. The gross tonnage is 180.36 tons,
and the registered tonnage 58.61 tons.
The Riversdale came to Panama about five
months ago, on her way to Cocas Island,
where she was to hunt for treasure, said to
be hidden there.

Two steam shovels, buried in the mud at
the Cucaracha slide by the rain of September
14, were finally extricated September 21.
Notwithstanding the loss of the work of
these two shovels for the whole week, the
excavation record for the Central Division,
so far as car measurement may be relied
upon, did not fall off.

Three type 17 quarters are being con-
structed at Corozal by contract. All mate-
trial will be furnished by the Commission.
These are the first houses of this type, one-
family married quarters, to be constructed
by contract. Advertisement will be made
for proposals as soon as the location is deter-
mined and specifications prepared.



Aieeting of Federn action .f \\ o..en'- Club. .
Club Work and Other Feniuire-..
The third meeting ..f the C-iiii Zonet Fed.
eration of Wonihi'.- Club. V. 1; held it Gor-
gona, September 2S Sp ciail c-'r .,t th.ictd
to the rear of the triu- Ir-:,u the termninid-
of the Panama railroid IrOu. ht the ile:r-
gates, who were mnet 1.,, thi- lm.irter of thle
entertaining club. .\t iioo-u the -riou- Fedt.
eration committees li. tliheir -ittinci- in tile
clubhouse, and at 1 'i: loi:k ; -peciil lunI.ch
was served at the Commi nic- ho itel on de>co-
rated tables, fifty-thirte CO'. cer I-eing I li
The business meeting. 1Inich I thelId 1i
the clubroom over the .diiin-" rooiii, %%i
called to order by the presi lent. Mr: .Lorin
C. Collins at 2 o'clo,.k MrI. H: S Ca1 it,
president of the Goro:, il cilul, ..elc.'ocilt thle
delegates and visiting; ..-ieii The regular
reports were read -ind adopt-tetl 1-ring lo
removals and resiarutiloi- o-nimllU ttee '.
cancies werefilleda- folioT's \rlt inl lit:ra-
ture, Mrs. E. Le..I- Baker: tduc:iititonail.
Mrs. Louise Hanson liirari tXcttlu-i i.
Mrs. Charles Boxer no-nintlliin.. MrI II R.
Owing to the vacation period. there v.ere.
few reports from the prei-int Ti ,o,,of tIie
clubs outlined the .'.terk to be tlakeii up ftor
the coming year. The inter tlin:; report'-
werethose of thedelte;t.l-: tioilhe "lennial"-
held in Boston in J-nu Tle chairiinijol the
delegation, Mrs. 'I hoint E. Bro:..a. .Ir.,
gave an admirable -,ir.t. o:-f the l,-lilt..
sessions with excerpt- from tlihe aiddrt-e -:
the president and other-. The -.-;i.il -ici:
the convention was alt I v.~th in ithe rtepi--
by Mrs. E. E. Quinim.,. hiih i- r.il, in
the absence of the delegate, 1.. Mr II- :xer
At the conclusion of the:;t report- .oiet :of
thanks were tendered t- the dEelealc: A
discussion of club vork; lead Lo, Mi--i Beaittic,
Mrs. J. J. Jackson a:-il Mr_. IIHa ul : lollt:ved.-.
A discussion regardrio trianE -r fro:im one
club to another and the re:cul ition of dlut
in such event, resulted in re tol itioi t hait
a member in gooCd -tlanllie iii, itrni-fer
without further pa menit f Iue until tlie
annual meeting of the club into v .'Iicih -he
is transferred takes place The -_I-ign for
a Federation badge % ia- -uLmhitte.i and onet
sent by Tiffany was s;lectel. It c:onlt: :of
a shield-shaped pin, .,ith a iele Zn i of laurel
leaves encircling it ind the letter- C. 7
F." engraved in the center
The Federation accepted the in,. iiatit iio ,i
the Ancon Woman's Clult to hold thie linu
ary meeting with tiat org01ai.iati-:,i An in-
vitation will be extenide. to Mr_ Philip N
Moore, president of the -eucrail F tdIration.
to be the guest of the Federatioii for the
The meeting anthorized .,-te- of thaiuk.
to the officials of the I'aniii rilroid for,
their courtesyto the club .'.omen, aii-Ithink 3
were also extended t:, ilie etertutir11g clult
for its generous hospi-tal. ,
The social meeting .'a hel I ill the tciter-
tainment hall of the cilubliouet. i hl:lh \ii-
beautifully decorated for the oi:c.,- lI RHe-
freshments weresert,. et t i m all t Ile. heree
the guests gathered inlorml1, .A lar;e
number of guests w'ere prc-.nt i.nd the re-
ception was marked b%, entire mfo-rmalitl
Mrs. Adolph Faure it. a nt u11be.r o:I -ii .i'
This meeting, a:thoi:uh .Ict :clEt to c:lu,
mattersand business, coming tee ctnference-

iij-1 reprt % l ii t e ol f til e i mot l t t-ill i :-
tor, tI .; t t : FIederation h _i-, held It d,- I -
,-, ittrt Ied Lm ..re lI.-,rci l -c h u a i i t Irh el;e
h -j ,lo le thlie Iit re t ill lie Ino'. t:ieii lt e iii
tlic rit l .'hinc -p-rI t thtI hI:i .,.. iI l.enir d c tI he
. e t c :,1' t t: Zone
.it tli t C lot-,e o a iece.Ilt illeetii I olf Ili-
ri ,t...i V h t ui n Club Cie j or;; 7i .ti jlI..n
0 i i 3, 1 r uri' er: t.; l,,I "-11 irc' . ,-t. e: ri
;4 on;-,nt. itlie retiri i- t ct reli ri r I. r i- .
Ii .e:, in ic nm t eion ,l :er I itthllul i .d el ul'
i- i.'ritr.in-" -lr. in'ct duri 1ng her term of rl.'
Thi rec-. eipt from tE il recent t e- ntertiir i i i t i r
S I i'e nl 1\ tihe clul, tiin *' .nIeI lo I c .t 11.11.c tii
'ehi eduic tiou.il I. u tm nt 1f thie Cri --
tol l V 'onj in' Cluh L i i-rLani'e.l i.. ii
cl-it l- u'or u.nl ir *ir I-', wh i l i n : the lli
rte iien ic.'t of tlc i.'hircmn, MIr I I'
F plpe'lhemier I'ructlicil-emi and ncclle-
.%o, rk ",r t u; :bt 'rt: c ,c]a ; hI I; t pre nllt
14 T mi-ner, all orI ..hoim aire ti 1lhut :i3 :Ith
ai ouit their r,-,-, .\t the hclo-: Of t: he c:lul
e ear t i pr:opo: -il t: gi'.e ani ex iliti,-,in o
til:t v-rk urlu ingt t i ev.'.-ino thel re i- re, dl-
inet v. *lb a .'.ibcm_ t, -_ t-trpl erii Uim ,orti t i ,lpirt
ol-f the -l .i- orfk.
The Crrin toe.t l trhtlt t m l reneIC e, i i n t eeIt-
ing the liT i irt V. eI lnei l it OctlTcr I r 'l lit
dlprtmlnti li i- i r een prcetirin their
prtr. r i m fo:r tile ter Tlie a t and litlr;.
Iut e. a i d 'l ca \Li':>.itin ll Ar tin : ]t li e the
t uitr'- o:irk reat I, "] he i .ore hf ie pll hinl -
lthr:ip:, rle-partmei nt i alt ..ell itn h li m
The I'.1r.:1 ihguel '.:>i .im s Club hai_ re-
*ume.,- regular meeting_, h Iuch ;.re held ,i
lit rt-: i cX e_ o:I thle u li it:re t -ui I-tier.
Trit: :pTr ning _;er- :>ion, it Itie hoine -,f the
pr _i',Ient, Mlr Fira T k K. Ro,-,trtI, onu S p.
It.:miIr 16, t: l-t rt6ll ai ttnI l t t The P ir,
lM-I I I So. i.l taI i K le tlre Irte Clut, Ii ,k .t.i
lIe l .,m:i V 1 -u ,:l t t:I .I:.:.o ooper ;te '.ith them 11
tllI pt urchi;e olf a piano ',o, r the t:lul r,>:,,It n .
iiI,- in re poni-ce thi tre. 'uelt i o It l et. eui
111 b I -, ee; arranged I -l',:r ,_I',>. u o ere r 1 Ho:me-
nIlt e rI e'reiut I ent_ '.il .I e I I nl ItIim le
entlIcrtinig enti pr.: > ]._, l c T ih t .:lr ian'
,:]ui. .-ill h,:old tf anuail meeting with tec-
tion ,-,f ol-, officer Octo,-, r 5.
The .i\nt ':l n \o : i IIntu' Clui, tiicl ai tihi
Il:>otel T .o:ll ,:i n \'e, lne_.l Septem t, er 16,
witlth tII era t: tt udell ce. ITh lit rar
c,:>u'nimttc r.p-,rted throu;l it_ chairman,r
lre A R. I'enneti. h arr: a]l o 1 lie rl:,-, Ik
,-,rdered T"hro:u.lj lihe co ,,urt t c : the
C,:>inti. :n. itthee itl,-,k n ere I elie red i 're n
,:Pt all irai i-portatiou It : e A pt--tl _til:t
,,f rule i.:\ern ng iih hlitf ir, '. ill te ,r.:r nu
ul Iad i. _,r e e tl- i i, 1the NIilitrin ll t i th II e
next mceli]ng!, 1t lhiich timei the regular
librarian .Il ,c "pp-l.ointed. T' le *.,.,:>rk ,:if
Ih lii' ing i -me I or the .ucou I .it: rar',
A.X- tci' t ion I ,goii -7 n I I throui-,I I ii't>in i, it] ce
v.Ih c]I OI of the i lulr Iomen a1 th cr airmin i
E teni I.-: pln- arcil lic, ng Ini. t flo:r ilhe
l'urthera3n:e of tihe hI eiItent. The annual
nmecu g i ll v It huld OC't, I '1or 7 O ,-1 iung tu
ilh aili-euce o-,I Dr \ au Kue,.r Ir,-, the
OI-' the le ct.'ture o, t e S I11 BT i _- Itn. LU I-
S\ a n1:t> pl-t:aU, hi lt It II expc-tCd ihlt he
..-ill gi e it l water .
The G.org-ona lui o,-,f rlie DI)au.htiier ...I
K lchek Ih. thle v.,o ni tn'_ aUl%]lar' ti the
Slud.epc-dp l n C'rd r I> I.t'Id I-_llo -,-. hab-i ten
holdiuI prIparat.,rt i ir% etinn l or Ihc ,,conm.
,Ileti0n I :P I .a r eri!i t_ fil l -I ith re gul r in-
_ItIutifn 1 1 .' IC b .;7111 -t l I I lJ OI ,luliL eo r I.1, ;it
Fraitermut, Hall, Gorgus. There are niu
ciarI m mt:in rt anr d Liere arc thirt, -one ip- -
pllh':>atr l'n_ for intmhm trhip
The regular meeting ot Triait. Ch"Luch

\V..im iiin' itild. Culelir w.ill 1,t hell in the
Co,1,m i ; ,-ioj Ch 0pel, :n T"ue_.l aftern:oon,
(ct:olier 6 it 3 -.-'c.lo:c


A1m...II tile irtr. i- frioi tIhe Stuel on
tile t ': ... o Septemi er 22, .'.ere 1M3aj
Clie-ter H-irdline. Mr: llilir.ne and three
'iiong the 1pa1 1_ ;tirl r.turnin tl,' thet
Itliiu- :n tl h .-r/..'."*,v,' on September 2;
v.r Mr. I I I ti r tv 1il daui ht:r. inud
-oI. ot Colon, aind [r 1- H Craltree and
family ,of Culet.tr
Mr ihouti. L Clear, ol Chitcac.:. lormicrl
emlplo t%1 n ith W'_.ihngtoin offi .e f the
l-tliu IIn Canal Commi_,ion, an, nore re-
cetilt, In the i:t-'e ot the Sc retary of the
iru:iur:., Ir- been app-:.inted Chief Clerk
of thei f]i:hn of Fx;mriin.r Io AccouuInt
ai, id ia ri ep-:,rt ,i f-or ilu on tlei I:thrnu.
NItir ;-. \' I' R iam -e,, \' S. Dte\\hur t
\' C FIr.l-e. [ S \Vinlmthli. and F. B
Vir.'r:ick, o:1 \X a:Ihnetlul irci :n the Ilthrntu,
rctp-rct:cittig the i re.sur. DjcpartLiment in
the trniifer of tile i:ccount- anid run.-] frt,tm
the LDi-.u-trin il Cffic[ r t-, the Canal Zone
Tre a-urer.
KR N ulii l h rcijgie ar Ian ",eult of
tili Palltlna a railroad, and -liN.:ce S-'ptftiIl)er
23, ill land mitter- lia,.c lceen handled in
thcltfflic f il hcjGenerial iMni er, where the
land iut]illt. ..-'ll hce trau ic.ted from this
tilme I.orlh

ObiIna ry.
Mr I ti.-in Town:en.l, of St Louti, M- ,
.ied S plte lier 21, 191.i..i i- i3 re-nlt o1 iin
aIccildentl di-.li.hrge of a ritle which he1 wia
cle nitig in ]11 room 1t 'i aI ueraIlla, pltrnm-
bier 21. 19.i HIe w:- i tihirt -thre, 7,t. ar -. of
a;;c. ;iind Iad licun ,:>n the Illirimu_ niuctucn
Illmon th
E\amlnnalon for Stenographer.
All examini ait u oi- r I hct po-il tio':n'lf lttren:>L -
raphir in tile -crice:tl the I-thmiin Canjl
Coming ]i:>n .till t held it CultIri, Canil
7Z:Ine, in tile tofic : oi tlhe Chiirman, o:n Sun-
da,., Octi.i:,or 25, ,leginnine it 9 ; nm The
alplic:at,-in f'm in- thh L-.amrlphltl .le.crit-
inii thec c.auiiit1iahen may te ,iI ulp:-U aS,-
plicattion to l,:hn ]I MEtur. s ,c.'retr', I:t-l-
nuiii Ci.il tr ice oiard. CulLiri. Canal

In ortnm I tol Wr ned.
,\ letter 3i.l.res cd t: Emile N polecon i.:
II:. titcr, i itu ju ileru filem i- helld at thc
otftc.'e of the Chii rmTI n Till- man '.ai. etm-
pi-',7,'i li the lDep rtimcnt ,of La-tor, Quirtlrs
ant- Su .,i_:ttnct. up to Septulit'r. 191.16, but
there i n: rec .:ord olt hi, ul-equent cnplf-,-
t t l .n,:ie ..h: l.t kuu- ol t Ii- v.herc-
atiou-t -l: >i:ul.1 C-commitnicrte v.ithli E C.N.Ul.

Rev IHltur, ColliLiu. Coliini:..iii' Chiaplaim.
.vil I -peak in the Rma in Cathoblic Church at
Empire. it 9 31.1 o'clock. uiinda,-i m-oruing
ic-l.io i Jt in the interest of tlhe Church of
the oi, RH-cli-uemr, Culethra.

[.-:r --In Pinama SLIuna- Septeuiher 20,
pitr :,f gold-.oited -pecta.cle Nime of
makers. A I 1.lo .1 ,i Co:,., B:-t-otn, MIIs ,
on ca-e. Rcv.ar. it :-r retuiru to D F. P\ ue,
Gatun. C 7. F'o-iI.lv Iluit on beach North
of P R. R. 6tatiou




s.iermn hby W'hlc :.an: -i '-rr.in. Chaerri
Fl'. -d I- .A\1 IciJ.J:. ll
The fict tlht ino.t .,I lie i-orl; IrO-rn ) it-
aLchi to. GtLIn .ii the line .-I tle Cfinl. i;
helot. high sai. se th1 ll C'n.:r.:- Ri.er IIi,
madi' neces- rin tihe c-.-Intructon olt i1, L.e-, : ,
de-criled iii ni CAN \I. RLCIi D 0i june 24.
1'',S. Since thile .1 ke-, .re u,:.t hi .'h enoii ugl
to. protect the lk..-. irea. :.inlst eltrcnie
flood s, the 1i.i. IioI f lIMeteorolo:., iiil
Ri.er H\Ndriulics .-. i instructe,. t,- institute
.3 ; tenlm o0t predicting hlih -.vater in order
thit opporturItit, Mighit Ile gi, eln tiO Iem.,.e
any m.iaclinler thit seeined to he in -liiiger
It wva- iLnportaint not oul 0. Li'e .. irnin:-
of floods, but a;l-o to sid gi.m:i fil:e
ilirm that might Cau-e expenii e deli,. iin
the Canal wm:rk
Were it possible to istlimate itr-in i storiri'
raint.ill thile height to-..e reached: in the rn.er
channel, tent. -iour hours' o.irnin. might
be giten, but so miun. couditlion: ifiect the
relation between riliifll ilnd. ru-ofl that
ouly .a rouih ipprocimition of the prohible
hei.zht of a treshet :iii be predicted Ironu ti..
previous raiinlll
The element- allecting tile results re
The amount ot ri"ii. the rate o. precipiti
ion., the dlitrihution of rin. thile rilte :
run--,lT helore tile storoi. ,ind the prev iou:
degree ol satur tliou of ground I isi clear
that any system t -king cosmniaiauce of all
tllhee tcl-nllctt lltls t he complicated. c J c
though the ata V.ere a.ailal..le to dieline
them The riintlll stitlion ire iinot -o lo'
Cated ia to give I lair estiunateol theriinfill
0,.er tile whole bi-,n. the irei of the wviter-
shed I-in.nly irppro'tu itel kino'ii. ind.:l there
ire no merins at hin-d ol- triciu.: the pith olI
a -torm
Frequenitl. freshets come ior n the riier
without an. previo,'- Hvrnini- in the 'hap.:
of r inillwithin the umei-.Lred irea. it other
time_ what ippeir 1t,: he in iliir tin., in-'.ount
,o riin v.-ill cause little o.r no rie in tilhe
rl.'er, -ho.-1ni: thit either the rim '%a-
. li-.re n,-rial inII the irieiu-red ectlion ini
deticieiit ii the unnime-ured :ectio-n o-r thit
tile L-round .-.is sio dr as to ihsorl pr-omptly
the rain itld retrd: it :leli,.ver to,: the r,.er
The e-Ltabliihment oI ui-i e rimn :"i:e-. in
the upper pirt of the uille ..ouli, he
costly ind] impracticable uIidertikin., iiins-
much as eich would Lli.e to be connected
with headlquirter b. telephone anJd .oull
result in little go.-,:l. or h.o ite'.er. ternm i
used must be him:ed onr pi-t records. It.l b.
the time enough rec.or' li ere collected iroiii,
the net. gLiu,.e- tile need 0o this se-. ice
would proba ,l-. no longer e t
In '.ie' o-lI these i ct; it i; cleir that thtl
onli ba.iis i rom v lich prediction :an L-.e
made i, the river itself The rite of tri.el
ot a freshet v.a,.e lepend- on the l.C-ation 1t1
tile he.a.iest rili Frequentlt the riseCOcI-
mences ,.imultii-ueousily t 'll Isttion-. t
other time; the rise hezin. liter at tile
lower si tionls. hut the crest .il.v.'. l assesc
the upper sLition.; firt at .arin-ous inter ilt
as ahown below, making it possible to i.re-

dict li1hl witer it (li'no in I --d Gatuni
eier il hours In in i:. inc.
S*iir-- .. i s'..anice
'-.: i 'd froin sea
Li "I ,.* (miles).
' IV.-', 64
i 54
L .I,., I I I 16

It i i; h-en to.uiil tliiu. there ire well de-
finll rel t.-n: L-let.,.een the r,-e- at the sev-

S-.'i,-. nr = l : ,ih -iii- r, -.e I '-lien Alhajuela

u-.h.-, r, : r, i I + i I.:e hen Alhajuela

b. ,li r-. -: i.: = i- i r, :-. h -i, i ao is less than

.* ,- r- ==: X ,.,.n n','- i'i-- + 1 lIet when Galn-
I,',i I ,-''.'.'n .r 1 nh 1 It I' ,,
Thle [ ilues thu --i -t inled l.'.e the number
,: leet the ri.er .ill r,- il-.,.ve the level
it *.vIjich it sti:d niinfiieduitel. receedingthe
rie,. i:i1 tI.- reter to, menl. -es-level it is
necessir t-.o idd theui to the height at that
lime It I-, .elie.e-I -'ht the.e results are
sit1icientl.t Icciur te :..r th-:" ur pose desired,
is it rirel. lippenii that the error is more
tii n t.,o o.r three feet Sh,.ul.L the tributaries
contribute in e\cessi .e ioun-t. of water the
ictuil height .-,II he -:reiter thiin the pre-
dicte-- l eClht. If. oin tlie other hand, they
ire less thin norim I the predicted height
u.-ill I-e to,: Iir ze The tlorrmul i- givenabove
represeilt irrain co niti..u: -wii it is some-
time- pos.ib-le to, correct the.in ly noting the
i-istrribuntio-n o-f i iin tll
Thie I ble helov. -I,. --- the heights, actual
ind:l pr--ed.:r'e it AXiiilu elli imboa, and
L- lu. -UrIn: ire-het o-f 1,'4 1905, 1906,
I'1'. n.-i inl ideIa t the accuracy of the
*ietlid u.i u be ih their. -roin 'Ce El Vigia
attioil hi-i bee eI tilli he.I too recentlyto be
0i-it niCli, er' ice tl,'i cir. it is not in-
cluded iIt the ItbI e \'ith thile L908 records
thi- titiiu- .-ill he :-I greit ser .ice next year
in lenletheilin. the tim 01 o i %i ring.

These two cases would not, in fact, have
had errors so large as indicated in the ta-
ble, for the Bohio prediction would have
been corrected as the crest passed Gamboa,
as follows in No. 5. The first prediction
for Bohio is that the water will rise 10.1
feet. Later as the crest passes Gamboa, the
first prediction is cancelled, and it is pre-
dicted that the rise at Bohio will equal the
rise at Gamboa, 14 feet. The actual height
finally reached is 16.4 feet, the predicted
height beingin error 2.4 feet.
The following table shows concisely the
errors encountered in the use of the method
just explained.
Predic- GAmBA. Bonio.
tions ill .

error Num- Per cent of Num- Per cent of
than ber. all freshets. ber. all freshets.
5 feet.... 0 0 2 6.5 percent
4 feet .... 2 6.5 per cent 2 6.5 per cent
3 feet.... 2 6.5 percent 6 19.4 percent
2 feet.... 5 16.1 per cent 10 32.3 percent
1 foot.... 13 I 42.0 per cent 14 I 45.2 per cent
0 feet.... I 31 100.0 per cent 31 100.0 per cent

Having predicted the probable height of
the river at the lower station it remains to
determine at what hour tilhe maximum will
occur. The rate of travel of a freshet wave
varies greatly even in those of the same
magnitude. There seems, however, to be
a relation between the duration of a rise at
one station and that at another which rela-
tion permits the time of the maximum to
be estimated.
Gamboa duratioii=l,5 X Alhajuela dura-
l tion.
Roughly Bohio duration=1.5 X Gamboa duration
=2.25 X Alhajueladuratioin.
But the time of passage of crest is never
less than 3 hours from Alhajuela to Gamu-
boa and 5 hours from Gamboa to Bohio,
and should the time intervals as calculated
by the above formulas be less, 3 and 5 should
be used instead. To get the probable time
the maximum will occur at Gamboa, it is
only necessary to add tilhe calculated dura-


r.ELA. Rise. Error. Rise. Error.
- ________________ ___________

N ,-,

Rise. Actual dtedi +

OW i

L' Ti -4 1 11

I u ., r -



It will L-.e seen thu. ith the exception of
N,-. 5 tind it Bohio. there are no errors
large enough t.' be -:. l much importance.


Actual Pre-
S dieted + -

1.4 ........
0.1 ........
........ 3.0
0.4 ........
........ 4.2
........ 0.6
........ 4.3

12.34 ........
0.3 ........
2.2 ........ ......
0.7 ........
.2 ........ 2
........ 0.1
1.2 ........
....0... 1.4
1.0 ........

.... .. .. 01
.. ... 1.2..

........ 0.6
0 4 ... ...
...... 1.1
...... 0.5
0.6 ........
........ 0.3

....... 0.1
1.4 ........
........ 4.0
........ 0.4
........ 6.3
........ 0.8
3.6 .......
. ... ... 1.0
0.5 ...
1.7 .. ......

0.5 .. ... ..
1.4 ........

0.9 0.
........ 20.

1.4 ........
2.39 ........
........ 2.7
0.5 ........

2 0.3
2 ........
....... 1.0.3

tion to the time the rise commenced at Gam-
The following brief example (Freshet No.


19, August 21-22, 1907) will perhaps make
more clear the use of this method. The
arithmetical processes are shown in paren-
theses, and are not included in the predict-
ing message.
Phone message from Alhajuela at s p. in.:
River now 09.5. Crest. Rose from 94.1 since 5
p. ill.'
Phone message from Gainboa at 8 p. n1.:
River now 50.5. Rising. Rose from 48.3 since 5
p. ni."
Predictioni at 8.10 p. it.:
REACHING ST.ANF (48.3+7.0) 55.3. AT ABOUT 11 P. M."
In predicting the time it was found that
the calculated duration at Gainboa added to
the time the rise began would make the
crest less than three hours later than the
crest at Alhajuela, so the calculated duration
was rejected and the time of maximum was
assumed as three hours later than Alhajuela.
The actual rise at Gamnboa was 8.6 feet,
reaching stage 56.9 at midnight, the pre-
dicted height being 1.6 feet too low, and
the predicted time of maximum one hour
too soon. The effective time of warning was
2 hours and 50 minutes. For larger fresliets
the time of warning will be materially
greater. Freshet No. 19 was not large
enough to cause any damage.
At each station an electric gong, so ad-
justed as to sound whenever the river rises
above a certain point, has been installed in
the sleeping quarters of the observer. A
continuous record of the river heights is kept
by means of automatic registers and these
curves afford very complete data, so far as the
main stream is concerned, from which to
study the freshets. The errors in results
obtained by this system could be materially
reduced were the tributaries to be observed.
It is doubtful if the extra expense would be
justified as it would very rarely happen that
an error in prediction of three feet would
have any effect on the precautionary mea-
The system herein described is largely a
matter of experiment and some modification
of the formulas used may result from fur-
ther data. No literature on the subject in
the English language was available. A
paper in the "Annales des Pouts et Chaus-
s6es," of May, 1889, by M. Allard, a French
engineer, was found and was of great assist-
ance. His system is similar to the above,
but more elaborate. By means of the heights
of the various tributaries and the relations
they had to each other, he was able to pre-
dict with surprising accuracy the flood
heights of the River Seine at Paris.

Gold Hill and Balboa Hill
Will you kindly advise, either by letter or
through the THE CANAL RECORD, the height
of Balboa Hill, opposite Gorgona, and Gold
Hill at Culebra, and what is the highest
point in the Zone?
Very truly yours,
Cristobal, September 11, 1908.

[According to recent surveys Gold Hill is
607 feet high. According to the map and
profile prepared for the Panama railroad by
George Ml. Totten, in 1855, based on the
survey by Thomas Harrison, Crown surveyor
of Jamaica, Balboa Hill (Cerro Grande) is
1,000 feet high. There is no niap, or survey
so far as is known, that gives information as
to what is the highest point in the Zone].


.An lp-i-n Letter
.\ [ ] .: ii li t c .i l ,i r .' i ,'
To the E. ', ... ,
River A .
Altho-.u lt, i- I.tr i i.L ire prr- n .lil .,
concern:-l I tre l th.lln ,T1 i UIIc.:c- ir or
tile to e \ i-ii: i- Ill '.*r.I- ill.: ,li2h i i i.I
in which I h ,il.i .:h jo.I e er:I .r 1 'I l.
for the loI.n l -upp'-.rt i hoi rIr.:e el Ir .iii
you durii lie tI l.ic ] l. i I.ccii .it tiie
lead of tli L, i .-.. o i, i 31eteor,'- .Ij ii
River H Ir jill.:-, i ,le.i-n t ni .iu \ to -I--
so publ.: .. ,l i .-lti I., k lr i ,i' th l
whatever .].. r- or l u..:- .r it f. it].: t li
work un.lr int ,'liiare i i- jittc_.t l It ..,rei
print aril,. 'ILII tl'.- cl,:- till e7i-tIil.. I,e.
tween u- i.- I to 1le r titellice ii.= i-I Imti rth
fulness I- l Ir.l l. c .:li i .. .. ini tl.h v-.:.rL
under 'your ,,neitr.i ite .: re
Of tlhe In a I l thI tihre -e:,--[ n ,lit.-.
which oi.r .'.ork d. il-6,i 1 iui.il -j\ tiht
in all m i it.. inrerrin ,. pr -:ti> I hi ill: -r
found su.:i Ir 1 ilt\ o:- i1_ttn1t upp,.rt. in.
terest ir tOle -.o.rk ni lc-ir ti i . ji.:c .e t-
progress, j- tile. i. h..*.n inie eitj ilii-.:
consequ.:e tl. tEli lull ,_-Q .ier,-_ .. L our I u.
periors in tl. .,rk eiitru-ti-I tIo i~:ir ire
These fiithtul c,-.npin.l.n- -_hill il-i, ,
hold in rn. m rmor-r. n ali r-.-p.-:t ni er ait
AMy int.re-t in r'-r u..rk ..ill inoit i-ap.
pear with int -eparaitiriol Iroiit1 tb -er1,. I-:,
and I frel -.:oi-i.ficit tih t i ill -i i t... itr
continue-I -u :',.-'c tliai '...LI ire r-i rine te
m y succe--or the l i i I l '.e l _LIpp..t rt v....
have alwia_- lin -i rne
Idesire I.,er t-* '.xpre-- in ii hi ipl-re-ii-.
tion of tlie u--ral u[[pport antd etni:our--r .
ment I li,,- e .. A rec. it.. Irorui tle l-th.
m ian Cai,'l -Colli]iI] i-o] in in tlih or aii,-ation
and exe.:tLtlii -, f le 11, 'ork ..1 t li f i lsil
also of tlie kindI in-I nrier' u- i -j talii-.:
rendered i,. ii. .c Hrinr L .AIt.t i.tiruneZ
theentir. till i I r lenc hr ii il ii:iar I tl.i-
In cl :-,ii, the-c tile-, I tinii-t tiat it
has been min -t iii',lul to .ni: tro I., ,1,1,...,
on accor- it ol I i, I-illith, It -re. r ri. t.. -
nection ith tll.e .o, rk ..I tlih i-tiiiii4. Ca-
nal Conl .i- .Qi] a i '*..' k 11 lhl.:h i lia. ,
spent mI n t cei.-r i-., Jir] inl thil tLitinitit
success ol li- hi. uii.lrr the .\i.cri.-liil lia-
nmy faith Ii- I.e rr lelt til e or ia n I.-,[.
eve in ti le i i ,- I :rcite--t .oul.
R .; i M: .,-, M ,\ ... *...,..,

Cil ic l iij-lle [ii nir-n ncr-
THE CANi 1lI At the .:r,,.: u-i t. I l. Ue ..rk ,i tlie ...ii,.
miittee set i iroi tlit: li- ilt. t -t- to rep. Irt
upon ecoll-it--..: ar- 1 -3 :. il -:0 i.t ] exi-I.
ing in the Caiil /..ne, 'n,- o it i1 mliuil-cr.
addressed public : aitiieriii. it tile CODn.
m mission ,..l.i.liou-. trC-tii il ii tl.e -:. i .r-
of his rein irk- I- too..k ... :ai.io i. remniiIil
the sojouri.-r- -0 til- .\tli lit.: CIit uLponi
whom tlt- G.,' i.r llen t .,1 th1 ,[,ite.I
States i,; .: jlitc l ,1i i iii.an i. licic t- ,1 hi'
way of hli--i.te iii i.iuiptml-et i.id llurinli-
ings, that -. .iir little .li.t <-i iilid ILit niit-
ural in r-tur ih1 tlih ,t .. i --tLintlii .: i--
pride, citlil.- n ,i ip rtl.: l ir tle i,..-.l .i et -
tees for "lire A% itr Ir.-it oiloe Iialni ii cit nue
W while tl:,:r- h i 1--l i-. ,:' ,: rr eii a,.:t]o II

,,,,. II1 t[.. tile ,:,:,, l,] -.l I l. 1111 1 r \ t |I < -_ ..
e-t -':'i, there ire tlio'-e IIQIl. ti.e ,.:. eri-
rFir".t'- Ilrie .r':. i nr i l.. ji eI cii-le- r :li tO
.io lltce r ti- rt lt,, iil ni ikin.l lic .: 1i j it .
i r i.:tli si,, \ i .l l it i I I lit'i l ii 1. l i I.lu l I"

1it Y.. -ep ri. r i t---- -ii .- riter r l. i--

tle l > U ii I*: .- i i I* I, l- ,
Thirm :e tliiPee 1' r- int ie 1r 1 -eI ]r--. c-l
I, .,, t til .fi r ,,re ll.,.. o_. 1 liec [,*ri, l ec' O I
II. te C il-l,.r i't,:li j- tl-c -r-:hl' lI:i-
h:ee letLl iteri
ii .-: i '.o.:-- I -oul i lo. er t l1.:. I cr- ill.
*.r l.o l 1 c ii e ll-i i h .n 1 uJrr.:.u ll lii,'i :]t
1,ttlie t'ort lex-.ri -.- :.i e t.: tile flr .:r
I r l iln ille irk hour- tlire iii.'ht, h-.arr .

I ,r iti: ii
iT e, -ij .i. il h I i t- i, .l ii l r .,.t i .|.

i,.I.-iith ii r : .', i.:c to i- li. irtt. i- I ii
h .:.p .l I ,: in ,1* Ii l li ", i;, ', i l..rriiilJ
h i-n i1:. ii, r i. Ir .
i-,: tue int in tI t'jt- t..Lr, ide= ,le-
Si- it-t l tlIe I irlcri
Thiri..e i lir 'i- hii e i .eei rnp..riei to
tlil l .'i,,r LiD p rti l'netl
i c-c ire ri:-u- lmi.ir iie-_ t, -'. i.-
['rri,, i 4,t a ii,,i lr'o: i n.:.li]tai -t ind -
pri t. lii. tl e\ te ii, 11 t ike tliI iui ...1 1 .1 j
.-p :>ill., e-11 I, hr Ilii- I trilpr, lnti intil, -
ialtcr tle I'.l utl._- -- ii:l- 1.': ,-1 an. : imrp-
tii1 .: ] .- -
ri. -,.1 ili-i ei-- it.l pil-ntE Nov.,,
h':" imi I t':- ,]ut:[_ l ijutr rc L, ii.I.iiimit
tit rnI tukrt i d epinid upi n rult--lc-

iipl thi. ,i.rk iTil ipn
Sit' ii'Ri r-"
t-ri tta.l eini-t-1.r ',, I'":'';

Irnipitre ChlristCrin LeaLgue,
i',:, A LL ", '-"-':E F:;- L. r
.\l t rl. -~Il i. ine-ll. i -ctl i. .I li
i pirir t'liri-tlan i.catL-ut i th le Ioll nrini f
i:t,..n .i: tikeiin inti r --luti-on i.. l ptie

i '..u .i l ti., tile C in iiii l Fii ri C ai ,rtii ll n-r
o, lli d .-tl,,n il Ca3iii l C-t 1,1i.li 44i0': IOr lli :
!..ro' i- 'oiil e ii tit.e tl .1 r lor 4 I- c .t
/,',' .. : .. r iiit e ,Q:, thllii,,k li:. e\.
tIn.n :.=, to the CI'lijrnii iill dn h Cht-I l-nine cTe
r,,r thi. ptro: ,-t ,: l I'i in inl lii ili" cro_'t,':.]
4-u.:1-. ,ulid ,,., tlitr:. h. it lurtli r
,. I ,: ,i i i lo, r-
.. ir.lI to the Ci li]iri in I l Clii l En i.]
nc, r Ti I .\?" I K r., lli, pr_-- anl1
-Ctprt : it, t, e r l r !I irDUt tt- ,I the l Iit I t-e
I.'t- rr r- e -i p -, II l t i .
ri F,,e'. i -Ii- i'. I re-_ i t.i tr-rt ,

F *IF i .; '- l t i ' "

.. II.:.3 e C: npPni Race
T c *.C T4;, ...r .
i'4itLll oInluntccr ..-_j pian,.. NO I .I the
Caniii] Zot': : 1 iri Dcp. rtuhic..t, .: ll||:.IIze
i., ,olu inte r .:':lii[-'.l ll '- tlhe Zonrm Vo i
h u l. t, l_.," ,'i, I: ,- 1 1- l l-i at C ri to -
I iil .4,rr i'lL ii _lt- ro. l itnur to rula .t, t .
pr5 1 -, tt.: to: Ic hi ,l I, i ,*: i mnim le '- rep-
ri _-i-'itisi .T .*:'.: teI ti n t

, -__, i U 'il.[-E7

CI t iit .S ptcle l r 11... '.i


l) -p..t .. | i.i lrt- r .t li -r.
.1 J i *8 1 .1 -'5 1; I I,, r
r I .L N 1 1

S .- .

E3. ri.ltd.t 4..er a lihd .1ppru.i C11h.I,-h.o d.

:. l L 1... . I

S.. : i .' \ 1 . 1 i I
nin.. - r. | T|- l .. .- .... ... .
i . I :. 1 ...- rj. l. ..... .. '.' .
.i ... I \ l.,.r ... l n ,. i r. .- I r. +..:' rre ... 11.6 -,.r
1 l.:'5 h r I ..- I . ..i.. i. [ I.'... .. ...... .....

S .- Irr l.'* *- .. I l a t L .i 'r ::r l -r i. -.ll:r I.
'5 1 .:r .. .C ,h :. . .'l.. tl h I 1- l r '. .. r .. 1 1 ,
l i .:r ,r ll,, r'5 1 ..rl 1 .. ..: .. : 1.... .

L r. l -- t. th . ri._..

1 : 1. C-
. .: .: ., d i I ... -:r : .. .

L.I, I:. . l..i t. ,. '. +. '..,t . .... i:i l i .. .. r .:i..

,.r .-. :
r,. t r ii i T. r c "I. I .. .r.ll 1 I 1I I r .. c.:1

S 1 i- ] li .. . .. : .
r.I -... -

v ;I. r* | ,r ,_-. '. .. i
-m -c

iTen I 1I Call'. Chi i l u. r. erl/i l.ler'
OI. f e.

Ill.:i i .i -, I. ' r ..r ] '
1": t i ns '"*l. t i ', t A .
..: .rI 1 = 1''5'5 ..... Llly. ,,. t ..- ...'Ill ," .:'.. ':,..:

1 .i 1 1 -: ..I '_.l,. r I Ir .. l r

l -.- i- i .. -: L l 1. *i ... ...l
if r.u n l I .1 l. .
S .i a h r -.. .. i l I.. I ,. Id.- ...tt r = ...t .
...l . in I .. I .t ..: I
th ,r,'. |.-.....,r ,,i ,r. ... .:1 ..i'.1 -t.i,.- 0 ...mI

Ii' 1' ,i ... r U ,

S [ I ..z . 1 r r, r,
:l Lid I- -u r-.I.I.. -A t 1. f. rt .i

S .r -:.' ,l. h... -: t.I:r ..
h : 1 d , 11 ..'5 ..1 1 ..

i 't l I ll, r 1 I :rr n- ;i- I I ll l


*. i .*. ... .. i ...ber 1, 190s., aud each
,i'..., l.Ie.t'r. .1 'r i I-. .ii .(h the pay receipts, to

...-........ 190c9 all surety bonds
S...i i .. .. i inal Conlilission, ex-
: i i i. I 1... i .i i. ...iit of Disbursements
Ii I.. Ii., 1. ,....,." i. l,. .. the Dislb rsiii Officer
,: .... .l ,11. r.. i. I ...r of the United Sta;tes.
-, , i i .,, ', "-"' .rs c u sto d ia n o f co in -
... i.. .. L. .r ...... ...,i, 1 .. es, those bonded for
h i i .... .: ,. .. ,.c.- i tlres to pay receipts.
l- I *i r .T.- i- r- l I.: i11., schedule hond in favor
...I il ii- i .1 I1., .: iri ge from one hond to
......i'- i .l I j 1, 1.,. I- inam iner of Accounts,
ii ...: .: -:. : .... it.- I .rt i either Departimentsor
i,, ,, .. .i.. I ...:.. All records will be
1 i I I- it.. I. iir. -'r iri I .11] orrespondence relat-
i. .-. Il.. : .Il i-.:t :..... Id I... dressed to him Sub-
: i i i..11-.- i. ..-' .T. 1'- of Detpartmients and
ii ....- ... hli....ii I i-.-i .. close of each nionth
i.ll: .: . -.... ii.- :Lii.. ..r I .-cation of bonded enm -
S -.. -, i. i-i .11.:S 11 ... in case of separations
Ir... ilh' ... h-.-ii i : '- whether or not the
..: i 1-.i .:i oi ... ,.ied for all money or
.r.:.s-r [r ..i., ,, 1. ..:,- :i.) ld be given to the
S .1.i.r r .1... .-,'-.:i..d .regularity or shortage
I. th' .: ..:.. .: .. 1i ,, ...... ,. 1 em ploye. A application
.. r.,-: i...r .. .... -. -: rri it I lesired to bond will be
1 .d i.. i-.- I" .i.'-r .:, request.
S .'. -'i' :..'.'sr: and others charged
it. .. 1 .r, I ...i ...- ..upon books and meal
,.:k 1 11 Il .. r7 u i. l. .r therefore upon the
S..... r .-r -'. -:i.;. t % Il.' in the requisition has
S',.' iit'r 1 .ii 1 r.. I ... ihe Examniner's office,
.* ",l -. -*I I..-hi' '..ti.,.r.ng Officer, who will
., : 1,. ..- ... ... n.:.. .K ] ,neal tickets A s re-
i..r' I t -. ._, .,j ir '.. i ,, paragraph 5. time-
k''ir- ... 1-:ibr r- .' .... uach books and tickets
I rt..d .- m..., l- .i .....r i therefore to the Ex-

i'. ". ' i'i' general books of the
_.: ..: :...., v.i r.- |.. t i .11 ite Exam iner's offi ce,
' l..* *l :-:-...,I.TI ...rk ou livingg expendituresof
rrm..,I' .hii t II.- hi-.: L.. -L .. reports, will be done.
11 r--....ri : ..t i ..:I.in. i-. ....:hiits heretofore sent to
ih' i'.-laur-...L.".r.i. i-. r n-t I..- ent to the Examiner.
.,..i l ....,'.'-. r...ri i.:,- .I. vith the E xam ini her's
:r'i:'5 .'I '.i ... i ': ." i i .estions involving act-
ViI i *-..1 ..i i.-.:. i. : .:r Ihe deposit of moneys
I .i*.* i* i[ I* li- *.*..* 11 11.i *.....
S /- -- r-...' 1-.1 by Circular No. 183H,
.; .... -i,.. [. .11 [ r .. I T|i .iI. and Divisions w ill be
t i i- s. ...... ,.:1 -.:.:...i.nts. The list of such
:lir..: -r' ..i .. i I i th- examiner may be dis-
.... ,

-'}i iii','' .I

' I Li? *

W\. '. WtARWICK,
Salniner of' Accounts.

N.- lee I: P. R. R. Tenatlts, Colon, R. P.
C. i : September 22, 190S.
hi-, I'l iiI -l'' -I....I. l .' the Chairman of the
S -.1 :|...TI I....: ... 1 r II....:....iplain ts m ade by the
ir,... : -.. -....i I., ,,, i. ...i of Colon, will again
r': ii.- l. r : : i... ..nt November 2. Due
A,: .:. ..I I t .,,..., ...C .11 ] I sued ,
11. J. SLIFER,
General Manager.


I'll [:ll.:.'.h, i- Il I of packages that
ha,.. I.. l:.-rw.tr.il..I Ir..m New York to
1-tuii'ia Call.ti C.n.riliti-ioin alnd Panama
r.ilr.I:.t,1 i- ll.:..:-. iti iliat are waiting to
IIi.. ..lII at Lhu Irti.litI house at Colon.
TIh, .. i] r ,:,[ ll ti. .i-: .i.*cl.ages will have to
it.tk .il.i..tl.i :-in I..r Ir. custom s entry iln
.: ti..].:ii ll Cir. l.Air No. 85, or itn the
ahtler nt.i [*-. iltl i.:. the Panamna Gov-
rltiil lt l*.u--:-int ':,i li value of the coln-
ti.lt- .:i. tlh |,..k .'- -fore delivery can

to collect.
5.: ". i .i I .. l.I ...... I parcel, ex
. - -, ..I.. 0, 1907 ...... prepaid
.. r-.. i -1 :L i I. ri-tobal, 1 par-
,:. , ,. i i 1 ,- .............. prepaid
;g-- '. I r I lii-rk-l"r I'. lam a, ] par-
*.l, : t r.i 1 1908 .......... prepaid
N.: "".-- .\ L* .* .1A ., i ..r 1W altmall),
-1...1 .1 i .r.:.. . ; July 9.1908, prepaid
N.. --,- .- ,.. F- ..i II. i...r Boidelbuy).
lt.' ...,: I r-ir.:'l I '.; ir August 9,
S' ............. prepaid



Activities of the Young Men's Chritlan

Total membershilp............. .............. 1.336
Total number of bowling games ........... .. .. 4,943
Total number pool and billiard games .......... 13,008
Number coi tt-est:nits in pool tortlnment;.. 15
Total income from soda fountain ............ .1,67s.04
Number of different ien using gymninasium... 104
Number of men enrolled in systematic gym-
nasinm class work........... ........... .......... 33
Number basketball games ....................... S
Number enrolled in chess and checker clubs... 78
Number chess contests............................................ 6
Number enrolled in glee clubs...... ...... ....... 30
Number enrolled in dramatic and minstrel
clubs........... ................ .........
Number enrolled in orchestras ................... 14
Number enrolled in Bible class.................... 12
Number enrolled in educational classes.......... 04
Number of members of library........... ....... 1S5
Total number of books withdrawn............... 1,331
Number of imported entertainments.............. 10
Attendance.... .............................. 2. 4(1
Number of local entertainments.................. 6
Attendance.............. ................................ 855
Number of functions outside Association man-
agem ent... .............................................. 10
Attendance................. ...................... 96
Number of afteriooiis for women .................. b
A ttendance.............................................. .. 234
Number of evening functions to which women
were invited........................................................... 3
A attendance ........................ ........................ 1 152
Number of letters written at public tables ...... 5.670
Total attendance at building.......................... 36.245
Average attendance per day........................... 1,169
Number of members ........................... 4I
Number afternoons open to boys .................... 52
Total attendance ....... .16
Attendance at gymnasium exercises ............... 396

Empire defeated Gorgona at howling on Saturday
evening, September 19, on the Gorgona alleys with a
score of 2 to1. Pin fall- Empire, s54, 812. 7.75; Gor-
gona. 827, 827, SOS.
The landscape gardener is engaged in beautifying
the grounds about the clubhouse.
Fifty new books have just been ordered for the
library and are expected to arrive in about three
weeks. Alterations are being made in the office for
the accommodation of theentire library which, when
completed, will consist of about 1,000 volumes. The
number now is 700,

Concert by the I. C. C. Band.

Sunday, October 4, 1908, at 7.30 p. 1i1.:
I March-i.anltago "ii tn.......................... Morse
I Overture-l.ustspeil...........................Kelar Bela
3 Waltz--Ioonlight on the udoni ..... ..... Herman
4 -(- 7.". Army Lancr .......................... 'obaili
5 Medley Seleetion- (eo. ltlaslhintonnm. ...Cohau
6 Barytone Solo-Let all Obey...................... each
(a Polka-Huor pipi ......................... .... ...Smith
7 b b Schottiscle-hLel NIe R' You Lemom
S C .................................................. A llen
8 Selection- The Red illil ...................... Herbert
9 Descriptive- Idian ll'arDance............ Bellstedt
10 Galop-Telenachus.................. .. .........l eninet
Cn.-s. JI.NI-NGS. .llusical Direi'lot.
A concert will be given at Empire, C. Z., Sunday,
October 11.

Misdirected Letters.
Division of Dead Letters.
Ancoii, C. Z.. September 30, 1908.
hlie following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in tile United States and its possessions, have
been received in the office of the Director of Posts.
and may be obtained oi requestof addressee:
Bealler, Archie McNulty. lonis
Bentley, E.A. O'Dea. William
liiighamni, J. Robinson, A, L.
Daley, Toni Roguebert, Laurent
Davis,John S. Root. William V. S.
Goultitone. Arthur Rowe, A.
lount, Emmii. Schroeder. [1t. F.
1.ohiug. J. G. Sheakley. Fred E.
Mackie, Saminuel Wallace, Joe
Michelbaugh. Berniard Waterworth. C. E.
Murling, Dai.




CRISTOBAL, C. Z., September 29, 1908.
Effective October 1: All communications
intended for either the Subsistence Depart-
mrent, 1. C. C., or the Coumnissary Depart-
ment, P. R. R., should be addressed to the
Subsistence Officer, Cristobal, C. Z.
.Ntfubsistnce Oftti 'r

For week beginning Septeiimber 29 :
Pi 1"e.
uiltiton-iStewing .................................er lb 6
shoulder and neck (nolt uider
6 poundlls)............................. pe.r lb 7
FIntire forequarter lit under
10 pounds).... .... ...............per lb) S
l,eg (S to II poundsl.............. per lb 16
hliort-ciit chops ..................... pei lb 20
I.,mihb-Slewing ........ .. .................... per 6
Entire forequarter ....................per 11)
Leg (6 to S pounds)..................... per lb 27
Chops.............. .........................per lb) 29
Ve;al- Stewing...................................... per 11b 10
Entire forequairter 115 to 20 lbs)....per lb 11
Loin .. ................... ...... per lb 22
Shorl-cut chops ........................ per lb 23
Cutlets................................... per lb 23
Pork- Culs ..................... ................... per 11) 20
Beef-Suel ....................................... per lb 4
Soup ........................................per lb 8
Stew .................. ......... ...........per lb, 12
Corned.......... .. .................. per lb., 12. 14. 16
Rih-roast, second cut (niot under 3
pounds) ........ ................ ....... per Ilb 19
ib-ronst. short cu (nt ti under 3 r l
pounds) .................................per lb 23
Sirloin roast................................. er lb 29
Rumi p roast................................. per lb 29
Porterhouse roast .................... per 11) 29
Steak round.............................. per lb 23
Ri .................................. per lb 24
Sirloin..... ........................ per lb 2'
Porterhouse.......................per lb 29
RuilIp ................................ per lb 29
Tenderloin .................. ..per lb 31
Livers-Beef.............. ............... per l 12lS,
Calf...................... .................. each 60
Sausage- Pork.............................. .....per Ib 19
Franikfurtei ............................ er lb 13
Leberwiirst...... ............ ........ per lb 15
Bologni ........................... .....per lb 15
Sweet bread-Veal ...... ........................ each 1.20
Beef ...... .... .....................per lb 25
Ox tongues.................... .. .... .... ........each 90
Pigs' feet, pickled ................................. per lh 1
Pigs' tongues, pickled............................ per lb 15
Eggs, fresh......................... ...... ....... dozen 34
Chiekens-Dressed (milk-fed)..................each 1.30
Large I milk-fed)...... .............. eachll 1.65
Capons............... ... ............each 2.40
Broilers ............. ............ each 60
Fowls, nimc.liui and large ... ... each. SOc. and 1.00
Ducks, fatted I fancy).... .............. each 1.10
Suckling Iigs....... .... .......... ............each 4.90
Turkeys ......... ................. .............. pC 'r lb 30
Squabs......................... ... .................each 45
Bacon-Strips ............... ..... .... per 11) 23
English. breakfast sliced...........per Ili 26
HIlai-Sugar-cuiired. sliced ....................per lb 25
One-half. for boiling ....................perI l 21
W estphalia.................................per lb 45
Ferris .................... .................. per 11l 20
Beef, salt. fam ily ......................... ......... per lb 16
Salt pork.................. ........ ...............per lb 13
Butter-Prints, prime qualilty....... ....... per lb 33
Cheese-Roquefort .............. ............per lb 45
Young Aimerica.......... ............per lb 22
Swiss................. ... .................. per lb 33
Edam .................. .. .............. each 1.05
Cainembert...............................per lb 2s
M cliaren's ....... .. ........................jar 15
Pinxter's...................................... tin 22
French cheese in tins-Caineimberl. Roque-
fort, Brie, Neufehatel.............................. tin 20
Buttermilk..................................... quart 15
M ilk, Briarcliff..................................... quart 25


Toniatoes (local only)..........
.etlluee.............. ..... .. ......
White potatoes ..................
Sweet potatoes ..................
Cabbage ............................
( ioins............................. .. i
Cucunibers.......... ....... ...
,Sq cash (quliner) ..............
Grneci coruc .....................
L ilnes.......... ................... li'
Leimoiis ..............................
O raiiti es............ ..........
Cantelouipes.......... ......



C-. I.

Sold only floin cold-stoT.,.. ,.
NEW ART] i. i I.

Mats, cocoa, door, 22x36-inch 1:i
Berry bowls, S-inch ......... :h
Glasses, cocktail .................. -. : l
Plates. 7-inch .................. .. i: 11 .
Parasols....................... ..... ... h I ,
Beds. iron. ingle, No. 365.... :1 .
Peds. iron, double. No. 360 ...- .:.
Beds, iron, double, No. 295 .... "
Shoes-Velour calf, Christy .-- .
tMilwaukee kid. Eng. .1 I "
Glazed kid, balls ....... I .. "
Pat. Cold Yale ties... ,
Pat. calf pu ips... .... r :

Soldiers, Sailors, ;ld %Tlil in,?.
All ex-soldiers, sailors, -.I i. Inann-, reL u-
lars and volunteers, n.., re-I.iii'. ,it ilo"
the Isthmutts, are request 'c, It.. :i'I iI llihe r
inailes, to lie included in e r,.-telr. .r .i-
rectory of ex-service mei ..t11 the i- I,:nu! ..I
Panamna, which is being .::..ni.i.-l 1-.. Pi..r 5
Sturtevant Garrison, Nc 41. ie ..-.ir "\rm
and Navy Union, U. S. I lull rn_-, .1-,ie
of enilistmelnt, date of -i-.,it r..: n.inir .-,1
organization in which ser. i:c i i: rciil. -r .
Istlnmian address and li.,'..- i. lr(:- -..ill
be furnished.
PAUL D. .. .. .., .,.

Sojourners' Lodge, N.. I.'. .\ I XiI .\
Ml., will meet at its hall ii. '..I. liur-
day, October 3, 1908, at : ., r' mI i i ..r
dinarv communication. M.1-...1: 11i ....: I
standingare fraternally ii 11- t. ". ir. -c.ii

The United Fruit Ccri r-,n '- th'rti p.
ship, Hferidia, will arri Ih i C.1,. li 1 time
to sail for New Orlean. I ,i..r t
1.30 o'clock inl the after- '.. i I lie I :.. .' ,
is a sister ship to the ..* .. I' ii /
tineia, and is equipped N Ill ni.. lert ire-
less outfit.

A coal trestle is being 'ii-ltrui.itll i li:
Pallama railroad yard at iP-]ii i tri r l ill
the rapid coaling of locoi,.tli c- u...i1 .' ill
be dumped from the cars 1I r. u. I t lie I r.- I.:
and from the pile benea-.i tli tr.:-tle .11 1 e
loaded upon the tenders I_ i .:-e -I .i3 c. I,
to this work.

Trains on the Panama r ilr..il '.' ill .Ill.:r
Gattin b the old line fr..,,i .1,,.i1, i.i 'ill
stop at the old station, for i Ic ccl.- iiit.
til the trestle on the rekl.:t ill line hi:- l -i
filled. Fromn the old starri n't t' ,tiln ira.,ri
will run oin to the reloca-tel lioe Ii le t .r th
end of the Gatuncillo fill I .:rI.:s ... cr
track recently completed

All but one mile of the re..l,.i ii ti,:
relocation of the Panam r nilrt... I I' .. ,:
Barbacoas and Gainboa 1ir l.- i .'i-tiCe1
of seven miles, has been c. .iil.letl. ni. Ire.-
ties now being driven irt: rl'.,i.l. l..-.u.
up the gap. This section ..i1 the c..r; hIa-
been done within a year I.:, -.wtuip.r .,, -I:,
small force of men.


".1 .il "I"' iill I i.''[ k "l ll. ihii .. ".*I' lli," t .ai i. Mi'M

-i i. L. r. I...I .. I i.L i. u
SlI.i l ii i -im 1 "

"s k 1 .**s T L*.*

if F.1

11 :- I. t rd '

Ic . .. v J4 :1 h.t r.1

K1 .11 .1 T- lA

I imt VI --rL a% [V--% %% h.it

I I- 'A -

ni -mcc

Wi r. I.

Ii IN, i.l.'c*I
>1 I..P
rti: t. 1~ i

ohi ll i I, ~ I-. I
II If-A Fur --

it :,I I I.' m
I I flv .. If rT, I

R i .,-.d

I~~.i LI. -.-
I 1c '1 1,
I C rt.1h.
IC ticn.]

U I C I i'i

r5. c.1~.


,i -. ,. 1 .-.J ',. I l
. i : ii. 1, r i 1 ,

S U l.h. i I I' .1 1.
.rl lll-ll I I V C ,

I.. .... l '. 1 rl: TC I hI r -..T. .[; .1

I i 1 ,1 I II r r I I h. i.' ... i. .u *I I lr

.. r. I,- i I r i T,, : . ..11 .11 I1

I ll I, I. I l." I.

'i I. I. i-, .- .. I I, .l n ..r -' -g Ui
,.,, .-. ,. .1 3a ,,I r .. ] 1n r C o n
. .i i. i .. n i l r

*. i.I r amn 1, '. ; I ] I I n..1 I I t i l
In-*. i- I rt r .ii I n.

f . i- .

Tn... tItt. -ii: i e.te
. r. .. I. I .i l 'll r l ;, h ,

T%.. turi tilec- ill L:, .1.i1-6 tc. t (ll %o
h,;.'" [.r-. '.- .-d .i ll tlh I i ii na rdilr.:.ad *t.l.tl..D
in PI-'.trn a in ,:'-.Il I,,r nr-l .:li -s pa-icll-




I., I



.2 ii

ii.. I

*i. I


-. i.t



.-I I1..




The Canal Record

Published Adelh I bndei yre aul horin and luldi ..Ilan l I he

Ti7 ..: i I e;.
. e r. '. .'. r .'' '.: ..-" i.

. .'.' . -, . .. .. . .. .

Address all Communucali'-ns
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Itmhnius -if Pan'am
... ......... >. 6' .*. *


Cana.l 'kccrd Inrld...
in lpbji.etic.:il i.lex -'f V\'I I. 01 1 H F.
.AN N. R C FO1 Fr. IF i" lr,, n eii ,liplli.'l nI ri
printed l ii lI-rin uit blh 1-r LIrn.l J ii "..' t
the i''uc l tlhe .p: per f-r III;: cjar \ lin-
it,. lLum tb ,rr l >' r,::-r s c 1 \, .il e I-.r pr-
-, 11_4 ., l _ie I, pre ,rn e 1 ie pr 4rr'hrH InI
Ir.-k orim .1 li.il ,i tatitli lull runiie
and 1.)le :tO i ,ll I III er. C ,. U l ul c uale I
.It tlim ,7,sI e oi T il C \';\. i P i-'CI'k
L.:ck E '.'.a iin Is n l >-I v Se -l'a..'I.
I ne 1 tli1 'ih' el: at work inl l tih lock
'i at I ",1itul i I. elon,\ ; 1_d'l,-a.., kii nil i
cut 4t --n Tlit i' iI Ihc ,l:t m 1 h. titcli, re
lo:k Li.ttle tr'-u'i le hi- 4 .eehii e-xpericn>:,.i
Ir-m in e p cli4C liul lic 12-'-i. i .uuiip reccillt'
ilt til]E ,l I: I l]e 1o k,,p ill] \u I:er Iel I.:. l,
point "...iere it ould iniierlere '.. ill Eile
thr,'.'el T" i.., i.-.htion, l I '-2. .ch r.ni-y are -
i hunId in c. i- theli 're 1ilee .l i ll the.
prol'-il-.1 u"ill be liter TlI- icr.1,att -ii III
uei l, 'ier l,:,,:l.k w Zll 1, ,. n t. :- .
Tie h ,e .. at li n f'r.:.im the l:.,k l 4e ii i.ei niL
u ',e. tin tce fil-I the hi :.Ii trec tle .-n the re.
located d linre-1 tlhl r iinni riilr<.-i 4t ',l Ltunr
Clinm.-l sAina Dep..-li -
l',.rilih i' lii tle h-:' ch:\ .t Challl-u'- *.t:
al'u..-ui hall firnilih l li le', h4 e l ccn unkik
.,l g thel irlnnrler '.t -I,, the l. tinr _ula 1,.i."'.
ie1t 4ap rrt n'l 50 leet 1.1--% muean lidle .'1

Incth r .epth the und 4 .11pare tl 1 ii hii
'il tu c. .'Jin',- '- t* l'nr' 1' l at ll11 pIJCi 4i. tl ,re".
lore, cre l4er thiii 1 :%'- c-tlu'tt ie,' l .-rini'
arc r'" bcilL nir.l- '<,lltg ( hr Out'4ide li .-rc
'oi 'ile pelni 'null
New Shh-I-l R-cnrd-.r
The lT.'e iit d1 ll. r,'or.,l Ir t1 l" n hl l i
excai' iti'ln in the Centr'i l li'. iin .' i mri l, e
on Scptcmein r 31.,. ,i hen ;.2 i. h iel i '::ok :'ut
63.1S c:u-bic ar. ojr ol mnuteril The -. ii t
pr,'vioui recor.r w3.-;s n i.l on iul 9. n hen

i h ho .el' excavated 63,049 cubic yards.
I a-. eptentl.er 28S, shovel 209, working- at
I.Iro NIlL e.el. took out 3,100 cubic yards,
chi 'i thllic l.,- record for a single shovel
il I'a'1> Tih l.,eitrecord for a single shovel
Snin imade i 1'9 by shovel 226, which took
out 3." 5 ,:utlic \.irds on November 18.
S.-pic nber Excavation.
lThe cr'nd, to il of excavation during the
i,,ithl oI Ste.tinber was 3,158,886 cubic
'irl: 'd All oI this except 69,035 cubic yards
i i_ taken irom the Canal prism. This is
'3 .-'.) ,:utc irils less than the record for
.\uuit,. in.l 321,384 cubic yards less than
the liizhs, record, that of March, 1908.
There ure 25" u. working days in September,
0o- lIec tlii in August, and one less than
Il, Nlrcih t.l the grand total of September
e'-,.ii uiotu 1 .,. 4 856 cubic yards were taken
-.ut L,\ .I-re.';- nd the remainder was dry
e',' a. ,,ii. n lie average rainfall for Sep-
titi.er T o.r Ilic territoryin which excavation
i Irn .rLces' v as 9.72 inches, as compared
.ith 11 icllies in August.
'ilie eic.. iion for September, 1908, as
:,o[._iared I ilth that for the same month in
I',). ,s .. er ,I ice as large, while the rain-
1ill in SpEtintbei, 1907, was 11.55. In making
i.:hIi .'inip ,rtion, however, it should be
I.,,rie in inii that the work has developed
.reil 1ll1 aloiinc the line within a year, and
that in ._,-pt-rnli.er, 1907, the excavation at
thle lock -ite- at Miraflores and Pedro Mi-
i'uel 1,41 ii.' iheen begun, while the sea-
O,. .ut,,.ii dIredge now at work on the
I .a:ifl eind had not arrived on the Isthmus.
Ii thic \linutic Division the excavation
1.' i i'.,", culic yards, of which 104,780
,:l.1: air.l: wde from the site of the locks,
32 I- :ul.i: i. ,r-ls from the prisum at Mindi,
i,.I 41. hi, ,:uic yards from the spillway of
,ii iLn I'ui ihlie dredges working in the
priinm it Liii..t, Bay took out 624,776 cubic

In tile C eitral Division the excavation was
1 4 i'.- ,:ilt.,' yards, of which all but
-:..241 sult.: 'rds was in the Canal prism.
'In- e'.caat'itn was entirely by steam
_lio.el' .ix c. ,npared with August the ex-
c., itt. .t ii, t1e Central Division fell off
.ilii it i. a' 2..-26 yards larger. In the Cu-
1rt.r i4,c'tio .' r Culebra Cut, the total exca-
\ii.:,' 'a 1.122,860 cubic yards, of which
-.211 ,:uli.c yards were front the Obispo Di-
c-ioi --, hi:eli is not in the Canal prism.
I'm tihin 'ecti'n of the work the rainfall in
cSeleirIer i'. slightly heavier than in An-
-tu-t. an1 thll record was also influenced by
the telimporar, burying of three shovels at
Cucar'.ha .li.:, and by the fact that the
in, ',nuh ; oI,,- working day shorter than the
ni'nlith ol .1\ucust. On the other hand, in
lpiite ol the hliivier rainfall the dumps at
l..th end:; of the Cut were iu unusually good
coi.:lio. ithe experience of past rainy sea-

sons having been used to advantage in keep-
ing up the tracks and handling the spoil.
In the Pacific Division all previous records
were broken by an excavation of 886,200
cubic yards, all but 584 cubic yards of which
was taken from the Canal prism. The
dredges, took out 750,080 cubic yards. The
dry excavation amounted to 136,120 cubic
A detailed statement of the excavation in
the three divisions follows:


From Outside Total
Canal Canal excava-

Prism i Prism tion

yds. c-u. cydst. ci. yds.
Dri excavation-
G-,tni spillway......... .......... 41.210 41,210
Gatun Locks.......... 104.780 .......... 104.780
M indi ................. 32.112 .......... 32.112
Total................ 136,892 411.210 178.102
II'et e.xcavation-
Colon dredging ...... 624776 .......... 624.776
Total wet and dry
excavation ......... 761,668 41.210 802.878
All drr excavation-
Chagres section ........ 346.948 ........... 346.948
Culebra section ........ 1.095.619 27,241 1.122.860
Total................I 1.442.567 27.241 1.469.80S

Dry excavation-
Miraflores locks ......
Pedro Miguel Locks....
Cardenas Hill..........
Total ................

88.605 501 89.106
28.750 83 28.833
.181 35536 584 1836.181
135,536 584 136.120

lVet excavation-
Pacific entrance........ 1 750,080 .......... 750.0O0

Total wet and dry
excavation........ 885.616

584 886.200

Dry excavation ........ 1.714.9951 69,035 1.784.030
W et excavation ........ 1.374.856 ........ 1,374.856
Total.... .......... 3.089.851 69.035 3.158.886
Mean rainfall along Canal (eleven stations). 9.72
Figures of monthly excavation are based
upon telephone reports from the Division
Engineers, and are subject to slight alter-
ations when the official reports are received.
Po*t-offlce at lMisraflores.
A post-office was opened at Miraflores on
October 1. It is a money order office and
is located in a remodeled building near the
railroad station. This addition brings the
number of post-offices in the Canal Zone up
to eighteen.
La Boca Shlpways.
The old French ladder dredge M.ole, for-
inerly dredge A-2, was taken from the ways
at La Boca, September 30, and within a week
will resume work in the harbor. This is the
dredge that worked five years without un-
dergoing general repairs, and now that

Volume II.

No. 6.


T,% .. iN. e -ir


extensive, rl.. -ir- h.i .., I ,:- ri.iiil it i4 I.-
lieved to Ie in .I c: _:,, : .r, Ilt,.,i, -. e .- r
The ste-Ai tr. -.l-:r '.:1'.: '-- /,:.' lhi ,--i.-.i
recliriste'-,., rlI., ,_'1 ,t I,.- I ii io l.r-r. .- in l
repairs a l, 1 l-11,. Fittei- .ith .i i.. i.ik: .r-l.
oil burniii .- .-.r.ilu h .- 1 l..:<. d dip
yards. A r, lri-:r.l.t r pl.lA t i l- r.:.l.. 1..
installed '.l.:.r. i1.l -thil. I- r -t -ork .r- .-
tender i' i h,. I li,- ;.,.I -,r Ic:r

September Rn Ininil 1' or
T -.I .I
Allani r-
Cristobal. I i "
Brazos Br:.-.k I i "I
G tltin .... h"
Bohio ....
Tahenill. : : 1
San Pablo i

Bas Obisp: .: i I i
Gamiboa.. .r ,i
Empire .o
Camacho. r '
Rio GranoI. i 1 -
FacziGc .S -
Pedro Mtig ..1 I
La Boca.. I
Ancon.... I
U[ppr ,-.;,, -
Alhajuela i i .
Allaniic L -
Porto Bell -

Cl ric:.l Vrl ., M. --r Ichn iicail I I in.
The k.1.- tic (I lt" ithe r-i.:Ir .-t-
labor dis rrilin ti.:.i. -ndi Ih- ..:.rk .:,. i d trril,,.
tion of cl ar. I.:-r uii.terLn.l i ..I h.. i:l,:h.iii-
cal D ivi:-.:.i, ll lc i.:., .. lii.relf.h r .it th. ill.
shops in t- ... --:. iii i. -.;. i l-il- l .r
Eachnmia-t-Er h,,-n t i- ti .ill i.ik- u il- I ... -
roll for I'- -b iiih .:.il..- tle tr E .o -
fer of cl-rkit lhr. r.t.:l.:.rL *iiipll:- I. .ii C l-
bra to t'-.. f:l.:. fi--. : i .i i.l'., I
order tlihmt ili. :k--r.. l .:.rk in, ...I .l ,ri
keeping ill..-. rh >:.rl- r- in.;1. I C:,, :, il I.
in the si,-i:-., tlr,:r-l -, ii. tihz l i i. -tE r i,,, -
chanic a I.r-trI r i-r I -' ':'p il- :irk :itr-Ii I
to him.

Sip1.illmber n itl the Ui-dge-
The dre.L .,t .t ..rk ,. il, \il.. in i: .ii-i
Pacific It .i4 i.:.i- -- :. ,ti .;. ..I ',-, c..I
yards of ai l. ii.-I r.:.,:-k .- ptlt.il.r '' lii-
total doe- i:,t .,r- -e ill, tl-,t .- [I.- i, tihe-
table of -- it .il,,,.r e\ i t.11 I -4 '-.r
because the latter amount includes only ex-
cavation from the Canal prism, and does not
take into consideration the 63,029 cubic
yards excavated by suction dredge No. S2,
and the 16-inch suction dredge in the Atlan-
tic Division.
During the month dredge No. 83, which
was undergoing repairs at the Cristobal dry-
dock, was set at work and excavated 33,841
cubic yards. The dipper dredge Chagr-es
made the remarkably high record of 25,179
cubic yards, working in rock in the prison
on the shore of Limon Bay.
In the Pacific Division the dredging fleet
was strengthened by the addition of the 20-
inch suction dredge Sand/iper, and the dip-
per dredge. The Sandpiper was undergoing
her first nionth's test, and the amount ex-
cavated is no indication of her capacity. All
of the dredges in the Pacific Division, ex-
cept the C/cbra, are working inside the
harbor. The sea-going ladder dredge Go-
p/her struck a ledge of rock at elevation
-26 during the last week of September.

.I inl, r lz. All lhe .:,thr ,ir .i

thel lll l..:.i .tl
\ I -.r i ll- t : -- t ,l i .ititut .t1ll
n .l r .il, i .t l . : iC II i- ;. .
A. n i [i C l i' i I l N

i ii i..... ...
..- I n i l .I-.. .I:-
N -ir i I Is. l-r,

le 1n l i -. r

ii -1

- i-i 'Ii -
I - - i -
-- it--
-- i I --
i--i -
-it i;.i

I'C-I .i i C I I-

iii ci--e -I
,.uh l~ .,. . -,,: l i .' .I.N l.

Fl . --. -I - i. .

I:'li -- I


i"t ] I'I it

It '-

Can,l1 Z7.tie S t-.1 i.1-.
\ i,, it d ,i.:.I l ir.;.ij rr- oI
-.:.l, -,ht.:..:.i: .'.1- h l,,I I, the .:,
Su[.szr iit.[ i ] t..1i'- i .:i--I- .it .ini..
- .i ... *_ -[.. : I 1 ,.r i Ir: hli t i ti
I I l i,. Li h i- ill.- moldl l,. o -- r-I l
I d .iE r 'n.:..i. M .tt,-r- iIn r.:.i.i
Ol-w ing -to th -----l n-u--Ie
a.te -ni-. t- t La cat, i.. ]ta
Sch o .l. s blel'- a .l i shr d l i- t [ I
ri1.e Thl'e n l.-r i i ll- '.l
. ri l i r :, 11.:, i : -

-l i i .t....- i -I t1 \ 1- i- -

it ..-". u i. i- 't. '. F ..
.ll .r.r ,-- ',i -ii ;.'.i h t -

. -I -. I ., ..

I i I.. i -- 1 I- ..

attending school at La Boca las

at rea Boca ill be transported
the school at AncoI r in a wago
a43d iss Cherry Reloyed. 24 white
ored.wing to the small number of children

the first day was 396 white and 2
There is no available record o
day's attendance for last year, 1

I -rk. S'. [.'- I ii LC ." I r., ...:,r in. i z .:. Ut I I.:.rTI ', .il rr r hr .
, ....rk-. I tir i --.k .:.A l. I.:.1 tli-re ,.-r.- ,-urll].d -**'

.:.ll.:.. .- tl, r-r l.:.rs i h i ei r :ll t h -i ii ii tl r rir
I-,* no re I lI -u tir. I iI .ll 1c-.:1I-i
,. It i- t- l I 0l-r fr-t t.,e k I.i-. ,..i-r il.he-
,h l.. -il. ,l r h ol thi I .:,l :.r,.l >: ] ,, I ,rc : Ill I. I

'.- ir ii i *ii
*.. i ]., tilie it.. t .i k i.:-r - i lL *i,;. T r11 in.
,',h ti-.r rt.I-it -Ih r, ." l iE-r ill t--r--n '.-*:c k
,-IT, li I'. I -,:h l :,:l ..:.rk : ,,l l ,:. rr i k t
n-, ,,. .,- k r ,:,lit.. I ( tIl ll r.u A i lre lI filter -pl,-
: tllri f i-r .i :r:l l It s- -h:i .:l:.1 -.,u l-, ,,
I .1 I"'. :is l' tm r ,l ... .1 .. -r O rk I; 'l-"..

Dep lth r.i \ niler ;li 1...zI, ,-.

l- ,' : ll. l i- t1.:. .- k .l,-rri-r li- l.ll: -r-l *.-
-i--,n e ll llh, --[.i iTlEr: ..ri.i .t :.l 1 -.ill ,.,. i. r
r it .i l,, l, .:.,1 Ire-. .i tei r 111 int -irfer-n- ,il!
ll,. [.I. 'i -- thll r.:tii .- l .:. .., i.. ,kE *,*l .. et l-

.- I t i .I t "i.'I Li .
c iltt:. .:-:t Il tl -, nel ..r 1-, J iI I-

i. :r-" i l.- l' -- ir -.islk -- t -: i un r.-

l' i. i ...:. ..I th . I .. .k l ith .. l' : i. : i .i .*:.t
t* - i l '.in.ii ,,.tr I'. ,L i i, .i at. .ltr: tl.:r i l-n te.- .i
..I .lt .,t [ .:-.: f, ,: l .i n l.h l r.:,M [ tl .
l l C .iin.il ca l's t,:. .M llr. l: .r 1 ..:.-: duk il I..: 4 ;, |.. .l.. [ep
'l'i>,.' .:.1 th ,. I,,.I.:. ,lluii li tl l ,l +. 1 t1 i : h .l l l l l t th e
.i ,r..,s .':-' l Ie .1 1 Q.t tr,' :' t.l .itrL l i.,',k '..l 1 l l 4 1
,a,. :l,.r- u e r le, r ,il. I,,. 1, l ,.i. *:l, ih l ,l]ire ni e

'-c ll.:'li 'i i h l l l i]'.n: l i( .r l l r lln: i: : llh l]'fH ,?ln:r ,
l h r,w l,..;r 1 :1- t,,lal l :- t:1 lll .ll II, tl ,r t. 't .):. : 1.,l -
.I t.l:.;hi=r. I'1., C ,:.:.litr.:.ll ,-1,1 .',:.1I -.:. tar _,; n i .
IIat, h :, l1,l I ,,hn ,. r rr ,',l ', ll l,:,l I th : l [ tlth i'-l
.tc r in i le ihTI ]L..ik *:.r *:.l1 I 1....i1 '..I .i .r
, ,. .-, , ,I tilh e l .: r tr ll: I It l l .:1 .: 1
r ,,-i . u, r ,h ru -I :.I th ll .:: k -C
c. "1, r tIt ,.-lI I I n I I C, .
bui .l: Ir re.:.rea ol.f tiI the ] lh lld'i I th.e
f c CI l r 1 Dv'i I l ncol T h -- I I -I- -l I
,1- r t t g r.u i a. t b --. f thl l i'rl t -, ] .t ',i i t .-
l Ie .I I.: ch h.lL 4 1 nt tt pltf .I rl t e ` ri l:-
e Ifeet .ab e..r Ine .:I e -l-i I I C. zpillr n ,
t w ,I rali t :, 1 .,..i l -. i ll i u i t,. it-i l,- --n II-
,t'id '19 col- ,,at it : .a .u Itn .:1 Ird : loun ] ., it i r i it r '.ll,
e.r. o. ed or1 1f r' .' 11 r '' r] I il

. r n.h , ,. '**irf**
6 c orni iIt th e w lla o et h ro o ii _I El 11 r I T r. -
f ..-. .-, . 1 1 1.- .:.l .:- r .i .:.i l.: . T I.:.r l hl I n i -l,.
e r ,. .:,, ., 1...I i'.l. , r,,I|.:.., i '. i r ,.r I r.i l : : I '_ I I ; L

built iir the rear of the new building of the
of children Division at Ancon. Th ,e :.1 :.lt. .:.f tl,.
t year that ground at the base of th.- t.:. cr i- '- le-:t.
he children and the platform is to be Tl--et 1..:. e .,
o and from ground, which will give a, l.- :,t.r:.n .:.1 14-

;tte. feet above mean sea-le, r- rhe ,n tru-
there were ments, which will inclu .- .iu .i].:.i.:.irnet.;-r
and 19 col- and a sunshine and clou0 r,:.:.r.I,.r. I ill I...

eurolledon 18 feet above the platfor:., -,.I..l. ..ill [.,ur
264 colored, them well above the roof: ,.l thl :-trsoh.[..
bf the first ing buildings. The advi.ilillt, b :ui Ia.o .-
but accord- a timeball also is beingcct .i rl -


U/ 0 I
stations |

I a 5 C

Cristobal.................... 29.86 79 90 10 72 8
Bas Obispo.................. 29.86 1 78 89 22 69 20
Ancon....................... 29.85 1 80 91 4 70 3

, Precipitatiou.

i- .1

90 I
95 -- I


Old Cnliatgrt-- Il It i..nii %(.rk Nertriing Com-
pie liii)
.i 0t- l,. i r I ''i i .- rL *i. ] ,1 li.:.ni of the
C t r.._r I.. h i.. . LI:u t 1, I .19. .i was es-
tut.in it. thi il i...:.t tu 1.. iili.:.n cubic
.jr. -4 : m. njI l '...r- t. I. .' ited, of
:, l I ':i ,1"1i)i,1"1'"i1 er.. l,. 1.- b,. -v,:ini shovel
,i, l t : r. :i inl, ; 5iii").iiiii .i.ul.,.: yards
L.. u[:t,..n ,Jr .l1 '- l T i t .] ,:.., a:,tended
lr.:.i Gt. l .:ll t1. I,... 1.Hiii '' I Culvbra Cut

.\ -tal. .:. til q., _. lJI..le I t that tim e
-h.. t1 th 1t the-.. .lujtt-l-- .:.:.ul.1 be mate-
ri ll. r.. I.:_...I E I.e.:.: il.,.r .. I I 07, th e
engineers were able to present a new plan
of Canal location in which nearly the entire
line from Gatun to Blas Obispo was changed,
and by which, without increasing the curva-
ture, a saving of 1,750,000 cubic yards
would be made.
In the reorganization of Julyl, 1908, the
Tabernillaand Gorgona Districts of the Cen-
tral Division were created to comprise that
part of the old Chagres Division which ex-
tends from Tabernilla to the beginning of
Culebra Cut. No work had been done on
that part of the old Chagres Division ex-
tending from Taberuilla to Gatun, now in-
cluded in the Atlantic Division.
The amount to be excavated in the Taber-
nilla and Gorgona Districts, including the
work from Tabernilla to Gamboa, was esti-
mated at 3,459,132 cubic yards and 2,965,309
cubic yards, respectively, to be taken out by
steam shovels, and a total of 4,500,000 cubic
yards by suction dredges in both districts.
A careful estimate just completed gives the
amount of material to be removed after Sep-
tember 1, 1908, as 8,033,684 cubic yards, of
which 6,325,700 cubic yards are earth, 1.709,-
984 are rock, and 22,000 cubic yards have
been added to allo.y for possible slides. The
French excavated 2,538,265 cubic yards in
this territory.
Work in the Tabernilla District was be-
gun in September, 1907, and up to Septem-
ber 1, of this year, 1,585,816 cubic yards
had been removed, the work therefore being
45 per cent completed. The present plant
consists of five 70-ton Bucyrus shovels and
two Model-91 Marion shovels. Both Bel-
gian and American locomotives, and French
and Oliver dump cars are used in hauling
away the spoil. The shovels that are seen
at work in front of the village of San Pablo
are working at grade. At San Pablo the Ca-
nal is to be 800 feet in width, and it will em-
brace that part of the present roadbed of
the Panama railroad lying between the post-
office and a point about 750 feet south of
the Panama railroad bridge spanning the
old French canal. Before this section may
be completed it will be necessary to throw
the railroad line in toward the river so that
it may lie clear of the prism, or to wait
until the relocated line of the railroad from
Barbacoas to Gamboa can be used.
The prosecution of the Caimito work de-
veloped a peculiar state of affairs. The
present location of the Canal lies just south
and clear of the old French canal at this
point. It is estimated that the French ex-
cavated in one deep cut at this location
1,000,000 cubic yards of rock. In the work
tti lit 1,- -.n going on the past year it has
b.:.n 1-i.-un necessary to move several hun-
,ir: .1 t h.:.u- nd.l yards of this French exca-


ovation, which had been dumped where the
Canal prism is now located, and to dump it
back into the old French canal cut, which
incidentally made a very convenient dump-
ing ground.
Between Caimito and Matachin the line of
the Canal follows closely the Chagres River.
In this territory some 4,500,000 cubic yards
of material, practically all earth, areto be
taken out. It is proposed to excavate this
material by suction dredge, the work to-be
begun when the water in Gatun Lake
reachesan elevation of approximately 55 feet.
It is possible that the old French dredge now
at Mamei may be overhauled, made into a
hydraulic dredge, and used for a part of this
work. Part of this section lies in the Taber-
nilla and part in the Gorgona districts.
The Gorgona District comprises also what
is known as the Santa Cruz and Matachin
work, the excavation to be made originally
being 1,247,652 cubic yards and 1,717,657
cubic yards respectively. This work is at
present about 35 per cent completed and
should be finished before August, 1909.
The work in the Gargona District is vi-
tally concerned with the waters of the Chag-
res River, the grade of the Canal being
lower than the river at its low water stage.
Earth dams were constructed and two
pumping plants were installed each consist-
ing of two 10-inch centrifugal pumps, one
plant being driven by compressed air and
the other using steam. These pumps are
operated after a heavy rain or during a rise
of the river, and no trouble is experienced
in keeping the low level drained. With the
completion of the shovel excavation the river
will be turned through the completed Canal,
thus allowing the railroad to straighten its
relocated line, and eliminate the tortuous
curves lying in the first mile north of the
Gamboa bridge.

Official Addresses in the States.
The Washington office of the Istlimian
Canal Commission requests that whenever
officials of the Commission are iu the States
they notify that office of their address. At
times the Washington office has occasion to
communicate with such officials, and fre-
quently mail is sent in care of that office,
which can not be forwarded because of the
lack of definite information asto addresses.

Culebra Brake Service Discontinued
The Chief Quartermaster announces that
the brake service at Culebra will be discon-
tinued, effective Saturday, October 10, until
further notice, owing to the necessity for
making general repairs to the brake.

Central Division Magazines.
A service magazine, with a capacity of a
carload of dynamite, has been built on the
east side of the Canal at Cucaracha. It is
constructed of concrete blocks. The old
storage magazine at Bas Obispo has been
taken down and rebuilt at the end of Mamei
dump, and is now in use. It has a capacity
of 500,000 pounds, and is under the manage-
ment of the Quartermaster's Department.

Examination for Physician.
A local examination for the position of
physician in the service of the Isthmian Ca-
nal Commission, entrance salary $1,800 per
annum, will be held October 14, 1908, at 9
a. m. in the office of the Chairman, Culebra.

The Manual of Examinations, containing all
necessary information and Application Form,
may be obtained from the Secretary of the
Isthmian Civil Service Board, office of the
Chairman, Culebra. Canal Zone.
Stages of the Chagres.
Maximum height of Chagres above low
water for the week ending midnight, Oc-
tober 3, 1908:


Height of low water
above mean sea
level, feet........ 129 92 46 0 0
Maximum height ab
low water, feet:
Sunday, Sept. 27....i 7.55 6.25 9.53 11.50 5.15
Monday, Sept. 28.... 4.10 4.80 9.60 13.75 5.84
Tuesday, Sept. 29... 5.10 4.50 6.25 10.55 5.00
Wedn-sdaySept. 30 1,8 2.28 3.60 8.55 4.00
Thursday, Oct. 1.... 1.45 2.03 3.90 7.75 2.60
Friday, Oct. 2........ 3.60 3.57 4.15 8.42 2.90
Saturday, Oct. 3..... 2.40 3.42 5.00 9.45 3.70
Maximum for week.. 7.55 I 6.25 9.60 1 13.75 5.84

Bids for the construction by contract of
two type 17 houses, to be erected at Corozal,
will be opened at the Mount Hope Depot on
October 13. Plans may be procured at the
Mount Hope Depot, or seen at the Office of
the Chairman at Culebra.


Addition to Quartermaster WVork.
CULEBRA, September 29, 1908.
CIRCULAR No. 183F-1.
Effective Jctober 1. 1908: The work performed by
the Quartermaster's Department under the provi-
sions of Circular No. 183F, is extended to include the
territories of Mount Hope and Cristobal.
Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.
Storehouse at G-tun.
CULEBRA, September 30, 1908.
On October 1. 1908, the storehouse and Inmber yard
at Gatun, now operated by the Quartermaster's De-
partment. will be transferred to the Division Engi-
neer of the Atlantic Division, with all material and
supplies on hand. and necessary forces.
Acting Chainran and Chief Engineer.
Malingerers to Be Dismissed.
CULEBRA, October 2, 1908.
A number of cases of malingering have recently
been reported. If any employee is too ill to work he
is expected either to go to the hospital or to remain
in quarters, except for such time as may be necessary
to consult a physician or to go to a dispensary. In
future, any employee found loafing or loitering on any
day for which he presents a sick certificate will he
dismissed from the service.
Acting Chabinan,
Acting Chief Clerk.
ANCON, September 29. 1908.
Effective this date : Mr. John S. Walker will act as
Chief Clerk during the absence on leave of Mr. Har-
ry E. Bovay.
By direction of the Chief Sanitary Officer.
Acting Ereculive Officer.

COLON, R. P.. October 2, 1908.
Gambling and other violations of the Panamanian
laws on Panama Railroad leased property are pro-
Gene, al Manager.


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W'.. Lne'- Club- .id tl ier Fealure-.
flie C'iun \V'lirl'r- Chi0. Hi lde it ip:n-
in i li ti tl" l C r 1 'i :.'1 teLJl.ir l : li
prc:ldir nt. I~lr: i'. Li Corp. tll tlie ,?l 'ir
T he ine i.ly v,1 a. inl-,rinl l il .l .. -,i .l >il:i
to W l, ', iOh 01 ,'lul '* ,orl; ild tll i. -t
incir-: ol 3.'i 1i.Ico i. -hii1i i.'i lhe .iIn' oi [ihe
org inli llio i .,.Ill: l io ti- : niirlh .rer 31
00ld. Iimle-,ber reiro l Irm in i'.1il l _lir the
ib, ' "nc .- ol other Ol 'I ,cA- ,or, iI ,t ,' i ii cAi I
to drie r the 3nnu.11 inl:c.t i ln: 1ti, eiinon .,I
off.er-r unr. tihe firz Fr'.i,' iti Nienilecr
In tie ar-inton-, thi. orgiii.'.lion i-ill ile l
Ttle (_cr i'ni \a'oii- i' Clui 1 ]. t: rI el. -
ular nimeting oin Thiirr'd oti.:ol.er I. -ah
tho- pre:lid rnt ii, th- "-,L.iir Alter i le in.
loriial remnirk : ,fn IIrti,', o. I lterr it IIoni, th ie
rcentI Fedieratln i i eetl I.. 'ulmailntir'-: lele
3fppo. inlTe.1 fir thie cil -in ll hil I \ c3r. hi- Jl -l
lov.i lilinihropiic. Nir : ] Nhlrri:nii,. Mr'.
I C'ckett. Mr. T,.rlcrer hol iie : lr' Plil-
lip'. lMr' I.ergetronr. IMr- V.irch lIlir,..
mL.I,'. lMr'. S.jinll. Mr' iililtl irn.. Mrr
H Ul- IIn, rt, Sri r I.rou ] .. I M r liinkle.
Mr:. Swoet. literary. M.- F .rrit. iir-
Teterr. Mr: Stro,_'l; Mr: ,\melt i.h, ill,d
for t. Sltatu : 1t n il :t ol.cr 6. .ill r a 'i.t .:.1
twoniornth: intl heirr ''lter. lMr'. Mlorrin n.
i\3' gl.cin 3 riinC I ot.- il th .nk: lir her
Sssi-t .i '. in clul I .Ilatte rs, il 'I I n .i .n i
ctlini the ill pr1 cntr:el lither itih ,r fi ]
1t1f. 'ep, -ic 3 l[a keli )1' pp'.-'3t im l .
Thb imniothlL\ I.,iini e IlIetinle o) tlhe La-.
Ca.'i._di Wo\'lnin' Cluiil. .- held i t thli

rThiz >.\ IT i -li ; : i i ., i r -.i i -r- .'., :1., 1.
Mr= .111.rchl. LChhirml n, Mr,' ,",rccii. Mir
'Tlho pohrn p, r :Ind Mr : Ir rnit i '11. -i ii
Mrl [l'Iot le an.I Mir Hatil i'ile nli t
nictlle t g ill e h lt.i I 't lol._cr 'S. it rIt-. r i -
,.1-aEi_ ol Irz All_.rc.lnt The trit i w'r cr-.
Snr, or'f ih- orginl:.lA oiin .31 the L '. Cr.-'. -
d.,i clit, .vill o.'c, r on C oibl r I The
piurpol -' .)I l eO .'Ihil li.i. 0t, I. n tlie pro.-
i oNi i1 l l o 0 'Ci.Il 1 an. d mn i in 11 .,i:p.l iII -
protienciIt- in, th. or,.- U1l, it lon li.,z ir ,
3 f.na ior il n tlht i'olii' i n it.% llI. i t hfsi
1...n71 g-ro.lly a.fr 'ciatei S .c r.il pi il.'-
ii' inupro. r ii in 'ii in ,ii [T'e 1 ir d tcL
h)o iie efl'irt-. anl lUl Llelnc e oI thIe ,1ui .
Thie .i iiO -ion o)I th'I .'orilinlii' r I:-r \ lnri-'
tiad nei r:,'e-, I '.'etr C I 'Co' l iiri id.ilt ri- it thec
pil-lt. l'e. miln l pr' m-ir ienlll 'tlie Ii l,. rile
3n.l ildc 'wialk Il.cinl iiiiong tlleti I' h-
' eekl i\riiTl niTnll Tet ..ke ld Ie in
theti'c.'ln pi er'.iiet r s3 .1 It, rs'.. thlie r
to.) etl er. A ..l Ii .a'Is lii I:'ll :i rri:.!
lir .iuni girl .hi-ch i, eet rei s..'l.
The Eminpiir Wom\ n'r'31 ClII,. e. e 3 rec'-..
tli n tit i t i pre i-I,:.nt. MIr. \V'. MI.rsI'le
on Tii -d.r -:pt.eriil.r -e.n 3 l.irCe Iui il.cr e
of ,lul m tc r- I'iledr j -l c itC:e lt ii ii: Re-
Ir rb-.hlll lt cre :-.r%,r. l-,1' 3 ,:'-li' o 'lltte 3t
Lta lc) : .i o-iiratei '. lir t11 r' sii l pL.int i
M r:- H C I..ll pi-'i.id d at a3 -I l ,rt. 'buzlI :
im lting le.lori tll- r.i'- .[,ti.i n RK port- Ironi
the va3rio I FPedicr ation I'oinini11te- re
read 3and 3 -'ii'li la ion lthe uiil-'.et i1 tlhe
rea:' lngol, i 'lr 'c v. T ll 'A ie *t l ,t il' c, L bt t t,0 )'3l-
up 13:' 1e.1 A p-pe'r on the ctr.elictre )1
.ip.an--'e t'ea \sa read. L. Mri' I ii i- 1.: ncr.
,nd violin sitd pia 10 l ter.: ,n: cre cLi.cn
I_.' th-- M1iei iSophisa .NId Ma y Johnnon
The pr'i..lent g. t an S n.l li al her cXpe-
r piece during th hirri an ie n the re- :c trip
olf thile I,'L'.'
The Culebra \Wo,:nu' Club had 3a '.ll 1a-

iend.le1 inuting on Thursday, October 1. Re-
p.:.rt- Ir.,ni the Federation meeting were
re,'.lIre'l Master Arthur Howard gave pi-
ir)o --eckions. There were several guests
I.,r lit .iliriloon including Mrs. Frank Mir-
,:1]c ol Empire.
All.,rett., Council No. 1, Degree of Poca-
b it.,-. ..I the Improved Order of Red Men,
*,ill ei' -, grand box social, followed by a
.l.ii.:c .i.d entertainment, Tuesday evening,
S,.:t.,. .or 1I at the Fraternal Hall, Culebra.
All i Irleli are cordially invited to be
pre :''-i
The l'iraiso Social Club gave a dance last
e'ek ,l.h was attended by a number of
* 1lnor. Irom Pedro Miguel and Culebra.
I lic Pedro Miguel Woman's Club gave an
rietcrt ri',inent on Thursday evening, Octo-
l-_.r 1. Iir the purpose of assisting the Social
aii Rec:reative Club in the purchase of a
pi.,no There was a good attendance and a
pl.iant ~'' ening was spent in games, dan-
'in,." .ii1 other amusements. Home-made
relr-'linints were sold. Mrs. H. C. Shick,
e:ietl r of the club from its organization,
Iclt Mon-lIy, October 5, to spend the winter
in Cililo'rnia. She expects to return to the
I tliniu, in the spring.
MNi' Iorin C. Collins, president of the
Cq3nl. .Zone Federation of Women's Clubs
ni. I ol llic Cristobal Woman's Club, sailed
.,in tie .llianca, October 3, for a three
nil.,tli-' sit to the United States. During
her bL.ci,:e Mrs. E. Lewis Baker, vice-presi-
. Icli. ,* ill preside at the meetingsof the Cris-
lol.a l I _.

Notice to Odd Fellows.
p I' ;;ison, District Deputy Grand Sire,
I ,.1 PF., will institute Isthmian Canal
Rrl.ekiit Lodge No. 1 in the lodge hall at
1,.:.rgon.i. on Saturday evening, October 10,
1'-0 .ill members of the Rebekah degree
onl tbl- I ihmus are requested to be present
.d -in-, one who is eligible and wishes to
.c'o,iiie 3 member is invited to send in an

Tivoli Club Notice.
Tie re ular Tivoli Club dance will be
?,.cen on Saturday evening, October 10, at
I I.:.tl i' ol. Notice has been sent to each
Il lcil 'T"
A- it r' now generally known that the
:lul I..ii,.,-.sareheld on the second and fourth
3t[Linl3., f each month, the secretary an-
I,:'iiIce- Itlat no individual notices will be
mni .,'It in future except in case of special
rhl,'e- .A general notice will be printed in
Tile C.'.. kL RECORD, and the daily news-
I' [.cre
-i- T
A neron Library Association.
A Inuiertrg was held at Hotel Tivoli on the
i, lr .,I August 28, to form a library asso-
.:iaion t i Ancon, notice of which had been
.- ein through THE CANAL RECORD.
It '.3s the sense of the meeting that the
intere-t in the library indicated by the at-
leiiin.:ce ,-was not sufficient to justify a pre-
lumi, ir;r, organization, and it was decided to
i'dl z:z Aicon, La Boca and Corozal, and
'r r.s11 how many would be willing to be-
o rin- members of such an association and
pi, .or tle_. supportofa readingroom thesum
l T1.o ... 'llars per year, payable semi-an-
i i .ill.,
It i' itntided to have a circulating library
ol at 1-q.:T one thousand volumes, and all

current newspapers and periodicals on file
in the reading room.
The association if formed lus been pronm-
ised by the Chairman of the Isthmian Canal
Commission the use of the romis formerly
occupied by the Chief Sanitary Inspector,
over the present offices of the District Quar-
If a sufficient number of persons agree to
become members, another meeting will be
called, adequate notice of which will be
given through THE CANAL RECORD, and
an organization will be effected.
Any names sent to THE CANAL RECORD
will be placed upon the list.


W. G. Comber, resident engineer at La
Boca, left on the Heriadia, October 6, for
Costa Rica, where he will spend his annual
Capt. T. C. Lyster, Medical Corps, U. S.A.,
of Ancon Hospital, sailed for the States on
the Advance, September 28, having been
ordered to Washington for examination for
Paul Vanderstop, of Chicago, Ill., died
at Ancon Hospital on September 20, of ma-
laria. He came to the Isthmu in February,
1907, and had been living recently at East
La Boca. His brother, Peter Vanderstop,
lives at 291 Reynolds street, Rochester, N. V.
Civic Pride Hindrances.
The letter signed Civic Pride, which ap-
peared in your issue of September 30,
attracted my attention because (if the apparent
reflection it contained on thl work of the
Canal Zone police. The writer does the
police department at Cristoba an injustice
when he insinuates that little effort is made to
keep stray animals off the streets and lawns
of this village. It is not possible to keep
the animals that stray from Colon into Cris-
tobal entirely out of the American settle-
ment, but an effort is made, and I believe
it is attended with remarkable success, to
impound such animals as soon as they are
detected. In September, for instance, the
police department at Cristobil impounded
7 horses, 2 mules, 4 goats, and I cow. I do
not like to have Cristobal, or any part of it
referred to as a "cabbage patch," because it
is my home, and because civic pride can not
be stimulated by the use of slurring epi-
thets. Please publish this in justice to the
police of Cristobal.
Cristobal, October 3, 1908.
Misdirected Lett rs.
Division of Deid Letters.
AnconI. C. Z.. 02.ober 6, 1908.
The following insufficiently dressedd letters, origi-
nating in the United States aid its t possessions. have
been received in the office of the Lirector of Posts.
al it ily be obtained on req iestof addressee:
Bowen. A. S. Karsuer. Walter
Brown, Geo. (Engineer) Koch. Ca t. F.
Dailey, John Leach. Arthur
Delacroix, Clem Locken. F.. 0.
Dickinson, wVm. Fi. MacDevitl. John
Edwards, Howard Maynard, Miss B. I.
Fighole. H. I. Neely, P. John
Graham, Mrs. W. It1. O'Brien. Mrs. N. 0.
Holt, X. t. Schultz. Valter
lowell CorPoral Swineliarl, Robt.
Irwin. Mrs. Don E. Taylor, Mrs. Jennie
Jones, Parker A.
Piles are being driven for the handling
docks aud cement storehouse at Gatun Locks.



1Iu., it- .Ml ain l, l .. i :u.i ( .,A**i l nin I
Redi 'Ied.
During the latter part of June, the nmala-
ria rate at Corozal suddenly took a jump
upward. No further indication was needed
to assure the Department of Sanitation that
the anopheles mosquito had found a new
breeding place in that vicinity, undiscovered
by the district inspector.
Unable to account for the rise, at his re-
quest a special inspector was sent to his as-
sistance. The Chief Sanitary Inspector, not
being satisfied with the report. sent out a
second inspector, and finally a third. The
recommendations of all were carried out,
and the rate fell steadily, but not to the nor-
nial, and the returns for each week were re-
garded with dissatisfaction.
About the middle of August, the rate sud-
denly shot up higher than ever. Two in-
spectors were sent to the district inspector
with orders that the three cover every foot
of the ground. This was accomplished in
two days by hard work and late hours. Two
reported that the breeding place of the mos-
quitoes was 700 yards from the nearest canimp,
and the third inspector stated that the in-
fection was from the aggregate of small
breeding places in which the larva had since
been destroyed byoilings. One of the char-
acteristics of the anopheles mosquito is that
it is not likely to fly at one time a distance
of more than 200 yards from its breeding
place, and that it is seldom found more than
this distance front its home.
Comparatively little of the life-habit of the
anopheles is accurately known, but the legit-
imate inference deducted from the known
facts are sufficient to establish a working
basis, viz:
(1) That the female anopheles has the
hovering instinct for raising her family, anal-
agous to the fish.
(2) That after her eggs are fertilized she
is impelled to seek the blood of animals or
human beings in order to develop her eggs
to perfection.
(3) That after obtaining the necessary
blood she seeks her own birth place to de-
posit her eggs.
Herein lies the weakness of the anopheles
female of which man takes advantage. Her
home ties hold her from any such migra-
tions as the culex often makes, and being
fatally susceptible to the sunlight a clearing
of all grass and brush for 200 yards from her
home is sufficient to accomplish her destruc-
Hence the breeding place 700 yards dis-
tant could not be accepted, although it was
destroyed as a precautionary measure. A
third inspector was sent to Corozal, with or-
ders not to consult with the others, but to
remain there until lie could positively lo-
cate the point of infection. He began by
searching each building for adult anoplieles.
From the building in which lie captured the
greatest number lie started early in the
morning when the grass was wet and the
mosquitoes were lying low. He followed a
zigzag course, turning from point to point
as he found the number lessening. This
led him to a salt marsh 280 yards from
the buildings. linBut anopheles do not breed
in salt water, and moreover the edges of
the swamp were well oiled where fresh wa-
ter would collect and no larvae were found.
He kept on, and penetrating the jungle

." i-' r l- '. I i .. 1 hI r c .v ilp,.
T ie .lir ci 'ili.-:,ct:.,r i tpe.re.l ii : i *..:.. -
it,- !. I l-. ,', lthj 1 hI ] h :t ; II 1 11 l l. 1- 1- 1 1-1
that lie believed the breeding place was in
the middle of the swamp, and that lie had
determined to go in. Go in lie did, to his
waist, in water and miire, laboriously cutting
him, way through the branches to the middle
of the swamp, where lie found the larvae
thick enough to blacken the comparatively
fresh water. Half a mile away a culvert
was found so obstructed that the salt water
did not have free access to the swamp dur-
ing high tide, and the outflow was blocked
at low tide. In consequence of the heavy
rains the salt marsh had been gradually con-
verted into a fresh water marsh, and as it
was filled with rank vegetation, the anoph-
eles were provided an ideal place for life and
Planks were thrown out into the marsh,
lanes were cut in the vegetation and the oil-
ers were set at work. The number of adult
anopheles found in the camps began to
dwindle at once, and the malaria rate soon
fell to normal,
This is only one instance of many similar
ones, and it is cited to show the difficulties
attending mosquito extermination and the
maintenance of good health in the Canal
Cost of Municipal Improvements.
Municipal improvements made by Ameri-
cans in Panama, Colon and the Canal Zone,
up to the close of the fiscal year 1908, cost
S5,770,750.87, distributed as follows:
Pananma water works and sewers.......... $853,849.23
Colon water works and sewers............ 601,043.91
Zone water works and sewers ............ 2,358,840.44
Paving, Panama ....... ........ .......... 489,007.77
Paving, Colon........ .................... 293,231.26
Zone roadways........................... 1,174.778.26
Total ....................... ...... . 5,770,750.87
The work done in the cities of Panama
and Colon was in accordance with Article 7
of the Treaty between the United States and
the Republic of Panama, in which the Uni-
ted States was given the right to construct,
maintain, and operate "all works of sanita-
tion, collection and disposition of sewage,
and the distribution of water in the cities of
Panama and Colon" as "may be necessary
and convenient for the construction, main-
tenance, operation, sanitation, and protec-
tion" of the Panama Canal and Panama
railroad. The municipal works in the cities
of Colon and Panama are to be paid for,
with interest, within the period of fifty
years, by water and sewerage rates imposed
and collected by the United States, and
when paid for are to become the property
of the Panamanian Government.
In the prosecution of this work the old
Division of Municipal Engineering, from
the time of its organization, July 19, 1904,
up to the end of the fiscal year, had laid
60,469 feet of water pipe in the city of Pan-
ama, and 69,280 feet in the city of Colon.
In Panama 67,925 feet of sewer were laid
and in Colon 37,896 feet. The paving done
in the city of Panama amounts to 66,365
square yards of brick, 19,116 square yards of
concrete, 3,572 square yards of macadam,
51,401 linear feet of concrete curb. In Colon
62,621 square yards of macadam pavement,
6,410 square yards of brick, 41,267 linear
feet of concrete curb, and 1,923 linear feet
of basket gutter have been laid. Water for
Colon is supplied by a Canal Zone reservoir

I.:...il :',l l ,r ,r..,.,- l r,:,,:. :! I. I,,r 1' l P i i n
Ir,,il I r.:,.:,. .,ir H i thl,: R ,.:. ,.,r i'lc ll:.
,i,' ,r C ul, lr ., I I :.,: r,: ,r..:. 'r il .:. -ulppl..
the neighboring t nii-Ic'' *cltiiio:iil. ii,
the settle ent- i ili|e- nir-r .r .1 Ihr: i ...t.
are supplied L r'--r .._. ,t i'iiipir,: n-id
Gorgona, and I.. pLuiiiii2 -ti.i:lon-
In the Cana. '/. ii, -irl '9 1i,:r tent :.'1
all quarters con-truci,:.l I-. tlih- C..inii-:.n
as well as offic,- ILl.1 -li. ii m.l -1 b.,.- Iil.
been connected ..iil ii: :i't.c -c r -
terns. At the cl .:-c th.. I'-,il .. r -'1" .
975 feet of sev -r ii .1 I.:-ii I iIl iun :,1. .
houseconnectio .i- li.i 1 I.:,.ii ni.I.-, and .9-'
633 square yar. .:.1 in im1iii r.:.a.l, 1 i'"1
square yard ol l .ni. i p .li[ll il -'o.
square yards ol p t.ili.- i.i, -ccii .'ii: -rucil:,l
inthe Zone. TIh. c-,r itil. ri:..ri I thli r,:I.l-
building done liL, l tr lI I .:.u COltile.I I.
the Am erican .,I|l|eL-I -i II iii. lii- I.,.:, i
m ade necessary 1.. thli-: c'-:.i-ir cti'.'., l I:.l' 1 c
buildings and qt,.irt.r-r

Death ., a S ill.-r.
Charles Rand I,o:. ni ,tl, irt-.._i-.
United States Ni' utitme clii:1 I..:.tt- liii
m ate on the U. S /;., .,.. ,Il,, ut .\n.-...i
hospital on Seli-':"ib.:r .3,1 19,I '. ..I pertil':.n
itis, caused by lv iii '.... nnId 111 ih al ,,d.:.mcu
inflictedby aPiini .tiliti ite .. .i:r.
old and lived ,t ir iuc,. N .I ., :r'. mnL
his third enlis'.ir. :n i t : N i .., 1. i,:-n n
gun pointer oil thi- l S S .'i., .. -, .,n i
previous cruist.iiid i l '*cLii ..- ic i. i .:.::
conduct medal i.:.r mncrit.:-ri..,u- -ri._c He
was not of a qujrrcl-...nic ,li-i.. t i:.n. nd'l
was considered :I itc .*:.lT._cr- .:.1 th I ,.. ..
one of the imc -t cffic?,.iit iii ,ell Iell ted
men aboard shi|. Hi- .-iill h-it ii ieen ar-
rested and is av. i .: tirl iii I u'.inj J .-:...irt-
Barbadian Fiiind De ad
Charles Best i Eart.-liat n nII r.:. cioil.i...'.:l
by the Pananmi R-iilr..,.i.l C...ini -
found dead in -..mie l.u-l- lc1i.'t ccii 1C In-
sane Asylum a 'ld lte ri lr,:.jl trat'lit .\nI.on
on the morning '.:. Sciptlcln cr 2'. H- l.ull
had been fracture ilnd hin thr.:.it cut it I-
believed that 'he a- iuitd-cruCl ind fr...ui
the fact that hi p.-:.._,t- -:rc turned: iin-
side out, that thi, rta-.:.n I.:.r thle linr icr
was robbery. Citric- imnel- i.,l Ruthl
W hite, both col.:.r-.l. lii l -:cii rrte-'ci i-ni
are being held i',:nlii.i in. ctic- ii'r :

A new yard I.:.r La.1-...r -l r ir i,- I cii
authorized for the Centr I li. -i:.ii I .ill
be located at Pelr.:. '.11,u> l .- prc-c i tile
construction tr.,ni- run Ihicl. ir.i:.mi tli LduLip-
and are held p -.:. ii tlic ii n i ic uli l li e
"bad orders" ire tiil.ic ...ut ihree nic.
tracks, two e c -i.:.ii- iii -c. cr il .-r.:-
overs will be a 1.1 i tl.:., thIe ri i,:.ru:ler tbit
delays consequeni .:.n i -'iO I in: iiii ir icil
may be avoided.

The Assistant Chi'cl li:.iii cr tlle li.
sion E engineer .:.1 tlle c 'tril I ., a-i.:.i. i.1
the Assistant i.. il-,: Chli l I=niciiccr. I c
been appointed i .' ..,a''iiaLe -:. i- L ie-..
ommiiendations u-.'th recartI t.i. I: l c.uliitrue.
tion of a brea .. er I i 1..ii .:.i lu I:.r llic
harbor of Colon

Three Liidge-r ..d:,. I util.:.tader ,. .:.rkinr ...n
the 1,a Boca dui p-. iil....ild.l o'i. ir iin-. ill
all 10,432 cars ...f ut 1 ird- t.:. i ,-ir il .-ugut-
Ini the same peri.,d tl e f:-.or niil':.id:ler ..rk-
ing at Tabern.ll i .nil.:. d... 1.199 triin .: .t
sixteen 20-yarc ctar


lmi slll. nA- ..T, t.' M en'- ClI-1-IlIni
A -.ci.- i I' I.

ra.. -l o.=.ne = I *u e 1 .:- :- .n .it

, .,,

I I ri*i 1- 'i. 7 H. .1 r I I- It .

'r I.: I'

1.1l ill .i iii

0 :, -I 'ri 1, .1.1 ...
-1 h ...i

1s.~t 5t 1I -i' li -li 2 t. C it I

I Arir

d1 r I Ill
rci r Ir I







C.incert by tlle I. C. C.

Eli- i. 4- /
S, i .l. . .> .l..- r i t 1 .* '*, ,*

h,- .:..-- .r ,
I .l -.'-,,. .
T P .. ,,, -.' .i

i14 1 ..









I ; uI I.

, r .l .l' .l I

F. i., ri

I -

.1,_1 iii,
I''- .11

.i -:.:. i, r .x., T r I I I, I ,
I.. it -11 .._ I h r I ,

hF i t I l vi l

P ii L'. L* L -1 1 "i I i -i".h
d l c- ... r.i I.'.. -.' ,' '' ,

A c .,: ..[r. .T ,1 I ,.-1 *.r. ,I I ",r.',l- *; *,r, .il
O s.: ,...: -r lI.




CRISTOBAL, C. Z., September 29, 19U8.
Effective October 1: All communications
intended for either the Subsistence Depart-
ment, I. C. C., or the Conmmnissary Depart-
went, 1'. R. R., should be addressed to the
,tnbsistence Officer, Cristobal, C. Z.
.Sub'is'tIce RthI '


FIor week beginning October 6 :

l utton-Stewing ........ ............................per 11b
Shoulder and neck (not under
6 pounds).............................pet lb
Entire forequarter (not under
10 pounds).... .................. per 11)
ILee (8 to 10 pomni ...l............. per lbi
Short-cut chops .................... per Ib
i. Imih-Stewing ..................... .... .. ...per lb)
Entire forequarter ................. per Ib
ILeg (6 to 8 pounds)..................... per lb
Chops......... ...................... ......per 11)
-ial-Stewing ........................... .......... pe lb
Entire forequarter 115 to 20 lhsi...,per Ib
oi .................. .................. .....per lb
Short-cut chops........................... per Ib
Cutlets.............. ...................per lb
I rk- Cu ts....................... ...............per Ih
B-ef- Suet ...................................... per Ib.
Soup.........................................per lb

Stew. ......... .. ...........................per b
roredi................... ........... per lb.. 12. 1.
Rib-roast, second cut (not under 3
pounds)..................................per Ibt
Rib-roast, short cut ( not tender 3'/2
pounds i................................ tier lb1
Sirloin roast ................................ per lb
Runip roast................................. per lI)
Porterhouse roast......................per lb
Steak, round ................................per Ibt
Rib....................................per lb1)
Sirloin..... ........................per lb
Porterhouse......................per lb1
Rump..............................p.. er 11b
Tenderloin ......................... per lb
I ivers-Beef .......................... ............ptier lb1
Calf................. ............ .........each
- nitsa.e--Pork.....................................per lb1
Frankfurter............................ er 11)
Leberwturst...... ............. ......per lbh
Bologna.......... ..................per lb1)
-tveet bread-Veal ............................ ..... each
Beef ......... ..... .................. per lb)
' ex tongues ................................ .........each
I igs' feet. pickled ..................................per lb
i igs' tongues, pickled............................ tier lb1
1 ggs, fresli........................................ dozen
Chickens-Dressed (milk-fed)..................each
Large (milk-fed)....................each
Capons ..................... ...eachl
Broilers............................. each
F owls, miediumn and large ........... eaclh. 80c. and
[ucks, fatted (fancy).... .....................each
-uckling pigs.......................................each
rirkeys ............................................ per lb
-quabs .......................... ....................each
itacon- Strips .... ................................. per 11b
inelish. breakfast sliced...... .....per lb
Hatm-Sugar-cured. sliced...................... per lb
One-half. for boiling....................per lb
Westphalia.................................per lb
Ferris............. ............. .per b11
beef, salt, family..................................per 11l
-alt pork............................................. per l1)
iutter-Prints, prime quality............... per lb
I heese-Roquefort ............ .. ............per lb
Netifchatel ............... .. .......... each
Young America.......................per lb
Swiss......... ... ...............per lb
Edam .. ........................... each
Camnembert............................... per lb
NMcLaren's ...... ........................ar
Pinuxter's...................................... tin
French cheese in tins-Catiembert, Roque-
fort, Brie. Neufchatel.............................. tin
luttermilk............................................ quart
Milk, Briarcliff......................................quart




4 1I




Tomatoes (local only).............. ............ er lbh 8
Lettuce............................................... per lb 14
Cauliflower.............. .............. per Ilb 10
W white potatoes.............. ...............per lb 31.,
Sweet potatoes .................................... per lb 21
Cabbage.............. .................per lb 4
Onions..................................................per lb 3V/2
Cucum bers.......... ................................per lb 8
Parsnips ......................... ...................per lb 3
Lim a Beans.......................................... per 11) S
Squash (summer)................................ per lb 3
Beets................. ............. ...............per lb 3
Celery ........ ..................................... bunch 18
Green corn ........................................... dozen 36
CaI rots............................................... per Ih 3
Turi ps ............................................ per Ib 21,'
Onions tSpanish) .......... ...................... per lb 5
Lim es............................................ hundred 40
Le lnois ... .............................. ..........dozen 24
O ranges................. ............................. dozen 1t
Caniteloupes........................................... each
G rapes................................................. per lb s
Peaches..... ...................... ..................per lb 15
Pears.................................................. psr lb l

Sold only from cold-storage and not from Coin-


The following is a list of packages that
have been forwarded from New York to
Isthmian Canal Commission and Panama
railroad employes, and that are waiting to
be claimed at the freight house at Colon.
The owners of these packages will have to
make application for free customs entry in
connection with Circular No. 85, or in the
alternative, pay duty to the Panama Gov-
ernment customs on the value of the con-
tents of the packages, before delivery can
be effected:
WV. S. Clements. Colon. I box, .. ,anc'e, July 6.
J. F. SMentero. P;'nal; a, 2 cases instrument boxes
Al//l/aa. July 15.
J. F. Dempsey. Colon, I box cloth. A//ianca, July 15.
J. R. Cocoran. Empire. 2 boxes leather, Esperanza.
August 10 : 2 crates bicycles, 1 case C material. 1 case
oil stove. 1 case S dressing. Finance, August 14.
S. Chennalloy. Colon, I parcel (No. 7656), Advace'.
June 10.
C. Thomas, Cristohal. I parcel (No. 7778). Espf-
ranza, August 18.
J. B. Marsh. Gorgona. I seal press, Colon. August 23.
A. W. Ingram. Colon. 1 bundle wal' paper. Finance.
September S.
H. H. Rickers, Camp Elliott. I box personal effects.
Elsperauza. September 11.
Arthur E. Rex. Ancou. 1 box musical instruments.
Esperanza, September 11.
C. It. Hamly. Gorgona. I box ilnsical instruments,
Esperanza. Se, tember 11.
Jas. A. Utis. Corozal, 1 box musical instrnnnents.
Esperanza. September 11.
District Physician. San Pablo, 1 parcel (No. 7813).
Esicranza, September 11.
J. 0. Gonzalez. Colon, I case hardware. Colon. Sep-
tember 15

Tug Service Porto 1ti3to and Nomnbre de
Effective. August 6, 190S: The following is the
schedule for tug service between Cristobal. Porto
Bello and Nomibre de Dios:
Sunday: Leave Cristobal 6.3C p. in. for Porto Bello
only: returnnin same day.
Monday: Leave Cristobll after Train 2 for Porto
Bello and Nombre de Dios; returning same day.
Tuesday: Leave Cristobal after Train 2 without
tow, for Porto Bello only; returning, leave Porto
Bello 2.15 p. m.. without tow.
Wednesday: Leave Cristobal after Train 2 for
Porto Bello and Nombre de Dios: returning same
Friday: Leave Cristobal after Train 2 for Porto
Bello and Nombre de Diog.: returning same day.
Saturday: Leave Cristobal after Train 2 for Porto
Bello only; returning, leave Porto Bello 5.30 p. m.

The following steamers have recently arrived at La
Boca : September 27. Tucapel, from Valparaiso ; Sep-
tember, 2S. Guatemala, from Valparaiso. and U. S.
cnriser Buffalo. from the north. Departures were:
September 2b, Aca/ulco. to San Francisco;: Septem-
ber 28, California, to Valparaiso; September 30, Qui-
to, to Bnenaventura.




Lieut.-Col. Geo. W\, Goethals, U. S. A.,
Lient.-Col. 11. F. Hodges, U. S. A., Cule-
Maj. D. D. Gaillarl, U. S. A., Empire.
M1aj. 'in. 1L. Sibert, U. S. A., Gatun.
Civil Engineer II. H. Rousseau, U. S. N.,
Mr. Jo C. S. Blackburn, Ancon.
Col. W. C. Go-gas, U. S. A., Ancon.
Mr. Joseph Bucklin Bishop,
Secretary, Ancon.


Construction and Engineering.
1 headquarters. Culebra
Lieut.-Col. Geo. W. Goethals. Chairman
and Chief Engineer.
MaiB. lePutron, Assistant to the Chairman.
WX. It. May, Secretary to the Chairman
C. A. lc Ilvaine, Chief Clerk.
Caleb M Sw.ille, Assistant Engineer.
Lieut.-Col. H. F. Hodges, Assistant Chief
C. 0. Carlson, Secretary.
Edwxard Sclildhaiier. Electrical and Mechanical
1.. 1). Cornish. II F. Tucker, Henry Goldmnark
and David Molitor, Designing Engineers.
Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau, Assistant
to the Chief Engineer.
J. C. P';aronas, Secretary.
A. B. Nichols, Office Enginecr
P. 0. Wrigh-, Architect,

Central Division.
Headquarters, Empire.
Maj. D. D. Gaillard, Division Engineer.
A. B. ronk. Chief Clerk.
Iouis K. Ro irke. Assistant Division IEngineer.
A. S. Zinu. Resident Engineer.
Mark MW. Teeny. Assistant Engriner.
R. WV. Ileb..id. As.sistant Engineer.
\V. I, Tho lllis :, 'Assi Z tilt Enii ecr
Ceo. II Rutigles. Assiqtatit Engineer
At l:Iiic ttivision.
I edltqnirters. Ga tan
MIaj. Win. 1L. S.ibert, Division Engineer.
R. M. Sends. Chief Clerk.
Maj. Cheste!r Iiardinag. U. S A., As;istant Divi-
sion l inlgineer.
Maj I:daridIg ,dwin. U.S.A, Resident Engineer.
Maj. J. P. Jerey. I'. S. A.. Resident Engineer.
Capt. G. M. Hoffman, V. S. A.. Assistant Ein-

Capt. Hoton W. Stickle. U. S. A.. Assistant l'i-
I_. G Thoni. Assistant Engineer.
F. C. Stantoit, Assistant Eugiiner.
R. 11 Smith, Superintendent of Dredeing.
Pacific Division.
Headquarters. Corozal.
S. B. Williamson, Division Engineer.
E. A. I.eMay, Chief Clerk.
\V. G. Comber, Resident Engineer.
(i. i. Strick sr. Resident Engineer.
\Vni. F. M. Aeheson. Assistant Eliineer.
James Macla;trlane. Superintendent of Dredgi-
Mechanical Division.
l-adqiirt ters, Culebra.
Mr. Geo. D. Brooke. Superintendent of Mo-
tive Power and Machinerv.
F. W. Doty. Chief Clerk.
Earle J. Banta, Mechanical Engineer.
A. I.. Robinson, Electrical -,ncgineer.
Division of almi eorolt',y&-River Hydraulics
Headquarters. Ancon.
Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau, Acting Di-
vision Engineer.
D. W. MacCormaek. Chief Clerk.

Ife.idiidnrters. Culebra.
Maj. C. A. Devol, U. S. A., Chief Quarter-
C. It. Mann. Chief Clerk
.ieuit. Ih. 1. \'od. IT. S. A.. Assistant Chief
Qua'rternim -.ir
Capt. Courtlind Nixon. U. S. A.. Depot Qu ir-
termaste,, Mount Hope.
C. I.. Parker, C. C. McColley. Inspectors.
IH. S. Fanish, Acting Survey Officer.


District Qunrterniatsters.
Ira A. Miles. Cristohal.
R. R. WVatson (acting). Galtan.
J. 'M. Kiini, Tabernillai.
J H. IlHumphreys, san Pablo.
R. C. Shadv. Gorgona.
1 R. Carrie, Has Obispo.
1). J Shannon. Las Cascadas.
J. B. Jeffries. Emiiire.
C. P. Allen. Cnlebra.
Harry Dundas actinn),. Paraiso
Otto Slarstraund, Pedro Miguel.
A. R Bennet, Corozal.
13B. C. Poole, Ancon.
XV. It. South. La Loca.
C. E. Heisey. Porto nello.

SlHeadquarters. Cristobal
Maj. EugeneT. Wilson, U. S. A., Subsistence
"W. F. Shipley, Chief Clerk.

Civil Administration.
Headquarters. Ancon.
Jo C. S. Blackburn, Head of the Department.
II. D). Reed, Executive Secretary. Ancon.
;. A. Ninas. Chief Clerk. Ancon.
Tout M. Cookc, Chief. Division of Posts. Cus-
tools and Revenues, Anceon.
Herman A. Gudger. Deputy Collector. Aucon,
E. Lewis Baker, Deputy Collector. Cristobal.
George M. Shotntz, ProsecutingAttorney. Aucon
George R. saitnont, Chief of Police. Ancon.
D. E. McDonald. Chief Clerk.
C. P. Weidmina. Chief. Fire Department, Cris-
toba I.
Geo. I.. Canmpen. Supt of Public Works. Ancon.
C. R. Sargent. Chief Clerk.
J. J. Reidy. Asst. Supt. Public Works. Cristobal.
II. I.. Smith. Superintendent of Schools, Ancon
II. A. A. Smith, Treasurer of Canal Zone, Em-
Canal Zone Judiciary.
Headquarters. Ancon.
Supreme Court-Dr. F. Mutis Duran, Chief
Walter Emery. Clerk. Aucon.
H. A. Gudger. Associate Justice, Empire.
Lorin C. Collins. Associate Justice. Cristobal,
Circuit Court. First Circuit-Dr. F. Mutis
D)tran,. Judge, Ancoi
Walter Emery, Clerk. Ancon.
Circuit Court. Second Circuit-ii A Giudger,
.itide mpire.
Elbert M. Goolsby,. Clerk. Empire.
Circuil Court. Third Circuit-l.oriin C. Collins,
Judge. Cristobal.
Nelson R. Johnson, Clerk, Cristobal.
31. C. Rerdtell. Senior District Judge, Cristobil
S. E. Blackburn. District judge. Ancon.
.dgrar S. Garrisonn. District Judge. Empire.
J. 1S. March, District Jiude, Gorgoia.
Thomas IF. Irown, Jr., District Judge, Cristo-

Headquarters. Washington, D. C.,
Richard Reid Rogers, General Counsel,
Washington, 1). C.

Geurge .11. Shontz, Attorney for Isthinian Canal
Commission and Panaima Railroad Coiupany,
;.-orge IH .Bartholomew, Assistait Attorney.

Headquarters. Ancon.
Col. W. C. Gorgas. Chief Sanitary Officer.
Capt. Robert E. Noble U. S. A Executive Officer.
Harry E. IBovay. Chief Clerk.
H R. Carter, Director of Ilospitals, Ancon.
Surgeon, J. C. Perry. P. H. and M. S.., Chief
Quarantine Officer. Aucon.
Maj. John I,. Phillips. U. S. A.. Superintendent
Alncon Hospital, Ancon.
Capt. Alexander Murray. U. A., Assistant to
Maj. C. C. McCulloch. jr., U. S. A., General In-
spector, Ancon.
J. F. I.eys. U. S. N., Superintendent Colon
hIospital, Colon.
inrgeoui Claude C. Pierce. P. 11. and aM H. S.
Quarantine Officer. Colon.
Dr. Fleetwood Gruver, P. II.and 1M. It. S.. Qaar-
anltine Officer, Panama.
Dr. John 11. Purnell. Health Officer. Panama.
Dr. M3. F. Connor, Health Officer, Colon.
Joseph A ILePrince. Chief Sanitary Inspector.
Headquarters, Enmpire.
Edward J. Williams, Disbursing Officer.
,Vin. 31. Wood. Assistant Disbursing Officer.
Examination of Accounts.
Headquarters. Empire.
XV. W. Warwick, Examiner of Accounts.
Thomas 14. Clear, Chief Clerk.

'iirei l ,i' P |i in iz r D i c lle .

C l.t F C i ....' [.' ,\ '.. n-ril I ir.

'1 .I ...- 1 "- 1 i. "I :. ', l I..

I V. J -: I' t l. eli ."..: I t' .t' .' k .I 1 ,%

C. I i l. i\"l I | ..- I -l t .. -. .-
Pa1lma IInilrond C,,npa,,y.
,nl .3., ,r.rh t ..h .tt

1 .[ ,l r ,. --.; 1 ,tt t., I'r r1. k n I n.

ii. .r b...- i.'",1mr 1 r'" 1 .i 'lJ . 1 ,. m,-r

,t*''it e ...



sili ii,
I. ii
r ~

i is k .,t.ir.l,..
II a ..r, r.11-, .i
I I., i .i 1 .

. '1 b ',leer,1 ,
i k ',',,... ,,..:,1 ,,

I i \ ir .
is a 1i -li. ,

.il II. ... i-i '. I. i t. II l .rlr thu. cli-h ",1 ",i.1
b .. ",l I' .I II .1 : ..,II .. ,, :-., .nr -r h .'. .I a
'F .,' '- .' i 1 ,. i *'
I t,+, "+, .', ,Ib 'l I i ,,.. ,I., <-,.F ."



II. ri,.,

II, i


I. r,.l .

i ,r, t, ,,. ,,
II n'- 1, ,

' It, .

r -.'t .: i '
S, i i .i . .*

S I 1 l' i i..t .

a I, "l.:... I .
-a i .F i *' I .. '..'1 "
I 1 i I.

'I ". -',rui i-

i. !' ,t r ... : r .

i I i - : I ..
i., r .: I., -1 .

I. '* I' .' .]
.I i ,. ...

I. I I .-.I .
t, -.1 ..

li .


[.. -


.. .. i- I ... I.-- .

l .' i l i.' I .. .: I. .. 1. ii

r I .i- .: il 1 i ni n i
.II* '3*1 ['i .1 I1.. ..3 'L"1 .i s 11 .f t..R .ll rIst.utl h



TOBER 14-, 1908. No. 7.

The Canal Record

Publ'ihed sAef If under I th alhelliy and 'uDer i'.ion of lthe

"" T't. <"..lr*; ',':.: 'd . ....,. .,- .." ;,,7' ,t'

l'a.d co .- '- ... ,r a-i. ,' .',:. ('-.' ; ;' t'
5 ,-, : T. -a, i

Address all Communicalions
Ancin. Canal Z.:.ne,
l;rbmu; :.l Pananma
.3. i.,r- . j...r .. fl .. ... . ;.,


Work on Ihe Pacilei Lo-ck-.
The bill near i.h.: n.:.r'liern end .:.I lite
lick ;te at M ;ralir- l -e ha enitirel. .li-a[.-
[p arei- ?he .la t 1 LUt I..i i: -1.e in :-l.:. el
ha i. Ill -.r u tLnb t to the ic'. el o l tlhe rem.ili-
.ler of the 1.:..k -ll Four .:..e l a-e at
cS\.:rk >o: tinui] le \cr .ait:al, ll. 11i li .
umalerial taken .:i. i- p[,la.ice in ire .-i.II
acr-:'- tile C:':o'll Ri.er, ..r ii thle 'l,kc 'ii
thie ea. t -m le -' f th i l:,: -Ile Thin- 'I e i
bei liL built to form l I-ai-1, lilt,. \i i'cih m.it'.-
rial will be puiimprce laler bv .Ir:.l,-:c- Ile
-u.:tion .Ired:.-- .''r . ..: i i-.e n he i:. ed
tI, tIle e:Ithi el i .:-1 the l cl." :l ie, all. i' i
e e-, ':te'l That :Ircdl fin. ..ill Lo ljc-un at 1.1t1
r., llit 1in A ic. < :lir
.At tile -ile ..1' tli e Pedro MliZLel I.oc.:; tile
e c \.al ,i:[1 in 1 he riil-l a.ppr[r:..:ch i;- )-.1 toI
zra'lr 4. ..1h>1:1 i- tile dep[.' requir-c. I :r
till: a.i[ppro.:ili. and : pra.i:tic.ll. I i ihed
III tihe lc::k -te pr[ro ,r. .ne .:I thie -llho el
I in l.1 ln z *ut 't tile .'.:- ,*,:. I, .el h i:lh
In I 1 feet .b e ie Zira.-le requirerI a. tii-
poi in .\in.:.her -hlo. l i ,. rki n,h .:--n i ic
l .-f.::.t le.el. ln:h i ,I.ii I' l ee( Ab.,r h lie
eraile rcequiie'l li .l.-illion.l -ii ..'il wa.
':t al W.:.rk la ik r k al..i tlie force n.,. '
,:, in -i~'. ,,I t ,,:, ".:'. .., 1 oi] ,'ne ;. -i,:n .:, -
elk, -:-rirdi b% .e .i1iner]':.iicai in .o inoie
andil train- :.f' I'.-r n.d W\\'e tern .iupl r
c-ir- The a.ili-iii. ..t ill l rienal I' be exca-.
vated f'ri :m thie l. .: i t e aill .ijpr-.:,:lhe- at
r'c.iro Mi ieu l lha been et-'i ai.ie at 2 742..
,01 ,:Li ard ', I' hi .: am,.- t I '".a l I
culbi,. r.i: ha.e already, h,:eii e ,:\.:a'. te'I
Tile C ltral [Di 1 ni.1 I.a-- eNca->ale. l 'l .
l3 4 C.:uhic: s ard. front the ir ,r:T ber n h .prr i :'.i:l-I.
Sirl h ti 'eaci r] ? [i\ I .:-,I. u t[. t he Fir Il 1
O'.:l.her, h1d .U ker :L.Tr 7... ,1 i: li.: ,ard.l
frou tlhe o.:ck -.te, anin 11.1;77 cubic .iar:l
froni thea.ic-.- rT c.r rk '' he "- orik in Lh,:
lock site be:tau in Julne, :>
Thbe iike Iroin Duibli alonzi lhe pri-ni of:
Lthe Canal 1't M irail.-re-.. uil.lcr c.:.n-i ru.:tion

lor 'ii-,r pur.r:.- 1 rel.a ini 1.: lilmaterial
'Ire:: .'-I I r:-.O tie t :la cailcia i- iieiriin. comn-
pl ti-.:.n i t runl a.i[-l.:.i, t e ej t :-i.ie of the
[, -I 1 .1 c Ti l.e ..': el,.I h. l le l.::k. Sand
jil il..ne '-ill I.- lranil-[..:rt.ic lr-.I i La. Boca
,. er i r iIlr,: .)i l ine i' ihilll up:nI lie eie -
uhil iienlt ,:.r .']nihal l hu iL a:= ir ..: .'.e t toe
.A thle ,-.:.- ,r. :.:.al ,: I i, t.:, hi 1,,:.. and
r.:.iii 0ill. .. er thie I'a.inaii railroadl racks
tI kile, ', -pour, ,. ,,:h learl- nt.:, the Mlira-
1lore- I.:k : t, a trle I .lic- iJ end1 i liere the
line .\ill hra.nc:h :.if o(i L:. i id e- -...I il- lock
-lne, u lTiI IT re.a ,ie- T'ie i:ltellierii ._nd of
'lic .:.:k i'r:inm ihat poinl the rI,':! will
riin a: i i :1- track L. :. ic. I r.:. M I -,Icv l. The
'-:'r -'] e Lbin I-.:r inaterial .ill .,e l' ":.iated on
tile t.r. iiclie- of the ra.lr.:,i Il 'r :. -.:.ni both
.ie-e- -:' lhe 1-..:k- A C-i.:ln-tier bible a.iiount
.:-I tile ei c a,. !iv: i lfr.-iT lie :i:k -ite at
l':,:lr.:. Ml-.ic:l lha- beeil nie- l i -i l-I_ lliiig the
r-.:.- L.edl f':r 'iIn- r, ir.-:,, il-I .ia lu lip has
becn .:.p-eic.l al.:n-ir:-e lie tra-:k- ii which
a.ll ol .tle e >:.i aj io ,ian L.- ,le. :,-]e( [
Thb Ca.nal Mdails.
.\ .n 1 .- c:.'pp.- r [.pipe c.:oll:.le fr-..i old
-ren.ii- e\,:. t.i :.l a.il ]il-...-nl ..-li.c-, som e
br.:. ,,e I_.earih .'-rakeii Ir.,iiii >: :. I, :.-.,n motives
ii-le':u.nai .:.r-. .n n'i j.,,nlii.,--. in found
in .:.lie .:1 [lie -:.l.- ireni:b ..arehi:.u-e- have
Ieen c:llecteI and .. 1i h. -en t.. tlHie Phila-
,el'phi. M inti t.:o b- u-e1 1,, :.,-lii the
lr-:i.': ,neil 'h:h .are t,-, I. e pre-,-i:ed by
the l re-t..lent ,:. em pl.:, e *: I Ih,: Ciinim is-
l':'i'l I I,. li i e cr e.J t :. -'a r- r il.:.re on
The -li-Tuiu- It i: ex-pr.:'t-' i l,, iltc medals
,.i11 1-.e rea l. I.:.r .ii-trli U. Ti.:.,i =arl. itn 1909.
Thie tie-i:i'n ': the iiie...il .- iiil Ilie ii-thodof
their -.l riril.u ..--il i a e 1.-il ,e' tibe-n -eter-
.Ilori,' Order Bul-in-e
The re ..-rr. --I 'lie Chi el ,-I ihe- D '.i-ion of
lt :,: Cu- i.- an-i R'..lenue l-: r thI: monthly
:I Se[ptemberliler -1..' tliat 11 '22 Ii,.oiney or-
ler ni-.: nin l I.:. .'i '' 1i 'er:-'i- ued,
le:re. : e ol .; i.? - '..:n hll.- nilount
repr'rtedl lor \ti .f i .-h,,i ..a- Tie Iargest
mnli, il zi h l -;iie-: ol re:.-rI in 'lie /,,il. and
ain.:. hw edl td ` 1 "., 1I I[,i.- '4.'-. 90.47
inl epi'-e il.-:r lier,. - r. a- 1i iIn ..niers
p[ a.ilale it, .lie UnIt, .i St[ate- a.il et- '-here
-'1 .61 ;7 i, I nd in ,or':lr- p i..ail- in the
C.i.al Z7-.: i ? 12 17 1 T' ie loe- ,:.:illected(
ain ionntedI t:. 1 ; .I I aini tle .iil.:.uinT paid
,1 I rcr'ail ,, -:1- i 6 ; 7' '.:
I'lihe lI e; I ,um i.ei .:.l ,:,,l r-, 2. -'. w as
i--,-i:.1 Cri-tobal. a.iln aiii:unt...l S2,-
, ,, .:', i'.nli re %a- c,.::..l .I'., h i .1.' "' 7 or-
.1,:r: a.ii iIILI i -:- '.: .*-' .1 n11,: iie w as
thlir illn the iriinb-. r .-. .:r]er -i-ue 1,503,
h t I'.:.tirTh inll thle aini.Ih . .'15 IS Gor-
c.:na ..- I'o irtl in order: i--iedl, 1v ith 1,433,
and ilir.I i,. the amuoutio. 47.66'3.2!, and
Ci.le-lra lilth. .'ilh I,. or,., -. i', w 'recatilng
'3' 23! "'- The a. eraie a.ioiiii oit all the
orders i- ue-i 'sa- ._'- i'l The lar --t iver-

age for a single post-office was at Paraiso,
with 575 orders, amounting to $19,750.35,
an average of .534.35 per order, and the
smallest was at Bohio, where 42 orders were
issued, aggregating $865.14, an average of
A comparative statement of the monev or-
der business transacted at the Zone post-
offices for the quarter ending September 30,
1907 and 1908 respectively, is as follows:
Orders Fees and
issued. Amount. stamps.
Quarter ending Sep)-
tember 30. 1908.... 43,494 $1,320,011.73 $22.199.53
Quarter ending Sel-
tember 30, 1907.... 32.191 992.086.14 20,228.17
Increase in 90...... 11303 327.925.59 $1,971.36
Percentage of iner'se 35 33 9.75

Office Building for Quartermaster's Depot.
A permanent office building for the Ouar-
terimaster's Depot at Mount Hope has been
authorized. It will be 100 feet long by 75
feet wide, of thle Commission style of
architecture, and connected with the store-
house by a covered passageway. In the
center of the roof will be a skylight and
ventilator, 15 feet by 20 feet. A private
office for the Depot Quartermaster, and a
record room will be partitioned off in two
corners of the building, and the remainder
of the office will he a large open room.

French and American Buildings.
An inventory of the buildings in the Canal
Zone on August 1. 1903, shows that there
were 3,338 of all kinds. When the Ameri-
cans took possession of lthe effects of the old
French company, 2,149 buildings of various
kinds were included in the sale. Of this
number it was found profitable to repair
and use 1,536. Either because they were so
badly out of repair thint they were unsuited
for any purpose or because they were in the
way, 304 of the French buildings have been
demolished. There remain unrepaired 337,
some of which will be utilized, while others
will probably be torn down. The Commission
has constructed 1,494 buildings, so that
there are now ill use in the Canal Zone more
old French buildings than American struc-
tures. This showing, however, is merely one
of units. Ill general the buildings received
from the French were small and ill-suited for
other purposes than laborers' barracks, or
storehouses. Some of then, however, were in
good condition. Of the 91 buildings left by
the French at Ancon, 88S were repaired, aud
some of them are serving as hospital wards.
At La Boca 52 out of 65 were worth repair-
ing; at Culebra, 87 out of 113; at Empire, 86
out of 92; at Cristobal, Colon, and Folks
River, 159 out of 235.
The buildings constructed by the Anleri-
cans, although less in number, are more
commodious than those left by the French.
The Americans have built 561 quarters for


Volume II




gold employes, 93 being of miscellaneous
types. Bachelor quarters, with 1,424 rooms,
10t buildings in all, and 360 quarters capa-
ble of accommodating 84S families, comprise
the bulk of the "gold" quarters. Many of
the old French buildings have been turned
into quarters for European and negro labor-
ers, and in addition the Commission has
built 192 quarters for silver employes. Of
this number 141 are barracks for negro bach-
elors, and some of them will accommodate
80 laborers. There have been constructed
741 buildings for miscellaneous occupancy
and use. This number includes Commission
hotels, clubhouses, commissaries, lodge
rooms and chapels, all municipal buildings,
mess halls and mess kitchens, range clos-
ets, lavatories, wash houses, 34 office build-
ings, 75 hospital buildings, 57 shop build-
ings, and 88 buildings for storage purposes.
Commission Dentists.
At a meeting of the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission on April 27, 1908, the following ac-
tion was taken:
The Sanitary D1epartment is authorized to employ
two competent dentists. These dentists shall be em-
ployes of the Coinmmission, have all the privileges and
allowances of an employee on the gold roll drawing
1,s00 a year, be furnished by the Commission with
suitable instruments and office furniture, hut shall
receive no salary in money.
In return for these allowances said dentists shall
be subject to all the rules and regulations of the
Cominmission, and shall do dental work for employes
of the Commission and the Panama railroad and
their families ait a tariff fixed by the Chief .S tuitary
Officer. The dentists shall furnish all necessary ma-
terial for doing dental work. with the exceptions
above mentioned.
In accordance with the above, two dentists
have been appointed. One is Dr.'J. E.
Grant, who was graduated from the Louis-
ville (Ky.) College of Dentistry several
years ago, and who has been practicing his
profession for the past year at Gorgona.
He will be stationed there. The second is
Dr. 0. N. Ruben, who was graduated from
the Atlanta (Ga.) Dental College in 1902,
and practiced his profession for two years in
Georgia. In 1904 lie entered the Hospital
Corps of the United States Army and served
for several years as an assistant to the den-
tal surgeons. Since he has been on the
Isthmus lie has practiced his profession in
connection with his work in the dispensary
at Empire. He will be stationed at Culebra.
September Police Report.
The September report of the Chief of
Police shows that 639 persons, representing
39 countries, were arrested in the Canal
Zone during the month. This is an in-
crease of 151 for the month, there having
been 488 arrests in August. Of the 639
persons arrested, 599 were men, and 40 were
women, and they were for 45 different
offenses. They were divided among the
towns of the Zone as follows: Ancon 32,
Las Sabanas 2, La Boca 25, Corozal 13, Mi-
raflores 10, Pedro lMiguel 7, Paraiso 19, Cu-
lebra 64, Empire 87, Las Cascadas 75, Bas
Obispo 13, Gorgona 98, San Pablo 16, Taber-
nilla 24, Bohio 6, Gatun 48, Cristobal 100.
Seventy-one cases were tried in the courts,
14 of which were dismissed, 47 continued,
and 10 in which convictions were procured.
Of the 10 persons convicted, 5 were fined
and 5 sentenced to the penitentiary, 2 for


one year each, 1 for six months, 1 for sixty
days, and 1 for thirty days. Eight convicts
were discharged from the penitentiary dur-
ing the month, leaving a total of 112 in the
penitentiary on September 30. The num-
ber of district prisoners on the same date
was 220. The value of the work performed
by convicts on roads, etc., amounted to
$1,790.45. The total effective police force
on September 30 was 144, and the pay roll
amounted to $17.773.11.
There were 18 violent deaths requiring ac-
tion by the coroner during the month. Six of
these deaths were caused by railroad acci-
dents and 2 by drowning.

Commission Action.
At the meeting of the Isthmian Canal
Commission, held September 21, 1908, the
following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That except for causes mani-
festlybeyond prevention by any action of tlhe
employee. no exception will be made to the
rule embodied in the General Conditions of
Employment adopted at the 129th meeting
of the Commission, providing that employes
not reporting for duty within fifteen days
after expiration of leave will forfeit the right
to pay for leave period. Employes are ex-
pected to report for duty on the expiration
of their authorized leave, the additional fif-
teen days, return within which will preserve
their right to pay during leave, being in-
tended to cover all contingencies and not to
be considered additional leave without pay.
The rule referred to in the above resolu-
tion is as follows:
Employes not reporting for duty within
fifteen days after expiration of leave will
forfeit the right to pay for leave period.

Transfer of Allotments.
The division engineers have been informed
that there will be no transfer of allotments
between the three construction divisions of
the Department of Construction and Engi-
neering on account of work performed by one
division for another. For work performed
for the Department of Civil Administration
and Sanitation the construction divisions will
receive credit by transfer of appropriation.
The construction divisions will not, how-
ever, receive credit for work performed for
the Quartermaster's Department such as the
construction of corrals, storehouses and
roads, as all of this work is paid for from
the appropriation, for the Department of
Construction and Engineering. In dividing
equally between the three construction di-
visions and the OQuartermaster's Department
the funds available during the present fiscal
year for building construction and municipal
improvements, it was the intention that
these allotments should fix the amount of
work of this character to be performed by
each division, and consequently no transfer
of allotment can be made.
Flag Stops for Sunday Night Train.
The General Manager of the Panama Rail-
road Company announces that beginning
Sunday, October 11, train No. 30, which
leaves Panama at 10 p. m., will stop at any
station in the Zone upon request to conduc-
tor by a passenger holding a through ticket
from Panama. Passengers boarding the
train at a flag stop, holding tickets to a
station that is not a scheduled stop, do so
at their own risk as the train will stop at
flag stations only for passengers from Pan-


Cominpar--.n IIr I lhrie .*nrs
.\ .:, N ". '',' t.:.l,.r I' I' i'

ir 1 A l 11 l I- rI I r. W r ..:rl .:I- I t 1 .ll.

i, .-. A._, I. ll .. ,,-,,l. I 1 .. -,. C t I I Im l i
ip |.: il t l Elirt th," .,:ck r it, 1-, 1 i-.,r. ,,;.- n
I.:. I llI S pit,;. Iiii.,- r It li ,l .I.:.1 ,1 l ill
[ Ire i.:. \. ir I lie r it,: I.r lth, .. i tlthrr.
r. r -t : *i it i ." .i\ i -u -t ,i n, I .,: ,?[_,t, m tn b r, irt:
i .11.:. ir I

zT ,i It III a 1 0 1
Si l:r I i I I' l I ; I i r

in: i t l" i ir l' 1:

p.:r It. -' Li i I- 1 l l I 1 i..1 I. I- S [- e.
] -. i, ,Il 01T l; li, I 11 ",
1 -i, | || . I I. -| l : I|1|" ].
"' 1- .1tut1; I I :l u : i',.,

Ti .:.jt r I i ..h.r i i l. .Tj l *T I l, i O I :l, I
lli.:, rll, :l lr i c .:. n l d lr lhi' r l l i: [l :r hin "r e-"

r I, I i l 1 >.'T Ei lriiii lul I. T ir i ii t
>i.:.it rl, Ei l ..-ii k lle re. l ii t i. i. ii,
I..r tl .,: l..r. c .l li.n i i., _t l. r e r ,l U.:.ti.I "l'h ,:

ile i It ?' Ir i i i I.: l ll II l I- I rl 1. i
Of,, th ..ie 19 deaths among ti.: r. it I.:.r l'

to tr I, 12 (more than half) T:' ,I, It:,. Il.
groes for the month of Sept. :, Iiltr .Ir,

I r0 ... 0,r a l_.i r l I.. :..r ; .:.r isa

"o til 1, m th an hl a f r sro, ur t-h.,r.il.

Force. c deaths. m .-

white. Coiled White. Colored. 'A ,tl'i. 11 ..'. l
5,603 22.661 7 12S ;I .
11,662 29,400 25 73 .:. :
12,370 32,66S 19 29 I r .h ii
In thr e three years, the ine r.:. lze i r...I t
has f allen from 67 per thou:i. l i.' In: pcr
Upon the whole, in our pre n i ..:t. W uni.'
I would consider the number i ".:I- rI-
laOfaas the best index of th.:. It.':- I:I
our sanitation. In August, r.: .I. ti. .:.-
our hospitals, among etheplo.- Its 'n; .:-
of malaria; in September, 1, lii,1 ailt I l.
toryo improvement for this ti. I-r li..r thir
Ii September, 1907, we adi.it:. II b.:.p-1906.
talks 1,811 cases of malaria an.:. ir.'
showing this year all imprc - iir'iii. -l 41I1
cases, which indicates a cColored. '. -.r..
crease inth malaria cases durine-.:. i l ir.
No case of yellow fever or l.u-il- .:. l1 iur
has occurredin the Zobestindex of thel Cii .n:
the past two years. Very re;-,ct lull.,,
\V C C ,ori ,',i ,
C ', ,. '



Thlrtl % nCa-all..-- in Tr ,n Accidl-n'-
T' el e inei .tie dle.ii .111.I e littieen :.ie I-
iir=. j i e -u lt*:*- t ..*. l. I 'i:*I *:I*.I.. u~ tnite
ihat .:..:Ccurre..i.:. t:il C al ...:.rk li.t .Ca ek
The fir-l \ipl:.i.:.ii in Cuel.r.i Cut near
tnipire v hre hi e Illeil ecre killed iT..1
echlit nlsure1. i ni ilt- -et: i .i- ne.i
M1in.,1 where -e en ,ere killed ten liTIItrei..
1an1 :.n i ilit-i '. .ut n i I' iet e.e i lie Ie-.
.. iile iriii iei. i iii Cli i t l
The e'pl':.I':' 11 1 ii Culel-ri Cnt '"::Itrred1
-l,.:.ult 1 1 ,:,'>:I,:,:11 Ill ie it irerh.:..Ii .:.1 h..:,- ,
L.er deirii ih,-'el -.1,, i- Iik .- I o:lt
lhr..uclih -ine initeril recerl.nt I. lite.i illd.
it iS f ..:l le a i :.. el t.....til tru i, the : pip
0: .iii une.spl I c:]e1 c hlir- L e .:.1 Ii, lirl itc i n
tle expl,:,ionll D.iI. k Di. ie, tlie Steairn
t. c:' e eenn ier. 1\.'ill]i1 Ct:llurni. 311d .j1in.-
nel ..:.ter-. pitimei. 'vere killed i -t*utill,
inll. i Ia i .1i 1i. iilur i th at he ..e..l

-lh..rti, alter thle cC i lciit. 1.1 .Ji:.-ei:11 C trier,
.a liIh rer, tle.ed Ir.:.It In1- iihi rlet" on Ois :t. :
her I'' ialnuel G,:i.lir. Tiri:.imi Tr.:,tmi n.i .
\'.ilter .t.:11ier A\ulrr I.. ie. a n F. E iv. .ir
Clirke, puitiei .inI I l.:.ll.pl Sarin el,-. V.'i I
I1 m C it .tli: i. a i1 1 1 :liii i eil il. i ii. Ia rer .,
-.ere inl iu e I'ut it -e.el'e. e tile\ 11 re-
ct i er All the le... I iii. .liiri-.J were lie-
'rot e':ept the elil ineer alh tilie tr.rie nii
[i id K i l i i le- . -' e2 .ir- i j e .ii]d
iinm ,r it I Il i- li.inie i j- in G ar .r,, I- lii.,
.il1 he hI. been .:.ortirkiii :.n ithe Ci nl
tm ,:e tirclh ', '91 A l.r.:.tler. J.:.11r.n L.
D .1 let .:.1' C .lel.ra. tir. e- linii
\ I i i n ] CN..: le... 'h .:r ihe r l '] .1 "! l
ie.r :-- ,1 I 'e. unimatrriei. ti l li i '] IeenI 1
i, oln tlie i lthuin 'ia 1in:e I elruart, 2. r 'l'2'.
Hi- h:.ime v-i- it 2:44 IHo.e -tree. PIlI t.
.lelphi.. F-3 'i.here hii ii:ther ii e- H i-
ltheii K.:.ert L o> -i.lle I- an eti pl.:.. e :l
thle C.:.inm i i.:.rn ani..l Ii.e it FrIrpire
T.le e\xl,':-':i neir M:iri I:cc:i reLi .bout
In '31 '1 ,: 1i:. k in the in.-.r liiiUJ :.I I '- t.:.ber 1'
Tue d.red.I:'e thii i ie is inal-iii thle C:llnniel
IrUin Liij.:.n ': ., to di l.M hi .e ,o.rke.i their
w\s, int.:. the -hi ore :.t tie btI liere the i i-
teritl en u.:,utitere.l I dl e ina..l an.l ct.r l
i .:. I- lit. th a it it n i t 1,i e ,l a. te..l
l iel,:.re it ci-i n e litiillle l ec.:.r.:. 1.allc .
Du rin tihe i.:,rlrirII tile bla-tn;- p- rt:.
h] [r n: i I .ll : ri ple l l t- ii :.rk :.i prep.r-
in. a .1 :lj -t ,:,1 .4 -:,' p lo.Iunl-1 o1 1" per cent I
d.. Ianite ione humitlrel .nl. r61r:-l.:.ur hole-.
1. -l:.oit ceirte -. *'i leet deer, in -a ii in it..
roc:k. c o.er inTl .is a re :,i 1 l i,' I.,, ",-,' leelt.
.rere ial otno re i. t,' hen i tllruid-r hi.:,. 'er
aine up Tlie men ere :.r.-lered a i a n..
retitinel, until alter the h,: er. lien the.
return !ed t.:. i'.nipllte ilieir .'.rlk N.:. c.:.n-
ne'ti.:.n hai been i i. l t iil i thi Li.ttier', al-
thli.:.u all the li:.le but t,, :. It.d. Ieen .:ou.
niecte.] -ith tile inl i t ire- \V\'.lih.:ui in .
kiio t an > u-te the I.j-' t i exploile.i. a.,i.l
tlliere ore it .a -:r'l.ed] t.. a, t.b-lt ii:. li.-iLtirii
b., ne roe'. .i r I.:ri, i:hln Ci ru ,
Chlrle: Henr.. Saiuel .\rher. L.l...iir
i'r.ce, anrd He, iert ILir..lI.:.rrl. rn-e e killed,
Alm:Ii-t in -tantl. iil iains i -'re-.:. tt. l-1
re _ri :, l,,Irer, 1..e:i rt el,, C i:.l:. li: ptl rl O.n ,: -
t ber I1 t O ne ie :, Iib:. rer. I. utti l Pi re -
-ter. i- ilittirin but it i- I.l.-ie el lise v.% t
uniniurel Ti.:.\ lite ine H T Mi.:Cr.il.lie
anri I A Clitrk, v ere injured. lut r:.t -eri.
ouIcii MIr Clirk .3 t hr.:.'\n ii -.: e .it-.
tince inl.I hi-t a: ankle .'i- -prainel Br', n.
L2eckle. Garnet Grai.e-. G e.. rc Ea-.:.n.

\''e-le '.'.l'i.e, Augustine Murphy, Richard
iiin-., l-iinr' Best, and William Brewster,
ecr.:- lait..:rers, were also injured, but will
pr-. ,tl,.i, rec.-ver.

i lie la providing compensation for em-
plni.e-. iilured in the service of the Commis-
iii .:.n, a published in full in THE CANAL
r:, E.i.._ i: June 17, from which the follow-
inI. extri.:t I taken:
Ti i ini, .-.ri or after August 1, 1903, any person
i I.- ---.t- ... ploymeit under the Isthinan Canal
C ,... i.i ,.'.. r, : .irjnred in tile course of such emiploy-
, ., :. 7..,' loye shall beentitled to receive for
.- -a ti-r:.fter, unless such employee, in the
,ii .-. 7 l -ecretary of Commerce and Labor be
S, II i .- I rsuame work, the same pay as if lie
S i] -- '.- -Mployed. such payment to be made
i...i..- r .: r-.ilations, as the Secretary of Coin-
..I-r5- i.- ....r may prescribe: Provided, That no
o....-. .-.. -hall be paid under this Act where the
I..r i .li- I Ihe negligence or misconduct of the
. .'... u- ti1 i 1. nor unless said injury small conil-
,...- I l i- han fifteen. days. All questions of
i '. t : r misconduct shall be determined by the
.7:.i7 *i., .-.f C.-.inmere and Labor.
-Ec Tii.i .i any artisan or laborer so employed
-1a .i .- -rir.-T the said year by reason of such
iij.r. i -. in the course of such employment.
-.ic .I or a child or children under sixteen
-.I .-. .- .-.r dependent parent, such widow and
*.:..1: ..r clii-it:h and dependent parent shall be en-
iiil i *-: .. -. in such portions and under such
r-"tl a.': ne Secretary of Commerce and Lahor
r'-i, t.I i- Ihe same amount, for the remainder
,l it- ,- r that said artisan or laborer would be
-'l .- -- r.:-..eas pay if such employee were alive
.1 .: ,.1..i- i.-. he emnploved: Provided. That if the
n..-.i, il .1.- it ainy time during the said year her
S.-.r[.-. ,' i unt sh'ill be added to the amount
T .. 1 i --.l .. lit- reu iining beneficiaries under the
r .-. .-' t- section, if there be any.
A ..decii n .:.f the Comptroller of the Treas-
ur.. pul.-lihed in THE CANAL RECORD Of
'-pteil.,i-.r 03, limits the benefit of this law
t.:. p,-r-.:,n- -vhose injuries "continue" fif-
teell id. :.r more.

Canal Zone Treasury.
The C.in.l Zone Treasury was separated
rini iri [ E,-Iarsing Office on October 1, and
Ill re e'iuei from the postal service, the
:.:.urt- .ti.I regular taxes, such as license,
.i.l ,ieint. ,ad building permits, are now
p.id int- tile Treasury. These revenues
aim.:.unt to. about $300,000 a year. Congress
directe.i irt the Sundry Civil Appropriation
.Act ,.t .1 ,. 2-', 1903, that these revenues be
,xprid-i.l ,- follows:
T"i- ,- ..... .l erived from the postal service to the
rn i..r':11 .,c- .-If that service; the remaining revenues
".1' r =:. I,....-.de a miscellaneous and contingent
i'.i..j .- I ii .--.sand dollars, to the maintenance of
ir- I ii..-i.c :.n-ol system in the Zone; to the con-
.: r'. .'. ..tlaintenance of public iriprovenients
tiihi. in- 7.-..- to the maintenance of the adminis-
itl1 .,.r,,.1- including paymentof salaries and
k h,. -.1 thereto: to the maintenance of Canal
Z..r. .: rni. ..tients in the hospitals of the Isit-
i.. C i C .,imi.siou. and to the maintenance of
.. i.,. .. .1, it,. .i strict prisoners.
Inlp'cition by Newspaper Men.
Thlie icieral Manager of the Panama rail-
r.:.i.: t.:.:.k part) of Isthmian newspaper
rimei .r.. the local correspondents of the
.-*.-:ciatted Press and United Press, on a
tour :l in-plicction of the Canal and railroad
relo.:.tion ,:,rk oi October 11. On each of
tihe three construction divisions an engineer
.i'lu.aiited v.ith the various phases of the
.\e:k il.ineId the party and assisted in ex-
pl.iinn l the -arious features.

T- *i- I- mrrl.i Si/via, from Baltimore, arrived at
:.-.I ... .. '.- with 1,000,000 pounds of dynamite;
4) L.-. .-I--.r and pipe fittings; 400 cases and 600
drii: ,' 1 i=--lene; 1,.2C0 tons of steel bars and
Ili- : 'i -- of track spikes; 36,577 pieces of drain
,iil ..i.d ir.. .. irted cargo of furniture, oil and ma-
,: isi- 1 .


(Commuenicatio ns to this colu in in s besignued in eoch
instance rwith the name and address of the wzriler.)

Memorial Resolutions.
Will you kindly publish the following res-
President, Local Vo. 5, A. U. of S.. S D.
V/Whereas, Our Heavenly Father has re-
moved from our midst Brother David R.
Davies; therefore be it
Resolved, That Panama Local, No 5, As-
sociated Union of Steam Shovel and Dredge-
men has lost from its ranks a most worthy
brother, respected and loved by his acquaint-
ances and friends, and whose sterling
qualities and noble character have endeared
him to every member of our order; and be
it further
Resolved, That we extend our sincere and
heartfelt sympathy to his sorrowing relatives
in their hour of bereavement; and be it
Resolved, That a cop)y of these resolutions
be spread upon the records of our order
and copies sent to each of his relatives.
Associated Union of Steam Shovel and Dredgemen.
Citlebra, October 11, 1908.

Card of Thanks.
I wish to thank the steam shovel engi-
neers and cranemen who participated in the
funeral of my son on October 9.
Empire, C. Z., October 11, 1908.

Notice to Steam Shovel Men.
President George Buchan, of Local No. 19,
requests all members of the 1. B. of S. S.
and D. MI. to attend a meeting on Sunday,
October 18, at 2 p. m., at the Panazone, Pan-
Secretary- Treasurer.
Empire C. Z., October 5, 190S.

Ohio Club.
A temporary organization for an Ohio
Club at Empire has been effected, and a
meeting to form a permanent organization
is called for Friday, October 16, 1908, at the
Commission Clubhouse, at 8 p. m. Buck-
eyes turn out please.
Temporary Chainman.
Empire, C. Z., October 9, 1908.

Notice to Kangaroos.
All Kangaroos in good standing desiring
to become charter members Ancon Court,
No. 7, arerequested to meeton Sunday, Octo-
ber 18, at 1 p. in., in the hall over the office
of the District Quartermaster in Ancon (near
Hotel Tivoli), for the purpose of electing its
officers. By order of
Where Is John Lomasney?
I want to know the whereabouts of John
Lomasney, of New York city. When last
heard from, one year ago, he was employed
as a cook in the I. C. C. hotel in Empire.
WVill anyone, who may know of his where-
abouts, communicate with the undersigned.
Tabernilla, C. Z., October 6, 1908.



Billion and a Half Gallons for the Dry
Water is flowing over the spillway at Rio
Grande and Carabali, two of the four res-
ervoirs that supply most of the settlements
iu the Canal Zone. That at Brazos Brook
is almost full; and the fourth, Camacho,
already contains 130,000,000 gallons. Until
the end of the rainy season the daily con-
sumption will be much less than the amount
collected by the almost daily rains. The
amount of water actually impounded in the
four big reservoirs at their capacity is 1,513,-
537,000 gallons, and the average daily con-
sumption in the fiscal year I908, was 1,249,625
gallons. These reservoirs will be full at the
beginning of the dry season, and on the
basis of daily consumption remaining the
same as it was in 190S, the supply will be
twice as great as the consumption.
Whenever the population is sufficient to
justify or make necessary the maintenance
of a reservoir, one has been built. The
city of Panama and the group of American
settlements near it, including Ancon, La
Boca, East La Boca, Corozal, Miraflores,
Pedro Miguel, Paraiso, and Culebra, are sup-
plied from the Rio Grande reservoir, which
is located between Culebra and Paraiso. Ca-
macho reservoir, in the hills west of Empire,
supplies Empire, Las Cascadas, and Bas
Obispo. Carabali reservoir, near Gorgona,
supplies Matachin, Bas Matachin, Gorgona,
Juan Grande, and Mamei. From Mamei
north to Gatun most of the Canal prism lies in
Gatun Lake, and no American settlements of
sufficient size to require a reservoir supply
of water are located in this territory. Colon,
Cristobal, and Mount Hope, are supplied
from Brazos Brook reservoir. Other Amer-
ican settlements, such as San Pablo, Taber-
nilla, and Gatun, are supplied by water
pumped from nearby streams.
The water in the reservoirs is drawn from
territory carefully watched by inspectors,
who see that the basin is kept clean. Vege-
tation is cut to the water's edge before the
beginning of the rainy season, and a bacteri-
ologist from the Bureau of Plant Industry in
Washington keeps constant watch to dis-
cover evidences of infection and to antici-
pate any unpleasant odor, or taste, that
might be given to the water by algm
Rio Grande reservoir is a lake 65 acres
in area, formed by building a dam across
the mountain stream known as the Rio
Grande. It has a drainage area of 2,015
acres and the surface of the water, when
level with the spillway, is 238 feet above
mean sea-level. Its storage capacity is496,-
670,000 gallons, and the average daily con-
sumption from this source in the fiscal year
1908 was 2,574,000 gallons. At the close of
the dry season, when the water had reached
its lowest level, on May 1, 1908, there re-
mained in this reservoir 228,423,003 gallons
of water, an amount sufficient for three
months more had the supply not been re-
plenished by the heavy rains from that time
forth. 3Water from this reservoir is supplied
by pumping to the higher levels in the vil-
lages of Culehra, Paraiso, Cucaracha, and

Ancon. A pressure Iltl-ir l.:,,:ilcei t ,\nc.:.-'
filters the water that i: ;upplied t.:. tle cit'.
of Panama, and a,: J ilit.:..il 11 li i.:-.r lIll;
plant is contemplate- I in :ir-i-r tljait lilter-l..
water may be suppli-l I-.:. he .\meri.:.an i.t-
tlements at Ancon and L. i:,,:.
Camacho reservoir i- i .:rined Il.,' i- i-.:,ulrl-
ing the Camacho R-. -.r. Iil.- _pilli'\ -A:. [lle
dam being at an el-.--..:n -:l .: leet al..:-
mean sea-level. Thie ait-rlih-l l'r-.. ii thch
the supply is collect- I, i_; -2 :re:i in jrea.
and the area of th.- r.-;cr.,.-.ir t thll- -le..i-
tionof the spillway i: $-:.36 icre-; The ca.
pacity at this elevati.:n ;' 2-"' n7, I ii l-
Ions, all but about lo,.ii)ir .ili i: .-. l wllich I
available for distril.ui .-.i tlilr-..uli hIle ill ii
which taps tie reer.:-.ir it l-.I.-tii-:.n li -'
The annual consumption.:, l'r..i-l th r -r..:. ir
in 1908, was 131,765-ri)r -ill.:.i. inl rbh-n
the water was at its I.:..e-t po.iti. t llte c .:.-e
of the dry season, tlier- remained o ;uppl.,-
sufficient for 75 day ; XV\'t-r _; ;upplied.I .,
gravity toall points .C-:ept th.- Liciher )I-. el;
of Empire, which a- :u-uplie.d I..-, pumipilig
Carabali is the sin.ill._-:t :. the Z.:.n- ra--.
ervoirs, its capacit,- l-.ei li :nl', Soi a 1 i) 11
gallons. It is form--l L., a -lam icr:.-;; C.r-
abali River, and thi- ;Iill" -', i;al .:. ti:on.
75.3. Its drainage ar--i ; 1..-'.2 ..a;r-;. ia-lI
the area of the wai.-r at -pilla .i ele' -
tion is 23 acres. It ai; l-'quat- t.:, .uppi,
the present demand;., but I.i- gr-:...th I:. '
Gorgona and the hEiinl-t; n-.ir it h.ii b;en i ;
great that an additi-.:.i r-iscr..:.ir iha; i ee-
located in the valle, imrneljd.it-l, i.--:..e lI
present reservoir at a.i ele'. .tio.n 1:il' 1 I r. l'-t
The new reservoir, if .::n ;trut.it-A, 'ill II ,
a capacity of 153,000.a l ill.:.n. n;
The reservoir which ;uplli.-; Colon. Cri:.-
tobal, and Mount H-.p:- i_ l.:.'ated i tlih '.il-
leyof Brazos Brook, near M.:unm HFI-op.. at oni
elevation of 48.5 fe-t lb-..: mean ;ei-.i-1..-
It has a drainage are.i :, i 6-, :re onl i lUke
area of 120 acres. T -: p.ic ;t'. i; 41 oI.111 111.1, '
gallons, and the con_:umiplion I.l:r tl, i- :.: il
year 190S was 457,.4 1.' 11.) ill .:n \V'It, r
from this reservoir is frilt-r-e I ',e 'ire bL-in aile-
livered, and on account .:.if thi- lirce imn.:.unt
of vegetable matter ,hi.ih at cirri.-; in .us--
pension, it will be pa -- I i t- lr.:.u i .o ;-,liniei-
tation basin before g.:.iii to: the- llter-.
At Tabernilla a pumping _;ii.:.-n i: mlia .
trained, from which a,.,ter itakn rl'-:-nI ti-,
Frijoles River, a hiill-> Il ;tr-in i_ pumrpedi
to the hamlets betw-.n San i .bl: oidi. Fri-
joles. A distillation p[.l nt it the pum'pin.
station furnishes 1,111111 il.in; .:.of dl_;ill-.I
water daily tothe Am,-ri,:- i re-_-.-Iai; at Ta.-
bernilla, and the putnpli l:.ii.:n .upplie-;
in all 500,000 gallon: -.:cti d.i, .\ ii il.ir
pumping station near a..itui ;upplie ; tjhat
village with water itl..n ir.:.m the i.atunii-
cillo River, from bhaich it I; pumpedl I.:, a
tanklocatedon oneolfth .- lill; in ithe '.ill 'I
For general purpc;e- it i; sufflcJi-,nt ti:, _i.i
of the water that te t- ; h.:,i. it : lieiltlilul
For those who may inquir,- mo-re det-pl,
the following chemical i.nd I-.,ct-ri.:.l.:.giclI
data show the difference; I I tie- chemical
and bacterial content ul ill- endl -.:l ihi- %et
and dry seasons. The l.it.i gi, n -.:.r the-
end of the dry sea;-.:n 1 i.-, ur.- c-:.mpil l
from samples taken at Ic:, ali ril-, Cju ni':ci.,,
and Carabali on 13.y 'i:I. on,l ut Blrz,:.-;
Brook on May 21. The lat l'.:.r il i--n.i ui
the rainy season are I,:.r ;U:-upli tiken on

N.-:'. ,mL.,- r 1i. l'-7, at Rl.:. Graii.e. Cam.icho,
.indi lhi.:; lir.:.:k, and .:,ii N.:i\ -mber 20, at
Car .iL..il
IT:RIjr, ...F Ia .R\ T I-:I l'IL.iTiO:)-.:;[ OF
WETF S".\':,)N

FI -'l iE ,ILL *:**.'
Ri-I C. C iar.- ilr -.z-
i r.'' et ai 'cl h.:-. Ialli Bro.- L;.

C l.i ,,iei .. 3.':' .
<1 i''- *-I ii r C J 3 3' ,

ai-1Ii r' ] l> : . I i ce "i ra-c- 1 r.I te I n'l
*i'.:.l., -.:,]i.- I . I:,3 ,111 i)

i'r- R 'La ''F 'RI \ a-t -i NC I TiC R-\ IJN 1:. i1

',IF La'.' SEAON

C.A .1: I . .
' ...r: 1e ..
, F. i L .il ,, ..

ir-a e ...
r ll. .11r
* ..lrir ; :. -

'p iT I EP 'iI LLI-.N
I ... C ,r,. Br -.:.t
'r .ni le mn .clh: Br.: k.

D1.1 a a .' 3

1 13 1.-;' n, 1 ,.:
-.- n i a ,3 J

i C TFkiI..;ICAL,\. La \Ti,\

L .s r .
r. -I,. 1 a I.: i r.wi .e R ei: r-'.:. r. c
N -.. I. I l, Can.'i -.ch.. r -:.r .. . .,rn
i.:,, ;,: C-a',:, -Cira' i i re. :,r i t R .3,i
N.. I ,'.. lIr. ... lrrc-k R e-.- .:r 13.''
i 'i.:. r -.i.e K ;'r'.:.;r... 13.)
C1 :) : n c i Re r .:.:r .
M N I -0 I" ) .. C -r .1; K e -':r .: ,,r . j, yj
M ', ir- llr.:..:. Re er .:.r. 3 C :11

Lln ver- ty Club Electllcn.
Thie IInua.l Imeeticli l fl'.: the ele.ti.:,un .:o
,.. lir; .:i' the Ui ni. -lr-it,- Club will Ie hell
in Ill- clu- h,:ti.;ce, i'.inati, i.n S unli La, 0t;-
tl .. L-r 1:. Th[i- .ill:,t :. iill L[e :p-n r.im
9 i Il I .. p. m Palnlima ranir.:.id limu-
On .S luridi, -. n1 n 1111.d, Ct.:il.-lr 1;, a _;il ker
,ill 1.e 'i.l n in IIlh.1l uLh'ul i-- a p;[-I.-c il
Irfin I'.:,r llth I'ree u-e :-A' m-ini..-r; il:onc the
line :.Il thle Cjiul l .ill li-a-i: Colon atl .'i p.
mu ;ti.:.ppinc it C-atun. B.:.bi.:i, TL.. mill.,
.Sii Plull.:., '.-.r--.nd. Pa: Obl;ip. La- C.];-
. ,is_;, I- pire Cul-I ri. i, Perl.:-i' M iu-l l, Mi. ra-
dr-, und C.'r.:..:I i TIl; tr.il] v.ill not r--
turn I'frunin Ptanamua o:n sAtur-l.., night. iu-
aIl'UCIIh a; Ill- ilanuil ,ie.-tinlt-,. ocurs oil
ilj- l. I.i ing ,.la. aMi it i- lh.-.uci ht ll.at
UL,.!l ier; ', h -,! l [1h,! n ,;,ili. v.ill ,t-;,r-
I,' reli ill ii -r li t in Filn,.i'd

C --min Icon Cl ublcilau'e
o ir l. 'a t. ,:'a 'i l i; 11 tli.' [,' 1; I ,lll P] i. o c.: .1.. rF ..-ire C nlll -
el.-. u 1., l IO:.ri .:.. a .:. z ri l iiii hii-;re ii.- rii.. ll .:.;-
k...lla nie. l I %,ere ..-re- ill d I i.:. i e 1 i l tlre i r.,-e
"ill e ii .-.f I ~l .:.ri I li..r.r .:- f their 'an
the f"ir- ch !iL-:n hi _. *-f ile C r i Z.:-ne. r ltnmaier
ci lla lia t. ri r I' M 'I c.-id i ci-t.iiaiia R. B
p,..ier .- .1 l.,.-.u -0. IJ : l J M i. R.:.-e ai
L. Fil- er

i d 1 .1- I c .IT I:.rr. n e r r -.-r' i a' c n. .i. e
.. .:.C | .id I .inv ntl. ..f I.:X -. -elect:.:.f- by tile
*-:.rcht -lr., ..:. i ] -l...l re ; ]i.l-I I..:.u Lt ll11
Siin-f l .i J 'lppe- r C-'i-'- L 1z -. c-:. c et a.-jIt iche
I.;e .r ::ke.
S it. '.r.- i ili. ir. l i .: "r i i l i r l .in I nd pc .-l
te ioil 6 1. *I rir it :.f [ M e fr.:-.n, C t il .. .i. e ,!
- l.:.i/rai. "i- ijl ilhi ..'i .: ,:u i r .nii: n A n irnlt re ling
,l ,,rr -: .f hlie nt 'cL, -i .i bs cl--, e ncr - AI -lIrni
--lii: c :;-]iI) A -ii. Crill.:,iIl i.:.l n l- ailm -.f three
ill T I >:. l I i- i i ai r..k:a L e-tnr ..u L.illI.iar.i each
LabJncU ;A MiD,



Wo'qnn'- Clins) and 0olln-r Fen-tur'-.
M '0U.1- Ocl':l.,b r I w : 1lllm 1hrzL ni -
v ,r-air'. .l lir ,:'r i' t'I:'n 'Ie the C- i ii.
Zune Fede-ravic.n .-.I \\'.:.'nln'- Clubs,. hlicl
v. Tffeclte I tlil H.:.tel i'. : .h i thatil
miirliitZ delegi- '-cr pre-crnt lr.:.llm i: n
':1 the eciilit club- l b ic l *:1 'r -iii/tl
it lie dilr errent i:..' i-: ini tlihe Z.- 3- '. rec
il:':. nuli.brr ': '.l lt:r-i T lheir'r -iii: ii i :
wvi- crrte.li uilndr Ithe dLreclti.:'n of .M-
IH elen rickik r'.:. -*.ell, nd -,:'i e z :,' lihe ,:l,-
c rs electie b. tlihe .d-l ret ire -a till i:.l-, -
In, .:.i llIc'. i,:.' .iv'Y lthe pri-e i'enlm M r= L,:.rin
C Collins-, iand li'.:. icei-pre-i it-l M r:, \
C Go re i-a zand tir-: Cliie-r ljard1ii .\k
numijllecr :c.1 lie' *:lfic:er: hi .e bc iin el'rcti-.
3a mi'in, .1I thl ci li ctrfer lniiper- hlie e lit
tlie Il ithmu: DJuurin: tihe :,e r lihe oirgan.
iiliiri n bj- been placed -:ti i w.rkinc b]i-i
3nd di.ide.,I it, de.: rlitm :nit- l.:.r tih unLil-
C3li.:.i :.r lu i:L ff.:.rt
Three iieetlin- o:I thlle Frderait:.n Ihi.e
been hell The (hr-t wa- at Cri-lt.bal :n i
Januar-, 4. The ni m:rnin. -ci.:.n de-
v.:'lted I.:' rep.:.rt- i nd eiLeral Federati:' ri ut.l -
ne- -, and' Ini ithe aliern.:.o:n -,:,cial -ez- :.iil
wa held muiic- and addres:e-. lo'll:v.el
by, rec i[.'li': The -rec.n.-i meeliin.: lthes
Fer.lrTtlii:.n iai held ai Lmpire ,:In lihe lni-
tati.,:n .:.1 I c l > nal ',:m arn CluL. :.,n A .pr.I
l*I. The tiu-ii--- meftirlln -: w i:,ll.:..t.ed t.,
a rec pti-in lit nderc.- I,:, tie hi:.,n:.rir\ pre i-l
dent, M r Gi-e'rc \\' et:., li l-. at Iich
nm:-re tlian .!,,1 '.:.aI-n icre pre-clt Tilhe
thbirdl meerlin: i ici t n d Seiptleml.cr 2' it
:ore':,na. and -: m atlien.ed b. 30':.'il li l I
w-.:lTleIl. inclu2 dlI.l gue-zt-.
The Federli.:.n includle-c 31 pre-iet ci-hl
clubt.-. .\on. c ', Pelr.:. MiA-uel. Cdle.bri. EI -
pire, La Ciaca.-las. G:'rc':'na 'Giiur. 3aln
Cri-tlibal, 3and ha- a i:ial ment.ber-lip .:.
abo-'uti 5i,
Tile Crtml:Lal l\\:.ti3n'- Club :prencd it-
rre'zul.ir c--i,:,n .'With a mletingl.ig Octittoer 7.
in the C:m ti i--i:rn clu h.li:-ou V\.ilt a c.:.:
attendance. in tlihe .t-ence:.t lthe pre-identi
ithe-eco:n.i ice-.pri-entFli r- iratm I ir3
ler. pre-tled]. 3nd .i\e at -i:.rt add re-- :1 eIl-
come : Ilihe memLieri. Mr V'. 1. R: .) m i n
i 3- eicced treat-urer, a.i -Ie.n nrewi [iientil.
1.er- 'cre ,adli ittie. The report .:,I thle del]-
eiaie i Ilo T bieiuniil meeLiintc i L';-I:n ai
read ,b Mr, l ihoma i F.r':.wn, J.r Al lthe
clo'.-:e I the L b .l-ilie-- neetliiZ a i': C rt pro:.,-
igram wa- given, in wii>ict Mr-- Frank
\\ri-bt. Mr-- Frnilk L'lri-ic, .Ml-- Ainne
P-ilmer. and M.1 i-- iilrub .:-.k part Teia .1z
-er,'ed ant lthe ::-cial liall b:,ur -.. a enj:.,
by tlhe iicnllber- an-i their r U-te-_l-
The Culelira \':o'iman'- Clubi anlti:unc'e-: tlih
arri. l :1 thi b::k .'rdered I:.r tlihe co:ir-
':I itiu i. hlich i- ti : be tbe '.inter'- .':rk
The course pr':. ide: r a :itud. ':1 .. i-
nncitl c,:iuntrie-. an.I Englaitnd. irei3larl.
and Scoll- liandl The nrixt re:iul.r nreictle ':1
the club till take pl.c :.-i Thur-li.,. Oct-:.-
her 15 it i? desire-d litl all 31miilbr- a3-i
pro-pecli.-e nlembl-r: tilt.: are iriitrre- inl
tlie c':lur-e should be prreernti i:. arranie the
limle ':- IIlectinl alnd llire work i:.r lie ,e.tr.
Thle I-tlim 3ian DEj icinci Clubi ':' Cule.br3
gate ilt res_--ilar m:i'inlthi linee at tih club-.
buu'e :.Iu Saiur.-]vy eecninz, O'cttlir 1c).
The v.We'dding o i MIl:- a3mie Ci it,.
diugliter :of Til pre-,tlenit t- he -:,re,:,' i
Wianian'.' Club,. lIo Mr. The.:'dorce bunditu;-
to,.k pl-ac at tlie re-idence ':i, the bride' -

I-re.nti- ':n \\'edreii-d-i'. ccc1nilg. Ocliberr
7, i.i c .rcil l.'n 1* i' l i .r l:,rrrTc-i ',. 1 lihe
K7.. I i 1. i-c.,e. A.A lrcL numiler-r -'I u-i:
itrr Ire te: Mr. A-i Mr i iidqjiui-t %I.lll
I t i t "':.r?':.ll
T he 31"l ii.]l II :r,:lll ,:.[ llie .ic',:,n \k ':,H m -
n11 Clu l '.-.: cli l1 li.th e H ...tel T .:.l ..n.
\Vedtine ].i itlierl'::llI. ictol.er ., '.hen there
V-..i j irc'e _itllteidl ice. ,I -..Il. Il. 11 i [np:.r-
tlint rt[.c.rt l: i ,: ti .I tile -1h3 rnialli of lil
l irtrAr, c'i..miltitee '.i:. placed he t....:k- ill
circul.ilti.:n. Ther I::k- aire e hiliiincea3 i
':.nl- i:.i ub 1i -. i nd lthe na -iail line ,..I I.
C iti s .t '.reek ill I'e impl:.-e, l i:,r lrl r rlin-
li.:.,l .:.l t..:...k .:. er tlihe eri.:.d beti.te een tihe
L ,:, i eeli r -. IrM--. .\ R Izenneilt I 'A- A
-'pp',:,iiite permtinienti chairu.n i 'ihe leor r3r'.
c,..Tiiiliitlee, hid a M r- R r, :.r.lip, 3--u-il-l.
litriri ni. .\ -t. i l-in rule .'.ill be i l:'-pte l
. h %cli Il l mr ake lihe liIhrari n a n etni l.-r ..1
tile g,.: .erniiin b:. Ir. Thlie cluL, lit.rar'. i-
-1i3Im a i'uti c' i.iin- -:.me :'I till. isi l-t recent
p.:pular ,.:.rk- .. fictii.:.n. a- \ell a: a m :all
-elecl]:,n .:.l -ta id ar,- \\,:rk -. Itl i-: ',:,i d
th-i ihi- ,.lei[.a itm. eni l :rn l cI club i ll ie in-
crri-e.- ,-m the .,eir 3.1 rnce-:
Iliite :!e ill ihe eleirct. ri :*I o:ficerr- l:r the
,ear r n ihi.-i an1. ill, .:.liin: b\ ball.:.I re-ullIed
in the I',:.ll.:.: nc -ele:li,:,n : tF're-ident., M rs
C. C uMcCull.)ch. Ir lr-i ice-[r<-i:enit.
Mir-. 11. R. Tra-k; r-c.:-nd i icc-prr-idellt,
M ri- r \\ i' .ne-. rec.:.r- Lit -ecret3r; M r-.
Cl.Inrie- \\' ['o er, oC:.rre-p.:,- iiiz -,ecreiar '.
Mir-. V' T. D.?)ier; te3lurir. e Mr- R \V.
Fenn ir liriI-z .:. 1 thli: iltiereitn die.arl-
liiei Ii r Tlhe -purp.:-e ''1 lectliii tliheir
chlirtilrmen ire Ireing lirld and iliIte g.:.vernii1
I.,:,'ird.. -* which linclu e-: lhie f.:.fcer-. Iheira. .:.I
-.e[.artiimemn and .:.ie d;rect.:.r tr.:.i each
1eipartniine t ill m eetIl el:,re Oci':lier '1
lo:, Irr ingI il t .I :crk loy:r ih- ;.ear it h is
beei. le.ided t]:' 'imte lie e.lucat:iiial an311
litlirar, departiileuint. 3a lea3: duriingi the
fir-t hall :! lihe ., ar. and -Aee ii :,1 llhe:e
c.:nil' lvirn i .lcp.irtlm rnit '.iill be helr-i re ulAirl.
The liieilibi er- ,: tihe Ani ,:c i NiTrn ez-' LI-
lirar. hli e ,rcidIed :t i:el l their b.:,:k- in
lat :'r I le pr.:j.lected A.nc n Li'r.r-. .-\:i-,:,.
Citi'iiO,. ,-1i ] iL e Ifur hiiuuiredi ':r mit:re ol-
um e lri- 'I hlici' it i c :tm p,::ed 't ll l be i :,1-I
ati ;i r-,r Kli 111,'li':, ':,i., lle iheiulber z :.I
ih h.:.-lital alt i l, .A d later w ill bI.,e ,:, i ie i :.
:l ltid:e pu-rchi r-
Ellic:in : l .:' fi cer- lor the fl'[ ir.:. Mr uelu
W\\':.uij i' C lub 1 .:'r the h ie, t -ic t ,ui:.itli- .. a-
hel-I t I li I clertinl ': ii : i Oclt:ier at tlih
cluI r,.-:.-tn The ':'lll in. :' ere ecte-i:
Pre-_ideutL. Mr- k L \\'ater- -ecretar ,
Mr-.. W. F. Farnic- irea-urer. MIr- \W I
Piper Durin. llthe miiertinL -et'.eral ialtcr-
':,f [pu lic iii.i:ortii-ce -.ere takrii u lup :r .d. .
cu --i'l:I T enrt..ii e J.-.lilr 3 t.,. 3 li d lO'r
ille [plian:, lund .i- I re-ult ,:l tlie rrcrnt en-
lierlaiin enir rhe ljreetiing ,:n \.e::l [Ih .,
Ocli-t. ,ber vl, '..dl be entirel. -.:,ocial. 3 recep-
tlion cll i 'it en I.:. ihe rctirirn; .in,-i I.: lthe
ne I', elci~erd t :'lfictr-
.\ da ic:, j: zi ei\ i1.% the llh -:[..ital -jlff at
C :l-:on H :-pitail n Il ] Frid.', i elii g, cl:it.ber
9. 1':' liuchli 3 nuimiler .:.I re--ient':.l Cri-l:.'
t.al i' ere iii,iled
ThI Cr-itl l.a- l Eachel:r-' Club i.1 i i'.c
;a 'lnce a llth C':nin'li--.:'n clubli'u-e : n
t iur..I..'. e,. uiing. Oict:.hb r 1I..

The Panma R .silr,:ad, C,:mp.,ni I;u- co:m-
pieli i IIr ilirnl-hlin -:'l it- qu3rter- lt :r i aci -
el:r el'pl.: I.e: i in i anaia j e rquarriter-
will acc'i:,mni,:'d3ite I':rtli itmen


Surce i:n H R Cart-r, P H nd ] M II S.,
Dire lctior -.-I I .--pit. i- l cc:l 'ni2 iic.i 1. his
-..tc it. ,ljI hliler, -t.i le r,:in C':,l: n :. ibe
h e .di ;, .,ct,:,bl r o. l.:,r a le,.e .-.I .,Ii=ence
.: l -i. e: -, .:1 ie =- pent in C :-l.s Rica.
During DEr C.trter : .ib-ence id i C C MIc-
C llicih. Ir '.-ill ict a- D i[recL.Tr .:,1 H ,:..-pii_ l-.
Mir C rl .i S ,. ille. a.-;i:tnlit tnginerrr.
,:1 Culet.rt. ic tulp-inied L,0. I tile nl,- t i,:.n,
relirne- I:t e I:i-lbmu ...nilthi. NI. M. -tii-
-h p l, ...':.'._ ,: O ci,:t.ber 1 I.
I.leit Frank :i \W hitlh..clk llih C. .ilr-.,
IT b .\.. -rri. d On Lhie E / M.'.',; I.ber %. an.i. h -l Ieein i--t iiel zI ,I iuty a3i
i- 'I-lini i: i th:e SuL--Tieirnce OffiTcer Mr.
W\Vl-Itick : nr. lu-ated lr.lnl lli.: MiIL.try
Acm l:al I, ait ''e-t P.-,it in i'''i. In Ii rice
tlheri lii- -erne d at C.:.lumii Uu r irr.i-ckl in
the i'liilipini i -iland .in. I .: an nsiirucl.ir
3L tlie M iliiir'. Acitd m.rn ,. hiere e li : -I Ii een
-1inc 11 : 1 For 3 i.:.rt tr e li i lie :'.. s
s.::;grie I-:' d Ll. ':'In the i[thbnu-
Mir Hlcir." Gi:ldmark. dte-iniin engi-
nieer, anld 3a l:'rce '' I, n ari s .itlt .i' l.ia.e
t.be:n iran -lerred Ir':.m lihe \'"-Lli[n1.l':,1:lice
.:. CuleLra. carried t : 'i the t'' ,i' :,V .:.n
Oic,:.ber .- The.. will .e under tlihie irec-
li':'n ':'l ihe .\-i-t nt Ch irl [iEni ineer
ir E. Strickler. Re-idenit Finnireer at
Cr:.r:..i .1c'compai-ned Ub Mr--. Stickler,
-Zal ..3 f:.r lihe Stlate-: .,n 5ihe ,'. ;, l. Oct.:.-
her ,.
At.'l:.n lthe pai -enzer returning i,:. the
l-lini ,:.n lth,: /-' c 110':~,7-, which h arr nled at
C ri vi,.hil .-.I, ( il .b,, r ,.ere I M J. 2 ir
lad'min and l.im il. .:l latuliiJ . F, N icl':,li
-:.t C uli.ira, E r i- rr, E Pre,'.:n .:.1 P'arai-,:.
and FJr. AlIberL R \ arner .:I C.:l.:n if -p:tal.
.'rni':.[i hlie pa -enter o:iin he ll i, t.',; o,
-..u lch arri.,.- ai C. :.n .:.n O ict.:.i r t. fr.:.m
Ne,.. Oirleian- iere Dr R.:.l.ert N.:.ile
sill wite. and Dr laurie M. MeI-lit:n ..Il An-
c.:.u .indl Mr-. .-\ Zmnu and lamilY ,:.f
E i pi re

W dllliaim r c :.e. :,1 Par-r e-.:. Mi, 3t .\n-
c,:,II ,li':l'| iJl O11 O cl'O, er .1 p: ernici,':,uLi liia-
lari3l lier. Iie '..a- a n tiur3ali'ed .tierican
citiren. hia in: been O:.rn in Irel n In.
Ir.., 3iand liad tjiee i n the -liit u u-l iu lr l.:.ur
m,:'uulih-. He \ii- unmiarried His iieare-t
rrlatiive ii a3 brother. R.:birt iMcKiee, v.iho
.r-i .i Net.ca-ile, Engiland.

Cr ii-:.b-a U Loi u i Sund i Sch-:-:l.
ilThe Cr-Ii':.b l Uni,:n Suind Sclli'::'l. a bi.jch
Sam.:.rizanii'.rtd a u':.uti a % a ra '. va 3 re':'roan-
I *.-I .:.n i t- nd. .'.. O cs l:tober 4, I.. li Lhe I:ll.:.l : -
in .:. ficcer- M .I S nickel. .ctIinT -superin-
telien.lt- C. I.. \'31 Zaiit. -ecrelir:,, ,ilM -i
Fl.orence Fuller. Mi- G.::..,drich, Mr-- M. C.
Smiith. i,-- Mm. Hmm:nir.n.d. andi MIe---r-.
Rid.lle. Stickel J-id ludlei Thi'i. ai E lIr.'r n,
Jr teacher-:,. M-t-r I--ouii-e Kiilir MrN-.
Th Ili, i 1 [ir. :.-. .i r.. r .ir I1. A Sm ith
anil Mir. A .\ Sillka. 'LIbt.iUte teachieri.
The initern3tii,:nIl le-s:n- arr lu-ed. 3ai1- lihe
-cch.:..:.1 i- il ndrd l:r lihe btienli :, 1al1 cl il-
d:rei no:t jiroi ll:d in :'tlihe Sundb a -clih::l -.
Thie annmil. rAll,. tio:k place -n Ocit.:.err 1i),
v. hen .,ill -idrc-- ,.;'- m -i.e, '... M r-. Hiram
I Silter m Ju

Cc:1i:n O clio -.r ; i : : 1 ic .r .'. *: li;ng and
Sc ,'r le L*.:.l" lui n -r




Work of the Shovels in September.
'lith steam shovels at work on the Canal
excavated 1,714.995 cubic yards of material
in September. A new record for excavation
in one day was made on the last day of the
nionth, when the 52 shovels at work in the
Central Division took out 63,418 cubic yards,
an average of 1,220 cubic yards per shovel.
The high record for the month was made
hv shovel 217, at work in the Culebra Dis-
trict, which took out 52,892 cubic yards in
25 days, an average of 2,116 cubic yards a
day. The best record for a shovel in the
70-ton class was made by shovel 102, which
excavated 36,842 cubic yards of rock front
the lock site at Gatun. Shovel 134 at work
at the same place took out 35,560 cubic
yards. Shovel 209, at work in the Central
Division at Pedro Miguel, made the highest
record for one day by excavating 3,100 cubic
yards of soft rock on September 28.
Monthly records are computed by place
measurement, while the daily records are
based on car measurement. The best
records for the month and for one day in
each section of the work are shown below:
Best Records for the Month.

No. Earth. Rock. Total,

114 .... 21,282 11,971 33,252
253 .... 6,629 26.517 33,146

256 ... 33,884 13.S40
255 .... Not elsfi'd Not els'fi'd

211 ..
116 .

No. of
days at




4,099 36,889
16.712 16,712

207 ... 3178 38.613
262 .... 1,722 32,716


217 7,400 45,492 5
259 ............ 45,723 4

209 ... 3.166 36.412 3
264 ... 6.526 16.790 2

126 .... 22,829 ............






Best Records fir One Day.

lI a
3 l.ocatiou Date. Character iita-
o. trial. C

253 Tabe uirlla.......
115 T:tbeniilla.......
2.6, Goro in .........
255 Gorgona.......
211 Bias Ohispo......
252' ias Ohispo......
219 Emnipire..........
27 E tipire..........
259 Culebrt ..........
266 Culebrn ..........
SG0 Po.lrir, Xio'llFeI

Sept. 23
Sept. 4
Sept. 29
Sept. 4
Sept. 291
Sept. 21
Sept. S
Sept. 15
Sept. 30
Sept. 15
Scot. 2I

Rock and earth
Earth ..........
Earth...... ....
Earth ..... ....
Earth ..........
Rock and earth
Rock and earth
Earth... .. ..
Soft rock ......

257 Pedro Miguel... Sept. 1 Soft rock ...... 1,480

i |
134 Gatun Locks..... Sept. 11 Clay .............. 2.430
102! Gatun Locks..... Sept. 2 Rock ............. 2,344
251' t;atun spillway. Sept. 19 Clay and rock.. I 1,700
135 Gatun spillway.| Sept. 10 Clay and gravel 1,640
133 Mindi .............I Sept. 17 Clay and rock.. 1,505
101 I Miudi............... Sept. 251 Clay and rock.. 791


153I Miraflores Locks] Sept. 26 Not classified.. 1.360
2581 Iliraflores Locks Sept. 11 Not classified.. 2,570
1301 Pedro Miguel ...' Sept. 25 Not classified.. 830
Pedro MIignel ...I Sept. 19 Not classified.. 1,2'0
157; Cardenas Hill ... Sept. 151 Not classified.. 1,170

NOTE-Shovels in the one-hundred class are 75-ton
Bucyrns and Model 60 Marions with dippers of a
capacity of 212 cubic yards. Shovels in the two-
hundred class are 95-ton Bucynrs and Model 91
1Marions with dippers of a capacity of 5 cubic yards.
Shovels in the fifty-class are 45-ton shovels with
dippers of a capacity of 1% cubic yards. These
shovels are under steam for eight hours per day, but
are not actually worked during this entire period.
time being lost by the necessity of moving the
shovel forward, blasting stone too big for the shovel
to handle, keeping the shovel supplied with cars,etc.


Changes in Department of Civil Adminis-
25 tration.
25 CULEBRA, C. Z., September 17, 1908.
Under authority of the Executive Order of the
President of January 6. 1908. the Department of Reve-
nues, in the Department of Civil Administration of
S the Istlhnian Canal Conmmission, shall hereafter be
S known as the Di risioli of Posts, Customs and Reve-
inues of the Department of Civil Administration.
The fire department shall hereafter be known as
25 the Division of Fire Protection of the Department of
25 Civil Administration
'rle Department of Police and Prisons shall here-
after be known as the Division of Police and Prisons
24 of the Department of Civil Administration.
8 Tlhe title of the head of the Division of Fire Pro-
tection shall be Fire Chief.
Effective September 1, 1908.
21 Chainman.
Secretary of f'ar.

25 Assistant Subsistence Officer.
20 CULEBRA, C. Z., October 8, 190S.
CiRCtTLAR No. 216.
First Lieutenant Frank 0. Whitlock, Fourteenth
25 Cavalry, having reported for duty, in accordance with
25 S. 0. No. 208, current series from thie War Depart-
ment, is hereby appointed Assistant Subsistence Of-
ficer, reporting to Major E. T. Wilson, Subsistence

22,829 1


133 .... 5,173 18,195
101 .... 5,586 3,158



36.842 36,812
6,219 29,341 35,560


251 .... 1.807 16,313 18,120
135 .... 6.792 7.433 14.275


Not clsfi'd Not clsfi'd 18,410 2
SNot cls'fi'd Not cls'fi'd 18.700 24
7,021 12,349 19.370 23
Not cls'fi'd Not cls'fi'd 32.125 24


10.610 ............ 10,610 21
3.523 12.097 15.620 19
1.745 ............ 1,745 4

Acting Chairnan,

Economy in Foundry Operation.
CULEBRA, C. Z., October 8, 1908.
Under present conditions of operating the foundry
at Gorgona necessitating the use, in large part, of
new pig iron, it will be more economical hereafter to
purchase in the United States grate bars and similar
small castings, the need for which can be antici-
pated. Requisitions should be prepared and for-
warded to the Chief Quartermaster for from six
months' to a year's supply of such castings as will
be required The foundry at Gorgona will tunt out

only such of the-e m :, .. -. l' -ll '-. I -....:- Ir.. I.
fill requirements until the receipt of castings on
-4cti'.u Chat'rman and Chief Engineer.

Correspondence on Requisitions.
CULEIR L, C. Z., October 10.
CiRCULAt NO. 217:
Whenever it become necesay for officials onil the
Isthmus to enter into corresoondence relative to
requisitiois covering purchases in the United States
such correspondence shall be conducted through the
Chief Quartermaster, in order that proper record,
may be kept in his office, aud the practice of cor-
responding with the General Purchasing Officer or
contractors direct is prohibited. The Chief Quarter-
master will also ble furnished copies of all communi-
cations relating to purchases passing between tile
Chairman and the General Purchasing Officer direct.
I. F. 1F. lOES,
Acting Chairman.

Transfers and Appointment of District
CULEBRA, C. Z., October 6, 1908.
The following transfers and appointment are an-
nounced, effective October 10:
J. oI. Jeffries, District Quartermaster at Empire, to
District Quartenuaster at Culebra.
C. P. Allen, District Quartermaster at Culebra, to
District Quartermaster at Empire.
J. A. Simmnons is appointed Assistant District Quar.
termnaster at Culebra.
Chief Quartermaster.

Auction of Public Animals.
CULEBRA, C. Z., October 7. 1908.
Notice is hereby given that there will be sold at
public auction at the Ancon corral, at 3 o'clock p. m,,
October 24, to the highest bidder, the following de-
scribed public animals, which have been condemned
and ordered sold :
Dark brown American mare mule. No. 280.
Light bay American gelding mule, No. 279
Black American gelding mule, No. 240.
Dark brown American mare mule, No. 321
Brown American mare mule, No. 281.
light brown American mare mule, No. 330.
White native stallion. No. 93.
Dun native stallion, No. 102.
Black Chilean mare nule, No. 194.
Mouse-color American mare mule, No. 164.
Black native stallion, No. 46.
Gray native stallion, No. 56.
White native stallion. No. 79.
Bay native gelding, No. 51.
Two American colts, aged 5 months.

There will be sold, tinder same conditions, at the
Cristobal corral, on the same day and at the same
hour, the following described public animals, which
have been condemned and ordered sold :
Light brown native gelding mule, No. 138.
Dark brown American gelding mule, No 235.
Dark bay native gelding mule. No. 28.
White native stallion, No. 83.
Bay American gelding, No. 1.
The animals may be seen at the corrals iantied, and
full information may be obtained from the District
Quartermasters at Acone and Cristobal, respectively,
Chief Quartermaster.

Misdirected Letters.
Division of Dead Letters.
Ancon, C. Z., October 13, 1908.
The following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in the United States and its possessions, have
been received in thle office of the Director of Posts.
and may be obtained on requestof addressee:
Bartley, J. J. Kelly, i., J.
Bork, F. A. Lugowski, Julius
Buckingham, Chas Lyons, Patric
Caldwell, John Mtaning. Chas. S.
Cantor, Mirs. C. MIlayner, J.
Chambers, John wv Metzger, Frederick
Colchester, C. C. .Montague, Chas. H
Cornish, L. I). Muller, Henry
Curtis, A. S. McLeod, John
Day, Ed Peters, Carl
Ellis. David E. Rogere. Ernest L.
EIppley, C. Dean Sands, F. W.
Foster, W. F. Smith, Chester K.
Fritzche, P. A. Soulter, Alex
Glass, I.ulu V. Smythe. Thos. A.
Haggerty, John Swain, B. E.
llaussler, Erniest Thompson. Win. G.
Ilurley, W. W. Wilson, Geo. Frank
The following steamershave recently arrived at La
Boca: October 5, Rameses, from northern ports; Oc-
tober 5. Idiat'a,. from San Francisco. Departures
were: October 3, U. S 5 ,' ... '.; f.r ..ar. Fr n.: :
October 5, Tucaftel and .i r .. I ir ..li.. r t '---
tober 7, Rameses, for ..:..irh-in i. irt

102 ....
134 ....

11 ....
151 ....
258 ....

130 ....
222 ....
50 ....

THE C.\ NAL R< 1 L C I .*


.11 i -Ni li- i L' R k j L' 1 il I I \1 i'IN TI kL. .LN I l I..\I. ,.MN I, i l II i .:-

i h -u IL ,,,l .i .. l tlle -h .., l li ,- ., i ltl _. .rI- .,{' .I i.. I 1 .,*rk .1 C i t l .. ,t ,rl- -li .: ,*I. r .. i .. .:L .u itia ll

C I].,'. D I'I R r I'C

, T I.. T i I i [l.- I,,N
,; 1 .'L I ,-, I:

u IT-, .I

-I --

I -..


... I ,
i -,i.--
I .l l r

. i ,,,

I In ,,Ir
I: +; { -, . a r.t .


**I I.,,.-

I I 1.-Il,'.
I.. :11

* I I
II:, .Ini
I I.' I,



.a 57
I 4 ?5

I 64
1 153
I .44
I I i34

I 117


C I N T R A L 1 I I :.: I t., N

I I 1 ..1ri

Cli I I. IN

T 'L=6

I. '4
4-i I
14 4'

I. I-

I 4'




I .

II .1 :"

L. ".. II
. I. I I. i
I I ,I
1 ." I. '
I l '4

4... .1
- i T. ill...
'I .1




'-.- -i I i . i i .-- 1 I t ._ ,:v .and Culebradivi-
. .. I. i ,. I i, I .. I I I-';il Division. No
-" i .* .. . 1 r .i i :i I J.: ,i the old divisions
S. I 1. i i .. l 'I res for July and
\ll. -i .,i r il..- --.iiI .elnde work done

. ",, ir I :,r .Ii| i :., : I' 1Iber. 1908:
.\ .r ni l:r :.l :.. :rk, 63.59.
S .r -. :, i -, 1 .- 885 cubic vardt .
Sr :,,, ,,. ith. 22,134.
1h 1 :.r -, L .1 I r i. _,, I. Isis eight hours.

'I I. 4
ii.-. i. 1.1
,.ll. '~ I

SA .\L i F i t i) '. I i N

it ,ki I

*' I .1 ., .i- 1 ','. -I'l i I ',', i 1 1.. i .L.' i i n lC T

S...... I r ... 76 12,360 0.00
I .' . -' ,. '. 1 ni 12 11,3001 0.7T
S. I >S 17,200 ; 8.65
S ,,. I 2 14.630 4.97
S' I. i '" 3 16,200 5.66
.. r | .' 39 19,214 10.4'
SII.. i' .. I "50 1.8,743 5.93

I T1 ,I

t, r.- t.
' n 1.. r

l1 l




1S.15 i
20,11 ,


1. 4

I. 1

i I I,

S i.

. .. l' r

I i ..

, r'. ll ..

.' i lI

I'' 4

I ''II



m .-




, I n. siI ',, 1,


| i'n r,., 1, t a ll c nll |I I
I 1 :,

I l' ,n n .i l'J r Ji !.. '<: 1^ "




56 TH 1- C .\N.\ 1. RECORD



The steamship Advance, which sailed from
New York on October 7, due at Cristobal
October 14, has the first consignment of fresh
oysters for the Commissary Department.
They will be selected oysters, and are put up
in one-half gallon kits. The department
expects to keep oysters on sale regularly
until the oyster season closes.


For week beginning October 13:
Mutton-Stew&in ............................ per 11) 6
Shoulder and neck (not under
6 rounlid ) ............................ per lb 7
Entire fnrequarter (not under
10 nniir ds) ..... .................. .. per III S
Lee ( to in pounds) ................ per lb 16
Sbhnrt-c t chops.............. ....... per 111 20
Inmhb-Stewin ...................... .....per Ili 6
Entire fnrequarter .............. per 1 t
Lee (6 to 5 pounds) .....................per lbh 27
Veal-StewinT ....................... ....... ... er lb 10
Fntire forequarter (15 to 20 lbs)....per lh 11
Loin.............................. ...........per Ilb 22
Short-cut chops................... ......per lb 23
Cutlet....................................p.. per lb 23
pork- Cilts ........... ..................... ........per lb 20
Beef- Siiet......... ..... ................... ..... er lh 4
Snun..... ...................... ........... er lh
Ste ........................ ................ "er it 12
Corned............................ per lb., 12. 14, 16
Pot roast (from sirloin butt).........per lb 17
Rib-roast, secuud cut llut uuder 3
pounds)....................-.--.- per lb 19
Rib-roast, short cut (not under 31,
pounds)................................... per lb 23
Sirloin roast............................... per lb 29
Runmp roast............................ per lb 29
Porterhouse ronst................ per lb 29
Steak, round.............................. per lb 23
Rib ............................ .....per lb 24
Sirloin ............................ er Il 29
Porterhouse.......................per lb 29
RuiIIp ................................per lb 29
Tenderloin......................... per lb 30
Livers-Calf................................. ..... each 65
Sausage-Pork..................................... per lb 19
Frankfurter............................oer lb 17
Leberwurst................... ......per 11) 17
Bologna......... ...................... per lb 17
Sweet bread-Veal..... ..................... ..... each 1.20
Ox tongues............................ each 90
Pigs' feet. pickled ................................ per lb 14
Pigs* tongues. pickled............................per lb 15
Eggs, fresh ..................... ..................... dozen 34
Chickens- Dressed (milk-fed).................each 1.30
Large (milk-fed).................... each 1.50
Capons............. ................. each 2.40
Broilers................. ......... each 60
Fowls, medium and large .......... each, 80c. and 1I(10
Ducks, fatted fancy) .......................... enchl 1.10
Turkeys.. ............... ........................... per lb 30
Squabs.......................... ... ....................each 45
S.ickling pigs (whole ....................... ...each 3.50
Suckling pigs (one-half ) ....................... each 1.75
Bacon-Strips ........... .... ................. per lb 23
English, breakfast sliced...... .....per lb 26
Hamn-Sugar-cured, sliced ....................per lb 25
One-balf, for boiling...................perlb 21
Ferris......... ........... ....- ..... per Ib 20
Beef, salt. fam ily.......... .....p................... er lb 16
Butter-Prints, prime quality...... .......... per lb 35
Cbeese-Nenfchatel................... ............each 6
Young America........................pe lb 22
Swiss............. ..............per lI 33
Edai ............................ ........... each 1.05
Canmenbert............................... per lb 2S
M cLaren's .. .... ... ............... ........jar 15
Pinxter's.......................................tin 22
French cheese in tius-Canmenbert, Roque-
fort, Brie. Neufchatel............................ tin 20
M ilk. Briareliff....................................quart 25
Tomatoes (local only) ............................er 11i S
W white potatoes...................... ...... ........ per lb 3,.
Sweet potatoes...................................... per lb 21/2

C ibbl .c-,: ..r Ir',
O n io r a ,,: r Ih .
Beets ..... II
Carrotl r i.

Lillia l *.,h . l .,
L e m o n | .-*1 11 l

G rapne : :-r., i.:.'. ,. :. l i ., i..r Ih '
Grap 1.. a ., .- I I ... : ci ... ..r I

Sc.l. : .1 'r: .:m :: '. ',. 1 I 1 1 'i'. hi I:lll'

N! ".i K RTi,.Li.E^

Cliocc ill.: I'r- .r iC l i l. i ,: ., .
HIats. -.' r. i. r, p 1;
Half h: ,'--L I.,:l. l
i r.cl. ..1
l.:.l.:.re i ,:.::.li r

RIntulaill. Ol t'.- I ir. 11. I''1r
t~iittTsI I

r. 'r

'. I i,.'


Cristi .'
Braze. t.. : L

Cent' *I -
Taher. i ll.,......
Sasl I .1.1'
Bas Ct *i.
Ga nil.:
Call:i li:
Culelr .
Rio Gr n..J
Pac r -
Pedrc I =
La l.', C
Anco i
U'p,. ,7 ,

I~ 7,

Alha .,: .. I : 7 I

S, a :- ri lh C li m. r.t-

I12; iru l l i- i '. l .' r : L l. '.i
water I. cr ,the, k n''-& 'n1 .-t 1 1.lIi. lit. 'Ic-.
tobe: 1, 1 ''', :

Heig c I-:. I |
abc i oI ...

lc i e '

Hei,,e ,

S, i h- I C. C. l 'I i'.
'rue - -*t' :I-

Fri. T
Sat"'.] .--o I.. . .
I nx i i.. .. I I I I r..

C.n.- I I b: Ih.i I C. C. U .:ll.

r. it i

3 V'c. r I ' .* i
1 -, ". 1 ,i.
7 ,I b ". '11 . ' .

A [..r. r I -, : "' r.. Z I .'

7 i .r ,r .- . : r ; .i .1 l, : II q : h.. i
.ll I I b h. I i. C. l -ll-il I -

10re a i-, r r ,"

Scoru F.. I I '- r ..I.re.-i ,.1..i


iTh:lI',l. n ., .,.f ll, f PhP I
.1I . i | : .J l- l ll l lll > .:.1 l i : llie i 'd 11
I .. I .'i .. I ..': >:..lil -.- i I' 'ti H ili e.i r -
:s1 ,. -i 11 .] I IT i,.j uf iii r'l.." ..l I -.ilj > ...]ri[..'.1r '-

i t l 'l,: i ,: i ,ir

A [[...ll. .

A I ., .
SIll ,,:.i1

1 .il-, ,

A I .,: Ii

Pl r 'l.
" I[- I . .

I .. ,,:

r i ..-. '. il i
t.' -

r r'in ,,t

S .i r I , ,,

Tr r. II.: ..

li F .,,1 ,

r.iir,.11 ".

i-i ..r-i ; iii ,
i .s III

P-,rn ..... I.
li,: r,.J. -.
i. orn .0- :
P r-i n n 1111

>- r l i

r r t. : *:'l
us. ,rL .c

* r, ,i

nT r l- :.-
r .
"ITcnl ..

41 M 1 1i

In' I' itr


I I ,:1i

. 4 iA It mc'
. r T.,-..I m' 'Cr

]* K R 'I: :r..] :iO
r I [ Ti .-.J', ,:
I 14 R .ii.r-J N:

P i. T 'rir..l .'.i
I. i [ ii.s J '.I . N.:
i i k I : -.J.. N :'
I K I, "* I .r..J .. .. N :'

I' I .
i ".i "i I S N I'. '.'

li \ "i ., .1 .i S .:.

i< .I i ,. : [ ,:

I > i -I. .,c
[ T.,. ; : . ..:-:

K *.I "i ll : '. '. .,: C

Si 1 '.. I rt L m.
I I ..L rI.
I1: '. r. ..

I C ,i-.ijr.J.
i. I i hitt

i i 1 I I 1 r T
, I l" I.,

. I.I* I 1

I i T .' .- '.
i tC "i I -- I.

r .1


. *t ...
"i , .. ,

"i I, . |

'1 l t .1,' ',

iT T it 1[ ,


I .,:
I l,

F1, I 1 I % T .. I % r u l -= it -r .tS -F m
It 'l ,..: 1 T.:. % .*. I '. i I I'TO

r -, ,7 ki'lll i,' -r.'. r : .I i h . I ". T
T i... PrI ,rl .r .: t'.L ii' iii.t.' '1 1. I III ..

. :.r N.. \ :..'k

bl:.rr N I .rk ll .I I i' 1.1 *'" '' i.r li- :u l I h,>.
.t.. ri: rct ic..-. 'i. I l .-r Il
"-i- rI1 rr. L "irtN- rr.r ii[ i l'rj: 1. i- .Ir ".ll n,'l l n i Ic

S:.c r l..iii:.i. ,i F'ie r'-:. I i n-.: '.'ir N' '.'ri :i
.,ri.p' *.:.' thil, r'F : .' II lil,7 I'-Ic 1r..ui r 11-7 T rdau .i-

r-b1 i.I,:.I.3 ,. GO Jhe r 1 .11.1 "-%rl.-1 t..iCl, I1.1.llh

.:.f ih.. it -0-rc I. aw,




No. S.

The Canal Record

N ODi I~ IS MEaAiEkI ,.a. Ie ire j.,.ii~s,,I, aAd !,,I DEI -! -4 111 I-e

Add,,?;, Al Communication;

I;I.thmu 3 P3,Iiiam.3.


C h r m a n '1%lo oitliI~ N R..p Irt

'ile TE-r 01i 1ie- *.. l,'i- I'M Ab' I lie
''Iil-imi C~n'.-,l..r i.eurh Stitl-i
1; -1.pte41tdr III -Aih E -A~ ILI'; tri L.ie

III ~-epCe N % 1 17- Ti1.uemtvlor., 7 .1 1 r I:.'
OT ~ ~ ~ ~ :7 n.'- I I V
thept Ve I t.il Euli, ..rI- ."-A.. 'eUre re 1

leili E I. t Iite 1ii11 ;.1 il '-,, ~. .:. llet '
done- I. t-ir.- u'ret l...i-

thn. thhe-,tr
III eten Alli,t '* n i '.-unL- lo er 7'.l .0- r
.:.- I rio d:ie -l %. li e Wliui El Lt-k 1i%

.:e e~ I Zi~ it 1in 3 1- E I -ce ., I. ie

ir-'i li j .iih .j.: .Ere rli* -i ~e
rItl the --nh".~ -.~ I uuI r r uin.L 1l..-.

.:.I the north toe. During the month 1,2SS
linear feet of trestle were constructed.
I'he excavation in the Central Division
amounted to 1,476,323 cubic yards, of which
4 -'1.139 cubic yards were earth and 1,055,184
u.ere rock. In the same territory in Sep-
tember, 1907, 773,095 cubic yards were re-
ii-.ved. In September, 1907, however, the
a erage number of steam shovels at work
during the month was 39.91, while in Sep-
t.:nmber, 1908, the average number at work
%u., 49.68. The rainfall in September, 1907,
"~ 10.61, and in 1908, 9.75. The output
per shovel per day in September, 1907, was
,. cubic yards, while in September, 1908, it
..,, 1,180 cubic yards, an increase of 46 per
*:~e iit.
In the Pacific Division, on the lock site at
P'rdro Miguel 28,S33 cubic yards of material
v.ere excavated, and from the lock site at
M-raflores 89.106 cubic yards. The excava-
It.:.i from the site of the Miraflores Dam
iiinounted to 1,817 cubic yards, and from the
r.rnm at Cardenas Hill, S1,181 cubic yards.
"I lie dredging at La Boca amounted to 750,-
, i cubic yards, all from the Canal prism.
I1ll the relocation of the Panama railroad
2. 31 linear feet of permanent track were
l.-.l, making a total of 43,576 feet. The
I..r.:e of laborers during the month averaged

In the Subsistence Department the net
i*1.:-fit in September for the operation of ho-
tel. and mess halls, not including the Tivoli
l :.tel, was $9,535.20. The net loss on the
Ti. oli hotel was $2,002.33, making a net profit
Ir the Department of $7,532.87.
The Division of Public Works of the De-
..Irtnient of Civil Administration reported
thint during the month 30,052,000 gallons of
.iter were used in the city of Panama, and
2. 631,923 in the city of Colon. The health
i.:.:.ditions continued to be satisfactory dur-
II. September.
Mind MAlag.,zine.
The storage magazine for explosives at
.Mlindi has been completed and the work of
-b..ring dynamite there has begun. The
r.,Iroad from the main line of the Panama
r ilroad to the magazine is being straight-
ened and the old French tracks which were
-..nriinally laid have been replaced by 70-
r.:.und steel rails.
The magazine is located one and one-half
miles southeast of the Mlindi spur, and is so
-urrounded by hills that an explosion would
ii..t seriously affect the nearby villages of
C ,stobal, Colon, Mount Hope, and Gatun.
It is built into the hillside in such manner
Il-tattheback and sides it is surrounded by
eirth. Hollow concrete blocks 12 inches
ih'.:k and bullet proof have been used for
tih walls, and the roof is composed of con-
crete reinforced with old Belgian rails and
St,rerlroofed. The magazine is 112 feet
I...ng, 48'feet wide, aud 9 feet high inside.

The concrete roof keeps the interior dry and
cool. Ventilation has been provided by air
flues which open under the roof. Six hun-
dred thousand pounds of dynamite can be
stored in this building. Near the magazine,
and yet so faraway that an explosion in one
would not affect the other is a detonator
house. It is 33 feet 6 inches long, 17 feet 3
inches wide, and 10 feet high inside. It
also is built of concrete blocks and has a
ceiling of reinforced concrete with a corru-
gated iron roof above it.
In the magazine reservation is a frame
house for a watchman who will have charge
of the station. A neutral zone, int which no
shooting will be allowed, will probably be
Unloading Dynamite.
The first shipment of dynamite under the
contract for the fiscal year 1909 arrived at
Cristobal on October 10, and was unloaded
at Dock 14. It consisted of 1,000,000pounds
in 20,000 boxes of 50 pounds to a box. Every
box was taken from the hold of the ship
Sylvia by hand and sent down a skid to the
wharf. Such care was taken in handling
the explosives that only one of the 20,000
boxes was broken open.

Dredging at Pacific Entrance.
Dredge No. 1/, one of the old French lad-
der dredges, struck rock in the channel of
the Canal at La Boca on the night of Octo-
ber 6. Before the dredgers realized the un-
expected nature of the material they were
handling, the end of the bucket ladder had
been broken and the tumbler wheel lost.
The disabled dredge was taken to the
docks, where a new ladder was put in, and
work in the channel was resumed just one
week after the accident. Prompt repair
and quick return to work were possible, be-
cause a ladder taken from one of tile two
old dredges at Gorgona was on the ground
ready for such aln emergency. The ladder
of the second dredge at Gorgona is being
taken down and will be brought to La Boca
to be held in readiness as a "spare."
The Pacific dredging fleet has been con-
siderably strengthened by the addition of
the old French ladder dredge A-2, now
known as the Afole, which was put back in
commission a few days ago. The fleet now
consists of three old Frenchladder dredges,
one of them a sea-going dredge, one sea-
going suction dredge, one 20-inch suction
dredge, and a dipper dredge. It was hoped
that this fleet would bring the monthly ex-
cavation for the Pacific dredges from its
present point (about 750,000 cubic yards),
up to a million cubic yards or over. This
may be accomplished ultimately, but if pres-
ent conditions continue and the dredges at
La Boca are obliged to keep on scraping
mud off the stratum of rock that underlies
the channel of the old French canal, it is





not likely that a new record will he made
for some time to come.
The sea-going ladder dredge Gopher is
working its way up the channel, making a
cut 26 feet deep at mean tide. The cut
will be continued toCorozal, thus giving ac-
cess at low water to the Miraflores lock site.
The sea-going suction dredge Ancon is
dredging from the end of the la Boca wharf
out to deep water, making a cut from -226
to -45.
Requisition has been made for four addi-
tional dump barges for use with the Pacific
dredges. They will be of steel, 400 cubic
yards capacity, and will be erected at the La
Boca marine shops.

Lands for Canal Purposes
The cases arising from the expropriation
of Canal Zone property for Canal purposes
have been settled in accordance with the de-
cision of the Joint Commission published in
THE CANAL RECORD of August 12, 1908.
Deeds to-the United States have been exe-
cuted covering the lands in question. For-
mial possession of the hacienda Andrade at
Gorgona was taken on October 17.

Accidents at Gorgona Foundry.
The American Foundrymen's Association
has reported the following accident statistics
for Gorgona foundry during the year ended
June 30. 1908: Total accidents 14; average

total number of employes, 111". Ilunituer in.
jured through their own fai lt Il: nun l.cr
injured through the fault of co c Il.:,,:- ".
number injured through burn- 13. ni ll.,r
injured through bruises, I. N, .cill'' re-
sulted from injuries sustained ,i the Ii..unrir

New Unloading Station for Ohi Si -.t in r -
An iron pontoon, 18 feet -, ui arc. ut-.1 I..,
the French as a diving bell inll t.uililZ; [li
foundations of the La Boca .'h rl. hi- I..Ic'i
sunk 1,400 feet south of t ic liirl .it I..
Boca, as an anchor for the e.l -.Il lih I'II.:.I
Oil Company's pipe line. hlie .o.m.pii -
ships will unload their oil aw th1- pInt.:-ti.n
whence it will be piped to ti: [pumInii.: z.a-1
tion for delivery at various I..:-inl- il.:n. tI li
Canal. At present the unlc-litn. ii.iklc .:,I
the Union Oil Company pr-lect- I'll-. til
channel and is in the way ol the .IrlclineI

New Schoql Building at C..r',z i1.
A school building for whlr chhillre:ii i-
been authorized for Corozal. it ill 1. built
bycontract. The planscall '.ir l..l..i.i 5.
feet by 66 feet over all, d;. i..1 intr. ...
rooms each 35 by 37 feet; tlhe icelliie I.:'
13 feet above the floor. .-cpirite- ..I.-[.
for boys and girls will be built it .:pi..:.-tc
ends of the building. The c.:iitrutii.n i11
be of the Commission style, ..ill i cr, nii
running around the building

High Water in Lim. n BI %
After the heavy storm that -".cpt Io.-- C.,r-
ibbean sea last week the v atlr in l.inr.:i

hi,. ,,a- r: l l "lhIm r,. ; ar'd Irrl.,
ll- % i c- c. re -.r ikiLii." 11 lic 1: .eaih
re'-.i l ,t Cri .:,l..l I n ] '.l U ,ir, nC -' lh-,L nd-h .
ll 1 l0 at i -til i r.rec,* 1- b '.. ein lr.r m ti
w :,u1 lI 'I l t ic |.i:c it 1 a- iic-: -,: c r [,:or the
Pi i n n,, R ]ir,'..i.l C im .-,n, 1.: lu ni L 1 ..:
I:ir I ,l- .-.I r.,ck l .,r.l.-r I. el-cp it-. v i ler-
I r .,, iii i3 ,l
FaIntIl Quarilers.
W\Vlb:u ti .: linii. ,Inirl ,-r: luthl:ri td up tL,
Oi t.:J .er li Ir l, eli ...* lr.cte .l there .:ill
-t.ll 1--c I'n the it, r 0:l i i-.'icintI .11 po .opic
]lj ,-l 1 Il..r .itlu rit r l I Ithe-c. 73 ire .:,i
lhc luc Ii. t iandl clllitlelt .: pr.:' r c-.:n-ider-
t,'.:' \ tinte mi nt ,1 r i :',ili,]tir',l j i i [ c h
Sl .l -C I. 1 :

A U.

f .r,

rw i ,I, ri

L r I a

A.. 1


There were 346 additions to the Canal were discharged, 78resigned, 2' ere chut.l
force and 392 separations in the month of to a silver basis, 4 died, and rc-'w=.:n.I A
September, a net decrease of 46. Ofthesep- statement of the force actually, a'. .:rl;..n
arations 15S voluntarily left the service, 146 September 30 follows:

DEPARTMENT. i riisans. Eiuropenn West Ind ,, i -
DEPARTMENT. Artorers. Laborers ,
S thly. 3 26c. 40c. i 32c. 26C. 20c I -
-- i"e .. . .... .
Construction and Engineering............ 3.137 1.868 4,341 1,100 4.503 347 1.173 2.9 1
Qunartermaster's Department .............. 303 1,113 375 i 9 362 30 S3 92 I
Department of Sanitation.......... ...... 387 665 80 ..... ...... ...... 7 25 i
Subsistence Department.................. 72 787 2 ........ ..... ...... ....
Department of Civil Administration...... 2S7 140 25 .............. .....
Disbursem unts ........................... 89 15 '
Examiner of Accounts .................... 53 1 .............. ..
Totals................ ............ ... 4.32 4589 4.23 1109 4,65 377 1,263 4.1 I .


The following table shows expenditures for Canal work, classified mon'.ll, -.iin-- jul.
1, 1907. The figures give only expenditures which have been located. In i.l.liitl:., ililrc
have been some disbursements, such as purchasing material, etc., which in '.,1 not l,e
possible to locate to a specified account until their use has been finally dete-rine,.

P Civi .dm i Construction, Municipal
Period. 'ivil Admin- Sanitation. I and Improve- 1ant ,T |
istration. !Enigineering. ments. count i

Prior to July 1, 1907 ....... $1,446,287.74 $4.626,716.39 $13,445,607.23 $4,282,S65.16 $19,483,75 :; I:
July...................... 51,183.84 149,270.94 962,477.19 146,131.93 580,56 i -r
August .................... 67,548.53 214,018.03 1,196.803.45 192,227.75 767,15 ..
September .... ........ 63,239.62 253,10S.77 1,194.304.85 107,840.85 1.068,30(0 .r
October............. ...... 53,227.97 189,196.38 1,372.311.81 123,939.88 1,131.450 -
November... .......... 54.529.02 166.381.82 1,217.120.31 115,625.44 1,105.590 1
December.... ...... .. 64,903.04 213,725.16 1.369,822.79 125,420.96 591,29 .
Jauuary................... 66.802.92 221.866.30 1.468,021.44 156,956.22 1,584.821
February.................. 72.514.14 174.076.77 1,523,011.72 100,700.40 889.405
March...... .......... 63.653.60 165,311.77 1.460,229.91 110.232.15 1,307,321.
April...................... 74,046.55 178:041.65 1.580.416.19 138.115.21 797.13 ....
May...................... 73,340.26 1S4,3S1.35 1.5S0,369.11 69,824.83 955,05 j I,,
lune....................... 379.34 200,833.07 1,755.771.69 107.940.79 905.767 I
July...................... 4.89S.15 1 97,963.07 1.452.698.88 91,901.17 54402 ;-
August.................. 77,019.80 145,870.37 1.599,556.90 60,798.76 517.04 I-'
Total .................I $2,312,815.84 I $7,280,761.84 $33,178,523.47 I $5,930,521.50 532.229,10. ... ". -.

U.lniveri E. Chlli EI rle.un
.\l tlic" 111111ll] Liu tatin;' --I lhc _n1 1 c'-1t'.
Ct lu h ll r.nt Oi c:l -: :r 1- ti I.:.]]'ir I
:li -r i ,iri I.]I e .l Ii'r>.- i .nt i rni :,l,'
Sh.inkli., Firl cere prc- lein. J i, H.o-.
-nlI.:c -co nl i c pr -i rnic -l: Le-
It, re. irci-urcr. F C Mci rlin.. *c, r -
Lir, I IV -.irth, 1-. incnt Emrpir. R G
C i wtcl -.:, crir .:r- i.:,- ph l',tc lin Li-h.:, ,
H ir ui I Slicr M iloe -.I n I i li.tt, I" H ,l
PUr,'l i S .. S C"':.p<:r, C I'rr r G .
I'rc I'c.:,tt I i.:in,'rir, rc i.:c int, 11,', J.: -
I -011 :, 0 d,:, Ii i l ,i i1a I ,li ,',r.r r' t i -c prc-i-
d iiil. l .:uii. Cthi rlC- E ..*)il h .:'ii..r ir,
.,e- ,rc-AlI ciel, ir'1 \V er G,.:r'Ie-

C.eriu.erilue l.n ing .rii Empire.
Ti7rh c.rlire:enc *:r l th nr Epl I-c,-pil St
M'Ir. '- Clhurch F.mpir c vd111 be I iiI nlxl
hu ]il' Il] r ll.:,:n l:tI.l. r 25, 31 3 ,'* l > .,
I.--, Lim ait -C,' If I i itr.. :r ctm-rin Chiir-
riin i,..l C ih rl i-ii. i cer .:I th Ilthrllmian Ca.
n.al C'nini- *.:,.. T' e a.ircr %- ill be miiJd
1.,. Archli c.:' I .r- in i M uILt,- i. Ill 1be lur.
nihIt b. 1th-.- M irin c i..nd .:,:1 C mnp .El.
i].:,tt. In Htei ,:,lTf c l -, :rcinil/.n .:' ,. in.,
-LLuc=t- '. ] .1 cithlC lc i-t 1 C COurt hlo.:*u = in
['i piri i t .'II p i in.d .r-.:,it d tr. thr c
-I* e -:A Ib.c VI Church. % here 1,,c acrcinrl.
nic- i ill t il~c p icc Tljc 1u:4 11-01C It cirdilv
In% ITZ-1 V. 'Iten11d

The r'.cl. cru- licr inI i-uirr, .it Rio.
Gri ,i-c hi. c I-cen trin-Icrrc- Ir.rm the Ccn -
lr.,I ,'l. I. n it'. P-li [a-.ll I l i- ol: T" he
in iiici :n c .-:I I R ,:' G( r.ti-lc r cr':,ir lra
y]'.:' ht^c n trinrt rrct In:* i[c PI'It lC I '' it'i.-:'n

T i .:i].l intcrl.:i,:l; iL -. irc:lh ', tm it M i.
rail*,:r, hli- h lccii rcpl.dcd h,. i m t.:i ri ., -
icll ,hi:hl .. ill c.t 1 : *:oopcra l.:Io Octobecr ?2
T he *- iL .:"t O ill ic,,Ilr.:,l -,c 1 i iticlie,
TIle I L- .' *. I1 I.cn I j1 d up l. r rc-
piir- altcr ai IInl.,r.:,l.cii .cir .)I vr.rl; ir tlhe
Paci'lic c:ntr i- ,c, 1.:, tnh, Cai'il, ao l thc, >'_ .'!:
I] = .r l c i pUl bit cl; ill c.:ininll -;I.:ill



1113.lic ti,1l tip.u ri ro ~. I% ilxir'x

.imi, ( l~i -~. elsnt1611, Ili- ixlif

reixC,-it-I *qurtcr- ;e eril e.-,r; 1-t

to lx tli..'i t ie :rI '-tii _n x ,lrcsil 6 -11 x,r111
;1c 1 113- llvl iii lei I1Lcill-lr,ri! (A l e qi uarter,
3 ixc-t 1n Z.tritxxbrr 1 there r: :i
the n illix: 1c;t 1c-ul l xc- Iii- -1 thexrtr
To- Ich(-i-e xxct i ~xxx li cr .1 l. tile Ix t-t,. .r *.
Coloni it xIna Le: ill still ri.,txn t i t r. .-
11131t tle C It -',I ;I I eC:f L. ; tlle ri)11-

tudl f ixlrc,. Ccnq-c'x in el~ .lc~irid fintil

nii-i: irid r:CIcxxiix .01mi-I tile ,rnerii*ll,-

I. u II t e i r Ithe If, Cc cxis ri I I: .'
-Er c . L-I i xrx lxIAIi.- I xl IZ;tI I e, I Ia r.: ic r e a ; e.
until a line cai licoxx~,: ;lrrlcl,:-ilx tile
ncrirx I: r ci mile xxi: nix:.- The: nI~l
;ii .-_ .1 tile Corril:rt, %-.er;r: c lclte .Jiexrr
-omeni:l nqtj.11 rter; ire nio.. heinie crected
lA i I,ixi-7,ri Hc10_1u 14 the iir._:~ I tile.
qi ~ucxtiers it %-; bull r pr icr t.-. 1 i-l6. a .ii
xix.L t] saxr- Isxc;, i -nc' beex citad.I I:.i I* lII-m
.- r icrix cit (, c t-.r-x '.It I. Iit- rThe t-re: o
;in.]c~ii u x- .; 1 73 eetioi- .l-tc-n. jr f4x1 i. ,:'.%-,

r-I e. t v%.-. is i If-, It I xl,: full leIiLt tI,
1 lie: froint .-.1h xlotf areu~ ~x x. ri-trida-.
*,ne cm:,it i-, ilcocr aini frcn,x the~ir one in i,.

tree-. c:, er tinicox Ill,- axiib.I x--n lit i-n tile
Clirxh.h.ix The~re are le-. ii ixix-. *
lxhict. a xelre-lxxxxz l.xrrt: doe;: nio-t L.I.-. i

lIx-1 H.-.u.: lxi- i~~~xC.-.xiiixx:I ltchtliri:xleri..r
(Iix the g.'rc1xiii.I lix li: ixxnxg-ro-f-ini Ilxi-

(,xi the %.i:-.x i:Ii. xx-. ccoxpr.i-. Il.ei

in drI ll: inx-, .I tprx.xt hrixmi!..)xi iiil ai

A nmcidirx- kit.lxi~ri lx3; t.:irx buil It xiiix tec
rear .-I thxe h..t,:l l'I fnrlc,x ; co-o.: r e e. itcxe

rIi i;etI,.I lj-,eIxI: llcfor ;-.. xIxI tixlex k ,tI.xx,Ie,

C xI i itC-ferL. xxif f-t rr e it I ..Iir i i
tei-,xr t.able. i I2l,. p..rx i~le xxiixzi- -leacxx
hieated poit Ic (t t.-.c k ixis I :,:tri.1 l e j
cli~rcc-,l ;tlovei f.r me..~x ~ tn;x,.,ii-L.-
fi-x fih. I -ier. xxx,: pxxr ill irr tix-e-:I
01lx sht ili:. X:r; xli., hI siitxrixr i xxclu-
1 Ir -uc:-cix. cicrxxx- txli kxcxIx. .-.ic
l- I nor -xlI~ le x-. i h,n. .Ei,:thr. i rid] xxe. -r
dol.-,xi,xxj c:ixi xLeir trick.. in: the trxxxci- iI
ixxrnclixx. -.c xi:, e kLxcliei TIxlre 1 I;-, al
:t~cxn -oxld lc-it .'. ,xer .1,;b. %ldi.ir.~ ix cIxxir
.\cljC-ixn ix-: the ki.-x.lci xx x thxe c:e t.. -pe-
cill', c._xn-xxucxc.l fiter xhe plax iI tle xix iar:
rvcerxxxj ii tL hue: cc-nl"l" Cjxx-. ie; It
fi-.l'leii ..nuce i k Ii.-,t fxi :e i-ct.% cp f
weight tcl,x, Ud. ci-~x: c~ xcins -.e
Ix nx it a cck ; Utipll of cixn:ix- ax-i.] :cce
xabl.-; ke pt ix i xtxpex iture (cif fr.-.nx l' xc, i

'50 degrees. A bit of sentiment connected
i ahi the a la carte meals is that all planked
meats and fish are served on lignum vitre
[pl.,nks cut from ties used for half a century
- .I the Panama railroad. Washington House
.e .-es 200 meals daily.
The house directly west of Washing-
...ii House, known as the Bennington, is
i.,eng remodeled. The ground floor will be
.hl. ided into two one-family quarters, and the
secondd floor into twelve rooms about 11 feet
I,. 10 feet, arranged in suites with baths.
I..irfield House, which is east of Wash-
x.toion House is also to be remodeled, the
.work to bebegun as soon as the present oc-
c.i pants move into the new building named
Lincoln House. On each floorthere will be
-0 two-room, non-housekeeping suites with
i.i ts, each room to be about 13 feet square,
Lincoln House is nearing completion, and
.in effort is being made to have it ready for
o..upancy the first week in November. It
frots on E street, about three hundred
firds from the beach, and although two
iie..' houses for married people are between
it ind the water, a glimpse of the sea may
be had from the north veranda, and the
breeze is almost unchecked. The house is
fol : special type, being really three oblong
buildings with gable roofs, forming the
front and sides of a large hall. This hall
i. '.0 feet square, two stories high, is roofed
...tl a skylight, and has a hardwood floor
finished for dancing. Around three sidesof
tl,i hall on the second floor runs a balcony,
% lide the fourth side opens on to the ground
1coor and second story verandas. The house
,s two stories high, 125 feet long and 116
S-et deep, and a screened veranda on each
tloor runs completely around it. In addi-
ti..a to living quarters for 80 men, the house
v.ill contain a billiard room. reading room,
lour drying rooms and four baths and toilet
ro,. i s.
Similar in type to Lincoln House, but
sniiller, will be McKinley House, which
is .i process of construction on E street,
...pposite Lincoln House. It will be 971
it-E long by 40 feet wide, two stories high,
.,i. will have screened verandas. On the
,round floor will be six rooms, a reception
room, and family quarters consistingof four
rooms and a bath. A matron will occupy
the family quarters. The second floor will
.oiitain twelve rooms, each 10 feet by 12
I:-.t. Itis intended for the woman emiyloyes.
LBetween the beach and the new quarters
Ior men and women new family quarters
are being constructed. One house, recently
completed, is already occupied. It is a type
C. two-story, four-family house, 69x57 feet.
F ich quarters contains three bedrooms, a
parlor, dining-room, kitchen and bath. A
I pe B house is nearing completion. It is
als..- a two-story four-family house, and is
r. leet by 47 feet 4 inches. Each quarters
consists of a parlor, dining-room, kitchen,
..,.o bedrooms and a bath. Two type D,
..,ur-family, two-story houses will complete
Ilie additions now authorized. These houses
% Ill be 68 by 36 feet, and each quarters will
contain a parlor, dining-room, bedroom,
I.xtchen and bath. This is the only type of
li...use built by the Panama Railroad Com-
pifny in which the stairways leading to the
sec.)ud floor are on the outside of the build-
inx All the quarters have screened veran-
*..1 ,
For years before the American occupation

Washington House was the center of the
social life of Colon, and it has continued to
be so up to the present time. Now the
center is about to change to Lincoln House.
The old Washington Reading Room Club
at a meeting held last week decided to trans-
fer its books and billiard tables from
Washington House to Lincoln House. The
control of the dancing hall and social fea-
tures at Lincoln House has been placed in
the hands of an executive committee elected
at that meeting and consisting of R. Budd,
chairman; G. E. Geer, representing the
general manager's office; P. T. Murphy,
representing the married quarters on the
beach and Washington Hotel; John Purdumn,
representing Lincoln House, and D. E.
Richard, representing Garfield House. The
officers elected are: H. J. Slifer, president;
J. S. Stewart, vice-president; H. B. Warren,
secretary, P. G. Hoyt, treasurer. Member-
ship in the Washington Reading Room Club
is not confined to employes of the Panama
Railroad Company or of the Isthmian Canal
Commission, and the dancing floor at
Lincoln House may be used by all persons
to whom the executive committee sees fit to
assign it.
Memorial Resolutions.
At a meeting of Culebra Lodge, No. 3,
Knights of Pythias, October 14, 1908, the
following resolutions were adopted :
Resolved, That as the great and all-merci-
ful God has seen fit to remove from our
midst our esteemed and honored brother,
James H. Averill ; and, while our loss has
been great, we bow in accordance with His
will, and look forward to the meeting in
that world of everlasting sunshine, when
we shall be once more together, never more
to part, for we shall know each other there;
be it further
Resolved, That we extend to his dear wife
and little ones our sincere sympathy in this
their great hour of sorrow ; he it further
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions
be sent to his family ; also to THE CANAL
RECORD and press for publication, and to
become part of the minutes of this lodge.
Resolutions of Sympathy.
WHEREAS, Our Heavenly Father and
Great Commander has removed from our
midst Comrade Lewis B. Mickle; be it
Resolved. That the General Henry W.
Lawton Garrison, No. 40, Regular Army and
Navy Union of the U. S. A., has lost from
its rank a most worthy comrade, whose ex-
cellent qualities and noble character have
cemented the ties of fraternity and good fel-
lowship with every member of our order;
and be it further
Resolved, That a copyof these resolutions
be spread upon the records of our Garrison,
a copy sent to the National Commander of
the Regular Army and Navy Union, Wash-
ington, D. C., and to the wife of our de-
parted comrade, Mrs. Alzadia Grace Mickle,
Germantown, Columbia County, N. Y.
By direction of the Garrison.
Adjutant and Quartermaster.
The three Lidgerwood unloaders at work
on the La Boca dumps during September
unloaded 11,293 cars of material brought
from the Culebra Cut. As there are about
20 cubic yards on each car, this makes an
aggregate of about 225,860 cubic yards added
to the La Boca dumps during the mouth.



Monthly Report of the Chairman to the
Secretary of War.
CULEBRA, C. Z., October 17, 1908.
The Honorable
The Secretary of W'ar,
iW'ashinglon, D. C.
Sir: I have the honor to submit the fol-
lowing report of operations on the Isthmus
for the month of September, 190S:
The work of reorganization as outlined in
the report for July was continued. Effective
September 1, the Division of Material and
Supplies was merged with the Quartermas-
ter's Department.
Department of Construction and Engl-
The following table summarizes the prin-
cipal items of construction work accom-
plished by the Atlantic, Central, and Pacific
Divisions during the month:

ing the month, excavating a total of 32,112
cubic yards.
Work was actively pressed, consisting of
preparing a site for the power-plant, current
repairs to equipment, stripping the earth
from the quarry, and various municipal and
building work.
Investigations were made at Nombre de
Dios by the Chief Engineer of the Republic
of Panama and the Assistant Engineer at
Cristobal, as a committee to consider a re-
port upon the effect of removal of sand on
the town of Nombre de Dios, and the value
of the sand.
The tug Luckenbach arrived on Septem-
ber 30 with rock barges 13 and 14. With tihe
exception of the stern wheel tow-boat, all

CUbi; iri .r*: cl Fir h .1-1 larti. a l ,
1."1 m. .1uJ u 3 ;. i S .i r s : c i ;i
(O 1 lhl-i |.l-u.r l 1.4 _:'._1<.," Cubt-,: \l .I
wver' r ir..:n-, i I -:.. i irin i11.: -li, 7.i.J .4 cui..Ui
yard, i 1. Iu n. i.it [i. I 1is0 ( iip.:..LI rr k. iln,
3,4i.' .cubT.c )rJli .!o, I ,nd i t i ll.h ,e' ..:.*'.i,.r
h :.i .;r. I ., i i'- C i re i s.. -r
T ie '|u.iL ][it', .:. i. -it'rr II r-rn-.:.1, lr .rnl
tlle C i..il prim .i i ; 1.4 6 jic j rdi.
w it l 2; .' 1c l_-.ic I. .- r-a r.% :., r n 1 :." 1in
tij, ('l...ip i. ; r iil .:. ;a 6. '.1 Culi ir.-
at ill. [.' o Ir li:.ui. up ith. C iii rei
TIl. .- Ii a.e r ic iiun -.er o:.i -I t in h>.v-
el' .it l..:.rk; .*hrin l. t e i-.:'-lh .. ii 4'-.6_, h
cc.inpir-,I illI :2., l.:.r [Ih_ r. ll.n 1th : I A ucuI
I'.,r c.:.inp.ri .on v. illi i't *v.:.rk h..:.ne Il ur-
ir. I c.:.r re.- p '.ii. I ji:.ii it .: llt e [ Ire i. ui
yeir. ill i .I .i rt ibr .c.I in Ith C im itral
Dp a i h., the l.:.l[.:.,ill. ti .] hI .. .r -


Steam Shovel E.xcivolion-
In prism ...... ... ...... ..................
Auxiliary...... .. ...... ...................


Cubic yards.....
Cubic yards.....

Total ...... ................................ Cubic yards.....
Dredge Excavation-
lu prism ..... ............................... Cubic yards.....
Auxiliary .................................... Cubic yards.....

Total .................... ..................
Hand Excavation-
In prism ............ .........................

Cubic yards.....

Cubic yards.....
Cubic yards.....




Total..................................... Cubic yards..............
Total excavation........................... Cubic yards ..... 873.111
Explosives used..............................' Tons (2240 Ibs) 43.36
D rilling ............................ .. ... ... Feet .............. 69.592
Track removed................. ...... ........ M iles......................
New track laid............................... M iles .............. 3.98
Material placed in dam..................... Cubic yards..... 37,369
Rock crushed................................ Cubic yards..... .........
Cem ent used............. ... ..... ..... .............. Barrels..........B. 2
Concrete placed............................. Cubic yards................
New roads built............................ Miles................... ....
Waler mains laid............................. Feet............... 6,3S0
Sew ers laid .................................... ...........
Open drains and ditches dug ................. Feet............... ............
Daily average number of laborers ............ ....................... 1,690
Rainfall....... ............... ............. I Inches ... ......... 11.57

Atlantic Division.
During the month the total amount exca-
vated from the lock site was 111,984, cubic
yards, place measurement, of which 101,780
cubic yards were from the Canal prism, and
7,204 cubic yards from the site for the new
Seepage tests were continued during the
month in bore holes in and around the locks.
The power-house and storehouse were
staked out.
Dredge No 82 excavated 48,974 cubic yards
of earth and soft rock from the slip leading
to the proposed dock for the handling plant.
On the south toe of the dam 42,857 cubic
yards of Bas Obispo rock and 4,096 cubic
yards of material from the spillway were
dumped. On the north toe of the dam
57,374 cubic yards of material from the
spillway and Mindi were dumped.
Daring the month 1,288 linear feet of tres-
tle were constructed.
Three steam shovels worked on the spill-
way during the month, and removed a total
of 41,210 cubic yards.
Tuo shovels were at work at Mindi dur-

Central. Pacific.

1,435.519 135.536
30.286 2,701
1.465,805 138,237

.......... .. 750,080

...... ...... 750,080

7.048 .
11.6 .




floating equipment for securing
stone is now in commission.
During the month seven dred
operated, four being operated t
month, and three a part of the m
cavating 624,776 cubic yards of
from the Canal prism. There
dredged 14,055cubic yards of loosi
filling in the new corral site.
At the dry dock, various equip
repaired, and work was continue
assembling of the stern wheel tow
A large amount of grading, road
construction of sewers and water
accomplished at Gatun and Cristo
maintenance of nimnicipal improved
alsogiven the necessary attention.
Satisfactory progress was mad
buildings under construction.
The powder house at Mindi hil
detonator house at that point we:
cent completed at the end of the
During the month the powder
Mindi cut and the detonator ho
same point were completed.
Central Division.
During the mouth, the total a
material excavated in the Central
was 1,476,323 cubic yards, of whi

.It I -'' ii ..

1,707,947 __________
b1,401 I -
1.789.348 -

63,029 S ," . .
1,437,835 I"I.

7,048 F.,:r.1 -, I ... f : I l l i h i 1 ,l4:- 1 l n.. lc ,
3,470 9, ;.. :
10,518 "lhl- ib.:.'l.- l, ble 1i-i.-' t i i l e i..-er .-
3,237751 output per h-.:... I I .a- .,.*r 4r, p4 r -. nt
gr' lter ;in p inl r. ', iH 1 ali ill bthe
34 79.72 corre-p.:.r.. l."n I|]|:, ll ..I ill.: pr :,;u- ;..;,r.
11.6 Tile *.utl.ii :.l th. l (b il ip.:. r.:ickC ru h. r
39,354 18 for E in ll j l -. JL.] ir 1 i il..
17,543.5 thit *:1 lile I i,:. '-rIdi le crui.li r r,.337 cubic
2?2 yar, -

.726 a'ncefi. Divislu.
11.930 [.i'T1iiCT NO. I-c.:.'':- AND N \'IE,
18,735 lihe .:.ll \C i'. )liti l.n in tilii i. irri-t dor-
13.040 iln l. thi, i,61,i l l ni.:.ul it..l t,. 13 .237 c'u ..ii
r -'-' yar. I, i l.:.ll.:., -i:
sand and Ft ,. r-.i 1.i,.i i- .

Fr.:.. i 1 ..i .' .j. ... C I

l e s w ere O l. : I : ...1 C .- ,. i.:. 1 .11- 1.:. ri. ,- 1.:.-.
he entire
month, ex-
m material ,'\ I'.hr.: .ii;u _l tihe 'v.:.rk i lir.-r.., i
w ere also par til r.'. ii,] >',:,1ii iil ; :1 _C' iin i l.:,r
e coral for tri:i l: i' I, ; Iro.nim the l.:-k -ile t.:. tll.
dum p-. .ih.iu ' .Ti;n.: l,.r tr n->'lh i l.:,r
ment was dr ii i n' purpc.-ei ,:;.'i I, c' i-te. The
(d on the dU.nipl.trik, :,in tllh ''- ii. .I w.-r, '.-x nt..1l
boat. to 'a1, t.:. hei :.' im. Thb .:rk ilii
G. licr.-:i.:,l.r.:r :, il ,.1 l .1 on ) >.:uL t ,:1 llthe
building, 16 ich ,,. it r mua ,, thEi 1.:.c itci : .'.iichi
works was w -i 'iiin.,-.l .:'i t[le 'h 1 E..I .:.llth
bal. Thle .A% 31r ii-.rei tie 'IxCmi' il.' nateri il v. -:
mentswas dc..,.-itedl .:- i :kil.liin- l.:.r the l:ick ind
in th, t .:.' i: ll 1. '..-i .1 i1m1
D:>'ii-.I *.) r-E-i"i.4TINi;. \NS I.A B. C.A
Ie on all F it i AX'. \
tbsa.:r I th C- h'l.. Z
Is and the th i..h. i I
re 90 per I c' I,: ,m rk.
month. D-- 1 T F. I.. -m.k.
house at --,- - _,,---
use at the Cui-L. -, -,,-: c .. n. ir i
D [ ii. i ,.. i'l -t.c t u- iiiu- l

mount of s 1.. :. in iur. n l
I Division ,,--.iii
ch 421,139 ... I -

Curr,:'t r,:p ir: \..:r- i d' ,- n .-ir.:l.,- ,
cla per-, launILt.L 1 II. al.'l II r- ':-:z, ]n,1:l.ld -
ini_ al-' er::ti.n -i 11: -. phl nt
AddlJ;tiona.il Irn are I, i,- talk>:n it
Chiam1 P.Init t.'.. ,i eririih? iri l -l-'rh j-in
am ou'lnt .:l t and a I' -I.,I . Th-- t. ,rn .- lihi ..:
iiri n i -,1,,] q*ual.I ,, : ai nd Il :i i d,:pl h :t
iront 3 to 41.1-,:r Il,:ol I.: Liat.:r
A l:r.:.. ha- .-irin e:r pl,:>,...i. I d. iir th :
mni.ntb in l,:a-rir'i th.-: C inal iun-:. *: r % I [.:-Ii
tih : s r,-ilir,-:: mill *:p,:rat,: l.:t'..:w n L i r- -,',i
aind Mirjflls:r.-: L'dcl:-
DiirRicr :;2:- -'-Ii.i:I-IP\l. E:'- I JEEkri'.
.r [r I. LE.i' ;..-
Tb': Inn-' I I I :iil :i li':'.. c.- i -trict. -.It
ac.-.m pip h-,:si il thli- Ditr,:it ,1',rinr the
morntlh are l.:II i ., tl.l I lissi.i in i tlhe
l'r,:-'iin part :i L.; r-.: ,..rr R.:i- iat-,:r-
v. i l; ] a -,.I -:'. :r 'Jrili- aid oth,: r in'tr'icr,.
rp-l ilnprj .ein-nti i --:r,: nlaii- t inesd j: 'tni'' l
M.echniAlcnl Di irh-.n.
Th.: uua]l *.i.'rk v.sj prrl.oirm.:d in tihe
[D)i itn in -ia-irna ilnii and oiIriii a.tin,- quip.
min : tl >:lt,:,tria] -.-ork, ia ] li~: I1]m lnut.nIt0 r.:
i|i r,:pair part: J \ jlnri Is mI t-:rial re,-ip ir:-J
in thie c*,n:tri l' I:.tin ,I the C j n-l
DIiI slon of tli .-I.r, l-.e nnrld River H%-

The -n l. ,: jhi- : jn 1 .: i-ureineiit:
w--re contitn'ir:-si JriiC thi: i-r'hntii
'dl.eCBl.-.n .-f PuLamni Railr.',d'l.
it'lli-:,t-or. pr,~ -',- J: sh A le ii llth,
*:'n_:tru tl in lI con',.r.:tinL tr ,:k' lriim tli-:
pr,::,: t op-:riteld lli : *-I tihe r silroil i
reTalin :. the con-r:tr'srI-ii oI tre- tl.:- lotr ill -
ini. an.J th.: co:r tructir'n oI t.,ridle_ a iiJ
O i [lie ri Ili ,.I l -.' l-i:IInl.,,r "21, lIl : M -r.i-
flore: it rin'-:I .,:di Ili runim tatir'n 116- "i t.:-
the i',- th p..rral, coiinpl:.-:l., Il].'.O:kir:- ri.:
i.i.r-: the tui iiie l.-r i ia d ltanc': al.-our iJ..1
I:,:t A i-l-.: oIl ,oti. t 30 *:. i *.i: jrd ,: cjip :-
iI. .p,:ni,:d up at th.- -i'rl c,: o' I h: o i .r i n rl
*ha [t 1] 3 I,:et IIrrh ,o rh : .,orJcilal l.Icjrio I
-I th': :'.'utb p:irtjl Thi: hill :ho.:, l 3 p.:r-
p ,: i. l t,: s l i r id ro p .o '. I :- .:r i t i ll- lin .f
cl-'-: '.: ,-:'. a.ou t 1 .' I,:': "',::r ol h t_: liUn -:
T hl'-r': r': ia ..si.t 1] s'.l.s', > nuh.: irJ ''I ii -
terial in mi -oti- in .1i a lir-:.'.t.,i- di:l'-: ti :ll
Irtm t i: i'; i : Izo th.: tu n ri A it. ru 30 ile- : t r :
in1 a _: hilli:a:terl irect[].n Th, ]. ar.o ri
-I tlie .utilh po.rtal lii: :: .:l i tn '.:.l I.. 1 ''
I :t:. I rth,'r 'o ti-, lind ri l l: co:inr r--b : ,l:
a ill I ,z'otr t Iti -I lz I -t le ':ir Ita., r.en illh d 1, II
t ri.:_ -pric inc'l i ]l -.1 i l rl.: ar.:- '' .i, r pL: '. a
- pel.- i ith. -i : ,nI ii it : --2i i tle r :
I. i nIE lt'- l intll'- r Ir-:r 'ti l l lut Irr': :.. tinI r ln
"T'.. lin dr-:i anid lort, ]r'in- iar ter oi li c r-
( r 't .- I Ini i the r .- '.ik iec i' -- 'si j i *o'% i pl :' J
Ii. ;. c il.,'C '. jrl: .o.I co' -Ir. t.r : ,: iii pl j,:- J
Th: IoI' t'I o'I l th-: nor porral la: t.teen
: r ihni :,J l .- l i"lt Ijrth--ir i- .rrhl
-urtint ti- : n .1n1tlhi '-i; lin,: jr I ,:- t ol per-
in lm erni tr icl.: % *:r: iil ,r ri trh,_- r_'lo'.at'd nii,-:.
mlalk i toL.-. l t J t' '6 I.:.:r r,. t'
T"'hI f.-rc: o. lat.. d.-:r durn i tl mir onithl
a '% er e d ':' ttl:,* ."in ri

O n -i:pt,-n t.er .. tlM: -ir i ,o. ,:, 1 ia riall
andI Sup ,pli, 'a. m tI,.:.J l th l: 0 u.1.1lr. r-

(.ITi: t,: 1 h l i- .1 .. .lJ, 'ori. lerl.' lo' at,: d I .
Cr i tobraj l. l.h a L:-:ri nio'.:i ro Cu l:.,ra TIh.
lMl. iunt H.,pe :r-rh: ot,:,: lia_ t.L.-:n uh- i.,- tEhL
cevu:r al d r p : h In .IL r-,: r .oI t r1: rp.:.r Q u :rr,:r -
m a'ter, '.bo % ill jl1:,. hia.: hiari.: .I Illh,:
planing mill at pr,:z,:nt locat:id at Cil-bra
and the ,Sution:r and. IPrinter': plant, o,...

T IE C A \'.\ L R ECO D

Io.: at,:,l Lt l'-n. t.,..h ..1 'it c i ,l i r-
v Ill I,,: h .O .,l t,: C r,;t _,,] h~ r,: rl,,: .1. r r
L,.: Ir..:Iil TirLI-r hIs' up-r .I --li
[ir-i. S.': t':rn- l. r:r: .. J .:-.r--a ,:ol
:,' ,:r I .1i' il l lie ii'iiiil r r 'I \ .: i 'r i l i 1
I l-.,,:r -r ,- :: ,. i.: C-. ili i i--in uii rt,: ri -
c, hi ,ur'r,:d ill] i rll: pr': 'r u-. .lo.lprI In lii .
L irs .,I r hi : 7- r '. aill \. -tl 1 ,i11 i lr-.,:--
l. ltl -liiLL llI-r li il s :.Italno- r t Is r-
,. ser.: ..:irl 4 0i i l r.: r r- i l ...r
. r- lI LUi rr,:r. rh lijl i i 7[r.,:hl I.-r F r-'. i
r I : I ,.:,i t ii n .I I.,.n i, : i jt .I 1t l i ',rm.l,l i rh. .r'- r I ;
t., :' i l r ;.: r :- i d' .: i l h i -, r t ,I r''.',:r s
I nd ii I i ** *i 1.l, :, ':-', iri : :r' lr :. .I_. I
Ir. ijr n r 1 i .n>n r. 11 zn i |. I: I T1 1 i t
I:- .-: C i sl l .- I r i r, : I I r,. li.:
bru -li" .-.r I-- .'hi,:p,:rnltls ir .1'. i t', r : ii ll. sa-s
t i : ;l1 i.-: Th,- uL11- Allu lIir e ni ,' -i- ii:ll
i ll -,:p ',ul ,,l- r i'- I.,,:l,:..:, I, h c l, 1.-T ,i n l ,: .:'
rhi,: iCt taii sl urisi: I i: ir-o ilh tils.- rul': r la
nriart .:li I: ,l \\'.-. in ,l u s: -i si.- n..t ili I t-, ;
at C.'-,Um s' I'ii l, .:i.:n- : -.nint -I .: I : n
in -l i ;.: iII C''utn 'rz;. .i t.-,rr ac:k: j
ztr n: tl -I it lo.r::d 1 1. I I 1. '1 t I I I
z I r i. -: c i i-l.r : i i] n t ulIt i sr l it a i :

1 1 l i:f, -,:d pilLrn i .-,: i I l lu,|it :l- 'i t l le :
*:)iltrjr l,: ,:l'[, r i r r- .I T t,-11 r, C ,: I ii 11 -
l-,_r z t h e -,: ] i I, I,:. ,-I ,i'l -1 r r z
'Il'h ,: ill .',i-A i- I_-, ::,[T,.P, a l.:in p ,r a t. ,^ ilelit
. t : l.-rc, r : .ict,.i l it v ,:rk ,Ih r l l I t 1\
,.I A ,' ,tu anid i llh : l| :r ,l **I ,:T le nt ,,r


Fl-.-. .:- -I re'l at and eleven
1 ..?l Ii- i l ii rr ..t Ancon, ant sixteen
*.:-- -t- i cr-.1 i r .I.I seventeen cleared
i.m lh i. ,rt .f Cr -rt.'il daringthe month.
I'l -1.2;: i:i.lF. AND PRISONS.
i' r l rh.- ill .irhi 6?' arrests were made,
: ,. r-.1 'i -'-t 1-k Ir Au ntust. Thi< in-
r.:: 7-.1 'i, -: .- t i rr--.s is due principally
r iE .r:. t I I I lraliine on September
-2 srli.: i 1. -I : 'i:r--t the Canal Zone and
, .r .: 'up in: CL n mission quarters, al-
I|.. ril'-:. %'\er,: ,ir- -' niploves. As Coro-
,i.:r ..I ilie C .ii .1 'i: the Chief of Police
in, .-,' iar-l .- ii.-Ie:n ,Il:at!hs. Of these six
* r ,-r II '.: -alr. aI aici-lents, two to drown-
Ilis hL l 1 r, -5,:j 1i ,
E[11 I s',:N i Pi.l:LIC WORKS.
T .li: u-si l I :u1 .- :' -f this Division was
,O.',lu t'7-I *,lurni Ill.: m nth, including the
[i-rjl1ii.tn l li L :coii sections, the issuance
,'I p-,,-rit,- t',r ith-: ii-i illation of plumbing,
ilt rI,: ii. -p cun .i *1-[ I'lIrI ing and sewers.
,nii.r rl-, Ili:1 lh ;1I 052,0(13 gallons of
i ar,:r .'- er: It, ii I n irI: .ity of Panama, and
.,, 31 9 i3 allinl iin rhi: city of Colon.
I.'.'I-,_'1 *,iF' i i iE PROTECTION.
N-., I,'' Ir in i .r-: is sustained during
ile I .n lio t
i l i-i-._N :,.i CHOOLS.
Durini._- rlm, iorilih preparation was made

Tot l I
S T i ... t Ind'n Gold
S'i.Iii ______ .i -.r'r I. orers. Total and
----- -i .2-Silver. Silver.

.... i .. i l' 4.556 21.4S6 25.52
,, .. ,.,,- i I i l : 4.103 21:129 25,457

A t th,: pr,-er-r inr : th,-r,_- a :.irpl,._ o*I

ED pir Lt : tI L- ils- rilu rl: l I r r.ll ltr: Iri ':,I t i
p i:- j..'r 't]lt .il. r rl, -n u,.- dl rr T i tl _: .1 l11 1

lsi,: 2. I e, i'riti. .: I.s.i l -.: sic. A i.,l .tu -
ih.- iice l pI rtmriin '.
"Tfh li r pr.-fit in c.-.pr.rn '. :r I r rli p- ri-
tli.nit ,, thi : .sot:l-- adI I :i lhill- i. r -- l'.lIu I.
in; lu e T s -lI ht "i, 1 ssi '.9: ; i' Ih-:
,:t I, i i :. i.: T i -.l h ,ti- .1 I" i I."' 4
iii sIii i iL pt--,I',I I-m r t%,L-' 7.;i,. iti ,
i-n.l- I ar pi-r.lt". l .or L i I: ..i lir oi.t-

in.:- [i:pjrini i r r.. tihi : pr--,:ilt inii :_ ill I.,,
I--.:1 ir cO.u L itril, .ia anl i : lL I:'-- -l h 1-
..rd iiiar I., -i i i I'. IL r1rine Ili : inr-r
int.- i li i 1is- ii 1i- :- ,: t .-,:ll i. r. .. u I ,-
L[ i', r ai l i -. ill I .: r I I ,
L[.'p iri lm -riii T i .1 d ii- us-nrt r i tII

li 1 'h.: SuLpr'iln- COurt ilir:- ,: : ..:r
- rl,.l ,I ran',, rm' n l.,.r D ie atl ,ri ..

i r]i.: .:25r. li i nrt:i r ,-i:,. ,: i -h l
I crl i- I '. e: :r ---n p.-,, ,i ,I lss
irh,- :l ric i -:s:isrl j, d -,2,' .* -:rl,,siij l

Z '! F I .I ;
A Tr-j-i.r-:r .-- I --,: -._ n il Z:n-r: I- I[
p.:iir,- r.- inr-r UL.L-1 In i :; I
i.-,r I .dl .-. ti js I ,l jr,- u I- ,,ii ,-. : - ji c-
rC II. 1 It- A .ll- '- r j-li r th s -h h i l -I
i1 I i .'Liur-ini O li',:- r a [- i- I rc Lj Lr,-r
,11 I, rr- in -f ,t rr-, l tr,, u se: Ir, j-urer ,,f IJ ,-
C-allil ZAo--e
Ii'. I l.- n i ,i L \i r .
T l ': ,rjl r-'.-::iL ?-- the lil a l /.-sm -
c. .lik r.: 1 .. 1., '.-- E I -2 ". ..r .
ailu..uL rK -'.1 I'. tll.l. :* > .

for rlhi: op-:inliL- i ti: .-chools onl October 1.
I ort.. .r- u.-i- r ',r r appointed, twenty-
l-suir -.A[ '.s'.iL- ir.: .i l.te Americans, and
,ii.'lite-Tn -:-:si:-r-:, V. hr Iudians.
L0 pirli -nil 'I ani alioln.
(Thle l-i:tan:-: ,lI thie report of this de-
prUltri:nt .- pulli -Ir -,d in THE CANAL
R --', r, la- t ,,eel, ]
R.: p.-:tlul I .
4 . .- ..*-* in and Chi/fEngineer.

S .Il r- a'. lt-r-, ansl Marinis.
All -: ..- .I.-]Il:r. :'il,-.rs, and m marines, reg-
il -.r- ji i 'luii'-v::r- n ,v residing on the
I -.t ] i .ire r:-ps: It 1 to send in their
ri Tm-l t-. .- L: m :-IluLl, I ,ri the roster or direc-
t-.r. ..1 ,- :<' r..:. rnm :. ont the Isthmus of
P-t -ini -.hnii: i_- .i',n ti co'npiled by Birt S.
,rurit.- at 'ir_ C r--.'i. No. 41. Regular Army
.ii I N, IU-ii:m I i- X. Full name. Isth-
miain -,1 Ir.:-' Linsr -t. States address, date
.-t ,-inl'-t ,rI i 1 .. l discharge and rank,
n i 1-, ]. :- r .'r i ',.-r I I w'lich service was
rri | r.: in I r :mii rks: iin reg ird to any note-
* .:ri -.--. : .,h .. !i c id -ntified, should
.,:- I-tr-.i All : .. iiruunicatious may be
''-sit i--I-, tilhi r l'li's'-
P'.,it.L 1 I k'!, Coin zuder',
Culebra, Canal Zone.

j -i.- a Le II ,mlin 'nl(.
intlI:rnitsi, r jr hni-l in regard to Jack-
:t.n L.:- i Hjinnin 'It Jones county, North
C-aronlii. .hli:, in rhe employ of the
I-ulismsirinani C.-.n] ii_:z:ion aslate asMarch.
1 i I-HI: I till. Iha -: had no word from
Ii in ':' rhr tl ine Anyonehavingkncwl-
eilce ,,1 liiii r- r,:.:j-e.-red to communicate
v.iL.i .I. J. C.ilt rt, M ar chin, C. Z.



Women's Clubs and Other Fei.tures.
The Isthmian Canal Rebekah Lodge, No. 1,
wis instituted by I'. R. Sisson, district
deputy grand sire, in Fraternity hall, Gor-
gona, on Saturday evening, October 10.
Thirty-one were initiated and the following
officers were elected: Mrs. 11. F. Ilenkle,
noble grand, and 'Mrs. Ijenry Lotz, vice-
grand. The members of the order are en-
tering withlenthusii:n iintoi their work which
they are prepared to take up at once. A
pirt of the specific work of the order is the
visiting of the sick and caring for the widows
and orphans. Regular meetings will be
scheduled at once and the lodge will proba-
bly he increased in numbers within a short
time. On institution night refreshments
were served and the social part of the eveiin-
ing was greatly enjoyed by the members and
their guests.
Thlie business meeting of the Gorgona
Woman's Club was held on Thursday, Octo-
her 15, when the organize ition of the depart-
mental work was the main feature of the
discussion. A circular letter has been sent
out by the chairman of the educational
committee of th2- Zone Federation which
was presented for consideration at this meet-
ing. It is the desire of this department to
keel) the clubs in touch for the purpose of
working along the same lines, in study as
well as in any public work that may be
taken up. At a recent talk before the club
the use of year books of other clubs was
urged, and it is announced that a supply of
such year books is in the hands of the reci-
procity committee of the Federation and
copies may be had upon application to the
representative of the committee in each
club. Postage both ways is to be paid by
the club making requisition for the books,
which must be returned within one month
from the time requisition is made. The
toys remaining from the 1907 Christmas
celebration have been made over to the
philanthropy committee for such disposition
of them as it sees fit. Plans for the coming
Christmas celebration are already in hand,
and the woman's club, having taken the
initiative, will ask the assistance of the
Young Men's Christian Association and the
Gorgona Sunday school.
The entertainment for the festival of All
Hallow-e'en in Gorgoiia is being arranged
by the Young Men's Christian Association.
There will be an old fashioned dance, and
an entertainment of unique character is
promised. On election night, November 3,
there will be an entertainment at the club-
house, followed by a smoker.
The Las Cascadas Woman's Club had an
unusual) interesting meeting on Thursday,
October 15, when Mrs. R. WV. Fenn, of Pan-
ama, was the guest of lionor and gave a talk
on the work that is being done by the phi-
lantlhropy department of the Ancon Wom-
an's Club, of which she is chairman, and on
the Leper colony at Palo Seco. Much of
the attention of the department is devoted
to the insane wardsof the Ancon Hospital,
and an exhibit of basket and needle work
by the patients was a feature of the talk.
The meeting was held at the residence of
Mrs. W. B. Green. There was an unusually
large attendance. The club will be enter-
tained October 23 by Mrs. WV. L. Thompson.
The Cristobal Woman's Club will hold its

TII I. C.\ \ I1. R l:CO 11 D

regular ilIlI t.llih ...h \- 't_,i l:. a[ltl ri... i
October -1. ti.- i-r.-.rt s ,i i,. ih, cli rU.s
of the i,.,,- -.1. l,-r-n-ii t .Il hirrim i li-
fer, re( nl .'I.I .ililt .l d .lriai ..,1 lh0 lt
depart .- mit ill ili i,: t .i .ltir -:
The l',i..ir. M i-1 .-. |t'an| Clul. nri.:.., .1
a social .hii rih 'II cr,... .-r I lben i rn -
c e p t io : ., :I % ,n If. "lit 'lnll r- r t . :
out-gotl,. 11,l l. ,.ih lll ,r>:-tlk l' I .a ul.l -
were hiii. .-.l ] :' i .-ll -..rat' r.:lr--]lin l-ht-
w ere i ...I Ifll.- uli .r-- ,te l M r I- i,
Robert-. Eli, rtlinri pi:r %m- l le t ,il I
souvenir -[ ..... i 11 t.-l .I a' .l.r1 -c i.ii..n ..'I
her worrk -lieri .' tlle Il.t '.ear .\ 'IIt h. -
also p -. -.t:r..- l t... M r- I., ll. . l,. \t.i I
nieumbl r -. I the lhl, I.. i. 2I', I.,r liher
hom e ii ] i i- I: "h'l: l.ni- :-: imie l11t '.
O ctober -'2 .. ill I.. hl .1 t tl,- r,--i. li nc: ...I
the pr--lle.t MIrI F W\\' ".' er-
Socii iit C* urt -I i r i t i i-.. --'11, tC.' bt
c ,nter, l I. 111li. c r.1 ,1j. .. litc li i cit- r.:- .;i
larly, th le I-m r .'r-it al ci: l.n1.. t.
Thle Cil 1.,r I \l i i is Ci ii l. i II it : it it-
regular -rC il o .t'- r -; t1 .1h: i'.l ii-.--' ,
October 2-: I I-i clia. il i,"t *.Ilth a r,; t
lossinth I ,I- k tlih lhi:lre t it re Bogar'. ,.loch L-.cui rr-,.1l st al l,.se. C.sta
Rica, Octi..l.I.r 1r Mi s I;... irt- liS 1 Iee an
active in i 1iul.r ,..I i l,: ,..r ti .'-list ,n t Lri it
the pa-t .,-ar nhdl v I tr--t ill Ti :-r,-t--. il
the work lle.r Iduh. dute .t..a ..-trltis, .v is
sudden :m .ii ,ite iUn 'pll%, .:lI-
The r .s i r lni. ,l riii.i thil- Alt \\ V'.A -
all's C hli]. l .l1 it irs.t ic--tlll]; itl tihe res.i-
dence .-I tih [r, re- -ihnl ,.n Saulirdi Oct.:.-,r
17. Thl. .,:.rlk l.r the \ear \ i -heldule-I
and c.,'l.:]itti ap,[,...til l i I,- re, -ulh r
m eetiiis, ol lc cll ib ..ill 1.,- i-.:1 a. lr:i. .
fore, o ill'- l ist in I th irIl I- in- .- a' ..I
each To t...I: I ahii.1 ,l '' i r inih'-' \ u il ar-
range lthir ,.. nii l m i :tlliu- T- l,' ma ;r.i in,-, l'
the e.lu it.:.-i .il m.id. i tl rar', l- -,rlI tna .
w ill res Il liE th, ',r r:i' n .l., _-l"]', }'jl -_<*_,
and a nia'i.t i l l- i n c..'l -n ',rilau,1d Th, l
resigr.iat..' ,.It lhi. chie d ltii. ,- ti l 1,- -.rt .- h-
parting it .- In-1. -r -., I it 1ii1,I T ci lt..
and tlie d, pjrtmiiit ll id e I I I tllh- ...rk
as sclh .iul-i.l '1ll- ,".Ill 3i i l'.a a s.l. i
class, ,.Ild l % ll l i1,ra .:" -LI'r. A, .'1 I I lI -
inanian irt. prttL rv. li.s l, etr IO l iar lim-:.
ture. 'n-, r, ul- r I irt dit..: <.: s iluhi ,\Inc.:-'n
W om an'_- Cl' i.:i ri'.r-t..rii el l i.' ..-rTilil.: .
tion ] tl i i i r, '.- i i ,.- I t ln .ci'l. s-i ar tei
from .-lI -11uL... ,ir,] -, art lesi. tn l,. -,\ ,nld
across tl Ie i-r l lli ilu_. hIll Ite l,r -le-.I The
scope i l. :... I..- .iria l i..r ic I a in '-iiti l..-
be confiidl .. itliln Ii- lin t- ..-I a sl : I' ...r-
ganizatiih l '1i' 1l..-ar il aid ...I 1thell-rar.
fund :'r.:'p .;..I 1, th- li.-rie .,-p ,rtne t, .ill
be turn-<1 ,.. ,r l., the chll. aih l %.Ill I,- heIid
early in 1 ). Om1 l';r Tl.-. i '.t reeular 1in- ing of u lle club '.ill I,- .it 1ll- TI..,11. it. ,-
ber 21
The ]ln-ltul-r: ..I thel \\',ilana '- Guild.l ..I
Trinit Church. C1'l-i-ra ere eltt.lTla ,-.ld
by thtn lld ...I t i ].ukl 's Chur:h .nIc....n,.
on M (.w,.la Oclt-'.lr I':, the rec-[tiwni t1,iin'
given t l tll rI:- a il c: ...I iit ciha.mlt h St
Luke',- I.:llm I- ic ihtl-nii' l:Jiihi .i rsihii[ ,:h
sim ilar t... the ii:.n: .im l. 1. th r..r anilm .,ii
in Fe ,bruar 'i" T h- lin l lme lltini .ilth cl-.:-
tion o0 ..lTfcer- ..ill tik, plac-: N":., -,l:-r 2

A i; .tr, Ih u ise n.I -p r--pa.irt .ar-.-
house I.:.r lli: I' ifi:c d ,T.i ing .1-.-t is t... I -
built at I.a I.:.c, It ill h.- ;.1, le:-1 .., 1]i i
feet and t.\l I.- Ica.. lt,:, .n t ll h '..iter -di.-
in fromt .-.f ll1%. machiiin; _hi, _


fir n- d M r-, .l- .1 .NI lan. ...I C..,l. n il .-
[.It I ,l d ,' 11 t i _- '." ....' ..' n t1 > bcr 1 .
I. 1 a -Is ..' -' 1-, .1 b.-nt I... I. '-s ent
it. C -.st R ..ca l Ii '. I 1 I i[n' ,...-I Cri-.
Cl.,l,al.r .l .l L.. u !th lr '.':.l ii...n r l .l -arn,
date I. -.r .- .ci t...- h .,I -i l k- r n 1h'i:

li-i.' th [,''.--tr- Iti t i nh t.li n tlihe
!-thlin i ..h lh. -, .., *,.',,. % hIch arrt, ,l at
Cri-t,:.ll, l ..i. M. ir..la O ct, ..1.-r I', ..ere:
LI K K._, r, e .-c .i l .'. cs l..I [nl . irn Ge,.aril
,1 1 ir..,... ie i an-,. .. 1i nr t, L C .-riir' li I
Ciih_.ri, Ind Limeut I'r.:.lleric MI-i r- 't 1l
uirall : 1r C.-.lh.-n

Ita- Obis'poF S -,und NSrc ool
.\ .Sill.l n ts. '....I I. lt I,' \',lu .,..air mn.-t-l
.er- ;. i- ...rL' /"-, '.'nt S lt ;ll t r \1' In lhe
it,- r l .i-] .., ah h ,... -.r., 1ll- in-mll_-. r- hit h .*-
in t cueirl a incr e. r'] l n:- (-n O :tI.,l: Cr
HI 3 *c .-, -cIKO s;_I]I S,-. im en.i ,t .1 , .i.i lil31 i-.,: ',le '- i;-

irei i;ni,
1.l|,] intlt rii ,n-nrt, ta ltl r t,, i_,ulrcha-.- an ,..r-
i.' r,,,r t*.. a_ -ti t i t lia lO I [., Club i n I thi

Culebrit Baichelor Girls' Club.
li ni. tj ir....I *ir- b', r _tle.l 1. l..' il t : lZ-
el..-r Girls' Clu ,b o1 C'hl;l. a. I,,r hll-,r "Hal-
1....' --'<1 l m :-. t,, l. lhel.I ill the V 31
.C hill, T hrrIdt eCninj, O ,,t.-r 2 -,
at 15 It i- tl- -,esire :* lh:- clt7ll, 1Vc ah
i n ,t I di;- -' )...:-_ lIh Ir.-,ar In Iin

Kni' ht' 01" o '.M ht-. Mu-Icale
T..all K n,.'ht_,..*I 1' thiu -s \'.,uar.*-IIn\tted
lt> ttelncl" a mllcaH "l- 311' ntilterlaiSIIuh-nti I,
1.; I.el- h i nl K .-I P. L,..,ige hill. CrI.t,,hal.
0.n1 S. tuur.lt mtghl i 'ct..l.-r 31, at j .'". 'l,:k
,ril2 ,,. *,.* r lad1 ".-- anll. Irhlr n.,i-
(C r' I K Oi.iz,
,, .t, .." .( ,; i

The re< ,,Il r '11.,..11 C al, dainc- ll l.<
r H...tICl TI.,,lI

Ckrnrert bI Ihi I. C C. t1 nd.
Si l.l.lIP,.. C Z .

1 *I. r..t r .Sr .. i I,' .,?,. . h
(" -- .. . ." "' / . l',h l.

r it:l . j J. r lr .- r I
r I.l r C: .' -- .' '. I :' ,.. Pr -. .rI r
",Iud la ;.l .r,.. .- . ... '. .. . .. '
*Ch r...'. l,-- /', ,;. Ill-. l ,r
,-i.rlrr. -- ,rr. ,.. -I .' 1,- I.,'i. dtl r

>rr. .I G ill].i,.- eIL -0 l ,ii -1 l'.:ll.: d b "
1 .. ,1,,,I.- d nr: h -. il r' ,,t:I l i ll.l '- ,.

c i,., l',T:; c 1 ,. .\ ri. ,,l ,r c| lhn 1-rnr

r. q u ,,,i .. l .-.l -, --

*\1, .' ;r.i.c r 1
'h. _.rt:'hlii -hi[. 7T.f.'"u ",,I..0 l _r-- GJll',,:t ?1. -i
' n1i '-'..I 'l.cr ]" ,l'- .. ,, .... I pile; fr, r li: l-



Furlhe-r Delillti,.n rI L, .\ 11, Comnplrl--
l.tr i-' tilre Trea-ur,
"I i- a.t- C -.':. r, p r .i li' ,-.:il -ii ..-

lioI I. r l r l ii. rr I i i r i- r. ll r

I,.tl,,'r,- r i h 1-i.1.1 r .i o iir I u r 1li
I lth ti .] Cat- al C----i--i---,r', i .-I I.'-I -h:-F l in
T 1 C Fi. %r 1.. *:.. .il 1 i l 1-. ;i..l
1 .:,-t t r l t .,l,-:. -i,... o l hr .. .,ip l..l l r
...I th' 'I r I.--ur publCl- I:.1 Il t1-- l-l. ..I
it .i,,-r 1I I', - .. i. lu rti-:r i -. iri
1I 1 I.- :.l|..'llll? .1-.-1 -. 1

S \ ,Ji M 1 N L C i l. .t .- l" ,*

-,.. 1 1t r1 ,: -, ,.--I I I,-, I li

,..-. h. .r i .. r .. t. h-t.I r. r I r l h
r ,:. . I l r- r .. I h
l r ..[:I .I _r:' .l . ,r i ...r .... l l. r r

i--Tl l. I ir. . r-1 rI, I r e .
I.. 1 .- r- .i Il r . i.. -. I .... . r

I r l. .I n1 .d I h. .. r
h . ".l Ih ,- i nh ... .I. .1 . F, ... ,A i .

h . ] -.r I'. . .. .. . r .. I .

i r ':.i il.1. ,I' r -.1-, li..l--ri ll ll .i- 'I
T l. .. ,r m, ll ..l|; r .. ; T .1 ,1 ...1 I, ".I,,: .f

I.. l r. e '.. l.I r..I r, --

IT "i l .' i ,l l iI- .i- l .id- I .
'I.. ". I -r r.. i ].. r ,: l r .H I .F r r .. : -. I ., ]. -

r. .....
S -I m sh .. I 1" r ", n r llb ; : .l. r r l. I- I J I r .-1 ," ,n

I F. I i ., 1 I .1 1 i, .

Th' .I. :, : i .. 4 i iii i . IIId11 .1 .... .

i i -. : -ri -r .r.i 1 i' -i Ii : --. r i r ---
r. .; e ,r Ih,-"1 i. . II I .- I I I = i.I1 n . .

1.i- I :l. ... r Ih. 1 I .. r .h -

Sr. ,, .. .i ..I, -n -. .r .1 I I .. .. Ir .1
Irt m IIl...r ,"

1r I r n i I 1- 1 ir .., .. i l .. -. .. i *, h .i. i .

Ir- I r-o 1 .1..i 1 ,- --
r -,, Ir.. l -'r 'f .II.' r1" lh I r' f

n .I ".| 1 - .li, r *I I r I-
.... r ll I l .- ..i . e- \i-.1 d h 1 ..
it .. . . ... i re ., ... 1 ..
, i .e i ".- 1..,i,,. ni" .. .h,- II 1,'

i 2 iI ,- ti .i .,rr 1 ,- I F, r' e "ri| I. r -,.
ri : :'

it 1. C- -..-- .:. .-.t .-n.- .l ..n- .. ...I ,r
L 1,. r. l'li*It i i L i. I Iir t i I:.-ii I F r.1,,
.- I.F:. II d ... U s- I I.ri1 r-.r:1 1i, I 1- 1.' I I r I' L

lu I i4 t t i, IT- r . .. I.I l I1 I '1h ...
I1 s i,,e- ta 1 1 r 11 -4 - --, I r
.. -n f, mllh r- 1

I Il.- .'.'.-ingtoll office of the Commission, ill
-r.l. ir i I I. s.ubtinee of it m:vl be c;ibled to tme

I ill ii, ..er your questions in the order

in ,I .In'ision of the 1st instant, upon
t...ur ir.i--l of thie 20th ultimno, the act of
.i-, .-', l'I-- (35 Stat., 556), was construed
.i- 't pl_-l.1 to employes of tile Isthimian
,lC ,j _,.i ssion. It was decided therein
tl.t *
Ih. ,Ii ., isence of Congressional enact-
i!,:'itl ih- r-I. ulations of the Commission set
.-ut '-1 ,:.uI letter providing for the lease
"tilt r', '..r thirty days or a fractional part
Tlhrr,.:l. -t. imploves of the Comnmission for
iijitrJi:- incurred in the line of duty; and
thrt. .1. I. ave, or fractional part thereof.
ii, i '- .'* laborers of the Commission for
nl urr incurred while in the performance
..I .'li. *.11'.I -hile incapacitated for duty by
r.:.--. -.-I -u:hi injury not exceeding thirty
Il. -, .-r-li loubtedl made with authority
.it it-. Ilii- they were made, considering the
brr. -I .ii.,, ,ritv granted the President by
tii- p_.r:'. ,-1 ; of the original Spooner Act.
.itilih.-ri. inL' him to construct the Canal.
"fi'u .hli- Congress stepped in anmi
.ai-.:d1. .1- i did. the act of May 30. 1908,
t ".) set out in yopr letter, pro-
..Iin:. 1.1;t .. hat kind of relief for personal
it ur -:- .,I, exactly to whom and under
,.It.t cir.:u. -tances it should be given and
it I,', I ll,-. employes of the Istlimiani
C.' It l C.:,-.,ii];sion in such act, I am forced
,in: .:.:.i,.:lu-ion that the enactment is ex-
I:lu .-:. alti-r it came into effect, and that it
la i.. l...--r in the powerof the Commission
I. rt-ulat.n's, past or present, to enlarge
..r hliii-ih the provisions of that act as to
.'-.ll -tl -n.t, to emniloves of thisConmmis-
-i.. I'.:UrIliurtes received in the line of their
-,i.I 'ipl... tient.
\ .IT-r-nit holding would be an attempt
to -r.:..i.I-ii aid modify an Act of Congress,
-'itI t.. in.il.- .t discrimination iul favor of a
.i1 -:. a hi-r- Congress legislating concerning
-.li dla-- .It1 not see fit to make such dis-
*: r Ih tIt.il i,:,, "'
'.-ur *t.i:-tions are answered as follows:
I A i, ait'l)oye who comes within the pro-
.it'.iil I thi Act of May 30, 1908, is not
-nit ItIT ,I l:. re-...ive pay by virtue of the terms
,-,I it ,.:,, ra.,: but can only be paid under
*ht: Il. Ii- .nd conditions and upon compli-
,.:,: *ill thll,- Act of May 30. 19US. This
q U:.li..i i- ilt-erefore answered in the nega-
2 \1 r-eIulations providing for payment
i,, ii -p- pl...- not coming within the provi-
-i..-r ..I lth- Act of May 30, 1908, during.
l..-,- ],*,:,...itr oujlt of sickness resulting from
n tiuri:- In i Furred ill the performance of dutyv
.ir uli iiith.l-.r ed and of no effect since the
p. -.1- **t -,i-ih act. Such at emnploye is
II-t en itill-:l o1 pay for and on account of ab-
-']|T ,:..:-'.,-,.ined as stated in this question.
I'llh .:.:.ntingent benefit of hospital care
.'d t ira- till-lit furnished to atn emtploye when
;nii.:.rit.'-.t ;~i.l contracted for as a part of
S- .:.,,lp,:l-.ation for services rendered, is
S1:. I-.: -11t.iitLished from the payt'lents on
i.:.::.urit -..-I ituries provided for in tile Act
.:.1 M..I .- 1908. The hospital care atnd
irt:.r'intl i; a paymenett for service already, l
rFen :i[,el ., tile the payment for injury is
Il ille: lai urc of damages for such injury
a,,d i; ..: .-rn-ed by the Act of May 30, 1908.
The C'...iniasion is authorized to provide
hI, :':.irract .l r furnishing an eilploye such
a- I: ini.:.it-- l ill this question, free medical


care and hospital attendance as a part of his
compensation for services rendered.
4. The answer to question 3 applies here,
and for the same reason free medical care
and attendance at hospitals may he provided
as a part of the compensation for services
rendered to the employe indicated in this
5. I am of the opinion that under the facts
stated in this question, the rights of the
employee to payment under his contract for
an injury prior to August 1, 1908, for the
period provided for in such contract, became
vested at the time of the injury and that
the right to paym ient thereunder is not af-
fected by the Act of May 30, 1908.
The payment indicated in this question
would therefore be authorized.
6. The answer to question 5 applies here
and for the reasons therein given you would
be authorized to make the payments indi-
cated herein.
Congress has plenary power to regulate
and control the compensation to be paid to
employes of the Istiimian Canal Commission
for services in futilro ( Cres/uraz v. I unitedd
States, 134 U. S., 99), but it has no power
to deprive an employee of the right to the
compensation earned under his contract, or
of a contingent benefit accrued prior to the
passage of the act affecting such conpensa-
tion as a part thereof.
The cases stated in questions 5 and 6 are,
therefore, to be distinguished from the cases
stated in questions 1 and 2, although each
may arise under existing contracts.
This decision has been forwarded as re-
quested to the Washington office.
(-Com ptro/h' .


Division of Mle'eorilogy and River Hy-
draulics Abotished.
CUi.EBR.t. C. Z., October 12, 190S.
'ffeetive this (date: The Division of Meteorology
and River Hydraulics is abolishied. and the work
heretofore performed by that division is placed in
charge of Mr. C. M. Saville, Assistant Fngineer.
The records :and office force will he transferred to
the office of the Chairman.
A.ct'li. Chairman and Chief Engtitner.


Activities of the Young M.en's Christian
On Thursday evening. October 15, a pool and bil-
liard tournament was started with thirty contestants
in pool and ten in billiards. On thie same evening a
bowling toutnamient was opened with thirty-five con-
testants. .iMuch interest is manifested in each of the
Plans arc now beint perfected for .1i creat title ion
election day. November 3. A regular voting s stleti
for the United Stavs presidential candidates will be
entered into. which will give every. man of Empire a
chance to vote--not only for I'resident, but for.1ainyor
of t.Empire. The iiiyoriIlty c.adidate is in tended
to add to theentert, innlent feature of the evelninie.
when it is expected that the electionn returns fro-n
the States will be received at interv.ils Other
features of entertainment will bie ala orches r,' con-
cert, vocal :and instrumental selections. etc.
On Thanksgiving Day tile 190S Istimian champion-
ship bowling tournament, siille and double, will be
rolled off on the Empire Y. Mt. C. A. alleys. Full
particulars later.
Mr. Johnt C. Walls is the new manager of the pool
All indoor baseball teiti was organized Saturday
evening, and John mtcl.oud was elected captain.
Games are wanted, ail a league is hoped for.




Beginning Sunday, October IS, the colm-
missary at Cristobal will sell ice cream in
packages suitable for carrying home. which
will enable patrons of the columnissary to
purchase ice cream on Sundays. This is an
experiment at the Cristobal commissary.
If it proves successful, the same plan will
be extended to other commissaries.


For week beginning October 20:
Mutton-Stewing ..... .................... per lb 6
Shoulder and neck (not under
6 pouniids)............................. per lb 7
Enlire forequarter (not under
10 pounds)....... ..........p......per lb 8
Leg (S to 10 pounds)...............per lb 16
Short-cut chops.......... ......... per 11b 20
Ltjimb-Stewing .... ... ...... ........... per lb 6
Entire foreqnarter ................ per lh
Leg (6 to 8 pounds)................... per 1th 27
Chops .....................................per lb 29
Veal-Stewing ................................. per b 10
Entire forequarter (15 to 20 lhs)....per lb 11
Loin ............ ...... ....... ............ per lb, 22
Short-clt chops................ ... ...... per 11) 23
Cutlets........ .............. ............ per il 23
pork-Cts ................. ..................... per lb 20
Beef-Suet ............-- ...........................per h 4
So p... ....... ..................... .....per lb 8S
Stew. ...... .. ... ...........-- .. -- per 11, 12
Cul-ite ............................... per lb., 12, 14, 16
i'ult tlualt kila" situl o UtLL ........per iL 17
Rib-rouast, second cut tnot under 3
puu us ... .... .................per lb 19
Rio-luasL. hurt cut uIUt under 3Sr2
puRnt si.......... ...... ...... peri lb 23
Sirlu ruast................................ per lb 29
Ru p ruast......... .................... per lb 9
uitiiuiise roast...................... pel lb 29
b ti,t runnd ........... ................... p er ib 23
R ib .................................. per lb 24
1riilu 1i ............................. i !" Ib 29
l'urtcrii se.........................pe lb 29
Kutilp ........ ....................pcl lb 29
Te derluin ii.............. ..........per II, 30
livers- Beef........ ........ ... ..... ...... per 11) 12112
C ialf........................... ....... ..... etcll 65
Sillasage-- ork...... ..... ...... .... per lb 19
Leoct wurst.......... ......... per lb 17
Sweet bread- Veal...... .................... ..... each 1.20
U.x longue s................ .... .. ........ eaci 90
Pigs feet, pickled ............................. per Ib 14
l'nla tuiiuiiu s. pickled.................. per lb 15
.ggs, Ircll ............... ....................... duzen 34
Chickens-Dressed tiilk-fed)...............each 1.30
ltrue r c iilk-fed) ....................each 1.50
Lapulls ............. .................. cl 2.40
Bioiltrs ................. ......... ..... each 0o
Fowls, iiiedium and large ...... .... cacli, 80c. atlid 1.1t0
T"urkeys............... ............ ................ p er Ih 30
suiiab ......... ................... ................. each 45
buckling pigs twiAlel ....... ........ ......... each 3.50
Suickling pigs tone-hadf ). ......................e,th 1.75
Bacon- Strils .... .................................. per Ib 23
ugnslish, breakfast sliced ..... ..... per lb 26
Ilain-Sugar-cured, sliced ...................per b11) 25
Une-half. fur builing.................... er lb 21
Ferris........ ...............per lb 20
Beef, salt, fat ily.......................... ......per lbi 16
Sailt pork........... .............. ................. per lb) 13
Butter-Prints, prime quality...... .... .... per lb 35
Cheese- Roquefort .......... ............per lb 45
Nelifchllatel............... .... ........... each 6
Young A im rica ........... ... ..... pel 11 22
swi ................. ............ ......... .... per lb 33
E da ......................... ... ...........each 1.05
M cl.are s ....... ... ....................... jar 15
inxter's ......................................... it 22
Gonda ................. ... .... ............per Ib 75
Philadelphia Cream ..................... each 22
French cheese iin tnts-Caeiiibert, Roul Ue-
foit, Brie, Neufelhatel............................. tin 20
Tomatoes (local only)............ ............Der lb 8
White potatoes.......... ...............per lb 3`/2

TH II C N .\ 1. I 'CO IP )

Cticuilm a

Oraii .es.
Grapes, : ..: .,- ii
Grapes. ,, i. ..1 i I

l.. r I I

i .- r h 1

I .r .
.1.,? i

i ,.t.,

Sold I .,II I 1 C ..,h I ,. .' 1.1

K tinfall. O.l) ') Ir 1 17. I '* l .-lu iv ,v .

t .,i,, .I,,

Allan/ i -
Cristob' "
Brazos r.-' L -
Gatun... It i
Bolhio.. -

Cenita .
Tahernil ,
Sall Palhi
Has (i hi .:,
CalIt laci.
Cuit elIra.n
Rio Grai.-..
Pac-ic .'c
Pedro .: ..'
Iia Boc;i
A lppt r, i ..I

I I .
I t. .

4 -

Siax a ih uh l t ii CI r '.

w aiter I .r h, >. i] l ll ii I i.:

tober 1. ,:


lei.2ht mI .:, ,
above .,-
lev e l. i A. ] i L. | ,
S ill X i I .i .,

S Illd;I i

Tuesd.. I

Thnur, I i 1
Friday. .t ,:
X ill I I .


w Appr.s .i-.

1beenr i t ii r d L, i r .
M ,,.r-: t L '.';I .'"

an di i i iri.nh. i.. *.: .

Agniew I .I.I .I .i. I I
A ngle, L I':'I "" i
Barton, .. r j ,.' I...
Biell. FI -i .- i .itt, |lr ,1i
lrad ". I .... l.,, -.. b I*-
Chtrownty. I F., l, ".. i i I.

Clark,. i I i' N
Coope' ute. itcrce, I ,itiieii
Galliger. Win. biheehey, \its. D.
Grouilt, F. ]t*. starts. Mrs. F. J.
llart, Richard Steers, C. A.
leinry, Mrs. Chas. Strong J. M.
lill. River SValker, W. R.
IHiscock, VW. P. Wells. G. M.
Hu\ve. WVia. G. WinLler, Claience

TI"he following steamers live recently arrived at La
Boca : October 10, -Huasco, from Valparaiso : October
12. Ecualor, front Buenitventura ; October 14, Ci/y of
Sjdney, from San Francisco. Departures were ; Oc-
tober 13, Guatemala, for Valparaiso ; October 14, In-
diana, for Sau Francisco.


I II ,-" ,. .'I .,. 1 A I' I
.... I l I r ..I .l .l,.l C i n 1 .h I

n.. I.i r


i-. .t.




i.. t.
ii .~c .. .1

0 ~i.

R T I ..,r .1. ,

', 1 ',. 1i 1 *I, r .1 r l .
i l, r l,, N .', ...

R I. h ., I,

hI 1. .1 '
I I I 1 ,,, I .' .

R ...1

SI t.r.l ..

[ I.. '. I i .l..r . ..

.... r i *:.l i,.', i l,.,.r^ l r r i ].
I 1. . ,. ll ,, ;.;.,,, '."- l ..n r.:., lt: '. _.:l.' ri

i <
H -.

I' i

i i;
i r

ii .-.
I r.
l< I
. I i

I '" I I


Ii i i.t.t.,

I' .. ii.l

1.'~~~~~ Ii
ii,' ..i

I.lii- ..l
.1 it
,i.,. ii


' l .. ti ,, I

1 1 , iL 4'.' * .,I,* ,.' .1 1.
1, .. .. i. .. .i r' .:

i ,ii-I .Ii ...i l.. I_ ii ,' . .l
,L l r .i 'T i. [ i t, I.' I .L
1 .. . 1. 1 .

rati U'
1 I , ..: I h I I I

S I ..
Al ..1 1 .. .. N. I

l h ,,. ,.. ... i r. iiI L.'. 1 i l. r': i.: I

for Ne :. ..-

onhoatl -1' ,. I :, r

sail fr(.... ':, .,,,,, Ir.l" i ..1. , h ,- .i JI ,I:*i
SIt ** P u(r . rr.. r ...I I .. i .." .1 1 i- i
sat il ,_ .I r ir ,, 1 ... , I r 1[1 A: "

G tadel,. ,i- m -., I ,. ., ", I ...1.,, .. .i


I i...:~.
I .1. ii.



jii ib-
I :.i., .1



Volume II


The Canal Record

Published *wek ry under '.he euirl Ii y lid su E r ivrIon or I.e

T'e Cii,. a : .. .. I
'. Ar '.. .4
2'IJ .'. f P 7 .''' A :... rf.r .. .* .

Addrc-s all C.nmmunications
Ancon. Canal Z.ric.
Ibthmu< .:.1 Pan.imi.

. t . T j1. r / . ,, 1 -


A n ei Ree-ci tir.
Tl ,: e '..c(: . t l r ": ne in i 11,.:. ii- I ilc I ,a
re. r :,r .i th, ,: ,l l r .i 1 ii.: n 11il11 l -
Aell under %]. lhi ]ie li r.. ierl -.,...,i, (.1
ilth re-er'.:.ir .( -ill b:e i.2' le t I-,. I 2 leet it
0 ill li .e . -:n:.n rte f l.:...r all'n r,:I. .:.r., .
,.:,.n.:re e ,a ll 1 Ifee l i hi N Lk.:. :au ille
Ir.a:k b in, ; ln i .l i l i th hill lr.:.ii lll: r.:.- l
near the nr .* i nii n.-rii .us-r. l inr l. to
w ill.:h .:-,i lr tl.: l.:.i m] eri ill I la .k:i I :
the re-er ...r
c313 Cr r- in 37. in uirl.a-
.\ re.:. :,r. e 1 ". lih'. l 2".X ,,r iii
tPal.l. :.n C t.:.tb.r 2'2 ..hi :n i I Il I ar .1
,Ilu rirp :., c r .er ].:n 1i i I. --.I uhim ur". ill
1. er r : l ,:1n1 Linlnute .In[ :-.:' : -e.: n. p er"
:jr i[m li ll .lh31 tli *::tr- l i ere l,:. ale' l I..
their lull .: Ipt.:it i : uLt.I: ar,: I : n: I t. :r;il
a' [pi ,-c:. :-n the i -r -e, en : n-,,li.];
rhi: ,:, \, l nreak I th, a, ,rk re .. -
S.-ln,_,r] e I n1, I th,1 C r) :I lor.:r, a I ,
, -l' n-J the l' I I er

1 n lp r ,e ln .h a l C o l 1j n I .-. p iic .
A ,:,,nreI,- ],:,,:,r I- l 1 .i l i ll b : l- it.: li-]
. .n r 1 r..It I l ar l il- rit ,l- .-r 1 L.-e1 1
re.lrran ,.-,| ., nle, le tr^e-r -tln 1,uilali ..
,ine ;tl-r h chli, i- ill c',ur : -,] err -,- I
in he- rear .:.1 Th kile t len L i.e:- lth: re-t .-,
the l aI n 1l n0 ,: '..lu J Ii i- !it al,',Je,: it %.r.-
,- : "er th e ',, ter (1 1. ., O 1 ,:, Il -
,:r,:te 1'ier- re- lnit ,:.n tllr_ *:.:.rjl r,::I T h ".
fl,):,r all be ,:,I ,.:.:rete, a/ *', all sI-,:, h,, Il
l1',:, r ] ]ith er .t .li .'_.*i n'tl i: thi ll '."
buil-linl w ltli tlhe l r.r':,nt ... .1 ,-: ,. pan-
tr\ th rIis uniiiii:- at r 3n 1, .1 ,i] l, 't *i -,-r
t.,. .:' lle :: v.itb the ,I linill r,':":,i ,_-. tlhe
" ,-,ld" m e_- In the upper -tl'rr t: al-,:.
Le nd 1:.u it t

the i .:utr.in e tl:, he h ,l,::i ,t al ,.r-:Lndl ; 1l :
been m ,:.% .l I2.. I :cet t,. tL n an.I .1, .1 e.,
n i.ca,1danl r.,d -l f.ei t .? i e 1 J -ilexten'l I r,.In
end t.-, end of Ill,: pr r, -.:n,, a ._Iht]al .:e ,f,
3at'Iout I. -Of" iiEt a l ,thlier,: ill 1. .-:o i.

.:rete -.ie'.r.alk: i. lt wide on the south side
:I. t rlh r:al. rihe space between the road
aii. th- Ih.. pit il buildings will be set in
,r.- z IlI.:.ae N.:. 18, a two-family house,
bh: Il--n reit' -, from its old location be-
t cen L:'u,-e- 1. and 19 to a new site back of
1h:,u ,: 4. riar ith.: newthoroughfare known as
C:,:,:a.iLit alli 'he old private stable at
the .:':.ri,.,r ,:,1 .-:.:.nd street and Cocoanut
ille'. ill l.h:.rlh be moved and the site
,. r ],-I. a311i -1.:.-e I by the new fence which
v.ill :.irr.oun ii tIle hospital grounds.
Dr. rlie at Nombre de Dios,
I, ,: Ir,-.riIi -u.:t ion dredge, which made
the hi I..r .-.:.rral on Folks River, and later
undreri.:nt ceniieril repairs at Cristobal dry
d:l. I- t : .'-I down the Atlantic coast
l-t '....I t:. N..i:il.re de Dios. The sand for
dle .:.:.n.:ret' .-:rk at Gatun is to be taken
tr.:.iu ith- i.,_:. iid the dredge will be used
ini 'ump.,t it tr..n, the banks intothescows.
N:uiji.re .-le .:.- -s in Panamanian territory,
and ni ia. ,l..-iitin of theclaimsof the land-
hl.:.ld:r: t:. illt,- :and that will be taken is in
1.r.:.erer ch
New Railroad Station at Colon
.\ Tie. tat i.:. ha: been authorized at Colon
i.:.r th[e 'inainri railroad, and the work of
*:.:.i- tri.ti.:]-i ll1 I -egin in the near future.
It .-ill be I-..-teIl on Front street, opposite
I.,.'lth [treetl, i.at half way between the
.re:eint 'ti.:.ii- it Cristobal and Colon, both
o'l w In.:-h ,ill 1- t.:.rn down as the new struc-
ture ..'ill be tll- union station for the two

ihei I uil.lii.' '.ill be one-story high and
.: ii-tr..:I...] .:. i .licrete blocks. It will be
1, leet 5le .;iI 150 feet long and the sta-
It:.it pil .riu ill -xtend from Seventh street
F1:' i- e, eiili :tr- .:, with numerous turnstiles
:,r ,\. rit,: nil.-..et office will be directly
,:r..ic:,te II.blihi street. The second-class
t..alinl r,:..:.i;i aii the baggage room will oc-
.:up,. the -.:.uhll hlilf of the building. The
6r-t--:l: .- I atin-'room will be in the north
lhill thie btil.lii.g, together with theoffice
.:.1 th:. .il .:,-mn. iiy. The carriage stand will
., It thie u:rtli iil of the platform.
I here ir- :it pr.: ,ent six tracks on the site
,-.1 the i.r.:.I,:.-,I -ration, three of which will
be t. l.eii il, (-O the three tracks left two
.Ill be L-eI t.:.r Ireight traffic to the railroad
-:nip ': I.-.:k: ind one will be used for
...--en,.-r t rin-, the latter to be enclosed
tb .1 len.:e Ir.:.ai -venthto Eleventh street.
On it e Obispo Diversion.
it hia be-i I.-.-led to complete the work
on ith: (i--p,. lDiversion by putting three
zte.init -h...:l-: on the last large cut. The
ira.I.. iri:.i the C.inal prism opposite Buena
Vict ii nol 11ut Obispo up to the summit of
the .I.-. ie ic lrrost completed, and steam
:iw,.el r:rk .sill probably begin on the last
lIre: .-:it s. tlbhii lile next three weeks. Before
thli lir.er.r:.n channel, which will drain the
itar r.-i.ni tile ei.t side of Culebra Cut into

the Chagres above Gamboa, is completed, a
cut must be made through a ridge whose low-
est point on the line of the diversion is 93 feet
above the bottom of the proposed channel. It
is estimated that 400,000 cubic yards must
be excavated on the last mile of -this drain-
age canal. An effort will be made to com-
plete the work inside of eight months, or be-
fore the next rainy season is well begun.
Contracts for Supplies.
Contracts will presently be offered for a
six-months' supply of such articles and ma-
terials as have become standard in the Canal
work. The method now in use is to ask bids
for a supply of one or more articles when the
need becomes apparent, and up to the pres-
ent time this method has been the most prac-
Since the work has settled into a routine,
however, and the division engineers know
from experience the quantity of supplies that
will be needed for any specified time, the
method used for years in the Army and
Navy and in many private establishments, of
contracting for a six-months' or a year's sup-
ply has become the more economical. It is
thought that lower prices can be procured on
large contracts than on small ones, and it is
known that the new method will do away
with the expense of frequent advertising and
of considerable clerical work in the Wash-
ington office, and will insure prompt deliv-
At present, months frequently elapse be-
tween the time when a requisition is made for
supplies and their delivery on the Isthmus.
It is proposed to make contracts for delivery
of supplies needed between January 1 and
July 1, 1909, on condition that the Comminis-
sion be allowed to take 25 per cent less than
the amount contracted for or be furnished
with 25 per cent more. Only a few months'
supply will be carried on the Isthmus, as a
cablegram to the States will procure delivery
of any article at Colon in twenty days. A
list of the standard supplies has been pre-
pared by the Chief Quartermaster, and the
division engineers are now preparing their
CrIstobal Cold Storage Plant
A new unit for the Cristobal cold storage
plant has been authorized, and it will prob-
ably be installed within the next three
months. It will have a compressing capacity
of 150 tons, which, added to the present
plant, will raise the capacity to 375 tons, and
increase the efficiency 90 per cent. No in-
crease in the size of the cold storage plant
is contemplated at this time, the purpose of
the new compressor being to relieve those
now in service, and to act as auxiliary in
case of a breakdown.
The Panama Railroad Company announces
that its regular Sunday night train from Pan-
ama will leave at 10 o'clock according to


No. 9.



Progress of the Work front Gatun to Li-
mon Bay.
From the veranda of the Atlantic Division
office building at Gatun one can look down
the line on which the ships will sail to the
Gatun Locks from Iinimon Bay and can get
an idea of what the Canal in this section
will look like when completed. Where the
line pierces the Mindi hills the cut has been
completed to sea level, and the steam shovels
are carrying the work below thelevel of the
nearby water. Onlya mile from wherethis
cut is being made the Atlantic dredging
fleet is carrying its channel into the land,
the ladder and dipper dredges working near
the shore, while the sea-going suction dredge
Ancon is making a deep water channel out
to the point where the bay merges into the sea.
From the appearance of the land border-
ing Limon Bay it might be inferred that the
channel of the Canal lies through a swamp.
The dredges have found it quite otherwise,
for they are working in earth which, al-
though only a few feet above mean sea-level
is very firm. Underneath this earth at vary-
ing depths is a bed of blue rock, coming
close to the surface in several places and in
others lying ten feet or more below. The
method of working in this material is to
blast it with dynamite and then take it out
by ladder and dipper dredge. A battery of
nine Star drills precedes the dredges, keep-
ing far enough in advance not to retard
the work. The bottom of the Canal from
the bay to Gatun Locks is to be forty-one
feet below sea-level, and, as the surface
of the ground is from one to five feet above
sea-level, the holes for the dynamite are
from 45 to 50 feet deep. They are sunk at
15-foot intervals in the form known by
powder men as "staggered," and are not
"sprung" before the charge of dynamite is
put in. At present 60 per cent dynamite is
being used and the charge varies according
to the depth of the hole in rock, the object
being to shatter the rocl-. There was some
doubt as to whether the rock could be broken
into pieces small enough for the dredges to
handle, but so far this method has proved
entirely successful. The channel has al-
ready been dug 1,000 feet into the bank the
full width of 500 feet and the dredges are
making a cut that varies in depth from 20
to 40 feet. All the ladder and clipper dredges
are working in rock, and although some
large pieces are brought up nothing has been
encountered so far that the dredges can not
Dredge -Vo. 6, one of the old French lad-
der type, is working close to the bank. It
is handling rock and theoverlying strata of
earth and is cutting to a depth of from 20 to
30 feet. The dipper dredge Chagres is do-
ing the most interesting class of work, be-
cause it is taking rock up from 30 feet or
more below sea-level. This dredge is cap-
able of excavating to the full depth re-
quired, 41 feet, and up to the present time
the rock encountered has been broken into
sufficiently small pieces to be handled with-
out much difficulty. The Chagres and
dredge No. 6 are the ones working farthest
in toward land, following very closely
on the heels of the powder men. As they
advance they may strike harder rock and
material more difficult to handle, so that
the cost can not "fairly be estimated, but at

present they are handling blue rock shat-
tered by dynamite at a cost of only SO cents
a cubic yard.
Dredge .Vo. 85, new 20-inch suction, is "try-
ing out" in the prism a few hundred yards
back of dredge Xo.' 6, and is working in silt.
As it has been at work only a few days and
has not yet "found itself" no fair idea can
be obtained of its probable efficiency. The
end of the pipe line rests on a small island
near the mainland, several hundred yards
away from the line of the channel. Behind
this dredge is the old French ladder dredge
Vo. 1. and back of this the dipper dredge
.lindi. The I.findi is working in coral
which has been broken by exploding dyna-
inite on the surface of the rock in the man-
ner known to powdermen as "bulldozing."
The sea-going suction dredge .4Ancon re-
turned to its work of making the channel
out to deep water on October 21, after having
been at the Cristobal dry dock 18 working
days for general repairs. The 20-inch suction
dredge No. 83, of this dredging fleet, is laid
up for repairs and will probably not be in
service again until January. A defective
casting in the pump broke about the first of
October and the dredge can not return to
work until the manufacturer has replaced it.
The dredging record of the Atlantic fleet
will be greatly reduced this month because
of the loss of 18 days by the Ancon and the
total loss of the service of dredge No. 83.

Waiting for High Water.
The two old French ladder dredges on the
bank of the Cbagres at Frijoles, and the
one at Chagrecito, have been lowered to the
level of the water in the river and are wait-
ing for a flood to carry them down to Cris-
tobal dry (lock. A hawser has been run
from each dredge to trees on the opposite
bank of the river so that they may be drawn
into the stream at the first high water.

St. Mary's Church at Empire.
The corner stone of St. Mary's Protestant
Episcopal church in Empire was laid on Sun-
day afternoon, October 25, at 3 o'clock by
Lient.-Col. H. F. Hodges, U. S. A., Acting
Chairman and Chief Engineer of the Isth-
mian Canal Commission. Archdeacon H. B.
Bryan, one of the Commission chaplains,'
conducted the services, and the executive


A statement of the value of the buildings
received from the new French Canal Conim-
pany when the Americans took possession
on May 4, 1904, is printed below. It is anc
estimate based on the appraised value of the
buildings as received in 1904, plus the value
of repairs, minus 10 per cent to cover de-
In a statement prepared by the architect

committee was cou ir..-.' ..I J 1- I .Aril-
strong, secretary; k\ ;. .l Ir-i- .rr I
B. Hartley, W 1H. i',r- 1. 1. II I.-N,.,i -
W. P. Neal.
The new cliurch i- I_. i* .'"., l.x,- vII, 1
feet long, and to hi. ..- c iii. .,:i',.:,] ,.i .
200 people. It is l,..t[,-:.1 iin lh. .:. nt.r ,.
the village, near tlhe :.'uri i.. .;, 1i r un-I
assigned by the Coniiiii- .. I hI- I.......
needed to build it I,: i.,1- i. r ,., .1 h. pril I.
subscription in the Cii.i1 A'i i ii.1 iir
March Examina l..a f.-.r Clerk.
The Secretary of hli-- ithd,,l, i I 'Ir -
ice Board has rece ,-. I ti' .'.ll".'. -: lclr
from the President 'i l.-- C' i, l .'-r i.C:. C '.n i
mission in Washinct,u... uti, l.r t ..I Oi 'c...-
ber S, 1908:
Sir: The Conm inission i ,..i r ..-' '. .- .-,.r I-i. r .I
September 23. and iun '.1 ..-. r. ,, ,*.1 ,i *li i,-
rating of the M arch i ......I.r,.- i.. .1. c ... i ,-
Isthiniain Canal Servi':- .11l l .,;..I...I .c ,
day or two, and the ai:[ .. .i ..... .l : I r...,,i
as possible.
The apparent delay ... r,.... c -. 1 .. .-r. ,. .1...
to the very largenunibet. i i. ..: .1 I ..r .-11 lr.,i.r...:
of the service during ti,- .,..I' ....1 .i r, .
thue there were on hr... -r r ..r ..i
examination papers, a. I ,I' ,, :' rr-, .:,,I c. ,
crease in the force of ,.,... .r ,. . ... .
been obliged to rate pm ,. 0, ll.-7 r r i r
meet the needs of the :r .: T r ..... I.. .,
gradually reduced, ai I I I,. --I i!-i[ 1L.1 .
short time the papers (- ..11 : .,,,i -'.I. r. ., ili.: rc. i.
examinations will be e-rrl,. ,. I
Trains on N-mlnhcbr Third.
As November 3. I'.iarn,, I i.i'p,.rl- rn,:_
Day, has been offi ,:cill. ..:l.r I _. h l.lila',
in tile Canal Zone tlic 1't-anaial Railruad
Company will operate a passenger train
service on that day, approximately the same
as was run on July 4, as published on page
344 of Volume 1 of TuH, CANAL RECORD,
with the exception that transportation will
be required on all trains.

The average number of employes in the
Mechanical Division in September was 2,381,
as compared with 2,388 in August, and the
amount of the pay-roll was $186,579.82, as
compared with $194,204.59 in August.

Lincoln House, the new quarters for the
men employes of the Panama Railroad
Company inll Colon, will be opened the night
of October 31 with a ball. The quarters are
already occupied.


of the Commission the number of buildings
turned over by the French to the Americans
is given as 2,149, of which 1,536 were in
use on August 1, 1908. The estimate does
not include the value of the Administration
building in the city of Panama, formerly
used as headquarters, nor the building also
in the city of Panama, now used as the
American legation.

Present when re-
'alue. Labor. .Material. Total. ceived frozen

1- Quarters, Gold......... .... $1,024,712,14 $305,828.60 $93,399.91 399,228.51 $625.483.63
2-Quarters, Silver................. 646,287.05 146,085.87 56.400.88 202,486.75 443,800.30
3- Hotels............ ............. ...... 27,131.40 16.478.69 3.197.48 19,676.17 7,455.23
I-Hospitals.......... ................... 617,749.25 86.230.86 1 48,755.08 134,985.94 4t2,763.31
5- Jails ...................... .... ....... 21,900.00 7,082.51 1,314.15 8.396.66 13.503.3.1
6-School houses ........................ 27,450.42 10,323.96 1,423.68 14,747.64 12,702.78
7- Shops ................................ 119,862.27 5.819.42 1 3,842.00 9,661.42 110.200.S5
8-Storehouses........................... 144.112.91 40,757.20 9,256.01 50.013.21 94.099.70
9-Structures...................... ..... 123,823.36 35,995.60 10,609.56 46,605.16 77,218.20
10-Miscellaneous buildings of old De-
partmient of Governmnent and
Sanitation .............. ............ .l -3 '' .. .- :3 1 .
Totals ............... ...... ....... ,,



"onmeIn*- Chili- anti Oilier Faslures.
Ihl Cri-t.:.l.1l \V'.. i ,i Clul. h.lil. its reg-
uli ii. t.,n- r ii thil C.- :i, ini -i.,.' clubhouse
.:.n \\. l.l. -.l. lt.r, i.:...,. i: b.:.l.cr 21, at 3
. l.:.,:k. ti ir r- .. -.r :i.l nt.r M rs. E .
I.., -r',k.r in clih..r 'Ifh.re was a
lir-.rt I.iI-., -- rm ..-. i, ,. i .t icIih tI.hI.2 reports
..I tU ,i .r .u- ,l,[irtli.:ni- ..cr.: r, *d. The
i .ltil-. .i till l tLIrl .:.. 'r It. the hom e
.I,?..srtlin t. thl h irin.ii.: I M r;. 11. J. Slifer,
re .linir ..' p lp-,r .:. i -- ciii.l: rjn. ,i.:.n-essen-
it;.il i relat.i-l t.. tlh i.:mi n l li .:.l iem aker.
'lic l .i.ho il d-p-artlinelt at it- inm tings dur-
lila the Il ,-..:n ill i.:.1 -i. r liit -. num ber
..I pr. '.t,: i si l.i. t-. ill]-lu.l ; tle m making
*:.1 l .i iii. .:.l i' T e e.i .lutli.- :.1 thli kitchen,
- -Ti .l. *:.1 I...:. .aliu .- .u'il thli. sti etic side
...I h.:.ii,- ]n km -.
.\ ql' .t -Ii I ..:. .'Ai :.; '-: 'l ti[e questions
ilain ell?,l hlic r rai Ir.' i ii]] e : h .ir, and in-
.l i.l.:.l .:..:.kn~" cLl: il .:d ,:, I rt.r iin destruc-
t1.:. .:.,1 I l. i- n.Id .:.ttl, r tr..pi .il pests, and
lii..i : .l -. i-.rili.:.n It:.r hlir.'tnii Replies
"*er, i. .,:rn t.. ,i .:.1 th -e Ir,:.' i l,,; floor. It
i; tl,5 intenti.:.i .I t- ll ,p- rtmlntl to reserve
all the ,que u-.:.- that ir, .:.:n-' l.:re.. of gen-
,r.ilt ilue idl t. *ulihlili th-em li, n a suffi-
,icnt numiiilr hli. 'ci :.ht.iinl Tea was
_er:,I ILatir, nd'i ilth .,-' i:u-i.,n r.1 ,club work
,. c _:.irri ii .,-n .. lh, u ,minI.rs i fornially
.-Liarn thTi -... 1 l h ll hi.:. r.
Th.- "%\ illin. W'..rk.-r -. tlhe till given to
thEli, ne ircl, I:.r w.,:. nI ,_irl;, which
mii- t-; ,.cr, 7 t.i ilr.I % lr.:.in 3 t.:. 5 at the
hr.in, :. 1 thei chrinin .:.1 ilthe luiational de-
I-.irtm.nt. hlis meiIt.rnlrrhil. .:.l fiteen, the
girl- raD l in r.:. F .*, t.* 1-:.urten years
,:, '.c- Th,- ,:l. s is n,:. c:,nfin,-1 to the
,.lh l'lr',n .:,1 l 3l, m ,n l,,1" '. I'Lt ,_ open to all
.:UII.g cirl- ,..hI.:n. .rc ,eit r-ste' l i learning
i.. _-, Tl, ..rk .t pre-;-st i hlind sew-
in.c, .:..'rc-tii].c, lh.mrmiln, and. the more
.itl ac.t-, L rl_ lt rI., l:in hlierititching.
The '...rk .:.I the cl-i;- i- rilt etiwrely con-
I lledJ It.:. -' ',' 11.1
Thlie s'chedhtilel med' I;- .:.1 tie club for
tile .e.t.:.n are I ..11.:.. s- Regular m eet-
i;n -. the fir-t an-i thlir.1 \\'.lnsdays of
e.i1 min:.n1111: ti-niel:- meeting '. e. ervy fourth
\V'.lne-. '. I : h.:.me ,iepirt-rment- e cry second
.ndi e..laLI'tioniil. e.cr, thiir.i Monday;
art nii I tier'tLire. c'.er. I. iurth Monday.
'Tli phil. thIli:. n lepr.irtinit lias not yetar-
r.F ,r.,-l it mtie,-tini, he 1l : ..ir.-i of mana-
.cr_ meet -t i l call .:.1 the preid,-nt. The
ie.it imettim :.1. the clul .. '11 1,e the busi-
'i-: inc'-t;ni. i the c., .niin'm ,:.ii lubhonse,
.:.n t.:.hi r '15. .t .:. cl.:.ik lie club is ar-
r.in.;nc i'-. e its .iMnnir l concert --)me time
i' .i nu .i r
The I'c-i,:. MAlzuel \',:.m.iii'. Club met at
the re;i-leine.. the l-pre-id.l n :.in Wednes-
.1.., I :lt.:.lr : ., .'.Lien thle l.11.-.w. g chair-
mien :.1l .l:.illittee .ere tapp.:.ir.int-l to serve
i..r tlie e -llin -i:' n.:.nthili- Literature, M rs.
I. M i \ .'lier.: i.-.n,. !Mr- \ Jennings;
_.:..cl. AMr-. Al.trk white. The club gave a
crdi p.,rt,. on 'iltu'.l.It c'.enino,. -,-tober 24,
i.ll 0 Liiim eillg h rili .e.l r :. ert li player.
F..ur i.ri.,c '. ere ,. ei, the otteli.ilance was
it;-li.t.:r anm thle c. ellirni .*. much en-
j.:.. e:i. l..it:r sujI.crip it; 1 ,i nce will be
ii'.ei 1,. the iul. .\ -pl. t in whichh M ad-
.ill 'A aters, \itclier. \\ lnte. ind Barnes
will i-ppeir, Is *e;ig rh-leartelI Further
eritertainiient .. Il e lur nishe-ied 1, the Bach-
elr-' -lub. t1nd- prep.ir ,t,..n I.:.r a c.-.mmunity


celebration of Christmas is under discussion.
The Pedro Miguel Social and Recreative
Club is arranging a Hallow-e'en party for
the evening of October 31, and the Woman's
Club has been asked to assist.
The members of the Gatun Woman's Club
met informally on Friday afternoon, Octo-
ber 16, for a discussion of future plans. A
study of Panama is contemplated.
The Ancon Woman's Club held its meet-
ing, October 21, at Hotel Tivoli, the pres-
ident, Mrs. C. C. McCulloch, Jr., in the
chair. The literary and educational depart-
ment has decided to take up the study of
Italy and Greece as outlined by the Bay View
reading course. Regular meetings will be
arranged later. The art department will
study the architecture, cathedrals, and ruins
of Panama. The philanthropy department
has arranged for monthly visits to the follow-
ing institutions: Home for the Aged, Santa
Tomas Hospital, and the San Blas Indian In-
dustrial School in Panama; Ancon Hospital,
and the leper colony at Palo Seco. Blank
books are to be carried by each member on
these visits, in which data regarding the in-
stitutions mav be recorded and photographs
kept for the individual interest. Special
work is also planned for the leper colony at
Christmas. The department work among
the Panama bootblacks in the night school
will be continued.
The program committee of the club met
at the residence of the chairman, Mrs. R. E.
Noble, on Friday afternoon, October 23,
when the schedule for the year was made
out. The literary and educational depart-
ments will meet at the residence of Mrs. H.
C. Hanson, on Wednesday afternoon, Octo-
ber 28, at 3 o'clock; subjects, "Current
Event" and "An Afternoon in Rome."''
The Woman's Guild of St. Luke's Churchl
will give a reception at Hotel Tivoli on
Monday evening, November 2, from 8 to 10
o'clock, to which all members of the con-
gregation of the Ancon Protestant chapel
'and residents of Ancon are cordially invited.
The Guild's annual meeting will be held on
the same day, at 3.30 in the afternoon, at
the residence of Mrs. Bishop. A full num-
ber was present at the reception given by
the Guild on Monday, October 19, the after-
noon being greatly enjoyed by the members
and their guests. The Guild is arranging
for a sale of cakes, to take place at the resi-
dence of the chaplain later in the month.
The Chorus Club of Gorgona is rehearsing
to give an Old Folks' concert early in No-
venmber. This club, which was organized
about two months ago, consists of about fif-
teen members of the Y. M. C. A. and their
wives. Rehearsals are held in the Commis-
sion clubhouse every Monday evening, Mr.
Jennings having charge of the work. The
concert will consist of a program of old-
fashioned songs, and will close with a med-
leyv of national songs and a tableau represent-
ing "Way Down Upon the Suwanee River."
The Gorgona Dancing Club gave a large
dance recently and will give an old-fashioned
dance and entertainment on All Hallow-
Celebration of Christmas is being arranged
by the American residents of Cristobal and
Colon, the initiative having been taken by
the Y. M. C. A., Woman's Club, and the
public schools. It is planned to outdo the
observance of last Christmas, and to this
end an early start has been made, in order

that such supplies as are necessary and are
not available on the Isthmus may be pur-
chased in the States.
The Weslyan Methodist Missions in Pan-
anma, Colon, and Empire have been holding
mission meetings during the past week, a
missionary from Costa Rica having come to
the Isthmus for the purpose. The meetings
have been well attended. Work on the
church in Panama has been resumed, and its
completion is expected within a short time.

Opening of Panama National Theater.
The new National Theater in the city of
Panama was opened on the night of October
22, with a performance of '"Aida" by the Lam-
bardi Opera Company. In the audience that
filled the theater were officials of the Gov-
ernment of Panama, members of the diplo-
matic corps, members of the Isthmian Canal
Commission and many Americans from
various parts of the Canal Zone. The theater
is in thle new Government building which
overlooks Panama Bay, and which con-
tains also the Panama government offices.

Dr. A. B. Herrick and family and Judge
S. E. Blackburn and family, of Ancon,
sailed on the Advance, on October 19, for a
visit of six weeks in the States.
Among the passengers returning to the
Isthmus on the Colon, which arrived at Cris-
tobal on October 23, were: G. B. Strickler,
Resident Engineer at Corozal, and Dr. W. E.
Deeks, of Ancon Hospital.
Maj. John L. Phillips and family, Judge
H. A. Gudger and family, H. D. Reed and
wife and Miss Gorgas, of Ancon, and R.
Budd, and H. L. Stuntz of Colon, are pas-
sengers on the Esperanza, due at Cristobal
on October 28.

Information has been received of the death
at Washington, on October 19, 1908, of
William C. Eldridge, assistant examiner of
accounts of the Isthmian Canal Commission.
Mr. Eldridge was appointed to that position
on August 15, 1907, after about twenty years'
service in the office of the Auditor for the War
Department. He came to the Isthmus on
official business oin the 21st of last Septem-
ber, and returned to Washington on the
Finance, sailing from Colon on October 8.
He was taken sick on the way, and although
his condition was not regarded as serious, he
died four days after reaching home. No in-
formation has been received as to thle cause
of death.
Mr. Eldridge was exceptionally well fitted
by experience for the duties of the office
which he held. He was a faithful public
servant and a man of excellent character.

R. 1. Richards, a conductor on the con-
struction line of the Central Division, died
at his home in Great Valley, N. Y., on Oc-
tober 6. He was on his annual leave. Mr.
Richards came to the Isthmus, October 16,
1906, and his last place of residence here
was Pedro Miguel.

The remains of Samuel Brewster, the ne-
gro laborer \who was reported missing after
the dynamite explosion at Mindi on October
10, were found under some earth near the
scene of the accident on October 14.



Traffic Handled Daily Over Panama Rail-
road and on ConstCuctlon Lines.
The following letter has been received from
the Hon. George A. Loud, a Representative
in Congress from Michigan:
I am very much interested in the work
connected with the Canal, and I read every
number of THE CANAL RECORD carefully as
it comes to me each week.
There is one subject, it seems to me, it
would be desirable to present to the readers
of THE CANAL RECORD at your convenience,
and that is an article pertaining to the
amount of traffic handled over the Panama
railroad. In giving some lectures upon the
subject of the Panama Canal, one naturally
refers to this being a very busy railroad, but
just how busy it is, it is hard to show. There
is a presumption that the material front the
steam shovels, excavated in August (1,876,-
515 cubic yards,) would give a daily average
of 72,173 cubic yards. On the further pre-
sumption of 20 cubic yards to the carload
and 17 cars to the train, it would give a daily
average of 212 trains of spoil. Whether all
of this material comes out on the main line
of the Panama railroad or not is a question,
and if it does not all come out on the main
line, then what is the average number of
trains per day?
In addition to the traiuloads of spoil from
the Canal excavation handled by the Panama
railroad, there will be the regular traffic of
the railroad and the incidental traffic of the
Canal, made up of passenger, freight, spoil,
work, and special trains. In all, how many
trains are handled over the Panama railroad
each day? It is obvious, of course, that the
spoil from the Canal going to the different
dumpinggroundsall passes over the railroad
at different points. Then, one would like
to ask how many trains do pass over the
railroad at any given point in the eight
working hours when the Canal work is in
progress; also what number pass over a given
point in the full twenty-four hours of the day.
These may be impossible questions to
supply answers to, but they may lay the
groundwork for ai interesting resume along
this line, which would be of interest to
readers away from the Canal Zone. If it is
obtainable, the average carload or trainload
in cubic yards should be given. I have no-
ticed in previous numbers of THE CANAL
RECORD sonie fragmentary notes along this
line, but nothing which seems to meet the
desire which I have for a full and complete
statement or estimate.

Mr. H. J. Slifer, General Manager of the
Panama railroad, supplies the following in-
formation with regard to the traffic oil that
The train movement from the Canal work
originates at three main outlets, viz: Pedro
Miguel, Bridge 52, (near Bas Obispo), and
Gatun, the Pacific Division dumps being
located off the Panama railroad tracks at
present. These trains are made up of sixteen
20-yard cars each, except the rock trains from
Bas Obispo to Gatun, which haul from 20 to
24 cars per train.
The average traiu movement passing Mir-
aflores in the 8-hour working day is as fol-
Loaded spoil trains, south................. 80
Empty spoil trains, north................. 80
Labor, work and other I. C.'C.. north..... 10
Labor, work and other I. C. C., south..... 10
P.R.R. passengerand freight trains, south 5
P.R.R. passengerand freight trains, north 5
Total .................................... 190
P. R. R. trains balance of the day of 24
hours ............................................... 16
Grand total, 24 hours...................... 206

The maximum train- mi, c IneIn-t at 11ir -,
flores is 252 trains p[er .. i., .ll ..thi ,
hours except 16 Pananit r ilru-l tr in-;.
The average train uiu'. eni'iit lib.-t :e
Bridge 52 and Taberiill.r and. GC ioi i1- a
follows for S hours:
1. C. C. loaded trains, n li .. .... ... .. .
I, C. C. empty trains. : .,. ....... ..... .
I. C. C. work, labor ni.I .-.ller; .ii i I..
I. C. C. work, labor ar.I .l-i.- r .. .rli ..
P. R. R. trains, north ... .. .
P. R. R. trains, south .. .. ....
Total.................. ............ .. ... .....
P. R. R. trains b.lanc- .I i I :. : p
Grand total. 24 hour .. .. ....... ....... I;
The maximum train i eric it bet .eeni
the points named abc Q I- -'21
The average train im-' eent i et .,.een
Mindi, Gatun and Tv'er Hill ii- i Il.i,-
for 8 hours:
I. C. C. loaded trains, .: i-n. ...... :
I. C. C. empty trains. 11 -i, .. .. ... .
1. C. C. work, labor ai.-I .0..-r -...ll. ,
I. C. C. work, labor ai ier i .ril
P. R. R. trains, north ... :
P. R. R. trains, south. .. .. ....
T otal .................... ...
P. R. R. trains balance ...I J h1 i, ..
Grand total, 24 hour: ... .... .
The maximum train lio-ementcil 1et ccie
the points named abo. e i 12I'
Thuisit will be seen tbere i- -. total a ers le
train movement over the I'an i i railro,,:l in
8 hours of 410 trains, or a tlt il lor 2-4 lour.
of 458 trains, and a tr i.-iin.m mo' eiieii o(l
574 in 24 hours, practicjlly ill o:[l 'liclh .
over double track.
The average trainl, o i. -ixteen 'l.. ard-
cars. There are, lov e-.er, i 11Itnller 12
and 19-yard cars and '. liere the I.i'r, .-- .r-
steep, asat Spur No. 2. GOrttimL. tbe tr mI.-',Il.
is cut down to tell car .
Thereare in usesocie ;mnll Freincli -l..1a .
cars, but these do not ruii Oit 011 tlie Pail--
ama railroad and are lhcreldre no lIa:ctor ill
the figures submitted

By official order publil-e..l in 11t CI' \:i .
RECORD Of July 8, 19:., tie cir nineaiure-
ment of material is no,. b.a-e.. on the tol-
lowing rating:

I.idgerwood flats ....... ...... ....
Large Western dumpF . :- I "
Small Westernand 01: 1r .l-unr 'I.: i' ":
French dum ps........... ........ .. ...
Nearlyall the spoil lihandilel ,. er the iii.,n i
line of the Panama railr,,oad come; Iroin
Culebra Cut. An article "Trsan.iportasio-i in
Culebra Cut" was pu'.-Irhe-d in ['r C.:.-.N .
RECORD of August 12, I'10i, iih:h -le.cr ubee
conditions on an average -,L in the mon,ith
of July, when the da1,', s erirge ol e': 5.
tion was 55,427 cubic \sr-r- ThI- srticle,
which filled almost a p--'.e too l, I,n.: lr
citation here, but the follio in.,: .tstentent
of the number of train- anrId S.:1,-l|It ,o is-
terial sent over the P.Vin.im rsalrosld triac:l.
on an average dayin Ju I., i- c:.inpiled Irmiii it-
North of sunmmnit near Culet. rj
58 trainsof 16. 20-yard .r; .. ..
15 trainsof25, 17-yardc -re..... ..... '
15 trains of 15, 10-yard. r ........ ,
South of suimmnit near C:,lerr.r,-
50 trains of 16, 20-yard ... I,. ',,,
6 trains of 30, 10-yiarc car: .. . [
T otal ....................... ... . .
This statement is bahedI ,:in the ateraize
daily number of cars lisn.:I..l .In- llie ,srdi-
age is in car measurement. Inchl i-i 0uLl..
less than place measurement Thii- litor,
with the additional one tliit the es.c.:' sutin

Iroiii the ObI,T..i.o I er.:on, itbout I1,0if'
culbic h; I rl- .:1 I .' ill ]Il., ..I l.. n :t O I o on-
t, the Pili u. n.i r l aro.d i. sl ,cc O it; f,- the
Ip[-airei;t iliiTeren,:e ,ii t e amiiouiil ri ma-
teri.al l -und-le-I on the s5 er .' e ,i.,, .hicil
S ;i 55.,42. cubic ar, I- .lc tie me iarenment,
:.iil .. l' -I ,' : I tl i,: i ar .l C ir m e.ia e.reineut
. Oni.n i.eri.:e .l in Sepiterliber the e\cx -
\ itI-n ini tile Cenitr l i i, li:,n anm uoLite.l to
..'I', 2 1cubict .a : pl iCe C le' iTrerieilt. The
sn.i.unt ilihit erlnt o:er thile liniiii riilrioad
trick;i i; as liloh
S-ri' l1 Culel.ri: Cu 1. .I
S-I. i-'. .- ...f I !-.r, . I
t tr I r: I

.1All the in itl rial Ii ille,.l ..eo i n'l-t go
OUt ,:oil e i t i -in liie o:l tli P I itll i r -t .1r il .
In Selteiil-er.. o:l the I ,.'4..0.i cu bic ..ir.:l: Ci
ii iteri al haniJle b, car i, tll-t e : i ale-
Irorm the lock -itie it 1r.alltore: and Ped:lr
Nliruel, n thbe Obtlip,: L i'er il. Iron the
C ,.al ia r;in tt a.til.iatclin Saiiti Cr zii Cai-
illto ii.:l :I itu P ibl- an.l Irroin tile i- ill'a,
't G itdlln I i1n. itn ll 51,51' c- ubi.h c '. r:li,
va i. not lh i"iledl on tlhe Pinint.r ri Inr.i,,]
tr ct.- At r.iraIll.re- tbe -poil i- Ielllg uLl-cl
iiF tlhe ,i tr ict oI t l. ke to hold ..lre.. e
in iternii ilii in thi.: ilairm scro;- Coc,:oli Riser.
.\t I'eldro Miiuel Lock.: the niatcrial u i
.lui ipe.l li lin.dl one .iI lie hill- al.niii ile
tlie li ck .lie Tile e 'es.'lit oi Ironi the
Obi.p, DL, erion I'; uLl-- in ,.l\ke_ 0on the
D-.er.-,on chba.iiel The ,itlupi at Samuts
CTLru I' I.I Ciill Ca1111- It -.l iL PsIl ,, are
.il iace!.: to' tho t 1,ork i, -nd the e\c:a.it-iou
Iromni the Iiill..a. it ,iltan du i n .1 ,luInrpedi
c-.n the tiei ouI thed.iain.
In the fr-it we.-k in iOctober the Centr-l
D[it ii:on Iibeaii t tLi-e thle 11iiinb)-.JI .TaI
Gr ii..Ie treitleI on the relocated line -l the
Paini'm Imilroll sa a ,.lduuiiiui; zrouLnI. The
,.iump- it iGrl..iiri in..Ji Miune h.ae been
cl,,,-e io : i th the only. ipoil nor. I muled
.'-er tile iuiamr.i railr. L track: nor Irth il
Couleld rs i t allt u-,e.l at Gatirul r'Sili a1i.I
,.stieI at Tsh.erimlls snM- Cule-br. The
train- mt.:l Lip ol 2i-:.ar.. c.ari bs.e
been incres-el Ieii roi 6 lo 17 csr-, an;l the
s.eraige -.Iil Iha to Taliernills in October
1 l abi.iit IS tr. u i la.., i to.lal o l 5.3.i0
c:irt *. -.,r-l i car inmeLiureneiut. Thlie lioul to
GSIUtiil C:oilntiLIue- -i i Sei-'tLenl1er, lir fiel., a
-i il',v sler.i:e uo Iour ir'-ini ,: I.elit,-ri.e
17-'. rl car. The r train o GIamb,-a ,Ja iIl
.er T ,'e ten -i .a an1.l are cc:iipo-e,.l ul 2 5
c,,r; il 17 cli Lt-. : :. r..I- ciap cit, f..: increa--
iii; the :i e :-,I train- the 1inimbelr rouni the
Central Dri iiioi hi- beei re.eluce.l b', is
tr ain- .l il',
Salne .r C-mllll-i...ll Aninril,.
The firit ,ieernirl i- le o,-i ,oieiue. bhore-
andI t1ule- hel. b te I it Ihllin C.slml Con-
i l_.;i-i. A i- c ii..lucte: J M. tile .1ncon s l.i
Cri tobal corrsali ilie alter noon oI Oi october
21. Si inuile-, two boree, ri e Ipomne: an.l
to-. colti .-t the .\ncoincorrsl. that had been
:,oiilemnieI as. uLiiluitable lor uie b', the
Cmm-niiir ion, "ere i1.1 at pi-illIc auction to
the li.,uhe.r butler. the net proceedi- ben'i.
, 7S'r. The liitlhe t price pii..l as 1 .i lor
Smile, i.mI thle Iov-eit u .i 15 lor a ponl
Twvocolt- ild for "16 siiil ;-'6 Some ol the
ainiuri l. olflere. sit iCauctilon tere v irli.ia,'in
a. tile bir.l in ms.le were not hbi;l eunoLgb lt
jLi-tlI'. their isle


JII [_ e I ill Ca.in.1 l r!>-Tln; C.lll pr) --nr
I n -
CL..n.iprc -i.-l Air i: u -c, i, thll- C niiAl .-....rk
.- ]i.:.,li e p..." cr in r,.ck .1rl]] and 1 ,,1 run-
Illn.- 1.:":'1 :.l ri ... k in.-h i I tI ilI h.:i.-
O'l-e it, : i 't..m -ul:,l: ie ir l ...r thIe drill- it,
Culebr. Cut, t r'ei, r.:- i c el L..,:k inl.i
i .1A1 l:-.e- I. .: prea Ind- lhi f'iC-1 rel-pir ii.:.pl- ial.iIn: tli Cut
''e-rrAl -mi ll pl iait re l...cjteI it ...ii en-
i, int -:.mint .:n the I .tliniL L.: ,. l c-.-nl-
-liti.-n ilit jife:t thle ir c:r:nimlpre--iic Are
the hlI 'li p- ercciint, .:.1 nI...-iture I the it-
ir .pli- h:rc: ilurn-. ei;-ht m....,tlf- ...I tb" ,,eir.
30,] the <11 C : i tlI.% hII,,h In p' rit I ure
Ci.'i i, CL.r T 'L ri'. T
The -,-t. IIhI It : upplr:l :- r t.:-. le ril ck
dr dll- in Culchra Cut il .i t:, thle h:,[p tl
I'Aupirc ext ,ii lr.,m p..,]int i,.ii .L1) \- tt.L.
.-.ilbh : ti le Cb.i:zr- k, r it I: i : i lp. t
tlIe nc.v],, ere:ctel held mii.i:i]ic -I ...ip t lM irA-
tl.:-re i. ::. : -li .,n:c ,:, Ai iir:,xim itcl 1 .3
mile: 1t :-.irill]ci the 'ittil ,c'.cral hu-
drie l l ieei i -i k lr.:.ui tll -I.. :e line, .:.ut :.-1
*.inn,er Ir-m in lic: -:.r l..lAti.il_ Thle hniji
llile I- ni ile up ,:, -i ,,.i lIeert .I il..- ic:b
Iipe. 14,61111 l1eer- l -. lich. i l et ...I
+-*in h. Jhdl J1 .I..: l,=et .:.I 6-inch:] pipe. t.:.tf l
.I 67 ,4.".' Irct A:,1 pipe. Fr-.:. tie i t iiiii uir
I' C:,-n c e.e t- .irl:--u pirt- .I thllc ut I-,
eAl-. ii it i.jre:-te ....er ,4 itile-,
:li p..ie.l : 1 11 i ." til' lectd :1 inch pli-pe,.
5 1.11.11. t ,* 1 .- I ] l,:h ] 1.11:11.1 leer .:. 1 I lh ,
1 1. 111:1 leer rI 4.inlhi :,,l".: leer :.1 6 n : h ,
61.1i et -:.l ii:h t .pie
.\ir lor tl]]i :, z itltm I z uiippil]ei b., c-im,t-
p:.r,:-...r it ki.:- G rii c Enipir, lind L,:
C :c.3.-IAi The Ihr : pl lit Ltartel nJ t:.jt
it ki.:. Gr ndile -:-n lunlic 2 1916, .-ihere t..:
r-. n.Jn.t pe i ll.:.l<':] .leiic -ill-. <:.,i.rl-re ...r- .crc
inttalhld TIic', bi'e duple -teaill cz illl-
.I :.': 1: n" ,li: In .]r ineter. 1-1i1i <:b str.:.:k ,,
.nr edih, ler : 1." ; nd :9 ,' lic- 1I ,i. n i etii t r,.
Ain-] 2'4-iichi tr.:.ke,. Ail- thc cipicit\ :.I ie ch
c,:.tprc : --:.r i '1.11. cubic leet -:1 Irce, iir :per
mn3inut. :t h.111 .''. Zupp] I. tr,:.I m h.:-, Ier s
ltken lr.:.i n :il 'Ir -Ice unril t iihe e ,i ...il
19.i2, .:'hen n 'v. b,.,'llr purchased:,i the
S itate .ere in it llei.
.At llie time |he ,.:.:, presse l ,r InIe il.:.n. .
theII Cut I. ias : e n, it h. d ]l & Ce],., e ,dleciiei
. l lt pe -:1 c.,a l .-u-li l i-e l ilJit., A 1i the
1.... l,:i l ,:.-.n l ihe pt l ntzi ,ere cic cted -... thi t
ill :-uli hle ii i-l.l tl... in.,t. e \ l lh e
tile N .:. C.rio.l, plant .. i- b ieal built lthel
n li l pip, e-lline '.. : l ', E', erjl li.:.nthi
liter '..-:.rk A.' ci ei'- on thie Emipire plant
l;th h tb t Ni-:. .r.rtndIe .1 Eiiipire plintli
-were c.:.i pl,]etd:, l ,.. l.i:r the La- Cki- .1.i-
IplA nt .' 1- bh.gunll TIhe lne '. ext: ,..ied
]l.:.uI thi Cut A- Iir i La- C.i-c.i-: ii.i tbc
- it-li ili- .-:.n the i, -lein : iei A lic --: r. t.
thl it .It '. nlc itr. ii t ...n]\ I :i e-til. i -b i
pl.nt it Ilit pl.i:e h ut I l .:.t.l,.:,iail._e Ihec.-
picit, ,.I tl. e R .:.tiriidie tndi En ,pire plinti.
At preelent lth Culel..rit tCut -tcinm ...ii :t
1,I tbrrc pl int eiqh eIuii pei ..l th ut.... k 1 iI
a 1 i ,l i' I '- L I -, ....rr.l.:.n o :m i pre-i :z.r ,
%v. it O Al l i i' I u ii In .:.I u I [t] :it *' 1 I I I ii i.1 .I cu -
-i.-: c e I ree tir I-er it )ur I iurnitn tie
m in th ,:t 1 Sf-lt-ittiL-r IL ,) ..1 ,11 .1." h luc I. lt
,i airv -, ere c:,niprc ii jt thir:i three [.lint -
iln .A u "'Ll _;i lle :. ,pu l,:.taliei. .32','.'*>: in.".
cu ii:c I t. To :,n prr 1 i.li.i.lji. le et ,:,1
Itree iir l... 1. p.:. u id zun, -: :,i t I. i[:],pr.:v V i I I te]'.
J.b9 Cenli Th I'r .l i h-i r [:. .l IA 1...r
the three plitnt: jr-: '-.. Aiid the c-:.-t per

dit1 I1-:r c-01i : 241 i:i -bi urlinug apparatus
1.1- I'n .' illcId ".i l i- -.u-iasthe plants
-',,.'i t:-- u--e .-il luel tlih fixed charges
Iper .1 '. .-.ill be r-,liic.-il ,- i a day, and the
Iud chtIrice 1-]i.t.i i .it it king a total re-
,uclitt:i .:. ,"121 per *I '%
1.k L--.CA rIL 'NT.
Thii L :. ci :,'r c..imprec-or plant is run
in cInncctioi '- [l tich elecric light plant
it tlh it ip Icc 'e I t-rc ire t .'- .. aidlaw-Duiin-
G :ril..I cro: u-c.. -]ipo, lii c...-ndensing, roll-
,'--nii]] Irjnic, t- .:.-it-c c-:ompressors, the
lir-t iti.e co!,iiprr.inig ite Air from atmos-
pin-r]c -rrc-iurc t.:.- prc-ure- of 27 pounds,
the -c:-nI t:t.'e Ir,.n .7 to) 100 pounds.
Thlre lieh I.rei ure -tijii c,: lenders are 16
int:h.- in -1..Im-eter, -,..j thei low pressure 30
inciche, the 1i.,. i.rec-ure ir cylinders 30
in cIhI t] ,i.azseter, iind tIh high pressure
1 : ,nil:he Tlic -.tr.kc -:.l c. ch is 36 inches.
'I lic ile Ce r -:.ri tlit- c...,.pressors is dif-
le.-rtil lr.:.m, iltit t Nk',. .rinude, Empire,
itut L.i- Ci.ii- pliAit ltlhoie compressors
liA.m inc lc.er ..il:- i hIle La Boca plant
lias C...rli-s il c i.r The capacity of
e iclI coiiit pr -is:r, iten rItinl ong at 75 revolu-
ti...-i per ii 1u.l te, I it. h A I. Li ranteed steam
c.:.n-:urnilt..i ...I 14' .: p..t lt', per indicated
h...re p.:. '.r l-.:.ur, heii 26-inch vacuum
i ctrr.e-d i -,-.i,: cuLl-.: leet of free air per
mnilullt Ihe i.r Ir-:.n ihc compressors is
*I]- crc-i i :ll.:- t ,:- ,r receivers, 60 inches
ill jiinu i-t r 1., 1i4 I.-ct ] .ng
I're-. i,:u t.- ti:, he l lt-il lt '.t:n of these cont-
pri:e-..r i ie aiiiiin erti :jl boilers were
uci.ed it tli elc'itrc Ithtlu .lint, and it has
Liccn nice ir., t.:. ,,-Lill it addition two
Stitrliin tI ipc '.lter-tultc -.:.ilersof 234 boiler
lih.r-c-p)i .r .ich ..il -uperheaters, each
-uperheiictcr bell i'. ipLle -:i superheating
ilcrjnl I i., iecr-e- At 1ii, pounds pres-
-urc Tich stcam i ei ler.id these boilers has
iccii c-..tnlectei ,' ii L thd, -i .im main of the
Sc i ittiji n :- ]cr-, tiherel. making total
unil i.I c eitn l-:iler -, dithuli--. the Manning
l.:,-hr- ,-. Il n.:.t I.,e i-.-t co.mn section with
thc i,r c.:.upri -.c-r pliilt, except in cases of
culnrt'ncii. Ti<: hilcr- ti-e crude oil as
luel, ,'. ,itcli i : .iupplic-l Ir-ii storage tanks
] c.it l -.:.- i -rnll )11 ill ,, the rear of the
1-i. u-t 'I l i- the .:.ii'- plintI oil the Isth-
I111iu uI -:li. -L ,iip rhlcAlt-l i:tl'ni .
.'iih i chcit -:'p-cni t. pe I-.1 water heater
i nit.A]ll--1 it thit i1iilt I lie exhaust from
tlie c..iinpri .-ii ...ri i c.:i: ct,. I with the ex-
i iiu-t lute Irion tiih I :uc .ih.ctric units, one
lirge ',.:.rthtiti ,u i uirlr :e- c.:. ndensor being
uc.l Ior the einttir i ...er ilAint. The com-
prc ,:-r -.. il ie .:.p perie.I i' c-:,njunction with
the electric li -ht plintil. ii.-. crease in force
I-ei tic.e:- ir It zi p..cied that a very
qC.:.--ierAliir ri-lua.:ti:, i c...st of air over
-:-tbe-r plintl .-:.n the i -tlhiii .* ill be madebe-
cAiiu ...I thll. hibigh c Il :],:lic .,:.1 the machines
i.l ihc h i. i.i 1it h 'ei] clArtes on account
.-.I *::, lning; tihe c.n:.ip:res .:.r plant with the
clcitrit p-.' cr pli ti
Up:' 1: tI:, the pre-elit [ile there have been
I -Il at Li .:..:J .:.e .-'in':h tiir m ain 2,000
lect iln I'.: -i .:. nc 6-]iich Lrauch 500 feet
!'.:.' l l]I t .. : I .el, I-ranclies containing
nt let, .:.r t...tjl .:.1 .3. :l i ..t. The 8S-inch
r'i ,:.., C :- \ z tlic 3.r tI:- the t.:.p of Sosa Hill,
A.i ere :. .ect ,:i i- ll 1-c .i- le to the quarry
lit i- t,:- e I -.: -pc'ic-l I :r the purpose of fur-
i:t- liin r.:.,.:: I:-r tl, c...ncr i:t work at Mlira-
I1."re- i.l i cir-:- MiLu-i: 1I rom this point a
6-n.li nhumi run- t.: tEli LA Boca shipways

and shops, supplying air for the various
pneumatic tools in use there.
At La Boca machine shop is a Chicago
Pneumatic Tool Company compressor with a
capacity of 1,200 cubic feet of free air a
minute. This machine was installed before
the large compressors at the La Boca power
plant were erected and is now available for
other service.
At Porto Bello one Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon
air compressor, having a capacity of 2,200
cubic feet of free air per minute, and one
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company com-
pressor, having a capacity of 1,200 cubic feet
of free air per minute, are being erected.
Both of these compressors are compound,
condensing, two-stage. They are to-be used
in connection with the quarrying, which will
be necessary to provide rock for the concrete
for the locks and spillway at Gatun. Four
Oswego-McNault water tube boilers are be-
ing installed, to furnish steam for the com-
pressors and other equipment.
Empire shops, the shop at Pedro Miguel.
and the field repair shops along Culebra
Cut are supplied by the general air system
that extends from Bas Obispo to Miraflores
Locks. The shipways and machine shop at
La Boca are supplied by the La Boca plant;
and Gorgona shops, the dry dock and ina-
chine shop at Cristobal, and the Cristobal
shops of the Panama Railroad Company are
supplied by independent plants. The pneu-
matic tools used in the shops may be classed
broadly as air drills, air hammers, and air
Pneumatic drills are used in tapping, ream-
ing and drilling holes in steel and iron
plates, boilers, structural steel, etc., and
also in boring holes of various sizes in all
kinds of wood. There are in use on the
Isthmus the "Little Giant" drillsof various
sizes, the "Thor" drills, Cleveland rotary
breast drills, "Haeseler" drills, and Inger-
soll-Sergeant drills. These tools are so con-
structed as to drill with the smallest or
largest drill now in use. In a recent test
made at Gorgona shops, fifty-four holes 15-
16 of an inch in diameter were drilled in 70
minutes through %-inch boiler plates. To
accomplish this by hand would require not
less than eight hours. There are in use at
the Gorgona shops 27 of these drills, 28 at
at the Empire shops, 3 at the Las Cascadas
engine house and shops, 3 at the Pedro Mi-
guel engine house and shops, and 1 in the
car repair shops at Buena Vista, also large
number at other shops and shipways on the
Pneumatic hammers are used for the pur-
poseof driving rivets of all sizes, chipping
and caulking seams in boilers, beading flues,
chipping castings, etc. The steel parts of
the Gamboa bridge were put together by
the use of these hammers. Many thousand
feet of suction-dredge pipe have been built
at the Gorgona shops by the use of these ham-
mers, and likewisethey have been used to
great advantage in the erection of fuel oil
tanks and water tanks. The kinds and makes
of these tools in use on the Isthmus include
the "Thor" chipping and rivetting ham-
mers, "Boyer" hammers, "Haeseler" chip-
ping hammers, "Imperial," "Monarch" and
"Cleveland." These hammers vary in size.
and the number of strokes per minute runs

from 1,800 for the smallest to 620 for the
largest hammers. At the Gorgona shops
there are in use 4. of these air hammers, 25
at the Empire shops, 3 at las Cascadas, 3
at Pedro Miguel, and 2 at the car repair shop
at Buena Vista.
Pneumatic hoists are used in different de-
partnients of the shops at Gorgona and Fni-
pire in handling heavy materials, such as
large castings, repair parts for steam shovels,
machinery, etc. There are 16 motor-geared
hoists and two straight-lift hoists in use at
the Gorgona shop. At the Empire shops
there are eight motor-geared hoists and 13
straight-lift hoists.
At the Gorgona shops there are two air
compressors, one made by the Rand Drill
Company, and the other by the Franklin
Air Compressor Company. These compress-
ors are used to furnish air for the variety of
pneumatic tools used at the shops, and for
air hoists. An old French traveling crane
of twenty tons capacity has been equipped
for some considerable time with air as its
niotive power.
Thie Rand compressor is noncondensing.
with duplex steam cylinders, 2-stage air
cylinders, and a capacity of 1,050 cubic feet
of free air per minute. The steam cylin-
ders are 14 inches in diameter, the high
pressure air 13 inches, and the low pressure
22 inches. The air inlet valves are of the
Corliss type, while the outlet are Poppet
valves. The steam valves are of the Meyer
type. The Franklin air compressor is non-
condensing, with duplex steam cylinders,
2-stage, with a capacity of 930 cubic feet of
free air per minute. The steam cylinders
are 14 inches in diameter, high pressure air 13
inches, and low pressure 22 inches, stroke
16 inches. This compressor is also equipped
with a Meyer valve gear oil the steam cyl-
inders. The air inlet and outlet valves are
of the Poppet type.
At the Cristobal shops of the Panama rail-
road there are two Rand-type noncondens-
ing, duplex steam cylinders, 2-stage air cyl-
inder compressors, each having a capacity of
1,050 cubic feet of free air per minute. Steam
cylinders are 14 inches in diameter, high
pressure air 13 inches, low pressure 22
inches, stroke 20 inches. The Meyer type
of valve is used oi the steam cylinders.
These compressors furnish air for the various
pneumatic tools used in the machine and
boiler shops.
At Cristobal dry dock and marine shops
a compressor, with a capacity of 1,200 cubic
feet of free air a minute, furnishes air for
the pneumatic tools used on the ways, at
the dock, in the yard, and in the shops.

Concert by the I. C. C. Band.

Sunday. November 1. 1908. at 7.30 p. min.:
I March- The Old Salt............................ Hildreth
2 Selection-1Mill's lcrrVy .Melodies ............Mills
3 Intermnezzo--lftcr Sunset ........ ..... ....... Pryor
4 WValtz-Thousand and One .'.lstt ........... Strauss
5 March Espagnole-Sorella ..................... Gallini
6 Potpourri-The Sunni South..................... l.mpe
Sa Characteristic-Ruralistic..................Badley
7 b Schottischle-11 'n a 1Bo, Says W'ill
I You?".............................................. A llen
8 Overture-Four Ages oJ l1an................. lachner
9 Descriptive-Cavalry Chare ................... l,uders
10 March-Iron Regiment............................... arie
Panamanian Valtional Iymn..
Star Spangsled Banner.
CHAS. E. JENNINGS. musical Director.
A concert will be given nt lBas Ohispo. C. Z.. Sun-
day, November s.


Dedication Hall at I.a- Ca,-c.la-.
Till: C \NAL RE(.I
All im embers ,rI i ll ..lII'-., i r-- .' .r.-i/a
tions and their I iwlu ;. r.-: .. .r.hlill. iii. n'i
to attend the Ir'tri,,l hll .Ic det.n I. 11
to be given at i.. C .-...l,.- i ict'.I. ,r '1
at S p. in. N'-. I,.: il itr inui .11 I.. ruiT.
but visiting g -.-t-. I.-.tll i,.rr..-. id l.l I.
elor, will be -r'-.. 0I.-I %ith l o rter- it i :
will notify thi -ecretlr .-t i,lr t h i in i C
tober 28.
Masons, K-i htl .1 i' thi.-. i-:.l 1Mn
Kangaroos, I.i. nl.-.--:. ilhi t..ntici',.r
.1 I \'ni-.
I' ',' I '

Purchase of C.ll Siorai'g A rliclel
lII the folk. M ii t l.l:. ih .: v-li ht -.I
cohl storage .rticl;- ii. ...rtl. I i, thi c. .ii
inissarY depErti.in.: t Ir .i : lcp-te'...:1-r I.'
October 25 '.. ii i -_t.-,r .' ilt I tll-
amount imn po-i't -- k


Bleef. dressed. SO i ...I ...1
Beef. dressed. 60-r..-.... I.i .
lBeef. dressed. 60,. L.- I ...:- .
Veal. ca rcasses .
Mutton, carc:usst.
lianil), carcasse
Pork loins ....... .
Sirloin butts.....
Beef tenderloins .
Calves livers... .. .. ...

Beef livers .........
Beef ribs........... .. . .
.Sa usage-
Bologna............ .
Frankfurter........ .. .. ..
Lieherwurst .....
Pork ................
Poultry -
Broilers ....... .....
Chickens, milk- tJ. 1
Fowl..... .....
Dairy Product -
Butter, No, 2 pri. .. ....
Butter, tubh....... .. .
Cheese. Canemi, I .
Cheese, Gonda..
Cheese. Italian.
Cheese. Neufchai ..t I
Cheese, Philadel i _r'iT.
Cheese. Roquefcr .
Cheese. Swiss ... . ..
Cheese, Young t[r.'>eI .... .
Cream ,. 10-gal, ti.- . i.11-:-
Eggs ...........
Milk, 10-gal. tin . .. ,11.-....
\Milk. quart-bottl.. 1 irl
Yeast ............. i **'i'i
F1i Iu its-
A pples ............. .. ... ..
Cantelouipes...... .. .. .
G rapes............. . ..
Lemons........... ...
Peaches ............ . . .. .
Pl m iis .............
I rcablh.--
Beans. Iinme. gr'.,l
Beets................ .....
Cahbage.. ........ 1
Carrots .... ..... .. .....
Cauliflower...... . . .
Celery...... .........
Cucumbers ...... . .
Corl, green......
lettuce....... .....
Onions ............
Parsnlips ...........
Potatoes...... ....
Tomatoes......... . ..


I I.,,

I "'

S ' i "

.I '
I,. .-

, :,' I .
I, .. ''

II ""

SI. -

*i .,4

1E 1 "r

O ysters.. ... ..... . ..... ll.-. '"'

The steamship .e.. 1, .1 ir..In'l i.-.,l ,\1 .A .
O october 15. w ith ". '. ......* l i; ..I' ..- i..r ,- ....
feet of which is '.:.i I ...:E ii. ir. I .I ,r.:. iiiin .-J
for car repairs a .r- ..,


r .1. 1,- .-
.1r l .

.--,.1,I,,L -r, L .i I 1 -i. -i r .1 I i ir -l... :

*. I I*iL.

., 1' rI A [I, rot ( i IceP..
I i i. iII .' .'. I ...i I '

-. .l .i .. i [l -. .- r. i .

MinL-icr- A ccidiield to Pan in.
i 1 . i....i.-.-i1. . i .


r,,'..- -in kric 7 r
C .' S AC.:.l... l .


Con-uls Re-idine at Panama.
.... ,... r .-... -i,- ( ..hisii I .- r

I 1" I i iI 1 .''' l wI. ;li "
F .. ..- ,i 1 i.d .. "l l I i I
-r c -1 1 --i. I F, .-I ..I Irll

I -r 1ii rw ..I F i tl c .-m
I'l l h .. i l. I ,l .;.: i.- t .:. I;iiiI I ".1 .r i1

-L i l.hli. ri i r* i Ct '111
.lt I,'m III -Iir ,
iR .: Ii. ri r It n.-.l
An.. F C-
T .Ii ..ii -F. 0' i i .- ,I
Fr l c_.- ir i w I.
'r K ,II CL-
(>..1c-- r-.

L I -,I I I, I .. II
I, i i oi- r. l r I l r '.-nI-1

r l l-i ' I" . i .
.-;ws A ri .%

', -.hl .." ..ir. t

f I .-. .- .r r i

S v....-r I .I,.-1
r ...- .- i 1 1i i. . 1 ',1 II % n- 0 ..I r.il

R IC r t .. C, -

-,. h. .' .. w .l'' l I

-i t. 's I r

,.1 -l"11 ; I- .
I .'.. i l.- -- :'... ll .'.l ..i
.. ', l

f, l ~ l 'l" .1f l l l l -l l
i .I -- "t i. .li s' .'.n I i I'- .1 I I ,0 .

,I'. lil.I -'l.. -- Lar. i ci T I~I~ l. : *I ..I ,L

. .. ..1 I. ....'l il Il.. E..1.-.r -- I t. 1. ..i a",,,I ,11
i'..f. .. -- I I 1 I-i i IIk 'f I i..i. :111
r....-d i li \ 1. I',e _,: .l :.l



PaI arman I ndFepndncce Da ..

.I.,i ..L 'i' . i.

li F H -* .
.L. i C Ir *

L-.a e ii' Abh euce.
C i i C /I (*I I .- r I .
Si i i ,. L .- 1. r i 1 i 1i.-

'- I i | -., h | ,

l i i, r ri- r il- r II ,,, r n r I

I.il ll-l r-* I i- i ,1 I | / ,i-. Ii r I
I ,a. I l r ;I a, 'rl. l I' v r r i' .. ,I. r ill I .. ..

,I= 'ie n".. nil I - .1 '- l l I I r. r- r '3 n ,, i i r

1i 1 1 .' i& rl

A. -iiintliiiLg *.1' Fee-_ hs Nl.arle- Public.

SI' I. '1 . . ..... ........ ." .
T I II 11.: I . o i d . r

H, r i-.r -. 1 H [ n. p lid .... I Il,
S'. I I '. I I I il C J.- I C..1 i l I. l

..'i I .. .., l i-- r i . l ... I. I t. ti b r-. sIn

F-, in in iT,-i .i i Jl.if or:r.es..s, fi fty .cents.

rn .J I . .I I|.,n I 1n r, I.t, l ,I c I r, i I

i : r -1 ..ac i r r r r k i F I .....1 o r n

.I I r..- i I --F ile ere

I,... ,.. r 1r I II. ,h h.,. .. r. r r -,.,- ,. ,. :

I r '. - I r ; l i I..- [ .I r I n 1 L r :i r .

wiLh seal, Lelnity-ive Cents; lor tiouInal aff alvit to
.in qccwiint -r other writingng, with seal, twenty-
I. '.- I.i-w i r i.. -. I -kri affirmation, with seal,
I, ,Ti .*n -" i: .p r ri .1...,,: proof of debts to bhesent
0 r ..3 i'-,.1,.., -.- ,.. for a certified copy of
r, r I .i.-3 Iif, .1 .I -. correctness, fifty cents;:
r r'llInll .1~1- i ii .1: .ii.L affidavit, ten cents for
-,,.h 0" I'.Ou.lr- -f rd for taking proof or ac-
k.. I.- L .-i. t I .rtiun concerning real or
I vri .1 .-Li-- .. I -, -rl.fieate thereof for each

,,,, -" Ith. I d, I Civil 'sroccdure repeals
7,.' u 0 I l .\.i .-- ..l Ih- Irawsof thle Canal Zone,
r. i.. l..-- I .. I .r,:...l ., notaries public.
.i i .- I ir.- r ..i- I... . re regularly emiployed
Ii1 ht- [- I. ..Otn-,ni l I C. .1i Administration, whether
S,.r-r, > t:h..i, ..s officio notaries public),
,1,' irr :i ii-..P.---. r .11. irI capaeities, m ust, under
., .I, .- H .-. ,-i H :i.. ,.i to the Canal Zone for all
I '-.. -_...-:.l I. ih"I-.i .. 1 .ries public who are em-
I h ,.,*1 ,, ,.nh,.r .3=-, ,rn,,,,,. *of the ConitU mission may
r l-i [ t...1 .. II.l- i...J I,. I ,... subject to the provision
I i ,- r ., -. ,, I ,1 -rder:

". i i-* GTON, January 3.1905,

B. J1, -..-.., i-... ,' ..-ident, the following or-
.jd r I .li-d i' i n- .1t1 ranation and guidance of
.,ll ,...... r .*
Ili ht r.l.l r.zer,..I that hereafter no officer,
I rk ..r *-i I .'_ I. executivee sei'vice of the
'* 1: i- 7-m .1 [ h i- .1 a notary public, shall
t.h ircr r r.-- ..., ,. ..pensation whatever for
p-rfi.-rrin ..- .I ,i-- ,r. ,I t for an officer, elerk.or
rnitr.I e- .. 't.- r 'i'., ,i .n--it in his official eapac-

S. r I, ..i. ,I I ..ll ... ,,iri .. ',overnimen t is
,,i. ,.. r r. i .. : .,r .-, the case of
i.,., .. r; i l. r .... -1. I, -.ng the hours
S ir i r H -. r i*.* I .. F. r minient. Dis-
,,, i r.I,.r :i .1 I ,. -,i nd for inm mine-

H. TA'l r.

- icrsHI-;NT.
, T It "a.,

I I' ,' t R'r M ET NT.
-, ,. ,... ipril 3. 191O5

.r I, i rl .... I rd j ..iu ,10 5, issued
,1r ,.i h... r ..i I'....1 int i r h.I -tingt notarial
.I - . i Y ,1,, T ii,. h ,.-c Goverun ent
'-,ii, .. ,: ,i1.r,.T, ,, H Er,- lT r-,de t, hereby
.- I . -. I il |. f thle follow-
I cI r I l
T r. r b I i ., I . Tij of disinter-
..1.*Inn: .. i .il -r i,n - i .. I be ml adc 1by
S i r. .l.. 1 il .. ....ection there-
,Fh, z F' Hi i f'' I Ii.n ,, It.. ,i sr.,
It. T' Fr.
y' I ry'ot / I'Hr

j i '- ~ Hi CKHUR.NY,
S' ' ni/ration


Acllvhiii- .," Ihi ~*U. .u' .Me-n'- Chr-istian

I'1" .l *I C .' Ir .' I r ll ...1 I .. r. *... theelection
r. i . ..1 I . .. ,,cr. I iThiese returns
i I r i .. ,,, . I h i r Iclubhou .ses
J', I h ,ll 1 I.,. ,J i .,i .- I Il, I..,, II till a nd onl a
S .. i, re-.. II .. -: r.., :. [uterestil g
.r- r-i l'. .i..I .rr i.c.-d i i11 'lIc associations
I- '.n i i': ,' I i l i I .. .. iii. till to fill in
,,.I ,h-ain d n Il r.. ,r is the inter

I i r I-' nii... .i ,l .. i,. ., the night of
S 'T I ,Il .... rl- i r. r,. i feature of
S1 ll II 1ie Il. ...l i r I -sidenit and i
' I C.i' r. irF .I,,. u i... Ill 'here will be
.** i ii i ,.I .ir : i H .. .. .. ..., I 1- .. tion returns
id i-. n- i i 'll : .' 1 Ihe previous
r 'l[ .rn. 1 1 .. t.n,. [ -. ..i.-t r t here w ill be
i *i r... i ... ..I .. .es, sketches
i ii. .,. I i .i ..... ... . r ..... Im :il election
r II, ,- -. I I r- .. i-i H,.-r For refresh-
.I ..... .i.. i. l r.' i ,r dedl lI)v the
S. I' r ,. ,. ,i .. this -ather-

S C'l- nn II' r i II I i... i.il .. ive will bc
n n 1 ., .... I r I I I' ,H- p. in and
-' i ... ... ,. .,,,: I .I r . st his ballot
I- r i. i :il,., .. 1 .I r r i n.i.r-. The count-
S*" I li- I, ,I. i i i I,, 1 i ,,l,,, .. I lhe evening.
Tim. .in. nr,..i, I ...-.- ri .n r...l .. ill be inter-
n .r.-. .I Ill nnni.. i. I I.ll- .I ..-...- I n,.1 front Caum p
F ll,. r i Is- [. il r ..,.1 I- ..i .' ..- really invited
AtL ur.l:lI lls L Ei rl. i lt i s- I tiiuii evening will
le given to voting for U. S. President and Mayor of
Gorgona. The town has been divided into three
wards and there are four tickets in the field. Pri-
naries will be held on theevening of October 31, and
polls will be open from 6 to 11.30. Al entertain-
ient program of local talent is being arranged for
part of election evening. Refreshments will include
cakes furnished by the ladies. The public is invilcd.
At Cristobal there will be a band concert on the
evening of November 2, and on election night the
entertainment and excitement incident to receiving
election retunts will be supplemented by a program
of local talent, as well as a local election. Furtherde-
tails will le made known to the people of Cristobal
by special announcement. The general public is
On the day following election bulletins will he
posted in all the clubhouses announcing ;any elec-
tion results which may not have been received the
night before.
The standing of the howling league on October 26
was as follows ;
Played. Won. Iost. Per cent.
Empire ........... 57 36 21 .632
Cristobal ... ........ 57 35 22 .614
Cnlebra ..... ......... 51 20 31 .392
Gorgona ............. 51 16 35 .314
The indoor baseball team has recently won three
games from Empire, the scores being 14 to 4.
17 to and 2S to 13. The regn.ar players on the
team are George R. iHerring, first base; Frank
Roberts, second base; I. H. Fleisehman, third base ;
Guy Ellis, catcher; E. C. Bath, pitcher; Willis Hol-
stead (captain) left field; Albert Korsan, right field.
The next game will be played at Cristobal on Wednes-

day, October 28. Plans are being discussed for an
inter-association league, to be started about Novenm-
ber 15.
The work among the Juniors hlis been reorganized,
and the regular practice afternoons will be Monday.
Wednesday and Friday of each week, Baseball. bas-
ketball, and bowling, will be special features ill ad-
dition to the regular calisthenics. Athletic meets
between the Junior, of the four associations on the
Isthmus will be arranged during the dry season. On
Saturday, October 31, the Culebra Juniors will go to
Cristobal for an all -da meet with the Juniors there.
Indoor baseball. howling. high jump, sprint races
and a relay race will be along the features of the
Attention is called to all those interested in pho-
tography that a dark-room has been provided in the
Culebra clubhouse, aud a club will be formed to pro-
mote interest in photography. Regular monthly ex-
hibits of pictures will take place, and at the end of
six months the member winning the highest number
of votes will he awarded ;a suitable prize for his
Twenty-five nanes have been handed to the secre-
tary by members who wish to join the Choral Clubi
An organization will be effected ill the near future.
A tournament is in progress in both billiards and
pool to decide on the players who will represent Cn-
lebra in the inter-association matches to begin No-
vember 7.
A clothes pressing club will be ill operation by No-
vember 1.

The medals for the wiiners in the recent duckpin
tournament have arrived, and will be presented on
the eveniIng of November 3.
The Empire bowlers defeated the Gorgotla team in
three straight games Saturda:y, October 24, on the
Gorgona alleys. As the Cristobal teani lost one of
its games to Culebra on the same evening, Empire is
now in first place itn the bowling league.
The standing of tile pool tournament oiln october
24 wvasas follows
I'layed Won. I,ost Per cent.
Duft ... ....... ..... 1 6 U 1000
M oeller ........... .. I 2 .81
Ruch ................. 17 1 4 .764
Pulsifer ............. S 6 2 .750
The gymlnasium class has met five times since its
reorganization with ;a average a ttendanec of sixteen
Saturday evening, October 24, the Culebra basket-
ball team defeated the Gorgona team at Gorgoa;i by
i shore of 40 to IS. This was Gqrgona's first game
of the season.
An association Sing was held in the lobby on
Sunday, October 25. A large crowd was present.
The try-out for the billiard and pool team to
represent Cristobal in the Tstlniian league isnow on.
The orchestra from the Prinz Joachim will give a
concert oni Monday, Novenler 2.
A committee is promoting the organization of a
draimatie club,
A vaudeville show of local talent is scheduled for
Thanksgiving Eve.
Election night "open house will be held until the
returns are in-all night. if necessary.
The standing in the individual bowling tournament
October 21 was as follows :
Names- Played Won. Lost Pinfall.
Robertson ... .... 9 9 0 1,535
.M orrill ............. 9 1 1.329
Strong ....... ..... 6 5 1 980
Hemibling .......... 9 7 2 1,310
Gilmartin .......... 9 7 2 1.476
B'illard...... ...... 9 6 3 1,432
Scribner ........... 9 5 4 1,434
F. Thomas ........ 9 5 4 1,379
.McKinley ......... 9 4 5 1.259
Van Zant ......... 9 4 5 1,223
Shipley. ........... 6 2 4 7SS
Burdge...... ...... 9 3 6 1 262
Stickel ............. 9 3 6 1.308
Moyer .............. 9 I s 1,08S
Van Wagner ....... 9 0 Q 1,049
Hertel.............. 9 0 9 948

The following steamers have recently arrived at La
Boca: October 17, eP o flioro Valparaiso; October
210. Cci/i'. from the north ; October 22, Quito,. from
Guayaquil. Departures were : October 1Q, Ecnadeor.
for Guayaquil ; October 20, 11uas,o, for Valparaiso,
October 23, City of .Stdiirev, for S;in Francisco.

The steamship Bertha sailed from Gutlfport, Miss,,
on October 15. with 6,10,000 feet IB. M of lumber and
193 piling. Five hundred and thirteen thousand feet
of this lumber is for stock; the balance for car re-
pairs at Gorgona. A portion of the piling is for the
new Cristobal wharf and part for relocation work,

72 T Il 1 CAN.\ L RECORD



A,\- i frlri-:-li '- 1 -. il.,h a ,on [- i I ll i t e L.ilIt
is O. er ih e .-ill.t-I- I. v I', Ip. ItIlrivu t \ [,.> Cl-
to r : : : I ,: :, i ,, I-- -:l Il.le- *I*. lit:r l lIli L lI
staprl-- Irnm lhl t-in W i fourth. .\ :hliii-i ii
of :r i iil.-rr : \p-ct' .. 11l .'. .-' ,.i .
Wv iiiiC i LI it ..ri -L)l.- l i CLol.. r .lal-
aga rtai.,: '. Ill i-: iai .i I-in l a 1 .)l a- 1 11.,
ar- in Tlln P iiirk.u L

Tlin liourT .ih riill utiii: i till \ .IrlOji- Cjoli
m i- irie ar n -T [: II r l .' i- .in--- 'r 3 .- io)-
lo\i -
CrT-i ol.i .4lr. Caln irr i Ti li. tI'- '
p. I .; -' p. ill r I p i I
All -Otiter C-o) lll : i .ari-::. 3 rti I) 1 I'. lii.;
3 p. ii I-) [r' II

F L r ..,.l, i '-ar... i. :r.:.l., r "
i- L-, L *I I E '-

M liJ -Ia1- 1-7 .I. .

i i Iu- p, i--. I i. I
I i. i:,, i.ia -ri-

-..r I I
L --i i,. -.uhc.
I r.i rr faoi . ... ri er
I. C Ir ri:. a.,

V( c -- -r, r0 .,
l- lr re lo ,: i,, l r toI :. 6 1,,

PC..- -r n .I .
Be, I -- ',1,

I '

p r Ii

[;er II

F-fr 11i
I,,: II,

I.. r II

If i .

[, r I.

1.. r II

i-on 1i:l L-.f 1II. I.

p.-:i .-.I l -1- ,. ':.: .'.i I ut ii i-- I i

f iu -. -[, [ r I
inl+. r.-. i I ] Ir r -ll i I..:.t it liar 'I'

i *.il r l.., r ]r
Iiiiffi - -pJre .i ir
.I f--f ii

i- it. ,. .. r 1 .

fenurl iu ... i I-1
I'n P l C r l. I . i I
",iI-Ct + l P 1 'L 1 ,

, f-- le,

l. .- : If
1 .li :. ,
O 1.'.- -i ru. .
E ,_:: n .,. .,

- r.Ki- 1

SI .1, f r

S'. n -- 1 ,- .

:' i ... I-i- 1 -.- ri. .I ..I .,.
.1 i i.:r h\ I ih i_

I n.
.Bn.I' r- I .in i.
Sal .: r |,

S-.1 I P I I:- i. 'u i F
B jII r--pn iII I r. Ile.3 ., I.,
C ,. ' :

IE l I r 1 1 1 .

r I l -.lr -
I i nl. -t, : .r ,

.--ET hI i \NE-. FRI IT-.
T aII. I .:: 1 .

h ., .. ,:r I .

i.,..ll. r r r1. .

i .I I Ii t

, .r '1 . ... . l h .'i

- ...i ,: r:. I I. ,

I1 i.i -r.-. .I-r.,m : .n.1 ai.: I .-)ia C.:..

N' r. v. R'" IC I.Er .

T.-.-I i,. ; h.'. i

[ .'. :. _.r .l i ,i .+ .,:. -- '.'.

> l.t. a,

- ii Ti
- '-Ii ri

,i ti ia- -

i l -' .

i- i ,, I!
ri '.til. '. I -"

", n ,
Si. t,, 1... I .i

i- ii "-

S -I'irv- of tin- Ch'i cre--

i .1t' liti l l i i-,.iht )-I C p'r .1 r p .T *

I .-r i h

i.-., i r I
1,)l ,

,: ,, ,-

I,, r i1.
. .:1.

F 1.F

p,. r ii-

i .r II.
. p., r Ii.

I.er II
I: 1-

D ,r I .

S- 1. i


Fr, c I I,-., -I-I i ;- C I- i ,,, i-.I II rI
I -: ni D-u .1. :UI "I i- .,i I r Ii

l i : I I L. I f
Iv .'.cii ,,, -, I-- ,

I.'ln 1 1- I "

'T', m u11 1, .I ,

-,I- .-Ai I

mi' N, UUI f I II -1

-...I ~ ~ Ii r--. l,

- 'I

P. ':1
-4 -i- -
i-i- -


-- liii


..' n i K i11 r-. i ill ci liil C "rii -Tin *:1' I T in : -:' "l
II i ~ l. i'.i .i .. C 1"'l... -.. I : 1 in ur .-

Fit --, 1, .1 L i i

, 1, .1h :,

- -,I. ,
Fr- ti A e

F,''.- j-,w i-
S ,, .

1,1 .i c:- h .

-. I :I i l J ,:l-

I -- I, I I "- : 0 hj ,

S11, I l I .

AP f

. i' 1 : I
E ,: amar,,

,i i. '..:

- Pro> I ..u,1

Ir . -, .

T e lr -,r .-.

" i uc

a ^ in1....-

111. l -.

i -"i..'.'.

Hirf ic i.

T. ri n I: ,
- C'n CI.

Ie r. 1,

S r, ii.-.-- .

l r>-

I i
'i I'




S I i ,r I - ' *' I i I i r "
..' . i i 1 . '. i i e i i n I .l

S .* ,.rI r i -. I 1 1 1 i 1
S h r 1 1 i r. . 0 1 1

ir., r h i n , r .,r i .
a,,.ia ,-i i r rril: Irii
Si .. li 'r L .

,- f ., .

P R i- T,..r

I R A .s1 1 . N
S 1 l r I I -,i
- Pi u, H I I NI I o
I- i k -,..-... .'
S I i r .

I T III' I I N ,`
S ij I -. i 1 N.'

.11.el H i in, 1 .

S T .i ...

i i l- r.I1i .. .i e
I K ir .ur I I. .

R' r F .i, r-,11 I
S P K il,-jr I:.. [ii:,:

M e 1 -. ,' ri' ic.0
i' I i -.i -t t .
tl ra .-.r' rllPP P li ,ill =" r l. -i f

.i. '-- .IP i., .I- .11.- --i .,'r--- I .r -TiiP

P ik I. -Tli l ,-

[' R R I ,i 1.
r....i .11 . T ,,e: I'.

Pi' K I'll ,

.P .. I n ,, ,

l i . ,' . 1 .

T L 1. 1
i i ii .1
h-. I --u, i-.

., 1 [ .,. 1 .
]h' I.

i ( n ,'l ... I 1
i, i "l.'.irn

i i- - .t -.1 i
i, i. 1 .
I -rn i.1. .
S1 i -ir .-r L

il ,1 ,- L *p * - ." i ',. '

l i- .
I. F

i -

i 1

i-, .'*


fur;i -i,

.j., l "

N .-m -i -
N.:. "
\ T T I. i*,l 1 ,\ L,
'M.-J I"'
.%'.'.,' ..I

Li : ,: -':

J 1I1

ri -. i r- I , 1 1'-' i -I 1 I ij

I.r, l I .-:- i I I 1 i I I
T r i' 1 11-i .n r i r FPu:.*r-Jil- .ii r i i n

f:-: lCik 1Cr0I i I-: 1 --' i N1- *1 i CIIr I
Talh Plll1 :ir1.ih "1 lh- I H ,.iI.,,-t .A1.1. I iit 111

I' r N -, *'- : ik
.-,11 i-. .. i I II [ ,ll : i r- fr n ii,. n ii- I l- i r l
M1, IIrW Tn-ju ll v,7 ic ei 1 : 0 .ol. I, 6. I.,1 I,-
I'.nj N T' ',.\arL 'll ," i i -I f. -- i --.f: -.h.,il i-.
-w N i.w .orL I. 1 'h 3. 3i 1 r. r i. I II-u.. i -e
.'. I I..:. I r : r l .. I .. : li n -
T I, : ai n Nu-er: i' rht: 1.' ii l; l:. Fruit I jn l-ii
S 11\ Ifro.n N ifl ,: 1 "- 1 I 1 -' Li u r C' i :i llin ;

P il Il1.1.j I for'I1 i.if i I .-r. N r- rIh : i -I
1a1i u Oi *:. il-T i r- 11-1 i. 6 f. : *i : rrr ill- Trin

- ii i ti r .: a n i- I i i n i ,.i r .: a li ii. iii i i. r

. '* I. f ) I I ' ) -' '. r : : I ",1 l u .rt. r o r .lt. I l l
00l1l li I . ...I... .... m



I I l, \, [ ,-A I I





The Canal Record

Pubitied Aee ly uy',der itr, ult.I, ty and supervision of the

""T C'_. , ,. d Iree q( charge, one
'.. ct a Comn iission and Pan-
a. . '.. r. o. antes are on the "gold"
F" Er.'a 5 a. ', a ,' .'ained front the news
si' s -. .' .* .2 .. Comnpanyforfive cents

Address all Communications
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.
No common ication, either for publication or reqvest-
ing infor-mation, will receive attention unless signed
with the Jull name and address of the writer.


October Excavation.
The grand total of excavation during the
month of October was 3,224,638 cubic yards,
the highest record for rainy-season excava-
tion. All of this except 111,075 cubic yards
was taken from the Canal prism. This is
65,752 cubic yards more than the record for
September, and 255,632 cubic yards less than
the highest record, that of March, 1908.
There were 27 working days in October, two
more than in September and one more than
in March. Of the grand total for October,
1,271,136 cubic yards were taken out by
dredges, and the remainder was dry exca-
vation. The average rainfall for October
for the territory in which excavation is in
progress was 10.51 inches, as compared with
9.72 inches in September.
The excavation for October, 1908, as com-
pared with that for the same month in 1907,
when the work was less thoroughly devel-
op'--i. r. ., .,bout eir per cent greater. A com-
p.-ri:n :.1 thi- jmrn-:nts excavated from the
pri-m c:. tii- C iinl in the months already
r:-h:rrs:d I,., -li:,.. -
Cubic yards.
0 r. h.-r I ................. 1.844,471
T ,ti .i.l I ................... 3.205,076
-.- -.[.nil..- r I ,: .................. 3.0S9.851
S I,.. .: .................. 3,113,563
In thl- AtldUnti: Division the October rec-
ord av.- : kpt I-Ir:., that of the four preced-
in.: monith- 1., tlit- loss of the services of the
- :-..,_n u,:ctir:.t. dredge Ancon, which was
un.ergr,ing ge-ni-r.dl repairs during 18 work-
ing, d The- dre-dges took out 505,260 cu-
b.: '.._rd-,. : :,:.impared with 624,776 cubic
..Trd: in .:te'-ul'er, 638,217 in August,
wh.-,ch i th- high record, and 625,497 in
Jul% 0l tlh- .lr. e-xcavation in this division,
155. 142 .:ui,,: i, ard- were taken from the Ca-
nal pri-m. 111,..'7 ,:.f which was from the lock

Thb- C.-ntral D r'ision broke all previous

records for excavation from the Canal prism.
A comparison for the excavation in this ter-
ritory, including Culebra Cut and the old
Chagres Division, in the prism, shows:
Cubic yards.
March, 1908 .......................... 1,541,637
September, 1908 .................... 1,442,.567
October, 1908........................ 1,551,409
In the Culebra section, known as Culebra
Cut, the excavation amounted to 1,168,281
cubic yards, of which 33,603 cubic yards
were from the Obispo Diversion, and 8,180
cubic yards from accessory works at Pedro
Miguel. The excavation in the Chagres sec-
tion was 62,017 cubic yards greater than the
best previous record, that of August.
All previous records in the territory of
the Pacific Division were broken by an exca-
vation of 903,436 cubic yards. This is 17,236
cubic yards greater than the previous high
record, that of September. Of the total,
the dredges took out 765,876 cubic yards,
wi':ch is 17,405 cubic yards less than the rec-
ord for March. One of the dredges was
laid up a week for repairs, and during a
part of the mouth the material was not so
easily handled, as it had been in previous
months. On the other hand, the fleet was
strengthened by a new 20-inch suction
dredge, which excavated 24,593 cubic yards
from the lock site at Miraflores.
A detailed statement of the excavation in
the three divisions follows:


Dry excavation-
G itun spillw ry.......
Gatul Locks...........
M indi...... ....... ...
Total ................
11 t e.rcava(ion-
Liinon Bay............
Total wet and dry


cit. yds.



ca. yds.



cit. yds.

505,260 ......... 505,260
505,260 .......... 505,260

I 660.402 I 61,819

All/I dry exrcavatiorn-
Chagres section.... 424,911 5,789
Culebra section ........ 1,126,498 41,783
Total................ 1,551,109 47,572



Dry e.rcavation- I
Miraflores Locks...... 71.201 497 71,698
Pedro Miguel Locks.... 47,188 1,187 48.375
Cardenas Hill .......... 17.487 .......... 17,487
Total ................ 135,876 1,684 137,560
letl excavation-
La Boca................ 741.283 .......... 741.283
Miraflores Locks...... 24.593 .......... 24,593
Total............ 765876.......... 765. 876
Total wet and dry |
excavation ......... 901,752 I 1,684 903,436

Dry excavation ........ I 1,42.427 I 111,075 1.953.502
Wetl excavation........ 1,271,136 I......... 1,271,136
Total .. .......... 3.113,563 111,075 I 3,224,638
Mean rainfall along Canal (eleven stations), 10.51
Figures of monthly excavation are based
upon telephone reports from the Division
Engineers, and are subject to slight alter-
ations when the official reports are received.
Vegetable and Flower Seeds.
The Isthmian Canal Commission has made
arrangements with the Department of Agri-
culture at Washington to have a selected
assortment of vegetable and flower seeds
sent to the Isthmus. The shipment will
consist of 500 packages of vegetable, and
250 packages of flower seed, each package
containing five small packets of different
The seed is for free distribution in the Canal
Zone and only seeds of plants that experience
has shown to be suitable for cultivation on
the Isthmus will be sent. They are expected
to be shipped from the States the latter part
of November. The distribution will be
made by the horticulturist of the Commis-
sion, under the direction of the Chief Quar-
October Rainfall for Two Years.
Average No.
Stations- 1907. 1908/ since sta. of rainy
eslab'h'd. days.
At/antic Division-
Cristobal ............ 21.99 10.96 13.9q 22
Brazos Brook ... .... 18.42 11.95 15.59 22
Gatun ...... ........ 19.27 12.22 17.47 25
Bohio............... 19.00 14.25 16.98 26
Central Division-
Tabernilla ...... .... 26.46 14.57 20.52 21
San Pablo ........... 18.94 12.95 15.94 23
Bas Obispo..... 13.62 8.30 11.25 24
Gam boa .............. 13.02 ..... 12.75
Empire ... ....... 15.44 8.87 12.83 24
Cainacho............ 15.3S 6.81 10.25 22
Culebra.............. 15.27 9.03 10.93 25
Rio Grande.......... 15.09 S.59 11.38 22
Pacific Division-
Pedro Miguel...... .... 8.41 ..... 20
La Boca .............. 10.14 7.51 8.83 17
Ancon............... 9.26 8.70 10.70 20
Upper Chagites-
Alhajuela ............ 10.89 15.r9 12.77 23
Porto Bello......... ..... 13.18 ..... 22
At Tabernilla, on the 29th, 2.59 inches in one honr.
At San Pablo. on the 29th. 3.10 inches in one hour.
Small Slide at WVhitehouse.
A small slide has developed on the east
side of Culebra Cut opposite Whitehouse, and
although it is giving no trouble at present it
is believed that continuous rains would re-
sult in washing most of the material into
the Cut. The amount of material affected is
estimated at from fifty thousand to one hun-
dred thousand cubic yards. The slide is simi-
lar to that at Culebra and not comparable in
amount with the Cucaracha and Paraiso
The highest average record for one day by
the steam shovels of the Central Division
was made on October 28, when 49 shovels
excavated 62,396 cubic yards of material.

Volume II.

No. 10.



Meeting of Steam Shovel and F'P.-. ilr MIn
of Central Division.
Ninety steam shovel and powder ii :'. thi-:
Central Division met the Divisi':,n '.i tii-,:r
and Assistant Division Engin'u.r ii KIan-
garoos Hall, at Empire, Sunda.. 3lrer,i.:.'.n
November 1, for the purpose c.I ,'li:>.,ii-i
what additional means may I-. t.ke. t-.:
guard against danger in the hi .,Illid .nI
use of dynamite. The meeting '.' c- ICll.d it
the request of some of the steam :hi:..ei mnii
and was the immediate outconi- *:.i Ili r:.
plosion which occurred in the C:at nrir Eilu-
pire, on October 8. Fifteen of the- iini. r-p-
resenting both the powder men -,,,I -t-t,?
shovel men, offered suggestions. ill .:.i I.i
have been taken under advisemint I., itli.
Division Engineer.
In opening the meeting the Dtli i.:.n -i.
gineer said that he wished to think til. men
in his own behalf and that of tei .\;-i-t-int
"Division Engineer for the interei tl e. ce L..
their presence. This interes- b-e .i--rel
them was reciprocal, because care-ie-- hn-.
dling of dynainite in the Cut i- a irmn-
ace not alone to the powder e-i' ,in'] tHi-
steam shovel men and their h-eller-. but
to everyone who works in thl.- Cut H.-
urged upon them the need for '..:..e-ati-:. i
in order to lessen the danger ni1- a--ured.
them that the Isthmian Canal C..,rln-i..-ii
and the Government consider ti: qui -
tion of yardage a secondary o:e t,:. tllit ,.,I
the safety of the men.
The conditions on the Isthmni-: r-It ie.
culiar; in the first place, becaui--: i:.1 i.
min litude of the work nece-i-nt inl. ith
handling in the Central Divisi:m .:.Il .i .,...'
pounds of dynamite and tl:- e,-p'.'Ii:
of 260,088 feet of holes eich ni..:.' l
in the second place, because the mate-
rial being excavated is not uniform, and
the powder man and steam shovel man
find themselves handling the hardest rock
one hour, while the next hour they are likely
to be working in earth or clay. These con-
ditions should be a reason for greater can-
tion on the part of the men, and it is ad-
visable, therefore, that each steam shovel
man take it upon himself to examine closely
the work he is called upon to do. No
one knows better than the steam shovel
men who are working in the Cut day
after day, and have been working there
for months and years, when it is advisable
to slow down in the work of excavation in
order to proceed with safety.
In addition to the precautions already
taken, the Commission has cabled for fifteen
galvanometers, to be used in testing the fuzes,
an 1 for forty-eight additional Star drills.
The galvanometers, added to those already
in use, will make the number twenty-five
for the Central Division, and each powder
man in the Cut will be supplied with one.
It will be his duty to test each fuze before
it is placed in the dynamite cartridge; to test
it after the hole is loaded; and finally, when
wires have been strung to the battery, to
test the circuit again in order to see that the
current will enter every fuze. This will in-
sure against defective fuzes. In order to
fire charges which may escape explosion
when the current from the battery is
turned on, holes will be drilled twelve
feet apart, after the arrival of the extra
drills, instead of twenty feet, as is usual

at pr-u nt .i 1 li h h[i.:.ll- i:' i i L' i :, c kl.i-,
t.:. ii il-' l ,,:.r ti li i e n t 1 ...i iI i i .:. I.I nl
:hI.:.i lt t i..t e\l .I .1L t hli ti i c rr- t i-I
i p plii.. t 'e '- t..i .it i i l Ir' :.t i e .'e 'i '. l ..i
vill -rt !.t1 thl ,:h r i.e .:.1 i. u : inl -, t'l pr
i n:- I,[, ui 'il,| r _',:.] -id rticr ,l ,u .i p l t,. hij ..
lh i,..h ,p, er II.. ,'re -_tru n," dl,:,.." tl,'i *e_ :,1
lthel Cat Iro I I '.lr.:. 1 .'a- cl .:- thli: Ch3,r" -
k i. er, Ir. l:m h;,.h l e l : .'. ill It L. ru ,i tl r, '-- i-
I ir -i nt i, r i i t i... li- C at .:.r it h l .. rp.:.i 01t
luri[-i : ui rrk i[t .:. bi e u-- d in e,.,pl-...g
I,.-e- T ere are b.-.th 1, 11. 3 t, e-- and ,I;;-.
3I tt :..: t. : b e ;,:r li-. d . r .1 i l .; .,, I. ;It ..:.
<.illh 1fi : 13h l l b I I lir. illh r >.:.t;: Ii:.r > -_:,,r
lli 'i- '1 1. illi 1 11 .il '. % t:, i C l ll :la o-I t
the ii- n txll t :.iin .-. I 1 ai L- .:.t r e lec:tri;e
wllte. li I :.I ths t il: ; 1 eth t ,.I g rAth
in tn ati .b:.rk in the Cd it .' a:.,uid Le i -
c:irel Il ., thl.e ua-e .I a lasl, 3 a irr nt in
ex sple.: f o b... t he I'. i ite i
liutm ollfl the p.renlte:.n t that the c.'iini: r -eg.ne
to ',t e :'ill Le nutile wl ls e Irh tn them.
n-.ei .1,i. i. :.t k -et .a:, w .1 r usin l s.:iul

llri :isl ol huli hl l t :.r 1 :s t al.:.lo e:.rk men
,? .? 1 ,I hI5 r,; l l ;j l im .,., .,'. : ,l :,.,b,:1i:in e>
a' ,.,r'lr :. T he qiull,': l ,:,I ,.'I ,]l:,:,b,:'",d bll e a n ll
l:e thkei up talk the IDe ;d...e E cia,??r t
tlhr ,- u l-4 t at Ll h i Er ncini r s : it lier :t l ei
sol'. -...r n we.: rel th -, iare *..dn he ..:. ; 3- oetl -
aree *r, da. Thel ,--it ..'t :.:l .i I;-et ..i ilne. ima
p.:.rt hat ite.:.u l it b w h.ic l. : Iare Iolrk-
:e n...l, r, w r :. thl t t.hI theil e t. f:l. the um k
.\ tlt, r th ,- i,] :: :. .., l-n ->:,l i nith ,l..., I d
beln pr,--e leltl t,:, h,:- 1!)011 b. tile Ll|. il_:.ll

it tpheir.d thI t s h t alit... .:.1 tht e .'...r meni-
: .' ill ,'r l er'nt L3 1ll .,ir:ir nt r- in .l tl. :.r1,
drill: [j ,l l nt 1 I'i> ate,_[ th< cl > ii l -u,:,_ -_t: ,:.nl
that th,: I m; n-n l l'.' 1. '? "l,,J th,- u Httr
'.,l anl -tllll l ll a : 1l tl'-- ."'. :r ': k <:r r[ n lille l.:.r
use in exploding the dynamite was received
witlh favor. It was suggested that greater
care be enjoined on the powder men in keep-
ing their batteries dry, in accounting for
all unused dynamite aud fuzes, and in giv-
ing timely warning when a blast is about to
be set off or dobying is to be done. It is
the custom of the pitmen to take refuge
under the dump cars when a doby is about
to be made, and attention was called to the
carelessness of some of the train crews in
not giving sufficient warning when a spoil
train is about to start, so as to allow the men
who have taken refuge oider the cars to
crawl out before the train starts. Steam
shovel men were warned not to dig otlt dy-
namite and to take sufficient time to make
sure that material in which they are work-
ing is free from unexploded charges. The
men were told that their efforts to make
big records should not be allowed to jeopard-
ize their own safety and that of the men
under them.
It was the consensus of opinion that the
greatest danger run by the steam shovel men

janl thli r hI-lp-r- ':.li- Ir.:.in thll. d..' :,; uip
*: 1 ii iic.' l.:l1i-'i l I., 1ii. r l te It I il ni ..-. t ii ;
p...i l bl t*:. k p ee :.unt :.l til. ',.iml .i-r :i
ii:l- l i t -l -e\ .1: ii ,:1 i c ir .;'r *: Ir.mn I nit,
.:. fl lt; h,:.l -_ :I l l l I -t- j.i. h ... els u ...t 1-
Ir ique-ntl, 'Ih;- ip' ,:, nai titc ht i i :.t .x-
p l.:.l, l. .,:, t.. u -ti':. ,. .j- ra .- -: t... ll.
qu.lA I i :,i u i:h ,I n liti 3H .l, thn- j- JLili-
crl'l I,.. tile1i -t'n rho t eer,, -hi pl .n it
..+l ,1 .. l, ,ul l -t re-.-i, s -d 1. thel L> .:'L-r1|l :- :.IJ 1,1-
,li r it-i I ...nirict r 1-i-tr.1 l?, ti LittIill
s-aie-- [lc tini; : it ureau an..l tlh t it hli been
unil:.rini.,, up I., thl iti utan ar co-,tractl l.:-.r
It li Ir-::1 unlike :':.. ci, tl.i- i,. ji il u-i
in tl- Cut a .ci 3r .-'r i.'.re -e':. .\linr :.i-t ;.w.1rin-
.A l.. i ell. tr.:.uble lie: l i n tll luz;-i. %i h.hI are
,--.ui -.['tr id, i thI t Itle platinrs, L.rt d :e ii
th,?in v. li c>.:.nipl',"l' ,- the >ir:eau t Ili Ifie ll, t.:.
be LI r..l n. an' l i lth, uIn- : it hl- : prei.et 'l'
li ,:.ll plo:d in, ._ th ilic re- ult that l h.
I,. i te ci i h:ir e l iii..t' :,l t :.Iff T ihe prir nI.
p'il ,t ni.g r I":i ;n the -t,?jm :h... *7l-i *IL--
1 L i r i I-.:. i.iH t. I l :i l t .3 11 .l h -tt .-I ...; i
th, chIC r -I .1 ;jl.ilt.: T 1he-_, I' 1 H e
e-tel l:~.l-.-re the'. r, :hlpp I- r..,m tIh
L.;iite,] t %t te_. an1 l ore t,.il_,,l j,"] hii ...n reiclh-
,il, Ill,? l-lithn H ere:lter thl., i.ll 1:e
lt:e-l three -i-t [ r tn- L- i'r tl.,- ,xp1l..,iin,_ cur-
r tu t : tlrn,,.-i int..' thL- ; nI l the ']u iib,-- r :.i
intii.-ir- v.' i tihu- i -- r--liuc-:d t : 1 minirmun
,.,it ,.,I i- ithe tt-er .li- u-i:-.' l h- bee- n
tr-jt,-l ,n ...I'uii:jl >ir>c ular- talked .'. cr tin ,
a .I "d j il 1 1 1 1 en u ...rp...rat.l.. ill
ih.- rul],: [.:.r hindl.nJ : ,pl:.:i',,:: Tbe
in.n .Cr-. i a Lur. d, li.:.vI -'. -- th-t all lthir
-u1Jg1 -::i-, .,ll- '%. 1 i ll I ,- t L II up d.t on>e- an l
that i v. ithli tl-,'r help thi : rule. I lr-ad., I la.
d 1.. 3 1.1 t1 h.-- ll: ,t:.ut t.. Ihe In 1.,1' ,..-11 1 b.-
-tricll, ,- :l''ic : FuLrtlhr mu, :,tin-.i ll L-
h -l .~l ri-.ne'. e r nir--, -e- i r.-. 1..l i nean-
'.*. il -e. time Lnr n .e ,-- r,*i',:it,.d I to riln k.,
k ...,-'. a. > tll.:. -lla i t ril ., pl.0 1 t l,.,
individually to the Division Engineer or
Assistant Division Engineer.

Supplies for Pacific Fleet.
The Subsistence Department of the Isth-
mian Canal Commnission has made arrange-
ments with the United States Navy Depart-
mrent to supply 175,000 pounds of fresh
meat, 150,000 pounds of potatoes, and 30,000
pounds of other fresh vegetables, to the
vessels of the Pacific fleet that are expected
to be at Panama between December 12 and 22.

Negro Boy Drowned at Matachin.
Friday afternoon the ferry across the Chag-
res River at Matachin was overturned in
midstream and four men and a boy on it
were thrown into the water. The men
reached shore safely, and one of them car-
ried the boy with him. On reaching the
bank, however, it was found that the boy
had drowned. He was a negro messenger,
named Maxile Benjamin. and was 14 years


| Temperature. Precipitation. Wind._



w~,t.n'-, Club- nud O(hr Features.
Th- CulImhr' aii.l GCtun Women's Clubs
t.ill mn-t on Thlur ,la.,- 'in.l Friday, Novem-
ber 5: an. r.r-.pocuti l; i.:.r the purpose of
l.:tin" oriC,-r; lor rli- -ii-miig year.
Thr- Cri troil W. :.nn'ci Cl I u field its regu-
lIr Ilt .,n~;n- ml,,tin i it oL WV-'lnesday, Octo-
b-r 2'. th- prrp'rii.:..i I.:.r the Christmas
c_-l-r.i..nt b-inc t'k-ii tiup The art and
,'..r'IrlTur. ,:lIp,'lrtmrin-itT c>n.:.ii-nced Shakes-
p r- -i' *i. it r,-,ilt'r m.,-ting, Monday,
Oc-",bi.r 2- Th1- :clj;: wt- led by Mrs.
Cl'Iud- C. PF'rcc-
Th- Cr] .h:.b'l Ji. .:wTl. Library was opened
on Tu.-,dh., Oc.r:.L.-r 2'0. ind.mr the auspices
o. th. -. lu,-.:.n'il .I. uparmrr.iti. of the Wom-
.n'- Club. Thi- .:.i.hui.r.-. I and fifty vol-
ume- v-lh,cb a'r. plc-1l it. the study of the
Uni.:.n Church bhtildn:. co:.mprise a selec-
tLi.n .:.l ;tan.'r.- Ju'..-nill_ l]i-riture, and in-
clu.I.- al.:. ti.l' :.lum- :.I ickens' works
ind -"ni-. c.i Ir.iu?,. G.-,rge Eliot and
Clhitrl.- r Klic'-.l. The- library is open on
Tu-:h:, an.l f'ri.';, ]itrn.:.:.ins from 3.30 to
5 .'ck.cl: a m.-mb,.r o.i r.lih educationall de-
par tment b.n: inn ch'trz- .edring these hours.
.\ dp.'i .-:A 3 c_:. i-. required in order to
at.: l:-:,:.k; Irorn th.l buiblliiig; this consti-
tut.:-" nmtlnb-r lilr,. 'tiiind I r._turned on re-
m.:..al o"i the- in.ihltr c.r It cai-e he wishes to
.h;icor.iniu u-inc th'.j lihbr'r,. The Juvenile
Library. ]; th.b r-.ull .:.i the c.:.mbined efforts
'. th' ;chr..:.l. thIe linin'i. Church and the
'V.:.mijn' Club. t'it, nt.rrtu'inment having
bh-.n 1'.-t I'I;t ,:;,.-tr b'. tLh.s. three organi-
atio.ni: 'l-.r .th pirp.:.- .:.I r'tiiing funds.
Cr];.:.b'Ail hi: t '. .:.r 'intiiz.d whist clubs
ni.:. ith nlo'.n. n i'.ich uimet on alternate
Thur it'. r ; -."lth -I r h.h.. ire the outcome
orf thI. club or.1anil..l i] rthe Woman's Club
li;.: ,'-3r I1",r th. t purp.:.- olI raising funds to
a-:i:t thl philtnhropl d-partment in the
.'o.rk '.-hich it a3 .;_:irru- of taking up.
Thli.r- 'itr- bout twal', m.-mbers in each
Th.- Lrni.:. Church a'.._ J dance and Hol-
lo'..-'-in .-ii-r.ir rrian,.m in th.- church build-
];" .:.n Fruit', .nin i'c. October 30. The
h-ll ,' iti dcor.r td 'i;r pV'lmn- and the even-
n11 WI' ] much "I".. -.1
Th-e ;a.iI .:.1 th- C.:.I'-n ro-;pital gave a cos-
tulii ball .:.i thll- .'. -nrine r.I .11t Hollow-e'en.
The K'Itnc'ro._ ,_ a- large Hollow-e'en
.mInc- at 'ar ji-:. .:.n Qatur.ly evening. A
lari:- nuinbrhr .:.1 p-.:.pl irorm the line were
Th- Ancon V',:,nan'* Club is making
_labr.r it- prpar't'ion.s .:.r tlr. bazaar which
w.ill bL.- a.-n th-e ira:r. .-.k in December.
It ]i prop.:.-;d t.. hlild Ith- ; al on two after-
unoon and .,.-bnin ? Each department will
b-. r p.:.n-bl.- I.r h b.:..:.th, andthere will be
man'. out;id- irtacti.:.ni It is intended
'hat rthe l- ,- ;hll tn.-lud, many practical
and .l-irabl- articl-: I.:.r Christmas gifts.
The- -ducitiaonal and lit.rarr department of
the- club mt .n O,:tob-r 25., the afternoon
h-_in; -p:.nt in -;t.l' in .pr-paration for the
*.-ur;- on Ital., an.1 Cr--c.. The depart-
mi.t '..ill mi..t o.i the- -.-:.:.nd and fourth
\V'-'lnda., :r1 -'ch m.:.nrbh 'it the residence
ol th.- mrm.neh-r- .\t th.- nt-',t meeting the
:-pIC p.:.em 0.j Gr-(ce n.d Rome and their
n tln.-hi .,. v.';ll bI t l.:- n up
The -A-n.ral pr'.:.-ram .:.1 the club will be
.le-.o-t.l .-xclu-.-l', t. t anama, the next
thre-. m--etine3 b..in; -.:h-duled as follows:

November 4, the San Blas Indians, program
under the philanthropy department; Novem-
ber 18, a general survey of the history of
Panama, under the philanthropy depart-
ment; December 2. native dishes and how
to prepare them, under the home depart-
ment; an exhibit of native needlework and
dress by the art department on the after-
noon of December 16. The meetings will all
begin promptly on time and will be held in
the sun parlor of the Hotel Tivoli. By ac-
tion of the executive board the club has
donated a sum of money to the Palo Seco
colony for the purchase of fireworks for the
celebration of the national holidays this
The annual meeting of St. Luke's Guild
took place on Monday afternoon at the resi-
dence of Mrs. Bishop in Ancon. The guild
was organized on December 2, 1907, at the
residence of Mrs. FleetwoodGruver, with 16
charter members. Meetings are held at the
residence of the members, by invitation, on
the first and third Monday of each month.
There is at present a membership of thirty-
five, including the three classes, active,
associate and honorary. Beside the regular
work of the organization in the care of the
chapel, the guild is prominent in organiz-
ing entertainments and social functions.
Similar guilds are organized in connection
with the Episcopal church in the Canal
Zone in Culebra, Empire, and Cristobal.
A costume dance was given by the Bache-
lor Girls' Club of Culebra at the Commission
clubhouse on Thursday evening, October 29.
The hall was decorated in accordance with
the custom on All Hallow-e'en, green and
yellow being the colors, and "Jack o' Lan-
terns" served as lights. Programs and fa-
vors suitable to the occasion were distributed.
Some of the costumes worn were: Indian
Maid, Merry Widow, Dutch Peasant, French
Maid, Spanish Dancer, Colonial Maid, Col-
lege Girl, Martha Washington, Night, Dres-
den Girl, Fluffy Ruffles, Sweet Lavender,
Twenty Centnry Girl, Summer Girl, Flower
Girls, and Dolly Varden.
A feature of the evening was the electrical
arrangement, introducing the "Moonlight
Waltz," the idea being original with the
Bachelor Girls. The lights were extin-
guished with the exception of an electric
motto draped in green, and a very tropical
moon, which gave the desired effect. About
80 couples participated. Five matrons acted
as chaperons. Visitors from other clubs
were the guests of the evening.
The Bachelor Girls' Club was organized
September 22, 1908, with a membership of
twenty. The following are the officers:
President, Miss Katherine Pender; vice-presi-
dent, Miss Eileen Reidy; secretary, Miss
WVilda Wickham; treasurer, Miss Katherine
Griley. The object of the organization is to
bring the bachelor girls of the Isthmus to-
gether in social functions. The club will
give dances at holiday times.
The Las Cascadas Woman's Club met at
the residence of the president on Thursday
afternoon, October 29. Mrs. Thomas E.
Brown, of Cristobal, was the guest for the af-
ternoon, and the program consisted of read-
ing the report of the Boston biennial. The
club hopes to hold its next meeting in the
new club room.
The date of the cake sale for St. Luke's
Altar Guild, Ancon, has been put forward
from November 14 to November 21. The

sale will be held at the home of Archdeacon
Bryan. It will begin at 4 o'clock in the
afternoon and continue into the night, or
until all the cakes are sold.


Mr. R. M. Arango, formerly head of the
Division of Meteorology and River Hydrau-
lics under the Isthmian Canal Commission,
who has been appointed by President Obal-
dia Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of
St. James, sailed for England a few days ago.
Mr. Frederick Palmer, who holds high
rank among American correspondents, and
is also a successful writer of fiction, spent
two days in the Canal Zone during the past
week on his way from Central America to
the States. He was returning from an ex-
tended trip through the Central American
republics in search of information for a
series of articles which he is about to write
for the Chicago Tribune.
Mr. Benj. L. Jacobson, claim officer, has
been transferred from the office of the Chair-
man at Culebra to the office of the Purchas-
ing Officer at Washington.
Rev. John W. Holland has been appointed
a chaplain in the service of the Commission.
He will be stationed at Culebra.
Mr. R. M. Gamble, formerly acting quar-
termaster at Bas Obispo, has returned from
his leave of absence and will be appointed
District Quartermaster at Corozal.
Death of Dr. John H. Purnell.
Ancon, C. Z., October 27, 1908.
The Chief Sanitary Officer announces with
great regret, to the officials and employes
of this Department, the death of Dr. John
H. Purnell, Health Officer of Panama, Mon-
day, October 26, 1908, while on vacation
leave in the States.
Dr. Purnell has for many years been en-
gaged in yellow fever work in the southern
part of the United States. His work in
Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas,
in fighting this disease was notable. The
experience and knowledge gained in that
work made him a valuable assistant to the
Chief Sanitary Officer.
Dr. Purnell was appointed a physician in
this Department on April 26, 1905, and on
June 16. of the same year he was appointed
Health Officer of Panama, which position he
filled until his death. Under Dr. Purnell,
Panamawas made a healthy city, and it was
largely due to his efforts that yellow fever
was finally stamped out. The ability and
tact with which Dr. Purnell handled the
difficult situation, and the results accom-
plished by him are worthy of all commenda-
The Department extends its sympathy to
the family of Dr. Purnell.
Chief Sanitary Officer.
Missing Men.
The American Consul General at Panama
has been asked for information as to the
whereabouts of the following men and will
be glad to hear from anyone who can sup-
ply it:
John or Julius Hauseman or Houseman.
C. W. Fleck or Chester Wallace.
Dan or Daniel Brewer.
Edgar L. Rosselot.
Otis Eberheardt, formerlyof Jacksonville,


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Caring lf .r hlle r.:.:.ii t.lv .Al'-r Their
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.\ .5 *'.:l.-' :l, ill i .~lr tir, ..:m tii-h Isth-
im an Canal C' -il .. .:iiii o un-i'i .-i]e r takes
hi- train 1.:. tUi e -.Lt t -I .lIr'. ui.:.:.uples
II, lc.:.:.i .:.li e ir.:.ti the -tri .' .:. loaded
,._r -niipT,. cir,. ;.-. run;- lh- en- ine to
ih- b.:.i .lin I. I l d li l li ,ii-.r .:.. er he
z.:.i to, h i-. u- rt. :r an l thi i .:.I I:.vling
ni,.,r-rinr at r. _.n .:.'.:.:..:k he i- in the cab
a.-.l II rr.:. in thl iinii- the -i_-iitecr leaves
hi; l.:.:.:. i].,'-ti.- at i liit ui until lie tak-'- the
thro,-tl _1a-i? in t- in.:.riLnl Thlie engine
il,.:. i. re-mi n prcp.artIr lo.. r the next
.la, -. rk It I.:..:,I t *.y.:. .:.r tlir.- tons
S:.co-'al, t'.-r:d lbarrl- .:. i. ater. andr a few
bu -b-l l -1 a1-i, and .:.n.:- I t'..'- *. l-k- itis
Irr.-n a bailh II th i.:.rml :.[ a "' a h.:.ut."
The n ii.Ln-cer c ill ii- .l ni-.-r ain. r.-t "rec-
reati.-:ii a" -i-i tlt r-.:r.-ati..n .:.1 hI- i.:)iinm o-
tl.., Ii.:.:lli i' .:.'ll .ig I; .- e ,:enti.al to
Ith- -_ii ti- a. ru.:r uat-.ln i t:. lihe c-, ii 'eer.
r.etcv __ fla:ilt, anii l .il .\ lan.d:. ,'_I .-'_ are
ll.:. 1-t..l e.er.,- nig-ht at Per.:. l,-uel Dur-
Inc I L-. .'. cre'.t- hba.-- begun to-i ilhow
wear, a- dra: healit1. lhai. -. akenl. a grate
t:r. -n .:tdl, lul:.ricit.:.r- an11 ii ,-.:-.r-. rod
.,ra 4- i;, air hrak.- ._-ljuipinilt -:*r tr c':k need
r-.pairinc, tllh- .'uit, Or13- l ,- pF 'i:In cross-
Ili-a l m u:It 1:.' :lI.:.-:,. *:.r -:i t *,:,tih r little
v.-akn.- hi, .- l: Ie :Cl.i-.l in v-.erl -,l the
engines; and those so affected are run into
the shed, over the repair pit if necessary,
and the machinist begins the repairs atonce.
The other engines are turned over to the six
"gold" men known as hostlerss." These
men have served as engineers and are now
hostling, waiting a chance to take a regular
Each hostler takes four locomotives in one
train and runs them to the coal chute, then
to the sand chute, and then to the water
pipe. This order may be changed as con-
venience dictates, but the process remains
the same, and when the hostler leaves the
engines they have a full store of coal, a
tank full of water, and sand enough in the
sand box to meet the next day's demands.
Firemen then separate the cinders from the
coal, dump them, and bank the fire. The
oil cups are filled, the light repairs finished,
and the locomotives cleaned, usually by
midnight. After that the hostler's work is
mtnr-l:, t.: 'i.t t ch engine two or three
timen- until 5 :'.:1.:..k, and see that all is go-
ing I .-l Eit -enIi .and 6 o'clock the fires
are ri,--.l a.-ai.n aiid when the engineer
take-- II-I I.:,--.mnT.i at 6.30 o'clock the fire
i-; right, aind tlI- gauge registers from 120
t'-o 15'" p..und '-,l ;ianm.
F.:.or i-gqiiit-; ar- "washed out" every
unigt, and an .:.rder is preserved so that
iech has a th.:.ir-:-u.' cleaning once in fifteen
da., ; Lik-l ihe 1.:-:.iiotives that need repair-
inc. tlih- -.:. b,- ., :,shed out are separated
Ir.-min thil r--t earl in the evening and hos-
tl-'-.I t on.:-. fli-, are then run over the
,-.in.ir pit v.*here the fires are dumped, and
taikl'n nilLt' t- I- i-:'j.e where the steam and
iiatr are all.: .o to escape, while cold
i'.ater i-. I.:'r,:d iit.:-.the boilers and running
.:.ut carrit; -.ith it thie loose matter that has
o:llct., ,--l during, i'..:, weeks. All this takes
Ir'n r '5 ., .:'- :l1:-ck in the evening until 2
.:' clo-k the n--.t morning, when the fires
are stairi-d aga.n. ind at 6.30 the engines
are real'- it.-r tbh-ir ;%ork.
T.o. one -lt ai.:Cctomed to such work the

hostlers and their helpers moving in and out
among the great engines, with the shadows
deepened by an occasional headlight, the
gleam from the cinder pit, or rays from the
workmen's lanterns, make an eerie sight.
Fifty locomotives maneuver in files of four on
only six tracks, and so close to one another
that the trains-almost touch, while half a
hundred men hurry about among them.
It looks like a mix-up and sounds like dis-
cord; but the engines start only on double
signals, there are no collisions, accidents
are few, the work moves swiftly.
At daybreak the result of it all is seen in
the locomotives standing ready, like horses
at the barrier. On the morning of October
29, at 6.30 o'clock 52 locomotives left the
yard in nine minutes, and often the clearance
is made in seven minutes. Between 6.30
and 6.41 o'clock two locomotives had left
the yard, coupled to a train of sixteen 20-yard
cars which had been left on the siding the
night before, had stretched the unloader
cable, and started to the La Boca dumps.
Many railroad men on the Isthmus are of
the opinion that this daily performance at
Pedro Miguel is quite unique in railroading.
It is unique on the Canal work, however,
only because it is the one place where so
many locomotives are stationed over night.
At Las Cascadas 35 engines are handled in
the same way and at Empire, Gorgona, and
otner points like work is done with the
smaller number of locomotives hostled at
those places. All the hostling for the Cen-
tral Division is done by the Mechanical Di-
vision, and a statement of the work in Sep-
tember is as follows, the material charged to
this account being for coal, oil, sand and
Cost of
LOCATION. oal. ost of operate i
LOCATION, coal. handled operating per toil
of coal
Las Cascadas On bin.. 2.769 ........... ........
Delivered 2,769 ..................
Total ................ 5.538 $138.69 .0251
Pedro Miguel On bin... 3.275...
Delivered 3.275 ........ .... .....
Total ...... ......... 6550 S70.8S .0411

Grand total.. .......... 12.088 S409.57 .0339
Las Cascadas-214 tons coal unloaded by hand
account not received in hopper-bottom cars.
additional expense incurred .................. I0.00
Pedro Mi guel-87 tons coal unloaded by hand
account not received in honper-bottom cars,
additional expense incurred.................. 4.00

LOCATION. Number cost of cost perage
S hostled. jostling. engiiie.

Goreona............... 6 S03.53 1168
Santa Cruz............ 235 333.38 1.419
Sani Pablo ............. 735 874.63 1.190
Tabernilla ............. 4- 0 371.17 .8SI
Empire................ 638 1.376.45 2.157
Bas Obispo ............ 130 412.90 3.176
La Boca ................ 117 344.63 2.344
Lns Cascadas .......... 1.043 1,W46.09 1.S656
re Iro Miguel.......... 1.574 3.1,9 1 2.013
kio Grande ............ 216 237.72 1.101
Total.. .. ......... 5.826 $9.869.68 1.694
The average number of men employed in
hostling for the Central Division in Sep-
tember was-Gorgona, 16; Tabernilla, 6;
Santa Cruz, 5; San Pablo, 15; Las Cascadas,
29; Empire, 16; Rio Grande, 9; Bas Obispo,
5; Pedro Miguel, 47; La Boca, 4.
At Pedro Miguel the facilities for hostling
are good, although not faultless. The track
lay-out is well adapted to sending the loco-
motives out in a short time, but not to han-

dling them so easily on their return from
work. Four tracks run through the engine
house, which can accommodate twenty en-
gines, and outside the house are one track
and two leads to the yard. The cinder
pit extends under two tracks between which
is a depressed track on which the cin-
ders are hauled out. Double tracks lead
to the coal chute and one track runs up
the incline. In the chute an engine run by
compressed air furnishes the power for haul-
ing cars up the incline by cable. There are
24 pockets and the capacity is 120 tons. In
the coal chute is a sand plant in which sea
sand isdried, sifted, and lifted by air to the
storage bin. An oil house is nearby.
The machine shop at Pedro Miguel is
equipped to do any light repairing. The
machinery consists of: One French black-
smith's fan, 20 inches in diameter; one 16-
inch emery wheel--double; one40-inch grind
stone; one 48-inch grind stone; one com-
bined wet and dry grinder, 12-inch table;
one drill press, 16-inch table; one drill press
31-inch table; one old French drill press;
one engine lathe, 18 by 60-inch; one La
Blond lathe, 24 by 10-inch; one French
shaper, 18-inch stroke ; one American
shaper, 24-inch stroke; one 2-horsepower
air motor; one old French engine, cylinders
8 by 12-inch, used for power at shop; one
old French pump 32 by 4-inch, one pipe
bending machine, bends pipe from -inch
by 2-inch diameter; one pipe cutting and
threading machine, (will handle pipe from
1 to 6-inches diameter); one pipe cuttingand
threading machine, (will handle pipe from
22 to 12-inches diameter); onepower hack
saw, 5-inch stroke; one old French punch
and shear, 14-inch throat; one double head
bolt cutter, -inch to 2 inch; one portable
air-brake testing machine; one forcing press,
30 by 36-inch, capacity 30 tons; one vertical
wood boring mill, -inch to 2-inch; one rip
saw, table 3 feet 3 inches by 6 feet; one
2-cylinder air driven engine for coal hoist.
Las Cascadas yard is shorter than that at
Pedro Miguel, and the double cinder pit is
atone side the yard and nearer the engine
house. There are five tracks through the
house and one on each side. The capacity of
the house is 30 engines. The coal and sand
chutes are of the same type as at Pedro Mi-
guel. The machine equipment is as follows:
One 44-inch blacksmith's fan; one emery
wheel and stand, 16-inch; one 48-inch grind
stone; one French drill press, No. 9, 16-inch
swing; one American upright drill press, 16-
inch table; oneAmerican drill press, 18-inch
table; one 16-inch Pratt & Whitney lathe;
one 18-inch LaBlond engine lathe; one
French shaper, 18-inch stroke; one French
2-cylinder vertical engine, used for power
for shop; one 2-cylinder horizontal air en-
gine, used for operating hoisting device at
coal cliute; one 2-cylinder air engine, to op-
erate sand shaker; one Dean duplex pump,
10 by 6 by 12; one forcing press 30 by 36-
inch, with a capacity of 30 tons.
Since October 1, no engines have been
hostled at Rio Grande. At the smaller host-
ling stations the machinery equipment is
small. Heavy repairs to locomotives are
made at Gorgona.
The engines of the Pacific Division are
hostled in the field at the Miraflores lock
site, and those of the Atlantic Division are
cared for at Gatun. In all there were 298
locomotives in the service of the Commis-
sion in September.



Established Here in 18.M-3 for Benefit of
Twenty-five ears ago the Church of Eng-
land was established on the Isthmus of Pana-
ma. The quarter centennial will be observed
at Colon. Panama, and Gorgona in the week
beginning November 22. (Oi that day, at 3
p. in., in Christ Church, Colon, Rev. S.
Purcell Hendrick, of Jamaica, for sixteen
years pastor of the church, will preach the
anniversary sernion. On November 24 lie
will preach at St. Andrpw's Church, in Gor-
gona, and at 3 p. In. on October 29, in St.
Paul's Church, Panaina. .\ picnic for church
members will be held at Gorgona on Novenm-
ber 26, when the morning will be given over
to entertainment of all kinds, and the after-
noon to addresses and other formal exer-
The distinction made between the Angli-
can Church (English) and the Protestant
Episcopal Church (American) must be kept
in mind in any clear conception of the an-
niversary about to be celebrated. The An-
glican Church was a factor in canal work
from 1883 until 1907, while the Protestant
Episcopal Church began its work on the
Tsthnms in 1865, and resumed it in 1907.
Christ Church in Colon was consecrated in
1865, with the idea that it would be the cen-
ter of the religious life of the little colony
of Americans collected there by the Panama
Railroad Company. It is a handsome struc-
ture, built of stone, and cost S75,000. Po-
litical reasons caused its practical abandon-
ment after a few %ears, and it served
variously as a barracks, a magazine and
arsenal, and a storehouse, during the rev-
olutions that vexed Colombia in the sev-
enties. From 1865 until 1883 it was under
the jurisdiction of the Protestant Episcopal
When the French began their work on the
Canal there was a large immigration of West
Indians to the Isthmus. As most of the im-
migrants came from Jamaica and other Brit-
ish West Indian islands, there were nmany
members of the Anglican Church among
them. Not with any idea of proselyting, but
to minister strictly to members of that
church, the Anglican missions were estab-
lished on the Isthmus. Speaking of the open-
ing of the work, Rev. Mr. Hendrick says:
"We were warmly welcomed by both the
French Canal Company and the Panama
Railroad Company. The former provided
us with camps at different centers of work
along the route of the canal, and in one or
two instances built churches for -our use;
and also contributed monthly a sum toward
the maintenance of thie work. The privi-
lege to continue our work in these buildings
at these places was conceded to us by the
new Panama Canal Company, who were
willing to recognize the necessity of the con-
tinuation of our work, but who did not find
it possible to make any contribution toward
its maintenance. The Panama Railroad Com-
pany very graciously allowed us the free and
exclusive use of Christ Church, Colon, and
supplied a furnished residence for the clergy-
man ministering therein. Ile was treated
as a chaplain of the company in his official
capacity, and was granted a monthly sum
toward his stipend. He was also permitted,
as well as others associated with him in the
work, to travel on the road free of charge.

W e were abl: in iii e ci :t r-- I *>arI .. ,.e-
tablish mis--.n i- i t O.unrii II. .e- irlhil
IMonkey Hill, I'aj.i.:.. 'G.,',-.ua DI. i
Obispo, Las C 4-c i.i CulclIr i, ind I'.irai :.,
also opening i i .-1--i. i iti Il :,t. .:'. P. an-
am a. A t tl, i la,' s .1d*i .,- .:...-1 I.:r rl :,-
education cl ill.: c loldreif .:.1 thl I iL.Tgiii
class were ri li-,htlr in-,! I er,: c:'..i iiictd,
by m en trayi e.l I.:.. iiii, :,rt: ilI r .,-,t-ri-
m ent super- 1-.,.n in ithe ir l.1i *i .I.iii iic.i.
who also perl.,rin ] tilie .In, l i :'l ic il-cl :It
or lay-readers tli,: d -t i'..- T'rh .::
places are ri. im lrcil 1:,t-l I. tim. I 1 .-lun-
tarycontrib:x.t.:.,,, .:.i i,-,A ,le r= ll i>.hereto.
and partly 1.,, *i rI :,lf i ..rn ,r:. ir,-.mu iur m isi .
sionary socic r t inl:.l.l., "
Oni account .I lhe th : l -..- :.l .- r ir l,.
in the Canal trrri.,.r. ti, \i..li.imi Churchi
turned its v,-.r .., r t., th rr..:-r t: li F ] :i
copal Church. N.:.' e'l-r 1. l"''" Ti'h p[i.
mary reasor I.-,Tr :i stli- m t Ilr- Church lil:er
in I883 was .:. ,-.rl. irn..r."C lre ,'.'c't I n i iii
laborers. N ,,. l h:n l.,ri l.cr* cel lilc i1l
niegro memlr '.1: ini,.k nd :Hlie cr' ii
majority of th:li. v i. n.' iten'r. Ilrh Fp:,-i
copal Church:l-s it, I. : I:tlitm .i ir nImcr.-,
employes of lthe C.:mninii-i- .ii 1i i- 1th b ,.
lief of Archi.:,i i.. H nr, F F;r; ,i thi .I
majority of thI e l ,.:,,: ni '-r,'.c- in h r Cani,1
Zone were l.r,:.icl. up i.ilde:r the iollitri c,:
of the Anglic ,n Chi irch. n:i thi-T-:.r,: ir'-
nominally T-lpic o:pih .s Thi runil.cn r ..1'
comrmunica-ri l i t.,.ut oi:, th.:..; nd.: Trie
schools for Ii in trucilvn A*.:r: it A .irI.211-l
as soon as ilit CanAil Z7.ii.e pI l.lic K hi :..-.1
were opene !. r'icplit h: schit.-.t ln I'.iiiin i.
Colon, Las CA-cc i n.:d Mli.-,unt Hi:..c. in
which 260 plpil; aire nr.r:.ll-.:i
There are r:.wi thlirlt:in ,.-.n :re .tt.:nt ,.1
West Indianr, .:n ihli itlimuii" St Pul'-,
Panama; St ,\i tu' t r'i.l'ar.i.-..S i Mirk'l ,
Culebra; St I l ti:t '4. E'rr.pirr: St I'iil.
lip's, Las Ca.i ',l. .A c:.n i.:.n. BRi O l. p.:.,
St. Andrev',. G.:'rT.:na; S I'i:e r's. S n
Pablo; St. J.,.hn', M.-.uiint i.:.pr, ClIriii C.:-
lon, and in. i.,n- a i Gu.icl.ipili. PhI ,'. ,i1
Flor and La DB..ca.
Since the c.i.iiine .:l .\mrN-Tlciiciu Ie ..:rk
of the Church li.- bien, le-I c':" ci.:.nir-.l
to negroes. Ft, r c o.:ncr+- r-Lici i,.r li hit,-
people have I-en .rigii.itrl \nic:.,i. Ciu-
lebra, Empir G ..-,r:.:-.r .ui.l Crit '.,1-.il
It will be underiLtood, ul course, that re-
ligious work in the Canal Zone is not con-
fined to any one sect. The Roman Catholics,
Wesleyans, and Baptists have churches at
various points in the Zone; and indepen-
dent services are held in several of the
Canal villages. There is no village along
the line of the Canal where there is not at
least one church, and in several of them
there are two or three congregations.

Rifle Range in Old French Spillway.
A rifle range for the use of the detach-
ment of the United States Marine Corps sta-
tioned at Camp Elliott, has been laid off in
the spillway dug by the French as part of
their scheme for controlling the Cliagres
River by a dam at Gamboa. As laid off the
range is only six hundred yards, but there is
room for a longer one if it is desired. The
old spillway channel is completely excavated
so that there is a level stretch of land about
120 feet wide at bottom, a thousand yards
long, and almost completely surrounded by
hills. The location is northeast of Santa
Cruz and easily accessible by a newly cut
trail. The butts are being built in the side

.:.l liill 1 ' le: t l h ie l i r..l ?" le- i1..7,. lrh
bl.:. ri:.ln .,I i,-: ,:.1.1 pill I ; .icl: .I t ln i; ill
the rlr.,,:i tr ick r. l- .. neI C-' iloa.rice
mnii 'a .'i i i l G.i l..:. '.ui i i JJ, :i r:. r ::ie
*,I ih.' tr i:rr. r- Im feei. ri, t t w i. h.:.l: Illl
14 lt1 i I e ee i it I i i ; id l lie rillr..-a.:,
Ili: [,r,.-, n m l ,,' thrl,- r. ,ir:3.1 n -t c '.n -
-1ierd *:. l,,f nC r in i b]) iili, hi-r.. the

WV.)uit-n'- alinni i{)lIm.' Cr-ii.:-riiltl.
A. ma i r.:.i:.I i..r n... ln hi .',i b, n I' mlll
l C ''-t.:b.al, >:',i th, l rn :L.. ,.pp':, ilc lilt
.:.ril el r.. f.1 li'+- -I lil.:. pl i .-,rlr T hli
I tllI i ..n -i .:.r 1i i11. 3I lec t q u i re ,
,'1rh .a ;:rec jc.1 cran.i li. c,. hi I '*-I r:ie,
el rm ir.n-,u.i :i 11 h t- in l;- r.,,.n in 14 1.
Ic' t )., i..c a ith t ie r.,. i'n itr iche l.

Card .:.l' Tllainkl.
li Ruth F ., N:rill i,:le.Ilier it .ith iner
clIh l.lr r I. G le, i .i r C lr',. jirn h,:r iir.:tli ri,
\\ ill- anm i.e. i l t.I-b i,:r. ..i Sh ,:. i nk
th! Knorr iir e.-. I' P%1,i, Onld Ie-ll.:.t i MIra-
- i, Ai .:,c ill. r' -.I St.im u li.:. iel M ei n an.i
1,I ,:,lliher l I''e n:Is lf.r Itm e m i C ., l:adri i ti .r.
sh.,, n tlh:1n in lbl ir recent 1.,r,: ..:nli-:nt

Alieni |:-L, KaniUlaroo-.
All metnmber .-,I rhv- lu.:ie- h:n1cm Order .I
PI lii ani ri iji i: Ir.:..:.4 1h at a.IT3 1 ,:' ..:- c
tle .\n .-,ri C.nlri. N.:. 7. are crncitl re
,ucic. tl.o. m eeI l in Ih,.: 1ill .:.. r llh- Ditrict
S.arl rinaiir er .Ir c- I,: .\nc. : neir II.:. t l
T.9., '.in Fr .l i,, Ni...emb.er ,. i e ; p. m ,
hl:irp hi1 s 1 cr., ,ni:,,:rtanr m ettln-'
i l.I Aill re ,.ire i, I-,be pr.:4,i: i E'. ..TierT .:.z'
N.:-lAice I.:- Shel 11-n.
.\11 inmmbrT .A illh I .:P, : aind D
M jrbn rt'ueI:l i: C.ii:i,-nd m. i[l nes inhe I
C C hall, FLpire. Sui.il No':, : mber 8, at
3,.1 1:. m 1 L '%.''

C.:.-n .r b1 the I. C. C. .-1 n. d.

;.,< CKI f,- 7
illr+,! .' N O. 1|1- r I .1 ) r 1 ", M

5 Selection- 'heS oul A'iss..................... Levi
6 Idyl-The Glow Womi ...................... Lincke
7 Popular March-Persian Lamb Rag ...... Wenrich
8 Overture-Luslspiel ........................ Suppe
9 Patrol-American............................ echam
10 Galop-Tel/emachus ........................ Bennett

On band stand near Clubhouse, Wednesday. Novem-
ber 11. 1908, at 8.15 p. m.:
1 March- li'aldmere .......................... Losey
2 Selection- ill's lerry Melodies ............ Mills
3 Waltz- Thousand and One .Xights........ Strauss
a Intermezzo--oatanee ...... .......... Williams
4 b Schottiiche- lWhen a Boy Says ill
Yo ; ".. ................................. A llen
5 Potpotirri-The Stintty Snth (by request) .Lam pe
6 Intermnezzo-Afite Sunset...................r Pryor
7 Ilumoresqueon The Merryl WidowHl'altz.Bellstedt
Introducing this popular melody from the opera
"The Merry Widow," burlesqued in the following
manner: 1. A little Gernman band: 2. A flute solo
with organ effect: 3. An amateur trombonist, who is
willing to show what he can do if only requested
to; 4. A street piano: 5. A la ragtime as played on a
banjo: and finmally-the result, the popularity of
this melody has produced-a brainstorm.
8 Overture-Four Ages of Man.............T achner
9 Patrol-American ....................... Meacham
10 March-Old S ', il.r-,lb
CHAF E. jr.- "'r o .1t.. i::i.' Li': ...,
A concert will ':e g,-u il Gj c C 7 :n-
day, November 15.




The S 'itb---eice repa.rlieent i,- p ce-]
*order- in tile Late- I or a -uppl, .-f tairke'. -.
*:ranbtrrle ail I :-ter t. Ii.? leli.:-red .:.1
ilje litiliu. bef-ire T'hlak-i,.'Ing l [I. A
l.arce enlluh qI i.intit .'if c.a .':13 hI I-ee l or-
iere-. t. :. Q.pl, tall the Coinnn;-: .' t l 'tcl-.
v: .'.*ell a- (jiilIle,

\\':tllin flc i,- cl.1.L -l-.:rae -uppile-
.-.r (a tli, C-lor :.--na., F rnpitre. Culel.ra
P 'djr, Mli uil. .\nc-.'l. .anld La ; 0:aJ will ie
-hippel ifr.ni Cr,-t.:,al .:.,, tle fre,.ht trjilt
leal.in ti nili-ilnZIt .n-tevi -.:f 0-n the -up.
pl. tr ain les' ii.; ,t 31.1 1n Thir ]rr'i.;e-
ment %.ill reduce the lentlth i.if the -uppl..
trami .anid .i11 e Tiaie tile depirtlnell t-. *ie-
li.er '.:',1, -torj-ra e art.:le- earlier ill the
m.--rilnz ',-i1 thle PjcItc -ie .-if Ith. l-tiImu-

Fa t"' k b"-E'igia'e .'.:.-an--: r
FM ES, H *IF .1 I -

Mutll -.n- 11' -', pr li
"hI ..ild'r m.1 nclt in I' unadr

i.iiL ., f ,r. i r.r I l
|I''. ,1 f.-r r:i r.e r b T '
Le._ r I-.. 1' .... [- i l 1 p t Ib Ir
Sh-rl-&ut C:h .1. ............per lb 22
L, it]b -- u- ai ............ per Ib 6
l i.rin- e '-:. i- rI, re r ..............per lb 8
Leg (6 to 8 pounds)...................... er lb 27
Veal- Stewing..................................... per lb 10
Entire forequarter (15 to 20 lbs)....per lb 11
Loin for roasting.........................per lb 21
Chops .........................................per lb 22
Beef- Suet........................ .............. .....per lb 4
Soup .......................................... er lb S
Stew ............. ............ ...............per lb 12
Corned..................... ............per lb., 12. 14, 16
Pot roast (from sirloiu butt)......... per lb 17
Rib-roast, second cut (not under 3
pounds)................................... per lb 19
Rib-roast, short cut (not under 31/2
pounds) ................................... per lb 23
Sirloin roast ...................... per lb 29
Rump roast................................. per lb 29
Porterhouse roast...................... per Ilb 29
Steak, round................................per lb 23
Rib ........................ ...........per lb 24
Sirloin..... ... ......... ............per lb 29
Porterbouse .......................per lb 29
Rump ................................ per lb 29
Tenderloin......................... per lb 30
Livers- Calf ................................... ........each 65
4.i,,., .,e--P..rL -pr lb 19
L.l._-ri ,r l tT -'a lb 17
t-- 1 t- r ..I- '.'--. _ach 1.20
*-:\ I-..] _d'- e ich 90
F -- I ,,,- : l.,:'ckl--l r. r-rlb 15
FI' . I 'r .1.--zen 34
F*:-LiLTR .NLa *,..-'.EIL

h.c i.. i-C . -l I

F, .-a -l n. 1.. I. I rp .

C I.'F .LA NLD P .i.FL

aFi-la l '*a h r'L'k lil --l .e-.l

Cr-: hill f'..r n-:.ht.l

sled Il. .rk

e xcll
Sch :',c and
i .- r lb
e ic l

d I ell

i- r lb

I.-dr Ib
P.r Ir

[,.\11 k F!P-:L, CTe
Cb:ee e-.?'*lJi h el ir
Y..uii,. .A ian.nc I "--:

IinstM-n -
Preuch che:i iI li. *--.mih'm.elrl I, ,40a-
I'-rT [i,. N-icl'ihil-li

ach 6
r II) 22
r It. 31
.ch 1.05
-rr 15
hn 22

Lin 20

Tomatoes (local only)........................... oer lb
W hite potatoes............. .. ............... per lb 34'
Sweet potatoes...... .............................. per lb 21.
Cabbage ............... ..............................per lb 4
Onions ...................................... Per lb 31
Cucum bers ......... ..... ........ ..............per lb 25
Beets.................................................. per lb 3
Carrots ................................................. per lb 3
Turnips........................ ................ per lb 3
Lem ons .......................................... .....dozen 24
Oranges ...................................... .........dozen 18
Grapefruit ..............................................each 3
Alligator pears........................................each 5

Sold only from cold-storage and not from Cont-
Cigarette paper, "La Croix'................book 2c,
Viscol shoe dressing, 3-pint.................tin 25
Sticks, shaving. Pear's..................... each 2
Pans. sauce. Berlin, No. 012................each S')

Stages of the Chagres.
Maximum height of Chagres above low
water for the week ending midnight, Oc-
tober 31, 1908 :



> < 1. n O.

Height of low water
above meau sea I
level, feet........... 129 92 46 0 0 0

Maximum height ab.
low water, feet:
Sunday. Oct. 25....
Monday, Oct. 26.....
Tuesday. Oct. 27 ...
Wednesday. Oct. 28
Thursday. Oct. 29..
Friday, Oct. 30......
Saturday. Oct. 31 ...
Maximum for week..t

4.5 7.5 8.9 3.4 4.6
7.2 10.4 11.7 4.9 6.5
7.3 S.0 14.2 5.8 7.6
7.3 105 143 6.5 8.6
4.2 9.2 14.9 5.8 7.9
6.2 10.1 15.2 7.1 9.4
4.6 10.0 16.0 7.7 10.0
7.3 10.5 : 16.0 7.7 10.0


The following is a list of packages that
have been forwarded from New York to
Isthmnian Canal Commission and Panama
railroad employes, and that are waiting to
be claimed at the freight house at Colon.
The owners of these packages will have to
make application for free customs entry in
connection with Circular No. 85, or in the
alternative, pay duty to the Panama Gov-
ernmient customs on the value of the con-
tents of the packages, before delivery can
be effected:
W. S. Clements, Colon, 1 box, Advance; July 6, 190S.
J. F. Montero, Panama, 2 cases instrument boxes.
Alliance: July 15, 1903.
J. F. Dempsey, Colon, 1 box cloth, Allianca: July
15. 1908.
S. Chenalloy, Colon., 1 parcel (No. 7656), Advance:
July 10, 1908.
C. Thomas. Cristobal, 1 parcel (No. 7778). Esper-
anza: August 14. 1908.
A. Y. Ingramin. Colon, 1 bundle wall paper. Finance;
September 8. 1908.
J. 0. Gonzalez, Colon. 1 case hardware. Colon: Sep-
tember IS, 1908.
G. H. Jack, Matachin. 1 case plaster pails. Al//-
anca: September 21. 1909.
Hugh Crahtree. Las Cascadas, 1 parcel (No. 784)0.
Alliance: September 21, 1908.
Alex Sancloss, Ancon, 1 box E. ware, Finance: Sep-
tember 26, 1908.
J. XW. Hughes, Cristobal, 5 barrels household goods.
1 crate scwing machine, Finance: September 26, 1908.
C. J. Geddes. Gatun. 1 parcel (No. 7862), Finance:
September 26, 190S.
Haynes Clark, Empire, 1 box, Advance: October
8, 1908.
Mrs. Sam Chas. Lewis, Corozal, 1 box, Advance:
October 8. 190S.
Isthmian Locomotive Engineers, Las Cascadas. I
box photographs, Advance: October 8. 1908.
Mrs. J, K. Baxter. Culebra, 1 parcel (No. 7877), Ad-
vance; October 8. 108OS.


Leaves of Absence.
[ Thefollowing circular supersedes the circular with
the same title, published on page 71 of the issue of
THE CANAL RECORDjor- Octobera2. 190o.]
CULEBRA, C. Z October Zu. 19uOs.
This office has been requested, in nuluerous recent
instances, to waive the rules governing leaves of ab-
sence, in favor of employes whto have been misled by
erroneous information given them by timekeepers.
or subordinate officials. and have thus allowed their
leave to become forfeited.
To prevent the recurrence of similar inisunder.
standing,. timekeepers and subordinate officials
should hb instructed to give no information to em-
ployes relative to their leave. and to take no action
oil applications for lea\e. but to forward all inquiries
and applications to the administrative office of the
department or division with such comment or recom-
mendation as may be required.
Any case to which the application of the rules gov-
erning leave' of absencee may not be perfectly clear.
should be referred to this office for decision.
So far as may be practicable, the heads of depart-
ments and division, will see that employes apply for
their leave before it is forfeited. In future, no plea
of ignorance of the published rules, or of inisunder-
standing due toerroneous information, will be con-
This circular should be posted on all official bul-
letin boards and given the widest possible publicity.
Acliny Chairman
Pay for November 3.
CULEBRA. C. Z.. October 26, 190.
November 3. w which is to be observed as a holiday
in the Canal Zone, is not one of the holidays for
which gratuity time is allowed under Circular No.
133. and time for that day will be allowed on the
same basis as time for Sundays.
Acting Chai-an, and Chief Engineer.

P;MPIRE. C. Z., October 22, 190S.
To any and all persons who may have any claim
or claims against the estate of Philip F. Kramuer, de-
ce.ased, who met his death at the town of Pnraiso.
Canal Zone. on December 17. 1907 : You will present
the s.lie on or before the 1st day of December, 190S.
to Theodore C. Hinckley. administrator of the estate
of P. F. Kranmer. Panama, Panami or E. 11. Goolsby,
Clerk of the Circuit Court, Empire. Canal Zone.
properly verified, or the same will be forever barred
according to law.
4Admi in is/rator
Misdirected Letters.
Division of Posts, Customs and Revenues.
Ancon. C. Z., October 31. 1908.
The following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in the United States and its possessions, have
been received in the office of the Director of Posts,
and may be obtained on request of addressee:
Atkins, John Meyers, Arthur
Barnes., 3 ad C Moore, Wade H.
Barrett, Fred McCanll. Dan
Barton., Edward McKaig. Mis.. M. ..
Blodgett. Glenn McKay, lHugh
Coe. Capt. F. W. Norman, Thol.
Davis, Mrs. D. R. Pabst, Chas.
Deikmnan, 0.H. Page, C.
Drnmmond, J. II. Patterson, Louis
Duncan, Geo. L Peck. W. D.
Elenigren, G. Phillips. Frank
Emierek. Frank Rath, Thomas J.
Fnlaw, Florence Rodgers, Viola
Forsyth. L. M Rvberg. Oscar
Galiger, Walter ,ullivan. W. F.
Gayer, Carl Thomas. Gus
Gibson. W. C. Thull. Peter
Gilinan. Win. I-. Torosiaii. David
Granberc, Arthur Varellcaip, Fred
Hall. J. A. WValker. HIector
Hall.igan, Thomas Walsh, Stephen
Harper. Archie Wals.ou. W. H.
Klinger. G. R. Ward R. G.
Laharty. Joe WVilbut Ruth
Love. Chas. 'M. Whittaker, 'V. R.
Lybrook, W. A. Yount. Mrs. J. L.
The steamship V.\odsljernin sailed from Baltimore,
Md.. on October 25. with a cargo of 23.784 feet B. M.
lumber. 3,500 feet of culvert pipe, and ten 40-ton
locomotives for the Isthmiian Canal Commission.

The following steamers have recently arrived at La
Boca: October 23, Loa. from Valparaiso; October 24,
City ofat Para, from San Francisco. Departures were:
October 28, Peru, for Valparaiso; October 30. Quito,
for Bueuaventure.






Lieut.-Col. Geo. WV. Goethals, U. S. A.,
Lient.-Col. H. F. Hodges, U. S. A., Cule-
Maj. D. D. Gaillard, U. S. A., Empire.
Maj. VWm. L. Sibert, U. S. A., Gatun.
Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau, U. S. N.,
Mr. Jo C. S. Blackburn, Ancon.
Col. W. C. Gorgas, U. S. A., Ancon.
Mr. Joseph Bucklin Bishop,
Secretary, Anicon.


Construction and Engineering.
Headquarters, Culebra.
Lieut.-Col. Geo. W. Goethals. Chairman
and Chief Engineer.
It B. DePutron. Assistant to the Chatirnaun.
W. It. SMay, Secretary to the Chairman.U
C. A. Mlllvaine. Chief Clerk.
Caleb iM. Saville, Assistant Engiueer.
Lient.-Col. H. F. Hodges, Assistant Chief
C. 0. Carlson. Secretary.
Edward Schildhituer. Electrical and Mechanic.il
Henry Goldnmark, I. D). Cornish, !I. F. Tucker
and T. B. Mlnuniche Designing Engineers.
Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau, Assistant
to the Chief Engineer.
J. C. Parsons, Secretary.
A. B. Nichols, Office Engineer.
P. 0. Wright, Jr.. Architect.
Central Division.
Headquarters. Empire.
Maj. D. D. Gaillard, Division Engineer.
A. E. Brouk, Chief Clerk.
Louis K. Rourke. Assistant Division Engineer.
A. S. Zinn. Resident Engineer.
Mark W. Teauy. Assistant Engineer.
R. W. Ilebard. Assistant Engineer.
WV. L. Thompson, Assistant Engineer
Geo. H. Ruggles, Assistant Engineer.
Atlantic Division.
Headquarters, Gatun.
Maj. WVm. L. Sibert, Division Engineer.
R. M. Sands, Chief Clerk.
Maj. Chester Harding, U. S. A., Assistant Divi-
sion Engineer.
Maj. Edgar Jadwin, U. S. A,. Resident Engineer.
Maj. J. P. Jervey, U. S. A., Resident Engineer.
Capt. G. MT. Hoffuman. U. S. A.. Assistant En-
Capt. Horton VW. Stickle. U. S. A.. Assistant En-
I,. G. Thomi. Assistant Engineer.
F. C. Stanton. Assistant Engineer.
R. B. Smith, Superintendent of Dredging.
Pacific Division.
Headquarters, Corozal.
S. B. Williamson, Division Engineer.
E. A. LeMay, Chief Clerk.
W. G. Comber. Resident Engineer.
G. B. Strickler, Resident Engineer.
VWin. F. M. Aclicson. Assistant Engiineer.
James MaclamFalane. Superintendent of Dredg-
Mechanical Division.
Headquarters. Culebra.
Geo. D. Brooke, Superintendent of Motive
Power and Machinery.
F. W. Doty, Chief Clerk.
Earle J. Banuta. Mechanical Engineer.
A. L. Robinson. Fl-tcrical t-ngineer.

Headquarters. Cnlebra.
Maj. C. A. Devol, U. S. A., Chief Quarter-
C. It. annmi, Chief Clerk.
Lieut. R. E. Wood, U.S.A., As.sist.anl Chief
Cant. Courtland Nixon, U. S. A.. Depot Qiar-
termaster, Mount Hope.
C. L. Parker, C, C. McColley. Inspectors.
H. S. Farish. Acting Survey Officer.
District Qutar.erma.aters.
Ira A. Giles. Cristobal.
R. R. Watson (acting). Gatuu.
J. AM, Kin., Taberaiilla.
J. II. Humphreys, San Pablo.

R. C. Shady. Gorgona.
i. R. Currie. Bas Obispo.
I). I. Shainon, Las Cascadas.
J. B. Jeffries. Culebra.
C. P. Allen. Empire.
Harry Dundas actingz). Paraiso.
Otto Maistraud, Pedro Miguel.
R. A. Gain ile, I acting). Corozal.
B. C. Poole. Ancoii.
W. 11. south. La Boca.
C. E. lteisey. Porto P.ello.

Headquarters, Cristobal.
Maj. EugeneT. Wilson, U. S. A., Subsistence
XW. F. Shipley. Chief Clerk.
Lieut. Frank 0. Whitlock. U. S, A., Assistant
Subsistence Officer.

Civil Administration.
Headquarters, Ancon.
Jo C. S. Blackburn, Head of the Department.
Ii. I). Reed. Executive Secretary.
G. A. Ninas, Chief Clerk.
Tomn M. Cooke, Chief. Division of Posts. Cus-
tous and Revenues, Ancon.
Herman A. Gudger. Deputy Collector. Ancon.
E. Lewis Baker. Deputy Collector. Cristobal.
George Ml. Shontz. ProsecntingAttorney,Ancon.
George R. Shanton, Chief of Police. Ancon.
D. E. McDonald. Chief Clerk.
C. E. Weidaii, Chief, Fire Department. Cris-
Geo. L. Campen, Supt of Public Works, Ancon.
C. R. Sargent. Chief Clerk.
J. J. Reidy. Asst. Supt. Public Works, Cristobal.
II. L. Smith. Superintendent of Schools, Ancon
II. A. A. Smith. Treasurer of Canal Zone. Em-
Canal Zone Judiciary.
Headquarters. Aucon.
Supreme Court-Dr. F. Mutis Durdn, Chief
Walter iEmnery. Clerk, Aucon.
H. A. Gudger, Associate Justice. Empire.
Lorin C. Collins. Associate Justice. Cristobal.
Circuit Court. First Circuit-Dr. F. Mutis
DurAii. Judge. Ancoln.
Walter Emery. Clerk.
Circuit Court. Second Circuit-II. A. Gudger,
Judge. Empire.
Elbert AI. Goolsby, Clerk.
Circuit Court. Third Circuit-l.orin C. Collins.
Judge. Cristobal.
Nelson R. Johnson,. Clerk.
M3. C. Rerdell. Senior District Judge. Cristohal.
S. F Btl.ckburn. District Judge. AuEcon.
Edgar S. Garrison. District Judge, Empire.
J. B. March. District Judge. Gorgona.
Thomas E. Brown, Jr., District Judge. Cristo-
Ili I.
Headquarters, Washington. D. C.,
Richard Reid Rogers, General Counsel,
Washington, D. C.

George AI. Shontz. Attorney for Isthmian Canal
Commission and Panama Railroad Company,
George II. Bartholomew. Assistant Attorney.

Headquarters. Aucon.
Col. W. C. Gorgas, Chief Sanitary Officer.
Capt. Robert F Noble U. S. A Executive Officer.
Harry E. Bovay, Chief Clerk.
It. R. Carter. Director of Hospitals. Ancon.
Surgeon. J. C. Perry. P. H. and 51. 11. S.. Chief
Quarantine Officer. Ancon.
Maj. John L. Phillips. U. S. A., Superintendent
Anicon Hospital, Ancon.
Capt. Alexander Murray. U. S. A., Assistant to
Inj. C. C. MeCultoch. jr., IT. S. A.. General in-
spector. AiiCon.
J. F. I,eys. U. S. N.. Superintendent Colon
Hospital. Colon.
Surgeon Claude C. Pierce. P It. and M. H. S.
Quarantine Officer. Colon.
Dr. Fleetwood Gruver. P. II.and M. IH.S..Qnar-
aimtiine Officer. Panama.
Dr. A. F Mayner, Acting Health Officer. Pan-
Dr. AM. E. Conuor. Health Officer. Colon.
Joseph A. LePrince, Chief Sanitary Inspector,
Headquarters, Enipire.
Edward J. Williauts, Disbursing Officer.
Wui. MI. Wood. Assistant Disbursing Officer.

Examination of Accounts.
Headquarters. Empire.
W. XV. Warwick, Examiner of Accounts.
Thomas L. Clear, Chief Clerk.

Purchasing Depart meant.
Headquarters. v lIhn,',: ai [., c
Capt. F. C. Boggs, U. S. A., General P'iur.
chasing Officer.
C. E. Dole. Chief Clerk.
Capt. Courtland Nixon. Purchasing .\Ac-ni .0
the Isthmus.
Maj. Weudell L. Simpson, U. S. A., r,,rhi-
ing Agent. 24 State Street, New York Cii
F. -. Nordsiek. Assistant Purchasiniig .i,,, I '.
State street. New York City.
S. E. Redfern. Assistant 'imrchasinM --.
Custom House, New Orleans. La.

Panama Railroad Company.
Headquarters, Colon.
(New York office. 24 State Street.'
H. J. Slifer, Assistant to the President. and
General Manager, Colon.
G. E. Geer. Assistant to the General i i,..i, r
R. Budd. Chief Engineer,
J. A. Smith. Superintendent.


The following is a list of the sailings ol tlI i ian
ania Railroad Steamship Company, of i ,. R : I
Mail Steam Packet Company, of the H .ii.,iurz-
American Line, and of the United Fruit C:,,i .
Line, the Panama Railroad Company's dl.i 1., ,i
subject to change:
Advauce...... ........P. R. RMoiday..... N:
Allianca...............P. R. R.Saturday ... N:
Prinz Aug. Wilhelun...II.-A.....Saturday.... N ..
Colon.................P. R. R.Thursday... N: 1I
Magdalena............R.-M.....Saturday.... :. 14
Panama...............P. R. R.Tuesday ... :. I"
Priaz Joachi.n .........H.-A.....Saturday.... .. I
Finance...............P. R. R.Mlonday..... N :
Orinoco ..............R.-M.....Saturday ..
Advance...............P. R. R.Saturday.... N .. :
Alliaiica............... P. R. R.Thursday.....Dec. 3
Prinz Aug. Wilhelm...Ht.-A.....Saturday......Dec. 5
Colon................. P. R. R.Tuesday .... Dec. 8
Atrato................ R.-IM.....Saturday......Dec. 12
Panami ............... P. R. R.Monday...... Dec. 14
Finance............... P. R.R.Saturday..... Dec. 19
Prinz Joachim ......... 1.-A.....Saturday ....Dec. 19
Advance.......... ....P. R. R.Thursday... Dec. 24
Trent.................. R.-M .....Saturday.....Dec. 26
Allianca...............P. R. R.Tuesday .... Dec. 29
All the steamers of the Hlamburg-American and
Royal Mail lines call at Kingston enroute to Colon.
Esperanza...... ......P. R. R.Tuesday ....Nov. 3
Finance........... .... R. R.Monday...... Nov. 9
Prinz Joachim ........ H.-A.....Tuesday ....Nov. 10
Advance...............P. R. R.Sunday...... Nov. 15
Orinoco...............R.-Kl.....Tuesday .... Nov. 17
Allianca ............... P. R. R.Friday.......Nov. 20
Prinz Aug. Wilhelm...II.-A.....Tuesday ....Nov. 24
Colon ........... ......P. R. R.Wednesday ..Nov. 25
Panama........... ....P. R. R.Mlonday...... Nov. 30
Atrato.................R.-M .....Tuesday .... Dec. I
Finance............... P. R. R.Sunday...... Dec. 6
Prinz Joachim ......... I.-A.....Tuesday ....Dec. 8
Advance............. P. R. R.Friday.......Dec. 11
Trent................. R.-M.....Tuesday .... Dec. 15
Allianca............... P. R. R.Wednesday ..Dec. 16
Colon ............. ....P. R. R.Mond:y......Dec. 21
Prinz Aug. Wilhelin..H.-M.....Tuesday ....Dec. 22
Panama...............P. R. R.Sunday...... Dec. 27
Tagus.................R.-M.....Tuesday ....Dec. .9
Finance........... ....P. R. R.Friday....... Jan. 1
Prinz Joachim ......... H.-A.....Tuesday ....Jan. 5
Advance..............P. R. R.Wednesday ..Jan. 6
Allianca..............P. R.R.Monday...... Jan. 11
Heredia ................U.F.C..Saturday.. ....Nov. 7
Cartago................. U.F.C..Saturday......Nov. 14
Parismina..............U F.C..Saturday......Nov. 21
IHeredia................ U.F.C..Saturday......Nov. 28
Parislmluna............... .F.C..Tuesday ..*..Nov. 10
Heredia.................U.F.C..Tuesday .... Nov. 17
Cartago .................U.F.C..Tuesday ....Nov. 24
Parisminaa..............U.F.C..Tuesday ....Dec. 1
Tagus...... ..........R.-M.....Tuesday ....Nov. 10
Magdalena ........... R.-M .....Tuesday .... Nov. 24
Orinoco............... R.-M.....Tuesday ....Dec. 8
Atrato...... ..........R.-M .....Tuesday .... Dec. 22
Trent..................R.-M .....Tuesday ....Jan. 5
Jamaican ........... Leyland Line..about..Nov. 22
Antillian............Leyland Line..about..Nov. 30



V'olumei II


The Canal Record

Punhli.a e reklIy uad c ; th1 aui .ir.tIy nad % ,u c r .,..,n ..,I .le

,1. ,, .r ,,, ,' % .. *,. ', I . r . ' i -,. .., ; "

r,, .. I ., ,-, , /.t, ,1; t, ,.i' ..ju .~., .,.

Address all Communrlcitions
Anicon, Cinl Zne,
Ithinmus )t Pjnjmj.
,'. ,.. . . ,. , ..,! -- j ., h ., ,.. '.


[)rede inI CUiri.-.I ite-..
T in" .ih pl,_r .lr. 1,;: .~,. '... :i ,n: ii] .i n-
r .i g :' [-._r..i t. nl.,:t :I-.- .--i ,i- lit .I i
m r:1 t~ i.'1 .: th r: P i'ii' i R Iro -1i Coi. -
i i, a 1t krl I,- on: 1ii l t .:r r k thI.
h t ._r ii tik lr. :,I ill t l'.:rr.:iin i .: ii ..
i a l b iid. rn l-o r.:rl I',l. -ill. the:1a i: i ",;3r,

i: bt .._ .i n.'. .m-i,: ,:t r hilr., rh ail .- atii1,
,. jr'tc ,:,1 .,lh:r m[ .l r il d th t hi ,._c,d
,irre.pp inim tl e v -r in llt : pr-.:.- ., 1
l.-, r un, ,-.r aiunli .t A- ,iiji.l .. I rili.
m ti _riil i .:.t 'L|I i 'i a ..: In i .ll:.l b rth._
.r .lg ,_ ."'i t k n .' Iu 1.,. r mii th.i..l a..irj
.:bl- 'li nI Tlr lt.r._, -1 Im-- t .' r 'i-en .r
1i. : rIll.. L i F.',',: 1 irinh : -li,' I lie ,;li n n lI
Jl .:.n 1._ l ,:l r h.1. ,irl d ill 1.,.,1 .- p._ i:. t - .
L ,id:- r ,r._ a : r .''. '.l ti PIZ r :ll.:e r-.i_..
nll!t..r, .hich hll n li, te ,i r.hl ,-in Ith.
I'._. t ,.. : ,-f th e C ,l -..,l.,i,,) ,t : .I 1-.-.:
in rii i l i' -truci j 1:,t ,- -,I' r-,c:k t !
l -t ,*.: k and lurrh._r ,1r.. ..i i th 1,i I.-
Ca itl., ..:31m nl .,- .i,]:. thi rw'ck ,,3
t .:, h .r i.- h ,.it ,r1 a l ..i ld :r ,r.,_dg.t iii.d
.i'. rI [i,. r ilh zt ri l, l- l ,:l.:- | .i *. t.r
-.r th,: ,tr. _,]'i r- .,rk *' ._r 1 Ir._ .\'r ,

Catnl ,-n th.: .'.. tr, _ibrllI r,..
w\ ..rhl a. I7arnin D.I iI.
Th : rr.-:k t-,-: at the: ul. trr.'iI -,r ; .uthl .n.1
r'l C" itan I mll 1 'l ': Ur i tlr ill? l: :. ltli li
,i. :.. ,l _,I *,.11 al I @.,, lr:c l sb .- ,, : *c 1 _. _.1.

iu, run, graduai!l up t.,- ir liglh;:,i point
It It-:n, i Ircm l th_, 1.1 lin.: .,-t IhI: Panaimr-
rlilr-aid I)o t :- =pill,,a.,.. \\'h cn ,m rpl t._.1
lth t.)c v.ill ,e 1 t 1. : ilt .- ] '' t, [_l i -
along it; n litire I:nl It rh l iz. ,-:l1- r a'I tr,<
th _e .al.I,- Tll, trn lu,- ill,]im- pI.r',tp.r
baut i; ,'llv a retii0n: Z A a>ll Ir,-.r the dr.d- ed
material which .vill i.rmn tllhe in Be.r.n 1
the 'p ll'.i '_: n, l ,lumi p hi, bl-':c

-t irt.1i aln,: tliI, ., *r diversion of the Chag-
rcz Ri -._r. 1,,tl..i from the line of the
rod,l, t,.: -,-utli. -rI t.-, the limit of the fill it
I, pro:pr,' .-: r: ,ii-akl .)n this toe. The toe
*:in n:t I,. '.nIT.,i across the west di-
*,-i- .i.n iL til rh- .::,,i.:rete work in the spill-
,ij i. niii-bed l -,.. the high water line of
tiI- nr.:r
tp,,:,i ir.,ii Lhii .:ut at Mindi is being
,i-,u, .:,- ,:,i th.i iin.rth toe of the dam, and
thi- ire jil:2 i i:-uiing something of the
app'-arnr,.:- t .ill have when completed.
The ,itimp v..1 1-e --\tended clear across the
-._ib., .3iij -., lr in-rith that it will include
til:- r:ro.urdI .. it ..lch the Gatun Island ho-
t-.l I-.::-t._.l r-_t.t- een these two toes, a
dl-in:-.: .,1I 1..;' i--::1. the hydraulic fill will
.e mrJ.i, -r. in .ith:ir i words, the dam proper
'... 11 I..: ..: .Jt .- .
ThI- url'.vrerin..' -:i the old bed of the
t'hiIre-. b-t,.'.-. the two toes, is almost
:,.npl:t-.1 ini, it ill be possible in a few
..-k: t-, I.-.;;u i:-- work of scraping the
I ._r ,I i:1, lr.-,iii ill- bottom The whole
I mn -it: nill 1he c:lered of the loose earth
-.:,, .ring I.-f_.:.r._ thi hydraulic fill is begun.
L..-.,l.1 i i I'or Porto Bello.
r:i "-ijll l.::.,tiii es for use in the stone
,*iurri-: Jt P.,-rt.:, Il-1o arrived on the Istli-
Ir- *1:- k aiidi ,ere loaded on barges,
ind. hiv. I.-ven t.:, -.-0- to Porto Bello. They-
Jtn.i lr..n- i H J I'.:,rt-r & Co., of Pittsburg,
n -, r. enit t.:, thi I ;thmus knocked down.
Il., ill t -.:r.::i.-I at Porto Bello. The
I..-min, r.'.:- ar-. .I li-t general type used in
,ucih r .'.:- in lh.- United States. They
hI-a'.-.- a l-t 6.1in:h .z iuge, wheels 40 inches
in ,.l n:l: r. ,:., I,'. rr- 50inchesby 20 inches,
-in I I-. r- i:crr;,inz 160 pounds pressure.
Thli- ..ill ,'-:irk irin, the quarry to thestone
.ri I. r Ot .:r ad- from 2V2 to 3 per cent
'-. i r"*, ee .-truction track. They are
- ,Iairpe.I th in air brake rigging. It is
l.,.-i .._.iiI lh -', Ill t.._- in service by the mid-
., .-1 i.i,.:. ril.- r
N,:vw C-..r-zal Road.
\\',rl- ,ir ill-- ii-:.v highway from Panama
ti- C-,r-,:il i .. 11 un-ler way. The road bed
haj- i..:n pri]ctic:ll all graded, 12,033 cubic
\'vr I i ..1t: h.:..n nioved during October.
i'li- r.ad 1.- :ii iii- Sabanas road about
A.- lil- Zet ithir-. qu-irters of a mile) front
thi. C.I.-lniit Ir._:-.. Panama, and the dis-
ti].:, Irwti tte .rr.m'.iis road to Corozal sta-
.:.i i 1 1. -i"", .i::t about three and one
quirr r ,nil.-_. 1nwking the distance from
Cilde.l.nii br.,Ig.. Pniama, to Corozal station
miiii-t :'. a;ctl, lur miles. The governing
r I. : thrre- [p.r c--nt, with short stretches
.i a v:l-t:[r cr i.: it i few hills. The road-
l.._ i '.22 I..t '.I,. 'ir.h a ditch 4 feet wide
'i- .:ai:h ..,ic, inkng t.he width of the right
,f 1. .," 3" I.._t
Tite mnci.c in section of the road will be
Sii.:h~:- rhiclk aii 16 feet wide. Crushed

stone front Rio Grande is being used. It is
delivered on the road by a spur track from tlhe
Panama railroad, at a point about one and a
half miles front Corozal at the highest point
on the road, thus giving the wagons dis-
tributing the stone a down hill haul in both
directions. About 1,200 feet of stone have
been "'spread and a steam roller will begin
work this week. It is thought the road will
be completed in a few months.

October Record of Track Shifters.
The five track shifting machines in the
Central Division during the month of Octo-
ber moved a total of 415,858 feet, or 78.8
miles of track. In the Tabernilla district
track shifter No. 5 moved 110,200 feet or
20.9 miles, and No. 8 moved 70,064 feet or
13.3 miles. Track shifter No. 7 moved
121,076 feet in the Gorgona district and
4,158 feet in the Empire district, a total of
125,234 feet, or 23.7 miles. No. 9 shifted
39,212 feet of track on the Miraflores dumps
and 6,388 feet in the Empire district, a total
of 45,600 feet or 8.6 miles. No. 6 shifted
58,160 feet of track oni the La Boca dumps
and 6,600 feet in tihe Empire district, a total
of 64,760 feet or 12.2 miles. Of the total
of 415,858 feet of track shifted, 180,264 feet
or 34.2 miles, were moved in the Tabernilla
district, 121,076 feet, or 22.9 miles, in the
Gorgona district; 17,146 feet or 3.2 miles in
the Empire district; 39,212 feet or 7.4 miles
on the Miraflores dumps, and 58,160 feet or
11 miles on the La Boca dumps.

New Record for Ladder Dredges.
A new dredging record was established
for ladder dredges inl the month of October,
when the ladder dredge XVo. I of the Atlan-
tic dredging fleet excavated 168,796 cubic
yards of material. The best previous record
for ladder dredges was made in March by
the Gopher of the Pacific dredging fleet,
which took out 168,375 cubic yards. No. 1,
the dredge that now holds the record, was
working during October in the channel in
Limon Bay and the material handled was a
mixture of mud and rock.
The grand total of material excavated by
the dredges in October was below that of
previous months owing to several of the
dredges being laid up for repairs. A com-
parison shows:
Ci. Yds. Cu. Yds.
March ... ....... 1,330.167 August...........1,375,991
July.............. 1,321,667 September........1,374,85b
This comparison does not take into con-
sideration a certain amount of dredging done
each mouth that is not counted as Canal
excavation. For instance, in October, a 20-
inch suction dredge working in the channel
to the Gatun handlingdocks took out 57,638
cubic yards of material which was not
counted in the total of Canal excavation.
This performance is noteworthy because the


No. 11.



dre'lpe l ~ i1han.hlln L- a .er hlr, .:l hhI ll
re:'i: : tle .l, e -I, .:itner iiiu.:li i rul.her
wC.ul Thelic i jit rial 1: tiikel i Out III luh i ip
as lar:.- i: a minI : F. t. -I.: .:h .r .:ter ..I
the ,Irtle li b1i:.- nithch mi :r.1 ,lill:ult iln
the d]re.-] e .: ,le-'c rie, I... ,.l \ nl h11.:1
ex.:.- l .:.1 tllh e tre - ...I (, 1 lie la L .L i. s i-
sion r1 e ...:.r,` i'i I- l l i C 1 il l I .ri-m ill
Liin rn 'Pa' r iII the dcliniinil Ire .]. iii,.-
in tile l.:.re .:1 ,lie i I. l.l-_r ilr -l :.
. 7.'. 1 3 : jl, l l. *:.ut ejrth l r.:.,:l lhe
di-Fp-r ireice- .C 111 .1.' ,. ere
workTli.I roi eti i ii r.::- 1 ;. in-1 thie rne I'.
in5 c:h =u .:i,:o ir :. .'. ,' .1- ..-.rl i2
in hll The nle -.:tl.-IIr :. : r lr .: nl,
thl I l ter p.r' 1 .1 .I : Inl llth. i I th e i ..,ili.
su :t:i n .Ir l. . ... 3 j.I 1 '.:rk.
inl; il : I.:'r n crr 1 repilr- lie 1-::'tbcr
re.:.:. l I.:r i .ll ti tl i: i t.:, l i rli.:. '.

S-. I 1,

Ci- i - i I

20- .m l ,. r ;

T i:ir i eet .s il :. l n -
per, I ill I a l; rie[,jln t.: lire .lI
th- ,rilz ,- The lilcr ,rrer. ,: ..'. .I 1l
not l.' II "..r l: I I':1"1b:r ritil TIe e._ninr'
of lie I'P th Thile l lid er ,lrelee .\' .'/ i
laiI up I:,u. ,l : ni d the lipp. er i lrcr.ce.
three ,-1 ," T he re1 i l.:.,l|.:,l :

T ir tII ir I.: I, I ,1

Cll ul-,r- t i ti .' I ",I

it. t .I r 'i"I *:. I i" .tl : 1 ." e

Conir ii i:-. .I '1.
.A1 ldent l the ,' .'lli.
T he tu L'L .''" *:r the ci'J.:it: 11-Cet tru.:l;
a ui1bmnerl'ce:1 pile ati the Iart..r ,:,. [., [!:,: .
Oct.:l-er I' T' lie pile i i nnel l im t.:i l- prt.:
pellcr iin' bi:- le tli e =hi lt :.IT .:1.:ii .- up t.:
th - liz, l I l'h,:1-. : :i t,:ii dl t. t TI le Ih- .:h
at i l i ieni :.: i=lt di .lt ere =i e : ,i % .ei .:i e'r .
the i[Alit t -I :1u1. i lld t11 11,:l u ],le :e:l
up Sihe %, : Litern ,br,-,] ht to: the il :llone
sh,:.p lherei h i.-- hll i ,. I- ,,l le.- i p,:l i m.arc
wll' el > ,put ,:'
IPr,,plrin T I'.)r r. llll11 C.,l.i r: r Wrk.
.\ little I.el,:, lie lin ,: :. 1 h ,: i :r t1i t,:,,:
of CG 1 il 1[ im ] I1.:h u TI.I ,Ir. .l c: I
n 1u_ ; i1 tih .;l: -t .tel t.:, Ilie :* 1 .:*: tile ,I-..: :
at Ii.:hi mrn -i:-rial I.:.r tile l...:k ll i.e t.-.re.
andi liiirnll _:
.4 I- .1 ,i : : j .:. tlle !r -in' .:l| u: I.. nli re.d -"
that h 3al .:e n e.[ irn 1he C.:,l:.il .:tri:t m
ta en r .': N .:min bre .ie I ..:,=. h here it I- t.: .
u s..ed l..r dell.r.-. : r i: li t.: l .. -. ..hl: ._'l
w ill tI.-. it I.:. tlie ,:,:' .,:rete hli il'lln plaiit jl
G a Iiin I r-i : i ', ._re n i :,r, 1 ,.,I T h ir1 -
da', Ii.'hl l.mt thle trct' m : 1A : colnkl illn ;i:
fee t .:'. I .-% Ier T here i -.,::1 lirli,:,r il
N c,1mbre .:1 lI.-., ,ut the Ir,-l e ",I- ,:'t

r.,,:ir', n n .e:w -r,; -- i,-,i T ilere I :
Lbeeio leir :.l t,:,rm TIra [ill. *Ir. -- ,1.
h :H-c l :11te Ine 11 lh : ri' ii ,11i ] I i i.rth:. t.
i.nt tile ,-,rm ,-'I Thur--l ir .'lt .: lrte tr.:nl
'hlie I03r;th '.e: *\ I r : ul:,-t Ulh nriI l it Lth :
C:.- -- itl -.n ai t I'.-.rt.:. I'iel l.. are r ,h i li lli
r,:,l:; c, n h> ,lelaerel hi- er *r il I: ilnt I
r 1- l .:I 1 1 i z I i ie r. lI il ll l t ie > 1 I
I I, iI,-t I I I ch I i I, t t l1 1tE -r et I. ,Ii
he--. M.',ut .I r 1. I1"-1 it 1: .r-:p' :'.,
t.: -tjri tile c ii-n rete .' -rk 1 I i h =pill a i

IProi) .-a I'.:.r C *r-:-. 'i l I olli'll -e.
eale_ pr..r..-'.:-: i -l b1e 1re.:,i .et l i i tii-
'i.: i. .:'l Tile t 'Li r.:I i rll L. elir. I :l 111i i i
lC i i .l .-ni i, II -i.:n ;'I :.,iIt I I.:.., Ct l '.1
z:'tie. ui ltil 11 i 1 ti. ['t, ,lr.-I N ..r -.e i i.r I r .
1 '1 .1-: ti I il b r, p, 1 t : I:, ten r .r
I lie e re .: .:' t. e:.:' r :t I -:'l I I ..:. r. :.rni -.:h ,:. ,:.l-
h.-.i e t C.:.::. r l j- I l / -. eI T lie C'.:.I -
Il i :; 1:.11 = Lir I l rr ill in t lr i it the e c
,*I the ir :,rl i eI ithe *:.-intr i.:t.:.r : re iti ir l
it:. prl :.r t i e i ll I b -, r 'lll: i l i l.:dl'.. a I .:. 11
: I lte /.-J t i:illt e. up :-0 1 ., Ipl':.ili.n t.- llhe
Fir. itilect i .u. lel .ri .. lep :C'' *:II r N l : r,-
-lit eri t.:' I n- re l eir r ielit r n.
ri: -h I' rl'ier i'i- i t :: i':i.:i .pl.. l. Il pTr. .i i l
t ilt *:1:h ,*: =I- *:'r ill,:'1. :r.ler l:r '-
1 L 'I ir ii i 'ee thl t :: l t ill 1ie -Ilteir li
I t.:. n 1 l :1 .,:,:e ==~- .l bi' l' I r I Ie i- re
,quirel to:, ,lep : '- '" I : :, .lt,:,ne l uip.-.n tlle
l i l l ll er l.-1r n I :ie ,_'t thl e ..-t ,itr i.:t.
il e C .:.r i n ; -i n,: ,1 r e z r th.- e r l T hI t I ,: re .
le.:l :i i.. :r ill p r.:.- p i - :' r i.:. i.:.:ept illi
,r:- ,.:.:i- -i I i It ; .. ieei -E '] I t ll itCere t,
ni t.. i '.e iz .:t: .:.r in t-,ri I ltlI : in pr- :-

O-'l-., -) tr l'.:.li -.' i] itrt.
T h- l).:l-.l. rr rep..rt :1 thill C l'C *:l [ ['.:II.:e
I -' lhi t 4 C er= -.ni i.=pre.e'tti ." 44
,:.u iirlie-. ere :rre te.Ji I1 le CJin l ZC I le
I l rl lr m I ,1 l l .:. L1 ]1 TC iIe 1 l : : r :i e I: ,:
I I' .:.r iIe I i-n -)ith there 1,i in. In eeni 03 "
.rr' :t: i1 ,-pteriul.. : r iO f T lie -1 p-er .:.ii :
irrecz- I. ) :, I ere riteri i ,l 3- :re ...-in :n.
arid tihe v.-re > itr,,'.,l ,. ,.llter, .:.
lelin e ; T hle ,ere *., :.1 -- : .n the I.:- .
,-,I tl e Z.Mie ; ,:1. ,,. : i]e .n 3 ., I. 1 S
b u: n 3.. 3 L I, : 1 2,: C .,:., 1. I. I ,-r.-, I
1:tel 1. 1 ll: ire 'I [I r 1 II:, .. 23. C ulel_,r i
II E .n p ire. ':. ]. i- C .. .: ,I -. 1 :. [,, : :) .l.i .:.
11: C,:.r .-.ii o 3. .- ,,i [ i' l ,:.. 1'. 'I ilern ill,
22. F r.I,-.le=. 2 r:.:,li .,. ',. i-, rm, 3 C nr -i,:,"
bal M'.*. A.\n .,urp, tp ..I tile T lierill ip F.. .:e
:1 1,it]:,1 .:n : e.tc l'.l:^ e.i it F rii' r :le- ,, ,I ,) t .-
1ber I Jin' '..v 1 i '[l j -e[) r.r te .,tl,:,
in ,:hl r ie ..I l'r lT..: -: p -.[ :.:in .n .:,h ',:t.:.
ber 11 T li_ t.:.. Il e Tf., : .e p. li.:e I.:.r.:e ..i
,'T.,:l'ler "1 10 .', i i I (lh. [ i rol: 1 inl,:,ulitiez l

't- e ein :-. ,,er1e triz i ti tl ic i ,:,:i rtn .
1'2 I .,.hi :h %,ere dh Iill : == 1 1-3 ..:i1ti.1uel
In.d t i h lh .:.:.ti i.:11.:,i= .-re mc.:,ire.1
'I)I tli. I p er --, = ,::,r :r e, I 2 ,re. li,-_l.
I re,-. e:d a i l1 entenc::, '. ;re 1 'l :i:h::
',-, th, I p, i en i r. I -r o: te ,e r c, :i i. ii,-I
o:n-= Tper :.t I.:.rle te. i lii h 1l'. it :I l :1 c .n
,. I:t : .-re .1,I, .r,- _,? Ir,:. it pti l ire li i .-r ',
:lt ri I. z e nt :.. ilh le- I 1e I im Il l .- -: 1 113 n
thle- ,- iltr- r n :t ':t:,er .-. 'I lie i 1ni.id1er
."- ,im:trl .:t p r.m.-ier- :m thle .s im e .1 I'-: j3-
12 '. I I..r me I:. 'I l.:.r 1lle rn .- iIt T he
'.3al e *:'I 'V' Or p er l:r-iilel I. ,:,n I'\: .,' it
r:,.j, : et.: I .* '4-, %., T here I* :r 1
.i it1 ; I, 1 :l w nr.:e rc'', ir, i1 c vr ].:,n 1, tle
,:-,ro:ner .d' rl i:i thlle v:.inth N ilie -.I the ei
,deith : -.ere h:,-el I,. e -pl.:' l,:'nl .- I ., iii .
lnitle. llre,_ ,. r ilr,-,d .:.:].lenlt u nh t .. j:
b:, d.r.v'. nin;


E \e' llent II :'.lilll Ci ini I!c-,n-
.\N:,:N. C Z N.-,.emnier I0, 1 "'5

L' ,- ; . ; I "
Sir: 1 hli r- I ili [-:r ir.l ti e r ipor l *:.1 llie
S:. r1 .eht ,,I a 1 1 1 ..r th,1 e m i-,-r it .1 I
v(_-', .,er. I '-, -.
11l.- He3 ,ll ,-on, l1 .r.nl tip.. llie i h -,. ,.re,
I I im il;. m ,:=t .- .:ellent. th..n i.h lthle r1:, r te
11 l .-1 Ij leli lI li .-a r i It 11a: ine in
pre'.:iou- e-ar; The rate .:.r tie p-= t [ rI ee
' --ir=. m -. I: I rlli Se pT.eim ber ia r l I o:t:i er.
Ire .- :.11.: :

r .'

.i .:.., i r I I' i '' -,

'": ill -ee Ir :lni thi1 L i l.- 1,i.- l. .:Ill the
*rii il-r *: l i.:; C-rL. lh ii- r lie I l ier ili tir .
t.:.l.-r lth n l i Septil er. The ri er:e
,:,,::urre- l i- tllie pr c.:eni -: I .e r `.
T hil.: .* i lli r te ,: I the .,r,.- 1 i er,
I-: I =l, .:.-" i T i :,tjl te Ir.-. iil il
' ul -e- I elnil 3. 1.uIt *:' I ill I-.-i] ,' %. -
,lue t-. l- I e =e ,:'.ii.i ,ni- l : ti he le.:ilr ei ar
i: t.:, l l i, .'- th ; dui e [t.--::, ,l i e. .,_ h the

[ .:., 1. F h., h ",1I

i',, .- ,,' :.i. r ".1 I1 2 1
I I I :i
T -i1 -. the -_ ,tli r e Ir.-, -i e =e il l t le
.-.r.:e ,.rinl i lie .i-,t ilct.-..er i: lu st 1.i .:.ut
.-.le-: l *:,l I '. i 1 In '
The nl l I t I.:: dilti T ii.:t.r e er. I.-.r .:-
t.:.b .er ,ere inot: : -:.."' :: ini c'p.te fiber. i i
le :,ll,:, '.ni l lc ,:r'r..- T hi- t bible : HI I..-

up Ire -i pl.:. .. i.- inni l1>2 li F-,pi ei t-

I r,: il t i i 1t.1e ,.-u .ill :e.: thl t nIT I
:,'ijller l.:,r,:e e ]h : 1 .11- nJi .re c :e : ,:,1 111 -
1jrij 1] ,t,:lI.-'":r th r in i ll :epteu Ler Il' k-
ii1 1, T- p i-t hr.'e .ejr-. i -.l. .:.jmI .lerIln j
,_.: .:.l .e c 1, i e th e il .: '. .. :
'.1 .:.l ... i .r I' : -r
.'.. I .-.r .I I "I

\ ie It h e i ,r h i : it.:. 3:e a ':' ,_I:, Ij le er =-l]':e
M .. '= Illh :,h, It it el.i:' t l eril p.:'.'it-
i,-rih nli :,:,ni ,:,1 u- Thcr"e hli: b c: ii -v ,
,'. :e ,:,r Ibul,,:'n : ,pl ne l i n,_:e .,lu] u: 1tO o .
'l :ll, l lh II : ,: _',:_: l rr1 ll 11 G-:l-1', i t ll i ,1 ,i ,
1.1, :. [ :.: 1 :. h, u "lt L[ G_",l.l ,,r i ,:, h Ill. .ol ler
\',e i .e hI el r.: I3 e -:,1 :1ll -p.:, tt .tir
ti e TpI.=t., e "ar
.er: e pet ll. ..:ur .

The I..:.l, .ilit, = ltu:ue.iu i"-':i; bre lker,
T l ,:li i -I i ." ere.:ce. .ar t1,_ [.-\' r! :,,: ei rihie
:l.:.p,= 1 :- l iau ._hed it l'-:.-:'11... _* C1iIl.er :..
T he ...rk .-.I hii:m llin thile l..-.ler. ]l h: .
i,]i r-inI i: iv-.. in prI :. re-

.At 111ral.:.re: 'lum p[ in O.:t.:t.her the three
L l Le1r,.:..:.: unii:.der= ,:. lA C _-,itral [ 'i i -
:*1:i "1l.:.ide.l r- pie.:tl cl:. 1 1 1 -hI
214 tr i ri n i .:.It r ,:, o" I rif .il j :, ':' =e e Ci iee i
',,. ird cIr : e .:li The mn it,-ril tiu:.
hlijille *' qual, -.'1.ii' ', nrdJ; c:ir nica =lre-



T'ie PrIe-idelil' P, .cIl0 nation.
,, i " ,* .J S > ": ..merica: A

I-lnl e j/ii tille I-e .:,: .3t hind when,
.CC -.riI : t1 tl I he ine lt cu- C .:.Il' of our
i.:.:.pl ic t 1 i .i-C --l- thel .Ut ,:.i tli, President
t .: arp'iint 1 i I,. ,.. p .r .r ,iil '.i. thanks-
'i 2 G_..-
V-e r b1. .e- r hl i ill:.n r:.%i : in strength
nil ..':.rl.ll p.,'.er [iDur th C Tenturyand
a ,]Lilrtlr thit hi- clip-.I -lite *:.ur entry
nt.:, the circle .:.l inde.cindnt pe'-oples we
hi.e 2r.:. .n a,..i 'ro:.'pere.d in mn aerial l things
ir. ai .i-e c ne'.er Ik. :,.. A I .'--re and not
n.. kn':. in in'. 'tliher c':.unltr The thir-
teen c.:.:.h I Ihc h -tru L l: 1 -,I n the sea-
c..it .:. tile \tlantic .anl '.'. iine h:mmed in
but a I nlil' v.- we- I ti- ie i.r by the
n.li.iiin-h u jul, e .. I.lcri,.- -- I i -.c I.een trans-
I.:.rnle.l int -. the i-n'.-htet- re['jA:.lic which
tili ..':.rl 'l i r ii It -I 'J n ,*i stretch
icr,:.- l the c:'itin'nt Ir'.:.I :.n. itr. the other
r-1 the ti ,.:. -r.at--t 'i .c-ih i. T I in exercises
.h-.m. al,:.n alike in ithi- .\rctil aid tropic
realin- tithe e'r.:.o h at, I1 caillt i d popu-
l.at..i hli'- -ur[.a--e-.l e'ln lthe rowth in
terrilt.:.r N.. -r'- elein Ith w'irld is the
. r-ert, c r ,n l .I'lJl c'.lI.:.rI aild m material
i-. eln-be a: l ~i.- h a in :.u- r :.rtiiunite land.
1F.:.r the cr'. r ia-,.i thli t I. mai irial well-
Ie'in. .'.e' h .e i llh il-.un ii.,l owe it to
lihe '.Im ..chit. t -h.:... equal pr.:.;_re-sin moral
ainld -pirIli.al thili '.\'lI nlt,:.n, as with
a ll... nlu '- r,h.:. ai Lik u .i i ui.:.i d m material
v.Iell- e1nL ] in Im.ihl-.pen_.ll ,l:.undation.
But the foundation avails nothing by itself.
That life is wasted, and worse than wasted,
which is spent in piling, heap upon heap,
those things which minister merely to the
pleasure of the body and to the power that
rests only on wealth. Upon material well-
being as a foundation must be raised the
structure of the lofty life of the spirit if this
nation is properly to fulfill its great mission
and to accomplish all that we so ardently
hope and desire. The things of the body
are good; the things of the intellect better;
but best of all are thethings of the soul; for,
in the nation., a in the individual, in the
Io:... ril it I- ch.iar.:ter that counts. Let us,
there I.rc ai p..:.lle set our faces resolutely
ia,iii-t e'. il a,.i ,.i.th broad charity, with
kin.lhlii-- in'i -'::lI will toward all mein,
but ..,thi LiliichI,: determination to smite
d.:.'.*i, ..-r.:.!: -tri e with all the strength
thli i- i. n u- t.:.r righteousness in public
. di I1 [I ,'r. p ro i e
N.:... theril.:.re. I, Theodore Roosevelt,
i're-i:nt .-:. th1 ill- ted States, do set apart
Thur=.l.i. th. 2loth dlay of November next,
i- I .*l.. .:.I zenr cl thanksgiving and prayer,
and on thlt i*.'- I recommend that the
pc.:.ple -hall ceiae trom their daily work,
in1 in thlir li-.ifc or in their churches,
in-meet l'outlr. tr. thank the Almighty for
tle manr. and gre-t blessings they hive re-
ceve. i tlh- p i-t, and to praythat theymnay
be .1- c,| -tr-enth -.:i to order their lives as
t.. de:-er'.e c-iinnuiaition of these blessings
in ille IltLilne
In wItIle-- ..liereif, I have hereunto set
mI lhin.i an. caiu-e-. the seal of the United
State-_ r. be alf e.l.
Done at lte.:i,t, ,- Washington this thirty-
firsl ia;. ci O.:t,-'btcr in the year of our Lord

one thoa.san:l nine hundred and eight, and
of the in lp ntEnce of the United States
the one hundred and thirty-third.
By the President.
- AlveyA. Alcr. Acting S'cretay o'of State.

Culebra Beached for Repairs.
While turning in the new channel at La
Boca, about two months ago, the port pro-
peller wheel of the dredge Culebra struck a
reef, and three of the blades were broken.
Since that time it has been working with the
damaged wheel. As there is no dry dock on
the Pacific side of the Isthmus large enough
to dock a vessel of the size of the Culebra it
was necessary to beach her in order to put
on a new propellor wheel. This was done
on Naos Island at high tide on the morning
of November 8. The old wheel was taken
off at low tide and a new wheel put on at
the next low tide. The vessel was floated
at high tide on Monday morning and re-
sumed her work in the afternoon, after coal-
ing at La Boca.

Canal Zone Schools.
The second meeting of the teachers of the
Canal Zone Public Schools was held in the
Ancon school building, Saturday, Novent-
ber 7. There were present twenty-two white
and twenty colored teachers, the teachers
in the white schools meeting in the morning
from 9 to 12 o'clock, and the teachers in the
colored schools meeting in the afternoon
from 2 to 5 o'clock.
According to the general plans for work
in these meetings the first part of each ses-
sion was devoted to a discussion of problems
connected with schoolroom organization and
class management, and the second part was
given over to a discussion of the contents of
the different subjects in the present curric-
ulum and the methods of teaching them,
special emphasis being placed upon the sub-
ject of reading. As a basis for the work
of the second part of each session of the
meetings, the teachers had prepared before-
hand an assignment in "McMurray's Method
of the Recitation" on the subject of read-
ing. The larger part of the time was given
to discussing those difficulties in reading
which are peculiar to the schools of the Zone.
In the session for the white teachers, con-
sideration was given to the monthly reports
made out by the teachers, and to a method
for avoiding tile frequent loss in time to the
children, consequent upon the numerous
tr, n ;fers that are made from school to school
in the Zone.
In the meeting of the colored teachers
most of the first part of the session was
given over to a discussion of devices and
methods for increasing the percentage of
attendance and for avoiding the present
great amount of tardiness.
The school for white children opened Oc-
tober 1, and the total attendance for the
month of October, 22 school days, was as
follows; Cristohal, 1,959; Empire, 1,498;
Ancon, 1,405; Gorgona, 1.338; Culebra, 1.257;
Las Cascadas, 934V2; Colon Beach, 743V2;
Gatun, 5981/2; Pedro Miguel, 491: Paraiso,
4611/2. The daily average for the highest
week's attendance for the combined schools
was 509.
The schools for colored children also
opened October 1, and the following was
the total attendance for the month: Cristo-

bal, 2,317; Culebra, 2,014V2; Empire, 2.054;
Gorgona, 1,5291/2; Matachin, 1,362; Mount
Hope, 975/;2: Paraiso, 898; Bohio, 757, Ta-
bernilla, 729; San Pablo, 578V2; Pleya de
Flor, 550/2; La Boca, 505V2; Cruces, 527V2;
Las Sabanas, 265W. The daily average for
the highest week's attendance for the comn-
bined schools was 785.
The average daily attendance for October,
1907, was: White children, 243; white and
colored children combined, 880.
There are two high schools on the Zone,
Culebra, with a class of 11, and Cristobal,
with a class of 9. Of the 11 pupils at Cule-
bra, 5 are from Empire, 3 from Ancon, 2
from Culebra, and 1 from Pedro Miguel.
Of the 9 pupils at Cristobal, 3 are from Gor-
gona, 2 from Gatun, 2 from Cristobal, 1
from San Pablo, and 1 from Colon. In
October. 1907, there were five pupils enrolled
in the high school, and, at the close of
October, 1908, there were 20 enrolled.
Owing to the unexpected increase in num-
ber of pupils, the shortage of high school
text books, and the insufficient time in which
to obtain teachers fitted for the work, the
range of studies has been somewhat re-
stricted. However, it has been arranged so
that each pupil has four subjects not before
La Boca Ontfall Sewer.
The outfall of the sewer at La Boca has
been moved, as it was surrounded in its old
location by the dumpsat that place. A trench
was dug under the railroad tracks to Pan-
ama Bay, the outfall pipe was laid in the
bottom of the trench and co.-ered with
concrete, the concrete covering being used
as the floor of an open culvert built in the
same trench to which all the surface drain-
age in La Boca is carried, as the old French
drainsand those built by the Department of
Sanitation areconnected with the new outlet.

Isthmian Baseball League.
Meeting of the Isthmian Baseball League
was held at Empire on Sunday, November 9.
It was decided to have a league of four
teams, consisting of Ancon, Empire, Gor-
gona, and Motive Power and Machinery of
Culebra. The league will open on the 20th
of December, and the number of playing
dates will be 30. The next meeting will be
held in the office of the president of the
league at Culebra on Sunday, November 15,
and an election of officers will take place at
that time.
Indoor Baseball.
The I. 0. R. H. indoor baseball team of
Cristobal desires to arrange games with other
indoor baseball teams on the Isthmus. The
members, all of whom are under nineteen
years of age, are: Sanford MacSparren, Har-
old Delevante, William Russell, George
Smith, Ernest Wurdeman, David Russell,
and Andrew Cartwright. All communica-
tions should be sent to Harold Delevante,
secretary and treasurer, care of R. I. S. P.
Co., Colon.

The dipper dredge of the Pacific dredging
fleet at La Boci has been taken off the work
in the Canal prism and is dredging a chan-
nel at the new unloading dock for the ships
of the Union Oil Company. The channel
will be 600 feet long, 120 feet wide, and 38
feet deep at mean tide.


\Y'.[L. n'L Clubl .,iTl Ollier F'enllur -.
T"lie [illo "-.. i11 cir- iiail lltt tm- r\.ll (i-g
to.lb-rr .31 I-, the P r", [r .--Iuitl : nl c 1.1
Rccr-I aItic c-i k Ir.- ll t.* i llo-t \>.-]cinte
Club na l. ne of lle mor *i 0--i l- itiirr
llat h l.i-A en o r .1 i i.i the club r'.-:i iii .\
niuni L. -r o:Cl L.0 1 Irioi:i, l'.i ra -.> ai other
po t-i ; :. ] ihe I -ii. v c tr re-reil. Tu he c ul
ro.orn tr.e -.-co .ri ied -ail p-lc .ie .l bun-
i:-- Ior the ,occi.ron A pr or icocnCi-l.n ,
ol a 1ttl c.:tic'u]n m ineti cr; 1 lthe
W -.. .in'-" Clib. V.:o ni'-. rcil .t :i1= .nrd othiier
r u icil e .'lecti: -'a= l ge.- n sim plr c rie-
f" ;.hnln :ilE; w,.'.r- wr.r ].1 ].n the a. On i nnq

I e II, '.' c l b irHe c>r ondIH .1 o h : a.g h i ii i llh0
arri mii lc : for i b .i i. r t[:. 1 t ri %r. -n in hti"-
clob ro:,:i. N ,'oi, t r 14 Fainc, article ,
s ltr.-,bic I-: er C i-hrlt i ra : -illt-. .'ik w- an ]
cauiii.h- .ill b r-C :,t1l.M :t l ier i r- .ill b-
a p p v bi. ,l -It. 1'.:cr ir' [ c ile . i.u i
spr-:iral L:-:Ibooth rc iln- lrcn 'I I prc,r,:cr d- .:1
th-e u.lct %i ill bl *-tir--l.. lc :ti d.l t o ilth
Chftm-itt tUd t

lirii -tuli.-------ii-----r vitliii~
"The- Culcbra \\'orn'.- :n Club: Ihl- re-cu-.
..ir meuiniq mith n lectimn of ol' :r o n
TI ,uir -:lA No e iLcr .. hen t- h : a I :l In Ic
obicert v.'- r+ e\l'.c \t Pre'ri d':,r tll. i t Ir E lI
Pillen, re.-clcti-l, t. i _e-pre:*id.l-: nt. C ;Ir i \k
1P \ healer, :ecretart. Mrw. \''m H iller,
r.--eleced.. ireai ir:-r :Nr; Robert '\k e ld r
Th-e oiricN-. .ill -erv' a r h :.ic I c -r Ile
club hit r1he uc .. -i it d--, to on:. e o.:-i llm. a
,:-ar. i rl c er ai xne 1 ntw %,il tabe oru aiiiiz1.
fii lie1. elt iii, in ciN or to keep ltherei -
sur.. in i [o:cunld con1: it'i.:,n
ThC I t rd..i c'l cl i r ian il -",i:rk '.'.th
1 mn ri- t-i.. lMrl F-raiik M: Ilb racle I ct ,.r -
ini Clai:tri v ill b--'n it 4- 'clock o.l club
t.i. 'The clj'. mect oni ic- t l- lt in.d lhir.
Tliurid.li. :. coach uionth. it .t o'cloe:ck. i-ar-
giinaii pro:,m[.ptl.. NIr- l t M P'llrN-io .
thre pi iti:i t. i t ill alt ,:tu hler p ic tion1,
but 1 *:-pr" e' ict' to:' return .bot Othe Ind lleit-
ol ill-- prc -lnt mn ointh:
\ bo pitrt and dance will I ei i.en It.,
thlc Rc o nin Cathi:,il-c v..:.e-i t:I Culct-.ra at
the Cm'irnim i- -i:i clulli:u:a i- n Tl hur-di.
e.I rnn N:-.cit _,-er 12 at N rt o'clock. lor lthe
b-ineti or: the church:l the 11..,1i RNc leeml-e r.
lnoe in ': -cur un Irl tcrc iCtioll at Culelir.i
(in T -'iluIc .. ineliI.ti,. Notl ,t nLier I.. '-"C.
the d.e 'ree teain ,I 11irni Council. N.:, 1.
Decree .:.I P,:,cahlo ti c'l a l 1v.inp to.. Order cl
Rc, M en, ,.ill I eI h. : l u.oriM ,c e piec:cial.
f...lh:o e.l I,.1 ldancc. in Fr'ate nal H ill at31
Calc d.r Friniid.- re c:r i.ll in.itne.l. in.
a i:ood titc C i tur tc
'I'llh, Crl io.:..iel .:.m iar' Clui hi el it- rei--
:cl Ir It rar, ir le tin :.n ', dr.ne' -.la] ., No:., e ll-
tl:r "4. tOn eco:n, l w ic .-prcm.idel|t in the
challir T ic repo:rt- o:.l theiilTe1r nlt part-
rnntm were r.ead. iIu .111 ,':l>oinccin+it mr le,
thl routine bu ,ii ncb r I ,,hcini l : i., w.ith
a paper hI\ Iri FI Le, i lIlakcr. chiir1.
ri rn .:.I tlhe art oa, liter ur. .celparimnic lt.
A 1::,iIl 111il h,:,ur i,.t en :..ed L\ tihc minem-
ber. at the cloe ,I the pro.:r r.,n The
mcctirnci- l th, lih,:me de. artient ,,a hel..]
at the re ,id.en,*e o:, thechairman, Mir II j
Wlier, :,i Nlon . 1 No,.e ll.cr *:1 The .date
o lthene.t htlrar', leeting =.,Nc., einl.er I.t.
%v hen the [r.rL.'rati. undcr t e i irccti...ii o:,
the eluc-tl:,nl l .epl- mn1 t. ,ill c,:,iim t ov
ani .i.Wiare, b:- the upc.rintendenlt o:l School,.
]'r:tol lelnr, Lctcr Snith 'The ad.i.re-
v.-l be_ lc lh, e,.i I a C 11rcli l .i1tcu -i>:>n

The .iepl:art :ient hlii exteii.ed a co-rlil in.
, itation to: ll mo lthe':r ,ho ho ,.e ,chiltir:n
in the -:c:o l I:, at tlell tllt: miteei.rl. it
TiC L arai-. o1 \V Ji.i' Clb i t o. be r':-or.
- 1ina .. T"iv': 1,.l- ,N:, 'h.- ,.>1 ll C l- : ,illt tnilt,

,i ; etr ctdiC .lor- lh- e.i O thi- min:-.nth
Tb' c -.r. Cr .:- i1i. i ':io niian CO- il -et .t i
theil re i.rnc- : ol M rl C 1" I tri .: 1 li'ur- .-
,Ia. alt Crnoon N.:- a ii-n er 6 Coi-: mittee-
lo,:r il-: month .ere apr-poinltedl a i ll: -* -
IEntrli.-i ii -ti. M ri Nai- lo.r, r ?Ic- Si.. .:.a ,
ANr; Ur W.Ilk, .Mr, A;:. a ,tIn.l. % M r-
Dechler. i r- t re i ,a -n The O,-t el-n.- .:I
Li cluhliou-e "v.II be market i I .liiice or
,:1r ihitrttit-e-it. Wi-l la -cAI c ie OM.
oiiier: Atcl-:rli ci iiie Cilul lc-ar 1 it-e c:m-r
mitt :e lr thi montl It ll-i i b. ,lec iidel.
to.:, -p: p.lJ r ithe- r l.'rlC r oir-rtin- r 'i h ict l r11-
,:,n N,:-' ei r 26., Thi.nk-i. .i nc ri\ T-I'he
clah liha- _nt Io:r a juinlver 6-1 the Shake--
:i l lC r-1- .i- t l -ll cl. te 1 p rl t of, lthr
'. c r t,:, fcc':nr-r l rc1+ in], q
The wocial ..e t :-i- repri :-:ientedl- at Li-.
Ca c ll-, inclu'dethe- ill' 1-i..iIc CluLI K.-i 'ht-
:i r'P.tia the ]ii an aro,, -Iro:itherho:n:,l ,:,!
L.:.c.:.mo:utr. i l-n inee--r [he r.c r t:f Rail,.'a..
C,:n l u Ict.:.r -. ithe I l ri' S.: ci al eClub, and.
the 'V:liiant Club. and in additilori
11,:urilh i1-n Ln,:,on Sunida. *chl::l
Ti e Anc.:.n \\,:tOH1l11' Club hltl. at= r- ec- lir
mei l il-tu : \'i,.l i]- : .1.i .t No:' e :-n cr 4. th-e
pr_,le-Cnt in the ch-iir The rcportl- o the
.ilTe -renlt hLJead= : .l.:p.irtm ent: il '.' thit
the club i ,l:i..i n i.l e- :d ,.ork 'lhl c p ilan.e
.hrop,_ eap3rtin:m rcl*o:rtoe, it; larq regular
'.i ,il. il C ilt pectit:In : i the San H1.i ind,.in
nrl, riail ScI:ho l. mil .d]] Oil Satu la, moirn-
in, ,. N,"o:, hmlcr ; N -earl\ ill the- m :-ainb-r
oil the)l .pa.rtn1.rt at1.l,: .,:.. and th. ,: ,.re.
a Ic Ci ue-t The = c.li -.., i niI clitrCh .'. :- '
ith Chlu tian i;:rotliher The i-:pupil- *:.I ,b c.ni
thrch- are i .iret i n chk:',:r l iriinii.e in-
tr-ucItC nil it uim ni .l :ork and- athleticc e'er-

l'hec Io- t l :i t i-I tLhc philanthro.p., .e part-
nicit .ill be t:. to i home lor n-ed mii -n ainl
r.,:111ii :r lie [i illar ,. l1 r .hN'- lt I n -l T 'hi
latei : .:I th,- club la.i.ir hai.c bcern placed.
l i:tr -)ce1rml:,er 4I a.nii .3. ad the ume-niub
aire putint forth i th-,:ir l t iwt C: ., w ard
Bhe perm tl,.>nl ,:.1 .i1 an enellw
The "r tla n Su i iime Club sill hi ol:'I i
:ale :, lri C. C i t, J a [-l l art t l -utar le lor
Clri-tni.t Ll :il MonP -a.. e enrinc. No:-
r.ctiLr 23. it the Comi p==I,:n hi. el Ic e
cre.m an d l ll .leniiadl. tC ke ,r ill e -, -er ed
.ill a n center llim llet ill lbe c r -ll
The T1,I'll Clu, i'.ll o'n c t regular "c"m-
n,,:.tthll ,l 1 ,ce ,t s..maturdi. lh llt. N %:, em -
:bcr 14-. it tli Hotel 'i .,:, \1Inc.:.n
(in S iun.la.. i1- rn n. it 11 o'clock. the \'n.
.\rL-h,.ie ..:.n br\ all .%ill preach aid elelbrate
Ho:,ly C:LiiiIIIU ,:,n in tOn Un'ion chlurc:, at
C lel_,br S.er,.ic %.ill alo Ie lheld .t i4
.'clock in i.he .ilterinoo-n

Ca"nnI Z..,n HLIilrne .*c.ly.e..
inect.ill." '. bel.i at the M rc l oc,1' o0 the
\'eVn \rch.1.:con i P Bryan, \no:.n, :on
W hrla, c,'.nin1, ,No:.cm1bcr ., lIr the lormna-
lion: ol: a humane ,:'iC.let The Il:-ot'l li,.
:'llicr= n ere elhcte I r'r -]id .nt, C,:,l '\' C
Gor,, a=, ic :-preid1 enlt, Archdeaco:n Ir: an.
, ice-lpre=.Ilenl.t- .-rl r .. M ,iN Ilealttc, _ecrc-
tir M, Mr Charle; 1" Fo.:,i \, treav 1rer. Nr
J S l'ear:on, d.ircct.:rw. MIr= 11. [D Iry:.in.
Mr. and MIr= Georce C&mp"l,. Mr N l .'n.t ,
\rchdencOn Lir. i, an d other r ThIe ocielst
wll uppoint secrtain, and .l. director= i l the

lto.. rn= in the Zone Dr--ctor,' in--etilngt
will i. h-ld montli; l lnhc.prneral Eo:e t..-
,%ill imlc ornce a ar r
It wi unii ter tooi icict lla prie -r:nt j3 -
"111i n I ,ini itr1it on i 111in .mi l[]. tith
t tlI ii'o.te nt ilc ni on lo till p'ie all the -upporl
3ai.I .1 -i-tlt cc iiccc- ir, to: carr. ti out
the .- ,ork.


i1. \ ll]lin I. S.l:aert and limill, m oldi
Irom N ,*- York o, n the-. / '.'., ,. on No', cm-
ih r ., u- .i Cri-t,- l.il :,on No.: e ni..: r 1 .
iM r V'ill.iin N itch l.-IIl lui kcr. -. hio i a
tru-:t-e :41 the- Chaim .e-r ol Co, inl-rc- a:, S.in
i r.nici-cI anil tlc rcpr-..-cnuatiln c Il that
bod,. t \\'W i]ah ci,..: n duringg the ww.wi:,nr of
C:,cr,- -r .ico:,.np.. iicd I ?Pr--. Bu nker.
:lent *' -er l ,la. on nthi Jitlhnaii, during
ilr": p--i rI-:-k M r. Fuiinke-tr ci 1-: 1. tli-
ji-litiiu- to Trc enit to I ll.1-irani Cinial
Cot-im'--i.,:tn thlc .. [ii -: ol th.- ricrcliant- .:.I
S.in Frainciwco in r:-i.egar-d t,0 furnlihinci1 coul-
in'1-.ar -uppl_ e= Ior,:n Calih rn1 a % .,,ro.luct_.
.\ S Zonu. Re:--i.deit Fnr.iiccr it Fin-
pire, acco:miparnic'.l L. lih lam il.,. _-ailed onl
the "r- ,;;.' . , : l N ':.%r 1in: cr 1.i, o:r a i c -
tio:n :'f i .neck-, to he- -pcnt in Co-ta Rica.
Mr I.l- .ir I Schildlbiu r. electrical and
mn:-chinc.il :engin':eer,. and l lr, Sch.Idhilucr
hi,. rturnc-i to tc li V-tIL"u- Iromn Europe,
r lic c Mir S-c liilh]iu:r lii- l..:-i:n in, c-tignt-
ing tlic mnchanimU -.., lock on Canlil in
Grc.at Prita]n, Ga-rmann ,, the Ne:thc-rlni]11d.
andiI R':lgiiuni
iM.--ing Men.
I rnlt'-ration i nitcd in rcIiardI to Wil-
liiti -lto..r-:\. in N i-:1 ric.iin. 1..ic, canic 1., the-:
I-thlinui thrce- or '..,ur ar= i 1,0 from Ja-
I ljici ".hl re-: he i i rc-i-i.-'l lor t-.Co car-.
n-t.:--ne u- l l .i knot i c- I l: c:.-io crniiict kiiil
i- rc]uc-t-:-ed t.':' on ni m ic ite 'ith i 'Ficlrick
F.-c I Cnitoibal. Cani Zone.

Inlorin itiol i= r-.- init.- in rc ,ardl to W .I-
ain :.r N'illhic1t rn F ijAl or E ilt. ivwho it
,:line tirnt:e ai- empl:oyc-l a- a cook oni thic
l thin, \in .on. v 1n Ii l-, knl:,,:l-Ir.led 'r-o I:,I hlim
,' .11 cmrimuti nai.it : tt .i tI Nr cric ai Ccnon-ul-
Goner.al. Panaima

.Ane--n Amu-mi- nt .\u-n.iA-Ki.-un.
Arr.aliicetleit li e. I.-ee ln iii .-Ic i jth thc
L-.aulir.-di (I r.-r C.:]ilpa ., no,.. app-.earing
it lth- :N tion l Tlihe tei ,:, FPainaiu :.r l. ick et
I-o:r inribli r ol thel .\nconti \n1u-e-inet i l-o-
cWhti.iln ait 1 :, pert ilto in .'cc'.
Tic lanidI in the trci-:urt ol tlhc awocia-
tion inike it pi-.i-ililc to -.-ure one ticket cor
each I.ichlorr mein.-er iii t *- o ticct- l:r
cachi ni arric-l nicircnbcr. I-r ea- ci ,l tl e i ..'o
p-.rlo:-rtnincc-r N1.i-.tli:ii i- tickct- Ior any
nicicll'ir c ari be _-ccurcdl it ihe red.uccd riatc
.: 51 50 each
The ai .- ci.ation .l iii itti.'.I I ii n T'ue-.l.y
ci erinz. No. ciLricr 1. r ,, n.' ] :i. Thur_-
-i\ .tcini c-. N.:,-c'iTb-.r 1'. t-. *.t',.' "T'l
aitemti":.l o, l iuemiber- i call- tohe chll o c e
in Id te. a- c ii onC the Circular- c E1ut to
,ich irnenber
Mi1lmers. % v i-h t-., aten ll.d ither one or
boilth pcrlorniiiuce- -.1iouldi inlorni at c-tcc
Mr T.:.ni lM Cook. .\ncou, Ca.inil Zone. ol
tile numlter ol ticket, .Ic-ired.
T' cket- ina l bh. cill i l: or, r .ill 1:i m ailed
it -trmp-i ai.l.:ire-c -I eni.eelopc I- tirfrm-beid.
ainI rill be i--uc.l 11 ti h e o:rdcr in vbhich
a[ppllicatiou- are rccei eId.



Deliv tr nnrid In-lt ll:Itan- in the Canal

I.% the l-t :, .lanuir 19,r [,r.icl icill, all
of illte t.itionir'. I-:.ller- i the -l r. ice oi thec
lsthmni ri C t Il Co : nmlI--I ii v.ill L, Li il,.
crule ',il a- luel It i-- e t nlllltd tlih t ithe
triontlhi c-:.n l unq t, n11 I ,I i t that ll ni '.'111
hjb e reichie-d 24.1ii1 Liarrel-. iii. thit the ic-
u1. l r.ini r t-:- the C ..r nii 1ri. ub- ltitut-
ing ,:'il :for co.il v.ill bLe it leitt 6'" per cent
Co.il z no delilcrol on tilhe 1-thtl u- b.,
the Paniitr.i Rakilro:.l Co.. pinn. :for ;,:, 3'. i
t 11, auId i the ri-cl- '.eir el.-c.l lunie 3,1.
I"[i ,. 31.2-': t,:n- -: coal v ere u-tl in the,
lb:iler- in .. which .:i I i_ b inl i u-e.1,I tiii. c
under the MeNlchi'ilcii Dlit- -On ('n a coin-
Tneric.al h._1-- i liirrel of the o:il t lc verei
II lite Comm--1 n .ii ll i eraite i e iriuch
'team jl a *-ui irtcr toll uo cual. in.l i- the
oil co- "n) cent- i LirreIl. the I itin I from
a lfu- l p::.ilt .doune %%ill L., '!6 per cent. In
3.-l-ii.:.n t: lhii till he fxi t eC\peLi- -uch a-
.i'a-ec I r, remi cn, etc., are c.:.nz]ler Alh

(Oi] i- I.l, er I l :n. i e il t Itliinu- Il, the
Union (,li C:omp.lan, :l Calilfrirni. under i
cotlCe ;t i ri .' 1!l'l I r .LI_ ir% 1 ]I). .:r the
con-trluctiion .1ii ..per t.itlio l ia pire-linle
ifr>-nI tle P'cilnc to lilt A ll.iintic -iile *: the
lh thitiu o'.lrr iIll, 111 I l e l. r U ilte,
Ste_ inlid the P.inme Riilrold Co:mn:pin,
'Tinl coumpiri had p:,re iloul, ,:,bl]m ,. uLn-
dier 1iate c-( Octiuber 3i, I' IV ,: -i nilar con-
Clrion Ir:,m the ,Goern]nient A I'itinni for
the co n- trLictin n.1 *] 'y.iinl cii.iiic e .A: i i[:pe-
lnne icro: tihe Ij-tiliriuL. Ir tlile purrpu-e u
CuOnlk lin; crudlc i:il. ind iii r tlie crcct-,ii ul
pumping l tl.itl,:- -:ind zturaiie tlark- ini the
citle- : P ianinia iiI.l Colon 'I.i- licenl-e
t:rantedt b the Secretir'. ,: \\'ir I- rte. :,ci-let
at the v.ill thei Go eriminelit tilhe Unite
Stlte illd z- co: lltil,:ople u[:po:'i tile -
menit i(,I S LI. llItil I 1 l curreluic,' .
a niilihth. l.c] nin AXi. gu_-t I, i'tI6., Into:
their Caniil Zo:ne Trci-ur%, the l lui-i lhu-
ereitedl I.t L.:- _-et i-ile i:,r thile upporunt l the
public -cbool -: the Canll Z:.rine It i-
furthicr tpipuliited in the i.:ant tinht Ii i c-
zire,., thle 1 thtnii.in C ndal C'omn _mi-lin or
thile Prn jI a mlroadl Co i'I pi3i pn,' min. pur-
chimlc crule c l i lr-iu tile Ulit:tii (l CO:mtpin'.
.: C.il-,:,rnia at "l cent iI Unitllt l ~tatie- cur-
renc,, a barrel In iliit:,ni t:. tlc ir':,'nthlv.
pa. nillt ':' >i:'l i tlithe rea-ur'. : tilhe Caniil
Zo:ne, itheU ni(i ll c, umpail Alu :' 'Zli,
to the G-:,creriment Panama, .i11. 1 i -_b-
ject tou th UeU.il Can.il ZZone Lixe;
The oil deIl',ered It tle Ie -llI -tu cOline_
from tihe S inti I iri fCelli- in I. Lu-_
OI.i-vp count.. C .Illirnia
Itz C'lI-Iet-e l I ilc .h'ULt t ll I Ir llne i V. 3-
ter, ip l e I. ai be tIra ii ::prti I l c [ ii pie-
line is re.l il It i a pip[:,i r im lilthe F l.
in San IL.u.- O tbi:r ount. [ ,.rt irLlord.
v.bher it I- iur, n[:,e i into thie il..i ll 't LI
Com[i, an'. ltian ck ticeinler. cl ich there
are bourieen ter% on po[:int- il -ireioih. \\ah-
inigt:n,. Hia4.nai. Chile, andi Gu jtelu ila. i
apcll it- P'nahii, l'.ch -inp hI .A ca:iCL n
of Ab:l.ut '2 .11.. barrcl- A:, 32 gall,:n l: tl he
barrel, and delicriez are nm ile :I the i lizth-.
mu_ v.hcienever require,]. There ire _.en i
t:,r'age lank ii tlle C.an.1il Zoine, l:our I t 1 3
H:'csi, at ihc I'Pacitfic entrinlc-, an,] three it
Mount lope,. rnear Colo:n Elch tanuk has a
capacity of 37,'11.) barrel An eightIL Lank

of like :cap.ict, fiortmerl., located It Mo-ilt
Hope vac_ detroedI L..' hichltn ,:,n o .n i
1 3 i".'.
T'ile ppl -lIle. througL h ,.. hch th : il 1- I-
uipLI it-.e t ilthe .tlintic -ilc e -: the illitiniu-
I..ll:v.' the line -1 the Ftir nm i ral Ir.:,- .t t nI
i- i.hout "I ii le_ : lemeI It 1-n.:de ol '. r.-'.u lit
-itl'- n pipe. [ Inche- I l.in -ileer, anld '!-16i .111-
inch thick v. til 0.ite t al3 c t 31 lone-ile in-
tter i_-..in l v.ith'LI e .\pil rl il jo t-l Theile
pipe holldz I ,.iii barrel_ A:, ,:il From - -
le el to thie iurmmit nc.r Culcbr.i the i, l.il
lift i-h ioiut 2-3 feet. aiil the puhip i[re ur-
,-itel I, .r ,. i lro:i thi- p- oint t, i le ink
1 lOLDI u ut ope Au tile u[LilliTil illt t l.. l-
run- ailoIl the cie -.t the i.i r --rii-le
re- er .:ir. 'iin f it thi_ po ti t I c[ c.i i l inll
:oncret, -o trli.- I tic lIpe -houl I reik thel
wr ter -:ulI Ii:t inbe Cffic- It i iteec.il t.:.
'u PrI'l- tothe Li3r irc nch, bi .1e prte-dure
ol .:.\cer 3,i p*imL il i- _el.in:m uLice.]
.\ ]D:v. comp)uAiDl puLimp. ilr- enll 1. ticip
fronim b-,:lert III h ili crui-Ie t il I u e- l Iur.-
nilihc-. the preii re to ptiump ilic ---il wicr. -
tle 1Ithl llu_, i 1nl about 31.1 bh:urL ire c:p-
-zui il i l thll jo irnc. Trie oi i t -to licl.ti--
tic thl-t iIt C n1i1 l. izccert iiled i the pub
i icO11 II ti he It .ti t .it I. .1 1. 31 l11
mo:nent the '. il, c o h I h .in I tk I -..I,.t I
lhlope ha- b3l, cloz .l A the Lc pie i_ liil
.:.n the _urif ce .:,I tle ic L-r iunl, It l,:ill:,a
rather a i erpentine course it I thie m-in.
Liur c hel- ] 1I .i :. r COlille% t ihe j.\p3it:er n i iuc
it:, the 1111t ril 11 h i I tuim per iturc in iii. -
a ll Tile [ tci r t te.i .t e rlen tll ':'ti Ihe U .1I1,,11
(11 Co:ilpt n'. On ll h Ii[thmiur in i pe-lit r

.\ler _':tre liti t I .rn, inLl I:.ll i. i im pile-
.-I teli i N eli gr- it .:.I thc conli-ce i.-ri. li i.1
eii l ilpo .k l ,:,I tile C:Plirp3 ., t .a -t g e l ]l t

lli te ti t -,rk inv:le I l inIO O-Ii ell l.
neerinn rl .ltturet but al-o th:e [:,- p:,ro% iiing

The li. i,.' ': tie pip li he;lcu in ce erAl
pltice r ltIeLitI.incr :uii l c iii-i ] lirl,- (i ,rce .:.l
Tre i- kept contt.intll it r o rk, thatli
the con pinry -ia reirl- t. :, llil er ..I '' ithin
thle llottedl tlime lthou: i the line 1 %i I,:,t
uied throulh,:,ut l t entire i l ..tll uild .'1. ':,
,cil1cr I "-" I ': Or tiri e i 1 ecti:ll ,:,
the Inine Irom Mo: ilHun o t.:, .:t C:olon -.. iz
Ii- ed l]..r ell l nc rnig .v ter t. the l.tter pl.ice,
p'"l,-1 in J t hc com pl t,: h ol the, C iunIIt ti--I ':'n
i. ter hic
D urin, tle fi r-t --:n -lit ,:il\ i le hun.-
,redl bLirrel_ A:' e:il re tIklken h, tilhe C.iii -
[iioi'i], ind thu_ v. -z u,-c, in the i cjm p.ii[ 11
a n 1t i L1':'-t'|ilt':'- The purclac z t ni :
tinme hpi.e bceein n':r,_ ihin I 1,iii l,.irrel| i

On acco:unt Il clh, nelc i;n Ihe line (I tihe
Pilaniam Ri ilro:,d Coirpin, ,.n.| in thit A:,
the C111.11 Ilt ll the pi-c b. 1' been zhlltelI
at mn plice il,. iccor,]in ltolheconlrajc,
all i hi- v.ork i done at the expetne :Al the
UlIIO (0'0l Comnpill.. .
.t rol'evi p:Oini; :in tlhe t- _tlm of -il i t ,:.
Liu _e, luel an, thle il l.illi ll,:,l-_ ,.. ill I.Ce c,:I-
.nued until aill the lt t,:,r.r', boiler_ ir,:
equipped Thie 1letOl,] ol equipment .it tih-
.iilTcre it -tition,- i a- I,:,1olr \
,1\ b'ilcer .ire equ ,ippeol for buLirnin. :il t it
the Cril:tol.al iee plTIint A brick rchI i-
erected on ille _L-te- II each lurn1 ce an-,
the j.rate hi r_ ir .- : ceredi v.ilth broken li rick
Thi- arch anl floor A: broken brck form
the comlu-.tin chamber int.:, which h the :,il
is dlichircel thrcuigh i burner i-imaIU ic-

tured .it Cri.t-.tbal hliop Thi- plint like
.ll ot er_ onr tIhe I t]-1 lnu-, LLe_- Ite.-In :or
-pr:, ine the oil The b.urti.r- ir- ,r lce-I on
tile t l i plate neir the Fir: l::r
.'.l the C- h Vull pulilpllZ -l.iol [r.. C.:.-
ioli, -t. pc boil er- hi'.e L_-- II equipped l:or
Lu in tI_ *:11. I'.3ch i rc 1 I,-: i itt -._I itth i
brick lli h -iAll. th,_ top..I v.llich ectei-I to
tile bottom r:.v. ol t.ube. .\At thil plal t l
pitelp e burneri- Lu-I (L.r 4pri,, ing the o1i.
T'ile Iurner i' pl-ice-i lt the iil d.o:r opu in-
111? aLn, tlppei o lt at 11th: 1 ii le I ill 111m -
plille .c tile f -lth .il pe.ir ill: tul.c lhe-t.
.\r tile M c .':'ulnt l ,., p, ipl ii:, jltio.:n tle
SN -l burnter .- u_-tl -1ii cich :I tlihe
t" 0: l':c'm:,'nl,, e-t, pe Iol,_r_ '"ill pld t ii I
c-lul,|,p ci in tllhe ZaILuII i.iiml cr .1_ it the
C-itdt pumpii it. -ttll
tl the '1aL.erIIlli i ,.uni[uii- -t.tlio t o.:.li
['relich mirin rl t. pc :oiller_ re uiiil ,:.il as
luLl Tilt fiil '. ll i i.e-l i l n ith flue
i-.jt 1:,-ur fee